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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News! (9/17/20)

More odd behavior in Hyrule!



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HPW Media has caught up with Tingle!

The intrepid explorer was last seen chasing the mischievous Skull Kid around after Skull Kid stole Tingle’s hand-drawn maps detailing his search for Kokiri Village. He contacted HPW Media to bring their cameras so that these events could be documented.


Tingle stands at the edge of a forest.

“No way… Did he really…?” Tingle is shaking and seems to be breaking out in a cold sweat. But that makes some sense, as he stands before the infamous Lost Woods! The southern portion of the Hyrule Great Forest is treacherous, with many urban legends about it. “That madman went in there, didn’t he?” Tingle takes a deep breath as he dares to follow after Skull Kid!

The cameraman follows Tingle in, but he’s immediately unsure of where to go facing down the forked path. He worriedly goes forward to go North, and faces another forked path. He tries North again but that’s a dead end. Tingle goes back, tries East, finds another forked path, and tries North from here. Nope, another dead end. He goes back a space and goes East again, that only has one path, to another dead end. Tingle’s stress turns to frustration as he makes it back to the spot just after the entrance and starts over. The footage fast-forwards through the many trials and errors by Tingle, until finally, after going North, West, South, then West again, he comes to a path that leads North to a grove.

In this grove, there’s a pedestal placed perfectly under the sunlight that shines through an opening in the trees. Stuck inside the pedestal, shining in the light with a blue, winged hilt and golden-yellow gem, is a sword. Tingle scratches his head and asks, “Who leaves their sword wedged in a stone pedestal?” He shrugs and turns around to leave. They return to the entrance of the Lost Woods, and Tingle decides to go West. And there’s Skull Kid! It was that easy!? Skull Kid pouts as he says, “What took you so long?” Oh whatever! Just give Tingle back his maps! Hold on! Doesn’t he want to find Kokiri Village?

Wait, Skull Kid knows where that is? Well, not exactly, but he knows it’s in the Great Forest somewhere. They can work together to find it! So what does he say? Skull Kid offers a handshake, Tingle considers it, but the camera’s battery is running low! We don’t get to see Tingle’s response! Do Tingle and Skull Kid become a duo of explorers?!

My Thoughts:

Sorry for the cliffhanger! But I just needed to move the story of Tingle and Skull Kid forward. It’ll continue with another segment down the line, I just need to figure out how to steer things a certain way. You’ll see soon enough the full plans for these two in HPW!

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