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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 10.6.2020

After a really enjoyable Victory Road, we’re 3 weeks away from Bound for Glory! How do the stories start to take shape for Impact’s biggest PPV?



Coming out of Victory Road, we’re gonna see a few rematches and the bridges to get to Bound for Glory. The tag division is insanely competitive with The Rascalz looking in from the outside, the Good Brothers teetering a line between caring and not caring, and The North feeling like the least appreciated in the picture.

Rosemary and Taya continue to work through their mutual rivals, tonight taking on Steelz and Hogan! Myers is trying to prove he doesn’t need Tommy Dreamer anymore, and EC3 is supposed to have a TNA title funeral!

Well it’s not a funeral, but he makes his point.


  • Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Myers: Dreamer wins via DQ – ** ¼
  • Defeat Rohit Challenge: X Division Championship: Rohit Raju vs Jordynne Grace: Grace wins via O’Connor Roll – N/A
  • XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) vs The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz): Wentz wins via Hot Fire Flame – ** ½
  • Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz: Rosemary wins via Front Necklock Slam – *** ¼ 
  • The Deaners (Cody & Cousin Jake) vs Crazzy Steve & Johnny Swinger: Cody wins via Deaner DDT – N/A
  • Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs Motor City Machine Guns: Guns wins via Skull and Bones – *** ¾



Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Myers

Myers mauls Dreamer early, but once things head to the outside, Dreamer gets some space and starts evening things out. Myers doesn’t stay on the receiving end very long and starts jawing at Dreamer and even does that Baseball Slide Trip he was doing during the Victory Road match. Sufficed to say, this has been mostly all Myers except for the brief time on the outside.

Dreamer tries to power back and get a quick win off a Sunset Flip, but Myers knocks him down with a Back Elbow, and goes back to the aggressive ground and pound. Dreamer reverses an Irish Whip, Myers goes for an Up and Over, but Dreamer catches him on his shoulder and lands the Running Powerslam.

Flip, Flop and Fly, followed by a Cutter, gets Dreamer a near fall; but at least he’s got something going now. Overhead Kick from Myers while Dreamer is trying to grab him, with a Michinoku Driver after…only a near fall for Myers.

DDT counter dance from both guys, as Dreamer hits his for two, and then Myers hits his Elevated DDT for 2 as well. Myers grabs the Kendo Stick, swing and miss, Dreamer hits the White Russian Leg Sweep, then goes to use it on Myers…but Myers begs for Mercy. Dreamer shows Mercy like he just finished Cobra Kai season 2, then Myers lights him up with the kendo stick.

EC3 and Moose hype package.

Defeat Rohit Challenge: X Division Championship: Rohit Raju vs Jordynne Grace

Willie Mack comes out, but Rohit says that Willie had his chance already so it doesn’t count. After a lot of stalling from Rohit, Willie grabs the belt, Jordynne hits the O’Connor Roll and pins Rohit. Rohit explains to the referee that because he didn’t lift up the belt, it wasn’t for the X Division title and it was just a regular match. The referee actually buys into the excuse and declares Jordynne the winner, but Rohit is still champion.

Fallah challenges Hernandez to another arm wrestling match to get money for the wedding. He spills his drink on him, so I’m guessing there’s gonna be some bathroom robbery.

XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) vs The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

Wentz gets bum rushed before they even get their cool windbreakers off. Dez gets sandwiched and then Larry and Acey literally try to pull apart Dez before slamming him down. After the commercial Dez is still getting isolated, very similarly to the Victory Road match. Samoan Drop from Acey, Larry comes in, Dez tries to fight back but Larry Gorilla Press into a Kick to the ribs. Dez is getting ragdolled.

Wentz gets the super-hot tag, throws kicks, strikes and a ton of stuff at Larry, as Wentz launches off Larry to Dropkick Acey off the apron. Both Rascalz come in and start spinning Larry’s head with the different angles of attack. Acey comes in with a Discus Lariat, but Dez ducks, Larry gets laid out. They kick Acey out of the ring, Hot Fire Flame on Larry and The Rascalz win again.

Hey look, Fallah steals the money while Hernandez is in the shower like I expected.

Eric Young goes Stone Cold and Jimmy Jacobs is with Rich Swann and the doctor at the rehab center. Jimmy tries to interview Rich about how the recovery is going, but EY is dressed in nurse scrubs and beats the hell out of Rich.

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Taya dominated Kiera early on in this match, and comes off angry and snarky. Taya and Rosemary have some nice teamwork, but then Rosemary messes up a few times. She tosses Kiera into her corner, so Tasha can tag, and then she goes for her Upside Down move on Kiera’s side, so Kiera kicks her in the head to break the move.

At that point, Kiera and Tasha start taking over. Quick tags, tandem offense, capped off with an Assisted Shiranui from Kiera as Tasha only gets a two count. Tasha goes for a Sliding Kick, but Rosemary does the resurrection move and scares the crap out of Tasha. Rosemary eventually gets to Taya, and Taya is all of the anger in this match.

Taya beats the hell out of Kiera, Curb Stomps her, counters a tandem attempt and hits Tasha with a High Angle Back Drop. Kiera tries to fire back for him team after Taya tags Rosemary back in. Taya gets wiped out, Tasha almost does the job by hitting the Codebreaker on Rosemary, but goes to taunt Taya and that’s her undoing. Rosemary hits a Sitout Necklock Slam and wins the match!

The Deaners (Cody & Cousin Jake) vs Crazzy Steve & Johnny Swinger

The Deaners give Crazzy Steve a beer, so his stuffed monkey can chug. Swinger gets annoyed and tells Steve to be serious. Then he gets pinballed between Jake and Cody. Swinger hits Cody with 10 Count Punches, Steve can’t find the correct gimmick from the fanny pack, so Cody counters with a Manhattan Drop.

The fanny pack has a hole in it, he goes to use the monkey, and Steve saves his monkey and Cody DDTs Swinger for the win.

Goofy shenanigans, and kind of a nothing match, but fun none the less.

Scott and Heath moment in the back which seems like a conference table, Scott is buttering up Heath by saying Rhino was right. Heath slides a proposal to Scott, Scott balks at reading the proposal and changes his tune a little. You’re good, damn good, but not like you’ve won an Olympic Gold Medal bro…that’s a good line. And negotiations fall apart, and it’s a great segment with a lot of great lines.

Ken Shamrock in the back, regretting what he did to Eddie a little. Sami shows him all the likes and retweets, saying that people want the Old Ken Shamrock back. So Shamrock explodes on some jabroni in the back.

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs Motor City Machine Guns

Sabin and Ace start off, but very quickly this becomes the Gun show. Tons of tandem moves, or bouncing Ace between one another to work over a body part. Also I appreciate Shelley’s way of telling the audience what’s coming from his motions. He does the Muto finger pose right before a Shining Wizard, the Randy Savage finger lasso before a Double Axe Handle. It’s just nice to see the wrestlers enjoying themselves in a way that isn’t overly fake or cornball.

Ace manages to stumble to his corner after a Flying Headscissors, and angry Fulton gets tagged in. Shelley pays for his jawing at the monster by catch a fist followed by the Snake Eyes into Ace’s knees. Fulton manhandles Shelley, tags Ace back in for a tandem Guillotine Leg Drop, but Sabin breaks up the pinfall. Ace plays the ace and gives Shelley the papercut between the fingers, and that of course gives the heels more time to play as the referee gets distracted with Sabin’s arguing.

Fulton hits the Hanging Sleeper on the turnbuckles on both of them, before tagging back out to Ace and showing another laminated card. The referee is distracted with Fulton’s card that he doesn’t see Ace produce his, but Shelley grabs at the face to break away from Ace…then gets grabbed by Fulton, but he does the Iron Claw to yam bag which seems to just piss off Fulton more. Shelley moves and Ace hits Fulton, so that could be the beginning of future issues.

Sabin gets the hot tag, preemptive strikes Fulton and then focuses the back of the head and the formerly worked over left arm of Ace. Fulton breaks up a pin attempts and we get more of the Japanese scramble style towards the end of this match. Fulton tags in, Shelley tags in, they low bridge the big man, and then Sabin plays cat and mouse on the apron, Shelley Flatliners Ace into the turnbuckles and then The North show up with a chair. The Good Brothers show up, brawl a bit and Gallows lands a clean shot on Fulton. Guns take advantage since the referee is useless with all the stuff going on, tandem attacks, Skull and Bones…Guns pin Fulton!

Good Brothers make good on their claim to be the Good Guardians, or Guardian Brothers…I forget what they said earlier, but they made good.


Overall Score: 8/10

This was a damn good episode. It came out firing off some of the matches from Victory Road and really starting building a tension for roster members working towards Bound for Glory. Impact’s tag division is a four way coin flip and even the teams not in the title match, still add to why Impact has the best tag division in wrestling right now.

Jordynne Grace getting added to X Division title and perfectly legitimized when Josh says “The X Division is not about weight limits, it’s about no limits…including gender”. We’ve all heard the no limit line for over 15 years, so it’s hard to argue with that precedence.

I also really like what’s going on with Shamrock and Heath. Heath even brought up McIntyre and being offered a contract but Rhino made him come to Impact. Shamrock being manipulated a little to go back to a psychopath is interesting. Even at his advanced age, he still looks like a best, so just getting beat to death is very believable.

This was just really enjoyable, flowed from Victory Road well and moves things along beautifully. Great bridge episode.


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Badlands: What If The Undisputed Era went to Main Roster?



Badlands square


Mags and Tolley return with another episode of Badlands.

Firstly, they discuss Dan Griffin’s (follow him on Twitter @DanGriffin21) Owen Hart fantasy booking, before going over Mags’s vision for the Undisputed Era on the main roster of WWE. Tolley didn’t do his homework, so got off scot free. Typical!



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A Change In Attitude #43 Thursday Raw Thursday!




One of the most significant episodes of Raw so far, in which a certain Heart Break Kid “loses his smile” and it’s on a day so nice, they named it twice!.

The ACIA team revisit Thursday Raw Thursday from February 1997

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