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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Results & Report! (9/30/20)

G1 Climax starts Round 4!



NJPW G1 Climax 30

Will the number 4 be bad luck for someone in the G1?

The Switchblade already feels he’s won the “Jay1 Climax,” but there are more rounds to go! Does White go 4-0 or be taken down by the Aerial Assassin?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • A Block – Minoru Suzuki VS Yujiro Takahashi; Suzuki wins.
  • A Block – Jeff Cobb VS Kota Ibushi; Ibushi wins.
  • A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Taichi; Okada wins.
  • A Block – Will Ospreay VS Jay White; Ospreay wins.
  • A Block – Tomohiro Ishii VS Shingo Takagi; Ishii wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Taichi: 3-0, 6 points
Jay White: 3-0, 6 points
Minoru Suzuki: 2-1, 4 points
Kota Ibushi: 2-1, 4 points
Will Ospreay: 2-1, 4 points
Shingo Takagi: 1-2, 2 points
Kazuchika Okada: 1-2, 2 points
Jeff Cobb: 1-2, 2 points
Yujiro Takahashi: 0-3, 0 points
Tomohiro Ishii: 0-3, 0 points


A Block – Minoru Suzuki VS Yujiro Takahashi!

The Meanest Man in the World defeated the Stone Pitbull and Hawaiian Hulk, but he still seems upset he lost to protégé, Taichi. Will he take all of that out on the poor Tokyo Pimp?

As soon as Suzuki gets in the ring, Yujiro starts shoving him! So Suzuki shoves back! The ref gets them to settle down and rings the bell, and Yujiro boots Suzuki! Suzuki boots back, Yujiro comes back to boot again. Suzuki boots again, they egg each other on, and Yujiro runs into Suzuki’s boot! Suzuki drags Yujiro up but Yujiro throws him out! Yujiro goes after Suzuki and whips Suzuki into railing! Suzuki grits his teeth but Yujiro goes after him with the pimp cane! The ref rushes in to stop Yujiro, and he stops choking Suzuki at 3. Suzuki staggers away but Yujiro snapmares him, runs and BOOTS! Fans cheer as Yujiro stands over Suzuki. Yujiro drags Suzuki up but Suzuki hits back. Yujiro rakes Suzuki’s eyes to put him in the ring.

Yujiro stands on Suzuki’s face then stomps him down. Yujiro toys with Suzuki giving those kicks, then bumps him off buckles. Yujiro stomps, forearms and CHOPS! Yujiro slaps Suzuki, whips him corner to corner, but Suzuki reverses to BOOT Yujiro, and throw him out! Suzuki now whips Yujiro into railing! Suzuki gets a chair and SMACKS Yujiro down! The ref grabs at the chair but Suzuki shoves him down. Suzuki just gets another chair and SMACKS Yujiro again! Suzuki SMACKS railing and breaks the chair. Fans cheer Suzuki’s rage as he drags Yujiro up and bumps him off the timekeeper’s table. And chokes him with the microphone cable! Suzuki lets Yujiro go and demands the fans clap. The fans do clap, the ref comes back to tell Suzuki to get this in the ring.

Yujiro forearms but Suzuki hits back. They brawl at ringside, Suzuki DECKS Yujiro! Fans cheer but the ref says this still needs to get in the ring. Suzuki gets in and a ring count starts. Suzuki eggs Yujiro on as Yujiro stands at 8 and is in at 10 of 20. Suzuki drags Yujiro up for the sleeper hold! Suzuki leans on Yujiro and brings him down to the mat already. Fans rally as Yujiro endures but Suzuki makes it a cover, TWO! Suzuki keeps his cool as he sits Yujiro up. Yujiro blocks the Penalty Kick, throws Suzuki down and runs to basement boot! Fans rally as Yujiro flounders back up to his feet and heads for Suzuki. Suzuki throws body shots and stiff knees, then reels Yujiro into a guillotine facelock! Suzuki cranks on Yujiro’s head, but Yujiro counters with a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, ONE!

Fans rally as Yujiro rises and Suzuki grits his teeth. Yujiro reels Suzuki in but Suzuki elbows away to avoid the fireman’s carry. Suzuki kicks Yujiro around and eggs him on. Fans rally up, Yujiro fires up and throws forearms! Suzuki gives them back and the two brawl again. Yujiro gets the edge, eggs Suzuki on, but Suzuki ROCKS him! Fans cheer as Suzuki grins and digs his foot into Yujiro’s head. Yujiro gets up and fires up again, but Suzuki ROCKS him again. Suzuki runs into a LARIAT! Yujiro fires up and the fans rally behind him. Yujiro fireman’s carries, but Suzuki slips off to get the sleeper! Yujiro grabs at the ref, Suzuki clubs Yujiro but Yujiro ROCKS Suzuki! SUPERKICK!

Yujiro drags Suzuki back up, but no Pimp Juice as Suzuki throws Yujiro down, spins him around and puts on the sleeper! Yujiro grabs at the ref more but Suzuki just cranks harder on the sleeper! The ref gets free, Suzuki spins Yujiro around and reels him in, Gotch PILEDRIVER! Cover, Suzuki wins!

Winner: Minoru Suzuki, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Yujiro earns 0

It seems there was no hope for Tokyo Pimp, no matter how hard he fought. The NEVER Openweight Champion storms around the ring before leaving. Will anything quell Suzuki’s rage other than the G1 Climax trophy?


A Block – Jeff Cobb VS Kota Ibushi!

The Golden Star beat one solid opponent in Tomohiro Ishii, but he’s up against another one! Will Ibushi be able to become a wrestling god as he promised at Cobb’s expense? Or will he take a Tour of the Islands instead?

The bell rings fans rally already with “I-BU-SHI” clapping. Ibushi and Cobb circle, approach, circle a little more as they feel things out, and then Ibushi kicks. Cobb backs away for a moment but comes back to try again. Ibushi tries some jabs but Cobb shoots in to get the leg takedown. Cobb uses the leg he has to then turn Ibushi over for a facelock. Ibushi uses the leg to get a ropebreak, and fans cheer as Cobb lets off. Cobb and Ibushi reset and go again. They tie up, Cobb gets the facelock back but Ibushi slips around to a waistlock. Cobb throws Ibushi down by an arm, wrenches the wrist but Ibushi headscissors him off. Cobb pops out and tries a cover but Ibushi has the ropes. Cobb lets go again, Ibushi keeps his guard up, Cobb waits for him to stand before he CHOPS!

Ibushi fires off furious forearms, but Cobb takes them all to ROCK Ibushi with one! Cobb eggs Ibushi on, so Ibushi KICKS! Cobb throws a forearm, Ibushi kicks, repeat! Cobb hobbles but comes back with forearms. Fans rally as they pick up the pace, but Ibushi fakes Cobb out to back kick to then chest kick and standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as ibushi goes to Cobb at the ropes. Ibushi whips but Cobb holds the ropes to deny. Cobb still holds on so Ibushi knees low. Cobb reverses the whip, things speed up as Cobb hurdles and dropkicks! Fans cheer, Cobb covers, ONE! Cobb keeps on Ibushi with knees and even a European Uppercut to his back. Cobb drags Ibushi up, headbutts and Ibushi sits down. Ibushi shakes his head, saying that wasn’t enough.

Cobb brings him up for more headbutts but Ibushi fires off forearms. Cobb DECKS him! Cobb drags Ibushi up, bearhug and OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Fans cheer the strength while Ibushi rolls to a corner. Cobb runs corner to corner at Ibushi but Ibushi boots him first! Cobb comes back but Ibushi goes up and over, comes back with the SNAP RANA! Cobb bails out, fans rally up and Ibushi aims, PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes Cobb! Fans rally for “I-BU-SHI” as he gets back up. The ring count begins and climbs to 10 of 20 before Ibushi brings Cobb up and in. Ibushi aims from a corner, Cobb rises, and Ibushi springboards but Cobb gets under. Cobb runs back but Ibushi jumps over the tackle to DOUBLE STOMP Cobb down! Ibushi claps along with “I-BU-SHI” as he rises.

Cobb sits up, Ibushi KICKS him! Cobb eggs Ibushi on now so Ibushi KICKS him again! Cobb catches the third, ducks the counter kick and hits a big back suplex! Fans rally up again as both men slowly rise. Cobb stands up first and runs at Ibushi to run him over. And again! Cobb tackles Ibushi to a corner, rams in over and over, then whips Ibushi out to send him back in. Cobb hits the big leaping uppercut! Cobb yanks Ibushi up by his legs, and cradles him for the ATHLETIC PLEX! Cover, TWO! GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives and fans rally up! Cobb looms over Ibushi, drags him up, and powers up as he runs. Ibushi boots Cobb first but Cobb still throws the right hand! Ibushi middle kicks, Cobb SUPERKICKS! Ibushi clotheslines, but Cobb stays up to LARIAT!

Fans fire up as both men are down! Cobb rises first, drags Ibushi up, gut wrench and suplex! Cobb holds on for a second gut wrench suplex! He holds on and lifts Ibushi up but Ibushi tries to huricanrana out! Cobb blocks that, brings Ibushi back up and into the fireman’s carry, for the F 5 THOUSAND! So many rotations! Cobb high stacks, TWO!?! Ibushi barely escapes and the fans are thunderous! Cobb says he’ll end this with a little tour! Cobb whips Ibushi, Ibushi holds ropes and boots back. Ibushi runs, into a pop-up, fireman’s carry, but Ibushi fights out of that to ROUNDHOUSE! Ibushi has the wrists, KAMI- NO! TOUR OF- NO! V-TRIGGER!! KENNY!! Wristlocks and KAMIGOYE!! Cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Cobb earns 0

A split second different, and Ibushi might’ve taken that Tour of the Islands and another loss! But he makes it through round 4, can he still secure his place in back-to-back G1 Climax finals?


A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Taichi!

The Rainmaker hasn’t had the smoothest G1, with losses to Ibushi and Jay White. The Sliest Wrestler in the World, meanwhile, has yet to lose! Will fortunes change in this fourth round? Or can Taichi avoid being put Deep In Debt?

As soon as Okada takes off his elaborate entrance attire, Taichi attacks! The bell rings to get Taichi clubbing away on record! Taichi throws Okada out of the ring, then brings him around the way to whip into railing! The ref reprimands but Taichi brings Okada up to whip him into more railing! The ref tells Taichi to put Okada in the ring, so Taichi whips Okada into more railing! Taichi searches around the ring, but El Desperado is on commentary so he helps out. The ref stops Desperado from giving Taichi his chair, but this distracts from Taichi finding his own chair to JAM Okada with! And SMACK him on the back! Desperado goes back to commentary because the damage is done. Taichi drags Okada up and POSTS him! Okada’s back is already taped up, it’ll definitely need more now.

Taichi puts Okada in the ring and fans cheer. Taichi has a cocky cover of just one hand, Okada gets up before the count. Fans rally up, “O-KA-DA,” but Taichi mocks it. Taichi snapmares and KICKS Okada in the back! And again! Taichi kicks Okada out of the ring then goes out to follow. Okada drags Taichi up, RAMS him into the apron, the ring count starts, but Taichi RAMS Okada again! The count is at 10 of 20 but Taichi puts Okada in at 11. Fans cheer as Taichi continues things in the ring. Taichi pokes the bad back to toy with Okada but fans rally up. Taichi kicks at the back again, brings Okada up and rams him into buckles! Taichi snapmares Okada, kicks at the back and then slaps Okada around. Taichi gives toying knees but Okada gets up to throw forearms.

Taichi back kicks hard and Okada goes to a corner. Taichi runs in, Okada boots back but Taichi tries again, to get more boots! Okada RUNNING EUROUPPERS Taichi down! Fans rally up as both men slowly stand. Okada stalks Taichi to the ropes, brings him up for forearms, then whips. Taichi reverses but Okada elbows him down! Okada fires up for Korakuen and drags Taichi back up. Okada whips him corner to corner, runs in and back elbows, then kicks and DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Okada drags Taichi up, wrenches and goes for the cobra clutch but Taichi powers him into the corner! Taichi staggers away but runs back in, but Okada dodges to hoist him up top! Okada dropkicks Taichi down to the floor! Fans cheer while Okada rests his aching back.

Fans rally up as Okada goes out to fetch Taichi. The ring count begins, Okada drags Taichi up but Taichi RAMS him into railing! The ref tells them to get in the ring now with the count stopped. Taichi whips but Okada reverses and now Taichi goes into railing! Okada DDT’s Taichi to the floor! The ref goes back out to check on them, Taichi is okay to continue but Okada gets the fans to clap and stomp. The ring count returns, Okada walks off the pain and brings Taichi up at 8 of 20. They’re in the ring at 10, and fans cheer again. Okada goes up top, Taichi slowly rises, Okada missile dropkicks but MISSES as Taichi moves!

Fans rally up as Okada clutches his back. Taichi talks trash as he brings Okada up but Okada throws forearms. Taichi kicks but Okada catches it to elbow it! Okada runs, into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Taichi gets the leg for a Half Crab and stomps on Okada’s head before sinking it in deeper! Okada endures as Taichi pulls back, and Okada manages to crawl for ropes. Taichi stands on Okada’s head to keep him where he is, but Okada fights to get the ropebreak! Taichi lets go fast and brings Okada up. Okada blocks the bomb lift so Taichi clubs away on his back. Taichi tries again, Okada still resists, so Taichi tries Kowata Kicks! Taichi tries again, Okada turns that to the Alabama and REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Both men are down but the fans fire up!

Okada rises first and aims at Taichi. Okada runs corner to corner but Taichi dodges to GAMANGIRI! Taichi powers up, runs, but Okada boots him first! Okada runs but Taichi dodges and then fakes out the dropkick! Taichi BUZZSAWS fast, and fans fire up! Off come the pants! Taichi focuses his power now, Okada rises, Okada dropkicks the superkick away! Okada gut wrenches, Taichi slips out but Okada blocks the saido. Okada wrenches but Taichi counters the Debt with DANGEROUS SAIDO! Okada sits up in a daze but falls back, and fans fire up again! Taichi sits up now, slashes the throat and drags Okada up! Taichi reels Okada in, lifts, but Okada slips out to gut wrench, JUMPING TOMBSTONE!

Fans rally up as Okada grits his teeth and rises again. Okada has the arm, MONEY CLIP! Taichi kicks his legs and claws at Okada’s arms but Okada cranks harder. They stand, Taichi chokes Okada! The ref counts, Taichi won’t let go so the ref tries to pry the hand away! Taichi lets go, but Okada spins him to a backslide! Taichi slides off, POINT-BLANK RAINMAKER! Okada still has the wrist and fans rally up! Okada drags Taichi back up, but will he go for lariat or submission? Taichi is up, but uses the ref as a shield! Okada shoves the ref aside, Taichi LOW BLOW KICK! GEDO CLUTCH, TWO!?! Taichi almost had Okada but maybe using the ref was part of the problem!

Fans rally up and both men slowly stir. Taichi gets to ropes and then GAMANGIRIS Okada down again! Taichi fires himself up and fans rally up. Taichi wobbles but he focuses again. SUPER- NO! Okada blocks the kick, uppercuts, but Taichi ROCKS him with that right! Taichi brings Okada up, reels him in, but Okada resists the saido, spins and spins but the lariat misses. Taichi STEALS the ripcord to make this an AX BOMBER RAINMAKER! Cover, TWO!!! Fans are thunderous as Taichi and “O-KA-DA!” stir. Taichi fires himself up and drags Okada back to his feet. Taichi Alabama lifts but Okada slips out, MONEY CLIP! Taichi fights off the hold to throw Okada!

Taichi tries the Alabama again, Okada puts him BACK in the submission! Taichi endures, fades, but gets a second wind! Taichi reaches but Okada hits a back2back backbreaker! Okada has Taichi deep in the hold now, Taichi is fading again and fans are rallying! The ref checks on Taichi, he is OUT! Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by submission; gains 2 points, Taichi earns 0

The Money Clip put Taichi #DeepInDebt, and he could not withstand it! He has and his G1 streak ends! Will Okada return to the finals with this huge comeback?


A Block – Will Ospreay VS Jay White w/ Gedo!

Wait, this can’t be right. If this is the “Jay1,” why isn’t The Switchblade in the main event? Will he sort this out while staying undefeated? Or will Ospreay strike him down and end White’s arrogance?

White double guns while he and Ospreay take off their jacktes. After White and Gedo Low Sweet, the bell rings and White bails out. What else is new? White keeps saying he’s ready but he paces around the outside. Ospreay waits and White returns, they circle, but White uses the ropes as defense. White comes back, they tie up, and Ospreay powers White to the ropes. White shouts for Red Shoes to help, but Red Shoes takes his time to count Ospreay. Ospreay lets up fast but White bails right out. White complains and paces again but Ospreay waits. White returns, he ties up with Ospreay again and White puts Ospreay on the ropes. Ospreay turns it back around, Red Shoes is a bit faster on the check but Ospreay lets off. White tries to bail out but Ospreay grabs White’s hair!

Ospreay reels White in for a headlock, White pulls hair to put Ospreay in a corner. Red Shoes calls for the break, White lets off only to RAM into Ospreay over and over! White fires off with forearms and CHOPS, but Ospreay CHOPS him off his feet! Fans fire up with Ospreay while White checks the mark left on his chest. Ospreay dares White to give it back, White CHOPS, but Ospreay just laughs and fires up more. White puts his arms back to give Ospreay a turn, but then he kicks low before Ospreay can chop! White throws forearms, EuroUppers, and whips. Ospreay reverses and pops White up for a BIG back drop! Ospreay clotheslines White out and runs, but he fakes White out to superhero landing! White rushes in, Ospreay dodges and CHOPS White off his feet again!

Ospreay drags White up for a scoop slam and a knee drop! Cover, ONE! Fans rally and Ospreay stomps away on White. Ospreay drags White up to throw haymakers at the ropes. Ospreay whips, White grabs ropes but Ospreay keeps him from escaping again. White elbows back, Ospreay runs in, White EXPLODERS Ospreay OUT of the ring! Ospreay crashes off the apron on the way down! White mocks the applause again while Red Shoes checks on Ospreay. Ospreay is okay to continue so White goes out to whip him into railing! White has media clear out so he can whip Ospreay into more railing! Gedo applauds and White asks if Despy wants to cheer. White goes to the ring and leaves Ospreay to the ring count. Ospreay is in at 9 but White stomps away on him!

White has Ospreay in a facelock, Ospreay fights back but White throws him down! White gets the leg to turn Ospreay for a Half Crab! White sits down deep as Ospreay endures. Fans rally up as Ospreay powers up and crawls. White shifts to make the hold an STF, but Ospreay still gets the ropebreak! White hooks Ospreay’s face but Red Shoes counts. White lets off to then throw forearms on Ospreay while he’s down! White has Ospreay in a corner, Gedo claps as White scoop slams and drops a leg! Cover, ONE! Fans applaud but White wraps Ospreay up in a chinlock. Ospreay endures and White cranks back but Ospreay gets up to throw body shots. White clubs Ospreay, Ospreay throws forearms back! Ospreay goes to chop but White clubs him first!

White whips, Ospreay reverses and runs in but White dodges to CHOP back! Ospreay comes back, White ducks and gets the leg, GROUND DRAGON SCREW! White mocks the “OS-PU-REAY” clapping and goes back after the leg but Ospreay boots him away. White hurries after Ospreay again but Ospreay frees his leg to CHOP White! Ospreay whips, White reverses, Ospreay handsprings to NEURALIZER! Both men are down and the fans rally up! Ospreay shakes out the bad leg, gets to his feet and to a corner. White runs in, blocks a boot but not the enziguri! Atomic drop, CHOP and STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Ospreay keeps going as he goes to the corner. Ospreay springboards, PIP PIP CHEERIO!

White bails out and fans fire up again! Ospreay runs, Gedo gets White clear but Ospreay pursues. Gedo wants Ospreay to understand, but White gets Ospreay at the apron! Ospreay counter punches White, but Red Shoes has his eyes on Gedo. Ospreay does, too, and White gets him for a DRAPING DDT! Fans rally up as Ospreay gets to a corner. White is in the other, runs corner to corner and uppercuts! ANARCHY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! White grows annoyed and Gedo protests but fans rally for Ospreay. White drags Ospreay up, Ospreay fights back but White kicks low. White runs into the dropkick flip, but the leg slows Ospreay down! White gets the leg, Ospreay enziguris! Fans cheer again while Ospreay makes sure the leg works. Ospreay hobbles over to the corner while White is down.

Gedo is on the apron but Ospreay’s glare backs him off. White grabs Ospreay at the ropes but Ospreay elbows him away. Springboard, but Pip Pip is turned into COMPLETE SHOT! DEAD LIFT GERMAN! Fans fire up but not as much as Gedo as he shouts to White. White talks trash and mocks the applause as he drags Ospreay back up. White hoists Ospreay up top, throws forearms and climbs up. White clubs Ospreay but Ospreay throws body shots. They brawl, White hammers away and brings Ospreay up. Ospreay slips out of the superplex, clubs White on the back and then climbs up behind! Gedo shouts, White resists and rakes eyes! White clubs and elbows Ospreay down, but Ospreay is back for a springboard dropkick to White’s back!

White is in the Tree of Woe, fans rally up as Ospreay grins. Ospreay goes to the corner, Gedo freaks out, and Gedo gets White out of the Tree before the Coast2Coast. But Ospreay SASUKE SPECIALS them both down! Fans fire up as Ospreay puts White back in the ring. Ospreay springboards again, 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! White survives and fans fire up again for Ospreay! Ospreay calls his shot but White anchors a foot. Ospreay drags White with him, stomps and kicks him toyingly, but White refuses to let go. Ospreay drags White up, White slaps Ospreay!White grins, but so does Ospreay. White is ready for Ospreay’s retaliation to throw body shots, but Ospreay SUPERKICKS back! White hobbles, Ospreay springboards but White dodges the cutter! BIG URENAGE!

Both men are down and fans fire up again! White sits up first, drags Ospreay up and fisherman, KIWI KRUSHER! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay lives but White slashes the throat! White drags Ospreay up, but no Blade Runner as Ospreay slips up and over to SIT OUT BOMB!! There was so much power to that Liger Bomb that Ospreay can’t make the cover! But Ospreay fires up and the fans follow him! Ospreay runs, springboards, OSCUT- NO! White reels Ospreay in, Ospreay slips out, tries again, OSCUTTER! Cover, TWO!! White survives but fans rally behind Ospreay. Ospreay prepares the arm as he aims from the corner. White sits up, but he flops over. Ospreay watches White flounder, so he rains down rights! Red Shoes calls for Ospreay to let off but he has to pull Ospreay off.

White laughs while he flounders more, because this, too, is one of his favorite tactics. Ospreay gives him Kowata Kicks for it, then underhooks, but White manages to drop toehold Red Shoes! But Ospreay sees Gedo and those brass knuckles coming! Ospreay blocks the punch and points this out to Red Shoes. Ospreay then ROLLING ELBOWS Gedo down! Red Shoes takes care of moving him out of the ring while Ospreay brings White up. Ospreay also sees the low blow punch coming and blocks! BUZZSAW HEEL REWIND! And HIDDEN- NO! White catches Ospreay, but Ospreay spins out of Blade Runner, only for White to get him with SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX, but Ospreay lands on his feet! ROLLING ELBOW!

Fans fire up with Ospreay as White sits up, HIDDEN BLADE!! Ospreay won’t end it there! He underhooks, lifts, and STORM BREAKERS!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall; gains 2 points, White earns 0

The Assassin just ended the “Jay1” and is the 1 in 3-1! Will Ospreay use this to rebound back and prove he IS the best wrestler in the world?


A Block – Tomohiro Ishii VS Shingo Takagi!

The Stone Pitbull has yet to win, but he isn’t giving up yet! However, neither has The Dragon! Will Ishii find that sliver of hope and sink his teeth into it? Or will Takagi keep Ishii from spoiling his own chances?

The two get in each other’s face right away but they wait for the bell. Fans rally up as Takagi and Ishii approach and tie up. Takagi headlocks, Ishii powers out and the two collide but neither falls. Ishii runs, he and Takagi collide again but neither falls. Takagi shoves Ishii but Ishii choke grips to back Takagi down. Ishii CHOPS Takagi but Takagi eggs him on. They start throwing forearms back and forth now and the fans rally behind the fast and furious action! It gets faster, Ishii gets the edge, and runs to bump Takagi. Takagi rebounds, he bumps Ishii but Ishii comes back. They ram, ram and RAM into each other! Takagi doesn’t fall but he does clutch the shoulder. Ishii eggs him on and fans rally as Takagi forearms and runs. But Ishii runs Takagi over! Fans cheer again as Takagi gets up.

Ishii CHOPS Takagi, Takagi forearms back, repeat! Ishii CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS Takagi off his feet! Takagi sits up, Ishii kicks him in the back, but Takagi eggs him on again. Ishii KICKS again so Takagi gets up. Ishii keeps kicking, Takagi keeps egging him on. Ishii gives more kicks, Takagi blocks one to put it on the rope, then he has Ishii draped! Ishii slips out before Takagi can drop an elbow, but Takagi knocks him off the apron. Fans cheer as Takagi goes out after Ishii and Ishii kicks back. Ishii whips Takagi into railing, then he talks trash. Ishii brings Takagi up to whip the other way and into more railing. Takagi comes right back but his shoulder ram doesn’t knock Ishii down! Ishii throws forearms but Takagi throws them back. They brawl on the outside as fans rally up.

Takagi slows down and Ishii gets the edge. Ishii eggs Takagi on and whips, but Takagi reverses! Ishii hits railing, comes right back, but Takagi runs him over! Fans fire up while Takagi and Ishii are both down on the outside! Red Shoes checks on them, Ishii is okay to continue and a ring count begins. The count reaches 7 before Takagi sits up, and 10 before he stands. Takagi brings Ishii up and in at 14. Takagi drops an elbow and another, then the back senton! Fans rally up again as Takagi drags Ishii up into a chinbar. Ishii endures so Takagi shifts to elbow away on Ishii’s shoulder and chest. Takagi pushes Ishii down to drop a knee on the back! Takagi talks smack on Ishii and fans rally up. Takagi brings Ishii into a facelock and grinds him down.

Ishii endures, Takagi stands and cranks on the hold then elbows Ishii on the back. Ishii is in the corner, Takagi grins as he pushes Ishii in. Takagi does the same cornering Ishii did to Ospreay and Ibushi! Ishii throws forearms over and over, Takagi takes them all! Takagi headbutts Ishii down and fans cheer. Takagi talks some smack, kicks at Ishii, but Ishii gets up. Takagi forearms, Ishii CHOPS but Takagi doesn’t flinch. Ishii CHOPS, Takagi CHOPS, repeat! They CHOP again and again, faster and faster, and the fans rally up! Takagi eggs Ishii on, Ishii CHOPS and CHOPS, Takagi DOUBLE CHOPS! Takagi catches Ishii into chicken wings, spins him for a facelock, but it’s Ishii that suplexes Takagi! Both men are down and the fans fire up!

Takagi and Ishii stir, Ishii gets up and heads over. Ishii kicks Takagi, slaps him and pushes him, then CHOPS him in the corner. And again! And again! Takagi throws elbows but now Ishii uses that cornering. Takagi keeps throwing elbows, but Ishii CHOPS and forearms on repeat! Fans fire up as Ishii keeps hitting Takagi! Takagi sputters as Ishii throws more forearms. Ishii kicks at Takagi, stands on his head, but Red Shoes counts. Fans rally up as Ishii gives more toying kicks. Takagi gets up, Ishii whips but Takagi reverses. Ishii comes back into the elbow, JAB and LARIAT! Fans cheer while Takagi catches his breath. Takagi drags Ishii up, for a SAIDO SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Takagi gets the fans rallying as he waits on Ishii. Ishii stays down and Takagi eggs him on again.

Takagi gives those toying kicks back then KICKS harder! Ishii sits up and gets in Takagi’s face. Ishii dares Takagi to kick him again? Takagi kicks and kicks, Ishii back elbows over and over! These are STIFF CHOPS to the chest and throat! Red Shoes warns Ishii but Ishii keeps going! Takagi sits down, Ishii stands him up and CLOBBERS him again! Ishii toys with Takagi and gives those kicks back. Ishii scuffs Takagi’s head a few times, Takagi tells him to leave the hair alone to hit him in the cheek. Ishii does, then runs, but Takagi blocks the boot! Takagi returns the hard CHOPS to the chest and throat! Red Shoes warns Takagi now but Takagi shifts to punching from all sides, before one last CHOP!

Ishii leans on ropes and fans cheer but Red Shoes again reprimands Takagi. Takagi says Ishii started it. Ishii coughs and sputters as Takagi brings him up. Gory Especial for NOSHIGAMI! Takagi reels Ishii into a wheelbarrow for a dead lift GERMAN! Fans fire up again as Takagi brings Ishii up once more. Takagi runs, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Ishii still lives but the fans rally up with Takagi again. Takagi has the rhythm change, “OI! OI! OI!” Ishii rises, Takagi runs at him, but Ishii gets around and dodges more. Takagi also dodges, Ishii counters and spins Takagi to run. Takagi follows to clothesline Ishii at the ropes! Ishii follows Takagi to return the clothesline! Ishii runs, dodges Takagi, but PUMPING BOMBER gets through! But Ishii is up right away to LARIAT!

Takagi is back up right away, too, and the two collide with clotheslines! Both stagger, come back and collide again! Fans are thunderous as both men wobble and fall! Takagi gets to a corner as the fans rally. Takagi drags himself up with the ropes but so does Ishii. Ishii runs in to clothesline Takagi! Ishii hoists Takagi up top, climbs up to join him, and fans rally for the SUPER BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives and fans rally again while both men are down. Ishii rises, brings Takagi up, but Takagi resists the lift. Takagi powers up to back drop Ishii away! Fans cheer as Takagi runs but Ishii boots him. Ishii swings, Takagi swats it away, and Takagi pump handles. Ishii fights but Takagi knees and knees, for the NIPPON GUTBUSTER!

Fans fire up again as Takagi drags Ishii up. Takagi pump handles again, Ishii pops out to spin Takagi but Takagi spins out to DDT! Takagi brings Ishii up, pump handles, MADE IN JAPAN! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives but Takagi isn’t done! Takagi has the fans rally again, Ishii gets up, PUMPING BOMBER! Cover, TWO!?! Ishii survives and fans fire up again! Takagi brings Ishii back up, Ishii fights off the fireman’s carry but Ishii LARIATS! Ishii falls over and fans fire up again. Takagi has Ishii in the corner but he blocks the boot to clothesline! Takagi runs, but into Ishii’s SAIDO! Takagi still comes back, but into another SAIDO! Both men are down and fans rally again.

Takagi and Ishii slowly rise, Ishii brings Takagi up but Takagi gets forehead to forehead with Ishii. Takagi JABS, CHOPS, repeat! JAB then JAB but Ishii dodges the chop! Ishii waistlocks, Takagi elbows free, LARIAT! Ishii stays up to DECK Takagi! Fans cheer again and Ishii drags Takagi back up. Ishii gets Takagi up, POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO! Takagi lives but Ishii is too tired to be frustrated! Fans rally again as Ishii gets the bad arm moving. Ishii stands, runs, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Takagi still lives but Ishii again gets back up. Ishii roars, brings Takagi up to suplex but Takagi fights it off. They fight for suplex control, Ishii tries again but Takagi silps out! POP-UP DEATH VALLEY! Ishii staggers up but blocks the lariat to a DRAGON SUPLEX! Takagi is right up, but he runs into a LARIAT!!

Takagi flounders up but falls back down and Ishii is frustrated! The fans rally up again, Ishii drags Takagi up and runs, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Takagi sputters but he survives! Ishii is determined to end this! Ishii suplexes, Takagi fights out but Ishii headbutts! Takagi ducks the enziguri to SLIDING LARIAT! Both men are down again but the fans stay fired up! Takagi heads for Ishii, Ishii gives him junkyard dog headbutts. And then a harder one! Takagi gets pissed and stands up. They headbutt each other over and over, Takagi HEADBUTTS! Takagi fires off forearms from all sides, over and over! Ishii just glares at him to give them all back!

Ishii rocks Takagi, but runs into his DRAPING GTR! Takagi drags Ishii up, runs, and PUMPING BOMBERS!! Cover, TWO!?!? Takagi can’t believe it but the fans love it! Fans rally up as Takagi drags Ishii up, for a DDT! Takagi fires himself up and the fans rally with him. Takagi wristlock fireman’s carries but Ishii fights out to wrench and lariat! Takagi forearms and LARIATS back! Takagi fires up once more, steadies himself and brings Ishii back up. Ishii slips out to suplex, but Takagi scoops! Ishii spins to TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up again as both men are down.

Ishii and Takagi are in opposite corners, the fans rally up and they both run at each other! They collide with clotheslines, trade headbutts, Ishii swats the lariat away to enziguri! Ishii fires up with the crowd! Ishii runs, and LARIATS Takagi! High stack, TWO!! The Dragon still lives but the Pitbull vows to slay him! Suplex, BRAIN BUSTER!! Cover, Ishii wins!!

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Takagi earns 0

Ishii is finally on the board! He is not going to be 0-4 but is 1-3! Is this what Ishii needs to have a chance? Or is even this win too little, too late? But much like how Ishii was with Ibushi, Takagi isn’t done fighting with Ishii! They both hit each other on the mat, but the Young Lions separate them. Even as Takagi is outside, Ishii tries to headbutt him! Will we see this battle of undying fighting spirits come back around in the future?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

Taichi: 3-1, 6 points
Jay White: 3-1, 6 points
Minoru Suzuki: 3-1, 6 points
Kota Ibushi: 3-1, 6 points
Will Ospreay: 3-1, 6 points
Kazuchika Okada: 2-2, 4 points
Tomohiro Ishii: 1-3, 2 points
Shingo Takagi: 1-3, 2 points
Jeff Cobb: 1-3, 2 points
Yujiro Takahashi: 0-4, 0 points

My Thoughts:

A really great round 4 for A Block, and I did not think things would turn out like this, but I am actually glad it has. Jay White not being back in the main event should’ve foreshadowed him not winning. Ospreay gets up to 3-1, White drops to 3-1, and if it comes down to them as the top two, we now know who would take the block because of the head-to-head. Okada gets to 500 off of Taichi, and I think I finally heard commentary call the hold “Money Clip.” I was only calling it Deep in Debt because I saw Wikias/Fandom sites calling it that. Either way, I think I’ve been right about Okada wanting to prioritize a submission finisher to save his body as well as his opponents’, he has been winning with that more and more.

Yujiro just keeps spiraling down. Is he going to have one of the worst G1 win-loss records ever? If he goes 0-5, he’s pretty much done. Ibushi and Suzuki stay strong to bring us a total of four at 3-1 with 6 points, but other than Taichi having a win on Suzuki, we haven’t had the other match-ups. Those are all going to be pivotal and incredible, I can’t wait. And in the end, Ishii VS Takagi for Ishii’s first win was a good main event choice, but at a point it just felt like it went longer than it had to. I love that they’re behemoths hitting each other as hard as they can, but there seemed to many of the usual “both men are down and fans rally” moments. Cut a few of those out and it’s better paced.

There was also no closing promo, but Ishii still wanting to fight is good enough. I suppose if anyone else had the main event spot to speak, it’d just be more of what we’ve gotten. Naito in B Block has gone 3-0 but it’s obvious he uses 90% of the same talking points for each one. Ospreay would’ve just repeated his vow to be the best, Ibushi would’ve just repeated his vow to be the next wrestling god, and at this point, Okada might’ve simply repeated things from Summer Struggle, reworked for the G1. Less is more at this point and that’s Ishii to a tee.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (2/3/23)

The Elite are on a Rampage!



Is The Elite in for a tune-up or trap game tonight?

Though they plan to defend the AEW World Trios titles on Dynamite, Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks defend the titles against The Firm here on Rampage! Will they overlook Ethan Page, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy and get caught?


  • AEW World Trios Championships: The Elite VS Ethan Page, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy; The Elite win and retain the titles.
  • Swerve Strickland w/ Mogul Affiliates VS Brian Pillman Jr; Swerve wins.
  • Saraya & Toni Storm VS The Renegade Sisters; Saraya & Storm win.
  • Rush w/ La Faccion Ingobernable VS Christopher Daniels; Rush wins.


AEW World Trios Championships: The Elite VS Ethan Page, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy!

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks accepted the challenge of the upstart Top Flight & AR Fox, but then they also accepted the challenge of The Firm’s All Ego! Will The Elite’s ego cost them in their very first defense? Or will they still keep their date with Fox, Dante & Darius for Dynamite?

The bell rings and the trios sort out. Dayton chants, “THE! ELITE! THE THE ELITE!” Nick Jackson starts against Isiah Kassidy, they circle, and they tie up. Nick wrenches to a wristlock, Kassidy rolls and handsprings to wrench and wristlock back. Nick uses ropes to flip through and wrench back to hit a headlock takeover. Kassidy headscissors, Nick kips free, but Kassidy hits a headlock takeover. Nick headscissors, Kassidy kips free, things speed up and Kassidy wheelbarrows to arm-drag! Kassidy kips up, but Nick blocks the chop to knuckle lock. Nick CHOPS, goes up and up, “LUCHA LIBRE~!” and arm-drags!

Kassidy staggers up into another arm-drag, and Nick has the armlock! Fans cheer but Ethan is furious. Nick wrenches Kassidy, tags Matt, and the Bucks double whip to bait Kassidy into a GUTBUSTER, to the NECKBREAKER BACKBREAKER COMBO! Fans fire up with the Bucks, and Matt points to Kenny. Fans fire up, and Matt tags in Omega! Hardy tags in and he circles with Omega. They tie up, break, and then go again. They break, go again, then Hardy headlocks. Omega powers out but Hardy runs him over. Things speed up but Hardy fakes out the hurdle! Hardy kicks low, reels Omega in, TWIST- NO, Omega powers out!

Omega runs in at the corner but Hardy dodges, and the V-Trigger hits buckles! Hardy reels Omega in, but Omega fights the Side Effect! Hardy staggers, Omega runs in but Hardy sends him out! Omega hurries back up but Hardy BLASTS him off the apron! Omega hits railing, Stokely laughs at him, and then Hardy goes up the corner! Omega stands up, but Ethan leaps to CLOBBER Omega! Ethan gives Hardy a thumbs up, he did that so Hardy wouldn’t have to risk himself. Ethan puts Omega in the ring, Ethan apparently snuck a tag that not even Hardy noticed. Ethan drags Omega up to scoop and SLAM him!

Fans boo but Ethan tells the Bucks to kiss this. Ethan drags Omega up, throws haymakers, and then has Omega in the corner. Ethan has Hardy and Kassidy hold Omega in place, then Ethan runs to BLAST the Bucks off the apron! Fans boo more but Ethan runs in, into Omega’s BOOT! Omega is free, he goes up and over Ethan to hot tag Nick! Ethan runs in, Omega dodges and the Bucks DOUBLE GAMANGIRI Ethan back! Nick then tags Matt while Omega RANAS Ethan! The Bucks double kick, Nick runs and Matt gives him the boost to RANA Ethan! Ethan hurries to tag Hardy, he runs in but into DOUBLE DROPKICKS!

Ethan shouts for Kassidy to do something, so Kassidy springboards, but the Bucks get clear to double elbow! They wheelbarrow and lift Kassidy, Omega runs in, WHEELBARROW KOTARO KRUSHER! Kassidy flounders out of the ring while the fans fire up with the Elite. Hardy returns but Omega sets up Ethan and Kassidy. Matt runs in to WRECK Ethan and Kassidy with a dropkick! Matt then holds the ropes for Nick to FLY and take them out! But Matt Hardy kicks Matt Jackson low and reels him in! TWIST- NO, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Matt Jackson starts up the Polar Express, but Ethan saves Hardy!

Ethan swings, but into a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Fans fire up with Jackson as he has Hardy for haymakers! And stomps! Jackson runs, Ethan trips him up but Jackson BOOTS Ethan! Hardy catches Jackson for a SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Hardy drags Jackson over and tags in Ethan. Ethan stomps Matt Jackson, going after the legs. Ethan talks trash on Dayton then brings Matt around for a BACKBREAKER! Fans boo but Ethan soaks up the heat as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Ethan drags Matt up, bumps him off Kassidy’s boot, then tags Kassidy in. Ethan and Kassidy mug Matt, Kassidy stomps away, then lets off as the ref counts. Kassidy drags Matt back up, tags Hardy, and they mug Matt Jackson now. Hardy brings Jackson around to fire forearms and elbows! Then Hardy has Jackson under the bottom rope, for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! Kassidy gives thumbs up as Hardy covers, TWO! Hardy drags Jackson up, bumps him off Ethan’s boot, and then tags Ethan in. Ethan and Hardy mug Jackson, abut Jackson fights back with haymakers! Rampage returns to single picture as Jackson backs Ethan down!

Matt Jackson runs but into a BOOT! Ethan BLASTS Omega and taunts Nick. Fans boo but Ethan drags Matt Jackson over to tag Hardy back in. Hardy drags Jackson up, bumps him off buckles and shouts “DELETE! DELETE!” Fans chant along, and Hardy goes through all three levels! Hardy grabs Jackson’s legs, and YANKS him into a POWERBOMB! Cover, but Nick breaks it! The ref reprimands but Nick backs off. Hardy drags Matt Jackson to the drop zone, goes up the corner, but then Ethan tags in! Fans boo as Ethan ruins Hardy’s good time. Ethan then copies Hardy’s stuff, but leaps into a SUPERKICK!

Fans rally as Ethan and Matt are down! Hot tag to Omega! Fans fire up as Omega goes up top to CROSSBODY Ethan! Kassidy runs in, to get a POLISH HAMMER! POLISH HAMMER for Ethan! Omega spins but Ethan dodges to kick low! Ethan whips, Omega reverses and fireman’s carries! “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” ROLLING SENTON, and the MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Omega drags Ethan up into a half nelson. Ethan fights the full nelson, RAMS Omega into the corner, and Kassidy tags in. Kassidy and Hardy run to BLAST the Bucks while Ethan fires off back elbows on Omega!

Ethan whips Omega corner to corner, runs in and clotheslines! Kassidy adds a SPLASH, Hardy adds a clothesline! Hardy sets up, Ethan whips Kassidy, FIRM IN MOTION INTO DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! Ethan is shocked to see what happened, but he runs into a SNAP DRAGON! Hardy runs in, kicks low, but Omega turns Twist into full nelson! Hardy elbows free, runs, and DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! Nick goes up, but so does Kassidy! STEREO SWANTON BOMBS!! Nick takes out Hardy while Kassidy takes out Omega! Then Kassidy runs in, dodges Nick and goes up to FLYING COMPLETE SHOT!

Matt Jackson shouts “YOU’RE DEAD!” and he SUPERKICKS Kassidy! Ethan runs in, blocks a kick and spins Jackson to ROUNDHOUSE! and then deadlift POWERSLAM! But V-TRIGGER outta nowhere!! All six men are down and the fans are thunderous! A standing count begins, “This is Awesome!” and Omega crawls to hot tag Nick! Nick storms in to CLUB Kassidy. Kassidy throws a forearm, but Nick hits back! They go back and forth with heavy shots, but Kassidy gets the edge! Nick staggers, but he ROUNDHOUSES back! Nick whips, Kassidy reverses and SPIN KICKS! Nick goes to a corner, Kassidy runs in, but Nick dodges!

SHINING WIZARD! GAMANGIRI! FOREARM! BULLDOG! The Elite regroup and they aim at Kassidy, only for Hardy and Ethan to drag Omega and Matt Jackson out! They’re sent into railing hard, and Kassidy runs to hit a DESTROYER!! Nick flounders to a corner, Hardy sets up again! PARTY IN MOTION! Ethan & Kassidy put Nick up top, DOUBLE ICONOCLASM! And then a feed to the TWIST OF FATE!! Kassidy covers, Matt Jackson breaks it!! Ethan storms in, he gets Matt Jackson up, but he slips off the Ego’s Edge and Omega V-TRIGGERS Ethan down! Hardy throws Omega out!

Hardy runs in, Jackson moves, Hardy BLASTS Ethan! Hardy is shocked and he hurries to check on Ethan. Kassidy TOSSES Matt Jackson out, but Nick springboards in! CUTTER?!? Kassidy covers, TWO!!! Kassidy almost wins this on his own because Hardy and Ethan distracted with Ethan’s jaw. Nick tags Omega while Kassidy calls to his team. Hardy hurries over but Omega V-TRIGGERS Kassidy down!! Omega drags Kassidy away, tags Matt in and then Matt tags Nick. Jackson BLASTS Hardy, Omega Electric Chair Lifts Kassidy! ONE WINGED ANGEL!! Into B T E TRIGGER!!! Cover, The Elite wins!

Winners: The Elite, by pinfall (still AEW World Trios Champions)

This was no trap game, but this was far more than a tune-up! The Elite are red hot now, will they melt the Coldest Tag Team in the Game this Wednesday?


Backstage interview with Ricky Starks.

Lexi Nair is with The Absolute, and she brings up the Jericho Appreciation Society throw down the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet challenge. Starks sorta got what he asked for, so what’s the plan? Starks says, “I can tell you it wasn’t a plan for us to match here,” in reference to his shirt and her whole ensemble both being a light khaki. But Starks admits he puts his foot in his mouth, something he’s known to do around here. But that’s okay, because if that is how Starks gets at Chris Jericho, then that is what he’s going to do. If that is the way to beat Jericho, to get out of the “Web of Jericho” that he has entangled himself in, that is what Starks will do.

“I am no stranger to having the deck stacked against me, because I always find a way. Parker, Daddy Magic, Sammy, Danny, it doesn’t matter. Because in El Paso, Texas, I am gonna to prove exactly why I am Absolute. And when I do get my way, Chris, I am going to embarrass you. And I am going to beat you, again.” Starks is ready for everything the JAS is going to throw at him, but will that still get him the win?


Team Triple J speaks.

Jay Lethal tells the others, “Right now, we are riding high. But the Screen Actors Guild and AEW, they’re trying to rain on our parade by distorting on the camera Sonjay’s Golden Globe. I tell you what, just like last week, when we embarrassed the Best Friends and Danhausen, we proved that in the ring, we can’t be matched! And I bet right now, Paul Walter Hauser is sitting at home without a Golden Globe, wishing that he had better friends.” Jeff Jarrett says, “I bet Mr. Walter Hauser wishes he never ever stepped foot in the Kia Forum! Because what happened the last time? I bet he’s wishing he never went on The Late Late Show with James Corden!”

But Best Friends respond!

Danhausen is upset that he got smashed in the head with a Grammy! No, it was a Golden Globe. But keep going, this is good energy. Yes! Danhausen was “decimating” their giant, Satnam Singh, and then he was caught off guard by a GOLDEN GLOBE! That was bad. So YOU will be cursed if it happens again! It shouldn’t happen again, right? It shouldn’t. Danhausen says it WON’T happen again! But when and where will we see the sequel to this showdown of friends and enemies?


Swerve Strickland w/ Mogul Affiliates VS Brian Pillman Jr!

For whatever reason, second generation wrestlers get on Swerve’s nerves. He can’t get after The Natural just yet, but he’s settling for #FlyinBrian41 here tonight! Will BPJ use his homefield advantage to stop the Mogul? Or will Dayton be “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!”

The bell rings and Swerve circles with BPJ. They tie up, go around, and BPJ powers Swerve to a corner. Swerve pushes back and wrenches to a wristlock. BPJ rolls, cartwheels, handsprings and headstands, but Swerve pushes him down to turn BPJ over to a ghost pin! TWO, BPJ gets up but Swerve is after him. BPJ whips Swerve to a corner, Swerve goes up and over and O’Conner Rolls, then Eddy Gordo RANAS, but BPJ rolls through to stand back up. Fans cheer the technical exchange. BPJ and Swerve tie up again, Swerve pulls BPJ’s hair and puts him in the corner. BPJ turns things around, and he swings, only for Swerve to duck.

Swerve whips BPJ but BPJ rolls, handsprings and kangaroo kicks! Swerve checks his nose while fans rally up. Swerve runs in, BPJ dodges, things speed up and BPJ hurdles to drop. Swerve handsprings over, things keep moving, but BPJ steps on Swerve! Fans fire up as BPJ asks, “Whose House?” “BRIAN’S HOUSE!” But Swerve takes off his necklace to wrap around his fist as he ROCKS BPJ with a sucker punch! Fans boo, Swerve whips, but BPJ reverses and DROPKICKS! Swerve bails out, BPJ builds speed, and fans fire up as BPJ WRECKS Swerve with a dropkick! BPJ hurries away from Trench & Boudreaux while Rampage goes picture in picture.

BPJ grins while Swerve is furious. Boudreaux & Trench help Swerve stand up. BPJ talks some smack but Swerve has his guys stand down. Swerve goes up the steps and into the ring, and he ties up with BPJ. Swerve kicks BPJ, ROCKS him with a right, then swings, but misses in the corner! BPJ CHOPS, ROCKS, and wrenches before he whips corner to corner. BPJ runs in to clothesline, CHOP, and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! BPJ rallies the fans while Swerve grits his teeth. BPJ storms up but Swerve gets around to JAM the leg! BPJ falls over and clutches the knee while Swerve taunts Dayton.

Swerve stands on BPJ’s leg, throws down fists, then kicks him around. Swerve stands BPJ up, BPJ throws hands, but Swerve KICKS the leg out! Swerve goes to the corner, goes up, and he taunts the fans before the FALLING UPPERCUT! Swerve swaggers and smirks at all the fans before he goes back to BPJ. Swerve kicks the leg, grinds an arm, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns as BJP and Swerve fire forearm after forearm at each other! BPJ CHOPS, CHOPS, then SLAPS! Swerve staggers, BPJ grabs at him, but Swerve brushes that away to ROCK BPJ with a haymaker! BPJ staggers to a corner, Swerve storms over, but he blocks a boot! Swerve brings BPJ out, slips around that leg and hits a BACKBREAKER! BPJ staggers, Swerve SLAPS him, but BPJ SUPERKICKS! And LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Swerve survives but BPJ fires up! Fans rally as BPJ fireman’s carries. Swerve fights free, and he SLAPS away on BPJ’s back. BPJ snapmares, Swerve blocks the superkick and he mule kicks the bad leg!

Swerve aims from the corner as BPJ clutches his knee. BPJ stands but the bad leg gives out! And then the HOUSE CALL!! Cover, TWO!?! BPJ survives and Swerve is fuming! Dayton fires up but Swerve drags BPJ up. Swerve bumps BPJ off buckles, hoists him up top, then climbs up after him. BPJ throws body shots in return, then climbs up to HOTSHOT Swerve away! Trench distracts BPJ, BPJ runs him off, and the ref is busy with Trench, allowing Boudreaux to trip BPJ up! Fans boo, but Swerve hurries to go out after BPJ and drag him up! Fireman’s carry, APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!

Swerve hurries up a corner and BPJ sits up, for the KILL STOMPS!! Cover, Swerve wins!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall

Mogul Affiliates comes through for their leader, Swerve takes out a second generation star! #HoodiesUp, and the big men stand Swerve up. Trench feeds BPJ to Boudreaux’s LARIAT! Then Swerve brings out the necklace, but here comes DUSTIN RHODES! The Natural has a TURNBUCKLE CROSSBAR! Dustin uses that to run off Mogul Affiliates, but this war has only just begun. Will Dustin prove to Swerve that being second generation doesn’t make him better, but that being better makes him better?


The House of Black speaks.

Malakai says, “There was a saying that reads, ‘Assumptions are a poison that create unrealistic expectations.’ And what is the poison that you people created? The assumption that Eddie Kingston was going to join the House. No, the House does not want Eddie, and Eddie does not want The House. The House did what it always does, and what its mission has been since the beginning: prove that every human being on this planet, no matter how true of heart, is corruptible. And it takes the smallest push into the right direction to peel off the layers of virtue and let that venom of hate grow.

“There is no forgiveness for people like you and me, Eddie. And like Cain did to Abel, you do what you can’t help but do, because it is your nature. It is the balance of who you are in this world. Because no man is ever truly…” The Mad King has begun his descent, will there be no going back now that he has begun to #FadeToBlack?


Saraya & Toni Storm VS The Renegade Sisters!

Speaking of a descent, the Revolution and the Lightning have stooped to shocking lows as of late, all in the name of showing the AEW homegrown talent that they, the outsiders, know what is best for business. But will they continue to do whatever they want to the AEW Women’s Division? Or will Charlette & Robyn be just the renegades to fight The Revolution?

The teams sort out and after a rock-paper-scissors game that goes nowhere, Robyn steps up to Storm. Storm doesn’t seem to take Robyn seriously but Robyn eggs her on. Robyn and Storm tie up, go around, and end up against ropes, in a corner, and then to more ropes. Storm lets off to pie face Robyn. Robyn ROCKS Storm! And again, and again, and then she CHOPS! Robyn whips, Storm reverses but Robyn ducks, only to run into Storm’s THESZ PRESS! Storm rains down fists, then she drags Robyn up. Storm puts Robyn in the ropes, CHOKES Robyn, then argues with the ref so Saraya can CHOKE Robyn, too!

The fans boo as Saraya fires off knees on Robyn! Storm sucker punches Charlette! Storm runs to HIP ATTACK Robyn off the apron! Fans are torn while Robyn lands on the floor. Storm and Saraya bring Robyn up to RAM her into steel steps! And then into the railing! The ref has to keep Charlette back, and Saraya says Charlette is crazy! Storm drags Robyn up and puts her in the ring to then drag her over. Tag to Saraya, they mug Robyn, and Saraya short arm LARIATS! And again! And again! Fans boo but Saraya smiles and soaks it all up. Saraya drags Robyn up, tells fans to shut up, but Robyn waistlocks.

Saraya elbows free, whips Robyn to a corner, SHINING WIZARD! Fans boo but Saraya just revels in it. Saraya snapmares and SHINING WIZARDS again! Cover, TWO!! Robyn survives but Saraya drags Robyn up. Robyn RAMS Saraya into a corner, but it’s the enemy corner! Storm tags in, she and Saraya mug Robyn, and then Storm snap suplexes Robyn down! Cover, TWO! Robyn is hanging tough but Storm clamps on a full nelson. Fans rally as Robyn endures and fights up. Storm thrashes Robyn around, but Robyn fights up and breaks the nelson! Only for Storm to throw her down by her hair! Fans boo and the ref reprimands, but Storm just scowls.

Storm kicks Robyn around, toying with her, but Robyn gets mad. Robyn ROCKS Storm! Robyn eggs Storm on so Storm hits back! Robyn ROCKS, CHOPS and repeat! Storm swing, Robyn dodges and ENZIGURIS! Fans fire up as both women are down! Storm a nd Robyn crawl, hot tag to Charlette! Charlette rallies on Storm and Saraya! SPLASH in the corner! Charlette rallies the fans with “GET! YOU! SOME!” Charlette runs in, but Storm SHOTGUNS her down! Charlette flounders to a corner, Storm runs in, SWEET HIP MUSIC! Storm brings Charlette up for Saraya to YAKUZA KICK! STORM ZERO!! Cover, Storm & Saraya win!

Winners: Saraya & Toni Storm, by pinfall

The outsiders win, but they’re not done! Saraya brings out cans of spray paint! Toni CLOBBERS Robyn, Saraya chases the ref out of the ring, and they start spraying the Renegades! They put big green L’s on the Renegades, will they continue to hand out those L’s to the AEW Women’s Division?


Adam Cole speaks.

“There is nothing that I love more than professional wrestling. And I have worked harder every single day than I ever have in my entire life. Because for me, I thought my dream was dead. And when your dreams die, your hope dies. I never, ever lost hope, because I refused to let anybody or anything stand in my way of getting back inside that squared circle. And I have no idea who my first opponent will be when I return, but I can promise you this: You are going to get the best damn pro-wrestler on the planet. And his name…” ADAM COLE, BAYBAY! AEW Revolution is the target, will Adam Cole make it all about the boom?


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

The World’s Strongest Man says, “Before former ROH Champion, Rush, faces Bryan Danielson this Wednesday, he will face former ROH Champion, Christopher Daniels tonight on Rampage.” The Fallen Angel tells El Toro Blanco, “Your reputation precedes you, but I am not intimidated by reputation. And I’m not a stepping stone for anyone, Rush.” But Rush tells Daniels, “You have never faced anybody like Rush.” Rush continues on in Spanish, then says in English, “Just remember: if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.” Mark Henry then says, “It’s TIME! For the main event!” Will Rush be rolling into El Paso and his battle with the American Dragon? Or will this be the rise of the Fallen Angel?

Rush w/ La Faccion Ingobernable VS Christopher Daniels!

The bell rings and fans rally for the Fallen Angel. Daniels and Rush circle, tie up, and Daniels waistlocks. Rush switches, Daniels switches back but Rush sits. Daniels holds on for a moment but Rush switches back. They stand, Daniels shifts to hit a headlock takeover. Rush headscissors, Daniels pries free to trip Rush to a cover, ONE! The two stand off and fans cheer. Rush and Daniels reset to circle again. They tie up, Rush wrenches and YANKS the arm, then wrenches to CLUB the arm. Rush YANKS the arm but Daniels uses ropes to flip through and arm-drag Rush away! Rush stands up, sidesteps, but Daniels blocks the hip toss!

Daniels tries but now Rush blocks the hip toss. Rush swings but Daniels blocks the haymaker to hit a NECKBREAKER! Daniels then CLOBBERS Rush! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Daniels drags Rush up and CLUBS him. Daniels whips Rush to ropes to calf kick him out! Daniels then builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp and fans fire up as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Daniels drags Rush up and into the ring, hurries up the corner, but Jose distracts! Daniels AX HANDLES Jose down! But Rush DECKS Daniels with a sucker punch! Daniels flops out of the ring and Rush distracts the ref so “Perro Peligroso” can attack! Preston Vance holds up the Ingobernables fist, then he POSTS Daniels! Vance even CHOKES Daniels with the stolen masks of luchadors Vance has beaten outside of AEW! Vance gets away with all this as Rush goes out after Daniels. But then Vance distracts the ref so that Rush can beat down Daniels! Rush drags Daniels around the way to throw him into railing!

Rush throws knee after knee into Daniels against the railing while Jose hurries to get the bright green cable! Rush throws down fists, Jose throws the cable over, and Rush holds it up. Rush then gathers some slack, to LASH Daniels! And then CHOKE him with it! Daniels can only cough and sputter because Vance is still in the ref’s face! Rush lets Daniels go, then drags him up to put him in the ring. Jose gives Rush some water to refresh himself, then Jose shows off just one of the many fat stacks MJF gave LFI on Dynamite. Rush uses the fat stack to fan himself off, then gives it to Vance. Rush then gets in the ring to CHOP Daniels!

Rush whips Daniels corner to corner, runs in and clotheslines! Then he sits Daniels down to rain down forearms! The ref reprimands and counts, Rush lets off at 4. Jose beats the apron like a drum and Rush runs corner to corner, to fake Daniels out on the Bull’s Horns! Daniels lets his guard down, and Rush KICKS him in the face! Daniels clutches his jaw while Rush rolls back to tranquilo. Rush then drags Daniels up to throw him out, and of course Vance is right on Daniels! Vance CHOPS Daniels while Rush distracts the ref. Vance puts Daniels back in, Rush stands on Daniels with a cocky cover, ONE!

Rush is annoyed but he stomps away on Daniels. Rampage returns to single picture as Rush pretends to take Daniels’ head and kicks it into the crowd. But then he KICKS Daniels in the side! Daniels goes to the apron, fans boo, but Rush kicks him to the floor. Rush again distracts the ref, and Vance uses the fat stack of cash to SLAP Daniels! Vance then makes it rain on Daniels, and stands him up to CHOP him down! Fans boo as Jose also makes it rain on Daniels. Vance puts Daniels in the ring, Rush drags Daniels up and throws body shots. Rush tosses Daniels back out, and then “apologizes” to the ref as a way to distract him!

Jose and Vance stand Daniels up, Jose chicken wings Daniels’ arms, and Vance runs in. Daniels moves, the BOOT takes out Jose! Fans fire up, Vance is shocked, and Daniels POSTS Vance! Daniels throws Jose into the ring then goes around the way. Rush is distracted by his assistant being where he shouldn’t be, and Daniels slips in to roll Rush up! TWO!! Rush escapes, but Daniels baits him into the corner. Daniels dodges, ENZIGURIS, and fans fire up! Rush staggers, Daniels runs in and LARIATS Rush! And CHOPS! And wrenches to a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Rush survives but Daniels fires back up!

Daniels drags Rush up, CLUBS him again and again, then runs, but Rush follows! CHOP! CHOP! But Daniels swings! Rush dodge to SUPERKICK! Rush roars, swings, but into a fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! But into a KOJI KLUTCH!! Rush endures, Vance drags Rush’s leg to the ROPEBREAK! Fans boo but Daniels lets Rush go all the same. Daniels knows it was that damn dog, but Rush rolls Daniels up! WITH TIGHTS! TWO, and Rush swings again, but into the URENAGE! Daniels points to the corner and fans fire up! Daniels goes up, for the BEST MOONSAULT EVER onto knees!!

Rush OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes Daniels into the corner! Rush makes sure Daniels sits up, and then he stomps away with both feet! Fans boo, Rush stomps around then runs corner to corner, BULL’S HORNS!! Cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

Though it was a valiant effort, Christopher Daniels fought a 3v1 the entire time, he had no chance of winning out. Will Bryan Danielson also have no chance against those odds? Or will the American Dragon find a way to slay El Toro Blanco?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage here. The trios titles opening was quite the surprise, but it was a great match. The Firm looked good, but of course they also had the story of Ethan stealing the spotlight from his own teammates every chance he could. As such, The Elite win, and now we’re going to get a stacked episode of Dynamite. The trios titles, the tag titles, and eliminator matches for the women’s world title and men’s world title. Of those, I’m fairly confident The Elite retain their titles, that would only be their second defense and they have got to be heading to AEW Revolution with these belts. No idea who they’d face then, though.

Plenty of good promos again. Starks responding to the JAS gauntlet didn’t necessarily add anything, he’s of course going to find his way through. Malakai’s promo was equally good but it effectively established what’s going on with the story of House of Black and Eddie Kingston. Triple J and Best Friends are definitely going to have another match, and as I said before, I hope Paul Walter Hauser gets involved to avenge Triple J stealing his Golden Globe. And great new promo from Cole, though it doesn’t necessarily add anything more. Cole is surely going to be part of the Revolution card, and whoever he faces is going to put Cole over but in a very good match.

Really good match out of Swerve VS BPJ, but of course that as a Heel leading a faction, Swerve wins because his guys help out. But it also made sense for Dustin to show up and run the Mogul Affiliates off. As I sensed on Dynamite, Dustin is surely going to team up with BPJ and Brock Anderson against Mogul Affiliates in a Six Man Tag. And as AEW seems to struggle establishing new team names, I’m assuming Brian Pillman Jr. and Brock Anderson are gonna be “Lineage” (stylized LineAGE) as a sort of AEW version of Legacy. I say that cuz LineAGE was on BPJ’s tights. Dustin can also join LineAGE if he wants, and maybe LineAGE can get going in the Trios Division.

The Renegade Sisters got a good showing against Storm & Saraya, but of course they also lost to Storm & Saraya. And I suddenly had inspiration seeing Saraya & Storm spray paint big green L’s on the Renegades. Will Saraya & Storm be like The Outsiders, Nash & Hall, and they get an NWO moment at Revolution? The “third woman” will be someone who is currently Face and seems like they’re on AEW’s side. It probably won’t be Shida, she doesn’t seem to like how Saraya & Storm are going. But with Saraya & Storm wearing green and using green paint, and Ruby Soho having green hair, I wonder if Ruby is pushed to the point where she ends up seeing things Saraya’s way.

Still disappointing that Mark Henry’s segment is being trimmed down more and more, but I’m thinking it’s to give more time to the main event match. But this main event was a great main event, even though I just knew Daniels would lose. Rush VS Bryan will be great stuff, and I am sure Bryan will look close to losing because of Jose and Vance getting involved, but surely Bryan will find a way to win.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (2/3/23)

What is the State of the Bloodline?



Roman Reigns responds to what happened at the Royal Rumble.

Though he is still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, the Tribal Chief is without Jey Uso and without the Honorary Uce. What will Roman Reigns do about the Bloodline’s situation?


  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Tournament Finals: Braun Strowman & Ricochet VS Imperium; Braun & Ricochet win and will challenge The Usos for the titles next week.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Sonya Deville; Charlotte wins and retains the title.
  • The Brawling Brutes VS The Viking Raiders w/ Valhalla; The Viking Raiders win.
  • Women’s Elimination Chamber Qualifier Fatal 4 Way: Shotzi Blackheart VS Shayna Baszler VS Zelina Vega VS Natalya; Natty wins and advances to the Raw Women’s Championship Elimination Chamber match.


The Bloodline arrives.

Kayla Braxton is already on the scene as Jimmy Usos, Solo Sikoa, Paul Heyman and the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, exit the vehicle. Kayla wants a word on Jey Usos’ status after what we saw on Saturday, but Roman doesn’t give an answer. Heyman, however, says, “What a cold-blooded question from such a warm-hearted lady.” But at this time, the Bloodline will neither confirm nor deny Jey’s status within the group. But thanks for wearing black and red for them. The Wise Man heads out with the Head of the Table, what will Roman himself have to say later on tonight?


SmackDown Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Tournament Finals: Braun Strowman & Ricochet VS Imperium w/ GUNTHER!

The Monster of All Monsters and the King of Flight were last minute substitutes, but they made the most of their opportunity! Will they take over that SmackDown Tag Division right as the Usos’ partnership is in question? Or will it be Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci secure victory and make Der Ring General proud?

The teams sort out and Braun starts against the Pride of Italy. They circle, tie up, and Braun shoves Vinci away! Braun flexes and roars but Vinci talks strategy with Ludwig. They tag, Ludwig talks some trash but Vinci rushes in! Braun stays up from the chop block, he shoves Ludwig away, kicks Vinci out of the ring, and then DECKS Ludwig on the return! Imperium regroups outside and Braun dares them to bring it. Gunther talks strategy with his soldiers, a ring count starts, and fans rally up for Braun. Braun tags to Ricochet as Ludwig gets back in and they circle. They tie up, Ricochet waistlocks and headlocks.

Ludwig powers up and out, but Ricochet rolls off his back to dropkick him down! Ricochet throws forearms but Ludwig DECKS Ricochet! Ludwig drags Ricochet back up but Ricochet hits a JAWBREAKER! Ricochet brings Ludwig up but Vinci takes a swipe! Ricochet gets distracted and Ludwig CLOBBERS him with a EuroUpper! Braun is upset, he runs in around the way to CLOBBER Vinci! Braun stares Gunther down and Gunther backs away. Braun dares Gunther to try something now, but Ludwig DIVES! Only for Braun to catch him! Ludwig tries to fight free, but Vinci goes up and up and CROSSBODIES to wipe Braun out!

Fans rally for Braun while Gunther has Imperium regroup. The Monster and the high-flyer are in trouble as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Braun CLUBS Vinci. Braun scoops Vinci, Vinci slips free and POSTS Braun! Ludwig tags in, they have Braun stuck in the corner, and they DOUBLE DROPKICK! They push Braun in to cover, TWO! Gunther is frustrated but Ludwig rains down fists. Tag to Vinci, Imperium mugs Braun, and Vinci CLUBS away on Braun’s back. Vinci facelocks and grinds the hold but Braun fights up! Fans rally as Braun powers his way over a step at a time, and he TOSSES Vinci away! Hot tag to Ricochet, he springboards to CROSSBODY Ludwig! Ricochet runs to RANA Vinci, then he runs to RAM him in the corner!

Ricochet bumps Vinci off buckles, kicks him away, and springboards for a FLYING LARIAT! Ricochet keeps moving, STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Gunther is still worried as Ricochet has the fans rallying behind him. Ricochet brings Vinci up, fireman’s carries, but Vinci slips off to CLUB Ricochet and POST him! Ludwig tags in, they set Ricochet up like Braun, but Ricochet dodges! The dropkicks take Vinci out! Ludwig rushes in, Ricochet dodges to handspring and back elbow! Ludwig flounders to the corner, Braun runs in to BLAST Vinci away! Braun has Ricochet build speed, and gives him a boost to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Imperium!

Fans are thunderous, Ricochet is roaring, and Gunther is furious! Ricochet tells Gunther to back off, this is Imperium’s fight. Gunther shoves Ricochet, and the ref saw it! The ref EJECTS Gunther! Fans love it as now this is a fair fight! Gunther is fuming but Braun dares him to try something more. Ricochet gets in the ring but Vinci grabs at him! Ricochet kicks Vinci away but Ludwig is after him in the ropes! Ricochet shoves Ludwig away, but Ludwig and Vinci HIGH-LOW on the rebound! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives and Braun is shocked, too, as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Ludwig brawls with Ricochet! Ricochet gets the edge, runs, but Ludwig UPPERCUTS! Ludwig whips, Ricochet reverses to V-TRIGGER! Ludwig wobbles, Ricochet fires off fists, and the ref counts. Ricochet roars as he lets off at 4, but Ludwig turns things around! Vinci tags in and springboards to CROSSBODY! PENALTY KICK from Ludwig! DOUBLE DROPKICKS to Braun! Vinci covers Ricochet, TWO! Ricochet is hanging tough and Imperium grows frustrated. Vinci drags Ricochet up, Ludwig tags in then climbs the corner, but Ricochet back drops Vinci! Ricochet drags Ludwig down to GAMANGIRI!

Ricochet brings Ludwig back up and reels him in to suplex but Ludwig slips out. Ludwig whips Ricochet to the corner, runs in, but blocks the kick! Tag to Vinci but Ricochet elbows Vinci away! Ricochet ROCKS Ludwig, ENZIGURIS, and goes up! But Ludwig GAMANGIRIS! ROCKET LAUNCH into the BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, Braun YANKS Vinci outta the ring! Fans are thunderous and Braun fires up! Ricochet stirs as the fans rally up and Braun reaches out. Vinci crawls in, both men go for their corners, hot tags to Ludwig and Ricochet! Braun rallies on Ludwig with big shoulder tackles! And a TOSS across the way!

Vinci runs in, springboards, but bounces off Braun’s body! Braun rips off his shirt but Ludwig UPPERCUTS! Braun LARIATS on return! “THAT’S IT!” Braun drags Ludwig up, reels him in, and fans fire up for the MONSTER BOMB!! Tag to Ricochet and he goes up onto Braun’s shoulders! MONSTROUS SWANTON!! Cover, Braun & Ricochet win!

Winners: Braun Strowman & Ricochet, by pinfall (NEW #1 contenders to the SmackDown Tag Team Championships)

Imperium belittled them as “sideshow circus freaks,” but these freaks are going to challenge the Usos next week! Will this be the perfect time to strike down the historic reign of Jimmy & Jey?


Backstage interview with Charlotte Flair.

Kayla is with The Queen, saying the world is buzzing with the Women’s Royal Rumble match winner, Rhea Ripley, choosing her as her WrestleMania opponent. But how does Charlotte feel? Charlotte says Mania will be epic. But tonight, she’s focused on Sonya Deville. “You cannot overlook someone who is as persistent as Sonya.” Sure, she complained to get here, but we’re in Carolina! And- Oh, here comes Sonya now. Sonya says Charlotte must mean they’re in Flair Country! “WOO~!” Yeah? Or more like, Hicksville, No Man’s Land, the middle of nowhere where no one wants to be, including Sonya herself.

But Sonya won’t let that stop her. She’s here for one reason and one reason only: The SmackDown Women’s Championship. And then it’ll be Sonya VS Rhea at Mania. Because Hollywood needs a star, and Sonya is a star! Charlotte chuckles and Sonya asks what’s so funny. Charlotte won’t be laughing when Sonya beats her in the ring. Charlotte says to leave this trash talk for the ring. Sonya says fine, she’ll see her in the ring. Will the Queen still have her crown after taking on the Jersey Deville?


SmackDown shares footage of WWE superstars at the LA Coliseum.

Just last night, in partnership with Fox Sports and NASCAR, The New Day and Rey Mysterio were with Michael Waltrip, Clint Bowyer and the official Clash at the Coliseum branded stock cars. However, The Judgment Day’s Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor & Damian Priest had to crash the fun. Dom says this isn’t about celebrating Rey again, “hanging out with this old guy in pajamas.” Waltrip got upset but the New Day stepped in. Show some respect to the two-time Daytona winner. Finn says that’s the past! They’re with Ross Chastain, the current NASCAR champion! Waltrip tells Dom to be more respectful, but Dom knows what this is about.

Dom says Rey must want to race like they did back in the day when Dom was beating Rey at go-carts! Rey says if Dom wants to get spanked like when he was a kid, sure! Clint said they had two cars right here, so why not race for real? Get on the track and settle this! Everybody got real hyped for that, so Rey and Dom suited up. Waltrip hyped Rey up, and Chastain hyped Dom up. Rey and Dom got in the driver’s seats, put on the steering wheels and helmets, and Waltrip said, “Gentlemen! And the Judgment Day, I guess. Start! Your! Engines!” BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY, and they’re off! Dom took an early lead but Rey was hot on his tail!

Dom was even talking trash, asking if anyone had a booster seat for Rey! And where’s the NOS? But Rey says Dom’s driving is as fake as his teardrop tattoo! Dom still had the lead, and said he learned this from his cellmate who was a getaway driver. Rey said the only “getaway driving” Dom’s ever done is in video games! Lap after lap, Dom holds onto the lead, until Rey makes a move! “If you ain’t first, you’re last!” They’re neck and neck, but Rey takes it at the checkered flag! And in the end, that’s what matters! The New Day celebrated with Rey, but Dom says Rey had to have cheated! Things got tense, the pit crews had to break this up! Will nothing but a fight settle this family dysfunction?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Sonya Deville!

The Queen reigns again, but the Pride Fighter says that’s an injustice. Will Sonya bring about her own form of justice and equality to SmackDown? Or will this home game in Flair Country be a big win on the Road to WrestleMania for Charlotte?

SmackDown returns and Charlotte makes her entrance. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who Rhea faces in Hollywood!

The bell rings and fans rally behind Charlotte already with “WOO~!” after “WOO~!” Sonya and Charlotte circle, feel things out, then tie up. Charlotte arm-drags Sonya, runs her over, then stands over her. Charlotte eggs Sonya on, “Where’s the trash talking now?” Sonya stands up, she and Charlotte tie up, and Charlotte waistlocks to SLAM Sonya down. Charlotte pushes Sonya to a press, ONE! Sonya stands but Charlotte wrenches an arm. Sonya pulls hair but the ref reprimands. Sonya wrenches, wristlocks, but Charlotte cartwheels to wrench back. Charlotte whips, Sonya reverses, but Charlotte goes up and out!

Charlotte BOOTS Sonya from the ropes, goes up top, and fans fire up as Charlotte leaps! CROSSBODY! Cover, ONE!! Sonya is out but Charlotte says that was still close. Charlotte runs in but only gets buckles! Sonya runs in but is put on the apron. Charlotte ROCKS Sonya, stands her up, and wrenches, but Sonya throws Charlotte by her hair! Sonya mocks the “WOO~!” but fans boo, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns as Charlotte sits up, into a KICK from Sonya! And another! Sonya mocks the “WOO~” again, fans boo some more, but Sonya runs in, only for Charlotte to roll her up! TWO, and Sonya ROUNDHOUSES Charlotte back down! Cover, TWO! Charlotte survives but Sonya clamps on a chinlock. Sonya thrashes Charlotte around, says she can do this all day, but fans rally as Charlotte endures. Charlotte fights up, snapmares free, and then blocks forearms to give forearms! Sonya ROCKS Charlotte, but Charlotte blocks buckle bump to give buckle bump! Sonya staggers away, Charlotte stomps up, but Sonya kicks out a leg!

Sonya runs, Charlotte ducks the lariat and CLOBBERS Sonya! And again! Charlotte CHOPS and CHOPS and CHPOS! Fans “WOO~!” but Sonya swings, into a back suplex! Charlotte kips up and fans fire up! Charlotte runs in at the corner, but blocks boots! Charlotte ROCKS Sonya, climbs up and drops a knee on the knee! Sonya flounders, Charlotte runs to BOOT her down! Cover, TWO!! Sonya survives but Charlotte is actually amused. Sonya goes to ropes, Charlotte storms up and reels her in. Sonya holds ropes, elbows free, then whips, but Charlotte reverses! Sonya tumbles out to the apron, avoids the boot and HOTSHOTS the leg!

Sonya slides in, runs in and BOOTS Charlotte down! Cover, TWO!! Sonya can’t believe it! Sonya fumes while Charlotte crawls to a corner. Charlotte drags herself up, Sonya run sin but into a BACKBREAKER! But Sonya avoids the boot! Sonya KCIKS Charlotte, goes up the corner, and FLYING KNEES Charlotte down! Cover, TWO!!! Sonya is furious, but she drags Charlotte to center. Sonya stomps the leg, grins, and goes ‘WOO~!” Sonya steps through, Charlotte turns figure four into cradle! TWO!?!? Sonya escapes by nanoseconds! Fans boo but Charlotte storms up, only for Sonya to send her into buckles!

Sonya runs, into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte drags Sonya to a drop zone, goes up top, and fans fire up for the MOONSAULT! Sonya BOOTS her back! And rolls her up! FEET ON THE ROPES! TWO!!! The ref reprimands but Charlotte still escapes! Sonya steps through, Charlotte kicks free of the figure four! Sonya comes back, sunset flips, but charlotte rolls through! Charlotte has the legs, “WOO~!” Figure Four, to FIGURE EIGHT!! Sonya taps, Charlotte wins!!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Sonya was so close and yet so far! But that is how good Charlotte Flair is now that she’s back on top! What will it take for even The Eradicator to take this title off Charlotte at WrestleMania?


The Bloodline sits in their private room.

Roman asks Jimmy, “Where’s your brother?” Jimmy doesn’t know. Jimmy didn’t talk to Jey? Haven’t heard from him. Roman isn’t sure if it’s just him, but don’t you find that disrespectful? Jey not only walks out, but he doesn’t care enough to communicate. It’s one thing to walk away, but to not hear from him for a whole week… Plus, don’t the Usos have a title match next week? “We don’t walk out on our obligations.” Roman can’t understand this. So he asks again: Has Jimmy talked to Jey? And Jimmy will say it again, he hasn’t heard from Jey. But Jey will be there, Jimmy has faith in him. But they all know Jey. He just needs time to cool off.

Roman repeats, “He’ll be there. he’ll be there for you. What about all of us? He gonna be there for the entire Bloodline? Huh? Solo, have you talked to your brother?” Jimmy says if he hasn’t heard from Jey, Jey isn’t talking to nobody, Uce. Nobody has heard from Jey. Roman says they don’t understand the urgency that is needed right now. Roman calls upon the Wise Man. “Yes, My Tribal Chief.” “Is it not WrestleMania season?” “It is WrestleMania Season, My Tribal Chief.” Then you ain’t gonna find Jey on the couch. Go find him now! Jimmy and Solo get up and head out. Will Main Event Jey be found at all tonight?


The Brawling Brutes VS The Viking Raiders w/ Valhalla!

“Butch” and Ridge the Fridge are going to avenge Sheamus against Erik & Ivar! Will the Bruiserweight and Yorkshire Grit be the ones to bring Ragnarök to the Vikings? Or will they end up just like the Celtic Connection?

SmackDown returns and the Vikings make their entrance. The teams sort out and Dunne starts with Ivar. They tie up, Ivar puts Dunne in a corner, but he lets off quickly. Dunne fires forearms but Ivar throws body shots and fast hands! The ref counts, Ivar lets off again, but then Ivar whips Dunne out to send him back into the corner hard! Dunne falls, Ivar drags him to the corner and tags in Erik. Erik whips Dunne into the corner, runs in, but into boots! Dunne brings Erik around, ties him up, and has an abdominal stretch, but he bends the fingers! Dunne powers Erik to the corner, fires forearms, and tags in Ridge.

Ridge runs side to side to forearm smash! Ridge keeps going, and he runs Erik over with a shoulder! Ridge drags Erik up but Erik wrenches out to ROCK him with a forearm! Erik suplexes but Ridge is too big for that! Ridge suplexes Erik up and over! Tag to Dunne, then Ridge clobbers Erik! Dunne BOOTS Ivar, and then the Brutes have Erik for DOUBLE BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! They go to 7 before Dunne just fires off furiously! Erik flops down, Dunne stomps him off the apron, then he PLANCHAS! Erik gets clear, but Dunne stares “Valhalla” Sarah Logan down. Erik RAMS Dunne into barriers, then CLOBBERS him! Fans boo but SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Dunne pries his way out of a sleeper at the ropes! He SNAPS Erik’s fingers! Valhalla is shocked, Erik runs in, but Dunne goes up and over! Tag to Ridge, and he EXPLODERS Erik! Erik is back up, but he swings into another EXPLODER! Ridge blocks haymakers to throw HEADBUTTS, and then an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Ridge roars, “FIGHT NIGHT!” but runs into a KNEE! Tag to Ivar, Ridge CLOBBERS Erik but Ivar kicks low! Ivar reels Ridge in, lifts him up, but Ridge powers up and Alabama Lifts Ivar! ALABAMA SLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Valhalla is relieved as the War Beard survives!

Ridge snarls, he waistlocks Ivar but Ivar backs him into a corner. Ivar fires elbow after elbow, but Dunne tags in to ENZIGURI! Dunne runs in to BOOT Ivar! Erik tags in, he runs but into an ENZIGURI! Dunne runs, but into a LARIAT! ACE TEN MAO! Cover, ONE?!?! Tag to Ivar, and Ivar climbs. Erik hands Dunne off to Ivar, but Ridge drags Erik out! Erik RAMS Ridge into barriers! Dunne fights the slam, rains down elbows, and then SUPER STEINERS Ivar away! Cover, TWO!! Ivar survives and Valhalla breathes easy again. Dunne goes up top to MOONSAULT! But Ivar catches Dunne!! Ivar deadlifts Dunne, but Dunne slips into a SLEEPER!

Ivar RAMS Dunne into buckles, Erik tags in and Erik CLOBBERS Dunne! Ivar goes out, Ridge runs in, but into a HEEL KICK! Ivar tags back in, the Vikings have Dunne, and Valhalla nods. RAGNARÖK!! Cover, the Vikings win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, by pinfall

The Brutes could not stop the brutality of Erik & Ivar, the raid continues on! Will the Viking Raiders be waiting on the other side of next week’s tag title showdown?

WAIT! Here comes Drew McIntyre and Sheamus! The Celtic Connection are back on their feet, and they brawl with the Vikings on the stage! Sheamus tackles Erik, McIntyre throws Ivar into railing! The forearms fly, and Sheamus RAMS Erik into a girder! McIntyre runs and RAMS Ivar into the LED screen! Ivar staggers, McIntyre BOOTS him down! Fans fire up as Sheamus & McIntyre stand tall! Will they turn the tides in this battle on the Road to WrestleMania?


Bray Wyatt sits in his rocking chair.

Like us, he was surely watching back the highlights of the Pitch Black Match from the Royal Rumble. But then Uncle Howdy walks over! He and Bray look at the camera together, does this mean they’re on the same side after all?


Women’s Elimination Chamber Qualifier Fatal 4 Way: Shotzi Blackheart VS Shayna Baszler VS Zelina Vega VS Natalya!

As we learned on Raw, there will be a Women’s Elimination Chamber to name Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania opponent! Raquel Rodriguez, Liv Morgan, Nikki Cross and Asuka are automatically in given their performance in the Women’s Rumble match. Raw will hold its own Fatal 4 on Monday, but who qualifies for the fifth spot here on Friday Night SmackDown?

SmackDown returns and the Queen of Harts makes her entrance, with the Wild Child, Queen of Spades and La Muneca already waiting. The bell rings and Natty rushes Shayna. Natty dodges Shayna’s haymaker, Shotzi ROCKS Shayna with a right, and then Natty fires off on Shayna. Vega rushes Shotzi but gets a kick. Natty bumps Shayna off buckles and stomps a mudhole! Shotzi throws Vega out, then goes after Shayna, even pushing Natty outta the way! Shotzi has her own bone to pick with Shayna, but then Natty throws Shotzi away. Natty stomps Shayna out of the ring, Shotzi rolls Natty up! TWO, Shotzi headlocks but Natty powers out.

Shotzi runs Natty over, fans fire up and Shotzi runs, but Vega trips her up! Vega drags Shotzi out, THROWS her to the barriers, then laughs as she goes into the ring. Vega and Natty tie up, Vega gets around to roll Natty up, TWO! Vega KICKS from below, covers, TWO! We see Liv and Raquel are here watching backstage, already representing SmackDown in the Elimination Chamber. Vega drags Natty up but Natty ROCKS Vega! Natty scoops Vega but Vega slips off and pushes her away. Vega then tilt-o-whirls, and hits a CODE RED! Cover, Shayna kicks it apart! Shayna gut wrenches Vega to a SLAM!

Shotzi returns, Shayna gets around and hooks Shotzi up, BACKBREAKER! Shayna grabs Shotzi’s arm and stands on her head. Shotzi flails, fans boo, but Natty CLUBS Shayna down! Natty drags Shayna up, throws her to the apron, and runs in. Shayna avoids the shoulder to KICK Natty! Vega trips Shayna but Shayna CLOBBERS her for it! Shayna gets back in, and KNEES Natty down! Shayna grins as she covers, TWO!! Natty survives that nasty knee that once broke her nose, and Shayna soaks up the heat from the fans while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Shayna pulls on Shotzi’s arm in a top wristlock. Shotzi fights up and fires body shots but Shayna DECKS her! Shayna stands on Shotzi’s arm, but she avoids the stomp! Roll up, ONE, but Shotzi BOOTS, KNEES and ROLLING ELBOWS Shayna, to then QUESTION MARK KICK! Shayna ends up on ropes, Shotzi runs to SENTON! Shayna bails out, Shotzi DIVES to take her out at the ramp! Fans fire up but Vega goes up top! Vega SUPER MOONSAULTS onto Shotzi and Shayna! All three are down, Natty hurries out to DECK Vega! Natty puts Shotzi in, runs and trips Shotzi, to the SHARPSHOOTER!

Fans fire up as Shotzi endures, but Vega hits a BULLDOG on Natty! Shotzi chicken wings Vega to TIGER SUPLEX! But Shayna reels Shotzi in for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Shayna then drags Vega up into the KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Vega flails, but she’s fading! Natty runs in, Shayna drops Vega to duck the discus! KIRAFUDA for Natty!! But Natty throws Shayna out of the ring! Natty hurries to get Vega for the SHARPSHOOTER!! Vega taps, Natty wins!!

Winner: Natalya, by submission (advances to Elimination Chamber)

The Queen of Harts is going to be the hometown hero in Montreal! But will that help her take the golden ticket to Hollywood?


Roman Reigns still waits in his private room.

Heyman apologizes to the Tribal Chief. Jey’s phone goes straight to voicemail. Heyman wants to say more, but he holds his tongue. Jimmy and Solo return, and they also say they got nothing. A big fat zero. Roman sighs. “I just don’t understand. Of all the times of year for this to happen. We were doing so good. No problems, no hiccups.” Roman says they know how much he has on his plate. That they understand “the stress and the burden of this position.” He feels like he’s being pulled in two different directions, and spread too thin. He loves them, and is sorry for speaking tot hem the way he did.

Jimmy says not to worry about it. Roman says he needs them. He needs them to be as strong as they ever were. Because if they’re not, there is no more #WeTheOnes. Wise Man had catering sent to the bus, it’s a whole bunch of sushi, steaks, etc. It’s good stuff. They can go to the bus and eat up while Roman goes to the ring to handle business. He needs them with him. They understand? Yeet. Then enjoy. He’ll catch up with them later. Jimmy says okay, and has Solo tag along. What will Roman say about Sami, Jey and the Bloodline as a whole? We find out, after the break.


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

On top of the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, we will see a Fatal 4 Way match to name a #1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship! Rey Mysterio VS Madcap Moss VS Karrion Kross VS Santos Escobar! Who will win to go after Der Ring General?


Roman Reigns heads to the ring.

Paul Heyman is the only one to accompany the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion as his reign now reaches 887 DAYS! Roman lifts the belts for the pyro, then continues to the ring. As it stands, Roman Reigns will headline WrestleMania against the American Nightmare, the Men’s Rumble Winner, Cody Rhodes, but even that seems to be secondary to what is going on within The Bloodline. Roman and Heyman stand in the ring, and Roman lifts the belts again for the second round of pyro. Heyman then hands Roman a mic while fans chant, “SAMI! SAMI!” Roman lets that settle down before he says, “Greenville, South Carolina… ACKNOWLEDGE ME!”

Fans are still rather torn between cheers, jeers, and the chant of “SAMI! SAMI!” Roman was going to ask them who they want him to talk about, but it’s obvious. Roman says he’d rather sit here and talk about Cody Rhodes. “Y’know, the guy that won the Royal Rumble, the #1 contender. Someone who actually deserves my attention. But you simple folks have reduced me to talking about the past.” Fans boo, then start up the “SAMI! SAMI!” again. Roman says fine, if they want to hear about Sami, he’ll talk about Sami. “But remember, there’s two sides to every story, so you’re gonna hear mine.” Fans boo, they already don’t like that.

Roman says that in order to hear his side of the story, “we’ve gotta go all the way back to WarGames.” Heyman remembers when Roman looked Sami in his eyes that Roman saw everything he needed to see. “Would you like to know what I saw that night? I saw greed. I saw the same thing that I see in everybody that I ever interact with in my life nowadays. If a restaurant was lucky enough to have me, when I walk in, the hostess, the people in the kitchen, the waitress, the waiter, they all say the same thing. ‘I want this.’ It’s not, ‘Tribal Chief, it’s great to see you.’ No, it’s ‘What can I do for you, like I haven’t already done enough?'”

So Roman does the same thing for Sami, he gives Sami the opportunity of a lifetime, and Sami just uses him, the Bloodline and the Island of Relevancy! “No different than each and every one of you, because you all want, want, want. You can never give back, huh?” BUT THEN SAMI ATTACKS!! Sami came outta the crowd in a hoodie but it’s clear as day that’s him! Sami rains down furious fists and fans are loving it! Sami tears off the hoodie to reveal his new Sami Zayn shirt! Roman staggers up, Sami fires off, but Roman throws knees in return! Roman stomps Sami down, fans boo, but Roman shakes out the stars.

Roman tells Heyman to get a chair, so Heyman gets a chair. Heyman hands the chair to Roman, but Sami is back up! Sami SPEARS Roman?!?! Fans are thunderous as Sami hits Roman with his own move! And then Sami looks down at the chair. Fans are chanting for “SAMI! SAMI!” and Sami swings! Roman avoids the chair shot and retreats up the ramp! Sami shouts in the mic, “ROMAAAN!! You’re wrong about me. I never wanted anything from you. I never wanted anything from you!! Until now. I want something from you now, and I’m gonna take it. Because I am coming after you and the WWE UNDISPUTED UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!”

Fans are going nuts, and Roman is flabbergasted! But then Jimmy SUPERKICKS Sami down! Solo and Jimmy mug Sami! Fans boo but Roman grins as Solo rains down HEADBUTTS! Solo stands Sami up, SAMOAN SPIKE!! Sami sputters but the Bloodline isn’t done with him! They sit Sami in the corner, rain down fists, and then they put the chair around Sami’s head! They’re gonna Riddle him! Solo runs in, but Roman stops him!? Roman looks down on Sami and says, “You want something, huh? You want something from me?” Roman takes the chair away, and fans are chanting “WE WANT JEY! WE WANT JEY!”

Roman tells Sami to listen to that. The fans want Jey, but Roman doesn’t have Jey because Sami broke up the Bloodline. The Right Hand Man isn’t here because of Sami! Sami was given the keys to the kingdom, the invitation to the Promised Land, and Sami repays them by breaking up the family! Sami will get what he wants, but Roman will get what he wants. Sami and Roman will be in Montreal at the Elimination Chamber! Sami broke up Roman’s family, so Roman will break Sami in front of his family! Sami’s parents, wife, kids, friends, relatives, everyone he’s connected to! They will see what happens when you mess with Roman’s family! “I’ll see you soon!”

Sami is still down, fans still chant for him, but then they boo as Roman takes the belts back. If this is what Sami wants, then this is simple to Roman! This isn’t a dream, this is reality! Sami should’ve just stayed in the Bloodline. Roman lifts the titles over Sami, will this be what we see in Montreal in just two weeks?

My Thoughts:

This was a great SmackDown to follow the Royal Rumble! For one, it flew by, though that could be because of the recap packages and only the four matches. I did like the bit we got out of Bray and Uncle Howdy, though it was rather short. The NASCAR racing segment was cheesy like a lot of pro-wrestling corporate synergy stuff is, but it continues to further the plot point that Dom will just get in Rey’s face anywhere and everywhere. With Rhea wanting after Charlotte, it is obvious that the rest of Judgment Day will move over to SmackDown with her, they will have a new feud with Rey, and New Day might even back Rey up for some really good Six Man Tags.

Speaking of Charlotte, she and Sonya had a decent promo before their match, which logically wasn’t the main event because it was a given Charlotte would win. Even so, Sonya looked strong in that match, just not strong enough. And great move having the Women’s Fatal 4 be the “main event” as far as matches. Shotzi, Shayna, Vega and Natty are all great talents, and it makes sense to give Montreal their hometown hero of Natty in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Personally, I would’ve given the nod to Shayna, she would be just as good in the match, and if she were to move over to Raw, she could still have great matches against Bianca Belair and others past Mania.

The Brutes VS Viking Raiders was a really good tag match, but of course the Vikings were gonna win that. And given that, of course Drew & Sheamus were gonna get after them. I don’t know if it’s gonna be in a Donnybrook or a Viking Rules match, but we need one of those at Elimination Chamber for the blow-off of McIntyre & Sheamus VS Erik & Ivar. They need to go wild and just beat each other down. I also like the news of the Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4. Rey, Moss, Kross and Escobar is a great field, but I can’t be sure who faces Gunther. Well, outside of Moss. I don’t see him pulling out a win there, but at the same time, Rey and Kross might cancel out. Escobar VS Gunther so that we could get Legado Del Fantasma VS Imperium would be really cool.

Speaking of Imperium, great opening tag to finish the SmackDown Tag Title tournament. Braun and Ricochet getting after Gunther to get him ejected was good stuff, and of course Braun & Ricochet as the Faces win. Their story ties into the Bloodline dysfunction, and the promos from The Bloodline was good stuff. Jey is MIA and radio silent, which is still a big part of things. Roman again had to walk back his anger in order to keep Solo and Jimmy on his side, and then Roman had a great promo to close the night, along with Sami’s blindside attack. Sami wanting the titles is a natural move, but I have a feeling Sami loses in Montreal to really put heat on Roman. As much as we all love Sami, as great as Sami truly is, Roman VS Cody got a really good Mania Hollywood graphic, WWE’s not changing that.

My Score: 8.8/10

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