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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Results & Report! (10/10/20)

Does anyone get lucky in round 7?



NJPW G1 Climax 30

The G1 Climax’s A Block enters round 7!

NJPW and the G1 return to Osaka with round 7! But it’ll take a lot more than luck for many in A Block! Who keeps their chances alive?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • A Block – Tomohiro Ishii VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins.
  • A Block – Jay White VS Yujiro Takahashi; White wins.
  • A Block – Will Ospreay VS Taichi; Ospreay wins.
  • A Block – Kota Ibushi VS Minoru Suzuki; Ibushi wins.
  • A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Shingo Takagi; Okada wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Will Ospreay: 4-2, 8 points
Jay White: 4-2, 8 points
Kota Ibushi: 4-2, 8 points
Kazuchika Okada: 4-2, 8 points
Taichi: 3-3, 6 points
Minoru Suzuki: 3-3, 6 points
Tomohiro Ishii: 3-3, 6 points
Shingo Takagi: 3-3, 6 points
Jeff Cobb: 2-4, 4 points
Yujiro Takahashi: 0-6, 0 points


A Block – Tomohiro Ishii VS Jeff Cobb!

Perhaps two of the most solid and sturdy wrestlers in the entire company now collide, desperate to keep afloat in the G1! Will the Stone Pitbull sink like a stone? Or will he rise above the Hawaiian Hulk’s high tide?

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two stare down. Cobb and Ishii tie up, Ishii gets the headlock but Cobb lifts Ishii just by standing. Cobb puts Ishii on the ropes, the ref calls for the break and Cobb lets off. They get forehead to forehead as Cobb talks some smack on the Stone Pitbull and wants to see him show that toughness. Ishii throws forearms, runs and rams shoulders, but Cobb stays up. Ishii goes again, Cobb again tanks the shoulder. Cobb forearms, runs and bumps Ishii but Ishii comes back. They keep ramming and ramming but Ishii staggers. Cobb runs, bumps Ishii again then runs him over! Fans cheer for this showing of strength while Cobb brings Ishii back up. Cobb throws haymakers, uppercuts and then whips Ishii to a corner.

Cobb runs corner to corner but Ishii dodges. Ishii comes back but into Cobb’s boot. Cobb runs, ducks the lariat and rams Ishii again. Ishii returns and runs Cobb over! But Cobb kips up! Cobb wags his finger and throws forearms! Cobb reels Ishii in for a headlock, but Ishii back suplexes out of it! Fans cheer as both big men are down. Ishii rises and fans rally as he brings Cobb back up. Ishii throws elbows on the back of Cobb’s neck, then throws headbutts. Ishii gives Cobb a little slap before giving him a big CHOP! And another CHOP! Cobb CHOPS back but Ishii shrugs it off. Cobb CHOPS and forearms but Ishii headbutts again! Ishii brings Cobb up as fans rally and Ishii CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Cobb ends up in a corner, Ishii eggs him on with toying stomps.

Fans rally up again as Cobb throws forearms and CHOPS! Ishii just takes it so Cobb throws more forearms. Ishii CHOPS and Cobb falls! Ishii goes back to those toying stomps and that angers Cobb. Fans cheer as Ishii runs, Cobb blocks the boot and reels him in, T-BONE SUPLEX! Ishii got AIR! Fans rally up as Cobb scowls and watches Ishii rise. Cobb picks Ishii up and RAMS him into the corner! Cobb throws shoulders, whips Ishii out then back in, and hits the leaping uppercut! Cobb hoists Ishii up for the RUNNING BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Cobb keeps his cool as Ishii survives. Fans rally up as Cobb looms over Ishii. Cobb brings Ishii up in a dead lift waistlock but Ishii fights free. Ishii runs, Cobb scoops and pops Ishii up, but Ishii fights out!

Ishii tries to suplex but Cobb resists. They fight for suplex control as fans rally up again. Cobb gets Ishii up but Ishii resists. Ishii gets Cobb up and over! Fans fire up with Ishii while Cobb slowly sits up. Cobb gets to ropes, Ishii heads over and CHOPS him again! And again! And again! Cobb starts egging Ishii on so Ishii CHOPS and forearms on repeat! The ref counts and Ishii lets up, and Cobb flops down. Cobb sits up in a daze and fans rally up again as Ishii heads over. Ishii stands on Cobb’s head, then brings him up to whip. Cobb reverses and throws a forearm, but Ishii just roars back! Ishii throws a forearm, Cobb throws one back, and the fans fire up as they go back and forth! Cobb gets the edge, powers up, but Ishii DECKS him!

Ishii shakes out his arm and fans rally up again. Ishii drags Cobb up but he’s dead weight. The ref wants to check Cobb so he backs Ishii off. Cobb stirs as fans rally up again and Ishii comes back. Ishii drags Cobb up, whips him to a corner but Cobb reverses! Ishii comes back, into the OVERHEAD SUPLEX! But Ishii rises! And he POWERSLAMS Cobb down! Cobb wobbles but he stands again! Cobb swings, into Ishii’s GERMAN SUPLEX! Ishii and Cobb slowly rise, Cobb staggers but catches Ishii’s clothesline for an EXPLODER! Ishii rises but wobbles, the two head for each other! Ishii swats Cobb’s clothesline away and headbutts, but Cobb HEADBUTTS! Cobb rammed through Ishii but they’re both down!

Fans rally up again as both men are somehow still in this! Cobb is up first and he sees Ishii coming, SUPERKICK and waistlock, Cobb swings Ishii around before the GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Ishii survives but Cobb is back up! Fans fire up with Cobb as he brings Ishii back up and whips. Cobb goes to scoop, Ishii LARIATS! But Cobb stays up to LARIAT back! GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and fans are fired up again! Cobb gets back to his feet, drags Ishii back up with him, and whips, scoops, TOUR OF- NO! Ishii escapes to ENZIGURI! Cobb flops against ropes but Ishii clutches the leg. Fans fire up and rally again as both big men slowly sit up. Cobb flounders at the ropes but Ishii fires himself up!

Ishii runs in to clothesline at the ropes, then he runs, but Cobb swats the lariat away to JAB Ishii! Ishii drops to a knee, but rises as Cobb runs. Ishii LARIATS Cobb first!! Ishii fires himself up again and he sits Cobb up. SLIDING- NO!! Cobb caught the lariat to a clinch! But Ishii slips out of the urenage to DRAGON SUPLEX! Both men are down again as the fans rally up! The fans are thunderous as Ishii rises and roars again! Ishii runs, LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?! Cobb survives and the fans are loving it! Ishii growls as he gets back up. Ishii drags Cobb up, suplexes, but Cobb lands out of it, to reel Ishii in for an ATHLETIC PLEX! But Ishii rises?! Fans are thunderous again and Cobb is shocked!

Cobb elbows Ishii, Ishii forearms, but Cobb forearms back! DOUBLE HEADBUTT! Both men fall back but fans fire up again! Cobb stands first, drags Ishii up and goes to lariat but Ishii spins him through! Ishii reels Cobb in but Cobb suplexes! Ishii escapes that, spins Cobb around and HEADBUTTS! Cobb manages to sit up and Ishii runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Ishii still LARIATS, but Cobb stays up! POP-UP BOMB! And a dead lift POP-UP to the TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Cover, COBB WINS!!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Ishii earns 0

What in the world?! How did he even do that!? Whatever level of strength we thought Cobb had, he clearly has more! Will he use that strength to spoil someone else’s G1?


A Block – Jay White w/ Gedo VS Yujiro Takahashi!

Bullet Club VS Bullet Club? Will this even be a match? After all, Tokyo Pimp is out of the running at 0-6. Will he simply help the “Jay1” continue? Or will he hold on to his pride and make King Switch work for the points?

Wait, White doesn’t even looked dressed like he’s ready to wrestle! Is he just in his warm-up gear and sneakers? The ref still does the check in case this is a trick in itself, but White’s clean. And since this is all Bullet Club, they all Low Sweet. Fans cheer the sportsmanship, and White does some last warm-ups. The bell rings, White has his dukes up, but then he claps to get the fans on a rhythm. “Jay White-O” or “YU-JI-RO,” it doesn’t matter. White says, “Dozo.” Go ahead. Yujiro does lie down for White! White covers, ONE, because White wants the ref to take it easy. Cover, ONE, but White lets up again? White wants to take his time apparently. White toys with the cover, then covers, ONE! Yujiro tells White to hurry up. Cover, TWO!? Yujiro didn’t stay put?

White asks if Yujiro is joking around now. Yujiro promises, he’s joking. Cover again, TWO? White thought it was funny for him to toy around but not for Yujiro! White complains to Gedo but Yujiro rolls White up!! TWO!! White asks Yujiro what the hell, but Yujiro rolls him into a cradle! TWO!! White gets away and is upset with Yujiro. White shoves Yujiro but Yujiro LARIATS White!! Fans are thunderous as Yujiro reels White in, INCOLLE SLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Gedo is furious as Tokyo Pimp goes rogue! Yujiro brings White up, fireman’s carries, but White slips out of Miami Shine! Yujiro shoves White at the ref, White stops himself, but Yujiro LOW BLOWS White!! Roll up, TWO!?!? White survives and Gedo is stunned!

Yujiro drags White up and into another fireman’s carry, MIAMI SHINE!! Cover, TWO!!! White survives and Yujiro is furious! Yujiro drags White up as the fans are furious again. Gedo gets in, the ref is distracted, White LOW BLOWS Yujiro! BLADE RUNNER!! Cover, White wins!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Yujiro earns 0

Tokyo Pimp wouldn’t just take the loss, King Switch had to earn it! Yujiro is out of the running either way, but White is furious with him! White grabs a chair, Gedo asks White spare Yujiro and they argue! Did Gedo know Yujiro would pull this?! No!! Gedo wants White to calm down, and he does. White throws the chair away and storms off. G1 aside, is there dissention inside the Bullet Club?


A Block – Will Ospreay VS Taichi!

The Assassin is entangled at the top of the block and looks to breakaway! But the Sliest Wrestler in the World wants to drag Ospreay down for his own benefit! Will Ospreay find a way to lead A Block? Or will Taichi scratch and claw and use every trick in the book to gain some ground?

The elaborate entrance attires are removed, as are the Rev-Pro British Heavyweight and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship belts. Taichi shows off the dancing pecs real quick before the ref checks him. The bell rings and the fans fire up already. Ospreay is feeling the energy as he moves around but Taichi stays put in his corner. Ospreay tells him, “C’mon, Taichi! Let’s go!” Taichi fires up a little and ties up with Ospreay. Ospreay puts Taichi on the ropes and gives a clean break. Fans cheer as Ospreay double guns and circles with Taichi again. They tie up, Ospreay puts Taichi on the ropes again and Ospreay lets off again. “It’s too easy, brother, c’mon!”

Taichi fixes his hair and circles with Ospreay again. They tie up, Ospreay wrenches the arm but Taichi goes to the ropes again. Ospreay lets up, and messes with Taichi’s hair! Taichi kicks low and rakes Ospreay’s eyes! The ref reprimands, Taichi whips Ospreay but Ospreay dodges and huricanranas! Fans fire up as Ospreay builds speed, but he fakes Taichi out to the hero landing! Taichi grabs something from the timekeeper. Ospreay leaps but Taichi uses the bell hammer! Taichi has it tucked into the back of his pants so the ref can’t see it! Taichi uses the hammer to choke Ospreay again! The ref reprimands but Taichi pushes him away. Taichi CLUBS Ospreay with the hammer! Fans rally up but Taichi chokes Ospreay again!

Taichi lets Ospreay go and the ref reprimands. The ref takes the hammer but Taichi uses camera cables! The ref counts, Taichi lets go at 3 and Ospreay gasps and sputters. Taichi puts Ospreay in the ring, has him in a corner, and chokes him with his bare hands! The ref reprimands again, Taichi stops at 4 but with only one hand. The ref counts again so Taichi lets up. Taichi grins as he comes back and brings Ospreay up to snapmare. Taichi CHOKES Ospreay again! Taichi stops and says this is a cover, but he just chokes Ospreay again! The ref counts but not the way Taichi wants so Taichi stops. Taichi kicks Ospreay around and goes for another kind of choke. The ref reprimands so Taichi rakes Ospreay’s eyes again!

Taichi gives toying kicks and slaps, but Ospreay hits back with forearms! Taichi chokes and throws Ospreay down! The ref reprimands but Taichi just shrugs it off to whip. Ospreay handsprings, NEURALIZER! Taichi is down and fans fire up for Ospreay as he rises! Ospreay is in the corner, Taichi runs in but he blocks Ospreay’s boot. Ospreay enziguris then Manhattan drops, to DOUBLE CHOP! Taichi rolls away to avoid the shooting star but Ospreay dropkicks him out! Ospreay SASUKE SPECIALS! Down goes Taichi! Ospreay says “I’m so talented” as he walks it off. Ospreay comes back and drags Taichi up. The ring count climbs to 10 of 20 as Taichi resists. Ospreay clubs Taichi and puts him in at 14.

Fans rally up as Ospreay aims from the apron. Ospreay springboards, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Ospreay keeps his focus as fans rally up again. Ospreay drags Taichi up in a dragon sleeper and lifts but Taichi knees free! Taichi and Ospreay go to opposite corners but Ospreay runs in. Taichi dodges but then Ospreay dodges Taichi to CHOP Taichi down! Ospreay drags Taichi back up, scoops and slams Taichi into a drop zone, then fires up! Ospreay goes up, MOONSAULT! Taichi moves, Ospreay lands on his feet to moonsault again! Taichi moves again, Ospreay again lands on his feet and standing shooting stars! Then Ospreay rolls to CORKSCREW SENTON! Cover, TWO! Taichi survives Ospreay’s speed rush and Ospreay is surprised!

The fans rally back up as Ospreay brings Taichi up. Ospreay reels Taichi in, underhooks, but Taichi resists the lift. Taichi spins out, reels Ospreay in but Ospreay elbows the saido away. Taichi boots, Ospreay fires up but Taichi back kicks! Taichi runs, into the dropkick-flip, but he GAMANGIRIS! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Ospreay sits up in a daze but he manages to get up. Taichi and Ospreay are on opposite sides of the ring, Ospreay staggers over and Taichi kicks his leg! Ospreay throws a forearm, but Taichi kicks back! Taichi eggs Ospreay on so he throws another forearm. Taichi kicks, Ospreay forearms, and now Ospreay eggs Taichi on. Fans rally up as Taichi KICKS Ospreay in the chest! Ospreay gasps and sputters but he gets up.

Ospreay blocks the next kick to elbow the leg then CHOP Taichi down! Ospreay fires up, drags Taichi up to whip, but Taichi reverses. Ospreay handsprings, into the DANGEROUS SAIDO!! Ospreay definitely lands on his head and he flounders about! Fans rally up as Ospreay is okay to continue. Ospreay gets up, Taichi runs in at the corner, to GAMANGIRI again! Taichi brings Ospreay out to put him on the top rope. Taichi climbs up and then Alabama lifts! Ospreay fights it off, then sunset flips over to tuck Taichi in! CHEEKY NANDOS! Taichi falls and fans fire up again! Ospreay goes to the apron and climbs up top. Fans fire up as Ospreay aims, 450 SPLASH onto knees! Taichi aims, BLINDSIDE AX BOMBER! A Hidden Bomber, if you will, as Taichi was clearly mocking Ospreay there.

Taichi powers up and runs, but Ospreay slips through Ax Bomber to reel Taichi in! Taichi fights out of the bomb and ROUNDHOUSES! Taichi reels Ospreay in, LAST RIDE! High stack cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and fans are fired up again! Taichi fires up and takes off the pants! Taichi aims from the corner as Ospreay rises. Ospreay SUPERKICKS first! And then HOOK KICKS! Taichi falls, fans fire up and Ospreay runs to the ropes. Springboard, into the SUPERKICK!! The Oscutter was taken down by Tensho Jujihou! Fans are thunderous as both men slowly rise again. Taichi fires himself up and fans fire up with him! Taichi drags Ospreay up, Alabama lifts, but Ospreay kicks to get the underhooks! Ospreay lifts, Taichi slips out and ROCKS Ospreay with a right!

Ospreay staggers but swats away the superkick, only for Taichi to get the Alabama! Ospreay fights it off again, underhooks but Taichi back drops out! Ospreay lands on his feet, springboards, OSCUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! The fans are thunderous again as Ospreay aims! HIDDEN BLADE!! Ospreay isn’t done yet, he underhooks, lifts and STORMBREAKER!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Taichi earns 0

The Assassin strikes again! Ospreay keeps pace with White at the top of the block, will his win over the Switchblade be all the difference? As for Taichi, he takes out his frustration on a Young Lion! Taichi chokes the guy until the other Young Lions drag him away! What will Taichi do now that he’s out of the running?


A Block – Kota Ibushi VS Minoru Suzuki!

The Golden Star was derailed by The Dragon, and now he’s up against the Meanest Man in the World! Will Ibushi be able to survive Suzuki and take another step closer to his ascension? Or will things only get worse for him before they get better?

The bell rings and both men put their dukes up. Fans rally as the two circle and approach. They feel things out, Suzuki kicks but Ibushi kicks. Suzuki straight kicks but Ibushi kicks again. They keep going, Suzuki tries some fast hands. Ibushi keeps his guard up but gives back hands and kicks! Suzuki has Ibushi in a corner but Ibushi comes back with knees. Suzuki throws hands, Ibushi throws kicks but neither seems to falter. Fans cheer as the two keep circling. Ibushi guards as Suzuki throws more hands. Ibushi gives them back, and the two keep moving. Suzuki straight kicks, Ibushi stays up and guards against more slapping palm strikes. Ibushi tries to throw hands but Suzuki stays clear. Ibushi kicks but guards. Suzuki shoots in and gets the leg takedown!

Suzuki wants that leg but Ibushi holds him off. Suzuki drops on Ibushi to go after the head and arms but again Ibushi holds him off. Ibushi gets a leg guard and then the ropes. Fans cheer this technical exchange and Suzuki lets up at the ref’s count. Suzuki grins and fans cheer as Ibushi gets up. Ibushi and Suzuki circle again and feel out the grapple. Ibushi gets around but Suzuki gets the arm. Suzuki wrenches the wrist but Ibushi hooks a leg. Ibushi drop toeholds then floats around to get Suzuki’s wrist now. Fans cheer but Suzuki is frustrated. Ibushi cranks the arm, Suzuki gets up and goes after a leg. Suzuki cranks on a foot and has a heel hook! Then Suzuki drops down for the grapevine. But Ibushi just grabs one of Suzuki’s feet for the same hold!

Suzuki cranks hard but Ibushi holds on. Ibushi and Suzuki get in stomps where they can, as well as some trash talk. Suzuki cranks the ankle again but Ibushi rolls. The fans rally as Ibushi endures and gets around. Suzuki pulls hard, Ibushi gets the ropebreak! Red Shoes calls for the break, but Suzuki talks trash. Suzuki tells Ibushi to let up but Ibushi tells him to let go. Ibushi has the heel hook now and cranks back. Suzuki stomps until Ibushi lets go but Ibushi stomps back! Suzuki lets go to go to the apron. Ibushi drags Suzuki up but Suzuki is after his arms! Ibushi forearms Suzuki away, then runs to BOOT Suzuki down! Suzuki hits railing and Ibushi goes out after him. Ibushi stomps Suzuki, drags him up and whips him to railing!

Fans fire up as Ibushi goes back in the ring. Fans clap with Ibushi but Suzuki rises. Suzuki goes around the way, and goes up the ramp? Suzuki dares Ibushi to come get him! “KOI! (C’MON!)” Suzuki goes to the stage and dares Ibushi to come after him. Ibushi goes out and heads up the ramp after him. If Suzuki wants Ibushi, here he is! They brawl on stage! Fans rally as Suzuki and Ibushi throw forearms back and forth! Suzuki DECKS Ibushi, then brings him back up to DECK him again! Suzuki stomps Ibushi down the ramp, then brings him up for more forearms! The ring count starts and Suzuki kicks Ibushi while he’s down. The count is at 10 of 20 but Suzuki tells them to shut up. Suzuki goes back and is in at 15. Ibushi hobbles and Suzuki makes Red Shoes stop the count!

Ibushi gets in, fires body shots but Suzuki DECKS him again! Suzuki stomps Ibushi but Ibushi sits up. Ibushi eggs Suzuki on as Suzuki kicks him. Suzuki KICKS Ibushi again but Ibushi keeps egging him on! Suzuki KICKS and Ibushi takes a moment. Suzuki dribbles Ibushi off the mat, slaps him around, but Ibushi dares him to keep going. Ibushi then throws forearms back but Suzuki laughs as he ROCKS Ibushi again. Suzuki throws body shots, a haymaker, then runs corner to corner to BOOT! Suzuki drags Ibushi out to knee low then he runs, but into Ibushi’s dropkick! Fans fire up and rally as the two men stir. Ibushi stands first, brings Suzuki up, and ducks Suzuki’s palm strike to fire off a strike fest! Suzuki fires up and throws more forearms!

Ibushi gives another strike fest then KICKS! Suzuki stays up and he grits his teeth! Ibushi KICKS him again but Suzuki wobbles! KICK, wobble! KICK, Suzuki roars! Ibushi BOOTS Suzuki over then KICKS him again! Suzuki just roars as he stays up! The fans are fired up as Ibushi KICKS again! Suzuki refuses to fall all the way over! Ibushi runs again, KICKS, and this time Suzuki is down. Ibushi toys with Suzuki now, and fans rally up as Suzuki just takes them. Suzuki starts to grin as Ibushi gives him chin checks and kicks. Suzuki DECKS Ibushi! Red Shoes checks on Ibushi but he’s somehow okay to continue. Suzuki scowls as he stalks behind Ibushi. Ibushi flounders about but manages to stand. Suzuki ROCKS him with another right, but Ibushi stays up. Suzuki ROCKS him again, and again!

Ibushi still eggs Suzuki on!? Suzuki BOOTS, Ibushi BOOTS, Suzuki BOOTS, Suzuki blocks Ibushi’s boot to throw more forearms! Ibushi ROUNDHOUSES! Suzuki rises?! And he DECKS Ibushi again! Both men are down and fans fire up! Suzuki growls as he rises slowly. Fans rally up as Ibushi rises and Suzuki flounders about. Suzuki and Ibushi stagger over to each other and Suzuki laughs. Suzuki gives short headbutts over and over and now Ibushi laughs! Ibushi throws forearms, Suzuki gives them back, and we have another brawl! Fans fire up as they go back and forth, faster and faster! Faster and faster!! They aren’t even taking time to guard! They wobble and fans cheer as they stay on their feet!

Suzuki eggs Ibushi on but Ibushi throws another forearm. Suzuki throws one back, then palm strikes. Ibushi gives those back, and they’re throwing hands fast and furious! Suzuki gets the edge, ducks Ibushi’s retaliation to SLEEPER HOLD! Ibushi reaches out but already starts to fade! Fans rally up and Suzuki spins Ibushi! Gotch lift, but Ibushi fights up and out to back drop. Suzuki sunset flips, Ibushi has the wrists! KAMIGO- NO! Suzuki rolls with the knee to get the ankle! Half Crab! Ibushi endures as Suzuki gets the other leg, for the FULL Boston Crab! Fans rally up as Ibushi endures and Suzuki sits deep! Suzuki is working on a WALLS OF JERICHO! It is Jericho’s 30th anniversary. Ibushi rolls through but Suzuki still has the one leg. Suzuki cranks on the heel, Ibushi fights up to his one good foot, V-TRIGGER!

Ibushi wants another but Suzuki blocks! Suzuki spins Ibushi to the sleeper, then to the Gotch but Ibushi is free, V-TRIG- NO! Suzuki blocks this one, and gets an arm. Ibushi headbutts, gets both arms, STANDING KAMIGOYE?!? Ibushi takes the knee pads down, sits Suzuki back up, and gives him a PROPER KAMIGOYE!! High stack cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Suzuki earns 0

Yet Suzuki is grinning?! Suzuki enjoyed battling Ibushi, will these two battle again with the NEVER Openweight Championship on the line? But Ibushi also keeps pace with Ospreay and White to keep the top of the block in a very interesting situation! Ibushi beat Ospreay, Ospreay beat White, White beat Ibushi! Will one of them pull away to be THE man on top of A Block?


A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Shingo Takagi!

The Rainmaker managed to get a quick win off Cobb while The Dragon managed to overcome the Golden Star and hold onto that outside chance! Will this be Takagi’s chance to soar like a dragon? Or will Okada finally break through to former glory?

The bell rings and fans rally already. Takagi and Okada circle, but Okada goes to a corner. Takagi backs away, Okada comes back and they tie up. Okada gets the arm, wrenches to a wristlock, but Takagi wrenches back to a wristlock of his own. Takagi cranks on the wrist, Okada rolls and trips Takagi up to get a toehold. Takagi turns over but Okada uses that to lace up the legs. Okada floats to a headlock but Takagi fights up. Takagi wrenches to a hammerlock, shifts to a headlock and hits a takeover, but Okada headscissors back. Takagi pops out and the two stand off, which fans cheer. Okada and Takagi reset and fans rally again. The clapping begins and Takagi wonders, is it “TA-KA-GI” or “O-KA-DA” they want?

Okada and Takagi circle again, tie up, and Takagi powers Okada to ropes. Okada turns things around, lets up on the break and fakes Takagi for the shoulder pats. Takagi rushes Okada but Okada kicks low! Okada headlocks, Takagi powers out, but Okada bumps him with shoulders. Takagi rebounds and runs Okada over! Things speed up, Takagi fakes Okada out to run him over again! Fans fire up and the claps for “O-KA-GI!” “TA-KA-DA!” (Great Key At Most?) start up. Takagi whips Okada corner to corner but Okada reverses. Okada runs in, Takagi dodges the elbow and runs. Okada boots, snapmares and runs, basement dropkick! Takagi bails out and fans fire up. Takagi grabs a chair from the timekeeper’s area, to take a seat. Fans cheer more as Takagi dares Okada to come out.

Okada patiently waits inside the ring instead. Takagi goes around, starts looking under the ring, but he gets back in. Okada kicks Takagi, brings him out and turns him for the neckbreaker! Fans cheer and Okada brings Takagi up. Okada bumps Takagi off buckles, then throws back elbows. Takagi shrugs those off but Okada throws another! Fans cheer and Okada brings Takagi back out. Okada throws elbows to the neck, Takagi elbows Okada in the side. Okada forearms Takagi and Takagi leans on the ropes. Okada brings Takagi up to scoop and slam, then he goes to the apron for the slingshot! Takagi bails out to avoid the senton, but Okada is right up to PLANCHA! Takagi avoids that, trips Okada up then hits the DDT to the floor! Fans fire up after Dangerous Driver Takagi and Takagi gets them rallying.

Takagi drags Okada up, bumps him off the apron and then brings him around to grind into the post! Red Shoes reprimands, Takagi stops and RAMS Okada into the apron! Takagi has media move, and he whips Okada into railing! Okada falls but fans cheer as Takagi heads over. Takagi drags Okada up again and puts him back in the ring. Takagi slingshot double stomps, then marches on Okada’s chest! Red Shoes reprimands, Takagi lets off and he brings Okada back up. Takagi scoop slams, drops elbows over and over, then a back senton! Cover, TWO! Takagi drags Okada into body scissors and puts on the squeeze! Okada endures, fans build to a rally, and Okada drags himself and Takagi around. Okada reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Takagi lets up but he drags Okada back up.

Fans rally as Takagi bumps Okada off buckles. Takagi rams into Okada then throws forearms. Takagi brings Okada out for a high and hard suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer, Takagi argues the count a bit, then stands on Okada’s head. Red Shoes reprimands but Takagi stomps! Takagi fires fans up and he is confident the clapping is “TA-KA-GI!” Takagi gives toying kicks but Okada gets up. Okada throws forearms, Takagi DOUBLE CHOPS! Takagi whips and knees Okada at ropes, but he runs into the FLAPJACK! Fans fire up while Takagi is frustrated with himself. Okada and Takagi stir and the fans rally again. Okada stands first and he throws forearms on Takagi. Okada whips, Takagi reverses but Okada dodges to back elbow!

Fans fire up with Okada and he goes after Takagi. Okada whips Takagi corner to corner, runs in to back elbow, then kicks and DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his cool and fans follow the clap clap clap stomp. Okada stalks Takagi, Alabama lifts but Takagi blocks! Okada throws forearms, EuroUpper, but Takagi gets the arms! Okada elbows back, whips again but Takagi reverses. Takagi runs in, blocks the boot and clotheslines back! Takagi runs to ropes, Okada blocks and fireman’s carries but Takagi slips out. Okada elbows out of the waistlock, runs, but Takagi pops Okada up for the fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY BOMB! Cover, TWO! Takagi keeps his cool and fans rally back up.

Takagi sits Okada up for point-blank hip attacks and stomps. Takagi gives toying kicks, brings Okada up, but again Okada fights off the Especial! Okada spins, Alabama lifts and REVERSE NECKBREAKERS! Both men are down but fans fire up! Okada rises, brings Takagi up and throws forearms. Takagi throws forearms back, so Okada hits more. They brawl back and forth, fans rally up, Takagi JABS and CHOPS! Takagi whips, Okada boots but Takagi blocks. Okada dodges the clothesline, puts Takagi up top and dropkicks him down! Takagi tumbles to the floor and fans fire up again! Okada goes out to bring Takagi up. Takagi blocks the gut wrench and elbows Okada back. Takagi whips, Okada reverses and now Takagi hits railing! Okada drags Takagi over, puts him on the apron for a DRAPING DDT!

Fans fire up while Red Shoes checks on them. Takagi is okay to continue and fans rally with the clapping again. Okada grits his teeth as he gets up. The ring count is already 10 of 20 but Okada goes to Takagi. Okada brings Takagi up and in at 15 and fans cheer that this will continue. Okada brings Takagi up again, gut wrenches but Takagi blocks! Okada clubs Takagi, runs, into the elbow! JAB! LARIAT! Fans fire up and Takagi hobbles back over. Takagi makes sure his own neck works before bringing Okada up. Especial, Okada fights out and has the arm! MONEY CLIP! Takagi reaches for ropes, Okada shifts to a backslide, but Takagi resists that to Especial! NOSHIGAMI! Both men are down but fans fire up again. Takagi drags Okada into a wheelbarrow GERMAN! High stack cover, ROPEBREAK!

Okada stirs but Takagi is up first. Takagi fires up and the fans clap. Takagi drags Okada back up, drives elbows into the shoulder and neck, then adds crossface forearms! Takagi runs, Okada rises to dropkick! Fans fire up as Okada drags Takagi up, gut wrench, TOMBSTONE! Okada has the arm, for the MONEY CLIP! Takagi endures, fans rally as he fights and moves around and Okada cranks harder! Takagi punches at the hold but Okada just wrenches more! Takagi’s foot gets the ropebreak! Okada lets go and both men are down. Fans rally again as Okada stands first. Okada goes to a corner and climbs up top. Takagi hurries over to anchor a foot! Okada clubs, Takagi CHOPS! Takagi climbs up, Okada gives forearms, but Takagi gives headbutt after headbutt!

Fans fire up with Takagi as he goes all the way up, for the SUPERPLEX!! Takagi crawls over, covers, TWO!! Okada survives but both men grit their teeth as they rise. Takagi fires himself up and the fans clap with “OI! OI! OI!” Okada is in a corner, Takagi runs corner to corner, corner PUMPING BOMBER! Okada fires forearms back! Takagi ROCKS Okada and whips! Okada reverses, his dropkick is denied, but he dodges the sliding lariat! Okada uppercuts, Takagi blindside lariats! Okada boots from the corner and shotgun dropkicks! Takagi is right up to SLIDING LARIAT!! Fans are thunderous as both men are down again! Okada and Takagi stir, Takagi crawls over and drags Okada up. Fans keep rallying as Okada throws an uppercut! Takagi wobbles, Okada tries to gut wrench but Takagi fights it!

Okada still tries, Takagi has a leg, so Okada clubs him. Okada uppercuts again, and again, and again! Takagi wobbles to ropes and fans rally again. Okada gut wrenches, Takagi fights free and HEADBUTTS! Okada throws more forearms but Takagi eggs him on! Takagi throws forearms from all sides! Takagi ROCKS Okada but says he’s not done! He throws even MORE forearms from all sides, RUNNING FOREARM!! Okada is in a daze as Takagi brings him back up! Pump handle, torture rack, but Okada slips out! Okada Alabama lifts, Takagi sunset flips, Okada sits down! Cover, TWO!! Takagi escapes, flounders into the gut wrench, SPINNING TOMBSTONE! Okada sits Takagi up for the MONEY CLIP!!

Takagi endures, fans rally hard as ever and Takagi fights up! Takagi reaches for ropes, Okada pulls him away, but Takagi still tries. Okada turns him to back slide, Takagi rolls through, RAINMAKER! But that wasn’t quite it, and Okada brings Takagi back up. Takagi LARIATS but Okada stays up. Takagi HEADBUTTS, JABS, but Okada ducks the lariat. Okada swings but Takagi ducks that lariat, to wristlock ripcord and STEAL the RAINMAKER?!?! Call it DRAGON MAKER! Takagi staggers up and fans fire up with him as he steals the POSE! Takagi runs, Okada staggers up, but Okada boots first! Okada runs, Takagi clotheslines at ropes! Takagi runs, Okada catches him and spins him, but Takagi blocks the discus! Takagi pump handles, MADE IN JAPAN!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Okada survives and the fans are electric!!

Takagi isn’t done yet, he fires up and runs, PUMPING BOMBER!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! Okada survives again and fans are at a new level: ERUPTING! Takagi fires up, pump handles but Okada clubs him. Takagi POINT-BLANK PUMPING! Fans keep rallying, Takagi pump handles and torture racks, but Okada slips out to MONEY CLIP! Takagi arm-drags but Okada shotgun dropkicks! Takagi rises?! Okada dodges his lariat to DISCUS RAINMAKER!! Both men are down but the fans continue to erupt! Okada crawls to Takagi and gets the arm. Okada sits Takagi up, MONEY CLIP!! Takagi endures and punches at the hold. Okada cranks as hard as he can, Takagi starts to fade! Fans rally up as Red Shoes checks. Takagi stays awake, grabs at Red Shoes and pulls him back. Takagi stands, into a BACK2BACKBREAKER!

Takagi is down, Okada drags Takagi from ropes, but Takagi grabs at Okada’s hair! Red Shoes reprimands and asks Takagi if he’s done. Takagi throws clubbing hands, Okada CRANKS! Takagi is turning purple!! Red Shoes checks again, Takagi is OUT!! Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by submission; gains 2 points, Takagi earns 0

Takagi loses to the Money Clip but it was his body that gave up, not his spirit! Okada slays the dragon and keeps pace with the others at the top of the block! But with Ibushi and White having wins over him, is there still hope for Okada to take the block?

Okada gets the mic to shout, “MY FIFTH WIN! This Summer- Wait, Autumn… I know. Until I do that, it doesn’t really feel like a G1, does it? Sorry for keeping you waiting.” Okada knows it’s been awhile since he’s been able to celebrate a G1 win in Osaka, so thank you. Since he won, he might as well win the whole G1 Climax, right? Fans cheer because they’d love to see that. He HAS to come back to Osaka the G1 Champion now, doesn’t he? “I will absolutely keep that promise.” Just two more matches, and they’re both Chaos VS Chaos! Get excited, and see you next month! Will the Rainmaker find a way to overcome Ishii AND Ospreay to head to the finals?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

Will Ospreay: 5-2, 10 points
Jay White: 5-2, 10 points
Kota Ibushi: 5-2, 10 points
Kazuchika Okada: 5-2, 10 points
Jeff Cobb: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Taichi: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Minoru Suzuki: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Tomohiro Ishii: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Shingo Takagi: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Yujiro Takahashi: 0-7, 0 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

An incredible round 7 for the A Block! Four 5-2 records, all with interesting win-losses just between each other. I love that White VS Yujiro started as if it was going to be a win handed to White on a silver platter, but the leader of Bullet Club doesn’t have the hold over his guys like he thinks. White still wins, of course, because it builds the story within the Bullet Club while also pushing things in the G1. Ospreay has a great match with Taichi, Ibushi has a great match with Suzuki, and Okada has an amazing match with Takagi. I really thought Takagi was going to pull it off, but Okada is Okada so he’s keeping pace with the top of the block. Ospreay has a win over White, White has wins over Okada and Ibushi, but Ibushi has wins over Ospreay and Okada. They’re saving Okada VS Ospreay for the ninth and final round, that could very well decide it all.

My Score: 9.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (6/2/23)

Champions are on a Rampage!



Four championships on one Friday night!

AEW Rampage hosts FOUR (non AEW) championship matches on one night! Will the champions make it through with their titles?


  • AAA Mega Championship Triple Threat: El Hijo del Vikingo VS Komander VS Dralistico; Vikingo wins and retains the title.
  • NJPW World Television Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Action Andretti; ZSJ wins and retains the title.
  • NJPW Strong Women’s Championship: Willow Nightingale VS Emi Sakura; Willow wins and retains the title.
  • ROH Pure Championship: Katsuyori Shibata VS Lee Moriarty; Shibata wins and retains the title.


AAA Mega Championship Triple Threat: El Hijo del Vikingo VS Komander VS Dralistico w/ Jose!

Two of these men teamed up just last night on ROH to win a Six Man Tag, but now they are opponents for the top title in AAA Lucha Libre. Meanwhile, La Faccion Ingobernable’s Prince of Silver and Gold is hungry for gold, will he take it away from Vikingo?

The bell rings and the three circle. Fans rally up for “LUCHA! LUCHA!” and “LUCHA LIBRE!” Dralistico swings, Vikingo dodges, but then Komander ducks Vikingo’s kick! Dralistico picks Vikingo up, throws him at Komander, but Komander throws Vikingo back. Vikingo wheelbarrows and arm-drags Dralistico but handsprings through. Vikingo dodges Komander now, shoves him to ropes, but Komander springboards! Vikingo gets under the crossbody, Komander tumbles and rolls but Dralistico jumps over, and then Vikingo jumps over Dralistico. Komander jumps over Vikingo, Dralistico jumps over Komander again, and they cycle continues!

Fans fire up for jump after jump, and then the three stand off. Dralistico raises the LFI fist and the three circle. Dralistico shoves the other two to then DOUBLE SHOTGUN! They bail out, Dralistico runs to FLY! Dralistico wipes both men out and fans fire up! Dralistico RAMS Komander into steel steps, and then he runs and RAMS Vikingo into railing! Fans cheer, Jose pats Dralistico on the shoulder and Dralistico goes back to BOOT Komander down. Dralistico puts Komander in, aims and springboards, to SWANTON! Cover, TWO! Dralistico wants a faster count but the ref says his count was fair.

Dralistico stomps Komander but fans taunt him. Dralistico bails out, tells the fans he’s done with them, but then they boo. Dralistico goes back to the ring, brings Komander up and tells everyone to hush. Dralistico CHOPS and Komander sits right down! Fans cheer as Dralistico says one more time, and he CHOPS, and CHOPS, and whips Komander. Komander reverses, runs in but is put on the apron. Dralistico swings, Komander blocks, and then Komander CHOPS! Komander slingshots up but Dralistico trips him! Dralistico ROCKS Komander, puts him in the ropes, and then goes up the corner.

Fans fire up as Dralistico WOE STOMPS Komander to the apron!! Fans fire up but then Vikingo gets in to go up and up and AIRHARA MOONSAULT! Direct hit on Dralistico and the fans are thunderous! Vikingo gets Dralistico and Komander in the ring, and then runs in at the corner. Dralistico stands up into the GAMANGIRI! Vikingo goes up the corner, to IMPLODER DRAGON RANA!! Fans fire up as Vikingo keeps Dralistico in the ring to then go up the ropes, OUTSIDE-IN PHOENIX SPLASH!! Cover, Komander breaks it! Fans fire up as this continues, they love “LUCHA! LUCHA!”

Vikingo GAMANGIRIS Dralistico, Komander adds a knee, and they double whip corner to corner. Vikingo sends Komander in but Dralistico TOSSES him out! Vikingo and Dralistico step up face to face, and Vikingo CHOPS! Dralistico CHOPS! Vikingo CHOPS again! Dralistico drops to a knee, and fans rally up. Vikingo throws forearms but Dralistico gives them back. Dralistico then SOBATS, KNEES, and runs, but into a SCREW HIGH KICK! Cover, TWO! Dralistico survives and Vikingo is a bit surprised. Fans continue to rally as Vikingo sees Komander on the apron. Vikingo storms up to throw forearms on Komander while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Vikingo GAMANGIRIS Komander down to the floor, then he fires forearms on Dralistico. Vikingo gets the fans fired up as he whips corner to corner. Dralistico reverses, runs in, but Vikingo puts him on the apron. Dralistico bumps Viking off buckles, ROUNDHOUSES him, then springboards, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Vikingo is still in this and Jose is upset. Dralistico drags Vikingo up, pushes him to ropes, then goes out to look under the ring. He brings out a TABLE! Jose helps Dralistico set that up at ringside, then Dralistico goes to fetch Vikingo. Komander is there but Dralistico ROCKS him and RAMS him into railing.

Dralistico CHOKES Vikingo against the railing, Rampage returns to single picture, and Dralistico puts Vikingo in the ring. Fans rally up, Dralistico runs to SUPERKICK Komander in the corner! Dralistico tranquilos on the top rope and fans are torn. Dralistico runs side to side again but Komander avoids the boot wash to GAMANGIRI! Komander springboards and double jumps, FLYING RANA!! Not the cleanest but fans fire up. Vikingo returns, Komander goes Matrix to then arm-drag Vikingo around! And dropkick! Fans fire up again as Vikingo brawls with Dralistico on the outside, and Komander climbs the far corner!

Komander tightrope walks to double jump MOONSAULT! “This is Awesome!” as Komander puts Dralistico in the ring. Komander goes up the corner again, tightrope walks again, 450 SPLASH!! Cover, but Vikingo DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS it apart! Fans fire up as Dralistico flops out onto the table. Vikingo whips Komander, Komander reverses, but Vikingo goes up and Komander hits buckles! Vikingo then springboards to FLYING POISON-RANA Komander down!! Vikingo puts Komander out on the table with Dralistico, and then runs the ropes! Fans fire up as Vikingo goes up and 630 SENTONS through the senton!!

“This is Awesome!” but Dralistico avoided disaster! Dralistico puts Vikingo in, slashes his throat, POWER- RANA!! Cover, VIKINGO WINS!!

Winner: El Hijo del Vikingo, by pinfall (still AAA Mega Champion)

Dralistico is furious that victory was snatched away from him in an instant! But this is why you cannot underestimate El Hijo del Vikingo! Will his AAA Mega reign continue through the summer?


Backstage interview with Team Triple J.

Lexi Nair is with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, as well as Jeff & Karen Jarrett, “and the talk all week has been that you, Sonjay Dutt, and your group will be suspended.” WHAT?! Fined? Suspended? The only ones who should be facing that is AEW itself! They backed Triple J into a corner and they came out swinging like any real fighters would! Lethal feels that there should be consequences for Aubrey Edwards! She’s been against Triple J since the dawn of time! Something needs to be done about her! Jeff adds that there’s been enough talk these past five days. Should the heat go on the promotion? Should the heat go on Briscoe? On Aubrey?

The reality of the fact is, these five people are walking, talking, fire-breathing heat! But wait, here comes Mark Briscoe! He wants everyone to simmer down. There will be no suspensions, he assures us that. Mark talked with Tony Khan, Tony promised them there would be no suspensions. Because if Triple J is suspended, then they can’t be here. Because if they aren’t here, then they can’t get the ass whooping they deserve! Lethal wants Mark to hold on but Mark tells Lethal to shut up! We ain’t talking about Lethal! We’re talking about Jeff and KAREN! What?! “We?” Who is “we?!” AUBREY EDWARDS!!

Triple J cannot believe this. Aubrey wants Karen? Then there’s nothing but air and opportunity between them. So then Aubrey CHOKES Karen!! Karen and Aubrey start scrapping and Triple J, other refs and security rush in to stop this! When and where will Double J & the one true Karen have to face off with the Sussex County Chicken and one pissed off zebra?


NJPW World Television Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Action Andretti!

Speaking of just last night on ROH, the Frontman of TMDK just defended this belt against Rocky Romero to prove a point to “Samoan Joseph” about who is the better, harder working Television Champion. And here he is again as part of this championship edition of Rampage! Will the ZSJ Show continue on into the summer block? Or will NJPW have some #LightsCameraAction?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Action gets his 15 minutes of fame!

The bell rings and we’re on the clock. The two circle, fans rally, feel things out, and ZSJ shoots in to waistlock and full nelson. Then he spins Action to a cravat, but Action pries at the hold. ZSJ facelocks now, Action wrenches out of that but ZSJ rolls and slips away. Fans cheer this opening exchange and the two reset. Action shoots in but ZSJ avoids him. They tie up with knuckle locks, ZSJ bridges back and wrenches around to then wrangle Action with a top wristlock. Fans cheer and ZSJ digs a knee into the shoulder. Action rolls, cartwheels, arm-drags, but fans cheer as ZSJ holds onto the wrist!

ZSJ twists the wrist, bends the fingers, drags Action up and wrenches the arm to wrangle him again. Action keeps his shoulders up, fans rally, and Action kips up to wrench and MONKEY FLIP! But ZSJ still holds onto the wrist! Fans rally, ZSJ bends the fingers and he tortures Action’s arm. Action fights up but ZSJ keeps after the fingers. ZSJ flexes but Action stands. Action spins, flips and arm-drags free! Action then CHOPS ZSJ, then knuckle locks to go up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAG! ZSJ flounders up, Action DROPKICKS him down! Fans fire up as Action runs to IMPLODER TORNILLO! Cover, TWO!

ZSJ is still in this but he goes to a corner. Action runs in, but ZSJ dodges. Action goes up, leaps, and FLYING RANAS! ZSJ bails out, fans fire up and Action builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit into the railing! Fans are fired up with Action and he brings ZSJ back up. Action puts ZSJ in, slingshots, but ZSJ shoves him! Action lands safe but swings into body scissors, which ZSJ makes into a HANGING TRIANGLE! ZSJ did this to Rocky last night! The ref counts, ZSJ lets go at 4 and he drags Action back in, to WRING the arm out! Fans sing “OH~ Zack Sabre Junior~” as he stalks Action. ZSJ sits on the arm, hammerlocks it, and TWISTS!

Action writhes while fans are torn over the savagery. ZSJ gets Action’s leg, steps over to get the arm, and he STOMPS the arm! “OI! TV Tekkers, mates!” ZSJ stalks Action to a corner, brings him up and UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! “This is Awesome!” and ZSJ knuckle locks to wrench Action. Action endures as ZSJ twists the wrist more, and then ZSJ KICKS a leg. Action stays up so ZSJ wrenches and twists the wrist. Action throws body shots and CHOPS! ZSJ jumps on to drag Action down to a DISARMER! Action endures, reaches out, and fans rally. Action kicks around, ZSJ pulls on the arm, but Action gets the ROPEBREAK!

ZSJ lets go in frustration but he storms up to drag Action up. ZSJ has a double wristlock but Action endures. Fans rally, ZSJ jumps on to body scissor! Action stays up but ZSJ keeps on that arm. Action throws body shots, then suplexes high and HARD! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Action roars, runs, springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Cover, TWO! ZSJ survives and fans rally up again. Action brings ZSJ up, but ZSJ fights the torture rack to wrench and PELE the arm! And then he drop toeholds Action so he can STOMP the arm again! Fans are torn while Action clutches the bad shoulder.

ZSJ drags Action up, but Action blocks the Pele to ENZIGURI! Action puts ZSJ up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. But ZSJ gets the bad arm to twist it! And YANK it! Action throws body shots, forearms, but ZSJ DECKS Action! ZSJ eggs on the fans, the fans cheer, and Action kips up! PELE!! Action runs corner to corner and jumps up to SUPER STEINER!! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and Action can’t believe it! Action drags ZSJ up, torture racks, but ZSJ has a SLEEPER! Action sputters, he starts fading! But Action powers up! ZSJ lets go, slips free, but Action drops to victory roll! TWO!!!

ZSJ KICKS Action in the leg! And then KICKS him in the arm! ZSJ is mad now, but he runs into a SUPERKICK! Action goes up, POISON-RANA!! ZSJ flops around, Action runs in again, “This is Awesome!” as Action SHOTGUNS ZSJ down! ZSJ is in the drop zone, Action goes up, SPLIT-LEG MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives again but Action goes right to the apron. Action springboards, but flies into a TAKEDOWN! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!! Action flails around, but ZSJ gets the other arm! Modified Rings of Saturn, into JIM BREAKS ARMBAR!! Action verbally quits, ZSJ wins!!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission (still NJPW World TV Champion)

Action’s 15 minutes of fame were really just over 10 minutes as The Frontman does it again! But now he moves on to defend this title at NJPW Dominion on Sunday against Jeff Cobb in a highly anticipated rematch. The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but will ZSJ get crushed by the Imperial Unit?


NJPW Strong Women’s Championship: Willow Nightingale VS Emi Sakura!

The Babe with the Power, too sweet to be sour, is the very-first NJPW Strong Women’s Champion after a powerful run at Resurgence. But will Willow make it through her first defense? Or will the Queen of Joshi take Willow’s throne already?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, we witness a historic first defense!

The bell rings and the two RAM each other! Fans rally up as Emi and Willow RAM shoulders again! And again! Emi eggs Willow on so she says okay! Willow runs, RAMS Emi, but Emi roars! Emi runs, Willow follows and runs Emi over! Fans fire up and Willow waves. Willow brings Emi up to snap suplex! Willow runs up to CHOP Emi in the corner, then follows her along the ropes. Willow CHOPS Emi in the other corner and fans rally up. Willow puts Emi in the third corner, CHOPS, CHOPS and MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Fans fire up but Emi avoids the big chop. Emi runs in but Willow goes out to the apron.

Emi stops from hitting buckles, but Willow still counter punches her! Willow then brings Emi up, and fans fire up as they go up the ropes! Emi fights the suplex, tries to suplex Willow, but Willow fights to try again. But Emi rakes the eyes! Emi runs to BODY CHECK Willow off the apron! Emi goes out, signals to media to move, and laughs before she TOSSES Willow at railing! Fans rally as Emi runs in to SPLASH Willow against the railing! The ring count climbs as Emi drags Willow up and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Emi puts Willow in the ring, taunts the fans a bit, soaks up some heat, and then takes her time going up the steel steps. Willow sits up, Emi steps in, but Willow throws body shots! Emi CHOPS Willow, Willow goes to ropes, and Emi CHOPS her again! Willow goes to a corner, Emi soaks up the heat, and she storms up to CHOP again! And again! And again! Emi swaggers around, storms back up, but Willow CHOPS! And CHOPS! And ROCKS! Willow CHOPS again! Willow falls, Emi hurries to sit her up into a DRAGON SLEEPER! Willow endures, fights around, but Emi cranks the hold!

Fans rally, Willow fights but Emi pushes her to a cover, TWO! Willow is free of the hold, but Emi CHOPS her! And CHOPS her again! Willow eggs Emi on but Emi pokes her in the eye! The ref reprimands but Emi just grins. Emi brings Willow up to HEADBUTT! Willow staggers but she throws body shots. Emi eggs Willow on and SLAPS her! Emi brings Willow around to reel her in and hook the arms. But Willow fights with body shots! Willow fires off but Emi CLUBS her down as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Willow has Emi in a corner. Willow goes corner to corner to back body block! And clothesline! And snapmare to then go up. Emi stands, Willow MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Emi survives, maybe even got Willow’s eyes again, but Willow comes back. Willow fireman’s carries but Emi slips fere to the DRAGON SLEEPER! Emi laughs, to TWISTING DDT! Willow staggers to a corner, Emi grins and runs in, BODY CHECK in the corner! Emi goes up top to TWISTING VADER! Cover, TWO!! Willow survives and Emi is frustrated. Emi reels Willow in, hooks the arms, but Willow fights again!

Willow Alabama Lifts but Emi sunset flips! Willow rolls through to BASEMENT CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Emi survives but Willow just runs in, only for Emi to sidestep and roll-up! TWO, but Emi steps over. Willow powers out of La Magistrol, and DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Willow fires up, DOUBLE LARIATS collide again! Willow fires up again, swings, but Emi gets around to CHOP LARIAT!! Both women are down and the fans fire back up! The ref checks and both women are still in this. Emi drags Willow up, fans rally, but Emi underhooks the arms. BUTTERFLY FACEBUSTER!! Emi fires up, she’s not done here!

Fans are thunderous as Emi waits on Willow to rise. Emi then CHOPS, CHOPS, and CHOPS again! MACHINE GUN CHOPS, but Willow shoves her away. Emi CHOP LARIATS, then whips corner to corner. Willow comes back to POUNCE Emi into the corner! Fans fire up as Willow runs to CANNONBALL! And then she drags Emi out to high stack, TWO!! Emi is still in this and fans fire up! But the straps come down and Willow fires up! Fans fire up with her, she reels Emi in to gut wrench, but Emi fights the lift! Emi slips free to SLAP! SLAP! And SLAP! Emi runs, but Willow CLOBBERS her!

Gut wrench, and BABE WITH THE POWER BOMB!! Cover, Willow wins!

Winner: Willow Nightingale, by pinfall (still NJPW Strong Women’s Champion)

Now that’s a first defense for the history books! How much better will Willow make this inaugural reign if this is just the beginning?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

After their encounter with Dralistico and Preston Vance last Wednesday, #JungleHook reunites for a TEXAS TORNADO TAG MATCH! Will Jack Perry & The FTW Champion tear apart La Faccion Ingobernable?


BIG news for ROH!

On Friday, July 21st in Trenton, New Jersey, ROH returns to PPV with Death Before Dishonor! Tickets go on sale next Friday, June 9th!


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

“Tonight, two technical masters go face to face when Lee Moriarty takes on Shibata for the ROH Pure Championship.” Nigel McGuiness says a competitor like Shibata can pick you apart, one body part by another. But Tony Schiavone and Taz say not enough is said about just how talented Moriarty is for such a young wrestler. It looks like there’s been enough talk. It’s TIME for the main event!

ROH Pure Championship: Katsuyori Shibata VS Lee Moriarty!

The Wrestler defended this title just last night on ROH against his student, Alex “The Android” Coughlin. But now he faces #TAIGASTYLE, who has come close to snatching this title for his own not too long ago. Will tonight be Moriarty’s night? Or will Shibata make it through this Pure Wrestling Double Header?

The introductions are made, our judges are BJ Whitmer, Christopher Daniels & Jerry Lynn, and the belt is raised as we see who is truly THE Wrestler!

The bell rings and the clock is ticking on this 60 minute time limit. The two feel things out, Moriarty shoots in but Shibata holds him off with a sprawl. They clinch on the mat, Shibata slips to a waistlock and then a chinlock. Moriarty slips free but Shibata pushes him to a cover, ONE! Shibata wraps Moriarty up with his own arm and then goes for the armbar! Moriarty clasps hands but ends up in a TRIANGLE! Moriarty falls onto the ROPEBREAK, that is his first of three. Shibata even lets Moriarty know it as they reset. They knuckle lock, go shoulder to shoulder, clinch, and Moriarty tries for a leg.

Shibata powers Moriarty down, gets around to a waistlock, and they stand up. Moriarty pries the hold, fans cheer this technical exchange, but then Moriarty elbows free! Moriarty stomps Shibata into a corner, the ref counts, but Moriarty digs his boot in. Fans boo, but Shibata powers up to back Moriarty down! Shibata throws the foot down but Shibata ROCKS him! Moriarty runs to dropkick the legs out! Fans boo while Moriarty grits his teeth, and then the fans rally up for Shibata as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Moriarty mocks the applause as he stands over Shibata. Moriarty then says they can stop all that, and he grabs a leg to DDT the foot! Moriarty kips up, air guitars, and he ties up Shibata’s legs into a unique crisscross toehold. Then he sits with it for a modified stump puller! Shibata’s shoulders are down, Moriarty is practically stealing Darby Allin’s Last Supper! TWO as Shibata kicks out and Moriarty argues the count. Moriarty drags Shibata around, stomps a leg, then stomps it more and more before another DDT to the foot! Moriarty mocks the clapping from the fans, and then he drags Shibata around for a spinning toehold!

Shibata endures as Moriarty ties up the legs into another cross toehold. Moriarty puts Shibata into an Indian Deathlock, then he knuckle locks Shibata for a cover. TWO as Shibata gets an arm up! Moriarty pushes the arm back down, TWO as Shibata gets the other arm up! Moriarty pushes that arm down, TWO as Shibata gets both arms up! Moriarty CHOPS Shibata, pushes on the legs, then lets Shibata go. Moriarty gets a leg, hooks it, and ties Shibata up in another cross toehold, only for Shibata to trip him! Shibata gets Moriarty’s legs, steps through, but Moriarty fights the figure four! Shibata powers through to sync it in!

Moriarty endures, reaches out, but his shoulders are down. TWO as Moriarty sits up, Shibata keeps on the pressure, and Moriarty falls back onto his shoulders. TWO as he sits up again! Shibata has the extended leg caught in a heel hook behind his back! Moriarty falls back again, shoulders are down, TWO as he sits back up! Moriarty endures, reaches out, claws at the hold, and he pries it open. Shibata works to keep it on tight, Moriarty is down again, TWO! Moriarty sits up, Shibata thrashes around, and Rampage returns to single picture. Fans rally, Moriarty drags Shibata along as he reaches back, but Shibata drags him from the ropes!

Moriarty scrambles and goes to the opposite side, ROPEBREAK! That’s his second, he has one left, and we’ve only just past six minutes! Shibata stomps Moriarty’s bad leg, has him in a corner, and he fires off forearms! The ref counts, Shibata fires again and again, but lets off at 4. Shibata runs corner to corner but Moriarty follows to KNEE him in the corner! And then HALF HATCH BRIDGE! TWO as Shibata fights out of the “pancake.” Moriarty HAMMERS away on the back of Shibata’s head! Fans rally, Moriarty suplexes, but Shibata blocks! Shibata powers out but Moriarty kicks low!

Moriarty runs but into a kitchen sink knee! Fans rally, Shibata stomps his legs into working, and he storms up on Moriarty. Shibata drags Moriarty up to whip him to a corner and BOOT! And he fires off more forearms! The ref counts, Shibata runs corner to corner, HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Fans fire up for that Shibata signature and he drags Moriarty up. HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Moriarty is still in this but Shibata clamps right on with a chinlock! Moriarty fights to the ROPEBREAK, but that’s his last! Shibata waistlocks. Moriarty switches to roll up, TWO! But Moriarty rolls with to get the BORDER CITY STRETCH!!

Shibata endures, Moriarty pulls him back, but fans rally up. Shibata rolls things to a cover, TWO! Moriarty ROCKS Shibata, winds up, but Shibata ROCKS Moriarty! And then SLEEPER!! Shibata sits Moriarty down, runs, PENALTY KICK!! Cover, Shibata wins!!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata, by pinfall (still ROH Pure Champion)

Just past nine minutes and Shibata finishes things off, but wait! Daniel Garcia is here! The Dragonslayer is a former ROH Pure Champion, and he’s walking out right to the ring! Garcia steps in, he swaggers up to Shibata, and it is clear this is what’s next for Shibata. Shibata raises the belt to signal his accepting the challenge, will The Wrestler put down this sports… enner-tay-ner?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage here, though I’m surprised this wasn’t just a Battle of the Belts special. Excalibur said it himself on commentary in the main event, but it was great to start off with the epitome of lucha libre and finish on Strong Style technical wrestling. The AAA Mega Championship was a great opener, and was definitely another instance where I’m grateful we can pause things because they were going fast and furious. Or maybe at Flash speeds, since that’s a Warner Brothers movie they could plug. But as I figured going into this, all the champions retained, since none of these were AEW titles (directly, since ROH is a subsidiary of AEW now).

The NJPW World Television Championship continues to be a great title to watch because of the 15 minute time limit speeding things up. Likewise, ZSJ is always a great wrestler to watch, but so hard to write for cuz he has the biggest collection of named signature moves/holds of any wrestler I’ve seen. I had to double check what he was using to make Action tap, because I keep thinking things are Clarky Cat when they’re not Clarky Cat. ZSJ is setting a very high bar for this title, maybe he retains against Cobb at Dominion or maybe he loses, but it’s going to be hard for the second-ever NJPW World TV Champion to match what ZSJ has done.

Great first title defense for Willow and this title, she and Emi put on a great match. I wonder when Willow has her first defense on NJPW Strong, and who she’ll be facing. And we got a great Pure Championship match to finish, and I’m surprised it was so quick, even compared to the NJPW World TV Championship match. But great win for Shibata, I like that Garcia is stepping up, and that’s going to be an awesome match. I don’t know if they’re going to wait until Death Before Dishonor in July for that match, but knowing AEW and ROH, they can find a way to stretch things out. Especially with Garcia also busy being part of JAS and doing JAS things.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (6/2/23)

Is the Bloodline finished?



SmackDown celebrates The Tribal Chief!

Roman Reigns celebrates 1000 DAYS as WWE Universal Champion, but what does it matter after Jimmy Uso betrayed him at Night of Champions?


  • Six Man Tag: The Brawling Brutes VS Austin Theory & Pretty Deadly; Theory & Pretty Deadly win.
  • The Good Brothers w/ The OC VS Hit Row w/ B-Fab; The Good Brothers win.
  • Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Zelina Vega VS Lacey Evans; Vega wins and advances to MITB.
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: LA Knight VS Montez Ford; Knight wins and advances to MITB.


Paul Heyman speaks.

“Roman Reigns, your Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion, stands at the apex of sports entertainment. Nearly three years ago, Your Tribal Chief reclaimed his Universal Championship. And as time passed, Roman’s title reign has surpassed legends, icons, hall of famers. On the Grandest Stage of Them All, the Head of the Table smashed and stacked his competition. Then humbled a Hall of Famer, and sent a 16-time world champion into the Ocean of Obscurity. Every contender, unable to withstand Roman’s sheer dominance and forced to…” ACKNOWLEDGE him.

“Challenger after challenger, crumble at his feet. And at his second Showcase of the Immortals as your reigning champion, Roman Reigns conquered The Beast, unifying the WWE and Universal titles on his 581st day as the champion in WWE. His power persisted. His Bloodline strengthened. His legacy flourished. Greatness on a different level. And on his 945th day, the greatest champion of any era made history by retaining his championship for the third straight WrestleMania. And now, it’s time to acknowledge the longest reign in over 35 years, over 1000 days. Roman. Reigns…!”


Austin Theory is in the ring.

The Now may not have reached even half of what Roman has achieved, but he is the United States Champion. He welcomes us to Austin Theory Live but the fans boo. Theory says they don’t need to have an attitude. Tonight is a very special night. “Tonight is the celebration of your Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns’ historical title reign. But you know what’s even better than that? If you took Roman’s title reign, and you combined it with the greatest United States Champion of all time… wait for it… Austin Theory’s reign, and you’d have… What is that? A total of 1,209 days! That is impressive. And not only that, it is very inspiring.

“It is almost as inspiring as being the guy who beat John Cena at WrestleMania.” Fans boo but Theory says we should face it. Let’s not be idiots! We all know Theory will have his 1000th day celebration for his title, and a 2000th, and maybe even a 3000th. Probably a 4000th. But if they just keep giving him guys like Sheamus, he’ll be the US Champion forever! “Guys, you really can’t boo me because I’m 25 and I’m the greatest to ever do this. And when you’re this great, everybody wants to gravitate towards you, they wanna be a part of it.” That brings Theory to the guys he wants to bring out.

These two guys did what was right! Theory presents none other than Pretty Deadly! Kit Wilson & Elton Prince make their entrance, and their theme song has a new remix, and they join Theory in the ring. They get mics, and Kit tells Theory, “We came here to tell you, that it was a pleasure destroying those ugly gremlins, the Brawling Brutes.” Elton says that unlike Sheamus, Theory is a champion the people deserve. They wanna show Theory their appreciation for such a good champion, in a way that only they can! “YES BOY~!” And they point to him! Feels good, right? But wait, here come the Brawling Brutes!

Fans fire up as Sheamus leads Ridge Holland & Pete Dunne out to the ring, ready for Fight Night! The ref hurries in to keep the peace, but will Theory & Pretty Deadly be leaving in pieces?

Six Man Tag: The Brawling Brutes VS Austin Theory & Pretty Deadly!

The trios sort out, Ridge starts against Elton. Elton headlocks, Ridge powers out and he CLOBBERS Elton! Fans fire up as Ridge UPPERCUTS Elton, then HEADBUTTS him to a corner. Ridge adds a clothesline, then bumps Elton off the buckle, KICKS him in the back and CLOBBERS him again! Ridge drags Elton up, tags in “Butch,” and they coordinate, suplex dropkick combo! Dunne drags Elton up, wrenches, but Elton throws body shots. Elton RAMS Dunne into the corner, tags in Kit, and Kit runs in to UPPERCUT! Dunne clutches his jaw while fans boo. Kit drops elbows, rains down hands, then covers, TWO!

Kit sits Dunne into a chinlock. Dunne endures, fans rally for Sheamus, and Dunne fights up. Dunne powers out, drops then hurdles to then drop and CLOBBER Kit! Fans fire up, Dunne stands on Kit’s hands, then STOMPS them! Kit ducks the buzzsaw and scrambles away. Tag to Theory, fans boo, and Theory tells Dunne he wants Sheamus! Fans fire up because they want that, too! Dunne tags Sheamus in and the Mohegan Sun Arena are fired up! These two circle, but then Theory bails out, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Elton has Dunne down with a top wristlock. Fans rally, Dunne endures and he fights up to his feet. But Elton throws him down by his hair! The ref reprimands and fans boo but Elton grabs at Dunne. Dunne grabs Elton’s fingers! Dunne bends the fingers, Elton screams, but Elton CLUBS Dunne down! Tag to Theory and he runs to BLAST Ridge! Theory taunts Sheamus, stomps Dunne, then brings Dunne up to CLUB him down. Fans rally for Dunne but Theory flexes on him. Theory drags Dunne over, tags in Kit, but Dunne kicks at Theory. Kit stomps Dunne, stands him up and UPPERCUTS him down!

Tag to Elton and Theory CHOKES Dunne behind the ref’s back! Pretty Deadly stomp while the ref is busy with Sheamus. Elton drags Dunne up but Dunne CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Elton ROCKS Dunne, then runs in, but into a BOOT! Dunne goes up, leaps, FLYING DDT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Dunne and Elton crawl, hot tags to Theory and Sheamus! The Fella rallies on Theory! And clotheslines in the corner! Whip corner to corner for another clothesline! Scoop and POWERSLAM! Fans fire up as Sheamus ROCKS Pretty Deadly and has them both on the ropes!

But Theory rolls Sheamus up! TWO!! Sheamus gets Theory with an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Then an IRISH CURSE for Kit! And then an IRISH CURSE for Elton! Fans fire up and the Brutes return. Everyone fireman’s carries someone, for a TRIPLE WHITE NOISE! Fans are thunderous and Sheamus has Theory all alone! BROGUE!!! Cover, but Pretty Deadly drag Theory out! Sheamus hurries up top!? Ridge BLASTS Pretty Deadly, Sheamus steadies himself, and he FLYING LARIATS Pretty Deadly back down! Dunne goes up, everyone gathers, ASAI MOONSAULT onto Theory & Pretty Deadly!

Fans are thunderous as the Brutes prove they can fly! Sheamus commends Butch for topping things off, and SmackDown goes to break.

Elton stomps Dunne. Elton brings Dunn up but Dunne gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Kit runs in but into an ENZIGURI! ENZIGURI for Theory! GAMANGIRI for Kit in a corner! GAMANGIRI for Elton in a corner! Tag to Ridge and SPLASHES Elton! Then Ridge brings Elton up, Dunne joins in, BACK SUPLEX BOMB COMBO! Sheamus  tags in and goes up for a KING KONG KNEE DROP! Cover, TWO!! Elton survives but Sheamus keeps his cool. Sheamus drags Elton up, reels him in, Canadian rack but Elton fights free of the crucifix! Elton BOOTS Sheamus, tags Kit, then gives Kit the boost, CRY MARTINI!

Theory tags in, drags Sheamus up to ROCK him and torture rack him! TOWER HACKER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Theory is furious and he rains down fists! Fans boo while Theory seethes and looms over Sheamus. Theory talks trash, brings Sheamus up, but Sheamus blocks a body shot to LARIAT point blank! Elton gets in but Ridge gives him an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Kit DROPKICKS Ridge but Dunne ENZIGURIS Kit! Dunne runs at Theory but Theory shovels him up and out! Theory somersaults, into a KNEE!! Cover, TWO!! Theory survives and Sheamus is too tired to be upset. Both men crawl and fans rally up.

Sheamus and Theory reach out, hot tags to Elton and Ridge! Kit tags in, but The Fridge picks Elton up! Kit saves Elton, but then Ridge picks them both up! DOUBLE back drop! Fans fire up as Ridge kicks Kit to the apron. Sheamus has Theory, and Dunne has Elton! Fans fire up for the TRIPLE BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN!! The Brutes all go to 10, though Dunne gets a little extra. Ridge then scoops for NORTHERN GRIT! Cover, but Theory breaks it! Dunne swings on Theory but into A-TOWN DOWN! Sheamus clotheslines Theory out! Sheamus pursues Theory, but Theory POSTS Sheamus!

Kit and Elton coordinate, they pull a sneaky move by hiding Elton under the apron skirt. The matching outfits make Ridge think that’s still Kit! Ridge drags Elton in, and surprise! Kit CHOP BLOCKS Ridge! Kit tags Elton, they get Ridge up for SPILT MILK!! And tag to Theory so he can cover, Theory & Pretty Deadly win!

Winners: Austin Theory & Pretty Deadly, by pinfall

The three of them hurry away before Dunne returns, having pulled another fast one. Will Kit & Elton be heading towards the tag titles? Will anyone be able to take the US Championship from Theory?


Paul Heyman is backstage.

The Wise Man is holding onto both the black WWE Championship and blue Universal Championship belts for the Tribal Chief as he walks up to the private suite. Heyman walks inside, is he going to discuss the celebration plans with Roman Reigns during the break?

SmackDown returns, and Heyman’s talking with Solo Sikoa. The magnitude that has never been accomplished before in the WWE. This needs to be special for the Tribal Chief, especially given what happened at Night of Champions. Heyman wants this to be special for Roman Reigns. And he knows Solo feels the same way. Heyman will go talk with Adam Pearce to make sure that Solo’s brothers, The Usos, are nowhere to be found tonight so that this is the night that we acknowledge Roman… Reigns! Heyman smiles and heads out, how does Solo really feel about what Jimmy did to Roman?


The OC talk backstage.

The Good Brothers are worried but Mia Yim says it’s fine, tonight is his birthday. AJ Styles walks in and they say happy birthday! Yes, it IS his birthday! And he apologizes for losing at Night of Champions, he ruined their night. No, no, it is not his fault. But you take the L, keep it moving. The OC has their back. But did anyone else see the “diss” track by Hit Row? Yeah, but Styles would rather see the Good Brothers drop Hit Row. Too Sweet, baby! And that match is happening next! Will Top Dolla & Ashante THEE Adonis think twice before opening their mouths next time?

The Good Brothers w/ The OC VS Hit Row w/ B-Fab!

SmackDown returns as Hit Row makes their entrance. The teams sort out, but Adonis ambushes Karl Anderson! Fans boo and the ref counts while Adonis stomps away, but then he lets off at 4. Adonis whips to CLOBBER Anderson, then he taunts Luke Gallows. Anderson goes to a corner, Adonis drags him out and tags Dolla. Hit Row whip Anderson to a corner, then Dolla whips Adonis in to RAM Anderson! Dolla talks trash on The Machine Gun, then reels him in for an ELBOW! Dolla talks more trash, drags Anderson to the ropes, and he CHOPKES him! The ref counts, Dolla lets off and tags Adonis.

Adonis runs to STRADDLE ATTACK! Adonis sits on Anderson while smoothing his hair, but lets off as the ref counts. The ref argues with Adonis and B-Fab sucker punches Anderson! Michin storms up and B-Fab backs off. Adonis covers, TWO, but he clamps onto a chinlock. The ref has Michin and B-Fab back off, and fans rally as Anderson fights up. Anderson throws body shots but Adonis CLUBS him! Adonis whips, Anderson reverses, SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up while both men are down. Fans rally, Anderson hot tags Gallows! Doc BOOTS Adonis, BOOTS Dolla, then DECKS Adonis!

Gallows ROUNDHOUSES Adonis to a corner, runs in and back elbows! Then he keeps moving, FLYING UPPERCUT on Adonis! Fans fire up as Gallows scoops to AK 47! Tag to Anderson, the Good Brothers get Adonis up, MAGIC KILLER!! Cover, Good Brothers win!

Winners: The Good Brothers, by pinfall

But Dolla BOOTS Anderson! And CLOBBERS Gallows! But Styles springboards in, PHENOMENAL FOREARM!! Fans fire up as the birthday boy gets him some, and The Hit Row? They don’t want none! Will The OC be too sweet all the way to some gold?


Adam Pearce is on the phone.

Yes, he is very excited, this is perhaps one of the biggest nights in SmackDown history. He excuses himself and ends the call as he sees Heyman walking in. Pearce tells Heyman right now that the Usos’ travel was canceled, they were told they weren’t needed tonight. And as requested, should The Usos want to show up, security has been doubled. The Usos are NOT getting inside the building. Heyman smiles and puts a call into Roman Reigns. Will nothing go wrong during the 1000 Day Acknowledgment?



Seth Rollins put out the open challenge for his NEW World Heavyweight Championships on social media and it was quickly accepted by Damian Priest! Will the Judgment Day add more gold when the Punisher brings down The Visionary?


SmackDown presents an all new Grayson Waller Effect.

The 21st Century Success Story, “The Dynamite from Down Under, the Moment Maker, the Aussie Icon,” gets the big introduction once again as he’s already in the ring. And he says, “What a week it has been here in the WWE, and we’re gonna keep it rolling with the most honest talk show in WWE history.” Waller brings us the biggest and the best, and he’s done it again tonight. So please welcome the NEW Raw Women’s Champion, ASUKA~! The fans do like that as the Empress of Tomorrow walks out with the belt on her shoulder. She joins Waller in the ring and at the desk as he welcomes her to the show.

Waller says, “Congratulations, what an incredible performance against Bianca at Night of Champions. In fact, let’s see exactly how you got it done.” Waller and Asuka look to the tron as we all see a Progressive Match Flo recap video of that match. Asuka used blue mist fingers to finish Bianca, and Waller says wow. Asuka laughs and smiles, and in Japanese, she says “I told you saw! I’m the Raw Women’s Champion!” Waller says he could not have put it better himself! But he can’t help but notice the briefcases above the ring. There’s no shortage of people who think they’re ready for Asuka. They’re gonna climb the ladder, win the briefcase to be Miss MITB, and maybe cash in on her?

Waller says Asuka’s gotta keep her head on a swivel. Nevermind that Bianca’s gonna come looking for a rematch. Asuka is amused there. She reenacts how she spat mist on her finger, got Bianca in the eyes and made Bianca cry. Waller is amused, too! He says that was so true. And so smart! He can’t imagine the pain and suffering Bianca went through. Asuka’s even drooling some blue mist right now. Waller looks a bit worried, but also maybe excited. But then IYO SKY shows up! She tells Asuka in Japanese that she’s nothing special for what she did. And Iyo won’t even need MITB to take that title from! But she’s still gonna win it, and then Iyo will be the new champion!

Asuka laughs, and tells Iyo she’s a child, the way she’s storming up in here. Iyo tells Asuka to shut up, dammit! Asuka calls Iyo an idiot, Iyo calls Asuka a scumbag, and they go back and forth like that. Waller has them stop, this is HIS show, he did not approve a second guest! But wait, here comes BAYLEY! The Role Model says Iyo said that after both Iyo and Bayley qualify for the MITB, one of them is winning the MITB briefcase. Though it is every woman for themselves, and Bayley’s won it before, so either way, DMG CTRL will win the title- Wait! Here comes Shotzi!

Fans fire up as the Wild Child says, “Awww, Bayley! There is NOTHING that I would love more than to crush your dreams with the help of some cold, hard steel! Because, if there is anyone made for the pure chaos of the Money in the Bank Ladder match, it’s me!” Wait, here comes Lacey Evans! The Model Soldier is embodying Sergeant Slaughter and she tells Shotzi to shut up and salute her! Fans boo but Lacey says none of these nasty things are taking the briefcase anywhere, it’s coming home with her. But first, she’ll take her Cobra Clutch, wrap it around that “shrimp,” Zelina Vega, and-

Wait! Here comes Zelina! Fans fire up as La Muneca says there is only one problem with everyone’s plans. They are all underestimating Zelina. And y’know who else did that? Rhea Ripley at Backlash. Because Zelina was this close to becoming champion! So “Shrimp?” Keep that energy, Lacey. Because to be honest, even if Lacey got her hair done, her nails done and traded in those “piss soaked boots” for red bottoms, you still wouldn’t be half the woman Zelina is. So please, underestimate her. Everyone do that. Because it will be that much sweeter when she wins. Because that is how she is going to become Miss MITB!

Bayley laughs and says they’re all idiots. Waller says this is the best day of his life. Bayley asks him what kind of show he’s running here, and he’s hoping for more ladies to show up. Asuka slips away to say, “Hey hey hey hey! NO ONE is ready for Asuka!!” But then Bianca storms up to ROCK Asuka with a forearm! They brawl on the stage and fans fire up! Referees rush out to stop that scrap, only for Bianca to break lose and hit Asuka again! The refs and even some producers get in to separate them again, but fans wanna “Let Them Fight!” Will the angriEST Bianca be coming after the Empress?


Cameron Grimes talks with Adam Pearce backstage.

They watch a replay of Baron Corbin ruining Carmelo Hayes’ moment just last Tuesday on NXT, and Grimes said that’s exactly what Corbin did to him last week. Is Corbin even here? No, and with his free agency status, the next time we see him will be next Tuesday on NXT. Grimes says Melo will handle that. But the next time Corbin shows his face on SmackDown, Grimes will handle that. Pearce nods, will the Carolina Caveman crush Baron Corbin?


Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Zelina Vega VS Lacey Evans!

Since everyone was already at ringside, this match is happening now! And Vega is already clutching her jaw, it seems the Model Soldier got a cheap shot in while everyone was watching Asuka and Bianca. Will Vega still be able to humble Lacey for underestimating her? Or will another Woman’s Right simply take Vega out?

The bell rings and Lacey stomps Vega into the corner! The ref counts, fans boo, but Lacey lets off at 4. Lacey stands on Vega’s hair and salutes, then lets off to SWINGING BRONCO BUSTER! Lacey pushes Vega around, covers, TWO! Lacey sits Vega up, and clamps on the COBRA CLUTCH! And she SWINGS Vega around! Fans rally for Vega but Lacey TOSSES her away! Lacey dusts off her hands, runs in, but Vega goes up and over and rolls Lacey, Schoolgirl Kick! Cover, TWO! Vega whips, Lacey reverses but Vega KICKS her! Only for Lacey to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Lacey dribbles Vega off the mat, then smirks as fans boo.

Lacey salutes but fans boo, and Vega hits low. Lacey BOOTS Vega, drags her from ropes and stands on her for a cocky cover. The ref says it’s on the throat! Lacey steps off to argue with him, and then Lacey clamps onto Vega with a chinlock. Fans rally but Lacey throws knees into Vega’s side! Vega still endures, fans rally up, and Vega kicks from below! Lacey drags Vega up but Vega RAMS her into a corner! And again! Vega smacks Lacey off buckles, headlocks and springboards for a headlock takeover! Lacey runs in but into the tilt-o-whirl and CODE RED!! Cover, VEGA WINS!

Winner: Zelina Vega, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

What did she just say about underestimating her? Because there’s the proof! Lacey toyed with Zelina but got played, will Zelina soon be La Muneca en el Banco?


The LWO celebrates backstage.

They are so proud of Vega! Latinos around the world are going to gather in celebration! And next week, when Escobar wins his qualifier and win the MITB contract, oh he can see it now. She can see it, too. Rey Mysterio can see it, too! It is only a matter of time before the entire locker room refers to them as Santos y Zelina, Mr. and Mrs. Money in the Bank! Will the LWO soon take over London?


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: LA Knight VS Montez Ford!

The Mega Star told the Street Profits that if they want the smoke, he’ll be the one to burn ’em! Is that not an insult but just a fact of life? Or will #KingTez be the one saying “YEAH!” on the way to London?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally up, the two tie up, and Knight wrenches to a hammerlock, and he slaps Ford around. Fans rally for “L A KNIGHT! L A KNIGHT!” The two circle, tie up, and Ford headlocks. Knight powers out the back to hammerlock, but Ford switches it onto him. Knight switches back, Ford switches again, Knight switches again. They keep going, Knight gest the ROPEBREAK, but Ford slaps him around now. Fans are a bit torn but Knight gets heated. Knight shoves, Ford shoves, repeat! Fans are on Knight’s side as the two tie up again but Ford headlocks. Knight powers out but Ford runs him over!

Ford actually seems to enjoy upsetting the Knight fans, and things speed up. Knight hurdles, but Ford whips him away to keep things moving. Ford hurdles, Knight hurdles, but Ford DROPKICKS! Fans are salty as Ford clotheslines Knight in the corner. And then in another corner! Ford whips Knight into the corner, runs in but Knight puts Ford on the apron. Ford ROCKS Knight back! But Knight BLASTS Ford! Fans cheer Knight while Ford crawls and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and both men collide! Fans rally up while both men are down, and then Knight stands. Knight throws haymakers but Ford gives them back! They go back and forth, “YEAH!” “BOO!” “YEAH!” “BOO!” “YEAH!” “BOO!” Ford gets the edge, whips, but Knight reverses, only for Ford to LARIAT! Ford rallies on Knight, ducks ‘n’ dodges to LARIAT again! Knight gets up, Ford hits a BIG back suplex! Ford kips up, fans fire up, and Ford flexes to MOONSAULT, but Knight moves! Ford lands on his feet, swings but misses, and Knight torture racks! SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up, Knight stalks Ford and fans duel. Knight stands Ford up but Ford elbows him! Ford runs in but into an elbow! Ford falls over, Knight tries a springboard, LIONSAULT FLOPS as Ford moves! Ford ENZIGURIS Knight, then fires up to clinch and ROCK BOTTOM! Cover, TWO!! Knight survives and Ford is seething. Fans fire up as Ford drags Knight up. Ford whips, Knight KICKS back! Ford doges the lariat, both men run, DOUBLE LARIATS take them down! Fans fire up again while the ref checks both men. Knight and Ford crawl to each other, and Knight throws a haymaker. Ford gives it back!

Fans rally as the hands go back and forth, “YEAH!” “BOO!” Ford CHOPS, then DECKS Knight! Knight stands at the ropes, Ford runs in but is put back on the apron. Ford GAMANGIRIS Knight then goes up a corner! But Knight ROCKS Ford first! Knight climbs, Ford throws body shots then shoves Knight away. Knight returns and springs right up! But Ford shoves him back down! Fans fire up as Ford comes in, FROM THE- NO, Knight moves! Knight kicks low, BF- NO, Ford O’Conner Rolls, TWO! Knight O’Conner Rolls with ropes!! Knight wins!!

Winner: LA Knight, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

The Mega Star snatches that one away from Ford, but the fans still love it! Knight then brings a ladder out and sets it up under the briefcases. Knight climbs, says this is what we’ll see, because whose game is it? Will this really be what happens when LA arrives in the UK?


Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn speak.

“Sanguis rubeus luna et exponentia exitio.” That phrase repeats as we travel through a snow covered forest. Translation: “The perfect moon will spell your doom.” The Unholy Union is here, what will they do to the landscape of SmackDown?


SmackDown sets the rest of the qualifiers!

For the Men’s MITB, Baron Corbin returns from NXT to take on “Butch” Pete Dunne, and Mustafa Ali returns from NXT to take on Santos Escobar! And then, as announced during the Grayson Waller Effect, DMG CTRL is in the mix as Bayley takes on Mia Yim and Iyo Sky takes on Shotzi! Will DMG CTRL look to take control of that briefcase one way or another?


Triple H is here!

Fans fire up for The Game as he heads to the ring! It seems even he is here to celebrate Roman Reigns’ 1000+ days as Universal Champion! What will HHH have to add to the occasion? We find out, after the break.

SmackDown returns and HHH is in the ring with a pedestal and a familiar looking cloth. HHH has the mic to say, “On rare occasions, an athlete comes along that is so dominant that they change the entire face of their chosen sport. And when it happens, they will be talked about for generations to come. In boxing, it was the Great One, Muhammad Ali. In basketball, Michael Jordan. In the WWE, right now, we have the privilege of witnessing that greatness live. Believe me, you will talk about this for generations, so please help me welcome a man who has passed 1000 days as champion. Please help me welcome a man that you will tell your children and your grandchildren about.

“Please help me welcome the Tribal Chief, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.” The Head of the Table makes his entrance with fans torn between boos and throwing up the ones. Roman has Solo and Heyman with him, the brand new “1000 Days” branded jacket and shirt on as he holds up the belts for the pyro. The Bloodline, if this group even still counts as that, continues on into the ring. Roman then shakes HHH’s hand and Heyman fetches a mic. Heyman also shakes HHH’s hand, and then HHH tells Roman, “On behalf of the WWE, and on behalf of the entire WWE Universe, I would like to congratulate you on surpassing 1000 days as champion.”

That is something that hasn’t been accomplished in the WWE in almost forty years! Truly an epic accomplishment. So to congratulate Roman and celebrate this historic achievement, it is HHH’s honor to present him with a brand new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt. HHH takes the cover off to reveal the same home base design, but with a GOLDEN face plate! Heyman removes the belt Roman is wearing on his waist so that he can hold up the new belt, for more pyro! HHH then helps Roman put that belt on, then Heyman hands Roman the mic. Roman smiles while fans are torn between cheers and jeers.

Roman says, “Pennsyl- No, no, no. I mean, c’mon! That’s not good enough anymore. The entire universe…! ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!” Wait, the USOS are here?!? How?! Heyman heard from Pearce that this wasn’t supposed to happen! But Jimmy & Jey do walk out and Roman glares at Heyman. Heyman defends he was assured this wouldn’t happen, but it is! And we see what the Usos are going to do, after the break.

SmackDown returns and the Usos are now in the ring with Roman, Solo & Heyman. And Jimmy’s staring Roman down. He even glances at the brand new Universal Championship blet. Jimmy has the mic, but Roman speaks first, telling Jey to kick Jimmy in the face! Fans boo but Roman says it again, kick Jimmy in the face. He didn’t stutter, do it now! That’s what Jimmy did to Roman. Jimmy took Roman’s tag team titles away from him, so Jey has to fix this. Jey has to kick his brother in the face! Fans boo more, and Jey just paces. Roman is not happy about that, and he tells Jey this is the last time: KICK HIM IN THE FACE AND FIX THIS RIGHT NOW!

Jimmy speaks up to that the only one who needs fixing is ROMAN. Fans cheer that! Roman scowls but Jimmy says Jey can’t fix this. Jimmy kicked Roman in the face, “The Kick Heard Worldwide.” And Jimmy did what he did in Saudi not to be the Tribal Chief, not to lead the Bloodline, but because Jimmy was being a brother. Brothers treat each other with love and respect, and as of lately, you ain’t been such a good brother, Roman. What kind of brother manipulates, betrays and hurts his own family? What kind of brother does that, Uce? Roman has gone crazy! CRAZY! This right here is Jimmy’s brother! It is embedded in Jimmy to protect Jey.

In fact, SOLO is Jimmy’s brother! He’ll protect Solo, and he’s gonna tell Solo right now, that after Roman’s done using you, he’s gonna abuse you, betray you, kick you to the side, and put you in the dirt! Jimmy IS Solo’s brother, that’s why he’s saying this. Fans cheer that, too! Roman tries to laugh it off but Jimmy tells Solo to listen to him. Fans rally for the “USOS! USOS!” and Roman says that’s because of ROMAN! Roman is the Tribal Chief! You see him? Tribal Chief. This here is an imposter! Jimmy talking like he’s the leader, like Solo don’t have a voice. Let’s hear it from Solo who Solo is loyal to!

Roman hands the mic to Solo and fans boo. Solo looks at the mic, thinks about it, and fans chant for “SOLO! SOLO!” Solo says, “I acknowledge you, My Tribal Chief.” Fans boo and Roman smiles. But then Solo says, “But these two right here… They’re my brothers.” UH OH~! Roman is shocked and the Usos smile! Solo hands the mic back, to stand with his brothers!! Roman can’t believe what he’s seeing! Jimmy says hey, hey, so what’s it gonna be, Uce? Does Roman wanna run this thing together with respect? Or just end up on the Island of Relevancy all by himself? Roman tells Jimmy to shut up, but Jimmy pie faces him!!

Heyman is shocked and cowering in the corner! Fans fire up as Jey and Solo are both tense. Roman registers what just happened, then gets up in Jimmy’s face. Jey stops them both, and he wants to keep the peace. It’s not going like this. Jey needs them both, they cannot start fighting! They’re better than that, okay? Jey gets Jimmy to understand, and Jimmy cools off. Stronger together, Uce. But see, Jey is Jimmy’s brother, and Solo is Jimmy’s brother. But so is Roman. Roman’s always been family. So be a brother, have respect, and run this place like they’ve been doing! But TOGETHER! Bloodline, right? Family, right? They are still the ones, right?

Roman wipes sweat from his brow and takes a breath. Fans want Roman to accept what the Usos are saying, but he seems unsure what to do. Roman and Jimmy HUG!! Fans cheer, and Jey is relieved. Roman then says, “No.” WHAT?! Heyman is shocked all over again! Roman lets go and Jey is upset again! How could Roman say that?! And then Solo SAMOAN SPIKES JIMMY!?!? Jey is even more devastated!! Roman takes his leave, Heyman and Solo following behind. Is the Tribal Chief’s iron grip that powerful? Heyman then asks Roman, “What about Jey?” Roman says Jey will do what he always does and fall in line. Just give it time.

Fans boo as Roman refuses to share love and respect with his family. What will it take for The Usos to change that?

My Thoughts:

An awesome episode to follow Night of Champions with! Granted, a lot of that comes from the Bloodline story, which once again continues to be the top story. And with this story already having set a high bar, they find a way to raise the bar again. Great video package narrated by Heyman to open the show, good promos backstage to expertly set up what we got in the closing segment. I did appreciate that since they’re not undoing the unification, Roman now just has one actual belt to hold onto and he can just keep the other two at home. Naturally, they just kept the cookie cutter shape they’ve been using, but I like the gold backing on the logo there, it really stands out.

And naturally, the Usos DID show up, and what an amazing emotional rollercoaster there. After all that, we are definitely getting Usos VS Roman & Solo, and that will be the moment of truth where I would think Solo really does side with his brothers. Then it’s on Roman to either “fall in line” and accept his family as family, or he ends up all alone with just Heyman. Either way, this is all great stuff that can carry the story into the Summer, maybe even to SummerSlam. And what would really put a cherry on top: if Roman, no more pawns to get in the way, gets beat by a Mr. MITB cash-in.

Great opening Six Man from Theory & Pretty Deadly VS Brawling Brutes, and I figured the Heels would find a way to win. I would think Pretty Deadly finds a way into the Undisputed Tag Team Championship scene for the summer, as those titles are meant to be on both Raw and SmackDown. And who wouldn’t love seeing a promo between Kevin, Sami and Pretty Deadly? At the same time, The Good Brothers should also get in on some of that, they got a really good win off Hit Row. Happy birthday to AJ Styles, maybe he can find his way to a title match of some kind. Him and Theory wouldn’t be half bad for MITB.

Really good Grayson Waller Effect segment, though not really because of Waller. If this same stuff happened with The Miz and MizTV, it’d amount to about the same great stuff. Asuka and Iyo getting at each other and then arguing in Japanese seems to be their thing, but I would love if we got Iyo to turn Face. Between her and Asuka being longtime rivals, and DMG CTRL about to fall apart at a moment’s notice, Iyo could come out a top Face for the SmackDown Women’s Division. But I also do like that Bianca went after Asuka, that was a logical move. I just wish we got to see the sucker punch from Lacey live and not in a replay.

The MITB qualifiers were both good matches, but Zelina was a very obvious winner given Lacey’s attitude and how Zelina seems to be on a great push. Ford VS Knight was a bit closer, but the fans are just loving Knight, so it makes sense Knight won here. We’re also going to get great stuff out of next week’s matches, and I’m thinking Bayley, Iyo, Escobar and Dunne win. Bayley and Iyo because of the DMG CTRL breakup story they’re giving us, Escobar because the LWO tease they gave us, and Dunne because it won’t be Corbin since he’s got stuff brewing in NXT and Grimes just isn’t gonna let him win.

And what a spooky vignette from Fyre & Dawn. Just as it isn’t clear what they’re planning with having the Smackdown Women’s Championship on Raw and vice-versa, I’m not sure what’s going on with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships still being up here on main roster. I don’t think they’d unify, nor do I want them to unify, mostly because Fyre & Dawn probably wouldn’t beat Ronda & Shayna. Well, Shayna didn’t do well against spooky given Twisted Alexa during pandemic era, but I still don’t think using supernatural elements would be enough to take out Ronda. Though it would be pretty funny to see.

My Score: 8.8/10

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