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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/13/20)

A Dark 14 before the 14th!



AEW Dark Coverage

A GIGANTIC episode of Dark to celebrate the Dynamite Anniversary!

To commemorate the Dynamite Anniversary landing on October 14th, Dark gives us FOURTEEN MATCHES in one night! Who celebrates with a win going into the celebration on Wednesday?


  • Fatal 4 Way: Evil Uno VS Frankie Kazarian VS Jungle Boy VS The Blade; Jungle Boy wins.
  • The Lucha Brothers VS Cezar Bononi & Lee Johnson; The Lucha Brothers win.
  • Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates VS Brandon Cutler; Double Disqualification Draw.
  • Matt Sydal VS Sonny Kiss w/ Joey Janela; Sydal wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS M’Badu, Aaron Solow & Angel Fashion; The Dark Order wins.
  • Red Velvet VS Elayna Black; Velvet wins.
  • Ricky Starks VS Fuego del Sol; Starks wins.
  • Gunn Club VS Ryzin & Maxx Stardom; Gunn Club wins.
  • Darby Allin VS Nick Comoroto; Darby wins.
  • Colt Cabana w/ Evil Uno VS Griff Garrison; Cabana wins.
  • Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS KiLynn King; Rose wins.
  • Joey Janela w/ Sonny Kiss VS D3; Janela wins.
  • Wardlow VS Elijah Dean; Wardlow wins.
  • Eddie Kingston VS Baron Black; Kingston wins.


Fatal 4 Way: Evil Uno VS Frankie Kazarian VS Jungle Boy VS The Blade!

What a way to open Dark! Four of the top teams in AEW send in one half each to do battle! Will it be the Dark Order, SoCal Uncensored, Jurassic Express or The Mad King’s family that can boast a huge victory ahead of the Dynamite Anniversary?

The bell rings and the four men talk some smack to each other. Blade shoves Kaz into Uno. Kaz and Uno shove Blade and JB, and now it’s a brawl! Kaz throws hands on Blade while Uno throws haymakers and elbows. JB dodges and huricanranas Uno out! Blade runs at JB but misses, Kaz clotheslines Blade out! Kaz swings on JB, JB gets around to a waistlock. Kaz switches. JB switches but Kaz switches again. Kaz back suplexes, JB lands on his feet, but Kaz blocks the kick and sweeps the leg. Kaz jackknifes, JB bridges up and spins around, but Kaz fights off the backslide to sunset flip! TWO, JB sits, TWO! JB ducks a kick, Kaz jumps the sweep, but they see Blade and Uno come back. Kaz and JB knock those two down, JB goes to O’Conner roll but Kaz bucks him away!

Kaz rushes JB, JB side-steps to roll Kaz up, TWO! JB tries a lateral press but Blade drags him off. Uno gets in to cradle Kaz, TWO! Uno kicks Kaz and CHOPS him in a corner! Uno whips Kaz corner to corner, Kaz goes up and rolls Uno up, TWO! Kaz sobats, front kicks and LARIATS! Blade returns and elbows Kaz. Blade suplexes Kaz into buckles! JB returns and CHOPS Blade, to knuckle lock and go up. Uno swings, JB jumps over and kicks him away! JB hits a flying arm-drag and a dropkick! Kaz is up, JB dodges and dropkicks him! Cover, TWO! The fans are fired up for Jungle Boy as he brings Kaz back up. JB throws forearms, whips Kaz corner to corner but Kaz reverses. JB goes up but Kaz gets him in an Electric Chair, Japanese cross-arm SUPLEX! Bridging cover but Uno breaks it!

Uno drags JB up to CHOP him to a corner! Uno stands JB up to CHOP while Blade goes after Kaz on the outside. Uno whips JB corner to corner then runs in and back elbows! Uno suplexes JB for a BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Kaz and Blade brawl but Blade rakes eyes! Uno undoes wrist tape but the ref keeps him from using it on JB. Uno “apologizes” as the ref confiscates the tape, but Uno undoes tape from the other wrist! Uno uses that to choke JB and then reel him in for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Blade is back and he goes after Uno. Uno and Blade knock Kaz off the apron and then Uno JABS Blade! Uno runs, Blade hurdles and leaps to forearm Uno down! Cover, TWO! Blade brings Uno up, Uno throws a forearm. Blade forearms back and the two brawl! Blade CHOPS, Uno CHOPS, repeat!

Blade forearms, Uno forearms, Kaz and JB get in to throw haymakers! They brawl again like the beginning of the match and Blade puts Kaz in a corner. JB fights back but now he’s 2v1 as Blade and Uno put him in the other corner. They whip JB corner to corner but JB leaps up to monkey flip Kaz, who uses that to DOUBLE LARIAT Uno and Blade! JB rolls Kaz up, TWO! JB dodges Kaz and DIVES onto Uno! JB gets back in, shoulders Kaz away and slingshots up and over to DIVE into Blade! Blade goes down, JB gets back on the apron but Kaz gets JB for a SLINGSHOT CUTTER! Kaz sees Uno, swings and gets a guillotine leg drop! Blade runs in, Kaz gets him first for a PERFECT PLEX! Cover, TWO!! Blade escapes, Uno kicks Kaz and feeds him to Blade, BOOT causes a DDT!

JB rises as fans rally, he sunset flips Uno, TWO! Uno swings but into a crucifix. Uno pops JB up to a fireman’s carry then an Electric Chair, fold and USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! JB survives that fusion of Cow Cutter and One Winged Angel and Uno is shocked! Blade gets up but Uno dodges and CHOPS him back! Uno climbs up to rain down fists, but Blade gets him for a POWERBOMB! Blade runs and BOOTS Uno in the corner, but Kaz shoulders into Blade. Kaz slingshots to DDT Blade down! JB is back and he swings on Kaz. Kaz dodges, they both run, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES take both men down! Fans fire up as all four men are down!

Fans rally as there’s a standing count on the four, but it only gets to 5 before Kaz rises! Kaz CHOPS JB, hoists him up top and climbs up to join him. Blade drags Kaz down to go after JB, but Kaz brings him down and CHOPS! Kaz climbs up, Blade joins him, but JB fights them both. Uno is up, but instead of joining in, he trips them all up! Triple the crotch damage! Uno drags JB up and reels him in. He blows a kiss, spins JB up but JB trips him and jackknifes, JB wins!!!

Winner: Jungle Boy, by pinfall

That was fast! And Uno doesn’t like it, so he attacks! And out comes Stu Grayson and the Numbers! They beat down JB but Kaz goes to help! Butcher comes out to reinforce Blade, and even Christopher Daniels and Marko Stunt are here! Stunt has a kendo stick and he SMACKS the Numbers! Daniels has no love for the Dark Order, either, so he throws hands! Stunt SMACKS Alan Angels and SMACKS Preston Vance! Stunt dares someone to step up, but Angels takes the stick away. Luchasaurus returns to BOOT Angels down! And he grabs Reynolds to CHOP him down! Vance swings on Luchasaurus but takes the TAIL WHIP! Jurassic Express and SCU stand tall together, but Jungle Boy is the one with momentum! Will JB use that to win the AEW World Championship contender’s tournament?


The Lucha Brothers VS Cezar Bononi & Lee Johnson!

Pentagon and Rey Fenix are hungry for gold, and we know Fenix is in the same contender’s tournament as Jungle Boy. Will the brothers work together against the Brazilian V8 Engine and Big Shotty to help “the family” get ahead?

The teams sort out and Pentagon starts against Bononi. They approach, Pentagon dodges to KICK and CHOP! “Listen! Cero, Miedo!” Penta runs but Bononi runs him over! Fenix tags in, ties up with Bononi but Bononi powers him down. Fenix dodges, runs but into a BIG scoop slam! Bononi tags in Johnson and they double whip Fenix. Fenix holds ropes, dodges Johnson and Penta kicks him! Fenix body shots, runs and handsprings, GAMANGIRI to a torture rack. Penta tosses Johnson for an inverted snake eyes! Tag to Fenix, Fenix brings Johnson up and CHOPS him! Fenix keeps Johnson from getting away, tags Penta back in, and Penta torture racks again. Pentagon flips Johnson but he lands out of the Burning Hammer to fire off strikes! Johnson uppercuts, dodges and hot tags Bononi!

Bononi forearms Penta, Fenix tags in and goes up as Bononi splashes Penta. Bononi elbows Penta, Fenix runs in but Bononi CLOBBERS Him! Penta dodges, springboards, but Bononi catches him! Fenix adds on but Bononi stays up!? POWERBOMB POWERSLAM COMBO! Cover on Fenix, TWO! Bononi keeps close and drags Fenix up. Bononi reels Fenix in, lifts, but Fenix fights the bomb off this time. Fenix ROUNDHOUSES, mule kicks, but Bononi shoves him away but Fenix rolls under the double ax handles to mule kick again. Fenix sends Bononi to the corner, Bononi swings on Penta but Penta ducks. Fenix runs in, Bononi sends Fenix up and out but Penta tags in. Penta enziguris Bononi, Fenix goes up and springobard arm-drags Bononi down! WAZZAP!? PUNISHER STOMP! Uno, dos, tres, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!

Penta clubs Bononi, kicks Johnson, and coordinates with Fenix. They bring Bononi up, but Johnson trips Fenix up! Fenix manages to land safely but Bononi shoves Penta into him! Fenix tumbles down, Johnson jumps in, Bononi scoops Penta while Johnson FLIES! Direct hit onto Fenix while Bononi RAMS Penta into buckles! Bononi drags Penta away to cover, TWO!! Penta survives but Bononi drags him away and tags in Johnson. Johnson goes up top, leaps, but Penta dodges! Penta DECKS Bononi, Johnson fireman’s carries but Penta slips off. Penta dodges and SLING BLADES! Fenix drags Johnson back for a leg drop! Fenix goes after Bononi and enziguris him down! Fenix drags Johnson up, tags Penta, and the brothers coordinate again. DOUBLE STOMP PACKAGE DRIVER! Fenix keeps Bononi out as Penta covers, the Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

The brothers win again! Will they be poised for an AEW World Tag Team Championship shot on the other side of Full Gear? Is Fenix going to burn up the rest of the AEW World Championship bracket?


Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates VS Brandon Cutler!

This is it! The Librarian has yet to win in AEW, and the same for the Dungeon Master. They tried to make it work as a team but it all fell apart, but only ONE can rise up and finally be victorious!

Avalon attacks Cutler during his entrance! Avalon clubs Cutler and Leva hurries out after him. Avalon brings Cutler up for a POWERBOMB to the ramp! Leva can’t believe this while Avalon tells the ref to back off. Cutler crawls to the stage, MARTI-KNEES!! Avalon grabs a mic and demands to be declared the winner by default. The ref says it won’t work like that, but Avalon insists this is by forfeit! Avalon demands to have his hand raised, and he announces himself the winner! Say it for him, Justin Roberts! Cutler gets in the ring, the bell rings and Avalon clobbers him again! Avalon rains down furious fists but the ref counts. Avalon stops, goes up and watches Cutler rise, SUPER MARTI-KNEES!! Avalon won’t stop, he dropkicks Cutler out of the ring!

Avalon gets a mic and demands to have Cutler be counted out. The ref counts, Avalon already says he’s won, but Cutler rises at 7! Cutler is in, Avalon is after him again, he clubs Cutler and hits a BIG back suplex! Avalon drags Cutler up for another back suplex! Avalon won’t stop, he brings Cutler up for a THIRD back suplex! Cutler writhes, Avalon gets the leg and turns him over for a Half Crab! Avalon digs his knee into Cutler’s back but Cutler endures! Cutler crawls, and gets the ropebreak! Avalon holds on until the ref counts, but the ref has to make Avalon let go! Avalon tumbles into the ref, the ref warns Avalon! Cutler gets to a corner, Avalon runs in but into a boot! And then another boot! Avalon tries again, but only gets buckles! Cutler ROUNDHOUSES, then slingshot enziguris!

Cutler is after Avalon in the ropes and CHOPS him over and over as Avalon seesaws. Avalon is stuck, Cutler GUILLOTINE LEG DROPS Avalon to the apron! Cutler puts Avalon in but Avalon bails out before the springboard. Leva checks on Avalon but Cutler pursues. Avalon uses Leva as a shield then CLOBBERS Cutler! Avalon puts Cutler in, asks if Leva is okay, but Cutler DIVES! Direct hit and they crash into barriers! Cutler gets up, drags Avalon into the ring, and then aims from the apron. Cutler springboards, FROGGY-BOW! Cover, TWO!! Avalon survives and Cutler can’t believe it! Cutler drags Avalon up, torture racks, but Avalon fights free! Avalon waistlocks, Cutler bucks him and springboards again, but into an URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Cutler survives and Avalon is seething!

Cutler is in a drop zone, Avalon steps on him and goes up, but Cutler trips him up! Cutler drags Avalon backward into a dragon sleeper, and a BLOODY SUNDAY! Cover, TWO!?! Avalon survives and Cutler is beside himself! Cutler goes back to the apron as Leva tries to negotiate peace between them again. Cutler brings out his huge 20-sided die! Leva asks Cutler not resort to such tactics, so Cutler gives her the die. Avalon rakes Cutler’s eyes! Leva reprimands Avalon but he fireman’s carries, SAMOAN DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! Avalon is furious! Avalon goes to a corner and grabs one of the hard cover books! Avalon swings but Cutler scoops him, only to swing Avalon into the ref!

The ref is down as Cutler hits the GUT BUSTER DROP! Cover, but the ref can’t count! Cutler would’ve won twice over off his #TotalPartyKill! Cutler rips up the book and that freaks Leva out! Cutler has the book but Avalon has the 20-sided die! They BOTH hit each other with the objects!! The ref calls for the bell!

Double Disqualification Draw

ANOTHER draw?! Leva is disappointed in them both and leaves without them. Avalon and Cutler blame the other for this, but this was another shocking way to NOT win! Will Cutler and Avalon ever figure out how to get the goose eggs off their records?


Sonny Kiss speaks.

“It’s a big night for me. Tonight, AEW Dark, I go one-on-one with one of the best high fliers in the world, Matt Sydal.” Jersey’s Finest have been fighting in the tag division, but tonight the Concrete Rose proves he can be just as badass in singles competition! Sydal, prepare for Kiss to get #Sonnylicious!

Matt Sydal VS Sonny Kiss w/ Joey Janela!

Kiss said his piece, but will it stop the #SSP, Sydal Star Press, from taking off and flying high?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Kiss arm-drags but Sydal arm-drags back! And again! Sydal rolls Kiss around to get a facelock but Kiss fights up. Sydal snapmares but Kiss does the splits to handspring through. Kiss kicks, Sydal blocks and flips but Kiss lands on his feet again. Kiss arm-drags again and running dropsaults! Sydal flounders, Janela and the fans cheer, and Kiss wrenches Sydal to a wristlock. Sydal spins through, waistlocks, half nelson to flying mare and cover, TWO! Kiss spins Sydal to back kick and whip. Sydal reverses, jumping headscissors and a leaping windmill kick! Sydal’s third eye is open and he paces.

Fans rally up as Sydal whips, Kiss stops to kick back! Kiss dodges, gets around, but Sydal scoops for a HARD sidewalk slam! The sidewalk slam folds the Concrete Rose, but Janela coaches Kiss up. Sydal paces, clubs Kiss, then puts Kiss on the ropes to CHOP! Sydal whips, Kiss blocks the hip toss but Sydal counters Kiss’ hip toss to a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Fans rally as Kiss endures being bent back! Sydal shifts to a full Bow ‘n’ Arrow, but Kiss continues to endure. Kiss pops out to a cover, ONE, and Sydal sweeps the legs! Standing corkscrew senton, TWO! Sydal grins, he still has control as Kiss survives. Sydal cravats and grinds Kiss, but fans rally up as Kiss fights up. Sydal scoops, modified FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Kiss survives again but Sydal says his third eye has seen the solution! Sydal drags Kiss back up, Kiss hits back with body shots but Sydal KICKS a leg out! Kiss throws forearms over and over, rolling elbow! Kiss runs, huricanranas and then LEAPING COMPLETE SHOT! Kiss kips up and fans fire up as Kiss runs for the SPLIT LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Sydal survives and flounders to a corner. Kiss runs in but into a boot! Sydal goes up, Kiss HEEL KICKS back! Sydal is in the ropes, Kiss goes corner to corner, AXES ‘N’ O’S! Cover, TWO!! Kiss grows frustrated as Sydal survives! Kiss goes up top and aims, LEAPING SPLITS! Sydal moves and then gets Kiss in a COBRA CLUTCH! Kiss endures, fights up but Sydal makes it a Russian Leg Sweep! The Cobra Clutch is still on, Kiss taps! Sydal wins!

Winner: Matt Sydal, by submission

Sydal didn’t need to fly to pluck the Concrete Rose! Will Sydal’s third eye lock in on championship gold in the near future?


Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS M’Badu, Aaron Solow & Angel Fashion!

Speaking of, the Dark Order’s Numbers 3, 4 and 10 assemble to take on a trio of rising stars! Will The Beaver Boys and Preston Vance make Mr. Brodie proud?

The trios sort out and John Silver starts against Solow. They circle, tie up, and Silver gets up and under Solow to throw him down! Silver stays on Solow with a facelock, then shifts to get the arm. Solow endures the armlock to step inside and wrenches to a wristlock. Silver breaks free, CHOPS and double guns! Silver runs but Solow dropkicks him down! Cover, ONE, but M’Badu tags in. M’Badu clubs Silver, Silver CHOPS back, but M’Badu eggs him on. Silver runs, ducks but bounces off M’Badu! M’Badu scoops, Silver slips out to tag in Alex Reynolds! Reynolds runs in but M’Badu back drops him! Tag to Fashion and he drags Reynolds up.

Reynolds knees back, throws forearms then brings Fashion up to scoop. Fashion slips out, Reynolds bucks the roll up away but Fashion dropkicks a leg out! Fashion runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, ONE! Fashion whips Reynolds away, Reynolds ducks and dodges, Vance tags in! Vance BOOTS Fashion down! Cover, ONE, but Vance drags Fashion up. Vance clubs Fashion down, drags him back up and reels him in. Fashion elbows Vance away but Vance ripcords and CUTTERS! Cover, TWO! Vance puts Fashion in the corner, CHOPS him and tags in Reynolds and Reynolds stomps Fashion down. Reynolds snapmares and stomps Fashion more, then brings him back up. Fashion throws body shots, whips Reynolds but Reynolds reverses to get a NECKBREAKER! Reynolds has a cocky cover, TWO!

Reynolds smothers Fashion in a chinlock and rakes the eyes! Tag to Silver, Silver stomps away on Fashion, then he kicks away! Silver says, “I’m freakin’ jacked, baby!” He KICKS Fashion more, tags in Reynolds, and they mug Fashion more. Reynolds keeps Fashion from his corner, stomps him down and tags Silver back in. The Beaver Boys double suplex, Fashion lands on his feet and hot tags M’Badu! M’Badu DOUBLE LARIATS Reynolds and Silver, DECKS Vance, then goes back to DOUBLE LARIAT again! M’Badu hits a corner splash on Reynolds, then one on Silver in the other corner! M’Badu scoops Silver but Silver slips out and feeds M’Badu to Reynolds’ boot! M’Badu staggers into a waistlock, the Beaver Boys coordinate, BOOT to GERMAN SUPLEX!

M’Badu hits hard but tumbles to his corner, Solow tags in! Solow spins Reynolds’ elbow into Silver, then SPIN KICKS Reynolds down! Solow fires off on Silver, whips him but Silver reverses. Solow dodges but Vance slingshot SPEARS him down! Silver BOOTS Fashion down, tags in Reynolds, and Reynolds tags in Vance. Vance and Reynolds bring Solow up, Silver runs, SWINGING CRUCIFIX! Cover, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

A powerful combination between the Numbers, and that bolsters the power of the Dark Order. Will the faction find a way to take over all of AEW?


Red Velvet VS Elayna Black!

Red VS Black? Sounds like roulette or something. But will it take more than luck for Velvet to stir it up against the Sorceress?

Brandi Rhodes joins commentary, as she’s taken a liking to the young Red Velvet. And she’s a little weirded out by Elayna’s miniature coffin and the tarot cards inside. But the bell rings, the two circle and tie up. They go around, Elayna gets the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. Velvet rolls, handsprings and wrenches back to headlock. Elayna pries out, hammerlocks then headlocks but Velvet powers out. Velvet uses splits to drop down, then she arm-drags Elayna around and dropkicks her down! Elayna flounders, Velvet brings her up to whip but Elayna reverses. Velvet dodges, trips Elayna up, and springboard elbow drops! Cover, TWO! Velvet drags Elayna up, throws body shots and stomps Elayna.

Velvet does the splits as she grinds a boot in. Elayna shoves Velvet away, her leg jams a bit and Elayna goes after it with a kick! Elayna throws Velvet by her hair, then clubs her on the back! Velvet throws forearms back, Elayna keeps throwing forearms! Elayna whips, runs and SHINING WIZARDS in the corner! Elayna mocks stirring it up, snapmares Velvet and KICKS her! Cover, TWO! Velvet gets to ropes, Elayna hurries over but Velvet throws forearms. Elayna throws more forearms, whips Velvet but Velvet holds ropes to avoid the dropkick! Velvet fires up and rallies with big clotheslines! Calf kick! Velvet drags Elayna up, whips her to ropes but Elayna reverses. Velvet wheelbarrows, and bulldogs! Brandi likes that as Velvet runs and KNEES Elayna into the ropes! Elayna flounders, Velvet kicks her and runs again, to BOOT! Cover off #JustDesserts, Velvet wins!

Winner: Red Velvet, by pinfall

The first win for Velvet’s AEW career and Brandi is loving this! Velvet looks good, Brandi looks good, will they be stirring things up together?


Ricky Starks VS Fuego del Sol!

The Absolute knows he’s hot, Taz knows he’s hot, but is he hotter than the Fire of the Sun? We’ll see as tonight’s GIGANTIC Dark reaches the halfway point!

The bell rings and Starks BOOTS Fuego down! And then clubs away on him in the corner! The ref counts, Starks lets up at 4, but he goes after Fuego again with a CLUBBING forearm! Starks bumps Fuego off buckles, then off more buckles, then whips him corner to corner HARD! Fuego hits into buckles hard, writhes as Starks seethes, and Starks kicks Fuego while he’s down. Starks brings Fuego up to CHOP, then whips him to ropes. Starks BLASTS Fuego with the back elbow! “This is MY house!” Taz agrees with Starks as he drags Fuego back up. Fuego throws body shots and a dropkick back! Starks staggers, Fuego runs in but is tossed out onto the ramp!

Starks follows after Fuego, drags him up with a headlock but Fuego fights back. Starks trips Fuego up to then join commentary. This is AEW Starks, with him, Excalibur, and the greatest commentator of all time, Taz! High five for Taz before Starks throws Fuego into the ring. Fuego throws forearms and chops but Starks whips him away. Starks ducks the heel kick to back suplex but Fuego lands on his feet! Fuego mule kicks, runs, but into the ABSOLUTE SPEAR! Then the gut wrench, ROSHAMBEAUX! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Fuego had fire but it was put out by Starks! Will Starks make it as easy as rock-paper-scissors to get towards a title?


Backstage interview with SoCal Uncensored.

Kaz was in singles action, but Scorpio Sky and Christopher Daniels are here. SCU lost to FTR, but there was a confrontation of sorts with Shawn Spears backstage. Did that get into Scorpio’s head? Before Scorpio can properly answer, Spears appears! “Yes, Sky. Did I get in your head?” Scorpio says that didn’t happen, and Daniels points out the only reason FTR won was because of “this jackass right here,” Tully Blanchard. Spears says not to point at Tully. Scorpio tells Spears that if they have a problem, “we can do this.” Spears says there’s no problem here. Except with Daniels for disrespecting Tully! Daniels says if the “damsel is in distress,” then step up! Spears accepts, and Tully says this’ll happen next week on Dark! Seven days is fine. Scorpio knows Daniels has this, but try to save some of Spears for Scorpio to deal with. Will the Fallen Angel leave some #PERFECT10N for The Closer to put away?


Gunn Club VS Ryzin & Maxx Stardom!

Billy and son, Austin, are still rolling strong in the AEW Tag Division, but they haven’t had their “Brush with Greatness” just yet. Will the Gunn Club hit their mark against the Priest of Sin and the 5 Star Superstar?

Starks joins commentary to watch this, and now both he and Taz get razzed by Austin and Colton! The teams sort out, Austin stars but Ryzin sucker punches him! Ryzin drags Austin up, bumps him off buckles then throws big haymakers! The ref counts, Ryzin stomps Austin then digs his boot in. The ref counts, Ryzin stops at 4 then drags Austin around. Tag to Stardom and he slingshot elbow drops! Austin gets to a corner, Stardom goes after Austin with a wrench and whip. Austin goes up and over, snapmares Stardom and NECK SNAPS! Cover, ONE! Austin keeps on Stardom with a wrench, tag to Billy. Father and son go after Stardom with a whip, body shot, boot and LARIAT! Stardom bails out and Billy pursues, but Ryzin rushes Billy!

Billy dodges Ryzin to JAB! Billy JABS Stardom and puts him in but Ryzin RAMS Billy into the apron! Ryzin puts Billy in the ring, Stardom whips but Billy blocks and reverses. Billy runs in at the corner, Stardom boots but those are blocked. Billy sends Stardom to ropes, Stardom bounces back and tries to headscissor but Billy blocks that, so Stardom ax kicks! Stardom runs, kicks Billy again, but Billy stays up! Stardom dodges Billy, runs, but into a SLAM! Fans fire up for Billy as he drags Stardom up. Tag to Austin, they mug Stardom as father and son, then Austin reels Stardom in. Stardom frees himself with a leg then back kicks Austin before he tags Ryzin in! Ryzin CLOBBERS Austin, talks smack to Billy, then tags Stardom back in.

Ryzin and Stardom drag Austin up to double whip. Ryzin whips Stardom in for a corner clothesline, then Stardom feeds Austin to a backbreaker! Ryzin feeds Austin to the headscissor ax kick! Austin staggers back into Ryzin’s neckbreaker across the knee! Stardom covers, TWO! Austin survives and Stardom argues the count. Stardom stands on Austin’s leg, brings him up, then whips. Austin ducks and comes back with a clothesline! But Stardom clotheslines! Austin’s up, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES take both men down! Fans rally up as Austin and Stardom crawl. Hot tags to Billy and Ryzin! Billy rallies with big hands and boots!

Billy corner splashes Ryzin, kicks low and says, “SUCK IT!” Ryzin dodges, SUPERKICKS and Billy wobbles! Austin shouts to his dad but Billy drops to his knees. Austin shouts, Ryzin crawls, hot tags to Stardom and Austin! Austin dodges Stardom to hit the QUICK DRAW! Cover, Gunn Club wins!

Winners: Gunn Club, by pinfall

That hip toss neckbreaker is a sure shot for the Son of a Gunn, and that helps Austin and Billy stay undefeated in 2020! Will they be aiming for tag title shot in the near future?


Darby Allin VS Nick Comoroto!

The Relentless Darby is willing to throw his body at anyone and off anything, and he has unfinished business with Team Taz. Will Darby prove he’s ready for Starks after taking on the Freak Beast Wrecking Ball?

Starks insults Darby for being a “lazy SOB” painting only half his face. The bell rings, Darby circles with Comoroto, and tie up. Comoroto throws Darby down then tells him, “You’re mine, twerp!” Darby and Comoroto tie up, Comoroto powers Darby to a corner but lets up as the ref counts. Darby pushes Comoroto, Comoroto SHOVES Darby into buckles! Comoroto talks smack, Darby gets up and they circle. Darby gets around, pushes and SLAPS Comoroto, and dares him to come at him. Darby goes out, Comoroto pursues, Darby gets back in but Comoroto grabs gthe leg. Darby kicks Comoroto away, runs, dodges but Comoroto BLASTS him with an elbow! Comoroto stalks Darby to a corner, brings him up and stands him up to CLUB him in the chest!

Comoroto drags Darby up, CLUBS him on the back, then stalks him to a corner. Comoroto puts Darby in another corner, whips him corner to corner HARD, and lets Darby fall. Comoroto digs his forearm into Darby’s face, then drags him up. Darby CHOPS and CHOPS, but Comoroto knees Darby low! Comoroto scoops Darby and SLAMS him down! Cover, TWO! Comoroto toys with Darby but fans rally up. Darby CHOPS and CHOPS but Comoroto knees low and whips Darby hard into more buckles! Cover, ONE! Comoroto clamps onto Darby with a chinbar and chicken wing. Fans rally, Darby fights up, Comoroto whips but Darby dodges to springboard. Comoroto catches Darby, back suplexes but Darby lands on his feet, only to run into a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Darby survives but Comoroto seethes. Comoroto drags Darby up but Darby pushes away and gets to a corner. Darby kicks at Comoroto but Comoroto grabs the legs. Comoroto yanks Darby up but Darby goes up and out! Darby catches Comoroto’s arm to a hotshot on the ropes! Comoroto uses the other arm to drag Darby in! Darby runs and hotshots Comoroto into more ropes, dropkicks the legs out, and Penalty Kicks an arm! Comoroto is in a corner, Darby runs in for a back body block! Darby goes up and gets the arm for a DRAPING ARMBAR! Taz protests this is illegal, the ref counts, but Comoroto dead lifts Darby back up!

Darby fights back and brawls with Comoroto, but Comoroto uses one arm to carry Darby! Darby slips out, chop blocks a leg, but Comoroto fights off the Fujiwara to a whip.  Darby tilt-o-whirls for a takedown! FUJIWARA! Comoroto endures, Darby cranks back as hard as he can, but Comoroto powers up. Darby trips Comoroto up but Comoroto still gets a ropebreak! Darby drops knees on Comoroto’s back and climbs on for a sleeper hold, but Comoroto powers Darby to a corner! Comoroto runs in but Darby goes up and over! Darby gets the bad arm in a hammerlock, climbs up the corner, arm-trapped SIDE EFFECT! Comoroto writhes, Darby goes back up top, COFFIN DROP! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Taz is “so happy” for “Skateboard Timmy,” because he used a lot of “sketchy” offense to beat a man bigger than him. Starks talks some trash but Darby comes right after him! They brawl at commentary and referees hurry to separate them! Darby storms off and Taz says that is uncalled for! Will Starks and Darby settle things in the ring soon enough?


KiLynn King speaks.

“The first time Nyla Rose and I faced off in the ring, I showed her that The King cannot be tossed around like some of her past opponents. And what does Vickie Guerrero do? Attack me from behind!” Fast forward to just last week, chaos unravels, and what does Nyla do? Attacks King from behind! Maybe they think these tactics make them look big and bad, but they just make them look like cowards. KiLynn King is THE KING of Crazy. Nyla is just a “Native B*TCH!” Strong words, but will she be able to back them up in the ring?


Colt Cabana w/ Evil Uno VS Griff Garrison!

BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana still isn’t in Mr. Brodie Lee’s good graces, but Uno has been able to ease the tension. Will winning against the Ivy League MVP help the Exalted One forgive Cabana?

The bell rings and Cabana circles with Griff. They tie up, fans rally as Cabana spins and wrenches and trips Griff to float to a cover, ONE! Griff keeps his eyes on Cabana as they circle, tie up again, but Cabana gets the wrench to a wristlock. Griff wrenches, steps over and gets around to a headlock. Cabana powers Griff to a corner then powers out. Griff goes up and over then hurdles. Cabana goes up and around but into a BOOT from Griff! Fans fire up but Uno is upset as Griff runs in. Cabana ducks, Griff splashes onto buckles! Griff is stuck up there, Cabana kicks and kicks from below, to eventually send Griff flying up and out to the ramp! The ref is busy checking on Cabana and Uno throws Griff into the ring!

Uno tells Cabana to get after Griff but Cabana waits for Griff to rise. Cabana CHOPS Griff, then throws forearms in the corner. Cabana wrenches but Griff throws forearms. Griff throws more forearms, Cabana whips but Griff dodges, only to run into a slam! Cabana gets the legs but Griff scrambles to a ropebreak! Cabana lets go and waits for Griff to get up. Cabana is after him with forearms, elbows and then shoves Griff down. Cover, TWO! Cabana grows annoyed and he grabs at Griff, but Griff has a ropebreak. Cabana backs off, Griff throws body shots and forearms! Griff runs, into the BIONIC ELBOW! But Griff comes back with a ROLLING ELBOW! Both men are down and Uno tells Cabana to get up!

Fans rally up as Cabana rises. Cabana throws haymakers but Griff throws them back! They go back and forth, Griff gets an edge and puts Cabana in a corner. Griff throws uppercuts then whips Cabana corner to corner. Griff hits a BIG corner splash! Cabana is in a drop zone, Griff goes up top, but leaps into boots! Cabana runs in, FLYING APPLE! Griff is in the drop zone, Cabana SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! Griff lives and Uno is shocked! But Cabana grins as he watches Griff stand. Cabana JABS, JABS and then ducks Griff’s clothesline to BIONIC ELBOW! Cabana runs, blocks the boot, BILLY GOAT’S CURSE!! Griff endures but taps, Cabana wins!

Winner: Colt Cabana, by submission

Uno applauds Cabana and says that was incredible. But will it be enough to make Cabana into Brodie’s favorite again?


Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS KiLynn King!

The Vicious Vixens surely heard what King had to say earlier, just as we did. But will the Native Beast just maul King head-on this time?

The bell rings and King rushes Rose! They tie up, Rose throws King down and Vickie cackles. King comes back, waistlocks but Nyla elbows her away. Rose runs, King follows but Vickie swipes at King. King still fights Rose off, kicks low and runs, to BOOT Rose back! Vickie is upset as King whips, but Rose reverses and catches the crossbody! Rose FALL AWAY SLAMS King to a corner! Vickie cheers but fans boo as Rose drags King back up. Rose throws body shots and knees in, but King turns things around to forearm and CHOP back! Fans cheer as King brings Rose to another corner, but Rose blocks the buckle bump to give the bump. Rose runs but King dodges to headbutt back! Rose blocks the boot and ducks the enziguri to waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX King hard! Vickie laughs more as Rose drags King up and in, for the BEAST BOMB! Cover, Rose wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

King tried to take the fight to Rose, but it wasn’t enough! Vickie gets a mic to say, “Every day, I plan, scheme and strategize how to obtain worldwide championships for my client. But for the past two months, ‘the powers to be’ throw us pathetic, broken Barbies to wrestle!” These women have no name or legacy to speak of! They are the Vicious Vixens, and they will NOT be put to the side any longer. Vickie says Nyla is no longer stepping into the ring until Hikaru Shida publicly accepts the challenge to face Nyla Rose for that AEW Women’s World Championship! If you think they’re angry now, keep putting them aside, because you ain’t seen nothing yet! What will the Full Metal Warrior say to this ultimatum?


Joey Janela w/ Sonny Kiss VS D3!

The Bad Boy was there when the Concrete Rose fell short of stopping Sydal, and now Kiss returns the favor as Janela has his match! Will Jersey’s Finest at least break even on the night? Or will the Prince of Rome start to make a name for himself in AEW?

The bell rings and Janela circles with D3 as the fans rally up. They tie up, D3 gets the arm and wrenches, but Janela rolls and slips under to wrench back. D3 rolls, drop toeholds and Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Joey sweeps, ONE! D3 sweeps, covers, Janela Matrix slides outs. D3 tries to roll Janela up but he stays up to get the arm. D3 kips up but into Janela’s headlock. D3 powers out, Janela runs him over! Fans cheer as Janela runs and things speed up. D3 hurdles, goes around and huricanranas! Janela gets to a corner, D3 runs in but Janela dodges. Janela comes back into an uppercut!

D3 Quebradas but Janela dodges, and D3 rolls through to come back and merry-go-round headscissor, only for Janela to dump D3 down! Janela basement dropkicks D3 to a corner, brings him up and CHOPS him! Janela whips D3 to ropes, knees low then hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Janela grows annoyed but fans rally up as he stalks D3 to ropes. Janela CHOPS, throws haymakers, then DOUBLE CHOPS! He whips D3, D3 comes back with a crucifix to a neckbreaker! D3 fires up, runs and goes up, headstand and leg clapping for a VADER ELBOW! D3 blows a kiss to Kiss while Janela bails out to the apron. D3 goes out but Janela CLOBBERS him! Janela gives D3 an airplane spin to a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!

The Bad Boy is in a bad mood now as he puts D3 into the ring. Fans rally as Janela takes his time returning. Janela runs laps as D3 rises, and Janela LARIATS him! Janela fires up and drags D3 up. Suplex to BRAIN BUSTER! But Janela isn’t done with D3, he hits ANOTHER BRAIN BUSTER! Janela brings D3 up again, for a THIRD BRAIN BUSTER!! Three busters for D3 and yet Janela doesn’t cover! The rage of the Bad Boy is red hot as he drags D3 back up. D3 is dead weight so Janela spares him and covers, Janela wins!

Winner: Joey Janela, by pinfall

Jersey’s Finest ends the night with a win, and it was a brutal one! Will Janela and Kiss bring this aggression to whoever holds the AEW World Tag Team Championships after Wednesday?


Wardlow VS Elijah Dean!

MJF’s muscular associate returns to in-ring action against the self-proclaimed, “Man Dime.” Will Wardlow drop this dime as he heads for the AEW World Championship gold?

The bell rings and Elijah realizes what he’s up against. He still ties up with Wardlow but Wardlow shoves him to a corner! Elijah gets up, Wardlow gets in to waistlock and throw Elijah down! Elijah hurries to a corner and Wardlow dares him to do something. Elijah comes back, gets around and clubs Wardlow, then throws haymakers, kicks and chop! Elijah runs, into a SPINE BUSTER! Wardlow dares Elijah to get back up, then slaps him around. Elijah hits back but Wardlow SLAPS and winds up to CLOBBER him! Wardlow says this is done, but Elijah sits up! Wardlow brings Elijah up to RAM him into a corner, ram him some more, then hoists him up to the top rope. Thumbs up, thumbs down, FALLING KNEE SMASH!! NOW it’s done!!

Winner: Wardlow, by knockout

Wardlow literally does drop the man dime, and he is ready to do the same to any and all of the other seven wrestlers in the contender’s tournament! Will it take everything his opponents have to stop Wardlow from going to Full Gear?


Eddie Kingston VS Baron Black!

The Mad King was never truly eliminated from the Casino Battle Royal, and never tapped out or verbally quit against Jon Moxley. But now he and the #EmpBRUH get to close out Dark! Will there be no excuses around what happens in this main event?

The bell rings and Kingston approaches with Baron. They tie up, Kingston waistlocks and throws Baron around, but Baron gets up and wrenches free to a wristlock. Kingston endures, reaches back to a headlock and takeover. Baron fights and gets a headscissor, and holds on tight as Kingston tries to get out. Kingston moves around, gets a ropebreak, and Baron lets off fast. The two go again, Kingston wrenches and knees low. Kingston knees Baron more and more, then paces around Baron as he’s down on the mat. Kingston brings Baron up to CHOP and CHOP, then stomps Baron to ropes. Kingston gets in Baron’s face and digs those forearms in.

The ref counts, Kingston lets off, but Baron CHOPS and CHOPS in return! Kingston pokes Baron in the eyes! The ref reprimands but Kingston tells Bryce to watch it. Kingston brings Baron up to CHOP again! Kingston puts Baron in a corner, whips him corner to corner but Baron reverses, to run in with a DISCUS LARIAT, and an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Baron runs, Kingston kitchen sink knees! And then URAKEN!! Kingston shakes out his hand then says, “No, no, no!” The back hand isn’t enough. This is for Moxley! STANDING GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Baron taps right away, Kingston wins!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by submission

The Mad King makes the EmpBruh submit to his will, and lets go when HE is satisfied! Kingston keeps shouting, “Moxley! Moxley!” at the camera before he leaves. AEW World Championship aside, will Kingston get after Moxley to settle their own score?

My Thoughts:

Fourteen matches is insane for any show. Especially when AEW Dark is commercial free, making this almost a full two HOURS of content. And again, only so many matches really mattered. Obviously Starks was going to beat Fuego, Gunn Club was going to beat Ryzin and Stardom, and Wardlow just DEMOLISHED Elijah Dean. I also figured Janela would beat D3 but the brutality he showed was actually quite the development for his character. Maybe the Bad Boy is growing frustrated that his tag run with Kiss is a roller coaster going up and down. Kiss and Sydal had a good match but it was natural for Sydal to win as the new guy coming in with a lot of momentum. Cabana having Uno in his corner is good story build, as was Brandi being on commentary for Red Velvet’s win. Comotoro looks physically impressive, but Darby gets the win off him so he stays on pace with Starks.

Kingston also got an obvious win, but there was also story development there with him calling out Moxley before using a submission to win. I still feel Kingston and Moxley will have a rematch, likely with the title on the line, and hopefully in an I Quit match. KiLynn King had a great promo but it obviously didn’t change the outcome of the match, she was losing to Nyla Rose one way or another. But Vickie putting the kayfabe out there that management is why Nyla VS Shida hasn’t happened yet, and now putting it on Shida to accept the challenge. Maybe we get that news on the Dynamite Anniversary and the match is set for Full Gear in a few weeks.

The Dark Order has a good night as the trio of 3, 4 and 10 win, but Uno did not in that Fatal 4 Way. Best match of the night and yet it opened the show, I feel like AEW needs to give Dark some better balance. It’s great for Jungle Boy to win, though. If not for Omega VS Page being part of the tournament, it’d be incredible if JB found a way to win and challenge whoever is champion after Full Gear. But he’s very young, and is still very popular with fans so he’ll surely come back around to a title as Dynamite enters year two.

My Score: 8.1/10

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