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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (9/21/20)

Keith Lee gets another chance!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

Will Drew McIntyre #BaskInHisGlory this time?

Retribution tried to ruin Raw last week, but only got wrecked in the process! Will they try to ruin Keith Lee’s chances at the WWE Championship again?


  • Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Triple Threat: Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas VS Humberto Carrillo & Dominik Mysterio; Garza & Almas win and will challenge The Street Profits for the titles at Clash of Champions.
  • Drew McIntyre VS Keith Lee; McIntyre wins by disqualification, will face Randy Orton at Clash of Champions.
  • Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Mickie James VS Zelina Vega; Vega wins and will challenge Asuka for the title at Clash of Champions.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Sharknado 7-and-a-half: R-Truth w/ Lil Jimmy VS Akira Tozawa VS A shark; Truth retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • Apollo Crews w/ Ricochet VS Cedric Alexander w/ MVP; Crews wins.
  • Raw Underground – Dolph Ziggler VS Arturo Ruas; Ziggler wins.
  • Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS Lana & Natalya; Jax & Baszler win.
  • Raw Underground – Riddick Moss VS Erik; Moss wins.
  • Asuka VS Peyton Royce; Asuka wins, by disqualification.
  • Raw Underground – Braun Strowman VS Dabba-Kato; Strowman wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS Retribution; Hurt Business wins, by disqualification.


Retribution raids Raw already!

And they reveal themselves!! They’ve been Mia Yim, Mercedes Martinez, Dominik Dijakovic, Shane Thorne and even Dio Maddin! Mia speaks “to WWE Management. You think your company is safe because you gave us contracts? Think again!” This will continue because only the true deserving individuals are motivated by money. They are done by getting stepped on for the imaginary brass ring. “We are here to destroy the WWE and rebuild it in the image of Retribution!” And they will do it at the expense of the other superstars! “Each and every single one of you are the sickness that’s responsible for the infestation of this hell hole! You do this to collect your money. For the fame, for the fortune, so that you can all collect your paydays like WHORES!” Retribution will be judge, jury and executioner!

But here comes the Hurt Business! MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander stand in the way of the renegades! But Retribution retreats! MVP asks what’s poppin’! When realness shows up, Retribution ain’t got no heart. They ain’t so tough without their toes! To think these hoes would be running their mouths even after having contracts. They have an opportunity to be on the business end of some hurt! The Hurt Business aren’t children hiding behind masks. They will beat you all down and look good while doing it. But the Retribution henchmen return! This means the Hurt Business is outnumbered 4 to 1! But they still fight them all!

Alexander spills out with some but gets mugged! Lashley, MVP and Benjamin are also being cornered and beaten down! Dijakovic BOOTS MVP, then Maddin works together with him for a DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM on Lashley! Retribution has taken over and Raw goes to break!


Raw returns with the Mysterio Family backstage.

What is it like for Rey, Angie and Aalyah to watch Dominik go for his first championship in tonight’s Triple Threat Tag? Familia is todo, family is everything. This has special meaning to Rey as a father because his first WWE title was in the tag division. Dominik is following in Rey’s footsteps and they are so blessed! Will Dominik continue to follow his father’s footsteps by winning?


The Street Profits head to the ring!

Speaking of the champions, here are the Raw Tag Team Champions to get the mood back up! Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins will know their Clash of Champions opponents by the end of the night, and are here to see it for themselves!

Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Triple Threat: Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas VS Humberto Carrillo & Dominik Mysterio!

The Monday Night Messiah is not pleased with his disciple, and La Muneca isn’t with her team! Will this make it easier for the returning Ultimo Ninja to win alongside El Hijo del Mysterio?

Raw returns and in this Triple Threat, one man is in for each team! Carrillo, Murphy and Garza approach with the bell, but off comes the pants! Garza throws them at Murphy and tags out to Almas. Almas shoves Murphy, Murphy steps to Almas but Alms bails out. Murphy ties up with Carrillo, wrenches his arm, and grinds him down. Carrillo fights up, rolls, handsprings and wrenches back! Murphy rolls, handsprings and spins through to reverse onto Carrillo. Murphy yanks the arm, grinds Carrillo down again, but Carrillo gets up to step through and get the wristlock. Murphy breaks free, headlocks, Carrillo powers out but Murphy has the wristlock. Carrillo uses the ropes to flip through and arm-drag Murphy out!

But Almas strikes! Almas puts Carrillo in the corner, tags Garza, and Garza stomps away on his own cousin before a mule kick! Tag to Almas, they mug Carrillo but Carrillo reverses the whip. Almas goes Tranquilo and taunts, but Murphy slips in to kick Carrillo. Almas kicks Carrillo, and there’s an understanding. Almas swings on Dominik but he dodges, Murphy and Almas mug Carrillo. They double whip but Carrillo kicks Almas and uses Murphy to go up and flying arm-drag Almas out! Murphy runs in but is put on the apron. Murphy ducks the roundhouse but not the enziguri! Profits like that as Garza come sin but gets hit by Dominik! Dom goes up, Carrillo runs, DOUBLE FLY!! They take out their competition, minus Rollins who can’t believe Murphy let that happen.

Dom puts Almas in, covers, TWO! Dominik throws hands on Almas but Almas hits back. Almas CHOPS Dominik on the ropes, but Dominik reverses the whip, Almas kicks back, throws more forearms but Dom does the same! Dominik hops on, for a CODE RED! Cover, Garza basement dropkicks! Garza drags Dom into a facelock, then up for an uppercut! Garza whips Dom but he tiger feints through to hit Garza in the ropes! Murphy hits Garza and shoves him into Dominik, both men go down! Carrillo runs in but gets a BOOT! Almas runs into the strike fest! Murphy stomps but Almas dodges to BOOT and CHOP Murphy! Almas runs, Murphy reels him in but gets an elbow! Almas runs to get a KNEE TRIGGER! Rollins likes that and the Profits are fired up, too!

Rollins looks around, realizes he’s the only one left, so he decides to leave the corner?! “I’ve got more important things going on right now. Lot on my mind.” Rollins is abandoning Murphy AGAIN! Almas rolls Murph up, TWO! Murphy powers Almas to a corner, rams him over and over, but Almas boot feints to ELBOW him down! Tag to Garza, underhooks and WING CLIPPER!! Cover, Garza and Almas win!!

Winners: Andrade Almas & Angel Garza, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the Raw Tag Team Championships)

The Profits like this! “No excuses! We’ll hand y’all the L again!” Both teams tread familiar roads, but will things be very, very different this time?


Shane McMahon and Jordan Omogbehin meet up early.

Raw Underground is going to be colossal as Braun Strowman and Dabba-Kato have it out! Ready for that? Shane is going to promote this on the KO Show. Just watch out for him. No, he’s okay, he and Kevin are cool now. You sure? Yeah, just watch the door. Shane always has some surprises up his sleeve. Then let Jordan know. But then it wouldn’t be a surprise! Will Shane and Kevin keep things civil tonight?


Raw returns with a message from Retribution!

“Hurt Business! You could’ve been art of the solution. But once again, you bend the knee to the WWE’s demands, and you’re part of our problem.” While others wait outside, in the cold, Hurt Business lines their pockets with WWE money to pay for their thousand dollar suits! They didn’t ask for this opportunity out of hate or anger, but out of greed. Their payment will not come in money, but in a match with them! They will pay Hurt Business with retribution!


Raw presents The KO Show!

Kevin welcomes us back to his show, things didn’t work out for him. He was attacked for no real reason by “Captain Hot Topic.” But Kevin took care of Aleister Black and is moving on. Tonight is an extra special episode, because tonight’s guest is someone he thought he’d never have back. “But hey, 2020’s been pretty weird so far, let’s keep going!” Ladies and gentlemen, SHANE MCMAHON! Shane O’Mac goes to the ring and joins Kevin “on set.” Kevin “can’t get enough” of Shane’s dancing, but let’s have a seat. Kevin can’t believe Shane is here. Shane can’t, either. Thanks for having him! There’s always an agenda with Kevin but that’ll be a business another time.

Oh yeah, the two years against each other, with Hell in a Cell, Shane got fired and somehow he’s back. Kevin’s fine with that, because it’s all in the past. The thing is, this isn’t about them. No, tonight is about what Shane does best: promoting! A McMahon is a promoter at hand, and there’s a huge fight to promote! Take the floor, because Kevin can’t wait. Shane says Raw Underground will have the Battle of the Behemoths! Dabba-Kato is new, but he’s 7′ tall, near 400 pounds, and we know Braun’s pedigree and massive wake of destruction. These two, wow. Shane appreciates being out here to promote this. And he remembers Kevin “met” Dabba-Kato. Let’s sample the goods a bit, right? Shane invites Dabba-Kato out!

Kevin is certainly surprised Shane has a guest for Kevin’s show. Dabba walks to the ring, and Shane says it’s impressive to see him go over the top rope. Shane stands to make sure we understand how tall Dabba is. Now this is why Kevin wanted Shane here. Kevin wanted Shane because he knew Dabba wouldn’t be far behind. Kevin doesn’t really care about tonight’s Raw Underground, but two week’s ago. Kevin remembers what Dabba did to him. So Dabba is the new kid, probably not sure how things go around here, and is focused on Braun. Kevin just wants Dabba to know this is going to happen at some point. Until then, chew on this. SLAP!! Shane tells Dabba to stay calm, but Kevin reveals a SECOND guest! It’s BRAUN STROWMAN!!

The Monster is here already! Kevin is ruining Shane’s promotion by having the behemoths meet early! Shane panics but Dabba is ready, and so is Braun! Shane wants things to stay calm, this has to happen in Raw Underground and only in Raw Underground! That goes for Dabba, too! Braun tells Dabba that it won’t matter what he does! Dabba threatens Braun, but Aleister attacks Kevin! He trips Kevin and drags him into the post! Kevin gets split between the uprights and Aleister looms over his victim. It seems Kevin is not through with Aleister, but what will it take to stop this?


Backstage interview with Drew McIntyre!

Charly Caruso asks that before he heads out, are there any concerns about competing with the fractured jaw? Yeah, no. Okay then, what about his fractured friendship with Keith Lee? Well things got heated, but McIntyre gets it. It’s all business. McIntyre is WWE World Champion, Keith wants to be WWE World Champion. If you’re in the WWE yet you don’t want to be the top guy, then why are you here? Keith and McIntyre will surely laugh about this looking back, but tonight they will beat the hell out of each other. And those drinks will be on McIntyre, when he wins. That second time around happens after the break!


Raw returns to a brawl!

Retribution is beating down Titus O’Neil and Humberto Carrillo!! Dijakovic says the WWE superstars are the sickness while they are the judge, jury and executioners!


Drew McIntyre VS Keith Lee!

Speaking of Retribution, the first attempt at this was ruined by them. But now, the Scottish Stud and Limitless One will finish what they started! Will Keith earn another golden opportunity in his already gilded WWE career? Or will McIntyre do whatever he must to deny him that? And what of Randy Orton’s return in time for Clash of Champions on top of all this?

The bell rings and Keith dodges a boot to headlock McIntyre. McIntyre powers up but can’t power out as Keith holds on tight. McIntyre pries at the hold, gets free and gets the headlock in return. Keith endures, pries at the hold, but McIntyre cranks harder. Keith powers up to lift McIntyre but McIntyre stops that with more wrenching of Keith’s head. The fans build to a rally, Keith powers out but McIntyre goes up and over to run and doge. Keith dodges and POUNCES McIntyre out of the ring! Keith grins as McIntyre tumbles down! A ring count begins but Keith goes out to fetch McIntyre. Keith stalks McIntyre around the announce desk but McIntyre throws body shots. The ring count reaches 5 but McIntyre punches Keith into the ring. McIntyre returns at 7, but Keith bails out.

McIntyre goes out to throw hands and CHOPS, but Keith GRIZZLY MAGNUM chops! But McIntyre borrows something from Orton with the back suplex onto the announce desk!! Keith is down but McIntyre is seething as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and McIntyre throws hands, kicks and CHOPS! McIntyre wrenches but Keith throws body shots and backs him down! Keith fires off, McIntyre pushes him away but Keith hits back! LARIAT! Keith runs and corner splashes McIntyre! Then he runs, rolls and comes back for another splash! Keith keeps moving, McIntyre dodges and manages a fireman’s carry! Keith slips off the back but McIntyre BOOTS him! Keith DECKS McIntyre with a left! Keith sees McIntyre down, but hesitates because of the fractured jaw. Keith still covers, TWO! McIntyre clutches his jaw but Keith shrugs off his concerns for a friend and drags up an opponent. Keith pops McIntyre up, but McIntyre fights out of the bomb, to HURICANRANA Keith to a corner!

McIntyre staggers, Keith runs at him, McIntyre hits a SPINE BUSTER! McIntyre covers, TWO!! McIntyre makes sure his jaw still works and gets up with fury on his face. McIntyre drags Keith up, throws forearms, then turns Keith for a leaping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! McIntyre grows frustrated, stomps Keith then looms over him. McIntyre sits Keith up for big haymakers, then brings Keith up into the double underhooks! Keith powers McIntyre to a corner before Future Shock could hit! Keith grimaces, runs in but McIntyre elbows him away! McIntyre fires up, runs, but into a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Keith grits his teeth, growing further frustrated with McIntyre. He drags McIntyre up, McIntyre hits back, but Keith knees low.

Keith throws more forearms and elbows, then runs to LARIAT McIntyre down! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre still lives but still clutches his jaw, too. Fans build to another rally as Keith looms over McIntyre. Keith says, “This is my chance!” He drags McIntyre up by his hair, reels him in and lifts, but McIntyre pops out the back! McIntyre comes back with a CLAYMORE!! But RANDY ORTON attacks with a chair!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by disqualification

The Viper digs the chair into McIntyre’s jaw!! Orton shows no mercy but lets off when he runs out of energy. McIntyre gets out of the ring, clutching his jaw, but Orton now aims at Keith! TO PUNT HIM!! The Apex Predator killed two birds with one stone, but will he come to regret making his return like this?


Raw returns and Orton is still in the ring.

The Viper paces as he says, “Shame on all of you people!” Shame on us for doubting him for even a second! For doubting he’d make it to Clash of Champions! Doesn’t his 20 year track record count for anything?! The ONE constant in the WWE this entire time has been Orton! He hasn’t walked away from a match and doesn’t plan on doing that any time soon. “But… The world title match at Clash of Champions isn’t exactly a normal world title match, now is it?” Orton walks over to the ambulance parked nearby as an example.

Orton opens the doors to show us inside. “I took a ride in this very ambulance a few short weeks ago. And I took that ride because Drew McIntyre gave me not one, not two, but three Claymore kicks.” And as he was strapped to the stretcher and flying down the highway, “the sirens were blaring.” Orton was in and out of consciousness and could barely see straight, but he realized something. This is the feeling of being taken out by the Legend Killer. This is what Edge felt, what Christian felt, what Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and even McIntyre felt after getting kicked in the skull! As Orton came to, he felt a smile on his face. Not because he was enjoying the pain. But because he remembered exactly what he is capable of. Orton remembered “exactly what it takes to become WWE Champion.”

An ambulance represents different things for different people. For some, it is hope and healing. For others, it is pain and agony, or even death. But this ambulance here, for Orton, this represents his FOURTEENTH world championship reign. “Now, Drew, listen up, buddy.” At Clash of Champions, Orton makes sure McIntyre takes one last ride in the ambulance, and makes sure his world title reign flatlines thanks to the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment: R K O! Orton slams the doors shut to punctuate his point. Will Orton make this ambulance represent the death of McIntyre’s reign and the birth of his next?


Backstage interview with Asuka!

Sarah Schreiber talks with the Empress on who is the greater threat to her Raw Women’s Championship reign: Mickie James or Zelina Vega? Pff, what is she talking about? But here comes Billie Kay!? Billie mockingly advertises hot ‘n’ fresh matches with the champ! In case you couldn’t tell, Asuka, that is Billie’s spot on impersonation of Asuka herself. Because Vega was on to something about Asuka being way too willing to hand out matches against anyone who asks for one. Maybe Sarah gets a match? Or Jen from catering? Or maybe even… Peyton Royce! Right, Billie? Yeah, too. Or Billie. Are these two still friends? Are you joking?! Just because they can’t be a team anymore doesn’t mean they stopped being friends who support each other. Billie and Peyton support each other, even as things change.

Speaking of change, Asuka is champion now, but she won’t be after Clash. Actually, “No one is ready for Asuka!” But Asuka is ready for Peyton tonight! Asuka laughs as she leaves, will she also have the last laugh on the formerly iconic duo?


Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Mickie James VS Zelina Vega!

Speaking of that coming challenge, the controversial ending to Asuka VS Mickie will be resolved in part! Will the former six-time women’s champion earn her second shot at the Empress? Or will Vega prove she is ready for anything?

Raw returns as Mickie makes her entrance. The bell rings, Vega kicks low and ax kicks Mickie down! Vega bumps Mciki eoff buckles, stomps away then digs her boot in. The ref counts, Mickie pushes Vega back but Vega grabs hair and talks trash. Mickie pulls hair back to throw Vega down! Mickie drags Vega up, then swings and throws her by her hair! Vega gets to a corner, the ref keeps Mickie back, and Vega rushes in to get a sleeper hold! Vega is a backpack but Mickie throws her off to run and KICK her down! Cover, TWO! Mickie keeps her cool as she drags Vega up to suplex. Vega turns it around to a cradle, TWO! Mickie gets up, Vega dodges the punches and comes back with a tilt-o-whirl to an OCTOPUS!

Mickie endures as Vega twists and stretches her! Mickie falls to a knee, but powers back up to RAM Vega into a corner! And again! Vega lets go, Mickie staggers away but comes back to only get buckles. Vega KICKS Mickie down, then says it’s her time! Vega goes to kick again, Mickie blocks and shifts Vega around for a powerbomb, into Vega’s huricarnana! Cover, ONE, Mickie has the cover, ONE! Vega throws Mickie down by her hair, but Mickie pushes her back. Mickie is on the ropes, Vega tiger feints into a crucifix stretch on the ropes! The ref counts, Vega lets go at 4, then grins as she stalks behind Mickie. Vega climbs up and reels Mickie in, for a tornado but NO DDT! Mickie LARIATS Vega down! And then back kicks, BOOTS and runs to CLOBBER Vega!

Vega staggers up, Mickie hits a flapjack! And kip up! Mickie is fired up and heads up top as she shouts, “SEVEN TIME!” Vega stands, SEATED SENTON! Cover, TWO!! Vega survives but Mickie waits for her to rise! Mickie aims, kicks, but no DDT as Vega whips Mickie into ropes! Vega gets Mickie for the BACKSTABBER! Cover, Vega wins!!

Winner: Zelina Vega, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the Raw Women’s Championship)

La Muneca wins over a six-time champion to head for the Empress’ throne! Will Vega prove she IS ready to hold the gold? Or is there no amount of preparation to make you ready for Asuka?


Retribution jumps The Hurt Business backstage!

It seems the renegades won’t wait for the Six Man Tag! The henchmen go after all four members, but MVP and the boys are beating them down! MVP shouts to the camera, “Is this what you want, Retribution!? We live for this! WE can play this game, too!” Benjamin BOOTS one while Lashley rains down rights on another. MVP says these two have it, he and Alexander head out for a match with Apollo Crews!


Raw hears from Bianca Belair.

She’s the strongEST and toughEST, and proves it by doing an impressive amount of chin-ups, flipping a huge tractor tire, walking longer in the handstand, and putting on more weights on that dead lift bar for the clean ‘n’ jerk. The other Performance Center prospects feel bad, because nobody can whoop the EST of WWE!


The ninjas search the beaches for R-Truth!

Akira Tozawa knows Truth and the 24/7 Championship are here. They will hide in the OCEAN! Referee Ninja doesn’t want to, but Tozawa makes him swim! Truth arrives, and the “three amigos” of himself, Lil’ Jimmy and his “baby,” the 24/7 Championship, hit the beach! That’s when the ninjas spring their trap! Truth is teaching Jimmy swimming strokes, but they spot a SHARK! RUN!! Tozawa and the ref ninja swim for their lives! Oh no, Truth dropped the title! And 20 minutes later, Truth returns to search for it! Stick close, Jimmy! No, snorkels go in your mouth! If they can find Nemo, he can find his baby!

The shark is still here!! SHARKNADO 2!! The waves wash Truth to safety, and Lil’ Jimmy found the title! “Look, this is what happens!” Tozawar got devoured! Never play with sharks, kids. Is Tozawa really shark food? Or was that his referee sidekick…?


Apollo Crews w/ Ricochet VS Cedric Alexander w/ MVP!

Even with taking on Retribution, there is other business that must be attended to! Will Apollo avenge himself and Ricochet? Or will the Age of Alexander joining the Hurt Business continue to pay off for all parties involved?

Before the match, MVP says, “This is an official announcement. Attention, Retribution: tonight, you will be in a Six Man Tag Team match and you will definitively come to know why we are the Hurt Business.” They can walk around and call themselves judges and juries all they want, but make no mistake! The Hurt Business are the executioners! Alexander says MVP is correct! Alexander learned the hard way that when you send a message to the Hurt Business, expect one back tenfold! That is what Alexander will do to his “old friend.” Apollo thinks this is him getting even with Alexander, but it’s the other way around! Apollo used Alexander to get title opportunities he never deserved in the first place! Alexander will show Apollo that he doesn’t give a damn about him OR his kids!

Apollo makes his entrance and has his own mic. He never thought he’d see this side of Alexander. What side? The side that’s tired of being a pawn?! Apollo doesn’t even care anymore! He just wants to punch Alexander in the face. And if Lashley and MVP think Apollo has forgotten about the US Championship match, you’ve got a front row seat to see exactly how it goes down at Clash of Champions! Then Apollo will become a two-time United States Champion! No more talk, it’s time to fight!

Apollo gets around Alexander for a waistlock and slam! Alexander elbows out, runs but into an enziguri! Apollo runs at Alexander in the corner but Alexander bails out! MVP gets him around the way but Apollo runs to WRECK Alexander with a baseball slide! MVP and Apollo are face to face and are talking trash as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Apollo is down now. Alexander covers, TWO! Alexander rains down rights, wraps on a chinlock and grinds Apollo down. Ricochet coaches Apollo, fans build to a rally but MVP talks smack. Apollo fights up, throws hands and ROCKS Alexander! Alexander shoves and knees Apollo low, then rolls him for a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Alexander keeps on Apollo with a half nelson, and MVP coaches him up. The neck is still in bad shape after Lashley’s full nelson so a half nelson from Alexander should be good. Alexander elbows away on shoulders and ribs, then clamps on with a rear bearhug. Apollo fights up, elbows free, but Alexander reels him back in. Apollo gives more elbows but Alexander scoop MICHINOKU DRIVERS! Cover, TWO!!

MVP tells Alexander not to worry, and Alexander taunts Ricochet. MVP wants Alexander to focus, and Alexander runs into a boot and enziguri from Apollo! Apollo goes up, FROG CROSSBODY! Both men are down, MVP and Ricochet coach up their guys, and Apollo is up first. Apollo rallies with clobbering forearms, then her RAMS Alexander into a corner! Apollo rams his shoulder in over and over and fires up! Apollo runs corner to corner for a splash! FALL AWAY SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Alexander lives but Apollo keeps focus. Alexander bails out, Apollo slingshots and moonsaults but Alexander dodges. Alexander runs in then back out to DIVE onto Apollo! Direct hit, but Ricochet gets in Alexander’s face. MVP dares Ricochet to do something, Alexander gets in, for an Oklahoma Roll! APOLLO WINS!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall

The distractions cost Alexander! MVP says it’s okay, because here comes Lashley and Benjamin! And then Alexander blindsides Apollo! MVP stomps Ricochet down, Lashley RAMS Ricochet into barriers! Benjamin throws Ricochet into more barriers! Alexander and MVP double flapjack Apollo down! Lashley puts Apollo in the HURT LOCK FULL NELSON!! He thrashes Apollo around, trying to sideline him all over again! MVP says this is what’s waiting for him on Sunday! Will it be the CLASHLEY of Champions this year?


It’s time for some Raw Underground!

Braun VS Dabba isn’t happening yet, but we start with Dolph Ziggler and Arturo Ruas! The bel rings and the two circle. Ziggler shoots for a leg but Ruas stays clear. Ruas tries his capoeria but Ziggler stays clear! Ziggler and Ruas feel out the grapple, throw some hands, but Ziggler gets a leg! Rusa blocks with a cravat and knees low! Ruas FLAPJACKS Ziggler, then gest the arm! Ziggler resists the armbar, rolls, but Ruas tries to shift to a different hold. Ziggler stays up, rains down rights with the free hand but Ruas lets go. Ziggler gest the sleeper hold! Ruas tries to sip out the back but Ziggler rakes eyes! Ziggler smothers Ruas, but Ruas throws him down! Ruas rains down hands, Ziggler kicks back, but runs into a takedown!

Ruas hooks legs, laces them up, DOUBLE HEEL HOOK! Ziggler grabs beard and clubs Ruas! SLEEPER! ZIggler is back on as a backpack, Ruas fights up but fades! Ziggler has him down, Ziggler wins!!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

The Show-Off gets a fiery first win for the night! Shane asks Braun something, but Braun shouts he doesn’t want to talk to Shane. Briana Brandy, please take over. Um, uh… Well, everyone is very excited for Braun’s match. What can we expect? What Braun said last week! Is this all you have to offer? Dabba better have good dental because Braun’s gonna send him home to mommy with pockets full of teeth! And that goes for Shane if he wants to get in the ring, too! Briana sends us back to the ThunderDome.


Seth Rollins returns!

Though he ditched his disciple, the Monday Night Messiah returns with an envelope, and already claims he has “big news” to share. Rollins grabs a mic to say, “It is no secret that I’ve had the Mysterios’ number for quite some time now.” But after he defeated Dominik inside the steel cage, he thought this was all done and he was free of the torment they are putting him through. “But there’s something that’s been bothering me about the Mysterio family for quite some time.” Rollins should’ve let it go, but he was inspired to look further into it, by the most unlikely of sources. It was WWE’s official site that posted a series of photos relating to the Mysterio family, and a lightbulb went off. “The world has to know the truth.” Rollins can’t do it justice with just words, so he will show us on the Titantron.

The image is of Rey, Angie, Aalyah and Dominik posing together. But something is amiss here, according to Rollins. Look at Rey, and look at Dominik. Rollins is pointing out the height discrepancy. “It doesn’t seem possible, right?” This is unbelievable, really. We all deserve the truth! So Rollins had some people do some digging, and in his folder are the results of such an investigation. But before he reads the results, Rollins is extending the courtesy to the Mysterios to find this out from him first. “I owe them that much.” Rollins says they can all trust him, it’s okay. The Mysterios do head to the ring, and Rey says this must be so important. But before he starts, Rollins must know we are ALL tired of his mind games. And just know that Rey and family will give him a beating like they did Murphy!

Whoa, now! Rollins understands where they’re coming from with their anger, but he just wants to say something. It might sound crazy, but speaking to Rey’s family, Rollins has started to respect them. It might sound weird, but he’s inspired by them. They stand together, fight together, support each other, overcome adversity together, and that is beautiful. That is why they deserve the truth! In this envelope are the results… of a DNA test. This has been done before, but times have change. Technology has advanced a lot since then! We need a true answer to the answer, “Who is Dominik’s father?” Oh c’mon, Rollins. Are you stupid? Rollins understands the skepticism, but we all need the truth! And the truth is… The DNA results are conclusive. Dominik’s father is NOT Rey!

Wow~ Rollins. Like, seriously. That’s what this is about? He wants to go down this road again? It didn’t work then, it won’t work now. Why can’t Rollins just stop trying to ruin the Mysterio family name? Rollins realizes Rey is on to something. He made a mistake. Rollins was asking his guys to look into the “Mysterio kid,” but maybe it isn’t that Dominik isn’t Rey’s son. Maybe it’s Aalyah who isn’t Rey’s daughter!! And if this isn’t proof of that, here is concrete evidence! Roll footage from last week! Aalyah checking on Murphy? How is that evidence of anything? But Rollins says that doesn’t seem like something a Mysterio would do! She was consoling an enemy! So, Rey, what’s going on? Aalyah, what’s going on?

Rey says Rollins talks only to him! His daughter and Rey spoke about that, and it’s nothing Rollins needs to know. But Aalyah was taught to be caring and compassionate, something Rollins doesn’t know anything about! So maybe Rollins should keep Aalyah’s name out of his mouth. She’s only 19, naïve and doesn’t know anything about this world. Aalyah is upset that her father said that and storms off! Angie goes to check on Aalyah, but both Rey and Dominik are confused. Rey hurries after his daughter, Dominik glares at Rollins and then follows after. Rollins seems shocked by this, too.

Rollins apologizes, he just wanted to inform them, not drive a wedge. But maybe that happens when the truth comes out. Even a family as strong as the Mysterios can be hurt. Surely it’s probably happened to the WWE Universe, too. Rollins apologizes again then takes his leave. Just what is going on in the seesaw psyche of the Monday Night Messiah?


Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS Lana & Natalya!

While the Irresistible Force and Queen of Spades have the Riott Squad to worry about Sunday, they’ll gladly settle things with the Ravishing Russian and #BOAT for that scuffle last week. Ruby and Liv are on commentary to watch very closely, dressed in their Beetlejuice best. Will they like what they see? Or just see a glimpse into their futures?

The teams sort out and Natty starts with Nia. Natty dodges Nia, throws hands but Nia shoves her. Natty comes back with a tilt-o-whirl and elbow! Natty tags Lana, Nia whips Natty away but Natty dodges! Lana whips Natty in for a shoulder attack, then Lana adds the heel kick! Lana runs and crucifix to a sunset flip, but Nia stays up. Nia drags Lana up to headbutt her down! Shayna wants in, Nia tags her in, and Shayna DECKS Natty! Shayna grabs Lana, gut wrench slams her down, then KICKS her in the face! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Lana taps, Shayna and Nia win!

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax, by submission

Liv and Ruby insist that they, as the true tag team, are going to win. They’re united but here come Nia and Shayna! Nia shoves Liv then Shayna shoves Ruby! And now they start clearing off the desk! Nia lifts Liv up but Ruby fights back! Shayna backs Nia up while the Squad stands together! So Nia grabs Lana to again give her a SAMOAN DROP through the desk!! Who stays standing when Clash of Champions is through?


Drew McIntyre has an ice pack for his jaw.

Charly asks how he’s doing, and he says it doesn’t feel good. He and Orton meet at Clash of Champions in the Ambulance Match, and McIntyre vows “to beat the piss out of him.” But McIntyre isn’t done tonight, he’s going to go pick a fight! Where is the Scottish Stud heading!?


Raw returns to the Mysterio family backstage.

Rey apologizes to Aalyah, but he’s just trying to protect the family. She doesn’t need protection anymore, she’s an adult! Yes, but she doesn’t know Rollins like he does! He doesn’t want Rollins planting ideas in her head. Aalyah is here to support Dominik, but now he and Rey are hurt, and who knows what Rollins will do to her or mother Angie! Aalyah is somehow just a naïve 19 year old? She storms off again and this time, Angie has Rey stay here. Will the family tension cool down before the night ends?


We go back to Raw Underground!

This time, it’s Riddick Moss and Erik! They throw testing jabs, Moss rushes in but gets caught for a facelock! Moss throws hands, Erik gets around to a waistlock but Moss breaks free. They go again, throwing more hands. Moss gets up and under to SLAM Erik Erik gets away, clinches and THROWS Moss down! Erik rains down rights, Moss gets away and the crowd is fired up! Moss fires himself up, Erik throws hands with him fast and furious! Moss keeps going but Erik ROCKS him! Erik tackles Moss down, waistlocks to a DEAD LIFT GERMAN! Erik is right back on Moss but Moss gets away to ROCK Erik!! Down goes Erik, Moss wins!!

Winner: Riddick Moss

The Riddick Regimen scores big, but Shane says the main event is finally happening. Briana, can you ask Dabba how he’s feeling? She tells Dabba that he looks pumped, but Shane takes over to keep Dabba calm. What can expect? “Talk is cheap. Tonight, you all will see, but he will feel, what Dabba-Kato is all about.” The Raw Underground main event is coming, who will be left standing?


Asuka VS Peyton Royce!

The Empress knows Zelina Vega is coming for her title, but she isn’t the only one! Will the Venus Flytrap prove she is finally ready for Asuka?

Raw returns as Peyton makes her entrance. The bell rings and they tie up right away! Peyton pushes Asuka to a corner, grinds her forearms in but Asuka shoves her away. Asuka elbows and BOOTS Peyton, then rolls her up! TWO and Asuka pops Peyton up for a KNEE! Peyton goes to a corner, Asuka runs in to hip attack! Asuka waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Peyton sits up to get a SLIDING KICK! Cover, TWO!! Asuka keeps her cool as Peyton survives, and throws a kick! Peyton catches it, hooks Asuka up but Asuka pops out to hip toss to a cover, TOW! Peyton ducks the roundhouse, Asuka ducks the heel kick and mule kicks. Asuka runs, Peyton follows, and hits a WIDOW’S PEAK! Cover, TWO!!

Billie Kay is just as frustrated as Peyton. Peyton drags Asuka up, but Asuka spins out to get the chicken wing! Peyton victory rolls out of the Asuka Lock, TWO! HEEL KICK! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives and Billie shrieks on Peyton’s behalf. Peyton decides to change it up and go up top! But Asuka uppercuts her first! Asuka climbs, throws hands but Peyton knocks her down! Asuka is back with a HEEL KICK of her own! Then the FLYING ARMBAR! Peyton gets up and out and rolls with Asuka, but here comes VEGA!

Winner: Asuka, by disqualification

Vega attacks Asuka to not only ruin Peyton’s chance, but to say this is HER time! She SLAPS Asuka, talks more trash, but Asuka back kicks and back hands! Vega gets away before getting knocked out! Asuka will finally get to hit Vega back this Sunday! Will the Empress break The Doll to keep that belt?


Murphy finds Aalyah backstage.

He isn’t here to hurt her. He just wanted to apologize. This stuff with Seth and Rey have gone way out of hand. If Murphy has done anything to hurt her, he apologizes for that. Murphy leaves, but is this genuine? Or another layer to Rollins’ plot?


Raw Underground – Braun Strowman VS Dabba-Kato!

Finally, that battle of behemoths Shane promised all of us is here! Braun and Dabba are ready, they’ve said their piece, and it begins! Braun and Dabba have their dukes up, throw some jabs to test things, but things get faster and meaner! They tie up, go around, are in a deadlock, but Dabba throws big body shots. Braun shoves Dabba, grabs him for a facelock and shifts to a sleeper?! Dabba is caught, Braun smothers him, adds an arm to this, but Dabba moves around. They end up on the edge, to the floor, and Dabba hammers away! Braun shoves Dabba away and CLUBS him! Dabba throws an onlooker at him but Braun shoves him back! Both men get back in the ring, circle again and Braun DECKS Dabba!! Braun smothers and hammers Dabba and WINS!

Winner: Braun Strowman

The undefeated streak of Dabba is ended because he #GotTheseHands! Braun stands over his fallen foe, but is he done with Raw Underground? Or just getting started?


Six Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS Retribution!

MVP and his crew signed up for the tough jobs, and that includes cleaning up the mess these Mad Max wannabes have been making! Will they make Dijakovic, Maddin and Thorne regret ever getting contracts with Raw?

“Slapjack, T-Bar and Mace” enter from the back way and take the ring. MVP leads his men out to the ring, and this finally happens after the break!

Raw returns once more and the bell rings, with Lashley starting against Thorne/Slapjack! And Lashley catches him to throw him OVERHEAD! Slapjack flounders back to his corner and Maddin/Mace tags in. Lashley puts him in a corner and throws hands all over him! The ref backs him off, Lashley runs in but only gets buckles! Mace runs, T-Bar/.Dijakovic tags in and he clobbers Lashley out of the ring! MVP calms Lashley down, gets him back in and Lashley goes after T-Bar. T-Bar elbows him away, runs and Lashley hurdles but Lashley clotheslines! Lashley bumps T-Bar off buckles, tags Alexander in, and they mug T-Bar. T-Bar elbows back and throw’s body shots. T-Bar rocks Alexander, drags him up, and CLUBS him down!

T-Bar looms over Alexander before he stomps Alexander down. Slapjack mocks Alexander, T-Bar drags Alexander up and tags Slapjack in. Slapjack boots, snapmares and KICKS Alexander! Then stomps him! He rains down furious forearms and elbows then drives in knees. Tag to T-Bar and Retribution mugs Alexander. T-Bar clubs away, Alexander fights back but T-Bar DECKS him! T-Bar drags Alexander up, and TOSSES him across the way! Cover, TWO! T-Bar looms over Alexander, talks trash to him, and drags him up. T-Bar whips but Alexander handsprings to NEURALIZER! Tag to Benjamin!

Benjamin fires off on T-Bar with forearms and knees! He hits Mace and Slapjack but T-Bar throws forearms back. They brawl, T-Bar knees low and runs, into a knee! Benjamin runs but Mace swings on him! Benjamin ROCKS Mace but T-Bar BOOTS Benjamin! Mace tags in and he helps T-Bar bring Benjamin up. They double suplex Benjamin high and hard! Cover, TWO! Mace keeps on Benjamin, clubs away on Benjamin’s back, then shoves him to ropes. Benjamin gets around to back suplex Mace down! MVP is fired up as Mace and Benjamin crawl. Mace brings Benjamin up but Benjamin throws forearms. Mace throws body shots, they brawl, Mace clubs away and roars! Mace drags Benjamin back up, kicks low and tags in Slapjack.

Slapjack runs in to BOOT Benjamin, then throws forearms. Slapjack drags Benjamin out to kick away, then he sucker punches Alexander! But Benjamin back drops Slapjack! Tag to Lashley! Lashley rallies on Retribution and clobbers Slapjack! He gives Slapjack a LIFTING COMPLETE SHOT! Lashley whips Slapjack to a corner and gives him the MILE HIGH SPINE BUSTER!! Lashley stalks Slapjack, and gets him in the HURT LOCK! Slapjack manages to back Lashley into a corner and T-Bar DECKS him! The ref disqualifies Retribution immediately!

Winners: The Hurt Business, by disqualification

And now the floodgates open! The henchmen return for revenge from earlier! Another 20v4 beating! Lashley is able to hold his own but here comes MCINYTRE!! AND the Raw locker room! McIntyre, Titus, the Profits, Garza and Almas, Carrillo and more are fighting back! They finally have numbers in their favor and are throwing Retribution all around! McIntyre literally throws one henchman out of the ring! But here comes ORTON!! RKO!!! The Viper isn’t loyal to the brand, he only wants glory for himself! Chaos continues on the outside, but will the Legend Killer reign over all after the Clash of Champions?

My Thoughts:

Honestly, I forgot this was a go-home episode. I don’t really know if that is good or bad, but this wasn’t that good of an episode either way. Retribution was all over this episode, which would be good if not for the giant potholes Vince just dug into the story. I didn’t put it here, but they’re acting like the five core members aren’t the superstars we can literally tell they are! For one, giving them those TRULY STUPID names is not going to fool more dedicated fans. It is so weirdly fitting that our own Brad Abel just had an article titles, “We Are Not Idiots!” because that is exactly what is going on here. Vince, for perhaps the millionth time since NXT became a thing, is pretending like fans don’t watch NXT! Or even Raw, because guess what? Shane Thorne and Dio Maddin were on Raw just months ago! The old man needs to get out of the chair and let someone else be in charge!

Now, in a vacuum, I commend Dijak, Mia and the others committing to their new characters. While there were plenty of choices who could’ve fit the design of Retribution better (Vanessa Borne, for example, has been left out for a long time), I suppose the five they chose are proven on the mic and in the ring. Plus, Dijak and Maddin are just physically imposing, so Vince “Loves Beef” McMahon couldn’t resist. Maddin and Thorne actually could still be in Retribution based on the motivation, but the others don’t feel right anymore. They had a lot of good interaction with the Hurt Business, and closing out with a huge brawl is fitting of just about any go-home to any big event, but I just feel now is the point of no return and we’re about to eat another pizza covered in mayonnaise and jelly.

McIntyre VS Keith was good but I should’ve known Orton would attack to remove immediate complications to the title scene. He had a good ambulance themed promo to make a point of the stipulation, but I feel like things might be open to Keith getting involved at Clash. Keith is meant to be the Limitless One, so if McIntyre can somehow survive three punt kicks, I bet Keith can shrug off one. I wonder if this escalates to a Triple Threat for the next PPV. Also, even with the stupid renaming, I really hope WWE finds a way to steer things back to my theory (more like hope) that Keith is connected to Retribution. That is the only way to salvage what just happened tonight.

Meanwhile, the Triple Threat Tag was a lot of fun, especially since it was a true Triple Threat, and possibly with lucha rules of jumping in when your partner is out. I feel like WWE could do a lot if they actually used that as for more than just Lucha House Party messing with The Revival. It seemed a little anticlimactic but of course Garza and Almas won. There’s still this story with Rollins, Murphy and the Mysterios, and we get to see if Garza and Almas can do something without Vega. Rollins approaching things with the reference to the “Who’s your papi?” story without ever naming names was actually a clever way of taking that detour into it being about Aalyah. I don’t know where that is going, but I hope it isn’t using Murphy as bait to trick Aalyah. Murphy showing genuine remorse would be good for his development, but we probably can’t expect too much out of this given what we’re seeing with Retribution.

Speaking of, Vega has a good match with Mickie, though is perhaps a bit rusty since she doesn’t wrestle as much. She should’ve been doing more matches even while being a manager. Asuka had a good segment and match with Peyton and Billie, but I was hoping for more passive aggressive behavior for the former IIconic Duo. Vega “ruins” it but still gets away so that the payback can all be at Clash, since Asuka is totally winning. Riott Squad was alright on commentary, but I feel like they’re overdoing the “We’re a real team!” talk. Shayna and Nia demolished Natty and Lana, and again quite literally for Lana specifically. It would be rather miraculous if Riott Squad won, but I don’t see it happening. Even if Nia and Shayna start arguing, I feel like they’d just take the anger out on Ruby and/or Liv.

Truth and Tozawa had a great 24/7 Championship segment, and I still hope we get just a real long segment with them and other challengers for that title in the kickoff show. Really give us something to sink our teeth into, like that “shark” did with the referee ninja. And there was a lot more to Raw Underground this week, in that the fights were more like matches. I like the idea that there is becoming an established core “roster,” even if it doesn’t all make sense. Braun and Dabba was really good, but naturally Braun wins. I wonder how long he sticks around before going back to SmackDown.

My Score: 7.8/10

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