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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (9/22/20)

OF COURSE Dark is still happening!



AEW Dark Coverage

AEW isn’t taking time off from Dark!

Just because there’s the Late Night Dynamite on TNT doesn’t mean AEW Dark on YouTube is staying on the bench! ELEVEN matches wait to be seen!


  • The Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson VS Fuego del Sol & Rembrandt Lewis; The Dark Order wins.
  • Ricky Starks VS Christopher Daniels; Starks wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade w/ Eddie Kingston VS Calvin Stewart & PUF; The Butcher & The Blade win.
  • Will Hobbs VS Serpentico w/ Luther; Hobbs wins.
  • The Lucha Brothers w/ Eddie Kingston VS Dontae Smiley & Maxx Stardom; The Lucha Brothers win.
  • The Dark Order’s Alan Angels & Preston Vance VS Ryzin & Xander Gold; The Dark Order wins.
  • Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss VS Kevin Blackwood & Daniel Garcia; Janela & Kiss win.
  • The Gunn Club VS M’Badu & Cruz; The Gunn Club wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS KiLynn King; Deeb wins.
  • Lee Johnson VS Benjamin Carter; Carter wins.
  • Eddie Kingston VS Brian Pillman Jr; Kingston wins.


The Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson VS Fuego del Sol & Rembrandt Lewis!

The Dark Order OG are working to bring respect back to the group’s good(?) name! Will they have a fire lit under them taking on the Fire of the Sun and the second-ever Rembrandt in AEW?

The teams sort out and Stu starts against Fuego. Stu rushes Fuego but he dodges, headscissors and tilt-o-whirl arm-drags! Fuego waistlocks, O’Conner rolls but Stu gets up, only to get a wheelbarrow bulldog! Tag to Rembrandt and Fuego arm-drags! Rembrandt dropkicks Stu, he stays up and things speed up. Rembrandt rolls off Stu’s back to KNEE back! Stu still stays up!? Stu storms over and catches Rembrandt for an URENAGE! Stu drags Rembrandt up to feed to Uno’s boot. Uno tags in, Stu whips him in and Uno back elbows! Stu adds a splash and feeds Rembrandt to Uno’s BOOT! Uno stands on Rembrandt’s hair, steps away as the ref counts, and brings Rembrandt up to bump off buckles.

Uno CHOPS Rembrandt, and again, then has him back in the corner. Uno ROCKS Rembrandt, tags Stu, and they both stomp away on Rembrandt! Stu tags Uno back in but pulls on Rembrandt’s hair. Uno brings Rembrandt up, Rembrandt hits back and mule kicks! Rembrandt reaches for Fuego but Uno back suplexes him away! Uno drops the leg, rains down right hands and pulls hair. The ref reprimands, Uno lets off to bump Rembrandt off buckles. Tag to Stu, Uno scoops Rembrandt, elbow drop sidewalk slam! Cover but Fuego breaks it with a dropkick! Fuego is fired up so Stu gives him Rembrandt! Fuego tags in, runs at Stu but gets a KNEE!

Stu paces and brings Fuego up, torture rack to the BACKBREAKER! Night Fall on the sun, but Uno tags in! Uno drags Fuego up, special underhook for the spinning COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Another day, another dollar of Chili’s money. Will Uno and Stu redeem themselves and become #1 contenders to the tag team titles?


Ricky Starks VS Christopher Daniels!

Absolute will be alongside The Machine, Brian Cage, and The Murderhawk Monster, Lance Archer, in taking on Jon Moxley, Will Hobbs and Darby Allin! Will he try to use the Fallen Angel as a tune-up? Or will he learn why Daniels is a ring general?

The bell rings and the two circle. Starks and Daniels tie up, Starks powers Daniels to a corner and throws heavy body shots! Starks rocks Daniels with an uppercut, whips him to ropes then clobbers him! The Absolute strikes a pose and does a dance to mock Daniels. Starks goes to chop but Daniels dodges to jab away! Daniels whips, Starks reverses but Daniels slides under to arm-drag! Daniels has the arm and blows a kiss to mock Starks back. Starks gets up, Daniels arm-drags him back down but Starks headscissors back. Starks rubs Daniels’ bald head, but Daniels reverses to a short arm scissors then facelock. Starks pops out to a hammerlock but Daniels fights up to get around and hammerlock back.

Starks elbows and runs, things speed up and Daniels arm-drags again! Daniels has the cording hold again with a knee on Starks’ head. Daniels shifts to a chinbar but Starks fights up to pull on Daniels’ ear. Starks whips, Daniels dodges and ducks and then lets the crossbody fly overhead! Daniels scoops Starks for a slam, then goes to ropes for the ARABIAN PRESS! Cover, TWO! Daniels grows a bit annoyed but he has Starks in a corner. Daniels throws haymakers then whips corner to corner. Daniels runs in to forearm smash Starks, then climbs up to rain down rights. Starks rakes eyes to get away! Daniels boots back but leaps into an uppercut! Starks boots Daniels out of the ring! Daniels tumbles to the floor, Starks hurries out after him.

Starks stomps away on Daniels, drags him up and bumps him off the apron. Starks puts Daniels in and covers, TWO! Starks kicks Daniels around and says this is HIS season. Starks drags Daniels up but Daniels throws forearms. Starks hits back and they brawl. Daniels gets around but Starks blocks the atomic drop and elbows. Starks swings Daniels fast for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! The crowd rallies for Daniels but Starks has Vickie Guerrero cheering him on. Starks shoves Daniels to club him on the back! Starks scoop and slams, for a running elbow drop, but Daniels dodges! SNAP EXPLODER! Starks kicks but his enziguri misses! Starks denies the O’COnner roll but Daniels rallies with clotheslines! Daniels whips, Starks reverses but Daniels kicks him back for the STO!

The crowd rallies more as Daniels drags Starks up. Daniels hits the BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Starks survives but Daniels keeps his focus. Daniels bring Starks up, underhooks, but Starks powers Daniels into a corner! Starks reels Daniels in for a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Starks drags Daniels up, Daniels jackknifes, TWO! Starks sunsets, TWO! Daniels sits on it, TWO! Starks ghost pins, TWO! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES! Both men are down and Taz is growing frustrated on commentary. A standing count begins as both men stir. The count reaches 5, the crowd rallies up and both men slowly stand. Daniels reels Starks in, Starks elbows back, kicks low and lifts, but Daniels slips out to get Starks for an UREN- NO! Starks arm-drags out, baits Daniels into buckles, and SPEARS!! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

A huge win for a legitimate legend! If Absolute can defeat a ROH Grand Slam winner, will he absolutely be a difference maker against Moxley, Hobbs and Darby? And he even joins commentary just because he can!


The Butcher & The Blade w/ Eddie Kingston VS Calvin Stewart & PUF!

Andy Williams & Braxton Sutter are ripping their way up the AEW Tag Division ranks, but aren’t fighting for those titles just yet. Will they make a feast out of these two new-to-AEW wrestlers?

No time to sort out, Blade and Butcher maul Puf and Stewart! They even throw their jackets at them! Puf gets dumped out and Stewart is fed to a backbreaker! And then fed to a Fisherman BUSTER! Butcher and Blade have Kingston cheering and they high-five before finally sorting out. Blade whips Stewart to clobber him, then tags in Butcher. They mug Stewart, then Butcher jams his knee into Stewart’s face! Butcher bumps Stewart off buckles and CHOPS! Tag to Blade, they double headbutt Stewart and Kingston is fired up. Blade chokes Stewart on the ropes, rakes the eyes and hooks the mouth, then dumps him out. Kingston drags Stewart up behind the ref’s back and helps Butcher mug the poor guy. Kingston puts Stewart in, Blade toys with him and whips him to the corner.

Butcher CHOPS Stewart, tags Butcher, and Butcher clubs Stewart on the back. Butcher keeps on Stewart at the ropes, tags Blade, and Butcher scoop slams Stewart down! Blade taunts the crowd, drags Stewart up and whips, but Stewart reverses. Blade KICKS Stewart back, runs but into a dropkick! Blade staggers, Stewart tags Puf! Puf rallies with big elbows and a CHOP! Puf swings but Blade waistlocks. Puf jiggles and gyrates to bump Blade away! The crowd fires up for Puf and his whip dance PUNCH! Puf Irish whips Blade, but Butcher tags in before Puf hits the tilt-o-whirl slam! Butcher drags Puf up but Puf swings big haymakers!

Puf whips Butcher corner to corner, but runs into a boot! Butcher goes up top, leaps and crossbodies Puf down! Puf hurries, hot tag to Stewart! But Butcher tosses Stewart in! Blade is in, FULL DEATH!! Cover, Blade kicks Puf down, Butcher and Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

There was no stopping this! They throw Stewart out to have the ring all to themselves! Will Butcher and Blade have the top spot in the AEW Tag Division soon enough?


Will Hobbs VS Serpentico w/ Luther!

The Embodiment of Willpower will stand with Darby Allin and the AEW World Champion against Archer and Team Taz! Will SNAKEMAN feel just a sample of what Hobbs has in store for the Murderhawk Monster, Machine and Absolute?

The bell rings and Hobbs circles with Serpentico. Taz and Starks give Hobbs a hard time, Luther swipes at Hobbs and Serpentico attacks! Hobbs shoves Serpentico away but Serpentico comes back. Serpentico tries to whip but Hobbs blocks with power. Hobbs whips Serpentico out hard and Serpentico crashes into railing. Hobbs drags Serpentico up to whip him harder into other railing! Hobbs stares Luther down, puts Serpentico in, but Luther distracts him. Hobbs gets in but Serpentico goes to the apron. Serpentico punches but Hobbs blocks and suplexes him in. Hobbs holds Serpentico up for 10 before slamming him down!

Taz is not giving Hobbs credit for that, or the next suplex Hobbs hits. Hobbs grins and he keeps Serpentico away from the ropes. Hobbs YANKS Serpentico up to SLAM him down! Hobbs wants Taz and Starks to watch this, as he runs, but into Serpentico’s SUPERKICK! And yet Hobbs is still up! Hobbs runs in, Luther pulls Serpentico aside and Hobbs gets buckles! Serpentico goes after Hobbs with hammering elbows, then runs and BOOTS Hobbs out of the ring! Starks likes that, and he likes Luther stomping Hobbs while Serpentico distracts the ref. Luther POSTS Hobbs! Serpentico goes out to fetch Hobbs and puts him in the ring. Serpentico aims from the apron, slingshots and stomps! Cover, TWO!

Serpentico drops a double stomp this time, covers, TWO! Serpentico and Luther are frustrated but the ref says the count is the count. Serpentico toys with Hobbs now, SLAPS him, but Hobbs shove shim. Serpentico ducks, tilt-o-whirl but Hobbs powers him out. Serpentico runs but Hobbs swats him out of the air! Serpentico still gets up top, leaps, but Hobbs catches him! Hobbs pops Serpentico up, Luther gets on the apron but Hobbs DECKS him! Serpentico mule kicks, throws a forearm and back hand, then runs, into the SPINE BUSTER! Cover, Hobbs wins!

Winner: Will Hobbs, by pinfall

That move, Taz does admit is something his team will need to avoid. Will Hobbs show his full power against Archer, Cage and Starks?


The Lucha Brothers w/ Eddie Kingston VS Dontae Smiley & Maxx Stardom!

Pentagon and Rey Fenix aren’t going to be left out of things, they want their own path to FTR and the tag titles! Will #TheRealAthlete and #TheFiveStarSuperstar learn the true meaning of Cero Miedo?

Prime Time Smiley’s coat and Stardom’s SWAT vest are enough to impress Taz and Starks, but then the pyro for the Lucha Bros change everything. Taz wants more for Team Taz now. The teams sort out and Stardom starts against Fenix. They circle and tie up but Fenix dodges. Fenix waves to the crowd, waistlocks Stardom, but Stardom switches and shoves. Stardom sunset flips but Fenix rolls out, only for Stardom to change to a victory roll! TWO, but Stardom gets Fenix in a Gedo Clutch! TWO, and Fenix has Stardom for a camel clutch! Stardom endures, Fenix shifts and brings him up, and CHOPS him! Fenix has the knuckle lock, goes up but Stardom chops back! Fenix boots, slips through the ropes and reels Stardom in for an Octopus!

The ref counts, Fenix stops at 4, and pushes Stardom down. Fenix tags Pentagon, drags Stardom up, and they double wrench, leg sweep, and tie Stardom up in a Paradise Lock! Uno, dos, tres, the Lucha Bros double KICK Stardom out of Paradise! Kingston likes what he sees as Pentagon whips Stardom and SUPERKICKS him down! Pentagon puts Stardom on the ropes to CHOP! Pentagon tags Fenix in, Fenix waistlocks and then shifts to a slam! Pentagon is up top, WAZZUP stomps!! Cover, TWO but Fenix chinlocks. Fenix bumps Stardom off buckles, Pentagon tags in and they mug Stardom. Pentagon puts the leg on the rope, runs side to side and kicks the thigh! Pentagon snapmares Stardom, stretches the arms back then tags in Fenix.

The brothers wrench the arms, Fenix throws forearms. Fenix CHOPS Stardom over and over, then tags Pentagon back in. They double whip Stardom in, but Stardom goes to boot back! The Lucha Bros deflects but Stardom boots and ax kicks back! Stardom rolls under the double clotheslines to hot tag Smiley! Smiley dodges Pentagon to dropkick Fenix! Smiley clotheslines Pentagon, kicks Fenix and fisherman cradle for a suplex! Fenix bails out, Smiley kicks Pentagon and tags in Stardom. They double whip Pentagon, atomic drop, leg sweep and split the wishbone for double Penalty Kicks! Smiley FLIES out onto Fenix! Stardom is up top, leaps, but into boots! Pentagon pump handles and DRIVES Stardom down! Cover, Smiley breaks it!

Fenix missile dropkicks Smiley right out of the ring! Lucha Brothers combine for the L B DRIVER!! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

The rough patch has been smoothed over and the brothers are back on top! Will they be the ones with the top spot in the AEW Tag Division?


The Dark Order’s Alan Angels & Preston Vance VS Ryzin & Xander Gold!

We saw the prime numbers, Uno and Stu, win big to open the night, but what about Numbers 5 and 10? Will they get the 1-2-3 over the Priest of Sin and the American Muscle?

The teams sort out and Gold starts against Five. Angels and Gold tie up, Gold gets the arm, wrenches, but Angels slips through to wrench back. Angels has the wristlock, Gold handsprings and whips but Angels reverses. Gold lands on his feet out of the hip toss but Angels blocks the arm-drag. Angels kicks the leg and headlocks but Gold powers out to a headlock of his own. Angels rolls Gold off, ducks and waistlocks, but Gold standing switches, Angels switches back, Gold goes to a corner but Angels pushes him into buckles. Angels runs to LARIAT Gold down! Gold scrambles to a corner, Angels tags Vance then CHOPS Gold!

Five and Ten whip Gold corner to corner and Vance back drops Gold! Angels hits a missile dropkick! Vance covers, TWO! Ryzin wants in so Vance gives Gold to him. Ryzin tags in, sanctifies the ring, but Vance SLAPS him. Ryzin shoves Vance, dodges and calf kicks! Cover, ONE! Ryzin fireman’s carries but Vance slips out to shove Ryzin into Angels’ enziguri! Vance DECKS Ryzin then covers, TWO! Vance puts Ryzin in the corner, CHOPS him, then tags in Angels. Angels CHOPS Ryzin, tags Vance back in then forearms Ryzin. Vance whips Ryzin into Angels’ knees, then ripcord CUTTERS! Cover, TWO! Vance drags Ryzin up to put in the open corner. Vance DECKS Gold for good measure before he runs at Ryzin. Ryzin BOOTS, then gets around to neckbreaker! But he has no one to tag!

Ryzin runs at the corner, MOONSAULT but it flops! Vance and Ryzin crawl, hot tag to Angels! Angels is after Ryzin’s leg, Ryzin boots him away, tag to Gold! Gold rallies with big forearms, then he whips corner to corner. Angels reverses, Gold BOX JUMPS to the top rope and goes up and over Angels! Angels runs into buckles, Gold RAMS his shoulder in! Gold hip TOSSES Angels, then whips him to ropes. Big dropkick from Gold and he fires up! Gold gets Angels for a Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Gold enziguris Angels in a corner, hoists him up top and climbs up to join him. Angels shoves him down, Vance tags in, and Angels leaps over Gold to speed up. Gold doesn’t see Vance for the SPINE BUSTER! Cover, but Ryzin breaks it!

Ryzin has Vance in a full nelson but Vance spins out, Angels HEEL KICKS! Vance BOOTS Ryzin, then gives Angels the boost for the FLYING DDT on Ryzin! The Numbers fire up, Gold gets in, they both catch him! Vance has Gold up, BOOT and spin, but Angels goes up top! FLYING STOMP POWERSLAM! Cover, Vance and Angels win!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

The Numbers were too much for Gold and Ryzin, but will this be enough to get in Mr. Brodie’s good graces?


Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss VS Kevin Blackwood & Daniel Garcia!

Jersey’s Finest are still on that road trip to the top, but haven’t reached their destination yet! Will the returning Buffalo boys be a roadblock to that golden goal?

The teams sort out and the Bad Boy starts with Garcia. They circle, tie up, and have a test of strength. Garcia sweeps the leg, gets the arm but Janela fights up to waistlock. Garcia pries free, shoulder breaker to hammerlock. Janela snapmares and cravats but Garcia has the ropes. The two break and the crowd cheers as these two reset. Garcia and Janela tie up again, Janela waistlocks but Garcia standing switches. Janela resists the lift, fights out, but Garcia CHOPS him! Garcia runs, Janela gets him for an arm wrench but Garcia wrenches back. Janela wrenches again but Garcia throws him down by his hair! Garcia glares, runs but gets run over by an elbow!

Janela drags Garcia up, wrenches and tags in Kiss. The Concrete Rose and Janela double whip and double arm-drag! They roll back, stand Garcia up, Manhattan Drop to Atomic Drop! Kiss twerks on Garcia, gets his arm and split-leg arm-drags! Blackwood tags in but Kiss dodges. Blackwood dodges back, both men dodge the other’s roundhouse but Kiss rolls Blackwood up, TWO! Blackwood runs, Kiss follows and slides under to huricanrana! Kiss runs at the corner with a handspring SLAP! Blackwood gets mad but Kiss dodges him to tilt-o-whirl and huricanrana again! Kiss ROCKS Blackwood with a right then whips, for a dropkick! Garcia tags in, Blackwood swings on Kiss but Kiss goes Matrix, only for Garcia to CLOBBER him!

Garcia gets in Janela’s face about it, then goes back to Kiss for the cover, TWO! Garcia looms over Kiss, facelocks and drags Kiss up to knock him back down. Tag to Blackwood, Garcia whips him in and Blackwood uppercuts Kiss! Blackwood feeds Kiss to Garcia’s running elbow! Blackwood stomps Kiss, drags Kiss up with a facelock and throws big forearms! Tag to Garcia, they mug Kiss, and Garcia watches Kiss crawl. Garcia drags Kiss up for a butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Garcia has the legs, ties them up and brings Kiss into a Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Kiss endures, pops out but Garcia keeps him down to tag in Blackwood. Blackwood drags Kiss up, Kiss hits back and the crowd rallies.

Kiss throws body shots, pushes Blackwood but Blackwood kicks away! Kiss ducks the buzzsaw but not the heel kick! Cover, TWO! Blackwood seethes and drags Kiss back. Kiss kicks Blackwood off the Boston Crab, but Blackwood grabs the other leg. Kiss enziguris Blackwood away! Garcia tags in, grabs Kiss but Kiss flips and tags Janela! Janela goes up to missile dropkick Garcia! Janela hits Blackwood, scoop slams Garcia, then slingshots Blackwood onto Garcia! Janela fires up, fireman’s carries Blackwood, and hits a ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! Janela whips Garcia to drop toehold him onto Blackwood! SUPERKICK for Garcia, then Janela dumps Blackwood out. Janela climbs up to CROSSBODY them both down!

The Bad Boy is up, hair blowing in the wind, and he puts Garcia in. Janela ANARCHY SUPLEXES Garcia! Cover, TWO!! Garcia survives but Janela is focused. Janela drags Garcia up, tags Kiss, and Janela DDT’s Garcia down hard! Kiss is up top, for the DIVING SPLITS! Cover, Jersey’s Finest win!!

Winners: Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss, by pinfall

The ride continues on! Will these Jersey boys finally pull up to the AEW World Tag Team Championships?


The Gunn Club VS M’Badu & Cruz!

Billy and son, Austin, have been doing great as a team but are still climbing the ranks! Will they keep that climb going against a mountain of a man and a man with one name?

Austin mocks Starks’ pose before posing with Billy and brother Colton. Billy does a tango with Aubrey Edwards but she has him get to his corner. Billy and M’Badu start with the bell and the crowd is fired up. The two big men step to each other, tie up, and Billy headlocks. M’Badu powers out but Billy runs him over! Things speed up, M’Badu hurdles but Billy blocks the hip toss! M’Badu blocks Billy’s hip toss, too, but Billy knees low and backslides! TWO, and M’Badu knees Billy back. M’Badu throws hands, whips Billy corner to corner, but runs into an elbow! Billy runs to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Billy drags M’Badu up, tags in Austin, and whips M’Badu. Austin body shots, Billy boots, but M’Badu dodges Austin once, only for Austin to come back with tilt-o-whirl headscissors!

M’Badu ends up in his corner, Cruz tags in! Cruz runs into the dropkick that takes his legs out! Austin Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Austin wrenches, Cruz powers him to a corner and throws forearms. Cruz clubs, whips Austin and pops Austin up, but Austin slips out to waistlock. Cruz bucks Austin away to LARIAT! Big teddy bear Cruz has power, but he’s soaking up the cheers too much. Cruz runs to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Cruz keeps his cool as he clubs Austin then drags him up. Tag to M’Badu, Austin fights back but M’Badu clubs him down. M’Badu throws hands, fires up and ROCKS Austin with a right. M’Badu stands on Austin’s head, lets up at the count, but Austin CHOPS back! And again! Austin runs, into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!

Austin survives but M’Badu stalks him to a corner. M’Badu throws hands, clubs Austin down, then runs corner to corner. Austin dodges the splash and M’Badu only gets buckles! Hot tags to Billy and Cruz! Billy rallies with haymakers, then throws M’Badu back out. Billy runs and corner splashes Cruz! Billy kicks low, tells Cruz to “SUCK IT!” and hits the FAMOUSER! Cover, the Gunn Club wins!

Winners: Gunn Club, by pinfall

The father and the son keep on rolling, and they want FTR to take notice. Will the Gunn Club take aim at Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood soon enough?


Serena Deeb VS KiLynn King!

Now that she’s officially with AEW, Deeb is All Elite! Will she get her first win in AEW, too, going up against the Queen of Crazy?

The bell rings and King circles with Deeb. They tie up, King powers Deeb to ropes then arm-drags her down. Deeb holds on and arm-drags King in return. They’re still in the elbow ‘n’ collar, King wrenches an arm to a wristlock, but Deeb rolls and spins through to get the wristlock for herself! Deeb wrangles King down, double knuckle lock cover, TWO as King bridges! Deeb brings King up, hooks the arms and wrangles her into a sunset, TWO! Into a BUTTERFLY STRETCH! Deeb has the arms caught and the head in a clinch, but King make sit a cover! TWO, Deeb lets King go and King runs her over with a shoulder! King uses an omoplata to drag Deeb down for an armbar!

Deeb endures as the crowd cheers, and she pops her arm free to roll away. King scoops Deeb, Deeb slips out and arm-drags King back down! Deeb twists the wrist and bends the fingers to slam the hand down! King gets up, Deeb keeps on the fingers, but King spins through to lift and throw Deeb into ropes! Deeb scrambles around, King whips her hard into buckles! King runs corner to corner for a meteora! Cover, TWO! Deeb survives but King is on her with a chinlock. Deeb works on an escape, fights up to her feet, and arm-drags King off! King wrenches, whips but Deeb reverses to a straitjacket neckbreaker! Both women are down but the crowd fires up. Deeb stands, dares King to get up and King does. Deeb JABS and JABS, then kicks low and runs for the knee lift! And LARIAT!

Deeb is rallying on King, whips but King reverses! King runs in but Deeb slips out and catches her for a chancery! The ref counts, Deeb turns King for the neckbreaker hotshot! GEDO CLUTCH, TWO!! Deeb is frustrated but the crowd is rallying behind her. King kicks back, kicks again then back kicks, but Deeb blocks, only for King to spinning ROUNDHOUSE! Deeb resists the suplex for a cravat DRIVER! Deeb gets the arm, omoplata and she smashes the knee! SERENITY LOCK!! King endures the modified Half Crab, and taps! Deeb wins!!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by submission

First match as an official AEW wrestler, and it is her first win in AEW, too! Will Deeb make things Serenity Now for the AEW Women’s Division?


Lee Johnson VS Benjamin Carter!

Big Shotty is on his own again after MJF disbanded his campaign team. And that’s probably for the best, really. But will Johnson need to be his best against the British Prodigy?

The bell rings and the crowd rallies up as Carter and Johnson tie up. Carter waistlocks, drags Johnson down but Johnson turns to a cover, TWO! Johnson gets Carter down again, TWO! The two back off and the crowd cheers. Carter and Johnson reset, tie up, and Carter gets the arm. Carter wrenches to a shoulder breaker, Johnson rolls and handsprings to wrench back. Johnson has the wristlock, Carter rolls and rolls and handsprings and flips and wrings Johnson out! Carter goes for the legs, Johnson boots him back, both men kip right up! The crowd cheers at this new stand-off! Starks has to give credit to these two already.

Johnson and Carter shake hands to show the respect they have for each other and circle again. They tie up, Johnson headlocks, Carter powers out and jumps over. Johnson waistlocks, Carter elbows out, things speed up again. Carter dodges the dropkick and runs, but Johnson dropkicks him down! Big Shotty is fired up as Carter gets to a corner. Johnson runs in to uppercut then whips Carter corner to corner. Carter goes up and over, handsprings and dares Johnson to come back. Johnson runs in, into a BUCKLE SHOT! The crowd cheers as Carter gets Johnson up for a CHOP in the corner! Johnson goes to another corner and CHOPS back! Carter CHOPS Johnson, then CHOPS again! Carter brings Johnson up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO!

Carter wraps on a chinlock and grinds Johnson down. The crowd rallies up, Johnson fights up and fights out, runs but Carter dodges. Carter drop toeholds Johnson into an STF! Johnson endures, drags himself and Carter around, and gets a ropebreak! Carter lets go fast, Johnson sputters but Carter is right on him. Carter puts Johnson in the corner, puts him up top and CHOPS him! Carter climbs up, Johnson fights back, and knocks Carter down! Carter is back to dropkick Johnson! Carter climbs up top, brings Johnson up, and hits a SUPERPLEX! He rolls through but Johnson cradle counters, TWO!! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES! But both men kip up!? And DOUBLE BOOT!! Both men are down and the crowd is loving this!

The standing count begins, Taz and Starks applaud. Carter and Johnson stir, the count reaches 5 and the crowd rallies, “Stand Up!” Carter sits up to throw a forearm and Johnson gives it back. They brawl as they stand, Carter gets the edge and fires up! Carter runs, Johnson dodges to give a strike fest back! Uppercut but Carter QUEBRADA, but Johnson snapmares! Johnson gets around, BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Johnson can’t believe it but the crowd is loving it! Carter gets up, Johnson rocks him with forearms. Johnson runs, Carter puts him on the apron and enziguris him down! Carter takes aim and builds speed, corner TRIANGLE MOONSAULT! Johnson moves, Carter lands on his feet, Big Shotty FLIES! Direct hit and Johnson is fired up!

Johnson puts Carter in but takes too long feeling good, because Carter FLIES right back out! Carter takes Johnson down, brings him back up and puts him in the ring. Starks says he is mesmerized by this! Carter goes up top, Johnson avoids the Phoenix Splash for a ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO!! Carter dares Johnson to bring it, Johnson hits a HOUSE CALL! Cover, TWO!?! Johnson can’t believe Carter still lives! Johnson drags himself back up, takes off the wristbands and hears the crowd rallying. Johnson gets himself up top but Carter gets right up for a SPANISH FLY! SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!?!? Johnson survives but Carter goes right back up! FROG SPLASH! Cover, Carter wins!!

Winner: Benjamin Carter, by pinfall

Carter’s first win in AEW is a big one! Is this the beginning of a legendary career right before our eyes?


Eddie Kingston VS Brian Pillman Jr!

Now that all his buddies have had their fun, it’s time for Eddie to get some! Will Bulletproof BPJ not be enough to slow down the fifth man of the family?

The bell rings and the two stare down a moment. Kingston has his dukes up as the crowd rallies up. He and BPJ tie up, BPJ pushes Kingston back, and Kingston cools off. Kingston and BPJ approach and Kingston kicks low. Kingston headlocks, BPJ powers out to headlock back, but Kingston powers out, only to get run over! Kingston gets out to pace about before coming back. Kingston shoves BPJ, BPJ pushes Kingston down! Kingston gets to a corner and BPJ waits for him to come back. Kingston tries to kick low but BPJ sees it coming. BPJ blocks, headlocks but Kingston powers out. Things speed up and BPJ crossbodies! Cover, ONE, but BPJ arm-drags Kingston around, to dropkick him down!

The crowd fires up but Kingston bails out. Kingston paces to cool off again but BPJ aims and slignshots. Kingston moves, BPJ lands on the apron, but Kingston trips him up! Kingston hotshots BPJ on railing, then rams him into the apron! Kingston throws BPJ back in, drags him up by his hair, then scoop slams him rather casually. Kingston KICKS BPJ in the back, CLUBS him down, and stalks him to a corner. Kingston stands BPJ up to CHOP, but BPJ chops back. Kingston SLAPS BPJ for it, drags BPJ up into a corner and snapmare him for another KICK! BPJ grits his teeth but Kingston drags him up again. Kingston whips BPJ to a corner hard, and BPJ boucnes off buckles to hit the mat.

Kingston taunts BPJ, brings him up and whips him corner to corner hard again! Kingston kicks and toys with BPJ, BPJ hits back from all sides, but Kingston gives it all back! Kingston CLUBS BPJ, whpis him corner to corner, but BPJ stops to mule kick back. BPJ goes up for a sunset flip, TWO! BPJ gets Kingston in a crucifix but Kingston makes it a Samoan Drop! The crowd rallies but Kingston drags BPJ up into a trapped arm chinlock. BPJ fights up, throws body shots and CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! BPJ uppercuts and fires up, Kingston CLOBBERS him from behind! Kingston catches his breath, drags BPJ up just to CLUB him again. Kingston drags BPJ back up, cravats to a snapmare, and CHOPS him again. Kingston wraps on another chinlock, trapping the arm again.

BPJ endures as the crowd rallies up, fights up and throws body shots, but Kingston clubs him. BPJ fires up, Kingston clubs him more, but BPJ counter punches! BPJ CHOPS and CHOPS and bumps Kingston off buckles! And more buckles! And another CHOP! BPJ wrenches, whips and CHOPS again! Kingston throws hands, BPJ gives them back to whip again. BPJ SUPERKICKS Kingston down! Kingston bails out of the ring but BPJ builds speed to wreck him with a dropkick! BPJ has the crowd fired up behind him as he clubs Kingston. BPJ puts Kingston in, aims and springboards for a flying clothesline! Cover, TWO! Kingston is still in it but BPJ has to catch his breath first. BPJ drags Kingston up, Kingston jawbreakers to an URENAGE! Cover, TWO!!

BPJ survives but Kingston brings the straps down! Kingston drags BPJ up, powers up but BPJ ROUNDHOUSES! BPJ fisherman and half nelsons for a DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! BPJ runs, into the kitchen sink knee! Kingston hits the BACK HAND!! Cover, Kingston wins!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

The Mad King conquers the young upstart, so that he and his entire “family” rule the night! Will Kingston lead the way to the top of AEW?

My Thoughts:

This was another stacked episode of Dark, which I was surprised to see knowing there’s the Late Night Dynamite after the NBA Playoff coverage. The matches were all great, Starks joining commentary after winning against Daniels was a nice surprise, and there even was a great surprise. Johnson VS Carter was a great match, definitely Johnson’s best in AEW. Obviously it helps if things aren’t booked to be a squash, but this was finally our chance to see Johnson really show his skills. Carter and Johnson can definitely be great stars in the future, they’re both under 25 and already in great shape. I’ve been here for the rise of a good handful of today’s big names, I’m excited at the prospect that we just saw two more start on that journey here.

My Score: 8.4/10

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