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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/27/20)

A Dark 15 before Halloween!



AEW Dark 2

AEW Dark continues to go big to start their second year!

There are FIFTEEN matches on the card tonight and the AEW Women’s World Champion, Hikaru Shida, is back in action! Will she stay on course towards Full Gear?


  • The Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson VS Top Flight; The Dark Order wins.
  • Ricky Starks VS VSK; Starks wins.
  • Matt Sydal VS Lee Johnson; Sydal wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Leyla Hirsch; Shida wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS Danny Limelight & Jersey Muscle; Jurassic Express wins.
  • SoCal Uncensored VS The Hybrid2; SCU wins.
  • Anna Jay w/ The Dark Order VS Katalina Perez; Jay wins.
  • No Holds Barred: Brandon Cutler VS Peter Avalon; Cutler finally wins.
  • Best Friends VS Max Caster & Anthony Bowens; Best Friends win.
  • Brian Cage VS Fuego del Sol; Cage wins.
  • Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Sean Maluta; Vance wins.
  • Ivelisse & Diamante VS KiLynn King & Savannah Evans; Ivelisse & Diamante wins.
  • Sonny Kiss VS Aaron Solow; Kiss wins.
  • Will Hobbs VS Nick Comoroto; Hobbs wins.
  • Darby Allin VS Alex Chamberlain; Darby wins.


The Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson VS Top Flight!

The Dark Order OG welcome Darrius and Daunte Martin to AEW in this Dark debut! Will Air Wolf and Angel Dorado fly high over Players One and Two tonight? Or will they be convinced to #JoinDarkOrder?

The teams sort out and Stu starts against Darrius the Air Wolf. The bell rings and Stu BLASTS Darrius right over! And again! Stu puts Darrius in the corner, tags Uno in and they stomp a mudhole in! Uno brings Darrius up but Darrius headlocks. Uno powers out, Darrius bumps him but Uno runs him over! Things speed up, Darrius hurdles and table tops Uno to a sunset flip. Uno rolls through but Darrius dropkicks him down! Darrius brings Uno up but Uno swings on Daunte! Darrius runs at Uno but Uno puts him on the apron. Daunte tags in and slingshots in to come back with an A-List lariat! Darrius gets back in and he snap suplexes Uno. Daunte slingshots to senton! Daunte drags Uno up, Uno pushes him and CHOPS him down!

Tag to Stu, Stu drags Daunte up and throws a big European Uppercut. Stu whips, Daunte reverses but Stu stops himself. Stu throws Daunte out, Darrius tags in, and Daunte catches Stu’s clothesline to trap him on the ropes. Darrius enziguris, then springboard dropkicks Stu down! Cover, TWO! Darrius headlocks Stu, Stu powers out and Uno tags in. Darrius dodges Stu but Uno catches him for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Uno looms over Darrius as he goes to the apron and drags him up. Uno CHOPS Darrius, then CHOPS him off his feet! Tag to Stu as fans rally. Stu goes up and over to apron slingshot senton! Stu taunts Darrius, brings him up and whips him into Uno’s boot! Tag and Stu whips Uno in for the corner splash! Uno feeds Darrius to Stu’s uppercut then Uno BOOTS Darrius down! Cover, ONE! Uno argues the count but he taunts Darrius to crawl.

Uno drags Darrius up, wrenches but Darrius throws haymakers. Uno tags Stu in first, Stu gets Darrius for a BIG Urenage! Cover, TWO! Stu tries again, ONE! Stu rains down angry rights on Darrius then roars at Daunte. Fans rally up, Stu brings Darrius up and tags Uno back in. Uno claws Darrius’ back! Uno brings Darrius up to ROCK him with that jab! Uno whips corner to corner and Darrius bounces off buckles hard! Fans rally up again but Uno is on Darrius. Uno whips Darrius corner to corner, Darrius elbows him back, then wall run enziguris! Both men are down, crawl for their corners, hot tags to Stu and Daunte! Daunte springboards to missile dropkick both opponents! Daunte rallies on Stu, spins him around and manages a neckbreaker!

Uno blocks a kick, flips Daunte but Daunte HEEL KICKS Uno down! Daunte goes up and tornillo huricanranas Stu! Stu gets up, dodges Daunte but Darrius tags in! Daunte goes up and over, Stu boots him away but Darrius enziguris! Daunte goes up, NO HANDS STEINER! Darrius FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Top Flight can’t believe Stu survives! Darrius drags Stu up, tags Daunte back in, and they double whip. Uno saves Stu and they double boot Darrius! Uno tags in, pops Daunte up to Stu, Electric Chair TOSS BOMB! They put Daunte in a corner, Darrius runs in, Uno drops down and Stu KNEES Darrius first! Uno boots Darrius, “GET OVER HERE!” OVERHEAD suplex onto Daunte!

The Dark Order fires up, Uno whips Stu to DIVE onto Top Flight! Stu puts Darrius in, tags in, and coordinates with Uno! FATALITY! Cover, The Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Top Flight can fly, but they also came crashing down! Will Uno and Stu be poised for an AEW World Tag Team Championship shot after Full Gear?


Ricky Starks VS VSK!

Team Taz may want answers from Will Hobbs but they can’t sit around and do nothing. Absolute Rick Starks wants his shot at a title, will he rise up the ranks off the AEW debuting “Visionary?”

The bell rings and Starks circles with VSK. They tie up, Starks pushes VSK to a corner and CHOPS him! Starks whips VSK corner to corner but blocks the boot, only to get an uppercut! VSK goes up, jumps over and keeps moving to slide under and huricanrana! Starks staggers up, sends VSK out but VSK shoulders back in. VSK steps in but into a KNEE! Starks stomps away on VSK but lets off at the ref’s count. Starks comes back, but lets off again as the ref counts. Starks drags VSK up, VSK throws body shots but Starks ROCKS him with a right! Starks whips and runs VSK over with a back elbow! Fans fire up as Starks strikes a pose. Starks looms over VSK, slaps him around, but VSK hits back. Starks SMACKS VSK, drags him up, and CHOPS him again!

Starks air guitars then slaps VSK around more. Starks throws in knees, brings VSK up but VSK throws hands and CHOPS! Starks kicks low, scoops VSK and slams him down! Starks goes up top, strikes a pose, and drops down, but he sees VSK’s boot coming! Starks avoids that to drop an elbow, but still misses as VSK moves! VSK throws forearms and uppercuts, but Starks ROCKS him with a right! Starks whips, VSK reverses and cravat busters to a jumping knee! VSK hits an uppercut in the corner, then goes side to side to BOOT! Half nelson BACKBREAKER! Starks flounders, VSK waistlocks but they both switch around. Starks bucks VSK off to SPEAR him down! Starks kips up and drags VSK back up. Starks says it’s done, as he Canadian racks to the ROSHAMBEAUX! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Another win and Starks is absolutely only a roll! Will he have his shot at the TNT Championship after Full Gear?


Eddie Kingston talks with Allie.

“So, Bunny, the whole world wants to know why you turned on… Not Dusty. Not Cody. Not Brandi. Who’s the guy?” Oh so close. Kingston can’t place it, so Allie reminds him it’s QT Marshall. Oh right! So why did she “turn” on him? She is so glad he asked that. But she asks back why they think it was so easy for her to infiltrate the Nightmare Family? All she had to do was LOOK in QT’s direction and he fell all over himself for her. She was like a cat playing with a mouse. She wasn’t even that nice to him and he bought all this stuff for her! And that was fun and all, but to be honest, she got bored. Ouch! Sorry, QT, but you’re just collateral damager. And now Allie’s back with HER family. Kingston hopes QT’s feelings aren’t hurt. QT and his family are ahead of them in the rankings. But that means The Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny are coming for that FAKE family real soon.


Matt Sydal VS Lee Johnson!

After rebounding from his dangerous fall, Sydal has proven he can dominate both in the air and on the ground! Which way will Sydal use to defeat Big Shotty? Or will Sydal’s third eye look past Lee Johnson and cost him tonight?

The bell rings and Sydal taunts Johnson. They get in each other’s face, then tie up and go around. Sydal waistlocks, Johnson standing switches but Sylda wrenches and drops a leg on the arm. Sydal has a short arm scissor, cranks on the arm but Johnson rolls and hammerlocks to then snapmare and chinlock. Sydal slips right out but then sod oes Johnson. Sydal gets Johnson with the chinlock, fans rally up but Sydal snapmares Johnson to a cover, ONE! Sydal gets a headlock takeover but Johnson headscissors. Sydal pops out, tilt-o-whirl to the headlock takeover! Johnson endures, even as Sydal uses one arm in the grounded cobra clutch. Johnson fights up, wrenches, but Sydal slips out. They trade headlocks, Johnson powers out to arm-drag, arm-drag and Japanese arm-drag!

Johnson has the arm with an armlock but Sydal fights up. Johnson whips, Sydal reverses, Johnson goes up and over and around to dropkick Sydal down! Fans fire up for Big Shotty as he whips Sydal. Sydal wrenches, swings on but misses, only to scoop for a SNAP SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Johnson gets to a corner, Sydal CHOPS away on him, then stomps him. Sydal whips, Johnson elbows back but walks into the windmill heel kick! Cover, TWO! Sydal smirks as he kicks Johnson then KICKS him! Sydal keeps close, brings Johnson up but Johnson throws body shots. Johnson kicks, Sydal blocks to get around and sweep the legs, STANDING CORKSCREW! Cover, TWO to the ghost pin, TWO!! Sydal escapes but Johnson is on him with a whip. Sydal sunset flips, TWO, into a BUTTERFLY STRETCH!

Johnson endures, Sydals throws him over and gets an arm for a modified keylock. Johnson endures, reaches and gets the ropebreak! Sydal lets go, stomps Johnson but Johnson hits back. Sydal stomps Johnson down, drags him up, fisherman BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Johnson survives and Sydal shakes his head. Fans rally up but Sydal looms over Johnson. Sydal clubs Johnson, brings him up but Johnson throws body shots. Johnson DECKS Sydal, but Sydal KICKS from below! Johnson is dazed, Sydal fires up and points to his third eye. Sydal drags Johnson up, Johnson jawbreakers! And another jawbreaker! Johnson walks into a kick, Sydal CHOPS Johnson and CHOPS and CHOPS him to a corner. Sydal whips, runs in but Johnson sends Sydal out! Sydal tumbles to the floor, Johnson builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit into barriers!

Johnson isn’t done, he reloads and runs again, to DIVE! Another direct hit! Johnson fires up now and fans fire up with him! But Sydal crawls under the ring? And he reappears around behind Johnson and CLOBBERS him! Sydal says that’s his third eye at work! Sydal puts Johnson on the apron but Johnson enziguris him back! Johnson springboards to missile dropkick Sydal down! Cover, TWO! Sydal survives but Johnson keeps his focus. Fans rally behind him, but Sydal body shots and scoops. for a DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Johnson survives and shocks Sydal! Sydal drags Johnson up, cravats, puts Johnson in a corner and cranks harder. The ref counts, Sydal whips Johnson corner to corner but blocks the boot, only to get an enziguri!

Johnson gets around, Blue Thunder- HURICANRANA! Sydal ROUNDHOUSES Johnson, into the PAGE TURNER! Cover, TWO!! But into the COBRA CLUTCH STRETCH! Johnson taps, Sydal wins!!

Winner: Matt Sydal, by submission

It was by ground! Sydal’s evolved style is hard to predict, but will he be seeing gold in his future?


Hikaru Shida VS Leyla Hirsch!

The Full Metal Samurai is back on Dark and in the ring! But before answering The Native Beast’s challenge, she’ll see if she can beat a #LEGIT Russian wrestler!

The bell rings and Shida circles with Hirsch. They tie up, go around, and Shida gets Hirsch into a corner. Shida lets off clean and the fans cheer as the two reset. Hirsch and Shida go again, Hirsch gets the takedown! Hirsch floats to a cover, ONE as Shida gets up and facelocks back. Hirsch slips out, facelocks and holds on as Shida tries to roll out. Shida gets up and around but Hirsch gets away and the two reset again. Shida offers a handshake but Hirsch kicks that away! Shida swings, Hirsch dodges and runs but the shoulders collide. Neither falls, Hirsch tries again and Shida still stays up. Hirsch runs, but Shida scoops to hit a BACKBREAKER! Shida puts Hirsch on the apron, clubs her then runs to KNEE her back in!

Fans fire up with Shida as she drags Hirsch up for another BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Shida CLUBS Hirsch on the back, then again. Shida gets Hirsch with a chinlock and stretch but Hirsch endures. Hirsch reaches, Shida pulls the arms into a proper camel clutch, but Hirsch fights up to get the ropebreak! Fans cheer as Shida lets off clean, and then brings Hirsch back up. Hirsch throws body shots but Shida clubs her. Shida snap suplexes Hirsch into the buckles! Shida drags Hirsch but the ref checks on her. Hirsch says she’s okay so Shida stomps her. Shida toys with Hirsch, Hirsch hits back so Shida eggs her on! Hirsch throws more forearms but Shida tanks them all! Hirsch eggs Shida on, Shida ROCKS her!

The forearms keep flying, Shida gets Hirsch high but Hirsch still hits back! Shida DECKS Hirsch! Shida runs, Hirsch dumps her out to the apron! Fans rally up, Hirsch builds speed and DIVES! Hirsch fires up and drags Shida back into the ring. Hirsch covers, TWO! Hirsch sees Shida get to a corner, runs in and forearms! Hirsch rolls to come back with KNEES! And a SWINGING DROPKICK! Hirsch has the wrists, Shida resists, but Hirsch yanks her up into a SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! Shida survives but Hirsch stays close. Hirsch drags Shida around, climbs up and jumps, but Shida avoids the moonsault! Shida DECKS Hirsch with a forearm! Cover, TWO!! Shida fires up as Hirsch survives! Shida drags Hirsch, suplexes, Falcon- TAKEDOWN!? ARMBAR!

Shida moves, Hirsch tries to keep her down but Shida gets a Stretch Muffler! Hirsch stays on the arm, drags Shida down, but Shida moves around to get the ropebreak! Fans cheer this exchange, but Hirsch fires off elbows from all sides, then kicks a leg out! Shida blocks Hirsch’s knees! Shida clubs the leg, ducks the clothesline and KNEES back! Fans fire up as Shida tells Hirsch what’s coming. TAMASHI!! Then FALCON ARROW! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The AEW Women’s World Champion makes a statement! But will she give Nyla Rose an answer on making Full Gear a Double or Nothing rematch?


QT Marshall speaks.

“Everyone warned me. They all told me what type of person you really were. Yeah, I was blinded by it.” But now Allie showed him who she really was. She took his money, the gifts, his cards and his car! QT will be honest, she even took his dignity. But what she won’t take is THEIR spot. Dustin Rhodes comes in to tell Butcher and Blade that they and their jezebel are only takers. But after 32 years, Dustin has made a career out of going through people just like them! There is NOTHING they can do to the Natural Nightmares that they haven’t already seen! They are the #3 team, Butcher and Blade are the 4th, “you have to come to use and you do NOT want that ass kicking!” But is their clash inevitable?


Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS Danny Limelight & Jersey Muscle!

Jungle Boy lost to big bad Wardlow in the opening round of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, but he’s ready to rebound already! Will he, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt keep things on track in trios action against Steve Gibki, Tony Vincita and the Marine Corps Spiderman?

The teams sort out and JB starts with Danny, and Danny gets attitude. He shoves JB, flexes on him, then ties up with him. JB headlocks, Danny fights out but JB runs him over! Fans fire up and JB speeds things up. Danny drops, JB handsprings and dodges to drop down. JB leaps, Danny leaps, but JB sweeps. Cover, ONE, Danny sweeps, ONE! They both dropkick and handspring up, but Danny headlocks! Fans cheer the exchange as Danny denies the power-out with that slip around. JB arm-drags out to get Danny’s arm but Danny rolls. JB rolls with him to keep the wrist. Tag to Stunt, Danny reverses the whip but JB slides under! Stunt is up top and leaps for a FLYING RANA! Danny staggers up into JB’s dropkick! JB brings Stunt in, pumphandle splash and leg drop combo! Cover, TWO!

Stunt keeps on Danny with big forearms and CHOPS! Fans fire up but Danny DECKS Stunt! Danny snapmares Stunt and KICKS him, then taunts the rest of the Express. Danny KICKS Stunt against ropes, brings him over and tags in Gibki. Gibki stomps Stunt, whips him but Stunt dodges and turns the pop-up bomb into a huricanrana! Gibki ends up in the corner, Vincita tags in but Stunt comes back to tilt-o-whirl shove and dropkick! Vincita staggers, Stunt goes up and huricanranas again! Danny tags in, but runs into a back kick! Stunt throws hands, but Danny swings on him. Stunt dodges, goes up and around again, but Danny stops him! Stunt still sunset flips, TWO! Stunt runs, but is dumped out by Jersey Muscle! And then Jersey Muscle throws Stunt into railing! And then THROWS him into the rope! Danny covers, TWO!

Danny drags Stunt up, suplexes and holds him up to swivel the hips before the slam! Cover, TWO! Danny drags Stunt away from the Express, wheelbarrows, but Stunt goes to arm-drag, only for Danny to block! Stunt tilt-o-whirls and SNAP GERMANS?! Fans rally up, Danny tags in Gibki and he stops Stunt. Stunt slips out of the back suplex, hot tag to Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies on Jersey Muscle then throws Danny in! Luchasaurus CHOPS everyone, BOOTS Danny down, then sits him up. TAIL WHIP and ROUNDHOUSE for Jersey Muscle! Danny runs into the pop-up WIDOWMAKER! Luchasaurus grabs Gibki for the JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! Vincita dropkicks Luchasaurus but Stunt tags in! Stunt hits the FLYING ELBOW! Gibki SPEARS Stunt!

JB baits Gibki in to shoulder, then up and around, DDT! Danny FLYING DDT’s JB! Danny runs and runs and FLIES with a tornillo! Stunt is alone against Jersey Muscle, OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE NECKBREAKER!! Cover, TWO?!? Stunt shocks them, but Danny tags in! Danny drags Stunt up, suplexes, but Stunt slips out and tags JB in. Danny runs into a boot, JB goes in to elbow and forearm and elbow! Stunt enzugiris while JB SUPERKICKS Jersey Muscle! Tag to Luchasaurus, tag to Stunt! They stand Vincita up, Luchasaurus back suplexes Stunt onto Vincita’s shoulder. JB push-starts the tornado DDT while he WRECKS Gibki with a dropkick! Jurassic Express focuses on Danny, TRIPLE KICK SANDWICH in the corner!

JB’s superkick, Stunt’s dropkick and Luchasaurus’ boot leave Danny staggered, but it’s not over yet! JB and Luchsaurus LAUNCH Stunt for a DESTROYER!! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winner: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

They’re back to 100% power and back on track! Will the boys and their dinosaur find their way to gold one way or another?


SoCal Uncensored VS The Hybrid2!

On last week’s Dark, the Heavy Metal Rebel beat Jack Evans but ended up 2v1 real quick! The Fallen Angel came out to reinforce him, and now this week, it’s an even 2v2! Will SCU’s Addiction take down TH2?

Tensions rise but the teams sort out, and Angelico starts against Frankie Kazarian. They circle, tie up, Angelico gets the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. Kaz rolls but Angelico wrangles him down and keeps a knee on Kaz’s arm. Kaz tries to use a leg, he rolls back but Angelico wrangles him back down. Angelico spins Kaz around, Kaz gets up to wrench back, but Angelico spins through. Kaz gets a leg, Angelico uses that to his advantage to drag Kaz down. Angelico uses a leg to shoot the half while he knuckle locks to a cover, TWO! Angelico gets both knuckle locks, covers again, TWO! Angelico goes to drop down but Kaz boots and monkey flips him away! Double cover off the knuckle locks, TWO as both men raise a shoulder. TWO as they raise the other shoulder, then TWO as they bridge!

Kaz gets up, wrenches and whips to hip toss, but Angelico handsprings through! Angelico goes to hip toss but Kaz blocks, knees low, and flips up to huricanrana! Angelico staggers up but Kaz hip tosses him down! And arm-drags him to an armlock! Kaz grinds on the arm, Angelico moves around and gets Kaz to the TH2 corner. Angelico lets off at the ref’s count and distracts the ref so Evans can swing on Kaz! But Kaz ducks that to swing back, only for Evans to get away. Angelico clobbers Kaz from behind! Angelico tags Evans in, and TH2 whip Kaz to ropes. Evans clobbers Kaz with a calf kick! Cover, TWO! Evans swings a kick, Kaz rolls Evans up, TWO! Kaz CHOPS Evans off his feet! And CHOPS him again! Kaz bumps Evans off Daniels’ boot, then Daniels tags in.

SCU double wrench, kick, clobber and double stomp Evans down! Daniels covers, TWO! Daniels drags Evans up, headbutts him down, then drags him back up. Daniels whips, tilt-o-whirl backbreakers! Tag to Kaz, Daniels slingshots for the elbow drop! Kaz slingshots a leg drop! Cover, TWO! Kaz keeps with Evans, drags him up and tags Daniels in. Back suplex bulldog! Cover, TWO! Daniels drags Evans up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Daniels drags up, whips Evans but Evans slips out of the tilt-o-whirl. Evans shoves Daniels into ropes, Angelico hotshots, Evans hits the screw roundhouse! Cover, TWO! Evans drags Daniels up, bumps him off the buckles, tags in Angelico and Angelico stomps Daniels’ leg.

Angelico tags Evans back in, they stomp Daniels down more, then Evans drags Daniels to the corner. Evans hooks the leg for a modified Muda Lock! Daniels endures, Angelico tags in and he takes the leg lock into a Navarro Especial 14! Daniels endures, Evans tags in and stomps Daniels, to then hit a standing corkscrew moonsault! Cover, TWO! Daniels hits back but Evans rakes the eyes! Evans QUEBRADA BACK ELBOWS! Tag to Angelico, Angelico kicks Daniels around then drags him up. Angelico whips Daniels to a corner, runs in but Daniels boots Angelico away! STO! Both men are down, fans rally up and Angelico crawls. Hot tag to Evans! Evans cartwheels to kick at Kaz, but Daniels gets Evans for a back suplex! Evans lands on his feet but Kaz tags in!

Kaz forearms Evans, then counter punches Angelico! Kaz shoulders into Evans, jumps over Angelico then slingshots in to dodge Evans and run him over! And clothesline! Kaz whips, Evans reverses but Kaz hits a flying forearm! Angelico is back, he fakes out the guillotine leg drop but not the slingshot cutter! Kaz swings on Evans, Evans whips but Kaz reverses. Evans goes up but gets caught! JAPANESE OCEAN CYCLONE! Bridge out of the Electric Chair, TWO! Tag to Daniels, SCU drags Evans up and double whip. Double hip toss to the POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Evans survives but Daniels stays fired up! Daniels drags Evans up, reels him in and underhooks, but Evans huricanranas out!

Tag to Kaz, Evans misses in the corner, Daniels rams a shoulder in. Kaz slingshots to DDT! Cover, Angelico breaks it! Daniels throws Angelico out, Kaz drags Evans up. Kaz gut wrenches Evans but Angelico DECKS Daniels! Evans slips out to SUPERKICK Kaz into Angelico’s roundhouse! Evans leg lariats Kaz down! Angelico goes to help Evans but Daniels drags him out! Kaz cradles Evans, SCU wins!!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall

TH2 got too cocky, but now they’re angry! They clobber Daniels and chop block Kaz! They kick Kaz out, go after Daniels, and they coordinate at the corner. Back suplex DOUBLE STOMPS! And a Pluma Blanca! Daniels endures as Evans just gets in Daniels’ face with trash talk! Evans stomps Daniels, Kaz returns but TH2 leaves it at this. Will the Hybrid2 pay for being sore losers?


Anna Jay w/ The Dark Order VS Katalina Perez!

The Queenslayer, Ms. Number 99, wants after Queen Brandi, but Brandi’s on commentary right now. Will Anna be satisfied with “welcoming” #TheQueenpin to AEW?

The bell rings and Jay circles with Perez. They tie up, go to a corner, Perez turns things around but lets up at the ref’s count. Jay and Perez tie up again, Jay wrenches to a HOOK KICK! Perez flounders to a corner, Jay runs in to heel kick! Jay whips corner to corner, runs in but Perez gets around to roll up and bridge, TWO! Jay CLOBBERS Perez! Jay pushes Perez around and drags her up to bump her off buckles. Jay throws forearms and grinds her boot into Perez’s face! The ref counts, Jay lets off and backs off. Jay drags Perez up, bumps her off buckles again, then throws big forearms! Jay stomps a mudhole then lets off to pose. Jay runs side to side, somersaults and KICKS Perez in the face! Jay taunts Perez and Brandi is upset.

Jay pushes Perez around, drags Perez up and fans rally. Perez throws forearms but Jay forearms back! Perez forearms, Jay forearms and gets the edge! Jay swings, but Perez redirects her to run her over! Perez fires up and rallies on Jay! Perez whips, Jay reverses but runs into boots! Perez goes up, up and leaps, but her elbow drop flops! Jay grits her teeth, Perez kicks back and whips, but Jay slips out to let her hit buckles! Jay HOOK KICKS again! Jay takes a moment to bow and pose, then goes in to bait Perez in. Perez misses, Jay clobbers her at the ropes then throws her down! Jay pushes Perez around, drags her up by her hair, then slips on the QUEENSLAYER CLUTCH! Perez taps, Jay wins!

Winner: Anna Jay, by submission

The Queenslayer slayed the Queenpin, and Brandi is even more upset. Will Brandi step up and take Jay on again?


No Holds Barred: Brandon Cutler VS Peter Avalon!

The Dungeon Master and the Librarian have yet to win, even after facing each other! Double count-out draw, double disqualification draw, none of that will be a concern! There HAS to be a winner to finally settle this! Will we finally learn who is THE worst wrestler by record in AEW?

Leva Bates watches as simply a neutral bystander as each man makes their entrance. Cutler doesn’t even get in the ring, he LEAPS over the top rope to tackle Avalon! The bell rings, this match finally begins, and Cutler rains down hands! Avalon pushes him away but Cutler throws haymakers! Avalon rakes eyes then throws body shots! Avalon hits high, low and all around! Avalon headlocks and grinds Cutler’s face on ropes! Cutler pushes Avalon away but Avalon bumps him off buckles. Avalon goes to bump again but Cutler bumps first! Cutler reels Avalon in for a lariat! Fans cheer as Cutler stalks Avalon. Avalon gets up and reverses the whip to then tackle Cutler to the ramp! Both men crawl, Avalon drags Cutler up and throws him OFF the ramp!

Cutler crashes into the timekeeper’s area but Avalon lines up his shot to LEAP and tackle him back down! Avalon searches under the ring and brings out a TABLE! Leva comes closer to try and tell Avalon not to go to such extremes, but Avalon ignores her as he sets the table up. Avalon CHOPS Cutler, bumps Cutler off the table then puts him on it. Avalon goes to the apron, climbs up a corner, but Cutler gets to the apron. Avalon hops down, Cutler kicks and clobbers him into the ring! Cutler slingshots in to enziguri! Cutler throws Avalon out hard, then grabs a trash can! Cutler puts that over Avalon’s head and KICKS him down! Avalon is down, Cutler goes to the apron, for an apron FROGGY-BOW! Direct hit and the can is dented!

Leva just shakes her head as she watches these two writhe on the ground. Cutler brings out a table of his own! Cutler sets the table up against the ring while Avalon gets free of the trash can. Cutler lifts Avalon, Avalon fights off the bomb and back drops Cutler THROUGH the table! Avalon drags Cutler up and into the ring to cover, TWO!! Cutler survives but Avalon skips being frustrated to grab a bin from ringside. It has a bunch of Leva’s books in it! Avalon dumps the books out in a pile, and he CLUBS Cutler with the bin! Avalon drags Cutler to the pile of books and drops him on them. Those books are hard back and Avalon lines up a shot. MARTI- NO! Cutler avoids the knees, Avalon lands on the books, Cutler drags Avalon up! BLOODY SUNDAY! Cover, TWO!!

Cutler goes outside, brings out the giant 20-sided die, and fans rally up with, “ROLL! ROLL! ROLL!” Cutler brings out a bag, as well, and usually this means… Oh nevermind, those aren’t thumbtacks but normal sized dice, of many different sides and shapes! But even then, they’re small and hard with edges, and Cutler drags Avalon up. Avalon resists the suplex, but so does Cutler! They fight over suplex control, someone is landing on something! Avalon gets around, Cutler bucks him off and springboards, but Avalon catches him! URENAGE ONTO THE BOOKS! Cover, TWO!! Cutler survives the pile of best sellers, but Avalon demands Leva give him the dictionary. She refuses but he snatches it from her! Avalon calls her worthless?! Leva says Avalon is only relevant because of HER! She SLAPS him and leaves him!

Cutler sunset flips Avalon, SMACK with the dictionary!! Avalon opens it up, because it wasn’t even a book, it was where Leva kept BRASS KNUCKLES?! Avalon puts those on, but Cutler gets around to BLUE THUNDER BOMB Avalon onto the dice!! Talk about a critical roll! Cover, TWO?!? Cutler can’t believe it, but he won’t stop there. Avalon goes to the apron, Cutler brings him up, and aims for the table. Avalon shoves Cutler away, but walks into another lift! Avalon manages to brass knuckle PUNCH Cutler, but they both fall with the BACK SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The referee checks on both men, but they’re both okay to continue, and the fans say “This is Awesome!” Avalon rises first, but the Young Bucks walk out?

The Bucks are friends of Cutler’s, and even though Matt hobbles on his bad leg, he and Nick go to ringside. Avalon tells them to stay back as he puts Cutler in. The Bucks rally Cutler up as Avalon goes to a corner. Avalon is annoyed, but he climbs up top. The Bucks rally harder, Cutler stands and throws haymakers! Cutler climbs up, fireman’s carries but Avalon fights back. Avalon elbows over and over, gets up and SUPER STEINERS Cutler onto the dice! But Cutler rolls through to the sunset flip!! Cutler wins!!

Winner: Brandon Cutler, by pinfall

FINALLY!! After going 0-25-2, Cutler finally has a victory in AEW!! That counter to the steiner was a true saving throw! Will Cutler turn this one win into many, many more?


Best Friends VS Max Caster & Anthony Bowens!

Chuck Taylor and Trent want Kip Sabian and Miro to understand the difference between breaking someone’s property by accident and breaking it on purpose. But since that doesn’t seem possible, will Best Friends at least get Superbad and The Best Man to understand what they’re in for after taking care of Mr. Platinum and The 5 Tool Player?

But before the match, Caster has a mic. “Hey, yo, listen! That’s Anthony Bowens, I’m Platinum Max. We’re critically acclaimed, and that’s the facts! He’s the 5 Tool Player, he walks red carpets. I only make hits, I’m a platinum selling artist.” So here’s some advice: Chuck get a tan, and Trent, go back to your mom’s minivan. Caster shoots straight like Baretta, but while they’re best friends, Caster’s hugs are better. He and Bowens hug, and says it’s such a good hug! Caster and Bowens get in the ring, the teams sort out, and we start with Trent and Caster. They circle, tie up, and Trent powers Caster back but Caster turns it around in the corner. Caster lets off to pat Trent on the cheek. Trent ROCKS Caster with forearms!

Caster headlocks, Trent powers out and things speed up, Caster runs into a kitchen sink knee! Tag to Chuck, they double whip and double elbow Caster down. Best Friends shake hands before dropping double elbows! Caster tags in Bowens, and now he and the Kentucky Gentleman circle. They tie up, Bowens powers Chuck back but Chuck turns it around to wrench and whip corner to corner. Bowens goes up, over and rolls, but so does Chuck! Chuck gets Bowens for an URENAGE! Chuck scares Caster off the corner then goes back to Bowens. Chuck goes up top, moonsaults, but flops as Bowens moves! Bowens back kicks, front kicks and runs to swing around and DDT! Cover, TWO! Bowens keeps close to Chuck, CHOPS him in the corner, and tags Caster.

Caster stomps Chuck, brings him out and turns him for a neckbreaker! Caster shows off with the kip up, takes a bow then covers, ONE! Caster drags Chuck up, tags Bowens back in, but Chuck fights them both off! Bowens SUPERKICKS, Caster hits a BACKBREAKER! Bowens SHINING WIZARDS, covers, but Trent breaks it! Bowens goes back to Chuck as fans rally up but Chuck kicks low. Caster grabs Chuck, Bowens runs in but Chuck boots Bowens down! Chuck fights Caster off and gives Bowens a Sexy Chuckie Knee! Chuck tags in Trent and Trent rallies on Caster and Bowens! Trent clobbers Caster, but Caster kicks back. Caster whips, Trent reverses and OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Caster!

Caster gets to a corner, Trent fires up and runs in, big corner clothesline to the tornado, but no DDT! Caster suplexes out to slam Trent down! Cover, TWO! Caster reaches for his corner, drags Trent over and tags in Bowens. Bowens stomps the leg, dropkicks Chuck off the apron, then goes back to Trent. “Where’s you best friend?!” Trent SAIDOS Bowens! Both men are down, a standing count begins but Trent is up at 3. Trent brings Bowens up, fans rally and he runs but Bowens follows, gets around and blocks the kick to DECK Trent with the rolling elbow! Bowens drags Trent up, tags in Caster, and then climbs up. Trent stands, for the BLOCKBUSTER! Caster is up top, MACHO ELBOW! Cover, but Chuck breaks it!

Fans fire up as Bowens throws haymakers on Chuck! Chuck dodges to clothesline Bowens out hard! Caster BOOTS Chuck down then aims at Trent. Caster runs corner to corner to LARIAT! Caster keeps going, but Trent PSYCHO KNEES! Chuck drags Bowens out to throw him into railing! Trent drags Caster up, Chuck goes up top, STRONG ZERO!! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

Caster was dropping some bars but he got dropped! Best Friends continue climbing the ranks, will they go from #2 to #1 contenders in the AEW Tag Division?


Alex Marvez interviews Scorpio Sky backstage.

Marvez wants to ask about the situation with him and Shawn Spears. Of course, come on in. But Scorpio opens the door to his room and sees it has been wrecked! And in big red paint, the word “THIEF” is on the wall. It’s pretty obvious who sent this message. Will Scorpio have a response for The Chair Man?


Brian Cage VS Fuego del Sol!

Absolute Ricky Starks handled his business, now it’s time for the FTW Champion to have his turn. Will the Fire of the Sun not be enough to stop the Path of Cage?

Ricky Starks is back and he joins commentary while Cage makes sure Justin Roberts introduces him as the FTW Champion. The bell rings and Cage swings on Fuego. Fuego ducks, dodges and huricanranas, but Cage blocks to bring him up! Fuego sunset flips, but Cage drags him up to OVERHEAD SUPLEX him! “Who betta?” Cage has Fuego up and he clotheslines point blank in the corner! Then he reels Fuego in for a TRAPPED ARM SUPLEX! Fuego crawls, Cage stalks him and whips him. Fuego holds ropes, BOOTS back, but Cage stays up! Cage blocks the kick, flips Fuego onto the ropes and hangs Fuego out to dry! Cage drags Fuego back up, scoops him and does some bicep curls before popping him up! Fuego lands on his feet to kick, kick and KNEE!

Fuego runs and manages to swing out of the clothesline! Cage ducks Fuego’s roundhouse but not the enziguri! Fuego says this is for Mobile! Fuego goes up, tornillo, but is caught into a butterfly to NECKBREAKER! Cage drags Fuego up, says this is over, and he suplexes, but Fuego SPIKE RANAS!! Cover, TWO!! Cage is up, Fuego runs in but is put on the apron. Fuego enziguris, climbs up top, and LEAPS, but into position for the POWERBOMB! And then a BUCKLE BOMB! And then WEAPON X!! Cover, Cage wins!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

The reverse STO extinguishes Fuego! Taz says Team Taz is being disrespected by the rest of AEW! They need to put everyone on notice! Will Team Taz get the answer they want from Will Hobbs tonight?


Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Sean Maluta!

Number 10 is in action on his own, ready to prove himself to Mr. Brodie Lee! Will Vance slay the #SamoanDragon on Dark?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Vance powers Maluta to a corner but lets off at the ref’s count. Vance taunts Maluta with the Dark Order pose, then they tie up again. Vance headlocks, Maluta throws body shots and powers out, only for Vance to run him over! Cover, TWO! Vance facelocks but Maluta rolls and slips out to facelock back. Maluta drags Vance up to wrench to a wristlock then waistlocks. Vance elbows out hard, then runs in at the corner. Maluta dodges then comes back to BOOT! Maluta keeps moving and leaps, into Vance’s arms! Vance pops Maluta up to POWERBOMB him down! Vance looms over Maluta, drags him up and throws him out hard! Vance then distracts the ref with asking about his mask strings, so that “Number 5” Alan Angels can SHOTGUN DROPKICK Maluta into railing!

Angels puts Maluta in for Vance and Vance drags him up to BOOT him down! Vance drags Angels up to dead lift suplex and hold him up there for 10 before the SLAM! Vance looms over Maluta before bringing him up again. Maluta ROCKS Vance with a forearm, CHOPS and CHOPS and runs, into a kitchen sink knee! Vance is still calm as he drags Maluta back up, whips him and pops him up, only for Maluta to slip out! Maluta CHOPS and CHOPS then gets around to spinning back kick! Maluta runs, boots and sunset flips, TWO! Vance SPINE BUSTERS Maluta! Vance is seething as he drags Maluta back up, reverse ripcord and LARIAT! Cover, Vance wins!

Winner: Preston Vance, by pinfall

Number 10 gets another 1-2-3, and the power of Dark Order is only growing stronger! But Vance isn’t done with Maluta! He and Angels coordinate, FLYING STOMP DRIVER!! The Dark Order is sending a message: Join, or be run through.


Ivelisse & Diamante VS KiLynn King & Savannah Evans!

The Women’s Tag Cup winners are back again and looking to keep things on track! Will La Sicaria and the Cuban Diamond blast through the Queen of Crazy and #PrettyFantastic?

But just as Ivelisse and Diamante try to sneak up and attack, King and Evans are ready! King and Evans swing back but the tag cup champs dodge to hit them! Ivelisse and Diamante rush back but get put in corners! King and Evans fire off forearms over and over! King and Evans whip but Diamante and Ivelisse stop themselves. King and Evans scoop, Ivelisse fights out to shove King out while Diamante gets out to mule kick and chop block Evans! Things finally sort out, Ivelisse hits Evans with a satellite DDT! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse rains down hands, Evans shoves her away but Ivelisse is right on her with a facelock. Evans tries to power out but Ivelisse clubs and kicks her down! Then stomps a mudhole in the corner! Fans fire up as Ivelisse tags Diamante in. Diamante and Ivelisse drag Evans, split the wishbone, then Diamante planking splashes! Cover, TWO!

Diamante drags Evans up but Evans shoves her away. Evans scoops, Diamante slips out and hits the Russian Leg Sweep! Diamante drags Evans around, has the leg and gets the Half Crab! Evans endures while Diamante talks trash to King. Fans rally up as Evans powers up and kicks Diamante away. Diamante walks into a HCOP, but she CHOPS back! It’s a CHOP fight! Evans underhooks Diamante but she drops down to get a leg! Evans stays up but Diamante hits a KNEE SMASH to the mat! Diamante runs in and uppercuts! Diamante puts a leg on the ropes, Ivelisse tags in and she KICKS the leg! And then again! And then CHOPS! Evans gets angry but Ivelisse pie faces her. Evans shoves Ivelisse and ROCKS her with a right!

Ivelisse kicks the leg, but swings into a scoop! Evans swings Ivelisse for a SIDE SLAM! Both women are down and fans fire up! Evans and Ivelisse crawl for their corners, hot tags to King and Diamante! King throws hands on Diamante, whips but Diamante reverses, only for King to CLOBBER her! King rallies, DECKS Ivelisse then boots Diamante to ROUNDHOUSE! King brings Diamante up for a toss into ropes! Diamante staggers, King runs to LARIAT! Cover, Ivelisse breaks it! Evans is in but Ivelisse DECKS her! King has Diamante but she ducks, Ivelisse SUPERKICKS King! Diamante runs to DESTROYER! Cover, Diamante and Ivelisse win!!

Winners: Diamante & Ivelisse, by pinfall

The tag cup winners keep shooting down their targets, but the big targets are titles! Will one or both of them get a step closer to the AEW Women’s World Championship?


Sonny Kiss VS Aaron Solow!

When the Bad Boy couldn’t compete in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, the Concrete Rose was given an incredible opportunity, only for it to be trampled in shockingly fast and frustration fashion by Kenny Omega. But Kiss is back already with Dark, will he at least break even on the night?

The bell rings and Kiss circles with Solow. They stare down, talk some trash, and Solow pie faces Kiss. Kiss goes matrix to avoid the clothesline then hip tosses Solow down! Solow gets up in a corner, Kiss runs and handsprings in but Solow dodges! Solow runs in but Kiss slips out to the apron to ROUNDHOUSE! Kiss springboards but is tripped up! Starks takes credit for teaching Solow that. Solow lets his hair down, throws the hair tie at fans and then stomps Kiss. Solow drags Kiss up, throws forearms, then clubs Kiss down. Kiss hits back with a forearm, but Solow hits a back suplex! Solow covers, ONE! Solow keeps his focus as he chinlocks. Kiss gets up, elbows out, and then swings, but into a body scissor takedown! Solow DOUBLE STOMPS Kiss down! Cover, TWO!

Solow grows frustrated now but fans rally up. Solow drags Kiss up and puts him through ropes to choke! The ref counts, Solow lets off, bumps him off buckles then whips Kiss to the corner. Solow runs in to hit a BIG corner clothesline! Solow taunts Kiss by whipping his hair in Kiss’ face. Solow blows kisses to fans but Kiss throws forearms at Solow! Kiss runs, Solow follows and trips him but Kiss does the splits! Kiss ducks a kick, rolls Solow up, TWO! Kiss walks into the spinning roundhouse! And EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Kiss survives and Solow is frustrated! Solow argues the count but that won’t help. Kiss goes to a corner, Solow runs in but Kiss boots him! Kiss runs, slides and comes back with a dropsault! And a discus forearm! And an EXPLODER of his own!

Kiss kips up and Solow goes to a corner. Kiss runs in but blocks boots to turn Solow sideways! Kiss gives him AXES ‘N’ OH’S! Kiss goes up top, FLYING SPLITS LEG DROP! Cover, Kiss wins!

Winner: Sonny Kiss, by pinfall

And that is how you shrug off a loss to the Best Bout Machine! Will Kiss and Joey Janela be reunited soon enough for their road trip to continue? But then LANCE ARCHER attacks Solow, and then attacks Kiss! Jake the Snake recites Humpty Dumpty as Archer gives Solow a CHOKE SLAM! Humpty Dumpty couldn’t be put together again and maybe Solow can’t be, either. Jake says this is not his fault for what Archer does. But there are going to be a few other changes. It’s been awhile since Jake’s given a DDT but he has that feeling coming on. There will be changes no one likes, except for them, and that is fine by them. Jake asks Archer how he really feels.

“Moxley, you did exactly what you said you were gonna do: you survived.” And Eddie Kingston has “bitched and whined and complained” and got himself a second chance. Kingston hit Archer with a chair and that was a mistake. Archer doesn’t care who wins the I Quit match at Full Gear, nor does he care who wins the eliminator tournament. Call Archer “Jason Vorhees” because he will never stop coming for the title. Archer says #EverybodyDies, but what he’s about to do will be Old Testament, wrath of God levels! Will the rest of AEW wish Moxley and Kingston just let Archer be champion after everything’s said and done?


Will Hobbs VS Nick Comoroto!

The Embodiment of Willpower was given his choice of joining Team Taz or being demolished by them, but he wasn’t given a chance to answer. Will Hobbs worry more about the Freak Beast Wrecking Ball than Taz, Cage and Starks?

The bell rings and Comoroto SHOTGUN DROPKICKS! Comoroto and Hobbs brawl with heavy hands and Comoroto knees low. Comoroto whips, Hobbs ducks and dodges to shoulder Comoroto out of the ring! Hobbs pursues and CLOBBERS Comoroto! Hobbs fires up, puts Comoroto in and stomps him down. Hobbs throws forearms, whips Comoroto corner to corner and hits a big clothesline! Hobbs whips, runs in but Comoroto dodges to chop block! Comoroto throws haymakers, Hobbs hits back but Comoroto knees low. Comoroto runs, Hobbs stays up from the shoulder so Comoroto runs to LARIAT! Comoroto fires up, whips Hobbs corner to corner and runs, but Hobbs catches him! And SPINE BUSTERS! Hobbs seethes as he goes to a corner. Hobbs goes up top?! Hobbs LEAPS for the FROG SPLASH! Cover, Hobbs wins!!

Winner: Will Hobbs, by pinfall

The Wrecking Ball just got wrecked! That is the power of Will Hobbs! Will he answer Team Taz? Will they like what he says?


Darby Allin VS Alex Chamberlain!

Despite what Starks and Taz think, AEW is giving the #Relentless daredevil the TNT Championship opportunity at Full Gear. But will Darby make sure not to crash and burn before then in this match with The Hammer?

The bell rings and Starks can’t stop glaring at Darby, and Darby can’t help but glare back. Chamberlain wants Darby to pay attention to him, so Darby shoves him, drop toeholds and gets the Fujiwara! Chamberlain gets the ropebreak, Darby lets off fast to glare at Starks more, but is ready to tie up with Chamberlain again. Chamberlain powers Darby to the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Darby goes up and over and runs to slide under and whip. Chamberlain reverses but Darby springboard arm-drags! Chamberlain bails out with frustration but Darby holds ropes open for him. Chamberlain refuses and waits for Darby to back off. Darby does, Chamberlain gets on the apron but he slips! Chamberlain clutches his leg, the ref checks on him, Darby approaches but the ref has Darby stay back

Chamberlain tries to get in, rushes Darby, but Darby dodges! The knee is fine, but Darby boots him back! Darby leaps, Chamberlain catches him for a swinging BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Darby flounders, Chamberlain is after him with stomps in the corner! The ref counts, Chamberlain lets off at 4 but brings Darby up. Chamberlain scoops and slams, covers, but Darby turns over. Chamberlain gets Darby in a Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch! Darby endures, slowly pries free and gets a cover, TWO! Darby gets to the corner, Chamberlain runs in but Darby elbows him away! Darby rolls, but Chamberlain throws him back into the corner! Chamberlain drags Darby up, throws him, then demands Darby gets up. Darby stands, and dumps Chamberlain out!

Chamberlain staggers up, drags Darby out of the ring, but Darby RAMS him into the apron! And then POSTS him! Darby puts Chamberlain back in, boots Chamberlain down, then leaps over to shotgun dropkick him back in! Darby runs corner to corner for the body block! But Chamberlain counters to a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Chamberlain drags Darby up as fans rally up. Chamberlain whips, Darby holds ropes and dropkicks the legs out! Darby skins the cat to go outside for a GUILLOTINE ON THE ROPES! The ref counts, Darby lets go at 4 and gets back in. Darby goes up top, to COFFIN DROP against Chamberlain on the back! Then the THROWBACK STUNNER! Darby isn’t done, he goes back up to for ANOTHER COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Starks and Taz are pissed, but Darby is still winning on the road to Full Gear 2020! The question is, will it be Cody Rhodes or Orange Cassidy that meets him there? Starks leaves commentary to head right for ringside, Darby goes to the ramp to meet, him, but here comes Cage! It’s a trap! Team Taz mugs Darby! They want to take Darby out of the running for Full Gear, but here’s WILL HOBBS! Hobbs has a chair, chases Team Taz off, and this may very well be his answer to them! Will Hobbs and Darby stick together to finally take the fight to Team Taz?

My Thoughts:

Wow, another HUGE episode, for 2 hours and 20 minutes! Sadly, still a lot of obvious outcomes. I do appreciate the matches are getting more competitive, though. I also like that Max Caster is starting to get his character across with that decent freestyle diss promo. There is good build for stories from both Dynamite and Dark, such as the promos with Kingston, Allie and the Natural Nightmares, not to mention Scorpio Sky finding his room a mess because Spears got in. Archer attacking Solow and Kiss just because was good, and while the eliminator tournament is meant to name a challenger, it is true that there wasn’t an established time and place for that match. Archer could go after the champ, he could go after the winner of the tournament, or both. He is the Murderhawk Monster, he can and will do whatever he wants.

I do like the thread throughout the episode of Taz wanting his response from Hobbs, resulting in us getting it to close the show. Hobbs is NOT Team Taz, and I best as part of a go-home scenario, Hobbs and Darby face Team Taz. And while from an overall perspective of AEW, Darby’s segment made sense as a closer, the better thing to close on would’ve been Cutler VS Avalon. They had such an AMAZING No Holds Barred, especially given the story between them and even Leva Bates. Books and dice as hazards of the match worked perfectly for Avalon and Cutler, Leva dumping Avalon was a great detail, as were the brass knuckles in the “book” and the Bucks coming out to coach Cutler up. Another great detail I should’ve mentioned was Justin Roberts starting his introduction with “For the love of God…!” Cutler finally wins, and I am really curious how things go for both him and Avalon from here on out. Avalon lost the match and his apparent girlfriend, will he be a super dejected Avalon for weeks on end?

My Score: 8.3/10

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