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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News! (9/18/20)

Has Tingle completed his life long dream?



Hyrule Puro-Resu News Generic

HPW Media is back online with Tingle and Skull Kid!

The camera is fully charged and the delay is over! Skull Kid promised to help Tingle find the forest fairies of Kokiri Village, but will he be able to fulfill that promise?


Skull Kid leads Tingle into the northeast part of the Great Forest.

Tingle notes how he got lost trying to go through this part of the forest alone, but Skull Kid has surprising confidence in leading the way. He better not be tricking everyone! Skull Kid tells Tingle to relax and trust him. It’s just a little further. After rounding another corner, they arrive in a rather unassuming town with a lot of kids and young people running around. They all wear green, and the boys wear pointy hats. This is it! Kooloo-Limpah! Tingle can feel it! This is Kokiri Village, home of the forest fairies! Tingle runs around in wild circles and naturally gets attention of those nearby.

A girl, or perhaps a young woman, asks who he is. Tingle introduces himself and Skull Kid, but wait, where did Skull Kid go? Did he say, “Skull Kid?” Skull Kid is hiding behind a tree but not very well. The Kokiri girl tells Skull Kid to come out, and he sheepishly walks back over. Hi, Saria… Tingle asks if there is something wrong. Not necessarily. Skull Kid admits he broke some things last time he was here but it wasn’t important. It was the floats for their New Year’s celebration, you jerk! Well if they were that important, they shouldn’t have made them out of sticks that would break so easy! Saria and the other Kokiri grumble at Skull Kid, and at Tingle by proxy.

Tingle has everyone calm down, and says Skull Kid really should apologize. Skull Kid grumbles, but he does feel bad for ruining New Year’s. He apologizes and shakes hands with Saria and the others. With that out of the way, Kokiri Village welcomes the visitors! They have Tingle and Skull Kid join in with their games, running around the village, throwing balls and jumping through hoops! Tingle is living his dream of being an eternally youthful forest fairy! He doesn’t notice the glances the Kokiri and even Skull Kid give him.

Skull Kid suddenly gets an idea for a game! It’ll be like extreme Follow the Leader! What does he mean by, “Extreme?” He runs up a wall, gets to the top and hops over to then run on the roof of a building to jump to another roof. Saria is a bit worried but some of the Kokiri boys, and Tingle, try it. Tingle lags behind because he’s not actually as eternally youthful as he wants to be. Skull Kid and the Kokiri boys make it on the third jump but Tingle stumbles, jumps awkwardly, and knocks into a post! The post tips over and falls on a wheelbarrow so hard, it flings the contents into Saria and the Kokiri girls! And the contents were rotting vegetables… And they’re furious with Tingle and Skull Kid, and those two take off running!


Some time later, Tingle and Skull Kid are found sulking.

Tingle’s dream, ruined! Skull Kid apologizes for getting carried away, but Tingle says it’s not his fault. Tingle needs to come to terms with the fact he’s not a teenager anymore. So he’s 20? Older. He’s 25? Older… Wow, he’s 30? No… He’s 35… Whoa… Tingle sighs and looks up at the sky as he wonders what he’s supposed to do with himself now.

As the two continue down the road, they hear someone grunting and shouting. They look around and see Groose lifting, throwing and rolling big rocks around. In that moment, Tingle is inspired! Instead of being a youthful forest fairy, Tingle will become a big strong stud like Groose! Skull Kid wants to be a big strong stud, too! They both call to Groose and wave as they hurry over. Can they spend time training to be big and strong like him? Um… Groose shrugs and says, “Sure, why not.” How is Tingle’s new dream going to shape up?

My Thoughts:

Tingle, Skull Kid and Groose, all hanging out? That’s pretty bold. Though that might be giving myself a little too much praise. These three definitely make an eclectic combination, that’s for sure.

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