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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Victory Road Results & Match Ratings: 10.3.2020

Victory Road is the last stop before Bound for Glory! Do we get any surprises to mix up the title matches for Impact’s biggest PPV? Can Eddie get his revenge on EY? Does Su Yung reappear?



Even with a quick turn around on learning the event was happening, and making the matches; we get a pretty solid card! Victory Road was always a fun event since it was close to one of the major old TNA PPVs. A few years it was after Slammiversary, then before Lockdown, and now right before Bound for Glory.

You might think since it’s a month before the big PPV that nothing will happen. Well remember, last year The North won the tag titles, THE DAY before Bound for Glory. That bodes well for Susie and Eddie Edwards.

Do we get a title change shakeup? Does Su Yung appear? Can Eddie Edwards actually put up a decent fight?

Lots of questions that need answers! Let’s get em!


  • The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs XXXL (Larry D & Acey Romero): Dez wins via Final Flash @9:28 – *** ¼
  • Brian Myers vs Tommy Dreamer:  Myers wins via Charging Lariat @11:00 – ***
  • Defeat Rohit Challenge X Division Title: Rohit Raju (c) vs Willie Mack:  Mack wins via Count Out @11:11 – ** ¾
  • Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace: Tenille wins via Spotlight Kick @12:17 – *** ½
  • Unsanctioned Match: Reno Scum vs Rhino & Heath:  Heath wins via Wake Up Call @10:36 – ** ½
  • Moose vs Trey Miguel: Trey wins via Body Scissors Cradle @8:20 – **
  • Four Way Tag Rules: Ace Austin w/Fulton vs Karl Anderson w/Gallows vs Alex Shelley w/Chris Sabin & Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page: Josh wins via Jay Driller @14:37 – *** ¾
  • Knockouts Championship: Susie w/Kylie Rae vs Deonna Purrazzo (c) w/ Kimber Lee: Deonna retains via Venus de Milo @13:00 – ***
  • Impact World Championship: Eddie Edwards vs Eric Young (c):  EY retains via Spinning Toe Hold @23:44 – **** ½



The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs XXXL (Larry D & Acey Romero)

Now this is an interesting pairing. The Rascalz are the only team that was in the tag team title picture, that got left out of the Bound for Glory match. XXXL on the other hand, are just starting to find a groove. A heel turn prior to Wrestle House, mixed with getting to see some of their character through Wrestle House; has really shown them in a new light. Will XXXL start to ascend the rankings, or do The Rascalz stabilize and make a case to be in the BFG match?

Wentz and Acey start, with a few shenanigans from Wentz. As he tries to chop down Acey, he gets stopped in his tracks by a Kitchen Sink knee from Acey. Acey takes a pause for the cause, and charges which allows the low bridge. Dez tags in, fakes out Larry before knocking him off the apron. We see the first Dive doesn’t take the big man down, second Dive gets met with an upper cut, so Wentz tries a move, gets caught and slammed onto Dez…then they cuddle on the ramp, Dez likes to be the big spoon.

This then begins the time when Dez gets the holy hell beat out of him for at least 5 minutes. Larry adds some personality in with the ham hocks as he does the Rascalz hand gesture, while beating on Dez. Dez finally starts to fire back, but Larry kicks his leg out from under him, then treats him like a rake but stomping his head, so Dez’s feet flip up to Larry, Larry catches the legs, and Power Bomb.

Larry helps Dez up, hits the ropes, Dez manages a Thrust Kick, but Larry lariats him on the way back, Wentz gets the hot tag! Larry tries to finish it himself, but Wentz goes off. Stick and Move, quick strikes, taking Acey off the apron, rocking Larry, Standing Moonsault, and then he moves so Acey Senton’s Larry. Quick action as he tags Dez back in. XXXL look to have control when they wipe out Wentz for a second and double team Dez, but Wentz breaks the pin. Acey gets taken to the outside; Dez hits the Double Bac Flip Kick perfectly and then goes up for his Spiral Tap, called Final Flash.

Really solid match and good opener; plus it helps keep The Rascalz a step ahead of the other teams in the division.

Brian Myers vs Tommy Dreamer

Myers really runs circles around Dreamer early in the match. Every time Dreamer tries to put something together, Myers has an answer, including a sliding ankle pick that allows him to drag him outside and keep up the fight. The ankle pick was important to note, since when Myers goes back to the well, Dreamer jumps over, and manages to wipe out Myers with a Diving Lariat from the apron.

They get back in the ring, a little Flip, Flop and…Myers hits a Sole Butt, goes off the ropes and…ahh there’s the Fly! Myers charges again, Dreamer hits a Sky High for 2 as he exclaims “That worked for D’lo for years!”. Myers hits the Laugh Riot, but he’s too close to the ropes and Dreamer manages to break the count. Myers goes to the corner for the Edge style Spear and you can hear him say “I’m sorry I love you”, but Dreamer moves and hits a Cutter for a near fall. A little more back and forth until Dreamer chucks Myers off the top rope, then hits the DDT…but Myers returns the rope break favor and gets his foot there.

Dreamer goes to the top, gets crotched, so Myers goes to the corner with the Edge style bounce like he’s gonna hit a Spear, but instead hits a huge lariat for the pinfall! Myers then does the mocking stance that we know Dreamer for as he heads off victorious.

Defeat Rohit Challenge X Division Title: Rohit Raju (c) vs Willie Mack

Well now, this was a really good match. Willie smacked around Rohit a little early and used his size advantage. Rohit however found some openings, and really worked this match competitively. Whenever he started getting an advantage he would beam and clap and shout “What an opportunity!”.

The end of the match was surprising since Rohit had a few moments were he could’ve actually won. Solid offense, a DDT and then he goes up for the Dragon Stomp, but Willie avoids it. Then Willie runs him into the corner, and on the fake reverse Irish Whip they bump a little awkwardly and it looks like they hit heads. Willie is down for most of the 10 count on the inside, but Rohit is on the outside. He stands up around 7, but then goes down clutching his head.

Rohit gets counted out, while looking like the cat who ate the canary and Willie is justifiably frustrated. But it was still a pretty solid match.

Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace

Notably, Tenille is a bit more animated than usual this match. She has a pouty “mean face” on, tells Kaleb to massage her shoulders a little and just seems goofier. Also highlighted by the fact that when she can grab a headlock on Jordynne, she gives her a Noogie. Kaleb saves Tenille from a Vader Bomb, before slowing down the pace.

Tenille poses in the ring for a shot from Kaleb, and like I’ve said before, Tenille has really embraced more of the quirky IIconics humour and maybe a little bit of derpy Emma. It’s just nice to see Tenille showing a personality instead of the rather flat “it’s all about me” persona she had when she initially left WWE. As Tenille keeps the control, she actually just does a few spots so Kaleb can record video, and then they take most of the 10 count to look at pictures and video, and just laugh about it.

Whenever Tenille is in control of the match, the speed slows and she poses, smiles, does cute little gestures and it’s all about the new persona. But as soon as Jordynne “ruins the shot”, the intensity goes off the chart.  Big slams, forearms and  Tenille returns most of the forearms and it’s not until Jordynne hits a Spinebuster that Tenille seems to be a little out of gas.

Jordynne keeps things going even through a Butterfly Suplex from Tenille. She throws Tenille into the corner, hits a Vader Bomb, for two, when she locks in the Rear Naked Choke, Kaleb distracts the referee.  Jordynne gets frustrated, and then rolled up, but she kicks out. Tenille catches her with a strike to the midsection and then Spotlight Kick takes it home!

Ton of personality and I love that. If you only watch for ring work, then you may not appreciate this, but Tenille’s new shtick helps this along nicely to me.

Unsanctioned Match: Reno Scum vs Rhino & Heath

First thing I noticed in this match is Heath is one sun burned boy. Every time he hits the ropes, the imprint is left for a few seconds…so I can only imagine how uncomfortable that is taking bumps.

Aside from that this was basic but entertaining. Reno Scum cut off the ring and Heath got the tar beat out of him. I did appreciate Heath going to an empty corner, not sure if that’s a joke about WWE team placement or if he was just selling being beat to the point of not knowing where he was, but it was amusing.

Rhino finally gets in and lays out both members of Reno Scum before Luster eventually rocks Rhino, he falls back into his corner and Heath tags himself back in. Heath looks gassed, he fights Luster down, Thronstowe comes in and Heath handles him a little until Thornstowe ducks and Dive out on Rhino. Heath eats a big boot from Luster, and they look to finish Heath with a tandem finisher.

Rhino slides back in, Luster gets Gored, but Thornstowe slows down Rhino, and Heath catches Thronstowe with the Wake Up Call, for the pinfall! Does the win help get Heath a job?

Moose vs Trey Miguel

Now we all know where this is going before the match even happens. EC3 will distract Moose somehow, or cost him the match. So with that out of the way, let’s see how they get there.

Okay, Moose dominates this match and what he says makes this pretty awesome. Aside from using Trey as an example to EC3, he has one line of “His family will have to start a Go Fund Me”. That’s just a fantastic line.

Moose has done tremendous work since doing the TNA World Champion gimmick.

Four Way Tag Rules: Ace Austin w/Fulton vs Karl Anderson w/Gallows vs Alex Shelley w/Chris Sabin & Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page

So this was a different set up for a match, it was a Fatal Four way, but with tag team rules, but anyone could tag anyone. Sufficed to say, I wasn’t typing along with the match, because it was just fun. From the onset of Karl hitting Ace pretty hard for a tag, Ace trying to return the chop, but Karl ducks, tags in and tells the ref to get him out.

Shelley tries to do a good portion of the work before he gets backed into the corner and Josh tags himself in. Part of the fun in this match was seeing different personalities. Good Brothers seem to act a little entitled, Ace is a little bitch heel hiding behind Fulton, The Guns are very Eastern in their ways of doing things, hell even on the apron there was more than the usual standing and waiting for a tag, and of course The North…Page runs his mouth and he’s great while Josh just hits people.

There was a referee bump, which allowed for all the seconds to come in and wreck shop, but as Fulton had Ace in a Gorilla Press to chuck him into the sea of bodies, the ref comes to and kicks out all of the extras. This sends us to the signature spam portion, where we see Gun Stuns, Sliced Bread #2, Ace didn’t get to do much since he got Superplex/Power Bombed into next week, and then Josh wins with the Jay Driller. If you accept the fact it’s a Four Way match with tag rules, this was really fun. Plus since Josh pinned Shelley which helps to build for the match. Just all very well done.

Knockouts Championship: Susie w/Kylie Rae vs Deonna Purrazzo (c) w/ Kimber Lee

We see a similar thread in this match, which we’ve seen in the previous tag matches between these four women. Susie has a tendency to hang in the match, and even string together some offense, when everyone thinks she’s this clueless imbecile.

Susie was actually in control of this for a while, a few Shotgun Dropkicks, Forearms and even a Dive to the outside. It wasn’t until Kimber Lee interfered that allowed Deonna to stem the bleeding with an Iconoclasm. Susie continued to be resilient, and Madison Rayne’s confused commentary made things better since she just couldn’t understand why Susie was still in the fight.

The Su Yung glitch set in toward the end after an Arachnarana or two, so we see Susie nearly pick up the win with a Panic Switch, but Deonna slips out. Fujiwara Armbar, turned into the Venus de Milo and Susie verbally submits.

Kimber and Deonna destroy Kylie and Susie after the match. It’s actually pretty brutal.

Impact World Championship: Eddie Edwards vs Eric Young (c)

The match starts with a bit of a stare down, but then Eddie erupts and takes it to EY. A few quick strikes have the maniac retreat to the outside, but Eddie catches him with a Dive, and it looks like Eddie’s head must’ve made contact since EY has a cut right on about his cheekbone.

Eddie breaks the count a few times to continue to inflict pain, but EY eventually counters and does the same thing. It’s nice to see this is a brawl from the onset and EY isn’t trying to take any shortcuts. Eddie has all heart driven moments where he fights back with Backpack Stunners and more of his normal offense, but EY begins to viciously go after the damaged ankle. EY hangs him in the Tree of Woe, making sure to hook the bad ankle under the buckle, and then he hammers on it. Shortly after, he does more of the same on the lower buckle but he stomps on the damaged ankle, punctuating the attack by driving him knees first into the apron, of course prioritizing the bad leg.

EY drives the leg down on the steps, and then stands in the ring to survey his work. Eddie however tries to rally himself, even talking crap back to EY saying it’ll take more than that. So EY comes out to oblige the request.

The champion maintains control for a while as he finds different ways to torque on the injured ankle. Eddie flips through a Backdrop, but the ankle gives him trouble, so it’s a nice struggle of Eddie trying to block and fight back, while severely hampered. Eddie and EY start a chop exchange, which Eddie seems to get the best of, before EY hits a Forearm. Then when it looks like EY’s got him close, Blue Thunder…Face Buster, Inverted Blue Thunder Bomb…not sure, but it’s effective for Eddie.

Another Blue Thunder bomb gets Eddie a near fall, a TKO followed by the Edge of Sanity from EY gives him a near fall, and we see both men trying to just throw haymakers. Eddie manages to hit a Tiger Driver on like one and a half legs, then he goes for the Boston Knee Party, but EY gets his arms up to block. The fight up to the top turnbuckle, EY looks for an Avalanche DDT, but Eddie turns it into an Avalanche Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie looks for another big move, perches EY, but EY counters by twisting Eddie’s legs and just throwing him knees first back on to the mat. Spinning Toe Hold from EY makes him look like an opportunistic genius, but Eddie’s shoe comes off, Boston Knee Party…but too close to the ropes and EY drapes the leg. EY kicks the leg, Piledriver, into Spinning Toe Hold and Eddie taps out!


Overall Score: 7.5/10

So as I’ve mentioned before, the IMPACTPlus or TV specials tend to be more miss than hit, but this was actually really good. Two great matches, a lot of solid character work with storyline movement, and just generally a fun watch.  Even the two worst matches, still served their purpose in the grand scheme of things. I rate off of a few elements, and when the finish is predictable, the match is already starting behind the eight ball a little. I love the #Heath4IMPACT stuff and I have been really enjoying delusional TNA Moose. So the rating isn’t a reflection of my enjoyment, more just a statement that the match isn’t overly necessary and Ray Charles could see where it was going.

Now for non-predictable; Susie, wow I don’t know where they’re going with here. The fact that Deonna tried to break her arm, makes me think she’ll be off of TV and return as Su Yung at Bound for Glory. Which is cool, though selfishly I have really enjoyed the Susie gimmick change. I am mostly curious if Su will show up to interfere or to challenge after the match. Then you have to wonder, does she attack Deonna for her bullying, or attack Kylie because she was “too nice” to protect Susie. Rohit being the slimy heel champion is great. Heath possibly getting a job on Tuesday is awesome and Myers possibly bringing out the Innovator of Violence in Tommy Dreamer is something to tune in for.

Rich making sure EY couldn’t do more to Eddie was a nice way to end to the show and build for the next few weeks.  So a damn good show sets the stage nicely for the final push toward Bound for Glory. 2020 man, such a backwards year but Impact has knocked it out of the park.

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