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Mathew’s Stardom 5Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Results & Review: Day 3 & 4

Stardom Blue Stars is back! Combination of days so everyone is all caught up for the 9.12 shows! Who are you rooting for?



Since Stardom took a two-week hiatus due to one of their staff having COVID, proud to say that they came back not too long ago and were able to do two shows over the weekend. Speaking of those two shows, we will be covering them today to get you up and ready before their next set of shows during the weekend. The first two shows gave us quite a few surprises and we look to see who stacks up points since we’ll be around the halfway point once this article.

Who will be on top of the Blue Stars Block? Let’s find out as we…dive right in.

Star Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette

Day 3 9/5/2020

5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
AZM vs. Jungle Kyona

Review: Our first match for this show and block takes place between Jungle Kyona and the High Speed Champion, AZM. Jungle is in a tough situation right now as she lost her two matches against Syuri and Utami Hayashishita. AZM has an average record with only one win and one loss, so winning here could put her as one of the tops for the block. Will Jungle finally get a win or does she suffer a third loss in a row?

Once the bell is rung, AZM attempts a handshake but Jungle isn’t falling for it, right away at least as she attempted to and AZM kicked her in the gut. AZM would run the ropes, leading to a quick sequence with both of them running around until it ended with Jungle tackling her to the mat. The two would do another sequence but this time with AZM getting the advantage when she transitions the Headscissors with a Roll-up and gave her a Dropkick after the kickout at two. Very different match-up compared to their encounter last year as you can see the amount of progress AZM has made since then, giving Jungle unique chemistry to make the match work. With Jungle’s arm still taped up, it’s a perfect opening for AZM to work on it and try to make her tap out.

AZM has the Fujiwara Armbar locked in to try and make her tap but fails to as she gets closer to the ropes. AZM would let go of the hold and position her to hit a Double Foot Stomp off the top rope as Jungle kicked out at two. AZM would attempt another Hurricanrana but Jungle was able to counter it into a high angle Boston Crab. AZM was able to get to the ropes as Jungle lets go to attempt a Splash off the second rope and misses, making AZM apply the Fujiwara Armbar once again before transitioning it into the Rings of Saturn. Jungle is getting close to tapping but was able to make it to the ropes. AZM runs the ropes to jump off the top as she’s caught with a forearm by Jungle to knock her down a hair. Jungle was able to apply the Sleeper Hold onto AZM and spins her around while holding the submission hold until she dropped her. AZM is now out of it as Jungle goes to the top rope to hit the Jungle Splash and pins her to get two points! Very solid match.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a half

5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Natsuko Tora vs. Momo Watanabe

Review: Looks like I only have two matches for day three as we close out this day with Natsuko Tora taking on Momo Watanabe. Much like the previous match, Natsuko has zero points in her scoreboard and would need to start winning if she has any chances of winning. Momo is average with one win and one loss, so her winning here will give her four points and one of the top. Can Natsuko finally get a win or does she lose three in a row?

Looks like Saki Kashima is all better since she makes her return to Stardom and accompanies Natsuko for her match. Once Momo was making her way to the ring, Natsuko rushed towards her and began her beatdown, making the ref ring the bell to start to match. Natsuko beats her up some more while making their way to the ring but Momo was able to quickly recover and delivers a Dropkick. This one is more of a numbers game match since Saki has been a distraction to the referee and Momo to help Natsuko get the edge as a heel. This worked out for her much better than her previous two matches as the flow seems much better and maybe she can try to possibly sway me over.

Natsuko hits the Swinging Side Slam as Momo kicked out at two. Natsuko attempts to pick her up as Momo fought her off and ran the ropes, only for Natsuko to pull the referee in to make him bump into Momo. Once the ref was down, Saki throws the chain to Natsuko and Momo kicked her chain covered arm to make her drop it and hits the Somato. Momo attempted the Tequila Sunrise as Natsuko fought it off for a moment, but it doesn’t last long as she applies the Crossface Chickenwing. This has got to be the dumbest ref ever since I don’t know how he doesn’t hear the chain rattling around while Saki makes sure he doesn’t see but like, you can still HEAR it. Natsuko beats Momo down with the chain and wrapped it around her neck to hang her over the ropes until the ref now makes his way back. While distracted again, Saki beats Momo a couple of times before throwing her back in, letting Natsuko just pin her to the victory.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter

Day 4 9/6/2020

– Before we start, we were supposed to have four matches for the block with Momo Watanabe taking on Syuri but Syuri was unable to attend due to her mother, unfortunately, passing away, giving Momo a forfeit victory for a total of four points. We here at The Chairshot offer our condolences to her and her family during this difficult time.

5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Jungle Kyona vs. Saya Iida

Review: Our first match for this day is between Jungle Kyona and Saya Iida. Jungle was able to finally get some points on the board when she defeated AZM but now she has to keep up that momentum if she wishes to make it to the final. Despite Saya being in the tournament as the fall girl, she could still get a win or two to spoil it for someone else. Will Saya play spoiler here or does Jungle get two wins in a row?

The bell has rung and Saya quickly Dropkicks her and continues that for a few times before Jungle decided to end Saya’s fun and take a swing at her. It was like when Vegeta was able to land a couple of hits on Beerus and it meant nothing, just to get his ass kicked right after. The match was short but nothing terrible about it, just nothing particularly stood out either. Jungle mostly beating her around until Saya gets a little bit of momentum and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count.

Jungle with the stiff forearm and throws her into the corner for a Lariat. Jungle attempted a Scoop Slam but Saya was able to counter it horrible to try and roll her up and Jungle kicks out. They get up as Jungle hits a few more beautiful and stiff Lariats to knock the wind out of her and hits the Scoop Slam finally. Jungle makes her way to the top rope and hits the Jungle Splash as she gets two wins in a row!

Rating: Tony Schiavone and three quarters


5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Maika vs. Natsuko Tora

Review: Time for our next match as we have Natsuko Tora taking on the Future of Stardom Champion, Maika. Maika is currently one of the two that are undefeated and a win here would put her at the top of the standings. Natsuko was recently able to get a win over Momo Watanabe and a win here would be able to tie them up together. Will the leader of Oedo Tai win or does Maika remain undefeated?

The announcer was about to announce them as Natsuko pushes Maika off the top rope when her name was being called and we begin the match. Natsuko would attack her outside the ring and hits her shoulder with a chair before rolling her back into the ring. Despite having a solid match at the last show, this one was more basic and rather annoying, which I’ll get to later. After getting her ass kicked for a moment, Maika was able to judo throw Natsuko around like a rag doll.

This is where the annoyance comes from now. Natsuko was able to get her chain and chokes out Maika while sitting on the top rope and Saki distracts the referee to the turnbuckle next to them, not diagonal, right next to them where he can see it clear as day and what does he do? Nothing, he just acts like he’s blind and tries to make Saki go away. Maika was able to toss her off at least. Natsuko was able to hit the Lariat with the chain wrapped around her arm and it looks great but does she finish it there as she should? Nope, just picks her up for the swinging Side Slam and now gets the cover to end her streak. Would’ve been a solid finish and managed to mess it up. Come on, guys.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a half

5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Utami Hayashishita vs. AZM

Review: It’s time for the final match of the day as Utami Hayashishita takes on AZM. With Maika losing her first match, one less person for her to worry about as she’s the only one undefeated and looks to keep it that way. AZM lost her last two matches and needs to win this to keep her chances up with the others. Will Utami take the lead or does AZM end her streak?

AZM would once again call for a handshake to a fellow Queen’s Quest member and Utami falls for it as AZM quickly rolled her up twice as Utami kicked out. Come on, you should know AZM will do it to anyone, even a fellow unit member. For their first time facing each other in singles competition, they flowed together naturally as you have two great and future talents sharing the ring together. Utami is someone who can be a top champion in the company eventually if they ever give her the opportunity and AZM is gonna make even more noise when she gets older. AZM hits a Hurricanrana and tops it off with a Dropkick to the midsection, causing Utami to roll out of the ring and looks like she’s hurt while AZM stays in the ring to try and get a countout victory, which fails when Utami rolls back into the ring.

AZM climbs to the top rope and hits for Diving Foot Stomp and covers her for a two count but AZM quickly switches into the Fujiwara Armbar to try and make her tap out. It looked like AZM was about to set up the Headscissors but Utami caught her to hit the Sidewalk Slam and knocks her down. Utami charged at her towards the corner but AZM stops her in her tracks with a beautiful Roundhouse to knock her down. AZM holds onto her arm when she climbs to the top rope and jumps, holding onto her arm as she has both her arms locked together, trying to make her tap out till Utami reached the ropes. Utami attempts a German as AZM rolls through to go for the pin and another kickout. AZM charged towards her one more time with Utami catching her for a Reverse Samoan Slam and gets her down. Utami makes her pass out with a Sleeper and let’s go to apply the Torture Rack. AZM tries to fight out of it but Utami caught her to hit the German Suplex hold and Utami is still undefeated!

Rating: Bruce Prichard

Overall: Only one bad match out of five, that’s not bad at all with plenty of solid matches to enjoy the two days. I’m sure the same could be said for the Red Stars Block, which I know Andrew is doing a great job with it. Fun two nights and time to get ready for the next batch.

Favorite Match: Utami Hayahsishita vs. AZM

Least Favorite Match: Maika vs. Natsuko Tora

Score: 7.5/10

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