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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (9/10/20)

NXT UK has big things in store!




Countdown to the in-ring return of NXT UK!

NXT UK is almost ready for its debut inside BT Sports Studio in London, and there’s a major announcement to go with it! Plus, the spotlight shines on the Women’s Division once more!


  • 2/27/20 – NXT UK Women’s Championship I Quit Match: Kay Lee Ray VS Toni Storm; KLR wins and retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship, Storm can no longer challenge for the title while KLR is champion.
  • 7/24/19 – Walter VS Trent Seven; Walter wins.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back to the show.

Just one week from the grand return and all new in-ring action! The superstars are primed and prepped for that return, but first, a huge announcement “that draws upon the rich history of British and European sports entertainment.” Davey Boy Smith, the Dynamite Kid, Lord Alfred Hayes and more paved the way for the current generation we see today to ascend to incredible heights. Now, history repeats itself as Assistant to the GM, Sid Scala, speaks!

“On behalf of myself and General Manager, Johnny Saint, I have a huge announcement for the future of our brand.” There will be an 8 man tournament, and the winner will be the first ever NXT UK Heritage Cup holder. Tonight, we learn seven of those names! And the entire tournament will be fought under British Round Rules!! Who will show they are truly masters of the British-Euro style? For more, we hear from William Regal!

“Hello. As we approach the in-ring return of NXT UK, a brand that showcases the absolute best talent that the UK and Europe has to offer,” and as one who wrestled in those styles, it is his honor to bring the two together in this Heritage Cup Tournament. We take the very best of the old and bring it into the new era.

The rules are as follows: every match will be conducted in six three-minute rounds, with 20 second breaks in between; all matches are two out of three falls, won by pin, submission or count-out; a fall ends the round, and two falls is an automatic victory. A disqualification or knockout is also an automatic end to the match. If the match goes all the way to the sixth and final round, whoever leads in falls wins. For years, Regal was proud to entertain and educate with the British style, and is excited to know this will continue with NXT UK. “This will be very special indeed.”


NXT UK announces the first three competitors!

The Modfather, Flash Morgan Webster, is excited to be in this tournament! He can’t wait to get in there and mix it up. No one flies higher or moves faster than him. And as one of the first Welsh champions in WWE’s history, adding the Heritage Cup would just be another part of his legacy.

The Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar, says he is the favorite because he’s been in the game 14 years though he’s only 25. And he’s just getting started, as he swaggers into the finals with flair, speed and agility. He’ll blast off into another atmosphere with the cup!

Imperium’s German Hatchet Man, Alexander Wolfe, is obviously excited. This isn’t just a game, this isn’t rock paper scissors, this is mat chess! The mat is sacred, and his prediction for the cup is Wolfe and Imperium standing victorious.


NXT UK hears from Sid Scala again.

Another huge announcement from Johnny Saint! In two weeks, Kay Lee Ray defends her NXT UK Women’s Championshipo against an old foe, Piper Niven!


NXT UK hears from Piper Niven and Kay Lee Ray.

“Me and Kay Lee Ray have known each other for must be, best part of a decade now.” It was ICW Fight Club, KLR’s first match ever. She and Piper were very different then. Piper had black gear and had an attitude while KLR was bright and sparkly. They traveled the world together. Joining WWE together, side-by-side, was incredible.

Piper admits that while she looks big and brave all the time, she really gets scared all the time. Always nervous and second-guessing. You hit that low point and aren’t sure if you can get back up. But to know she and KLR were going to be together in NXT UK, to know the person who always encouraged her, that encouraged Piper. But KLR says that’s not the person here with the title today. It wasn’t big fish in a little pond, it was competitive. KLR perhaps felt threatened by Piper building such momentum. Did you ever have a friend that wanted you to do well, but not better than them? That’s KLR to Piper.

KLR lost in the Mae Young Classic before Piper did, and that affected how she saw herself. KLR won her title shot at Toni Storm, took her shot, and won. But at the same time, was this attitude always in KLR? Becoming NXT UK Women’s Champion wasn’t a dream for KLR, it was the plan all along. And to be the longest reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion was inevitable. KLR wasn’t going to walk in and not be on top. And that is not changing, either.


NXT UK Women’s Championship I Quit Match: Kay Lee Ray VS Toni Storm!

Another two friends turned bitter enemies are now at a point of no return. KLR took this title from Toni in Cardiff, and kept it in Blackpool. But since the Storm won’t go away, KLR made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: this will be Toni’s last chance to get the title back. If Toni loses, she is done challenging for this title so long as KLR is champion. Will this be the Lightning’s last stand? Or is Toni Time done for good?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this final chapter begins!

Toni and KLR fire off fast and furious with the bell! KLR pushes Toni and bails out to then bait her into a kick. KLR whips but Toni reverses and sends KLR into barriers! Toni brings KLR up to whip into a post! Toni drags KLR back up to whip her into a barrier again! Fans fire up with Toni as she whips KLR into steel steps! KLR writhes but Toni drags her up and brings her around the way. They go back into the ring and Toni runs to BOOT KLR! KLR ends up in a corner and Toni waistlocks. KLR holds ropes and standing switches to club Toni on the back. Toni mule kicks back! KLR SUPERKICKS! KLR runs but Toni stops the springboard with a GERMAN SUPLEX!

Toni drags KLR up, underhooks, but KLR flops down to avoid Storm Zero. So Toni laces the legs and drops down to put KLR in a modified STF! KLR endures, drags herself and Toni towards ropes, not that ropebreaks or tap outs count in this match. Toni wants KLR to quit but KLR refuses. KLR claws at the apron skirt but Toni pulls her against the ropes! Toni wants KLR to suffer, but it won’t work if KLR faints so Toni lets up. Toni stomps KLR and fans rally behind her. She drags KLR up but KLR claws her face! KLR hits a tornado DDT! KLR drops knees on Toni and fans chant, “We Want Tables!” Toni ends up on ropes and now KLR bends her backwards against them. KLR kicks Toni down when she refuses to give up.

KLR drags Toni up but Toni fights out of the Gory Especial, so KLR clubs her and tries again. Toni is sent into the ropes! KLR brings Toni up again, for a DEEP Gory Especial stretch! Toni endures as she’s being bent backwards, so KLR throws her at ropse. Toni stops herself and gets KLR in a draping octopus! KLR refuses to quit so Toni uses this to throw KLR to the outside! Fans cheer as Toni looks under the ring, and brings out a TABLE! KLR stomps the table down and kicks Toni low! Toni ROCKS KLR back for that and then sets up the table! Toni positions the table by ringside and fans cheer as she fetches KLR. KLR yanks Toni into the apron!

KLR bumps Toni off the apron and goes up the steel steps. She brings Toni up to the top and fans anticipate what’s about to happen. Toni does, too, and she headbutts back! Toni gets around the corner and grabs KLR, but KLR holds onto ropes for dear life! KLR hits Toni down but Toni trips KLR up. KLR hits buckle on the way down, then Toni puts KLR on the table. Toni clubs KLR down then climbs up top! Fans anticipate what’s next, and Toni FROG SPLASHES THROUGH KLR AND THE TABLE!! Fans lose their minds as the referee checks on both women. Somehow they’re both okay and fans rally up. Toni stands first and drags KLR to the ring. They’re both on the apron and Toni throws forearms.

Toni brings KLR in as fans sing, and Toni underhooks! But KLR back drops Toni into the ring, so Toni ROCKS her! Toni runs, into a kick! KLR has Toni on the apron for a draping DDT! KLR is seething as she goes looking under the ring. Fans rally up as Toni stirs, and KLR brings out… TAPE! KLR drags Toni over to put her in the ring. Toni crawls but KLR stalks after her. KLR stomps Toni down then taunts her. KLR uses the tape to bind Toni’s hands behind her back! Fans boo as Toni literally has her hands tied behind her back in this match now! KLR makes sure there’s plenty of tape keeping those hands together as she brings Toni up for forearms! And kicks! Toni has no guard but fans still rally for her.

KLR SLAPS Toni, but grimaces as Toni refuses to quit. KLR goes out to fetch a chair! She brings it in as Toni tries to figure out the tape on her wrists. KLR brings the chair up, but Toni HEADBUTTS! Toni staggers while KLR goes to a corner. KLR kicks a leg out then SUPERKICKS Toni in the head. KLR brings the chair over, sets Toni’s head through it, to SUPERKICK! The chair is a neck brace but Toni refuses to give up. KLR pushes Toni around and grabs the chair again. Fans boo as KLR grinds the chair into Toni’s neck! Toni still refuses to quit despite the pain, but KLR sticks the chair around Toni’s head again! KLR stands on the chair to squeeze it shut! Fans boo and even NXT UK management comes out.

Sid Scala and Johnny Saint try to reason with KLR but she STOMPS the chair!! Toni doesn’t quit despite all this, so KLR wants to finish her. KLR climbs up, but here comes Piper Niven! Too late, KLR jumps and STOMPS the chair!! And then pushes it closed!! Toni still refuses to say the words, so Piper hurries in to plead with Toni. Piper wants Toni to forget about the title and think about her LIFE! KLR goes back up top, ready to jump again, but Toni shouts “I QUIT!” KLR wins!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray (still NXT UK Women’s Champion)

With tears in her eyes, Storm gives up the chase. Piper comforts her friend and shouts for medics to help. KLR only shouts for someone to give her her belt. KLR stands tall as the NXT UK Women’s Champion. Toni can no longer go after the title so long as KLR has it. And we know now that Piper is getting her shot with NXT UK’s return! Will Piper dethrone the Scary Queen of Scots and free Toni from her exile?


NXT UK shares exclusive footage from just after the I Quit Match.

Sid Scala and Johnny Saint cleared the way for Piper to carry Toni to the back and cleared the way to the trainer’s room. Toni walked part of it, with help from Piper and referees. They had her sit and rest against a wall, and gave her water. Piper held Toni while they waited for the medics.


NXT UK hears more from KLR and Piper Niven.

KLR says, “The predictable thing about Piper, is she’s always got her heart in the right place. And that is easy to take advantage of.” Piper says that winning the title would mean being seen. All of her life, she had different versions of people trying to make her feel less for being bigger. “To win would be validation. For me, and all the other people in their life that get told, ‘You can’t.'” But KLR wants us to know how this match will end. She walks away with her title, and Piper goes back to Scotland with her tail between her legs. Piper says if you let KLR get in your head, you’ve already lost. Piper’s prediction, the only thing she knows for sure, “It’s not gonna be pretty.” We have two weeks until this powder keg finally explodes! Who will be left standing as NXT UK Women’s Champion?


NXT UK hears from Gallus.

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, are buzzing for the return of NXT UK! They feel held back, and are choking to get their hands on someone! They want to show how great the NXT UK Tag Division really is! But is it? You can talk big as a keyboard gangster sitting at home with mommy and daddy’s wi-fi. But Wolfie and Marcus promise next week that they’ll be in the ring to see who wants it! #GallusBoysOnTop!


Andy Shepherd joins William Regal, Robbie Brookside and Drew McIntyre on a video call.

With the Heritage Cup Tournament coming, Shepherd is honored to join three UK legends who know exactly how important this tournament is. Regal looks around, pretending someone else must be there. But how important is it to be in such a format of match? For McIntyre, he grew up with wrestling after the British scene was Americanized. His dad showed him tapes of the old British style and he was excited to compete in that. He knows the other superstars will be excited to get back to what made their region different. For Regal, he’s overjoyed. He grew up watching the traditional style, the rounds and the two out of three falls, and that captivated him. And for Robbie, he’s been in hundreds of these, so he feels adopting this style will be a great challenge. You get one fall, then have to be on guard even more. There is a chess quality and a lot of different scenarios, so he is very excited, too.

Shepherd does speak to the tactics, and Regal says no amount of preparation is enough. You could be gaining momentum and then the bell rings and you have to stop. Or you could be behind and that break is a relief. It can mess with flow and styles. Robbie adds on, the thousands of their matches, the end of round five, you gotta go for the sixth but you have nothing left. Gotta get that next gear and power through. There’s so much to this that makes it different than American rules. Regal says the real superstars will shine through. McIntyre says you don’t need to be a hero if you’re in a submission, because it isn’t over with just one fall. Save your body and your strength for all the rounds to come.

What would it mean for McIntyre to one day hold this trophy? That’d be awesome! McIntyre can’t stress enough how he’s wanted to be there for a minute. But he’s WWE World Champion, he’ll have stroke, he can definitely pull off such a crossover. Now to wrap things up, what would be a piece of advice for these superstars? McIntyre says they need to think on your feet, study tape, and be as prepared as you can. Robbie says to have eyes on the back of your head. Regal goes with Carl Gotch’s saying that conditioning is your best move. Not only physically, but mentally.

NXT UK reveals the next four competitors!

The Spanish Ace, A-Kid, has always been a fan of British Rounds matches and this is a dream come true. He will strike, he will use submissions, he will take flight! Whatever it takes to win. Everything he’s worked for will go into this tournament.

The Bomber, Dave Mastiff, is excited for this. It is great that finally, they pay respect to those who set the foundation. He has his power and size, but there is also no one with experience like his in the British Rounds style. When that final bell rings, they will see the path of devastation he created “round by damned round.”

The Righteous Killer, Joseph Connors, is definitely excited, but he also wants to ruffle some feathers. While others slept, he’s been working to get physically and mentally worthy, because he will not be told he is not worthy!

And the Artful Dodger, Trent Seven, can’t help but be excited. This is part of their history. This gives NXT UK the chance to tap into where British wrestling started. Seven will give it all, he is going to step up and take pride in the Heritage Cup and bring it home to Moustache Mountain.

But we know only seven of the eight competitors. Who will round out the British Rounds tournament and make the Heritage Cup complete?


The Gallus open challenge has been accepted!

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang won’t have to wait until next week to know who they’re facing, because Kenny “The Lucky Yin” Williams and Amir “The Bhangra Badboy” Jordan step up! Will they get lucky and win big over the NXT UK Tag Team Champions?


Walter VS Trent Seven!

British Strong Style were founding pillars of the NXT UK brand, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the members of Imperium. They want to make this their brand, and to “keep the mat sacred.” But will the Imperium’s Ring General pay for showing both disrespect to NXT UK and disregard for Tyler Bate’s health?

Seven doesn’t even wait for the bell, he DIVES on Walter the moment he’s ringside! Seven rains down furious hands and haymakers! He CHOPS Walter against the apron while fans sing for “Trent Seven Army~!” Seven throws Walter into barriers then drags him into the ring for this match to truly start!

Walter swings on Seven but Seven ducks to CHOP away! Walter forearms Seven back then shoves him, only for Seven to dump Walter out! Seven runs to DIVE again! But it proves to be double-edged as he clutches his own knee. Seven powers through the pain to club and CHOP Walter more! Walter staggers away but Seven follows. Walter rams Seven into the apron, even as the ring count passes 5! Fans sing but Walter lifts Seven for a bomb! Seven fights back and back drops Walter! Then Seven and Walter scramble up to break the count at 9.5! Seven kicks at Walter from the apron, then drags him in to club away. Fans cheer as Seven rains down hands from all sides! Walter crawls but Seven hops on to wristlock! Seven reels Walter out, but Walter ducks to get a sleeper!

Seven grabs the ropes but Walter slaps his arms away, for a German Suplex! Walter returns those clubbing forearms, but the fans echo Seven’s sentiments from a week ago, “This is OUR Mat! This is OUR Mat!” Seven kicks at Walter more but Walter stomps him. Walter drags Seven up to club again the ropes and EuroUpper him to a corner. Seven still fights back but Walter grinds his foot into Seven’s chest. The ref backs Walter up and the fans sing again. Seven CHOPS Walter again and again, but Walter comes back to scoop slam Seven fast! Walter eggs Seven on, wanting to see more of that fight. Seven gets up with a grimace on his face. Seven CHOPS again, and again, but Walter BOOTS him down.

Fans chant for the “Big Strong Boy!” and it gives Seven the power to move. But Walter grabs Seven through the ropes to club away! Seven falls but fans sing, “Walter is a wanker!” Seven kicks Walter’s leg but Walter grabs Seven’s other leg for a Half Crab! Walter sits down on Seven, and shifts to an STF! Fans rally for Seven and Seven claws his way forward. Walter pulls hair and ears, whatever he can, but Seven still crawls forward. Seven gets the ropebreak! Walter lets go without being asked, but he is frustrated with Seven. Walter kicks Seven while he’s down but Seven gets up with another grimace. Seven CHOPS Walter from legs to chest! Walter shoves Seven back again, to BOOT him in the corner! Seven sits down and Walter eggs him on again.

Fans rally up again and Seven still finds the will to stand. Seven dodges Walter to CHOP him on the back, and hit a Dragon Suplex! Seven roars back to life, and CHOPS Walter hard as he ever has! He reels Walter in, but the lariat doesn’t make him fall. The second one still doesn’t, but the third one shows some promise. But Walter breaks free to uppercut back! Walter runs in, but gets a fourth lariat, and Walter falls!! Walter crawls to a corner and Seven goes to the opposite. Fans chant for “British Strong Style!” as Seven runs corner to corner to CHOP! Seven unloads rapid chops! The ref backs him off, and Walter kicks back.

Walter swings, but Seven dodges that chop to give back more of his chops! Again, the ref backs Seven off, Walter CHOPS Seven off his feet! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives and Walter is furious! The fans have not stopped singing for Seven as he sits up again. Walter kicks Seven and dares him to fight. Seven chops the legs again, but Walter kicks him. Seven throws more hands, but Walter knees him down. Walter still wants to see what Seven has left to give, and Seven does sit up again. Walter kicks but Seven blocks it! Seven stands to club the knee and CHOP Walter again! And again! And again! Seven reels Walter in but Walter boots the lariat away, and SLAPS Seven down! Walter drags Seven around, despite Seven being dead weight.

Walter stands Seven up, but Seven back hands Walter out of the ring! Fans rally up again as Seven rises! Seven storms his way to the corner and climbs up top!? Fans stand up, anticipating what’s coming. Seven reaches the top but Walter is there to club him down! Walter climbs up now, but Seven CHOPS him down! Seven clubs and chops more, but Walter fights back. They brawl as Seven climbs up to join Walter! Walter fights Seven back and adjusts, but Seven holds on for dear life! Walter clubs Seven over and over but Seven SLAPS Walter back! Seven stands Walter up, and hits the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Seven was so close to finishing Walter! The fans know “This is Awesome!” but it’s not over yet. Seven crawls after Walter to the outside.

Seven roars and drags Walter up in the torture rack! But Walter’s too much, he slips out and CHOPS, then BOOTS Seven down! Walter has Seven in position, APRON BOMB! Just like he did to Tyler Bate! Fans call Walter an “A**hole!” for that one, but Walter ignores them to put Seven back in. Walter drags Seven up again, another lift, and a proper WALTER BOMB! But Walter doesn’t cover? Walter wants to punish Seven, with a SECOND Walter Bomb! But not even that is enough, because here comes the rest of Imperium. Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, or as fans call them, “Walter’s b*tches!”, keep guard of the ramp. Walter drags Seven up again, for a THIRD Walter Bomb! And yet, Walter isn’t done with Seven?!

The Ring General shows his sadistic side and fans want Peter Dunne to return. But no such luck, as Walter gives Seven a FOURTH Walter Bomb! And then a FIFTH! The ref calls it, this is over!

Winner: WALTER, by referee stoppage

Imperium may have very well broken British Strong Style once and for all. Walter holds up the WWE United Kingdom Championship over the vanquished Trent Seven. Is Imperium going to reign over all of NXT UK now and forever? Or will the Moscow Madman, Ilja Dragunov, have what it takes to end the tyranny?

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