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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (9/15/20)

Who is AEW’s Last Place Wrestler?



AEW Dark Coverage

One man will FINALLY have a win in AEW!

For almost an entire year, Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon have been without a single win in AEW. But push comes to shove, SOMEONE has to win! Who finally gets the zero out of the win column?


  • Brandi Rhodes VS Red Velvet; Brandi wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade w/ Eddie Kingston VS Daniel Garcia & Kevin Blackwood; The Butcher & The Blade win.
  • Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Dani Jordyn; Ford wins.
  • Brian Cage VS Megabyte Ronnie; Cage wins.
  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr; Proud ‘n’ Powerful wins.
  • Will Hobbs VS Jessy Sorensen; Hobbs wins.
  • Ivelisse & Diamante VS Rache Chanel & Skyler Moore; Ivelisse & Diamante win.
  • Colt Cabana VS QT Marshall w/ Allie; Cabana wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates; Double Count-Out.
  • Best Friends VS Maxx Stardom & Dontae Smiley; Best Friends win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Private Party & The Gunn Club; The Dark Order wins.


Brandi Rhodes w/ Dustin Rhodes VS Red Velvet!

Mrs. American Nightmare took a liking to the young star that is now her opponent, and looks to put her to the test! Will Velvet impress Brandi even more 1v1?

The bell rings and Brandi circles with Velvet. Brandi can’t help but see a resemblance between Velvet and “Lil’ Brand-Brand,” Brandi’s AEW action figure. Doesn’t that mean Brandi sees a resemblance in Velvet to herself? That aside, they tie up and Velvet wrenches Brandi’s arm with some attitude and gets a hammerlock. Brandi reaches for an escape, gets around to hammerlock back, but Velvet reaches back to wrench Brandi again. Brandi rolls, wrenches Velvet, but Velvet rolls and handsprings to get free. Brandi applauds that, but it comes off patronizing. Velvet says she’s not Lil’ Brand-Brand, she’s the real Red Velvet. Brandi kicks Velvet low and headlocks, but Velvet throws body shots and powers out. Brandi runs Velvet over and things speed up.

Velvet does the splits, dodges Brandi and calf kicks her down! Cover, TWO! Velvet stalks Brandi to a corner, stomps a mudhole in then lets up to dig her boot in and do the splits again. Velvet grins and blows a kiss to the camera before letting off at the ref’s count. Brandi gets mad and BOOTS Velvet down! Brandi rains down rights and drags Velvet back up for a whip to a corner. Brandi runs in to back elbow Velvet, and says “This is going to hurt me way more than it’ll hurt you.” Snapmare roll and SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Brandi brings Velvet up but Velvet ROCKS her with forearms! Velvet whips, Brandi hits a SLING BLADE! Cover, TWO!

But here comes Anna Jay! The #Queenslayer stares Brandi down and Brandi lets Velvet down. Dustin says she needs to focus but Brandi turns around into a kick and DDT! Velvet and Brandi are down, the crowd rallies up and Anna mockingly nods and raises eyebrows at Brandi. Brandi gets up, Velvet rallies on her with big forearms! Brandi is on the ropes, Velvet gives her double knees to the back! Cover, TWO! Velvet brings Brandi up, throws more forearms and whips, but Brandi ducks and SPEARS! Brandi drags Velvet back up and makes sure Anna sees Brandi STEAL the Rear Naked Choke! Velvet is OUT, Brandi wins!

Winner: Brandi Rhodes, by submission

If Anna wants to slay the queen, the queen is right here! Anna backs down for now, but will this fight come to a head as the AEW anniversary approaches?


The Butcher & The Blade w/ Eddie Kingston VS Daniel Garcia & Kevin Blackwood!

Tensions have been running high and things haven’t quite gone the way of Kingston’s crew, but they look to change that! Will Andy Williams and Braxton Sutter get back on track in this Buffalo NY showdown?

But there’s no time to sort out, Butcher and Blade attack right away! They CHOP Garcia and Blackwood against ropes, but then Blackwood and Garcia hit back! Garcia fires off on Blade, Blackwood brings Butcher to a knee, then they trade! Clothesline against the ropes for Blade and a KNEE for Butcher! Butcher bails out, Garcia comes back and BOOTS Blade! Garcia feeds Blade to Blackwood’s arm wrench back suplex! Blade bails out and now Garcia and Blackwood take aim. They jump for double pescados but are yanked down by Blade and Butcher! Blade and Butcher drag both men out and fire off forearms. Butcher RAMS Blackwood into the apron, Blade whips Garcia into railing!

Blade rakes eyes and Kingston mocks Garcia’s pain as he’s put in the ring. Butcher snap suplex tosses Garcia! Tag to Blade and they double headbutt Garcia in the corner. Blade soaks up the heat as he digs his knee into Garcia’s head! The ref counts, Blade lets up to argue with him, and Butcher chokes Garcia! Blade drags Garcia up, whips him to ropes and clotheslines him down! Kingston likes what he says, Butcher tags in and they double wrench and double CHOP Garcia down! Butcher stomps Garcia, drags him up and fireman’s carries. Butcher gives Garcia a gut buster! Tag to Blade, they mug Garcia, and then Blade toys with Garcia. Blade stands on Garcia’s head at the ropes, then scrapes his sole off Garcia’s face.

Tag to Butcher, Kingston talks trash to Garcia as Butcher drags him in. Butcher lifts Garcia, Garcia fights off the back suplex and elbows back. Butcher reels Garcia in, Garcia elbows back but is pushed to a corner. Garcia BOOTS Butcher, hot tag to Blackwood! Blackwood dodges Butcher to dropkick Blade! Blackwood fires off hands on Butcher, fakes him out and mule kicks! Blackwood runs into a BODY CHECK from Butcher! Tag to Blade, and they give Blackwood a back suplex, but he lands on his feet! Blackwood shoves Blade into Butcher and tags Garcia! Garcia CHOPS away on both men, but swings into a backbreaker and the FULL DEATH!! Cover, Butcher and Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

Kingston is fired up for his boys, and they continue rolling towards the top spot! Will FTR have to worry about these two coming to cut their reign short?


Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Dani Jordyn!

The Superbad couple is rolling towards their Superbad wedding! Will the Superbad bride to be give herself the wedding present of a sweet victory? Or will the Real Mean Girl ruin Ford’s momentum?

The bell rings and Ford circles with Dani. They approach, Dani dodges and grins at Ford. They go again, Dani gets around and shoves Ford away. Ford can’t believe Dani has attitude but the fans like it. Dani and Ford circle, tie up, and Ford powers Dani to a corner. Ford lets up at the ref’s count but pie faces Dani. Dani turns things around to throw haymakers and forearms! Dani fires off, the ref counts but Dani tops it off with an uppercut! Dani rolls Ford for a basement dropkick! Ford bails out, fans rally for Dani and she DIVES into a forearm! Ford drags Dani onto the ropes to choke her! The ref counts, Ford stops at 4, then brings Dani around to motorcycle HOTSHOT! Cover, TWO!

Kip grabs Dani’s Burn Book and flips through the pages, perhaps to see if he and Ford are in there. Ford drags Dani around, toys with her, and brings her up for a fireman’s carry. Ford shows off then does a GUT BUSTER DROP! Cover, TWO!! Dani survives and Ford is frustrated. Kip says he found something in the Burn Book! He shows the page to Ford and she grabs it. Technically “good” physique, too much PDA’s and wouldn’t be anything without her high status boyfriend?! No wonder Ford rips that page up! Ford shoves a piece into Dani’s mouth! And then she grabs the Burn Book and aims at Dani, but the ref sees that! The ref takes the book away and Dani comes back with big forearms!

Dani whips and clotheslines Ford! Dani rallies with more, comes back and spins Ford to kick a leg out then SUPERKICK! Dani quickly waistlocks but Ford blocks the German Suplex. Ford arm-drags free, Dani flounders but comes back, only for Ford to go Matrix and STUNNER! Ford headlocks, aims for a corner, buckle bulldog! ROUNDHOUSE! Ford climbs up and leaps, missile dropkick! Ford hurries over to bring Dani back up, and she fisherman hooks for the PERFECT PLEX! Bridging cover, Ford wins!

Winner: Penelope Ford, by pinfall

Kip helps Ford up because of a bad back, but that was still a Superbad victory! Will that teach everyone to think bad about the Superbad Girl?


Brian Cage VS Megabyte Ronnie!

The FTW World Heavyweight Champion has yet to defend that title, but that’s because he hasn’t found any worthy opponents! Will the Hungriest Man in Professional Wrestling take a bite out of The Machine and come for that title?

Ricky Starks joins commentary so that Team Taz is in full force! Cage makes sure Justin Roberts introduces him as the FTW Champion, and then gets in to hold that belt up. The bell rings and Cage picks Ronnie up! Ronnie sunset flips but Cage rolls through. Ronnie dodges the clothesline but Cage runs him over! Cage throws forearms, uppercuts and more forearms in a corner. Cage whips Ronnie to ropes, knees low, then whips him for a hip toss USHIGOROSHI! The crowd fires up as Cage brings Ronnie up to bump him off buckles. Cage rams into Ronnie’s ribs then CHOPS him at the ropes! Ronnie crawls, Cage throws big forearms, then whips Ronnie corner to corner. Cage runs corner to corner but Ronnie boots him!

Ronnie walks into a mule kick, front kick and Cage whips, only for Ronnie to reverse and mule kick him again! Ronnie runs and KNEES Cage down! Cage stumbles but still fireman’s carries Ronnie for an F5, that Ronnie lands on his feet out of! Ronnie kicks but Cage blocks to KNEE back! Cage spins, Ronnie ducks the discus but not the LARIAT! Cage scoops, Ronnie slips out and waistlocks but Cage standing switches. Cage wristlock ripcords but Ronnie ducks the clothesline to give the ripcord back, for a SPINE BUSTER! Ronnie gets to his corner, and grabs his fanny pack for a HOT DOG!? Ronnie has the hot dog, pretends it’s a sword, and runs for the BALL PARK FRANK’S ELBOW!! Ronnie takes a bite out of the dog while hitting Cage, and then covers! ONE!!

Cage is not happy, and he pops Ronnie up for a POWERBOMB! Cage rolls Ronnie for a spinning mule KICK! Ronnie is on the ropes, Cage hits a 619!? Cage suplexes Ronnie into the DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Cage wins!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

The Machine was too much for Megabyte Ronnie, and the FTW Champion keeps on rolling. Who can stop the Path of Cage?


Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr!

Santana and Ortiz are almost ready to battle the Best Friends in that Parking Lot Brawl, but they need one last tune-up. Will the Ivy League MVP and Bulletproof BPJ be more like a speed bump going into Dynamite?

The teams sort out and BPJ starts with Santana. They circle, feel out the grapple and BPJ gives some testing kicks. Santana and BPJ tie up, go around, and Santana grinds down on that shoulder. Santana wrenches, BPJ rolls and cartwheels and handsprings to then boop Santana in the face with his boot. BPJ eggs Santana on and Santana rushes him for a whip and uppercut at the ropes! Santana snapmares and basement dropkicks BPJ in the back! Santana CLUBS BPJ, BPJ back hands, and Santana throws forearms. BPJ hits back, Santana ROCKS BPJ! Santana scoops, BPJ slips out and waistlocks but Santana switches. Griff tags in off the O’Conner roll, BPJ pops Santana off and Griff drops a leg, brother!

Santana gets to a corner, Griff goes after him but Santana kicks low. Santana CHOPS Griff hard! Santana throws haymakers but the crowd wants that chop “One More Time!” Griff reverses the whip for a BIG corner splash, but runs into a SUPERKICK! Santana drags Griff up, tags Ortiz, but Griff fights back with forearms and kicks! Griff whips Ortiz, but Ortiz ducks under and Santana uses Ortiz to leap frog into a BULLDOG! GEDO CLUTCH! TWO!! Griff survives, Ortiz stalks him to a corner and clubs away. Ortiz whips Griff, calf kicks Griff down hard, and Ortiz drags him up for a gut wrench suplex! Griff grits his teeth as he crawls to a corner but Ortiz is on him with a CHOP! “Where you at, big man?!”

Griff throws forearms back and Ortiz eggs him on. Griff hits Ortiz again but Ortiz pokes Griff in the eye. Ortiz stomps away, digs his boot into Griff but lets off at the count of 4. Ortiz drags Griff up, whips him corner to corner, but Griff goes up and over to kick low! Griff whips now, Ortiz reverses to LARIAT Griff! Ortiz double guns and then drags Griff up. Tag to Santana, PNP double whip and Ortiz dropkicks the legs out. Santana basement dropkicks Griff down! Santana drags Griff up and away from BPJ to CHOP Griff to the corner. Tag to Ortiz, PNP double suplex Griff high and hard! Ortiz soaks up the heat and taunts BPJ, to then SLAP him off the apron! Griff comes back with a ROLLING ELBOW! Both men flop down, BPJ is back! Griff crawls, hot tag to BPJ!

Pillman springboards and clotheslines Ortiz! Santana runs in but gets a CHOP! And a CHOP! And another CHOP! BPJ uppercuts then runs, Santana follows and dodges to DIVE onto Griff! Ortiz runs into a SUPERKICK! BPJ has Ortiz for a suplex, but Ortiz slips out to push and pop-up! Ortiz POWERBOMBS and sits BPJ up for Santana’s KICK! Ortiz stands on BPJ for a cover, PNP win!

Winners: Proud ‘n’ Powerful, by pinfall

Bulletproof doesn’t mean indestructible, and BPJ just got wrecked by Santana and Ortiz! Will Santana and Ortiz do even worse to Best Friends?


Will Hobbs VS Jessy Sorensen!

The Embodiment of Willpower finally got a win in AEW and is finally gaining some ground! Will Jessy have any impact on Hobbs’ momentum?

The bell rings, Hobbs and Jessy get face to face and Jessy SLAPS Hobbs! Hobbs LARIATS Jessy! And corner splashes him hard! Hobbs clubs away on Jessy, the ref backs him off, and Jessy ROCKS Hobbs with rights! Jessy runs, dodges and jumps but Hobbs swats him down! Hobbs runs corner to corner, Jessy dodges and runs back in, but Hobbs puts him on the apron. Jessy enziguris and runs, but into a SPINE BUSTER! Hobbs is fired up, he drags Jessy up to scoop, for an Oklahoma Stampede! Cover, Hobbs wins!

Winner: Will Hobbs, by pinfall

Even Taz and Ricky Starks have to give Hobbs some credit on that one. Will Hobbs continue to build momentum now that he has his second win?


Ivelisse & Diamante VS Rache Chanel & Skyler Moore!

The winners of the AEW Women’s Tag Cup are back in the ring together to keep building that tag team legacy! Will they make sure their opponents tonight know exactly why they’re the top women’s team in AEW?

The bell rings and La Sicaria starts against Moore. They tie up, Ivelisse wrenches but Moore bridges, so Ivelisse sweeps the legs. Moore kips up, arm-drags Ivelisse around, and even hip tosses! Moore scoops Ivelisse, Ivelisse slips out and kicks out a leg! Ivelisse clinches and puts Moore in the corner, tag to Diamante. Moore fights back with big forearms, then scoops Diamante for a slam! Tag to Chanel, she and Moore bring Diamante up to whip into the corner. Moore runs in to corner elbow Diamante, Chanel runs in and blocks Diamante’s boot to ROCK her with an elbow! Chanel shows some edge and she snapmares Diamante, but she struts a bit and Diamante rushes her. Chanel gets around, Diamante bucks the O’Conner roll and CLOBBERS Chanel with an elbow!

Chanel recovers to arm-drag Diamante around, then uses a fireman’s carry to roll Diamante. Chanel struts again, but Diamante ducks the kick to roll her. Chanel slips out but Diamante ROCKS her with an uppercut! Tag to Ivelisse, Diamante elbows and feeds Chanel to Ivelisse’s tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Chanel survives but Ivelisse rains down rights and even dribbles Chanel off the mat. Ivelisse hits a switchblade kick, then drags Chanel into a dragon sleeper! Ivelisse clubs Chanel but fans rally up. Chanel fights out, throws forearms back, but Ivelisse knees low. Ivelisse brings Chanel around, butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse drags Chanel up, tags Diamante in, and Diamante runs to blast Moore while Ivelisse stomps a mudhole into Chanel.

Diamante runs back and basement dropkicks Chanel hard! Diamante drags Chanel up, point blank clotheslines her, but Moore tries to get in. The ref keeps Moore out, Diamante uses the distraction to feed Chanel to Ivelisse’s SUPERKICK! Chanel staggers into Diamante’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Chanel survives and fans rally up as Diamante clamps on a chinlock. Chanel fights up, fights back and jawbreakers free! Chanel mule kicks, but Diamante pushes her away, only for Chanel to come back with a SHINING WIZARD! Both women are down and the crowd fires up! Hot tags to Ivelisse and Moore!

Moore clobbers Ivelisse, gets Diamante back, and rallies more on Ivelisse! Moore runs but only gets buckles, but she boots Ivelisse back and huricanranas! Moore scoops Ivelisse, and POWERSLAMS her down! Cover, Diamante breaks it in time! Chanel gets in, drags Diamante up but Diamante throws Chanel out. Ivelisse hits Moore back and whips Moore into Chanel! Diamante BACKSTABBESR, Ivelisse snapmare KICKS Moore down! Cover, Ivelisse and Diamante win!

Winners: Diamante & Ivelisse, by pinfall

Chanel and Moore were tougher than expected, but not tougher than the Cuban Diamond and La Sicaria! Will the gold medal team continue to shine?


Colt Cabana VS QT Marshall w/ Allie!

BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana cost the Dark Order at All Out and Mr. Brodie Lee is still angry with him! But can he redeem himself in the eyes of the Exalted One by taking down God’s Gift to Wrestling?

Cabana is a little unsure why all of the Dark Order came out and not just Uno, but Uno assures them it’s not like that. The Dark Order keeps their distance and allow QT and Allie to enter. Uno gives Cabana some words of encouragement and the bell rings. Cabana and QT tie up, go around, and Cabana waistlocks. QT wrenches, Cabana rolls, spins and drop toeholds back. Cabana floats to a facelock, QT slips out to a hammerlock, but Cabana snapmares. QT spins out to hammerlock back, but Cabana works on his escape to get a headlock. QT powers out, Cabana runs him over and things speed up. Cabana ducks under and tilt-o-whirl headscissors QT out! Allie gets QT focused and back in the ring.

QT and Cabana circle, tie up, and QT wrenches to a hammerlock. Cabana backs QT to a corner, the ref calls for a break, and QT lets go. Stu Grayson wants Cabana to be more aggressive but Uno calms Stu down. Cabana does try to hit QT but QT dodges to ROCK Cabana back! QT whips and elbows Cabana down and the Dark Order is disappointed. QT throws forearms, whips Cabana to a corner, but Cabana goes up, under but turns into QT’s dropkick! Cover, TWO! QT stays on Cabana with forearms then whips corner to corner. Cabana reverses, QT elbows back but Alan Angels and Preston Vance distract QT! Cabana trips QT up, and realizes what the Dark Order is doing. Cabana wants them to let him handle this, and he drops down on QT with a splash! Cover, TWO! Cabana tries again, TWO!

The crowd rallies up, Cabana elbows QT to a corner and CHOPS him! QT goes to another corner, kicks back and throws forearms. QT rocks Cabana, whips him corner to corner but Cabana reverses and QT tumbles into buckles hard! QT goes up, comes back and Cabana drops him with a Bionic Elbow! Cabana pushes QT down to a cover, TWO! Cabana grows frustrated, tries another cover, TWO! Allie and the crowd rallies for QT but Cabana stalks QT to drive in more elbows. Cabana goes after the shoulder and neck then clamps on hands into the traps! QT fights up, fights back, and is free, but he runs into a drop toehold! Cabana clamps on again, gets the arms, and pulls QT back for a half surfboard.

QT fights up, turns but Cabana arm-drags. QT ROCKS Cabana with the uppercuts and haymakers! QT whips, Cabana reverses but QT LEAPS to shoulder Cabana down! QT hits an atomic drop, scoops and slams Cabana down! QT goes to a corner and climbs up top! Cabana rises, QT flies to hit a flying elbow! Allie and the crowd cheers but the Dark Order is frustrated. QT calls for the cutter, Cabana rolls him up but QT rolls through to hit a lethal combination! Both men are down but Allie and the crowd cheers QT on. QT gets up to the corner and the top rope. QT leaps, Cabana dodges the fist to spin QT for JAB after JAB! Flip, flop ‘n’ fly for a BIONIC ELBOW! Cabana runs in, the Flying Apple gets caught for a back suplex! Cover, TWO!!

Uno calms his colleagues but QT and Cabana slowly rise. QT goes for the cutter but is denied! Uno checks on Cabana but Stu goes around the way to KNEE QT down!! The ref misses all of this and Uno tells Cabana to finish it! Cabana aims at QT for the DISCUS!! Cover, Cabana wins!

Winner: Colt Cabana, by pinfall

It was certainly a team effort to give Cabana another win! But will Mr. Brodie’s star pick needing help only upset him more?


Brandon Cutler VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates!

The Dungeon Master and the Librarian could not make it work as a tag team, and The Initiative is no more! But when winless faces winless, something’s gotta give! Who finally gets a win in their AEW career?

The second Cutler hits the ring, Avalon hits him! They brawl, the bell rings and this is on the record! Cutler fires off but Avalon knees low. Avalon throws haymakers back but Cutler dodges and clotheslines Avalon out! Cutler goes out and chases Avalon but Avalon gets back in the ring. Avalon drops a knee on Cutler as he gets in! Avalon hammers away on Cutler, drags him up and butterfly suplexes! Cover, ONE! Avalon is furious, he drags Cutler up but Cutler suplexes him first! Cover, ONE! Cutler keeps on Avalon with another suplex, Avalon slips out and waistlocks but Cutler bucks him away. Cutler slingshots out then springboards in, flying forearm!

Fans fire up with Cutler, Cutler knuckle locks and CHOPS Avalon, then springboard arm-drags Avalon out! Cutler builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and the two crash into railing! Leva just wants them to be friends again but Cutler ignores her. Cutler drags Avalon up and whips him into the post, but Avalon swings around to not only refresh the count but BOOT Cutler down! Avalon has Leva move aside and he CHOPS Cutler against railing! And CHOP! Avalon shushes the crowd but Cutler CHOPS him back! And CHOPS him again! Cutler puts Avalon in the ring, Avalon builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit in return for earlier! Avalon brings Cutler back up and into the ring, then springboards for a crossbody! Cover, ONE, but Avalon gets Cutler for an URENAGE! Cover, TWO!

Avalon keeps his cool, drags Cutler by his leg and turns him for a modified Half Crab! Cutler endures, crawls and Leva even helps him get the ropebreak! Avalon lets go at 4 and questions Leva being so close to the ring. Avalon takes the book she’s holding, aims at Cutler, but she takes the book back! Leva tells Avalon he has to win this fair and square. And then Cutler hits Avalon with the SAVING THROW! Cover, TWO!! Cutler can’t believe his inverted suplex slam didn’t finish it, but he lifts Avalon with a torture rack. Avalon fights out, spins Cutler and kicks low, to TIGER DRIVER ’97!! Cover, TWO!! Now Avalon can’t believe Cutler survives! Cutler staggers up, to get MARTI-KNEES! Avalon goes to a corner, ARABIAN PRESS! Cover, TWO!! Cutler survives again!

Avalon is furious and argues with the ref, but the count is the count. Avalon runs corner to corner but into boots! Cutler goes to the apron, springboards, FROGGY BOW!! Cover, TWO!?! Avalon lives and Cutler can’t believe it! The crowd rallies up as Cutler brings Avalon into another suplex. Cutler hoists Avalon onto the top rope, climbs up to join him, but Avalon resists. Cutler throws body shots, Avalon hits back and adjusts, but Cutler rocks him with a haymaker! Cutler goes up top from the outside, but he’s aiming for the floor! Avalon resists, Leva is very worried, and the two brawl up top! Cutler and Avalon ROCK each other and they both fall to the floor!

The ring count begins, and Leva is torn! Cutler is up at 5, he hurries over to Avalon but Avalon throws forearms. They brawl, the climb is 8, they both keep each other out!! DOUBLE COUNT-OUT!!

Double Count-Out Draw

That’s not a win or a loss, it’s a TIE!! A historic moment for AEW, but not at all what these two men wanted! Leva tries to stop them from fighting any more, and Avalon storms off. Cutler also leaves Leva behind, but what does this mean for all of them?


Best Friends VS Maxx Stardom & Dontae Smiley!

Chuck Taylor and Trent also prepare for the Parking Lot Brawl with Proud ‘n’ Powerful! But will the Five Star Superstar and Mr. Prime Time throw a wrench into those plans?

The teams sort out and Chuckie T starts with Maxx. They tie up, Chuck puts Maxx in a corner but lets up. They tie up again, go around and Chuck puts Maxx in the other corner. Maxx throat chops, headbutts and uppercuts right out of the ropebreak! Maxx runs but Chuck BOOTS him down! Chuck stalks Maxx but Maxx tags to Smiley. Smiley and Chuck tie up, Chuck kicks low and clubs Smiley to the corner. Tag to Trent, Trent throws big forearms and a CHOP! Trent rocks, kicks and whips Smiley, to elbow him down hard! Trent paces as the crowd cheers, and he brings Smiley up. Trent headlocks and hits a takeover, grinds Smiley down, but Smiley fights up.

Smiley throws body shots and powers out but things speed up. Smiley hurdles high and dropkicks Trent down! Trent gets to a corner, Smiley poses for a moment then runs corner to corner. Into Trent’s knee! Trent looms over Smiley and drags Smiley up to CHOP back down. Tag to Chuck, he drags Smiley up and back suplexes high and hard! Chuck runs to drop an elbow! Smiley crawls, Chuck drags him away and tags in Trent. Trent brings Smiley up to DECK him! Trent toys with Smiley, and dares him to take a shot. Smiley gets up, throws a big forearm and another, so Trent DECKS him again. Trent drags Smiley up to put in a corner and throw more forearms. The ref counts, Trent lets up and comes back, into a mule kick! Smiley runs to hit a jumping neckbreaker!

Tag to Maxx and Maxx runs at Trent, but Trent sends him into buckles. Maxx goes to boot back but Trent counters. Maxx bounces back to ax kick Trent, then boots Trent after all. Maxx wheelbarrows to bulldog Trent down! Trent gets up, Maxx spins but into a BIG SAIDO! Both men are down, Trent and Maxx crawl to their corners, tags to Chuck and Smiley! Chuck rallies on Smiley and Maxx, and clotheslines Smiley out! Chuck stays on Smiley to whip him into railing! And feeds Maxx to Trent’s SPEAR! Best Friends put Smiley in, Chuck gives him a back elbow. Tag to Trent, Smiley is fed to the Sexy Chuckie Knee! SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! Chuck wants PNP to see this! AWFUL WAFFLE to BIG PILEDRIVER! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

No more fun and games, Trent and Chuck want to demolish Santana and Ortiz! Will there be anyone or anything left standing in the Parking Lot Brawl?


8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Private Party & The Gunn Club!

Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and the Beaver Boys all want to make Brodie Lee proud to make up for All Out, but Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, Billy and Austin don’t care about that! FTR stands atop the tag team division now and riled everyone up! Will the foursome that wins here gain major ground towards chasing after Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood?

The teams sort out and Billy starts against Number 3, Alex Reynolds. Reynolds and Billy circle, tie up, and Billy headlocks. Billy hits a headlock takeover, Reynolds headscissors but Billy pops out. Reynolds CHOPS but Billy doesn’t flinch. Billy eggs Reynolds on, Reynolds kicks low but Billy blocks the whip. Billy reels Reynolds in to run him over with a shoulder! Cover, TWO! Billy keeps on Reynolds, taunts the rest of Dark Order and wrenches. Tag to Austin, he kicks and wrenches Reynolds then tags in Kassidy. Kassidy drops ax handles, wrenches and shoulder breakers, then tags in Quen. Quen leap frogs to jam the arm! Quen facelocks Reynolds to keep him from his corner.

Quen wrenches, tags Kassidy, Private Party double whip Reynolds for a body shot, sunset flip and dropkick! Cover, TWO! Kassidy keeps on Reynolds with a wrench and tags Austin in. Austin clubs Reynolds’ arm but Reynolds knees low. Reynolds whips, Austin reverses and corner splashes! Austin whips corner to corner then back drops Reynolds! Cover, TWO! Austin keeps his focus as he brings Reynolds up. Reynolds powers Austin to the corner and Dark Order mugs him! Silver tags in, stomps Austin then tags Stu. Stu stomps Austin, tags in Uno, and Uno brings Austin up for elbows. Uno stomps Austin’s fingers, then whips him into the corner. Tag to Reynolds, Uno CHOPS Austin then Reynolds throws forearms.

Reynolds brings Austin up but Austin pops out of the neckbreaker to backslide! TWO, Austin picks Reynolds up and powers him to the corner. Tag to Kassidy, he throws forearms then tags in Quen. Private Party sweep the legs, “SAY CHEESE!” Stomps! Kassidy and Quen mock the #JoinDarkOrder pose, Quen covers, TWO! Quen drags Reynolds up, Reynolds hits back but Quen dodges to huricanrana! Quen runs but into a cheap shot! QUen hits Silver back for that, dodges Reynolds and flapjack dropkicks Reynolds! Stu swipes at Quen but gets an enziguri! Silver distracts the ref, Uno anchors Quen’s foot! Reynolds clobbers Quen and Quen falls out of the ring! Stu puts Quen back in and Reynolds drags Quen to a cover, ONE!

Tag to Uno, Uno stomps Quen’s legs while Reynolds holds him down. Uno stomps more and more, the crowd rallies behind Quen but Stu tags in. The Dark Order OG have Quen for a elbow drop sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Stu tries again, TWO! Stu pushes Quen to the corner, tags Silver in, and they mug Quen. Silver EuroUppers and BOOTS Quen down! Cover, TWO! Silver keeps between Quen and his corner to drop elbows. Cover, ONE, but Silver has Quen in a partial camel clutch. The crowd rallies up, Silver drags Quen around but Quen elbows back. Quen throws body shots and forearms but Silver barrels him into the corner! Reynolds tags in, the Beaver Boys mug Quen and dig their boots in. Uno and Stu get their shots in, Uno tags in and Uno drags Quen up.

Uno suplexes, holds Quen for a count of 5, to a BRAIN BUSTER! Cover but Kassidy breaks it! Uno drags Quen over, tags Reynolds in, and Silver tags in next. The Beaver Boys stomp Quen more, double whip him but QUen crisscrosses and double ranas! Silver and Reynolds drag Quen back, tag to Uno. Uno hits Kassidy and Austin, but Billy backs him off with a glare. The ref keeps Billy from getting in, Uno goes abck to Quen and tags Stu. The OG double suplex but Quen lands on his feet! Quen spins and enziguris Uno! Stu dead lifts Quen to a full nelson but Quen lands on his feet out of the German Suplex! Quen dodges Stu, hot tag to Billy! Billy throws hands on the Dark Order, tilt-o-whirl SLAMS Reynolds, then dumps Uno out. Stu jumps up and elbows Billy in the head!

Stu fireman’s carries, Billy slips out for the COBRA CLUTCH SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Stu survives but Billy drags him back up. Billy says “SUCK IT!” but Uno drags him out of the ring! Uno sends Billy into railing but Kassidy triangle cutters Uno down! Reynolds spins Kassidy to ROCK him, and CRAVAT SUPLEX! Quen kicks Reynolds to turns him for the INVERTED SHIRANUI! Silver gets in to pop-up Quen and kick, kick and SUPERKICK, into a dead lift BRAIN BUSTER! Austin is back, Silver kicks him and the Beaver Boys double whip. Austin ducks the clotheslines to give double clotheslines! Stu goes Matrix to PELE Austin! Billy is back to FAMOUSER Stu! Uno BOOTS Billy down!!

Uno drags Stu to the corner, tags in, but Austin tags in, too! Austin dodges Uno to forearm Reynolds! Running uppercut for Uno! clothesline for Reynolds! Austin tosses Silver and whips Uno but Uno reverses! Austin goes up and over but Silver tags in. Austin pops Uno up but Uno slips through to Gory Especial! Stu is up top, FATALITY!! Cover, the Dark Order wins!!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

The party comes to a halt as the Dark Order OG seal the deal for the faction! Is it only a matter of time before they take over all of AEW?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good Dark for another 11 match night. There were still matches that were obviously going one way over another, but they still felt like good matches for all parties. I like that Brandi VS Velvet happened after what Brandi was saying on commentary last week, and it was great for Velvet to get upset about those same comments. Butcher and Blade keep it together better than Pentagon and Fenix did last week, I wonder if that in itself causes tension between the four. I liked the detail of Dani having a Burn Book page about Ford, as well as the reaction Ford had to it. Megabyte Ronnie honestly has an impressive look and according to commentary, he’s a military veteran and had a moment of realization that with one life to live, you got to eat what you can while you can. I really liked his hot dog eating elbow drop, too, that was very creative. But of course Cage won for Team Taz.

Proud ‘n’ Powerful and Best Friends obviously win to roll into their match for Dynamite, but something about Best Friends’ win felt more dominant than PNP’s. Maybe this is a sign Santana and Ortiz win the Parking Lot Brawl. I still feel like AEW should be prioritizing their rise to the tag titles, not Jericho and Hager jumping into the division on a whim. Hobbs squashing Sorensen while Starks talked smack makes me think Hobbs is rising up in how AEW sees him, and I wonder if it comes to the point where Hobbs joins Darby Allin against Team Taz. Hobbs has the strength to not so much rival Cage, but he at least evens things out. Ivelisse & Diamante get a real good match out of Chanel and Moore, though maybe sloppy at points. That’s more to Chanel and Moore being newer, but at least no one got hurt.

I really liked the Dark Order developments tonight. Anna making sure Brandi remembers she’s around was a good touch. The Dark Order being on Cabana’s case was a great bit of detail, as was them cheating to help him win. That should come back around as part of the story inside Dark Order, such as it hurting Cabana’s confidence to know he didn’t win on his own. And the 8 Man Tag was a lot of great stuff. The Gunn Club and Private Party had a lot of chemistry, but it does make a lot of sense for the Dark Order to win because of the overall story. And of course, there’s Cutler VS Avalon. I forgot they both lost 25 matches each. And I totally forgot about the possibility of a draw! Them pulling that is actually brilliant, as they’ll be among the very few AEW wrestlers to have a tie on their records. Cutler and Avalon are now both 0-25-1, but far from over with each other. I bet the anniversary show finally gives us one of them going 1-25-1.

My Score: 8.2/10

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