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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/25/20)

205 Live is Swerve’s House!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

Swerve continues to chase the NXT Cruiserweight Championship!

While he waits for Santos Escobar’s answer to his challenge, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott stays sharp as he returns to 205 Live! Will Swerve’s House keep rocking?


  • Mansoor VS Ashante “Thee” Adonis; Mansoor wins.
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Ariya Daivari; Swerve wins.


Mansoor VS Ashante “Thee” Adonis!

The Star of Saudi Arabia is still on a win streak in 205 Live, and a few of those wins comes off his opponent tonight, the wrestler formerly known as Tehuti Miles. But will the change in name bring a change in fortune?

The bell rings, Mansoor and Adonis tie up and Adonis wrenches and throws Mansoor down. Mansoor gets up and Adonis mocks him with applauds. Adonis calls for a test of strength but then switches hands. And then again. Adonis smooths his hands through his hair and taunts Mansoor, “Too smooth with it. What you got, Mansoor?” Adonis sticks his hand out for the “bring it” fingers, but Mansoor grabs the hand and clamps onto the shoulder! Mansoor wrenches and wrangles Adonis down to the mat for a standing armbar, but Adonis gets out and around. Adonis arm-drags Mansoor but Mansoor holds on to drag Adonis into bodyscissors. Adonis gets up, Mansoor gets the arm back but Adonis powers him to a corner.

The ref calls for the break, Adonis whips but Mansoor reverses. Adonis goes up but Mansoor boots the arm out! Mansoor gets the arm to wrench, but Adonis fights up and powers out. Things speed up, Adonis hurdles but Mansoor blocks the hip toss to waistlock and ripcord into a waistlock then wristlock. Mansoor keeps moving Adonis around to a hammerlock INVERTED DDT! Cover, TWO! Mansoor clamps onto Adonis with a chinbar and cording hold but Adonis fights up. Adonis gets to ropes, Mansoor lets up, but Adonis trips him to catapult him! Mansoor stays on the apron, reels Adonis in but Adonis fights him off with forearms! Adonis YANKS Mansoor into ropes! Mansoor falls to the floor but Adonis goes out to stomp him down.

The ref starts the ring count, Adonis throws Mansoor hard into barriers! Adonis leaves Mansoor behind as he shouts, “Y’all need to stop playing with me!” But Mansoor gets up to ROCK Adonis and get back in the ring. Adonis follows and goes after Mansoor with clubbing forearms. Adonis cranks Mansoor around for the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Adonis grows frustrated but he clamps onto Mansoor with a chinlock and thrashes him about. Mansoor endures, fans clap, and Mansoor fights his way up. Mansoor jawbreakers free! Adonis staggers but still FLAPJACKS Mansoor down! Mansoor scrambles to a corner, Adonis storms over and stomps a mudhole into him. The ref counts, Adonis lets up at 3, and stalks Mansoor while talking smack. Adonis KNEES Mansoor in the side then covers, TWO!

Adonis keeps on Mansoor with a chinlock, grinds him down, but Mansoor reaches back. Mansoor fights up, jawbreakers free again, and then CHOPS! Mansoor throws forearms and more CHOPS, but Adonis trips Mansoor for another catapult! Mansoor lands on the ropes to then come back with a splash! Both men gasp for air but Mansoor grits his teeth. Mansoor fires up, counter punches, elbows and LARIATS Adonis! Mansoor scoops and slams Adonis, then whips him to ropes. Atomic drop to SPINE BUSTER! Mansoor fires up more and runs corner to corner at Adonis with a big clothesline! Mansoor goes up, FLYING BULLDOG! Cover, TWO!! Adonis survives but Mansoor keeps his focus.

Mansoor stalks Adonis to ropes, Electric Chair lifts him, but Adonis fights out to use the BULLY CHOKE!! That’s THE Brian Kendrick’s hold!! But Mansoor pushes up and drops and Adonis’ bad arm gives out! Adonis tries again but Mansoor pries the arm off to hit a shoulder breaker! Electric Chair, fold and DEATH VALLEY! Cover, Mansoor wins!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

New name but same result as Adonis just can’t beat Mansoor! Will Mansoor continue to rise up the ranks in the Cruiserweight Division and head for the title?


205 Live repeats Swerve’s message to the NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

“Santos Escobar, in case you forgot, that’s two pinfall victories over you.” Swerve is not content because Escobar still has the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Swerve is this close to beating him for the title, but this time, no sidekicks. No special masks. Next time they face off, there will be a new champion.


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Ariya Daivari!

Everyone wants the gold, but only one man has pinned Santos Escobar. That man faces the Persian Lion, Daivari Dinero, a man who wears plenty of gold, just not title belts. Will Swerve’s road to a Cruiserweight Championship match still be as smooth as he is? Or will Daivari find a way to throw him off course?

The bell rings and the two circle. Swerve and Daivari knuckle lock, Swerve wrenches but Daivari wrenches back. Daivari taunts Swerve as he has the wristlock and yanks on the arm. Daivari wrenches to a snapmare, covers, ONE! Swerve and Daivari stand off and reset. They circle, knuckle lock but Swerve rolls to get the leg pick. Swerve gets the knuckle lock again, shifts to keep on the wrist, but Daivari uses his legs for the ropebreak. Swerve gives the arm a slap as he lets go and then the two reset. Daivari gets a headlock and takeover, Swerve keeps his shoulders up and moves around. Swerve hooks a leg with a leg, uses that to turn and pry Daivari off the headlock and gets a rear mount. Swerve clamps on a tight chinlock and cranks Daivari back but Daivari fights up to his feet.

Daivari powers Swerve to a corner, the ref counts for the break and Daivari RAMS into Swerve at 4! Daivari headlocks while the ref reprimands, but Daivari grinds Swerve down. Swerve endures, chinbars to turn Daivari and then pops out the back. Swerve stands on the hand, elbows Daivari’s back and gets the other arm. Swerve gives Daivari some POP CULTURE! He splashes the arm to go after the shoulder joint! Swerve then gets the arm for another standing armbar. Daivari gets to ropes, Swerve lets go clean but Daivari kicks low! Daivari throws haymakers and CHOPS with the good arm and even CLUBS and CHOPS Swerve to the other corner. Daivari whips, Swerve goes up and around to O’Conner roll. Daivari slips out but Swerve goes Eddy Gordo to headscissor Daivari down!

Daivari gets up but Swerve throws body shots and a basement dropkick! Daivari flounders but Swerve storms over to cover, TWO! Daivari is in the corner and Swerve grabs the bad arm. Swerve twists the wrist and pulls the fingers to then reel Daivari in for a Northern Lights SLAM, to an arm scissor! Daivari scrambles, gets the ropebreak and then gets out of the ring. Swerve pursues but Daivari kicks low! Daivari scoops but Swerve slips out to throw forearms and haymakers! Daivari wobbles, Swerve suplexes but Daivari slips out and back into the ring! Swerve gets in the ring at 7 but Daivari has him at the ropes for a DRAPING DDT! Daivari spikes Swerve and evens things back up!

Swerve sits up, Daivari drags him up, and whips him to a corner hard! Swerve bounces off buckles and writhes but Daivari brings him up again. Daivari turns Swerve to give him a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Daivari argues the count but goes after Swerve with a chicken wing and chinbar. Swerve endures, fans clap to rally up, and Swerve fights up to his feet. Daivari wrangles him back down with that chinbar, but Swerve doesn’t stop trying. Daivari shifts to a chinlock, Swerve still gets up and pries at the hold. Daivari shoves him to club him on the back! Swerve elbows in return! Swerve goes to run but Daivari reels him in, Swerve uses his leg to free himself and then ROCKS Daivari with that right hand! Daivari wobbles into Swerve’s DISCUS! Swerve fires up and fans rally up.

Swerve runs in to uppercut at the corner, snapmare and FALLING UPPERCUT! Swerve stalks Daivari to ropes, whips him but Daivari holds ropes. Swerve trips Daivari, rolls him backwards and out of the ring, to then go to the apron for a BOOT! Down goes Daivari! Swerve drags Daivari back up and in, aims from a corner and somersaults for the COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Daivari survives but Swerve grimaces. Swerve stands and looms over Daivari. Swerve half nelsons but Daivari rams him into buckles. Daivari fires off haymakers, lets up as the ref counts, then argues with the ref. Daivari whips Swerve corner to corner, Swerve reverses and runs in, but Daivari boots! Swerve gets under it, slips around to cradle lift Daivari, for a modified EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!!

Swerve grows frustrated but he keeps on Daivari. Swerve wrenches the arm, Daivari pushes him away but Swerve clubs him back. Daivari dodges the boot, catches the clothesline for the URENAGE! Daivari hurries to a corner, climbs up top, LION SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and Daivari can’t believe it! Swerve rises but Daivari stalks behind him. Daivari brings Swerve in, hammerlock, but Swerve ducks the lariat to tuck Daivari. Daivari arm-drags out of the driver, runs at the corner and goes up, but not over as Swerve catches him! Daivari boots Swerve away, then runs to sunset flip! Swerve rolls through for a HOUSE CALL!! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

Swerve shoots down a 205 Live OG in a fierce fight! But will he get to bring that fight to Santos Escobar and beat him one more time, for the title?

My Thoughts:

Alright, this format is probably better for the half hour 205 Live. Two matches that get time to breathe, even with a middle segment. Mansoor and Miles-turned-Adonis was really good, as there was logical development from Adonis’ story and a little bit of reference to the story of him and Mansoor. I still just wish he was Tehuti Miles, which is a great name that did not need to be changed. Swerve VS Daivari was great, coming close to the good days of 205 Live, but not quite. Swerve wins, of course, because he needs to be strong towards his rematch with Escobar. I said for NXT that the Cruiserweight Championship match should be part of TakeOver 31, it needs the spotlight. Otherwise, what’s the point of it becoming the NXT Cruiserweight Championship?

My Score: 8.1/10

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