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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Results & Report! (10/11/20)

Does Naito’s luck run out in round 7?



NJPW G1 Climax 30

The G1 Climax’s B Block closes out round 7!

Tetsuya Naito is the ONLY man this G1 that stands at 5-1, but can he make it to 6? Or will round 7 be where the luck runs out and Darkness Falls?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • B Block – YOSHI-HASHI VS Zack Sabre Jr; ZSJ wins.
  • B Block – Toru Yano VS KENTA; KENTA wins.
  • B Block – Juice Robinson VS SANADA; SANADA wins.
  • B Block – Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Hirooki Goto; Goto wins.
  • B Block – Tetsuya Naito VS EVIL; EVIL wins.


Here are the current B Block standings!

Tetsuya Naito: 5-1, 10 points
EVIL: 4-2, 8 points
SANADA: 3-3, 6 points
Hirooki Goto: 3-3, 6 points
Zack Sabre Jr: 3-3, 6 points
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 3-3, 6 points
Toru Yano: 3-3, 6 points
Juice Robinson: 3-3, 6 points
KENTA: 2-4, 4 points [ELIMINATED]


B Block – YOSHI-HASHI VS Zack Sabre Jr!

It’s very clear the Head Hunter has the hardest climb, but he’s always told himself to #GetBackUp. But when going up against one of the many, hungry 3-3’s in the block, will Hashi have no choice but to #JustTapOut?

The bell rings and ZSJ circles with Hashi as fans rally up. They feel out the grapple. ZSJ gets around to a waistlock and drags Hashi down. Hashi switches, ZSJ switches back to get a facelock. Hashi pries free but ZSJ rolls and gets a leg. Hashi gets free and the fans cheer as the two stand off. ZSJ and Hashi approach, tie up again, and ZSJ puts Hashi on the ropes. The ref calls for the break, ZSJ lets off, but Hashi turns things around! Hashi puts ZSJ on the ropes, but lets up on the ref’s count. ZSJ dodges Hashi’s chop and headbutts low! ZSJ headlocks, grinds Hashi down and shifts to a cravat. Hashi throws ZSJ off, they collide with shoulders but ZSJ throws a European Uppercut! ZSJ headlocks, Hashi powers out and runs ZSJ over with a shoulder!

Fans fire up as Hashi rallies with elbows but ZSJ headbutts low. ZSJ whips, Hashi comes back to huricanrana! ZSJ gets to a corner, Hashi runs corner to corner and back elbows! Hashi brings ZSJ up, suplexes and sets ZSJ up, but ZSJ slips out of the Head Buster to get the arm! ZSJ drags Hashi down, flips him around, and leg hook hammerlocks to CRANK on the arm! ZSJ is on Hashi again but fans rally up as Hashi resists the double wristlock. ZSJ digs his elbow in, gets the arm and even headscissors! Hashi moves around, ZSJ gets the other arm! But the legs get the ropebreak! ZSJ lets go fast, the fans cheer but ZSJ kicks at Hashi. Hashi sits up as ZSJ kicks harder. Hashi takes kick after kick to CHOP ZSJ down! But ZSJ’s up fast to get the legs and trip Hashi! ZSJ stomps the bad arm!

ZSJ is after the arm again and leg hooks it for a keylock, and then he adds in a headlock! ZSJ pulls hard, then gets Hashi’s other arm! Double keylock and headlock! Hashi again gets the ropebreak with a leg! ZSJ lets him go fast and fans cheer. Fans rally up, “YO-SHI-HASH!” as ZSJ drags Hashi up. ZSJ wrenches the arm, wrenches it the other way, then wrenches it a few more times! And he KICKS the bad arm, to then drag Hashi back down to the double wristlock and headscissors. Then he shifts to go for the armbar, but ZSJ clasps hands. ZSJ breaks the grip but Hashi again gets a ropebreak! Fans cheer but ZSJ grows annoyed. ZSJ talks some trash while fans rally up. ZSJ drags Hashi up, wrenches again but Hashi throws forearms! ZSJ KICKS the bad arm! And again! And again!

Hashi ducks the roundhouse, jumps the sweep, and hits the spinning back kick! Fans cheer as both men are down. Fans rally up and Hashi rises first. ZSJ follows but Hashi throws a forearm, body shots and a CHOP! Hahsi whips ZSJ corner to corner, runs in and CHOPS again! Then he whips to CHOP and mule kick! Hashi brings ZSJ back up, suplexes ZSJ onto the ropes and leaves him out to dry. Hashi runs and dropkicks ZSJ down! Then runs again for a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Hashi keeps his cool while fans rally. Hashi brings ZSJ up, reels him in, but ZSJ resists the bomb lift. Hashi clubs ZSJ on the back, but ZSJ wrenches through to wrangle Hashi down and STOMP the bad arm! Fans rally as both men are down. ZSJ still talks trash and he scuffs Hashi with toying kicks.

Hashi and ZSJ rise, ZSJ throws a EuroUpper. Hashi responds with a forearm, but ZSJ kicks and boots him! ZSJ runs into the corner, Hashi dodges and ZSJ goes up, but turns around into a CHOP! Hashi drags ZSJ up, lifts, and RUNNING BOMBS! Cover, TWO! Hashi gets ZSJ in the Butterfly Lock! Fans rally while ZSJ endures. ZSJ gets up, gets around, and gets Hashi in the Cobra Twist! Hashi endures, powers out and turns the Cobra Twist onto ZSJ! ZSJ endures, pops out, but back into the BUTTERFLY! Hashi leans on ZSJ and cranks on the arms! Fans rally, ZSJ fights up again, but Hashi wrangles him back down! ZSJ keeps fighting, keeps moving, but Hashi drags him down again! Hashi thrashes ZSJ away from ropes and gets the wristlock! KIMURA-FLY! ZSJ moves around and finally gets a ropebreak!

Hashi lets go, but drags ZSJ back up. ZSJ drops down but Hashi brings him back up. Hashi fisherman hooks and lifts, but ZSJ slips out and wrenches the arm! Hashi avoids the Pele to the arm, but ZSJ drop toeholds Hashi down! ZSJ STOMPS the bad arm again! Fans rally as Hashi clutches the shoulder and bicep area. ZSJ is up but Hashi follows. ZSJ goes to a corner and runs out to PENALTY KICK Hashi down! Cover, TWO! Hashi gets up but ZSJ gives taunting shoulder bumps. Hashi pushes ZSJ and CHOPS him! ZSJ EuroUppers, Hashi CHOPS! Fans rally up as ZSJ wrenches and PELES the arm! ZSJ boots the clothesline away but Hashi comes back with a CHOP! And the LARIAT! Hashi sits ZSJ up, runs, BASEMENT METEORA! Cover, TWO! ZSJ survives but fans fire up with Hashi.

Hashi drags ZSJ up and full nelsons to half nelson. ZSJ rolls out of Karma to get the arm again, but Hashi CHOPS and SUPERKICKS! Fans fire up with Hashi as he drag ZSJ back up! Half nelson, but ZSJ slips out of Karma again to get an armbar takedown! Hashi makes it a cover, TWO!! ZSJ still has the arm, Hashi clasps hands together and moves around. ZSJ omoplatas the arm and goes for the other! Hashi flips over, ZSJ shifts to the other arm! Fans rally, Hashi ends up in a triangle hold but he powers up! Hashi dead lifts ZSJ but ZSJ cranks on the arm! Omoplata and armlock! Yes, I’m Far Away From Home!! Hashi endures but ZSJ cranks harder with his legs! ZSJ even digs elbows in where he can! Hashi verbally quits, ZSJ wins!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission; gains 2 points, Hashi earns 0

Hashi couldn’t tap out but he still had to give up! The Submission Master keeps his G1 alive, but will he have to fight even harder to stay alive?


B Block – Toru Yano VS KENTA!

Mr. KOPW 2020 and the IWGP United States Championship contract holder both have targets on their back from the prizes they hold. Will greed get the better of them and leave their own treasure vulnerable?

Kenta wants the ref to thoroughly check Yano. We’ve all seen the tricks Yano’s pulled, and the ref finds the tape rolls in his waistband. Those seem to be all, this time. The bell rings but Kenta grabs his briefcase! Yano protests but Kenta says he was just showing the crack in the case. But Yano gets his red director’s chair! They argue over whose foreign object is worse and who should throw theirs away. The ref counts, so both men go to throw them away. But Kenta keeps hold of the case! The ref reprimands and Kenta still says he doesn’t mean anything by it. Yano gets the red corner’s buckle pad! The ref reprimands Yano again, and again Yano and Kenta argue. Yano agrees to get rid of the pad if Kenta gets rid of the case. The ref counts again, Kenta again fakes Yano out!

The ref is growing impatient, but Yano decides to get another buckle pad. Kenta tells him to stop and he’ll get rid of the case. Yano says get rid of the case and he won’t take the buckle pads. Kenta gets rid of the case, and Yano stops going after the buckle pad. The fans cheer as these two finally circle. But then Kenta bails out anyway. Yano is annoyed but Kenta takes his time on the outside. The ref has Yano stay in the ring and Kenta tells the ref to keep Yano back. Kenta slow rolls in, only to roll out the side. So Yano rolls out the other side! The ref argues with both men but they argue with each other! A ring count starts as the two tell the other to get back in. The count passes 10 of 20, then 15! If neither gets in, it’s a draw! They both get in at 19.5!

Kenta and Yano keep arguing, go around and then Kenta bails out. Kenta paces about and Yano pursues! Kenta kicks Yano, throws haymakers then brings Yano around to whip. Yano reverses and Kenta is sent into railing! Fans fire up as Yano gets his tape back! Kenta kicks first, takes the tape from Yano and the ring count climbs. Kenta swings on Yano with the tape, but Yano dodges, to use his spray bottle! Kenta goes down to the disinfectant! Yano gets back in the ring at 13 of 20 and has the red buckle pad. Yano throws the pad at Kenta! Kenta is down, but he flounders back up and in at 19! Yano stomps Kenta, drags him back up, and whips Kenta at the open corner! But Kenta reverses and sends Yano in! Yano hits bare buckles, Kenta kicks him and hits a DDT! Fans cheer and rally as both men are down.

Kenta sees the disinfectant bottle, takes off the sprayer, but the ref stops Kenta from using the bottle. Yano rolls Kenta, TWO! Kenta gets the bottle, tries to splash Yano but Yano protects his face! Yano kicks back, whips Kenta, but Kenta stops himself from going into buckles! Yano runs in but Kenta dodges and sends Yano into buckles! Kenta goes out, fetches the bottle, and splashes Yano! The ref reprimands as Yano is drenched! Kenta rolls Yano up, TWO!! Yano survives and Kenta is furious! Kenta hurries after Yano as he goes out. Kenta goes to the far side to go over the rail and get the bottle! There’s more inside it? Yano and Kenta fight over it, but so does the ref! The ref gets splashed with disinfectant! Kenta elbows Yano, throws haymakers, then grabs his briefcase!

Yano crawls away but Kenta catches up and brings him to the ramp! They go up and up to the stage, but Yano fights back! Yano throws Kenta at the girder but Kenta blocks! Kenta kicks, but Yano ducks the case attack! Yano grabs the case, they tug-o-war, and Kenta kicks low! BRIEFCASE SHOT! The case opens and DOZENS of tape rolls come out! Since when were those in there?! Yano falls through the curtain and Kenta waits for him to return. Yano does, CASE SHOT! Yano leans against the girder and Kenta gets a roll of tape! Kenta trapes Yano’s hands together around the girder! The ring count begins and but Kenta keeps taping past 10 of 20! Kenta punches Yano, Kenta doesn’t stop until 15! And he urns away! Kenta is in at 19, Yano is counted out!!

Winner: KENTA, by count-out; gains 2 points, Yano earns 0

Kenta may not have a chance of taking the block, but he proved he can beat Yano at his own game! Will Kenta soon replace Yano as Mr. KOPW 2020?


B Block – Juice Robinson VS SANADA!

The Flamboyant One lost the the IWGP Double Champion, and now he’s up against the only man to have pinned him this G1! Will Juice be able to recover at Sanada’s expense? Or is the Cold Skull getting hot at the right time in this round robin?

Fans clap-clap-stomp with Juice but Sanada is stoic as ever. The bell rings, Juice and Sanada circle and tie up. Sanada waistlocks but Juice gets the arm. Juice wrenches, Sanada spins through and wrenches back. Sanada has the wristlock, Juice rolls and wrenches to a wristlock of his own. Sanada rolls, handsprings, cartwheels and handsprings again to then spin and spin and headlock to the takeover. Juice headscissors, Sanada pops out but Juice knees low. Fans cheer as Sanada handsprings through the snapmare and dodges the leg lariat. Sanada runs and comes back to dropkick the legs out! Fans cheer as Juice gets to a corner. Sanada gives Juice time to get up and runs in. Sanada blocks Juice’s boot, trips him up, and fans cheer as Juice resists Paradise. Juice elbows Sanada away, Sanada comes back but into a SPINE BUSTER!

Juice gets the bad leg moving and fans rally as Sanada bails out. Juice waits as the ring count begins. Sanada stirs at 11 but Juice goes out to fetch him. Juice gives Sanada snake eyes on the railing, then whips him into more railing! Juice gets in the ring and Sanada is down again. The ref checks on Sanada but he’s okay to continue, so the ring count starts again. The count reaches 7 before Sanada sits up, and Juice gets the clap-clap-stomp going. Sanada gets up at 15 and in at 16, but Juice is on him with a backbreaker! And a back senton! Cover, TWO! Juice argues the count but keeps his cool. Juice eggs on the Cold Skull as fans clap for “SA-NA-DA!” Sanada throws forearms back but Juice knees low. Juice whips, Sanada reverses and elbows Juice down. Juice avoids the standing moonsault, then drags Sanada up for a back suplex! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer but Juice grows frustrated. Juice gets up, fans rally and Juice drags Sanada back up. Juice bumps Sanada off buckles then stomps a mudhole! The ref backs Juice off but Juice goes back after Sanada with a knee. The ref counts as Juice digs the knee in, but Juice stops at 3. Juice knows he has until 5, that was “ichi, ni, san, shi, daijobu.” Juice wrenches and whips Sanada corner to corner. Juice runs in and corner clotheslines! Sanada sits down, Juice goes corner to corner, but Sanada dodges the CANNONBALL! Juice hits buckles and is down! Fans fire up and rally as Sanada and Juice rise. Juice is up first and he brings Sanada up. Juice suplexes Sanada up but Sanada slips out. Juice elbows, runs but Sanada hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks! Fans fire up with Sanada as he PLANCHAS Juice down!

Sanada encourages the fans to cheer more and they do. Sanada brings Juice up as the ring count climbs to 8 and puts him in at 9. Sanada brings Juice up to fireman’s carry but Juice slips off to fireman’s carry back. Juice drops for the Juice Box but Sanada blocks to get the legs! Sanada ties Juice up into Paradise! Fans cheer for the beloved Paradise Lock and Sanada encourages them to get louder. Sanada aims and dropkicks Juice out of Paradise! Cover, TWO! Juice scoots to a corner and fans rally up. Sanada brings Juice up, whips him corner to corner but Juice reverses. Juice runs into a back elbow but avoids the Quebrada, to FULL NELSON SLAM! Both men are down, the fans rally up again, and both men go to opposite corners. Juice runs in, and hits the CANNONBALL! Juice fires up and fans join in. Clap-Clap-Stomp, We Will Rock You!

Juice puts Sanada on the top rope, CHOPS him, then climbs up to join him. We Will, We Will SU-PER-PLEX! But Juice isn’t done, he brings Sanada up again, JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives and Juice grows frustrated. Fans rally up with “SA-NA-DA” clapping but Juice drags Sanada back up. Juice reels Sanada in, lifts, but Sanada fights out! Sanda is in the corner, Juice clotheslines! Juice whips corner to corner, Sanada goes over and out and springboards in! Juice avoids the missile dropkick but Sanada springs up! Juice blocks Sanada’s huricanrana, and swings him up to FALLING POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives and fans fire up again! Juice gets up first as fans rally. Juice brings down the straps and pumps up! Fans clap “JUICE! JUICE!” as Juice waits and Sanada rises.

Sanada staggers into the JAB! JAB! JAB! Juice powers up, Sanada ducks the Left Hand to tilt-o-whirl to the dragon sleeper! Juice reaches out to get ropes but Sanada drags him away! Juice clubs and moves around, uses the ropes to go up and over and out! Chicken wings, spin and PULP- NO! Sanada slams Juice down, goes up top, but Juice avoids the moonsault! Sanada lands on his feet, Juice comes back, into Sanada’s fireman’s carry! Death Valley into Dragon Sleeper! Fans rally as Sanada drops back, but Juice rolls through! Juice gets the chicken wings, turns Sanada, but no Pulp! Sanada gets the dragon sleeper, but Juice powers out ot his own dragon sleeper! Then he gets the chicken wings, turns, but Sanada turns Juice!

Sanada and Juice fight for control, Juice leaps but Sanada slips out. Sanada ducks the big haymakers to dropkick! Juice runs into an elbow, Sanada goes up, QUEBRADA DRAGON SLEEPER! But Juice slips and inside cradles, TWO!! Sanada escapes but Juice runs in. Sanada side steps, O’Conner roll to dragon sleeper! Juice flails and moves around again, reaches for ropes but Sanada drags him away! SKULL SWING! Then, SKULL END!! Juice is caught, Sanada squeezes and twists, Juice is fading fast! The arm goes down once, then twice! Sanada lets Juice go to go up top! MOONSAULT! Cover, Sanada wins!

Winner: SANADA, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Juice earns 0

The Cold Skull stays hot! With two more rounds to go, could Sanada make the most incredible comeback in the G1?


B Block – Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Hirooki Goto!

The Ace was trumped by the King of Darkness and his rise back to the top has faltered! But the Fierce Warrior is climbing back up after pinning fellow Chaos members back to back! Which one of these long standing icons conquers the other in hopes of taking the block?

Tanahashi shows off the muscles and fans cheer. The bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. Goto and Tanahashi tie up, Tanahashi gets the waistlock but Goto wrenches free to a wristlock. Tanahashi spins through, wrenches back and has the wristlock again. Goto rolls, wrenches again, but Tanahashi drops down to get a leg. Tanahashi laces up the legs but Goto endures. Tanahashi floats to a headlock, Goto fights up and pries at the hold. Tanahashi grinds down harder, but Goto powers out to reel Tanahashi into a headlock of his own. Tanahashi throws body shots, powers out of the hold, but Goto counters the hip toss to a hip toss! Goto runs and runs Tanahashi over! The bad arm isn’t bothering Goto, but he takes too long showing it off and Tanahashi victory rolls him! TWO!

Tanahashi gets the arm and then a leg! KNEE BREAKER! Fans rally as Tanahashi paces. Tanahashi brings Goto around, stomps the leg and then steps over to YANK on it! Tanahashi goes after the leg again and drops an elbow on it. Goto endures the toehold and pulls at Tanahashi’s hair. Fans rally as Tanahashi cranks the leg again. Tanahashi pulls back on the leg, gets the other leg, and has an inverted deathlock! Goto endures and throws CHOPS! Tanahashi pressures the legs more, fans rally up and Tanahashi stands with the hold on! The fans clap, “TA-NAH-SHI!” “HI-RO-KI!” as Goto endures! Tanahashi sits back down and Goto drags the both of them to the ropebreak! Tanahashi lets Goto go fast to bring him back up.

Tanahashi throws forearms but Goto stays up. Goto CHOPS and CHOPS, but Tanahashi kicks the bad leg! Tanahashi fires up and goes corner to corner, but misses the splash! Goto gets Tanahashi for the back suplex! Fans fire up as both men are down, but rally up as they stir. Tanahashi is in the corner, Goto runs in, corner clothesline! And BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Goto keeps focus as he gets his bad leg working. Goto brings Tanahashi up, fireman’s carries, but Tanahashi fights free with elbows! Tanahashi blocks the boot into the DRAGON SCREW! Fans cheer as Goto is down again! The clapping returns and Tanahashi fires up. Goto is in the corner now and Tanahashi runs in, but he blocks the boot! DRAGON SCREW!

Tanahashi puts the leg in the rope to dropkick it! And then DRAGON SCREW in the ropes! Fans fire up with Tanahashi as he looms over Goto. Tanahashi gets the legs, CLOVERLEAF! Goto resists the turnover and scrambles to the ropebreak! Tanahashi stomps Goto and eggs him on. Tanahashi brings Goto up and Goto CHOPS and CHOPS! Tanahashi kicks the leg, runs, but Goto follows, only for Tanahashi to dropkick the legs! Tanahashi runs again, but into a fireman’s carry, USHIGOROSHI! But the Cow Cutter takes as much out of Goto’s leg as it does Tanahashi’s head! Fans rally up as both men are down and stirring. Goto and Tanahashi slowly rise, Tanahashi in the corner.

Tanahashi hobbles over, throws forearms, but Goto throws them back! They go back and forth and fans rally up again. They pick up speed, it’s fast and furious! Goto and Tanahashi keep going, picking up even more speed! They slow down, Goto gets the edge but Tanahashi has a strike fest! Tanahashi boots but Goto blocks it, but also quickly dodges the spinning lariat! Goto blocks the shotei to LARIAT! Fans fire up as Goto rests on the ropes. Goto drags Tanahashi up, dragon sleeper, but Tanahashi fights out to get his own dragon sleeper! Goto fires up, powers through, but Tanahashi resists the suplex! TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Tanahashi fires up and so do the fans! Tanahashi rises but Goto follows. Tanahashi runs but Goto follows to blindside lariat! Tanahashi stays up to SLING BLADE! Cover, TWO! Goto survives but fans still rally!

Tanahashi drags Goto back up and around into a full nelson. Goto breaks free of the nelson but Tanahashi has a straitjacket hold! Goto breaks free of that, but turns around into SHOTEI! Fans fire up as Tanahashi watches Goto rise. Tanahashi goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Goto intercepts with haymakers! Goto climbs up to join Tanahashi, brings him up, but Tanahashi resists. Fans rally as the two brawl up top! Goto clubs Tanahashi and headbutts him! And again! Goto gets under Tanahashi for a fireman’s carry! SUPER USHIGOROSHI!! But again it’s double-edged on that bad leg!! Fans fire up as Goto crawls to the cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives the Avalanche Cow Cutter but Goto keeps his focus!

Goto stands, bad leg and all, and powers up! Tanahashi sits up, BUZZSAW! Goto fires up and fights through the pain to bring Tanahashi up! Dragon sleeper, but Tanahashi fights GTR off. Goto gets the arm, turns Tanahashi, REVERSE GTR! Goto brings Tanahashi back up, but Tanahashi drops! Goto blocks the victory roll, drags Tanahashi back up, TRUE G T R!! Cover, GOTO WINS!

Winner: Hirooki Goto, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Tanahashi earns 0

The Ace has been beaten again! The love and energy could not stop the Fierce Warrior, and now Tanahashi’s G1 chances are gone! Will Goto look to grab that outside chance with both hands?


B Block – Tetsuya Naito VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo!

Dominion was Evil, but Summer Struggle was ungovernable. This is not for a title, but it already feels like it is! Who not only breaks the tie, but takes perhaps the most important win this entire G1?

The elaborate entrance attire is removed, but Evil knows Naito’s tricks well so he is patient. That’s because he and Dick make Naito wait through the Low Sweet. Naito isn’t bothered. The bell rings and fans cheer this rematch already. Naito and Evil slowly circle as fans rally up, “NA-I-TO!” Evil and Naito approach, and Evil kicks low! Evil headlocks, Naito endures the grind and pulls hair to put Evil on ropes. Naito powers out but Evil runs him over! Evil runs, Naito arm-drags him and kicks back! Naito runs, huricanrana and Evil bails out! Naito builds speed but he fakes Evil out to Tranquilo! Just because Evil knows the tricks doesn’t mean he knows what’s coming when. Naito waits as Evil takes his time going around the ring. Evil gets a chair but Red Shoes warns him.

Evil tells Naito to stay back and he drops the chair. Evil gets in but Naito kicks and clubs Evil! Naito pulls hair and throws haymakers to snapmare into a chinlock. Naito pulls hair again before going into the chinlock. Then he pulls hair, but goes back to the chinlock. Naito drives in elbows then goes back to the chinlock. Fans cheer as Naito digs his knee in, then drags Evil to the leg hook nelson. Evil endures and fans rally up. Evil moves around, reaches out and gets the ropebreak with a foot. Naito still cranks on the hold! Naito stops at Red Shoes’ count, and Red Shoes helps free Evil. Evil protests but Naito stomps him! Naito clubs Evil at the ropes, pulls hair to stand him up and throws more forearms! Naito continues to pull hair and throw forearms but Red Shoes reprimands.

Naito whips but Evil holds ropes to block. Naito pulls hair to throw more haymakers! Naito whips, Evil reverses to get in Red Shoes’ face, and Dick trips Naito up! Dick drags Naito out to throw haymakers! Dick keeps after Naito while Evil stays in Red Shoes’ face. Dick whips Naito into railing! Evil goes out to get more chairs! Evil brings Naito up and over, but Naito blocks the suplex. Naito is free, but Evil drop toeholds him onto the chairs! Red Shoes reprimands but Dick distracts him. Evil puts a chair around Naito’s head and HOME RUNS! Some fans cheer but Red Shoes reprimands. Evil “apologizes” and goes back into the ring. Evil goes to untie the blue buckle pad, Bullet Club’s favorite new move. Red Shoes reprimands but the pad is off.

Evil gets fans to rally, “NA-I-TO!” as the ring count climbs. The count is already at 10 of 20 before Naito sits up. Naito gets to his feet at 15 and in at 18. Evil drags Naito back up, turns him and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Evil argues the count but fans cheer. Evil puts Naito in a chinlock and gives back all the hair pulling! Red Shoes reprimands, Evil goes back to a chinlock and he thrashes Naito around. Fans rally up again as Naito endures. Naito fights his way up, throws body shots, but Evil throws elbows. Evil whips Naito into the bare buckles! Naito falls and writhes but fans rally again. Evil smirks as he looms over Naito. Evil drags Naito back up, reels him in, but Naito resists the fisherman suplex. Evil keeps trying, Naito throws body shots, but Evil gets Naito up!

Naito fights free, Evil CHOPS him down! Evil leaps but Naito avoids the back senton! Both men are down and fans fire up again. Fans rally as Naito and Evil slowly rise. Evil is up first and he goes over to Naito. Evil brings Naito up but Naito throws forearms and kicks. Evil knees and whips, Naito reverses and elbows Evil down! Then basement dropkicks! Fans fire up again as Naito whips Evil to a corner. Naito runs in, rocket kick, COMBINACIAN CABRON! Dick creeps over but Naito wrecks him with a baseball slide! Evil runs into Naito’s backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Naito keeps his cool and fans rally again. Naito stomps Evil then brings him up. Naito turns Evil but Evil pulls hair! Evil turns Naito, Naito kicks but Evil blocks! Evil gives the foot to Red Shoes to mule kick Naito down!

Red Shoes reprimands but the damage is done. Fans rally again as Evil watches Naito get to a corner. Naito slowly rises, Evil runs in but Naito boots! Evil blocks those, turns Naito sideways to clothesline and WOE STOMP! Evil mockingly applauds with the fans before Evil goes back to Naito. Evil drags Naito up as fans rally. Evil reels Naito in, fisherman but Naito fights off the suplex! Evil tries a regular suplex but Naito fights free, kicks and enziguris! Headlock takeover, to PLUMA BLANCA! Evil endures, kicks but Dick is on the apron. Naito lets go of Evil to glare at Dick. Evil runs in but is sent into Dick! Evil runs around into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO, PLUMA BLANCA! Naito has Evil trapped but Evil pries at the Koji Klutch and turns.

Evil gets one leg away but Naito still has the trapping leg on. Evil turns to a cover, TWO, but Naito still has the hold! Evil rolls and gets a ropebreak with a leg! Naito lets go at 3, and fans rally up again. Naito brings Evil up but Evil still grabs at ropes. Naito pulls hair, reels Evil in and hammerlocks. Evil fights off Gloria, Naito CLUBS Evil! Naito gives toying boots and even laughs at Evil. Naito whips, Evil reverses but Naito reverses back! Evil denies the tornado DDT, the two fight for control, Evil hits the FISHERMAN BUSTER! Fans rally as both men are down and stirring. Dick coaches Evil up, Naito slowly rises. Naito is in the corner, Evil runs in and hits a clothesline! Evil brings Naito up, hoists him to the top and climbs up to join him. Naito fights back with body shots, Evil rakes Naito’s eyes! Evil brings Naito all the way up, for the SUPERPLEX! Evil crawls to the cover, TWO!! Naito survives and fans fire up!

Evil is frustrated but he has Naito’s legs! SHARPSHOOTER! Naito endures and fans rally up. Naito crawls for ropes but Evil sits deeper! Naito still gets the ropebreak! Evil drops down to do damage while he can, but he lets go at 4. Dick cheers while Evil gets up. Fans rally for “NA-I-TO!” but Evil encourages them to as Naito rises. Evil runs, Naito blocks the lariat to throw an elbow, and the ROLLING KICK! Hammerlock, GLORIA!! Cover, TWO!! Naito keeps his cool as fans fire up again! Naito drags Evil back up, wrenches, but Evil fights off the rest. Evil reaches for Red Shoes but Naito avoids the low blow! Naito elbows Evil, kicks low and reels him in for a neckbreaker, but Evil slips out! BACK SENTON! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Fans rally as the two men stir.

Evil rises first and gets to a corner. Naito gets up now and runs in but Evil boots him away. Evil boots Naito again, then dodges Naito! Naito avoids the buckles but Evil shoves him into them! HALF ‘N’ HALF! Fans rally as Evil runs again, LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Naito survives and Dick argues the count! But Evil drags Naito up, fireman’s carries, but Naito DESTINOS! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Evil and Naito slowly rise, Naito grabs Evil. Evil resists the scoop, throws body shots, and pulls hair! Naito breaks free but Evil catches him! Naito avoids the STO, but not DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives and fans fire up again! Evil is frustrated but he vows to end this! Evil drags Naito up, spins him around, but Naito fights the STO off!

Evil still tries but Naito throws more elbows! Fans rally more as Naito has the arm. Naito throws more elbows, Evil drops, but Naito keeps on him. Naito brings Evil up, throws even more elbows, but Dick gets in! Naito CLOBBERS Dick first! Naito kicks Dick out, Evil ducks elbows to LOW BLOW!! Fans rally up as Naito slowly rolls to ropes. Evil grabs the chair waiting for him in the corner, and Dick distracts Red Shoes with a different chair! Red Shoes sees Evil, though, and stops him! But Dick gets the Naito with the SPOILER CHOKER! Naito elbows free and sweeps the legs! Dick is down, Naito dodges and enziguris Evil! Evil reverses the whip but Naito hits leaping forearms!

Fans fire up more as Naito scoops Evil. Evil slips out, spins, but Naito slips out to DESTINO!! Cover, TWO?!!? Fans are thunderous as Naito drags Evil up again. Naito wrenches, tilt-o-whirl but EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Cover, EVIL WINS!!

Winner: EVIL, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Naito earns 0

Evil has the tiebreaker! And not just in their series, but in this G1! BOTH men are at 5-2, with 10 points!! Evil grabs the mic to say, “Oi, Naito! You saw that? That was my brand of justice! This G1 is MINE! Remember that! Everything is Evil! It’s rrrrreeeeal~!” Is the King of Darkness going to conquer the block and the finals? Or will the last two rounds be a saving grace for the IWGP Double Champion?


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

EVIL: 5-2, 10 points
Tetsuya Naito: 5-2, 10 points
SANADA: 4-3, 8 points
Hirooki Goto: 4-3, 8 points
Zack Sabre Jr: 4-3, 8 points
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Toru Yano: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Juice Robinson: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
KENTA: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

A great round for B Block, but I feel like the Naito VS Evil tiebreaker was third of their series. The most exciting part was the fact Evil won and changes the entire dynamic of the block. It just seemed Naito and Evil were taking it easy because they still need to make it to the end of the round robin. But with Evil VS Sanada still coming, and how Sanada already has a win over Naito, it’d be wild if Sanada won and took the block from Evil. Another big shocker was perhaps Goto taking the win from Tanahashi to keep going. Kenta and Yano may have been more comedy than anything but it was a lot of great comedy. Kenta being KOPW 2020 would be great, especially if he and Jon Moxley cross paths over the US Championship. There have been a lot of “Winner Takes All” things, so why not have it be winner takes all on KOPW trophy and IWGP US Championship. Of course, that depends if Mox is meant to retain when he finally defends his title or not, but it’d be great to at least suggest him being Mr. KOPW could happen.

My Score: 9.2/10

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