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Tiffany’s AEW Take: Are The Swipes At WWE Over Done?

Tiffany Takes a long hard look at the art if AEW taking swipes at WWE, and if it’s become too much.



AEW Mr Brodie Lee Vince McMahon

Tiffany Takes a long hard look at the art if AEW taking swipes at WWE, and if it’s become too much.

So, if you’ve been paying attention, basically since the founding of the Elite, AEW has been taking swipes, jabs, pokes, and generally mocking WWE and Vince McMahon every chance they get, and for just about as long, people have been complaining about it, and perhaps with some reason. It seems that every ex-WWE superstar wants to take a swipe at the company, which cheers up the anti-WWE folks in the IWC. However, it does get tiresome, if only because of the social media fights that tend to break out whenever such a jab happens. So, is it time for AEW to stop swiping at WWE?

Well, the problem with complaining about AEW taking swipes at WWE and vice versa, is that promotional jabbing is nothing new in wrestling, or business. Ever since the Attitude Era, at the very least, wrestling promotions have taken swipes at each other, either outright in promos, or on commentary. WCW used to reveal the spoilers of Monday Night RAW back in the days when RAW was LIVE every other week. ECW wrestlers showed up at a RAW taping in Philadelphia, though whether or not they were unofficially invited at first is another matter. In comparison, AEW vs WWE’s stuff is minor league, and they are hardly the only ones taking swipes at the Big ‘E’. Podcasters, wrestling legends, and fans all love to swing at Vince and WWE. Never mind the times WWE’s own talent sometimes take swipes at the company over something dumb they did.

Let’s face it, Vince has pissed off a LOT of people during his career, from the promoters he ran out of business, legends that feel that he’s totally destroyed the sport of Professional Wrestling, to superstars who felt, rightly or wrongly, that he kept them from reaching their full potential or mistreated them in some way, and now they have more platforms to do it on. However, you have to remember that WWE is a business, first and foremost, and Vince McMahon is A human being. He’s not infallible and he fucks up a lot more often than probably anyone wants to admit, including him. Vince missing the boat on guys, or not seeing the potential in guys is not the most shocking thing in the world to know or say. We are talking about the man that gave the final ‘Ok’ to the godawful Katie Vick storyline and thought the Gobbeldygooker was a good idea.

I will say that I do get annoyed when AEW or its superstars take unnecessary jabs at WWE. By ‘unnecessary’, I mean, jabbing at WWE in interviews just because they can or without being asked by the interviewer. Yes, Jon Moxley still talks about his experience in WWE at the end, but that’s mainly because people keep asking, or when someone makes a jab at WWE because WWE does something stupid. It’s like commercials where Company A takes a jab at Company B, which happens in most commercials that have to do with competition between businesses.

One comment I’ve heard about all the ex-WWE guys talking about their time in WWE is that their complaining and jabs will keep WWE from re-hiring them. Vince is a businessman. If he thinks he can bring back a superstar and make a dime in profit off them, they can call him everything but late for dinner. People have said worse thing about Vince than complaining about how he couldn’t see how great they were.

Bottom line, is the jabs at WWE annoying? Yes, they are, but that doesn’t mean you have to bitch on social media every time it happens. Any reaction is a good reaction. If it bothers you that much, just ignore it. Roll your eyes and move on with your day.

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