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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/2/20)

Full speed ahead to All Out!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

Will MJF still get his AEW World Championship match?

Jon Moxley’s addendum to the AEW World Championship match contract took us all by surprise! Will Smart Mark Sterling come through for Maxwell Jacob Friedman?


  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Best Friends; PNP win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Private Party & SoCal Uncensored VS Jurassic Express & The Young Bucks; Jurassic Express & Young Bucks win and will face each other at All Out.
  • Chris Jericho VS Joey Janela; Jericho wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Serena Deeb; Rosa wins.
  • Jon Moxley VS Mark Sterling w/ MJF; Moxley wins.


Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Best Friends!

This grudge match isn’t going to wait any longer! Things were done to Trent’s mom’s minivan, done to Trent’s and Chuck’s luggage, and then said about them and Trent’s mom, and after brawling outside the ring, it’s time to brawl inside the ring! Will Best Friends get revenge on Santana and Ortiz for all of it?

Nevermind, Trent and Chuck don’t even wait for their entrance! They jump Santana and Ortiz on the stage! Chuck and Ortiz brawl, Trent has Santana on the ramp, but Ortiz goes after Trent. Ortiz throws Trent into the tunnel frame while Santana suplexes Chuck to the floor! Ortiz lashes Chuck with Trent’s jacket! The ref tries to get this in the ring but PNP go to double suplex Chuck. Chuck resists, Trent LEAPS off the stage to crossbody PNP down! Best Friends regroup and pick up the steel steps! They move the steps over, bring Ortiz up, but Santana saves Ortiz from a suplex! Santana CHOPS Chuck, Ortiz bumps Trent off the steps. Santana whips, Chuck into railing, then runs in, only for Chuck to toss Santana out!

Ortiz uses Trent’s own jacket to choke him, and he taunts Mama Sue to look at her baby boy! Chuck starts bringing out chairs! Ortiz and Trent brawl, Ortiz whips Trent and POSTS him! Chuck sets chairs up in a square while Ortiz talks trash. Santana gets up but Chuck tosses a chair at him! Ortiz whips Trent into railing, Trent comes back to SPEAR Ortiz down! Chuck continues his chair structure into a pyramid and says, “I”m gonna kill ‘im!” Santana hits Chuck back with that chair from earlier! Trent fish hooks Ortiz while Santana stalks Chuck to the ramp. Santana lifts, Chuck powers out to back drop Santana onto the ramp! Trent clubs Ortiz down, Chuck brings Santana up. Santana whips Chuck and Chuck CRASHES into his chair pyramid!!

Trent spots what happened and glares at Santana. Santana hurries into the ring with Trent and we finally have an official start to the match! Trent and Santana fire off hands back and forth, forearms and CHOPS! Santana runs, Trent ducks down to then METEORAS! Trent fires up with the fans as Trent drags Santana back up. Trent CHOPS Santana, whips but Santana reverses. Ortiz grabs Trent and Santana BOOTS him! Santana hangs Trent out to dry but Trent falls hard off the ropes! Santana stands on Trent’s neck, tags Ortiz, and PNP brings Trent up to double suplex high and hard! Ortiz covers, TWO! Ortiz keeps his cool as he drags Trent back up.

Ortiz gut wrench suplexes Trent then basement dropkicks him down! Ortiz drags Trent back up to bump off buckles, then he tags in Santana. Ortiz whips Santana in but Trent sends him out! Trent dodges Ortiz to TORNADO DDT! Ortiz bails out, the fans rally up and Trent gets to a corner. Chuck is still in the wreckage of his chair pyramid, but Trent DIVES onto Ortiz! Trent runs at Santana, but Santana leaps and sends the Spear into railing!! Chuck finally stirs but PNP focus on Trent. Santana puts Trent back in, scrapes his boot on Trent’s face, then throws big forearms. Santana whips but Trent kicks back! Trent finds Chuck and tags in!

The Kentucky Gentleman is back and he fires off forearms on PNP! Chuck blocks a kick, gets around and sends Santana into Ortiz! Chuck clotheslines Santana out then builds speed, to FLY out onto both Santana and Ortiz! The fans rally for Best Friends as Chuck puts Santana in. Chuck wrenches to SOLE FOOD! Then FALCON ARROW! Cover, Ortiz breaks it! Ortiz runs at Chuck but Chuck goes up and over to sunset flip Santana! Cover, TWO! Chuck baits Santana in, SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE! Tag to Trent, PSYCHO KNEE! Fans fire up again as Trent fires up and aims from a corner. Ortiz anchors Trent’s feet, Santana blasts Trent off the apron onto the steel steps! “Let’s go, let’s end it!”

Ortiz drags Trent up and in, Santana tags him in, and Ortiz drags Trent up. Santana climbs but Chuck trips him up! Trent counters to STRONG ZERO! Cover, but Santana is there to help with a ropebreak! Santana whips Chuck into the crowd of wrestlers! Santana looks for something, shouts to Ortiz, he has a BATON! Ortiz shoves Trent, Santana CLUBS Trent on the back!! Ortiz tags Santana, they coordinate, STREET SWEEPER!! Cover off the blockbuster powerbomb, PNP wins!

Winners: Proud ‘n’ Powerful, by pinfall

Santana and Ortiz had an ace in the hole and take Best Friends down! Will the pitbulls rise up to take a bite out of the AEW World Tag Team Championship scene?


AEW checks in with MJF.

“This Saturday at All Out, there’s only going to be one possible ending, and that is with me becoming your AEW World-” Lee Johnson interrupts and MJF is upset. Lee says Mark locked himself in the room. What? Mark- He heard you the first time! Just move. MJF knocks on the door and asks if Mark is alright. Mark wants MJF to understand, he needs some time to get a way out of this situation. Wardlow kicks the door down to drag Mark out. MJF tells Wardlow to stand down, it’s alright. MJF gets in Mark’s face as he explains that ever since he was a kid, MJF has wanted to be a world champion. He has done absolutely whatever it takes to get to this position.

MJF understands Mark is afraid of big scary Jon Moxley, but MJF makes something clear: “There’s nothing scarier than being in the position of getting in front and in the way of my goals.” When Men get in MJF’s way, bad things happen to them. So Mark has two options: one, Mark gets in the ring with Moxley; two, YOU END UP IN A DAMN WOOD CHIPPER!! So the choice is Mark’s. Which monster is he dealing with tonight?


8 Man Tag: Private Party & SoCal Uncensored VS Jurassic Express & The Young Bucks!

A rather unique prize is on the line! The quartet that wins gets to be part of All Out, but will then face each other 2v2! Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy let Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels into the party while Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are onboard with Matt and Nick Jackson! Which super team wins tonight to be part of the AEW anniversary spectacular?

AEW returns as all the teams have arrived. They sort out and it is Jungle Boy Jack Perry starting against the Heavy Metal Rebel. The bell rings, Kaz and JB tie up, Kaz waistlocks but JB switches. Kaz switches, drop toeholds and headlocks. JB fights up, slips around to a headlock, but Kaz powers out to get his own headlock. JB powers out, Kaz runs him over and things speed up. Kaz stops himself, Oklahoma rolls, TWO! JB has a cover, TWO! JB sweeps the legs and covers, ONE, Kaz ducks his kick to sweep the legs and cover, ONE! JB and Kaz stand off and fans fire up as they go forehead to forehead. Kaz tags Quen, JB tags Matt Jackson.

Quen and Matt circle, tie up, Quen gets the arm and wrenches. Matt breaks free to throat chop then club away on Quen! Matt stomps and stomps and stomps, taking his frustrations from last week out on Quen. The ref counts, Matt lets up at 4 and whips Quen to ropes. Quen comes back for a flapjack dropkick! Quen clubs on Matt, whips but Matt reverses. Kassidy tags in as Quen goes up and headscissors Matt, and Kassidy gamangiris Matt back! Kassidy springboards to huricanrana Matt out of the ring! Matt is heated, Nick tries to calm his brother down, but Matt sees the sign about Hangman. Matt snatches that sign, tears it up, and dumps the guy’s beer on his head!

Matt returns to the ring but Daniels has tagged in. Daniels baseball slide dropkicks Matt down, then CHOPS him! Daniels puts Matt in, catches the kick and lifts, but Nick tags in before the atomic drop hits! Daniels whips Matt to a corner,  Matt reverses, but Daniels comes back with a LARIAT, only for Nick to ROUNDHOUSE him down! Nick paces around Daniels, stomps him down, then thinks about a tag to Jurassic Express, until Matt gets back on the corner. Tag to Matt, the BUcks keep this to themselves as they gutbuster to neckbreaker-backbreaker! Cover, ONE! Matt clubs Daniels, Daniels hits back with body shots. Matt trips Daniels, Nick tags in, catapult into a forearm! Then springboard DUMDUM STOMPS across Matt’s knees!

Nick clubs Daniels to ropes, tags Matt back in, they double whip Daniels, but Daniels ducks the elbows to send Nick into Matt! Daniels has Nick for a back suplex! Hot tags to JB and Kaz! Kaz dodges JB to hit Luchasaurus, then Kaz rallies with elbows and a leg lariat! JB reverses the whip but Kaz forearms him down! Kaz baits Matt into a guillotine leg drop! Kaz sobats, knee lifts and LARIATS JB down! Kaz swings on Nick but Nick hits back. Nick slingshots into a haymaker! Kaz then slingshots Nick for a CUTTER! Kaz runs to clothesline Nick out hard! Daniels is there to  ARABIAN PRESS the Bucks! Fans fire up as Daniels blows a kiss.

Kaz CHOPS JB and stomps him down in a corner. Kaz scoop slams JB then springboards for a leg drop! Cover, TWO! Kaz keeps JB away from his corner, clubs him down, then wrenches to whip him to the corner. Tag to Kassidy and Kaz tells him, “Impress me!” Kassidy CHOPS JB, tags Quen, and Private Party have JB in the corner. They double whip corner to corner, JB boots Kassidy away then goes up and over Quen, only to run into a flapjack bulldog combo! Cover, TWO! JB survives but Quen drags JB up to bump off boots. Daniels tags in, Daniels has JB as the fans rally. Daniels suplexes JB up and down, covers, TWO! Daniels grows frustrated but he keeps on JB with a headbutt!

The crowd rallies for JB, Daniels stomps and punches JB at the ropes, then feeds JB to Kaz’s boots. Tag to Kaz, The Addiction have JB as AEW goes picture in picture, #WinToGoAllOut.

The Addiction double whip JB, body shot to running neckbreaker! Kaz looms over JB, stands on his hair and pulls on the arms! The ref counts, Kaz lets up at 4, and Kaz brings JB back up. JB fights to get to his corner but Kaz holds him back with a facelock. Kaz snap suplexes JB away from the corner, then brings him up to tag in Quen. They mug JB together, Kassidy tags in and Private Party throw hands on JB. Kassidy feeds JB to Quen’s atomic drop, adds his enziguri, then Quen sweeps the legs. “SAY CHEESE!” Stomp out of the camel clutch! Kassidy mocks the superkicks while Quen covers, TWO! Kaz gets on Kassidy’s case while Quen grinds JB down.

Quen scoop slams JB, tag to Daniels, who then tags Kaz, who then tags Kassidy. Daniels slingshots in for an elbow drop! Kaz slingshots in for an elbow drop! Kassidy slingshots in for a senton! Cover, but Nick drags Kassidy off! The ref keeps these two from brawling, and this allows Daniels to get a cheap shot in. Kassidy brings JB up and suplexes, covers, TWO! Kassidy keeps on JB with body shots and a whip to the corner. Tag to Daniels, Daniels throws hands on JB and AEW returns to single picture.

Fans rally up but Daniels sucker punches both Bucks! Tag to Kassidy, they whip JB but JB reverses to send Kassidy. Daniels waistlocks JB but JB gets away in time, Kassidy’s clothesline hits Daniels! JB wrenches Kassidy to an OLYMPIC SLAM! The fans fire up as JB crawls, hot tag to Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus clobbers Kassidy, DECKS Kaz, CHOPS Kassidy, BOOTS Daniels, and drags Quen in! Luchasaurus also gets Kassidy, but they both slip out of the choke slams to double dropkick! Luchasaurus stays up, but then they double dropkick him again and he’s down. But he sits right up! He dodges the double basement boots, handsprings back and then double LARIATS them down! Luchasaurus MOONSAULTS out onto SCU!

Luchasaurus gets in, fans are fired up as he aims at Private Party. He clamps onto Quen, then Kassidy. The Bucks tag in and Luchasaurus DOUBLE CHOKE SLAMS Private Party! Nick and JB are on the corners, Matt and Luchasaurus on the ground, crisscross for the RISKY JURASSIC BUSINESS! The fans are thunderous as Matt aims at Kassidy for the SUPERKI- NO! Kassidy spins Matt, JB tags in and slingshots over but Kassidy side steps, only to turn around into the rebound LARIAT! Kaz gets in to throw JB into Luchasuarus and Daniels sucker punches the Bucks! SCU whips JB while Quen distracts the ref, hip toss to POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Kassidy is up top, SWANTON!! Cover, TWO!?! JB still lives!

Kassidy tags in Daniels, Daniels vows to end this and he drags JB up. JB fights off the STO, but Daniels dodges Matt’s SUPERKICK and it hits JB!! Daniels throws Matt out, drags JB back up and hits an URENAGE! Tag to Quenn, BEST MOONSAULT EVER followed up by the SHOOTING STAR!! Cover, but Luchasaurus breaks it in time! Daniels returns, into a FLAPJACK! BUZZSAW! Then a wrench and HEADBUTT! JB staggers back up, Luchasaurus back suplexes Quen into a POWERBOMB! Cover, but Kaz breaks it! Luchasaurus throws Kaz out, clotheslines Kassidy out, then regroups with JB. JB tags Luchasaurus in, then DIVES onto Kaz and Kassidy! Luchasaurus choke grips Quen, Matt tags in to his surprise.

The Bucks take care of Quen while Luchasaurus TAIL WHIPS Daniels! B T E TRIGGER!! Cover, Bucks and Jurassic Express win!

Winners: Jurassic Express & The Young Bucks, by pinfall (advance to All Out)

Now the Bucks will face Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, part of why they don’t stick around to celebrate. Will there be a Superkick Party at All Out that derails the Jurassic Express?


AEW Media catches up with Jake Hager.

Big Hurt goes in and finds Orange Cassidy? Hager sits with Cassidy, they look at each other, then around. “Jericho wants you ringside for his match tonight.” Cassidy’s response is to move his leg out from under Hager, and onto Hager’s leg. Hager slaps the leg off and tells Cassidy it’d be smart to be there. Will Cassidy watch Le Champion take on the Bad Boy before all Mimosa Mayhem breaks loose?


AEW returns to Tully Blanchard and FTR.

Tully tells Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood that when he stood between them and said “This is what you have to do,” win the gauntlet and get the title match, it’d be back to the contender’s race. But they won, they’re going to All Out. Now the prize is in front of them, and they have to take it. They’re not going to give the gold and the prestige away, FTR needs to take it, and they’re the two that can do it. Tully will be in their corner watching the whole time. Cash says that Saturday, the AEW Tag Team Championship match is the most important match of FTR’s career. Everything they’ve ever said, done and worked for means nothing without those titles!

Dax says this match’s outcome is a 7 figure difference in their incomes, and as much as they respect Hangman, they like the prestige and honor just a little more. Sunday, they can be sore all they want, but Saturday, “You will #FearTheRevelation.” Their names are going in the record books. “Top guys, out.”


Tony Schiavone interviews Kenny Omega in the ring!

The other half of the AEW Tag Team Champions is here without Hangman, wearing a “We Love Hana Kimura” shirt. You buy one of those on ProWrestlingTees and the profits go directly to Hana’s mother. But Schiavone asks Omega about Hangman’s absence and all of that, but especially Hangman screwing the Bucks in that gauntlet and then getting kicked out of The Elite! What are Omega’s feelings on that? Omega says that everyone makes mistakes in life, we all know that. This is something Hangman will have to live with for the rest of his life. But what Omega and Hangman as a team must first deal with is All Out, FTR coming for the tag titles.

“Yes, oh my goodness, a lovelorn, a very lonely Hangman Adam Page, was taken by the cockroaches, FTR, and fooled. It happens!” We live, we learn, we move on, simple as that. But what won’t change is that like every team before, Hangman and Omega will defeat them. FTR at the PPV, bring your A Game, because Omega and Hangman will bring theirs. Yes, as always, just like at Revolution. But speaking of FTR and Tully, here they come, with another of those Styrofoam coolers. They walk down the ramp, Schiavone is worried but Omega is willing to let these guys in the ring and talk.

Dax says Omega and Hangman have had a great run. Dax is impressed with two singles guys becoming a good enough team to be champions. FTR has no problem with Omega, never have. And FTR wants a great tag match with them, something that blows all expectations away, in a match against two great pro-wrestlers. So to that, how about we have a toast? Chocolate milk, Omega can’t say no to the choc. Omega appreciates that, since he and FTR have known each other for all of, oh, three months now. FTR has gotten to know him well, and they’re right, he can’t give up “a good pasteurized, 2% pint of choc.” But uh, Omega can turn down spending any more time than he needs to with “a couple dickheads.”

So if FTR’s plan was to bamboozle Omega while he was alone, let’s get it over with. 2v1, right? Oh, sorry, 3v1. Sorry, Tully! Omega might lose this but he’ll get his shots in. Let’s make this quick, there are more matches tonight. But just do Omega a favor: keep the old man out, Omega can smell the Depends from here. FTR gets riled up, Omega is on his guard, and he even dares Tully to do something. NOW Hangman appears! FTR welcomes the big superstar, the hero cowboy we all love! FTR was waiting to hear from Hangman, who has very red, puffy eyes right now.

FTR wants Hangman to explain to Omega who got in Hangman’s head and made them do the things that he did. Explain to us all who made Hangman turn on the Buck so there wouldn’t be a rematch with their best friends, the Young Bucks! Because it wasn’t FTR. It wasn’t anyone else but Hangman. Omega and Hangman have known each other for a few years, but Dax has known Hangman for his entire career, and for his entire career, Hangman has been “Nothing more than an insecure little boy.” FTR did nothing at all but Hangman got stuck in his own head. So explain to Omega how Hangman only cares about himself, because he’s that much of a “piece of s*it!”

Omega keeps Hangman back because FTR is getting into his head, but Cash just adds that Omega already knows how big of a POS Hangman is. Hangman and Omega stare down, Omega tells Hangman that this is just because of the titles. Speaking of, FTR grabbed the belts, but then drop them at Hangman’s feet. Fans boo FTR as they leave with Tully, and cheer for Hangman and Omega. Hangman goes to hand Omega his belt, but Omega has already left the ring. Is it all but inevitable that FTR takes the titles and ends both the reign and the union of Cowboy and Cleaner?


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho.

Alex Marvez reminds us that Jericho VS Cassidy III will be the first-ever-anywhere Mimosa Mayhem match at All Out, and asks Jericho what we can expect. Jericho asks when was the last time you experienced something for the first time. Something you never thought you’d experience and might never experience again. Like kissing a woman, for instance. Fans will get to experience “the perfect culmination of 14 weeks” to finally decide who is the better man. Jericho says he has made Cassidy into a better man. He has brought out the passion and desire and viciousness in Cassidy, and made him into a main event player in AEW. But that is why Jericho needs to send Cassidy back to where he came from. Cassidy may be a main eventer, but he isn’t Le Champion.

Jericho will hit Cassidy with Judas Effect, tap to the Walls of Jericho, then toss him into 500 gallons of mimosa! Then Cassidy’s dreams and desires will be drowned in a little bit of the bubbly, and a whole lot of Le Champion. God help Janela, because he will be a sacrifice to show Cassidy what is in store for him at Saturday. “Bad Boy, things are about to get a whole lot worse for you tonight.” Good luck with your first kiss, Marvez. Will Janela have something to say about this “sacrifice” business?

Chris Jericho w/ Jake Hager VS Joey Janela!

That very match Jericho just talked about is up next! Will Janela make things bad for the #DemoGod before Freshly Squeezed gets to go All Out with him?

AEW returns as Jericho makes his entrance, and the fans get to sing with his theme song again. Cassidy makes his entrance, accepting the invite to watch this match from the stands. It seems Hager and Jericho are actually surprised he accepted. Another surprise is Jericho is wearing an official Orange Cassidy shirt. The bell rings and Janela ties up with Jericho to throw fast hands! Jericho knees and clubs Janela to the corner and fires off. The ref backs Jericho off but Jericho comes back to CHOP and CHOP Janela! Jericho whips corner to corner, clotheslines hard then snapmares Janela down for a neck crank. Jericho rains down right hands on Janela, lets off to soak up the heat and shout at Cassidy.

Jericho brings Janela up, back suplexes high and hard, then taunts the fans that boo. Jericho rains down more rights on Janela, soaks up the heat and paces about. Jericho drags Janela up, back suplexes high and hard again, and Janela gasps and sputters for air. Jericho stands on Janela’s pigtails and pulls the arms! The ref counts, Jericho stops and he shouts at Cassidy more. Jericho drags Janela up, whips, and forearms Janela down! Jericho can’t stop staring down Cassidy, but the fans rally for “Joey! Joey!” Janela hits back, Jericho clubs him down over and over. The ref reprimands the hair pulling, but Jericho slaps Janela around.

Janela throws forearms, Jericho clubs him again, then back suplexes. Janela lands on his feet, fires off fast hands and fires up. Janela runs and hits a BIG shoulder attack! Janela fires up again, whips Jericho but Jericho reverses to LARIAT Janela! Jericho paces, drags Janela up, and knees Jericho in the head over and over! Jericho throws Janela to the ramp, taunts Cassidy and soaks up the cheers and jeers, but Janela comes back to FLY IN, into a CODE BREAKER! Hager cheers as Jericho puts Janela in the WALLS! But Janela is OUT, Jericho wins!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by submission

But Jericho doesn’t stop, and he rains down rights on The Bad Boy! Jericho taunts Cassidy before he tears the top buckle pad off! He even throws the pad at Cassidy just to rile him up. Jericho has Janela up and RAMS him into the bare buckle! “See what happens?!” Jericho drags Janela back up, but Janela is bleeding! Jericho punches away on the wound, drags Janela up and smears the blood on the Cassidy shirt! “See that, Cassidy!?” That’s going to be Cassidy at All Out! Jericho tears the shirt off and tosses, then dares the SOB to get in the ring! Cassidy springs right up and rushes the ring! Cassidy and Jericho brawl, Hager gets in and throws Cassidy down!

Hager has Cassidy against the bare buckle as he and Jericho mug Cassidy! But here comes Sonny Kiss! Kiss CLOBBERS Jericho on behalf of Janela, but Hager SPINE BUSTERS Kiss down! Cassidy pushes Hager out of the ring and fires off on Jericho! Jericho shoves, Cassidy tilt-o-whirl DDT’s back! And kips up! The fans are fired up for Freshly Squeezed, but Hager saves Jericho from the super punch! Cassidy opens his backpack up to reveal his secret weapon: a bottle of the bubbly! Cassidy undoes it, pops the cork and lets the bubbly pour out with a thumbs down! Jericho is furious, but will he be all washed up when there will be the giant tank of mimosa waiting?


AEW shares Sammy Guevara’s post match comments after last week.

It was after the brutal Tables match with Matt Hardy that Sammy said, “Victorious at your own game, Matt. But look at this! Scar for a scar, Matt.” This grudge is tied, so All Out will be the tiebreaker! Sammy dares Matt to choose the stipulation, and he has chosen… A BROKEN RULES MATCH! Sammy vows that when he beats Matt, Matt retires, leaves AEW and never comes back! Matt says Sammy will have to go through hell for that to happen. They’ve hit each other with golf carts, chairs, tables, and their best moves. Sammy vows to go all out, Matt accepts the bet! Who wins, who gets BROKEN, and who stays in All Elite Wrestling?!


Sammy Guevara has his cue cards!

AEW is picture in picture, #SammysSigns, and Matt Hardy even watches from a perch as Sammy goes through the cards. “Last week, you witnessed the destruction of a legend. The dismantling of an icon. The breaking of Matt Hardy! The Master of the Table Match is no more! At All Out, not only will you (Hardy) lose, you will be DELETED! Gone from AEW, and forgotten! Long live the career of the Spanish God!” Sammy holds those cards up proudly but is he even aware Hardy is watching from overhead? Sammy does see Hardy, and Hardy shouts, “DELETE!” He has cards of his own! “At All Out, you will be… BROKEN!” Hardy has his ultimatum for Sammy, what won’t happen in a (Last Man Standing) Broken Rules Match?


Team Taz heads to the ring!

Taz leads Ricky Starks and Brian Cage and says, “Here’s the deal.” Saturday, All Out, one of these two athletes here will win that Casino Battle Royal. Darby Allin, if you don’t realize that Absolute Ricky Starks is not gonna destroy you, son, wake up! You’re dead meat!” And the Murderhawk Monster and his “buddy” Jake the Snake, cannot deal with the FTR World Champion- “No, no no no. Tit for tat.” Jake and Lance Archer are here to respond, an interruption for an interruption. And Jake tells Taz’s team are just squirrels trying to get a nut, but they ain’t busting a nut when Archer and Jake are here. “You won’t get none!” Taz and team will walk out with nothing! What Jake pictures here is “the best set of losers I’ve ever seen.”

Careful, Jake, if you get in the ring. Archer does get in but Jake doesn’t want him playing into the game. But Eddie Kingston and his guys roll up, and Eddie begs, “for the love of God,” stop talking! “We get it, Jake, you’re a legend! We get it, Taz!” This show is live, hurry up and save some time. No more talking. Kingston knows Archer is tough, but he ain’t tougher than Kingston. Taz used to be a killer, now he’s around big-for-nothing machines! But now, Tully brings #PERFECT10N, Shawn Spears around. Jake says Kingston’s been drinking, and Taz wants Kingston to make a point. Kingston’s point is that Taz is hanging out with Ricky Starks! “I don’t know whether to take him out on a date or fight him!”

Taz is sick of Kingston’s talk and speaks for his team! “These two men will fight all of you guys right now, especially you, you punkass!” Uh oh! Things are heating up, Starks punches Archer but Archer DECKS Starks! Cage tackles Archer to a corner, the Gunn Club jumps in from the crowd to go after Kingston’s guys! The Casino Battle Royal field is fighting now! And here comes Darby Allin! But where from? He comes in from the tunnel to TACKLE Spears! They brawl, Spears and Tully step back, and now Serpentico and a few others get in! Butcher and Blade clobber Gunn Club, Serpentico brawls with whoever, Archer throws someone out then clamps onto Fenix. Faboo Andre and a few others get in as Billy Gunn and Kingston brawl.

Cage tosses Serpentico over and out! D3 is thrown over and out! Archer stomps Pentagon and CHOPS him! Spears finally gets in to pick apart Austin Gunn, but wait! Here come Santana and Ortiz! They beat Best Friends, they and Hager are getting in on the action! But so do Best Friends! It’s even more chaos on the stage! Kingston’s guys regroup as the biggest unit in this match, Hager and Archer stare down but Billy throws hands on them both! Starks keeps going after Darby, Jake laughs as he watches all of this. Santnaa, Ortiz, Chuck and Trent continue their fight from earlier tonight, even using chairs! Refs finally appear as AEW goes picture in picture, #AEWAllOutBattle!

Archer and Cage tie up, Cage clubs and pushes Archer to ropes. D3 and Faboo return but get swamped right away! Best Friends and PNP keep brawling, Kingston tries to choke Cage out, but Cage and Archer actually work together to mug him! Then Archer BOOTS Cage! Hager goes after Darby for past reasons, Gunn Club goes after Archer, but Kingston’s guys form up around him to hunker down in a corner and hit whoever comes close. Cage and Archer slug it out, Team Kingston throws Faboo and Serpentico out, Billy goes after Archer again. Archer turns it around to throw hands on Billy, but Billy doesn’t flinch. Billy hits Archer back but then Archer ROCKS Billy! Fenix CLOBBERS Faboo!

Team Taz mugs Darby together, Trent has a sleeper on Santana and grinds him down! Billy picks a fight with Kingston’s guys but gets mugged by Blade and Fenix. Cage and Starks work together on Archer, AEW returns to single picture and only now does Santana, Ortiz and Best Friends get in the ring. Hager throws hands on Archer but Archer hits him back! Darby chokes Starks with his own chain necklace! AEW has to cut away from the chaos in order to continue with the show!


AEW takes a closer look at The Dark Order.

Brodie Lee says, “We do what we want, when we want. And if I want something, I take it.” He did just that with the AEW TNT Championship from Cody Rhodes. A Saturday Night Dynamite ended with a slaughter of the American Nightmare and the Nightmare Family. “You created this monster, and now this monster has decided to take over AEW. This is what The Dark Order does.” But Dustin Rhodes says that was all uncalled for. “It is unforgivable, and you will pay.”

Dustin, QT Marshall, Matt Cardona and even Scorpio Sky, all friends and allies to Cody, have united to take the fight to Dark Order! The best pure athlete in AEW in Scorpio, an all-pro with a chip on his shoulder in Cardona, and the Natural Nightmares. Four badasses with one common goal, they will succeed. Cardona knows Brodie is frustrated from being held back and pushed aside. Join the club! Cardona doesn’t even have an AEW contract but that means he has nothing to lose. Nothing is stronger than family. They may not be blood, but they are family. At All Out, Dustin vows the Dark Order will fall!


Thunder Rosa VS Serena Deeb!

The NWA Women’s World Champion wants to become AEW Women’s World Champion on top of it, so she tunes up with her AEW in-ring debut! Will she rain down fury before she looks to reign in two promotions?

The bell rings and Rosa circles with Deeb. The fans rally already as they tie up. They go around furiously, end up on ropes but then move right off for Deeb to get the arm. Deeb wrenches to a wristlock, Rosa rolls, drop toeholds and hooks the leg to even grab hair. The ref reprimands, Rosa shifts to get a headlock but Deeb gets up to waistlock. Deeb drags Rosa down to the mat, Rosa powers up but Deeb shifts to a headlock. Rosa throws body shots, powers out of the headlock, but Deeb reverses to uppercut! Rosa just scowls before she ROCKS Deeb with a right! Deeb uppercuts back, Rosa catches the next one to a backslide to arm-drag! Rosa arm-drags again then dropkicks Deeb down!

Deeb staggers, Rosa grabs hair at the ropes, then CHOPS her on the ropes! Rosa whips Deeb, Deeb reverses and crosses arms for a straitjacket neckbreaker! Deeb hooks a leg, rolls Rosa and grabs a leg to SMASH the knee! And again! And again and again and again! Deeb pulls back for a Half Crab, Rosa gets the ropebreak. The ref counts, Deeb lets go right away and Rosa is on the apron. Rosa forearms Deeb away as AEW goes picture in picture, no hashtag this time.

Rosa shoulders into Deeb but Deeb facelocks and cranks on Rosa’s head! Deeb turns Rosa in the ropes for a hotshot neckbreaker! Rosa flops down, Deeb drags her to a cover, TWO! Rosa pushes Deeb away, Deeb runs back but Rosa drop toeholds her to ropes! Rosa clubs away on Deeb then lets off at the ref’s count to run and straddle attack! Rosa fires up as she BOOTS Deeb down! Rosa stalks Deeb, kicks her while she’s down, then brings her up, and drops to a knee for a neckbreaker! But Rosa holds on to bring Deeb back up for another quick neckbreaker, then drops for the full neckbreaker! Rosa talks trash then drags Deeb to center.

Rosa runs, runs and drops a leg, brother! But Rosa doesn’t cover, she drags Deeb back up into a chinlock. Deeb endures, even as Rosa thrashes her around and clubs away. The NWA Women’s Champion is in control as AEW goes to full break.

AEW returns and Rosa KICKS Deeb hard in the back! Deeb writhes but gets up to CHOP! ANd CHOP! And CHOP! Rosa ROCKS Deeb with a right and chokes her on the ropes. The ref reprimands and counts, Rosa lets off at 4 then brings Deeb up for more forearms. Rosa waistlocks and bearhugs Deeb, bringing her down to the mat. Then Rosa gets the arms for a straitjacket stretch. Deeb fights up, turns the hold around onto Rosa, and hits a BACKSTABBER! Both women are down, fans rally, Rosa runs but Deeb clotheslines her down! And again! Deeb wrenches to hit a shoulder breaker! And then hooks the arm and leg for the IRON OCTOPUS! Rosa endures, pops out, Deb rolls her up, TWO!

Deeb runs at a corner but Rosa elbows her away. Rosa dodges, runs corner to corner and hits an A-List Lariat! Deeb is down, Rosa swings in for a METEROA! Fans fire up as Rosa runs, basement dropkick on Deeb at the ropes! Cover, TWO!! Deeb is still in this and Rosa grows frustrated. Rosa drags Deeb up, hooks her up in a Bow ‘n’ Arrow type rack, spins around but Deeb rolls her up! TWO!! Deeb kicks low, reels Rosa in, underhooks and traps the arms before she lifts, but Rosa kicks to deny the driver! Rosa fireman’s carries, for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! Deeb survives, Rosa drags her around and knuckle locks for a cover, TWO!

Deeb hooks the arms with her legs to pop Rosa into a sunset flip! TWO, Rosa sits on Deeb, ONE! Both women are back up, Rosa spins, fires off hands and BACK HANDS, to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Deeb staggers up, Rosa runs and KNEES Deeb down! Rosa slashes the throat and drags Deeb up in a cradle, for THUNDER DRIVER!! Cover, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall

Deeb looked impressive against the NWA Women’s World Champion, but impressive isn’t better! Rosa is rolling to All Out, will she make history by becoming a champion in both promotions? Or will Shida stand her ground and defend her turf?


AEW hears from Jon Moxley.

“We’re here. I love it. Championship week. You made it, MJF, you climbed to the top of the rankings, and Saturday night, you get your shot.” Don’t sweat the process. Y’know, the nerves, the stacks of posters and autographing, photoshoots and dealing with the media’s same questions over and over a thousand times. Because on Saturday, when the bell rings, all those distractions, “all that crap” goes away and it’s just MJF and Moxley. Then there’s one question left to answer: “Are you ready and willing to kill or be killed?” The MJF that we see Saturday has to be the meanest, most savage MJF we’ve seen yet in order to take Moxley out. But Moxley will keep it simple. “2020 has been a bad enough year already, we don’t need MJF’s dumbass running around with the title on top of everything else.”

So MJF is here, this is his moment. “Trial by fire, kill or be killed. Suffer or look for a way out.” MJF thinks he’s hot stuff, but everything he’s done until now? That’s the easy part. Is MJF ready for the hard part when he finally faces Moxley?


AEW returns to Schiavone interviewing Big Swole.

Big Swole won the handicap match and has her match with Britt Baker in the All Out Buy-In! Swole tells “Brittany Basura Baker” that she’s been ducking and dodging for the longest time. That changes Saturday! At the Buy-In, Britt won’t have anywhere to hide, because Swole is showing up at Britt’s job! It will be #ToothAndNail! Another unique match, but someone has a special delivery for Schiavone. A pizza? No one called for this. It’s paid for! Yummy yummy! Swole can tell that’s just Rebel in a hat and mask, she ain’t fooling nobody. But then BLAM! Britt smashes Swole with a crutch from behind!! And again and again!

Britt kicks Swole around, and that pizza is real, because Britt smashes Swole’s face into it! And then SUPERKICKS her and the pizza down! Britt puts Swole in the Rings of Stretch, and then clamps on the LOCKJAW!! Britt says Swole wants to fight in her house, this is what she’ll get! Swole can only suffer as she and Britt roll in the pizza! Britt and Rebel smear more pizza in Swole’s face! Referees and security get Britt and Rebel to leave Swole alone, but will Swole make Britt eat crow when they battle in the dentist’s office?


AEW sets out the All Out Weekend schedule!

First it will be a special Friday Dark on YouTube to share all the dark matches from tonight! Then Saturday, 5 PM ET, the first half of the All Out Red Carpet on YouTube! TNT will have the Countdown special at 5:30 PM ET, and then back to YouTube for the other half of the Red Carpet! The Buy-In is 7 ET live on PPV, leading right into All Out 2020! Are you ready for the biggest weekend in AEW history?


Jon Moxley VS Mark Sterling w/ Wardlow!

We heard Moxley’s thoughts, and he doesn’t think #WeDeserveBetter if the alternative is Maxwell Jacob Friedman. And clearly Mark is still reluctant as Wardlow has to toss him out of the tunnel! And then keep him from going out the other tunnel. Will Smart Mark look pretty dumb in his AEW in-ring debut? We find out after the break.

AEW returns as Moxley makes his entrance. Mark is getting the nervous sweats as Moxley gets in the ring and the fans fire up for the champ. Wardlow makes sure Mark stays put and Moxley says a prayer for what he’s about to do. The bell rings and Mark wipes the sweat from his forehead. Mark and Moxley circle, Moxley takes a quick step and Mark springs into the corner! Mark is upset but the ref says Moxley didn’t even do anything. Moxley waits for Mark, reminding him MJF signed on the dotted line. Mark slowly creeps out, circles around Moxley, but Moxley doesn’t even bother to turn around. Moxley decides to give Mark a free shot just to see what he’s got.

Moxley has his hands behind his back, but then he questions Mark’s form. Mark says he’s getting ready to punch but Moxley corrects him on it. This fist won’t hurt your hand now. Oh, okay. Mark swings, misses, and Moxley SLAPS him off his feet! Mark wobbles back to his feet, Moxley makes another sharp step and Mark bails out fast! Wardlow asks what Mark is doing, and Mark says his ears are ringing. Wardlow tells Mark to get in but Mark can’t hear out that side. Moxley gives Mark another free shot, facing the other way. “Just drill me. Really drill me.” Mark runs and then Moxley moves, sending Mark tumbling out of the ring. Fans revel in seeing a lawyer suffer but Wardlow is furious.

Mark gets up, gets back on the apron, but then drops down because his hands are numb. Moxley goes out to pursue Mark, Wardlow even lets him. Moxley catches Mark’s kick, but then Mark pokes him in the eyes! Mark celebrates like he did something, then he runs, into a clothesline! Mark flounders back up and gets clothesline’d out! Moxley drags Mark up to throw him into barriers! Then he whips him into more railings! And then buries him in railings and chairs! The ref reprimands, Moxley adds on more chair for good measure, but then drags Mark out of the pile to DECK him. Moxley takes the clean white sneakers off Mark to beat him with them! Moxley then drags Mark up, brings him back to ringside, and puts him in the ring.

Moxley grabs a chair, puts it in the ring, but the ref says Mox needs to be careful. Moxley takes a seat to talk to Mark, then offers a handshake. Mark takes the handshake, but then Moxley returns the eye poke. Kick low, underhook, PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

Was there ever any doubt? But Wardlow gets in and CLOBBERS Moxley! Then drags him up for the fireman’s carry and F10!! The ref reprimands but Wardlow just drags Moxley up for ANOTHER F10! MJF wheels himself out, throws the walker away and takes off the neck brace. All the complaints about the Paradigm Shift almost ending his career were, obviously, greatly exaggerated. MJF takes his time taking off his scarf, his jacket, and watch to go after Moxley himself. MJF rains down right hands as fans boo and jeer and Wardlow talks trash. MJF rakes eyes, puts Moxley in a corner and stomps away while taunting him. MJF unbuttons his shirt and knees Moxley in the ribs then digs his knee int Moxley’s face. “This is what you want! You want violence?! You got it!!”

MJF stands on Moxley’s head then has Wardlow hand him the Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF puts it on his pinkie, Wardlow drags Moxley up, and MJF DECKS Moxley with the ring! MJF says, “This is what you’re gonna get on Saturday! You mad?!” MJF has busted Moxley open with that ring, then he BITES Moxley’s wound! MJF taunts Moxley to fight for the fans because it’s what they want! Moxley told MJF to be as vicious as possible, and here it is! MJF keeps punching the wound, there’s blood on MJF’s hands and face! Wardlow brings the title over and MJF takes it in his bloody hands. “THIS is the future! The next 25 years!” Will this be what we see at the end of All Out?

My Thoughts:

A very intense and savage go-home for AEW’s return to Wednesday after a couple weeks of special airings. The tag team grudge match was a great opener, and I actually liked that it was a dirty finish to keep things inconclusive between PNP/Inner Circle and Best Friends. I also like that they got in on the massive brawl of all the Casino Battle Royal entrants. For that matter, I loved that we got that massive brawl of Casino Battle Royal entrants. It starts with some great though messy promo battling, and thereby great faction confrontations. Eddie Kingston and team showed us the great teamwork they’re going to use in the actual battle royal, but I feel their chances of winning aren’t very good when the Butcher, Blade and Lucha Bros are mostly in the tag division and Kingston just got here.

The 8 Man Tag was great, especially with character work from the Bucks being much more focused, serious and aggressive, and Kaz even getting on Kassidy’s case. There was great cohesion even with all of them knowing they’d only have to face their allies. Bucks and Jurassic Express win and will have a great match that will surely propel one team to the titles. We got great stuff out of FTR, Tully, Hangman and Omega. FTR tries to be civil on the surface with the chocolate milk but Omega accuses them of being two-faced. Hangman shows up but doesn’t get out a word as FTR pins everything on him. Whether right or wrong, it seems FTR didn’t get into Hangman’s head but Omega’s head there, as Omega leaves Hangman hanging. I said last week that it started to feel like Omega might turn on Hangman, and that might happen after all.

Hager had a good bit with Cassidy backstage, and then Jericho VS Janela was a a good match. Of course Jericho was going to win, but his trash talk to Cassidy was good all the same. Cassidy going after Jericho and even getting some help from Sonny Kiss was good. The Mimosa Mayhem is going to be a very interesting match, and could go either way given Jericho will have Hager but Cassidy could get help from Janela and Kiss again. I wonder if Kiss and Janela will join Cassidy and Best Friends against Inner Circle, instead of Jurassic Express as I was first thinking. Janela could make Blood & Guts even crazier than before. I also liked Sammy having his card promo but Hardy having his own from the roof of Daily’s Place. Broken Rules being code for Last Man Standing/Extreme Rules is neat, and if the idea is that Matt Hardy losing means he’s gone, I have a feeling he wins.

The Dark Order VS Cody’s Friends vignette was really well done, and that 8 Man Tag will be a great match. I wonder if Cody returns during that match to sway things in favor of Dustin, QT, Cardona and Scorpio while also declaring he wants a rematch with Brodie. Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb gave us a great match for both of their AEW in-ring debuts, but I wonder who that really helps. Deeb has earned her stripes and reinforces it here, but will fans unfamiliar with Rosa and Deeb understand that? Rosa is a champion getting ready to face a champion, shouldn’t she look really good? Or is the psychology that winning such a competitive match establishes that? Either way, it’s obvious Rosa VS Shida is going to be awesome, but I still feel Shida wins to defend her home turf.

The attack on Swole by Britt and Rebel was some great stuff, especially adding pizza into this. A shame what happened to the pizza but it adds some great last minute heat on this match. I like that it will be an “on location” gimmick match with this #ToothAndNail idea. That will be a lot of fun, could go either way since it’ll literally give Britt “home field advantage,” and I bet the winner comes out a top contender for the title. And of course, there was great stuff for MJF, Moxley and Smart Mark Sterling. Moxley dared MJF to bring out his dark side and I think he did just that. There was great heat on MJF with everything he did to Moxley, as a Heel should have, but I have a feeling MJF finally takes his first singles loss by Moxley in a gritty match worthy of that.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/20/21)

Who will be THE tag team for The Inner Circle?



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW celebrates Negative One’s birthday on Dynamite!

AEW celebrates the birthday of Negative One, Brodie Jr, with some BIG tag team matches! And after teaming with them in an 8 Man Tag, will Hangman finally #JoinDarkOrder?


  • 8 Man Tag: Hangman Page & The Dark Order VS Chaos Project & The Hybrid2; Hangman & The Dark Order win.
  • Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS “Pretty” Peter Avalon; Cody wins.
  • Jon Moxley VS Nick Comoroto; Moxley wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Matt Sydal & Top Flight VS #HardyParty; Hardy Party wins.
  • Leyla Hirsch VS Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian, Miro & “Charles” Taylor; Ford wins.
  • The Inner Circle Tag Team Challenge: Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Sammy-Hager VS Y2MJF; Y2MJF wins and becomes the official tag division representatives of The Inner Circle.


The Dark Order is here!

It’s a huge birthday bash for Negative One, Brodie Lee Junior! The cake is there, the candles are lit, and fans cheer on, “Happy Birthday!” John Silver says tonight is a very special night and fans cheer in agreement. Firstly, the Dark Order is going to get a new recruit in “a handsome cowboy,” Hangman Page! But second of all, it’s someone’s birthday~! Just looking t this cake is making #JohnnyHungy! But let’s all sing a Happy Birthday to Brodie Junior! A one, a two, a skiddily diddily doo! Happy Birthday to You~! But then Luther and Serpentico crash the party! They don’t care about birthdays! AEW is becoming a DAYCARE CENTER!

Luther tells “Punky Brewster,” if he wants to come out on AEW Dark and talk smack on him and how he looks stupid with the ball on his head…! Fans chant “You Look Stupid!” Well first, Luther’s face is perfectly symmetrical! And second, Negative One has all these halfwits in masks and with their jagged teeth, THEY look stupid! Chaos Project does not like kids, and does not like them! They’re going to RUIN Brodie’s birthday! The Dark Order fires back with fists! But Jack Evans and Angelico hurry out to reinforce their tag partners! Here comes Hangman! Hangman LEAPS off the stage and onto everyone! The Dark Order cheers, but is Hangman really joining up with them?

8 Man Tag: Hangman & The Dark Order VS Chaos Project & The Hybrid2!

The bell rings and Silver stalks Angelico in the ring. Alex Reynolds joins in, they double whip and flapjack EUROUPPER! Cover, but Evans breaks it in time! Silver throws forearms on Evans and hits him so hard, Evans flies out of the ring! But Angelico DECKS Silver, then tags in Luther. They mug Silver, Luther reels Silver in for a butterfly suplex! Cover, ONE! Luther tags Serpentico in, and he is the SNAKEMAN weapon, scoop slam senton! Serpentico staggers up, tags Evans, and then Luther uses Evans as a weapon for another scoop slam senton! Tag to Angelico, and Angelico holds Silver there, for Luther to BULLDOG SPLASH Angelico onto him! Cover, TWO!

Angelico drags Silver up, bumps him off buckles, then tags Serpentico in. Serpentico throws hands on Silver, snapmares and KICKS him! Fans rally as Serpentico fish hooks Silver into a chinlock. Silver endures, the ref reprimands the hooks but Silver fights up to throw body shots. Serpentico throws haymakers back and then has Silver in a corner. Serpentico whips corner to corner and Silver hits buckles. Serpentico runs in but Silver FLAPJACKS him to buckles! Serpentico fixes his head but runs into a BOOT! Tag to Hangman! Hangman rallies on Chaos Project and TH2 with forearms and BOOTS! SPINEBUSTER for Evans!

Fans fire up with Hangman as he runs at Angelico to corner clothesline! Then one for Serpentico, one for Evans, then back to Serpentico. Serpentico SUPERKICKS, but he leaps into an OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Cover, but TH2 breaks it! Now a brawl breaks out again! The Dark Order throws TH2 out, Silver whips Reynolds in at Serpentico but Serpentico tosses him out! Silver runs in, but Serpentico puts him on the apron. Colt Cabana runs in but Serpentico avoids the Flying Apple. Cabana goes up, Hangman ROLLING ELBOWS Serpentico into Cabana’s FLYING ELBOW! Cabana sees Angelico getting in, and suckers him into Hangman’s FALL AWAY SLAM!

Hangman kips up and PLANCHAS but Evans moves! Evans is on the apron, but Hangman avoids his spinning kick! Silver is on the apron now and CANNONBALLS into Evans, to then EuroUpper Angelico against railing! Silver runs at Chaos Project but they dodge, only for Reynolds to FLY in! Direct hit, and the Dark Order set things up for Hangman, SUPER MOONSAULT! Fans are thunderous as Hangman drags Serpentico up and into the ring. Hangman tags Cabana in, Cabana scoop slams Serpentico, and then the Good, the Bad and the Hungy combine in a HUGE backpack SENTON! Cover, TWO!! Serpentico survives but Cabana keeps his focus.

Tag to Reynolds, Cabana goes up and the Beaver Boys hoist Serpentico up. Luther gets in and shoves Cabana down! Serpentico shoves Reynolds into Silver, roll through, SUPERKICK and basement DDT! Evans springboards in with the 450 SPLASH! Cover but Hangman breaks it in time! Evans throws Hangman out, then slingshots after him, into a POWEBOMB onto Angelico in the crowd! Luther drags Cabana up the ramp and to the stage! Oh no, the cake is unguarded! Wait, Negative One runs over and SMACKS Luther with the kendo stick! Luther glares at him, but then Cabana FLAPJACKS Luther onto the cake!

Back in the ring, Reynolds whips Serpentico into the corner, Silver ENZIGURIS, then they unleash the Beaver Boy Blitz! Forearm, enziguri, STUNNER, and Hangman adds the BUCK SHOT to the GERMAN! Bridging and jackknife, Hangman and the Dark Order win!

Winners: Hangman Page & The Dark Order, by pinfall

Luther is furious in the frosting as the Good, the Bad, the Hungy and the BOOM BOOM take the win! And to add on, Negative One says Serpentico tried to ruin the birthday. But that’s not how it works. KENDO STICK SMACK! “My birthday was three days ago, you idiots!” And he throws papers at Chaos Project! But Silver grabs a mic to address business. Hangman is so good and amazing! But also, he’s really handsome and has nice hair. Now, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Will Hangman #JoinDarkOrder? Silver is even on bended knee! Hangman’s answer is…? “I can’t.”

Wait what? No, stop the confetti! He said no! He said no! The Dark Order didn’t hear that until it’s pointed out by Hangman. As fun as all this has been, he tried saying this before but he was put in a tough spot. Hangman’s done the faction thing before, and it didn’t really work out for him. He’s sorry, but he has to decline. The Dark Order doesn’t understand, and now the good mood has been deflated. Will the Dark Order figure out how to get Hangman to change his mind? Or will they have to move on from this rejection and find someone else?


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho and MJF!

Ahead of the Inner Circle Tag Team Challenge, Alex Marvez wants their thoughts. Please stop, your breath is worse than a rat orgy inside a running microwave. But MJF wants to be honest with Jericho. The last thing he wants to see is this match breaking up the Inner Circle. Isn’t Jericho a little worried about that? Jericho is NOT worried. Tonight will be something that brings the group together and stronger than ever before. It is a promise, a pact, a gentlemen’s agreement of sexy hooligans to decide which combination moves forward to go after the AEW World Tag Team Championships!

No matter what happens, they have a deal that they will move on as a unit. Santana & Ortiz VS Sammy & Hager VS Jericho & MJF! And guess who wins tonight, Marvez! Jericho? Exactly, you stupid idiot! MJF agrees with Jericho, this will make the Inner Circle stronger. They are Christopher and Maxwell, they are better than you and you know it, because they are the next AEW World Tag Team Champions! But will that be the case when this is their first outing as a tag team?


AEW returns to Tony Schiavone in the ring!

“It was one week ago in this ring that Darby Allin retained the TNT Championship in a sensational win over Brian Cage of Team Taz!” We also saw Sting show up to help Darby out against Team Taz, too! Sting wants to say something, perhaps congratulate Darby, so here is… STIIIIING~! The snow, the crow, and the icon! And now, the TNT Champion, Darby Allin! The Relentless Face of TNT makes his way out with belt in hand. He joins Schiavone and Sting in the ring and fans cheer. Schiavone hands the mic to Sting and Sting says, “First of all, I want to say that there’s something that reminds me about me in you, and I kinda like it.” Darby is a great wrestler, and Sting wants to be the first to publicly congratulate him as being our TNT Champion.

Second, Sting wants everyone to understand that he wasn’t here to interrupt last week. He just wanted to keep things fair as Darby defended his title. But from somewhere, Taz is on the mic and he’s telling Sting to shut up! Team Taz is on the titantron and Taz says “fair fight, my ass!” Sting had a baseball bat, he storms out during the TNT title match, and he attacks Ricky Starks! Darby, during that match, had his leather belt and tried to hogtie Cage’s legs like he’s some piece of cattle! They fight dirty! They fight street style! Team Taz are “gentlemen.” Taz grew up in the streets, do your homework! These men are street fighters!

Starks speaks and says if we’re talking about street fighters, here’s the thing! Sting and Darby couldn’t see them in the streets! The deal is, Team Taz should take this to the streets! If Darby and Sting want to get nasty, they want to get hardcore, then the ball’s in their court! What you got?! Darby looks to Sting and Sting says something to Darby. Darby takes the mic and says if Team Taz wants to take this to the streets, “be careful what you wish for, because it just might happen.” Will Taz and team regret trying to intimidate these two fearless fighters?


The Elite is having a meeting, but the Young Bucks aren’t part of it?

Alex Marvez tells Matt & Nick Jackson about it, which is weird because this is Kenny Omega’s place. First that eBay collector guy and now this? Well fine, Marvez, come with them to the meeting. The Bucks walks in through the backdoor and Michael Nakazawa is being the greeter? Nakazawa escorts the Bucks into the dining room then into the den. What in the world? Omega has an oil painting of himself and Don Callis as muscular men in denim jeans, and only denim jeans. Omega is one thing but Callis is nowhere NEAR that ripped. Yikes.

But Callis enters first, and says that is a gift for Omega’s birthday. But his birthday’s in October. Well it’s never too early or too late to shop for the God of Pro-Wrestling! Have they not gotten anything for him yet? What kind of friends are you? Just kidding. Oh right, just like how last week, he punked them out on national television with that bait ‘n’ switch! Callis says that it was a choice from production, he meant to tell them but he apologizes for that. Where is Omega? Well Omega is unavailable for today’s meeting. At his own house? Omega is very busy. Too busy to talk to his friends?

Well what number do they have in their phones? Callis had Omega change numbers a couple weeks ago, there are a lot of fans, marks, and “old friends” coming out of the woodwork, blowing up the phone. They didn’t get the memo? Well they don’t need it, they can always come by, he and Omega are always happy to see them. But it’s good that they’re all here so we can clear the air. These three are the ones who love Omega the most, after all. Callis is family, and the Bucks are… old friends. So let’s chat. Marvez, why are you here? Nakazawa, please escort Marvez to the dungeon. What? Not a real dungeon, just the training room Omega uses. And take the cameraman. Not the camera, though, Callis won’t let him shoot any more of Omega’s house. Off to the dungeon with them.

And now they have privacy! The Bucks are good, right? How long have they known Omega? 12 years. Wow, 12 years, a tremendous investment. They need to recognize that. But everyone’s very busy, no time to spend like they used to, so Callis has something he is sure they’ll like. Is he writing them a check? Callis says this will compensate them for their investment in the friendship. They’re just trying to keep contact with the “old crew” to a minimum. Wow, see, this would be a good amount, except the Bucks made that much just last week. Oh, right, the merch! Well here, Callis will add in some. Is this a bribe? No…!

THE AUDACITY to think you can buyout a 12 year FRIENDSHIP…! Callis wasn’t on those 14 hour bus rides in Tokyo! He wasn’t there for the missed birthdays and anniversaries! Where was “Uncle Creepy” Callis? Callis says he was always there. Sorry it’s gone this way, but if you want to talk facts, the Bucks were great friends to Omega, but now they just hold him back! Oh really?! Yes, the hanger-on from the old neighborhood types. Omega is too nice but Callis isn’t.

Y’know, speaking of where this money is coming from, the Bucks used to work at that company Callis is VP of. And so they know these checks are no good. They rip up the checks and Callis accuses them of being bloodsuckers! Oh THEY are the bloodsuckers?! Callis is manipulating Omega! They’re backing Callis up and scaring him a bit, and the camera gets shut off. What is going to happen to The Elite with Callis hanging around?


Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS “Pretty” Peter Avalon!

Does the American Nightmare match up with the requirements for the Pageant Provocation? Perhaps, but will Avalon consider giving Cody a pass? Will Avalon’s young win streak be ended his first night back on Dynamite?

The bell rings and Avalon rushes at Cody, but into a dragon sleeper! CROSS RHODES!! Cody would cover, but JADE CARGILL walks out on stage! She is keeping her distance, but Cody isn’t so sure. Avalon runs in and LOW BLOWS Cody during the distraction! Jade likes that and decides to leave now. Avalon kicks at Cody’s legs, stalks Cody around the ring and chop blocks him down! Avalon trips Cody up, stomps him down, and then drags Cody up to throw haymakers! Avalon CHOPS Cody, then CHPOS him again! Cody gets made and CHOPS back! Cody shows haymaker but Avalon protects his face. So Cody drops for the Rhodes Uppercut!

Cody goes to a corner, climbs up, but Avalon hits him first! Avalon throws hands, climbs up, and clubs away. Avalon brings Cody up for a SUPERPLEX! Fans fire up as both men writhe and a standing count begins! Cody goes to the apron and Avalon pursues as fans rally behind him. Avalon hobbles after Cody and kicks a leg, but Cody throws Avalon into the railing! Cody throws haymakers, but hobbles into a throat chop! Avalon CHOPS Cody then puts him in the ring. Cody gets Avalon’s leg but Avalon clubs him. Avalon suplexes and covers, ONE! Avalon stomps Cody then clubs him more. Cody shoves Avalon and double clotheslines collide!

Another standing count begins as both men are down. Fans rally up and duel, Cody drags Avalon up but Avalon rakes the eyes! AEW goes to picture in picture as Avalon puts Cody in a corner.

Avalon CHOPS Cody again, CLUBS him, then stomps the leg. Avalon CLAWS Cody on the back, but Cody CLAWS Avalon on the front! Avalon stomps Cody down, then drops a knee! Avalon has the leg and yanks on it, then stomps and heel hooks it! Cody endures but Avalon turns him over for a Half Crab! Avalon pulls hard but Cody fights his way to the ropebreak! The ref counts, Avalon lets off at 3, and Cody trips Avalon up! Cody gets the leg now, but Avalon kicks him away! Cody staggers, Avalon CHOPS him, then wraps the leg against ropes! The ref counts, Cody elbows Avalon away, then gets to the apron. Avalon is after Cody with a stretch against the ropes!

Avalon lets Cody go to club him again, but Cody ROCKS him with forearms! Cody slingshots to sunset flip, TWO! Avalon CLOBBERS Cody with a clothesline! Avalon looms over Cody, drags him up, and scoops him for a slam! Avalon rains down rights, then scrapes his soles off Cody’s face! Avalon sits Cody up to KICK him, then drops more knees! AEW returns to single picture as Avalon climbs. Avalon MOONSAULTS but FLOPS as Cody moves! Fans fire up and Cody throws forearms. Avalon headlocks, Cody powers out and tries to hurdle but his leg can’t get him up! Cody and Avalon collide, then Avalon throws Cody out hard! Avalon runs and DIVES, and Cody ends up in the crowd!

Avalon drags Cody back into the ring, drags him up by his weight belt, and blows a kiss. Avalon runs, into a CUTTER! Cody fires up and fans fire up with him as he whips Avalon, then follows to rally with forearms and lariats! Cody whips, Avalon reverses but Cody goes up and over to SPINNING POWERSLAM! Cody slaps himself to get back in this, and off comes the weight belt! Free souvenir! Avalon staggers, Cody trips him up and steps through, FIGURE FOUR! Avalon endures, turns things over and puts the pressure onto Cody! Cody turns it back over and Avalon feels the pain, but then Avalon SLAPS Cody! That was a mistake and Cody shows slap, but Avalon taps out just to avoid it!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by submission

Cody holds on to make Avalon pay for it, but lets him go soon enough. Cargill’s presence almost cost Cody, but the Prince of Pro-Wrestling managed to fight through the pain. Will Cody have to be more careful from now on?


FTR speaks.

Tully Blanchard knows the rankings just came out. They are NUMBER ONE and that is where they need to be. But now, they need the belts. Those are the bragging rights! But then in barges Jurassic Express! Jungle Boy says he’s sick of this. If FTR is the best- Cash Wheeler says they ARE the best. JB gets heated, but he says the FTR might be the best. Being in there taught JB something about himself. It showed him that he could beat either one of them. FTR laughs at that and Dax Harwood says he shouldn’t be fooled by the “salt ‘n’ pepper.” Dax isn’t some fly-by-night wrassler JB plays with in the ring. Dax will fight him next week, 1v1. He doesn’t need Cash and Tully to win, either.

Oh is that so? Let Dax finish. Then let them all be ringside, but Luchasaurus will make sure no one gets involved. JB and Dax shake on it, but will this really be a gentlemen’s agreement with Tully lurking?


Jon Moxley VS ???

The Maniac is back in action tonight, determined to fight his way back to the AEW World Championship and his revenge on Kenny Omega! Will Moxley show that there’s no stopping him, only delaying the inevitable?

AEW returns and Moxley’s opponent turns out to be the Freak Beast Wrecking Ball, Nick Comoroto! A big opponent for his first match back, but Moxley doesn’t back down from a fight! The bell rings, Comoroto shoves but Moxley headbutts him! Moxley fires off forearms and stomps Comoroto in the corner! Then CHOPS him, and CHOPS him again! And again! Moxley whips corner to corner, Comoroto reverses but Moxley dodges in the corner to clothesline! Moxley keeps moving, but leaps into Comoroto’s arms and a POWERSLAM! Comoroto drags Moxley up to elbow him to a corner, then stomps him in return! Comoroto digs his knee in but lets up at 4.

Comoroto whips Moxley corner to corner, then hits a big back elbow! Comoroto scoops Moxley for a BACKBREAKER! Moxley sits up but Comoroto drags him up for another BACKBREAKER, and makes it a bend across his knee! Moxley endures, pries the fingers and bends them back! Comoroto lets go to clutch his hand, and Moxley BITES Comoroto’s forehead! Comoroto knees low, scoops Moxley but Moxley slips out to throw forearms! Comoroto throws them back but Moxley knees then runs, but into an USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Moxley goes to a corner. Comoroto runs corner to corner, but only gets buckles!

Moxley and Comoroto are both down but fans rally up! Moxley is up first, and KICKS away on Comoroto’s chest! Again and again, then he reels Comoroto in for a suplex. Comoroto is too big, he shoves Moxley away but Moxley gets around to waistlock, shove and GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Moxley runs, but Comoroto withstands the lariat! Comoroto fireman’s carries but Moxley slips around to SLEEPER HOLD! Comoroto falls, he is OUT! Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

The big man gave Moxley a big fight, but Moxley wouldn’t have it any other way! Moxley gets the mic and points to the fans before saying, “Now, anything can happen on Wednesdays on AEW Dynamite. And things are getting crazy~ around here, I can’t keep track of everything.” Moxley can’t tell who is in Bullet Club, The Elite, who’s from Impact or whatever, but that doesn’t matter. Omega thought he would bring his frat brothers to AEW and they’d watch his back. “Kenny, all’s you did was make it more fun. All you did was make it more interesting. More bodies, bigger brawls, more blood, more violence. More necks to break, more limbs to snap, I love this!”

The bigger the mountain, the sweeter it is at the top! Moxley will climb back up because you can bring the whole city of Nashville to Jacksonville, you can bring up whoever from Mexico or Japan, it remains the same. “All roads in professional wrestling lead through ME!!” Has Moxley just declared war not only on The Cleaner, but all the promotions willing to play ball with AEW?


Backstage interview with Eddie Kingston and The Fam.

For the first time ever, next week on Dynamite, Kingston will face Lance Archer 1v1 in the ring. How does he prepare for someone like Archer, or anyone he’s never faced before? Kingston doesn’t prepare, he just fights. And Kingston has been having a really hard time lately. PAC beat Kingston but Kingston is moving on to Archer. Kingston has to move on. But then Archer comes in, and Jake the Snake barely keeps him back! Archer says Pac beat Kingston, but Archer will end him! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, a very simple concept. Kingston says he can go on with his poetry, but Archer says all Kingston ever does is shout. If Kingston wants to shut Archer up, do it in the ring! Kingston says it’s 1v1! Then he tells Jake to keep his boy under control.

Jake says Kingston’s one to talk, with his little baby chicken shit family. If Kingston wants to do something, do it face to face without his little butt kissers ringside! Deal! A true 1v1 match is coming, will the Mad King be able to stand after facing the Murderhawk Monster?


AEW returns as Kenny Omega arrives.

Alex Marvez is there waiting and asks Omega about his thoughts on what we saw at the beach. Omega wasn’t at the beach, so no comment. Well, AEW Media was with The Young Bucks and Don Callis at Omega’s house. They were at his house? Is nothing sacred? Get out of his way! Omega finds Callis in the locker room and shows off his new outfit. Whoa, what happened to Callis? Oh, the glasses? No, what’s under the glasses. Callis says Omega shouldn’t get upset, Callis had a “little accident” earlier. It’s not as bad as it looks. Who did that? No, it’s not about- Ow, don’t touch. Callis says this is not what he wants for Omega, Omega can’t lose focus right now.

Omega keeps asking but Callis says it’s fine. Nick & Matt- Uh oh. Omega can’t believe the Bucks did this. Marvez asks if Callis is saying the Bucks did that to him. What is he doing in here? Go away! Is there no privacy here? Omega still wants answers on what happened! We know that the camera went off, but did the Bucks really assault Callis?


Six Man Tag: Matt Sydal & Top Flight VS #HardyParty!

One of the best high flyers ever teams up with the coldest tag team in the game for an incredible combination! But manager “Big Money” Matt teams with his guys in Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy! Will Hardy and Private Party make their partnership worth their one-sided deal?

The trios sort out and Dante Martin starts against Quen. They circle, and Dante offers a handshake. Hardy doesn’t want Quen to take it but Quen says it’s fine, and they shake hands. Quen and Dante circle, tie up, and Quen arm-drags Dante but Dante arm-drags back. Quen blocks the hip toss to knee low and cartwheel, but Dante slips free to run and roll off the back, then dropkick Quen down! Darius gets in as Kassidy does and dropkicks him down! Hardy rushes in but into DOUBLE DROPKICKS! Fans fire up with Top Flight as Dante tags Sydal in. They focus on Quen with double CHOPS, and then a whip. Sydal and Top Flight pull off a TRIPLE HURDLE, then a pass to a WINDMILL KICK!

Dante gets a boost from Darius, they rebound off ropes and Dante flips Darius onto Sydal! Darius flips back but he’s not legal, Sydal has to cover. So Sydal adds a STANDING MARIPOSA! Cover, TWO! Quen hurries away and Hardy tells him to get serious here. Quen takes off his jacket and throws it at Sydal! Quen then fires off on Sydal, and tags in Kassidy. Kassidy sucker punches Top Flight then mugs Sydal with Quen! Private Party double forearm, kick and run, but Top Flight gets in and slides with Sydal to TRIPLE ROLLING TAKEDOWN, into a TRIPLE CRAB! Hardy is furious but the ref counts and Top Flight lets off their parts. Hardy gets in and DECKS Sydal!

Kassidy runs at Sydal at the ropes but Sydal pops him up! Kassidy holds ropes, tags Quen, and then headscissors Sydal into Quen’s ROUNDHOUSE! Springboard SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Quen clubs away on Sydal, then stomps him down! Quen brings Sydal up, bumps him off buckles, then tags in Kassidy. Private Party mugs Sydal as AEW goes picture in picture.

Hardy sneaks in a shot before Kassidy CHOPS Sydal, but Sydal CHOPS back Kassidy kicks low, pushes Sydal down and stomps him in the corner! Tag to Hardy, Kassidy digs his boots in, then Hardy does the same. The ref counts, Hardy lets off at 4, then RAMS into Sydal! And again! And again! Hardy brings Sydal up, scoops him, and LAWN DARTS him on the buckles! Cover, TWO! Hardy keeps on Sydal and ROCKS him with a right! Hardy whips, and catches Sydal to a sleeper! Sydal flails, reaches, but Hardy keeps him from the corner. Sydal fights up with body shots and breaks free with a jawbreaker! Hardy still grabs Sydal to drag him back to the corner.

Tag to Quen, Hardy Party mugs Sydal, and Quen bumps Sydal off buckles. Quen stomps Sydal then drags him up in a facelock. Sydal fights his way towards his corner but Quen pushes him back the other way. Tag to Kassidy and Private Party mugs Sydal more. Kassidy drags Sydal up and rams elbows into him! Tag to Quen, Kassidy CHOPS Sydal, then is the step stool for Quen to launch into a splash! Quen is the step now, Kassidy runs in, PARTY in Motion! Hardy tags in and clotheslines Sydal down! Hardy taunts Sydal and slaps him around, but Sydal KICKS back! And CHOPS! AEW returns to single picture as Sydal CHOPS Hardy more!

Hardy pokes Sydal in the eye! Then tags in Kassidy, and they mug Sydal more. Kassidy snapmares Sydal and wraps on a chinlock. Fans rally as Sydal endures, but Kassidy keeps Sydal away from ropes. Kassidy grinds Sydal down but Sydal fights up. Kassidy shifts to a facelock then tags in Quen. Private Party double suplex Sydal, but Sydal slips out! Sydal DECKS Hardy, and DOUBLE RANAS Private Party! Hot tag to Darius! Darius DECKS Kassidy, uppercuts Quen, goes up and over and sends Kassidy into Quen, then comes back to ENZIGURI Quen down! Darius waistlocks Kassidy, Kassidy standing switches but Darius elbows out!

Darius runs, gets around Kassidy and whips him into a STANDIN GSPANISH FLY! Hardy kicks low but no Twist! Dante ROCKS Hardy and dumps him out! Darius builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Hardy hard into railing! Darius goes back to the ring to tag in Dante, but Kassidy kicks back. Kassidy whips Darius but Darius reverses! Quen is there for Kassidy to roll back on, Silly String catches Darius but Dante is there to dropkick Quen down! Kassidy is caught for a LEAP FROG ATTACK! O’Conner roll and bridge, TWO!! Dante keeps his cool, drags Kassidy up, and he tags in Darius.

Top Flight mugs Kassidy, back suplex but Kassidy lands on his feet. Dante has Kassidy but Kassidy turns waistlock into wheelbarrow that sends Dante into Darius! Tag to Hardy, and Hardy grabs Dante. Dante fights out of Side Effect, but Darius wings into the SIDE EFFECT! Sydal tags in and goes up, Dante walks into a SIDE EFFECT! Sydal leaps but into a SIDE EFFECT!! Hardy has all three down to triple cover, TWO!! Tag to Quen and Quen boots Sydal! Quen says he sees the third eye and does a dance to PELE Sydal right in it! Cover, TWO! Quen drags Sydal up but Sydal ROUNDHOUSES! Tag to Dante, and Top Flight blasts Hardy Party!

Top Flight whip Sydal in at Quen for a big back elbow! Darius runs in to clothesline, then they put Quen up for Dante to FLIPPING DRAGON RANA! Cover, Hardy Party breaks it in time! Darius DECKS Hardy, Sydal throws Kassidy out and Top Flight focuses on Quen. They put Quen up top, climb up together, but Hardy shoves Darius down hard! The ref and Hardy argue, Kassidy has a chair and he JAMS Dante in the ribs! Dante is down, Quen and Kassidy realize what they’ve done, and like it! Quen hits a SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! Cover, Hardy Party wins!

Winners: Hardy Party, by pinfall

Quen and Kassidy are buying into Big Money Matt’s “by any means necessary” policy! After all, they are #1 contenders to the Impact World Tag Team Championships. Darius and Sydal get in their face about it, though, and Hardy gives the nod. Private Party beats down Darius and Sydal! They hammer away on Sydal and drive knees into Darius, and then feed Darius to a TWIST OF FATE! Sydal gets a TWIST OF FATE, too! Will this new edge be what makes Private Party into champions?


MJF and Wardlow check with The Inner Circle.

MJF tells the cameraman to keep his distance before he and Wardlow walk in. “Oh, the bearer of bad news~!” Ortiz takes a guess: MJF wants the rest of them to be ringside when he and Jericho go after the tag titles, right? No, no, but MJF does get the hostility. Take it from him, if it were up to him, he isn’t so sure this match would be happening. Surely they all feel the same way. But, Chris is the leader, and as such, what he says goes. Sammy Guevara says if he had things his way, a lot of this wouldn’t be happening.

Hager and the others keep Sammy back but MJF says they’ve been doing this for months. MJF loves Hager, Santana and Ortiz, and even Sammy. They’re family, and they have to be family in order to succeed. Now, MJF respects Sammy because Sammy isn’t afraid to speak his mind. But can Sammy just understand that MJF isn’t some sociopath. MJF wants what’s best for the group, and so do they. So let’s all just go out there, have this match, and settle it. Everyone else fist bumps with MJF, but not Sammy. They’re not there yet. That’s fine. MJF says he’ll see them all out there, but is Sammy onto something?


Leyla Hirsch VS Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian, Miro & “Charles” Taylor!

#LEGIT is back in action, and up against the Superbad Bride-to-be! Freshly Squeezed, Orange Cassidy, can only watch from the crowd as his best friend is forced to be the BUTLER to the Best Man and the Superbad super couple. The suffering of “Charles” aside, will Ford at least be in a good mood with a win?

The bell rings, Ford and Hirsch circle, tie up, and go around. They break, and Hirsch smirks as she and Ford circle again. They tie up, Hirsch gets a waistlock but Ford switches. Hirsch hooks a leg to bring Ford down and then drags Ford around by it to get a waistlock. They roll around and Hirsch holds on tight to then float to a facelock. Ford gets up, Hirsch gets around for another takedown, lateral press, TWO! Ford facelocks but Hirsch wrenches out, only for Ford to headlock. Hirsch powers Ford to ropes, the ref calls for a break, and Hirsch honors it. But Ford kicks her leg out! Ford reels Hirsch into another headlock but Hirsch powers out, only for Ford to run her over!

But Hirsch kips up! Ford pie faces Hirsch out of annoyance, then runs, but Hirsch bypasses, drops, but Kip makes butler Charles trip Hirsch up! Ford handsprings but into an ARMBAR!! Ford scrambles, reaches, and gets a ropebreak with a foot! Hirsch lets go at 4 and then glares at Kip. Kip is making short jokes but is running away, too, and Ford BOOTS Hirsch down! Ford drags Hirsch up to throw her into railing! Kip mockingly reels in the big fish as AEW goes picture in picture.

Ford drags Hirsch up to RAM her into apron! Ford puts Hirsch in, drags her up and fisherman’s for the suplex! Ford drags Hirsch back up, whips her hard into a corner, and then fires off forearms! Ford whips Hirsch the other way, then handsprings in to back elbow! Wait, Hirsch got Ford first with forearms! Hirsch leaps over and comes back but Ford sends her into buckles! Ford runs side to side to KNEE Hirsch down! Ford rains down furious fists, drags Hirsch back up, then WRINGS her into buckles! Ford stands on Hirsch in the corner but the ref counts. Ford lets off at 4, Hirsch gets to the apron, but runs in to go up and over and drop knees on Hirsch on the apron!

Ford soaks up the heat before going back into the ring. Hirsch kicks back from the mat but Ford CLUBS her down, and AEW goes to break!

AEW returns and Ford is covering Hirsch, TWO! Fans fire up for Hirsch but Ford drags her by a leg. Hirsch kicks Ford away but Ford rolls her to her feet to CLUB her on the back! Hirsch just gets mad and ROCKS Ford with a forearm! Ford forearms back but Hirsch fires off! Hirsch runs, blocks the leg lariat and makes Ford to the splits, to then KNEE Ford down! And DEAD LIFT GERMANS! Ford flounders to a corner, Hirsch runs in corner to corner, METEORA, to a SWINGING DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!! Ford survives but Hirsch keeps her focus, and Cassidy likes(?) what he sees.

Hirsch climbs, but Ford trips her up! Ford runs and handsprings, but the ax kick misses! Hirsch CLOBBERS Ford, drags her to a drop zone, then runs in, up the corner, and LEAPS ONTO KIP AND CHUCK! Fans fire up as Hirsch eliminates the distracts, but then Ford BOOTS her on the return! Cover, and Kip keeps Hirsch’s leg down!! Ford wins!!

Winner: Penelope Ford, by pinfall

Miro tells “Charles” to get in the ring so we can all get an update. Miro tells “Charles” that he could be mean, but he’s not because he’s a nice guy. But Miro needs Charles to let go of the past so he can reach a bright future. Stand up straight. So Charles needs to look at Cassidy and tell him that MIRO is his best friend now! Chuck doesn’t want to but Miro tells him he has to. Cassidy stands up and Chuck takes the mic. Miro and Kip make sure he looks at Cassidy as he says it. “Miro is my best friend now.” Kip hugs Chuck and Miro gives a big thumbs up, and Cassidy walks away. Will Chuckie T be able to make it to Beach Break without breaking?


Something’s happening backstage!

The Good Brothers are attacking one of the Lucha Brothers! Karl Anderson stomps Penta El Zero M, then Doc Gallows drags him up to throw into the garage door! Omega comes over now, he and the Good Brothers mug Penta, and choke him using a power cord!! Omega takes off one of his fancy boots and JAMS the point into Penta’s eyes! “That’s what the Biz Clizz does!” But will they pay for going after Penta without Fenix and Pac around?


AEW has a lot planned for next week!

Not only will Eddie Kingston take on Lance Archer without any of their cohorts ringside, and not only will Dax Harwood take on Jungle Boy with all their teammates ringside, but Cody Rhodes will finally respond to comments made by Shaq! Plus, the Dark Order will try to move on from Hangman Page’s rejection in another 8 Man Tag, but against The Elite! Will the Young Bucks and Good Brothers be able to get along like back in the day? Or will the issues with Kenny Omega allow Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alex Reynolds and John Silver to cash in big on both the AEW AND Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions?


Plus, some news for AEW Beach Break!

With AEW Revolution only a month away, there will be a Tag Team Battle Royal to name the Young Bucks’ challengers! Which duo will be the last ones standing to take on Matt & Nick Jackson? Will the Inner Circle’s representative be in that battle royal? And speaking of Beach Break, the main event was going to be Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers VS Death Triangle, but after what the “Biz Clizz” did to Penta, Pac and Fenix will be teaming with JON MOXLEY!! Will Moxley get a semblance of revenge on The Cleaner in just two weeks?



It is still in the works, but AEW is going to put together a WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Eliminator Tournament! Talent from both America and Japan are going to compete in a SIXTEEN PARTICIPANT bracket! Who will prove themselves worthy of taking on the Full Metal Warrior, Hikaru Shida?


The Inner Circle Tag Team Challenge: Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Sammy-Hager VS Y2MJF!

Santana and Ortiz thought they were going to be THE team in the faction from day one. The Spanish God accused Le Champion of being a #TagTeamSlut! But will all of the issues be put aside when the dust clears?

In this style of Triple Threat Tag, only two teams are active but anyone can tag off one of the opponents. They sort out and MJF starts with Sammy. Sammy gets in MJF’s face but MJF says this is just in good competition. MJF circles with Sammy, but MJF “realizes” Jericho probably wants to tie up with Sammy so he tags out. Jericho and Sammy circle as the former Le Sex Gods, and they tie up. Jericho puts Sammy in the corner, shows haymaker, but lets off with a handshake. They circle, fans rally up and the two tie up. Jericho wrenches, wristlocks, but Sammy flips through and wrenches back. Jericho SLAPS Sammy so Sammy ROCKS and CHOPS Jericho!

Sammy whips, hurdles, and flips over Jericho to dropkick Jericho down! Sammy kips up and clotheslines Jericho out! Fans fire up as Sammy aims and slingshots, just to flip back in and do a spin. Sammy poses and Jericho nods some respect for that. Jericho gets in, he and Sammy approach but Jericho kicks low and CHOPS hard! And CHOPS! Jericho whips, Sammy dodges, and Sammy catches the dropkick to catapult Jericho into Hager’s haymaker! Sammy rolls Jericho up, TWO!! Sammy keeps on Jericho with a facelock, but Jericho ROCKS him back! Jericho tags to Santana but Hager tags in.

Hager rushes Santana but Santana shove shim, only to get run over. Things speed up, Santana kicks the legs out and dropkicks Hager down! Tag to Ortiz, PNP double whip Hager but Jericho tags back in. PNP double wrench to a double back suplex, but Jericho gets in to boot Ortiz! Jericho ROCKS Ortiz, whips but Ortiz gets around to shove Jericho to ropes. Santana tags in, Ortiz holds onto Jericho and Santana slingshots up and over. O’Conner roll to a crossbody! Ortiz sentons, Santana moonsaults! MJF protests but Santana covers, TWO!! Jericho survives and Santana seethes as AEW goes picture in picture.

Santana throws hands and CHOPS on Jericho, then whips him to ropes. Jericho stops himself to tag out to Sammy! Sammy and Santana tie up, Santana headlocks but Sammy powers out. Ortiz tags in, Santana spins Sammy and gets the assisted Shiranui, PNP combine for a REVERSE DDT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Ortiz drags Sammy up and whips him to ropes to then calf kick him down! Cover, TWO! Ortiz grows annoyed but he drags Sammy up to wrench and tie him up, Russian Leg Sweep to a modified half crab! Tag to Santana and Santana SLAPS Sammy on the head! Ortiz lets Sammy go, Sammy CHOPS Santana, but then Santana CHOPS Sammy off his feet!

Santana drags Sammy up, snap suplexes, then covers, TWO! Santana looms over Sammy, drags him up, and suplexes again, holding him up this time! Santana walks over and Jericho tags in to get the hand-off. Jericho keeps Sammy up for a few more counts before slamming him down! Jericho revels in the cheers and then brings Sammy back up. Jericho CHOPS Sammy to a corner, throws haymakers, and AEW returns to single picture as Jericho CHOPS again!

Jericho whips Sammy, Sammy reverses and sends Jericho to ropes, only for Jericho to snap suplex back! Jericho has the cocky cover, ONE! Fans rally and Sammy CHOPS back on Jericho! Sammy whips, Jericho reverses and sends Sammy to the corner, but Sammy sends the bulldog into PNP’s corner! Jericho flops down and MJF reaches out! That’s the first time this whole match. Hot tags to MJF and Hager! MJF gets CLOBBERED! Hager blasts PNP, dodges MJF and DECKS Jericho to then corner clothesline MJF and reel him in for a POWERSLAM! Hager fires up and fans fire up with him! Hager tags in Sammy, Sammy springboards for a SUPER CUTTER!

But Ortiz tags in off MJF, only for Sammy to CLOBBER him! Sammy clotheslines Jericho out, too! Sammy slingshots to SHOOTING STAR but Jericho dodges! Sammy SUPERKICKS Jericho down! Sammy hurries back in, builds speed, but Santana gets in to waistlock! Ortiz runs back in and ENZIGURIS Sammy into Santana’s BOOT! PNP build speed and they DOUBLE DIVE! They take out Jericho and Hager out on opposite ends! Fans are thunderous as Sammy FLIES and takes down MJF! Sammy hurries back in, Ortiz runs at him but Sammy jumps over, to then BELLY2BELLY! Sammy goes up, Santana KICKS him down!

Santana and Ortiz climb the corner, Sammy fights them both off and shoves Santana down. MJF gets in and Electric Chairs Sammy! Sammy POISON-RANAS MJF first! Sammy goes after Ortiz up top, SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Ortiz survives and no one can believe it! Jericho hurries in with Floyd the Baseball Bat, but Hager intercepts with a BOOT! MJF gets his diamond ring from Wardlow, but Hager is there! Hager DECKS MJF!! Santana kicks but Hager blocks, Ortiz and Santana DOUBLE ENZIGURI Hager, only for Hager to come back with DOUBLE LARIATS! Sammy STANDING SHOOTING STARS onto Ortiz, but MJF breaks it!

MJF whips Ortiz to the corner, Jericho tags in off Ortiz, and then MJF whips Sammy. Sammy reverses, leaps up, but into a POWERBOMB! LIONSAULT from Jericho!! Cover, TWO!?! Sammy survives and fans are thunderous again! Y2MJF drag Sammy up, whip him but Ortiz tags back in before the DOUBLE FLAPJACK! PNP give Y2MJF double basement dropkicks! And then they bring Jericho up for TU LO SABES! Cover, TWO!?!? Jericho survives and Ortiz argues with the ref, only to turn around into a CODE BREAKER! Jericho manages the cover, TWO!!! Ortiz survives and fans are electric!

Jericho drags Ortiz up, tags MJF, and they throw hands on Ortiz. Y2MJF double whip, and double- Ortiz DOUBLE DDT’s back! Hager tags in to whip MJF hard into buckles! HAGER BOMB! Sammy tags in off it, Hager keeps on Jericho, Sammy hits the SUPER SWANTON!! Cover, Ortiz breaks it!! Hager throws Ortiz out, Jericho shoves Hager out, but Sammy KNEES Jericho! Sammy torture racks, for GO TO HOSPITAL! Sammy KNEES MJF, SUPERKICKS Santana, then torture racks MJF and RAMS him into Wardlow! But MJF uses that to roll Sammy up, WITH TRUNKS! Y2MJF win!!

Winners: Chris Jericho & MJF, by pinfall (officially becomes THE tag team in the Inner Circle)

Say it ain’t so! MJF said this would be all in good sportsmanship but that was the exact opposite! And AEW has to wrap up for the night, what will be the fallout of this frantic finish!?

My Thoughts:

What a great episode! We got a great start with the birthday celebration for Brodie Jr. and the 8 Man Tag. Hangman’s rejection being a surprise to the Dark Order was great, with the prepared celebration now being for nothing. This will be an interesting twist to their story, especially with that huge 8 Man announced for next week. Also, Negative One Brodie got to have some more fun, getting on the case of the Dark Order henchmen and smacking Serpentico with a kendo stick. We got a lot of good set up for next week, the go-home to Beach Break. Dax VS JB with everyone ringside and Kingston VS Archer with no one ringside will both be good steps in progressing story, and both could probably go either way.

Cody VS Avalon going from squash to an actually strong match was a great twist, and all while plugging the story of Jade and Shaq VS the Nightmare Family. I have a feeling that Cody’s response to Shaq will set up something for AEW Revolution as Beach Break is too soon and anything else would be just too long to wait for. Sting and Darby didn’t get much of a segment since Team Taz interrupts, but I like the idea that Sting’s first bit of action back will likely be a Street Fight/No Holds Barred situation, which perhaps helps with the fact that he hasn’t wrestled in years and being loose and freeform with it will actually hide that he’s rusty.

Hardy Party VS Top Flight & Sydal was a really good match, with a lot of great character work from Quen and Kassidy. They did become Impact Tag Team Championship contenders on the newest episode of Impact, but now they’re turning from the fun loving Faces into the dastardly Heels Hardy wants them to be. This could get them over the hump here in AEW, but who knows how it’ll turn out on Impact. They won’t win the titles, though, Gallows & Anderson are just too good, and there’s a lot for them to still do in the overall Omega story, where being the tag champions might help give a bit more weight to what happens.

Moxley VS Comoroto was very good, especially for Comoroto’s first showing on Dynamite. The story with Omega and the rest of Bullet Club/Elite was great stuff, especially Callis’ part with the Bucks. It really seems to work with how, between AEW and Impact, this new Cleaner Omega is getting a big ego and is basically going Hollywood without going to Hollywood. The 8 Man Tag next week is going to be really good just on character points as the Bucks and Good Brothers have been friends just as long, if not longer, than with Omega, but are taking sides on this issue. Then the beat down on who I’m pretty sure was fake Penta works to get Moxley into the story, and the Beach Break main event is going to be great stuff.

Ford VS Hirsch was good but mostly used as the vehicle to Miro’s story with Chuck Taylor and Best Friends. Chuck was being forced to cheat on their behalf, and obviously didn’t mean what he said about him and Miro being friends. This just furthers the idea that Trent will return at Beach Break where he and Cassidy ruin the Superbad wedding and then Chuck is free of the butler duties so he can get revenge on Miro, too. I really like the news of the AEW Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament to not just parallel the men’s tournament from late 2020, but also to finally get AEW’s Women’s Division going. Plus, it strengthens the bond with Stardom as many of the women who went between the two promotions are already reacting on social media and will surely be part of the tournament.

Then the main event, the Triple Threat Tag, for not actually being that long of a match, was a spectacular match. The build up all night was really good, and MJF sure did make it seem like Jericho was to blame for the whole thing. Probably hints at MJF trying to usurp the role as leader in the Inner Circle from him. Commentary did a great job pointing out that MJF was letting everyone else wrestle for the first part of the match, and then he ended up not having much of a choice in the second half. It really did feel like any one of the teams could’ve taken this, but in the end it was still Y2MJF winning because of MJF’s craftiness. I’m wondering if participate in Beach Break’s tag team battle royal since MJF has history of winning the Dynamite Diamond Ring battle royals.

My Score: 9.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/19/21)

Dark has CERO! MIEDO!



AEW Dark 2

The Lucha Brothers come to AEW Dark!

Another hefty helping of AEW Dark has a big tag team match of Chaos Project VS Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo! Will Luther and Serpentico fail to put fear in Death Triangle’s hearts?


  • Brandon Cutler VS Luchasaurus w/ Jurassic Express; Luchasaurus wins.
  • Sammy Guevara VS El Australiano; Guevara wins.
  • Scorpio Sky VS Nick Comoroto; Scorpio wins.
  • Shanna VS Marti Daniels; Shanna wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Mike Verna & Baron Black; The Butcher & The Blade win.
  • Six Man Tag: Gunn Club VS Ryzin, Adam Priest & Vary Morales; Gunn Club wins.
  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Jon Cruz & Danny Limelight; Proud ‘n’ Powerful win.
  • Private Party w/ Matt Hardy VS Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow; Private Party wins.
  • Big Swole VS Alex Gracia; Swole wins.
  • Sonny Kiss VS Zack Clayton; Kiss wins.
  • Top Flight VS KC Navarro & A.J. Kirsch; Top Flight wins.
  • Ivelisse & Diamante VS Tesha Price & Katalina Perez; Ivelisse & Diamante win.
  • The Acclaimed VS Shawn Dean & Fuego Del Sol; The Acclaimed wins.
  • Lucha Brothers w/ PAC VS Chaos Project; The Lucha Brothers win.


Brandon Cutler VS Luchasaurus w/ Jurassic Express!

The Dungeon Master’s still on a win streak, but will it go extinct against the wrestling dinosaur? Luchasaurus gets a mic and says, “Boys, I’m gonna address the elephant in the room. Er, the wooly mammoth.” Or rather, the dragon? There are no talking dragons in AEW, and why should you believe the talking dinosaur? Because he has a Masters Degree. We all know it’s just Brandon Cutler, so let’s have the match already. Cutler makes his entrance, and he stands face to face with Luchasaurus. Cutler of course takes the dragon mask, and the match begins!

Cutler sneaks up on Luchasaurus as he talks to the boys and rolls him up! TWO and Cutler hurries to the apron. Cutler slides under, avoids a stomp and then kicks Luchasaurus away! Cutler hurries up to slingshot and kick! Luchasaurus just gets mad! Cutler blocks the chop, gives a CHOP, but Luchasaurus doesn’t flinch! Cutler CHOPS, goes up and up but the arm-drag is blocked! Luchasaurus throws Cutler up top, Cutler boots him away but Luchasaurus BOOTS him down! The ref reprimands Luchasaurus but he just growls.

Luchasaurus goes out to fetch Cutler, and CHOPS him against the railing! And CHOPS him again! Luchasaurus brings Cutler around to CHOP him down! Luchasaurus refreshes the count and Marko Stunt hopes Cutler doesn’t take this personally. Cutler crawls but Luchasaurus reels him into a wheelbarrow, to swing him into railing! Luchasaurus continues to stalk Cutler, drags him back up, but Cutler CHOPS! Luchasaurus doesn’t flinch, and he boots Cutler into more railing, then BOOTS him over the railing! Cutler flounders up and Luchasaurus TOSSES him back to the ring! The ref counts but Luchasaurus puts Cutler in at 3.

Luchasaurus gets on the apron, Cutler ROUNDHOUSES! Luchasaurus stays up, grabs at Cutler, but Cutler hotshots him down! Cutler builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and they hit railing! Luchasaurus gets into the ring but Cutler slingshots for the senton! Cutler keeps moving, LONG DISTANCE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus growls, Cutler fires off hands but Luchasaurus just gets angrier. Luchasaurus blocks, KNEES, boots and HEADBUTTS! Cutler staggers up, Luchasaurus puts him in a corner for fast hands! The uppercut sends Cutler to the apron! Luchasaurus TOSSES Cutler back in! And then CLOBBERS him!

Fans fire up as Luchasaurus choke grips Cutler, but Cutler slips out of the choke slam! Cutler dumps Luchasaurus out, slingshots and PLANCHAS both men are down! Cutler puts Luchasaurus in, aims from an apron, springboard for the FROGGY BOW! Luchasaurus sits up before Cutler could cover! Cutler runs to BASEMENT METEORA! Cutler springboards again, FROGGY BOW! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus still lives and Cutler can’t believe it! Fans rally up, Cutler heads to a corner and climbs, but Luchasaurus has him first with a choke grip!

Cutler clubs him away, leaps over but Luchasaurus ducks under to TAIL WHIP! AND CHOKE SLAM! Cutler ends up folded on his head!! Cover, TWO!?! Cutler lives and Luchasaurus can’t believe it! Luchasaurus aims as Cutler gets up, then spins, for the BUZZSAW! Cover, Luchasaurus wins!

Winner: Luchasaurus, by pinfall

The win streak is extinct, but Jungle Boy and Stunt jokingly resuscitate Cutler. Will Jurassic Express get back on track in the AEW Tag Division? Can Cutler recover to start a new win streak?


Sammy Guevara VS El Australiano!

The Best Ever, the Spanish God, and one half of the Inner Circle’s primary tag team? Well, Sammy will team with Jake Hager for Dynamite to take on the other teams formed within the faction, but will The Australian ruin his tune-up?

The bell rings and fans rally as Sammy and Australiano circle. They tie up, Sammy waistlocks and slams Australiano to then spin and float and pose. Sammy backs off to lounge on the ropes, then circles with Australiano again. They approach but Australiano has Sammy stop. Australiano wants to see Sammy’s moves, then starts dancing around. Sammy swings on Australiano, Australiano ducks and uppercuts! Sammy keeps coming with fast hands, Australiano blocks and blocks and HELL STAB uppercuts! Australiano dances, blocks Sammy’s kick and ducks the enziguri to hit the corkscrew senton!

Australiano jumps the sweep, handsprings and goes around and around to headscissor Sammy to a corner! Australiano does his dance, goes after Sammy in the corner, but Sammy turns it around to CHOP! Australiano returns the CHOP, then whips corner to corner. Sammy reverses, Australiano goes up and over and Sammy hits buckles! Corner 619! Australiano heads up top, TORNILLO BODY ATTACK! A direct hit but a rough one for both men! Sammy rolls out of the ring and walks it off, but Australiano gets to a corner and up top again, for another TORNILLO! Another rough landing but Australiano gets up! Fans rally as Australiano and Sammy stand.

Australiano puts Sammy in and goes to the corner, DRAGON RANA! Cover, TWO!! Sammy bails out and Australiano is beside himself! Australiano hurries as Sammy slowly stands, and he goes to the apron for a Penalty Kick. Sammy ducks it, Australiano SHOOTING STARS, into a SUPERKICK! Sammy takes Australiano out of the air and brings him up to whip into railing! Sammy swaggers, drags Australiano up and snap suplexes! Sammy puts Australiano in the ring, back suplex to a DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! Australiano survives and Sammy is surprised. Sammy drags Australiano to a drop zone, climbs up top, and fans rally up as Sammy SHOOTING STAR FLOPS!

Australiano drags Sammy to the drop zone, climbs back up top, and SIDEWAYS MOONSAULTS! Direct hit but Australiano bounces off the cover! Australiano crawls back and covers, ROPEBREAK! Sammy saves himself and Australiano can’t believe it! Fans rally up, Australiano drags Sammy up to a fireman’s carry but Sammy elbows free. Sammy shoves Australiano to the corner, Australiano hops up and trust falls back, but Sammy catches him into the torture rack! GO TO HOSPITAL!! Cover, Sammy wins!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

Sammy applauds Australiano’s efforts, but obviously Australiano’s best wasn’t better than the Best Ever! Sammy gets the mic to say, “I’m gonna make this quick. I know Taz has after parties to get to.” So Sammy makes sure we zoom in on the shoulder. Do you see that? No, you probably can’t. But he feels it. He feels when the weight gets heavier every single day, week, month. It’s a chip on his shoulder! There will be gold on these shoulders one day. Not only is Sammy carrying Dark, but he’s carrying Dynamite and every PPV he’s on because he’s the best worker in AEW!

Oh, is he just Jericho’s sidekick? That’s the only reason he’s here? We all know Jericho brought Sammy here, but here’s a secret: “I wasn’t some friendly favor of Chris Jericho.” Jericho is a father figure, a mentor, and the scout who saw Sammy busting his ass, and Jericho was the one saying AEW needs Sammy! Clap for the GOAT! But Sammy sets the record straight: he’s here because of work, and that work will get him every single championship AEW has! Whoever it is, update the rankings, because whether it’s Darby Allin or Kenny Omega, Sammy’s coming for everyone. Will Sammy’s pursuit of gold begin when he and Hager become THE tag team in the Inner Circle?


Scorpio Sky VS Nick Comoroto!

While The Addiction of SoCal Uncensored are on a tag team quest that’s titles or bust, the Closer wants to climb up the ranks in his own right! Will he be able to #ReachForTheSky against the Freak Beast Wrecking Ball?

The bell rings and Scorpio circles with Comoroto. Scorpio headlocks but Comoroto shoves him right off. They circle again, Scorpio gets around then gets the headlock, but Comoroto blocks the takeover! Comoroto shoves, Scorpio rams him with a shoulder but bounces off! Comoroto and Scorpio circle, test of strength, but Scorpio dropkicks him to a corner! Scorpio fires off with forearms and uppercuts, but Comoroto tosses Scorpio into the corner! Scorpio gets away, throws a forearm and runs, Scorpio dodges the clothesline but Comoroto blocks the drop toehold! Scorpio goes to a corner, boots Comoroto away and goes up the corner, FLYING RANA! Cover, ONE!!

Scorpio drops elbows on Comoroto and whips but Comoroto blocks! Comoroto whips, Scorpio holds ropes and elbows back. Scorpio goes to the apron, Comoroto grabs a leg but Scorpio clubs away on his back. Comoroto dodges the next forearm to hotshot Scorpio’s back! Comoroto drags Scorpio back into the ring, and stomps away on the back! Fans boo as Comoroto scowls and paces. Comoroto drags Scorpio up into the corner to throw forearms on the back, then RAM his shoulder in! Comoroto whips corner to corner hard and Scorpio falls to the mat! Fans rally, Comoroto stomps Scorpio then digs his knee into Scorpio’s back.

Comoroto drags Scorpio to a corner and bends him back against the post! The ref counts, Comoroto stops at 4, then stalks Scorpio to a corner. Scorpio throws haymakers and elbows, then goes up to leap, into Comoroto’s arms! BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Scorpio survives but Comoroto digs his forearm into Scorpio’s face. Comoroto drags Scorpio up, scoops him and hits another BACKBREAKER! Comoroto makes it a backbreaker bend but lets off to loom over Scorpio. Comoroto straddle attacks Scorpio, then looms over him as he slowly gets up. Comoroto jumps again, Scorpio turns over, but Comoroto anticipates the knees! Comoroto grabs the legs, turns Scorpio over and has a HALF CRAB!

Scorpio endures, fans rally up, and Scorpio fights up towards the ropes for the ropebreak! Comoroto lets go quickly but he drags Scorpio from ropes. Scorpio kicks Comoroto away, Comoroto comes back but Scorpio dumps him out! Comoroto hurries back in but Scorpio clotheslines Comoroto and himself out! Scorpio hurries back in as Comoroto gets up, and Scorpio PLANCHAS to take Comoroto back down! Fans fire up as Scorpio gets up and hobbles. Scorpio puts Comoroto back in, climbs up top, and leaps for the missile dropkick! Scorpio fires up and he back kicks to then run and DUMDUM STOMP!

Comoroto staggers up, Scorpio fireman’s carries but the back gives up! Comoroto fireman’s carries Scorpio for an USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Comoroto is furious and he rains down rights! Comoroto roars, drags Scorpio back up and scoops him, but Scorpio slips off to BOOT! Comoroto just roars, so Scorpio BOOTS him again! Scorpio manages the fireman’s carry for the T K O! Cover, Scorpio wins!

Winner: Scorpio Sky, by pinfall

That was definitely a big challenge, but Scorpio overcame it! Will he rise up in the rankings to go after gold in the near future?


Shanna VS Marti Daniels!

So far, Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’s return has been perfect! She’s on a young win streak, but will that change against one of AEW’s newest additions?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Shanna pushes Marti but Marti pushes Shanna away. Shanna ducks the boot, dropkicks a leg out and then runs to blindside elbow! Roll into the ghost pin, TWO! Shanna clubs away on Marti, then snapmares her to a running elbow drop! And then a leg drop! Cover, TWO! Shanna keeps cool and brings Marti up with chicken wings, but Marti breaks free to pull Shanna’s hair. The ref reprimands, Marti whips Shanna and BOOTS her down! Marti stomps Shanna, soaks up the heat from the fans, then drags Shanna up to whip again. Marti elbows Shanna down hard and taunts the booing fans.

Fans rally for Shanna as Marti brings her up and tosses her by her hair! Marti stomps Shanna around, Shanna gets to the ropes and Marti drags her up. Marti talks trash but Shanna fires back with elbows and forearms! Shanna kicks, Marti blocks but Shanna enziguris! Marti ends up in a corner, fans fire up and Shanna runs in to elbow! Shanna keeps going, forearm smash! Shanna runs for a SUPER FOREARM! Marti rushes in, but Shanna slips around for a STUNNER! Shanna powers up, runs and hits a basement dropkick at the ropes! She drags Marti up with chicken wings, for the TIGER SUPLEX!

The bridging cover falls apart so Shanna drags Marti up again, for ANOTHER TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, Shanna wins!

Winner: Shanna, by pinfall

Shanna continues to build her power level in the AEW Women’s Division! But will she be able to go Super Shanna and become a contender to the championship?


The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Mike Verna & Baron Black!

Eddie Kingston’s family still has a lot of beef with the Lucha Brothers but they’ll hash that out soon enough. Will the Real Man of Steel and EmpBruh be ground beef after tonight?

The teams sort out, Blade starts with Verna and they tie up. They go around, Blade puts Verna in a corner but they go around on the ropes. Verna puts Blade in the corner, Blade turns it around and the ref counts. Blade and Verna let off at 4, and then stare down before tying up again. Blade headlocks, wrenches, hammerlocks, and slaps Verna around, to the delight of Bunny Allie. Verna elbows out, runs and runs Blade over! Verna runs, Blade drops then hurdles but Verna leaps over to go up and huricanrana! Verna is on Blade at the ropes, CHOPS him, then CHOPS him again! Verna CHOPS Blade again, whips him to ropes, but Blade reverses.

Verna ducks and dodges to leap, into a POWERBOMB! Baron tags in and stares Blade down. Blade tags Butcher and Butcher circles with Baron. They approach, Baron slips around, headlocks, but Butcher powers out. Butcher blocks a whip and reverses it, but Baron hurdles over to waistlock. Butcher bucks the roll-up, Baron gets around to uppercut and CHOP and spinning CHOP! Butcher reels Baron in for a BACKBREAKER! Butcher snap suplexes Baron away from the corner, tags in Blade, and Blade chokes Baron on the ropes! The ref counts but Blade lets off at 4. Bunny Allie talks trash and chokes Baron herself!

Blade throws hands on Baron in the corner, digs his knees in, but stops as the ref counts. Tag to Butcher, Butcher CHOPS Baron, CHOPS him again, and bumps Baron off buckles. Butcher stomps Baron, brings Baron up to dig into the ropes, then whips him into the corner. Tag to Blade, they mug Baron, double wrench and double CHOP him down! Blade drags Baron up, fans rally as Blade whips, but Baron rolls up off the kitchen sink, TWO! HALF CRAB! Butcher gets in but the ref stops him, Bunny CLAWS Baron’s face! Blade ROCKS Baron in the corner, bumps him off buckles and tags in Butcher. Butcher throws hands on Baron, stomps him, then ROCKS him with a right of his own!

Butcher hauls Baron up, tags in Blade, and then atomic drop to Blade’s NECKBREAKER! Blade kicks Baron around, kicks him out of the ring, and argues with the ref. Bunny rains down fists on Baron, then gets away with her obnoxious laugh. Butcher puts Baron in for Blade and Blade drags Baron up. Tag to Butcher, they double suplex but Baron fights out! Baron elbows Blade, BOOTS Butcher, then ducks the double clothesline to tag in Verna! Verna rallies with forearms and CHOPS! Verna kicks Butcher but he blocks, only to enziguri! SPINNING POWERSLAM for Blade! Verna says hey yo to Bunny then runs in to forearm Butcher at the corner!

Verna climbs up, leaps and missile dropkicks Butcher away! Verna kicks Blade, DECKS Butcher, then fireman’s carries Blade! Bunny distracts, Blade rakes Verna’s eyes and shoves him to a corner. Butcher clotheslines, Blade CHOPS, then a feed to the BODY CHECK! Baron gets in but he gets the back suplex choke slam combo! Blade and Butcher drag Verna up, suplex to POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, Butcher and Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

Verna was on the chopping block and got cut down! Will the Mad King’s knights conquer the AEW Tag Division soon enough?


Six Man Tag: Gunn Club VS Ryzin, Adam Priest & Vary Morales!

AEW keeps setting them up, Billy and his boys, Austin and Colten, keep knocking ’em down! Will that streak continue the deeper we go into the new year?

The trios sort out, and after rock-paper-scissors, Billy starts with Morales. Billy and Morales circle, tie up, and Billy barely budges as Morales tries his hardest. Billy shoves Morales away, Morales tags in Priest, and Priest ties up with Billy. Billy shoves Priest away with ease, but Ryzin tags in. Ryzin flexes and circles with Billy, to kick low and throw haymakers! Ryzin has BIlly in a corner, punches the headband off, but Billy reverses the rip to then scoop and sidewalk slam! Fans rally while Ryzin writhes, and Billy drags Ryzin up to tag Austin in. Austin tags Colten in, Billy whips Ryzin for Austin to body shot and Colten to dropkick! Colten covers, TWO!

Colten keeps on Ryzin’s arm, drags him over and tags in Austin. The Gunn brothers hand off, wrench but Ryzin powers out. Austin dodges the clothesline but not the SUPERKICK! Ryzin tags in Morales, things speed up, Austin hurdles but Morales shoves. Austin comes back to dodge and trip Morales up! Then the THROWBACK! Fans are fired up and Austin brings Morales up for haymakers. Austin hip tosses but Morales flips through to kick low! Morales runs, Priest tags in, Morales slips out of the back drop and Priest CLOBBERS Austin! Priest stomps Austin into the ocrner, tags in Ryzin, and they mug Austin with more stomps.

Ryzin digs his boots in, the ref counts and Ryzin lets off. Ryzin KICKS Austin then tags in Morales. They mug Austin, Morales drags Austin up to whip him to a corner, and hits a HIGH Bronco Buster! Morales snapmares and runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, ONE!! Morales drags Austin up, wrenches the arm and drags him over to tag in Ryzin. Ryzin throws haymakers, then taunts the Gunns with “SUCK IT!” But Austin boots back! AUstin fights back in enemy territory but Ryzin ROCKS him with a right! Ryzin brings Austin out but Austin suplexes Ryzin first! Hot tags to Colten and Morales! Colten rallies with big rights, Priest runs in to get some rights, too!

Colten hits a corner splash on Priest, then a corner splash on Morales! Tilt-o-whirl SLAM for Priest, and a running POWRESLAM for Morales! Cover, Ryzin breaks it! Billy goes after Ryzin and clotheslines him out! The brothers coordinate, double hip, back drop to neckbreaker! The 3:10 to Yuma! Cover, Gunn Club wins!

Winners: The Gunn Club, by pinfall

And the Gunn Club keeps on rolling! Will they be aiming for titles in the new year?


Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Jon Cruz & Danny Limelight!

Much like Sammy Guevara earlier tonight, Santana and Ortiz want to be THE tag team within the Inner Circle! Will they finally get to do what they came to AEW to do? Or will this tune-up turn into a speed bump to that journey?

The teams sort out and Limelight starts with Santana. Limelight fires off on Santana but Santana gets around for a waistlock and HARD slam! Santana drags Limelight up but Limelight arm-drags then dropkicks him! Limelight kips up, kicks away on Santana at the ropes, then runs. Santana drops, gets around and shotgun boots Limelight down! Santana puts Limelight in the corner, tags in Ortiz, then fireman’s carries for the DEATH VALLEY NECKBREAKER! Cruz leaps in but into a SUPERKICK! PNP fire off hands on Cruz, then coordinate for a wheelbarrow cutter! Cruz flounders out and Ortiz focuses on Limelight.

Ortiz brings Limelight around, up, Santana tags in, and Ortiz POWERBOMBS to swing Limelight into the PENALTY KICK! High stack, PNP wins!!

Winners: Proud ‘n’ Powerful, by pinfall

Santana and Ortiz put this one away fast! That is definitely a message sent to their Inner Circle brothers that they need to bring even better than their A Game’s to Dynamite! Will it be as it was always meant to be for Santana and Ortiz? Will they finally be the ones hunting down the AEW World Tag Team Championships?


“Pretty” Peter Avalon is here!

#PPAAllDay goes to the ring with a mic to say, “Oh, AEW, it’s time for me to grace you all with my presence, and baby, you’re welcome.” Avalon gives his proper introductions as the biggest man in pro-wrestling, the most handsome man in AEW, and the premier attraction on AEW Dark. For those who already know him, you know he’s on a winning streak, beating the most handsome men in wrestling. But it is time to take things to the next level. There are career defining matches and moments, and it is time Avalon had one of those! Pretty Peter’s Pageant Provocation presents: The Walk Off.

Lee Johnson is a handsome young man and Avalon was checking him out. Avalon gave Johnson an 8 x 10, which Johnson accepted. That meant Johnson also accepted his challenge for “The Walk Off.” But what is The Walk Off? Here are the rules! There will be three “pretty” judges as each man is allowed one outfit. They will each take 10 steps forward, a pose, and then a turn to walk back. Anyone can win at wrestling, but it takes a REAL MAN to win such a cosmetic contest! Avalon tells Johnson that next week on Dark, he will prove to “each and every one of these goofs” that it is #PPAAllDay. Who wins the inaugural AEW Walk Off?


Private Party w/ Matt Hardy VS Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy vented about how this new money hungry Hardy is hogging a lot of their revenue. Hardy says his cut won’t matter when the checks get bigger and bigger. But will Big Shotty and The Extra Talented ruin the fun and earn that winner’s purse instead?

The teams sort out and Quen starts against Solow. They circle, tie up, Solow gets the arm but Quen floats over to get a facelock. Solow wrenches out to a wristlock, Quen rolls and wrenches to a hammerlock then headlock. Solow powers out, Quen runs him over, and Quen fakes out Solow’s drop down for a STANDING SHOOTING STAR to his back! Fans cheer and Quen takes a bow. Hardy tells Quen to keep on Solow and Quen runs in, but Solow elbows Quen away! Hardy trips Solow while the ref is busy with Quen, and Quen knows it. Quen lets it slide, he wants to shake Solow’s hand and Solow takes it, to get the headlock! Quen powers out but Solow dropkicks him down!

Solow drags Quen up, tags Johnson, and they double whip Quen for double elbows! Cover, ONE, and Quen tags in Kassidy. Johnson hurdles but Kassidy headscissors! Johnson bails out, Kassidy builds speed, but Hardy is too close. Kassidy has Hardy give them space but Hardy says he needs to take care of business. Hardy throws off his suit jacket in frustration as Kassidy gets a dropkick from Johnson! Hardy and Private Party argue a bit, he wants to see his boys get fired up! “By any means necessary!” Kassidy gets in, kicks Johnson and throws forearms and CHOPS! Kassidy wrenches, elbow breakers but Johnson headlocks. Kassidy throws body shots, powers out and Quen tags in.

Kassidy ducks the clothesline, Quen atomic drops and Kassidy throws Johnson down! Kassidy runs and DECKS Solow while Quen catapults Johnson into the corner! Kassidy comes back, Quen is the step for the PARTY in Motion! Quen dropkicks Solow out and Hardy is liking what he’s seeing! Quen drops knees on Johnson, fans rally up and Quen CHOPS Johnson down! Tag to Kassidy, Quen scoops Johnson for the slam, but Hardy wants Kassidy to finish this. Kassidy ditches the slingshot but his elbow drop still misses! Johnson back drops Quen and hits BLUE THUNDER BOMB on Kassidy! Hardy is frustrated as Solow tags in.

Solow brings Kassidy up for an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Solow drags Kassidy up and Hardy says this is embarrassing! Kassidy powers his way towards the corner, throws body shots, then slips out to jawbreaker! Quen tags in, they double whip Solow, and use a unique leap frog to trip Solow up for the dropkick! Cover, TWO! Quen keeps on Solow with stomp after stomp, then brings Solow up to whip. Solow kicks the back drop away, tags in Johnson, and they coordinate for a back suplex neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Johnson keeps his cool as he drags Quen up and fans rally. Solow tags back in, he and Johnson double suplex but Quen fights out and DOUBLE RANAS!

Tag to Kassidy, Kassidy rallies with big clotheslines on Solow! Kassidy back kicks Solow to the corner, whips him corner to corner but Solow reverses, only for Kassidy to triangle STUNNER Johnson off the apron! Solow runs in but into a boot! Kassidy runs but Solow gets a waistlock. Kassidy standing switches, Quen tags in before the O’Conner roll, but Solow slips out. Kassidy hip tosses Solow down, Quen springboards to SPLASH! Cover, but Johnson breaks it! Kassidy dropkicks Johnson down but might’ve hurt his own leg. Quen drags Solow up, scoops, but Solow slips off. O’Conner roll, TWO!

Hardy ROCKS Solow as the ref is busy with Quen! Tag to Kassidy, Private Party drags Solow up, DOUBLE ENZIGURI SANDWICH! Cover, Private Party wins!

Winners: Private Party, by pinfall

Quen and Kassidy win to get that winner’s paycheck, but Kassidy is clutching his leg! Did doing things Hardy’s way cost Private Party more than they know?


Big Swole VS Alex Gracia!

The championship chase is never done, and Big Swole still stands as #1 contender! But will the dream of gold be ruined by the Pink Dream?

The bell rings and fans rally up as Swole circles with Gracia. They tie up, go around, and Swole wrenches to a wristlock. Gracia rolls, wrenches back, but Swole slips around to a hammerlock then headlock. Gracia pries free, wrenches to get her own headlock and she grinds on the hold. Swole powers out, follows then runs Gracia over! Swole keeps moving, Gracia drops but swings only to miss. Swole then shoves and clobbers Gracia with an elbow! Gracia goes to the apron, Swole drags her up, but Gracia throws a forearm back! Gracia throws more forearms, gets in and drop toeholds Swole to ropes! Gracia runs, 619! Cover, ONE!!

Gracia keeps on Swole and clamps onto the arm to then throw it down. Gracia stands on the arm, and drops a leg on it! Gracia gets the other arm and drops an elbow on it! Gracia wristlocks but fans rally up as Swole fights back. Swole whips, Gracia reverses but Swole goes up and over and rolls. Swole runs back in but only gets buckles! Gracia hits a back elbow, then runs in to KICK Swole down! Cover, TWO! Gracia drags Swole up, Swole throws body shots and forearms! Swole goes to run, Gracia reels her in but Swole elbows away! Swole denies the neckbreaker to BOOT Gracia down!

Fans fire up with Swole as she aims at Gracia, and Swole rallies with big shoulders and cross chops! Swole fires off forearms, Gracia ducks a kick, jumps the sweep, but the HEADBUTT hits! Swole reels Gracia in, ripcords and takes her DIRTY DANCING! Cover, Swole wins!

Winner: Big Swole, by pinfall

Swole may be balancing her style with technique, but all she needed was one swift strike! Will Swole be poised for a title match with Hikaru Shida soon enough?


Sonny Kiss VS Zack Clayton!

The Concrete Rose once again rolls solo with the Bad Boy still out after what Kenny Omega did to him. Will Kiss be able to stay strong without Joey Janela?

The bell rings and Kiss circles with Clayton. They tie up, Kiss waistlocks but Clayton pries at the hold. Kiss hooks a leg, trips Clayton up and floats to a facelock. Clayton powers up and tosses Kiss to a corner! Clayton runs in, Kiss goes up and over, and then Kiss ROUNDHOUSES Clayton! Kiss runs corner to corner and handsprings but Clayton dodges. Clayton runs back in into an ax kick, and then Kiss RANAS him to ropes! Kiss hurries up to SCREW HIGH KICK! Fans fire up with Kiss and Kiss runs, but into Clayton’s LARIAT! Clayton checks his face, drags Kiss back up with a facelock and suplexes. Clayton holds Kiss up for a count of 10 before SLAMMING him down!

Clayton runs for a LEAPING KNEE DROP! Cover, TWO! Clayton keeps cool and wraps Kiss up with a chinlock. Kiss breaks free to ROCK Clayton, then counter punch! Kiss dodges to ROCK Clayton with a forearm! Clayton and Kiss go to opposite corners, they run at each other and Kiss slides under to then dropkick Clayton to the corner! Kiss runs in to ENZIGURI! Clayton staggers, Kiss whips but Clayton reverses. Kiss tumbles to the apron, ROUNDHOUSES again and Clayton is down! Kiss steps up and slingshots to SPLIT LEG DROP! Fans fire up, Kiss dodges Clayton and ROLLING ELBOWS! Kiss spins to mule kick, front kick and LEAPING COMPLETE SHOTS!

Kiss goes to a corner, takes aim and FLYING SPLIT LEG DROPS! Cover, Kiss wins!

Winner: Sonny Kiss, by pinfall

The aggression was turned up to 11 for Kiss! Will this be the spark he needs to get up and after some gold?


Top Flight VS KC Navarro & A.J. Kirsch!

Darius & Dante Martin are the coldest tag team in the game but are also getting pretty hot in the AEW Tag Division. Will they keep that ice in their veins and continue to blaze a trail against The Truly Blessed and the Best of the West?

Teams sort out and Darius starts with Kirsch. They circle, Navarro talks some smack, but Darius ties up with Kirsch. Kirsch headlocks, Darius powers out but Kirsch gets around to headlock again. Darius rolls Kirsch off the headlock but Kirsch runs him over! Things speed up, Kirsch blocks Darius’ hip toss but Darius blocks one in return. Darius slips around to arm-drag Kirsch away, then he wrenches the arm and tags in Dante. The brothers hand-off, Darius decks Navarro and Dante wrings Kirsch out for Darius to basement dropkick! Navarro gets in, kicks both brothers then runs, but into double CHOPS!

Top Flight feeds Navarro to a spin around and ankle pick, roll through with the arm, and double KICKS! Kirsch kicks Top Flight back, drags Dante up but Dante gets away! Navarro tags in but Dante arm-drags him down! Navarro headscissors, Dante pops out, things speed up and Navarro rolls off Dante’s back to CHOP him! Navarro fires up and whips but Dante reverses. Dante hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks, only to miss! Navarro smirks and pats Dante on the head, but he runs into a SOMERSAULT SHOTGUN! Dante drags Navarro up but Navarro SAIDOS out hard! Navarro is furious, he throws forearms and tags in Kirsch.

Kirsch rams into Dante, talks trash, but Dante shoves him away to ROCK him! Dante DECKS Navarro, boots Kirsch, then hops up, but Navarro shoves Dante off into Kirsch’s atomic drop! Kirsch trips Dante, drops an elbow and then digs forearms into Dante’s face to talk some trash. Kirsch CLUBS Dante, whips him to the corner, then runs in to clothesline! Kirsch reels Dante into a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Dante fights back but Kirsch CLUBS him! Navarro tags in, he and Kirsch mug Dante, then Navarro chokes Dante on the ropes! The ref counts, Navarro lets off, but Kirsch hotshots Dante down! Navarro drags Dante into a roll up, TWO!

Navarro drags Dante back up, has the leg and flips Dante but Dante lands on his feet! Darius tags in, Dante holds off Navarro’s powerbomb and Darius CROSSBODIES! Darius DECKS Kirsch, BOOTS Navarro, then jumps up, over, handsprings and whips to STANDING SPANISH FLY! Cover, but Kirsch breaks it in time! Kirsch whips Darius but Darius throws him out! Dante hurries over, and goes off the corner to MOONSAULT Kirsch down! Darius has Navarro, tilt-o-whirl and roll to the rolling cradle! Top Flight wins!

Winners: Top Flight, by pinfall

If you blinked, you probably missed it, so it’s a good thing it’s on YouTube! Will Top Flight be at the top of the division in the blink of an eye?


Ivelisse & Diamante VS Tesha Price & Katalina Perez!

La Sicaria & The Cuban Diamond are back in the ring together again, still looking to show everyone why they’re worthy of the AEW Women’s Tag Cup medals! Will Tesha and the Queenpin pay the price of disagreeing with that?

The teams sort out and Diamante starts with Price. They talk some trash as they circle, then they tie up and Diamante gets around to CLUB Price. Price comes back to throw forearms then whip, but Diamante blocks the hip toss. Price knees low, flips up and around but Diamante blocks the arm-drag. Price kicks from below, gets the arm-drag then arm-drags again. Diamante ends up in the corner, Price tags Perez and they double snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Perez hip tosses Diamante and basement dropkicks, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Perez stakls Diamante but misses the dropkick this time! Diamante gets the legs, catapults Perez into buckles and Ivelisse tags in.

Ivelisse KICKS Perez in the back, dragon sleepers for the reverse DDT! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse thrashes Perez around, the ref reprimands and Ivelisse lets off. Ivelisse brings Perez up to club her and snap suplex! Ivelisse rolls back into the guillotine! Perez endures, fights her way up but Ivelisse wrangles her back down. Perez pushes to a cover, TWO! Ivelisse kicks Perez and then DECKS her! Ivelisse bumps Perez off buckles, tags Diamante then CHOPS Perez! Diamante runs in to clothesline, Ivelisse RAMS in, and Diamante ROCKS Perez with a forearm! Diamante snapmares Perez, chinlocks with the armlock, but fans rally up for Perez.

Perez fights up, throws elbows but Diamante CLUBS her! Diamante fires off forearms, Perez back kicks and runs, to BASEMENT UPPERCUT! Both women are down and fans rally up. Diamante and Perez crawl, hot tags to Ivelisse and Price! Price rallies with forearms and uppercuts, and she sees Diamante coming to DECK her! Price handsprings and ROUNDHOUSES Ivelisse at the corner! Ivelisse staggers, Price runs to BULLDOG her down! Cover, TWO! Price keeps on Ivelisse but Ivelisse headbutts low! Ivelisse shoves Price to the corner but Price elbows Diamante down to then dropkick Ivelisse!

Price tags in Perez, they bring Ivelisse around but Ivelisse fights out of the suplex. Price enziguris, Perez hits a swinging neckbreaker! Cover, but Diamante breaks it! Diamante throws Price out and goes after her with haymakers, Ivelises rolls and ENZIGURIS Perez down! Cover, Ivelisse & Diamante win!

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante, by pinfall

And the Women’s Tag Cup winners keep on winning! Will this prove they’re deserving of more gold in the Women’s Division?


The Acclaimed VS Shawn Dean & Fuego Del Sol!

Platinum Max Caster and the 5 Tool Player, Anthony Bowens, are back again! “We gonna pour the water on Fuego. He only wear a mask cuz he couldn’t draw a peso. Standing on my payload, you still three feet! My last rap got me heat, but they can’t see me! Shawn Dean comin’ back but it’s just a repeat. You could call me daddy, you’re about to be beat, yo! Your only talent is gettin’ no dough, you’d get voted off of the Go Big Show, real quick. REAL quick.” Will the Acclaimed go big or go home after firing up The Captain and the Fire of the Sun?

The teams sort out and Caster starts with Fuego. They circle, tie up, and Caster wrenches to a wristlock. Fuego uses the ropes to flip through, wristlocks back but Caster wrenches to knee low! Bowens cheers but the fans boo as Caster suplexes. Fuego knees free but Caster shoves him away from the DDT! Caster wants Fuego to cool off, and Dean tags in. Caster and the Captain circle, approach, and Caster BOOTS Dean in the face! Caster headlocks, Dean powers out but Caster runs him over. Caster blows a kiss, scuffs Dean, then things speed up. Dean hurdles, leaps, but Caster catches him! Dean slips off the scoop, O’Conner roll, TWO!

Dean ends up on the apron but he slingshots in to roll Caster! Dean can’t hold the cover but Caster is still stuck upside-down for a second. Caster hurries to his feet, Dean gets around his haymaker, and then Dean rams his shoulder low into Caster’s stomach. Dean goes up, boots Caster away, then leaps for a BIG crossbody! Fans fire up as Dean watches Caster get up, and then CLOBBERS him! Cover, ONE but Dean is back on Caster. Dean reaches to tag Fuego but Caster rakes eyes and jawbreakers! Caster brings Dean around to whip but Dean reverses. Bowens tags in, Caster sunset flips but Dean stays up, to get the NECKBREAKER TO KNEES! Bowens covers, TWO!

Bowens drags Dean away to throw forearms, then CHOPS Dean in the corner! And CHOPS again! And again! Bowens tags Caster, The Acclaimed double back suplex but Dean lands on his feet! Dean dodges and The Acclaimed collide, tag to Fuego! Fuego springboards to double missile dropkick! Fuego hits a back body block on Bowens, tilt-o-whirls Caster into Bowens and The Acclaimed go down! Fuego cravats Caster, uses Bowens for the boost to SLICED BREAD! Cover, TWO! Caster survives but Fuego stays fired up! Fuego runs and tilt-o-whirls but the DDT is blocked to a BRAIN BUSTER!

Tag to Bowens, Caster BOOTS Dean down and Bowens brings Fuego up. The Acclaimed coordinate, SIDE EFFECT and MACHO ELBOW! Bowens covers off Critically Acclaimed, The Acclaimed wins!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall

Dropping bars and racking up wins, Caster and Bowens are still running hot! Will they find their way back to a tag team championship match as the new year rolls on?


Lucha Brothers w/ PAC VS Chaos Project!

Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo still have a score to settle with Eddie Kingston & The Fam, but they’ll settle for the Original Death Dealer and SNAKEMAN. Will two-thirds of Death Triangle stay sharp at the expense of Luther and Serpentico?

The teams sort out and Penta starts with Luther. Fans rally as the two circle and stare down. Luther tries poking at Penta’s third eye, but Penta tells him to listen. CERO! MIEDO! Serpentico gets in but Fenix jumps in, too! The ref tries to keep this from turning into a brawl, and Serpentico and Fenix both back off. Penta mule kicks Luther and headlocks but Luther powers out and BOOTS! Luther whips Penta to the corner, runs in to fire off haymakers, then whips Penta out, only for Penta to reverse and send him back in! Serpentico tags in and crossbodies! Serpentico dodges Penta but Fenix tags in and jumps in ahead of Serpentico!

Fenix shoves Serpentico, Serpentico fixes his head and shoves back. Serpentico runs, wheelbarrows but Fenix blocks the arm-drag. Fenix spina around, Serpentico blocks the whip but Fenix bucks the roll up. Fenix again blocks the wheelbarrow but Serpentico pushes off the ropes to sunset flip! TWO, they both go for headlocks but both slip away and fans cheer. Fenix offers a handshake, but Serpentico hesitates and Fenix CHOPS! Fenix SUPERKICKS Serpentico, tags Penta and then the brothers double whip. Serpentico holds ropes and BOOTS back! Luther ROCKS Penta, Serpentico rolls Penta to basement DDT! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up, Serpentico drags Penta up and tags in Luther. Serpentico snapmares and kicks Penta, then Luther stomps Penta. Luther makes Serpentico a weapon, assisted atomic leg drop! Cover, TWO! Luther argues the count but the ref lets him vent. Luther stomps Penta, drags him up and tags Serpentico in. Chaos Project mugs Penta, Luther scoop slams Penta then again uses Serpentico. Serpentico lands out of the lift and stomps Penta. Luther runs and still uses Serpentico in the BULLDOG SPLASH! Luther dribbles Serpentico off of Penta! Cover, ONE!! Serpentico drags Penta and tags in Luther. Chaos Project mug Penta then Luther CLUBS Penta down.

Tag to Serpentico, Chaos Project mugs Penta then double whip him to a corner. Serpentico runs in, Penta puts him on the top rope and CHOPS. Penta mule kicks Luther then sends him into Serpentico’s trouser snake! Penta runs and SLINGBLADES Luther down! Fans fire up with Penta, he heads to the corner and tags in Fenix! Fenix slingshots and dropkicks Luther down! Fenix BOOTS Serpentico, brings him around, and Gory Especial, GORY BOMB AND LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Fenix runs corner to corner but Serpentico SUPERKICKS! Penta enziguris Serpentico, Fenix tags him in, POWERBOMB and WAZZAP! Cover, but Luther breaks it!

Fenix SUPERKICKS Luther down! Penta drags Serpentico up, Fenix is up top, CERO! MIEDO! But Luther trips Fenix up! Serpentico slips out of the driver to run, roll and go up, but Penta SUPERKICKS him! Fenix runs the tightrope to KICK Luther away, then coordinates with Penta again, for the L B DRIVER!! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

Death Triangle celebrates in the ring, Penta and Fenix are rolling! Will they settle things with The Butcher & The Blade while also going for the gold?

My Thoughts:

A very good Dark, but I have to say the main event should’ve had more time to breathe. Lucha Brothers VS Chaos Project was good for being under 10 minutes but they could easily have gotten this to 15 minutes if they wanted. The Acclaimed had a great match with Dean and Fuego, and Caster had another good diss rap. I like the character bits with Luchasaurus and Cutler, and I guess Cutler’s been acting like he’s a real dragon outside of Dynamite and Dark. There’s great irony in Luchasaurus, who claims to be a real dinosaur man, calling out Cutler as a fake dragon man. Cutler’s little win streak is over but I’m sure he’ll get back on track with next week’s Dark.

Australiano is crazy doing all those spinning moves, and I really did think he and Sammy got hurt a few different times. Sammy wins, Santana and Ortiz win, they’re all going strong into the Inner Circle’s Triple Threat Tag, but I’m pretty sure they’re losing because it just feels like Jericho and MJF are taking the win. Hardy and Private Party had a good moment, but I hope Kassidy isn’t hurt there. Apparently something big happened on Impact tonight with them, so hopefully they can follow through.

And while Peter Avalon VS Lee Johnson in a “Walk Off” sounds really goofy, I bet it’ll be a lot of fun, and it is at least good progression of this character for Avalon. I wonder if Johnson wins to infuriate Avalon and then we get a match between them where Johnson ends Avalon’s own win streak. Dark being as long as it is, we need story progression to keep viewer interest.

My Score: 8.1/10

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