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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/11/20)

Put up your dukes on 205 Live!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

The BritAm Brawlers and El Legado del Fantasma throw down!

The Cruiserweight Champion and his cohorts will now face the consequences of their attack on Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch!


  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Ashante “Thee” Adonis; Kendrick wins.
  • Ever-Rise VS The Brothers Lockhart; Ever-Rise wins.
  • El Legado del Fantasma VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; El Legado del Fantasma wins.


THE Brian Kendirck VS Ashante “Thee” Adonis!

THE Man with the Plan is having a rematch with THE wrestler formerly known as Tehuti Miles to see if he learned anything these last two weeks. But will this new name bring Ashante “Thee” Adonis to a victory? Or will a wrestler by any other name still learn experience is they key?

Kendrick talks some smack to Adonis, then the bell rings. They tie up, go around, and Adonis gets a headlock. Kendrick brings Adonis to a knee, pops out the back and wrenches to a wristlock. Adonis pushes against the hold, Kendrick steps through to hammerlock and put Adonis in a corner. Kendrick lets off but pushes Adonis. Adonis pushes back! Adonis shows punch and Kendrick backs off. Kendrick seems to be surprised by Adonis’ aggression, but then Adonis swaggers and Kendrick kicks low! Kendrick whips Adonis to a corner, then rams into him! Kendrick whips corner to corner, Adonis goes up and over and ducks under to then go out and throw forearms! Adonis slingshots, runs and crossbodies! Cover, TWO!

Kendrick gets up, Adonis kicks and kicks then whips! Adonis dropkicks Kendrick down, hurries to a cover, TWO! Kendrick reaches and gets to ropes, Adonis grabs a leg but Kendrick reels him into ropes! Adonis staggers away, gasping for air, and Kendrick BOOTS him down! Kendrick hurries to a cover, TWO! Kendrick keeps his cool, toys with Adonis and kicks him while he’s down. Kendrick stalks Adonis to ropes, reels him in for clubbing forearms, then traps arms for a modified stretch plum. Adonis endures, Kendrick elbows away then drags him to a butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Kendrick toys with Adonis more, Adonis kicks back, and gets to his feet to throw forearms.

Adonis whips, Kendrick reverses but Kendrick ducks the crossbody! Adonis flops on the mat, Kendrick swaggers about as Adonis gasps for air. Kendrick chokes Adonis on the ropes but lets off at the ref’s count of 4. Kendrick drags Adonis up to snapmare and drag back into the plum. Adonis endures again as Kendrick taunts him. Fans build to a rally, Adonis pries at the hold but Kendrick shifts to a chinlock. Adonis fights up, powers Kendrick to a corner, but Kendrick holds tight. Adonis rams him again, Kendrick lets go but Kendrick puts Adonis in the corner. Adonis comes back with a LARIAT! Both men are down, a standing count begins, but Kendrick is up at 3. Kendrick leans on ropes, Adonis stands and Adonis deflects the boot! Adonis rallies with clotheslines and kicks!

Adonis fires forearm after forearm and fires up as he brings Kendrick up. Adonis boots and SPINE BUSTERS Kendrick on the rebound! Cover, TWO! Kendrick survives and Adonis grows frustrated. Adonis throws his headband away, aims at Kendrick and throws another kick. Kendrick ducks it, rolls Adonis up, TWO! Adonis hits the QUESTION MARK KICK! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick survives and Adonis is beside himself! Adonis hurries after Kendrick, throws big forearms over and over, but the ref counts. Adonis lets up and Kendrick rams into him! Kendrick hits a calf kick! Cover, TWO!

Adonis flounders but Kendrick is on him with a takedown! Adonis slips out of the Captain’s Hook, and hits a DDT! Adonis talks too much trash before he covers, TWO and into the CAPTAIN’S HOOK!! Adonis is caught, he taps, Kendrick wins!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by submission

Another loss for Tehuti/Adonis, and another lesson learned: brag after you’ve won. Kendrick again shows Adonis some respect with a handshake offered, and Tehuti again takes it. Kendrick wants Adonis to know he is a star in the making, and come to him if he ever needs anything. Another lesson is to take advantage of your resources. Will Adonis come to Kendrick with any problems that he faces in the future?


Ever-Rise VS The Brothers Lockhart!

Matt Marthel and Chase Parker are probably just as angry with El Legado del Fantasma as anyone for last week, but they’re willing to let things slide for now. Will they instead vent their frustrations on the debuting Andrew and Erik?

The bell rings and Parker dropkicks Andrew(?) right down while Marthel sucker punches Erik(?)! Parker clubs away on Andrew and tags Parker in. Ever-Rise backbreaker and KICK Andrew down! Marthel talks trash to the “pretty boy” before hitting a BIG German Suplex! Andrew goes flying to a corner and the ref checks on him. Andrew staggers up, Parker tags in and Parker whips Marthel for Marthel to whip Parker for the forearm smash! Drop toehold and BOOYAH elbow drop! Brother Erik gets on the apron but Parker snapmares Andrew to stomps his face! Parker drags Andrew up and throws him to Erik. Erik tags in and Parker clubs away on him! Parker DECKS Andrew off the apron and shouts, “This is OUR show!” Erik hits back and rocks Parker!

Marthel tags in and Parker ROCKS Erik back! Ever-Rise double flapjack Erik onto buckles! “You picked the wrong day!” Marthel dares Erik to say something then throws him down. Tag to Parker, Ever-Rise hits the WHEELBARROW CODE BREAKER!! Cover, Ever-Rise wins!

Winners: Ever-Rise, by pinfall

There is no denying that Parker and Marthel are serious about becoming the best tag team in the Cruiserweight Division. But will they get their payback on El Legado in the coming weeks?


El Legado del Fantasma VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

Santos Escobar is in the corner of his cohorts, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza, as they face the One Two for what went down last week. Will they regret ever angering the BritAm Brawlers?

The teams sort out and Oney starts against Wilde. They tie up, Wilde wrenches to a hammerlock but Oney reaches back to get the arm and arm-drag Wilde to a headscissor hold. Wilde pops out, Oney headlocks but Wilde powers out. Oney comes back fast to get another takedown to the headscissors. Wilde has a harder time getting free but does after a third try. Both men get up, Wilde dropkicks Oney down then stomps on his hand! Wilde throws Oney into the corner, tags Mendoza, and they double wrench for Mendoza to cravat. Wilde tags back in, he wrenches and clubs the arm. Tag back to Mendoza, they hand-off the wrench to a shoulder breaker and yank! Oney clutches the arm, Mendoza taunts him and ROCKS him with a right.

Fans build to a rally and Oney powers Mendoza to the corner! Back elbow and a tag to Burch! The One Two double wrench and double CHOP! Burch throws uppercuts, snapmares Mendoza to a ghost pin, TWO! Burch keeps on Mendoza with a chinlock then wrench for a wristlock. Burch yanks on the arm in return, and then wrenches to reel Mendoza in for a headlock. Mendoza powers out, Burch catches Mendoza out of the air! Burch brings Mendoza up, tags in Oney and they double suplex Mendoza high and hard! Cover, TWO! Oney keeps on Mendoza with a facelock and grinds him down. Mendoza kicks and fights his way up but Oney wrenches to tag Burch back in. Oney and Burch whip Mendoza to a corner, Mendoza slips out and enziguris back! Mendoza springboard crossbodies but only gets Oney!

Burch throws EuroUppers and a whip. Burch gives Mendoza a corner clothesline and enziguri! Burch hops up but Wilde runs over, Burch boots him away! Mendoza trips Burch up and Burch hits buckles on the way down! Escobar likes what he sees from his men as Mendoza tags Wilde. Wilde and Mendoza stomp away on Burch then CLUBS Burch on the back. Wilde clubs away on Burch’s chest, then stomps Burch on the face! Wilde brings Burch up, tags in Mendoza, and El Legado double whip for a double SPINE BUSTER! They split the wishbone, and basement dropkick sandwich! Cover, TWO!

Mendoza keeps on Burch’s arm but Burch endures. Oney reaches, fired up on the corner, but Mendoza tags Wilde in. Wilde kicks the arm but Burch throws hands! Wilde knees low, whips but Burch holds ropes to dodge the dropkick! Both men are down, Burch flounders but Wilde drags him back! Burch elbows Wilde away, hot tag to Oney! Oney rallies on Wilde and hits Mendoza for good measure! Oney clobbers Wilde then back drops Mendoza! Wilde gets up but Oney CHOPS away on him! Mendoza runs in but is sent into Wilde! Oney BLASTS Mendoza with the EuroUpper! BLOCKBUSTER for Wilde!

Tag to Burch and the One Two focus on Wilde! LONDON TOWER! Cover, Mendoza barrels in and breaks it! Oney clotheslines Mendoza and himself out hard, but Burch kicks at Wilde. Wilde blocks, Burch denies the DDT to GERMAN SUPELX! Wilde stumbles into a LARIAT! Escobar is on the apron to distract the ref! Ever-Rise come out to get in Escobar’s face, though! The ref is distracted by all of this, Oney stalks up behind Escobar! But Mendoza and Oney CLOBBER each other! Escobar tries to get in the ring, but Ever-Rise drag him out to bounce him off the apron! Burch enjoys seeing the champ get beat up, but Wilde rolls Burch! WITH TIGHTS! El Legado wins!!

Winners: El Legado del Fantasma, by pinfall

Ever-Rise doesn’t sweat that Oney and Lorcan lost, they just want their pound of flesh! El Legado says a win is a win, but will they continue to win by the skin of their teeth?

My Thoughts:

A good episode of 205 Live, but I keep hoping they’ll go past half an hour, just to give us a bit more per match. I see that the name change is continuing, I just don’t get why Tehuti Miles is no longer Tehuti Miles when that is a great name that he’s been going by for months. There wasn’t even a real kayfabe explanation for it on NXT or here on 205 Live, something that could’ve helped extend the episode past 30 minutes. Ever-Rise gets a good win over Reality of Wrestling’s Lockhart Brothers, and it makes a lot of sense they still got involved with the main event. For one, it was great to see Escobar get even just that little bit of comeuppance. It was also a way for Oney and Burch to lose without  it really hurting their power rankings. I hope this actually turns into a Triple Threat tag and that is how El Legado earns their shot at the NXT Tag Team Champions, who I assume will be Breezango.

My Score: 8/10

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