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Women’s Wrestling Talk: Shaul Guerrero Interview

Shaul Guerrero joins Women’s Wrestling Talk with TK, Emily and Sarah to discuss dealing with quarantine, announcing for AEW, and paving her own wrestling path.



Shaul Guerrero joins Women’s Wrestling Talk with TK, Emily and Sarah to discuss dealing with quarantine, announcing for AEW, and paving her own wrestling path.

Women’s Wrestling Talk’s first official guest is none other than Shaul Guerrero from a wrestling dynasty. She shares with TK, Emily and Sarah about how she’s dealing with quarantine, announcing for AEW, her own return to the ring and how she’s paving her own path in the industry.

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News Report! (1/26/21)

Fallout from the Triforce Tournament Opening Round!



HPW Triforce Tournament

HPW Management addresses the Bracket of Courage controversy!

In the very last match of the Triforce Tournament’s opening round, it was a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION! How will HPW management handle this situation?


HPW issues a statement!

Yesterday, January 25th, in the Bracket of Courage’s fourth match, Volga VS “Hollywood” ReDead, there was heavy interference from both the Dark Forces and the UnderWorld Order. This resulted in both men being disqualified and the match being thrown out. Needless to say, both Volga, ReDead and their allies complained to officials and management about the situation. The only fair thing to do is to eliminate BOTH men from the tournament! That means Ravio has a bye and is automatically in the Bracket of Courage finals. And at this very moment, HPW Management is arranging a rematch of The Dark Forces VS uWo for a later event.

In response to this statement, Ravio simply tweeted, “Wow, neat!” Will the luck of the Purple Rabbit take him through to THE Triforce Tournament finals against the winners of the other two brackets?


HPW also has other news!

HPW confirms that after the challenges were made and the challenges were accepted, the big title matches will happen! First, for February 10th, Zelda will defend her HPW Goddess Championship against Nabooru! And then, win or lose, Zelda will have her match with Link for the HPW Triforce Championship on April 1st, the Triforce Anniversary event! Will the Princess of Hyrule become a double champion?!

But Link won’t just be resting and watching. He himself requested to be given an opponent for the February event. HPW management is going to take “a long hard look” at the roster, and though they won’t give out title opportunities, they will make sure Link’s opponents are worthy of the two-time Triforce Champion. Who will be given the nod from management to face the Hero of Hyrule in February?

My Thoughts:

I just love heaping work on myself, don’t I? But in a way, I’m making up for taking a match away. If Ravio is just automatically in, the card needs something more to make up for him not taking on Volga or ReDead. A championship match for Zelda and something good for Link should make up for that, right?

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (1/25/21)

The Bracket of Courage closes out the opening round!



HPW Triforce Tournament Quarterfinals

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 11, finale

The Second Triforce Tournament’s opening round comes to a close as the Bracket of Courage finally begins! Who will follow Link’s footsteps to glory?


  • Link VS Skull Kid; Link wins.
  • Bracket of Courage: Fin Balure VS Dreadfuse; Balure wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Courage: Ghirahim VS Ashei; Ghirahim wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Courage: Ravio VS King Bulblin; Ravio wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Courage: Volga VS ReDead; Double Disqualification.


Link VS Skull Kid!

Fans here at Courage Steppe in the Faron region are so excited to see the original Triforce of Courage and the now two-time Triforce Champion in person. Link, still wearing his Hero of Old gear, waves hello and high fives those in the front row. Link and Skull Kid shake hands and bow to show sportsmanship between them, and fans cheer as the bell rings!

The two circle, Skull Kid claps it up, and fans pick up on the rhythm. “S-K, U-L-L, K-I-D, FIGHT!” Link and Skull Kid share a laugh because it’s not Saturday night, it’s Monday. They approach, feel out the grapple, and Skull Kid gets around Link to swagger about. Link smirks and nods, then he and Skull Kid circle again. They approach, Skull Kid slips past Link again, and flexes on behalf of the Studly Guys. Skull Kid double gun flexes to one side of the crowd and they cheer, then he turns to another side and they cheer. Skull Kid turns and ends up facing Link, and Link flexes in return. Fans cheer the flexing from the champion, and Skull Kid nods his respect.

Skull Kid and Link feel out the grapple, tie up, and Link powers Skull Kid to ropes. The ref counts, Link arm-drags Skull Kid away, but Skull Kid rolls to his feet, and starts flossing. Y’know, that silly arm flailing dance. Link tries to figure out how he’s doing that but can’t floss himself. Skull Kid chuckles before he and Link circle again. They tie up, Link wrenches to a wristlock, clamps onto the shoulder and brings Skull Kid around, but Skull Kid rolls and wrenches back. Skull Kid wrenches again, shifts to a waistlock, but Link standing switches. Skull Kid switches back, then tries for a cobra twist.

Link fights it off, they go around and around and around, and Link puts Skull Kid in the cobra twist, only for Skull Kid to get the ropebreak! Link lets Skull Kid go and fans cheer the sportsmanship. Skull Kid takes a moment, comes back to circle with Link, and they low five before they tie up again. Link headlocks, hits the takeover, and shrugs off Skull Kid’s attempt at a headscissors. Skull Kid moves around, rolls Link to a cover, ONE, and Link holds on. Skull Kid gets the headscissors this time but Link pops out. Skull Kid reverses roles as he hits a headlock and takeover, only for Link to headscissor.

Link holds on tight as Skull Kid tries to pop out, and fans rally up as Skull Kid keeps trying. Skull Kid hops and hops and headstands. Skull Kid finally pops out, then double guns, then offers Link a hand. Link takes it and Skull Kid helps him stand up, to then arm-drag him! Link gets up, runs into another arm-drag, and Skull Kid has the armlock. Link endures, fights up, throws body shots, a forearm, then whips Skull Kid to ropes. Skull Kid holds the ropes to avoid the superkick, then runs in and tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Link ends up in a corner, Skull Kid runs in, but Link puts him out on the apron.

Skull Kid slingshots back in to headscissor Link again, but Link handsprings through. Skull Kid waistlocks, Link elbows him then standing switches. Link lifts, Skull Kid flails to resist, then reaches down to get a leg. Skull Kid trips Link with that leg, but Link boots him away with the other leg, sending Skull Kid at the ropes! Skull Kid springboards and crossbodies! But Link catches Skull Kid! Link pops Skull Kid to the fireman’s carry, but Skull Kid sits up to rain down punches! Skull Kid spins and huricanranas Link onto ropes! Skull Kid builds speed but runs into a SUPERKICK! Link dead lift suplexes Skull Kid up to a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up as Link watches Skull Kid sit up. Link runs, Skull Kid ducks the shining wizard, BOOMERANG KICK! Skull Kid flounders to ropes, Link draws his sword and takes aim at Skull Kid. Link runs, comes back, PUMP KNEE! Apparently, Link calls that “The Master Sword,” in honor of the blade he was given as the prize for winning the Hyrule Warriors match. Link drags Skull Kid up, fireman’s carries, BOMBOS MEDALLION! Cover, Link wins!

Winner: Link, by pinfall

The Hero of Hyrule didn’t even need his best for this! But Link still respects Skull Kid and helps Skull Kid to his feet to shake his hand and then raise it. Skull Kid isn’t quite as enthusiastic after losing, but will this encouragement help him rebound?

Wait, Zelda is here? She also won her own non-title match just yesterday against Riju of the Desert Flowers, but now she’s walking down the ramp and into the ring to join Link. “Congratulations on the win, Link. And honestly, what a great showing from Skull Kid!” Zelda has the fans give another round of applause before continuing. Zelda knows she’s pointing out the obvious, but they’re both champions right now. “Just a year ago, we were both in this Triforce Tournament, starting on parallel journeys towards that, THE Hyrule Pro-Wrestling Triforce Championship of the world.”

And not to bring up the past, but Link was the first champion, lost it, but is champion again after HyruleMania just a month ago. Zelda also won the HPW Goddess Championship at HyruleMania, but she’s been wondering. Yes, Ganondorf beat her at Clash of Fates back in October, and Link’s tied with Ganondorf in 1v1 competition. “But what about us? We haven’t had a 1v1 match at all, even when I was disguised as Sheik.” There are plenty of rounds left in this tournament, and the winner will receive a match for the Triforce Championship, but it doesn’t have to be against Link. Link looks at Zelda with a curious smile, perhaps wondering if she’s going where we think she’s going with this.

Zelda says she isn’t trying to insinuate anything or jump any lines. She’s just wondering what would happen if she and Link went 1v1. “It doesn’t have to be for the Triforce Championship. Unless you want it to. After all, you’re the champion, your input means a lot to management.” But Zelda knows Link will still give it his all, even if the title isn’t on the line, because he’s a great competitor. Link doesn’t have a mic but he does say he’ll put the title on the line! Really? That’s great! If she wins, she not only becomes HPW Triforce Champion, but becomes a double champion because of her HPW Goddess title, and HPW makes history again.

Fans suddenly boo and Zelda is surprised. Why’re they booing? Do they not like the fact she’ll become- Er, possibly become a double champion? Is that not fair? “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Well, yes, Zelda does see their point. But Link can’t become the HPW Goddess Championship, this belt is still only for the Women’s Division. But now that Zelda thinks about it, wasn’t there something last year…? “Yes, now I remember. At the end of the Triforce Championship Triple Threat, when you won…” Can production in the back help remind us all what that was?

After waiting a moment, the titantron replays footage from Link being crowned the champion. Link had the mic and said to Zelda, “I guess that’s worth a kiss, huh?” That’s what it was! Link wasn’t serious back then, was he? Link has a sly smile and shrugs, and Zelda smirks back at him. But then fans chant, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” Zelda laughs and says, “Oh stop it! Really? Does everyone really want to see me give Link a kiss?” “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Zelda sighs but smirks, and says, “If… IF… Link wins…” Fans cheering makes her stop and laugh a little more. She again says IF Link wins and retains the Triforce Championship, Zelda will kiss Link, on the cheek. Fans boo but she says they can’t be greedy.

But then Nabooru walks out? She stays on the ramp as she tells Zelda not to get ahead of herself. Nabooru knows she lost her match in the Triforce Tournament, but that doesn’t mean she’s done. And Zelda might be Goddess Champion now, but that could change, too. Zelda won against Nabooru and the others in a Fatal 4 Way, but let’s see how that goes when it’s 1v1. Will Zelda accept Nabooru’s challenge for the Goddess title? Zelda thinks as she looks at Link, and Link looks back at her with a questioning look. Zelda accepts Nabooru’s challenge! And despite what Nabooru says, someone will be ready! Zelda will be ready for her match with Nabooru! But will Zelda be ready for her match with Link?


Fin Balure VS Dreadfuse!

The Bracket of Courage opens as the Zora Prince takes on the Terror of the Seven Circuits! Will Balure sink the wrestling pirate’s chances at the finals before he can even set sail? Or will Dreadfuse keel haul Balure out of the tournament?

The ref and Balure question Dreadfuse’s hook hand. It was apparently fine for Hyrule Warriors but this is a standard singles match so… Dreadfuse takes his hook hand off, and puts on a regular hand! Well, he is a robot… The bell rings and fans cheer as Balure and Dreadfuse circle. They tie up, go around, and Dreadfuse headlocks. Balure throws body shots, powers out, but Dreadfuse runs him over. Dreadfuse runs, Balure stays low, then follows after Dreadfuse! Dreadfuse stops, they collide shoulder to shoulder but Dreadfuse stays up. The two talk some trash and Balure turns to run, only to CHOP Dreadfuse! Balure whips, Dreadfuse reverses, then catches Balure into a sleeper hold!

Balure flails as Dreadfuse squeezes tight! Fans rally as Balure reaches around, Dreadfuse thrashes him away from the ropes, but Balure backs Dreadfuse into buckles! Dreadfuse holds on, Balure rams him into buckles again, then snapmares free. Balure throws forearms on Dreadfuse and backs him down to whip, but Dreadfuse reverses and breaks free to UPPERCUT! Good thing that isn’t a hook hand anymore. Dreadfuse runs but Balure pulls him in by his hair for a dragon sleeper and elbow drop DDT! The ref reprimands but Balure ignores him to stomp away on Dreadfuse. Dreadfuse gets to ropes but Balure just springboard stomps him over and over and over again!

The ref counts, Balure stops stomping at 4, then runs to baseball slide dropkick Dreadfuse out of the ring! Balure follows after Dreadfuse and CLUBS him down! A ring count starts as Dreadfuse stumbles to railing, he hits back with an elbow, then he whips Balure, only for Balure to reverse! Dreadfuse hits railing, and Balure runs up to CHOP him against the railing! Balure refreshes the count at 6 but Dreadfuse kicks him low! Dreadfuse brings Balure around to whip him HARD into railing! Balure goes down in a heap, fans rally up as Dreadfuse storms over. Dreadfuse stomps Balure in return, then digs his boots into Balure’s head! The ref counts, Dreadfuse lets off and goes into the ring.

The ref checks on Balure but Balure says to shut up because he’s fine. Balure drags himself up with the railing and hobbles into the ring. Dreadfuse rushes over but Balure gets clear of his stomp and trips him up! Balure drags Dreadfuse back out to throw him hard into railing! Balure stomps Dreadfuse into the railing over and over then digs his boots into Dreadfuse! The ref counts again and Balure lets off, to bring Dreadfuse up and put into the ring. Balure drags Dreadfuse up, CLUBS him, then facelocks. Dreadfuse resists the suplex, wrenches out and back suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO!

Dreadfuse drags Balure up, throws forearms and puts Balure in a corner. Dreadfuse throws more forearms and even back elbows, then whips Balure corner to corner! Dreadfuse runs in, Balure goes up and over to the apron, then he ROCKS Dreadfuse with a forearm! Balure jumps in and dragon sleepers, but Dreadfuse resists the inverted suplex. Balure clubs away on Dreadfuse’s chest, but Dreadfuse drops to snapmare free. Dreadfuse aims but Balure dodges the Penalty Kick to roll him up! TWO, and Balure CHOPS Dreadfuse again! Balure fires more forearms, whips Dreadfuse to ropes but Dreadfuses reverses again. Balure kicks Dreadfuse’s back drop away, trips him up, and DOUBLE STOMPS him down!

Fans fire up as both men are down! Balure catches his breath and gets up first. He goes over to Dreadfuse and drags him up for more forearms and even some body shots. Balure whips Dreadfuse to ropes, Dreadfuse ducks the forearm to whip Balure, but Balure comes back, only for Dreadfuse to block the Slingblade to a Side Leg Sweep! Dreadfuse rolls back and drops a leg! Cover, TWO! Dreadfuse keeps his focus and stalks up behind Balure. Dreadfuse clamps onto Balure for another sleeper but Balure slips out to PELE! Balure grabs Dreadfuse in the dragon sleeper again, inverted suplex and SLAM! The Low Tide! Cover, TWO! Dreadfuse survives, Balure is furious, but fans fire up!

Balure drags Dreadfuse to a drop zone and goes up top, ready for the coup de grace! Fans fire up as Balure stands, but Dreadfuse gets up to hit the ropes! Balure is tripped up and lands on his dinghy! Dreadfuse throws forearms and CLUBS Balure to then drag him out on the top rope. TOP ROPE DRAPING DDT! Cover, TWO!! Balure survives and shocks Dreadfuse but fans fire up again! Dreadfuse stalks Balure as he crawls, then drags him up into a headlock! Dreadfuse goes to sweep the leg but Balure pops out the back! Balure runs past Dreadfuse, comes back and SLINGBLADES Dreadfuse down!

Fans fire up with Balure as he takes aim from a corner, and he SHOTGUN dropkicks Dreadfuse to the other corner! Balure hurries back to the corner and up top while Dreadfuse is in the drop zone! Balure aims, stands, and leaps, DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! The Deep End! Cover, Balure wins!

Winner: Fin Balure, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

Dreadfuse’s ship has been sunk and Balure is sailing on! Will he make it through the choppy waters ahead and take the Bracket of Courage?


Ghirahim VS Ashei!

The Living Blade wants after the Zora Prince for what happened in the Hyrule Warriors match at Clash of Fate! But first, he must get through the young woman with ice in her veins! Will Ghirahim be able to cut through to the next round? Or will Ashei leave him out in the cold?

The bell rings, fans sing for “A-sheeei~, Ashei Ashei Asheeeeei~! A-sheeeeei~! A-sheeeeei~!” as she circles with Ghirahim. Clearly the fans have chosen a side. Ashei and Ghirahim tie up, and are in a deadlock. They break, Ghirahim glares as he and Ashei circle again, and then tie up again! Ghirahim tries to use his height for leverage, but Ashei uses that momentum to put Ghirahim on the ropes. Ghirahim turns it around, but Ashei turns it back around. The ref tells them to break but they end up in the corner. The ref counts, Ashei lets Ghirahim go, and the two glare at each other. The ref wants Ashei to back up but she doesn’t budge as Ghirahim gets in her face.

The ref keeps telling Ashei to stand down, and she finally takes a few steps away. Ghirahim exits the corner and circles with Ashei again. They tie up, Ghirahim gets around to waistlock but Ashei standing switches. Ghirahim resists the lift, hooks the leg and uses it to drag Ashei down. Ghirahim goes after an arm, Ashei moves around, rolls and spins to kick Ghirahim from below. Ashei wrenches Ghirahim’s arm to a hammerlock, Ghirahim reaches for ropes, but Ashei moves him away. Ghirahim slips out of the hammerlock to arm-drag Ashei away! Ashei runs back into a headlock takeover! Ashei rolls it to a cover, ONE, and Ashei headscissors, but Ghirahim pops out!

Ghirahim swings but Ashei gets around to shove him to ropes! Ashei CLUBS Ghirahim in the back on the rebound, then reels him in for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Ashei drags Ghirahim back and dead lifts him in a waistlock! Ghirahim elbows back over and over and over until he’s free, then then runs to ropes! Ghirahim springboards, but Ashei blocks the cutter! Ashei stands Ghirahim up, spins him around and fireman’s carries, but Ghirahim kicks and flails to get free, to then shove Ashei and SUPERKICK! Ashei staggers, into a SNAP SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Ghirahim grows frustrated but the fans rally up!

Ghirahim grabs Ashei’s leg, stands on it, stomps it, then brings it up to SMASH into the mat! Fans boo while Ashei clutches the leg, but Ghirahim drags Ashei around by the leg. Ghirahim yanks on the leg, kicks and stomps it, then clamps on with an ANKLE LOCK! Ashei shouts in pain but endures as fans rally up! Ashei reaches for ropes but Ghirahim drags her away! Ashei endures more, powers up, and rolls! Ghirahim is thrown off, but he rushes back in, into a GORON DROP! Cover, ONE as Ghirahim gets a ghost pin! TWO, Ashei blocks the superkick to spin Ghirahim to a GERMAN SUPLEX! But Ghirahim lands on his feet! PENALTY KICK!

Fans fire up while Ghirahim grows further frustrated. Ghirahim drags Ashei up to CLUB her on the back, then he KICKS her leg! Ghirahim goes after the ankle again but Ashei scrambles around. Ashei turns over and boots Ghirahim away! Ghirahim runs back but Ashei dumps him out! Ashei slingshots and PLANCHAS Ghirahim down! Fans fire up again but Ashei hobbles as she gets up. Ashei brings Ghirahim up, pushes him into the ring, and slowly gets up into the ring. But Ghirahim rolls all the way to the other side of the ring and bails out. Ashei hobbles in pursuit, but as she gets on the apron, Ghirahim sweeps the legs with a clothesline! Ashei falls hard on the apron!

Fans boo as Ghirahim spins Ashei around to drag her out a bit, and gives her Kowata Kicks over and over in the face! The ref counts, Ghirahim stops, then BOOTS Ashei down! Fans boo more as Ghirahim leaves Ashei to the mercy of the ring count. Ashei slowly rises at 3, drags herself up with the apron skirt but fumbles and falls back down at 5! Ashei seems in a daze, but she manages to stumble up at 8, leans against the post, and gets in at 9.5! Ghirahim dropkicks her into the corner! Cover, TWO!! Ashei survives and fans are thunderous! Ghirahim hammers away in anger, then drags her to ropes to choke her!

The ref counts, Ghirahim stops at 4 and fans boo as Ghirahim runs, to dropkick her against the ropes! Ashei flops back to the apron while Ghirahim soaks up the heat. Ghirahim reaches through the ropes to stomp Ashei, but lets off as the ref counts. Ghirahim drags Ashei up and bends her against the ropes until the ref counts 4. Ghirahim drags Ashei in and Ghirahim shouts, “You watching, Zora Prince?!” Ghirahim STEALS DEPTH CHARGE! Cover, TWO!! Ashei survives Ghirahim’s knockoff of Balure’s move and Ghirahim is furious! Ghirahim demands she get back up, watches as she slowly rises, and then runs to the ropes, but Ashei gets behind him to catch him in a waistlock! HIGH ANGLE GERMAN SUPLEX! But Ashei’s leg won’t let her hold the bridging cover!

Fans are thunderous again as Ghirahim survives but Ashei still holds onto the waistlock. Ashei hobbles up, dead lifts Ghirahim again, but the bad leg holds her back! Ghirahim pries out, KICKS the bad leg, reels her in, but Ashei elbows the saido suplex off. Ashei ROCKS Ghirahim with a forearm, fireman’s carries him, and hits SNOWPEAK GUTBUSTER!! But the bad leg slows her down on the cover! TWO!!! Ghirahim barely survives and Ashei is beside herself! Ashei hobbles up again, goes to Ghirahim but Ghirahim CHOP BLOCKS her leg! Ghirahim then CHOPS her chest, runs and springboards, GHIRA CUTTER!! Cover, Ghirahim wins!

Winner: Ghirahim, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

The Demon Lord will have his fight with the Zora Prince in the bracket semifinals! Will he be able to cut Fin down he like did Ashei?


Ravio VS King Bulblin!

The third of the HPW Training Center prospects is #Murusagi, short for Murasaki Usagi, the Purple Rabbit! To keep this fair, the Bulblin King isn’t allowed his henchmen in the Bulblin triplets at ringside. But will that matter against a quite literally big challenge in the opening round?

Ravio insists that Bulblin is just hiding the Bulblin Triplets somewhere. The ref and King Bulblin are both confused and Bulblin says he’s not hiding anyone or anything! Ravio is skeptical, and the ref goes out to check under the ring. Bulblin defends his innocence, but this distraction keeps him and the ref from seeing Ravio hide something in a buckle pad! Ravio then quickly scoots to a different corner before Bulblin and the ref finishing proving there’s no one hiding under the ring. Bulblin says he told them both before and they just wasted time. Ravio apologizes and accepts that he was wrong. With that, the bell rings and the match begins!

Ravio and Bulblin circle, tie up and Ravio gets around to waistlock. Ravio tries to lift Bulblin but he’s very big and heavy. Bulblin easily throws Ravio off! Ravio flounders up and Bulblin whips, but Ravio reverses, only for Bulblin to block it with size and strength! Ravio keeps trying to whip but Bulblin keeps blocking. Bulblin reels Ravio in and runs him over with a shoulder! Fans boo but Bulblin just soaks up the heat. Bulblin looms over Ravio and gives him toying kicks. Ravio gets to ropes, drags himself up, and Bulblin ROCKS him with a right! Ravio staggers and he wants to go to the corner, but Bulblin turns him around to DECK him with another right!

Bulblin kicks Ravio to the ropes! Fans boo as Bulblin stands on Ravio’s body! The ref counts, Bulblin lets go of the ropes but he still stands on Ravio’s back! Ravio grabs the ropes, the ref counts again, and Bulblin finally steps off Ravio at 4. Ravio crawls and flops out of the ring to rest on the floor. The ring count starts but Bulblin doesn’t wait long, he goes out and fetches Ravio back into the ring. Bulblin drags Ravio up and wraps him in a bearhug! Ravio endures as Bulblin squeezes and thrashes him around! Fans rally, Ravio pushes his forearms into Bulblin’s face, then bell claps! Bulblin holds on but Ravio bell claps again, then twists Bulblin’s ears! The ref reprimands but Bulblin lets go!

Ravio kicks Bulblin’s leg, then runs, but Bulblin FLAPJACKS him! Bulblin grumbles as he glares at Ravio and drags him up by his mask’s rabbit ears! Ravio holds onto his mask and the ref reprimands, but Bulblin point-blank LARIATS Ravio down! Cover, TWO!! Ravio somehow survives and Bulblin chuckles. Bulblin drags Ravio back up and puts him in the corner. It’s the corner Ravio hid something in! Bulblin RAMS his shoulder into Ravio, then RAMS him again! Bulblin hoists Ravio up top, climbs up to join him, but Ravio resists the superplex! Ravio throws body shots, then gives Bulblin DOUBLE PURPLE NURPLES?!? Bulblin stumbles down, then Ravio rakes his eyes!

The ref is busy checking on Bulblin’s eyes, and Ravio brings out the thing he hid earlier! It’s a small bottle of something, with a rabbit eared cap. Ravio pops the cap off, squirts what seems to be soap or oil all over the mat and ropes in the corner, then caps the bottle to drop it on the floor! Bulblin comes back to the corner and he starts slipping on the stuff! Ravio SLAPS Bulblin and Bulblin falls over! Ravio adjusts, and he smartly didn’t put grease or whatever on the top rope. Ravio aims and hits a 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Bulblin almost got screwed by a soapy oil slick! Ravio keeps his cool and thinks of another plan.

Ravio hurries to the other side of the ring and he starts untying a buckle pad! The ref reprimands him and works to tie the pad back on, but Ravio is just using that as a distraction in itself! Ravio hurries out and grabs the bottle of suds! Ravio uncaps the bottle, but Bulblin reaches through the ropes to grab at Ravio! They fight over the bottle, and it squirts all in Bulblin’s face! Bulblin freaks out over getting it in his eyes! So maybe it is soap? Bulblin writhes and flails and the ref wonders what happened, but Ravio gets in to hit a BLINDSIDE DOUBLE KNEES! Cover, RAVIO WINS!

Winner: Ravio, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

Ravio wins with a rabbit punch style knees! They’re rabbit knees! And though there were some sneakier things that led up to it, Ravio still pins a former HPW Death Mountain Champion! Will Ravio have more tricks up his sleeves and shock us again in the second round?


Volga w/ The Dark Forces VS ReDead w/ The uWo!

The Burning Berserker and his faction were betrayed at HyruleMania! And now, a new trio of darkness has been formed! The UnderWorld Order is here, is this the first step in them taking over HPW?

As the uWo make their entrance, it would seem ReDead has gone through a bit of a makeover. He now wears black and gold, and seems to be calling himself “Hollywood” ReDead? Well, new name and gear aside, will he be able to deny Volga his vengeance and glory in the opening round’s final match?

Volga, Gibdo and Wizzro are all in the ring as ReDead, Death Sword and Gomess get in. The trios stare down but this isn’t a trios match and the ref tells them as much. The ref wants the others to back down and exit the ring so that it’s only Volga and ReDead. ReDead and the uWo debut a unique hand sign, crossing pinkie and ring fingers while keeping index and middle fingers side by side. They put those together up in the air, then Gomess and Death Sword suddenly CHOP Gibdo and Wizzro! ReDead choke grips Volga and tosses him to a corner while Death Sword and Gomess throw haymakers on Gibdo and Wizzro to send them out of the ring!

The ref tries to restore order as Death Sword and Gomess keep going after Gibdo and Wizzro on the outside! ReDead throws hands on Volga in the corner then stomps him down! The bell hasn’t rung so this isn’t an official match yet! Gibdo turns things around on Death Sword and CLUBS him against railing! Gomess chokes Wizzro against the railing while ReDead digs his heels into Volga’s neck! The ref tries to pull ReDead away from Volga but ReDead shoves him away! ReDead then drags Volga up to whip him corner to corner hard! Death Sword turns things back around on Gibdo and HEADBUTTS him! Death Sword boots, but Gibdo moves and Death Sword hits the post!

Gomess brings Wizzro around the way with a headlock but Wizzro starts throwing body shots. Wizzro gets free, throws haymakers of his own now, then coordinates with Gibdo. They shove Death Sword and Gomess into each other, then Gibdo tackles them both with a big crossbody! Fans fire up with Gibdo but the ref is still trying to restore order! ReDead drags Volga up, trophy lifts him, and TOSSES him out onto Gibdo! Wizzro checks on Gibdo and Volga as ReDead goes out after them. Wizzro throws hands on ReDead but ReDead traps the arms! ReDead roars right in Wizzro’s face, then TRAPPED ARM OVERHEAD SUPLEXES him onto Gibdo and Volga!

Fans are going nuts as ReDead gets up and roars more! The ref keeps shouting for him to get in the ring and have an actual match but he just dismissively waves a hand. ReDead drags Volga up and into the ring then follows. The ref has ReDead stay back while Volga gets to a corner. ReDead is annoyed but he stays back as the ref talks with Volga. Volga says he wants this fight so the ref has the bell ring. Volga runs at ReDead but into a BOOT! ReDead soaks up the heat as he shouts, “I’M THA MAAAAN~!” ReDead drags Volga back up, scoops him, but Volga slips out to shove ReDead to a corner. Volga SHINING WIZARDS, then hits a BULLDOG!

Fans fire up as Volga fires up, and he aims as ReDead sits up. ReDead blocks the basement superkick and spins Volga but Volga dragon whip kicks! ReDead staggers, Volga SUPERKICKS him in the back of the head! ReDead staggers, Volga full nelsons and DRAGON SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO! Volga watches ReDead slowly get up, runs in, but ReDead avoids the curb stomp! ReDead pops Volga up to SPINEBUSTER! ReDead runs for the LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as ReDead argues with the ref! The fans then boo as ReDead gets in the ref’s face and backs him down to a corner. The ref shouts back that he is the official so ReDead needs to respect that.

ReDead drags Volga up to throw forearms. ReDead whips, Volga reverses and follows to clothesline ReDead at the ropes! Volga whips but ReDead reverses. Volga dodges the clothesline and both run, and double clotheslines take them both down! Wizzro gets up on the apron but Gomess storms over! The ref sees them both and tells them to stay back! But while the ref is busy with Wizzro and Gomess, both Volga and ReDead get up, and ReDead LOW BLOWS Volga! Fans boo and ReDead plays innocent but Gibdo gets on the apron now! Death Sword drags Gibdo down and they’re brawling!

The ref is busy shouting at them, and ReDead is distracted, so Volga LOW BLOW UPPERCUTS ReDead! Fans cheer as both men are down! The ref looks over to see both men are down and is of course confused, but he’s also busy with the Dark Forces and uWo brawling again! The ref shouts at all four of them and EJECTS them!! Maybe they should’ve been banned from ringside in the first place. Death Sword and Gomess throw hands on Gibdo and Wizzro up the ramp as they’re leaving! Wait, CIA jumps in from the crowd! She tosses her “magic scepter” to Volga, but ReDead is there to grab it, too! They’re fighting over it as the ref turns back to look at them! Cia ducks but a little too late…

ReDead and Volga try to blame the other for this, but the ref recognizes it’s Cia’s scepter! The ref shouts that he has had it with all of this, and he has the bell ring! Volga and ReDead point and laugh at the other, but the ref hasn’t said who is being disqualified! The ref talks with the ring announcer, Purah, while ReDead and Volga argue that the other is losing. “Ladies and gentlemen, the result of this match… Is a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION!” WHOA~!!

Double Disqualification

ReDead and Volga are both furious! They’re mad at the ref for making this a double DQ, and then they say the other screwed them over! Fans are also a bit upset, but then Volga and ReDead start brawling! They spill out of the ring, the rest of the Dark Forces and uWo rush back out, and its chaos all over again! Wizzro jumps on Gomess to try a sleeper hold, but Gomess throws him off, then DECKS him with a right hand! Death Sword throws hands on Gibdo but Gibdo kicks a leg out. Gibdo RAMS Death Sword into barriers, then whips him, only for Death Sword to reverse and send Gibdo into the other barriers!

Volga fires off a strike fest on ReDead and hits a ROLLING ELBOW! Volga SUPERKICKS ReDead and he staggers into Gomess and Death Sword. Cia springboards and LEAPS onto the uWo for a crossbody! They all topple over and fans go wild! Cia gets up and stands with the Dark Forces triumphantly! But this war between fearsome factions is only beginning! Who will stand tall when it’s all over? And what does the double disqualification mean for the Triforce Tournament?!

My Thoughts:

I fear I did a bit of Vince WWE style booking as far as the order of these matches. I wanted there to be a cliffhanger in terms of how the second round is supposed to go with that Double DQ draw. Then with Link VS Skull Kid going first to then set up Link VS Zelda, I felt like it had to go first to follow the formula from yesterday with the Bracket of Wisdom having Zelda VS Riju first. Setting things up for Zelda VS Nabooru was just spur of the moment, too, but I think it’s a fair move so that there’s a chance Zelda will be kept from being a double champion.

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