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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (9/4/20)

It’s Dark before All Out!



AEW Dark Coverage

It’s a Dark start to AEW’s All Out MEGA WEEKEND!

Before All Out, before the Buy-In, before the red carpet and countdown specials, AEW gives us all of the extra action from Wednesday Night Dynamite on a FRIDAY! Who gains ground in the rankings before AEW’s anniversary show?


  • The Butcher & The Blade VS D3 & Faboo Andre; The Butcher & The Blade win.
  • Allie w/ QT Marshall VS Red Velvet; Allie wins.
  • Colt Cabana VS Zack Clayton; Cabana wins.
  • The Lucha Brothers VS Ryzin & Angel Perez; The Lucha Brothers win.
  • Ivelisse VS KiLynn King; Ivelisse wins.
  • The Dark Order’s John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS Shawn Dean & Brandon Bullock; The Dark Order wins.
  • Darby Allin VS Luther; Allin wins.
  • The Natural Nightmares VS The Dark Order’s Alan Angels & Preston Vance; win.


The Butcher & The Blade w/ Eddie Kingston VS D3 & Faboo Andre!

Andy Williams and Braxton Sutter are ready to go All Out in the Casino Battle Royal, but they’re going to sharpen their edges on the Prince of Rome and Monarch of Manliness! Will D3 and Faboo survive to even make it to Saturday?

But there’s no waiting for the bell as Blade and Butcher attack! They stomp away on their opponents, Blade whips Faboo to ropes, Faboo holds the ropes but Blade clotheslines him out! Butcher whips D3 to a corner, then catches him on the rebound for an inverted fisherman sidewalk slam! Butcher hip TOSSES D3 and tags in Blade. They double headbutt D3, Blade CHOPS and punches D3, then throws big forearms. D3 staggers, Blade whips and pops D3 up but D3 lands to dropkick back! Tag to Faboo, Faboo runs in but into a sidewalk scoop! Butcher tags in, leg drop sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Butcher snap suplexes Faboo hard, then ROCKS Faboo with a right!

Butcher bumps Faboo off buckles, tags Blade in and Blade chokes Faboo! The ref counts, Blade lets up at 4 and then rakes Faboo’s face! The ref reprimands but Butcher gets a cheap shot in! Blade drags Faboo up, whips him to ropes and clotheslines! Faboo reaches for D3 but Blade kicks him to a corner. Blade CHOPS Faboo then scoops him for a slam! Blade looms over Faboo and soaks up the heat as fans boo. Blade drags Faboo away from D3 to whip corner to corner. Faboo boots back! Faboo hops up, leaps, and huricanranas Blade away! Hot tag to D3! D3 fires off kicks and uppercuts, then haymakers.

Butcher tags in and Blade gets D3, back suplex CHOKE SLAM combo! Cover, Faboo breaks it! Blade grabs Faboo, suplex to powerbomb neckbreaker! D3 staggers up into the FULL DEATH!! Cover, Butcher and Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

Fast and ferocious, these two feasted upon their opponents! With them united with Kingston and the Lucha Brothers, is it a guaranteed victory at All Out?


Allie w/ QT Marshall VS Red Velvet!

Allie won once without anyone helping her and looks to do it again! Will Allie keep things strong for the Nightmare Sisters while Brandi Rhodes recovers from that Dark Order attack?

Brandi surprises commentary by joining them for this match. The bell rings and Allie circles with Velvet. QT gets the crowd fired up as Allie and Velvet tie up and go around. They break, Allie and Velvet circle and tie up again. Allie pushes Velvet away and QT cheers. Velvet and Allie go again, Velvet headlocks but Allie throws body shots. Allie powers out but Velvet runs her over! Things speed up, Velvet gets around but Allie turns things around to throw knees. Brandi says Allie is why they lost in the Women’s Tag Cup but that it’s also okay because Allie will get better. Allie runs but Velvet dodges to roll her up, TWO!

Velvet runs into a sweep, Allie covers but Velvet Matrix bridges out. Velvet offers a handshake, Allie takes it, but uses it to pull Velvet in. Allie pushes Velvet, Velvet pushes back, so Allie boots Velvet and whips her to a corner! Allie runs in, hits a big corner clothesline then rains down fiery forearms! Velvet turns things around to stomp in a mudhole! Velvet does the splits while digging her boot in! Velvet stops at 4, drags Allie up to a headlock, but Allie powers out of the bulldog! Allie goes out and around the way to fix her hair with QT’s help. But Velvet dropkicks Allie and the phone down! Velvet puts Allie in, climbs up top, but Allie trips her up! Allie ROCKS Velvet with a right, and SUPERKICKS Velvet off the top rope! Cover, TWO!

Velvet shows her toughness but Allie is angry. Allie fireman’s carries, Velvet fights back, and things speed up again, Allie rallies with clotheslines! Allie brings Velvet around for more knees, then runs to knee lift! Brandi wants Allie to finish this, Allie whips but Velvet reverses, only for Allie to bulldog! Allie is furious, aims from the corner, and hits a SLIDING D in the corner! Velvet staggers around, Allie reels her in for DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE! Cover, Allie wins!

Winner: Allie, by pinfall

QT celebrates with Allie while Brandi says she’s actually proud of Allie. Will Allie live up to whatever standards Brandi seems to have for her?


Colt Cabana VS Zack Clayton!

BOOM BOOM, Colt Cabana is again joining forces with The Dark Order to battle Cody Rhodes’ allies, but first he has the Italian Falcon to deal with! Will Cabana please Mr. Brodie Lee and the rest of the Dark Order before Saturday?

The bell rings and Cabana circles and ties up with Clayton. They go to ropes, Clayton lets up and circles with Cabana again. They tie up, end up in a corner and now Cabana lets up. Cabana is already upsetting Stu Grayson and Stu tells Cabana to destroy Clayton. Cabana apologizes and ties up with Clayton again. Cabana wrenches, Clayton wrenches back but Cabana wrenches back to wring Clayton out! Cabana offers a hand and helps Clayton up, but this is not how Dark Order does things. Evil Uno gets on Cabana’s case now, and Cabana circles with Clayton again. They tie up, Cabana headlocks but Clayton powers out. Cabana runs Clayton over, keeps moving and things speed up.

The Beaver Boys save Cabana from Clayton’s dropkick! But that confuses Cabana more than anything and Clayton rolls him up! TWO, and Clayton runs at Cabana, only to be tossed out to the ramp! Cabana hurries out to fetch Clayton, and stomps him to the liking of Dark Order. Cabana rains down rights as they cheer him on, and then Cabana bumps Clayton hard off buckles. And again! And again! Cabana tosses Clayton in, Cabana slingshots to elbow Clayton down! Cabana throws bionic elbow after bionic elbow on Clayton’s head, and the Dark Order is impressed. Cabana headlocks and palm strikes Clayton, then does it again.

Clayton staggers about, Cabana headlocks but Clayton powers out. Cabana runs Clayton over, runs but into Clayton’s uppercut! And another! And another! Clayton hurries to a corner but Cabana is on his feet. Alan Angels and Preston Vance creep closer and distract Clayton, Cabana hops up to club Clayton first! Cabana fireman’s carries Clayton for a CHICAGO SKYLINE! Uno wants Cabana to do more? Cabana obeys, DISCUS LARIAT! Cover, Cabana wins!

Winner: Colt Cabana, by pinfall

Just like Mr. Brodie would do! To think Cabana had this in him! Is Cabana truly ready to #JoinDarkOrder?


Backstage interview with The Librarians.

We saw the Initiative lose again and then fall apart as Peter Avalon attacked Brandon Cutler. What does that mean? “The experiment we called The Initiative is over!” No more! It is time for Avalon to shine on his own! He’s been wrestling for over 10 years, and took this job in AEW with a Librarian gimmick so he could be more than “enhancement talent.” He enhances the show! “Some Texas billionaire’s nephew, his entire career was made because of this enhancement talent.” So he and Cutler are no more. But he hopes he put a fire in Cutler’s belly now. Loser Must Win! Avalon is not the worst wrestler in AEW, and vows to prove Cutler is!


The Lucha Brothers VS Ryzin & Angel Perez!

Pentagon and Fenix are the other part of Eddie Kingston’s fearsome five going into the Casino Battle Royal! And they take on quite the interesting duo as the Priest of Sin and The Man Who is in Fashion combine the powers of heaven and hell! Will the brothers overcome those with Cero Miedo?

The teams sort out and Fenix starts with Ryzin. They circle, tie up, Ryzin wrenches to a wristlock but Fenix rolls, rolls and wrings Ryzin out. Ryzin kips up, wrenches back but Fenix wrenches, then stomps a foot and CHOPS Ryzin down! Fenix brings Ryzin up, rams shoulder to shoulder and then tags in Pentagon. Penta helps Fenix as they go to the ropes, Fenix flips and springboards back to arm-drag Ryzin! Penta SUPERKICKS Ryzin down! Pentagon brings Ryzin up, puts him on the ropes, and CHOPS him! Fans fire up with the echo, then Pentagon KICKS Ryzin’s leg. Penta whips Ryzin corner to corner, Ryzin boots back then goes up to QUEBRADA! Hot tags to Angel and Fenix!

Perez goes up, crossbodies Fenix, then elbows him in the corner. Perez runs corner to corner to basement dropkick! Perez snapmares Fenix and runs to SHINING WIZARD! Perez goes up, Pentagon distracts, Perez leaps into BOOTS! Fenix tags Penta, SLING BLADE! Enziguri for Ryzin! Tag back to Fenix, he hops up and back to sunset flip Perez, TWO! Fenix tries again, Ryzin runs in but gets a DESTROYER from Penta! Tag and the Lucha Bros combine, L B DRIVER! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

The devilish priest and the divine designer could not withstand the power of the Lucha Brothers! Kingston, Butcher and Blade return to celebrate with them. Kingston gets a mic to tell the fans that All Out’s Casino Battle Royal is going down, and you’re looking at the five who will dominate! And at least one of them will win that match! Butcher says him, Blade says him, etc but Kingston says that’s not important now. They stick together, right? What did he just say? One wins, they all win, because this is for the world championship in this great sport! Kingston wants them to hug it out and stay united. But he also gives a wink. Will this dangerous quintet conquer the Casino Battle Royal? Or is Kingston just using his friends as pawns?


Ivelisse w/ Diamante VS KiLynn King!

La Sicaria is back in action after she and Diamante won the Women’s Tag Cup, because she still needs to stay sharp. Will the Queen of Crazy be more than enough to keep Ivelisse on edge?

The bell rings and Ivelisse circles with King. They approach and Ivelisse kicks but King shakes it off. They circle, King’s kick is blocked with a kick and Ivelisse body shots. King stays up, she blocks Ivelisse’s next strike and arm-drags her around! King even Japanese arm-drags Ivelisse! Ivelisse gets up, her kick is blocked and King scoops! Ivelisse scrambles, gets down and shoves King into the ropes to then jam her with the ropes! King staggers away, Ivelisse uses the ropes for a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse keeps her cool as she rains down rights on King. The ref counts, Ivelisse lets up but she KICKS King in the back! And again! And again!

King ducks one but Ivelisse comes back with a mule kick! Diamante says, “Show ’em how it’s done!” King throws body shots but Ivelisse clubs her down! Ivelisse drags King into a leg full nelson! King endures as Ivelisse bridges back, but King powers up to a cover! TWO, Ivelisse body clutch covers, TWO! Ivelisse KNEES King down!! High stack cover, TWO!! Ivelisse clubs King, KICKS her in the chest, and again! Ivelisse wants us to hear this one, but King ducks it to roll and ROCK Ivelisse! Ivelisse gets up, spins King around, wrenches but her hook kick is blocked! King rallies with clotheslines and then rocks her with a right!

King boots the clothesline to BOOT and GERMAN!! Cover, TWO!! Ivelisse survives and gets to ropes but King hurries over. King grabs the legs and yanks Ivelisse up, but Ivelisse lands on her feet! King blocks the mule kick, clubs the leg and fireman’s carries, but Diamante distracts! Ivelisse gets off King and clubs her on the back! COMPLETE SHOT! Ivelisse grits her teeth and slashes her throat as she drags King up. King breaks free, Ivelisse scorpion kicks! Ivelisse runs, CODE RED!! Cover, Ivelisse wins!

Winner: Ivelisse, by pinfall

The Women’s Tag Cup winners celebrate together and rep their Puerto Rican and Cuban pride! Will they continue to climb the ranks of the AEW Women’s Division both on their own and together?


The Dark Order’s John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS Shawn Dean & Brandon Bullock!

We saw the Beaver Boys have a part to play in Colt Cabana’s victory, but now they will have to fight for themselves! Will Numbers 3 and 4 be able to make Mr. Brodie proud?

The teams sort out and Number 4, Silver, starts with The Captain. Dean and Silver tie up, Silver scoops and slams Dean fast to put on a sleeper hold! Dean resists and moves around, Silver stays clamped on with body scissors as they roll and roll. Silver shifts to a facelock, knees over and over, then throws Dean to the corner. Tag to Number 3 Reynolds and he throws forearms on Dean. Dean throws body shots back, but Reynolds blocks the kick, only for Dean to enziguri! Dean wrenches Reynolds then tags in Bullock. They double whip Reynolds, Reynolds kicks Bullock then throws Dean out! Reynolds dodges Bullock but Bullock hip tosses! Bullock ducks the clothesline to back suplex! Cover, ONE!

Bullock drags Reynolds up to fireman’s carry but Reynolds fights out to waistlocki. Bullock standing switches, Silver tags in off the O’Conner roll then drags Bullock off to a powerbomb, onto Reynolds’ knees! Silver double guns and soaks up the heat as he goes back to Bullock. Silver KICKS Bullock off his feet! Silver stomps Bullock to the corner, bumps him off buckles and tags in Reynolds. The Beaver Boys mug Bullock in the corner, Reynolds cravats to snapmare Bullock into buckles! Bullock flounders feebly but Reynolds drags him back up. Reynolds puts BUllock ni the corner, tags in Silver, and the mugging continues. Silver throws haymakers, tags in Reynolds, and then they double whip Bullock.

Bullock dodges, but Reynolds trips and Silver springboard SPLASHES! Reynolds slingshot splashes on top! Cocky cover, ONE! Reynolds drags Bullock up, tags in Silver, and Silver KICKS Bullock in the chest again! Bullock sits up in a daze but Silver KICKS him again! Silver drags Bullock up to KICK him down! Bullock flounders, Silver drags him up to a torture rack, but bullock slips out to tag in Dean! Dean rallies on the Numbers, back drops and clotheslines! Dean whips Silver, Silver reverses but Dean gets around, salutes, but has to kick Reynolds first. DOUBLE DDT! Cover on Silver, TWO!

Dean keeps his cool as he drags Silver up. Silver throws fast hands and a KICK, then fires up, but runs into an uppercut! Dean runs into a BOOT! Silver runs to BOOT as Reynolds adds a dropkick! Torture rack, TOWER HACKER BOMB!! Dean flounders and tags in Bullock, but he runs into a shove. FLAPJACK UPPERCUT! Silver and Reynolds fire up for the DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS DDT! Cover, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

R3ynolds and SiIVer win major points, but will this momentum help Mr. Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana and the OG, Uno and Stu, win over Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky and the Natural Nightmares this Saturday?


Leva Bates talks with Brandon Cutler backstage.

Leva says she tried but Avalon wouldn’t listen to her. Cutler says it’s also over between him and Avalon, and Dasha comes by to ask about that “Loser VS Loser” challenge. Cutler accepts! Avalon keeps running around thinking that zero wins means they’re the worst wrestlers! But you watch the matches they’ve had and ask yourself if they’re really the worst wrestlers in AEW! Avalon is letting other people’s opinions shape how he sees himself! Avalon is letting himself live that reality! Cutler refuses to live that way! But if Avalon wants to light a fire under the dragon’s ass, then he’s about to get burned! Who will FINALLY get their first win in AEW when Librarian takes on Dungeon Master?


Darby Allin VS Luther!

The undead daredevil wants revenge on Ricky Starks, but he also wants another shot at the world title! Will he survive the Original Death Dealer in this Dark Co-Main Event?

Darby is very wary of Luther as he gets in the ring. And for good reason, because as Darby goes up to the corner for his entrance pose, Luther chop blocks a leg out! The ref rings the bell so this is at least on record as Luther stalks Darby on the outside. Luther stomps Darby at the railing, he drags Darby up and lifts him to POST the shin! Luther stomps the leg, Darby hobbles around but Luther stays on him. Luther puts him in, Darby crawls to a corner but Luther stomps Darby’s legs! Luther drags Darby around and puts the leg on the ropes to drop knees! Darby writhes and clutches his leg but Luther stomps the leg more. Luther drags Darby up, whips but Darby collapses!

The ref keeps Luther away, but Darby kicks Luther’s arms out! FUJIWARA, with the finger pull! Darby bridges but Luther powers up to reach for ropes, and gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Darby lets go at 4, and now Luther kicks Darby’s leg out. Darby gets to a corner, Luther shouts at the booing fans, but he blocks Darby’s boot to JAM the knee! Luther has an ankle lock, Darby gets a ropebreak, but Luther drags him off for a captured leg SNAP SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! Luther uses his screechy voice to argue the count but the count is the count. Luther brings Darby up, Darby CHOPS and throws forearms. Luther shoves, Darby dodges and Quebradas, but Luther avoids it! Darby’s leg jams, Luther gets him for an INVERTED SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!

Luther is losing his cool as he argues the count. The crowd tells him it was two, he tells them they’re idiots. Luther stomps Darby, drags him up and puts him in a Tree of Woe. Luther climbs up to hammer away on the bad leg, but the ref counts. Luther lets off, runs corner to corner, but Darby sits up to dodge the cannonball! Darby growls as Luther bails out of the ring, SUPER COFFIN DROP!! Down goes Luther and Darby drags him back up into the ring. Darby has Luther back in a drop zone, goes back up top with one good leg, and hits another COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Darby wins despite the bad leg! It doesn’t seem like anything is going to keep Darby out of that Casino Battle Royal! Will Darby sacrifice more than just a leg to become a contender?


The Natural Nightmares VS The Dark Order’s Alan Angels & Preston Vance!

Colt Cabana won, the Beaver Boys won, but what about Numbers 5 and 10? Will Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall get the ball rolling on the revenge for Cody? Or will Angels and Vance prove themselves worthy of Mr. Brodie Lee?

But as Dustin and QT make their entrances, they go right at Angels and Vance! The ref tries to get things to settle down, but that isn’t so easy. Dustin kicks Angels out before going to his corner, and the bell rings as QT keeps on Vance. Vance turns things around to CHOP QT, but QT turns things around to throw more forearms. QT whips, Vance reverses but QT comes back to clobber him! QT hip tosses Angels in and Dustin ROCKS Angels with an uppercut! The brawling returns but the Numbers bail out of the ring. The Natural Nightmares hold the ring as Angels and Vance regroup and discuss what to do. Vance gets in, kicks low and throws big forearms.

QT kicks back, throws forearms in return and tags in Dustin. They whip Vance, body shot to knee lift! Dustin rains down rights on Vance, Angels protests but Vance pushes Dustin away. Vance knees low, forearms and whips but Dustin clotheslines back! Dustin ducks a clothesline to back suplex Vance! Dustin is right back to the rain of right hands! Allie is there to cheer Dustin and QT on as they tag again. The Natural Nightmares mug Vance in the corner, QT throwing those big haymakers, then Dustin topping it off with an uppercut. QT whips, Vance reverses but QT holds ropes. QT BOOTS Vance, DECKS Angels, then throws hands on Vance more! QT whips but Vance reverses and Angels dumps QT out!

Dustin and Allie protest but Vance sucker punches Dustin while Angels DUMDUM STOMPS QT down! Angels puts QT in, covers, ONE! Angels keeps on QT with a facelock and tags in Vance. They mug QT now, then Vance CHOPS! Vance CHOPS more, throws more forearms, then suplexes QT up high and hard! Cover, TWO! Vance drags QT back up, tags Angels back in, and they mug QT more. Angels snapmares and KICKS QT in the back, then drops a standing frog splash. Cover, ONE, and Angels is annoyed. The crowd rallies as QT brawls with Angels. Vance tags in, Angels slides to forearm smash! Vance whips QT into Angels’ knees, then Angels boots QT to Vance’s SPINE BUSTER! Cover, Dustin breaks it in time!

Vance rains down rights on QT in anger, but takes a moment to pose. Vance bumps QT off buckles, tags Angels in and Angels KICKS and CHOPS QT down. Angels mocks QT as he crawls for Dustin. Angels stands on QT’s hand and stomps the fingers, but QT throws body shots! QT whips, Angels reverses but QT reverses back to a COMPLETE SHOT! Vance runs in but is sent out! QT scrambles and flounders but Vance trips Dustin up! Vance RAMS Dustin into railing! Angels turns QT around, motorcycle stretch to WING SNAPPER! Vance adds a BOOT, and Angels gets the boost for a FLYING DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! QT survives and shocks the Dark Order!

Angels rains down furious hands from all sides, then looms over QT. QT CHOPS Angels back, and CHOPS again! Angels mule kicks, back kicks and front kicks to enziguri! Angels kips up but wastes time taunting, he Quebradas into QT’s tilt-o-whirl SLAM! Both men are down, the crowd fires up, hot tags to Vance and Dustin! Dustin dodges and rallies on Vance then whips. Vance reverses, Dustin says “Not today!” Uppercut for Vance! Dustin DECKS Angels, Manhattan drops and BULLDOGS Vance! Angels gets in, SPINNING POWERSLAM! Vance gets up for a SPINNING POWERSLAM! Dustin fires up and the fans join in!

Dustin drags Vance up, reels him in, but Angels distracts. Angels enziguris, Vance rolls Dustin, TWO!! ROLLING ELBOW! Vance tags Angels, Angels and Vance coordinate, but QT gets in to CUTTER Vance! Dustin gives Angels FINAL RECKONING!! Cover, Natural Nightmares win!!

Winners: The Natural Nightmares, by pinfall

Well that won’t make Brodie happy! But Dustin and QT roll into All Out and the 8 Man Tag with the Dark Order’s best! Will Dustin, QT, Scorpio and Cardona make a powerful quartet to avenge the American Nightmare?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good go-home from Dark on a packed weekend, and not just for AEW. Again, much of what happened tonight was expected, such as the results of matches. But what was good was tying in the stories of Dynamite and All Out into Dark to make it feel just a bit more of consequence. Brandi being passive aggressive towards Allie is a good way to keep that story going. The Nightmare Sisters are probably going to fall apart and it will basically be Brandi’s fault, but at least it’ll make Allie’s side of things more reasonable as she would naturally be upset by what Brandi’s been saying about her. Eddie Kingston is definitely using his “friends,” but it won’t become clear to them at All Out. Maybe Full Gear 2020 or before the holiday break, but not this Saturday. And I am so glad we’re getting Cutler VS Avalon, but that’s either a Buy-In or Dynamite match, not a PPV match.

The Dark Order developments were probably the best stuff. Cabana unlocking that aggression is a nice detail to his story, and we could definitely see more of that come the 8 Man Tag. The Beaver Boys, Reynolds and Silver, win theirs to stay strong, and there’s story there with Silver wanting to impress Brodie. But naturally, the Natural Nightmares win so they get some last minute momentum before that same 8 Man Tag. The Faces need to look good going into that, but I still have a feeling Dark Order wins and then Cody makes a triumphant return to go after Brodie. Heck, if Inner Circle VS Orange Cassidy and friends doesn’t become a 5v5 Blood & Guts thing, why not Dark Order VS Nightmare Family?

My Score: 8.1/10

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