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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/4/20)

205 Live is packed!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live has three big matches going down!

Mansoor is back, Ever-Rise keeps fighting the One Two, and El Legado del Fantasma is hanging around as 205 Live packs the card!


  • Tehuti Miles VS Ariya Daivari; Daivari wins.
  • Mansoor VS Colby Corino; Mansoor wins.
  • Ever-Rise VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; No Contest.


Tehuti Miles VS Ariya Daivari!

THE Brian Kendrick did his best to teach Tehuti something last week, now is the test to see if it sunk in! Will Tehuti get a big win off a 205 Live OG?

The bell rings and Tehuti approaches Davairi with his dukes up. Daivari JABS him, and then taunts Tehuti. “You wanted a veteran, I’m your veteran!” Tehuti shrugs it off, approaches and swings but Daivari dodges to JAB and JAB! “C’mon, rookie!” Tehuti tries again, Daivari dodges again to JAB, JAB and DECK Tehuti! Daivari says Tehuti’s another piece of trash, but Tehuti gets up with a glare. Daivari runs, plays cat ‘n’ mouse, and dodges Tehuti once, twice but not the third time! Tehuti rocks Daivari, fires off on him in the corner with kicks, but stops at the ref’s count. Tehuti whips corner to corner and RAMS into Daivari! Then again the other way! Tehuti whips Daivari corner to corner HARD! Daivari apologizes but Tehuti doesn’t accept it.

Tehuti drags Daivari up but Daivari throws Tehuti out. Tehuti hurries back and trips Daivari, but Daivari boots Tehuti all the way to commentary! Daivari puts Tehuti in as Tehuti gasps and sputters, cover, TWO!! Daivari rains down on Tehuti with right hands! Daivari talks trash more as he rains down more rights. Daivari paces, drags Tehuti up, and turns Tehuti for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Tehuti toughs it out but Daivari clamps on with a chinlock! Daivari grinds Tehuti down, fans rally up, and Tehuti fights up to power Daivari to a corner. Tehuti is free but not for long as Daivari clamps back on! Tehuti pries the chinlock apart, arm-drags Daivari away, but Daivari comes back to LARIAT!

Daivari grins as he slowly gets up and drags Tehuti back up. Daivari CHOPS, then whips, but Tehuti reverses to kick and DDT! Both men are down, but Tehuti kips right up! Tehuti kicks Daivari, throws forearms and then boots him for a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Daivari survives but Tehuti keeps his focus. Tehuti goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Daivari throws haymakers! Daivari hurries up top, Tehuti resists and fights back, sending Daivari down. Tehuti adjusts, leaps but Daivari gets under! Daivari runs and UPPERCUTS Tehuti off his feet! Daivari keeps talking trash, “This is on you!” Tehuti cradles Daivari, TWO!!

Daivari swings, Tehuti ducks but the backslide is denied! Hammerlock but the lariat misses, Tehuti rolls Daivari, TWO!! SUPERKICK! Hammerlock and LION’S LARIAT!! Cover, Daivari wins!

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

So close and yet so far for Tehuti, and the Persian Lion beat the rookie down. Tehuti gets up, Daivari surprisingly offers a handshake. Daivari says Tehuti has a bright future, “PSYCH!!” Daivari pushes Tehuti’s buttons and gets himself a win, will it get him back on track towards the NXT Cruiserweight Championship?


Mansoor VS Colby Corino!

The Star of Saudi Arabia is back on 205 Live, still with that undefeated streak going! Will he keep that streak going in the ThunderDome?

The bell rings and Mansoor ties up with Colby. Mansoor headlocks, Colby powers out to wrench to a wristlock. Mansoor spins through, arm-drags and armlocks Colby on the mat. Colby endures, moves around, and throws hands but Mansoor gets a hammerlock. Colby elbows free, runs but Mansoor drops down. Colby hurdles, Mansoor hurdles, and then Mansoor catches Colby for the atomic drop and LARIAT! Mansoor grits his teeth as he drags Colby up to club him down. Mansoor puts Colby in a corner, CLUBS him, then whips him corner to corner hard! Mansoor runs in, corner clohtesline and then a flying BULLDOG!

Fans fire up with Mansoor as he drags Colby up into a chinbar and armlock. Colby endures as Mansoor thrashes him around a little. Colby fights up, snapmares free but runs into a back elbow. Mansoor hops up again but Colby sweeps the legs! Mansoor hits the mat, Colby rains down rights and a stop! IMPLODING SENTON! Cover, ONE, but Colby wraps Mansoor up in a seated cobra twist. Mansoor endures now, Colby digs his elbow in but fans rally. Mansoor fights up, out and goes to hip toss, but Colby wants the twist back! Mansoor powers out, scoop slams, and then scoops again.

Colby slips out, waistlocks, Mansoor ducks the elbow to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Float over, suplex and draping TWISTING NECKBREAKER! Colby flounders up, Mansoor reels him in to an Electric Chair, for the DEATH VALLEY! Cover, Mansoor wins!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

A fast and furious first-time match between these two, and Mansoor has some new tricks up his sleeve! And he’s still undefeated on top of it all! Will Mansoor continue to grow and evolve to rise up to the top of the Cruiserweight Division?


Ever-Rise VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

Matt Marthel and Chase Parker feel cheated because their cheating didn’t win! They get a rematch out of the BritAm Bruisers, but can they redeem themselves? Or will it be another 1-2-3 for the One Two?

Daivari joins commentary for this match and says this is the first time in FOUR YEARS he’s even been invited. That’s a disgrace to him, the main stay of this brand! Daivari’s disgruntled attitude aside, Ever-Rise gets attitude with Vic Joseph now because of his “big mouth!” Vic is on thin ice with them now, and Gulak joins in just so they won’t be upset with him. The teams sort out and Marthel starts against Oney.

Oney and Marthel tie up, Marthel wrenches to a wristlock and Parker tags in. Ever-Rise double wrench and double shoulder Oney down for double fist drops! Parker drags Oney up, facelocks, but Oney powers him to a corner. Tag to Burch, the One Two double wrench and double CHOP Parker down! Burch throws EuroUppers but Parker haymakers back. Marthel talks trash, tags in and Ever-Rise mugs Burch in the corner. Marthel wrenches, tags Parker in and they mug Burch more. Parker brings Burch around to scoop but Burch slips out and tags Oney! Oney throws clotheslines and cross chops, then dodges Parker to BLAST him with that EuroUpper! Cover but Marthel elbows it apart!

The ref reprimands, Parker drags Oney up to tag in Marthel. Ever-Rise double flapjack Oney off buckles! Marthel stomps away on Oney, the ref reprimands as Marthel goes wild on Oney. Marthel snapmares and elbows Oney, then drags him up to bump him off buckles. Tag to Parker, Ever-Rise mugs Oney and Daivari gives respect to Ever-Rise while enjoying Oney being torn apart. Parker snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Parker has the high keylock and grinds Oney down. Oney endures, fans build to a rally but Marthel talks trash. Oney fights up, powers Parker to a corner, but Parker bumps Oney off buckles! Parker stomps a mudhole, the ref counts and Parker lets up at 4, to then stomp Oney more!

The ref backs Parker off, Parker argues with the ref and Marthel claims conspiracy! The ref still keeps Oney off Parker, but then Oney BLASTS Parker down! Marthel tags in, drags Oney up and whip shim into buckles hard! Tag to Parker, Parker whips Marthel for Marthel to whip Parker, forearm smash! Marthel drop toeholds, Parker uses Marthel as the step stool for the BOOYAH elbow drop! Parker sucker punches Burch, drags Oney up and tags Marthel. They coordinate, wheelbarrow and CODE BREAKER!! Cover, but Burch breaks it at the last second!! Daivari wants Ever-Rise to finish Oney, but Marthel drags Oney. Oney boots Marthel away, hot tag to Burch!

The Gov’nah rallies with heavy hands! He spins Parker to HEADBUTT him! Marthel walks into a headbutt but reverses the whip. Burch boots him back, hops up and leaps to missile dropkick! Burch fires up with the fans, he runs corner to corner to clothesline and enziguri! GERMAN SUPLEX! Marthel flounders up into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Marthel survives, Burch calls for Oney! Burch drags Marthel up, tags Oney up, and they coordinate. Parker gets in, but all of them freeze when they see El Legado del Fantasma storming down the ramp! Parker goes to intercept but Santos Escobar gives him a chair shot!

No Contest

Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde go after Oney and Burch! TWISTING SUPLEX! Wilde makes Oney wear a shirt while Mendoza gives Marthel a chair shot! Oney suffers the GAMANGIRI LEG SWEEP! And the shirt he was wearing? A Isaiah “Swerve” Scott shirt! El Legado tape Marthel’s big mouth shut, Parker gets in and tries to fight, but they tape his eyes and mouth shut before camel clutch BOOTING him down! Escobar stands tall with his title belt and his cohorts by his side! A message has been sent to the Cruiserweight Division, but how will Swerve and others respond?

My Thoughts:

WWE advertised this as “Must-see” but I wouldn’t say that. It was a good episode, very fast paced since it still had to happen within 30 minutes. I like the continuation of Tehuti’s story where he takes on 205 Live OG’s. Daivari and Tehuti had a good match, of course Tehuti loses to continue the story, and Daivari leaving Tehuti hanging on the handshake was also pretty good. Daivari joining commentary on the main event was also good, because it makes sense as he has beef with Oney still.

Mansoor VS Colby was a better match than I expected, but obviously Mansoor wins. I kinda hope Colby is given half a chance to be something in WWE, this was a really good start. And then I was confused as to why we got a rematch of Ever-Rise and BritAm Bruisers, but it was going great, and then El Legado shows up! That was quite the beating they gave everyone, and it shows 205 Live is at least good for giving the Cruiserweight title story more build since there’s only so much time on NXT.

My Score: 8.1/10

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