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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/1/20)

Are you ready for #NXTuesday?



NEW NXT Coverage

Who will be the NEW NXT Champion?

It’s NXT Super Tuesday, and four of the best compete in one match! Who makes it to the end of a 60 MINUTE IRONMAN FATAL 4 WAY to take the title?


  • Six Man Tag Street Fight: El Legado del Fantasma VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Breezango; Swerve & Breezango win.
  • Candice LeRae VS Kacy Catanzaro w/ Kayden Carter; LeRae wins.
  • Bronson Reed VS Timothy Thatcher; Thatcher wins.
  • Vacant NXT Championship 60 Minute Ironman Fatal 4 Way: Finn Balor VS Adam Cole VS Johnny Gargano VS Tommaso Ciampa; Balor and Cole tie with 2 points each, will go 1v1 next week.


Six Man Tag Street Fight: El Legado del Fantasma VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Breezango!

Santos Escobar had a lot of help retaining that NXT Cruiserweight Championship last week, and not just from Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. A loaded mask was the ace in the hole and that helped the Leader of Leaders walk out of Swerve’s House with the gold. But now he and his men walk back in to take on Swerve and the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions in a fight with no rules but to win! Will Tyler Breeze & Fandango help Swerve turn it up and bring El Legado down?

But the moment Breezango gets on the apron, Escobar gives Mendoza a boost to dropkick them both down! Swerve helps them back up but Wilde gets a boost to FLY! Direct hit on all three at the ramp! Mendoza gets a trash can while Escobar and Wilde stomp their opponents down. Wilde also fetches a table while Mendoza throws Fandango into barriers. Escobar pulls Swerve’s arm through ladder rungs while Wilde works to set up a table. Breeze goes after Wilde, Mendoza goes after Breeze. Swerve throws Escobar into the ladder but Wilde stomps Fandango. Mendoza goes after Swerve while Wilde whips Breeze into boards! Mendoza bounces Swerve off boards on the other side, but Fandango ROCKS Escobar!

The ladder is toppled over, Fandango uses it to atomic drop Escobar! Mendoza and Swerve are in the ring and Mendoza wedges a chair into a corner. Wilde keeps on Breeze while Mendoza CHOPS Swerve. Mendoza whips, Swerve reverses but Mendoza stops himself from crashing into the chair. So Swerve dropkicks him into it!! Mendoza topples out and the crowd fires up as Swerve pursues. Swerve talks trash to Mendoza while Breeze and Wilde are in the ring, SIDE BACKSTABBER! Breeze pursues Wilde and regroups with Swerve. Escobar has Fandango again and CHOPS him. Swerve CHOPS Mendoza, Breeze hotshots Wilde on railing! Fandango whips Escobar into the ladder!

Swerve SMACKS Mendoza with a trash can lid! Fandango is a ladder helicopter and he SMACKS each member of El Legado in turn! Full Sail is thunderous as Fandango stands tall! Breeze bounces Wilde off steel steps and Swerve punches Mendoza down. Breezango regroups, Mendoza hits Breeze first while Escobar is stuck in a Tree of Woe. Swerve kicks Escobar, Breeze sunset flips Mendoza but Mendoza stays up. Mendoza punches Breeze down, soaks up the heat, but Fandango catapults Breeze into the Mendoza line! Fandango tosses a trash can lid up, Swerve KICKS It into Mendoza’s face! Cover, TWO!

The rest of El Legado returns but Swerve boots and KNEES Escobar down! Fandango goes looking under the ring, and brings out a fire extinguisher! Breeze takes hold of it, and BLASTS El Legado! The crowd is thunderous as Swerve and Breezango stand tall and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Fandango has been WRECKED through a table! Replays show El Legado pulled off a TRIPLE Coast2Coast to crush Breeze inside a trash can, and that Mendoza’s missile dropkick sent Fandango crashing down. In the present, Swerve knocks Wilde out of the ring but Escobar tackles and enziguris him in the corner! Escobar goes corner to corner but Swerve goes up and over. Swerve ROCKS Mendoza and Escobar with right hands. Mendoza blocks a kick but sends it into Escobar’s head! Swerve elbows Mendoza and runs, but Mendoza forearms back. Mendoza runs into a somersault COMPLETE SHOT! Swerve goes to the apron to BOOT Mendoza down!

Escobar runs and DECKS Swerve off the apron! Escobar sees his target, builds up speed, and DIVES! Hell’s Arrow sends Swerve out of the area! The crowd rallies, “This is Awesome!” as Escobar laughs. Wilde and Mendoza mock Breeze and kick him down. They club him at the ramp, throw haymakers, then bring him around, but IMPERIUM attacks! Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner want their pound of flesh after losing the titles, and they’re even working together with El Legado! They drag Breeze up and into the ring. The crowd boos but there’s nothing that can stop this when it’s No Disqualification. But wait, when did Swerve and Fandango get a fork lift?! They’re way up top, and they both FLY in to wipe out Imperium and El Legado!

The crowd is thunderous as the grunts are tossed from the ring! Breeze gets his payback as he stomps Barthel. Fandango coordinates and both he and Breeze go to the top rope. Salute and FLY! Double crossbodies take out Imperium, Wilde and Mendoza! Swerve has Escobar all to himself, JML DRIVER!!! Cover, Swerve and Breezango win!!

Winners: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Breezango, by pinfall

And once again, Swerve pins the NXT Cruiserweight Champion! Even when things weren’t in their favor, Swerve, Prince Pretty and the Lord of the Dance found a way to win! Will all three keep on rolling with so much gold going around?


Tegan Nox talks about her “friendship” with Candice LeRae.

They met on the independents a few years ago. Candice was so nice and helpful and they bonded over so many things. They were like family. Ending up in NXT together was great, because they got to do even more. It meant so much to her. But a lot can happen in six months. The Johnny Gargano Way dimmed the light in Candice. This is not the Candice that helped Tegan to her surgeries or met her nephews or any of that. It hurt Tegan for Candice to say all she did. Tegan is struggling to see the good in Candice. She wants to talk this out over drinks, but she’ll do whatever it takes to fix this.


Candice LeRae VS Kacy Catanzaro w/ Kayden Carter!

Speaking of the Pint-Sized Poison Pixie, she looks to keep sharp on her rise back up the ranks. Will she use the American Ninja Warrior to sharpen that edge she now has?

The bell rings and Candice scowls as she circles with Kacy. They tie up, Kacy waistlocks but Candice elbows out hard. Kacy gets up, goes after an arm, hammerlocks to a headlock to an arm-drag! Candice comes back to waistlock but Kacy elbows out now. Kacy hops up and handsprings back to headscissor Candice to ropes. Kacy leaps at Candice but gets caught up in the ropes for a draping neckbreaker! Candice baseball slide dropkicks Kacy out hard! Kayden helps Kacy keep her cool but Candice pushes her away to put Kacy in. Candice tells Kayden to stay out of this, but she runs into Kacy’s drop toehold! Oklahoma roll, TWO! Candice ELBOWS Kacy down, covers, TWO!

Candice drags Kacy back up by her hair. Kayden protests but Candice bumps Kacy on buckles. Candice runs corner to corner for a back body check! Snapmare to neck snap! Cover, TWO! Candice whips Kacy corner to corner, runs in again but into knees! Kacy dodges Candice to send her into buckles, then stomps a mudhole into her! The ref counts, Kacy backs off but stays fired up. Kacy hits an A-List Lariat and throws Candice out for a handspring ax kick! Cover, TWO! Candice gets up, blocks the Code Breaker to a Queen Angelito STOMP!! Cover, Candice wins!

Winner: Candice LeRae, by pinfall

The Poison Pixie just crushed Kacy, but she grabs a mic to speak. “Hearing what Tegan had to say and then coming out here, seeing Kacy and Kayden’s friendship… Honestly, I was a little distracted. Maybe a little jealous.” Because it reminded her of the friendship she and Tegan used to have. The crowd boos but she says she’s sincere. Candice says Tegan wants to talk it over? So does Candice. She invites Tegan over for dinner. Is the Pixie softening back to her old ways?


NXT returns to hear from Rhea Ripley.

“Mercedes. Martinez. I am sick and tired of you and the Robert Stone Brand sticking your nose in my business!” She thought they get the message when Rhea powerbomb’d Mercedes onto the concrete, but maybe she’s too thick for that. Now, Rhea will have to rip her limb from limb. But not in a normal match. Rhea wants it in a STEEL CAGE! Will the Mosh Pit Kid and Mean Ms. Mercedes battle inside the unforgiving steel?


Bronson Reed VS Timothy Thatcher!

Auszilla and the Professor of Pain both feel deserving of a shot at the NEW North American Champion, Damian Priest. But that means they need to prove who is more deserving! Will Thatch As Thatch Can have an answer for such a #COLOSSAL force?

The bell rings and Reed circles with Thatcher. They tie up, go around, Thatcher gets the arm and wrenches for a wristlock. Reed resists, waistlocks and throws Thatcher! Thatcher gets up, ties up with Reed and pulls on an ear. Reed headlocks back, Thatcher pries free to chinlock and chicken wing. Reed pries at the chinbar but they end up on ropes. The ref counts. Thatcher lets go to European Uppercut! Reed throws BIG forearms and rocks Thatcher! Thatcher knees low and hard, cranks on a facelock, but Reed powers out to CLOBBER Thatcher! Reed looms over Thatcher, stomps him around the ring and clubs him on the back. Thatcher gets up to EuroUpper, but Reed DECKS him!

Thatcher kicks from the mat at Reed’s legs. Reed just drops a COLOSSAL SENTON onto him! Thatcher gasps for air but refuses to quit. Reed drags Thatcher up by his ear now, fireman’s carries, but Thatcher slips off and ducks one clothesline, only to get the strong left! Reed drags Thatcher back up, headbutts him to a corner, and then whips him corner to corner. Thatcher reverses and wrings the arm out! Thatcher covers, TWO! Thatcher keeps on that arm with a double wristlock. Reed endures, cranks to a high keylock, but Reed endures. Reed fights up, Thatcher throws EuroUppers and forearms but Reed throws forearms back! Reed ROCKS Thatcher then rolling elbows him down! The crowd is thunderous as Reed springboards for an elbow!

Thatcher drags himself out of the ring but Reed takes aim. Reed builds speed to DIVE! COLOSSAL TOPE SUICIDA! Direct hit but Reed’s bad arm takes some damage for it. Reed drags Thatcher up, puts him in the ring, then shakes out the bad arm. AUSTIN THEORY attacks with a blindside bulldog!! The crowd boos as Theory runs, Thatcher goes after the arm! ARMBAR!! Reed endures, clasps hands, fights around and clubs away on Thatcher’s head. Thatcher just shifts to a FUJIWARA! Reed endures, but taps! Thatcher wins!

Winner: Timothy Thatcher, by submission

Give a huge assist to Theory’s hit ‘n’ run! Will Reed track Theory down to give him a colossal receipt? Will Thatcher move on to take on the Archer of Infamy?


NXT returns to Mercedes Martinez’s response.

“Rhea, you want to fight, in a cage? I’m all about fighting. Next Tuesday, it’s on!” Now NXTuesday II has an incredible match! Who wins and who survives when these two destructive forces collide?


Vacant NXT Championship 60 Minute Ironman Fatal 4 Way: Finn Balor VS Adam Cole VS Johnny Gargano VS Tommaso Ciampa!

Karrion Kross dethroned Keith Lee but suffered an injury that keeps him from being a fighting champion. Now, four of the best NXT Champions of all time, the “Mount Rushmore” as even Adam Cole put it, battle not only to crown a new champion, but perhaps determine who is THE GREATEST in NXT history!

The introductions are made, the crowd is booing all four for the many dastardly deeds they’ve done, and NXT goes to break before this most historic match begins!

NXT returns, the bell rings and the countdown of one HOUR begins! The crowd is thunderous but Gargano bails out. Ciampa BOOTS Cole and stomps away! Balor brings Ciampa off to throw forearms but Ciampa hits back! Ciampa has Balor in a corner and stomps away while Gargano just watches. Ciampa CHOPS Cole then throws haymakers. Balor hurries over to throw body shots and a CHOP of his own. Balor rams Ciampa, CHOPS Cole, then stomps Ciampa in a corner. Balor whips, Ciampa reverses and runs Balor over! Ciampa tosses Balor out, Gargano returns but Ciampa sees the kick coming. Ciampa DECKS Gargano and throws him out to then KNEE him off the apron! And then he KNEES Balor off the apron!

Ciampa goes out and runs at Balor, to KNEE him over railing! And then he KNEES Gargano into railing! Ciampa bangs the Plexiglas as the crowd fires up. Cole eggs Ciampa on but Ciampa ROCKS him with haymakers! Ciampa bumps Cole off the apron then decides to go looking under the ring. No, he has the skirt open, planning to do to Cole what he did to Jake Atlas last week! Balor goes after Ciampa with forearm sand knocks him into steel steps. Balor stomps Cole, drags him up and throws him into boards! Balor glares at Ciampa and brings him into the ring. Balor gets in but Ciampa stomps him and CHOPS him in a corner.

Balor staggers to a corner, Ciampa snapmares and KNEES Him in the back! Ciampa clamps on a chinlock, Balor endures with the knee in his back and the crowd rallies up. Balor fights up, but Ciampa scrapes his laces on Balor’s face! Balor staggers up but Ciampa decks him! Ciampa stomps Balor, drag shim back into the chinlock against the knee and grinds him down. The crowd rallies and Balor fights up, but Ciampa knees low and runs, into Balor’s elbow! Both men fall over and Cole returns. Cole goes after Ciampa first, throwing him out. Cole then goes after Balor but into a mule kick! Balor BOOTS Cole down then goes after Cole at the ropes. Balor chokes Cole but lets up to put Cole in a corner.

Balor CHOPS Cole, rams his shoulder in over and over, then lets up for Cole to flop down. Cover, TWO! Balor keeps his cool and DECKS Gargano off the apron! Balor stomps Cole back down, drags him back up but Cole throws body shots. Cole whips, Balor reverses but Cole sunset flips. Balor rolls through to basement dropkick! Gargano is in and he stomps away on Balor! Then he stomps away on Cole! Gargano rains down lefts on Cole, then goes to Balor. Gargano digs his boots in and tells Balor he hasn’t forgotten their first encounter. Gargano turns Balor for a neckbreaker! Gargano mocks the finger guns before he decks Ciampa! Gargano snapmares Cole and basement dropkicks him in the back! Cover, TWO!

Gargano focuses on Cole with the wirstlock to shoulder breaker! Cole clutches the arm, Gargano jams it more! Gargano DECKS Balor on the apron then goes back to Cole. Cole resists the Half ‘n’ Half and rolls to the ropes. The ref reminds him that there’s no ropebreaks, but Gargano stomps Cole to a corner. Gargano mocks the UE hands now then KICKS the arm! Cole clutches the arm but refuses to let this take him out of the match. Gargano says this is his world, and he drags Cole up to wrench the bad arm. Gargano traps that arm while also cranking on Cole’s head and neck. The crowd rallies, Cole endures even as Gargano digs his forearm into his head. Cole fights free but Gargano elbows him on the back.

Gargano wrenches, whips but Cole kicks back! Cole clobbers Gargano and rallies with elbows. Cole spins Gargano for a leaping neckbreaker! Gargano gets away as Cole’s bad arm slows him down. Cole throws forearms on Balor now, then snapmares to knee him in the back. Cole kicks Gargano out of the ring and he wraps Balor up in a chinlock. The crowd rallies, Balor fights his way up, but Cole drops him with a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Balor gets to a corner, Cole sees Ciampa get in and stomps him back out. Cole returns to Balor, wrenches and whips corner to corner, then runs in into Balor’s boots! Balor rallies now, whips but Cole reverses. Balor runs Cole over with forearms! Balor trips Cole to DOUBLE STOMP him! Ciampa returns, but he gets the elbow drop DDT! Cover, TWO!

Balor keeps on Ciampa with a thrashing chinlock, adds an arm to it for a modified cobra clutch, and leans on the hold. NXT goes to break as the crowd continues to rally.

NXT returns and Gargano has Cole in a corner. We’re under 45 minutes, still no falls as Gargano CHOPS Cole. Gargano CHOPS Cole and then fires off furious haymakers! Gargano lets up to check his teeth and jaw, then drags Cole back up to wrench and whip corner to corner. Cole reverses, Gargano goes up and tries to roll Cole up but Cole has a fireman’s carry. Gargano fights out, runs but into a BOOT! Cole fireman’s carries for USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Cole checks his teeth and jaw now, too, but he keeps his focus on Gargano. Gargano anchors Cole’s feet, Cole clubs him down and goes to a corner. Cole climbs up, takes aim, but Gargano avoids Panama Sunrise! Balor grabs Cole but Gargano enziguris him before anything more.

Cole SUPERKICKS Gargano! Cole aims at Ciampa, Ciampa blocks the kick, spins Cole but Cole enziguris back! Ciampa still KNEES Cole down! All four men are down and the crowd fires up for “NXT! NXT!” Precious seconds tick away as the four men stir. Ciampa sits up but Gargano goes to the apron while the crowd says, “This is Awesome!” Ciampa heads over to Cole, drags him up and reels him in, but Cole breaks free to mule kick a leg out! Cole goes to a corner and hops up but Balor throws Ciampa into him! Ciampa tumbles out, Balor chops and fires off on Cole, kicking the legs over and over! Balor wrenches the leg against ropes, punches Cole more, then climbs up top.

Cole fights back, Ciampa adds on! Ciampa has Balor, Balor has Cole, TOWER OF DOOM! But Gargano trips Ciampa up to POST the Psycho Killer groin first! Gargano gets in to cover Balor, TWO! Cover on Cole, TWO! Gargano grows frustrated that he doesn’t have his first fall. Cole rolls to the far side to be on the apron. Gargano punches Balor to a corner, CHOPS him, then rams his shoulder into Balor and digs in. Gargano lets up to mock the fact there’s no count for a disqualification. Gargano goes back to ramming his shoulder into Balor, then brings Balor up to hoist him up top. Gargano drags Balor out but Balor escapes the lawn dart. Things speed up, Gargano tilt-o-whirls but into Balor’s BLOODY SUNDAY! Cover, TWO!!

Balor grits his teeth as he DECKS Cole off the apron! SLING BLADE for Gargano! Balor aims, SHOTGUN dropkick! Gargano is in the drop zone, Balor goes up top! COUP DE- NO! Gargano moves, Ciampa scoops Balor, AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, TWO!! Ciampa is furious that Balor survives and NXT goes picture in picture.

Ciampa goes after Balor in a corner, punches him down then runs side to side. Cole BOOTS Ciampa first! Then BACKSTABBERS! Cover, TWO! Cole grows frustrated now, but he focuses as he gets back to his feet. Cole looms over Ciampa, pulls down the knee pad, but Ciampa anchors his foot. Cole clubs Ciampa until he lets go, then sits Ciampa up. Cole runs but Ciampa anchors him again. Gargano SUPERKICKS Cole, then tilt-o-whirl takedown into the GargaNO Escape! Ciampa gets Balor in the PSYCHO FUJIWARA! Double submissions, like the good ol’ days of DIY!! But Cole fights up and around, Balor endures, Cole and Balor get to ropes! No ropebreaks stop this but there’s also no point since this isn’t a Falls Count Anywhere match. Cole and Balor are freed and both Ciampa and Gargano catch their breath.

Ciampa stomps Balor while Gargano throws haymakers on Cole. Ciampa digs his boots into Balor as NXT returns to single picture. But now Gargano and Ciampa see each other. Balor and Cole throw them out! Balor and Cole stare down, and the crowd rallies up as Cole shows a TOO SWEET! He was technically a club member. Balor nods, gives the Too Sweet back, and they coordinate to take on DIY. But then Balor throws Cole out onto Gargano and then FLIES onto both Cole and Gargano! Cole was also kicked out of that club, for those who didn’t know. Balor goes around the way and shotgun dropkicks Ciampa into the timekeeper’s area!

Balor snarls as he spots Gargano and Cole. Balor takes aim, and he SHOTGUNS them both into the boards! Balor puts Cole in, climbs up top, and leaps for the COUP DE GRACE! Cover, Balor gets the first fall!!

Balor: 1; Cole: 0; Gargano: 0; Ciampa: 0

The Prince takes a very critical lead with just over 30 minutes left! Balor waits for someone else to get in the ring, but he also runs them off as they try. Ciampa and Gargano flank the ring, Balor’s head is on a swivel, and Gargano gets in first. Balor stomps Gargano, then stomps Ciampa! Gargano gets up but Balor knees low and Balor whips him to a corner. Balor CHOPS Gargano, follows him as he flounders and CHOPS him again! Gargano flounders, Balor drags him up and scoop slams him down, to then drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Balor grinds Gargano down with a chinlock, Gargano endures and the crowd rallies up.

Balor cranks on Gargano’s head but Gargano fights up. Ciampa returns, Balor fights him and then throws him into Gargano. Balor springboard stomps away on Ciampa and Gargano back and forth, left and right, over and over! Balor finally lets off and the crowd is torn between cheers and jeers. Cole gets on the apron but Balor rocks and shoulders him down! NXT again goes picture in picture as Balor looms over Ciampa.

Balor wraps Ciampa up in a chinlock and grinds him down. Ciampa endures, Balor cranks harder, but Ciampa fights his way up. Balor knees low, CHOPS Ciampa to a corner, then whips him corner to corner. Ciampa comes back to clothesline Balor down! And then corner clothesline and bulldog! Ciampa runs to drop a knee on Balor’s back! Cover, TWO! Balor survives, keeping his lead, but Ciampa drags him back up. Ciampa reels Balor in, underhooks, but has to swing on Cole first. Cole PELES back! Cole climbs up, aims at Ciampa, but leaps into a KNEE! Ciampa drags Cole in, underhook and lift, PROJECT CIAMPA! Cover off the powerbomb backbreaker, but Balor breaks it!

Gargano gets in, Ciampa kicks him first, then lifts him up, PROJECT CIAMPA!! Cover, but Balor breaks that one, too! Balor is not letting Ciampa tie him so quickly! So Ciampa goes after Balor. But Balor jackknifes out of it, TWO!! Ciampa kicks low, reels Balor in, PROJECT! CIAMPA!! Cover, TWO!?! Balor survives and Ciampa is beside himself! Balor bails out, Ciampa has no one to go after. Gargano crawls around outside while Cole stirs ramp side. Ciampa gets up, NXT returns to single picture, and he goes out after Cole. Ciampa rains down rights then drags Cole to the ring! He wants to do what he did to Atlas! But Balor dropkicks Ciampa down! And then he stomps away on Cole!

Balor puts Ciampa in the ring but Ciampa gets him for WILLOW’S BELL!! Then double underhooks, FAIRY TALE ENDING! Cover, Gargano breaks it! Gargano throws Ciampa out, covers Balor, Gargano gets the second fall!!

Balor: 1; Cole: 0; Gargano: 1; Ciampa: 0

The “Wednesday Knight” sneaks one off Ciampa, then tries on Balor again. Cover, TWO, but Gargano drags Ciampa to the ropes. Gargano gets on the apron but Ciampa trips him up! No final beat yet but Gargano keeps Ciampa from getting in. Ciampa boots Gargano into barriers, Cole BOOTS Ciampa down! LAST SHOT!! Cover, TWO!! Cole sits Ciampa up, runs but into a LARIAT! Ciampa folds Cole inside out with that one, then he drags the dead weight up and underhooks. But Cole revives, fights out and SUPERKICKS back! Cole staggers into a SLING BLADE! Cole aims again, but runs into a SUPERKICK! Gargano slingshots, into a SUPERKICK!! Cole goes up top, PANAMA CITY SUNRISE!! Cover, Cole has the third fall!!

Balor: 1; Cole: 1; Gargano: 1; Ciampa: 0

Ciampa is in last place as we’re under 25 minutes! But with how this is going, the crowd hopes they “Fight Forever!” Cole shakes out his head and gets to ropes. Gargano stirs, Cole drags him but Gargano holds apron skirt. Gargano can’t hold the skirt forever, Cole drags him up and runs, but Balor trips Cole up! Cole hits Balor away, Ciampa KNEES Gargano down and covers, TWO!! Ciampa drags Gargano up but swings on Cole first. Ciampa has to fight them both off, then gets them both on the apron! DOUBLE WILLOW’S BELL!! Ciampa drags Cole up, FAIRY TALE ENDING!! Cover, Ciampa gets the fourth fall!

Balor: 1; Cole: 1; Gargano: 1; Ciampa: 1

Ciampa ties things up so we’re basically back where we started! Balor is the only one up and walking around, though. Balor gets to a corner and watches the other three rise. The crowd rallies as Gargano stands but flounders to ropes. Cole leans on ropes, too, as does Ciampa. “This is Awesome!” as Cole, Balor, Ciampa and Gargano each have a side of the ring. Balor throws hands on Cole, Ciampa brawls with Gargano. Then Cole hits Gargano and Ciampa hits Balor. They keep trading punches and partners, but Balor and Gargano kick back. Balor BOOTS Cole, Ciampa CHOPS Gargano! Gargano and Cole flop out of the ring and now Ciampa and Balor fire off on each other.

Cole and Gargano brawl on the outside, too. Balor gets the edge on Ciampa, but Ciampa fires back. DOUBLE clotheslines take them both out! Cole and Gargano do much the same, with DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! All four men are down again and the crowd is thunderous! We’re under 20 minutes as Cole drags himself up from the floor, only to flop back down. Balor and Ciampa go after each other again and Ciampa punches first. Ciampa whips corner to corner hard and Balor falls! Cover, TWO! He tries again, TWO! Ciampa keeps trying, TWO! Ciampa grows frustrated but he goes after Balor at the ropes with stomps.

Ciampa CHOPS Balor in a corner, runs side to side for the KNEE! The crowd rallies up and Ciampa runs again, for another KNEE! Cole gets up but Ciampa DECKS him! Ciampa goes after Gargano and throws him into Plexiglas! Then he does the same to Cole! Ciampa sits on the apron, “I’m back!” He applauds and pats himself on the back but the crowd boos. Ciampa drags Cole up, puts him on the apron, and then fireman’s carries. Cole resists, clubs Ciampa back, then BOOTS him. Ciampa stays up so Cole BOOTS him into the ring. Cole steadies himself, goes to a corner and climbs up top. Cole aims but Ciampa anchors his foot. The two brawl, Ciampa CHOPS Cole then climbs up to join him.

Ciampa punches and punches, lifts Cole up, but Cole slips out. Cole wants a bomb, Ciampa goes to punch but Cole avoids it. Cole SUPERKICKS the leg out! Ciampa’s repaired leg takes a huge hit! Cole aims at Ciampa as NXT once again goes picture in picture.

Cole is right on the leg with a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! Ciampa endures the hold as Cole cranks harder and harder on it. Ciampa’s shoulders are down, ONE as he sits back up. Balor gets in and DOUBLE STOMPS Cole! Then he covers Cole, TWO!! Balor drags Cole out of the ring, goes after Ciampa to put him BACK in the Figure Four!! Balor cranks on the hold, Ciampa endures all over again! Ciampa keeps his shoulders up but Balor keeps on the bad leg! Balor even throws forearms but Ciampa hits back. Cole SUPERKIKCS Balor down! The leglock is broken apart, Cole gets CIampa, but Ciampa cradle counters! TWO!! Cole trips Ciampa, has the legs again, and puts the Figure Four BACK ON!

Ciampa endures, flails and reaches, but no ropebreaks break this. He still drags Cole but Cole cranks back on the hold! Ciampa grabs at the ref but the ref can’t do anything about it! Ciampa still reaches, crawls, but Cole cranks and bridges again. Ciampa stays sitting up, looks so close but then shouts in refusal! He’d rather lose his leg than lose this match! But then Gargano gets in, turns them over so pressure is on Cole, and puts Ciampa in the GargaNO Escape!! Cole and Ciampa endure new pain, but Balor sees three targets. Balor gets in and stomps Gargano until he lets go! Then he stomps Ciampa and rains punches down on Cole!

Balor glare at all three opponents as he decides what to do next. Balor drags Gargano up and puts him in a corner to CHOP! Balor sees Cole, runs over and CHOPS! Ciampa is in the third corner, so Balor CHOPS him, too! CHOP for Cole, and then a whip into the other corner for another CHOP! Gargano gets another CHOP, and Balor stomps Ciampa down. We’re nearing 10 minutes left as Balor whips Gargano corner to corner and CHOPS him down! Balor drags Gargano up, snap suplex and cover, TWO! Balor boots Cole out of the ring and CHOPS Ciampa in the corner again. Balor whips corner to corner but Ciampa’s knee gives out! Balor stomps Gargano while Ciampa writhes in pain.

Balor kicks Gargano out, goes after Ciampa’s leg, and puts on a HALF CRAB! Ciampa endures, crawls, reaches and gets the ropebreak! Balor lets go to stomp the bad leg! Balor watches Ciampa stand, BOOTS Cole out of the ring, then runs at Ciampa for a SLING BLADE! SHOTGUN for Ciampa! Ciampa is in the drop zone, Balor grits his teeth as he heads to a corner, and climbs up top. Gargano goes after Balor but Balor clubs him down. Balor adjusts, aims, COUP DE- NO! Ciampa moves, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Balor! Gargano SUPERKICKS Cole, Cole flounders out of the ring, Gargano sees everyone else is outside. Gargano builds speed to DIVE onto Ciampa! Ciampa hits barriers, Gargano hurries to DIVE onto Cole!

The crowd is thunderous as Gargano flounders around the way. Gargano gets back in the ring to DIVE at Balor! But Balor blocks to lift but Gargano powers out. TORNADO DDT!! NXT once again goes picture in picture as Gargano catches his breath and the ref checks on Balor.

Gargano drags Balor up, but that’s dead weight on wobbly legs. Gargano catches his breath again before trying again, but he still can’t drag Balor up. Gargano tries one more time but gives up on him. Cole is in the ring and SUPERKICKS Gargano! Then BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!!! Cole is furious that Gargano still has that superhuman heart! Cole drags Gargano up, Gargano pushes him away as he flounders around. Cole throws forearms on Gargano, but Gargano gives them back! Gargano and Cole keep throwing forearms on their knees, then Gargano fires off left hands as he grounds ‘n’ pounds Cole!

Gargano still has a dazed look but he demands Cole stand. NXT returns to single picture, Cole blocks the superkick to give a SUPERKICK! And another SUPERKICK! Cole runs, the Last Shot misses, Gargano clamps on! Gargano wants his hold, gets the chicken wing overhead, and the crossface!! Cole endures, moves around, rolls Gargano but Gargano rolls through to keep the hold! Cole endures, Ciampa drags them both out of the ring! Ciampa stomps Gargano and punches Cole down. He also hits Balor for good measure. Balor gets up but Ciampa punches him again, then RAMS him into the boards!

Ciampa staggers back and CHOPS Cole down! And he CHOPS Gargano down! The crowd is thunderous as Ciampa drags Cole up and snap suplexes him to the floor! Ciampa goes after Balor, and throws him into the boards again! We’re at THREE minutes left as Gargano fires off on Ciampa. Ciampa CHOPS back, and again, and again! Gargano flops down, Ciampa puts him under the ring! RING FRAME GUILLOTINE!! Gargano gasps and sputters, Ciampa drags him up and into the ring! Ciampa covers, but Cole drags him off it! Cole throws forearms, Ciampa hits back. Ciampa gets back to Gargano, Balor drags him off now! Balor and Ciampa brawl, Ciampa throws Balor all the way to girders! Ciampa throws Cole into more girders!

Ciampa hurries back to the ring, but Gargano surprises him with a cradle! TWO!!! Ciampa is up, and he throat chops Gargano!! We’re at 90 seconds!! Ciampa looms over the gasping Gargano, drags in him up and puts him in a corner. Ciampa CHOPS Gargano again! ONE MINUTE! Ciampa puts Gargano up top, CHOPS again, then climbs up to join Gargano. Gargano feebly resists, Ciampa brings Gargano up, SUPER AIR RAID CRASH!! But Balor COUP DE GRACE!! Cover on Ciampa, Balor gets the fifth fall!!

Balor: 2; Cole: 1; Gargano: 1; Ciampa: 1

The final countdown begins! Ten! Nine! LAST SHOT OUTTA NOWHERE!! Cole struggles to turn Balor over, cover, TIME IS UP!! But Cole scored the fall?!?!

Final Score: Balor: 2; Cole: 2; Gargano: 1; Ciampa: 1

Balor and Cole each have two points?! Cole thinks he’s the new champion but he has apparently lost count. He got his second point after Balor got his! William Regal hurries out to explain this, and he takes the belt from the ref. He explains that next week, Super Tuesday II, it will be a one fall to the finish, Balor VS Cole, and THEN we will know our new NXT Champion!! Balor and Cole argue but are clearly ready to finally settle this. Who will finally be the NEW NXT Champion?

My Thoughts:

An absolutely incredible episode! I was a little surprised the Ironman match wasn’t first because of time concerns, but I suppose ending with it was a much better move. And we got a lot of great stuff in the first hour, like the Six Man Tag Street Fight. There was a lot of great stuff in that, even Imperium showing up. It means that we might still get one more big NXT Tag Team Championship match before NXT UK comes back in two weeks. Imperium might even become a factor in El Legado getting the titles so that Breezango isn’t hurt that bad in the result. Reed VS Thatcher was really good, even with Theory interfering. I like the rebrand of Reed from Thicc Boi to Colossal, and I’m pretty sure he bulldozes Theory the next time we see Theory. Plus, Priest VS Thatcher for the North American Championship is going to be awesome.

Candice had a good match against Kacy, but I’m pretty sure her dinner invite to Tegan is going to turn sour. It could be a flat out trap, but maybe it starts nice only for Candice to take offense to something and attack Tegan. Either way, this will result in a grudge match at some point, and the winner could even be in line for the NXT Women’s Championship. Next week’s Super Tuesday II is going to be great! Mercedes VS Rhea in a cage! Though, I can already feel Aliyah and Robert Stone getting involved but then Shotzi countering that, especially with the use of her tank. I honestly have no idea where it goes from there, but I wish WWE would learn how to use all three brands and the Women’s Tag Divisions together so we could get Rhea and Shotzi against Shayna and Nia or something like that.

Then of course, that insane and historic match certainly like nothing I’ve ever seen before! There was so much great stuff in this, and I think the best sequence was Ciampa firing off powerbomb backbreakers, all for Balor to get in there and break the pins. I personally was hoping Balor would win to validate his return to NXT, but at a certain point, I also had the strangest feeling that there’d be some kind of tie by the end of it. I honestly thought Cole ran out of time but maybe they kayfabe’d it a little. Balor VS Cole next week to finally decide this is a perfectly fine move, because that was the match-up I honestly expected months ago but we never got. And Balor still better win, for all the same reasons he should’ve won tonight.

My Score: 9.4/10

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Mathew’s AJPW Champion Carnival Results & Review: Day 4 (4/17/2021)

AJPW is back with Day 4 of the Champion Carnival and Mathew is back as well! Will Zeus stay undefeated? Check it out!



Hello everyone and you read it right, I have returned and ready to get the show on the road. I wanna thank Andrew for covering the first three days of the Carnival while I was on vacation while also dealing with laptop issues. Should be getting a new computer soon but in the meantime, gonna abuse this old laptop as much as I can till it happens. All Japan’s memorable time of the year, the Champion Carnival is currently underway and I’m here to take over the 6 remaining days.

It’s been a fun three shows so far and let’s see if the rest can deliver. Will Zeus remain undefeated?

Let’s find out as we…dive right in.

Star Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette

Champion Carnival 2021 Match
Shotaro Ashino vs. Kohei Sato

Review: Time for our first match-up as Shotaro Ashino takes on Kohei Sato. Ashino is in a bit of turmoil ever since he lost Enfants Terribles and only has one victory under his belt while losing his first two matches. Sato has a steady record as he only has one win and loss under his belt, and a win here would put him in the middle of the rankings. Can Ashino win two in a row or does he fall behind again?

These two started with some chain wrestling but it appears to be a stalemate as they transition into a chop battle, where Sato is winning. I know Sato may not look like much in a physical sense but he can deliver some stiff shots to you, so definitely wanna be careful when in the ring with this guy. Ashino did try to make a comeback with a European Uppercut but Sato forearms him down. In the grand scheme of things, Shotaro being on his own is a much better path for him since he was mostly known as Wrestle-1’s guy and leader of this group, and now that he doesn’t have them and is now a babyface, it’s a fresher start for him to see what he can do on his own.

Sato appears to be heading towards Ashino and it was the opening Shotaro needed to hit a Dragon Screw, making Sato go down and this is where he will shine. Shotaro with the Gutwrench but Sato kicked out. Shotaro going in with the leg work to try and weaken it for the Ankle Lock later but Sato grabbed the ropes. Shotaro ran the ropes but Sato catches him with a knee to the gut, gaining control of the match once again while delivering kicks to the chest and midsection. Sato went for the Brainbuster but Ashino reversed it, hitting a German Suplex as he goes for the cover but once Sato kicked out, Ashino quickly turned it into the Ankle Lock! Sato would eventually get to the ropes and Shotaro is forced to let go of the hold. Shotaro tried to get the ankle again but Sato punched him in the gut and it leads to an exchange of blows till Sato won that battle, topping it off with a Falcon Arrow as Shotaro kicked out at two! It wouldn’t last much longer as Sato quickly picked him up to hit the Drill-a-Hole Piledriver, getting the victory over Ashino. I know people are frustrated with how Ashino has been booked since arriving at All Japan but all it takes is patience, he’s basically started over and getting the slow build back up.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter.

Champion Carnival 2021 Match
Suwama vs. Koji Doi

Review: Time for our next match as Koji Doi takes on the Triple Crown Champion, Suwama. Suwama currently only has one win under his belt with two losses, so it’s a better record than last year but he still needs to find a way to get back up on the totem pole. Koji has the same record as the champ but a victory here would gain a lot of momentum. Will the champ prevail or does Koji pull an upset?

Loo at Koji getting the first advantage with a couple of shoulder tackles to the champ and oh wait, never mind, Suwama double chopped him and now has him in the corner. Suwama Irish-whips him into the corner but Koji reversed it as Suwama attempts a Lariat as Koji blocked it and hits his arm with a Codebreaker, turning it into a Fujiwara Armbar. After being forced to let go, Koji responds by stomping on his arm and having it through the ropes to pull on it. Koji Doi is someone I’ve always considered to be an underrated talent and glad he’s getting the opportunity on a bigger platform than Wrestle-1.

Suwama makes a comeback after hitting a flying shoulder tackle to get Koji down. Suwama then throws him into the corner to hit a Lariat before pulling him in for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex but Koji kicked out at two. Suwama called for the Last Ride but Koji was able to flip him over, leading the two to exchange blows until Koji tossed him into the ropes for a side slam. Koji delivered a Dropkick and would attempt to lift him but the champ refused to go up, causing Koji to just knock him down with a Lariat. Koji went for the Murder Lariat but Suwama catches him with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, then gets him for a German, and then a Discus Lariat for good measure. Suwama hits the Backdrop but Koji got up to fight through the pain but Suwama applies the Sleeper Hold and Koji is out, giving Suwama the victory!

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Champion Carnival 2021 Match
Jake Lee vs. Shinjiro Otani

Review: Halfway through the day as Zero1’s Shinjiro Otani takes on the leader of TOTAL ECLIPSE, Jake Lee. Jake Lee has made quite the transformation ever since he turned heel and took Enfants Terribles from Ashino, he has developed a whole new persona since then and it seems to be the change he needed to show he’s a top star. Can Jake bounce back from his first loss or will he lose two in a row?

There appears to be an issue under the ring as the referee and announcer go check on it before starting the match, guess a bar or piece of wood popped out. Now the match is underway with Jake delivering some stomps down on Otani but would eventually get tossed over the ropes. Otani would deliver some stomps of his own after getting Lee back into the ring, just stomping away at him into the corner until Jake tripped him, delivering more stomps onto him. Jake is wrestling a completely different style compared to how we’re used to seeing him and it works for his new persona. He delivers it well and this whole tournament is a great way to showcase his new self. Jake delivered stiff kicks to the midsection and Otani would eventually catch his foot to hit it with an elbow and leg sweep him off his feet.

Jake grabbed Otani’s head and delivered multiple knees to his head but Otani would eventually counteract with a German Suplex. Otani went for a palm strike but Jake delivered a knee to the gut and then one more knee to the back of his head after getting him down. Jake delivered a couple more knee shots to Otani as he’s laughing maniacally to the crowd before he went to pick him up to hit his new finisher, the D4C, which is a delayed vertical drop Brainbuster. Jake crossed Otani’s arms while covering him and gets the victory. If this is how Jake Lee is going to be, this may very well be the trigger to make him the next Triple Crown Champion.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter


Champion Carnival 2021 Match
Zeus vs. Yuma Aoyagi

Review: It’s now time for our main event as Purple Haze leader and last year’s winner, Zeus takes on NEXTREAM’s own Yuma Aoyagi. Zeus is currently the only one that remains undefeated in the tournament so far and a win here would help secure himself closer to the winner of the tournament. Yuma only has one win under his belt but a victory here can stop Zeus and remain strong in the game. Does Zeus remain undefeated or will Yuma be his first loss?

It’s good to see that Zeus is still a snacc, Mathew likes. Yuma failed to challenge Zeus in raw power after being tackled down but Yuma could still try to outsmart him as he had Zeuss over the top ropes and Dropkicked him to get him to the outside. 2021 has been a great year for Yuma, winning the tag titles for the first time, delivering solid matches at the beginning of the year, this little resurgance this past year has been a big plus for Yuma since he was falling behind in terms of star power. They fight outside briefly but Zeus would deliver his beautiful chops to hurt his chest and tossed Yuma back into the ring. When you think about it, Zeus is still undefeated from last year’s Carnival as well, so has that undefeated Carnival record carried over from his victory to this upcoming one, so it makes sense for Zeus to look as dominating as possible during this tournament.

Yuma got back into it when hitting a Crossbody onto Zeus but would kick out at one. Yuma tossed Zeus into the ropes but Zeus would hit a Flying Clothesline instead as the two are down but Zeus is getting up first, lifting him up for a Bearhug and tossed him over. Zeus calls for the Chokeslam but Yuma fights him off, delivering an below to the face and as he ran the ropes, he ducked under Zeus to hit a German Suplex. Yuma climbed to the top rope but Zeus chops him before coming up to hit a Superplex as the two men go down. Zeus hits the Chokeslam this time and climbs to the top rope to hit a Frog Splash but Yuma kicked out at two! Zeus quickly went for the Facelock and looks like he could tap but Yuma had his foot on the rope. Zeus called for the Jackhammer but Yuma reversed it into a German Suplex but Zeus quickly got up to attempt a Lariat, however, Yuma ducked again to hit another German. Yuma has the End Game locked in but Zeus was close enough to grab the rope, and break the hold. Zeus went for a Lariat but Yuma ducked as they ran the ropes, making Zeus hit the Lariat this time as Yuma was turned inside out. Zeus went for one more Lariat as Yuma reversed it into a Crucifix Pin and gets the surprising victory over Zeus! Big win for Yuma and Zeus is no longer undefeated.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a half.

Overall: While none of the matches were mind blowing, everything was still solid. Nothing crazy or over the top, just solid and basic wrestling for this night. Hopefully tomorrow will deliver something different. We had two people in the top spot and two people who are one loss away from being eliminated.

Favorite Match: Zeus vs. Yuma Aoyagi

Least Favorite Match: Suwama vs. Koji Doi

Score: 6.5/10

Champion Carnival Standings:

  1. Zeus: (3-1) (6 Points)
  2. Jake Lee: (3-1) (6 Points)
  3. Shuji Ishikawa: (2-1) (4 Points)
  4. Kohei Sato: (2-1) (4 Points)
  5. Yuma Aoyagi: (2-2) (4 Points)
  6. Suwama: (2-2) (4 Points)
  7. Kento Miyahara: (1-2) (2 Points)
  8. Shinjiro Otani: (1-2) (2 Points)
  9. Koji Doi: (1-3) (2 Points)
  10. Shotaro Ashino: (1-3) (2 Points)

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (4/16/21)

Will Retro take down The Premier?



Coverage 205 2021

Tony Nese defends that 205 Live is still HIS show!

The Premier Athlete says he IS Mr. 205 Live, but that could all change! Will August Grey lead the way for the purple ‘n’ orange?


  • Ashante “Thee” Adonis VS Jake Atlas; Atlas wins.
  • August Grey VS Tony Nese; Grey wins.


Ashante “Thee” Adonis VS Jake Atlas!

The Braggadocios learned savvy from THE Brian Kendrick, but in a roundabout way, the Muscle of El Monte learned aggression from The Psycho Killer! Who puts the lessons learned into practice now that WWE is past WrestleMania?

The bell rings and Atlas circles with Adonis. Fans rally as they approach, and Adonis gives a testing kick to the arm. Atlas shakes that off but Adonis kicks him again. Atlas eggs Adonis on, then swats the kick to wrench the arm! Atlas YANKS the arm, wrenches to an elbow breaker then clamps down on it. Adonis gets up but Atlas brings him back down. Adonis reverses the armlock but Atlas reverses it back. Adonis rolls Atlas but Atlas shifts right back to the armlock. Fans rally, Adonis fights up but Atlas shoves him away to then arm-drag on the rebound! Atlas grinds the arm, Adonis fights up, but Atlas whips Adonis to arm-drag again!

Atlas goes after the arm and wrangles Adonis back down. Adonis fights up but Atlas whips, only for Adonis to fake the arm-drag out! Adonis KNEES Atlas in the side, but Atlas shoves him! Adonis shoves back, they lock up and go around! They end up on ropes, the ref has them break. Adonis swings, Atlas ducks it but Adonis returns the favor. Adonis back suplexes, Atlas lands on his feet, slides under and runs, but into a LARIAT! Adonis seethes as he stalks Atlas to a corner, and then RAMS his shoulder in! Adonis throws EuroUppers, follows Atlas and throws more EuroUppers! Atlas CHOPS back! And CHOPS again!

Atlas CLUBS Adonis, CHOPS him in a corner, but Adonis kicks back! Adonis ROCKS Atlas in the corner, CHOPS him, and then whips him corner to corner. Atlas reverses but Adonis reverses back, only to miss in the corner! Atlas WRINGS the arm out, then goes up top! Atlas aims, but Adonis trips up the cartwheel! Atlas is stuck on the top rope, AIRDROP sends Atlas to the floor! Adonis goes out to fetch Atlas, and RAM him into boards! Adonis SLAMS Atlas’ arm into the steel steps! Adonis gets Atlas up an din the ring at 7 of 10, then covers, TWO! Atlas toughs it out and fans rally up as he crawls for ropes. Adonis gets the arm first, wrenches it, and uppercuts the triceps!

Adonis WRINGS Atlas’ arm in return, then covers, TWO! Atlas grits his teeth but Adonis is after the arm! Adonis wants a Fujiwara but Atlas turns it to a cover, TWO! Adonis still has the arm, shifts around and goes for the Fujiwara again! Atlas endures as Adonis bends the arm back, and he powers up to get around. Atlas throws body shots, Adonis CLUBS the arm, repeat! Adonis bumps Atlas off buckles, but Atlas elbows back! Atlas boots the clothesline away then back kicks, ax kicks and BOOTS Adonis! Adonis resists the waistlock and elbows free! Atlas EuroUppers Adonis, then rallies with clotheslines! Atlas spins Adonis to WHEEL KICK! Adonis staggers into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!!

Atlas couldn’t hold Adonis down because of the bad arm! Atlas tastes his own blood in his mouth but that only fires him up! Fans rally as Atlas climbs a corner, but Adonis intercepts with a forearm! Adonis goes up, he and Atlas brawl up top but Atlas ROCKS Adonis! Adonis comes back to ROCKET LAUNCH Atlas down! Atlas slowly rises, Adonis climbs up and leaps, BIG CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Atlas survives and Adonis is growing frustrated. Adonis kicks Atlas to the apron. Adonis stands Atlas up, rolls him through the ropes, TWO! Adonis back drops but Atlas sunset flips, TWO! KNEE TRIGGER! And a ROLLING ELBOW!

Atlas GOURD BUSTERS Adonis to the drop zone, then goes up top. Atlas hits the CARTWHEEL DDT!! Cover, Atlas wins!

Winner: Jake Atlas, by pinfall

It seems Old Man Ciampa’s lessons paid off! Will Atlas lift himself up towards a title opportunity now that Santos Escobar isn’t the champion?


August Grey VS Tony Nese!

#RetroAG finally got payback on Daivari Dinero, then was weirdly congratulated by him after defeating Adonis a few weeks ago. Will Daivari congratulate Grey again when he defeats Daivari’s fellow 205 Live OG? Or will the Premier Athlete prevent the new wave from taking over his brand?

Well Daivari is showing which side he’s on by accompanying Nese to the ring! Though he does get left hanging on that fist bump. Daivari joins commentary as the bell rings and Grey circles with Nese. They tie up, Nese waistlocks and slams Grey down! Nese then flexes on Grey, but fans are on Grey’s side as he and Nese circle again. Grey and Nese tie up, Grey waistlocks, but Nese hooks a leg to get the drop toehold. Nese floats to a facelock but Grey slips out to a hammerlock. Grey reels Nese in, Nese resists but Grey wrenches a wristlock to then headlock. Nese tries but can’t power out as Grey grinds him down. Nese tries again but Grey still holds on tight!

Nese fights up, powers out, and things speed up. Nese hurdles, Grey headlocks to the takeover! Fans cheer as Nese endures another grind. Nese fights up, powers Grey to a corner, and the ref counts. Nese is set free but he whips Grey corner to corner. Grey goes up and over and hits another headlock takeover! Nese pushes with forearms but Grey grinds the headlock. Nese fights up, fans rally and Nese powers out. Grey goes up and over again but Nese goes up and over, too! Nese does jumping jacks just to show off. Grey runs, into an arm-drag, but he gets the headlock! Nese rolls Grey off but Grey does the jumping jacks in return!

Grey side-steps Nese, blocks the hip toss and dodges the clothesline to headlock again. Nese counters as he back suplexes Grey down! Nese kicks and stomps Grey around, covers, TWO! Nese grows annoyed as he gets Grey up and kicks him in the stomach! Fans rally for Grey but Nese hauls Grey up in a pump handle! Grey slips free, drop toeholds Nese onto ropes, then dials it up for a SLIDING STRADDLE! Grey ROCKS Nese with an uppercut, then climbs up, SHORYUKEN from Nese! Grey is stuck on the ropes, Nese runs in to TOP SHELF KICK, to the fireman’s carry and GUTBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Nese stomps Grey down and then looms over him.

Nese soaks up heat from the fans as he kicks Grey in the side. Nese whips Grey hard into the corner and Grey bounces off buckles! Nese flexes on Grey again and Daivari cheers the peak. Nese kicks Grey to a corner, Grey hits back with body shots! Grey throws haymakers but Nese hits a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Nese goes to a corner and unties a buckle pad? The ref stops him before he can finish, and Grey trips Nese up! Grey gives Nese a taste of his own medicine, catapult into that buckle! Roll up and cover, TWO! Grey CHOPS Nese, whips but Nese reverses to then slide and pump handle, for the scoop and DRIVER! Cover, TWO!!

Grey survives but Daivari says Nese’s got this. Grey gets to a corner, Nese storms over to give him kicks in the ribs! Grey throws body shots and forearms and a CHOP! Nese runs into a back elbow, Grey boots but that’s blocked. Nese throws the foot down but Grey ROCKS him! Grey runs to RANA, then CLOBBER Nese! Grey goes for a gut wrench, Nese back drops but Grey sunset flips! Nese rolls through to back KICK Grey down! Cover, TWO!! Grey survives but Nese puts on the squeeze! Grey endures, pries the feet apart but Nese shifts to a headlock. Nese knees Grey, then talks trash. Nese pushes Grey around but fans taunt Nese, “You Still Suck!” Grey CHOPS Nese, then JABS! CHOP! JAB!

Nese puts Grey in a corner but Grey dodges to CHOP and stomp away! Grey fires off hands, the ref counts and Grey stops at 4. Grey whips, Nese reverses but Grey comes back to LARIAT! Grey spins Nese to hit a jawbreaker, to NECKBREAKER! Grey handsprings and fans fire up with him! Daivari doesn’t like the showboating, but Nese throws Grey to the apron. Grey ROCKS Nese in return, then goes up top! Tightrope CROSSBODY! Grey rains down rights and then ROCKS Nese again! Grey hits the EXTRA LARGE BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Daivari says it takes more than that to stop the Premier Athlete, the 205 Live OG! Grey gets up, brings Nese up but Nese throat chops!

Grey gasps, Nese talks trash, and then Nese runs with Grey, but Grey blocks the hotshot! Grey shoulders but into a kick! Nese slingshots, into a HOTSHOT CUTTER! Grey gets Nese in, for another Extra Large, but Nese lands on his feet! Nese gets a cover, TWO! Nese mule kicks, front kicks, knee lifts and enziguris! Nese whips, uses that to slide, but Grey rolls through to SUPERKICK! Nese tumbles out, Grey DIVES! Direct hit and Nese is sent flying over the announce desk! Fans fire up and Daivari has to get out of his seat because of that. Grey gets back to the ring, the ring count is 5 of 10! It keeps going, 7 of 10 but Nese is still down. Will Grey learn from last time?

NOPE! Grey goes out at 9 because he wants to win this in the ring! Daivari brings up how that messed him up with Mansoor, but Grey tells him to shut up. Nese rolls Grey up, but Grey turns it around! Grey wins!!

Winner: August Grey, by pinfall

What was that about messing up? Grey won “the right way,” but Daivari says it was just dumb luck! Will AG keep getting the better of the OG on 205 Live?

My Thoughts:

A very fun, very good 205 Live to get back to new content after WrestleMania. Atlas VS Adonis was a very good match, started to feel like the early days of 205 Live that we just relived last week. Atlas and Adonis being names from Greek myth, I kinda want them to try being a team at some point. Though at the same time, that feels like something early 2000’s WWE would do and maybe it’s best if they don’t? Who knows, maybe give it a try, see if something comes of it.

Grey VS Nese was also really good, and the story that’s building with Grey and these OG is pretty good. Daivari on commentary was explaining how Grey winning against Adonis with the feet on ropes was a twinkling of him being compatible with Daivari & Nese, who are solidly Heel. But Grey resisting that and doing things the solidly Face way is a good story in itself, so I hope this is how Grey builds himself up to at least try for the Cruiserweight Championship. Grey’s got a lot of innovative moves, as well, so I’d definitely be okay with seeing him try those with Kushida, maybe even Swerve and Ruff.

My Score: 8.2/10

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Podcasts1 day ago

Chairshot Radio: Talking SMAC(K) [041721]

This is Talking SMAC(K), Saturday Morning All Chairshot, where we are getting Adam’s thoughts on Wrestlemania Today’s Host: DPP (@itsmedpp)...

Coverage 205 2021 Coverage 205 2021
Coverage2 days ago

Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (4/16/21)

Will Retro take down The Premier?

Podcasts2 days ago

A Winner Is You #29: Boycott GTA V

E3 is all virtual this year…will you tune in for the festivities? We give our thoughts on the pluses and...

Coverage SmackDown 2021 Coverage SmackDown 2021
Coverage2 days ago

Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (4/16/21)

SmackDown is up, and WE! WANT! THE SMOKE!!

Opinion2 days ago

Steve Cook’s Fave Five: April 2021

It's a little more than halfway through April! You know what that means...


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