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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Results & Report! (9/29/20)

B Block, Round 3! FIGHT!



NJPW G1 Climax 30

G1 Climax 30 rolls into Tokyo with B Block’s third round!

NJPW keeps rolling on and the B Block is back in action! Tetsuya Naito went back to back in main event wins, will he go 3-0 in the 30th G1 Climax?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • B Block – YOSHI-HASHI VS SANADA; Hashi wins.
  • B Block – Zack Sabre Jr VS KENTA; Kenta wins.
  • B Block – Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Juice Robinson; Tanahashi wins.
  • B Block – Toru Yano VS EVIL; Yano wins.
  • B Block – Tetsuya Naito VS Hirooki Goto; Naito wins.


Here are the current B Block standings!

Tetsuya Naito: 2-0, 4 points
Juice Robinson: 2-0, 4 points
Toru Yano: 2-0, 3 point (1 win by count-out)
EVIL: 1-1, 2 points
Hirooki Goto: 1-1, 2 points
KENTA: 1-1, 2 points
Zack Sabre Jr: 1-1, 2 points
SANADA: 0-2, 0 points
YOSHI-HASHI: 0-2, 0 points
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 0-2, 0 points



The Head Hunter and Cold Skull are floundering, but one of them will win tonight! Who finally gains points, and who falls to a disappointing 0-3?

The bell rings and fans rally already as both men circle. They tie up, Hashi gets around to a waistlock but Sanada pries free to standing switch. Hashi pries free to wrench Sanada’s arm, but Sanada spins through, wrenches and hammerlocks. Hashi slips through to his own hammerlock, then a headlock and takeover. Sanada tries to kick free but Hashi holds on tight. Sanada rolls Hashi to a cover, TWO! Hashi grinds the headlock more but Sanada fights his way up. Sanada powers out, Hashi elbows him down! Hashi rallies with shoulders but runs into a kick. Sanada whips, Hashi returns with a huricanrana! Fans cheer as Hashi fires up and Hashi runs to clothesline Sanada out of the ring! Hashi goes out after Sanada with stomps.

Hashi drags Sanada up, throws forearms, then whips Sanada, only for Sanada to reverse! Hashi hits railings, runs back at Sanada, but Sanada spins him around, suplexes him onto railing, MAGIC SCREW! Hashi holds his foot from the landing, he may have hit apron or ring frame on the way down. The ref checks on him, Hashi says he’s okay to continue, so Sanada leaves him behind for the ring count to start. The ring count reaches 10 of 20 before Hashi stirs. The count is 15 before he sits up! Hashi is in at 19 and fans cheer, but Sanada brings him up for elbows. Sanada paces, brings Hashi up and elbows him again. Sanada whips Hashi to ropes, elbows him down then covers, TWO! Sanada clamps on a chinlock and bends Hashi back.

Hashi endures, fans rally up, Sanada pushes Hashi down to drop an elbow. Cover, TWO! Sanada puts the chinlock back on, fans rally up again, and Hashi fights up. Hashi fights out with elbows, then CHOPS! Sanada dropkicks a leg out! Sanada suplexes Hashi up, Hashi fights it off and tries to suplex back, but Sanada resists. Fans rally as the two fight for suplex control. Hashi gets Sanada up, Sanada slips around to dragon sleeper! But Hashi powers out to suplex Sanada to a neckbreaker! Both men are down after the Bunker Buster but fans rally up again. Hashi stands first and throws forearms and body shots and a CHOP! Hashi whips corner to corner, runs in and CHOPS again! Hashi whips to reel Sanada in but Sanada ducks the chop to knee low.

Sanada runs but Hashi dodges, BLOCKBUSTER! Fans fire up with Hashi as he drags Sanada up. Hashi suplexes Sanada to hang him out to dry. Hashi then runs to dropkick Sanada down! And keeps running to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans rally more as Hashi stands over Sanada. Hashi brings Sanada up, reels him in, but Sanada fights the bomb off. Hashi CHOPS again, runs, but Sanada hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks Hashi down! Hashi bails out, Sanada PLANCHAS! Direct hit and Sanada encourages the fans to cheer. The fans cheer louder and clap, “SA-NA-DA!” Sanada goes to fetch Hashi, puts him into the ring, and brings Hashi up for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Sanada brings Hashi up for a fireman’s carry. Hashi fights free and shoves Sanada to a corner. Sanada elbows back, goes up, but Hashi clubs him before the moonsault. Hashi brings Sanada off the corner, but Sanada ranas out! Sanada kicks, runs but Hashi LARIATS! Hashi fires up and the fans rally behind him as he brings Sanada back up. Hashi lifts Sanada again, RUNNING BOMB! Cover, TWO! Sanada still lives but Hashi stays fired up. Hashi brings Sanada back up, scoops and slams him to a drop zone, and goes up top! Hashi SWANTON onto knees! Fans rally up as both men are down! Hashi gets to a corner and Sanada goes to the opposite. Sanada runs in but Hashi boots him away! Hashi runs, Sanada dodges and goes up, QUEBRADA to SKULL END!

The body scissors are in, Hashi is flailing and reaching and fans rally up! Hashi endures, moves around but Sanada clamps on tighter! The ref checks on Hashi, Hashi is still holding onto consciousness! He pops free of the sleeper but Sanada hurries to get him back in it, and even deeper! Fans rally harder as Hashi moves around and around. Sanada cranks on Hashi’s head and Hashi starts to fade! The ref checks on him, Sanada lets Hashi go to then go up top. MOONSAULT, onto knees! Hashi returns the knees at the last second! Fans rally up again as Hashi and Sanada stir on the mat. Sanada crawls over to Hashi and throws a forearm. Hashi returns the forearm, so Sanada hits him again! Hashi throws the forearm back, and the two get to their feet.

Sanada throws a forearm, Hashi returns it, repeat. They pick up speed and fans rally with the fast and furious action. Hashi sends several, Sanada returns them on, Hashi CHOPS! Hashi runs, into a fireman’s carry, TKO! Cover, TWO!! Hashi lives but Sanada vows to end it! Dragon sleeper, Skull End, but Hashi pops out! Hashi full nelsons to a DRAGON SUPLEX! Hashi fires up, fisherman and lift, to KUMAGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives the “Bear Cutter” but Hashi and the fans fire up again! Hashi drags Sanada up to the full nelson, spins to a half nelson pump handle, but Sanada escapes Karma to dragon sleeper! Sanada cranks on Skull End to the SKULL SWING! But Hashi cradle counters, TWO!!

Sanada escapes and fans cheer as Sanada fires off forerams and a European Uppercut! Sanada spins into a SUPERKICK! Sanada still spins, into Hashi’s SLAP and HEADBUTT! Hashi runs, DOUBLE KNEES! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives again but Hashi fires up again! Hashi drags Sanada up, half nelson and pump handle, to KARMA!! Cover, Hashi wins!!

Winner: YOSHI-HASHI, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Sanada earns 0

The Head Hunter was able to #GetBackUp and get on the board! He isn’t out of the running just yet, but can he make the hard climb ahead of him? As for Sanada, his awful start just gets worse! Will he have any chance


B Block – Zack Sabre Jr VS KENTA!

The Submission Master could not get the IWGP Double Champion to #JustTapOut, and Fang Revived might’ve chipped a tooth on the Flamboyant Juice Robinson. Will ZSJ rebound and add himself to the list of those coming for the IWGP United States Championship contract? Or will Kenta make ZSJ Go To Sleep?

The bell rings and fans rally up already as ZSJ shakes out his arms and legs, but Kenta stays in his corner. The ref says they need to engage, but ZSJ gives Kenta some time. Kenta comes out of his corner but sits down, daring ZSJ to try something. ZSJ feels out the unique grapple, they go around, Kenta gets up to his feet now but ZSJ avoids his grip. Fans cheer this opening scenario as the two go again. ZSJ gets a leg, goes after an arm, floats around to a waistlock and then flips Kenta. Kenta leg guards but ZSJ ground clinches. Kenta goes after ZSJ’s arm but ZSJ pops free to get a leg for a HEEL HOOK! Kenta gets a ropebreak right away, ZSJ lets go and eggs Kenta on. Fans cheer but Kenta bails out to slow things down.

Kenta paces about, tells ZSJ to stay back, and takes his time getting back in. ZSJ now uses Kenta’s strategy of sitting down with the leg guard. Kenta just boots through it! Kenta stomps and kicks ZSJ around! ZSJ eggs Kenta on, so Kenta kicks harder! Kenta kicks at ZSJ against the ropes, then goes out after him. Kenta whips ZSJ into the railing, bad arm first! Then again to more railing! Kenta tells the ref to shut up as he punches ZSJ down. Kenta drags ZSJ up, puts him back in the ring and goes after him with more kicks. ZSJ continues to egg Kenta on so Kenta kicks him more. ZSJ gest the leg, heel hook to a modified crab! Kenta gets the ropes again, ZSJ goes after Kenta’s face! The ref counts, ZSJ lets go and cools off.

Kenta stays in the corner so ZSJ goes after him by standing on his head! The ref counts and ZSJ lets off to make sure his bad arm still works. ZSJ then kicks Kenta around at the ropes, kicks at Kenta’s leg, but Kenta eggs him on. ZSJ kicks more, even toys with Kenta. Kenta gets up, runs and kitchen sink knees ZSJ down! Kenta sits ZSJ up to KICK and KICK! Kenta paces while ZSJ clutches his back. Kenta drags ZSJ up for a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE! Fans cheer ZSJ’s grit but Kenta gives back toying kicks. Kenta gives more serious kicks but ZSJ eggs him on again. Kenta kicks harder, ZSJ even puts his hands back! Kenta KICKS ZSJ down for that one! Kenta stands on ZSJ’s chest but ZSJ pushes him away. Kenta clamps on a facelock, fans rally up and ZSJ rolls to reverse things to an armlock.

ZSJ goes for a hammerlock, wants the Jim Breaks but Kenta resists so ZSJ makes it a cover. TWO, and ZSJ lets Kenta go. ZSJ drags Kenta up to throw EuroUppers, but Kenta eggs him on. ZSJ EuroUppers harder, Kenta SLAPS ZSJ right down! Kenta drags ZSJ up to fisherman and lift but ZSJ fights it off to Pele the arm! And sweep the leg! Fans rally up again as Kenta gets to a corner. ZSJ runs in to EuroUpper! Kenta glares at ZSJ so ZSJ throws more EuroUppers! Kenta eggs him on, ZSJ throws more EuroUppers, but Kenta throws forearms! Kenta fires off strikes, but ZSJ Northern Lights, to a double wristlock! Kenta moves around to ropebreak! ZSJ lets Kenta go and fans rally up again. ZSJ is after the bad arm and wrenches but Kenta throws a forearm.

ZSJ wrenches again, Kenta throws another forearm. ZSJ wrenches, Kenta forearms, ZSJ kicks and Kenta goes to a corner. ZSJ runs in but into a boot! Kenta goes up, reels ZSJ in, and tornado hotshots! Kenta climbs back up, leaps, FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Kenta kicks away on ZSJ then mule kicks. Kenta fishermans for the suplex! Cover, TWO! Kenta gets a leg for the STF! ZSJ endures, pries the crossface off, but Kenta claws at ZSJ’s face to get it back! ZSJ moves around, fans rally up and ZSJ reaches, but Kenta gets an arm! Kenta drags ZSJ up in the chicken wing but ZSJ pries free to throw a EuroUpper! Kenta forearms, ZSJ EuroUppers, repeat! Kenta boots, ZSJ boots in return!

ZSJ runs but Kenta boots. Kenta spins into ZSJ’s boot! ZSJ runs into Kenta’s clothesline! Both men are down but the fans rally up! Kenta drags ZSJ up, brings him to a corner and then the apron. Kenta has ZSJ in the ropes, DRAPING DDT! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives the “Brain Killer” but Kenta grins. Kenta goes to the far corner as ZSJ stands. Kenta runs in to SHOTGUN BOOT! Then he goes again, HESITATION DROPKICK! Kenta climbs up top now, leaps, DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives Kenta’s coup de grace and the fans rally up again! Kenta drags ZSJ up, runs out from the corner, PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives but Kenta slashes the throat!

Kenta drags ZSJ up, fireman’s carry but ZSJ blocks the lift! ZSJ is after the bad arm again with the double wristlock! Kenta powers free to throw a palm strike and several back hands! CROSS COUNTER! Kenta fireman’s carries ZSJ again, but ZSJ gets a guillotine facelock! ZSJ drags Kenta down into a TRIANGLE! Then shifts around, traps on arm and goes after the other! Kenta resists the Jim Breaks to turn ZSJ over, GAME OVER CROSSFACE! ZSJ moves around, JIM BREAKS!! Kenta is caught, but he moves around with his legs! Fans rally as ZSJ cranks harder but Kenta endures! Kenta drags himself and ZSJ to the ropebreak! ZSJ lets go fast, but the damage has been done.

Fans rally up again, ZSJ gets up and he starts kicking at Kenta. Kenta gets up as ZSJ keeps kicking, ZSJ throws a EuroUpper. Kenta SLAPS ZSJ down! Kenta runs and knees ZSJ against ropes! ZSJ staggers, Kenta runs, into the leaping body scissors takedown! ZSJ omoplatas to a cover! TWO!! Kenta gets up, ZSJ kicks him down! ZSJ Penalty Kicks but it’s blocked! ZSJ SLAPS and SLAPS and runs, into a KNEE! Kenta drags ZSJ up, fireman’s carry, GO TO SLEEP!! Cover, Kenta wins!!

Winner: Kenta, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Zack Sabre Jr earns 0

ZSJ falls to the GTS, and Kenta rebounds! Will Fang Revived keep going strong and sink his teeth into the G1 Climax finals?


B Block – Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Juice Robinson!

The Ace got duped by the Clown Prince of NJPW, and as stated, Juice is coming off hot from pinning the IWGP United States Championship contract hold. What’s more shocking is that the Once in a Century Talent has yet to win in the 30th G1! Will Tanahashi rebound at Juice’s expense?

The bell rings and the fans rally up again as the two circle. Juice and Tanahashi tie up, are in a deadlock, but Tanahashi gets around to waistlock. Juice pries free to standing switch but Tanahashi switches back. Juice wrenches to a wristlock, reels Tanahashi into a headlock and grinds. Tanahashi pries at the hold but Juice powers him back in. Juice grinds tighter, Tanahashi fights the hold off again, but Juice powers up to push the hold back. They’re in a new deadlock but Tanahashi arm-drags Juice down. Juice headscissors but Tanahashi pops out. Juice gets Tanahashi with a headlock takeover, Tanahashi headscissors back but Juice pops out! The two stand off and fans cheer as Tanahashi strums the air guitar. Fans rally up as Tanahashi and Juice reset.

Tanahashi and Juice circle, tie up, and are back in a deadlock. Juice manages to use height and leverage to power Tanahashi back, but Tanahashi puts him on the ropes. The ref calls for the break, Tanahashi lets go but Juice turns things back around. The two pull at each other’s hair all the way to the corner. The ref calls for the break, counts, they let go at 4 but Tanahashi body shots Juice. Tanahashi throws more shots, whips Juice corner to corner, but Juice comes back with a LEG LARIAT! Fans cheer and Juice brings Tanahashi back up. Juice bumps Tanahashi off buckles then throws forearms to the back! Tanahashi drops but Juice stands him back up to forearm him again! Juice brings Tanahashi into a backbreaker! Then a big back senton! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer and Tanahashi grits his teeth while Juice seethes a little. Juice drags Tanahashi up, reels Tanahashi in for a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Juice argues the count but two is two, and fans continue to rally. Juice sits Tanahashi up, half nelsons then full nelsons, and he leans on the hold. Tanahashi endures, Juice eggs him on, and Tanahashi fights up. Fans rally as Tanahashi powers the full nelson open! Juice CLUBS Tanahashi on the back! Juice stalks Tanahashi to ropes and CHOPS him! Juice wrenches and whips, Tanahashi dropkicks a leg out! Tanahashi gets the leg again, for a DRAGON SCREW! Both men are down but fans rally up again. Juice is in a corner, Tanahashi runs in, but Tanahashi blocks Juice’s boot, to a DRAGON SCREW!

Fans rally while Juice writhes, and Tanahashi laces up the legs. Tanahashi tries to turn Juice over for the Cloverleaf but Juice resists, to cradle counter! TWO! Tanahashi runs into a SPINE BUSTER! Fans rally up and Juice sits up first. Juice stomps and fans clap along. Tanahashi staggers up into the JAB! JAB! JAB! Juice powers up, Tanahashi swings first but Juice ducks it! Juice kicks and DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi survives and fans cheer while Juice grows frustrated. Juice gets up, shakes out the legs and wants the fans to cheer more. Fans rally up more as Juice brings Tanahashi up. Juice suplexes, Tanahashi fights it off to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Tanahashi fires up now, waits for Juice to rise, and runs, into a full nelson! Juice thrashes Tanahashi, Tanahashi fights out but runs into a LARIAT!

Juice stays fired up as he goes to a corner. Tanahashi rolls to the opposite corner and Juice starts stomp-stomp-clap. We Will Rock You, CANNONBALL! Juice is even more fired up as the stomp-stomp-clap continues! Juice drags Tanahashi back up, puts Tanahashi up top, CHOPS him, and wants the fans to keep going! Juice headbutts Tanahashi, climbs up to join him, and brings Tanahashi up, but Tanahashi resists! Tanahashi throws body shots and forearms but Juice forearms back. They brawl up top, Tanahashi gets the edge and fires off a flurry! Juice holds on to stay up, and headbutts back! Juice brings Tanahashi up again, for the SUPERPLEX! But he holds on?! Juice rolls through, to suplex to the JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives and fans fire up!

Juice brings the straps down and drags Tanahashi back up. Juice reels him in, chicken wings and turn, but Tanahashi pops out of that to SLING BLADE! Fans rally up again as Tanahashi rises! Tanahashi runs, SLING BLADE AGAIN! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi hurries up top, Juice stands, ACES HIGH FLY FLOW BODY! Juice turns it around! TWO!! Tanahashi rocks Juice, Juice ROCKS Tanahashi! LEFT HAND O’ GOD!! Juice dead lifts Tanahashi, chicken wings him, turns him, PULP- NO! Tanahashi victory rolls Juice, and WINS!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Juice earns 0

The Ace finally scores! He surprises Juice and Juice is frustrated, but that is perhaps the difference of experience! Will Tanahashi be able to climb back up and be a contender? As for Juice, this was his first loss, but will it be all the difference down the line?


B Block – Toru Yano VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo!

The tentative Mr. KOPW 2020 is perhaps the biggest darkhorse in this entire tournament. He outsmarted Sanada in the opening round and got rather lucky against The Ace last round. But will Yano’s luck run out when Darkness Falls?

After Evil and Dick Low Sweet, Yano complains about Dick being out here at all. Red Shoes says it’s allowed, and the bell rings. Yano goes for his favorite corner but Evil clubs away on him! Evil whips, Yano reverses and sends Evil away, then goes back after the corner! Evil decides to untie the other pad, but Yano unties his first! Yano runs and SMACKS Evil down! Fans cheer as Yano now unties the red corner! And the blue corner, even though that’s usually Bullet Club’s move. Evil finishes untying the fourth corner and SMACKS Yano with it! Red Shoes clears the pads out of the ring, Evil throws Yano down and Dick stomps away! Dick whips, Yano reverses and Dick hits railing! Yano has his tape! Yano ties Dick to railing!

Evil goes after Yano, whips him but Yano reverses and sends Evil into railing! Yano brings out more tape! Fans cheer as the ring count begins and Yano goes after Evil’s arm! The count is 10 of 20 as Evil fights back! Evil goes to tie Yano up! Yano rakes eyes, we’re at 15 of 20, Yano gets in at 16! Evil is in at 18 and fans cheer. Yano dodges Evil’s clothesline, but Evil blocks the kick to give it to Red Shoes! Evil mule kicks Yano, then whips him to the bare buckles in the blue corner! And then to the buckles in the red corner! And then one of the white corners! And then the fourth and final corner! Evil runs Yano over, covers, TWO!! Yano survives and Evil is furious with Red Shoes. Fans rally up, Evil drags Yano up but Yano pulls hair! Evil kicks low, whips, but Yano stops himself in time!

Yano baits Evil in and Evil gets buckles! Yano says that’s what he gets, even though the buckle thing was all Yano’s doing. Dick has the blue corner pad and actually sneaks it back ON! How’s that for a turn of events? Yano whips Evil in, but Evil hits the pad! Evil LARIATS Yano down and thanks Dick. Evil fisherman BUSTERS Yano down, covers, TWO! Yano still lives and Evil is frustrated again. Evil drags Yano up, waistlocks, but avoids the low blow mule kick! Evil kicks Yano low, then blocks the low blow uppercut! Dick distracts Red Shoes as Evil rakes Yano’s eyes and LOW BLOW UPPERCUTS first! Yano goes down and Evil says he’s going to end this!

Evil spins Yano around, but Yano denies him the STO to shove him at Red Shoes! Evil stops himself but Red Shoes doesn’t see Yano giving the LOW BLOW UPPERCUT back!! Dick LOW BLOW UPPERCUTS Yano! And uses the choker! Yano LOW BLOW MULE KICKS Dick! Yano shoves Dick into Evil, then DOUBLE LOW BLOWS! Yano throws Dick out, rolls Evil up, YANO WINS!!!

Winner: Toru Yano, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Evil earns 0

Incredible! Yano keeps finding ways to win! Is Mr. KOPW really going to find a way to add the G1 Climax trophy to his collection?!


B Block – Tetsuya Naito VS Hirooki Goto!

The IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Double Champion has had title defense level matches with The Ace and ZSJ in this tournament! Will he win another for a threepeat? Or will the Fierce Warrior be the first to earn a shortcut to a title shot?

As usual, Naito takes off his elaborate attire, but Goto is patient. The bell rings, fans rally up, and the two slowly circle. They approach, tie up, and Goto waistlocks. Naito pries free to standing switch but Goto does, too. Goto wrenches the arm, Naito rolls and wrenches back then hammerlocks. Goto slips around to headlock and grind Naito down. Naito fights up but can’t power out as Goto holds tight. Goto hits a takeover, Naito headscissors but Goto pops out. Naito kicks low, headlocks tight and grinds Goto down now. Goto powers up and out to then put Naito back in a headlock. Naito pulls hair, powers out but Goto runs him over! Fans cheer, things speed up, and Naito elbows back. Naito runs, blocks Goto’s kick and yanks the bad arm to basement dropkick!

Goto bails out, clutching the bad arm, but Naito waits in the ring. Naito follows out after, Goto CHOPS him! And again! Naito yanks and clubs the arm in return! Naito drags Goto up and whips him into railing! Goto goes down in a heap but Naito stomps the bad arm. Naito drags Goto up as the ring count begins, and he chokes Goto on the railing with a cravat! The ring count is 10 of 20 and climbing! Naito yanks the bad arm, gets in the ring at 16, Goto gets up and in at 19.5! Fans cheer but Naito keeps his cool. Naito stomps Goto, clubs him and drags him up for a backbreaker! Naito gets the arm for his leg hook nelson! Goto endures, reaches with his legs, and manages the ropebreak. The fans cheer, Naito claims he needs help, and Red Shoes frees Goto for him.

Naito drags Goto back up, turns him and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Naito goes after the bad arm with a double wristlock, but Goto fights back. Goto moves around and gets another ropebreak! Naito lets go at the count, but looms over Goto. Fans rally up as Naito stomps Goto around. Naito cravats Goto again, Goto throws body shots, Naito CLUBS the bad arm! Goto gets to a corner but Naito stomps the bad arm more. Naito whips Goto corner to corner, but runs into a boot. Goto boots again but Naito blocks. Goto boots a third time but runs into an atomic drop. Goto dodges the elbows for a SAIDO! Fans cheer and rally as both men are down.

Goto and Naito slowly sit up, Naito crawls to the blue corner. Goto is in the red, he runs in and windmill kicks! Then bulldogs! Cover, TWO! Goto drags Naito up, fireman’s carries but Naito blocks. Naito elbows back, but Goto blocks the boot to waistlock. Naito elbows free and runs, Goto follows but Naito whips him away. Naito elbow him down then adds a basement dropkick! Both men are down again and fans cheer and rally up. Naito sits up first and gets to his feet. Naito drags Goto up, throws forearms and kicks and has Goto in a corner. Naito whips him corner to corner, rocket kicks and leg sweeps, but Goto blocks the Combinacion Cabron! Goto fires forearms, Naito elbows back, yanks the bad arm and dropkicks Goto down! Cover, TWO!

Naito keeps on Goto, with PLUMA BLANCA! Goto endures Naito’s take on the Koji Klutch, turns but Naito brings him back down. Fans rally as Goto reaches but starts to fade! Goto has a second wind! He moves around, reaches and gets the ropebreak! Naito lets go and calmly gets to his feet. Naito drags Goto up, rams him into a corner, then brings him up to do it again! Naito brings Goto out for a third time, then hoists him up top. Naito climbs up, Goto slips out and clubs Naito down! Goto clubs Naito over and over then climbs up to join him. Goto brings Naito up, Naito resists the superplex and fans rally up.

Goto keeps trying, he clubs Naito on the back more, and then goes to the very top! Naito fights back, Goto clubs Naito more, and Goto powers up for the SUPERPLEX! Fans fire up as both men crash down! Naito rolls all the way out of the ring as fans rally again. The ring count climbs to 10 of 20 before Naito gets to the apron. Goto PLANCHAS at 15! Goto and Naito crash down, Goto gets up and fires up! Fans fire up with Goto as he brings Naito back up. Goto puts Naito in the ring, then he climbs up top! Goto aims and leaps, DIVING ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Naito survives and fans cheer while Goto shakes out the bad arm.

Goto drags Naito back up, fireman’s carries, but Naito fights free! Naito kicks low, runs, but Goto follows. Naito dodges, runs, Goto follows and blows past, but Naito reels him in. Goto avoids the boot to LARIAT Naito down! Fans fire up with Goto as he waits for Naito to rise. Goto runs but Naito ducks the blindside lariat to elbow back! Naito reels Goto in, TORNADO DDT! Both men are down again and the fans fire up! Goto and Naito slowly rise as the fans rally up more. Naito stands first, brings Goto up and hammerlocks, but Goto clubs out of Gloria. Naito clubs Goto back then reels him in for elbow after elbow! Goto drops but Naito drags him back up. Fans rally as Naito throws more elbows, and Goto drops again.

Naito drags Goto back up for even more elbows! And even MORE elbows! Goto drops a third time, Naito brings him up again and puts him on the top rope. Naito climbs up to SUPER STEINER! Naito wants Goto to stand and fans rally up again. Goto slowly rises, Naito runs in, tilt-o-whirl but no Destino! INVERTED GTR! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Goto stands, fires himself up and brings Naito back up. Goto suplexes, puts Naito on the ropes, HANGING GTR! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives but Goto drags him up again. Goto turns Naito to the dragon sleeper but Naito fights back! Goto spins Naito around to fireman’s carry, USHI- DESTINO!?! Naito counters but is too tired to cover!

Fans rally up as the two men stir again. They head for each other on their knees. Goto throws a forearm, then another. Naito gives a forearm back! Goto forearms again, Naito gives it back. They pick up speed, fans rally as they get to their feet. The brawl continues back and forth, Naito smirks as he throws another forearm. Goto comes back, things are fast and furious! Naito rocks Goto over and over, and over, and again! Goto swings into Naito’s back elbow and enziguri! Scoop, but Goto slips out to fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Both men are down but the fans are thunderous! Goto drags Naito up to the dragon sleeper, Naito fights out, DESTINO!! Cover, TWO!?! Goto survives but Naito isn’t frustrated.

Naito drags Goto up, wrenches and tries again, but Destino denied into G T W!! Fans fire up again as Goto staggers and stands. Goto fires up, focuses his power and aims for Naito! Naito sits up, into BUZZSAW! Goto drags Naito back up, turns him, but Naito spins out to VALENCIA! Fans fire up, Naito drags Goto back up and wrenches, to DESTINO!! Cover, Naito wins!!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Goto earns 0

Three main events, three victories for 3-0 in the G1 Climax 30! And Bushi, who was on commentary the entire night, joins Naito in the ring to help him celebrate! Naito again takes to the mic to say, “Buenas Noches, Korakuen Hall~!” This is the first time the G1 Climax has happened in the Fall. And it is the first time Naito was going in as the champion. And it was the first G1 show for all of you here in Tokyo in Korakuen Hall. Naito asks if they could feel the G1 heat. They applaud because they did. The sixth day and the third round are over, and the next time they’re back is next month in Ryogoku. He’s 3-0, but how long will it last? How many points will he have by the time they’re back? As Naito has told everyone else to this point, there’s still a lot of time left in the G1, so TRANQUILO, please be patient and enjoy the ride!

And of course, Naito wants to end the usual way, and again he knows fans can’t shout along. A shame, yes, but please shout along in your hearts. B Block’s time in Korakuen Hall once again ends with the roll call! “BUSHI! SANADA! Hiromu! Takagi! Y Naito! Nosotros Los Ingoberrrrrnableees~! DE! JA! PON!” Mic toss and drop, and Naito sets his belts side by side. Bushi walks over, LIJ fist bumps with Naito, and the two head out. Naito insists Milano hurry up and fist bump him before he has to get going. Milano gets up off the commentary table, but Naito pushes railing at him! Naito says next time, be faster. With SIX rounds still to go, can Naito keep this win streak going?


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

Tetsuya Naito: 3-0, 6 points
Toru Yano: 3-0, 6 points
KENTA: 2-1, 4 points
Juice Robinson: 2-1, 4 points
YOSHI-HASHI: 1-2, 2 points
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 1-2, 2 points
EVIL: 1-2, 2 points
Hirooki Goto: 1-2, 2 points
Zack Sabre Jr: 1-2, 2 points
SANADA: 0-3, 0 points

My Thoughts:

Another great round, with some great parallels going so far with A Block. I would NOT have thought Toru Yano would be undefeated to this point. He actually gets the better of Evil and Dick and gets another win. Naito is also still winning to this point, and these two are going to meet, something’s gotta give. Speaking of Sanada, he and Naito are up next in round 4. That could be quite the move for Sanada to get perhaps the biggest win of the entire G1 this year, and Naito said he wanted Sanada in the end either way, so an LIJ VS LIJ for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship could be where they’re going so as to draw parallels to what happened with Evil in the New Japan Cup.

My Score: 9.2/10

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