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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (9/29/20)

The Native Beast is back in action!



AEW Dark Coverage

Nyla Rose is back and ready to get Dark!

Among the nine matches for the night, The Native Beast is back! Will she finally be ready to go after the AEW Women’s World Championship again?


  • SoCal Uncensored VS Ray Rosas & Ryzin; SCU wins.
  • Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Alex Gracia; Ford wins.
  • Best Friends VS M’Badu & BSHP King; Best Friends win.
  • Jurassic Express VS The Dark Order’s Alan Angels & Preston Vance; Jurassic Express wins.
  • Shawn Dean & Cezar Bononi VS Gunn Club; Gunn Club wins.
  • Taynara Conti VS Red Velvet; Conti wins.
  • Chaos Project VS Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison; Chaos Project wins.
  • Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Rache Chanel; Rose wins.
  • The Natural Nightmares VS The Dark Order’s John Silver & Colt Cabana; The Natural Nightmares win.


Shawn Spears joins commentary!

#PERFECT10N got the win over Matt Sydal on the special Late Night Dynamite last Tuesday, but with some help from Tully Blanchard and the loaded black glove. Will Spears be less dangerous at the announce desk?


SoCal Uncensored VS Ray Rosas & Ryzin!

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky reunite to keep the team moving! Will they tell El Galan and the Priest of Sin #SCUL8R?

The teams sort out and Rosas starts against Kaz. The crowd rallies for the Heavy Metal Rebel as he ties up with Rosas. Kaz puts Rosas on ropes then monkey flips him to a cover. Rosas gets a shoulder up so Kaz has a headlock. They get up, Kaz shifts to a hammerlock, then a headlock and the takeover. Rosas again keeps shoulders up and fights his way up. Rosas powers out but Kaz runs him over. Kaz runs but drops down on Rosas with the headlock! Rosas is frustrated as he gets up and grabs ropes. Kaz lets go but Rosas sucker punches him! Rosas waistlocks, Kaz elbows out and runs, Scorpio tags in. Rosas dodges Kaz but Scorpio dropkicks him down! Scorpio brings Rosas to a cover, ONE! Scorpio whips Rosas, body shots and Russian leg sweeps! Cover, TWO!

Scorpio brings Rosas up but Rosas jawbreakers back! Rosas rams into Scorpio, Ryzin tags in but Scorpio throws hands! Ryzin blocks the whip, kicks back and whips instead, to calf kick! Cover, TWO! Ryzin rains down right hands, Scorpio pushes him away but Ryzin brings him up. Tag to Rosas, they double whip but Scorpio holds ropes. Ryzin runs at him but Scorpio puts him on the apron. Rosas rushes Scorpio but Scorpio gets around to waistlock and shoves him into Ryzin! Scorpio brings Rosas over, tags Kaz, and SCU double elbow Rosas down! Ryzin shoulders in but Kaz kicks him first! Kaz guillotine leg drops then BOOTS Ryzin down! Kaz brings Rosas up to throw hands, whips him to ropes but Rosas reverses.

Kaz grabs ropes, drop toeholds Rosas to ropes, Scorpio KICKS Rosas into Kaz’s GERMAN SUPLEX! Kaz gets fans to chant “S C U!” Kaz stalks Rosas, brings him up and CHOPS him to a corner! Kaz whips ROsas but Rosas reverses. Rosas runs in, Kaz elbows him away! Ryzin runs at Kaz but Kaz hits him first, and bumps him off buckles! Rosas rams into Kaz, kicks him out of the corner then goes up top for a missile dropkick! Cover, ONE! Rosas throws down right hands then drags Kaz to the corner. Tag to Ryzin, Ryzin stomps Kaz and digs his boot in. The ref counts, Ryzin lets up, but Rosas gets a choke behind the ref’s back! Ryzin yanks Kaz up for a BOMB! Cover, TWO!

Ryzin argues the count but brings Kaz up. Kaz ROCKS Ryzin with a right, but runs into Rosas’ cheap shot! Ryzin LARIATS Kaz down, covers, TWO! Ryzin grows frustrated but he drags Kaz up to tag Rosas. They double whip Kaz to the corner, Ryzin whips Rosas in but Kaz elbows back. Kaz boots Ryzin, dodges Rosas and then shoulders into Ryzin. Kaz slingshots over Ryzin, ducks Rosas and tags Scorpio! Scorpio rallies, elbows Ryzin down and dodges Rosas for a basement dropkick and DUMDUM STOMPS! Scorpio sees Ryzin at the ropes, slingshots out then in for a CUTTER! Fans fire up with Scorpio and he tags Kaz in. SCU grabs Rosas, Gory Especial, SCU L8R! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall

Spears sarcastically applauds Scorpio, but Scorpio points back. Will Scorpio get his hands on Spears over what Spears did to Sydal?


John Silver speaks backstage.

“What do I think of my partner tonight?” Silver tells Evil Uno this is his fault! Silver doesn’t want to tag with Cabana! If Mr. Brodie no longer likes Cabana, then neither does Silver. Uno says Mr. Brodie doesn’t not like Cabana or Silver. This is going to be fine. You need to understand the potential in Cabana. If it wasn’t for Uno seeing the potential inside Silver, he wouldn’t be in the Dark Order. Just trust Uno, okay? Cabana comes by, and he asks if they’re ready to go. Uno says it’s fine, but is it? We’ll find out later tonight.


Ricky Starks joins commentary!

Absolute gets to hang out with Taz again and watch some AEW action! Will Starks make Dark an absolute hit?


Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Alex Gracia!

The Superbad Girl is almost the Superbad Bride, but she’ll put in some work before the big day. Will she give the #PinkDream a “warm welcome” to AEW?

The bell rings and Ford circles with Gracia. They tie up, Ford arm-drags Gracia but both of them grin. Gracia gets the waistlock but Ford switches to slam her down. Ford plays with Gracia’s hair, but Gracia swings on her. Ford blocks and spins Gracia for a throw by her hair. Ford talks smack, Gracia pulls Ford into a unique cover, ONE! Ford is up, Gracia follows and dropkicks her down! Ford bails out, Gracia does a pose and a spin before going out after her. Ford gets back in the ring, Gracia is wary of Kip but Ford BOOTS her at the apron! Cover, TWO! Ford keeps her cool as she drags Gracia onto the ropes to choke her!

The ref counts, Ford lets up at 4, and Ford turns her around to YANK her into ropes! The ref reprimands but the damage is done. Ford drags Gracia up, bumps her off buckles then whips her out to throw her into buckles! Ford stands on Gracia’s face but lets up at 4. Ford drags Gracia up to DECK her! Ford fireman’s carries and does some squats, to then hit a GUTBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Gracia survives but Ford keeps her cool. Ford drags Gracia up to kick at her toyingly. Ford brings Gracia up, for the PERFECT PLEX! Cover, Ford wins!

Winner: Penelope Ford, by pinfall

Kip called it! Starks and Taz are impressed, but will AEW management see Ford worthy of another shot at the women’s championship?


Best Friends VS M’Badu & BSHP King!

Chuck Taylor and Trent are raring to go, wanting their “brush with greatness,” but FTR told them it wasn’t the right time because the Best Friends weren’t 100% after that brutal parking lot brawl. Will Trent and Chuck show the AEW Tag Team Champions that has nothing to do with it?

The teams sort out and we start with M’Badu and Trent. The fans cheer as Trent and Chuck discuss how big M’Badu really is. Trent and M’Badu ties up, M’Badu shows that size is also strength as he throws Trent down! Trent gets back up, ties up with M’Badu again, but M’Badu throws him down again! M’Badu is fired up and he dares Trent to come back. Trent cools off but comes back to tie up and get a waistlock to a headlock. M’Badu powers him to a corner, Trent boots back, but Trent runs into M’Badu’s military press! Trent slips off to throw forearms but M’Badu ROCKS Trent back! M’Badu runs, Trent drops down and hurdles over, to elbow M’Badu down! Trent sits M’Badu up to KICK him in the back! Trent double guns, tags out to Chuck, but King tags in.

The Kentucky Gentleman circles with BSHP and they tie up. King powers Chuck to ropes, lets off but tries a sucker punch. Chuck gets under, headlocks but King powers out to run him over! King speeds things up, Chuck arm-drags King around! Chuck has the arm and drags King to the corner. Tag to Trent, they double whip and double shoulder tackle! They both double gun before Trent brings King back up. Trent knees and CHOPS King to the corner, throws more forearms and CHOPS, but King fires up! King eggs Trent on, Trent SLAPS and CHOPS him! Trent tags Chuck and Chuck brings King up for a CHOP of his own! Chuck scoops King for a slam, but he gets distracted by M’Badu! Chuck chases M’Badu off the apron but turns around into King’s POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!

King brings Chuck up, tags M’Badu and M’Badu throws hands. M’Badu goes corner to corner to hit a BIG splash! Cover, TWO! M’Badu tags King back in, M’Badu puts Chuck in the drop zone for King to SWANTON! But he FLOPS as Chuck moves! Tag back to M’Badu, he runs at Chuck but his splash misses! Tag to Trent! Trent throws forearms and CHOPS over and over, then whips M’Badu to ropes. M’Badu reverses, Trent dodges and clobbers M’Badu! King gets in, Trent SAIDOS him away! Trent runs at M’Badu for a corner clothesline, and TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up with Trent as he tags in Chuck.

Best Friends bring M’Badu up, SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE, to SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! Chuck says this is it, and he tags Trent back in! Trent brings M’Badu in, Alabama lift, STRONG ZERO!! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

They didn’t even need to hug during this! Trent and Chuck are hungry for a title shot, will they get it? Or will FTR #FindTerribleReasons not to give them one?


Brandon Cutler speaks.

“Peter, you bug-eyed bookworm! You did this! You wanted this match, and look what happened!? We ended in a tie!” Now the record is really screwed up! Cutler isn’t happy, he knows Avalon isn’t, so guess what? This happens until one of them is DOOMED! Keep your schedule open for the rematch!


Jurassic Express VS The Dark Order’s Alan Angels & Preston Vance!

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are equally eager to get after FTR, because they’re NOT just a comedy gimmick! Will they show how serious they are against Numbers 5 and 10?

The teams sort out, Luchasaurus starts with Angels. Angels talks trash, SLAPS Luchasaurus, but then runs away to tag Vance! Vance is big but not as bit as Luchasaurus, and Luchasaurus puts him in a corner to CHOP! Vance CHOPS back but it doesn’t work! Luchasaurus whips Vance, Vance kicks the back drop away, but Luchasaurus boots him back! Vance dodges the clothesline to come back and things speed up. Luchasaurus hurdles, Vance leaps and Luchasaurus kips up! Things keep going, Luchasaurus catches the Thesz Press for an OVERHEAD suplex! Fans fire up with Luchasaurus but Angels tags in.

Luchasaurus tags Jungle Boy in, and now he circles with Angels. They tie up, JB headlocks but Angels brings him to a knee. Angels pops out the back to hammerlock but JB switches the hammerlock onto him. Angels sits, rolls and wrenches JB to an elbow breaker, but JB rolls, handsprings and arm-drags Angels away, to then get the headlock takeover. Angels headscissors, JB pops out and fans cheer again. JB and Angels circle, Angels gets a waistlock but JB switches. They keep going, Angels elbows free, but JB reels him in. Angels slides under, ducks a kick to give a kick! Angels pushes JB around, whips him corner to corner but JB reverses. JB runs in but Angels goes up and over.

Angels baits JB in, runs but JB waistlocks, ripcords and fireman’s carry takedown! JB is on the cover, ONE, but JB is on the arm. JB handsprings, brings Angels up to kick, CHOP and go up the ropes! JB springboard arm-drags Angels away, then arm-drags him back to an armlock! JB wrenches Angels, tags Luchasaurus in, and Luchasaurus KICKS Angels down! JB rolls Angels over, Luchasaurus GUT WRENCH BUCKLE BOMBS Angels! Luchasaurus fires off strikes, tags JB back in, and then scoop slams Angels down. JB uses Luchasaurus for the knee-board senton! Cover, Vance breaks it! Vance eggs JB on but goes back to his corner.

JB drags Angels up, suplexes but Angels slips out to throw JB down by his hair! Angels tags Vance in, they mug JB, and bring him back up to double whip. JB holds ropes, throws Angels out and elbows Vance away. Angels sweeps the legs, Vance KICKS JB in the head! Cover, TWO! Vance drags JB up, suplexes him up and down, covers, TWO! Vance grows frustrated and he clubs JB down. Vance tags Angels, they mug JB with CHOPS and KICKS! Angels snapmares and KICKS JB in the back! Standing frog splash, cover, TWO! Angels drags JB up, clubs him more, then puts him in the corner. Angels CHOPS, tags Vance in, and the mugging continue.

The Numbers double whip JB corner to corner, back drop and missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Vance is losing his cool as he drags JB away. Fans rally but Vance back suplexes JB high and hard! Cover, TWO! Vance glares at Marko Stunt before going back to JB. Vance whips JB at the corner but JB rocks Angels! JB goes up and over Vance but Vance whips him away, to get a LARIAT on the return! Both men are down, fans rally up, hot tag to Angels and he drags JB away! Back suplex but JB lands on his feet to then duck under and tag Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies, BOOTS Vance, BOOTS him again, then swats Angels to CHOP him! Vance goes back for more, he gets CHOPS over and over! Luchasaurus whips, Vance reverses but Luchasaurus LARIATS!

Luchasaurus roars, has Angels for a scoop, but Vance drags Angels off. Vance runs at Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus goes up and over to TAIL WHIP! Then he pops Angels up for the EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT! Cover, TWO!! Angels survives, JB tags in, and Jurassic Express rolls Angels, for the SPINNING BUZZSAW and BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Cover, Vance breaks it! Luchasaurus throws Vance out then choke grips. Vance escapes the choke slam to POST Luchasaurus! JB underhooks Angels, Angels powers him to a corner! Vance tags in, he whips JB, pops him up for a SPINE BUSTER! Angels FROG SPLASHES! Cover, TWO!! JB still lives! Vance is enraged but the fans fire up! Vance tags Angels, the Numbers go after JB together.

Angels gets the boost, JB ducks that to KNEE Vance! JB cradles Angels, TWO! SUPERKICK! JB dodges Vance, Luchasaurus choke grips him for a CHOKE SLAM! Luchasaurus tags in, Jurassic Express focus on Angels, gut wrench, JURASSIC CUTTER!! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

And the express keeps rolling! Will their next stop be a tag team championship opportunity?


Chaos Project speaks.

“Some people say that they are born evil. And some people say that they are born with a hatred, and wanting to do hurtful things to other people.” SOULESS! Griff, Brian, you will soon see what Chaos Project is all about: “Evil to the very core!” May all your nightmares come true!


Shawn Dean & Cezar Bononi VS Gunn Club!

The Captain has been trying a number of different tag team partners, and now he has the Brazilian V8 Engine by his side! Will this combination be a winning one? Or will Billy and son, Austin, continue to rise in the ranks?

The teams sort out, Austin starts with Dean. They circle, tie up with knuckle locks and have a test of strength. Dean pushes Austin back, then flips him over to a corner! Austin gets up, Dean salutes and lets Austin come back. Dean and Austin tie up again with knuckle locks, Austin wrenches and wrings Dean out. Dean gets up, Billy tags in, and Billy gets the hand-off to wrench and yank on the arm. Billy elbows the arm, tags Austin, and Austin gets the hand-off. Austin is on the shoulder, Dean whips him away but Austin reverses to arm-drag! Dean scrambles away, Bononi tags in. Bononi wants Billy, but Austin says he’s Gunn enough. They tie up, Austin waistlocks but Bononi switches. Bononi choke grips and pushes Austin to the corner!

Bononi says the people want to sill Billy. Billy tags in, the fans rally up, and the big men tie up. Billy and Bononi are in a deadlock so they break. Bononi choke grips but so does Billy! And Billy is stronger! Bononi knees low, bumps Billy but Billy blocks to bump back. Billy kicks, throws hands, whips Bononi corner to corner but Bononi reverses. Billy comes back with a LARIAT! Billy fires up, whips Bononi but Bononi reverses. Dean gets a cheap shot in! Billy DECKS him! But Billy turns around into Bononi’s BOOT! Bononi is fired up as he stalks Billy to the corner. Bononi stomps a mudhole in then digs his heels into Billy, and tags in Dean. Dean stomps Billy, backs off to kick Billy and throw hands. Fans rally up for Billy but Dean sucker punches Austin!

The Captain is playing dirty as he and Bononi mug Billy! Dean drags Billy up, tags Bononi in and they mug Billy more. Bononi throws body shots, then haymakers, then brings Billy up for knees! Fans rally for Billy but Bononi DECKS him! Cover, TWO! Bononi chinlocks and grinds Billy down. Fans rally as Billy endures, fights up, and fights back. Bononi keeps him from Austin to club him on the back! Austin avoids the sucker punch this time, and Billy BLUE THUNDER BOMBS Bononi! Both men are down but the fans rally up again. Bononi and Billy crawl, hot tags to Dean and Austin! The Son of a Gunn rallies on Dean, then ROCKS Bononi! Dean swings, misses, Austin dropkicks the legs out! Austin fires up, runs and THROWBACK CUTTERS Dean!

Austin has Dean up, knees hard and reels him in, for a DDT! Cover, Bononi breaks it! Billy is up, baits Bononi into a clothesline that sends both men out! Dean staggers but RAMS into Austin in the corner! Dean hoists Austin up top, climbs up to join him, but Austin fights back. Austin sends Dean down, Billy tags in, the Gunns combine for the CATAPULT CLOTHESLINE! Cover, but Bononi drags Billy off by his hair! Bononi brings Billy out and throws him into railing! Austin PLANCHAS Bononi down! Billy is back in, kicks Dean and hits the FAMOUSER! Cover, Gunn Club wins!

Winners: Gunn Club, by pinfall

Father and son get another one! They are undefeated in 2020, will they go right for the AEW Tag Team Champions?


The Natural Nightmares speak.

“It’s no secret there ain’t any love lost between the Dark Order and the Nightmare Family.” But All Out saw the family win! That is because when the numbers are even, Dustin and QT are unstoppable! Brandi says that’s going to be how it is tonight. Unlike last Tuesday when Anna Jay had Brandi literally out-Numbered. The Queenslayer, as Anna calls herself, is staying away. That’s too bad because Brandi would put these clean new boots up Anna’s ass. But Anna has one thing right: Brandi IS the Queen. Dustin knows Cabana is confused but if he’s going to stick around Dark Order, then Dustin and QT are gonna whoop his ass, too! Fans, you do NOT want to miss this!


Taynara Conti VS Red Velvet!

The Brazilian Black Belt Beauty is back, ready to show AEW was right to sign her! Will she serve Red Velvet up something hot and spicy?

The bell rings and Tay circles with Velvet. They tie up, Tay waistlocks to an arm-drag and then another! Tay hits a third and then swings a kick, but Velvet gets under to roll her up! TWO, Velvet returns the arm-drags! Tay backs off to cool off and slow things down. Tay and Velvet fist bump to show respect before going again. Tay waistlocks, pushes Velvet but Velvet blocks the kick! Velvet wags a finger but Tay drags her into the armbar! Velvet fights up, Tay gets a leg around for a nelson to then get a cover, TWO! The two go again, Tay gets around Velvet to judo hip throw and KICK! Cover, TWO!! Velvet survives but Tay smiles. Tay grounds ‘n’ pounds, Velvet does her best to guard but Tay just rains down more!

Anna Jay is ringside to cheer from the crowd, but Velvet boots Tay away. Velvet throws forearms, whips Tay corner to corner but Tay reverses. Tay runs in to double knee! And then monkey flip, roll back and cover, TWO! Tay keeps her cool as she keeps on Velvet with a dragon sleeper. Velvet kicks and fans rally up as she stands. Velvet knees free, shoves and rallies with clotheslines! Velvet dropkicks Tay down and Tay scrambles to ropes. Velvet runs to knee her in the back! Cover, TWO! Velvet pushes Tay around while Anna coaches. Velvet does the splits while digging her boots in. The ref counts, Tay pushes Velvet off, but Velvet brings Tay up for more forearms. Velvet powers out, Tay blocks to throw all the forearms back!

Tay picks Velvet up, swings her for a SLAM! Tay talks some trash, kicks Velvet in the face over and over, and ducks a clothesline to lift Velvet. Rebound sit-down, uses legs to hook Velvet up, this is one crazy clutch! Velvet taps, Tay wins!

Winner: Tay Conty, by submission

Anna applauds as she gets in the ring to celebrate! Anna shows Velvet some compassion by holding out a hand. Velvet takes it, Anna helps her up, and then Anna HOOK KICKS her down! Tay is a bit surprised but Anna says it’s fine. Anna goes to add on but Brandi comes running out! The Queenslayer avoids the Queen since things are too even for her. Brandi helps Velvet up and away, will these two work together to get even with Number 99?


Chaos Project VS Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison!

Serpentico and Luther have a true tag team name, but they still need that true tag team victory! Will SNAKEMAN and the Original Death Dealer show Bulletproof BPJ and the Ivy League MVP are far from being the new Hollywood Blonds?

Serpentico uses the streamers to attack Griff and BPJ! Then he and Luther go after them! They throw Griff and BPJ out, Serpentico SUPERKICKS Griff and Luther bumps BPJ off railing. Serpentico puts Griff into the ring, Luther whips BPJ into the wall! The bell rings so this is on record as Serpentico tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Griff comes back, blocks the arm-drag to whip, and then back drops Serpentico, streamers and all! Griff bumps Serpentico off buckles, throws forearms, snapmares and tags in BPJ. BPJ slingshots to senton! BPJ scoops Serpentico for a Northern Lights Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO!

BPJ waistlocks, Serpentico resists the lift and standing switches, but BPJ bucks him off. Serpentico runs back in, but BPJ elbows him hard! Luther cheap shots BPJ! Serpentico clubs BPJ, Luther tags in and scoop slams BPJ down. Luther uses Serpentico as a weapon for the scoop slam senton! And another scoop slam senton! And then a third! Serpentico covers, TWO! Tag to Luther, Luther and Serpentico mug BPJ and Luther even claws BPJ’s face! Tag to Serpentico, Chaos Project coordinates for a sidewalk slam to slingshot stomps! Serpentico drags BPJ up, bumps him off buckles, and tags Luther back in. Luther CHOPS BPJ, throws haymakers then whips to LARIAT!

Luther keeps BPJ from Griff, snap suplexes him down, then tags Serpentico back in. Now it’s human weapon, inverted suplex splash! Cover, TWO! BPJ is tough but Serpentico keeps on him. BPJ throws body shots, Serpentico clubs, but BPJ CHOPS! BPJ fires off forearms, kicks but Serpentico ducks to BACK HAND! Serpentico whips, BPJ goes up and leaps to crossbody! Both men flounder, hot tag to Griff! Griff rallies, DECKS Luther and boots Serpentico to BOOT him again! Griff runs corner to ocrner to BIG SPLASH! Then he scoops Serpentico, but Serpentico slips off. Serpentico shoves Griff then follows, but Griff LARIATS!

Griff drags Serpentico up, WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER! Cover but Luther BOOTS Griff down! Luther throws haymakers but Griff counter punches! Griff throws Luther out, drags Serpentico up, tags in BPJ, and they double whip. Serpentico leaps over them both and throws Griff out. Serpentico SUPERKICKS BPJ, Luther DECKS Griff! Serpentico whips BPJ into Luther’s BOOT! Luther hauls BPJ up, Serpentico climbs up top, METEORA SPINE BIUSTER! Cover, Chaos Project wins!

Winners: Chaos Project, by pinfall

There is method to the madness, and the men with malice take the victory! Are they going to bring the pain to the AEW Tag Division?


Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Rache Chanel!

The Vicious Vixens return, but is the Cougar’s client ready to conquer the AEW Women’s Division again? We’ll all soon see, based on what she does to her fashionable foe.

The bell rings and Nyla slowly circles with Chanel. Nyla tells Chanel to make it easy on them both and just lie down on the mat. Chanel refuses, while also criticizing Nyla’s attire, but Nyla tells Chanel to just take the pin. Chanel fixes her hair, and sucker punches Nyla! Chanel ducks the clothesline to fire off forearms and a CHOP! Nyla kicks low, scoops and SLAMS Chanel! Chanel sits up, clutching her back. Vickie tells Nyla to finish this, and Nyla TWO HAND SLAMS Chanel! Cover, but Nyla lets up at TWO to tell Chanel she was given a chance for this to be easy.

Nyla whips Chanel to a corner, runs in, but Chanel dodges! Chanel runs back in to shotgun dropkick! Chanel seems to surprise herself that she’s got the advantage, and she runs side to side to BOOT WASH! The camera gets some of that! Chanel gets a bit cocky, though, and she runs into Nyla’s URENAGE! Nyla drags her back up, whips her to ropes, and then FLAPJACKS her! Chanel flounders, Nyla KICKS her! Nyla drags Chanel up and lifts, but Chanel slips off to shove, run and springboard! But into the BEAST BOMB!! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

Nyla didn’t want to waste time, but Vickie is pleased that she destroyed her opponent. Will the Native Beast blaze a trail back to the title soon enough?


The Natural Nightmares w/ Brandi Rhodes VS The Dark Order’s John Silver & Colt Cabana!

Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall are back in action together, still waging war with the Dark Order! Will they get a win, and some revenge, on BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana and Number 4?

The teams sort out and the Natural starts with Cabana. They circle, tie up, and Dustin headlocks. Cabana powers out, Dustin runs him over, things speed up and Cabana whips but Dustin reverses for Cabana to reverse for Dustin to reverse back. Cabana goes up, under, but Dustin arm-drags him down! Cabana gets to ropes and Uno is there to coach him up. Fans rally for Dustin but Silver tags in. Silver tells Cabana to go out, then he kicks Dustin. Silver clubs, throws forearms and whips Dustin, but Dustin fakes him out to ROCK him with the uppercut! Tag to QT, they double wrench and double Russian leg sweep! Cover, ONE, but QT brings Silver up for forearms. QT goes after Silver in a corner but Silver turns things around to throw forearms. Silver whip’s, QT reverses and suplexes! Cover, TWO!

Silver boots QT to the Dark Order corner, QT boots Silver away but is wary of Cabana. Cabana says he isn’t doing anything, and Silver ROCKS QT with an uppercut! SNAP BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Silver is frustrated as he scoops QT and slams him. Cabana wants in so Silver tags. Cabana goes up, BIG splash! Cover, TWO! Cabana keeps on QT with a cravat to snapmare and splash. Cover, TWO! Cabana brings QT up, bumps him off buckles, and Silver tags in. Silver throws forearms over and over but lets up as the ref counts. Cabana tags back in, he stomps QT, then tags Silver. Cabana whips Silver in for a big corner clothesline!

Silver feeds QT to Cabana’s Bionic Elbow, and QT staggers into the SNAP GERMAN! Cabana plays good defense while Silver has the bridging cover, TWO! Silver grows frustrated but he sits QT up to KICK him! Silver double guns but the fans boo as he KICKS QT again! QT eggs Silver one with that glare so Silver KICKS again. QT SLAPS Silver, Silver KICKS and SLAPS and runs, into a LETHAL COMBINATION! Both men crawl, hot tag to Cabana and he drags QT away! QT boots Cabana away, hot tag to Dustin! Dustin rallies on Cabana with clotheslines! Cabana reverses the whip, Dustin says, “NOT TODAY!” and he uppercuts! Dustin also DECKS Silver, then atomic drops Cabana for the bulldog!

Silver gets in, for the SPINNING POWERSLAM! SPINNING POWERSLAM for Cabana! Dustin fires up, throws Silver out and goes after Cabana. He throws Cabana out, then CANNONBALLS onto them both! Dustin drags Cabana up to put him in the ring. Dustin tags QT and they coordinate on Cabana. Silver trips QT up and Cabana ROCKS Dustin! Cabana throws Dustin to the ramp, then CLOBBERS QT! Silver ENZIGURIS and Cabana scoops QT for the GUTBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Silver wants in, Cabana tags him. Silver wants Cabana to truly sub in for Alex Reynolds, but Cabana isn’t so sure. Dustin throws Cabana out anyway, but Silver SUPERKICKS Dustin! QT hits the CUTTER! Cover, Natural Nightmares win!

Winners: The Natural Nightmares, by pinfall

Cabana and Silver weren’t in sync so that’s why they fell apart! The Nightmare Family gets the better of the Dark Order again, will they win this new war in AEW?

My Thoughts:

A very good Dark here. I think pulling back on the number of matches, even by a couple, helped. It was still around an hour and a half, but were was some more wiggle room for a few matches. Nyla was of course going to squash whoever in her return, though Chanel did get to do a little bit. The other eight were very good, full matches, though again mostly predictable. SCU’s match was mostly to have Shawn Spears on commentary talking some trash on Scorpio. That match is coming, and it will be a lot of fun. Ford got a good match out of Gracia (yes, that is her name, it’s not a typo), Best Friends got a good match out of M’Badu and King, and Gunn Club got a good match out of Dean and Bononi, all to keep them sharp towards their respective Dynamite stories.

I like that we got backstage promos from some stars here and there. It makes Dark feel like it matters a bit more, because it’s character work you want to tune in for. Cutler calling out Avalon is great, I hope the fact they had a count-out draw means the rematch is Falls Count Anywhere, Street Fight, No Holds Barred, something with no count outs, no disqualifications, only winning by pinfall or submission. Tay and Velvet had a good match, but that was also a vehicle for Brandi to get at Anna Jay. I’m thinking we get Tay & Jay reuniting to take on Brandi and Velvet before anything more happens.

And Dark Order had good matches, though losing in both. I like that they were able to use COVID concerns that certainly are keeping Reynolds out to add to the stories of Silver and Cabana. Silver wants to be Brodie’s guy, Cabana was Brodie’s guy, might still be his guy, maybe Silver goes after Cabana to try and change that. I can already see that it will only anger Brodie and then he beats Silver down and possibly even kicks him out of Dark Order.

My Score: 8.3/10

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