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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (10/21/20)

AEW is gearing up for Full Gear!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

Who are the contenders heading for AEW gold?

Not only does the AEW World Title ELIMINATOR Tournament begin tonight, but there will be a World Tag Title Contender Fatal 4 Way! Who punches their ticket for Full Gear and a shot at FTR?


  • AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Jungle Boy VS Wardlow; Wardlow wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Kenny Omega VS Joey Janela Sonny Kiss; Omega wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Rey Fenix VS Penta El Zero M; Fenix wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Colt Cabana VS Hangman Page; Hangman wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS KiLynn King; Baker wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: The Butcher & The Blade VS Private Party VS The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS The Young Bucks; The Young Bucks win and will challenge FTR for the titles at Full Gear.


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Jungle Boy VS Wardlow!

The youngest and smallest entrant goes up against the biggest and meanest! Will Jungle Boy survive the war with Wardlow? Or will he be the first contender eliminated from the running?

The bell rings, fans fire up as JB and Wardlow stare down. They tie up, Wardlow throws JB down hard, and some of the wrestlers at ringside cheer that on. But JB has many more supporters as he waistlocks. Wardlow standing switches and then throws JB down again! JB gets up and SLAPS Wardlow! Wardlow snarls, swings but JB dodges to fire off forearms. Wardlow pushes him but JB comes back with forearms! JB jumps but into a fireman’s carry! JB slips off to dropkick Wardlow in the back! Wardlow snarls again, swings on JB but JB ducks and dodges to chop block a leg! JB keeps moving and dropkicks the other leg! JB runs to basement dropkick Wardlow’s head! Wardlow staggers, JB runs in but is put on the apron! JB enziguris from behind!

Wardlow stays up but JB baits him in and dumps him out! JB slingshots and planchas, into Wardlow’s arms! Wardlow pops JB up but JB fights out to the apron! JB avoids a sweep, apron SUPERKICKS, and then leaps! Wardlow blocks the huricanrana and POST BOMBS JB down!! Wardlow paces and his supporters chant, “WARD~LOW! WARD~LOW!” as he drags JB back up. Wardlow puts JB in, stomps him down, then covers. ONE because the cover was lax, but Wardlow drags JB up. Wardlow suplexes and TOSSES JB across the way! JB gets to ropes but Wardlow drags him up. Wardlow suplex TOSSES JB again! JB’s fans boo but Wardlow says, “All day long.” Wardlow stomps JB at ropes, drags him up again, and rams him into a corner! Wardlow rams shoulders, throws uppercuts, then stomps a mudhole into him!

Fans rally for JB as Wardlow digs his boot in. The ref counts, Wardlow lets off but JB kicks back! Wardlow drags JB up, gut wrench POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! JB survives and Wardlow grows annoyed. Wardlow brings JB up but JB throws body shots. Wardlow whips, JB boots back! JB dodges, gets around, crucifix to sunset flip but Wardlow stays up! Wardlow drags JB up with both hands! JB huricanranas but it’s blocked again! JB slips out but Wardlow winds up and LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! JB survives and Wardlow grows frustrated. Fans rally up as Wardlow shakes his head. Wardlow drags JB up again, brings him to the top rope and choke grips! Thumbs up, but JB fights back! Wardlow holds on but JB KNEES him!

JB doges Wardlow and Wardlow hits buckles. JB elbows, forearms, but Wardlow shoves. JB BOOTS, hops up and leaps, missile dropkick to the back! Wardlow ends up outside the ring and JB dropkicks him down! JB runs to DIVE into Wardlow’s back! Wardlow hits railings but he manages to get into the ring. Fans rally as JB follows and aims from the apron. JB shoulders into Wardlow, slingshots up and in to tornado DDT! Cover, ONE!! Wardlow is out fast and he sits up, so JB SUPERKICKS him! JB heads to the top rope but Wardlow stirs. Wardlow kips up?! And ROCKS JB with a haymaker! Wardlow climbs up, drags JB onto his shoulders, but JB flips out to SUPER STEINER!! Wardlow flounders, JB hits double knees to the back! And drags him back into a BACKSTABBER! JB goes up top again, leaps, JURASSIC KNEES! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are fired up as Wardlow survives and JB is at a loss for words! Wardlow is on the stage, JB crawls that way. JB slingshots, out and around, but into a fireman’s carry! F10!! JB goes flying into the ring! Fans rally up but Wardlow stalks up behind JB. Wardlow fireman’s carries again, for ANOTHER F10!! Cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

That was war! And though Jungle Boy Jack Perry fought valiantly, he could not overcome MJF’s muscle. Will Mr. Mayhem be less a bracket buster and just bust everyone in the bracket apart?


AEW shares footage from after Dynamite went off the air last week.

It was after Jon Moxley defended the AEW World Championship on the Dynamite Anniversary, only for Eddie Kingston and the Lucha Brothers to turn on him! “This is what you want, huh? Big bad Jon Moxley? Ladies and gentlemen, boo me all you want, but this son of a b*tch sold out!” Moxley said to Kingston, the day he signed the contract to “The Land of Entertainers,” that “the inmates were gonna run the asylum.” And then Moxley left them all behind! Moxley met his beautiful wife but Kingston was screwed over and over! Kingston would die for this sport because it’s what he loves! None of them were there!

Kingston then had Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero M sit Moxley up while Kingston makes Moxley look at #BigPlatinum. Look at it, you SOB! Enjoy it while you can. Kingston is going to make Moxley quit this business. Moxley will quit but Kingston never did, you SOB. You’ll pay for leaving them behind! And so it’s official! Full Gear, the AEW World Championship will be defended in an I QUIT match!! Will Kingston get his revenge on Moxley in the most brutal way possible?


AEW hears from Jon Moxley.

“When Eddie Kingston signed a contract with AEW, nobody was happier about it than me, because nobody understands better where Eddie comes from, what he has grinded through for the last 18 years. I loved Eddie Kingston.” Moxley keeps his circle tight because true friends are hard to come by. Moxley loved Eddie’s honesty, loyalty and integrity, but he doesn’t know this Eddie. This bitter, miserable, whiny, entitled Eddie who thinks Moxley owes him something. Moxley will not apologize for his success, for buying his mother a new home, for spending THOUSANDS of days on the road, running his body into the ground, all so his family could have a better life than he ever had!

“Through all these years, no matter what problems you created for yourself, who always had your back?” Moxley was proud to share the ring with Kingston on 9/23/20. But the aftermath embarrassed Moxley. Kingston defending, “I never tapped! I never tapped!” No, you didn’t, because you were too busy blowing snot bubbles and going to sleep. So Moxley makes this real simple. He ends this 11/7/20, Full Gear’s I Quit match. Kingston will verbalize it in front of the entire world as Moxley beats and tortures him! He either gets his friend back, or ends Eddie. That way, finally, when things don’t go his way, Eddie will only have himself to blame. Who will win when there won’t be anything holding them back but two little words?


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Kenny Omega VS Joey Janela Sonny Kiss!

As much as the Bad Boy wants to be a contender, as much as he wants payback on the Cleaner for that infamous Unsanctioned match last year, his body could not get him to this point. Therefore, the Concrete Rose will look to avenge Joey Janela while also getting his own golden opportunity! But can Kiss conquer the AAA Mega Champion, the 2018 PWI Top 500’s #1 wrestler in the world and the man to defy the Wrestling Observer’s 5 star system seven times? In other words, can Kiss beat the Best Mount Machine?

Wow, what an entrance. Omega even has “cleaner girls” dancing for him before the pyro. The bell rings, Omega circles with Kiss and they shake hands to show sportsmanship. They tie up, and Omega V-TRIGGERS! And then Electric Chair to ONE WINGED ANGEL!! Cover, Omega wins!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

Omega stays seated after that victory, soaking in how he just got the fastest win this tournament will see. He even insists the ref raise his hand while he’s seated. The ref does as asked, and Omega shows some sportsmanship by helping Kiss up. Omega gives it up to Kiss, but it seems a bit sarcastic and mocking. Is the Cleaner going to sweep his way to the tournament finals?


Tony Schiavone interviews Orange Cassidy.

One week ago, Freshly Squeezed took Cody to the time limit draw for the TNT Championship. What are his thoughts on that match? Cassidy says sometimes calls go your way, and sometimes they don’t. Well that match impacts the road to Full Gear as he and Cody will have a rematch! What has Cassidy done to prepare for Cody? “We’re on in Cincinnati.” No, they’re still going to be in Jacksonville. Whatever. Cassidy is still casual as ever, but will he be the most serious and determined he’s ever been in his entire life when he has one more shot at the title?


Dasha interviews Cody and Coach Arn Anderson as they pull into the arena.

Dasha doesn’t mean to bug them, but she wants a quick word about the rematch with Cassidy next week. Cody isn’t surprised AEW wants this rematch, but is surprised at how quickly they want it. Cody’s hearing whispers about a stipulation being added and that is fine. He’ll echo what Arn said last week: Champion’s Advantage. Cassidy had to beat Cody in the time limit, he couldn’t, Cody doesn’t see it happening next week. But Cody apparently gained 14 pounds during hiatus? Arn confirms that is all muscle. Is there a goal in mind with that? Cody says it was finally time for him to “genuinely shift into heavyweight territory.”

The company may have mostly lightweight talent but looking at Cody having matches with Jake Hager, Lance Archer, Mr. Brodie Lee, Cody doesn’t want to add work to Justin Roberts’ load, but Cody feels like a Giant Killer. But it’s time! Cody has today off and is excited to be EVP and watch others fighting their way towards #PrettyPlatinum. Will Cody throw that new weight around to deny Cassidy again and then head for Full Gear and Darby Allin?


Eddie Kingston speaks.

“Mox! HAHAHAHA!” Hold on, he’s gotta wipe away the tears from laughing so hard. Before he gets to Moxley, he’ll go to his family first. Because unlike Mox, Kingston doesn’t forget his people. Penta, Fenix, they’re in the tournament against each other in a matter of moments, and will show us all why they’re the best ever to come out of Mexico and the best ever! Then there’s Butcher & Blade, with the beautiful Bunny back by their side, ready to knock out all the other teams in that Fatal 4 Way to then take on FTR. And after those guys, guess what? They’ll all want to make phone calls to their old bosses and beg them to take them back.

Speaking of old bosses and entertainers, “let’s get a little reality here.” Everything Moxley said was true. Kingston had to turn that way. He had to become a bitter snake and a liar, and this and that. Do you think he can face himself in the mirror now? NO! He hates who he has become! But he HAD to become this! He had to become someone who gets under your skin, because his ends justify the means. When he wasn’t playing the game that way, he got nothing! But now he has a world heavyweight championship shot in an I Quit match. Kingston’s never quit nothing, and he won’t quit on November 7th. Moxley and Kingston are going to go to a really dark place. That is where Kingston lives. Will Kingston feel right at home doing unspeakable things to Moxley?


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Rey Fenix VS Penta El Zero M!

The Lucha Brothers are definitely two of the best, both on their own and united together! But who is going to prove they’re the best between the two of them and take one step closer to the world championship?

Kingston comes out to watch on commentary as these two do battle. He admits that he’d love to face either one of his two best friends here. That’s what competition is all about. The bell rings and fans are fired up already! Fenix offers his brother a handshake, but Penta hesitates. Penta offers it back, and Fenix takes it. They’re still brothers no matter what! And the fans chant for them both as they tie up. Penta gets around, waistlocks, Fenix gets the arm and hammerlocks. Penta standing switches, Fenix headlocks and fights off the back suplex. Fenix trips Penta, things speed up and Fenix turns the hip-toss into an arm-drag! Penta comes back to arm-drag Fenix! Penta kicks, Fenix catches but Penta spins and rolls to drag Fenix down! Penta has the ANKLE LOCK!

Fenix endures as he clubs back at Penta. Fans rally up as Fenix gets up and rolls! Penta is thrown forward and Fenix waits for him to get up. Penta rushes Fenix, Fenix side steps but Penta sees the back drop coming! He reels Fenix in but Fenix fights off the package driver and runs, tiger feint heel kick! Penta dodges that, dodges a clothesline, but Fenix avoids the sling blade to handspring! Penta catches that, ducks the roundhouse counter and hits the mule kick. Fenix doubles over and  Penta gives him a moment. Fenix eggs Penta on so Penta BUZZSAWS! And BUZZSAWS! Fenix catches the third to a sunset, TWO! Penta rolls Fenix, TWO! Fenix trips, covers, ONE! Penta trips, covers, ONE! Fenix kips up and the brothers stand off! Fans are fired up as the tension builds!

“This is Wrestling!” as Penta and Fenix talk it out. Penta eggs Fenix on, Fenix eggs Penta on. They each want a chop but Fenix CHOPS first! Penta takes a deep breath and then takes off the glove! Penta CHOPS Fenix! Eddie fears for his best friend! Fans fire up, Fenix gets up and he CHOPS back! Fenix eggs Penta on so Penta takes a breath. Penta CHOPS Fenix again! Fenix shoves Penta, runs in but Penta dodges! Fenix tiger feints again but ducks the punch to shove and springboard, into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Fenix lives and gets to the apron. Fans rally up as Penta follows Fenix out. Penta drags Fenix up, underhooks but Fenix slips out. Penta KICKS a leg, fireman’s carries but Fenix slips out and enziguris Penta down!

Fenix goes up top, leaps, TORNILLO CROSSBODY! Eddie says that’s why Fenix is one of, if not THE best, high-flyer today! Direct hit and Fenix puts Penta in. Penta tries to boot back but gets caught up in the ropes! Fenix forearms then goes up top again, for the tightrope walk, only for Penta to trip him up! Fenix tumbles down into the ring and Penta stalks up behind him. Fans rally as AEW goes picture in picture.

Penta KICKS Fenix’s leg out so hard, Fenix flips through the air! Penta nods as he looms over his brother. Fenix sits up, eggs Penta on and then CHOPS back! Penta BUZZSAWS him down! Cover, TWO! Penta hears the fans cheer as he drags Fenix to ropes. Penta chokes Fenix! The ref counts, Penta lets off at 4 and apologizes to the ref. He follows Fenix out, runs and KICKS him against the post! Penta brings Fenix around and throws hands. Fenix hits back but Penta whips him HARD into railing! Fenix writhes, Penta gives his glove to someone at ringside then follows Fenix back into the ring. Fenix flounders out and leans on the apron skirt but Penta goes out after him. Penta has Fenix against the post, to CHOP him again! Fenix falls but Penta revels in the cheers.

Penta stalks Fenix around the way, has him against the post again, but Fenix dodges and Penta chops post!! Fenix runs, Penta puts him on the apron and SUPERKICKS him down! Both Lucha Brothers are down on the outside and a ring count begins! AEW returns to single picture as fans cheer, “This is Awesome!” The count is at 5 before Penta stands. Fenix flounders around at 7 while Penta gets in. Fenix is up at 8 and in just before 9. Penta brings Fenix up, the brothers block and counter each other in strikes, Fenix ROCKS Penta! But Penta BOOTS back! Penta runs, springboard to SLING BLADE! Cover, TWO!! The Spring Blade couldn’t do it and both brothers are down again.

Fans rally up as Penta and Fenix rise. Penta runs in, Fenix boots him and then goes up, Penta ENZIGURIS! Penta climbs up but Fenix fights back with body shots and a ROUNDHOUSE! FLIPPING SUPER STEINER!! Fenix practically powerbombs himself with his landing! Both brothers slowly sit up but the ref checks on Fenix. Fans rally for both brothers as Fenix seems okay to continue. Penta drags Fenix up, turns him to a dragon sleeper, and rolls into an INVERTED DDT! Cover, but Fenix is in the ropes. Penta drags him from ropes, TWO!? Fenix survives but he doesn’t look that good. Fenix sputters a bit as he slowly sits up. Penta hesitates but he brings Fenix back up and in. Penta brings Fenix up, Fenix revives to slip off and SUPERKICK! Fenix crawls to a cover, TWO!! Penta survives and fans fire up!

Fenix rises first, brings Penta up and knuckle locks to CHOP! Fenix goes to the corner, slips out and yanks Penta into buckles! Then he goes up and around, but Penta SUPERKICKS the legs out! Fenix is stuck, Penta goes up top, but Fenix fights back! Fenix goes up, Penta goes with him, SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!?!? Penta survives and this is why Eddie loves them! Fans love “A E DUB!” for this dream match, and Penta dares Fenix to hit him more! Fenix shakes his head but Penta dares him to. Fenix runs, but Penta dodges to pop him up, SUPER POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO?!?! Eddie has never seen that before! No one has, but we’ve seen this! Penta leg hooks the hammerlock and has the other arm, DARK ARMBAR!!

Fenix writhes from the possibly dislocated arm, and yet Penta hesitates to finish him. Fans are divided, too, but Penta says, “I’m sorry. CERO! MIEDO!” Penta runs, but Fenix gets around, tilt-o-whirl DESTROYER!! JACKKNIFE COVER, FENIX WINS!!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

The Firebird rose from the ashes and even took advantage of his brother’s hesitation to take victory from the jaws of defeat! Penta is frustrated, perhaps more with himself, and isn’t in the mood to celebrate. Will the Lucha Brothers stick together despite how this turned out?


AEW hears from Best Friends, Kip Sabian and Miro.

In response to how Kip Sabian and Miro reacted to the arcade cabinet mishap, “Fellas, we know a thing or two about people breaking stuff you like.” Trent’s mom’s van got wrecked. But the difference is, what Santana and Ortiz did was on purpose. What happened here was an accident. Superbad Sabian responds by saying, “ALAN, the Automated Logistics Arcade Network, was one of a kind!” And it was Kip’s most prized possession! Miro says he was trying to be nice, but Trent literally broke that! So now, it’s #GameOver! Will the Superbad and the Best Man be Trent’s and Chuck’s worst nightmares?


Alex Marvez interviews Colt Cabana, Alex Reynolds and John Silver.

BOOM BOOM and the Beaver Boys are representing The Dark Order’s dominance, with Reynolds & Silver in the tag team title contender’s Fatal 4, and Cabana in the world title contender eliminator tournament. Reynolds says tonight is their biggest opportunity, “and if Mr. Brodie’s taught us anything, it’s to seize every opportunity that you get.” SEIZE IT! Mr. Brodie gave them the chance to become stars in AEW, and they’ve done just that. Now they’ll seize a new opportunity and become #1 contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Cabana agrees, his friends will get the tag titles, and he is on a mission to become AEW World Champion! Cabana sees this as a sign from the Exalted One! He has a great singles record with his friends- They say they’re not his friends. Well, okay. But Cabana feels zero pressure.

Pressure?! What does Cabana know about pressure!? The entire Dark Order is under pressure to succeed! Silver doesn’t like Cabana, but he does feel Cabana will be the next world champion while he and Reynolds will be the next tag team champions! Then Mr. Brodie will win back the AEW TNT Championship! Next week, Cody has a match with “that jokester, Orange Cassidy,” but this time, THE ENTIRE Dark Order will be there! No matter who wins, Brodie and Silver will beat them up and beat them down to get back that belt! Check out these babies! “BRODIE! BRODIE!” Well, Cabana’s got to get going for his match, will he get past the Hangman? Reynolds will take care of Silver being extra hyped. Will R3ynolds and SiIVer take care of Private Party, Butcher & Blade and The Young Bucks to make Brodie proud?


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament: Colt Cabana VS Hangman Page!

BOOM BOOM, we just heard from Cabana and the Dark Order, and now it’s time to back up all that confidence! Evil Uno is the only one supporting him, will that be enough? Or will the Cowboy come out guns a blazin’ and shoot down Cabana’s chances?

The bell rings and fans fire up for Hangman already. There are those chanting for “BOOM BOOM!” as Cabana and Hangman tie up. Hangman gets the arm, wrenches to a wristlock but Cabana rolls and rolls and rolls free. Fans cheer the exchange but also chant for “Cowboy Stuff!” Hangman and Cabana tie up, Hangman headlocks and grinds but Cabana kicks a leg out to pop out the back. Uno cheers Cabana as he and Hangman reset. Cabana and Hangman tie up, Hangman waistlocks but Cabana slips his hands in to pry free. Cabana arm-drags Hangman, things speed up and Cabana drops down and hurdles tot hen shout, “STOP!” Hangman stops and Cabana wrings him out! Hangman DECKS Cabana for playing around!

Cabana gets to a corner, Hangman brings him up to CHOP! Hangman reels back but Cabana ducks that chop to chop back! But Hangman CHOPS again! Hangman runs at the corner to  corner clothesline hard! Then he goes again, but into a Bionic Elbow! Cabana runs but into a BOOT! STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Hangman keeps on Cabana with another cover, TWO! Uno is relieved that Cabana is still in this. Hangman CHOPS Cabana but Cabana ROCKS him! Hangman throws a haymaker then brings Cabana around to whip. Cabana reverses, runs in but is put on the apron. Hangman triangle lariats Cabana down! Then PLANCHAS! Fans fire up as Hangman puts Cabana in and covers, TWO! Hangman keeps his cool and Uno breathes a sigh of relief. Fans rally up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Hangman has Cabana in a corner and CHOPS him down! Cabana bails out, Hangman stays in since ring counts can win this, too. But Hangman then goes out to fetch Cabana, only for Cabana to CHOP him Hangman ROCKS Cabana, then has him against railing. Hangman brings Cabana to the timekeeper’s table but Cabana resists so Hangman pushes him down. The ref tells them to get this in the ring, Hangman brings Cabana up and in. Hangman goes up the steps and to the stage to get in the ring. Cabana crawls, Hangman drags him up with a pump handle and FALL AWAY SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Hangman grows frustrated but Uno coaches Cabana up.

Hangman brings Cabana up to a fireman’s carry but Cabana sunset flips out! Hangman stays up to punch Cabana down! But Cabana trips, waistlocks and rolls to a bridging cover, TOW! Hangman BOOTS Cabana! Hangman seems to have problems with hiss jaw because he keeps checking teeth. They’re all still there so he goes back to Cabana. Cabana sits up, Hangman kicks at him toyingly and even eggs Cabana on. Uno coaches Cabana up as AEW returns to single picture. Cabana ROCKS Hangman with a right, Hangman ROCKS Cabana back. Cabana forearms, wrenches and scoops but Hangman fights to scoop Cabana! FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up! Hangman runs into a BIONIC ELBOW! Cabana runs, dodges and tilt-o-whirls to a headcissors!

Fans rally up as both men are down and a standing count begins. Cabana is up at 4, he stalks Hangman at the ropes. Cabana throws a haymaker, Hangman gives it back. Cabana forearms, Hangman shoves, Cabana JABS, JABS and JABS! Flip, flop ‘n’ fly, BIONIC ELBOW! Cabana whips, Hangman reverses but Cabana goes up, under, but gets caught in a straddle! But Cabana sits on the roll up, TWO! DOUBLE CHOPS! Cabana runs in, FLYING APPLE into a waistlock and GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Cabana gets to the apron and Hangman checks his teeth again. Hangman is up, he spins and DECKS Cabana off the apron! Cabana leans against railing, Hangman goes up top! Cabana gets up, shoves Hangman off and Hangman land son the apron! SUPERMAN SPLASH off the apron! Uno is losing his mind!

Cabana drags Hangman up as the ring count climbs! Cabana gets Hangman in at 7 then follows. Cabana goes up top, Uno rallies, SUPERMAN SPLASH FLOPS! POP-UP BOMB!! Cover, TWO! Hangman keeps his cool but Uno worries as Cabana sits up. Hangman goes to the apron, throws off his elbow pads and then aims. Slingshot but Cabana gets to the ropes! Hangman boots but Cabana blocks it to flip Hangman hard onto the apron! Cabana goes up top, drags Hangman up to join him, and fireman’s carries! CHICAGO- NO! Hangman lands safe, slingshots in but Cabana ducks! Cabana trips Hangman, Hangman boots him away, but Cabana leaps for the SUPERMAN CLUTCH! TWO!?! Hangman escapes, Cabana puts him on the apron. Hangman fakes Cabana out, then BUCK SHOTS! Cover, Hangman wins!

Winner: Hangman Page, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

Uno is disappointed, but the rest of the Dark Order storms out! Stu Grayson, Alan Angels and Preston Vance are… Actually helping Cabana up? They’re being nice to Cabana? Has Uno managed to convince the others to give Cabana a chance? As for Hangman, will he have to fight even harder to get past Wardlow?


Sammy Guevara has become obsessed.

The Spanish God was almost BROKEN by Matt Hardy, and is now determined to end this FOR GOOD. He has a picture marked 11/7/20, for Full Gear. Will it be Sammy who DELETES the legacy of Matt Hardy?


AEW returns to Team Taz onstage.

Taz is flanked by Ricky Starks and Brian Cage as he says, “Here’s the deal, we’ve got two problems. Number one, Will Hobbs.” A couple weeks ago, right here on Dynamite, Taz made an offer to Hobbs to join Team Taz, the most prestigious group in AEW and all of pro-wrestling! Hobbs has yet to answer them! Is Hobbs some kind of top guy big shot now? Taz tells Hobbs to answer quickly, because the last thing he wants is Brian Cage coming after him again. #WhoBetta?

And number two, Darby Allin getting an opportunity at the TNT Championship at Full Gear! This absolutely burns Taz up! Taz shows up, minding his business, and sees the owner, Tony Khan. Tony asks Taz if he has a second. Taz says yes, they walk into his office and close the odor. Tony tells Taz, “Do you realize that if Ricky Starks would’ve been victorious over Darby Allin a few weeks ago, that Ricky Starks would have the opportunity at Full Gear to wrestle for the TNT Championship?” NO KIDDING! Starks, who has won his last nine out of 10 matches? Starks, who fell victim to some BS finish?! Why does Darby get everything he needs and wants? What about Cage and Starks? What do they get?

Starks says he has “consistently showed up, showed out and showed off, just to have the rug pulled from underneath me!” Starks has proven his worth, in spades! But now Starks has to watch some other guy get his opportunity at the TNT Championship and be okay with it? NO! Somebody’s gonna pay, and it ain’t gonna be AEW or Tony. It’s gonna be Darby! Zoom in on this. Starks promises that, though Darby isn’t on his level, “I don’t know when, and I don’t know where, but I put this on everything that I love! When you and I meet again, Darby, I am putting you in the grave, you half face-painted little B*TCH!” Strong words from a very strong stable, but will they get what they deserve soon enough?


It’s time for Le Dinner Debonair!

Chris Jericho and Maxwell Jacob Friedman are already seated at their table for two, and Le Champion already sits A Little Bit o’ the Bubbly. MJF has red wine instead. The waitress, Velma, comes by and says MJF is already enjoying a nice glass of their wine. Don’t stretch it. He’s had better. Thelma, was it? Jericho corrects MJF, it’s Velma, with a V. Ah, okay. Well Thelma, here’s MJF’s order. A 20 ounce porterhouse, baked potato on the side, “and I’m gonna need that sucker well done.” Jericho chuckles. Jericho tells Velma that he would love his own 20 ounce porterhouse, with a baked potato, but cooked medium well. MJF “apologizes” to the waitress, and wants her to strike his order. He now wants his porterhouse medium.

Jericho now changes his mind, and says he wants his porterhouse changed to medium rare. In that case, MJF changes his mind and makes his porterhouse to be rare. Jericho changes his mind again, to make his steak BLUE! AKA EXTRA BLOODY RARE! Well, okay… Velma takes the order back as this, and Jericho asks MJF what they’re doing. They’ve sat here 20 minutes, barely said a word and MJF’s been rude to everyone. Who? To the valet, the old lady on the steps. They’re gonna have this Inner Circle Town Hall Meeting next week, talk to the “man on the street” as to the “general consensus” of whether MJF should join. Jericho isn’t sure they should bother anymore. MJF wants to cut through the bull. They both know this is a gigantic opportunity for both of them. They’re the two biggest starts in wrestling today. The Demo God and the Ratings Ruler!

Jericho wants to “cut through the bull,” too. The nickname, Ratings Ruler, sucks. MJF says people love it. No, it’s terrible. It’s got as much chance of getting over as… They both say, “Orange Cassidy.” They share a laugh, and MJF says they’re already working on their differences. Just picture the two of them, together. Is this turning into a musical number? It is.
MJF: “Like the wallpaper sticks to the wall.”
Y2J: “Like the sea shark lives in the sea~!”
MJF: “Like you’ll never get rid of your shadow~, Chris, you’ll never get rid of me!”
Y2J: “Let all the others fight and fuss!”
Both: “Whatever happens, we’ve~ got~ us~!”

Wait now there are chorus girls?

Y2J: “Me~… and~… my~ shaaadow~!”
MJF: “We’re closer than pages that stick in a book. We’re closer than ripples that play in a brook. So wherever you find him, you’ll find me, just look! Closer than a recliner thrown at Hardy’s forehead geyser. Me…”
Y2J: “We’re closer than snakes as they slide through the grass! We’re closer than Cody is to a jackass!”
Both: “Not a soul can bust this team in two! We stick together like glue!”

Now they dance with some of the chorus girls…

Y2J: “And when it’s sleeping time~!”
MJF: “That’s when we rise~!”
Y2J: “We start to swing!”
MJF: “Sing to the skies~!”
Y2J: “Our clocks don’t chime!”
MJF: “What a surprise~!”
Both: “They ring, a-ding-ding, Happy New Year!”
Y2J: “Me~… and~… my~ shaaadow~!”
MJF: “And not to repeat what I said at the start~! You’ll need a large crowbar to break us apart~!”
Both: “We’re alone but far from blue~… Before we get finished, we’ll make the town roar! We’ll hit all the late spots and then a few more!”
Y2J: “We’ll wind up at Daily’s and then the fourth floor!”
Both: “Life is gonna be wee-wowie, for myyy~ shaaadooow~ aaand meeeee~!”

Hey, can Chris do him a favor? What’s that, Max? Can he take it one more time? From the top? No, the ending! Wonderful! “And while we are swinging, to mention a few, we’ll drop in a Chili’s, hey Young Bucks, screw you!” They’ll beat up Moxley, whatever they do! Life’s gonna be wee-wowie, for MYYY~ SHADOW AAAND MEEEEEE~! The fans applaud that number as the two sit back down, in time for their… very tender steaks… This is gross. Send these backs. Velma/Thelma! And scene!


Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS KiLynn King!

The Doctor is back in action, and Tony Schiavone reads her notes. Britt is wearing pink because of Breast Cancer Awareness, and these notes are being read at the threat of a back hand slap and more chest waxing… Will Britt try and wax the floors with the Queen of Crazy?

The bell rings and Britt circles with King. They tie up, Britt hammerlocks then headlocks but King pries out to wrench to a wristlock. Britt spins through, wrenches and waistlocks to a snapmare and chinlock. King slips out the back, wrenches to a wristlock, but Britt slips around to wristlock and takedown. Cover, ONE, Britt still has the wrist. Britt wrenches, King rolls and spins to switch the wristlock and drop toehold Britt down! King hammerlocks, Britt gets up and rolls to drag King down. Britt turns King over, goes for the Rings of Saturn but King counters to a cover, TWO! Britt kicks but King blocks and shoves it, ripcord and arm-drag, but Britt keeps the wrist again! Arm surfboard and STOMP! Britt smiles while fans boo, but Britt isn’t done with King.

Britt brings King up, throws forearms, then cravats to throw knee after knee! King staggers to ropes, Britt storms over but King turns around to throw forearms back! King whips, Britt reverses and throws King down! Waistlock, bridging cover, TWO! Britt holds on, she throws in elbows and knees! Britt drags King back up, whips but King reverses. King runs in but into a BUCKLE SHOT! Rebel/Reba mocks King and Britt drags King into the post. Britt pushes a boot into King’s face while pulling her into the post! The ref counts, Britt lets off and throws King down to the floor. Britt refreshes the count, aims from the apron, but King blocks the kick! Britt STOMPS King and then SUPERKICKS her down! Britt goes in and distracts the ref, Rebel puts King in the ring.

Britt brings King up, reels her in, but King spins out and ROUNDHOUSES! King waistlocks, Britt resists and bucks her off at the ropes! Britt runs, King dodges but Britt hits a SLING BLADE! Britt spins King into a DDT! King staggers into Britt’s FISHERMAN’S NECKBREAKER! Britt looms over King, then runs to CURB STOMP her! Rebel hands Britt a latex glove, Britt turns King over, Rings of Saturn to LOCKJAW! King taps, Britt wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission

Back in action and back on track, Britt Baker DMD continues to manhandle mandibles! Will Britt be heading for the AEW Women’s World Championship soon enough?


AEW announces big matches for next week!

While the semifinals of the eliminator tournament features Omega VS Fenix and Wardlow VS Hangman, the women’s division will get spooky scary as ABADON returns to Dynamite! Will the Living Dead Girl devour the soul of Tay Conti? And, given the ominous threat issued by Silver on behalf of the Dark Order, and how Cody heard of the stipulation talk for the rematch, the TNT Championship will now be a LUMBERJACK MATCH! The entirety of the Dark Order will be ringside, but so will Jurassic Express, The Hybrid2, the Gunn Club and the Natural Nightmares! Will Cody have enough allies present to hold the Dark Order at bay? Will he and Cassidy be able to have a result within the time limit?


AEW also has Full Gear news!

Given Sammy Guevara’s obsession with Matt Hardy, they will face each other one more time! It will be known as THE ELITE DELETION! What will happen and who will survive?


Darby Allin and Steve-O have a message.

Steve-O knows we know that Darby will be competing for the TNT Championship at Full Gear. Clearly, there’s something really wrong with him, because before then, he’s doing this! There’s a body bag with the words, “FACE OF TNT” spray-painted on it! Darby gets in, and even Steve-O knows this is bad. A la the glory days of Jackass, “I’m Darby Allin, and this is the Body Bag Roll In.” Darby tucks himself in, and rolls down his quarter pipe! Darby makes it to the bottom, unzips the bag and says, “**** I’m winning that TNT Championship!” If Darby is willing to go this far to prove a point, how far will he go to hold the gold?


AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Private Party w/ Matt Hardy VS The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS The Young Bucks!

Andy Williams and Braxton Sutter have Allie back by their side, and that alone makes them even more motivated to win this match! Will they chop up Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, the Beaver Boys and the Jackson brothers to do it? Will Quen & Kassidy finally have their SHOTS SHOTS? Will Numbers 3 and 4 be the #1 contenders? Or will the arguably best team of over a decade finally be vindicated after all their vicious ambush superkicks?

AEW returns as FTR has joined commentary, and as Matt and Nick Jackson make their entrances. In this kind of Fatal 4 Way tag, only two teams are active, so it’s Reynolds for the Dark Order and Nick for the Bucks that start this off. Nick and Reynolds circle, tie up, and Reynolds wrenches to a wristlock. Nick cartwheels and dropkicks Reynolds down! Silver tags in but runs into an arm-drag! Nick drags Silver up, tags Matt in, and Matt climbs to double stomp the arm! Matt drags Silver up, steps over and arm-drags again, but Blade tags in off Silver! Nick tags in, Matt baits Blade into a drop toehold for Nick’s slingshot leg drop! The Bucks double dropkick Blade, Butcher gets in but misses the clotheslines. The Bucks kick low, Nick runs and Matt gives him the boost, alley-oop dropkick!

Fans fire up with the Bucks as they wait for someone to step up. Matt backs out as Kassidy comes in. Fans cheer, “SHOTS! SHOTS!” as Kassidy and Nick tie up. They go shoulder to shoulder, Kassidy gets Nick against ropes and uses that to monkey flip but Nick sprawls to stop it halfway! Kassidy pushes Nick away, goes up and springboards but Nick avoids the arm-drag. Things speed up, Kassidy huricanranas Nick but Nick comes back to trip. Kassidy kicks Nick down, they both kip up, but Nick kicks low! Nick sends Kassidy to the corner, Kassidy goes up and over but Matt tags in. Nick throws a superkick but Kassidy avoids that! Quen tags in, and we have a stand-off of that inaugural tag title tournament opener.

The Bucks egg Private Party on so Quen and Kassidy swing clotheslines. The Bucks duck and come back, but the superkicks are blocked! Private Party set the feet down, the Bucks applaud the sportsmanship, and shake hands. But PRIVATE PARTY DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! They weren’t falling for the same trick twice! Butcher and Blade get in to attack, but so does the Dark Order! The Numbers and the mercs stomp and club down the Bucks and Private Party. The ref tries to sort things out, but Blade lifts Kassidy, he and Butcher combine for a CHOKE SLAM BACK SUPLEX! The ref counts, the Dark Order gets out, as do Butcher and Blade. Blade tags in off Quen to go after Matt. Blade CHOPS Matt but Matt haymakers. They brawl with big hands back and forth but Blade knees low. Blade whips but Matt rolls under, tag to Quen!

Quen ducks Blade and PELES! Reynolds runs in but into an atomic drop! Dropkick! Silver’s in, Quen gets under him for an atomic drop and another dropkick! Butcher gets in, pops Quen up but Quen dropkicks him, too! Quen kips up and fans fire up as Private Party has the ring! Quen runs, DIVES, and hits Blade down! Quen goes in and FLIES out onto Silver! And then he goes up top to FLY onto Reynolds! Fans are fired up even more as FTR disapproves. After all, they’re No Flips, Just Fists. Quen gets in, runs, but Allie stands in the way! Butcher gets around and into the ring, Blade back suplexes but Quen lands on his feet! Quen shoves Blade into Butcher then scoop slams Blade! Quen goes to another corner and the top rope, for a SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Cover, but Butcher breaks it!

Butcher drags Quen right up for an URENAGE! Blade DECKS Kassidy off the apron and he drags Quen up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Matt Hardy checks on Kassidy but SAMMY attacks!! His obsession wouldn’t let him leave Hardy alone tonight! Sammy throws haymakers but Hardy hits back and they go into railing and all around ringside! Then even past the stage! It’s a momentary distraction for everyone in the ring, even as Blade drags Quen from the Party corner. No one knows what to make of it, but Silver tags in off Blade! Silver drags Quen up, throws haymakers, then KICKS Quen off his feet! Silver double guns but Blade tags back in! Silver says he and Blade can work together! They drag Quen up, double whip, then double elbow! See? Silver says Blade could #JoinDarkOrder if he wants! Reynolds agrees. Butcher could join, too! The four discuss it, but Allie is reason enough NOT to join anything. Maybe Silver and Reynolds will ditch Dark Order to join the family? Yeah, no, Blade and Butcher CLOBBER the Beaver Boys!

Blade digs his knees into Quen, then he and Butcher BLAST the Bucks off the apron! And they BOOT Kassidy down, too! They go out and drag Matt up to throw over railing! And Nick into railing! Blade fireman’s carries Kassidy to feed to Butcher’s GUT BUSTER! Then Butcher fireman’s carries to TOSS Kassidy at Matt! Butcher and Blade get back in the ring, rush Quen in the corner, but Quen elbows Blade and boots Butcher! Quen hops up, leaps, double missile dropkick! Silver tags in and drags Quen up to throw forearms! Silver whips, Quen holds ropes and dumps Silver out! Silver holds on, Quen throws forearms. Quen goes to a corner but Silver KICKS him down! Then CANNONBALLS Blade! And UPPERCUTS Butcher, and BOOTS Nick, and then LEAPS onto Matt and Kassidy! Johnny Hungie just barreled through the field!

Silver gets up top and fans fire up! Silver aims, leaps, but Quen dodges! Reynolds tags in, Quen runs in but Silver dodges to KNEE him back! Silver feeds Quen to Reynolds’ ROLLING ELBOW! Silver enziguris, Reynolds STUNNERS, Silver GERMAN SUPLEXES! Jackknife cover, but the Bucks break it! The Dark Order throws the Bucks out and fans are fired up! Silver and Reynolds coordinate and drag Quen up. Quen fights out of the double suplex, Reynolds ducks so the enziguri hits Silver! Quen dodges Reynolds to hot tag Kassidy! Kassidy slingshots up and over Reynolds’ shoulder, comes back but Quen helps with the SILLY STRING! Private Party have opposite corners, HARDY PARTY COMBO! The splash and the leg drop hit! Cover, but the Bucks break it again!

The mercs return, through the Bucks out, and then drag Reynolds’ dead weight to the corner. Blade tags in, haul Kassidy up, backbreaker and suplexes, FULL DEATH!! Cover, but the Bucks break it again!! Butcher clubs Nick, Blade throws Matt out and Butcher throws Nick out. But the Bucks stay on the apron, they bait Butcher in and dump him out, then ROCK Blade with a forearm! Nick tags off Blade, Matt hotshots Blade away! Nick goes in, aims at the Beaver Boys, and gives him his signature combo! Roundhouse, back kick, spin kick! Corner shining wizard, BULLDOG LARIAT COMBO! Fans fire up with Nick as he builds speed and goes to the apron, PENALTY KICK for Kassidy, PENALTY KICK for Quen! Nick goes around the way to LEAP onto Butcher and Blade! And he lands on his feet! FTR has to admit that was good, but still only second best in the world.

Nick puts Kassidy in, fans know “This is Awesome!” but far from over! The Bucks coordinate and call for the party! The SUPERKICK PARTY! And it starts with Butcher! They drag Butcher around, then bring Kassidy up. Nick goes up and calls out FTR as Matt gut wrenches Kassidy. “Watch this!” DROPKICK SENTON INDIETAKER!! Nick kicks Kassidy in the back to land on Butcher while Matt drives Kassidy down! Cover, but Silver, Blade AND Quen break it! They return the favor for all those other near falls! Fans love “Tag Team Wrestling!” as it continues! Matt is seething as he drags Kassidy up. Kassidy cradle counters, TWO!! Matt escapes another upset, then runs at Kassidy, but misses in the corner! But Nick trips Quen off the apron! Matt decks Blade and then drags Kassidy from Silver! Kassidy kicks Matt away, Nick grabs at Silver and drags him down! Kassidy is isolated!

Fans rally but Kassidy is caught in the gut wrench again. Nick springboards but Quen trips him up! Further flashbacks to that upset as Kassidy victory rolls! TWO and Matt has the cover! Nick keeps Quen out, The Bucks WIN!!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall (NEW #1 contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships)

That was so close, but in the end, Matt and Nick pull it off! And FTR says it’s finally time. FTR goes to the ring with some beers to say cheers to their challengers. The Bucks SLAP the beers away! But in comes someone with a chair! Who is that? The chair shot didn’t really do much, either. But FTR attack the Bucks anyway! Matt is down first but Nick fights a little longer. FTR drags Nick to a corner, the mystery man goes up top, SUPER MIND BREAKER! And FTR mug Matt! And they put the leg around a foot! The mystery man helps them keep Matt down and Cash Wheeler goes up top! STOMP TO THE CHAIR!! The mystery man is TULLY BLANCHARD! FTR had an insurance policy to make sure even the winners were losers!

Matt keeps trying to fight with his good leg but Nick and the referees keep him back for his own sake. The Bucks are contenders, but will they still be challengers after this?

My Thoughts:

An incredible episode that was properly dominated by the contender’s tournament and capped off by the Fatal 4 Tag. Britt was the one match not at all related to any of that, and it was a pretty good return match that bordered on AEW Dark squash. Obviously Britt was going to win, and I’m expecting her to participate in a big contender’s match AEW has planned in the next week or so. That match will then be blown to hell by Nyla Rose as she and Vickie Guerrero demand Hikaru Shida accept the rematch challenge as issued on a previous Dark. The only other thing not related to the various contenders matches was Le Dinner Debonair, and THAT was incredible! I first thought it was weird for them to do a musical number, but MJF surprised me with his moderate singing skills. And the overall acting in the scene was really good, especially how they topped it off with the realization they ordered essentially raw meat.

Still other things not related to the contenders matches: I love that I called the I Quit match for Moxley VS Kingston at Full Gear. The promos were great stuff, that match is going to be insane, and yet I can’t say Moxley loses. In fact, I feel like the only match Moxley might lose in the foreseeable future is when someone from NJPW finally faces him for the IWGP United States Championship, as NJPW already gave out the contender contract. Darby had a great Jackass inspired promo, but Team Taz also had great promos. I wonder if Team Taz interferes in Darby VS TNT Champion, Will Hobbs rushes out, and that is when we see whether or not Hobbs joins up or stands against them. Cody and Cassidy had great promos, too, and the Lumberjack match is a great idea for this rematch, given all the story swirling around the TNT title.

I like that Jungle Boy and Wardlow opened the night. In kayfabe, everyone acts like that’s going to be fast, but it was great for JB to put up a fight against Wardlow, even if he was going to lose. Wardlow did a much safer F10 tonight than he did on AEW Dark, at least in appearance. A shame Janela had to sit out because of apparent health concerns, COVID being the main one, but what a way for Omega to get a lot of progress in his character change. That extra long introduction to brag for him, then just SQUASHING Sonny Kiss, that’s some powerful Heel stuff. Cabana VS Hangman was really good, especially with Evil Uno being there to play up the Dark Order story. Of course Hangman won, but I really liked this change in Dark Order’s attitude. There might be battle lines drawn within the group, just on the issue of whether they still like Cabana or not.

And of course, best singles match of the night, Fenix VS Penta with Eddie on commentary, great stuff. Tension is mounting between the brothers again, despite Eddie getting them to be on the same page these last few weeks. Who knows how that goes as I don’t see Fenix beating Omega. Omega VS Page has to be the finals, it just makes too much sense. The tag Fatal 4 was incredible, too, even the part where Sammy shows up to go after Hardy. Everyone in the match looked great, FTR did pretty good on commentary, but naturally the Bucks win. I didn’t expect Tully to show up and help FTR beat the Bucks up, I thought this was going to be the moment Tully merged his clients as Shawn Spears would help FTR. But the twist of them going after Matt’s leg like that was good, too. I don’t think it’ll take the Bucks out of Full Gear but it’ll put them behind the proverbial 8 ball, adding a little extra something to a dream match everyone was already excited for. It will be a bit of a rip if this is why FTR wins, but maybe it means they want to make a match at AEW Revolution or even Double or Nothing 2021 feel that much bigger.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (3/20/23)

Winnipeg gets Elevated!



The Naturally Limitless ride again!

Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee continue as a duo in AEW! Will they be rolling through the tag division on Elevation? And what of Swerve’s warning to Keith?


  • Skye Blue VS TFA (Taryn From Accounting); Skye wins.
  • Jake Hager w/ Angelo Parker VS Adam Knight; Hager wins.
  • Emi Sakura VS Zoe Sager; Sakura wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS Jason Geiger; Cutler wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy & Ethan Page VS Massive Damage, Mo Jabari & Sebastian Wolfe; Hardy, Kassidy & Ethan win.
  • Top Flight VS Michael Allen Richard Clark & Shaun Moore; Top Flight wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Grounds Match: Athena VS Taylor Rising; Athena wins and denies Taylor a title opportunity.
  • Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee VS Levi Night & Jessie V; Dustin & Keith win.
  • Tony Nese & Ari Daivari w/ Mark Sterling VS Alex Reynolds & John Silver; Reynolds & Silver win.


A great line-up, namely in some literally great names showing up. “Massive Damage,” “Taryn From Accounting,”  and of course, Michael Allen Richard Clark. M A R C, he’s a MARK! I almost hope some of these names stick around through ROH.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (3/17/23)

Will Hobbs is on a Rampage!



Will Rey Fenix rewrite the Book of Hobbs?

“Powerhouse” Hobbs is the AEW TNT Champion with help from QT Marshall, but can he keep it on his own against Rey Fenix?


  • AEW TNT Championship: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ QT Marshall VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes; Hobbs wins and retains the title.
  • Taya Valkyrie VS Ava Lawless; Taya wins.
  • Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker VS The Bollywood Boyz; Menard & Parker win.
  • Daniel Garcia w/ Chris Jericho VS Brody King w/ Julia Hart; Garcia wins.


AEW TNT Championship: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ QTV VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The Book of Hobbs says he had Aaron Solo steal the belt before QT helped him steal the title! But will karma come back to bite him? Or will Hobbs power through the Firebird?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and it’s time to for a Rampage!

Fans rally as Hobbs talks some smack on Fenix. Fenix and Hobbs step to each other and Fenix goes head to chest. But Hobbs shoves Fenix down! Fenix kips up, runs in, but gets run over! QT & Solo are amused while Hobbs eggs Fenix on. Hobbs then drags Fenix up with both hands, but Fenix breaks free to get around. Fenix waistlocks but Hobbs breaks free. Hobbs whips, Fenix handsprings over the sweep and fans fire up! Hobbs runs in, Fenix dodges again, and springboards, but he just bounces off Hobbs’ body! Fans boo but Hobbs runs, only for Fenix to dump him out! Fenix then DIVES! Direct hit but Hobbs stays up!

Fenix gets back in the ring, DIVES again, but Hobbs is still up! So Fenix aims, slingshots and QUEBRADAS! Down goes Hobbs! Hobbs gets up and hurries into the ring, but Fenix pursues. Fenix leaps, but into Hobbs’ arms! Hobbs pops Fenix up, and he POWERSLAMS Fenix down! Cover, TWO! Fenix is tougher than that but Solo & QT are still amused. Hobbs goes out after Fenix and he RAMS him into barriers! Hobbs talks trash on the fans but the fans boo back. Hobbs drags Fenix around, stomps him, then drags Fenix up again. Hobbs RAMS Fenix into more barriers! Fans rally for Fenix but Hobbs goes into the ring.

Hobbs kneels to soak up the heat, and he smirks while Alex checks on Fenix. Hobbs goes out after Fenix, CLUBS him, then throws Fenix into the ring. Hobbs says, “Who’s the champ!?” Solo says, “You the champ!” Hobbs hauls Fenix up, whips him hard into the corner, and Fenix bounces off buckles to hit the mat. Hobbs looms over Fenix, stands on him, and the ref reprimands and counts. Hobbs steps off, whips Fenix hard the other way, and Fenix again bounces off buckles. Fans chant “QT SUCKS!” but QT says to ignore that. Hobbs grins as he watches Fenix writhe. Hobbs looms over Fenix, and CHOPS him in the shoulder!

Hobbs then clamps a big claw into the shoulder! Fenix endures, kicks around, but Hobbs lets off to bring Fenix up. Hobbs suplexes, holds Fenix up, Harley Cameron gets a pic, and Hobbs SLAMS Fenix down! Cover, TWO! Hobbs clamps onto Fenix with the shoulder claw again as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Fenix endures, fights up, but Hobbs throws down elbows! Hobbs digs his hand into the shoulder again but Fenix still endures. Hobbs adds on a chinbar, then he CLUBS Fenix down. Fenix goes to the apron, and Hobbs stands on his head! The ref reprimands and counts, Hobbs steps off and Fenix flops to the floor. Hobbs argues with the ref, and QT sucker punches Fenix! Alex protests but the ref missed it all. Hobbs goes out after Fenix, high-fives Harley, and he storms up on Fenix to throw knees. Hobbs POSTS Fenix, and Fenix goes tumbling away! Rampage returns to single picture as Solo laughs at Fenix’s pain.

Hobbs grabs Fenix’s face and shouts at him that this is what he gets for answering the Open Challenge. The ref reprimands, Hobbs lets off and goes into the ring. Fenix drags himself up but Hobbs brings him into the ring. Fenix flops over and Hobbs toys with him. Fans boo but Hobbs taunts Fenix, “You wanna be champ?!” Fans rally for Fenix but Hobbs HIP DROPS him down! Hobbs clamps onto the shoulder again, but Fenix fights up. Fenix throws elbows and gets free! Hobbs grabs Fenix but Fenix PELES! And kips up to BOOT, mule kick, and SCREW HIGH KICK! Fenix knuckle locks, CHOPS, and goes up and up!

Fenix jumps around, but Hobbs trips him up! Hobbs YANKS Fenix off the ropes to POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives and QT is surprised, but Hobbs digs his forearms in for another cover. TWO, and Fenix crawls to a corner. Hobbs kicks Fenix, talks smack, and paces around to soak up the heat. Fans rally and Fenix CHOPS! Hobbs snarls, but he runs into a BOOT! Fenix then dodges to JUMP SOBAT! Fans fire up and Fenix feeds off that. But Hobbs stops the whips, swings, but Fenix waistlocks! Hobbs is too big to lift, and Hobbs elbows free. Hobbs snarls, whisp Fenix, but Fenix goes up and over! GERMAN SUPLEX!!

Fans are thunderous but QT is freaking out! Fenix covers, TWO!! Hobbs tosses Fenix away with that kick-out, but he staggers up. Into the SOMERSAULT CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Hobbs is still in this but Fenix crawls his way to a corner. Fans rally, Hobbs rises, and Fenix climbs up! TIGHTROPE PENALTY KICK! Hobbs wobbles and fans fire up more! Fenix shakes out the cobwebs, goes up the corner again, and leaps over Hobbs! Hobbs runs back in to POUNCE Fenix into a corner!! Then DEADLIFT SPINEBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Fenix survives and no one can believe it! Hobbs is furious, and he hauls Fenix up again.

Hobbs whips, Fenix tiger feints to HEEL KICK! But Hobbs DECKS Fenix! Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Fenix drags Hobbs to a drop zone, he goes up the corner, and he FROG SPLASHES!! Cover, TWO!!! Hobbs is still in this but Fenix doesn’t lose focus. Fenix waits on Hobbs to sit up, and he SUPERKICKS! And then SUPERKICKS! Hobbs wobbles, runs in, but Fenix dodges to SUPERKICK again! Hobbs drops to a knee, Fenix runs in, SOMERSAULT- SPINEBUSTER!! Hobbs rolls Fenix through to get him in the torture rack! TOWN BUSINESS!! Cover, Hobbs wins!

Winner: “Powerhouse” Hobbs, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

Alex checks on Fenix, but Hobbs storms up to him. Hobbs brings down the straps, but he says it’s okay. QT turns Alex around for a DIAMOND CUTTER! Fans boo as QT raises Hobbs’ hand in victory. Will QTV help make the Book of Hobbs the story of the year?


Adam Cole speaks.

“March 29th will go down as the most important day in my entire life. Not only will March 29th be the debut of AEW All Access, but even more importantly to me, after nine months, I make my return to AEW. And I know that my opponent is going to give me the fight of my life. And that’s good, because I am looking for a fighter. I’m looking for a technician. I’m looking for someone to push me and remind me who the hell I am. So on March 29th, I show the world how damn good Adam Cole Baybay is, and nobody is gonna stop me.”


Stu Grayson speaks.

“Jon Moxley, up until our match tonight on Dynamite, everybody was asking me the same thing. ‘Stu, are you back? Are you back with AEW?’ And I just didn’t know what to answer. I just didn’t. Until now. Now that I am in the hospital because you and BCC gave a concussion to my brother, Evil Uno. So now I’m thinking, Mox, now I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, now I am back.’ You wanted Stu Grayson, you got him! Next week, I want you, Mox. I want you in a one on one match. And I swear to god, I will break you.” The BCC are #ForgedByCombat, but will the Maniac be ready for someone born and bred for combat?


Taya Valkyrie VS Ava Lawless!

La Wera Loca is now All Elite! She wants after #ThatBitch, Jade Cargill, but will her first match in AEW be ruined by “The Hellion?”

The bell rings, the two approach, and Taya gets around to waistlock and SLAM Ava down. Ava scrambles to a corner, Taya runs in to ELBOW her! And then LARIAT! Fans fire up with Taya as she sits Ava down. Taya goes corner to corner, slaps her thighs then her head, and comes back to METEORA! Taya says that’s why she’s La Wera Loca! Taya CHOPS Ava against the ropes, then CHOPS again! Taya whips, Ava reverses and dodges, but the SPEAR hits all the same! Taya drags Ava up, chicken wings, looks like Jaded but this is THE ROAD TO VALHALLA!! Cover, Taya wins!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie, by pinfall

Speaking of Jade, she, Leila Grey and Mark Sterling are on the stage. Sterling is taking notes, maybe drafting up a lawsuit. Will Jade have no choice but to take on one crazy Canadian?


Stokely Hathaway is in training.

Matt Hardy tells Stokely that he, Isiah Kassidy & Ethan Page are gonna get him ready for Hook. Hook’s a wrestling machine, a killing machine. He could break Stokely’s arms, legs, back, and neck. Hook could snuff out your life! Does Stokely want that? No! Then they’re gonna get him ready. Just trust them. The montage shows Stokely is off to a rough start, and a rough middle. And his technique to escape a half nelson is to tickle Isiah. But he seems to take scoop slams well. Hardy thinks they need about four or five more, to really toughen Stokely up. Hook is also a suplex machine. Wait, why’re they doing scoops then!?

Stokely runs up the bleachers, and he gets a cookie for his reward! That’s a good-ass cookie. But will any of this help Stokely against the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil?


Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker VS The Bollywood Boyz!

Don’t touch that dial and stay on ’em! It’s a battle of Canadians as the duo formerly known as 2Point0 take on some old frenemies from back in the day. Will Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ange prove they’re still great sports… enner-tay-ners? Or will there be lights, camera and Bollywood action in Winnipeg?

The teams sort out and Parker starts against Harv Sihra. The two circle, feel things out, but Menard takes a swipe. Harv is distracted and that allows Parker to clobber him from behind! The JAS mug Harv, Gurv runs in but he gets beat down, too! Parker KNEES Gurv out of the ring, then Menard UPPERCUTS Harv. The JAS double whip Harv to ropes, but Harv holds ropes to stop himself. Menard runs in but into an UPPERCUT! Parker runs in but into a LARIAT! Harv UPPERCUTS again, tags Gurv, and the brothers set Parker up for a FLYING UPPERCUT SPINEBUSTER! Parker bails out and fans boo.

Parker is flustered but the fans rally for “BOLLYWOOD! BOLLYWOOD!” Gurv runs and slides out, but Parker slides in! Gurv grabs Parker’s legs, but Parker BOOTS Gurv away. Parker tags Menard before Gurv slides back in, and Parker dodges to set Gurv up for Menard’s LARIAT! Menard soaks up the cheers and jeers, then he drags Gurv. Menard bumps Gurv off buckles, CHOPS, but Gurv CHOPS back! Menard ROCKS Gurv, bumps him off buckles and tags in Parker. The JAS mugs Gurv and then Parker brings Gurv up. Parker snap suplexes, stomps, then mockingly applauds at Harv while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Parker “kicks dirt” at Gurv while staring down Harv. Parker drags Gurv up, tags Menard, and the JAS mug Gurv again. Menard throws Gurv out hard, then he taunts Harv. The ref reprimands Menard but Parker stomps away on Gurv! Menard then goes out to bring Gurv up and throw him into barriers! Menard soaks up the cheers and jeers before he puts Gurv back in. Menard drags Gurv back, tags in Parker, and they stomp away on Gurv. Then they split the wishbone! Gurv writhes, but Parker keeps him from Harv. Parker stands Gurv up, whips him to ropes, but Gurv kicks back! And LARIATS!

Both men down, the fans rally up, but Parker anchors Gurv with a toehold! Tag to Menard and he drops an elbow! Cover, ONE!! Gurv hangs tough but Menard covers again, TWO! Menard SLAPS Gurv around, CHOKES him in the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Menard mockingly kisses Gurv’s forehead before he tags Parker. The JAS mugs Gurv more, drag him up, but Gurv shoulders into Parker! Slingshot sunset flip! TWO! LAIRAT from Gurv! Both men are down again and fans rally up again! Parker tags Menard, the JAS drags Gurv up, and double suplexes! The JAS is in control as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns as Gurv turns things around on the JAS! Hot tag to Harv! Harv rallies on the JAS, big elbows and clotheslines all around! RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP for Menard, then an atomic drop for Parker! WHEEL KICK takes down Parker! The JAS end up in opposite corners, Harv CHOPS Parker then whips him. Parker reverses, Menard drop toeholds, and they bring back the BOOYAH ELBOW! Gurv returns, but he runs into TWO FOR THE SHOW! The double flapjack onto buckles wipes Gurv out! Menard tags Parker, they drag Harv up, DOUBLE IMPALER DDT!! Cover, the JAS wins!

Winners: Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker, by pinfall

Menard & Parker win the long-awaited sequel from their Cruiserweight days, and they SCISSOR FINGER to call out The Acclaimed! Will Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn have something to say on Dynamite next Wednesday?


AEW shares footage from earlier this week.

Don Callis has a camera crew and a taiko drummer to greet Konosuke Takeshita. Konosuke asks what’s going on while he’s given a bouquet of flowers. Callis says, “Look at the pageantry!” Konosuke says that was pretty cool. Callis says this is what Konosuke gets in Winnipeg and everywhere else, when he’s associated with Don Calls. They shake, and then Callis brings Konosuke in for a hug. This is great, right? Welcome to Winnipeg! Fans applaud, and Konosuke is admittedly flattered. But will all this special treatment convince the Future of Wrestling to join Callis’ stable?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

It is a crossover dream match as Kenny Omega takes on AAA’s El Hijo del Vikingo! The current AAA Mega Champion is an incredible high-flyer and is certainly leading the way of a new generation in lucha libre. But will he make an impression when he takes on the Best Bout Machine?

Plus, on top of Moxley VS Grayson and the No Disqualification match of Hook VS Stokely, Skye Blue is coming after The Outcasts! She takes on Toni Storm 1v1, but will Saraya & Ruby Soho make sure the “entitled rookie” doesn’t make it out of Dynamite in one piece?


The Gunns speak.

Colten Gunn welcomes us to “crappy Winnipeg, but guess what? You get to see The Gunns check into our suite because we are the champs, of course.” Austin is all fired up, but then he tells Top Flight to carry their things. Oh, oops, sorry! They aren’t valets! This is the second best brother tag team in AEW. Colten says Austin’s right! Darius & Dante say okay, that’s funny. Fans of the Young Bucks, right? What? N-No, that’s not what they meant. Oh, then the Lucha Brothers? Uh, no, not them, either. So the Hardy Boyz? NO! The number one brother team is THEM! The Gunns! Oh, really? That’s funny.

Just like them leaving their bags here with Top Flight, but not the belts. Because that’s because they know if the Gunns ever took on Top Flight, Top Flight would “valet” those belts, too. Oh, yeah? Top Flight thinks they’d win? Then how about this? Next week on Dynamite, they put the AEW World Tag Team Championships on the line! Then you can try to “valet” them. Top B*TCHES! The Gunns head out, but uh, they still left their bags. Dante & Darius take those away, but will they soon take away the gold?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage next week!

Rampage will be on a different night next week, so mark your calendars for March 25th, 10 PM Eastern!


Excalibur hypes up the main event.

“Three teams in the main event, intent on leaving Winnipeg the AEW World Trios Champions. It was an exciting, brutal match, but it was a match that saw the House of Black retain their titles. In the midst of the melee that occurred after the bell, a war continued to rage between the Jericho Appreciation Society and the House of Black. And as a result, our main event, Daniel Garcia goes one on one with Brody King.” Mark Henry adds it’s time for the main event! But will the Dragonslayer be able to bring down the House of Black’s tattooed titan?

Daniel Garcia w/ Chris Jericho VS Brody King w/ Julia Hart!

The bell rings and then Garcia bails out. Fans boo but Garcia and Jericho soak up the heat. They hug, and Jericho shows off his custom Winnipeg Jets jersey, but then Brody storms out after Garcia. Garcia hurries away, slides into the ring, and Brody gets in the ring. Garcia just bails right back out! Fans boo and Brody paces around, but Jericho applauds the strategy. Brody waits on Garcia, but then storms out after him again. Garcia keeps up the cat ‘n’ mouse game, slides back into the ring, and Brody slides in. Garcia dropkicks the legs out! Garcia fires off fast hands but Brody TOSSES Garcia into a corner! And then SPLASHES!

Brody whips corner to corner, runs in but Garcia dodges. Garcia fires off hands, but Brody DECKS him! Fans rally up, Brody drags Garcia up and CHOPS! Fans rally while Garcia bails out again. Jericho checks Garcia, that chop already made his chest red. Garcia hurries away, but then Julia is there! She stares Garcia down, but Garcia tries to put on the charm with a little dance. Brody storms up behind Garcia, turns him around and CHOPS him again! Garcia falls at Julia’s feet and she smiles. Brody drags Garcia up to RAM him into barriers! Fans rally up, Brody stands Garcia up and CHOPS him again!

Garcia staggers away, face wincing with pain, but Brody throws him into more barriers! Brody confiscates the chair from security, makes Garcia take a seat, and Winnipeg hoots and barks with Brody. Brody runs to CROSSBODY Garcia into the barriers! Fans lose their minds and the ref checks Garcia. Somehow, Garcia is still in this, and Brody drags him up to CHOP again! Garcia staggers away and Brody keeps after him, to RAM him into the steel steps! Fans rally, Brody runs back in, but Garcia drop toeholds Brody into the steps! Brody bounces off the steel and Garcia manages to put his dukes up, as Rampage goes picture in picture.

The ref checks Brody, and he’s somehow okay to continue. Garcia crawls into the ring to let the count handle this. Jericho coaches Garcia while Julia checks Brody. Brody shakes out the cobwebs, Garcia wants the count to go faster, but Brody is in before 10. Garcia stomps away on Brody at the ropes and he fires up now! Garcia drags Brody up, fires off forearms, then digs his knee in. The ref counts, Garcia lets off at 4, then stands on Brody to hyper stomp away! Garcia hops off as the ref counts again, and Garcia high-fives Jericho. Garcia goes back to Brody, but Brody CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Garcia BOOTS him down!

Garcia digs his boot in again, lets off as the ref counts, and Garcia does his dance. Garcia runs side to side to BOOT WASH Brody! Garcia says that’s it! He’s beat Brody! But Garcia still has to drag Brody out, only for Brody to kick at him from below! Garcia holds onto a foot until Brody BOOTS him in the face! Garcia staggers to ropes, Brody runs in, but into a drop toehold! Brody hits ropes, and Garcia CHOKES him! Garcia even claws Brody’s face! The ref reprimands, Garcia lets off, and he steps on Brody’s back. And then steps on him again! Brody just gets annoyed as Garcia keeps stepping on him.

Garcia does his dance, turns to step on Brody again, but Brody sits up! Garcia can’t push Brody down, so he KNEES away on his side! Brody just gets mad! Garcia throws haymakers, but those only give Brody power! Rampage returns to single picture, Garcia keeps throwing hands, but Brody roars! Garcia runs, into the BLACK HOLE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Garcia survives but Brody drags him up! PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?! Garcia survives and fans fire up, but Brody snarls. Brody puts Garcia in a corner, CHOPS, and Garcia seems ready to cry. Brody stands Garcia up to CHOP him again! Even Jericho felt that one.

Fans hoot and bark with Brody again, and he goes corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Brody drags Garcia to the cover, ROPEBREAK! Brody miscalculated and Garcia survives! Brody drags Garcia back to center, but Garcia fights the lift! Fans rally, Garcia CLUBS the legs and he drags Brody down. Garcia fires off knees on the calves and ankles! Then he clamps on a SLEEPER! Brody fights up, but he starts fading! Brody keeps fighting, he has Garcia as a backpack and he RAMS him into buckles! But Garcia holds on! Brody RAMS Garcia again, but Garcia still has the sleeper! So Brody THROWS Garcia off him!

Brody sputters as he goes back to the corner and fans rally behind him. Garcia stands, into the DISCUS LARIAT from Brody!! Brody says this is the end and Julia has an evil little smile. Brody drags Garcia up, crucifix rack, but Garcia fights free! Garcia dodges in the corner, rolls Brody up, TWO!! Brody escapes, but Garcia has the legs! Garcia manages to turn Brody for the WALLS OF JERICHO!! Jericho and Winnipeg cheer him on, but Brody endures! Brody fights around, crawls his way over, but Garcia sits deep! Brody still fights, and makes his way to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Garcia lets off at 4.

The ref argues with Garcia, and Jericho CLOBBERS Brody with Floyd the Baseball Bat! Garcia then clamps on a RINGS OF SATURN!! Brody’s arm drops once! Then twice! Then three times! GARCIA WINS!!

Winner: Daniel Garcia, by submission

JAS should stand for “Jericho Always Steals (the victory!” Because that’s what Jericho just did for Garcia! The ref questions Jericho, but Jericho defends his innocence. Will the House of Black make sure the sports entertainers pay for these transgressions?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage here, even though we had to wait for basketball to finish up before it. Great opener out of the TNT Championship match, and naturally Hobbs retains in his first defense. And of course QT cheats to help Hobbs, even though he shouldn’t even need that. Hobbs’ story is still connected to Wardlow’s, so it won’t be until those two have a rematch that Hobbs loses this title. They’re gonna boost his win-loss record through the “House Rules” house show tour, it seems, as he’s defending this title against Christopher Daniels, despite Daniels needing to also be strong because of his ROH run.

Of course Taya wins her AEW in-ring debut, and of course Jade and Sterling show up to watch in person. I can already predict Sterling is going to draw up a frivolous lawsuit saying Taya can’t use her chicken wing facebuster, Road to Valhalla, because it is exactly the same move as Jade’s chicken wing facebuster, The Jaded. I bet Taya beats Leila in a tune-up that also counts as fighting the lawsuit, and so it’ll come down to who can hit the chicken wing facebuster first to win the TBS Championship. And after 54 wins over her two year career, Jade can lose to someone as well-known and established as Taya without being hurt, and Jade can finally move on to the women’s world title.

Good revisit of Ever-Rise VS Bollywood Boys, and I figured Menard & Parker would win to then also call out The Acclaimed. I bet Caster is working on his diss track for Menard & Parker right now to throw it at them the next time they meet. Decent segment with Callis and Konosuke, and of course Callis pours on the Japanese culture. Konosuke’s choice can still work either way, but fans really like Konosuke so I would think he stays a Face by rejecting the invitation to join up. And while such a story is beneath Omega, I wouldn’t mind if he had a small moment in this story since he was the one who brought Konosuke into AEW to begin with.

Speaking of Omega, great match coming up for him and El Hijo del Vikingo, that is gonna be awesome. Good promo from Gunns and Top Flight, especially with how Top Flight rightfully had three brother teams easily better than Austin & Colten. But Austin & Colten are totally going to cheat to beat Top Flight and retain the titles since their story is with FTR. Great promo from Grayson to call out Moxley, and it sounded very John Wick with that whole, “I’m thinking I’m back!” Moxley VS Grayson is going to be awesome, and will give Hangman a reason to come out and confront Moxley again since there’s still a lot going on there.

The one point of disappointment is that Mark Henry’s role is reduced even further. He didn’t get to welcome us back from break, and his line was trimmed down to just the latter half. But good vignette with narration from Excalibur to make up for it. And great main event, where I should’ve known Jericho would cheat to help Garcia win. Oddly enough, The House of Black will end up the Faces in this story since the JAS will be doing all the Heel tactics, and they could have quite the feud going towards Double or Nothing.

My Score: 8.6/10

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