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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Results & Report! (9/30/20)

G1 Climax starts Round 4!



NJPW G1 Climax 30

Will the number 4 be bad luck for someone in the G1?

The Switchblade already feels he’s won the “Jay1 Climax,” but there are more rounds to go! Does White go 4-0 or be taken down by the Aerial Assassin?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • A Block – Minoru Suzuki VS Yujiro Takahashi; Suzuki wins.
  • A Block – Jeff Cobb VS Kota Ibushi; Ibushi wins.
  • A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Taichi; Okada wins.
  • A Block – Will Ospreay VS Jay White; Ospreay wins.
  • A Block – Tomohiro Ishii VS Shingo Takagi; Ishii wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Taichi: 3-0, 6 points
Jay White: 3-0, 6 points
Minoru Suzuki: 2-1, 4 points
Kota Ibushi: 2-1, 4 points
Will Ospreay: 2-1, 4 points
Shingo Takagi: 1-2, 2 points
Kazuchika Okada: 1-2, 2 points
Jeff Cobb: 1-2, 2 points
Yujiro Takahashi: 0-3, 0 points
Tomohiro Ishii: 0-3, 0 points


A Block – Minoru Suzuki VS Yujiro Takahashi!

The Meanest Man in the World defeated the Stone Pitbull and Hawaiian Hulk, but he still seems upset he lost to protégé, Taichi. Will he take all of that out on the poor Tokyo Pimp?

As soon as Suzuki gets in the ring, Yujiro starts shoving him! So Suzuki shoves back! The ref gets them to settle down and rings the bell, and Yujiro boots Suzuki! Suzuki boots back, Yujiro comes back to boot again. Suzuki boots again, they egg each other on, and Yujiro runs into Suzuki’s boot! Suzuki drags Yujiro up but Yujiro throws him out! Yujiro goes after Suzuki and whips Suzuki into railing! Suzuki grits his teeth but Yujiro goes after him with the pimp cane! The ref rushes in to stop Yujiro, and he stops choking Suzuki at 3. Suzuki staggers away but Yujiro snapmares him, runs and BOOTS! Fans cheer as Yujiro stands over Suzuki. Yujiro drags Suzuki up but Suzuki hits back. Yujiro rakes Suzuki’s eyes to put him in the ring.

Yujiro stands on Suzuki’s face then stomps him down. Yujiro toys with Suzuki giving those kicks, then bumps him off buckles. Yujiro stomps, forearms and CHOPS! Yujiro slaps Suzuki, whips him corner to corner, but Suzuki reverses to BOOT Yujiro, and throw him out! Suzuki now whips Yujiro into railing! Suzuki gets a chair and SMACKS Yujiro down! The ref grabs at the chair but Suzuki shoves him down. Suzuki just gets another chair and SMACKS Yujiro again! Suzuki SMACKS railing and breaks the chair. Fans cheer Suzuki’s rage as he drags Yujiro up and bumps him off the timekeeper’s table. And chokes him with the microphone cable! Suzuki lets Yujiro go and demands the fans clap. The fans do clap, the ref comes back to tell Suzuki to get this in the ring.

Yujiro forearms but Suzuki hits back. They brawl at ringside, Suzuki DECKS Yujiro! Fans cheer but the ref says this still needs to get in the ring. Suzuki gets in and a ring count starts. Suzuki eggs Yujiro on as Yujiro stands at 8 and is in at 10 of 20. Suzuki drags Yujiro up for the sleeper hold! Suzuki leans on Yujiro and brings him down to the mat already. Fans rally as Yujiro endures but Suzuki makes it a cover, TWO! Suzuki keeps his cool as he sits Yujiro up. Yujiro blocks the Penalty Kick, throws Suzuki down and runs to basement boot! Fans rally as Yujiro flounders back up to his feet and heads for Suzuki. Suzuki throws body shots and stiff knees, then reels Yujiro into a guillotine facelock! Suzuki cranks on Yujiro’s head, but Yujiro counters with a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, ONE!

Fans rally as Yujiro rises and Suzuki grits his teeth. Yujiro reels Suzuki in but Suzuki elbows away to avoid the fireman’s carry. Suzuki kicks Yujiro around and eggs him on. Fans rally up, Yujiro fires up and throws forearms! Suzuki gives them back and the two brawl again. Yujiro gets the edge, eggs Suzuki on, but Suzuki ROCKS him! Fans cheer as Suzuki grins and digs his foot into Yujiro’s head. Yujiro gets up and fires up again, but Suzuki ROCKS him again. Suzuki runs into a LARIAT! Yujiro fires up and the fans rally behind him. Yujiro fireman’s carries, but Suzuki slips off to get the sleeper! Yujiro grabs at the ref, Suzuki clubs Yujiro but Yujiro ROCKS Suzuki! SUPERKICK!

Yujiro drags Suzuki back up, but no Pimp Juice as Suzuki throws Yujiro down, spins him around and puts on the sleeper! Yujiro grabs at the ref more but Suzuki just cranks harder on the sleeper! The ref gets free, Suzuki spins Yujiro around and reels him in, Gotch PILEDRIVER! Cover, Suzuki wins!

Winner: Minoru Suzuki, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Yujiro earns 0

It seems there was no hope for Tokyo Pimp, no matter how hard he fought. The NEVER Openweight Champion storms around the ring before leaving. Will anything quell Suzuki’s rage other than the G1 Climax trophy?


A Block – Jeff Cobb VS Kota Ibushi!

The Golden Star beat one solid opponent in Tomohiro Ishii, but he’s up against another one! Will Ibushi be able to become a wrestling god as he promised at Cobb’s expense? Or will he take a Tour of the Islands instead?

The bell rings fans rally already with “I-BU-SHI” clapping. Ibushi and Cobb circle, approach, circle a little more as they feel things out, and then Ibushi kicks. Cobb backs away for a moment but comes back to try again. Ibushi tries some jabs but Cobb shoots in to get the leg takedown. Cobb uses the leg he has to then turn Ibushi over for a facelock. Ibushi uses the leg to get a ropebreak, and fans cheer as Cobb lets off. Cobb and Ibushi reset and go again. They tie up, Cobb gets the facelock back but Ibushi slips around to a waistlock. Cobb throws Ibushi down by an arm, wrenches the wrist but Ibushi headscissors him off. Cobb pops out and tries a cover but Ibushi has the ropes. Cobb lets go again, Ibushi keeps his guard up, Cobb waits for him to stand before he CHOPS!

Ibushi fires off furious forearms, but Cobb takes them all to ROCK Ibushi with one! Cobb eggs Ibushi on, so Ibushi KICKS! Cobb throws a forearm, Ibushi kicks, repeat! Cobb hobbles but comes back with forearms. Fans rally as they pick up the pace, but Ibushi fakes Cobb out to back kick to then chest kick and standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as ibushi goes to Cobb at the ropes. Ibushi whips but Cobb holds the ropes to deny. Cobb still holds on so Ibushi knees low. Cobb reverses the whip, things speed up as Cobb hurdles and dropkicks! Fans cheer, Cobb covers, ONE! Cobb keeps on Ibushi with knees and even a European Uppercut to his back. Cobb drags Ibushi up, headbutts and Ibushi sits down. Ibushi shakes his head, saying that wasn’t enough.

Cobb brings him up for more headbutts but Ibushi fires off forearms. Cobb DECKS him! Cobb drags Ibushi up, bearhug and OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Fans cheer the strength while Ibushi rolls to a corner. Cobb runs corner to corner at Ibushi but Ibushi boots him first! Cobb comes back but Ibushi goes up and over, comes back with the SNAP RANA! Cobb bails out, fans rally up and Ibushi aims, PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes Cobb! Fans rally for “I-BU-SHI” as he gets back up. The ring count begins and climbs to 10 of 20 before Ibushi brings Cobb up and in. Ibushi aims from a corner, Cobb rises, and Ibushi springboards but Cobb gets under. Cobb runs back but Ibushi jumps over the tackle to DOUBLE STOMP Cobb down! Ibushi claps along with “I-BU-SHI” as he rises.

Cobb sits up, Ibushi KICKS him! Cobb eggs Ibushi on now so Ibushi KICKS him again! Cobb catches the third, ducks the counter kick and hits a big back suplex! Fans rally up again as both men slowly rise. Cobb stands up first and runs at Ibushi to run him over. And again! Cobb tackles Ibushi to a corner, rams in over and over, then whips Ibushi out to send him back in. Cobb hits the big leaping uppercut! Cobb yanks Ibushi up by his legs, and cradles him for the ATHLETIC PLEX! Cover, TWO! GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives and fans rally up! Cobb looms over Ibushi, drags him up, and powers up as he runs. Ibushi boots Cobb first but Cobb still throws the right hand! Ibushi middle kicks, Cobb SUPERKICKS! Ibushi clotheslines, but Cobb stays up to LARIAT!

Fans fire up as both men are down! Cobb rises first, drags Ibushi up, gut wrench and suplex! Cobb holds on for a second gut wrench suplex! He holds on and lifts Ibushi up but Ibushi tries to huricanrana out! Cobb blocks that, brings Ibushi back up and into the fireman’s carry, for the F 5 THOUSAND! So many rotations! Cobb high stacks, TWO!?! Ibushi barely escapes and the fans are thunderous! Cobb says he’ll end this with a little tour! Cobb whips Ibushi, Ibushi holds ropes and boots back. Ibushi runs, into a pop-up, fireman’s carry, but Ibushi fights out of that to ROUNDHOUSE! Ibushi has the wrists, KAMI- NO! TOUR OF- NO! V-TRIGGER!! KENNY!! Wristlocks and KAMIGOYE!! Cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Cobb earns 0

A split second different, and Ibushi might’ve taken that Tour of the Islands and another loss! But he makes it through round 4, can he still secure his place in back-to-back G1 Climax finals?


A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Taichi!

The Rainmaker hasn’t had the smoothest G1, with losses to Ibushi and Jay White. The Sliest Wrestler in the World, meanwhile, has yet to lose! Will fortunes change in this fourth round? Or can Taichi avoid being put Deep In Debt?

As soon as Okada takes off his elaborate entrance attire, Taichi attacks! The bell rings to get Taichi clubbing away on record! Taichi throws Okada out of the ring, then brings him around the way to whip into railing! The ref reprimands but Taichi brings Okada up to whip him into more railing! The ref tells Taichi to put Okada in the ring, so Taichi whips Okada into more railing! Taichi searches around the ring, but El Desperado is on commentary so he helps out. The ref stops Desperado from giving Taichi his chair, but this distracts from Taichi finding his own chair to JAM Okada with! And SMACK him on the back! Desperado goes back to commentary because the damage is done. Taichi drags Okada up and POSTS him! Okada’s back is already taped up, it’ll definitely need more now.

Taichi puts Okada in the ring and fans cheer. Taichi has a cocky cover of just one hand, Okada gets up before the count. Fans rally up, “O-KA-DA,” but Taichi mocks it. Taichi snapmares and KICKS Okada in the back! And again! Taichi kicks Okada out of the ring then goes out to follow. Okada drags Taichi up, RAMS him into the apron, the ring count starts, but Taichi RAMS Okada again! The count is at 10 of 20 but Taichi puts Okada in at 11. Fans cheer as Taichi continues things in the ring. Taichi pokes the bad back to toy with Okada but fans rally up. Taichi kicks at the back again, brings Okada up and rams him into buckles! Taichi snapmares Okada, kicks at the back and then slaps Okada around. Taichi gives toying knees but Okada gets up to throw forearms.

Taichi back kicks hard and Okada goes to a corner. Taichi runs in, Okada boots back but Taichi tries again, to get more boots! Okada RUNNING EUROUPPERS Taichi down! Fans rally up as both men slowly stand. Okada stalks Taichi to the ropes, brings him up for forearms, then whips. Taichi reverses but Okada elbows him down! Okada fires up for Korakuen and drags Taichi back up. Okada whips him corner to corner, runs in and back elbows, then kicks and DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Okada drags Taichi up, wrenches and goes for the cobra clutch but Taichi powers him into the corner! Taichi staggers away but runs back in, but Okada dodges to hoist him up top! Okada dropkicks Taichi down to the floor! Fans cheer while Okada rests his aching back.

Fans rally up as Okada goes out to fetch Taichi. The ring count begins, Okada drags Taichi up but Taichi RAMS him into railing! The ref tells them to get in the ring now with the count stopped. Taichi whips but Okada reverses and now Taichi goes into railing! Okada DDT’s Taichi to the floor! The ref goes back out to check on them, Taichi is okay to continue but Okada gets the fans to clap and stomp. The ring count returns, Okada walks off the pain and brings Taichi up at 8 of 20. They’re in the ring at 10, and fans cheer again. Okada goes up top, Taichi slowly rises, Okada missile dropkicks but MISSES as Taichi moves!

Fans rally up as Okada clutches his back. Taichi talks trash as he brings Okada up but Okada throws forearms. Taichi kicks but Okada catches it to elbow it! Okada runs, into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Taichi gets the leg for a Half Crab and stomps on Okada’s head before sinking it in deeper! Okada endures as Taichi pulls back, and Okada manages to crawl for ropes. Taichi stands on Okada’s head to keep him where he is, but Okada fights to get the ropebreak! Taichi lets go fast and brings Okada up. Okada blocks the bomb lift so Taichi clubs away on his back. Taichi tries again, Okada still resists, so Taichi tries Kowata Kicks! Taichi tries again, Okada turns that to the Alabama and REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Both men are down but the fans fire up!

Okada rises first and aims at Taichi. Okada runs corner to corner but Taichi dodges to GAMANGIRI! Taichi powers up, runs, but Okada boots him first! Okada runs but Taichi dodges and then fakes out the dropkick! Taichi BUZZSAWS fast, and fans fire up! Off come the pants! Taichi focuses his power now, Okada rises, Okada dropkicks the superkick away! Okada gut wrenches, Taichi slips out but Okada blocks the saido. Okada wrenches but Taichi counters the Debt with DANGEROUS SAIDO! Okada sits up in a daze but falls back, and fans fire up again! Taichi sits up now, slashes the throat and drags Okada up! Taichi reels Okada in, lifts, but Okada slips out to gut wrench, JUMPING TOMBSTONE!

Fans rally up as Okada grits his teeth and rises again. Okada has the arm, MONEY CLIP! Taichi kicks his legs and claws at Okada’s arms but Okada cranks harder. They stand, Taichi chokes Okada! The ref counts, Taichi won’t let go so the ref tries to pry the hand away! Taichi lets go, but Okada spins him to a backslide! Taichi slides off, POINT-BLANK RAINMAKER! Okada still has the wrist and fans rally up! Okada drags Taichi back up, but will he go for lariat or submission? Taichi is up, but uses the ref as a shield! Okada shoves the ref aside, Taichi LOW BLOW KICK! GEDO CLUTCH, TWO!?! Taichi almost had Okada but maybe using the ref was part of the problem!

Fans rally up and both men slowly stir. Taichi gets to ropes and then GAMANGIRIS Okada down again! Taichi fires himself up and fans rally up. Taichi wobbles but he focuses again. SUPER- NO! Okada blocks the kick, uppercuts, but Taichi ROCKS him with that right! Taichi brings Okada up, reels him in, but Okada resists the saido, spins and spins but the lariat misses. Taichi STEALS the ripcord to make this an AX BOMBER RAINMAKER! Cover, TWO!!! Fans are thunderous as Taichi and “O-KA-DA!” stir. Taichi fires himself up and drags Okada back to his feet. Taichi Alabama lifts but Okada slips out, MONEY CLIP! Taichi fights off the hold to throw Okada!

Taichi tries the Alabama again, Okada puts him BACK in the submission! Taichi endures, fades, but gets a second wind! Taichi reaches but Okada hits a back2back backbreaker! Okada has Taichi deep in the hold now, Taichi is fading again and fans are rallying! The ref checks on Taichi, he is OUT! Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by submission; gains 2 points, Taichi earns 0

The Money Clip put Taichi #DeepInDebt, and he could not withstand it! He has and his G1 streak ends! Will Okada return to the finals with this huge comeback?


A Block – Will Ospreay VS Jay White w/ Gedo!

Wait, this can’t be right. If this is the “Jay1,” why isn’t The Switchblade in the main event? Will he sort this out while staying undefeated? Or will Ospreay strike him down and end White’s arrogance?

White double guns while he and Ospreay take off their jacktes. After White and Gedo Low Sweet, the bell rings and White bails out. What else is new? White keeps saying he’s ready but he paces around the outside. Ospreay waits and White returns, they circle, but White uses the ropes as defense. White comes back, they tie up, and Ospreay powers White to the ropes. White shouts for Red Shoes to help, but Red Shoes takes his time to count Ospreay. Ospreay lets up fast but White bails right out. White complains and paces again but Ospreay waits. White returns, he ties up with Ospreay again and White puts Ospreay on the ropes. Ospreay turns it back around, Red Shoes is a bit faster on the check but Ospreay lets off. White tries to bail out but Ospreay grabs White’s hair!

Ospreay reels White in for a headlock, White pulls hair to put Ospreay in a corner. Red Shoes calls for the break, White lets off only to RAM into Ospreay over and over! White fires off with forearms and CHOPS, but Ospreay CHOPS him off his feet! Fans fire up with Ospreay while White checks the mark left on his chest. Ospreay dares White to give it back, White CHOPS, but Ospreay just laughs and fires up more. White puts his arms back to give Ospreay a turn, but then he kicks low before Ospreay can chop! White throws forearms, EuroUppers, and whips. Ospreay reverses and pops White up for a BIG back drop! Ospreay clotheslines White out and runs, but he fakes White out to superhero landing! White rushes in, Ospreay dodges and CHOPS White off his feet again!

Ospreay drags White up for a scoop slam and a knee drop! Cover, ONE! Fans rally and Ospreay stomps away on White. Ospreay drags White up to throw haymakers at the ropes. Ospreay whips, White grabs ropes but Ospreay keeps him from escaping again. White elbows back, Ospreay runs in, White EXPLODERS Ospreay OUT of the ring! Ospreay crashes off the apron on the way down! White mocks the applause again while Red Shoes checks on Ospreay. Ospreay is okay to continue so White goes out to whip him into railing! White has media clear out so he can whip Ospreay into more railing! Gedo applauds and White asks if Despy wants to cheer. White goes to the ring and leaves Ospreay to the ring count. Ospreay is in at 9 but White stomps away on him!

White has Ospreay in a facelock, Ospreay fights back but White throws him down! White gets the leg to turn Ospreay for a Half Crab! White sits down deep as Ospreay endures. Fans rally up as Ospreay powers up and crawls. White shifts to make the hold an STF, but Ospreay still gets the ropebreak! White hooks Ospreay’s face but Red Shoes counts. White lets off to then throw forearms on Ospreay while he’s down! White has Ospreay in a corner, Gedo claps as White scoop slams and drops a leg! Cover, ONE! Fans applaud but White wraps Ospreay up in a chinlock. Ospreay endures and White cranks back but Ospreay gets up to throw body shots. White clubs Ospreay, Ospreay throws forearms back! Ospreay goes to chop but White clubs him first!

White whips, Ospreay reverses and runs in but White dodges to CHOP back! Ospreay comes back, White ducks and gets the leg, GROUND DRAGON SCREW! White mocks the “OS-PU-REAY” clapping and goes back after the leg but Ospreay boots him away. White hurries after Ospreay again but Ospreay frees his leg to CHOP White! Ospreay whips, White reverses, Ospreay handsprings to NEURALIZER! Both men are down and the fans rally up! Ospreay shakes out the bad leg, gets to his feet and to a corner. White runs in, blocks a boot but not the enziguri! Atomic drop, CHOP and STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Ospreay keeps going as he goes to the corner. Ospreay springboards, PIP PIP CHEERIO!

White bails out and fans fire up again! Ospreay runs, Gedo gets White clear but Ospreay pursues. Gedo wants Ospreay to understand, but White gets Ospreay at the apron! Ospreay counter punches White, but Red Shoes has his eyes on Gedo. Ospreay does, too, and White gets him for a DRAPING DDT! Fans rally up as Ospreay gets to a corner. White is in the other, runs corner to corner and uppercuts! ANARCHY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! White grows annoyed and Gedo protests but fans rally for Ospreay. White drags Ospreay up, Ospreay fights back but White kicks low. White runs into the dropkick flip, but the leg slows Ospreay down! White gets the leg, Ospreay enziguris! Fans cheer again while Ospreay makes sure the leg works. Ospreay hobbles over to the corner while White is down.

Gedo is on the apron but Ospreay’s glare backs him off. White grabs Ospreay at the ropes but Ospreay elbows him away. Springboard, but Pip Pip is turned into COMPLETE SHOT! DEAD LIFT GERMAN! Fans fire up but not as much as Gedo as he shouts to White. White talks trash and mocks the applause as he drags Ospreay back up. White hoists Ospreay up top, throws forearms and climbs up. White clubs Ospreay but Ospreay throws body shots. They brawl, White hammers away and brings Ospreay up. Ospreay slips out of the superplex, clubs White on the back and then climbs up behind! Gedo shouts, White resists and rakes eyes! White clubs and elbows Ospreay down, but Ospreay is back for a springboard dropkick to White’s back!

White is in the Tree of Woe, fans rally up as Ospreay grins. Ospreay goes to the corner, Gedo freaks out, and Gedo gets White out of the Tree before the Coast2Coast. But Ospreay SASUKE SPECIALS them both down! Fans fire up as Ospreay puts White back in the ring. Ospreay springboards again, 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! White survives and fans fire up again for Ospreay! Ospreay calls his shot but White anchors a foot. Ospreay drags White with him, stomps and kicks him toyingly, but White refuses to let go. Ospreay drags White up, White slaps Ospreay!White grins, but so does Ospreay. White is ready for Ospreay’s retaliation to throw body shots, but Ospreay SUPERKICKS back! White hobbles, Ospreay springboards but White dodges the cutter! BIG URENAGE!

Both men are down and fans fire up again! White sits up first, drags Ospreay up and fisherman, KIWI KRUSHER! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay lives but White slashes the throat! White drags Ospreay up, but no Blade Runner as Ospreay slips up and over to SIT OUT BOMB!! There was so much power to that Liger Bomb that Ospreay can’t make the cover! But Ospreay fires up and the fans follow him! Ospreay runs, springboards, OSCUT- NO! White reels Ospreay in, Ospreay slips out, tries again, OSCUTTER! Cover, TWO!! White survives but fans rally behind Ospreay. Ospreay prepares the arm as he aims from the corner. White sits up, but he flops over. Ospreay watches White flounder, so he rains down rights! Red Shoes calls for Ospreay to let off but he has to pull Ospreay off.

White laughs while he flounders more, because this, too, is one of his favorite tactics. Ospreay gives him Kowata Kicks for it, then underhooks, but White manages to drop toehold Red Shoes! But Ospreay sees Gedo and those brass knuckles coming! Ospreay blocks the punch and points this out to Red Shoes. Ospreay then ROLLING ELBOWS Gedo down! Red Shoes takes care of moving him out of the ring while Ospreay brings White up. Ospreay also sees the low blow punch coming and blocks! BUZZSAW HEEL REWIND! And HIDDEN- NO! White catches Ospreay, but Ospreay spins out of Blade Runner, only for White to get him with SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX, but Ospreay lands on his feet! ROLLING ELBOW!

Fans fire up with Ospreay as White sits up, HIDDEN BLADE!! Ospreay won’t end it there! He underhooks, lifts, and STORM BREAKERS!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall; gains 2 points, White earns 0

The Assassin just ended the “Jay1” and is the 1 in 3-1! Will Ospreay use this to rebound back and prove he IS the best wrestler in the world?


A Block – Tomohiro Ishii VS Shingo Takagi!

The Stone Pitbull has yet to win, but he isn’t giving up yet! However, neither has The Dragon! Will Ishii find that sliver of hope and sink his teeth into it? Or will Takagi keep Ishii from spoiling his own chances?

The two get in each other’s face right away but they wait for the bell. Fans rally up as Takagi and Ishii approach and tie up. Takagi headlocks, Ishii powers out and the two collide but neither falls. Ishii runs, he and Takagi collide again but neither falls. Takagi shoves Ishii but Ishii choke grips to back Takagi down. Ishii CHOPS Takagi but Takagi eggs him on. They start throwing forearms back and forth now and the fans rally behind the fast and furious action! It gets faster, Ishii gets the edge, and runs to bump Takagi. Takagi rebounds, he bumps Ishii but Ishii comes back. They ram, ram and RAM into each other! Takagi doesn’t fall but he does clutch the shoulder. Ishii eggs him on and fans rally as Takagi forearms and runs. But Ishii runs Takagi over! Fans cheer again as Takagi gets up.

Ishii CHOPS Takagi, Takagi forearms back, repeat! Ishii CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS Takagi off his feet! Takagi sits up, Ishii kicks him in the back, but Takagi eggs him on again. Ishii KICKS again so Takagi gets up. Ishii keeps kicking, Takagi keeps egging him on. Ishii gives more kicks, Takagi blocks one to put it on the rope, then he has Ishii draped! Ishii slips out before Takagi can drop an elbow, but Takagi knocks him off the apron. Fans cheer as Takagi goes out after Ishii and Ishii kicks back. Ishii whips Takagi into railing, then he talks trash. Ishii brings Takagi up to whip the other way and into more railing. Takagi comes right back but his shoulder ram doesn’t knock Ishii down! Ishii throws forearms but Takagi throws them back. They brawl on the outside as fans rally up.

Takagi slows down and Ishii gets the edge. Ishii eggs Takagi on and whips, but Takagi reverses! Ishii hits railing, comes right back, but Takagi runs him over! Fans fire up while Takagi and Ishii are both down on the outside! Red Shoes checks on them, Ishii is okay to continue and a ring count begins. The count reaches 7 before Takagi sits up, and 10 before he stands. Takagi brings Ishii up and in at 14. Takagi drops an elbow and another, then the back senton! Fans rally up again as Takagi drags Ishii up into a chinbar. Ishii endures so Takagi shifts to elbow away on Ishii’s shoulder and chest. Takagi pushes Ishii down to drop a knee on the back! Takagi talks smack on Ishii and fans rally up. Takagi brings Ishii into a facelock and grinds him down.

Ishii endures, Takagi stands and cranks on the hold then elbows Ishii on the back. Ishii is in the corner, Takagi grins as he pushes Ishii in. Takagi does the same cornering Ishii did to Ospreay and Ibushi! Ishii throws forearms over and over, Takagi takes them all! Takagi headbutts Ishii down and fans cheer. Takagi talks some smack, kicks at Ishii, but Ishii gets up. Takagi forearms, Ishii CHOPS but Takagi doesn’t flinch. Ishii CHOPS, Takagi CHOPS, repeat! They CHOP again and again, faster and faster, and the fans rally up! Takagi eggs Ishii on, Ishii CHOPS and CHOPS, Takagi DOUBLE CHOPS! Takagi catches Ishii into chicken wings, spins him for a facelock, but it’s Ishii that suplexes Takagi! Both men are down and the fans fire up!

Takagi and Ishii stir, Ishii gets up and heads over. Ishii kicks Takagi, slaps him and pushes him, then CHOPS him in the corner. And again! And again! Takagi throws elbows but now Ishii uses that cornering. Takagi keeps throwing elbows, but Ishii CHOPS and forearms on repeat! Fans fire up as Ishii keeps hitting Takagi! Takagi sputters as Ishii throws more forearms. Ishii kicks at Takagi, stands on his head, but Red Shoes counts. Fans rally up as Ishii gives more toying kicks. Takagi gets up, Ishii whips but Takagi reverses. Ishii comes back into the elbow, JAB and LARIAT! Fans cheer while Takagi catches his breath. Takagi drags Ishii up, for a SAIDO SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Takagi gets the fans rallying as he waits on Ishii. Ishii stays down and Takagi eggs him on again.

Takagi gives those toying kicks back then KICKS harder! Ishii sits up and gets in Takagi’s face. Ishii dares Takagi to kick him again? Takagi kicks and kicks, Ishii back elbows over and over! These are STIFF CHOPS to the chest and throat! Red Shoes warns Ishii but Ishii keeps going! Takagi sits down, Ishii stands him up and CLOBBERS him again! Ishii toys with Takagi and gives those kicks back. Ishii scuffs Takagi’s head a few times, Takagi tells him to leave the hair alone to hit him in the cheek. Ishii does, then runs, but Takagi blocks the boot! Takagi returns the hard CHOPS to the chest and throat! Red Shoes warns Takagi now but Takagi shifts to punching from all sides, before one last CHOP!

Ishii leans on ropes and fans cheer but Red Shoes again reprimands Takagi. Takagi says Ishii started it. Ishii coughs and sputters as Takagi brings him up. Gory Especial for NOSHIGAMI! Takagi reels Ishii into a wheelbarrow for a dead lift GERMAN! Fans fire up again as Takagi brings Ishii up once more. Takagi runs, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Ishii still lives but the fans rally up with Takagi again. Takagi has the rhythm change, “OI! OI! OI!” Ishii rises, Takagi runs at him, but Ishii gets around and dodges more. Takagi also dodges, Ishii counters and spins Takagi to run. Takagi follows to clothesline Ishii at the ropes! Ishii follows Takagi to return the clothesline! Ishii runs, dodges Takagi, but PUMPING BOMBER gets through! But Ishii is up right away to LARIAT!

Takagi is back up right away, too, and the two collide with clotheslines! Both stagger, come back and collide again! Fans are thunderous as both men wobble and fall! Takagi gets to a corner as the fans rally. Takagi drags himself up with the ropes but so does Ishii. Ishii runs in to clothesline Takagi! Ishii hoists Takagi up top, climbs up to join him, and fans rally for the SUPER BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives and fans rally again while both men are down. Ishii rises, brings Takagi up, but Takagi resists the lift. Takagi powers up to back drop Ishii away! Fans cheer as Takagi runs but Ishii boots him. Ishii swings, Takagi swats it away, and Takagi pump handles. Ishii fights but Takagi knees and knees, for the NIPPON GUTBUSTER!

Fans fire up again as Takagi drags Ishii up. Takagi pump handles again, Ishii pops out to spin Takagi but Takagi spins out to DDT! Takagi brings Ishii up, pump handles, MADE IN JAPAN! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives but Takagi isn’t done! Takagi has the fans rally again, Ishii gets up, PUMPING BOMBER! Cover, TWO!?! Ishii survives and fans fire up again! Takagi brings Ishii back up, Ishii fights off the fireman’s carry but Ishii LARIATS! Ishii falls over and fans fire up again. Takagi has Ishii in the corner but he blocks the boot to clothesline! Takagi runs, but into Ishii’s SAIDO! Takagi still comes back, but into another SAIDO! Both men are down and fans rally again.

Takagi and Ishii slowly rise, Ishii brings Takagi up but Takagi gets forehead to forehead with Ishii. Takagi JABS, CHOPS, repeat! JAB then JAB but Ishii dodges the chop! Ishii waistlocks, Takagi elbows free, LARIAT! Ishii stays up to DECK Takagi! Fans cheer again and Ishii drags Takagi back up. Ishii gets Takagi up, POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO! Takagi lives but Ishii is too tired to be frustrated! Fans rally again as Ishii gets the bad arm moving. Ishii stands, runs, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Takagi still lives but Ishii again gets back up. Ishii roars, brings Takagi up to suplex but Takagi fights it off. They fight for suplex control, Ishii tries again but Takagi silps out! POP-UP DEATH VALLEY! Ishii staggers up but blocks the lariat to a DRAGON SUPLEX! Takagi is right up, but he runs into a LARIAT!!

Takagi flounders up but falls back down and Ishii is frustrated! The fans rally up again, Ishii drags Takagi up and runs, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Takagi sputters but he survives! Ishii is determined to end this! Ishii suplexes, Takagi fights out but Ishii headbutts! Takagi ducks the enziguri to SLIDING LARIAT! Both men are down again but the fans stay fired up! Takagi heads for Ishii, Ishii gives him junkyard dog headbutts. And then a harder one! Takagi gets pissed and stands up. They headbutt each other over and over, Takagi HEADBUTTS! Takagi fires off forearms from all sides, over and over! Ishii just glares at him to give them all back!

Ishii rocks Takagi, but runs into his DRAPING GTR! Takagi drags Ishii up, runs, and PUMPING BOMBERS!! Cover, TWO!?!? Takagi can’t believe it but the fans love it! Fans rally up as Takagi drags Ishii up, for a DDT! Takagi fires himself up and the fans rally with him. Takagi wristlock fireman’s carries but Ishii fights out to wrench and lariat! Takagi forearms and LARIATS back! Takagi fires up once more, steadies himself and brings Ishii back up. Ishii slips out to suplex, but Takagi scoops! Ishii spins to TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up again as both men are down.

Ishii and Takagi are in opposite corners, the fans rally up and they both run at each other! They collide with clotheslines, trade headbutts, Ishii swats the lariat away to enziguri! Ishii fires up with the crowd! Ishii runs, and LARIATS Takagi! High stack, TWO!! The Dragon still lives but the Pitbull vows to slay him! Suplex, BRAIN BUSTER!! Cover, Ishii wins!!

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Takagi earns 0

Ishii is finally on the board! He is not going to be 0-4 but is 1-3! Is this what Ishii needs to have a chance? Or is even this win too little, too late? But much like how Ishii was with Ibushi, Takagi isn’t done fighting with Ishii! They both hit each other on the mat, but the Young Lions separate them. Even as Takagi is outside, Ishii tries to headbutt him! Will we see this battle of undying fighting spirits come back around in the future?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

Taichi: 3-1, 6 points
Jay White: 3-1, 6 points
Minoru Suzuki: 3-1, 6 points
Kota Ibushi: 3-1, 6 points
Will Ospreay: 3-1, 6 points
Kazuchika Okada: 2-2, 4 points
Tomohiro Ishii: 1-3, 2 points
Shingo Takagi: 1-3, 2 points
Jeff Cobb: 1-3, 2 points
Yujiro Takahashi: 0-4, 0 points

My Thoughts:

A really great round 4 for A Block, and I did not think things would turn out like this, but I am actually glad it has. Jay White not being back in the main event should’ve foreshadowed him not winning. Ospreay gets up to 3-1, White drops to 3-1, and if it comes down to them as the top two, we now know who would take the block because of the head-to-head. Okada gets to 500 off of Taichi, and I think I finally heard commentary call the hold “Money Clip.” I was only calling it Deep in Debt because I saw Wikias/Fandom sites calling it that. Either way, I think I’ve been right about Okada wanting to prioritize a submission finisher to save his body as well as his opponents’, he has been winning with that more and more.

Yujiro just keeps spiraling down. Is he going to have one of the worst G1 win-loss records ever? If he goes 0-5, he’s pretty much done. Ibushi and Suzuki stay strong to bring us a total of four at 3-1 with 6 points, but other than Taichi having a win on Suzuki, we haven’t had the other match-ups. Those are all going to be pivotal and incredible, I can’t wait. And in the end, Ishii VS Takagi for Ishii’s first win was a good main event choice, but at a point it just felt like it went longer than it had to. I love that they’re behemoths hitting each other as hard as they can, but there seemed to many of the usual “both men are down and fans rally” moments. Cut a few of those out and it’s better paced.

There was also no closing promo, but Ishii still wanting to fight is good enough. I suppose if anyone else had the main event spot to speak, it’d just be more of what we’ve gotten. Naito in B Block has gone 3-0 but it’s obvious he uses 90% of the same talking points for each one. Ospreay would’ve just repeated his vow to be the best, Ibushi would’ve just repeated his vow to be the next wrestling god, and at this point, Okada might’ve simply repeated things from Summer Struggle, reworked for the G1. Less is more at this point and that’s Ishii to a tee.

My Score: 9.2/10

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