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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (9/17/20)

Guess who’s back in action?




FINALLY! NXT UK returns to the ring!

After a lockdown that looked like it’d never end, there is a glimmer of hope! NXT UK enters the BT Sport studio to bring back in-ring action! Will Gallus Boys still be on top?


  • Gallus VS Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams; Gallus wins.
  • Aoife Valkyrie VS Isla Dawn; Valkyrie wins.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS Noam Dar; Dragunov wins.



Shawn Michaels notes how they’ve been off for over six months. HHH speaks to the gap that left talent chomping at the bit. And there are also fans who have waited a long time. But that time has come! Everyone on the roster is incredibly excited for the brand to finally move again! BT Sport has graciously opened their studio to NXT UK and allowed it to become NXT UK’s new arena! Every man, woman and tag team is ready! Are YOU ready?!


Sid Scala is already in the ring!

“WWE Universe, from the BT Sports studio in London, England,” the Assistant to the GM is honored to say welcome back! And this week, we begin- Well first, it’s Ilja Dragunov! The #1 contender to the NXT UK Championship is as passionate as ever to finally be back in a ring! Ilja throws off his jacket and “apologizes” for interrupting. But he’s been waiting for SIX MONTHS! Ilja has felt caged and isolated. He has waited SO LONG for this moment! Ilja wants a battle, that makes him feel alive! But Noam Dar comes out to say Ilja needs to calm down. What Ilja needs isn’t a fight, but anger management. But Ilja DIVES and hits Dar down!

Ilja puts Dar in the ring, Dar scrambles away but they brawl! Scala tries to restore peace but Dar rakes Ilja’s eyes and whips! Ilja comes back with the tiger feint LARIAT! Scala shouts at them both and can see they want to fight. That’s all fine, we can move the card around. Dar and Ilja are in tonight’s main event! The Scottish Supernova puts pinkies out, but will he learn why Ilja is Unbesiegbar?


Gallus VS Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams!

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, issued an open challenge last week, and it was answered almost right away! Will the Bhangra Badboy and the Chancer use this chance to prove they’re ready for another shot at the gold?

The teams sort out and this historic restart to NXT UK starts with Markus and Jordan. They circle, tie up, and Mark headlocks. Jordan powers out but Mark runs him over! Mark headlocks again, Jordan fights and powers out again, but Mark comes back with a headlock. Jordan throws body shots, powers out again and things speed up. Jordan hurdles but Mark blocks the hip toss to a backslide! TWO and Mark clamps on with another headlock. Jordan pries at the hold, pops out the back and gets a headlock in return. Mark back suplexes, Jordan lands on his feet and dropkicks back! Jordan gets the arm, tags Williams, and Williams drops ax handles on the arm. Williams headlocks, Mark tries to power out but Williams holds on tight.

Mark powers out on the second try, Williams ducks and redirects to uppercut hard! Williams wrenches, headlocks again but Mark powers out and tags in Wolfgang! Wolfgang gets the hand-off and wrenches the wrist but Williams rolls and goes up to get free. Williams elbows and runs, slides under Wolfgang to get the arm and give it a shoulder breaker. Tag to Jordan, he drops ax handles on the arm. Jordan wrenches, tags Williams, and Williams uppercuts the arm. Williams wrenches, shoulder breakers, tags Jordan back in and Jordan wrenches. Wolfgang powers up to reel Jordan in but Jordan ducks the clothesline, only to turn around into a LARIAT! Wolfgang drags Jordan to the corner, tags Mark, and Gallus mugs Jordan.

Mark headlocks, Jordan rolls and throws him off, but leaps into Mark’s arms! Mark tosses Jordan, Jordan lands on his feet and waistlocks. Mark standing switches and shoves but Jordan bucks the roll, only to turn into a BIG European Uppercut! Mark throws Jordan to the corner, tags Wolfgang and the mugging continues. Wolfgang clamps onto the shoulders then the head for a neck wrench. Wolfgang changes to a cording hold to go after the arm, but Jordan arm-drags. Wolfgang holds on to drag Jordan back into the hold! Williams reaches, Jordan endures, kips up and reverses to a facelock, but Wolfgang still has the arm! Wolfgang cranks and arm-drags Jordan back to the hold. Wolfgang adds a knee to the hold but Jordan fights up.

Jordan goes up to headscissor hold, but Wolfgang SLAMS him down! Tag to Mark and Mark stomps Jordan down. Mark has a cravat for a neck wrench but Jordan fights. Mark gives stiff EuroUppers and puts the cravat back on. Mark snapmares Jordan, then walks on that bad neck and shoulder! Jordan spasms, Mark covers, TWO! Mark tries again, TWO! Another try, TWO! Jordan won’t give up but Mark uppercuts the bad arm! Tag to Wolfgang, Wolfgang throws heavy body shots! Wolfgang clamps onto the bad shoulder and he taunts Williams at the same time. Wolfgang shifts to another neck wrench and then JAMS Jordan down. Wolfgang drags Jordan up for a BIG EuroUpper! Wolfgang stands on Jordan’s chest, tags Mark, and the ref reprimands.

Mark puts Jordan in a cobra clutch but Jordan endures. Wolfgang tags back in, ripcord shoulder tackle to another shoulder tackle! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang keeps his eyes on “wee man” Williams, then drags Jordan up for another neck wrench. Wolfgang throws another heavy EuroUpper then tags Mark back in. Wolfgang fish hooks Jordan’s face, Mark stomps him down! Mark gives more EuroUppers, whips Jordan to a corner hard, then tags Wolfgang. Gallus get both legs, then both arms, for a DOUBLE MONKEY FLIP! Cover, TWO! Jordan lives and Williams is relieved, but Wolfgang drags Jordan back over. Jordan fights back but Wolfgang knees low! Wolfgang scoops but Jordan fights free to enziguri! Both men are down, hot tag to Williams!

Williams dropkicks and dropkicks then fires off fast hands. Wolfgang shoves, Williams hurdles but springboards into Wolfgang’s arms! Williams flails, uses the ropes for a boost and gets up and out of the back suplex! Things speed up again as Williams leaps but his huricanrana is blocked! Williams again uses ropes to rebound, to complete the rana! Williams watches Wolfgang stand up, and give shim a buckle bulldog! Williams BOOTS Wolfgang then springboards for a missile dropkick! Williams kips up, Mark runs in but Williams BOOTS him out of the ring! Williams builds speed to dropkick Mark hard! Williams skins the cat, Wolfgang is there with a fireman’s carry, military presses, but Williams sunset flips! TWO! PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!!

Williams keeps his cool as he aims from the corner. Wolfgang stands, Williams wheelbarrows, but Wolfgang makes it a back suplex! Hot tag to Mark! Mark drags Williams up, DEAD LIFT BACK SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Williams lives and Gallus grows frustrated, but Mark half nelsons. Williams uses the lift to swing around for a crucifix takedown, TWO! Williams runs back in, SLING BLADE! Both men are down again but Mark keeps Williams from his corner. Mark choke grips Williams, but Williams wheelbarrows out of the choke slam for a victory roll FACEBUSTER! Hot tag to Jordan! Jordan goes up top, aims, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, Wolfgang breaks it in time!!

Williams rushes in but the ref keeps him back. Jordan slingshots and somersaults into a DOUBLE SLEDGE! Mark DECKS Williams then tags Wolfgang! Wolfgang scoops Jordan, Mark enziguris Jordan into the POWERSLAM! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, by pinfall

Gallus Boys on top! The “firm” is rolling without a sign of ring rust! But Williams and Jordan brought the fight to the champs, will they have another chance in the near future?

But wait, South Wales Subculture, Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews, walk out to the ring. And now The Hunt, Primate and Wild Boar! But then from the other side of the ring, Pretty Deadly, Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley appear! As well as Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter! And even Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, via titantron! The NXT UK Tag Division is putting their champions on notice! Who reaches that golden opportunity first?


NXT UK hears from Saxon Huxley.

“All alone in isolation, my mind began to eat itself. Big mistake to let me out! Big mistake to set me free!” Huxley welcomes us to the end times, as next week he will bring a flood to wash the giant, Walter, away. “I come from a place where a dark wind blows. Now everybody knows. There he goes. There goes Saxon Huxley. Stay away from him.” Will the madness be unleashed on the Ring General?


Kay Lee Ray goes to the ring!

The Scary Queen of Scots and NXT UK Women’s Champion is here and says, “Finally! After all this time, the NXT UK Universe gets what they’ve been waiting for: your longest reigning women’s champion will be in action next week.” And not just that, but she will be defending her championship! “What a day to rejoice! Or it would be, if I didn’t need to step in the ring with Piper Niven.” Everyone knows KLR and Piper go way back. The two of them defined women’s wrestling in the UK. Now, they get to go 1v1 inside this WWE ring, for KLR’s championship. “But most importantly, everybody gets to find out why I’m just that little bit better than you.”

But to respond, here comes Piper Niven herself! Piper has a mic to respond to “Kay Lee.” Piper can’t remember a time where she’s ever heard KLR talk so much. But it seems that’s all she does these days. But since KLR wants to talk so much, why doesn’t she just tell everyone the truth? Why doesn’t KLR tell everyone how many times Piper beat her in Japan? Or how many times Piper beat KLR in the UK? Why not just tell the truth? Tell everyone how Piper has always had KLR’s number.

KLR laughs that off. But if that’s what Piper wants to believe, then fine. Next week, no more talk. KLR gets to prove to the entire world that she IS better than Piper. Piper has not beaten THIS KLR. THIS KLR is NXT UK Women’s Champion, and Piper should know better than to trust her. Piper sees the sucker punch coming though! KLR bails out and runs away, but there won’t be any running from their showdown! Will Piper end KLR’s reign?


Aoife Valkyrie VS Isla Dawn!

While KLR and Piper face off for the women’s championship next week, someone needs to be waiting on the other side. Will we #WitnessTheRise? Or will the White Witch cast a spell and have gold in her future?

The bell rings and Dawn circles with Valkyrie. They tie up, go around, Valkyrie headlocks and grinds. Dawn throws a body shot and powers out, but Valkyrie slides under and comes back with the headlock! Dawn endures, Valkyrie hits a takeover but Dawn headscissors. Valkyrie pops free and the two stand off. The two go again, Dawn headlocks but Valkyrie endures the grind to power out. Dawn hops over Valkyrie’s big trip attempts, then runs into Valkyrie’s windmill kick! Valkyrie whips Dawn but Dawn rolls through, only for Valkyrie to try again. Dawn counters with a cording hold, Valkyrie body shots and uses Dawn for leverage to go up and around. Valkyrie whips, Dawn reverses but Valkyrie goes up and over and handsprings.

Things speed up again, Valkyrie springboard crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Valkyrie keeps on Dawn with a headlock, a takeover, and grinds her down. Dawn rolls it to a cover, ONE and Valkyrie holds on. Dawn fights up to her feet, throws forearms and body shots, shoves Valkyrie to a corner, but Valkyrie goes up and hops onto Dawn. Valkyrie spins for a huricanrana! Dawn flounders about, Valkyrie is after her at the ropes but the ref has her back off. Dawn uses the opening to kick low and hard! Dawn SAIDO suplexes hard! Dawn clamps onto Valkyrie with a chinlock and bends her back. Valkyrie endures, Dawn CLUBS her in the face! Dawn drags Valkyrie up by an arm, goes after the other arm, and has a motorcycle stretch! Valkyrie endures, fights up, moves around but Dawn keeps on the stretch.

Dawn digs her knee into the shoulders and stands on one arm. Dawn turns Valkyrie over for a cover, ONE! Valkyrie throws body shots, Dawn still gets a sleeper hold! Dawn traps an arm, chinbars, but Valkyrie fights free with the other arm! Valkyrie throws knees, Dawn gives haymakers back. Dawn wrings Valkyrie out, gets the arms again and has another motorcycle stretch! Valkyrie endures all over again, powers up to her feet, and flips through to boot Dawn away! Dawn kicks, Valkyrie blocks and HEEL KICKS! Both women are on opposite sides of the ring but fire up and rush each other! Valkyrie CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, to then back kick, front kick and HEEL KICK!

Dawn is stunned, Valkyrie runs, BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Dawn survives but Valkyrie keeps her focus. Valkyrie goes to a corner, watches Dawn stand, but Dawn ducks the Penalty Kick to roll Valkyrie up! TWO!! Dawn drags Valkyrie up to whip, but Valkyrie rebounds off the ropes to PELE! Valkyrie hurries up top, aims at Dawn, and leaps for the Peripeteia! Cover, Valkyrie wins!!

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie, by pinfall

Once again, the “Reversal of Fortune” dooms an opponent but helps Valkyrie succeed! Whoever the NXT UK Women’s Champion will be in a few weeks, will they have to worry about Valkyrie dropping in from the heavens?


The NXT UK Heritage Cup is coming!

An eight man tournament brings back tradition as ALL matches will be under British Rounds rules of engagement! That means each match is six rounds at three minutes each in a 2-out-of-3 falls format! Falls can be gained by pin or submission. A knockout is an IMMEDIATE victory! Seven men are known, one is a wild card! But only one can win the Heritage Cup and be its champion!

A-Kid, the Spanish Ace, has been training for this his whole life. He is a hybird of high-flying, technical grappling and hard striking. “Youl shall not pass.” The Bomber, Dave Mastiff, is a Proper British Heavyweight who brings the brutality and sheer strength like no other. Supernova 11, Noam Dar, says he’s already done so much at just 27 years old, it should be enough but it’s not! He wants MORE! The Modfather, Flash Morgan Webster, says no one flies higher with more substance. Joseph Conners, the Righteous Killer, is a “poacher” that says he IS worthy! Alexander Wolfe, Imperium’s Hatchet Man, vows to systematically destroy whoever is in his way. Trent Seven, the Man from Moustache Mountain, vows to finally put HIS mark on British wrestling. They are all preparing for each other and what this tournament entails, but who will be the one to lift the trophy high over their head?


NXT UK will hold the Heritage Cup Wild Card Drawing next week!

We know the entrants, except for one, but we must now determine who faces who in the bracket! And in a surprise return to NXT UK, PETE DUNNE will be the special guest! Will the Bruiserweight be lucky enough to also be that eighth man for the tournament?


Ilja Dragunov VS Noam Dar!

The Moscow Madman is waiting for his NXT UK Championship match with Walter, and the Scottish Supernova is after the Heritage Cup! Who gains major momentum in this momentous main event?

The bell rings and Dar circles with Ilja. They tie up, Ilja trips Dar but Dar leg guards. Ilja slaps away with his ground ‘n’ pound but Dar gets up and away. Dar puts Ilja on the ropes, the ref counts and Dar gives a cheap kick. Ilja DECKS Dar in return! Dar gets to ropes for defense and Ilja backs off. They reset and circle again. Dar and Ilja feel out the grapple, Dar gets the arm for a wrench to a wristlock, but Ilja steps through to fireman’s carry Dar! Dar gets down and to the ropes, and Ilja lets off. Dar stomps Ilja’s foot! Ilja avoids the leg sweep but Dar narrowly dodges the back hand! Ilja strikes his fighting stance and Dar gets up, to run into a knee! Ilja whips and forearms Dar hard, then runs to crossbody Dar down! Cover, TWO!

Ilja keeps on Dar with a wristlock but Dar pie faces back. Ilja wrenches, steps through and CHOPS Dar off his feet, then drops a senton! Ilja is fired up, Dar bails out of the ring, and Ilja fakes him out with the tiger feint! Ilja points at Dar, daring him to get back in the ring. Dar eggs Ilja on and Ilja goes out after him. Dar springs the trap with forearms, but Ilja blocks the apron bump to bump Dar off the apron instead! Ilja stalks Dar into the ring, climbs up top, but Dar hops up to join him! Dar fires off forearms over and over, Ilja hits back, but Dar wrenches an arm! Ilja pries free and slips through to ROCK Dar! Dar staggers away, but comes back to sweep the legs! Ilja crashes down, Dar covers, TWO! Dar grows frustrated but he looms over Ilja.

Dar KICKS Ilja to the ropes then grinds his boot into Ilja’s head! The ref counts, Dar backs off but taunts Ilja with double guns. Dar walks over and toys with Ilja, but kicks Dar back! Dar stomps Ilja, drags Ilja up but Ilja is after the leg. Dar clubs Ilja, throws forearms, and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Dar grows frustrated again, he stomps Ilja’s arm down! And then the leg! Dar picks Ilja apart with those stomps! Dar gives pinkies out as he finishes the set. Cover. TWO! Dar has the bad arm and drops a knee on it! Ilja sits up but Dar grinds forearms into his face and an elbow into Ilja’s forehead. Dar drags Ilja up and snapmares him into ropes! Ilja’s leg takes a lot of damage, but Dar just does it again on the other side! Cover, TWO!

Dar slaps Ilja around but Ilja gets up. Dar kicks but Ilja eggs him on. Ilja fires up as Dar slaps him again! Ilja blocks the kick, slaps Dar, but Dar elbows back! Dar kicks again, elbows, but Ilja enziguris! Both men wobble, but Ilja suplexes Dar high and hard! Both men are down, Ilja gets to a corner and Dar is in the opposite. The standing count climbs to 5 but Ilja and Dar stand. Ilja runs corner to corner for a BIG knee! Ilja keeps moving, Dar ducks one clothesline but not the LARIAT! Ilja gets his bad arm moving again and drags Dar back up. Ilja tries a Gotch lift but Dar elbows free! Dar drops down, kicks away on Ilja’s face and drags him into the chicken wing! UMAPLATA!! Ilja endures, fights free, rolls, but Dar is after the leg! Ilja grins as he pries Dar’s legs open to STOMP him down!

Dar tries for the leg again, Ilja steps through and KNEES back! Ilja runs bu tinto a BIG EuroUpper! But he comes back with the CONSTANTINE SPECIAL!! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives and Ilja sputters, but Ilja wobbles up to his feet first. Ilja goes to a corner and climbs up again, but Dar gets under the leap! Dar runs corner to corner for a forearm smash! Dar whips Ilja, Ilja tries the tiger feint again but Dar BOOTS him first! Dar runs to dropkick Ilja off the apron! Dar hurries out, puts Ilja back in, and aims from a corner. BASEMENT LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! Ilja survives and Dar can’t believe it! Dar and Ilja slowly rise, Dar drags Ilja up for a clinch and knees, to a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Dar gets the FUJIWARA!!

Ilja endures, fights up and shouts in Dar’s face! The two use their foreheads now, Dar shifts to a chinbar and elbows. Ilja pries at the fingers! Ilja CHOPS Dar over and over and over on the back of the neck! Dar kicks and kicks and SLAPS, but Ilja spins to knee away! And CHOP! Ilja fires up, Gotch lift SUPLEX! With a float to cover, TWO!! Dar survives and yet Ilja grins! Ilja fires up, aims at Dar from a corner, and shouts, “UN! BE!” Wait! Wolfe is here?! Wolfe distracts Ilja, Dar rolls Ilja up, TWO!! Wolfe gets on the apron but Ilja sends Dar into him!! TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Cover, Ilja wins!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

The Hatchet Man failed in keeping Ilja from building momentum towards his match with Walter! Is Ilja truly UNBESIEGBAR as he heads for his shot at the NXT UK Championship? But speaking of…! WALTER is here! The Ring General stares the Moscow Madman down, and Ilja wants the fight now! But this match will have to wait! When will we finally have the match we’ve all been waiting for?

My Thoughts:

A great return to new action for NXT UK! The BT Sport studio looks great, and is like a small ThunderDome. But while I didn’t really make mention of it, there was piped in crowd noise. I wish they would’ve done it more consistently, though. The main event was great, they should’ve put in way more cheers to help it sound that way. But Ilja VS Dar was incredible for just NXT UK TV, even with Wolfe interfering a bit. Ilja probably would’ve still gotten the win either way, but I bet this will spark some story for Heritage Cup between Dar and Wolfe. The draw next week will be a good segment, especially with Dunne returning to screen time. I have no idea who could be the eighth man in the tournament, but it’d be pretty great if it ended up being Dunne “by chance.”

The tag match was a great first match for the day. Naturally, Gallus wins because they’re the champs, but I liked seeing all the teams show up to stake their claim. I hope we get a big match or series of matches to determine contenders for a great title match down the line. Valkyrie VS Dawn was a good rematch from earlier this year, but Valkyrie wins to keep her streak going. She’ll probably need a few more wins before becoming a contender, but she’s definitely heading that way. And I liked the little segment with Piper and KLR before next week’s title match. Piper bringing up their time in Stardom in Japan, without naming the promotion of course, was good. Their match is going to be awesome, and could go either way, to be honest.

My Score: 8.3/10

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