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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (9/14/20)




WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

It’s a packed and powerful Monday Night Raw!

Raw gets In Your Face as Clash of Champions draws closer! Will Mickie James be ready for Asuka in their women’s title match showdown?


  • Champions VS Champions: The Street Profits VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura; The Street Profits win.
  • Ricochet w/ Apollo Crews VS Cedric Alexander w/ The Hurt Business; Alexander wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Mickie James; Asuka wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Erik VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP; Lashley wins.
  • Steel Cage Match: Seth Rollins VS Dominik Mysterio; Rollins wins.
  • Raw Underground – Ziggler goes 1-1; Braun Strowman wins.
  • Raw Underground – Braun Strowman goes 5-0.
  • Aleister Black VS Kevin Owens; Kevin wins.
  • The Riott Squad VS Natalya & Lana; The Riott Squad wins.
  • Raw Underground – 2v1: Riddick Moss & Dolph Ziggler VS Braun Strowman; Strowman wins.
  • Drew McIntyre VS Keith Lee; No Contest.


Dolph Ziggler is on commentary!

Taking over for Samoa Joe, the Show-Off looks to show that he can do it all!


Drew McIntyre heads to the ring!

The WWE World Champion is back, and clearly cleared to compete since he has a match with Keith Lee, a man who is both training partner and friend. But for now, McIntyre is dressed in his suit shirt and slacks to address the back and forth between him and Randy Orton. “Now Randy Orton broke my jaw. But I’m back. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he intended to do so much more.” McIntyre is lucky all he got was a fractured jaw. But Orton should be so lucky to still have his head on his body after the three Claymores he got. Everyone wants to know how McIntyre is doing, so he’ll say this once and only.

WWE medical personnel told him to take time off because of the fracture. But that would mean forfeiting the title, so McIntyre said no. “one bad strike to the jaw could displace that fracture, then my mouth would be wired shut.” McIntyre would rather leave in an ambulance than ever give up this championship! Maybe Orton can ask his nurse to turn up the volume for this part. Both men have taken ambulance rides all because of the WWE World Championship. So the most appropriate match to have is to ride in an ambulance for the WWE World Championship. McIntyre wants him and Orton in an AMBULANCE MATCH! Because clearly mate, the rules don’t apply to us anymore.”

But what if Orton doesn’t make it? McIntyre kicked him as hard as he possibly could with those Claymores, “the most deadly weapon in all of sports entertainment.” Technically that move was made by mistake. His leather pants were a little tight, and as he was running to boot an opponent in the head, he didn’t want to rip the crotch open. ANd being Scottish, but they’re allergic to underwear, and it’d be an international incident. So McIntyre jumped, hit the opponent and almost knocked himself out. But he knew that if he could develop that move, it’d be something. Here’s a picture show of the victims. Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, The Big Show, Brock Lesnar, Dolph Ziggler, and of course, Randy Orton. McIntyre tries not t to smile because it hurts.

But Adam Pearce interrupts! He wants to get this down to what it’s really about. The severity of Orton’s injuries are unknown, but he won’t be here tonight. He might not even be here at Clash. Oh, poor Orton. Pearce says that this changes the gravity of tonight. Tonight’s match with Keith Lee is for far more than bragging rights. If Keith Lee wins tonight, and Orton can’t make it to Clash, Keith faces McIntyre for the WWE World Championship. Well who put Pearce in charge? But speaking of, here comes the Limitless One! Ziggler likes the situation McIntyre has gotten himself into, but also wants Keith to prove himself worthy.

Keith stands face to face with his friend and the two circle. Keith eyes the title, McIntyre move sit away. They shake hands to show there’s still good sportsmanship, but Keith holds on! McIntyre gets he wants to show he’s serious, so McIntyre doesn’t let go of Keith. Will these two still be friends now that there’s a golden opportunity on the table?


Champions VS Champions: The Street Profits VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins accepted this challenge of Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Champions when the Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style visited via the Brand to Brand Invitation. They also returned the favor by partying in the Champions’ Lounge. But will the Profits still be up for a party after going toe to toe with their blue brand contemporaries?

The teams sort out, Cesaro and Dawkins start, and the bell unleashes a BIG European Uppercut from Cesaro to Dawkins! Cesaro drags Dawkins up, fireman’s carries and dumps Dawkins onto the top rope. Nakamura tags in to get that Top Shelf Knee! And then Cesaro gut wrenches, Nakamura KNEES into the suplex! Cover, TWO! Nakamura taunts Ford and has Dawkins in a corner. Nakamura throws knees, whips Dawkins corner to corner, and runs in, but Dawkins boots back! Dawkins runs Nakamura over with a clothesline! Dawkins tags Ford and whips Nakamura. Ford dropkicks Nakamura down, Dawkins gives him the back suplex splash! Cover, Cesaro stomps it apart!

Dawkins goes after Cesaro with haymakers, he and Ford double whip and double dropkick! The Profits are fired up as the Artists regroup. Ford FLIES but into the arms of Cesaro and Nakamura, for a DOUBLE BARRIER BOMB!! Ford is down and Raw’s champs are in trouble as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Cesaro grinds Ford down with a chinlock. Ford endures as fans clap. Ford fights up, fights out, but Cesaro uppercuts and shoves Ford to a corner. Cesaro runs in but only gets post! Ford crawls, Cesaro stomps him, then tags in Nakamura. Ford still tags Dawkins! Dawkins unleashes the Curse of Greatness as he rallies and hits a flying elbow! Dawkins flapjacks Cesaro, then EXPLODERS Nakamura! Cover, TWO! Dawkins keeps his cool and stalks Nakamura to a corner. Dawkins whips Nakamura to another corner, but misses the cyclone! Nakamura enziguris then sets Dawkins in the ropes. SLIDING GERMAN!

Nakamura gets in and aims from a corner! But Dawkins hits the CASH OUT! Tag to Ford and he goes up top, FROM THE HEAVENS onto knees!! Cesaro dumps Dawkins out, Nakamura covers Ford, TWO!! Tag to Cesaro and Ford goes for a Swiss Swing into a knee! Cover, Dawkins breaks it! Cesaro stomps Dawkins for getting back in but lets up at the ref’s count. Cesaro puts Dawkins on the ropes for Nakmaura’s DYNAMIC DROPKICK! Ford tries to roll Cesaro up, gets him on the second chance, TWO! Cesaro pups Ford up for a BIG EuroUpper!! Cover, TWO!?! No one can believe it! Meanwhile, Nakamura rushes at Dawkins on the outside but is sent into steps!

Cesaro sees he has Ford all alone as Ford struggles to rise. Cesaro drags Ford up the rest of the way to bump off buckles and fire off EuroUppers from all sides! The ref counts, Cesaro stops at 4 to BLAST Ford again! Ford flops to the apron, Cesaro argues with the ref, but Cesaro then drags Ford up the corner. Dawkins tags in before the DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEX! Dawkins is up top now, for the FROG SPLASH! Cover, The Profits win!!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall

The Raw Tag Team Champions defend home turf! Ziggler tells the veterans they should’ve known better. Will there be a rematch to see if the SmackDown Tag Team Champions can redeem themselves?


Angel Garza is talking with Lana backstage.

The Ravishing Russian doesn’t want to make this all about her, but why is it that Mickie James has a title shot when all she’s done is show up again? The obvious choice was Natalya, #BOAT, the winningest woman in WWE of all time! Did he know that? Of course he did! He agrees this is unfair. And Lana’s passion for justice is intoxicating. But then Zelina Vega and Andrade show up. Vega asks Lana give them privacy. Lana obliges and then Vega reprimands Garza. This is what she was getting at last time! Garza abandons Andrade two weeks in a row, their chances at the Raw tag titles are completely gone, and now Garza is flirting with Lana?

Enough! Garza is tired of being blamed for ever setback only because her “golden boy” lost! Andrade got pinned, not Garza. So yell at him. Who is Garza to talk to her like that? Andrade asks what Garza has ever done, and they argue, but Vega tells them to SHUT UP! Vega can’t do this anymore! She storms off, and now the two start shoving!! El Idolo and the Lethal Lothario knock trunks over as Raw goes to break! Is this the end of the business partnership?


Ricochet w/ Apollo Crews VS Cedric Alexander w/ The Hurt Business!

The One and Only was the most hurt by the Age of Alexander’s betrayal, and now he’ll be the one to confront Cedric 1v1! But will they be the ones to regret fighting against such bad odds?

Before the match, each member of the Hurt Business gets a mic. MVP starts by saying, “Attention, WWE Universe. This is an official announcement from the Hurt Business. Business is booming! The CEO, Bobby Lashley, is firmly in possession of the United States Championship. Shelton Benjamin has upgraded from the Gold Standard to Platinum Status. And as I understand it, Cedric Alexander has spoken to his tax attorney. His W9 is completed, and he is officially a member of the Hurt Business. Life is good.”

Alexander says life is good, but last week blew up! Everyone was salty on social media. “Why’d you turn your back on your friends? They were your brothers!” NO. This is his job! Alexander has to do what he must to succeed. No one knows what it is like to be beat down by three of the baddest. But then he wakes up Tuesday, unable to play with his kids because he’s all broken. What fans don’t understand is that being with Ricochet and Apollo left Alexander broken and broke. But now- Ricochet and Apollo interrupt with their entrance! Apollo wants to call it how it is. They treated him as a brother and he sold out! Alexander is too weak minded and he was manipulated! But now he has to live with the consequences! They always had his back-

WRONG!! How many times was Alexander beat up while Apollo was champion? Answer that! Benjamin says Alexander doesn’t owe them anything. Just look at that jealousy. Ricochet tells Benjamin to do us a favor and mind his own business. And Alexander, this wasn’t for an explanation. It is what it is: he joined the Hurt Business for money. But stabbing Ricochet in the back hurt worse than anything! Ricochet and Apollo aren’t begging anyone to come back or #WhyCedricWhy. If you thought it was bad to have the Hurt Business after you, he’ll see how bad it is with them coming for him. The Hurt Business mocks how “scary” that sounds, and things sort out for the grudge match.

The bell rings and Alexander rushes but Ricochet tackles him! Ricochet rains down rights but Alexander gets up to kick low and whip. Ricochet holds ropes to then back elbow Alexander away. Ricochet throws Alexander out then slingshots. Alexander moves but Ricochet BOOTS him down! Ricochet then goes up to MOONSAULT and take Alexander down! Apollo intercepts Benjamin but Lashley LARIATS Apollo! Lashley fireman’s carries Apollo but Erik attacks! Erik stands alone after Ivar took that bad spill last week, but he wants after the Rocky Mountain Machine all the same! These two fight up the ramp as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Alexander has Ricochet down with a bearhug. Ricochet endures, Apollo coaches him up and fans rally up. Ricochet reaches but Cedric drags him away from ropes. Ricochet punches Alexander away, gets up but Alexander DECKS Ricochet! Alexander drags Ricochet up but Ricochet throws forearms back. Ricochet rocks Alexander and runs, but into a stiff knee! Alexander basement dropkicks and covers, TWO! Alexander goes back to the rear mount and rains crossface forearms down. Ricochet covers up, fights back but Alexander stomps him down. Alexander has Ricochet in a corner, fish hooks his face and throws body shots. Alexander brings Ricochet out, throws forearms, and ROCKS Ricochet!

Alexander puts Ricochet on the ropes to throw heavy shots into the ribs. Ricochet reverses the whip and dropkicks Alexander down! Both men fall, MVP tells Alexander to get up and whoop Ricochet! Fans rally as both men slowly stir. Alexander leans on ropes, Ricochet wobbles to his feet, and Ricochet throws body shots back! Ricochet throws uppercuts and fires up through the pain! Ricochet CHOPS Alexander on the ropes, MVP shouts at Alexander but Ricochet whips. Alexander reverses, Ricochet dodges but Alexander arm-drags but Ricochet SUPERKICKS! Alexander goes down but Ricochet drags him back up for a waistlock. Alexander grabs for ropes but Ricochet DRAGON SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!!

The Hurt Business is worried for Alexander as Ricochet has him in a drop zone. Ricochet fights through the pain but Benjamin distracts. Apollo runs around to run Benjamin off, but Ricochet is still slow to getting up. Shooting Star but Ricochet lands on his feet as Alexander moves! Alexander scoops Ricochet for a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives but Alexander just gives him a LUMBAR CHECK! Cover, Alexander wins!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

The newest member of the Hurt Business is victorious, but there’s no time for celebrations as RETRIBUTION takes over the screens and lights again! “Listen up, you and all the other so-called superstars. We are the product of empty promises. The results of lies, greed and betrayal. We once trusted, but now we walk with eyes wide open.” “We see what you are: waste! Scrap! Byproduct!” When you show loyalty to an entity that treats you like garbage, YOU are garbage! When you sell your souls, YOU are corrupt. They once believed their time at the Performance Center would lead to fame and fortune. But they refuse to suck up to an entitled machine! While everyone else enjoys their last days, they will show you exactly who you are! “We are Retribution!” And there’s many more than once realized.

The Hurt Business is on high alert, but Retribution does not come. Will Retribution come for everyone soon enough?


Backstage interview with Mickie James.

Sarah welcomes the six-time women’s champion as she prepares for her match with Asuka tonight. What emotions fuel her? Mickie loves this business, with every bit of her heart and soul. She has given every ounce of her soul. It drives hr to be the best her every single day. Especially for the high stakes competition like Asuka brings out in her. Now, what drives her? Different stages of her career have had very different answers. But with experience comes wisdom,and with wisdom comes clarity. It is clear now more than ever that she has always had what it takes to be champion! But if you ask her what motivates her tonight, is that this could be her very last chance to win a championship. Will this motivation be enough for Mickie to dethrone the Empress of Tomorrow?


Raw returns to Adam Pearce grilling his security staff.

“Somebody tell me what it is we can’t do our job!” The Hurt Business walks over to speak with him. Pearce being a high level official comes with very high pressure. But it’s also clear that if he doesn’t get to the bottom of this Retribution problem, Pearce will have the added pressure of having to find a new job. Pearce says that is not their concern. It is if they say it is. Pearce should listen to the Hurt Business. Up the security from boys to men. The Hurt Business doesn’t run from anyone. They don’t fear Retribution because MVP has Lashley, Benjamin and Alexander. Now let them help Pearce keep his job. Pearce thanks them for volunteering. Volunteering? Pfft. They’re the Hurt Business. They’ll send him their bill.


Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Mickie James!

The moment of truth has come for Mickie! These two met in NXT before Asuka was ever a champion, but she’s only sharpened her skills since that day! Will Mickie be ready for THIS Asuka?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and lucky number seven could be on its way!

Asuka and Mickie circle, tie up, and go around. Asuka puts Mickie on the ropes, but Mickie powers back and arm-drags Asuka to the mat. Cover, ONE, and the collar and elbow stays on. Asuka gets Mickie down for a cover, ONE! They’re in a deadlock but Mickie pushes Asuka away. They go again, Mickie rolls Asuka, ONE! Mickie stays low to trip up and jackknife, TWO! Mickie gets in Asuka’s face with how close that just was, but Asuka grabs that arm! Mickie gets to ropes, Asuka lets off fast, and Mickie comes back fast with a headlock. Asuka turns it into her own headlock, Mickie throws body shots and powers out. Asuka runs Mickie over with a shoulder and runs, but Mickie trips her!

Mickie and Asuka get up, Mickie spins Asuka to a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Mickie keeps her cool and clamps onto Asuka with a cobra clutch. Asuka endures, fights up and powers out. Mickie hesitates but her hip toss is blocked to Asuka’s knee! Asuka grits her teeth as she throws forearms, but Mickie knees and forearms back. Mickie whips, Asuka reverses and gets a cleaner pop-up knee! Cover, TWO! Asuka keeps her cool while catching her breath. Mickie flounders and fires herself up, but both women are slow to standing. Asuka aims, runs but her hip attack misses! MICK KICK!! But Asuka flops out of the ring!! Asuka lucks out as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns, Mickie has Asuka back in the ring but both women flounder about again. Mickie throws forearms, Asuka throws forearms back! They brawl and fight to their feet. Mickie ducks to get a hammerlock and chinbar! Is Mickie trying to steel the Asuka lock? Asuka backs Mickie into a corner to throw elbows, but then she runs into a boot! Asuka comes back, runs into an elbow but keeps trying. Mickie goes up for a RANA! Asuka gets up, Mickie back kicks then boots! Mickie runs but Asuka dodges and comes back to HIP ATTACK! Asuka fires up, tells Mickie she is the champion, but runs into a FLAPJACK! Mickie kips up! And she’s feeling all fired up!

Mickie goes to a corner, heads up top, but Asuka rises. Asuka stops Mickie with an uppercut! Asuka climbs to join Mickie, Mickie fights her off and shoves her down, then adjusts. Mickie leaps for a SUPER THESZ PRESS! Cover, TWO to a sunset flip, TWO! Mickie throws forearms, Asuka gives back palm strikes! Asuka fires off from all ends but Mickie ducks the back hand! Mickie spins but Asuka ducks the kick! Asuka’s back hand lands! Mickie flounders, Asuka sits her up, for KICKS! And more kicks! Mickie eggs Asuka on as she sits up again and again but Asuka just keeps kicking her down! Asuka runs, Mickie ducks the buzzsaw to get the leg! HALF CRAB! Mickie sits deep, Asuka crawls and reaches! Mickie drags Asuka from ropes, gets both legs, but Asuka twists for a victory roll, TWO!

Asuka stands up, MICK KICK! That might not have been enough but she still covers, ROPEBREAK!! Asuka survives and Mickie can’t believe it! Mickie wants Asuka to get back up, but she drags Asuka up. Asuka drags Mickie down for an ARMBAR! They move around, Mickie reaches for ropes, it’s also a cover, TWO! Mickie moves around to get a cover back, ONE! Mickie is free, kicks low but Asuka spins out of the DDT to get the arm! Mickie drops down out of the hammerlock to victory roll, TWO! FLYING ARMBAR TAKEDOWN!! Into the ASUKA LOCK!! Mickie pops free, moves around to cover, but the ref says she tapped out?!

Winner: Asuka, by submission? (still Raw Women’s Champion)

Mickie was ruled unable to continue?! What was it that happened that she could no longer wrestle? But that’s besides the point for now, as Vega storms out to the ring! La Muneca gets right in Asuka’s face as she gets a mic. “I’ve been thinking. Thinking about the future. Thinking about MY future! And then it donned on me.” She wasted the best years of HER career managing selfish little ingrates! “Just like you.” Asuka? Yes! Asuka is an ingrate because she was handed the title, and has only been reckless with it. She’s been fighting everyone and her mother. But the Empress of Tomorrow is so focused on the stars of yesterday, she’s forgotten one of the best in the business today: VEGA!

But don’t even bother to ask if she’s ready for Asuka. Because Vega says she is ready for the title. Asuka laughs as she takes the mic from Vega, and talks trash in Japanese that Vega thinks she’s ready. Vega SLAPS Asuka! And then runs away before Asuka could go after her! Asuka is again laughing but Vega is grinning. What happens when there’s no running from the Empress and her wrath?


Backstage interview with Keith Lee.

Charly Caruso quickly adds that Vega stepping to Asuka, not a good idea. But first, a competitor whose title aspirations are a bit more realistic. The Limitless One has a chance to face McIntyre for the world title. Many work entire careers for this opportunity. Keith and McIntyre were honest in knowing there would come a day when they’d face each other. Just as Keith has been honest about not appreciating McIntyre interfering in his matches. Keith gets it: “The goal is to be WWE Champion, and that’s a goal that drives all of us.” That said, Keith knows McIntyre will do whatever it takes to stay champion, and Keith will do whatever it takes to become champion.

Then Keith’s job may be easier. McIntyre has a fractured jaw. Will Keith take advantage of that? Keith doesn’t want to take advantage of a friend. But to come this far and to become champion, he will do what he must. Will the Scottish Stud force the hand of the Limitless One?


Erik VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP!

So far, business has been booming, as Alexander got the win over his former friend. Now will the CEO of the Hurt Business throw the last viking standing to the wayside to make a statement?

The bell rings and Erik rushes a distracted Lashley with double knees! Lashley moves, fires off hands and knees in the corner but lets up as the ref counts 4. Lashley digs forearms into Erik’s face, then runs to RAM into Erik! Lashley nods to MVP on commentary, then digs his forearms into Erik. Erik pushes back, fires forearms back as well as haymakers and knees! Erik lets up, whips Lashley but Lashley reverses. Erik elbows Lashley back then shotgun knees him down! Erik growls as he stalks Lashley, for Ace Ten Mao! Cover, TWO! Lashley survives but Erik stays close. Erik drags Lashley up, kicks and knees and forearms then runs, into a SPINE BUSTER!

Lashley hauls Erik up to the Canadian rack, DOMINATOR! Cover, TWO!?! Erik survives, MVP respects that, but Lashley stalks Erik. Lashley clamps on the full nelson! Body scissors added on, the Hurt Lock is complete! Erik taps, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

Lashley holds on until Erik fades out! The United States Champion is rolling, but who will it be to stand in his way at Clash of Champions?


Backstage interview with Kevin Owens.

Does he have any idea as to why Aleister Black has this vendetta against him? No, he doesn’t. Because there could be many reasons. Did he say something that set him off? Or maybe Hot Topic wouldn’t honor those 40% off coupons he had for the shirts of the band that he likes so much. Maybe it was the frustration that even though Aleister sat in a dark room for a year and a half, wanting someone to knock on his door and fight him, no one cared enough to do it.

But either way, Kevin doesn’t really care why. He cares about how. As in, how will he inflict enough pain on Aleister to feel like they’re even? How will he make sure Aleister doesn’t walk but run back to his hiding spot? And more importantly, how can Kevin make sure the beating he gives Aleister tonight reminds Aleister here on out of what happens when you pick a fight with Kevin Owens? Kevin isn’t actually worried about any of that, because why? Because he’s Kevin Owens. Will the Prizefighter give Aleister the fight of his life?


Shane McMahon and Jordan Omogbehin talk at the Raw Underground door.

Last week’s brawling of Aleister and Kevin was fantastic stuff. Wait until tonight! Wait, Braun Strowman is here?! Seems Raw Underground is open to all, even if they’re not from Raw. The Monster is here to vent his anger, and he knows on the other side of that door is “some poor son of a b*tch that I can cave his head in.” So get out of his way or be in the wake of his destruction! Open the door or he’ll use Shane to do it! And tell the best fighters you’ve got to come see the Monster and #GetTheseHands, so Strowman can send them all home to their mamas with pockets full of teeth! This week is even better already!


Seth Rollins meets with Buddy Murphy backstage.

Where has he been? Rollins was waiting for Murphy to come see him. Murphy says the Mysterios, what they did- Please, please. Rollins understands, they ganged up on him and used kendo sticks. Atonement, forgiveness, that is part of the process. But it’s also the past. Now we look to the future! Tonight is an opportunity! Rollins and Dominik will be inside a steel cage, and no one can go in or out. “This is the perfect opportunity to teach the young man, and the world, a lesson.” Murphy nods, but Rollins asks if Murphy is prepared for his role tonight. Because Rollins has something very important for him to do and he needs to be ready. Is he ready? Yes. Rollins is glad to hear him say that.

Rollins SLAPS Murphy and then tells him to stay back here so Rollins doesn’t have to deal with any “stupid mistakes.” Does Murphy understand? Yes, sir… Rollins SLAPS him again and makes sure Murphy means it! Rollins then calms down, pats Murphy on the shoulder, and heads for gorilla.


Mandy Rose has been traded to Raw!

Apparently this is the favor The Miz called in on Friday Night! The show is about to become #MandyNightRaw, but will Otis stand for Miz messing with his love life?


Steel Cage Match: Seth Rollins VS Dominik Mysterio!

The Monday Night Messiah’s one last disciple took a beating from the entire Mysterio Family, but it was not enough! This still has to be settled between Rollins and El Hijo del Rey! Will the sinister steel be what is needed to finally put an end to all this?

Raw returns as Rollins makes his entrance, and Charly interviews the Mysterio family. Rey and Dominik have weighed the risks and rewards. If Dominik wants to follow his dreams of following his dad’s footsteps, he can’t back down from anything. Rey and Angie are more concerned than Dominik, and Rey knows how difficult a cage match is. The family will be out there to support Dominik. But once that cage door shuts, Dominik is on his own. But so is Rollins. Dominik has fire when it comes to getting even with Rollins, so maybe Rollins should be the one worried about this match. The Mysterio family head out, and this grudge looks to finally be settled!

The bell rings, Rollins soaks up the moment as he and Dominik circle. They tie up, Rollins kicks low and clubs Dominik over and over and over! He stomps Dominik down, laughs as Dominik gets to ropes, then whips him to the other side. DOminik ducks and tilt-o-whirls to a Russian leg sweep! Rey says that’s good, and Dominik climbs! Rollins trips Dominik up, brings him back with a fireman’s carry, but Dominik hits a tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO! Dominik hurries to climb again! Rollins gets up, but Murphy appears to give Rollins a kendo stick?! What happened to those orders!? Rollins SMACKS away on Dominik, then throws him into steel! Rey is furious but he keeps Angie and Aalyah calm as Dominik writhes. Rollins looms over Dominik as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Rollins is grinding Domink’s face against steel! And then runs to SMASH Dominik in harder! Rey coaches Dominik while Angie wants Rey to stop this. Rollins drags Dominik up and tells him, “When are you gonna learn?!” Rollins tells Papa Rey to watch as he whips Dominik, but Dominik reverses to send Rollins into steel! Dominik flounders, gets to a side and climbs, but Rollins hurries after! Rollins grabs Dominik, drags him off the steel but Dominik fights back and RANAS Rollins into steel! Rollins writhes but Murphy is there to coach him. Dominik gets the kendo stick and SMACKS Rollins! Rollins kicks back but Dominik keeps swinging on him!

Dominik keeps Rollins from climbing, then whips him into more steel! And more steel! And more steel! Then a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! The family has confidence again as Dominik gets back up. Dominik aims at Rollins again but Rollins wants mercy. Rollins trips Dominik up and catapults him, but Dominik climbs! Rollins hurries after, they’re both on the top rope and throwing hands! Rollins rocks Dopminik but Dominik bounces Rollins off steel! And again! Rollins trips Dominik and Dominik crotches on the ropes! But Dominik trips Rollins up to return the favor! Both men flop off the rope to the ring floor and MVP respects the savvy.

The fans and the family rally for Dominik as he crawls to the door. The door is open, but Murphy grabs Rey to SLAM him into the barriers! Rollins drags Dominik away and goes through the doorway, but Murphy slams the door closed!! Murphy didn’t realize Rollins had switched places! Murphy freaks out as Dominik climbs the far side! Murphy climbs the outside but Dominik fights him off! Murphy falls and hits hard! Dominik hits a FROG SPLASH on Rollins! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives and MVP has respect for Dominik’s heart. Dominik goes back to climbing, but Rollins crawls after. Dominik is up top, Rollins hurries after, and Rollins catches up to grab a foot!

Dominik has to go back inside and Rollins falls. Dominik keeps trying, but Rollins springs up to grab his head! SUPERPLEX!! Float through, FALCON ARROW! Rollins crawls to the cover, TWO!! Dominik survives and shocks Rollins! Angie coaches her son on and Rey does, too. Rollins stares at Rey and Rey glares back. Rollins laughs and grins as he mocks the applause. Rollins gets cocky, Dominik rolls him up, TWO! CURB STOMP!! But Rollins won’t cover, he wants the entire family to suffer! ANOTHER CURB STOMP! Cover, Rollins wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The Architect had a plan, and though there were missteps, it still worked out in his favor. Rollins grabs the kendo stick before exiting the cage, with Murphy holding the door for him. Rollins glares at Murphy, but he spares the kendo stick to thank his disciple. Rey gets in to check on Dominik, but then Rollins throws Murphy around ringside! “When are you gonna learn?! Do what I tell you to do!!” Rollins lets off, to then SMASH the door into Murphy! “How does it feel!? It sucks! I know because you did it to me!” Murphy begs for mercy, and Rollins tells Angie that hopefully Aalyah turns out better than her brother. The Mysterios check on Murphy before regrouping around Dominik. Will there never be vindication against Rollins?


Raw Underground begins again!

Shane welcomes us back as Dolph Ziggler is back in the ring and out wrestling another opponent. Ziggler gets around to a rear mount, shoots for an arm and drives in elbows at the same time. The ref calls it, Ziggler wins! Ziggler gets serious as he takes off his shirt, but here comes Riddick Moss! The Riddick Regimen wants some and they circle. Ziggler gets a leg, Moss pries him off and backs off. They go again, Ziggler gets the leg again but Moss throws haymakers to get free! Ziggler uppercuts! But Moss SPINE BUSTERS back! Moss rains down hands but Ziggler gets a leg to get back around to a sleeper hold!

Ziggler grinds Moss, Moss throws body shots and pries free. Moss elbows HARD, but the two start throwing hands! Moss tries to lift, but here comes STROWMAN!! Braun brawls with Moss and pushes him to the edge of the ring! Then CHOKE SLAMS him down! Ziggler returns, but Strowman scoops him for a DOMINATOR! Braun dares anyone to get in and #GetTheseHands! Raw Underground and Raw go to break while The Monster stands tall!


Raw returns with a backstage interview with Drew McIntyre.

Now dressed to compete, McIntyre responds to Keith’s comments. McIntyre hopes Keith will do whatever it takes to win the championship. But what McIntyre can’t get his head around is that while he could have struck any time he wanted, he waited until Orton hit Keith with an RKO. McIntyre doesn’t want ot make it sound like Keith couldn’t have kicked out of an RKO. After all, Orton has only won 13 world championships with that move and could’ve won his 14th at SummerSlam if he hit one. Keith comes in and asks for alone time.

Keith doesn’t want McIntyre dragging his name through the mud. What does he mean? He means that McIntyre acts like he’s doing Keith a favor. Keith and McIntyre are friends, Keith is new to Raw, but don’t twist McIntyre’s words. Twisting his words means what McIntyre is saying is not what it sounds like. But it sounds like McIntyre thinks Orton beat Keith. But the only match McIntyre didn’t interfere with was Payback, when Keith won. Furthermore, McIntyre needs to be more concerned with Keith beating him tonight, and again at Clash of Champions. “Hi, I’m Drew McIntyre. Nice to meet you for the first time ever.” McIntyre does not get concerned, and is not afraid of anyone. Keith says he should be.

These two have known each other longer than anyone, so Keith knows McIntyre very well. Such as that weak spot right around- Don’t put your hand up. Oh, is McIntyre concerned about his jaw? Keith keeps putting his hand up and McIntyre keeps swatting it away. Well if McIntyre thinks he can warn the Limitless One… McIntyre JABS Keith, Keith TACKLES McIntyre! They brawl in the spare ring and it spills out! McIntyre throws Kieth into the bathroom! Then drags him out to POST him! McIntyre whips Keith but Keith reverses to send McIntyre into trunks! Security and referees rush over but the brawl just fires off again! McIntyre wants this fight now, but will have to wait for the main event! Has the friendship suddenly crumbled?


We return to Raw Underground!

Omogbehin sees Titus roll up and stops him at the door. Titus wants in on “this fun!” Alright, then! The Real Deal gets in while Braun is mangling some schmo. Strowman wins again, but here comes Moss! Moss wants revenge! Strowman shoves and BOOTS Moss into the crowd! But her comes TITUS! Titus tackles Strowman and rains down rights! Strowman gets up, facelocks and grinds Titus, Titus fades out! Strowman drops him to fall on him! Shane and the ref have Strowman stop! Shane says Braun is still up for more, but we’ll see if anyone takes him up on that later!


Aleister Black VS Kevin Owens!

The Embodiment of the End knows the Prizefighter wants to hurt him, and the feeling is mutual. And Aleister makes sure to hit first and attacks Kevin during his entrance! Aleister stomps Kevin in the ring, the ref backs him off and Raw goes to break! Will Kevin be able to compete after that ambush?

Raw returns and Aleister whips Kevin. Kevin kicks back, rebounds and LARIATS! And drops a senton! Kevin rains down rights and goes back to ropes. Kevin stomps Aleister, bumps Aleister off buckles, then whips him corner to corner. Aleister goes up and over, blocks the superkick and sweeps the legs! Aleister drags Kevin back up, throws fast hands and knees the leg. Aleister keeps on that leg for a modified half crab, but Kevin endures. His shoulders are down for a cover, ONE, but Aleister holds on. Kevin kicks Aleister with his free leg and gets the other free. Fans rally, Kevin is in a corner but he kicks Aleister back. Kevin dumps Aleister over and out and Aleister hits the apron hard! Kevin runs but can’t jump with the bad leg, Aleister sweeps the legs!

Aleister drags Kevin tot he apron, fires off elbows on the bad knee and slams the leg on the apron! Aleister paces as the ring count climbs then gets back in the ring to stalk Kevin. Aleister stomps the leg, clamps on again but Kevin punches him away. Kevin sits up but Aleister brings him up. Aleister throws forearms, Kevin hits back. Aleister boots Kevin at ropes and Kevin flounders to a corner. Aleister drags Kevin back up, puts the bad leg on ropes and KICKS the leg! Kevin flops down and clutches the knee while Aleister paces. Aleister drags Kevin back up, but Kevin ROCKS him with an uppercut!

Kevin hobbles to a corner while Aleister is in a daze. Kevin comes back, drags Aleister up, but Aleister drops down for a KNEEBAR! Aleister cranks on the foot, Kevin endures, reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Aleister holds on until 4, and then stomps away at the ropes. The ref has to back Aleister up, and then Kevin SUPERKICKS him down!! Both men are down, Kevin gets up first but he can’t run! Aleister grins, but the lights start to shut off. Kevin uses the distraction to get a STUNNER!! Cover, Kevin wins!!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall

If that was Retribution, they just helped Kevin out! Will this be enough to settle things between the Prizefighter and the man who wants to fight?


McIntyre finishes preparing for his match.

But he’s not prepared for Keith to come back for more! Keith and McIntyre brawl backstage, push security aside, but Pearce gets them to stop! If they don’t stop now, he’ll cancel the match and they don’t go to Clash of Champions! That’s enough for Keith, but McIntyre is more than ready to end this. Will McIntyre do everything he has to in order to deny Keith his championship opportunity?


The Riott Squad VS Natalya & Lana!

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan Liv2Riott and Riott2Liv, but Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are watching very closely on commentary. Will the contenders build momentum off the #BOAT and the Ravishing Russian to head for the dysfunctional duo bound to self destruct?

The teams sort out, and Natty blindsides Liv! Natty clubs away on Liv while Shayna and Nia mock Liv’s pain. Natty stomps away on Liv in the corner, tags in Lana, and they work together to whip Natty in to RAM Liv! Lana adds a heel kick, covers, TWO! Lana stomps Liv, drags her up and whips her into a corner. Liv hits Natty but Lana kicks Liv back! Lana brings Liv up but Liv breaks free to slip under. Liv reaches for Ruby, Lanan grabs a foot but Liv rolls to send her into ropes! Ruby tags in, CODE BREAKER to RIOTT KICK!! Cover, the Riott Squad wins!

Winner: The Riott Squad, by pinfall

Well that was fast. The champs are done on commentary, too, and make sure the Squad understands who hold the gold right now. And they pick on Natty and Lana to do it! Natty gets POSTED, Nia rips up the announce desk and Shayna toys with Lana! Shayna whips Lana out of the ring for Nia to bring up. Nia fireman’s carries and SAMOAN DROPS Lana through the desk!! There’s one thing Nia and Shayna agree on: destruction! Will they bring that to Clash of Champions to destroy the Riott Squad’s dreams?


We return to Raw Underground one more time!

Braun is mauling another man and gets another win! Moss wants a third turn!? He’s crazy but Braun has faced crazier. Braun JABS Moss down, but here comes Ziggler! Braun rocks Ziggler, but the two work 2v1 now! They get Braun down, but Braun grabs Moss to push him awy! Braun throws Ziggler off and DECKS Moss! Ziggler gets up, to get a MONSTER SLAM! Braun is unstoppable, but here comes… DABBA-KATO! Dabba is someone on Braun’s size level, but Shane says they need this to happen next week! See you next Monday!


Drew McIntyre VS Keith Lee!

Whether the Scottish Stud meant to make the Limitless One seem lesser or not, it’s about how his actions looked to his friend. That might be “former friend” now after the brawling backstage now. But will Keith do everything to make sure McIntyre becomes a former champion at Clash of Champions? Or will McIntyre refuse to #BaskInHisGlory?

The bell rings and the brawl continues! Keith tackles McIntyre to a corner, rams him over and over then throws body shots. Keith whips corner to corner, McIntyre boots back! McIntyre throws haymakers and forearms, but Keith pushes him back. Keith runs in but only gets buckles. Keith boots and gets McIntyre’s jaw! Keith runs to POUNCE McIntyre out of the ring! The champion is down in a bad way as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns once more and Keith hammers away on McIntyre. McIntyre gets to a corner, Keith drags him up but McIntyre hits back! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Keith throws haymakers and the jaw hurts again! Keith whips, McIntyre kicks back and CHOPS again! McIntyre brings Keith around to whip but Keith reverses. McIntyre ducks and dodges and forearms Keith down! McIntyre gets Keith up but can’t overhead suplex, and Keith elbows him away. Keith grabs McIntyre, McIntyre body shots and HEADBUTTS back! The Glasgow Kiss rocks Keith enough for McIntyre to OVERHEAD SUPLEX!

McIntyre gets to a corner, goes up top, and he watches Keith rise. McIntyre leaps, for the ax handle! And the kip up! McIntyre fires up and powers through the pain in his jaw as he glares at Keith. McIntyre drags Keith up, underhooks, but Keith powers out to push and run, into a SPINE BUSTER! Jackknife cover, TWO!! Keith and McIntyre both slowly rise but McIntyre has Keith up first. McIntyre goes to suplex but Keith is too big and too strong for that! Keith pries free, but McIntyre body shots and JABS! GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Keith forearms, elbows, runs and LARIATS McIntyre down! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre survives but Keith keeps his focus.

Keith and McIntyre rise again, McIntyre jawbreakers Keith away! McIntyre goes back to a corner, climbs back up  but Keith leaps to headbutt back! Keith has McIntyre stunned on the apron as Keith climbs up. Keith brings McIntyre up, but McIntyre fights back! McIntyre and Keith brawl up top, Keith powers up and SUPERPLEXES! Keith crawls to the cover, TWO!! McIntyre survives and Keith is too tired to be frustrated. Keith crawls to ropes and uses those to stand up. McIntyre stands, too, and kicks low! McIntyre CHOPS and runs, but Keith dodges the boot to pop McIntyre up! McIntyre slips out of the Spirit Bomb, both men run, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES take them out!

Both men crawl as fans build to a rally. But here comes RETRIBUTION!! They’re rushing the ring again! Commentary gets away but Keith and McIntyre fight back! They both get mugged, 6v1 at the very least!! It’s hard to tell just how many there are, but it’s no less than a dozen! They mock McIntyre and Keith, and keep on beating them down! The fans give thumbs down and boo but no one is coming to help McIntyre or Keith! Wait! The Hurt Business finally arrives! MVP brings back Benjamin, Lashley and Alexander to do the job they signed up for. The suit jackets come off, the four rush the ramp and it’s a HUGE brawl with Retribution! The four take on all 12 or 15 in a chaotic mess at ringside!

But then Keith AND McIntyre FLY!! They wipe out Retribution and the Hurt Business all at once! But it looks like nothing is settled between the Limitless One and Scottish Stud. What comes of the Clash of Champions situation? Will Retribution reconsider running in on a Raw main event?

My Thoughts:

This was a bit of a wild Raw, and maybe not always the good kind of wild. The most confusing thing about tonight was how the Raw Women’s Championship match ended. The referee said Mickie James couldn’t continue, but that definitely did not seem the case. Perhaps there was an injury that will be addressed later, but it could also have been because they realized they were going to run out of time for other things. Because the WWE doesn’t operate with time limits on their standard matches, there was probably no easy way to say they need to make time for Vega calling Asuka out so they just kayfabed a reason. Vega ditching Almas and Garza is actually a great part for her and them, and that brawl Garza and Almas had was a great touch.

Everything else was still fairly smooth and great progress towards Clash of Champions. I really thought Murphy was going to turn on Rollins but it seems Rollins is the one turning on Murphy. Rollins and Dominik have a great cage match, but I probably should’ve seen Rollins was going to win. Dominik is left in bad shape, in kayfabe at least, but maybe Murphy redeems himself by helping the Mysterios get back at Rollins. The Riott Squad beats Lana and Natalya because, well, Lana was on the team. I was surprised Nia and Shayna did anything to Natty and Lana, but it does help add some kind of heat. I don’t see Ruby and Liv winning without Shayna and Nia falling apart, but I would like for Shayna and Nia to at least get one defense under their belts before losing.

Kevin and Aleister have a good match, but obviously Retribution was a factor there. The timing is probably just a case of the writing unable to keep Aleister strong but still losing to Kevin. I feel like things are out of order on this story. These two should’ve had a regular match last week, then this week was about using Raw Underground to settle things without rules holding them back. Instead, Strowman got to bust some heads without using the Brand to Brand, and setting up a fight with Dabba-Kato is a bittersweet way to end Raw Underground for the night. The Champions VS Champions match was great, and I’m actually surprised the Profits won. I get home field advantage, but maybe this means the rematch is this Friday, where Nakamura and Cesaro tie the series up and Clash of Champions is a tiebreaker that could be for both tag titles.

Retribution, The Hurt Business and the world championship story were all major parts of tonight, and I think this is the first week Retribution didn’t feel like a goofy nuisance. It is reassuring to see the major players in Retribution are staying the major players. Dijakovic, Dio Maddin, and Mia Yim seem to be the core, but it’s hard to tell if they’re suddenly using Mercedes Martinez even though she’s been doing great in NXT and really only just got to WWE. Retribution attacking Keith looks to kill my theory that he’s their leader, but it could be a red herring. The Hurt Business get good wins over Ricochet and Erik, and them stepping up to fight Retribution was great, as it keeps the Heel/Face dynamics of things uncertain to a degree.

McIntyre and Keith coming to blows even before the main event was great, and just felt logical after everything. Them closing out by wiping out everyone was great, but I bet things just start up again next week to settle things. McIntyre VS Orton in an ambulance match would be great, but I feel like there might be a Triple Threat in the works here. That way, just about anything can happen, and no one would really come out too weak or too strong if, say, Keith got the title because Orton and McIntyre took each other out. Or the other way around, should Orton go after Keith after McIntyre was Pounced.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 32 Results & Report! (8/13/22)

Breathe with the Switchblade!



NJPW G1 Climax 32

Will the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion keep the “Jay1” going?

The biggest G1 Climax in NJPW continues on and Jay White is spotless at 4-0! But will Taichi change all that this close to the ending?


  • 8 Man Tag: Hiroshi Tanahashi, David Finlay, Tama Tonga & Jado VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • Bad Dude Tito & JONAH VS Tom Lawlor & Royce Isaacs; Tito & Jonah win.
  • Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Suzuki-Gun; LIJ wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Chaos VS House of Torture; Chaos wins.
  • G1 Climax, C Block: Aaron Henare VS KENTA; Kenta wins.
  • G1 Climax, A Block: Toru Yano VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins.
  • G1 Climax, D Block: Shingo Takagi VS Yujiro Takahashi; Takagi wins.
  • G1 Climax, D Block: YOSHI-HASHI VS Will Ospreay; Ospreay wins.
  • G1 Climax, B Block: Taichi VS Jay White; White wins.


Here are the current standings!

A Block

  • Kazuchika Okada: 4-1, 8 points
  • Lance Archer: 3-2, 6 points
  • JONAH: 3-2, 6 points
  • Jeff Cobb: 2-2, 4 points
  • Bad Luck Fale: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Tom Lawlor: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Toru Yano: 1-4, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

B Block

  • Jay White: 4-0, 8 points
  • Tama Tonga: 4-1, 8 points
  • SANADA: 3-2, 6 points
  • Taichi: 2-2, 4 points
  • Chase Owens: 2-4, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Great-O-Khan: 1-4, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Tomohiro Ishii: 1-4, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

C Block

  • Zack Sabre Jr: 4-1, 8 points
  • Hirooki Goto: 3-2, 6 points
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi: 3-2, 6 points
  • Tetsuya Naito: 3-2, 6 points
  • EVIL: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • KENTA: 1-3, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Aaron Henare: 1-4, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

D Block

  • Yujiro Takahashi: 3-2, 6 points
  • David Finlay: 3-2, 6 points
  • Shingo Takagi: 2-2, 4 points
  • Will Ospreay: 2-2, 4 points
  • YOSHI-HASHI: 2-2, 4 points
  • El Phantasmo: 2-3, 4 points
  • Juice Robinson: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]

G1 Climax, C Block: Aaron Henare VS KENTA!

The Ultimate Weapon and the Fang Revived are both out of the running, but this is about pride! Will Henare conquer Kenta? Or will he #GoToSleep instead?

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. Kenta gives testing kicks, as does Henare. They keep testing each other, but neither man gets a clean shot. Kenta tries a palm strike but Henare ducks it to give some kicks. Kenta tries kicks but avoids the roundhouse, and fans applaud this great kickboxing exchange. Henare moves to using hands and he gets some body shots in! Kenta bails out and fans applaud Henare bringing the fight. Kenta takes his time returning, and he circles with Henare again. Henare anticipates a kick but Kenta rakes the eyes! The ref reprimands, Kenta fires off haymakers and puts Henare in a corner!

The ref counts, Kenta knees low as he lets off, and runs in, but into an elbow! Henare goes up to FLYING CHUCK! Fans fire up and Kenta staggers up, but he avoids the heel kick! Kenta bails out again and fans applaud. Henare goes out after Kenta and CLUBS him down! And again! Henare HEADBUTTS Kenta, then KICKS him against the post! And again! Henare fires up but Kenta ducks, the kick hits POST! Kenta kicks that leg then POSTS Henare’s shoulder! Kenta hurries to wrench and ELBOW BREAKER that arm, then he kicks the bad leg! Then another ELBOW BREAKER, and another kick to the bad leg!

Henare falls over and the ref reprimands but Kenta KICKS Henare in the leg again. Kenta hammerlocks Henare and RAMS him into railing! Fans cheer the savagery while Kenta stomps the leg. Kenta puts the leg in the railing and stomps it more! The ref reprimands and backs Kenta off, so Kenta drags Henare up and into the ring. Cover, TWO! Kenta is annoyed but fans rally up and Kenta gets Henare’s bad leg. Kenta has the standing toehold but Henare endures. Kenta drops an elbow on the leg and has a seated toehold. Henare tries to fight the hold but he reaches out for the ROPEBREAK instead.

The ref counts, Kenta lets off slowly, and he stomps the bad leg. Kenta drags Henare up, but Henare throws body shots! Kenta kicks Henare low, then stomps him on the back. Henare wrenches the arm to ELBOW BREAKER again! Kenta is just picking apart that whole left side! Kenta joins the fans in clapping, and gets them to stop clapping all at once. Kenta stomps Henare down, drags him up and fires off haymakers! Henare just snarls through them! Kenta KICKS but Henare snarls. Kenta CLUBS Henare but fans rally up as Henare stands. Henare roars but Kenta kicks the bad leg! Kenta runs, but into a KICK!

Henare falls over because the left leg is a weak base right now, but he growls and gets back up. Henare gets that bad leg moving, KICKS Kenta’s own left leg, and KICKS away in the corner! The ref counts, Henare lets off at 4, and he hobbles back to snapmare Kenta for another KICK! Kenta writhes and fans applaud. Henare runs in at the corner to SHINING WIZARD! Henare fireman’s carries for a RUNNING SAMOAN DROP! Fans rally up and Henare snarls. Henare drags Kenta up, HEADBUTTS him down, then goes up the corner. SECOND ROPE SENTON! Cover, TWO! Henare is annoyed but fans rally as Kenta is still in it.

Henare drags Kenta up, stalks behind him and reels him into the full nelson! Kenta fights it, throws elbows, and he ducks the lariat to spin Henare to a DDT! Fans fire up and Kenta KICKS Henare in the back! And again! Kenta stomps Henare on the apron but the ref counts. Kenta lets off and drags Henare up to drag him through the ropes! BRAINKILLER! Fans fire up and Henare sits up in the corner. Kenta runs corner to corner to BOOT Henare, then he goes corner to corner to SOARING DROPKICK! Kenta goes up top as Henare is in the drop zone, COUP DE GRACE! Cover, TWO! Henare survives and fans fire up again.

Kenta slashes his throat, vowing to finish this! Fans rally and Kenta drags Henare up. Henare blocks the lift, CLUBS Kenta again and again, but Kenta BOOTS him! And LARIATS! But Henare stays up! Henare swings, misses, but he catches Kenta for the BERSERKER BOMB! Fans fire up as both men are down, and Henare pounds the mat. Henare calls his shot, clamps onto Kenta, ULTIMA!! Kenta grabs the ref with a body scissors!! The ref reprimands and they all end up by the ropes! Henare throws Kenta down, which also throws the ref down! Henare argues with the ref but fans rally up. Kenta rolls Henare, TWO!!

Kenta hurries back up, and Henare runs in, into a POWERSLAM! Fans fire up and Kenta roars! Kenta drags Henare up, fireman’s carries, but Henare fights out! Henare ROCKS Kenta, Kenta ROCKS Henare! The forearms go back and forth and fans rally up as they pick up speed! Henare gets the edge, but Kenta CROSS COUNTERS! Kenta fires off haymaker after haymaker, but Henare hits a body shot! And the HEEL KICK! Fans fire up with Henare and he drags Kenta back up. Henare fisherman’s to the torture rack, but Kenta claws Henare’s face! Kenta drags Henare down into the armlock, but Henare rolls out of Game Over!

But Kenta shifts to get a TRIANGLE HOLD! Henare endures and fans rally, and Henare deadlifts Kenta for a POWERBOMB! Fans fire up as Henare goes to a corner. Henare shakes out his bad arm, takes aim at Kenta and runs in, RAMP- KNEE! Kenta drags Henare back down, GAME OVER CROSSFACE!! Henare endures as Kenta pulls back, fans rally up as Henare starts to fade! Henare taps, Kenta wins!

Winner: Kenta, by submission (gains 2 points; Henare earns 0)

The Ultimate Weapon’s first G1 run ends in defeat and with a 1-5 record, but it was all a valiant effort. Will Henare come back next year even stronger? As for Kenta, he has momentum as he prepares for another match tomorrow! Can Kenta tear down The Ace and spoil his chances?


G1 Climax, A Block: Toru Yano VS Jeff Cobb!

The Producer is also out of the running, but the Imperial Unit still has a chance. Will Cobb take Yano on a Tour of the Islands to keep on sailing in the G1?

As Cobb makes his entrance, he’s cosplaying Toru Yano! “Funny Jeff” has a Hawaiian shirt over his merch shirt, he has a DVD case, and he has a chair! He even gives the ring announcer a very long introduction to read off, just like Yano! And to copy Yano’s disinfectant bottle, Cobb has an air freshener spray! As for the real Yano… Wait, where is he? His music is playing but Yano isn’t walking out from the ramp or anywhere else. Cobb waits, but is he going to get a win by forfeit? The bell rings, Cobb tells the ref to start already, and the count begins. So either Yano shows up before the 20 count or he’s done!

Cobb is impatient, we’re only at 7 of 20. Wait, Yano runs in from the far side! He slides in, rolls Cobb up, TWO!! Yano panics and apologizes for his prank! Cobb runs in at the corner, Yano dodges and Cobb hits buckles! Yano shoves the ref, then sprays the disinfectant at Cobb’s face!! Roll up, TWO!! Cobb escapes but Yano brings him up to throw him out! Yano hurries after Cobb and whips, but Cobb reverses! Yano hits railing hard! Cobb wipes the spray out of his eyes, but he walks into an atomic drop! Yano tucks Cobb’s arms into his singlet, then wraps him up in the apron skirt! Yano shoves the #Cobburrito down and gets in the ring!

The ring count is rising, Cobb struggles against the skirt wrap, and we’re at 9 of 20! Cobb asks for help but we’re at 13! A Young Lion finally hurries over and helps Cobb get to his feet. Cobb wiggles into the ring at 18! Yano stands on Cobb to surf! Fans applaud as Yano hangs loose! Then Yano hurries to untie a buckle pad from a neutral corner. But Cobb comes back to kick! And kick! Cobb asks the ref for help but Yano kicks Cobb low. Yano runs, but Cobb manages a DROPKICK! Fans fire up as both men are down! Cobb finally gets his arms out of his singlet and fans rally up. Cobb drags Yano up to ROCK him with a right!

Cobb whips, Yano reverses, Cobb stops from hitting buckles, and then dodges! Yano hits the buckles, then Cobb hits an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Fans fire up and Cobb drags Yano up. Yano waistlocks but Cobb switches. Yano grabs at the ref but Cobb blocks the mule kick low blow! Cobb spins Yano, kicks and then pulls Yano’s shirt up over his face! Yano is blindfolded and he staggers around, into a SUPERKICK! Then a TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Cover, Cobb wins!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Yano earns 0)

“Funny Jeff” still got serious in the end, and he is still in the running! Will Cobb be able to survive to the semifinals? Or is his fate in someone else’s hands?


G1 Climax, D Block: Shingo Takagi VS Yujiro Takahashi w/ Pieter!

The Rampaging Dragon isn’t done in the G1 just yet, but to think the Tokyo Pimp would be leading the block! Will Takagi be able to drag Yujiro down? Or will Yujiro’s G1 run have a happy ending?

The moment the introductions are over, Yujiro rushes Takagi! Takagi blocks the boot and throws Yujiro down! The bell rings and Takagi drags Yujiro up to put in the corner. Takagi fires off forearms over and over, and fans fire up as Takagi ROCKS Yujiro again. Takagi whips and KNEES Yujiro at the ropes, then runs to run Yujiro over! Fans fire up and Takagi runs in at the corner. Yujiro BOOTS, but Takagi powers through to clothesline! Takagi then reels Yujiro in to suplex high and hard! Fans fire up but Yujiro bails out of the ring. Takagi pursues, brings Yujiro up and RAMS him into the apron! Takagi then whips Yujiro into railing!

Yujiro flounders away and Pieter checks on him. Takagi storms his way over but Pieter stands in his way. Can a bunny tame a dragon? Takagi is intrigued but Yujiro rushes in! Takagi blocks the sucker punch to ROCK Yujiro back! Pieter scampers away and Takagi scolds her before he CLUBS Yujiro. Takagi POSTS Yujiro, then tells the ref to hold on. Takagi smacks Yujiro off the apron, then again, and again! Fans rally up and Takagi puts Yujiro in the ring. Yujiro crawls away to the far side and bails out again. Yujiro goes looking under the ring and he gets a chair! Takagi takes his time walking over, and Yujiro JAMS him with the chair!

The ref reprimands and takes the chair, and Yujiro knees Takagi low. Yujiro whips but Takagi reverses. Yujiro stops from hitting railing, and he drop toeholds Takagi into the railing! Then REVERSE DDT to the floor! The ref reprimands Yujiro and he apologizes before getting in the ring. Takagi stirs and the ring count starts. Takagi stands up at 6 of 20, he gets frustrated, and he gets in at 10. Yujiro stomps Takagi over and over in the corner then digs his knee in. The ref reprimands, Yujiro brings Takagi up and snapmares for the basement BOOT! Cover, ONE!! Yujiro is surprised and annoyed, but he rains down fists!

The ref reprimands about the closed fists and Yujiro lets off. Yujiro drags Takagi up and bumps Takagi off buckles. Yujiro knees low, throws back elbows, but Takagi clinches! Yujiro digs his forearm into Takagi’s eyes! Yujiro lets off, runs in and BOOTS Takagi again! Fans applaud that bit of agility and Yujiro snapmares Takagi to drop a leg, drop an elbow, and drop a headbutt! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for “TA-KA-GI!” but Yujiro brings him up. Takagi eggs Yujiro on and Yujiro throws a forearm! And another forearm! And another! Takagi JABS, JABS and JABS, to then DOUBLE CHOP! Fans fire up and Takagi drags Yujiro back up.

Fans fire up as Takagi says it’s go time! Another suplex, but Yujiro wrenches out and BITES the hand! The ref reprimands, Yujiro lets off to fisherman, but Takagi BITES back! Fans cheer the turnabout being fair play but the ref still reprimands. Takagi lets off and wretches from the bad taste. Yujiro ROCKS Takagi then runs, but into the ELBOW! JAB! YUKON LARIAT! Fans fire up again and Takagi pounds the mat. Fans rally and Takagi aims from a corner. Yujiro stands, Takagi runs in to run him over! And then scoops to SLAM, for a SENTON! But that’s not all! Takagi drags Yujiro up, hooks him up, but Yujiro fights the Gory Especial!

Yujiro throws back elbows, but Takagi spins through to suplex! Yujiro fights that so Takagi hits a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! But Takagi says there’s still more! “OI! OI! OI!” Fans clap along and Takagi drags Yujiro back up. But wait, here comes Sho! Takagi sees Sho and his little wrench, but Yujiro sneaks up! Takagi elbows Yujiro away, whips him to ropes, but Yujiro holds ropes. Takagi rushes in, Yujiro dodges and distracts the ref as Sho grabs at Takagi! Yujiro runs in to BOOT Takagi! Yujiro reels Takagi in, INCOLLE SLAM! Fans fire up as both men are down, and Yujiro crawls over to drag Takagi up.

Fans rally for “TA-KA-GI!” as Yujiro fireman’s carries, MIAMI SHINE! Cover, TWO! Takagi is still in this and Yujiro is frustrated. Yujiro drags Takagi back up and reels him in, but Takagi says no to Big Juice! Takagi throws body shots, wrenches out, blocks a haymaker and he HEADBUTTS away on Yujiro! Both men wobble but Takagi runs, only for Sho to be there with a chair! The ref reprimands, Takagi goes back to Yujiro for boxing elbows! Fans rally as Takagi runs again, but into a BOOT! Yujiro runs, but into a clothesline! Takagi runs but Yujiro distracts the ref again, Sho SMACKS Takagi with the chair!

Yujiro reels Takagi in, PIMP JUICE! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives the screw job and fans fire up! Yujiro pleads with the ref but two is two! Yujiro drags Takagi up but Takagi blocks Big Juice again! Takagi powers up to power out and he ELBOWS! JABS! YUKON feint to the DDT! And SLIDING FOREARM! Fans fire up again as Yujiro flounders around. Takagi gets up and headbutts the buckles to fire back up! LARIAT! But Takagi gets Yujiro up to a MADE IN JAPAN!! Cover, TWO!?!? Yujiro survives and even Sho is shocked! Takagi gets back up as fans rally again. Takagi stands Yujiro up to pump handle and torture rack.

Yujiro wriggles and gets free to the apron to rake eyes! Takagi runs back in but Yujiro dumps him out! Yujiro staggers over, gets Takagi up and whips him into railing! The ref has Sho stay back as Yujiro goes over to bring Takagi around. Yujiro whips Takagi into more railing, and then he wobbles and hobbles to get Takagi back. Takagi fires off forearms in return! Takagi whips, Yujiro reverses and Takagi hits railing even harder! Takagi falls in a heap, Yujiro and Sho both shout for the ring count. The ref starts, Yujiro sits Takagi up, but no Pimp Juice Basement BOOT instead! And then FISHERMAN BUSTER to the floor!

Yujiro gets in the ring at 12 of 20 but Takagi is right after him! Takagi fireman’s carries for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER to the floor! The count is 16 of 20!! Takagi staggers up and in at 18! Yujiro is down but Sho throws him in at 19.5! Fans fire up as this keeps going, and Takagi runs in at Yujiro with a clothesline! Takagi pump handles, torture racks, but Yujiro BITES again! The ref reprimands, Yujiro throws Takagi’s arm into him! The ref staggers but stays up, Yujiro shove Takagi into him! The ref goes down, Yujiro hits a REVERSE DDT! Fans rally but Sho sends a chair in! Yujiro gets the chair, takes aim and runs in, and he JAMS Takagi low!

Yujiro then reels back to SMACK Takagi on the back! But Takagi LARIATS through the chair! And CHUCKS the chair at Sho!! PUMPING BOMBER!! But that’s not all! Yujiro deserves this one! LAST OF THE DRAGONS!! Cover, Takagi wins!!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Yujiro earns 0)

Well, well, well! D Block is looking like a real rock-paper-scissors scenario! Yujiro beat David Finlay, who beat Takagi (and quite a few others) but Takagi just beat Yujiro! What will this mean for the semifinals with another D Block match up next?


G1 Climax, D Block: YOSHI-HASHI VS Will Ospreay!

The Headhunter and the Commonwealth Kingpin are both still alive in the block, but the window is closing! Will the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Champion shock the IWGP US Heavyweight Champion? Or will Ospreay make sure Hashi does NOT #GetBackUp?

The bell rings and fans rally up. These two circle and tie up, and are in a deadlock. Ospreay finds a point of leverage and he powers Hashi to ropes. Ospreay talks some trash as he lets off, then he pats Hashi on the side. Before he knees low and hard! Ospreay headlocks and grinds Hashi but Hashi throws body shots. Hashi powers up and out to reel Ospreay into a headlock! Fans applaud the exchange, then Ospreay powers up and out. Hashi runs Ospreay over, but Ospreay kips right back up! Fans applaud again the agility, then Ospreay gets Hashi with a “made you look” and SLAP! Hashi CHOPS back!

Ospreay staggers away, stinging from that back hand. Hashi runs in to CHOP again! And whip to CHOP, then mule kick! Hashi turns Ospreay to hit a NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE, but Hashi keeps cool. Fans rally up and Hashi brings Ospreay up. Hashi CLUBS Ospreay on the back and Ospreay goes to a corner. Hashi stomps and CHOPS Ospreay and Ospreay shouts in pain! Hashi stands Ospreay up and reels him in to suplex. Ospreay slips out, shoves and fireman’s carries to then HOTSHOT! Ospreay runs to BOOT Hashi down! Fans fire up for the agility but Ospreay needs a second from the stinging in his chest.

Ospreay drags Hashi up and bumps him off buckles. Ospreay CHOPS back and Hashi sputters now. Fans fire up and Ospreay wrenches Hashi to whip corner to corner hard! Hashi bounces off buckles and hits the mat hard! Ospreay grabs the bad arm and sets it on the apron, to drop a knee right on it! Hashi shouts in pain and clutches that bad arm. Ospreay drags Hashi off the apron, wrenches the bad arm and then YANKS Hashi into the post! Hashi staggers away and leans against railing from the pain, but Ospreay leaves him behind. Fans rally up for Hashi and the ring count begins. The count is 8 of 20 as Hashi gets in the ring, and Ospreay mockingly applauds.

Ospreay drags Hashi up, but Hashi throws body shots! Ospreay gets the arm for an ELBOW BREAKER! No mercy from the Kingpin as Hashi writhes again. Ospreay tells Hashi this is his last chance to give up now. Hashi refuses so Ospreay omoplatas the good arm. Ospreay CHOPS Hashi in the side then grabs the bad arm! RECLINER ARMLOCK! Cover, but Hashi slips off before Red Shoes can count. Ospreay mockingly applauds as Hashi goes to the apron. Ospreay drags Hashi back in and wrenches again for the snapmare and top wristlock. Hashi endures again and Ospreay digs his knuckles in. Red Shoes reprimands but Ospreay pulls at the arm!

Hashi endures more, even as Ospreay is bending him across his knee! Hashi fights up, throws body shots to get free, but Ospreay CLUBS him down! Ospreay whips Hashi to a corner, runs in, but Hashi dodges! Ospreay hits buckles, but he BOOTS back! Hsahi swings but into a spin from Ospreay! Ospreay suplexes, Hashi fights it off, and Hashi suplexes to get the NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up while both men are down! Hashi and Ospreay both stand, but Hashi CLOBBERS Ospreay with elbows! Hashi whips, Ospreay reverses but Hashi comes back to dropkick the leg out! Then HEADHUNTER! Fans fire up with Hashi as he gets back up!

Ospreay gets to the ropes, Hashi runs in to CHOP! Hashi brings Ospreay up to suplex and hang Ospreay out to dry. Hashi runs side to side to DROPKICK Ospreay down! Then Hashi sits Ospreay up for a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Hashi gets to his feet. Hashi brings Ospreay up and reels him in, but Ospreay wrenches out. Hashi ROCKS Ospreay, kicks him and whips him, but Ospreay handsprings to a NEURALIZER! Direct hit with that kick! Fans fire up as Hashi bails out, Ospreay hurries over to PLANCHA! Direct hit and both men are down! Fans fire up again, and Ospreay slowly sits up first.

Ospreay drags Hashi up and puts him in the ring. Ospreay aims, springboards, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Hashi is still in this and fans rally up! Ospreay keeps his focus, he drags Hashi back up, and he reels Hashi in to turn him. Hashi resists, so Ospreay gives him a Kowata Kick and a big CHOP! Hashi staggers to a corner and Ospreay runs in, but Hashi BOOTS back! Hashi runs in but into an elbow! Ospreay runs but into a CHOP! Hashi runs but into the Tiger Wall Kick and ENZIGURI! Fans fire up again as both men are down! Ospreay drags Hashi up, scoops him and SLAMS him, then goes to the corner.

Fans rally as Ospreay climbs, but Hashi rises! Hashi ROCKS Ospreay, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. Hashi brings Ospreay up, but Ospreay fights the superplex! Fans rally as Ospreay and Hashi trade body shots! Ospreay fires off HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT, then SUPER GOURD BUSTERS Hashi down! Hashi hobbles up, into the FLYING FOREARM to the back! Ospreay gets Hashi up to a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay is surprised Hashi is still in this, but Ospreay snarls and waits on Hashi to rise. Ospreay then calls his shot, springboards, OS- NO! Hashi full nelsons to a SNAP DRAGON!

Fans rally up again as both men are down. Hashi sits up first but Ospreay follows. Hashi fires up and runs, but Ospreay swats the lariat! So Hashi CHOPS! And aims, to SUPERKICK! Fans fire up and Hashi drags Ospreay into the full nelson. Spin and pump handle, but Ospreay fights Karma with elbows. Ospreay ROCKS Hashi with a forearm, but Hashi comes back with a forearm of his own! Hashi eggs Ospreay on so Ospreay ROCKS him again! Hashi ROCKS Ospreay, but Ospreay ROCKS Hashi! Fans rally as the forearms go faster and faster, and then Hashi CHOPS! Hashi CHOPS again, then again!

Ospreay CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Hashi reels Ospreay in but Ospreay throws a forearm! Hashi HEABUTTS! Ospreay ROUNDHOUSES! Both men fall over and fans are thunderous! Ospreay roars and drags Hashi back up, but Hashi ducks the roundhouse! Pump handle to KARMA!! Hashi has to crawl to the cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and fans are thunderous again! Hashi is too sore to be upset so he just gets up. Hashi roars, runs, and LARIATS! Ospreay flips around, Hashi gets him up, pump handle and KAR- STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE!! Fans fire up and Ospreay grits his teeth! Springboard, OSCUTTER!! Cover, TWO!?!

Hashi survives and fans can’t believe it! Ospreay can’t believe it, either, but he drags Hashi around. Ospreay prepares his arm, takes aim, but Hashi ducks the Hidden Blade! SUPERKICK! But Ospreay dodges the lariat, to OS- SUPERKICK!! Hashi gets Ospreay with some anti-air and he hurries to add on! DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!!! Ospreay survives and fans are thunderous again! Hashi pushes himself back up, sits Ospreay up and clamps on with a SLEEPER! Ospreay endures, fights up, but Hashi spins him into the pump handle. Ospreay slips out to HOOK KICK! Hashi runs in to LARIAT! But Ospreay roars!

Ospreay swats a lariat, ROLLING ELBOW to the HOOK KICK, tot he LIGER- FACEBUSTER from Hashi!! Hashi gets Ospreay up to the KUMAGOROSHI!! Cover, TWO!?!? Ospreay survives and the fans are electric! Hashi stands and fires up! Hashi runs, but into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay drags Hashi right up to turn him, DREAM SMASHER ELBOW! And then from the corner, HIDDEN BLADE!! Cover, Ospreay wins!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Hashi earns 0)

The Kingpin wins, and the D Block picture is still a mess! Can Hashi recover to have his last G1 match tomorrow? As for Ospreay, will he settle things with Juice Robinson on Tuesday and make the path forward a bit clearer?


G1 Climax, B Block: Taichi w/ Miho Abe VS Jay White w/ Gedo!

One way or another, The Holy Emperor finishes his run this weekend, but if he wins here, it might not even matter! Will the Sliest Wrestler in the World be able to snatch a golden ticket off the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion? Or will he breath with the Switchblade as the Jay1 goes 5-0?

White and Taichi both have quite a bit to put aside, from jackets to belts. Taichi shows off the dancing pecs and even White applauds. White gets his moving, too, so he isn’t out of the NJPW Dancing with the Pecs running. White gets impatient with Red Shoes and he Too Sweets with Gedo. The bell rings and fans rally up as White and Taichi stare down. White and Taichi circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Taichi finds a point of leverage and he puts White in a corner. Red Shoes calls the ropebreak, Taichi pats White on the shoulder then backs away. Fans applaud and White dusts himself off. Taichi and White reset and circle again.

Taichi offers White a sumo style showdown. Fans rally up for that and White says okay, but how does it work? They crouch, then Taichi does the sumo stomp. White asks Gedo if that’s how it’s done. White returns the stomp, and they square up at center. But then White pulls hair and RAMS Taichi into the corner! White stomps a mudhole then throws forearms. White mocks the sumo then whips corner to corner. Taichi reverses and runs in but White bails out! White says nope, Taichi isn’t getting the better of him. White wants Red Shoes to keep Taichi back so he can get in. Taichi does back up and White returns.

Gedo grabs Taichi’s foot! White CLUBS away on Taichi, mocks the sumo then whips, but Taichi reverses. White holds ropes and bails out, but Taichi rushes out after him! White slides back in, Taichi pursues, but White facelocks. Taichi RAMS White into a corner! Red Shoes calls the ropebreak, Taichi slowly lets off, but White avoids the cheap shot to CHOP! Taichi just snarls and CHOKES White! Taichi has White in the corner, Gedo protests but then Taichi tells Gedo to shut up before he CHOKES Gedo! White rakes Taichi’s eyes to make him let Gedo go! White fireman’s carries and HOTSHOTS Taichi to the floor!

White applauds mockingly and he smirks as he mocks more of Taichi’s sumo style. White drags Taichi up to CHOKE him on the railing right in front of commentary! Red Shoes reprimands, White lets off and Taichi falls over. White borrows some camera cable to CHOKE Taichi! Red Shoes reprimands but White talks trash on Taichi. White lets off, tells Miho to shut it but she’s all the way on the other side of the ring. White drags Taichi up and into the ring, then puts him on the apron. White CLUBS Taichi in the chest again and again! Gedo likes it as White SMOTHERS Taichi with the apron skirt! Red Shoes reprimands, White tells Miho to shut up, but he does let off.

White is polite enough to put the skirt back where it belongs and he wipes the sweat away with his towel. White drags Taichi to a cover but Red Shoes refuses to count! Gedo and White ask why, but it’s obviously because of the shenanigans with the skirt! Gedo distracts Red Shoes with his dramatic whining so that White can CHOKE Taichi with the towel! Miho protests, Red Shoes sees something’s up, and White lets off on the towel. White tells Red Shoes to relax, it’s just his towel! The towel is taken away, and White gets the fans to clap again. “TA-I-CHI!” “JAY WHI-TO!” White mocks Taichi but Taichi kicks back from the ropes!

Taichi whips White, White reverses and kicks low to throw Taichi by his hair! White CHOKES Taichi, much like Taichi would. Red Shoes reprimands, he won’t count the cover. But White says Taichi does it all the time! Speaking of, Taichi CHOKES White from below! Gedo protests, White stomps Taichi into letting go, then stomps him more! White sputters and coughs at the ropes but fans rally up. White sits Taichi up into a chinlock but Taichi endures. White grinds Taichi down but Taichi kicks around. Taichi pulls White’s hair, stands up, and he throws elbows. Taichi KICKS White’s leg, KICKS it again, then blocks White’s kick to KICK again!

White hobbles away and fans fire up! Taichi storms over but White knees low. White Too Sweet CHOPS! And Too Sweet CHOPS! White whips Taichi corner to corner, then runs in, but Taichi dodges the chop! Taichi CHOKES White again! Gedo protests, Red Shoes reprimands, and White tries to choke Taichi back! Taichi breaks that grip and shoves White into the corner to GAMANGIRI! Fans fire up as both men fall down! White stirs and gets out of the corner while Taichi sits up. Taichi stands and storms up on White to KICK him back down! Fans fire up while White sits back up. Taichi KICKS him down again!

Gedo grows worried for White as he manages to sit up again. Taichi KICKS White down again! Taichi taunts White, looms over him, then drags him up to snapmare and KICK in the back! White writhes and fans fire up as Taichi stalks White to ropes. Taichi drags White up, whips but White reverses. Taichi reverses back to DANGEROUS HOOK KICK! Fans fire up and Taichi looms over White again. Taichi drags White up to reel him in but White fights off the saido! White CLUBS away, fires off forearms, but Taichi KICKS the leg! White hobbles and drops to a knee. Taichi runs in at the corner, White dodges and fireman’s carries, DEATH VALLEY BOMB!

Fans fire up and Gedo cheers, but both men are down. White sits up and clutches his chest while fans rally. Taichi rolls away to a corner but White runs in, UPPERCUT! White brings Taichi out to suplex for BLADEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Taichi is still in this and White is frustrated. White drags Taichi up, reels him in, but Taichi fights the urenage with elbows Taichi wrenches, White ducks the roundhouse and hits a COMPLETE SHOT! White then shifts to a waistlock and he deadlift GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans fire up but Gedo is the most excited about that one. Fans rally up, White drags Taichi up and reels him in, URENAGE! Stacked cover, TWO!

White is frustrated and Gedo is furious but White sits Taichi up. White wraps on the SLEEPER, then he drags Taichi up! Taichi backs White down but White sends him into the buckles! White runs back in but into a BOOT! Taichi rushes but White ducks to CHOP! Taichi SOBATS, White UPPERCUTS, Taichi ENZIGURIS! Both men are down again and fans fire up! Taichi and White stir, Taichi sits up and fires himself up. Gedo shouts to White to get up but OFF COME THE PANTS! Taichi powers up in the corner and takes aim, but GEDO GRABS MIHO! Gedo’s got Miho by her hair! White waistlocks to SAIDO!!

Gedo says White should finish this, and he’ll keep Miho! White taunts Taichi with his “damsel in distress!” White makes Taichi look, and then he stands on Taichi’s head. White mockingly asks if Miho is okay, and Miho is almost in tears! Fans rally for Taichi but White CHOPS him! And CHOPS him! And CHOPS! Taichi stands up, White CHOPS, and Taichi just glares at Gedo! White wants Taichi to pay attention to him, so Taichi DECKS him!! Taichi goes out after Gedo and Gedo lets go of Miho. Gedo apologizes but Taichi doesn’t care. And in storms Yoshinobu Kanemaru! Suzuki-Gun doesn’t take kindly to mistreating a lady!

Gedo turns around and he sees he’s surrounded! Gedo scurries into the ring but Taichi rushes in after him. Gedo still wants mercy but White full nelsons! Taichi arm-drags White away, and DOUBLE AX BOMBERS! Fans are thunderous and Taichi gets White up to the LAST RIDE!! High stack, TWO!!? White survives but fans are thunderous again! Kanemaru coaches Taichi up while keeping Gedo down. Fans rally up and Taichi snarls. Taichi then roars and fans fire up with him! Taichi aims from the corner, for JYUTEN- NO, White drops down! White uses his opossum technique but Taichi says this isn’t much of a world champion then.

Taichi kicks White around, taunts him, and drags him up. White CHOPS back, but Taichi withstands it! Taichi eggs White on, so White LARIATS! Taichi rebounds, but swings into the SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX! But Taichi’s right back up! White gets around but Taichi turns things around with a DANGEROUS SAIDO!! Taichi crawls to the cover, TWO! White is still in this but fans rally behind Taichi! Taichi and White rise again and Taichi slashes his throat to say this is done. Taichi Alabama Lifts but White sprawls to block! White brings Taichi up but Taichi breaks free and BUZZSAWS! And then Taichi hooks up the arms!

Wait, Taichi backs off on the Gedo Clutch because actual Gedo is getting in the ring! Taichi KICKS the ropes to low blow Gedo! Gedo falls down but White gets Taichi, BLADE- NO, Taichi throws White down and GEDO CLUTCH! TWO!?!?! White escapes by mere nanoseconds! But Taichi runs in to Alabama Lift and- White slips off! White blocks the kick, reels Taichi in but Taichi elbows free! Taichi clinches and SUMO THROWS! And then Taichi sets up, YOKOZUNA- BLADE- NO! YOKOZUNA ELBOW!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? White is still surviving by the skin of his teeth! Miho is mad and she wants White to pay!

Fans are thunderous, Taichi slowly stands back up and he roars! Taichi drags White up, reels him into the Alabama Lift, but White sunset flips! BLADE- NO!! DANGEROUS SAIDO!! With bridge, TWO!?!!! Taichi is getting mad now and he drags White up! Alabama, but White wrenches! BLADERUNNER!!!! But White can’t make the cover!! Fans are electric as both men slowly stir! White flounders his way over, he drags Taichi back up, but he can’t get that dead weight up! White has to use the ropes, but Taichi throws haymakers from below! And CHOKES White! White still powers through to BLADERUNNER!!! Cover, White wins!!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Taichi earns 0)

White is FIVE AND OH! And in one fell swoop, The Switchblade eliminates both the Holy Emperor and the Cold Skull! Their records are not enough to take the block, will they just have to have better luck next year?

But as Taichi is taken away by Young Lions, Kanemaru and Miho trailing after, White gets the mic to say, “Hey! Hey! Come back! Come back!” He even adds in Japanese, “Don’t discriminate.” White then demands ice from the Young Lions, and they bring him a few icepacks. White puts them all on his chest given those sharp kicks from Taichi. He also claims he still has heat stroke like he did earlier this week. MORE ICE! “Shimoda! Shimoda-san, more ice!” Even more ice is brought while some fans are leaving. White again says, “Did you guys not hear? I had heat stroke, I need ice to cool down.”

White chuckles a bit and says, “Heat stroke? HEAT STROKE? I live in Florida! Do you think a little bit of sun, and heat, is going to bother me? How gullible and stupid can you all be?! But I appreciate the days off in Hiroshima, the days off those pointless matches worth zero points in the Jay1 Climax! It was nice to have that rest so I could be well-rested for matches that do matter, like today, and like against one Tama Tonga.” But that’s not what White wants to be saying. He wants to say, “Thank you all so much for all of your heartfelt messages and well-wishes and prayers, saying, ‘Jay White, please get better. Jay White, take care of yourself.'”

That really brought a tear to White’s eye and he wouldn’t be here tonight to fight his heart out for all the fans, if not for all those lovely, lovely messages. White pretends to cry over this but he can’t help but laugh. “Still my ear! Undefeated! Switchblade Era!” Jay drops the mic, but will he keep this momentum going to a spotless 6-0? Or will he drop the ball in the final round against The Good Bad Guy?


Here are the NEW standings!

A Block

  • Kazuchika Okada: 4-1, 8 points
  • Lance Archer: 3-2, 6 points
  • JONAH: 3-2, 6 points
  • Jeff Cobb: 3-2, 6 points
  • Bad Luck Fale: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Tom Lawlor: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Toru Yano: 1-5, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

B Block

  • Jay White: 5-0, 10 points
  • Tama Tonga: 4-1, 8 points
  • SANADA: 3-2, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Taichi: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Chase Owens: 2-4, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Great-O-Khan: 1-4, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Tomohiro Ishii: 1-4, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

C Block

  • Zack Sabre Jr: 4-1, 8 points
  • Hirooki Goto: 3-2, 6 points
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi: 3-2, 6 points
  • Tetsuya Naito: 3-2, 6 points
  • EVIL: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • KENTA: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
  • Aaron Henare: 1-5, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

D Block

  • David Finlay: 3-2, 6 points
  • Shingo Takagi: 3-2, 6 points
  • Will Ospreay: 3-2, 6 points
  • Yujiro Takahashi: 3-3, 6 points
  • El Phantasmo: 2-3, 4 points
  • YOSHI-HASHI: 2-3, 4 points
  • Juice Robinson: 2-3, 4 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

A great event for the G1, and what a great variety in these blocks. Henare VS Kenta was a great match, even with both men out of the running. But Kenta winning makes the most sense, as he’s the veteran and he needs the momentum to take on Hiroshi Tanahashi tomorrow. There is a chance Kenta wins that, as both revenge for their IWGP US Championship No Disqualifications match, as well as clear the way for Naito or Zack Sabre Jr. That win would be a big feather in Kenta’s cap, who knows if it happens. Yano VS Cobb was a ton of fun, but of course Cobb wins to keep going. Cobb VS Lawlor is tomorrow, both their last one this G1, Lawlor could get a HUGE spoiler right at the end here.

The D Block is hilariously chaotic here, and NJPW is brilliant for finding a way to make this work. Yujiro VS Takagi was a very good match, but I figured Takagi would win. Hashi VS Ospreay was awesome stuff, Hashi is continuing to look awesome, but I figured Ospreay would win. Yujiro is right smack in the middle, but he has one of the more important wins since he beat David Finlay to start this G1 before Finlay went on that wild run. Finlay has a win over Takagi, Ospreay and Juice, but ELP also just beat Finlay, and there’s still Finlay VS Hashi tomorrow. No one really knows what will happen if all seven men end up 3-3, so I would think one person has to go 4-2 and then that guy, whoever it is, is D Block’s guy.

Taichi VS White was awesome stuff, and it really felt worth of someone facing the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion. It felt like Taichi could’ve taken that win but in the end, White stays spotless. It will still come down to White VS Tama on Tuesday, “win and you’re in,” and either way, that result is going to be wild. Tama can get the golden ticket and go strong into the semifinals, or White runs the block (granted a smaller block) to look almost unstoppable.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Emergence Results & Match Ratings: 8.12.2022




OKAY! So we all know I’m just hype to get to the main event and hopefully see Alex Shelley win the title. So I’ll do the whole “here’s my picks” cheap way to do an intro, and then into the coverage.


  • X Division Match – Bailey retains (because I hate Jack Evans)
  • Maclin vs Callihan – Callihan wins (because Moose needs a reason to get involved)
  • VBD vs Motor City Time – VBD win (because they need relevance)
  • Honor No More vs Bullet Club – Honor No More win (because Impact made me like Matt Taven)
  • Bandido vs Rey Horus: Bandido wins (because he’s already got more name recognition)
  • Knockouts: Jordynne Grace vs Mia Yim: Jordynne wins (because they hot shot belts to new people too much)
  • World Title: Alex Shelley vs Josh Alexander: Alex Shelley wins (because I want him to)

Now on to the show!


  • X Division Championship: Speedball Mike Bailey (c) vs Jack Evans: Bailey retains via Ultima Weapon – * 1/2
  • Steve Maclin vs Sami Callihan: Never Happened
  • VBD (Eric Young & Deaner w/Joe Doering) vs Motor City Time (Kushida & Chris Sabin): EY wins via Piledriver – *** 1/4
  • AAA Attraction Match: Bandido vs Rey Horus: Bandido wins via 21Plex – ***
  • NODQ Anything Goes: Steve Maclin vs Sami Callihan: Callihan wins via Cactus Driver ’97 – *** 3/4
  • Honor No More (Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Vincent, PCO & Eddie Edwards w/Maria) vs Bullet Club (Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, Hikuleo, Ace Austin, Chris Bey): Taven wins via Climax into Trash Can – *** 1/4
  • Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Mia Yim: Grace retains via Grace Driver – *** 3/4
  • IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs Alex Shelley: Josh retains via C4 Spike – *****


X Division Championship: Speedball Mike Bailey (c) vs Jack Evans

It should be no surprise from previous coverage, I like nothing about Jack Evans. Bad look, no psychology, all stupid flips and cheap heel gimmicks. I’m ecstatic that we get the match with the worst wrestler out of the way immediately. 

Evans dives at Speedball’s legs, tries to get some cheap Roll-Ups, typical heel powder, bait into the corner, cheap shot but Bailey manages a Top Wristlock to slow down Evans. Evans Cartwheels out, two stupid High Risk misses, a few more dumb spots and then they meet in the middle with dueling Crossbodies. The early goings, really looks slow and stupid.

Kick Fight, Bailey gets the best of it, Dropkick, Dive, throws him back in, powders out, another dive, throws him back in, another powder and Bailey hits the old Will Ospreay fake dive, before trying to get Evans back in. Baits Bailey to the rope, catches him and then Slingshot Jecht Shot into a Muta Lock, but again, these are just moves with no real story. So congrats he’s agile and flexibile I suppose.

Random Snap Suplex for a 2. The match slows down to molasses in a mayo jar, Bailey tries to counter an Irish Whip, but Evans catches him. Still a super slow Rocket Launcher attempt that Bailey counters and kicks Evans in the face. A few more kicks and then a Corkscrew Shooting Star for 2. Delayed really dumb Cartwheel Back Elbow from Evans, into a Suplex and then Falcon Arrow. But Evans’ offense is just bad, he’s like if you ordered Kid Kash on Wish.

An awful and slow Double Kick spot actually has me laughing at how awful this is. I really enjoy Speedball, but god he can’t carry a match with a wrestler not worth the hot dog or handshake he was promised. Lame Dropkick from Bailey, Escalera Moonsault gets the sympathy pop from the crowd, but this needs to end soon. Apron Triangle Kick from Evans, throws in Bailey, Blockbuster gives Evans a near fall. Evans to the top, Bailey tries to cut him off, Evans fights him off twice, but Bailey keeps rising. Sloppy Spider Suplex from Evans, Evans goes for a spot, Bailey moves, Evans heads to the corner, Tornado Kick spot that Evans takes poorly (might’ve been a receipt for the bad Spider Suplex), Ultima Weapon from Bailey and he retains. Thankfully.

Honor No More segment with Eddie trying to fire up the troops. I’ll say this, he’s become a better talker, but he’s still not close to good. I would like Honor No More to win, but it feels like the way to write them out. Here’s to hoping even if they lose, a few of them stick around as official Impact wrestlers.

Steve Maclin vs Sami Callihan

Maclin attacks Sami during his entrance, and they just brawl. The bell never rings, Sami grabs a chair, the referee tries to stop him, Sami shoves the ref but Maclin counters. Maclin tries to use the chair, the referee tries to stop him and Sami and Maclin both bully the referee and shove him to the ground before continuing to brawl.

They just go out through the crowd, continuing to fight as commentary claims the match never took place but the show must go on, so we go to the tag match!

VBD (Eric Young & Deaner w/Joe Doering) vs Motor City Time (Kushida & Chris Sabin)

Kushida and Young start off, the crowd starts the Kushida chant and Young hops out to admonish the crowd for chanting for Kushida. EY slides back in and pushes Kushida into the corner and muscles him over a little before tagging Deaner in. Deaner tries to go for the Deaner DDT early, but Kushida counters with a few short arm tackles, a lot of wrist control and then quick tags and fun tandem work.

Tandem Forward Roll Body Scissors into the Kushida PK Kick to the left arm already starts the foreshadowing on the Hoverboard Lock. EY sneak attacks Kushida during a rope run giving Deaner the opportunity to tag out, EY a few quick spots, then Kushida kicks him over the top rope, Flair Flop and stumble to the turnbuckle, a little shenanigans and EY ends up with the advantage still. Rude Awakening style Neckbreaker for a 2 count from EY before tagging in Deaner and hitting a Double Boot Face Sandwich on the apron against Kushida.

VBD keep peppering in quick tags against Kushida, and it’s working pretty well. They keep him in the corner and do their version of the Unicorn Stampede, as Kushida tries to fight back but EY drops Sabin off the apron. Fastball Special punches as both VBD men are doubled over, Kushida literally runs up and over the men, rolls off to tag in Sabin. Clears house a bit, hints at Cradle Shock on Deaner, but EY gets him. EY tries to do the MCMG reference of the 5 Hole Dive, but Kushida breaks it up and they pull off their own version. Cradle Shock/Pele Combo gets a 2 count because EY slides in to break it up. EY takes control, sets up Deaner to receive his tag and things he can land the Piledriver on Sabin. Double Neckbreakers, into the Canadian Savage aerial moves before Kushida breaks it up. VBD almost slows him down before a back hand spring Double Back Elbow has everyone laid out for a moment. Rising Fighting Spirit spot, VBD take short cuts, but get Irish Whipped, Do-si-do, doesn’t matter, High Speed Dirt into a Cravat/Cartwheel Dropkick. Deaner grabs a weapon, Doering bonks Kushida and EY gets the job done with the Piledriver.

VBD needed the win here, so I’m glad they did what they needed to, to have them remain a somewhat credible force before it all eventually implodes. 

VXT gloats a little after their Knockouts Tag Title victory on the pre-show. Deonna is gold, so it’s always nice when she’s wearing some. 

Kenny King comes out to try and bait out Heath. I don’t mind Kenny, but his promos can be corny as hell sometimes. Some cheap shots at the Bears, then a little reference to Chicago stuff, but Sami and Maclin make their way back through the crowd to distract Kenny. Heath runs down the ramp when Kenny ain’t looking, Wake Up Call after a missed Chairshot and Kenny gets left laying. Gia grabs a quick interview with Heath and the crowd responds well to him. He says he’s not gonna interfere in the 5v5, so here’s to hoping that Honor No More win, since Heath can’t continue his Wake Up Call Revenge Tour if they disband.

AAA Attraction Match: Bandido vs Rey Horus

Bandido looks like he’s having to slow down by a step or two in the early goings. Horus is just not ready to go at the speed Bandido is and its evident from Horus not ducking in time so he eats a boot while he’s obviously trying to dodge. It’s a bunch of moves pretty quick, and honestly I can’t tell what’s actually being countered, missed or just mistimed. So this early portion is not starting off good.

Things finally start to slow down when Bandido hits the Plancha, tries to continue into the ring and eats a Dropkick. Three Amigos from Bandido with the Eddie Shake before dropping down into a Worm, Handstand Senton for 2. Bandido on the outside, thought he was clever walking away, but Horus changes his angles and then jumps over the corner to land on Bandido. 180 Frog Splash from Horus for 2. Bandido has to try and fire back up, and does so as he counters the rope run with a Single Arm Gorilla Press, into a Running Leg Lariat for 2.

Horus hits a Avalanche Satellite Tornado DDT, but the worst thing is it just looked too cooperative. Was it cool? Fucking yes. But it was just too much and looked kinda dumb at the same time. Outside-In Lifting Avalanche Vertical Suplex from Bandido onto Horus for a near fall. Pop Up Cutter is a little sloppy during the run, run continues as Horus hits his own Body Roll Cutter, then a double knockout kick takes us to a 9 count (in Spanish) and a double sit up ala Kane and Taker.

I’ll be honest, if I shut my brain off and just watched, it’s definitely entertaining and fun. But the match has been one hell of a mess at many points. Popping Satellite DDT from Horus gives him another 2 count. Horus goes to the top, Bandido cuts him off, Benadryller from Bandido, 21Plex for the win!

I can give it a 3 for entertainment value, but holy hell was it a mess. 

Moose gives an interviewing denying being in cahoots with Maclin again, but Sami attacks Moose and the fight is continuing. Moose is now mad so he adds himself into this crazy brawl. D’lo finally calls in security to stop the brawl in general. SCOTT D’AMORE music hits! Scott makes it a NODQ Anything Goes match, but Moose is barred from Ringside.

Steve Maclin vs Sami Callihan (con’t)

Sami smashes Maclin’s head into the steel steps and takes a bow after the bell officially rings. Maclin is busted open and Sami is relishing in this whole situation until Maclin moves near the guardrail, Callihan gets put in the Tree of Woe and Caught in the Crosshairs on the guardrail! Suplex and then Maclin lands a Knee Drop from the apron right onto Callihan’s face.

Maclin pulls out 3 chairs and a Swiffer, Chicago pops for the Swiffer. Maclin asks if they want it…and then he throws it away, flips them off and grabs a chair to a chorus of Boos. Small “We Want Swiffer” chant but Maclin eats a T-Bone Suplex into the chair. Sami Sabu’s a chair into Maclin’s face. Another chair, another Sabu, but this time he gets the pony because it wraps around Maclin’s head like a necklace.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs…nope Low Blow. Maclin goes to down driving a chair into Sami’s ribs. Maclin grabs an equipment case with Wire Cutters, Zip Ties, Cables…it’s a box of goodies. K.I.A. from Maclin and Maclin refuses to end the match like that. He’s psyching up and looking to Zip Tie Callihan. Low Mule Kick gives Callihan the advantage. Sabu the chair a third time, “My Balls, your balls” and Sami just stomps the shit out of Maclin’s balls. Deonna is gonna be very upset with Sami after this match.

Sami goes for the Zip Ties on Maclin and has him with his hands tied behind his back. Maclin stays defiant to the end, spits at Callihan, Cactus Driver ’97, and Sami wins.

Honor No More (Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Vincent, PCO & Eddie Edwards w/Maria) vs Bullet Club (Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, Hikuleo, Ace Austin, Chris Bey)

It goes without saying that Honor No More should remain, plus with Bullet Club randomly using Hikuleo who hasn’t been on Impact television since GoD was still part of BC, he’s probably the fall guy. Even Vincent has more worth to Impact right now than Hikuleo. 

Bell rings and we get an ole 10 man donnybrook. Just slugfests and a few people get thrown out piece by piece before starting to pair up and then take the neutral corners. Good Brothers are double teaming Vincent early, but OGK slide into interrupt it. Gallows hits the Double Lariat to try and slow things down, but Gallows is in pain after his PCO match 2 weeks ago. Eddie cuts off someone, Bey and Ace double team Eddie to give BC a short advantage before Vincent comes back to life.

Big Triangle Kick from Ace wipes out Vincent. Ace of Beyse stand tall until they try and go after PCO, now they have problems. PCO and Hikuleo have their monster face off. One of Hikuleo’s strikes are worth about 3 of PCOs. Hikuleo dumps out PCO, Bey launches off of Hikuleo and takes out most of the HNM members. Hikuleo is about to dive, but Taven cuts him off just to get Yeeted into a pile of bodies. Ace hits a Diving Fold on a climbs Taven, into most of the dudes.

Weapons come out, and more chants for the Swiffer to return.  We have hit clusterfuck level for this match. 10 people is bad enough, little to no referee control, weapons and showboating to different camera cuts. Not a bad thing per se, but definitely makes things messier and easier to turn into garbage. Funny camera cut has Eddie Edwards crotching Ace with the ring post. Just revenge for when he tried to bang his wife. OGK has been doing a lot of the in ring work, but with trying to keep attention across 10 people, it’s just too much to watch. PCO misses the PCO-sault and Gallows drags him up the ramp just to eat Double Superkicks from OGK.

They drag Gallows into the crowd, we have no clue what else is going on, but Gallows fights back as PCO gets back up to his feet. Gallows and PCO fight amongst the people, Gallows tosses PCO over a second floor railing and into the Shadow Realm or something. Technically it’s 4v5 for now. Vincent Redrum’s Gallows through a table. So…someone is dead there. Eddie grabs Kenny and beats Karl with Kenny. Something oddly specific about that, but Gallows gets back up with the adrenaline surge, throws some fists and garbage cans before crumpling down. Gallows arm gives out for the Magic Killer, they wipe out Anderson, Taven hits the Climax on Gallows into a garbage can and Honor No More win!

The match totally fell apart, PCO getting sent to the Shadow Realm was a pop that didn’t really do anything aside from pop the crowd. Bey, Ace and Hikuleo weren’t really seen for the last 5 minutes of the match, at least. So yeah, over booked, sloppy, but…God dammit it was fun and the right team won.

Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Mia Yim

Both women go for an almost Japanese Junior style of stalemate wrestling. No real power advantage from either, not strikes thrown, both are just looking for leverage and opportunities. Poor Mia tries to anticipate a Leap Frog and eats the Manhattan Drop into Low Dropkick and then a Bridging Suplex for 1. Mia slides around with a trip, Low Dropkick of her own, Hesitation Dropkick, Jordynne powders and then Mia goes after her with a dive. Slides her back in for a 1 count.

Mia is getting a little cocky with the Snap Kicks. Jordynne tries to Suplex out of Mia’s offense, but Mia body scissors and locks in a Guillotine. It takes Jordynne a hot minute to power through the Guillotine to suplex counter it. Jordynne tried to Sunset Bomb, but Mia does a great job fighting it. Kicks her legs, holds the ropes, really looks like she’s trying not to go over, but eventually falls victim. Slow rise, and strike spot. Mia trades a few Forearms, then starts responding with Round Kicks. Jordynne keeps popping up, they trade, Sole Butt, Kawada Kicks and Jordynne shoves Mia a bit too hard so she falls into the ropes instead of bouncing off right, but it doesn’t look awful.

Jordynne goes for a Muta Lock of all things, I didn’t know she could do that, though I feel like she pulled it off once before, it’s still not something she does a lot. Mia counters and they have one another in Reverse Chinlocks and just slap the hell out of each other. It takes a headbutt from Mia to actually cause a recovery spot for both. Step Through Tornado DDT from Mia, for 2.

Classic Tornado attempt, held on, Muscle Buster from Jordynne, but Mia kicks out! They fight to the top turnbuckle, Mia gets the best, Avalanche Code Blue for…2.9! Nice reference back to her Jade days. Locomotion Cradles, Eat Defeat counter, Protect Ya Neck counter and Jordynne turns it into a Grace Driver for the pinfall victory!

Masha’s music hits right before Mia and Jordynne shake hands and she hands a death warrant to Jordynne Grace. I wasn’t sure if they’d sky rocket Masha to the top…so now we see if she stays as a Wrecking Machine or if Grace knocks her down a peg.

IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs Alex Shelley

GIVE ME AN ALEX SHELLEY WIN! You can’t steal my Cheerios! Just let me mark out a let you jerks! 

Josh and Alex start slow, the normal feeling out style, but as Josh tries to apply his power, Alex grinds in a headlock and keeps things slow. A few quick strikes, Frakensteiner, Josh’s head gear fell off and Alex has a little fun.

Inverted Indian Deathlock as Alex claws at Josh’s face just rubbing in the advantageous position. Alex ducks into the ropes to break the Arm Wringer, Josh didn’t so he ducked back in to use the rope to trap Josh’s arm and get in a cheap but clever kick. Josh evens things up after a few run through Shoulder Tackles since Josh is really focusing on Alex’s left arm. Now Josh is finally grabbing at the legs, which makes more sense.

Gory Special into a backslide for a quick count and then Shelley keeps a few precision strikes at Josh’s arm to soften him up for the Border City Stretch. Naciente into a Border City attempt, but he couldn’t quite lock it in. Alex is enjoying going after the different injuries that he made sure Josh knew he was aware of, so Josh retaliates with that Low Diving Crossbody.

Knees, Hamstrings and Dragon Screw attacks from Alex as he’s really trying to dissect the champion. He could be trying to do too much, but it’s smart. Seated Cloverleaf into a Koji Kimura Lock combination. Alex is putting on a clinic at the moment. Rolling Elbow shades of Kotaro Suzuki in how he did it. Josh almost starts a comeback but Alex stifles it.

Power Struggle in the middle, but Josh eventually pulls off the Fisherman’s Suplex as they both take a beat to recover. Alex tries to stop the onslaught of Haymakers, but just gets molly whopped. Exploder Suplex from Josh sends Shelley to the center, Josh goes for a King Kong Knee Drop and misses. Shelley lays out Josh with a Tornado DDT, goes to the top, shrugs, Frog Splash for 2 and then Josh hooks the Ankle Lock but Alex gets to the rope.

After this point I just got engrossed and watched instead of typed. This was a hell of a match. Needs to be searched out by anyone who enjoys great wrestling and in-ring story telling. 


Overall Score: 8/10

So there was something charming about this show, even if it started with one of my least favorite wrestlers in all of wrestling. The match that turned into a brawl for like an hour than finally a NoDQ match was VERY old school TNA and I enjoyed the camp of the situation. It was definitely an oddly paced show with a few consecutive segments of non-wrestling and just gimmick or interview, but the last few matches saved things for me.

Lucha in general is a car crash style of wrestling that I’m very hot and cold on, but when it’s done well, it’s fucking beautiful. Bandido versus Rey Horus, was more like Jersey Shore. I can’t stop watching the awful situations, but I leave amused and feeling okay about myself; so I suppose generally positive outcome. Back to back hardcore matches are usually bad booking, but Maclin was committed to his match and that made it beautiful; while the Honor No More match was a mess, but checked enough “sports entertainment” boxes to be more than just a correct finish. Jordynne and Mia worked their assess off, there were just a couple clunky spots that stopped me from getting totally hype. And of course, the Shelley vs Alexander match was actually objectively fantastic. While I loved Sabin vs Shelley, there was definitely nostalgia and general marking out for both of them going on; I would put this match against anything else in anyone’s MOTY pool.

The wrong guy won, but damn was it a fantastic match. Solid PPV, started slow, but when it picked up, it went at the speed of a freight train. Good stuff.

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