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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/20/20)

The Dark Anniversary goes BIG!



AEW Dark 2

It’s a Sweet Sixteen to start Dark’s second year!

Jungle Boy, Colt Cabana Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero M and Wardlow are all preparing for the AEW World Championship Contender ELIMINATOR Tournament on Dynamite by being in action on Dark! Who will have some powerful momentum going into the bracket?


  • Christopher Daniels VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard; Spears wins.
  • Brandi Rhodes w/ Dustin Rhodes VS KiLynn King; Brandi wins.
  • Ricky Starks VS David Ali; Starks wins.
  • Scorpio Sky VS Fuego del Sol; Scorpio wins.
  • Luchasaurus VS Aaron Solow; Luchasaurus wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade VS Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr; The Butcher & The Blade win.
  • Penta El Zero M VS QT Marshall w/ Dustin Rhodes; Penta wins.
  • Jungle Boy w/ Luchasaurus VS KTB; Jungle Boy wins.
  • Ivelisse & Diamante VS Kenzie Paige & Skylar Moore; Ivelisse & Diamante win.
  • Colt Cabana VS BSHP King; Cabana wins.
  • “Number 5” Alan Angels w/ The Dark Order VS Adam Priest; Angels wins.
  • Frankie Kazarian VS Jack Evans w/ Angelico; Kazarian wins.
  • The Dark Order VS D3, Louie Valle & Baron Black; The Dark Order wins.
  • Wardlow VS Vinny Pacifico; Wardlow wins.
  • Matt Sydal VS Shawn Dean; Sydal wins.
  • Rey Fenix VS Sonny Kiss w/ Joey Janela; Fenix wins.


Christopher Daniels VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard!

SoCal Uncensored didn’t appreciate The Chair Man “stalking” Scorpio Sky and dared him to step up. Spears did step up, but to the Fallen Angel! Will Daniels leave anything left for Scorpio to go after?

The bell rings and Spears circles with Daniels. Daniels swipes at Tully to keep him back. Daniels and Spears tie up, Spears wrenches to a wristlock but Daniels drops to trip Spears up. Daniels headlocks, Spears spins out to get a headlock but Daniels powers out. Spears stops himself, cartwheels, and shows 10 before bailing out. Spears and Tully high five and then Spears “springboards” in. Spears grins as fans cheer and Daniels even applauds. Daniels and Spears tie up, Spears headlocks but Daniels powers out. Spears runs Daniels over, things speed up and Daniels hurdles. Daniels fakes Spears out to run him over! Daniels struts and gives a 10 back. Spears runs into Daniels’ EXPLODER! Spears flounders, Daniels kicks and forearms. Daniels whips, Spears bails out but Daniels PLANCHAS!

Daniels stares Tully down before he brings Spears up. Daniels bumps Spears off the apron then CHOPS him! Daniels throws Spears into barriers then CHOPS him again! Daniels refreshes the ring count to whip but Spears reverses to send Daniel into the barriers! Spears refreshes the count before he drags Daniels up for a neckbreaker! The ref keeps counting, Spears refreshes the count again and fetches Daniels into the ring. Spears drops ax handles on Daniels’ back then turns him over. Spears STOMPS Daniels’ head into the mat! Fans rally for Daniels but Spears brings a knee pad down. Spears drags Daniels around and jumps, but Daniels avoids the knee drop! Daniels gets up to throw jabs and CHOPS and then whip. Spears reverses to send Daniels into buckles hard!

Daniels clutches his neck, Spears hits a basement DDT! Spears puts his knee pad back up and says he’ll finish this! Fans boo as Spears watches Daniels rise. Spears fireman’s carries but Daniels slips off to get a COMPLETE SHOT! Fans rally up for Daniels as Spears staggers about. Daniels dodges Spears’ corner splash to rally with forearms and kicks, to an STO! Fans fire up with Daniels as he drags Spears up and whips. Spears reverses to a fireman’s carry but Daniels sunset flips out! TWO, so Daniels clotheslines Spears out! Fans rally as Daniels is on the apron, but Spears trips him up! Daniels counter punches, bumps Spears off the apron and follows him around the way. Daniels puts Spears back in, hotshots him away then climbs up top, BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!

Daniels keeps his focus and calls for the end! Daniels kicks lows, underhooks but spears pushes out and fireman’s carries. Daniels fights out, underhooks but Spears powers up to back drop. Daniels sunset flips again, TWO!! Spears escapes but Daniels CHOPS and forearms! Daniels whips corner to corner, Spears puts Daniels on the apron but Daniels shoulders in. Daniels slingshots, into the C4!! Spears wins!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

#PERFECT10N snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, but he won’t stop until he’s made Daniels pay! ANOTHER C4!! The Fallen Angel has fallen, but Spears still isn’t done! Tully slips him the slug, but here comes Scorpio Sky! He stands in Spears’ way of the ring and Tully has Spears stand down. Spears is so furious, he uses the slug to CLOBBER a crew member! Tully says that’ll be Scorpio soon enough. But will Spears regret trying to #ReachfortheSky?


Brandi Rhodes w/ Dustin Rhodes VS KiLynn King!

The Queen of the Nightmare Family is still waiting on a rematch with the Queenslayer, Anna Jay. For now, Brandi can she keep herself sharp against the Queen of Crazy?

The bell rings and the two circle and tie up. King gets the arm, wrenches to a hammerlock but Brandi reaches back to wrench back. King rolls, spins and drop toeholds to get a hammerlock. Brandi rolls, headscissors but King pops out. King headlocks for the takeover but Brandi gets the headscissors again. King pops out but Brandi headlock takeovers back. Brandi hooks the arm, rolls, ghost pin, TWO and King has the cover, TWO! King goes to trip Brandi up but she stays standing, only for King to shift and get both legs in the takedown. King shifts around to a cover, TWO! Brandi sweeps the legs, covers, ONE! Fans cheer as the two stand off! Brandi and King shake hands to show there is good smortsmanship here, and they tie up again.

Brandi arm-drags King one way then the other but King drags Brandi down to an armlock. They stand, King wrenches and whips then follows to run Brandi over! King soaks up the cheers but things speed up. Brandi turns the hip toss into a springboard arm-drag! King ends up in a corner, Brandi runs in for a big elbow! Brandi snapmares and rolls to SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Wait a minute, John Silver comes out with a sign that reads “Johnny Hungiee” and #ShotofBrandi. A shout out to Brandi’s YouTube show? Is John Silver interested in being a special guest? Brandi is distracted and perhaps weirdly flattered, but King spins her around! Brandi dodges the punch to run and SLING BLADE! Cover, TWO!

Alex Reynolds comes out to get Silver to come back to the back. Brandi and King throw forearms as they fight up to their feet. Brandi fires off and kicks low, but King body shots out of the facelock to mule kick! King fires up and runs, but Brandi follows and comes back with a SHOT OF BRANDI! Cover off the boot, Brandi wins!

Winner: Brandi Rhodes, by pinfall

Johnny may be hungie, but Brandi is eating up the competition. Brandi shows King respect and encourages her to keep fighting. Will Brandi keep fighting her way towards payback on Anna Jay?


Ricky Starks VS David Ali!

Absolute keeps racking up wins in hopes of climbing the ranks and heading for gold! Will he knockout the Street Fighter with a Roshambeaux?

The bell rings and Starks doesn’t seem to take Ali seriously. Ali shoves him so Starks SLAPS him! Starks strikes a pose but Ali fires off on him! Ali whips, Starks reverses but Ali comes back, into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Starks stomps away on Ali with fury, and rains down rights! Starks drags Ali up to CHOP him back down! Starks kicks Ali to ropes then digs his knee into Ali’s head! The ref reprimands, Starks lets up and smiles to the camera. Starks brings Ali up to ROCK him, then bump him off buckles! Starks says it’s Stark Season! Starks CHOPS Ali, throws forearms into his back, then brings him around. Ali fights back but Starks knees and CLUBS him down. Fans cheer the aggression as Starks stalks Ali to ropes.

Fans rally up, Ali throws body shots but Starks whips Ali. Ali ends up on the apron and he ROCKS Starks back! Ali goes up top and leaps to missile dropkick! And kip up! Fans fire up with Ali as he runs in, BIG uppercut! Starks flounders, Ali tires to figure out what to do next. Ali goes up top, but Starks trips him up! Ali tumbles down, Starks runs and BOOT WASHES! “Who loves you, baby?!” Starks drags Ali in, strikes a pose before the underhooks, to the Canadian rack and ROSHAMBEAUX! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Absolute aggression! Starks makes sure Ali and all others understand what he’s bringing to the table! Speaking of, Starks says hey to the commentary table before heading out. Will Starks find a way to add more gold to Team Taz?


Scorpio Sky VS Fuego del Sol!

The Closer wants after Spears but has to bide his time for now. Will he stay hot against the Fire of the Sun?

The bell rings and Scorpio circles with Fuego. They tie up, Scorpio puts Fuego in a corner then wrenches and rams shoulders. Fuego rolls, kips up and flips to then spin and wrench to a wristlock! Scorpio gets up, steps through to wristlock then headlock. Fuego powers out, Scorpio runs him over, and things speed up. Fuego kips up, Scorpio runs past to then trip Fuego up and get a facelock. Fuego endures and fans rally up. Scorpio wrenches, whips but Fuego reverses to go up and around to throw Scorpio! Scorpio comes back to whip but Fuego stands on the ropes! Scorpio heads that way but Fuego jumps and dropkicks Scorpio down! Cover, TWO! Scorpio gets to a corner, Fuego goes corner to corner for a big forearm!

Fuego whips Scorpio again but Scorpio reverses to body shot and hook, Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! Fuego is still in this but Scorpio drags Fuego up. Fuego throws body shots, Scorpio scoops him for a BACKBREAKER! And a backbreaker rack! Fuego endures, Scorpio shoves him down to a cover, TWO! Scorpio keeps his cool as he stalks Fuego to a corner. Fans rally up and Fuego fights back! Scorpio ROCKS Fuego with an uppercut, then another! Scorpio brings Fuego out, shoves and wraps him up in a cobra twist! Fuego endures the stretch as Scorpio gets a leg! Fans rally as Fuego continues to endure, and Fuego pops out, only for Scorpio to block the hip toss. Fuego blocks a hip toss, goes up to arm-drag, then dodges to flapjack dropkick! Scorpio bails out, fans continue to rally as Fuego builds speed, and Fuego FLIES with a Fosbury Flop!

Fuego fires up and he puts Scorpio back in. Fuego aims from a corner, springboards and spins for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Fuego brings Scorpio up, whips, but Scorpio reverses. Fuego tumbles around to a sunset flip, TWO! Scorpio back suplexes, Fuego lands on his feet and jumping neckbreakers! Cover, TWO! Fuego has the fans rallying behind him as he has Scorpio on his heels. Fuego fires off forearms, runs, dodges and ducks, but Scorpio KNEES him back! Scorpio scoops, Fuego slips out and kicks but Scorpio flips him! Fuego lands on his feet to enziguri! Scorpio wobbles, Fuego goes up top, but his dropkick is caught to a SCORPION DEATHLOCK! Scorpio sits DEEP, Fuego taps out, Scorpio wins!

Winner: Scorpio Sky, by submission

But here comes Spears! Scorpio got in his way earlier, Spear clearly wants payback! But where is he? His music played so where’s Spears? Scorpio keeps looking for him but apparently it was just to mess with him. Will Spears get serious and actually step to Scorpio for a fight?


Luchasaurus VS Aaron Solow!

Jurassic Express has been on a roll, and while Jungle Boy is preparing for the contender’s tournament, the wrestling dinosaur wants to keep himself going. Will Luchasaurus stay on track as AEW heads for Full Gear?

The bell rings and Solow is wary of Luchasaurus. They tie up, Luchasaurus shoves Solow to the corner then dares him to come back. Solow gets around Luchasaurus, they trade kicks but it’s Luchasaurus’ boot that sends Solow tumbling back! Solow gets up, lets his hair down to get serious, then runs at Luchasaurus! The clothesline does nothing, so Solow SLAPS Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus CHOPS Solow down! Luchasaurus drags Solow up and fires off heavy hands in the corner! Luchasaurus brings Solow around, suplexes and SLAMS Solow down! Solow staggers, Luchasaurus runs but into a back elbow. Solow runs, ducks and dodges and huricanranas! Luchasaurus is up but Solow dropkicks him back down!

Solow takes a moment to blow a kiss to the fans, then DIVES, only to bounce off Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus drags Solow up and lifts, but Solow gets to the apron to boot! And TORNADO DDT! Solow fires up as he stalks behind Luchasaurus. Solow puts Luchasaurus in as fans rally up. Solow climbs up, but Luchasaurus sits up and kips up! Solow leaps over, runs back in and blocks a boot, but Luchasaurus breaks free to KNEE! Luchasaurus runs, Solow dodges to SPINNING KICK! Solow jumps up to drag Luchasaurus down for a DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Solow goes out to the apron as Luchasaurus rises. Fans rally up as Solow is back up top. Solow leaps, into the choke grip! JURASSIC-

No! Solow slips out, forearms and SUPERKICKS! Solow ducks a kick to jump and knee, then runs, only for Luchasaurus to follow and LARIAT! Solow rises into the TAIL WHIP! Choke grip, JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! Standing moonsault! Cover, Luchasaurus wins!

Winner: Luchasaurus, by pinfall

Starks says this is why he went solo from Solow. But whether alone or together, will Jurassic Express keep on rolling towards victory?


The Butcher & The Blade VS Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr!

Andy Williams and Braxton Sutter want after the AEW World Tag Team Championships for “the family,” will they cut down the Ivy League MVP and Bulletproof BPJ to get ahead?

The teams sort out and Griff starts with Blade. They tie up, Blade pushes Griff to a corner with fingers in Griff’s face! The ref reprimands, Blade lets off to stomp and punch Griff! Blade ROCKS and CHOPS Griff, then keeps going! Blade whips, Griff goes up and over and then dodges to rolling elbow! Griff runs, Blade hurdles and crossbodies! Griff gets away to tag in BPJ and BPJ rallies and CHOPS Blade! BPJ whips but Blade KICKS back! Tag to Butcher and Butcher runs at BPJ, but BPJ SUPERKICKS! Butcher stays up and throws hands! BPJ throws hands back but Butcher ROCKS BPJ! Butcher gets around, reels BPJ in and CROSSBODIES him! Butcher headbutts BPJ then brings him to the corner.

Tag to Blade, they mug BPJ then double whip. They double kick and double headbutt BPJ to a corner! Blade grinds his hands into BPJ’s face! Blade throws haymakers and CHOPS, then bumps him off buckles. Blade puts BPJ on the ropes, chokes him, and then fish hooks his face! The ref counts, Blade lets off but Butcher CLOBBERS BPJ! Blade covers, ONE! Blade stomps BPJ but BPJ fights back. Blade rakes eyes again then stomps BPJ in the corner. Tag to Butcher, Butcher CHOPS BPJ down! Butcher stomps and drops knees on BPJ’s back, then drags him up for a snap suplex! Butcher drags BPJ up, throws forearms, then CHOPS him! Butcher drags BPJ up, bumps him off buckles, and tags Blade. Blade and Butcher mug BPJ, but BPJ jawbreakers Blade away! BPJ dropkicks Blade down!

Fans fire up as both men crawl, Butcher tags in and drops knees onto BPJ’s back! Butcher drags BPJ up, BPJ throws body shots but Butcher CLUBS him down. Butcher whips BPJ hard to the open corner! Butcher drags BPJ up but BPJ throws body shots. Butcher clubs BPJ, whips him corner to corner hard again! Butcher drags BPJ up but BPJ hits back. Butcher clubs BPJ, whips him again, but BPJ goes up and crossbodies! Both men are down, hurry to their corners, hot tags to Blade and Griff! Griff rallies on Blade, then boots and BOOTS! Fans fire up with Griff as he runs corner to corner, but Blade dodges! Blade comes back but Griff LARIATS! Griff back suplexes to a facebuster! Cover, Butcher breaks it!

BPJ goes after Butcher with CHOPS and clotheslines! Griff is on Blade, they go corner to corner to double attack! Then the other way, but BPJ is thrown out! Blade CLOBBERS Griff, suplexes him, NECKBREAKER POWERBOMB! Cover, Butcher and Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

The merciless mercenaries are sharpening that edge and are ready to cut a path to the titles! Will they win Dynamite’s Fatal 4 Way contender’s match and head to Full Gear?


Penta El Zero M VS QT Marshall w/ Dustin Rhodes!

Before going head to head with his own brother, Pentagon Jr. takes on God’s Gift to Wrestling 1v1! Will Cero Miedo make tonight a nightmare for QT?

The bell rings and Penta circles with QT. Fans rally for QT but Penta ignores that. Penta takes off the glove, throws it to the ref, and tells QT to listen. “CERO! MIE-” QT stops that, but gets a back kick for it! Penta headlocks, QT powers out and runs Penta over! Things speed up, Penta hurdles to KICK the leg out! Penta runs, QT hurdles and rolls back, into a KICK! Penta nods and hears the fans rally. QT is up, he dodges Penta in the corner then comes back to tilt-o-whirl headscissor! Penta bails out, QT builds speed to DIVE into a KICK! Penta tells Dustin to be quiet as he drags QT up. Penta KICKS a leg then drags QT into the ring. Penta throws QT back out to then put him against the post. Penta CHOPS QT and asks if the fans want more. So Penta KICKS the leg!

Penta puts QT in the ring, climbs up top, and leaps, but QT dodges the stomps! Penta rolls through but runs into an elbow! QT goes up for a flying uppercut! Fans rally as QT runs corner to corner and uppercuts again! QT hoists Penta up top but Penta slips out just as QT climbs! Penta kicks the legs out! QT his his apples on the way down to the Tree of Woe, and Penta goes up top! Penta WOE STOMPS QT down! Cover, TWO! QT survives and Penta argues the count. Dustin and the fans rally but Penta drags QT up. Penta underhooks, QT powers out and dodges to handspring and NEURALIZER! Cover, TWO! QT keeps his focus as he runs corner to corner, but into a SUPERKICK! Penta runs into an ENZIGURI! QT runs, Penta follows, SLING BLADE! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer and rally as both men rise. QT gets to ropes, Penta stalks him and brings him up. Eddie Kingston comes out to keep a close eye on his guy. Penta CHOPS QT at the ropes, talks trash, and QT throws haymakers! Penta enziguris QT down! Penta gets in Dustin’s face before going back to QT. Penta drags QT up, clubs QT and QT ends up in a corner. Penta goes up top, rains down right hands, but QT pushes him away. Penta drags QT up, underhooks and lifts but QT powers out of the package driver! Penta runs, double clotheslines collide but neither falls! Double BOOTS take both men down! Fans rally as both men go to opposite corners. Kingston mocks QT with a wave and a, “How you doin’, brother?” Penta runs in but QT dodges!

QT goes to the ramp and Kingston says there’s a little surprise for him. Allie finally returns, but she’s back to being The Bunny! She’s part of the family again! QT turns around into Penta’s CROSSBODY! Kingston and Allie leave, Penta runs at QT but QT puts him in the ring. QT forearms Penta then slingshot sunset flips! TWO, and QT gets around to backslide, TWO! QT spins into a SUPERKICK! Penta pump handle half nelsons, for a DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! QT survives?! It seems Kingston’s plan didn’t distract QT, it’s fired him up! But Pentagon hooks the hammerlock, gets the other arm, but QT powers out! QT pop-up FAST BALLS Penta, then SCOOP MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Penta survives and fans fire up!

QT fires himself up as he calls upon the power of DDP! But no cutter, Penta shoves, mule kicks and goes up! FLYING DESTROYER!! But Penta’s not done, he shouts, “CERO! MIEDO!” and underhooks, PACKAGE DRIVER!! Cover, Penta wins!

Winner: Penta El Zero M, by pinfall

This definitely ended up a nightmare for QT, and not just because he lost! What is QT to do without Allie as his girl?


Jungle Boy VS KTB!

Luchasaurus had his turn, now Jungle Jack Perry has his! Will JB head into the contender’s tournament strong as ever?

KTB stares JB down and pushes him. The bell rings and KTB rushes but JB goes up and over and then under to shotgun dropkick KTB down! JB runs in, KTB blocks the monkey flip but JB boots him away. JB goes up and FLYING RANAS! KTB bails out, JB runs and slides but KTB slides in. KTB comes back but JB kicks him away! JB goes up, KTB uses the ropes to trip him up! JB is stuck on the top rope, KTB runs side to side to body check JB down! KTB then goes corner to corner to somersault RAM into JB! KTB snapmares JB, CHOPS him down then runs to FLYING HEADBUTT! A unique offense from KTB, he covers, TWO! KTB taunts Jungle Boy, JB CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! KTB swings, JB gets around to roll up, TWO!

JB KICKS but KTB tanks it! KTB gets up, JB fires off more kicks and forearms, then kicks again. KTB catches it to DRAGON SCREW! KTB rolls through to get the fireman’s carry and WASTELAND SLAM! Cover, TWO! JB survives and fans rally up but KTB brings JB up. JB throws body shots and forearms but KTB throws knees. KTB whips, JB reverses to ROCK him with a forearm! JB runs, KTB pops him up for an atomic drop, SPINE BUSTER and SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! JB survives the string of attacks but KTB drags him up. KTB gut wrenches but JB slips up and out. KTB somersaults but into a knee! JB elbows, forearms and uppercuts KTB! JB whips, KTB reverses but JB LARIATS on the return! Fans cheer as JB drags KTB up. KTB kicks, JB catches it and DRAGON SCREWS back!

KTB gets out, JB runs and DIVES! Direct hit and KTB hits railing! JB puts KTB in, shoulders in, then springboards up and in to hit a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! KTB is still in this and JB is surprised! JB keeps his cool as fans rally up. KTB is in a corner, JB runs corner to corner but is put on the apron. JB enziguris back hard! KTB staggers, JB slingshots but KTB CLUBS him! KTB has the crucifix lift, throw to the KNEE!! Cover, TWO!?! JB survives that crucifix buster but KTB drags JB to a drop zone. KTB climbs up the corner and MOONSAULTS, but he FLOPS as JB moves! JB aims and superkicks but KTB ducks it, only for JB to BLINDSIDE LARIAT! KTB is down in a drop zone, JB goes up top, JURASSIC KNEE DROP! Cover, JB wins!

Winner: Jungle Boy, by pinfall

Jungle Boy wins big against the big man! Will that new move of his help him clear the tournament’s first round?


Ivelisse & Diamante VS Kenzie Paige & Skylar Moore!

The AEW Women’s Tag Cup winners return to action! Will La Sicaria and the Cuban Diamond stay tough together against these two young stars?

Ivelisse and Diamante don’t give Kenzie and Skylar time to sort out, they attack before the bell! But Kenzie and Skylar throw forearms back! They double whip but Ivelisse and Diamante double reverse to kick low! They throw Kenzie into Skylar then POST Kenzie! Skylar is in the corner, Ivelisse clotheslines then complete shots, and feeds Skylar to Diamante’s suplex! Cover, TWO! Diamante rains down angry fists then powers Skylar all the way to the corner! Diamante rams in and rams again, then runs, only for Skylar to go up and sunset flip! TWO and Diamante ROCKS Skylar with an uppercut! Tag to Ivelisse, she stomps Skylar, and the two double snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse grows annoyed but she gets the arms for a surfboard. Skylar fights up but Ivelisse CLUBS her down!

Ivelisse CHOPS Skylar, tags Diamante and Diamante throws hands. Diamante drags Skylar down, hammers away then clamps on a chinlock. Fans rally as Skylar endures and fights up. Diamante knees low, whips Skylar to a corner and runs in but Skylar dodges! Skylar goes out, kicks Diamante away then climbs up top. Diamante runs back in but into a boot! Skylar adjusts and leaps for a crossbody! Skylar gets up but so does Diamante, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES take them both down! Fans rally up as a standing count begins. Skylar and Diamante crawl, hot tags to Ivelisse and Kenzie! Kenzie rallies with fire on Ivelisse! Kenzie drags Ivelisse up, whips but Ivelisse reverses and runs. Ivelisse blocks a boot but not the enziguri! Kenzie hits the THROWBACK! Cover, Diamante breaks it!

Diamante KNEES Skylar down, then coordinates with Ivelisse. They drag Kenzie up, double back suplex to wheelbarrow BULLDOG and snapmare KICK! Cover, Ivelisse and Diamante win!

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante, by pinfall

That killer combo helps the tag cup winners win again! Will their gold medals have a little bit more shine soon enough?


Colt Cabana VS BSHP King!

BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana hopes Mr. Brodie Lee hasn’t given up on him, but it has been awhile since Brodie’s let Cabana be around him. Will this win get Cabana back in the Exalted One’s good graces?

The bell rings and Cabana circles with King. They tie up, Cabana headlocks, King powers out but Cabana runs him over! Cabana speeds things up but then fakes King’s hurdle out. Cabana goes the other way, but sees the back drop coming and gets around to roll him up! TWO, King backs off to a corner and fans cheer. Cabana and King go again, tie up and go around, and Cabana arm-drags King. King frowns and shakes that off as he and Cabana go again. Cabana waistlocks, wrenches, wristlocks then arm-drags again. But the Beaver Boys show up to finally be in Cabana’s corner. King rushes Cabana with a waistlock but Cabana spins out to a headlock. King powers out, things speed up and Cabana tries to redirect again, but King is ready and arm-drags him away!

Cabana bails out to the ramp and the Beaver Boys stick close as King goes up top. King hops down, Cabana assures the guys he’s got this, and now Silver and Reynolds leave. Cabana returns to the ring, circles with King again, and they tie up with knuckle locks. They go shoulder to shoulder, Cabana drops down and uses his legs to mess with King’s stance. Cabana breaks free, taunts King while he wobbles with legs set wide, then pushes King over to drop down elbows! Cabana steps over to sit on King’s head and then grabs a leg. King is like a pretzel but he endures so Cabana lets off. King gets up, Cabana CHOPS and ROCKS King, repeat! Cabana bumps King off buckles but King hits back. Cabana throws King out to the apron, then drags him up for another elbow! And another!

Cabana hops up, drags King over, but the Beaver Boys come back? They’re upset about what he’s doing, but Cabana keeps going. King CLUBS Cabana back! King shoves Cabana down, and yet the Beaver Boys act like Cabana’s the one messing up! King SWANTON BOMBS, but onto knees! Cabana runs corner to corner, FLYING APPLE! DOUBLE CHOP! And SUPERMAN CLUTCH! Cabana wins!

Winner: Colt Cabana, by pinfall

It’s like the Beaver Boys are shocked Cabana wins with his own moves! Will Cabana be able to do this his way when he’s up against Hangman Page in the contender’s tournament?


“Number 5” Alan Angels w/ The Dark Order VS Adam Priest!

Speaking of the Dark Order, they’re willing to stick around this time. Will Number 5 get the 1-2-3 and rise up the ranks?

The bell rings and Angels SHOTGUN DROPKICKS Priest right away! Angels throws haymakers and body shots and stomps in the corner until the ref counts. Angels whips and CLOBBERS Priest, then drags him up for more stomps! Priest turns things around to stomp back and CHOP! Priest whips Angels corner to corner, Angels goes up and over and then sends Priest back into a corner! Angels runs to LARIAT Priest down! Angels is furious as Priest sits up and he KICKS Priest down! Priest hits back and throws uppercuts! Angels swings into a waistlock but he arm-drags free. Priest runs into an enziguri! Angels goes up, DUMDUM STOMPS! Then MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Angels seethes as he drags Priest around and rains down left fists! Angels lets off and seethes more as Priest gets to a corner. Angels whips Priest corner to corner, runs in, but Priest elbows him back! Fans rally for Priest as he BOOTS Angels! Priest runs and CLOBBERS Angels, then does it again! Priest dodges Angels to tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Fans fire up for Priest as he drags Angels up. Priest waistlocks, Angels fights out and mule kicks to then BUZZSAW! Angels drags Priest up, fisherman ANARCHY! Angels glares as he tells fans to stop clapping! Angels reels Priest up and in, WING SNAPPER!! Cover, Angels wins!

Winner: Alan Angels, by pinfall

The Dark Order’s dark angel secures the victory all on his own, and the faction continues to stay strong. Will Angels head for gold as part of The Dark Order taking over AEW?


AEW hears from Frankie Kazarian.

“In pro-wrestling, respect is not given, it’s earned. Jack Evans, you have my respect. You’re world traveled, you’re unpredictable, you’re athletic. And you’re wildly considered to be underutilized and underrated.” But if we’re going to talk about those overlooked, you can’t have that conversation without mentioning Kaz. For the last 20 years, he’s he has been in the upper tier, built companies from the ground up and has been a multi-time champion. But he’s also considered “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” That bothers him. It eats him up! Kaz has fought and scratched and worked too damn hard not to be at the top! Consider this the beginning of Kaz’s wedding march, and the holy matrimony he wants is with AEW gold! ALL of it!

Frankie Kazarian VS Jack Evans w/ Angelico!

SCU tops things off with the Heavy Metal Rebel! Will the trio end on a positive tonight? Or will the mouth of The Hybrid2 back up his constant trash talk?

The bell rings and Kaz circles with Evans. They tie up, Kaz powers Evans back and then drops to a fireman’s carry takeover. Kaz gets the wristlock in the cover, ONE as Evans bridges up. Evans moves around, drop toeholds and then shifts to an inverted facelock. Kaz gets up, wrenches around to wristlock then headlocks. Evans throws body shots but Kaz grinds harder. Evans powers out, Kaz runs him over! Kaz runs, sees Evans stay down and Oklahoma rolls! TWO, Kaz hip tosses and arm-drags Evans down! Kaz grinds on the armlock but Evans rolls and gets to his feet. Kaz wrenches, wristlocks again, but Evans cartwheels and then headscissors! Evans kicks Kaz then clubs him at the ropes. Evans whips, Kaz reverses and arm-drags back to the armlock! Fans cheer but Evans moves around.

Evans gets up, Kaz whips but Evans holds ropes. Evans boots Kaz, shoulders in then slingshots up and over. Evans distracts the ref, Angelico gets a cheap shot in! Evans hits the SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE! Cover, TWO! Evans rains down rights on Kaz, kicks him then drags him up. Evans whips Kaz to ropes and jumping kicks him down! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Evans grows frustrated. Kaz CHOPS Evans back, then CHOPS him off his feet! Kaz swings but into Evans’ waistlock! Kaz elbows, pries at the hold but swings into a Northern Lights! Evans floats to stand on top of Kaz, to then standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Kaz gets to ropes but Evans drags him up. Evans throws Kaz out, argues with the ref, and Angelico gets more cheap shots in!

Angelico puts Kaz in, Evans covers, but they’re in the ropes. The ref won’t count so Evans drags Kaz up. Evans throws knees, throws Kaz down by his head, then covers, TWO! Evans grows more frustrated but fans are rallying for Kaz. Evans bumps Kaz off buckles then tells fans to shut up! Evans whips Kaz corner to corner hard and Kaz bounces off buckles! Fans rally for Kaz as he gets up again, Evans runs corner to corner but Kaz goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO, Kaz catches the clothesline to a crucifix, TWO! Evans kicks, Kaz ducks and forearms him down! Kaz dropkicks then whips but Evans reverses. Kaz clobbers Evans with more forearms! Angelico gets on the apron and distracts Kaz. Kaz avoids the shoulder to hit a guillotine leg drop! Angelico hits so hard, his shoes fly off!

Evans gets up, Kaz back kicks and front kicks and LARIATS him down! Cover, TWO!! Evans survives but Kaz keeps his cool. Fans rally up and Kaz drags Evans up. Kaz scoops and SLAMS Evans fast, then springboards, for the LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Evans survives again! Angelico is back to talk more trash, but he gets away before Kaz can hit him! Evans hits a spinning heel kick! Cover, TWO! Kaz survives and fans rally up more! Evans drags Kaz up and whips, but Kaz reverses and reels Evans in. Evans knees out of the DDT to then sweep the legs! STANDING SKY TWISTER! Cover, TWO!! Evans is shocked but he puts Kaz in a corner. Evans kicks and goes corner to corner, handspring back elbow hits!

Kaz flounders, Evans whips him but Kaz reverses. Kaz runs but into a boot! Evans goes up, QUEBRADA, but Kaz blocks the DDT! Kaz uses the ropes to shiranui, REVERSE DDT! Cover, Kaz wins!

Winner: Frankie Kazarian, by pinfall

That was basically a handicap match, but Kaz wins big! Angelico SUCKER PUNCHES Kaz from behind! And clamps on an ankle lock with grapevine! Evans adds on with hammering fists, but here comes Daniels! Daniels runs TH2 off and dares them to do something! Angelico and Evans take their leave, but will they and SCU clash again 2v2?


The Dark Order VS D3, Louie Valle & Baron Black!

The Numbers 3, 4 and 10 once again team up in trios action! Will the Prince of Rome, “The Hellion Of The Dark Army” and the #EmpBRUH be able to stand up to the Beaver Boys and Preston Vance?

The teams sort out and Valle starts against Number 3, Alex Reynolds. They circle, Reynolds offers him a chance to #JoinDarkOrder. D3 and Baron say don’t do it, but Valle is considering it. Valle raises his hand, but to wag a finger! So Reynolds DECKS him! Reynolds throws haymakers and forearms in the corner, drags Valle back up, but Valle turns it around! Valle throws haymakers of his own! Valle fires up and the fans fire up with him, and he whips but Reynolds reverses. Reynolds runs into a back elbow, and Valle hits a missile dropkick! Tag to Baron but Reynolds DECKS him! Tag to Silver, he and Reynolds stomp Baron then Silver brings Baron up to KICK down! Silver flexes, powers up and runs, but Baron pops him up for an atomic drop!

Baron runs, Silver dodges and comes back with a back elbow! D3 tags in, but he and Silver collide! D3 runs, Silver scoops but D3 slips out to snapmare and leg hook to a La Magistrol, ONE! D3 runs but Silver pops him up for a TOSS! Silver tags Vance in and he whips D3. D3 reverses to enziguri and run, duck and dodge to huricanrana, but Vance blocks! To a BOMB! Vance drags D3 up, scoops and FALL AWAY SLAMS! Tag to Reynolds, then tag to Silver. The Beaver Boys double whip D3, hip toss to a double facebuster! Tag back to Vance and he drags D3 up for a dead lift stalling suplex! Number 10 holds D3 up for 10 before slamming him down! Vance drags D3 up, bumps him off buckles and tags in Silver. Silver bumps D3 off buckles, and TOSSES him corner to corner!

Silver double guns and wants everyone to see this. Silver runs in but D3 uppercuts back! D3 hops up but Silver grabs him, only for D3 to slip off. D3 waistlocks, Silver switches and back suplexes but D3 lands on his feet! D3 hot tags Valle! Valle dodges Silver to dropkick Reynolds and Vance down! Valle LARIATS Silver but Silver stays up! So Valle LARIATS again! Silver still stays up! These two are like mirror images as Valle runs, ducks, dodges and BODY CHECKS! Vance and Reynolds get in, Valle dodges them and goes up top to crossbody! Vance catches Valle and tosses him to Silver, Reynolds runs in, KNEE GERMAN SUPLEX! Baron runs in but Vance SPINE BUSTERS him!

Silver tags Reynolds then Silver atgs Vance. Reynolds runs at Valle but he elbows him! Vance runs in but Valle boots him! Valle goes up, leaps, but is caught again! Silver coordinates with them, PENDULUM CRUCIFIX! Cover, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Silver, Reynolds and Vance win with strength in Numbers! Will it be the Beaver Boys, of all teams, that become FTR’s AEW World Tag Team Championship Full Gear challengers?


Wardlow VS Vinny Pacifico!

Literally the biggest and strongest man in the contender’s tournament is ready to wage war on the rest of the bracket! But first he needs a tune up! It isn’t so much if he’ll win but how he’ll treat #ThaKid!

The bell rings and Wardlow doesn’t take Vinny serious. Vinny shotgun dropkicks him but Wardlow stays up! Vinny goes for a leg, he can’t tip Wardlow over, and Wardlow gut wrench POWERBOMBS Vinny right down! Wardlow paces, drags Vinny up and suplexes him to the top rope! Thumbs down, KNEE SMASH!! Vinny is OUT! Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by knockout

Another powerful statement made through his matches, but he’s adding on! Wardlow drags Vinny up for the F 10!! Vinny lands bad but Wardlow doesn’t care. Will Wardlow rip into Jungle Boy the same way in the tournament?


Matt Sydal VS Shawn Dean!

His third-eye is open and he’s ready to fly! Will Sydal fly high above The Captain and on towards the top ranks?

The bell rings and Sydal points to his third eye as he circles with Dean. They tie up, Dean powers Sydal to a corner but Sydal turns it around. Sydal dares Dean to do something with just a stare, and the two tie up again. Sydal waistlocks, shifts to a headlock and takeover, but Dean keeps his shoulders up. Dean goes to headscissors but Sydal headscissors him. Dean pops free, Sydal has the arm again to wrench and shift through for an arm-drag. Sydal has the keylock, Dean headscissors but Sydal pops free. Dean gets up, Sydal arm-drags and rolls back to facelock. Fans cheer the technical exchange and rally up. Dean fights to his feet, Sydal shifts but Dean powers out of the headlock to arm-drag back! And then Japanese arm-drag! And headlock takeover!

Sydal headscissors, Dean pops out and dropkicks Sydal down! Sydal sits up in a huff but Dean whips him corner to corner. Sydal reverses but runs into an elbow, so he comes back with a leaping sobat! Sydal KICKS Dean against ropes and taunts him. Sydal brings Dean up, CHOPS him, then whips him. Dean sunset flips over the back drop but Sydal rolls through to get the leg with a knee drop! Sydal hits the same spinning knee drop, but Dean kicks him away. Dean clutches the leg as he gets to ropes, but Sydal is on him. Dean throws body shots, whips Sydal to ropes but Sydal reverses to sweep the legs! STANDING CORKSCREW SENTON! Cover, TWO! Dean survives but clutches the leg, so Sydal stomps the leg!

Sydal kicks Dean to a corner, drags him up and wrenches to fisherman and BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Fans cheer as Dean survives and Sydal grows frustrated. Dean gets to a corner, Sydal is after him with more kicks! Sydal drags Dean up, Dean throws body shots and forearms to then DECK Sydal with the uppercut! Dean hobbles, whips Sydal but Sydal sunset flips! TWO, into a BUTTERFLY CLUTCH! Dean endures even as Sydal slaps away on his forehead! Dean pops free, covers, TWO! Sydal is frustrated with Dean and he CHOPS and KICKS him! Sydal whips, Dean reverses and corner dropkicks him! Dean fires up and fights through the pain, TIGER DRIVER 97! Cover, ONE!?! Sydal survives and gets out fast! Dean keeps on Sydal with a back suplex but Sydal huricanranas and KNEES! Cover, TWO!

Dean is still in this but Sydal gets the cobra clutch! Dean elbows free and waistlocks but Sydal switches. Dean elbows, Sydal ROUNDHOUSES! Sydal hooks Dean up, PAGE TURNER! COBRA CLUTCH CROSSFACE! Dean taps, Sydal wins!

Winner: Matt Sydal, by pinfall

The third eye allowed Sydal to see the best way to take The Captain out! Will Sydal be able to defeat anyone both in the sky and on the ground?


Rey Fenix VS Sonny Kiss w/ Joey Janela!

The Firebird will face his own Lucha Brother in the opening round of the contender’s tournament, but there’s a chance he and The Bad Boy meet soon after. Will the Concrete Rose help expose Fenix’s weaknesses to Janela in this “Darkiversary” main event?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Kiss pushes Fenix to show he’s serious. Fenix shrugs that off and circles with Kiss again. They approach and tie up with knuckle locks, and Fenix powers Kiss down, only for Kiss to power back up! Fenix stomps a foot out then hops over to have an inverted knuckle lock. Fenix spins Kiss, Kiss kicks free to sweep the legs and cover, ONE! Kiss ducks and tilt-o-whirls and headscissors! Fenix gets up, Kiss huricanranas! Fenix flounders to a corner, Kiss handsprings corner to corner for the back elbow! Fenix blocks and puts Kiss on the apron but Kiss ROUNDHOUSES back! Kiss springboards, Fenix dodges and leaps, but Kiss catches him! Fenix fights free to somersault and huricanrana! Kiss flounders into a STRONG calf kick!

Fenix goes out to keep Kiss in and then takes a moment to catch his breath. Things speed up, Kiss wheelbarrows and splits to arm-drag! Kiss dropsaults Fenix to a corner! Kiss runs but Fenix boots the clothesline away! Fenix knuckle locks, CHOPS and goes up, through ropes and YANKS Kiss into buckles! Fenix has the arm again, laces the arm through ropes then hotshots at 4! The ref reprimands but Fenix drags Kiss back up. Fans rally as Fenix has Kiss down in a seated stretch. Fenix fish hooks the mouth, then ghost pins, TWO! Fenix stays on Kiss to body scissor clutch, TWO, but into a figure four necklock and Half Crab combination! Kiss endures this modified submission but Fenix elbows him in the ribs! Fenix goes after the arm in a Fujiwara of sorts and wrenches the wrist.

Kiss endures, Fenix drags him up and throws body shots. Fenix fireman’s carries, Kiss elbows free and throws hands! Fenix kicks but Kiss ducks and ROCKS Fenix with a right! Fenix ends up in a corner, but comes back, Kiss goes Matrix! But the arm gives out! Fenix is on Kiss again, hooking an arm and a leg for a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow Crab! Fans rally, Fenix fish hooks Kiss’ mouth but the ref reprimands. Fenix lets up, KICKS the arm, and Kiss hurries away to a corner. Janela coaches Kiss up and Kiss uses the good arm to hit back. Kiss boots then hops up, but Fenix yanks him down! Kiss lands safe in the split, ducks one buzzsaw but not the SECOND BUZZSAW! Fenix taunts Kiss to his face before he SUPERKICKS Kiss down! Cover, TWO!! Kiss lives and Fenix sighs.

Fans rally but Fenix sits Kiss up to CLUB him! Fenix back suplexes, Kiss lands on his feet and shoves Fenix! Fenix swings, Kiss dodges and TORNILLO ELBOWS Fenix down! Kiss fires up as Fenix rises, into an ENZIGURI! Fenix flounders to a corner., Kiss runs in and blocks boots to put Fenix in the ropes! Kiss handsprings, AXES ‘N’ O’S! Kiss goes out, slingshots in, SPLIT LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Fenix gets to an apron, Kiss runs over but into a shoulder! Fenix slingshots up and over to roll and Half Crab! Kiss resists, turns and victory rolls, TWO! BICYCLE BOOT! LEAPING COMPLETE SHOT! Fenix is down in the drop zone, Kiss climbs up! But Fenix SHORYUKENS! Fenix drags Kiss out for the KINNIKU BUSTER!! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall

The Concrete Rose showed his thorns, but Fenix burned him down all the same! Will Fenix win over his own brother, Pentagon? Or will Animo fall to Cero Miedo?

My Thoughts:

Are they purposefully adding more matches to these episodes? This was over two hours, no commercials! Everything was pretty good, but not all of this was really needed. Ricky Starks is still a lot of fun on commentary with Taz and Excalibur, but he still gets an obvious win. What did still work was the things relevant to tomorrow’s episode of Dynamite with the AEW World Championship Contender “Eliminator” Tournament and the AEW World Tag Team Championship Contender’s Fatal 4 Way. Butcher and Blade, Penta and Fenix all had great matches and great wins, keeping that faction strong toward their respective goals.

Penta’s match also had the honor of having the Allie betrayal happening, but it was rather anticlimactic. She’s just “Bunny” again after months of being controlling girlfriend Allie? Not a lot of drama there but I’m sure that’ll be fleshed out more as we head for Full Gear. Hell, QT might even cost Butcher and Blade in the Fatal 4 Way since it’s pretty clear the Young Bucks are winning. Then Natural Nightmares VS The Butcher & The Blade can happen as part of the Full Gear Buy-In just to cap off the story. I will say KTB looked pretty good against Jungle Boy, those unique moves and sequences help him stand out a bit. And I’m worried Wardlow’s F10 legitimately hurt Vinny Pacifico the way he held his leg after falling. Wardlow should stick to the falling knee smash and then have something more like a a bomb or slam for his other finisher, it’s easier to control than the F10 literally sending someone flying.

Cabana’s match did great to progress the dysfunction between him and the Dark Order. The Beaver Boys, Reynolds and Silver, being the ones more or less meddling was an interesting touch. They’re clearly moving up in the ranks within the faction, even if Brodie seems to like slapping Silver around. I’m still curious how Evil Uno still being on Cabana’s side is going to work out. I’m sure losing to Hangman Page will add to this, and that can be a story going into the winter.

My Score: 8/10

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