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Mathew’s Stardom 5Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Results & Review: Day 6

Utami has been slowed down a little after the Draw with Momo Watanabe. Will she still finish strong, or are we setting up a photo finish for the Final Day? Stardom Blue Stars Action!



Well, everyone, we have two more shows to go through and the Grand Prix will be over. This has been a fun little tournament so far and it’s time to see who has a chance of making it into the finals. As of right now, we still have one undefeated person in the block who will be locked if she wins here.

Will the block be over before the final day? Remember to catch up with Red Stars as well!

Let’s find out as we…dive right in.

Star Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette

5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Momo Watanabe vs. Saya Iida

Review: Time for our first match of the block as Momo Watanabe takes on Saya Iida. This is a very crucial moment for Momo as she would need to win here to stay in the game or else she’s out. Saya already has no chance of winning but she could still ruin it for Momo right here and get her first pin. Will Momo be out of the race?

Bell is rung and we are underway. Saya charged in and hits a couple of Dropkicks onto Momo but she doesn’t fully budge. Saya attempted one more but Momo pushed her down and attempted a Boston Crab, which lead to Saya rolling herself to try and get a pin on Momo as she kicked. This isn’t the first time as Saya would attempt a couple more quick pins to hopefully tire Momo out for a surprise pinfall but has had no luck. The match itself was rather underwhelming and felt more like a cool down match for Momo after her encounter with Utami at the previous show.

Saya had one more attempt to do a flash pin but it looked like she slipped during the attempt as Momo kicked out regardless. Momo eventually got the victory after using the Package Driver to seal the deal. I have done a miscalculation with the standings as I forgot that both Maika and Syuri both have two matches left on the final show and because of this, Momo would br considered mathematically eliminated. Even if she won against Jungle, still wouldn’t be able to catch up if they won their remaining matches, which is a shame since I was hoping she’d win it all this year.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a half

5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Natsuko Tora vs. AZM

Review: Up to our next match as we have Natsuko Tora taking on AZM. Both of these women are already eliminated with no chances of either advancing, but they still have to play out the rest of the tournament and we could get an entertaining match out of it. Which one of these two will win?

Before AZM could take off her jacket, Natsuko would attempt to attack her but AZM caught on and hits her instead. Now the match begin and we have the both of them fighting outside the ring for a moment with AZM getting the upper hand as she gets her back into the ring. I did wish this match had a little more of a risk with one of them being eliminated here to add a little but of suspense but that, unfortunately, doesn’t happen due to their low scores.

The two have a little Suplex battle, trying to hit it as they struggled but AZM would eventually hit it. AZM climbed the top rope but Natsuko would punch her and throw her off with a nice Snapmare, and hits a Lariat to get her down as she kicked out at two. Natsuko would hit one more Lariat and climbs up to hit a Frog Splash as AZM kicked out at two. Natsuko attempts the Swinging Side Slam as AZM turned herself during the move and rolled her up for a European Clutch as Natsuko kicked out. AZM climbs to the top rope and hits a Double Stomp with Natsuko kicking out again. AZM attempts the La Mistica amd almost had the Armbar locked in until Natsuko reached the ropes quickly. Saki distracts the referee, causing Natsuko to hit AZM with the chain. Natsuko picked her up in a Torture Rack position and spun her around to slam her down, almost letting go of her as Natsuko gets the victory.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and three quarters

5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Utami Hayashishita vs. Maika

Review: It’s now time for our final match of the show and our main event as Utami Hayashishita takes on Maika. Despite the draw last show, Utami can still win the block and be locked in if she wins this match right here. The two fought before in JTO where Utami defeated her nearly a year ago but Maika is a different wrestler now and she looks to finally get even. Will the block be over before the final show or does Maika give Utami her first loss?

The match starts and we have the two locking up with some chain wrestling to show off their wrestling ability. Maika had a good head start with being able to toss Utami but would eventually be outwrestled by her. This is basically Utami telling her that she may have improved but is nowhere near her level when Utami tossed her around the ring and beating her down. Maika would eventually catch her in a Spinebuster and a couple if judo throws, telling her that she can surpass her and plans to do it here. I love how even it is between the two to give the match a nice balance in here and make either of them look strong in the match.

Utami attempts a Torture Rack but Maika fights her her off and kicks her by the ropes. Utami would do the same as they kick each other but Maika hits Utami with a Suplex and Utami kicked out. Maika picks her up as Utami turned her around to hit a beautiful German Suplex as the two go down. The two slowly get up as they go punch for punch now until Maika hits a Scoop Slam. Maika sits on the top rope and applies the Rear Naked Choke while lifting Utami, choking her put until she drops her and turns around to hit a Vader Bomb as Utami kicked out! Maika attempts to toss her down again as Utami turned it around to flip her over and applied the Rear Naked Choke on her now, Maika looks like she’s fading but Utamo lets go to hit the Kryptonite Krunch as Maika kicked out. Utami not wasting time as she hits the German Suplex Hold for another kickout but Utami would set her up for the High Angle Boston Crab and has it locked in, will she tap?! Maika was able to get to the ropes as Utami broke the hold. Utami calls for the finish as she sets Maika up for the Torture Rack Powerbomb but Maika fought it off and stalls her with a Brainbuster. After Utami kicked out, Maika quickly applied the Rear Naked Choke again and she has it locked in tight! Utami was struggling, trying to break free as the referee called for the bell, making Utami no longer undefeated!

Rating: Bruce Prichard

Overall: This was honestly the weakest show out of the bunch so far with only one enjoyable match with the other two being decent. Not all of them can be winners, I’m afraid. Still looking forward to the final show as we find out who advances.

Favorite Match: Utami Hayashishita vs. Maika

Least Favorite Match: Momo Watanabe vs. Saya Iida

Score: 6.5/10

It looks like the Blue Stars Block will be down to three people and they are Utami Hayashishita, Syuri, and Maika. Maika and Syuri will be double-booked on the show since they have two matches left, one of them being against each other. Let’s look below to see how either of them can advance.

  • Utami Hayashishita: Needs to defeat Syuri and Maika needs to lose one of her matches.

    Maika: Needs to win both her matches.

    Syuri: Needs to win both her matches.

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