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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News! (10/19/20)

Highlights from Midna’s… AMA?



Hyrule News Midna Glitch

Midna held a special AMA stream on her Twinge TV channel!

For those who don’t know, “AMA” means “Ask Me Anything,” and that’s pretty self-explanatory from there. Fans asked Midna questions, she answered them (if she felt comfortable doing so), here are some mostly HPW relevant highlights!


Q: What’s it like being so much taller now?

A: “A little good, a little bad, but it’s mostly been a huge adjustment.” When she was stuck being an imp, she could just float everywhere, so she saved energy, and it didn’t matter if something was up high because she could just float up to get it. Being back in her true form, she can’t float, so now she has to walk everywhere. Though, because she’s her true form, she’s also stronger. “Like, there was this jar of pickles, right? It was really hard for Imp Midna to open without the use of my magical hair, which is kinda gross because hair might get on the jar. But as Twili Midna, it was super easy to open the jar! I can finally have pickles again!” Oh, and because she’s taller, she technically has less room in her bed now. She’s considering upgrading to a king.


Q: Is she done facing Cia in title matches?

A: “I really hope so!” But it isn’t really up to her but management. If HPW thinks Cia deserves another match, fine. But probably not, since Midna beat her pretty definitively, right? Cia just needs to move on. She’s going to be in that Hyrule Warriors match for whatever reason, even after losing to Midna, so she should be happy with that.


Q: Who would she like to face for the title?

A: “Literally any girl other than Cia.” Midna really hoped Zelda was going to win that contender’s match months ago, so there’s an obvious choice. “That Ashei girl’s kinda weird, but hey, I was an imp for most of the year so I can’t really judge ‘weird.’ She’s also strong, so that might be a fun match.” And after seeing them in trios action, any of the Desert Flowers would be nice. But this is also part of management’s decision. If they don’t know who Midna should face in time for Clash of Fates, that’s fine. Midna will enjoy some time off and watch the matches herself. “Oooh~, I just had a great idea. If Zelda wins the Triforce title off Ganon-Dork, maybe we can have a match! Title for title, winner takes all! Doesn’t that sound great, you guys? Yeah, let’s make that happen.”

My Thoughts:

Upon realizing I hadn’t arranged a women’s title match yet, I felt Midna needed something real quick. I have no idea if I can cook up something to add to an already extensive Clash of Fates article that as of writing this article, I am still working on. Though, ironically, I probably should just be focusing on that article… But hey, the possibility of Midna VS Zelda, Winner Takes All with the Triforce and Goddess Championships? Not a bad idea, even though many real world promotions have been doing that so it’s not exactly original.

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