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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (9/19/20)

HPW Gerudo Canyon, Night 2!



HPW Gerudo Canyon

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 7, part 2

Forged By Violence waits for a challenge! Will the Dark Forces or the Desert Flowers win it all and become HPW Trios Championship contenders?


  • HPW Exquisite Championship: Ghirahim Mazokucho VS Igos du Ikana; Draw.
  • HPW Goddess Championship: Cia VS Midna; Midna wins and becomes the new HPW Goddess Champion.
  • HPW Trios Championship Contenders Tournament Finals: The Dark Forces VS Desert Flowers; Desert Flowers win and will challenge Forged By Violence for the titles at a later date.


HPW and HXS set the scene!

HPW Trios Bracket 2

It’s night two and two teams remain! Just a week ago, Volga vowed to show no mercy to the Dark Forces’ opponents, but the Desert Flowers vowed to make dreams come true! Will anger and fire or passion and hope triumph tonight? Plus, two big title matches from Treasure Island are revisited! The blatant disrespect of Ghirahim hitting Igos du Ikana below the belt and the controversy of Wizzro costing Midna have resulted in a higher stakes visit to Gerudo Canyon than expected! Will the Living Blade and Dark Sorceress get away with their gold? Or will justice be served as one #FallsToRuin and the other #SeesTheTwilight?


HPW Exquisite Championship: Ghirahim Mazokucho VS Igos du Ikana!

HPW Exquisite Championship

Ironically, the Ruler of Ruin doesn’t even care that this is for the title. He just wants revenge on the disrespectful and downright dastardly “Demon Lord” that disqualified himself! Will Ghirahim feel the wrath of Ikana come down upon him?

Wait, who are these people coming out with Igos? They’re also rather spooky looking. The shortest of them has a case that he’s carefully carrying to the ring. The tallest of them holds the ropes open for Igos as he enters with a very regal looking cape. These four join Igos in the ring now as Igos grabs a mic. “Fans of Hyrule Pro-Wrestling. Let me introduce you to the Ikana Royal Family.” Fans ooh and aah before Igos continues. The tallest is the “Captain of the Guard,” Captain Keeta. The next two in matching gear are the Royal Knights, Sir Hurr and Sir Durr. And last but not least, the shortest one, holding the case, is Stal-Kid.

Igos finally addresses the case, and says this case holds a “valuable treasure.” This treasure shall replace “the eyesore” Ghirahim carries around and truly mark Igos’ victory. Stal-Kid opens the case up and reveals…!

HyruleProWrestling TerminaChampionship

That’s the TCW Championship! How does Igos still have the top title from the fallen Termina Championship Wrestling?! And now it has the official HPW seal on it. Igos says that if Ghirahim can create his own belt, then he will bring in a title he held the longest and the most often in TCW history. “When I win tonight, TCW history and HPW history will blend through this title, a true title built on blood, sweat and tears, not envy, vanity and ego.” The fans applaud, agreeing with those sentiments. But Ghirahim makes his entrance, and looks very upset. He’s shouting something about Igos getting ahead of himself and that the former TCW Championship is the real eyesore. Ghirahim storms into the ring and Igos has his “family” stand down.

The referee asks the Ikana Royal Family to exit, and they do, with Captain Keeta joining commentary. Ghirahim and Igos stare each other down as they take off their cloaks. Introductions are made but the referee asks how to handle the belts. Word comes down to raise them both! One title, two belts, who wins to determine the TRUE name of the formerly Death Mountain Championship?

Igos and Ghirahim stare down from their corners as the fans rally and cheer. Ghirahim scowls at the fans before he and Igos start circling. They approach, feel out the grapple, but Ghirahim backs off to shake out his hands. Ghirahim and Igos approach again, Ghirahim kicks low and headlocks. Captain Keeta disapproves as Ghirahim hits the takeover, but then is relieved when Igos headscissors. Ghirahim pops out, roles reverse as Igos headlocks and hits the takeover but Ghirahim headscissors. Ghirahim holds tight as Igos tries to pop out, and even pushes up to add torque. Igos endures as some fans and especially the Royal Family rally up. Igos manages to turn Ghirahim over rolls back, and has the legs for a Cloverleaf!

Ghirahim flails and reaches, they go around and Ghirahim gets a ropebreak! Igos lets go fast, Ghirahim gets up in a huff, and Igos CHOPS him! Ghirahim falls over, bails out of the ring and is furious. He doesn’t want to be part of another chop fight like their first match. He cools off and gets back in, but then Igos KICKS him in the leg! Ghirahim is again furious as he gets to a corner for safety. He also doesn’t want another kick fight like their previous match. Igos grows impatient with Ghirahim but Ghirahim uses the ropes as defense and the ref keeps Igos back. Ghirahim then sucker punches Igos! Fans boo and Keeta protests, but also apologizes for shouting, as Ghirahim furiously clubs Igos down!

Ghirahim hammers Igos into the mat, seethes as he wrenches Igos’ arm to stand on it, then STOMPS it!! Igos writhes but Ghirahim then grabs the arm, wrenches it to a hammerlock and adds a chinlock. Igos endures as Ghirahim pulls back, also digging a knee in Igos’ back. Fans rally up, Igos pries at the chinbar but it’s hard to do that with one hand. Igos uses his legs, moves around, and gets the ropebreak with his foot! Ghirahim holds on as the ref counts and lets go at 3. Ghirahim stalks Igos to a corner, stomps a mudhole in, but again lets up as the ref counts. Fans boo and jeer but Ghirahim soaks up the heat as he swaggers his way to the opposite corner. Ghirahim then runs corner to corner to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Ghirahim seethes as he grabs at the bad arm. He wraps it around the ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Ghirahim lets up at 3, then kicks the ropes to jam the arm! The ref reprimands but the damage is already done. Ghirahim grabs for the arm, Igos is on the ropes and the ref has him stay back. Igos shakes the bad arm as he circles with Ghirahim again. Igos does his best to shield the bad arm from Ghirahim but Ghirahim shoots in to get a leg. Ghirahim trips Igos up, goes after the arm, but Igos holds Ghirahim off with a hand in the face. They move around, Igos kicks Ghirahim in the back, then kicks him again. Ghirahim gets up, drops a leg on the bad arm, then wraps it up in a short arm scissor! Igos endures as Ghirahim cranks on the arm!

Fans rally, Igos moves around, reaches for ropes with his legs, but Ghirahim lets up on the short arm scissor to drag Igos away. Igos uses that to roll Ghirahim up, TWO! Igos gets to a corner, Ghirahim runs in but Igos KNEES him back! Igos starts firing off strikes but the bad arm is no good, and Ghirahim wrenches it to PELE the arm! Igos still KICKS Ghirahim in the chest! Ghirahim staggers back and seethes, more angry that he left himself open than at the kick itself. Ghirahim kicks back but Igos spins to block and sweep the legs at the same time! Igos splashes down for the cover, TWO! Ghirahim gets up but narrowly avoids Elegy of Emptiness! Ghirahim scrambles to ropes and Igos stares him down. Igos shouts, “You went after the wrong limb!”

Igos rushes Ghirahim in the corner with stomps and kicks! The ref counts, Igos stops at 4, but comes back to BOOT Ghirahim down! Ghirahim flounders against ropes, Igos KICKS his leg! Ghirahim drops to a knee, the ref reprimands Igos but Igos clubs Ghirahim with his good arm. Igos stomps more and more as fans cheer him on. The ref backs Igos off and Ghirahim clings to the rope. But as the ref reprimands and Igos “apologizes,” Ghirahim sees Stal-Kid creeping up. Ghirahim scoots back and points at Stal-Kid, shouting, “Stay back, you bony cretin!” Stal-Kid mocks Ghirahim and Igos Penalty Kicks Ghirahim’s other arm! Ghirahim clutches his elbow and spasms from the pain, and throws a tantrum all the way to a corner.

Igos shakes out his arm while waiting on Ghirahim. The ref tells Ghirahim to come back, and Ghirahim reluctantly leaves the corner. Ghirahim and Igos circle, both with a bad arm each now. They approach but they both keep the bad arm back. This doesn’t work for a test of strength or even collar-and-elbow. Ghirahim is frustrated and he CHOPS Igos! Igos CHOPS back and Ghirahim realizes his mistake. Ghirahim grits his teeth as he seethes, and shouts, “To hell with it!” and CHOPS again! Igos CHOPS, Ghirahim CHOPS, repeat! The fans are loving this as Ghirahim and Igos keep going CHOP for CHOP! After about ten CHOPS from both men, Igos and Ghirahim catch their breaths, and then Igos back KICKS!

Igos front kicks and whips, Ghirahim reverses, Igos QUEBRADAS! Ghirahim flounders up, Igos KNEES him down! Cover, TWO! Igos keeps his cool but the fans are fired up! Igos drags Ghirahim up while shaking out the bad arm. He wrenches Ghirahim’s bad arm, presses on the shoulder, but Ghirahim grits his teeth and rolls to reverse the wrench, also onto Igos’ bad arm. Ghirahim digs his elbow into Igos’ shoulder and brings Igos to a knee. Igos endures, fans rally up, Igos handsprings and ROCKS Ghirahim with a forearm! Igos reels Ghirahim into a dragon sleeper, with hands behind the back! Igos drops but Ghirahim rolls back to avoid the body scissors and it’s a cover, TWO! Ghirahim Penalty Kicks but Igos ducks it to roll Ghirahim up, TWO! Both men ROUNDHOUSE!

Fans are fired up as both men are down. Igos and Ghirahim slowly sit up as fans build to a rally. Ghirahim and Igos glare at each other and get forehead to forehead on the mat. Ghirahim throws a forearm, Igos throws a forearm back. They brawl back and forth from their knees to the feet, forearm for forearm. They keep going, fans fire up, and Igos gets the edge. Igos whips, Ghirahim reverses to YANK on the bad arm! Ghirahim whips Igos to a corner, runs in but into a back elbow. Igos powers through the pain in his bad arm to hit the Ikana Rush, sliding knee and all! Ghirahim flounders, Igos BOOTS him to a corner! Fans fire up as Igos stands Ghirahim up in the corner and CHOPS again!

Igos hoists Ghirahim up top, CHOPS again, then climbs up to join him. Ghirahim hits back and the two brawl up top. Igos forearms over and over, then clubs away on Ghirahim’s back. Igos stands up on the very top rope and drags Ghirahim up. Ghirahim still fights and fans chant, “Please Don’t Die! Please Don’t Die!” Igos clubs Ghirahim a few more times and cranks hard on the facelock. Ghirahim starts to fade, and Igos brings him up for the SUPERPLEX! Igos rolls back but Ghirahim hooks legs! Cover, but both men’s shoulders are down!! The ref counts three, but who wins and who loses?!

Ghirahim celebrates like he won, demanding he be given his belt. But Igos of course says that he won, and Stal-Kid gets him the TCW belt. Ghirahim tells Igos he’s as wrong as he is ugly, and still demands his belt. Other referees come out and discuss this with the timekeeper and even commentary. Igos and Ghirahim are impatient, and fans are starting to get impatient, too. The power of replay confirms that both men’s shoulders stay down for the full three count, and so the decision is announced: IT’S A DRAW!!

Double Pinfall Draw

Fans are disappointed but Igos and Ghirahim are both furious! They get in each other’s face, raising their respective belts. The referee keeps the peace and Igos has his Ikana Royal Family backing him up as Ghirahim backs off. What does this draw mean for the championship? Is it still Exquisite? Has it transformed? When will we hear a judgment from HPW upper management?


HPW Goddess Championship: Cia VS Midna!

Not only are The Dark Forces preoccupied tonight, but Wizzro has been banned from ringside for this match! The Dark Sorceress will be all alone against the Twilight Princess! Will Cia survive the night? Or will Midna take back her throne and title in one fell swoop?

Cia makes her entrance first, rather unusual for a champion. She herself looks confused as to why she has to be first, and is then impatient in the ring. Midna walks out without music, and has a backpack. That’s Zant’s backpack! She took it from him in their scrap over the Fused Shadows. She pulls the strange items out of the backpack and takes off the one she wears as a crown. They fit together like puzzle pieces and form an even stranger looking crown! Midna puts it on, though it’s more like a helmet now, or even body armor. Cia complains to the referee again but then something happens. Lights start flickering, and Midna starts shaking as she floats on stage.

Midna suddenly flies and smacks into part of the stage! Then she goes up a bit, smacks into a corner of the titantron, flies across to the other side of the stage, then crash lands back where she started! Suddenly, a HUGE creature with many limbs, glowing with swirling black and green, sprouts from the Fused Shadow helmet! Or rather, is wearing it! Is this creature Midna?! Monster Midna roars with all its arms(?) flexing, only for it all to suddenly retract back inside the helmet. The helmet lands right-side up on stage and sits there. Fans are silent, but just as they start to murmur among themselves, the helmet floats up again. As it floats up, it’s as if someone is being poured out of it. A rather tall female, at that.

The helmet stops floating up when it finally reaches this tall woman’s shoulders. She slowly takes off the helmet, and out flows long orange hair, the same shade as Midna’s. In fact, her eyes are like Midna’s, and her skin’s gray and black patterning is the same as Midna. Everyone’s speechless, but she takes a mic and asks, “Am I so beautiful that you’ve no words left?” That voice! This IS Midna!? Cia immediately protests that this isn’t fair! Cia prepared for “tiny, weird imp Midna! Not tall, glamorous supermodel Midna!” But the ruling is that Midna is Midna, so this match will still happen! Will Midna’s new form make her the new Goddess Champion?

Fans fire up already as the bell rings. Midna has a very confident smile as Cia has a very angry scowl. Midna struts a bit as she and Cia circle, perhaps wanting to enjoy being in her new form for a moment first. The two then approach, feel out the grapple, and Cia kicks low! Cia headlocks, shifts sides, but Midna powers out and CHOPS Cia off her feet! Cia sits up and sputters but Mida brings her up to CHOP her again! Midna stalks Cia to ropes, swings another chop but Cia ducks under to run. Cia comes back and tilt-o-whirls, but Midna blocks it with power, and turns it into a sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Midna keeps her cool as she looms over Cia.

Midna gives Cia toying kicks and taunts, “What’s the matter, huh? What’s the matter?” Cia gets angry as Midna taunts her and kicks her more. Cia gets up and SLAPS Midna! Midna stands there, head to the side while fans fire up. Midna then SLAPS Cia back and Cia goes staggering away! Cia gets even angrier and fires off forearms on Midna. Midna shoves Cia back, CHOPS her again, then wrenches an arm to a hammerlock. Midna comes around and LARIATS Cia! A move she could only use now that she’s so much taller! Cover, TWO!! Cia survives but Midna doesn’t seem to sweat it. She drags Cia up, cravats and cranks on the neck, then snapmares Cia to KICK her in the back!

Cia gets to a corner, Midna kicks at her again. Midna wrenches an arm and whips Cia corner to corner hard! Cia bounces off buckles and hits the mat, but bails out of the ring before Midna gets over to her. Midna keeps asking “What’s the matter?” as Cia leans on railing. “Can’t do anything without your minions?” Cia tells Midna to shut up as she walks off the pain. Cia then sees the championship sitting at the timekeeper’s area and hurries over. She snatches it up and shouts “CHAMPION’S ADVANTAGE!” Cia says she doesn’t have to stay and “face someone who’s suddenly three times taller than she was ten minutes ago!” Cia starts heading for the ramp, but Midna slides out and cuts her off. Cia hesitates as Midna steps closer. Cia then turns and runs back the other way, but Midna gives chase!

Cia clutches the title as she rounds the corner to pass by the timekeeper’s area then gets behind commentary! Telma tells Cia to go back to the ring but Midna has gotten around Rusl and Shad! Cia runs and tries to hop a railing but Midna grabs her first! Midna literally drags Cia kicking and screaming back to commentary, to back suplex her onto the desk! Cia still holds onto the title belt as she slowly flops off the desk. Midna drags Cia up and puts her back in the ring but the ref points at the belt. Cia refuses to give it up as Midna gets back in. Midna grab Cia’s leg and drags her around, turns her over and hooks the legs. Midna grabs for arms but Cia is still holding the belt. “Let go of the belt!” Cia refuses so Midna STOMPS both knees!

Cia flounders with sore legs while still holding onto the belt. She gets to a corner and the ref keeps insisting about the belt. Cia continues to cling to the belt as Midna stomps a mudhole into her! The ref counts, Midna stops at 4, and the ref again insists Cia give up the belt. Cia shouts “NO!!” so Midna runs in from the side and BOOT WASHES Cia right in the face! The ref finally gets the belt from Cia and Midna drags Cia to center. Cover, TWO! Midna keeps her cool as she drags Cia around and turns her back over. Midna hooks the legs, grabs the arms and pulls back once, twice, and then gets Cia up in the Romani Special! Cia endures this full-on surfboard stretch, Midna lets her down and shifts to a dragon sleeper variation!

Cia endures as fans chant, “TAP! TAP! TAP!” She reaches back for Midna’s face and tries to claw at her but Midna cranks harder on the hold. Cia gets a leg free and uses it to kick Midna in the head! Cia keeps kicking until Midna lets go, and then Cia goes after Midna with a headlock and furious punches! The ref reprimands the closed fists, Cia gets up to stomp away on Midna and fans boo. Cia tells them to shut up, then she sits Midna up to wrap on a body scissor hold. Midna endures the squeeze as Cia pushes up for leverage. Midna reaches with her now long legs, Cia cranks harder but Midna gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Cia lets go at 4, and she runs to baseball slide dropkick Midna out of the ring!

Fans boo as Cia shouts and storms around. The ring count starts, Midna sits up at 2, slowly stands and holds her side at 5, but Cia is watching closely. Cia sees Midna stand up at 7 and slingshots for a PLANCHA! Direct hit and Midna’s down again! Cia gets up in a huff and takes her time storming up the steel steps and into the ring. The ring count begins again, Midna stirs at 4, gets to the apron at 7, drags herself up at 8, and manages to get in at 9! For Cia to basement dropkick her against the ropes! Cia scrambles to cover Midna, TWO!! Cia almost screams in frustration before she puts Midna in a corner and stomps away! The ref counts as Cia digs her boot in, but she lets up at 4 to run corner to corner. Cia comes back and METEORAS! Cover, TWO!! Cia throws a tantrum with kicking and flailing!

Cia watches Midna as she slowly gets back up. Cia kicks, kicks and back kicks Midna, then hops on for a SUNSET- NO! Midna blocks the sunset flip powerbomb, and counters with a CRUNCHIE!! Cover, TWO!?! Cia survives being crunched and Midna grows annoyed with her. Midna drags Cia up, puts on a half nelson then goes for the full, but Cia drops down, rolls back to wheelbarrow and then rolls for a victory roll FACEBUSTER! Cia turns Midna over for a cover, TWO! Cia rebounds off the ropes, Midna ducks the Penalty Kick to roll Cia up, TWO! Cia mule kicks a leg out, SUPERKICKS Midna then ENZIGURIS her down! LYNEL-SAULT! Cover, TWO!! Cia is beside herself while pulling on her hair in frustration.

Fans are chanting “This is Awesome!” as Cia gets up and thinks on what she has to do. Cia drags Midna to a drop zone and goes to the corner. Cia climbs up slowly, clutching her neck a bit, but she still reaches the top. She glares down at Midna and shrieks, “STAY DOWN!!” before she stands and leaps! FROG SPLASH onto knees!! Midna saves herself at the last second! Midna staggers back up, sees Cia sitting up, TWILIGHT SLEEP! Cover out of the rolling cutter, Midna wins!!

Winner: Midna, by pinfall (NEW HPW Goddess Champion)

The Dark Sorceress could not stop the powered up Twilight Princess and has now lost the throne! Midna is given the belt and is back atop the HPW Women’s Division! Is she finally done with Cia and on to bigger and better challenges?


HPW Trios Championship Contenders Tournament Finals: The Dark Forces VS Desert Flowers!

Volga, Gibdo and ReDead barreled through the Bulblin Triplets, while Riju, Aveil and Bularia overcame Three Masters! But only one trio can face Forged By Violence in the near future! Will the desert burn with rage or bloom with joy?

The fans go wild as the hometown heroes’ music hits, but the team doesn’t come out. Fans start to wonder what happened, and then the titantron shows something is going on backstage! The Dark Forces are attacking the Desert Flowers at gorilla! Volga shouts, “We told you there would be NO MERCY!” while Gibdo throws Aveil into a trunk! ReDead gorilla presses Riju, but she safely gets to a shelf unit. Riju LEAPS, but ReDead catches her! ReDead pops her up to a fireman’s carry, but Bularia SMACKS ReDead on the back with a kendo stick! Riju slips off the fireman’s carry and fires off forearms on ReDead from all sides! Bularia SMACKS Gibdo again and again, but Volga grabs the kendo stick. They fight over it but it goes flying as Bularia lets go!

The cameraman almost gets knocked over as this brawl heads for the entry way! Aveil returns, leaps on Gibdo, and Gibdo bumps into ReDead! They spill out through the curtain and we cut to cameras from the ramp side to see them topple over. Aveil hammers away on Gibdo and Riju kicks ReDead in the side. Riju ax kicks ReDead, but Volga pushes her down the ramp. She rolls back up to her feet but he SHOTGUN DROPKICKS her to ringside! Referee Tiger Sahasrahla shouts at the six to stop and even gets out of the ring. He tries to keep Volga back but Volga pushes him aside to stomp Riju down. Aveil and Bularia hurry down the ramp and go after him with clubbing forearms! ReDead and Gibdo hurry down and the brawling starts again!

Gibdo RAMS Aveil into railing while ReDead brawls with Bularia around the way. Bularia throws body shots and a BACK HAND of her own, but then Gibdo runs over. Bularia baits him in and he crashes into the steel steps! But ReDead SPEARS Bularia down! ReDead roars while the fans boo as loud as they can! Volga puts Riju in the ring and demands Sahasrahla start the match. Sahasrahla takes a stand and says the teams have to be in their corners first. Volga gets angry with Sahasrahla but the referee will not budge. Volga looks ready to punch Sahasrahla, but Nicolas Foolyere shouts as he appears on stage!

“Don’t you even think about punching an official! You do that, you’ll not only be disqualified from this tournament, but suspended from HPW until December!” Volga stands down though reluctantly, and the teams regroup. Do the Desert Flowers stand a chance after what just happened?

Volga and Riju start, and the fans chant as hard as they can, “VOLGA SUCKS! VOLGA SUCKS!” Riju shakes out her arm while she circles with Volga. Volga and Riju circle, approach and tie up. Volga powers Riju around the ring and onto ropes. Sahasrahla counts, Volga lets up at 3 but mule kicks Riju! The fans boo and Sahasrahla reprimands but Volga brings Riju around. Volga CLUBS Riju down, wrenches her arm and clamps onto the shoulder. Riju endures, pushes against the armlock, and no-hand cartwheels to then arm-drag Volga away! Volga gets up, Riju arm-drags him again, but her beat up ribs slow her down. She goes for a third arm-drag but Volga blocks it. Volga yanks Riju up for a GUTBUSTER! And then he gut wrench suplexes her towards the Dark Forces corner!

Volga stands on Riju and the ref counts as Volga tags out to Gibdo. Gibdo stomps a mudhole into Riju until the ref counts 4. Gibdo drags Riju up and reels her in to ram shoulders! Riju drops to her knees but Gibdo brings her back up to RAM shoulders again. Riju is down, Gibdo drags her by one arm and puts her in the open corner. He stomps a mudhole in, lets up as Sahasrahla counts, and brings Riju back up. Gibdo digs his forearms into her face, Sahasrahla counts and Gibdo lets up at 4, to then back elbow her hard! Fans boo, Gibdo ignores them as he repeats the process. Sahasrahla counts but Gibdo stops at 4, but Riju ducks the elbow! She heads for her corner but Gibdo reels her in to CLOBBER her from behind!

Gibdo looms over Riju while fans boo and taunt the “Dummy Mummy!” Gibdo drags Riju up, headbutts again and again and again, then brings her back up for one last headbutt! Gibdo puts Riju in the Dark Forces corner and digs his knee into her head. ReDead tags in, they stand Riju up and Volga holds her in place. Fans boo as Gibdo whips ReDead in to RAM his shoulder in! ReDead digs his shoulder in deeper and Volga tags in. Volga taunts Aveil and Bularia as he runs in to forearm smash Riju! Volga runs side to side to forearm smash again, then again taunts Bularia and Aveil again, only for Riju to dropkick his legs out! Volga flies into buckles face first as Riju scrambles away!

Gibdo tags Volga and he stomps Riju down before she can reach her corner. Gibdo drags Riju away and splashes down on her back! Fans boo as Gibdo clubs Riju and digs his elbow into her side. Gibdo digs a knee into Riju’s back while he pulls on her with a chinlock. Riju endures and the fans sing, “Riju, Riju! Riju, Riju, Riju! Lalalalalalala!” Gibdo lets go to bring Riju back up, pump handles and lifts, but Riju slips out and DOUBLE CHOPS him! Gibdo doesn’t flinch, and he headbutts Riju again! Gibdo whips but Aveil tags in. Riju slides under Gibdo’s boot while Aveil goes to the middle of the apron. Springboard missile dropkick! Gibdo staggers as Aveil kips up, she waistlocks for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Aveil grows frustrated but she takes it out on Gibdo with stomps.

Aveil tags in Bularia and they both drag Gibdo up. They double whip Gibdo to ropes, Bularia body shots on the run, Aveil dropkicks from the side, and Gibdo spins around into Bularia’s running neckbreaker! Aveil LIONSAULTS, Bularia covers, TWO!! Gibdo survives the onslaught but Bularia keeps him from his corner with a seated cobra twist. Gibdo endures the stretch, frees his one arm and fights up to his feet. He throws body shots to get free then clubs her on the back. Gibdo hammers away over and over and over as the fans boo. Gibdo glares at them before he whips Bularia. Bularia reverses, Gibdo holds ropes to avoid the roundhouse, but he walks right into a BACK HAND! Now Bularia GERMAN SUPLEXES and bridges, TWO!

Bularia stomps away on Gibdo as the fans fire up. She brings Gibdo up, Gibdo breaks free and ROCKS Bularia with a right forearm! Gibdo throws Bularia to the corner and starts throwing forearm after forearm! Sahasrahla backs Gibdo off but ReDead chokes Bularia! The fans boo and Aveil and Riju both protest, but ReDead stops before Sahasrahla sees. Volga plays innocent, claiming nothing happened. Gibdo tags ReDead, they bring Bularia up to whip her to ropes. ReDead scoops and slams Bularia, Gibdo scoops ReDead to slam him into Bularia! Cover, TWO and Bularia ghost pins! Gibdo gets back in to break it up! Fans boo as he stomps Bularia again before going back to the corner.

ReDead kicks Bularia while she’s down and then stomps her at the ropes. Sahasrahla backs him off but ReDead comes right back to STOMP her down! Fans boo as ReDead chokes Bularia on the ropes with a foot. ReDead stops at the count of 4, tags Volga back in, and Volga takes off running to basement dropkick Bularia out of the ring! Fans boo, Volga taunts Aveil and Riju and they get in, but Sahasrahla keeps them back. Gibdo BOOTS Bularia down in the distraction! Fans boo even harder as Gibdo puts Bularia back in the ring. Volga drags Bularia up for a back suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Volga clamps onto Bularia with a chinlock to keep her from the Desert Flowers.

Volga grinds Bularia down but she endures. Bularia fights up as fans rally, but Volga punches her in the headlock! Sahasrahla reprimands and fans boo, but Volga shrugs that off to wrangle Bularia back down. Volga shouts “NO MERCY!” as he cranks back. Bularia reaches and moves around, and gets a ropebreak with a foot. Volga holds on until 4 but he lets go. And then he KICKS Bularia in the side! Fans boo again as Volga drags Bularia back up. Volga KICKS her against the ropes, then wrenches the arm. Volga whips, Bularia reverses and things speed up as she hurdles and drops down. Bularia goes to hip toss but he blocks. She blocks his hip toss, swings a clothesline but he gets under to ATOMIC FACEBUSTER! Volga turns Bularia over to cover, TWO!

Volga keeps right on Bularia with a blindside clothesline! Fans boo as he drops down and gets another chinlock. Bularia fights up, fights back, but Volga throws her down by her hair! Volga drops an elbow, drops a leg, then leaps to drop a knee! Cover, TWO, Volga drags Bularia away to the corner to tag in Gibdo. They stomp Bularia down, then Gibdo drags Bularia up for a bearhug! Bularia endures even as Gibdo thrashes her about. Fans rally up with more “Bu-La-Ri-A!” and she starts punching back. Bularia bell claps and Gibdo lets her go! Bularia runs him all the way to the Desert Flower corner and POSTS him! Tag to Aveil, she goes up top to sunset flip Gibdo out of the corner, but then sits him up into Bularia’s Penalty Kick! Now Aveil covers, TWO!

Aveil keeps Gibdo down with an armlock. She brings him back to the corner and tags Riju in. Riju climbs up top and drops ax handles on the arm. Riju wrenches the arm, cranks on the wristlock and steps through the ropes to wrap the arm around the ropes. She pulls until Sahasrahla counts 4, then gives the arm a kick as she lets go. Tag to Aveil and she hotshots the arm! Sahasrahla reprimands but the fans cheer as Aveil gets in, runs and shotgun dropkicks Gibdo down! Aveil kips up and standing moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Aveil quickly tags Riju back in, they double whip, but Gibdo breaks the line to come back to run them both over with his shoulders! Gibdo brings Aveil up but Volga shouts at him that Riju’s legal.

Gibdo shoves Aveil to the open corner, grabs Riju and whips her at the Dark Forces corner. Riju elbows ReDead away, dodges Gibdo and the corner splash only gets buckles! Volga tags in and hurries after Riju, but Aveil runs in and shotgun dropkicks Volga into the other open corner! Riju tags in Bularia! Aveil handspring back elbows Volga in the corner, Bularia runs in from the side to ENZIGURI! Bularia feeds Volga to Aveil’s SHOTEI! Volga falls to his knees and gets a Penalty Kick sandwich! Cover, but both ReDead and Gibdo breaks it up! Riju gets up top and LEAPS, but her crossbody is caught by ReDead! ReDead brings her around for a choke grip and Gibdo adds on, but Bularia and Aveil chop block their legs! Riju is free, and she runs to DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTER!

The fans are thunderous while Sahasrahla tries to restore order. Riju and Aveil go back to the corner and Bularia goes back to Volga. She drags him up, wrenches and traps his arm while getting the headlock. Volga powers up to lift Bularia into a torture rack! Bularia fights and slips off to ROUNDHOUSE Volga in the back of the head! Volga PELES back! Both of them are down as the fans fire up again. They both crawl for their corners, hot tags to Bularia and ReDead! They both rush in, Bularia dodges ReDead to hip attack Gibdo off the apron! Bularia runs back at ReDead, gets around him to waistlock, but ReDead resists the lift. ReDead elbows back and standing switches, but Bularia backs him down into the corner. Riju tags in, Bularia arm-drags ReDead away then SHINING WIZARDS!

Riju climbs up, Bularia runs at Volga but he avoids the hip attack to ENZIGURI her down! Aveil runs corner to corner and LEAPS, taking Volga with her to fall onto Gibdo!! Fans lose their minds while Sahasrahla checks on them, but then WIZZRO appears! HPW forgot to ban him from ringside for THIS match! He goes after Riju, but Bularia is there to grab him. She glares Wizzro right in the eye before she HEADBUTTS him off the top! Bularia and Riju give thumbs up and then Riju takes aim at ReDead. ULTIMATE ELBOW DROP!! Cover, the Desert Flowers win!!

HPW Trios Bracket 3

Winners: Desert Flowers, by pinfall (NEW #1 contenders to the HPW Trios Champions)

Victory for all of Gerudo Country!! Hopes and dreams can’t be burned away, and now Riju, Aveil and Bularia will go for gold! The fans are thunderous and even giving a standing ovation, but they slowly calm down as Bularia gets a mic. “SA’OTEN~!!” The fans echo “SA’OTEN~!!” and applaud before Bularia continues. “We won! We endured ‘no mercy’ and won! Everyone here and watching at home, sarqso for believing in us!” But they still have one more match to go, and then the promise will be kept! The fans applaud as Bularia passes the mic to Aveil. Aveil says this was the most amazing match she’s ever had, because she was fighting alongside her “sisters in arms.” The Dark Forces tried to get a jump on them, but “no mercy or not, cowardly tactics weren’t going to beat us.”

And as for Forged By Violence, the Iron Knuckle and Dark Nuts, it’s obvious they’re bigger and meaner. But that doesn’t matter! The Desert Flowers made a promise, and Aveil promises they’ll keep that promise! Riju finishes up by saying, “Um… That’s pretty much what I wanted to say.” Everyone shares a laugh but Riju does continue to say, “Whatever event HPW is planning next, when we face Forged By Violence for the Trios Championships, every man, woman, parent and child will witness the golden bloom of the Desert Flowers! So until then… Sav’orq, MWAH! And sav’orr, POW!” The fans cheer again as their hometown heroes take their leave. Where will this epic battle for the Trios titles take place?

My Thoughts:

Wow, even I didn’t think I’d make the September event(s) this big. I hope I didn’t raise the bar too high on myself for later, these were all basically midcard title stories with lengthy matches. Stay tuned on that developing issue of the TCW Championship and the Exquisite Championship and how it affects the men’s midcard title scene, I’ve got plans cooking in my head.

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