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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (9/7/20)

What is next for Monday Night Raw?



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

What is the state of Drew McIntyre?

Randy Orton earned his rematch for the WWE World Championship, but can Drew McIntyre even return to Raw after the damage done to him?


  • Six Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander; The Hurt Business wins.
  • The Street Profits VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; The Street Profits win.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Restaurant Ruckus: R-Truth VS Akira Tozawa w/ ninjas; Truth retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • Peyton Royce VS Billie Kay; Royce wins.
  • Asuka & Mickie James VS Natalya & Lana; Asuka & Mickie win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS Apollo Crews, Ricochet & The Viking Raiders; The Hurt Business wins.
  • Keith Lee VS Randy Orton; Orton wins, by disqualification.
  • Raw Underground – Aleister Black VS Kevin Owens; To Be Continued…
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: The Riott Squad VS Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax; The Riott Squad wins.
  • Raw Underground – Aleister Black VS Kevin Owens, Part 2; To Be Continued…
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: The Riott Squad VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler; No Contest.
  • Raw Underground – Aleister Black VS Kevin Owens, Part 3; Data Kato wins.
  • Street Fight: Dominik Mysterio w/ The Mysterio Family VS Buddy Murphy; Dominik wins.


Randy Orton heads to the ring!

The Viper opens Raw and sees the wall of ThunderDome fan screens giving him thumbs down. Orton takes a mic to say that he told us last week he would “Jump through whatever hoops to earn a rematch for the WWE Championship. A rematch I am already entitled to already.” But Orton beat Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Keith Lee to do it! Orton faces Keith again, and Orton says that the more likely they cross paths, the more likely Keith will be kicked in the head. Orton could go over his list of victims again, but Raw is only three hours. As for Drew McIntyre, Orton tells him that WWE stated their rematch will happen, if McIntyre recovers in time. Maybe someone doesn’t think he’ll make it.

If someone were to ask Orton why, Orton would tell them the truth: Orton kicked him in the freakin’ head and broke his jaw. Footage replays of the first two kicks in gorilla position backstage, and then the third kick in the hall when Orton got the jump on McIntyre again. Somehow, a broken jaw was the only thing that happened. And what happens when the world champion can’t defend the title at the one PPV where all the titles must be defended? The solution is quite simple, really. “You hand me the WWE Championship.” Orton is patient, but he- Wait, is that an ambulance pulling in? And driving it is DREW MCINTYRE!! The WWE World Champion is back and he’s storming the ring! Orton misses McIntyre and gets a CLAYMORE for it!!

McIntyre rains down fists on Orton, gets free of the refs and watches Orton try to get his bearings. McIntyre spares the Apex Predator for now, but will there be no mercy at Clash of Champions? And what of Orton’s match with Keith Lee later tonight?


The Hurt Business walks into the arena.

MVP goes on about a story, and the janitor says hi. MVP says the janitor was talking about Mama Benjamin, but the janitor says he didn’t say that. MVP thinks he is calling MVP a liar, so Bobby Lashley grabs him by the face! Shelton Benjamin KNEES the janitor down low! MVP says people need to be more careful or they might get hurt. So anyway, as MVP was saying…


Raw returns as Adam Pearce finds McIntyre backstage.

What is McIntyre doing back? He isn’t even medically cleared yet! McIntyre says Orton was trying to end his career. This is to show McIntyre will be at Clash of Champions, broken jaw or not! Orton will have to send McIntyre to the morgue to win! Well, he’s not medically cleared tonight because of that jaw. Pearce already has Retribution to worry about, he can’t have McIntyre causing trouble. McIntyre says it’s fine. He did what he had to do, now he’s leaving. And Pearce says no more surprises. Get to your posts, and keep the uninvited guests out! Will there be some order for once on Raw?


Six Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander!

After getting beat up and beat down in Raw Underground, Apollo and his crew want payback on MVP, Lashley and Benjamin! But will they be able to get it on the road to Clash?

The second Alexander makes his entrance, the Hurt Business is all over him on stage! Ricochet and Apollo hurry to reinforce Alexander but the Hurt Business backs off to go to the ring. Fans boo and give thumbs down in their screens as MVP, Lashley and Benjamin have the ring. Apollo helps Alexander up and the three go to the ring. The trios sort out and Apollo starts against Benjamin. But at the bell, Apollo hits Lashley off the apron and goes out after him! Apollo throws Lashley around, puts him in the ring, but Benjamin BOOTS Apollo down! Benjamin stomps Apollo at the ropes, drags him up and whips him to ropes for a clothesline!

Tag to Lashley, he drags Apollo up to throw into a corner. Lashley stomps a mud hole in, Apollo hits back but Lashley clubs him down. Lashley digs his boot in, drags Apollo up and then grinds his forearms. Lashley runs to RAM into Apollo’s stomach! Tag to Benjamin and he goes corner to corner for a KNEE! Tag to MVP, he runs in to BOOT! Apollo goes down, MVP covers, TWO! Ricochet was also there but he gets back to his corner. MVP drags Apollo around to a camel clutch just to throw crossface forearms! MVP mockingly holds Apollo’s hand out to then pull on the fingers! The ref counts, MVP stops at 4, and MVP toys with Apollo into the Hurt Business corner. Apollo tries to get away but MVP is right on him with a GERMAN SUPLEX!

Tag to Lashley, Lashley grins as he looms over Apollo and slaps him around. Lashley brings Apollo up for a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Lashley keeps on Apollo with a chinlock and grinds him down. Apollo reaches, Lashley rakes the eyes but stops at the ref’s count. Tag to Benjamin, they mug Apollo in the open corner, then Benjamin keeps on Apollo with big forearms. Benjamin stops at the ref’s count, to sucker punch Alexander! Apollo enziguris Benjamin down! Both men crawl, Apollo reaches for Ricochet, but Alexander drags him off the apron!? And throws him into barriers?! And apron, and barriers!! Why, Alexander, Why!?

Apollo fights Benjamin, but Alexander hits him with a LUMBAR CHECK!?! The Hurt Business celebrates! Is Alexander joining them or just abandoning Apollo? Either way, Apollo flounders up to a PAY DIRT!! Cover, the Hurt Business wins!

Winners: The Hurt Business, by pinfall

Fans give thumbs down but Alexander grins as he looks down at his former friends. Will Alexander come to regret this?


The Street Profits VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are getting ready to defend their Raw Tag Team Championships at Clash of Champions, but there is business they must take care of first. Retribution ruined things last week, but hopefully security keeps them out of it this time. Will the Profits be able to settle things with El Idolo y El Lothario tonight?

The teams sort out and Ford grows impatient. Garza gets in, the bell rings and he circles with Ford. Garza gets serious already and takes off the pants! Ford ducks the pants attack but Garza headlocks. Ford and Garza roll, Garza holds on, but Ford powers out. Things speed up as Ford hurdles but Garza holds ropes. Garza shoves but Ford comes back to LARIAT! Garza tags out to Almas without warning! Almas and Vega are frustrated with Garza, Dawkins tags in and dropkicks Almas down! Dawkins scoops Almas for an EXPLODER! Almas gets to a corner, Dawkins runs in but misses with the cyclone splash! Vega and Garza keep arguing, but then Garza drops down off the corner!

Garza doesn’t want them yelling at him anymore, but Vega isn’t going to let him go. Almas runs at Dawkins but misses with the knees! CASH OUT SPINE BUSTER! Tag to Ford, FROM THE HEAVENS SPLASH! Cover, Street Profits win!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall

Is this finally the end of Garza’s partnership with Almas and Vega? Who moves up in their place to challenge the Profits?

Wait, is that Cesaro?! The Swiss Cyborg is one half of the SMACKDOWN Tag Team Champions! And here’s the other half, Shinsuke Nakamura! The King of Strong Style picks up a Solo cup and “pours it out.” Is this a surprise Brand to Brand Invitation acceptance? What will the champs have to say to the other champs after the break?


Raw returns to the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Champions in the ring.

Cesaro takes care of talking. He and Nakamura are surprised to learn the Profits are the longest reigning Raw Tag Team Champions in years! Lots of respect. But the WWE Universe probably didn’t know that, because all they think of when it comes to the Street Profits is what? Nakamura says it’s playing basketball, mini-golf and fighting ninjas. Yeah! Not defending the titles. But that is why these two are here: to show everyone what real tag team champions look like. And with the Brand to Brand Invitational, they challenge the Profits to a Champions VS Champions match! In other words, they want- PAUSE! That’s copyright, fam.

But while the Profits know Cesaro and Nakamura are the blue brand’s champs, but they cna’t hang with the Profits. The Profits aren’t just champions. They’re family, bruh! They have a real bond! Not like The Bar 2.0. Hell, Cesaro’s had so many partners, he might wanna get tested… Oh ahahahaha funny guys. Yes, they have jokes. But the Profits accept the challenge! BAH GAWD, HALLELUJAH, it is on! The Profits are up, and THEY want the- “STOP!!” Nakamura says SMOKE! Mic drops! Will Cesaro and Nakamura show the brand doesn’t make the champs, the champs make the brand? Or will the Profits defend home turf?


R-Truth reminisces on his 39 different WWE 24/7 Championship reigns.

He shows Lil’ Jimmy(?) the golf court match. And then dessert is served! Lots of great sweets and treats, and a NINJA?! That’s not what Truth ordered! But Akira Tozawa and a ninja ref walk in! Bon appetit! Truth tells Lil’ Jimmy to catch! Jimmy fumbled the belt! Truth uses his water to splash one ninja, bops the other with the lid, and then rams Tozawa and the ninja ref with the cart! The matradee has no idea what’s going on! Truth shows him the ninja head and says, “You can’t get on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives serving ninjas!” Truth takes the cart, the ninja filling, and the title as he books it outta there!


Peyton Royce VS Billie Kay!

No longer part of a duo but still iconic in her own way, the Venus Fly-Trap struts her stuff all on her own! But after feeding her best friend to the wolves that were Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, she’ll have to face her former tag partner 1v1! Will the once best of friends be anything but after the break?

Raw returns and Billie makes her entrance, having returned to being the Femme Fatale. The bell rings and the two tie up. Peyton headlocks, hits the takeover but Billie headscissors. Roles reverse, Billie headlock takeovers to Peyton’s headscissors and Billie pops out. The two stand off, reluctant to fight since they’re still friends. Peyton says Billie lost their match so it’s her fault. Billie is offended and slaps Peyton! So Peyton slaps back! Billie shoves, Peyton gets her in a Gory Especial! Billie pops out, snapmares, but Peyton blocks the hip toss to go up, only for Billie to throw her off and trip her up. Billie’s elbow drop misses, Peyton waistlocks but Billie standing switches. Peyton bucks Billie off and hits the HEEL KICK! Cover, TWO!

Peyton keeps her cool as she drags Billie around. Peyton knees away on Billie’s back, wraps on a cobra clutch and thrashes her about! Billie endures, fans rally up, and Billie fights to her feet. Billie arm-drags Peyton away, then picks her up to tackle her to a corner! Billie rams her shoulder in but lets up at the ref’s count. She throws Peyton into buckles, then gets her for the suplex! Cover, TWO! Billie drags Peyton around to try again, but Peyton elbows free. Billie rolls Peyton up, TWO! Peyton jump kicks Billie, for ANARCHY SUPLEX! Cover, Peyton wins!!

Winner: Peyton Royce, by pinfall

The Venus wins, but she still sits her friend up and helps her to her feet. Billie and Peyton hug, together though apart. Will Peyton shine as a solo superstar? And what of Billie’s own singles career?


Seth Rollins tweets at Buddy Murphy.

“Penance isn’t paid by polishing rust on a sinking ship. Dig deeper, my disciple. #FortheGreaterGood.” Will this added pressure help Murphy recover from the defeat weeks ago?


The Mysterio Family walks the halls.

Rey, Angie, Dominik and Aliyah are together, ready for a special group interview. But Murphy is lurking in the shadows! Is Murphy going to do something disturbing in order to follow in the Architect’s footsteps?


Raw returns to Charly Caruso in the ring.

She gives the Mysterio Family their introduction as Rey, Dominik, Angie and Aliyah head to the ring. Charly welcomes them all to the WWE ThunderDome and says they look great. She asks Rey if he has an update on the torn triceps. Rey thanks the WWE for having the family here together. Rey wants nothing more than closure with Seth Rollins, but he hasn’t gotten it yet. He has no time table on his tricep, but he is ready to get back on Rollins. As for Dominik, was there any words of advice for him tonight? Rey is so proud of Dominik, and Dominik knows what he must do against Murphy. Murphy wants vengeance, too, and that makes him dangerous. But Rey is confident Dominik can put an end to Murphy.

Charly asks Dominik what it means to represent the family. Dominik starts but Murphy interrupts via the titantron. “Let me answer that question for you, Dominik. You should feel awful.” It was because of Dominik that the one man who picked Murphy up, let him go. Dominik is why Rollins berated Murphy and wants nothing to do with him. Rey tells Murphy that it is not the Mysterio Family’s fault Murphy pledged his loyalty to an evil SOB like Rollins! “You reap what you sew!” That’s true. But Murphy sees clearly now. Dominik has a bright future in the WWE, but the ultimate sacrifice is to end that before it begins. Dominik wanted to fight, so let’s up the ante. Murphy challenges Dominik to a Street Fight!

Rey isn’t so sure but Dominik says Murphy has terrorized them as much as Rollins did. Dominik is more than willing to embarrass Murphy in front of his savior. Challenge accepted! Very good, Dominik. Make sure the family is ringside to watch. Because it will be the last match they ever get to see. Dominik says if Murphy touches his family, it will be Murphy’s last BREATH! Things have gotten very serious again, and could get deadly! Will either man survive this redemption wrapped in revenge?


Adam Pearce talks with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler backstage.

The Queen of Spades doesn’t get why she has to have a handicap match against the Riott Squad. Well Pearce says Nia said that Shayna said she could beat Liv and Ruby at the same time. But Pearce says it occurred to him that Nia should have the same opportunity. Wait what? Nia doesn’t want a handicap match! But then Pearce spots McIntyre walking by. Pearce asks what McIntyre is doing back when we saw him leave earlier. McIntyre says he misplaced his phone, but he has it now and is definitely leaving. Is any of that true? Or will we see McIntyre again some time tonight?


Asuka & Mickie James VS Natalya & Lana!

The Empress of Tomorrow enjoyed watching the six-time women’s champion kick the Ravishing Russian right in the head last week, and apparently wants in on the fun. While Mickie wants another shot at lucky number seven, will she and Asuka stay focused on sinking the #BOAT, Best of All Time, and her not so impressive influencer?

Raw returns as Mickie makes her entrance, followed by the Queen of Harts and Lana. It’s quickly announced that Mickie WILL challenge Asuka for the title, just next week and not at Clash. Will the title match being even that much closer make it harder to be teammates?

Teams sort out, Mickie insists she start so Asuka lets her against Natty. Natty and Mickie tie up, go around, Natty headlocks to a takeover, but Mickie headscissors free. Natty pops out but Mickie headlocks back. Natty powers out, Mickie runs her over and then speeds things up. Mickie handsprings and dropkick Natty down, cover, TWO! Mickie keeps on Natty, tags Asuka in, and the two double whip Natty to ropes. Natty holds ropes, tags out to Lana, and Lana fires herself up to circle with Asuka. They tie up, Asuka powers Lana to ropes but lets up fast. Lana kicks but Asuka blocks and Lana apologizes. Asuka doesn’t care, she back kicks and urns. Lana dodges the hip attack and Mickie tags in!

Mickie and Asuka bicker a little and Natty tags in! Mickie dodges Lana and hits a Thesz Press! But Natty basement dropkicks Mickie down! Cover, TWO! Natty drags Mickie by her hair, throws her to buckles, and stomps a mudhole into her! Natty also rains down rights, then tags in Lana. Lana pulls Mickie’s hair to pull her against ropes, and Natty stomps Mickie down! Lana tags Natty back in, they stomp away on Mickie as the ref counts. Lana lets up and Natty drags Mickie around to tag Lana back in. They double whip Mickie hard into buckles, then Natty mockingly shows Mickie where Asuka is. “You want to tag her? Eat the mat!” And she dribbles Mickie off the mat!

Natty snap suplexes Mickie then KICKS her in the back! Mickie gets to ropes but Natty drags her up and around to club her down. Natty mocks Asuka by holding Mickie’s hand out, then rains down hands on Mickie. Natty scoops Mickie, Mickie slips off and rolls Natty up, TWO! Natty clobbers Mickie before she can reach Asuka! Asuka and Natty talk trash to each other as Natty puts Mickie on the ropes. Lana tags in, Natty chokes Mickie and Lana runs in to knee her in the back! Lana drags Mickie up for a FACEBUSTER! Cover, Asuka breaks it! Natty goes after Asuka and throws her out hard! Natty runs at Mickie but is thrown out! Mickie sees Lana coming, spins her for the neckbreaker!

Both women are down and there’s no one to tag for either! Mickie still goes to the corner to go up top! But Asuka tags in and steals her thunder to put Lana in the ASUKA LOCK!! Mickie intercepts Natty, MICK KICK! Lana taps, Asuka and Mickie win!

Winners: Mickie James & Asuka, by submission

Well, they managed to keep things together and win, but now it’s all about the Raw Women’s Championship! Will Mickie be ready for Asuka? Or just lucky enough to get number seven?


Alexander meets with the Hurt Business backstage.

Is he ready to make joining them official in the VIP Lounge? Hell yeah! Then see you out there! But Benjamin hangs back to say it’s good Alexander came to his senses. That is, if he really did. Because if this is a game, Benjamin will teach Alexander why they call themselves The Hurt Business. Understood. Benjamin catches up with MVP and Lashley, and the VIP Lounge will go live after the break.


Raw returns to the VIP Lounge.

Alexander walks out with the rest of the Hurt Business, now in matching black ‘n’ gold gear to make it real. They enter the ring, celebrate with handshakes and high-fives, then take to the mics. “Bones and bottles poppin’, nonsense and little things stoppin’,” for this very special episode. Alexander has made a career changing decision as he joins up with them. MVP introduces the newest member of the Hurt Business, Cedric Alexander! And Lashley gives Alexander his official “I’M IN” Hurt Business shirt. Now here’s the big question. It took Alexander a long time to come around, but why did he? Benjamin really wants to know. Alexander says he’ll keep it short and sweet. Instead of being on the business end of a beating, he learned, and wanted to earn.

Alexander was going broke with Ricochet and Apollo! And MVP said it himself: You can’t be a tag partner with the One And Only! What about Alexander!? Why is Alexander sacrificing his career and body for another man’s title opportunities? The Hurt Business is the future! But the Viking Raiders are here to interrupt! Erik and Ivar aren’t alone, either, because here comes Apollo and Ricochet! These four rush the ring and it’s a brawl! MVP and Benjamin are thrown out, Alexander bails out, and Lashley is all alone as he gets a corner splash to KNEES! Ricochet and Apollo both clothesline Lashley out and the Hurt Business is reeling! Will this chaos sort out after the break?


8 Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS Apollo Crews, Ricochet & The Viking Raiders!

Raw returns and holla holla, playa! This is now a 4v4 battle! Will Alexander face the consequences of his actions already?

Ricochet dodges Benjamin and gets a headlock, but Benjamin powers out. Ricochet rolls off Benjamin’s back to swipe at Cedric! Benjamin clobbers Ricochet for it and drags him up to a snap suplex. Cover, TWO! Benjamin drags Ricochet up with a chinlock, knees low and whips him to ropes. Ricochet holds ropes, boots back and tags in Apollo. They kick and suplex Benjamin to then Penalty Kick and standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Apollo keeps his eyes on Benjamin for a corner splash, then goes for another, only for Benjamin to BOOT him down! Benjamin drags Apollo up and over, tags in MVP but Apollo gets away.

Apollo and MVP circle, MVP kicks but Apollo blocks to kick and club back. Ivar tags in and they mug MVP, then Ivar stomps MVP down. Ivar bumps MVP off buckles, tags Erik in and Erik feeds MVP to knees! Ivar feeds MVP to Erik’s KNEE! Erik roars before he brings MVP up for forearms. Erik knees away on MVP at the ropes, drags him up and rams him into the buckle. Tag to Ivar, Ivar whips Erik into MVP for the forearm smash! Erik snapmares MVP for Ivar’s BASEMENT CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! MVP survives being squashed but Ivar drops ax handles. Ivar stomps MVP, drags him up and tags in Apollo. They mug MVP more and Apollo throws forearms on MVP.

Apollo clubs MVP down, punches him more then runs, into a flapjack! MVP brings Apollo up to whip into the Hurt Business corner hard! Alexander smirks and mocks Apollo, MVP tags Lashley and they mug Apollo. Lashley throws elbow after elbow on Apollo but Apollo falls over. Lashley stays between him and his team, brings Apollo up but Apollo throws body shots. Apollo runs, Lashley kicks low and gut wrenches to a Canadian rack! Apollo slips out, hot tag to Erik! Erik runs at Lashley for big forearm shots! Lashley comes back, misses and gets shotgun knees! Benjamin tags in, but runs into an EXPLODER! Erik roars but Lashley SPEARS him!

Benjamin brings Erik up to scoop and slam! And another! And a third! The fans boo but the Hurt Business likes this as Benjamin suplexes Erik high and hard! Cover, TWO! Erik survives being thrown around but Benjamin wraps him in a chinlock. Fans rally for Erik as he fights to his feet. Erik fights, Benjamin whips him to a corner, and he hits the KNEE! Tag to Lashley and he runs in to RAM Erik! Lashley roars, tags in MVP, and MVP BOOTS Erik in the corner! Cover, TWO!! Erik survives another onslaught and the Hurt Business is annoyed. MVP has Erik on the ropes, brings him up and chokes him then clubs him. The ref reprimands, MVP puts Erik in the corner and tags in Alexander.

Alexander taunts Apollo and Ricochet then stomps away on Erik. He grinds his forearm into Erik’s face and tags in Benjamin. They mug Erik, Benjamin drags Erik up but Erik ROCKS Benjamin! Benjamin runs into Ace Ten Mao! Both men are down and fans rally up. The two men stir, crawl, and hot tag MVP and Ricochet! Ricochet dodges MVP, goes after Alexander but hits Lashley! Dropkick flip and enziguri for MVP! Baseball slide for Benjamin! Ricochet QUEBRADAS to take MVP down, then hits a LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Alexander slithers in to taunt Ricochet, but MVP CLOBBERS Ricochet from behind! Fans boo as MVP covers, TWO!!

MVP tags Alexander, Alexander taunts Ricochet as he circles him. Alexander runs to NEURALIZER! Ricochet is down, Alexander covers, TWO!! Alexander is frustrated already but he taunts Ricochet. Alexander stands Ricochet up, Ricochet resists the lift and CHOPS back! Ricochet throws forearms, Alexander throws them back! Alexander CHOPS, Ricochet kicks but Alexander suplexes. Ricochet slips out to waistlock, Alexander elbows free, but Ricochet SUPERKICKS! Ricochet full nelsons for a DRAGON SUPLEX! Bridging cover, MVP breaks it! Erik KNEES MVP down! Benjamin SPINE BUSTERS Erik! Apollo enziguris Benjamin, Lashley gives Apollo DOMINATOR! Ivar dodges Lashley to POST him!

Ivar builds speed and DIVES onto the Hurt Business!! Everyone outside is down but Ricochet still has Alexander to himself. Ricochet goes up top, takes aim, 630!! But he has to bail out, Alexander MICHINOKU DRIVERS!! Cover, Hurt Business wins!!!

Winner: The Hurt Business, by pinfall

Ricochet was a tenth of a second behind on the kick-out, but a win is a win for the Hurt Business! Alexander joining them pays off for them all! Ivar may have also hurt himself trying to take them all down! Tonight may have truly altered careers for years to come!


Drew McIntyre is still backstage?!

Charly knows this isn’t her business, but we heard him say he was out of here earlier. Yes, he did say that. And as much as it would hurt to disappoint Pearce, McIntyre grabbed the wrong phone. And he’s having a hard time finding the right exit. Will McIntyre sort all this out and be on his way? Or is there a plan behind all of this?


Shane McMahon meets up with Jordon Omogbehin again.

The Prizefighter and the Embodiment of the End are going to set it off tonight, Shane is looking forward to it! Speaking of, Kevin Owens arrives now, and marvels at the towering Omogbehin. But Shane says the past is the past between him and Kevin, and welcomes him to Raw Underground. That easy, huh? Well, Kevin wishes he could say it’s nice to see Shane, but no, Shane is still a jackass. Shane doesn’t take it personally, and he wishes Kevin luck tonight. Will Kevin need a bit more than that to get payback on Aleister Black?


Keith Lee VS Randy Orton!

Though the Viper wants after McIntyre for the world title, he also wants to even the score with the Limitless One from Payback’s shocking loss! Will the Legend Killer kill a legend in the making on the way to his 14th title reign? Or will he once again #BaskInHisGlory?

Raw returns and the bell rings. Keith and Orton circle, but then Orton bails out. Orton checks his jaw given the Claymore he took earlier. The ref says this match is happening already and starts his ring count. Orton comes back at 5, circles with Keith again, Orton calls for a test of strength but then Orton bails out again. Orton claims his jaw is still bugging him, so Keith grabs him by an ear! Orton grabs an ear back and hotshots Keith away! Keith staggers, Orton gets in but gets a GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Keith stalks Orton, drags him up, but Orton pokes his eyes! The ref couldn’t see behind Keith’s big back, and now Orton throws European Uppercuts.

Orton bumps Keith off buckles, brings him around to whip corner to corner, but Keith reverses. Keith swings on Orton, but denies an RKO by simply refusing to fall over! Keith shoves Orton then elbows him down! Orton bails out and really does need to check his jaw now. Keith waits, the ref counts and Orton goes around the way. Keith goes out and runs at Orton, but Orton baits him into barriers! Keith crashes, Orton gets back in the ring, and the count passes 5! It reaches 7 then 8, but Keith gets in! Orton stomps Keith’s legs and arms, as he likes to. Cover, TWO, but Orton wraps on a chinlock! Orton grinds Keith down but Keith endures.

Keith fights up as the fans build to a rally. Orton gets his legs around Keith for body scissors to wrangle him back down. Keith continues to endure but he does start to fade. The ref checks on him but Keith gets his second wind. Keith fights up, has Orton as a backpack and Orton tries to shift his grip. Orton hooks Keith’s nose but Keith still gets to his feet! Keith heads for a corner but Orton sends him into buckles! Orton goes for the RKO but Keith pushes him away again! Orton lands hard, crawls to a corner and clutches his jaw. Keith fires up and runs in to corner splash! Then he rolls and corner FOREARMS! Keith roars as Orton wobbles, and Keith scoops for a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!!

Keith keeps his focus as he drags Orton back up. Orton resists the powerbomb, slips off the top and FINALLY gets the RKO!! But then CLAYMORE OUTTA NOWHERE!!

Winner: Randy Orton, by disqualification

McIntyre has NOT left the building, and he tells Orton, “I want you to start seeing me in your nightmares, you son of a bi*ch!” Adam Pearce reprimands McIntyre for putting himself at risk, but McIntyre promises he’s done for tonight. Will McIntyre make it to Clash of Champions to finish Orton off? Will Orton be able to make it to Clash after his own jaw took another big hit?


Shane welcomes us back to Raw Underground!

Aleister Black is warming up, if you will, for his fight with Kevin Owens. Aleister gets his opponent down, gives some ground ‘n’ pound, but the opponent pushes him away. Aleister body shots to BLACK MASS! Aleister wins and even takes off the eye patch! Kevin is finally fight ready, and he gets right in the ring to TACKLE Aleister! Kevin rains down fists, Aleister has his leg guard but Kevin won’t let off. Kevin throws body shots like a hockey fight but Aleister fires off strikes. Kevin SPINE BUSTERS Aleister, they tumble out of the ring and Kevin RAMS Aleister into the apron! Then back drops him to the floor! Shane says this will have to be it for now as Raw Underground goes to break!


Raw returns as Pearce checks on Orton.

Pearce apologizes for McIntyre getting in and going out of control. Oh he’s sorry? Why? That he couldn’t do his job?! Pearce says for what it’s worth, McIntyre is gone for the night, Pearce walked him out personally. Orton tells Pearce that Pearce’s word “means nothing!” Will the Viper strike back the next chance he gets?


2v1 Handicap Match: The Riott Squad VS Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax!

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan won their shot at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships for Clash of Champions, but are going to see if they can both beat one half of the championship team together. Will the #LIVingRiott be able to trump the Queen of Spades?

The bell rings and Ruby starts for the squad. She and Shayna tie up, Shayna headlocks, Ruby throws body shots and powers out. Things speed up, Ruby hurdles but is caught! Shayna aims but Ruby avoids the kick to her arm, to arm-drag Shayna once. Shayna blocks the second arm-drag to wrench the arm, wristlock to a SUPLEX! Shayna cranks on the arm and Nia taunts that she could do that, too. Ruby gets up, armdrags but can’t get free of the wristlock! Shayna twists the wrist more, Ruby stomps a food and throws body shots. Ruby clubs Shayna, tags Liv, but Shayna throws Ruby away to DECK Liv!

Ruby walks into an elbow but she anchors Shayna’s foot! Liv dropkicks the leg out and pushes Shayna in! Liv kicks the legs, but Shayna shoves. Liv comes back, goes after a leg, but Shayna gut wrench slams her fright off! And then KNEES her down! Shayna has the arm, hammerlocks it, but Nia says she’s seen better from Shayna. Shayna shoots back with, “What would you do? A SaMoAn DrOp~?” But then Shayna fireman’s carries Liv to copy Nia, but Liv rolls Shayna up! THE RIOTT SQUAD WINS!!

Winners: The Riott Squad, by pinfall

And Nia is laughing at her tag partner! But now she has to take her turn! Will Nia take this seriously enough to win for her “team”?


Raw Underground returns!

The fight between Kevin and Aleister restarts and they start throwing hands! Aleister kicks low, Kevin gets Aleister down for forearms but Aleister uses his legs to get a kneebar. Kevin gets around to RAKE THE FACE! Kevin rains down rights, Aleister kicks him away and the two clinch. Kevin tackles Aleister, Aleister guards to get a TRIANGLE HOLD! Kevin drags Aleister off the ring to BOMB him into the wall!! Is Aleister out? Kevin doesn’t care, he brings him back up. Aleister BOOTS Kevin into the crowd and Kevin hits them all away. Same for Aleister on his end! Shane says to leave those guys alone and get back in the ring to fight each other! We cut away from Raw Underground for now, will the third time be the charm?


2v1 Handicap Match: The Riott Squad VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler!

Nia mocked Shayna and cost her, but now will have to put up or shut up. Will Ruby and Liv sweep the champs in one night?

The bell rings, Nia ties up with Ruby and throws her down hard! Nia keeps having to talk trash to Shayna, but Ruby throws forearms while ducking Nia’s shots. Nia shoves, Ruby crucifix to sunset but Nia drags her right up to headbutt! Shayna isn’t impressed as Nia throws Ruby to a corner. Nia runs in but only gets buckles, Ruby tags Liv! Ruby forearms and Liv dropkicks, then they have Nia in the corner for mudhole stomps! Shayna mocks Nia, “What’s the matter, champ?” Liv tags Ruby back in and they stomp another mudhole on Nia! Tag back to Ruby, Ruby whips Liv in for a back body check! Nia is down, Ruby basement crossbodies! Cover, TWO!

Nia gets up but Ruby runs, into a LARIAT! Shayna was impressed by that one. Nia covers, TWO! Nia keeps on Ruby with a cobra clutch and thrashes Ruby around. Ruby endures, Liv and fans rally, and Ruby fights her way up. Ruby jawbreakers free, but Nia runs her over! Nia drags Ruby up, hammerlocks an arm, and now she copies Shayna, but Ruby avoids the stomp! Nia drags Ruby away from Liv, fireman’s carries, but Ruby kicks and Liv tags in! But oh no, not the flashing lights! Liv and Ruby kick and RIOTT KICK, then hit the SIDE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! The lights go OUT, and the LED screens read “RETRIBUTION.”

Someone talks on the titantron, in a clearly disguised voice. “This ThunderDome is only a facade. Behind this mountain of screens is the same foundation, the same WWE as before. The same behemoth who discarded and disowned us, leaving us to survive in an unfair world, where the powerful continue to grow, while we are left to feed on nothing but the scraps of contempt.” Another says “contempt is a powerful motivator. WE are driven to destroy. To lay waste to every superstar and every fan blinded, who cannot see what you do not have. The locusts of contempt will feed upon all of you! The darkness of Retribution will seep into the pores of every superstar, and all of your so-called Universe! WE are Retribution!” Retribution throws Raw to break, but will they be planning new ways to break Raw?


Raw returns to the Mysterio Family backstage.

Sarah says we are moments away from Dominik’s newest Street Fight match. Is there any concern to the rules of this match or the comments made by Murphy? Rey says Murphy is trying to get at Rey by threatening his family and that will scare them all away. Murphy wants Dominik all alone to sacrifice him to Rollins. But there’s something he doesn’t know about the Mysterio Family. They do not scare easy. Rey promises that if Murphy tries anything, the Mysterios will handle him.


Raw Underground – Aleister Black VS Kevin Owens, Part 3!

The two men are finally back in the ring, and are still slugging it out! Kevin kicks, Aleister kicks, they throw hands, but Aleister gets Kevin with a guillotine! Kevin pops out, rains down more rights but Aleister is after the arm. Kevin DOUBLE STOMPS!! Kevin hammers away on Aleister’s head but Aleister knees him away. Kevin headbutts back and Aleister falls! Kevin wobbles around, Aleister stands, fakes Kevin out to ROUNDHOUSE him! Aleister hurries after Kevin but Kevin shoves Aleister out and into Dabba-Kato! Kevin pushes Dabba aside to throw Aleister in. Dabba is angry and throws Kevin down!

Dabba gets in the ring, and SPINE BUSTERS Kevin! Aleister capitalizes but Dabba is after him, too! CHOKE SLAM!! Shane says this is how it ends! Expect the unexpected! See you next week!


Randy Orton is heading out.

The Viper stops to grab his luggage, and clutches his throbbing jaw. Charly apologizes for bothering him but then McIntyre attacks again!! McIntyre throws Orton into trunks, and grinds his bad jaw into the spare ring’s crossbars!! “Tell me how it feels, Randy!! Tell me how it feels!!” The Scottish Psychopath wants to crush Orton’s head! But then he throws him onto the spare ring, takes aim again, and as Orton slowly rises, he gets a CLAYMORE!! Three Claymores for the three punt kicks McIntyre took!! Will Orton be lucky enough to come away with just a broken jaw?!


Raw returns as Orton is loaded into an ambulance.

Another parallel to what Orton did to McIntyre, and Adam Pearce is beside himself as he stands in silence with Pat Buck. Will Pearce be the one to hear about this from Mr. Vince McMahon?


Street Fight: Dominik Mysterio w/ The Mysterio Family VS Buddy Murphy!

Rey meant it when he said the Mysterios don’t scare off easy! Angie and Aliyah walk with him and Dominik to the ring, and everyone but Mrs. Mysterio has a kendo stick! Will even Rey’s daughter get her shots in as her brother looks to finally settle things with Seth Rollins’ disappointing disciple?

The bell rings, Murphy throws a shirt at Dominik and KNEE TRIGGERS!! Murphy throws Dominik out, goes after him and throws him into barriers! Murphy drags Dominik up and steps to Angie and Aliyah but Rey is there to guard them. Murphy goes back to Dominik to throw him across the announce desk! Murphy throws the desk hood aside before going back to stare at Rey, Angie and Aliyah., But Dominik comes back to clobber Murphy! Dominik throws elbows and knees then throws Murphy over the desk in return! Murphy tumbles, Dominik follows and has him at the corner for more forearms. Murphy kicks back, rams Dominik into barriers, then brings him around the back of the LED walls!

Murphy whips Dominik but Doiminik reverses to send Murphy into the wall! Dominik ROCKS Murphy with a right, then starts to climb?! Dominik is daring enough to be on top of the LED’s and FLY!! Direct hit with the crossbody!! Both men are down and the ThunderDome is loving it as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Murphy pushes Dominik away. Dominik clubs Murphy then bounces him off the apron. Then he throws Murphy into barriers! Dominik stalks Murphy to the ramp, throws forearms and they go up the stage. Dominik ROCKS Murphy again, and Murphy staggers away to the edge. Murphy mule kicks back, and whips again but Dominik sends Murphy into the LED stage wall! Dominik keeps on Murphy with forearms, and now follows Murphy back to ringside. Dominik clubs Murphy, ROCKS him again, but Murphy ROCKS Dominik back! Murphy runs and THROWS Dominik down onto the ramp! The ref checks on Dominik while Rey is close. The family cheers Dominik on as he slowly gets up.

Murphy is on Dominik and KICKS him in the back. Murphy watches the Mysterios watch him as he drags Dominik back up. Murphy ROCKS Dominik with another right, then has everyone move out of the way. Murphy brings Dominik to the steel steps! Dominik fights back and RAMS Murphy into the barriers! Murphy boots back, then suplexes Dominik to hang him out to dry on the barriers! Dominik tumbles down in front of the LED fan screens while Murphy catches his breath in the ring. Dominik writhes but Murphy fetches him and tosses him back to ringside! Murphy KICKS Dominik in the back, then drags him back up. They go into the ring, Dominik rolls to the far side but Murphy has a chair!

Murphy stalks Dominik back outside, and JAMS the chair into Dominik’s ribs! And SMACKS him on the back! Dominik writhes from the chair shots and both mother and sister are concerned. Murphy puts Dominik in, covers, TWO! Murphy looms over Dominik, sits him up and puts on a seated cobra twist. Dominik endures, his family cheers him on and fans build to a rally. Murphy cranks harder as they have a standing cobra twist now, but Dominik powers out to get around. Murphy turns things back onto Dominik but Dominik HIP TOSSES Murphy out of the ring! Murphy returns, only gets the buckles, and Dominik goes up and around. Murphy denies the tornado DDT to POST Dominik! And AGAIN! Murphy POSTS Dominik a third time, right in front of mother and sister!

Murphy lets Rey think about what his son is going through before dragging Dominik back out. Murphy wraps Dominik up in the ropes, and then has a kendo stick! But Dominik boots Murphy down first! Murphy goes back for the stick but Rey takes it from him! Rey didn’t get involved but he won’t let Murphy have his way! Wait, Angie and Aliyah get Dominik out of the ropes while Murphy as a table! Dominik DIVES and SUNSET BOMBS Murphy through the table!! Just like Rey would do! The family is fired up as Dominik puts Murphy in! Dominik goes up top fast, for a FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!?!

Dominik won’t take time to be surprised, he has Murphy on the ropes and ties HIM up! Rey and Dominik FIRE OFF on Murphy! Rey talks to the camera as he says, “Seth! I hope you’re watching, ‘messiah.’ How does that feel, Seth?!” Rey SMACKS Murphy, Dominik SMACKS Murphy, “Payback is a B*TCH!!” They keep on SMACKING Murphy, full karma for what Murphy and Rollins did! They even pull up the shirt so that it’s to bare skin as ALIYAH gets a shot in!! Angie isn’t so sure, but she is angry. She SMACKS Murphy, Aliyah SMACKS Murphy, it’s a family affair! Murphy QUITS, Dominik wins!!

Winner: Dominik Mysterio, by verbal submission

The family triumphs together, but they keep adding on! They want Murphy to pay for the sins of Seth Rollins! Will Rollins regret leaving his disciple alone to be the sacrifice?

My Thoughts:

This wasn’t the best episode, or a great one, but what a great ending! I figured the whole family would get in on the Street Fight since even Aliyah brought out a kendo stick. I loved that Angie was reluctant at first but then when she got a taste of payback, she got into it like the rest of the family. And it’s rare that outside of an I Quit match, we get someone verbally giving up, so that was a creative way to end it here. It was a great main event to an episode full of recaps we didn’t need and weird pacing of everything else. As great as it was for McIntyre to get his own payback on Orton with three Claymores and a general defiance of Adam Pearce’s authority, there was a recap package each time, like no one was paying attention. And I totally expect Pearce getting chewed out and Orton’s ability to go to Clash to be in question.

For that matter, Keith should’ve tried to find McIntyre to talk to him about once again getting involved with his Raw TV matches. Maybe that happens next week, too, and I almost want there to be such “uncertainty” with Orton being able to make it to Clash that they make Keith a contender and then we end up with a Triple Threat. WWE has been doing a great job of making PPV’s we don’t expect much out of into incredible nights, making McIntyre VS Keith VS Orton would be a way to do that. I do find it interesting they’re making next week’s Raw a big deal with the Raw Women’s title and then Champions VS Champions. I would think Asuka retains and then Natalya gets Clash of Champions, or we even get another Triple Threat.

Garza dumps Vega and Almas before they could dump him and I really hope we get that singles feud now. Cesaro and Nakamura bringing the Brand to Brand Invitation back was great, and their match with the Street Profits will be great. I wonder if this leads to a Winners Take All match at Clash, but not a unification match. WWE has teams they could be using but aren’t, so keeping both titles with one team for a time could work out until other stories sort out. For example, the Hurt Business could be challenging for the titles but are busy with Apollo and friends. I didn’t think Alexander would turn, and certainly not tonight, but it’s happened and it’s working well already. The Hurt Business could go for all the possible gold, Alexander even being a 24/7 Champion or something.

I like that we’ve been getting more “on location” 24/7 Championship matches, and Truth continues to be hilarious no matter what situation he’s put in. I hope his 40th reign gets to be part of Clash. Have him lose it in the kickoff but win it back right before the main event for a celebration before whatever top title match goes down. Raw Underground was a bit of a letdown tonight. I wanted Kevin and Aleister to have an actual good fight, but it kept being put on pause, and then it doesn’t even resolve! Babatunde gets in and wrecks it all! It’s great Babatunde is gaining points but it should’ve been separate of the story Raw is supposed to be building for Kevin and Aleister! Just seems really confusing.

I did like how they’re handling the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship build, though. Nia puts Shayna in a Handicap Match and then costs her, so that their own little rivalry is continuing inside their tag title reign. A bit of a shame Nia’s half got “interrupted,” because I felt like it would’ve served the story better if there was a resolution. But at least we got Retribution’s mission statement finally. The promo would’ve been truly perfect if they really were bringing released superstars back, but from all the rumors of who is in and who isn’t, that’s not at all what they’re doing.

I do appreciate they’re locking in Dominik Dijakovic and Dio Madden as the towering men, because at least their stories within kayfabe can still work. Dijak was supposed to debut for Raw sooner but ended up back in NXT to help the Keith Lee story. Dio gets F5’d by Lesnar and doesn’t even get to come back to commentary after, so he’d feel bitter. Just not sure how the other members, whoever they’ll turn out to be, will fit in. If Mia Yim does end up one of them, it won’t really work for the promo, but it would work with my hopeful theory that Keith is secretly behind this.

My Score: 8.1/10

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