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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Results & Report! (10/14/20)

The penultimate round, part 2!



NJPW G1 Climax 30

The G1 Climax’s 8th Round is finishing up!

The King of Darkness says Everything is Evil, but the B Block hasn’t been decided just yet! Will Tetsuya Naito rebound and find his way to G1 glory?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • B Block – Juice Robinson VS Zack Sabre Jr; ZSJ wins.
  • B Block – Tetsuya Naito VS Toru Yano; Naito wins.
  • B Block – Hirooki Goto VS EVIL; EVIL wins.
  • B Block – Hiroshi Tanahashi VS SANADA; SANADA wins.


Here are the current B Block standings!

EVIL: 5-2, 10 points
Tetsuya Naito: 5-2, 10 points
SANADA: 4-3, 8 points
Hirooki Goto: 4-3, 8 points
Zack Sabre Jr: 4-3, 8 points
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Toru Yano: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Juice Robinson: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
KENTA: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]



Two men out of the running have no choice but to keep on fighting! Can Fang Revived break even and protect his IWGP United States Championship contract? Or will the Head Hunter #GetBackUp once again?

Yoshi-Hashi does not budge as Kenta gets in the ring and stands in front of him. There is no backing out of this match and there’s no backing down! The entrance attire is put aside, and the bell rings! Fans cheer as the two circle. They tie up, Kenta pulls hair and puts Hashi on the ropes. The ref reprimands, Kenta lets off and pats Hashi on his shoulders. Hashi keeps his cool and fans cheer as they circle again. They tie up, Kenta again pulls hair and puts Hashi on the ropes. Kenta slaps Hashi so Hashi fires off forearms and a CHOP! Fans cheer as Hashi slaps Kenta around now. Hashi whips Kenta to ropes and runs him over with an elbow! Then with a shoulder! Hashi whips again, Kenta reverses but Hashi ducks to come back with the BLOCKBUSTER!

Kenta bails out while fans cheer, and the ref keeps Hashi in. Kenta paces and takes his time returning. Hashi is patient, but then Kenta bails right back out. Kenta goes around the way, fans rally for Hashi, but Kenta eyes Hashi’s staff. Kenta grabs the staff, the ref tells him to put it down but Kenta is “admiring” it. Hashi rushes out, Kenta throws him into a post! Kenta hammerlocks Hashi’s arm and POSTS it! Kenta drags Hashi up and hammerlocks again, to throw him into railing! The ref reprimands but Kenta drags Hashi back up to put him in the ring. Kenta kicks Hashi’s arm, then kicks it again. Kenta drags Hashi up, has the arm in a wristlock and uses that to wrangle Hashi down. Hashi endures the Kimura as Kenta cranks on it harder. Hashi gets a ropebreak and Kenta lets off.

Kenta is annoyed as he brings Hashi back up. Hashi throws forearms, Kenta wrenches the arm to an elbow breaker! Kenta kicks the bad arm again! Kenta goes after the arm but Hashi resists the armbar. Hashi moves around but Kenta wrangles him back down! Kenta gets the ARMBAR, but Hashi gets the ropebreak! Kenta lets off fast again, and he gives toying kicks to Hashi. Hashi gets up and CHOPS! Kenta throws a forearm, Hashi CHOPS! Forearm, CHOP, but then another ELBOW BREAKER! And another! Kenta KICKS the bad arm and looms over Hashi. Kenta wrenches the arm again, has a standing armlock and works to grind Hashi down to the mat. Hashi gets up, throws body shots, but Kenta has the arm again!

Hashi powers through to try for a sleeper hold! Kenta fights that off, ELBOW BREAKER! But Hashi still suplexes Kenta high and hard! Hashi shakes out the bad arm while he and Kenta are down. Hashi is up first, he dares Kenta to stand, and fires off fast hands and a CHOP! Hashi whips Kenta to a corner, runs in and CHOPS again! Hashi whips, CHOPS, mule kicks and hangs Kenta out to dry! Hashi runs, and dropkicks Kenta off! Then he basement dropkicks Kenta down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Hashi as he stands over Kenta. Hashi brings Kenta up, reels him in, but Kenta blocks the bomb lift. Kenta back drops Hashi and Hashi goes to a corner. Kenta runs in but Hashi boots back! Hashi runs, into a POWERSLAM! Fans cheer as both men are down again.

Fans rally up for Hashi as Kenta goes to corner. Hashi rises, runs in, but Kenta boots him now. Kenta hops up, reels Hsahi in, tornado hotshot! Hashi goes down, Kenta climbs up, FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Hashi survives, but Kenta looms over him. Kenta KICKS and KICKS at the bad arm but Hashi just gets mad. Hashi and Kenta throw forearms back and forth and fans rally as they go faster and faster! Hashi gets the edge, Kenta gets the ELBOW BREAKER! Hashi CHOPS again! Hashi runs in but Kenta dodges, to come back and BOOT Hashi in the corner! Hashi sits down, Kenta goes corner to corner, HESITATION DROPKICK! Kenta climbs back up as Hashi is in the drop zone. DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!!

Hashi survives Kenta’s coup de grace but Kenta drags him back up! Fans rally as Kenta fireman’s carries. Hashi fights out, waistlocks, but Kenta elbows him away. Kenta brings Hashi up but Hashi hits the spinning back kick! Kenta stays up and comes back, but into a SUPERKICK! Fans rally up as Hashi rises! Hashi drags Kenta up, reels him in, gets him up and runs for the POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! But into the BUTTERFLY LOCK! Kenta endures as Hashi leans on the hold! Kenta moves around, Hashi cranks back as hard as he can! Kenta reaches out with a leg but Hashi brings him away! Fans rally more as Kenta keeps trying and Hashi keeps wrenching! Hashi drags Kenta away again, and gets the outside arm! KIMURA-FLY!!

Kenta endures, still moves around, but Hashi pulls as hard as he can! Fans rally harder and harder, Kenta fades so Hashi gets the SLEEPER! Hashi drags Kenta up for the BACKSTABBER! Hashi runs, but the knees miss! Kenta gets the leg, then the arm, for the omoplata, and he wants the crossface! Hashi refuses to let this be Game Over! Fans rally as Hashi continues to resist! Hashi shakes his head, reaches out and gets the ROPEBREAK! Kenta is frustrated but he gets up to KICK Hashi in the chest! And again! Hashi wobbles but Kenta KICKS and KICKS and KICKS him again! Hashi gets mad now! Fans cheer as Hashi throws forearms and Kenta gives them back! They go back and forth again and Hashi hits Kenta hard! Kenta hits back, so Hashi KICKS! Kenta has a bad arm, too, so they KICK and KICK!

Kenta forearms, Hashi forearms, and they go faster and faster! Hashi gets the edge, but Kenta ROCKS him and BACK HANDS! AND AGAIN! Kenta is fired up and he drags Hashi back up, fireman’s carry, GO TO- DDT!! Hashi counters GTS and saves himself! Fans fire up as the two men stir! Hashi rises, runs, but Kenta blocks the lariat, so Hashi CHOPS! Hashi ducks the uraken to CHOP! DRAGON SUPLEX! Hashi runs to LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! Kenta survives but Hashi is fired up with the fans! Hashi fisherman to the KUMAGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!?! Hashi isn’t giving up, he drags Kenta up! Kenta throws slapping palm strikes but Hashi SUPERKICKS! Pump handle, but Kenta fights off Karma to drag Hashi down! GAME OVER!!

Hashi endures, fans rally up as he drags himself around, but Kenta cranks back! Hashi keeps going, keeps trying, but Kenta rolls him away! Hashi is caught but he still endures! Fans rally even harder as he pries at the crossface! Kenta cranks WAY back, Hashi gives up! Kenta wins!!

Winner: Kenta, by submission; gains 2 points, Hashi earns 0

Hashi didn’t #GoToSleep but he could not #GetBackUp! There’s still one last round, will Kenta keep his IWGP US Championship contract for his own?


B Block – Juice Robinson VS Zack Sabre Jr!

The Flamboyant One was mathematically eliminated by the Cold Skull, but the Submission Master is still in the running! Will Juice be a spoiler? Or will he #JustTapOut?

The bell rings and fans rally for Juice as he circles with ZSJ. They tie up, are in a deadlock, so ZSJ shifts to get the wristlock. Juice wrenches back but ZSJ rolls. Juice holds on and wrangles ZSJ to the mat. Juice has a cording hold, ZSJ gets up and rolls to step through and wristlock back. Juice rolls, spins through and wrenches. ZSJ rolls, spins, wrenches and wristlocks again. Juice rolls, cartwheels, wrenches and flips ZSJ down to the cording hold! Fans cheer this technical exchange while ZSJ endures. Juice brings ZSJ up, wrenches, but ZSJ rolls and kips up to snapmare! ZSJ goes to headlock but Juice slips out to get the armlock! Juice gets up, ZSJ chinbars but Juice wrenches again. ZSJ rolls, bridges, breaks free and ROCKS Juice with a European Uppercut! Juice shakes that off and the two reset.

Juice gets fans going with the clap-clap-stomp. Juice and ZSJ circle, tie up with knuckle locks but ZSJ throws another EuroUpper! Juice blocks ZSJ’s boot to headlock and takeover! ZSJ headscissors, Juice pops out but ZJS headlocks. Juice powers out and runs ZSJ over with a shoulder! Juice keeps going, ZSJ drops down then jumps, but into an atomic drop! Juice reels ZSJ in for a Russian leg sweep! Fans fire up with Juice and he drops a back senton, into an ARMBAR! ZSJ has his arm, Juice scrambles to get the ropebreak! ZSJ tortures the fingers, the ref counts, ZSJ lets go at 3. Juice is in the ropes as ZSJ stands on his head. ZSJ lets go again, then drags Juice to wrench the arm for a standing armlock. ZSJ keylocks and STOMPS the arm!

Fans cheer as ZSJ circles Juice. Juice tries to defend the arm but ZSJ gets it anyway, and hooks it between the legs to TWIST! Juice bails out, clutching the arm as he rests against the railing. Juice shakes the arm out as the ring count begins. Juice gets in at 8 of 20 but ZSJ is all over him! ZSJ wrenches the arm but Juice JABS and is free! But ZSJ drop toeholds then STOMPS the bad arm! ZSJ stands on the arm, pulls back on it and has a modified Fujiwara! Juice endures so ZSJ lets the arm go to STOMP it again! ZSJ stalks Juice to a corner, wrenches the arm, and wrenches, and wrenches, but Juice avoids the arm Pele to drop another senton! Juice scoops ZSJ for a SLAM! Fans fire up as Juice pumps up! ZSJ gets up, Juice JABS! JABS! JABS! ZSJ wobbles but Juice JABS! ZSJ runs and leaps, but into a SPINE BUSTER!

Fans fire up with Juice as he runs at ZSJ in the corner, for a corner clothesline! ZSJ sits down, Juice fires up again and runs corner to corner, but has to block the boot! Juice CHOPS ZSJ back down! Clap-clap-stomp starts up again, and Juice puts ZSJ up top. Juice CHOPS ZSJ then climbs up to join him. He brings ZSJ up, but ZSJ gest the arm in a Kimura! The ref reprimands and counts, but Juice headbutts ZSJ over and over! Juice brings ZSJ back up but ZSJ EuroUppers! Juice stumbles back, ZSJ LEAPS to get the GUILLOTINE! But Juice powers up and suplexes, but ZSJ slips around to get a sleeper hold! ZSJ is a backpack with the body scissors hooked in! Juice faces, ZSJ shifts to make it more a crossface! ZSJ moves around to drag Juice down but Juice gets the ropebreak! ZSJ lets go as fans cheer!

Both men are down as fans rally up but ZSJ gives Juice kicks from the mat. ZSJ stands on the bad arm again, then lets off to give toying kicks. Juice rises, ZSJ throws EuroUppers, but Juice just gets mad! ZSJ BOOTS, Juice grits his teeth as he seethes! ZSJ runs, into the fireman’s carry! Juice drops ZSJ but ZSJ blocks the Juice Box! PENALTY KICK! And another PENALTY KICK! Juice is down as fans rally up and ZSJ goes to the far corner. Juice gets to a corner, ZSJ runs in but Juice dodges, only for ZSJ to go up and around to TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO, but ZSJ is right on the ARMBAR! Juice endures, clasps hands and bridges. Fans rally as Juice moves around, but ZSJ makes it a TRIANGLE HOLD!

ZSJ squeezes tight but Juice grabs at the ref! Juice fights up, dead lifts ZSJ, and almost drops him on his head! ZSJ keeps Juice caught in the triangle, but fans rally up! Clap-clap-stomp, We Will, We Will, POW-ER-BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and fans rally up as Juice goes to the far corner. Juice runs in to CANNONBALL! Fans fire up with Juice as he drags ZSJ back up. Juice chicken wings but ZSJ slips out to get the OCTOPUS! Juice powers out of Hurrah Another Year for JUICE BOX! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives but fans rally up with Juice. Juice brings the straps down and aims but ZSJ boots the arm away to ARM PELE! But the RIGHT HAND o’ God hits! Juice drags ZSJ up, underhooks, but no Pulp! Victory roll, TWO! Juice sits on ZSJ, TWO! EUROCLUTCH!! ZSJ WINS!!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Juice earns 0

The Submission Master didn’t need a submission to keep his G1 alive! But will he then unleash his entire arsenal in the last round to make sure he takes the block? Or is it already too late?


B Block – Tetsuya Naito VS Toru Yano!

The IWGP Double Champion could not hold off the King of Darkness, and Everything is Evil! At least, for now. Will Naito thwart all of the Producer’s tricks to redeem himself?

Naito purposefully takes his time walking to the ring just to mess with Yano. Naito even starts heading back up the ramp? Yano gets really upset so Naito starts heading back to the ring. Naito does a lap around the ring before getting on the steps! Maybe it’s Yano who should’ve prepared for the tricks Naito would play. Yano tells Naito to hurry up already, but Naito just takes even more time with his entrance attire. Yano wants to start untying his corner’s buckle pad but the ref tells him to be patient. Naito fiddles with the buttons while the ref argues with Yano. Naito pretends he doesn’t know what he’s doing and Yano wants to untie the pad! The ref stops him, Naito finally gets the shirt off. Naito asks Yano be patient as he takes off the belt and pants.

The ref warns Yano and the fans cheer. Naito even takes an extra moment to stretch before the check. The bell rings and fans cheer that this is finally starting. Naito messes with Yano with his fast steps and Yano tells him to wait now! They circle, Yano still complains about earlier, and the two finally approach, only for Naito to back off. Yano is annoyed again, but they approach. Both men dodge the other! Fans cheer as the two tricksters think the same thing. They circle again, Yano dodges Naito but Naito rolls him up! TWO!! Yano escapes and shocks Naito! Yano bails out and hurries away to the gate. Yano huffs and puffs but the ref wants him to return. Yano doesn’t care about that, he wants Naito to come after him. The ref insists they do this in the ring and fans cheer.

The ring count begins, Yano returns to ringside but Naito keeps approaching. The count is at 10 of 20 as Yano keeps trying to find an opening. Yano goes around, Naito is still close, and the count reaches 15! Yano tells Naito to knock it off! Naito has the red chair, Yano has no choice but to get in at 19! Naito stomps away on Yano over and over at the ropes but the ref reprimands. Naito stops, but then gives one last stomp. Naito drags Yano up, cravats at the ropes, but the ref counts. Naito lets off but clubs away on Yano’s back! Naito grins and whips, but Yano holds ropes! Yano taunts Naito, Naito runs over but Yano dumps him out! Yano says he’s gonna dive?! Yano builds speed, Naito ducks, but Yano borrows one of Naito’s tricks with the somersault roll! And then Yano shrugs.

Yano turns to look for Naito, but Naito’s gone! Naito sneaks in as Yano asks the fans where he went, and Naito borrows a Yano move by going for a buckle pad! Yano clubs Naito and drags him up to whip corner to corner. Naito reverses, Yano stops himself, but Naito finishes untying the buckle pad! So Yano hurries to untie the other! Both men have a buckle pad but Yano strikes first! Yano is the master of buckle pad style, after all. The ref confiscates Yano’s but Yano just grabs Naito’s! Naito ducks the pad attack to kick and run, into a PAD SMACK! Naito bails out while the ref reprimands but Yano pursues. Yano has TAPE! Yano brings Naito up but Naito hits him first! Naito RAMS Yano into railing, then takes the tape for his own! The ref reprimands Naito so he throws the tape away.

Naito drags Yano up to whip, but Yano reverses and sends Naito into the railing! Yano gets the bottle and sprays Naito with disinfectant! And then he sprays Young Lion, Yota Tsuji!? Why?! Yano brings Tsuji around to the other side of the railing and shoves him down! Because Yano has MORE TAPE! Yano is taping Tsuji and Naito together!! The ring count is starting and Naito grabs at Yano. Yano finishes taping Tsuji and Naito together and leaves them behind! The count is passed 10 of 20 as Naito and Tsuji try to get free of the railing! Naito realizes something, and he gets Tsuji to pass through the gap! They’re in the ring together at 19.9!! Yano complains and he stomps them both! It’s like a weird handicap match!

Yano runs and Naito has Tsuji help in a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Naito and Tsuji finally undo the tape and fans cheer. Naito throws up the LIJ fist, will Tsuji give it back? He does, and Naito kicks him and scoops him, to SLAM onto Yano! Guess that’s how Naito says thanks. Naito scoops the ref?! The ref slips out and reprimands Naito, he’s not a human weapon! Yano LOW BLOWS?! And BLINDSIDE SPEARS! Roll up but Naito slips out and bumps into the ref! Atomic LOW BLOW! JACKKNIFE! Naito wins!!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Yano earns 0

The epic battle of charismatic odd balls is finished, and it is the IWGP Double Champion that took the victory! Will the IWGP Double Champion use this as a key victory in securing the block?


B Block – Hirooki Goto VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo!

The Fierce Warrior is still alive in the block, but he’s on the bubble! Will that bubble burst when Darkness Falls?

Evil and Dick Low Sweet and fans cheer. The bell rings and fans cheer more as Goto and Evil circle. They approach but Evil kicks low. Evil headlocks, grinds, but Goto pries at the hold. Evil just holds tighter, but Goto powers out and gets his own headlock! Goto grinds Evil down now, and holds on as Evil tries to power out. Evil tries again but Goto just squeezes tighter and tighter! Evil powers up and third time’s the charm, but they collide and Goto stays up to dodge and run Evil over! Fans cheer as Goto stomps Evil down. Goto drags Evil up, snapmares him and KICKS him in the back! Goto stomps Evil to ropes then stomps him at the ropes! Red Shoes reprimands and Dick protests.

Goto drags Evil up, throws forearms then whips, but Evil holds ropes. Goto stomps Evil and throws more forearms, then whips him. Evil reverses, Dick trips Goto and drags him out! Dick throws Goto into railing but Goto gets mad! Dick backs off, Evil attacks Goto! Evil whips Goto into railing! Goto goes down in a heap but Red Shoes reprimands. Dick stays back while Evil drags Goto up. Evil wraps Goto’s bad arm around the railing! Red Shoes reprimands but Evil BOOTS the arm! Dick keeps Red Shoes distracted while Evil brings out chairs! Evil brings Goto up, puts a chair around his head, and then has the other chair for the HOME RUN! Evil grins but Red Shoes reprimands. Evil backs off and fans rally up for Goto. Red Shoes checks on Goto but Goto is okay to continue.

Goto slowly gets up as fans continue to rally, but Evil is watching closely. Goto gets in the ring, Evil undoes the blue corner’s buckle pad. Evil brings Goto up to wrench and elbow the bad arm, but Goto kick and chops back! Evil doesn’t flinch as he whips Goto into the bare buckles! Evil has a cocky cover but Red Shoes won’t count after what he just saw. Evil brings Goto back up, and whips him into bare buckles again! Evil taunts the fans and claps, but not everyone follows along. Evil drags Goto up, scoops and slams him, then covers. TWO, but Evil tries again, TWO! Evil tries again, TWO! Evil and Dick protest the count but that was fair. Fans rally up for Goto but Evil brings Goto back up. Evil suplexes, Goto fights it off and tries to suplex, but Evil resists.

The two fight for suplex control, Goto throws body shots and forearms, and more forearms, but Evil clubs the bad arm! Evil wrenches and whips, but Goto stops going into the bare buckles, and baits Evil in! Evil bounces off bare buckles and into Goto’s back suplex! Fans rally up as both men slowly rise. Goto runs in and hits the MURAMASA! And BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Goto keeps his focus and drags Evil back up. Goto fireman’s carries but Evil rakes eyes and pulls hair! Goto breaks free, Evil blocks the kick and gives it to Red Shoes to mule kick Goto down! Evil grins as he brings Goto back up. Fans rally but Evil FISHERMAN BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Goto still lives and Evil is frustrated. Evil drags Goto back up, fireman’s carries, but Goto fights out with elbows.

Evil elbows Goto back and runs, but Goto follows. Evil dodges, Goto follows and blows past, but Evil goes to the corner! Evil runs out, into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Fans are fired up as both men are down! Fans rally up as Goto and Evil slowly stir. Evil gets to a corner, Goto runs in and corner clotheslines! Goto throws Evil down and then goes to the corner! Dick creeps close, Goto kicks at him and Red Shoes reprimands. The delay allows Evil to intercept Goto and throw him off the top! Evil watches Goto rise and then runs, to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Goto stays in this! Evil drags Goto back up, fireman’s carries, DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO!! Goto survives and Evil is shocked!

Fans rally up as Evil rises. Evil slashes the throat, drags Goto up and spins him around, but Goto denies the STO! Goto pulls hair, Evil swings into the HEAD SHOT neckbreaker! Both men are down again but Dick coaches Evil up. Fans rally as the two stir. Goto gets up first, drags Evil up and throws forearms! Evil throws forearms back, but Goto hits back! Evil throws a forearm, Goto gets the edge! Goto runs and clotheslines Evil out of the ring! Dick checks on Evil and helps him up, but Goto PLANCHAS them both down! Fans fire up as Goto fires up! Goto drags Evil up, puts him in the ring and goes up top! FALLING ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Evil survives but fans rally up for Goto. Goto drags Evil back up, dragon sleepers, but Evil rakes eyes!

Evil flounders to a corner, Goto runs in again, but into a boot! Goto tries again, but Evil boots him again! Evil runs but the two collide with clotheslines! Neither falls so they try again! Another double clothesline, and Evil gets in Red Shoes’ face. Dick has the SPOILER CHOKER! But Goto gets him up for USHIGOROSHI! Fans fire up as Evil runs in but Goto takes the clothesline! Goto HEADBUTTS back! Fans fire up more as Goto focuses his power, and hits Evil with the BUZZSAW! Goto isn’t done there, he drags Evil up into the dragon sleeper! Evil fights back, Goto turns him around, REVERSE GTR! Cover, TWO!! Evil survives but Goto isn’t done yet!

Goto drags Evil back up, dragon sleepers, but Evil spins out to spin Goto, but no STO as Goto tries another dragon sleeper! Evil shoves Goto away at Red Shoes, but Goto stops himself! Goto swats the low blow away to discus, into EVERYTHING IS EVIL!!! Cover, EVIL WINS!!

Winner: EVIL, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Goto earns 0

Goto’s G1 is done! He tried but could not stop the King of Darkness! Will Evil’s justice prevail and win the block?


B Block – Hiroshi Tanahashi VS SANADA!

The Ace could not conquer Goto, and he is out of the running! The Cold Skull still has to deal with Evil, will he be going in with red hot momentum?

Tanahashi takes off the jacket and fans cheer for the muscles. The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. Sanada and Tanahashi tie up, Tanahashi powers Sanada to ropes but Sanada turns things around. Sanada gives a clean break and the fans cheer. Tanahashi and Sanada circle again, tie up again, and Tanahashi waistlocks. Sanada standing switches but Tanahashi switches back. Sanada switches back but Tanahashi switches going the other direction. Sanada wrenches free, has the wristlock, but Tanahashi spins through and wrenches back. Sanada rolls, uses a leg to free himself, and drags Tanahashi down to get the arm. Tanahashi gets up to arm-drag but Sanada arm-drags back, but Tanahashi headscissors. Sanada pops out and the fans cheer as Tanahashi air guitars.

Tanahashi and Sanada reset as fans rally back up. The clapping for “TA-NA-HASH!” “SA-NA-DA!” starts as the two circle. They tie up with knuckle locks, Tanahashi wrenches and wrenches and wrenches, but Sanada grits his teeth as he endures the wristlock. Sanada rolls, handsprings and cartwheels and handsprings to wrench back! Tanahashi drops to get the leg but Sanada gets away, and the fans cheer again. Tanahashi and Sanada circle as the clapping of “TA-NA-DA!” (Rice terrace?) begin. Sanada kicks and knees low, then clubs Tanahashi on the back. Sanada clubs more but Tanahashi waistlocks to a headlock and takeover! Sanada keeps his shoulders up, rolls Tanahashi, ONE! Sanada headscissors and squeezes tight to keep Tanahashi down!

Tanahashi moves around, fights against the headscissors and pops free to get a headlock! But Sanada gets him back in the headscissor! Sanada squeezes tight again, Tanahashi moves around and pops out to another headlock, but again Sanada gets him with a headscissor hold! Fans cheer this technical exchange. Tanahashi bridges and flips up and over, but Sanada wrangles him back down! Tanahashi grows frustrated but he gets fans rallying again. Tanahashi turns Sanada over, pops out and has the deathlock! Bow ‘n’ Arrow, Sanada pops out and covers, ONE! Fans cheer as these two have a stand off. Fans rally up as Sanada and Tanahashi circle again. Tanahashi and Sanada both go to kick but they both block the other!

They argue who should let go, and agree to let go at the same time, only to try and fake the other out. This time, they agree to let go, but Sanada tricks Tanahashi! Sanada trips Tanahashi, Tanahashi counters Paradise to a cradle, ONE! Tanahashi dropkicks a leg out! Fans fire up with Tanahashi as he goes after Sanada’s leg. Tanahashi pulls the leg, then steps over to YANK it! Tanahashi drops elbows on the knee, then has a toehold to pull on the leg. Sanada endures, moves around, but Tanahashi gets the other leg for an Indian deathlock! Tanahashi sits up for the butterfly stretch variant, then stands to add more torque! He BRIDGES! Bridging Indian Deathlock! Sanada endures but Tanahashi can’t keep the bridge forever. Sanada drags himself over to the ropebreak!

Tanahashi needs help and Red Shoes frees Sanada. Fans cheer as Tanahashi brings Sanada back up. Sanada throws forearms but Tanahashi eggs him on! Sanada throws more forearms, and more forearms, but Tanahashi kicks the leg! Fans rally as Tanahashi stalks Sanada at the ropes. Tanahashi wrenches and whips, but Sanada reverses, only for Tanahashi to kick! Sanada catches the leg to DRAGON SCREW! The Cold Skull uses one of Tanahashi’s favorites! Fans rally up and Sanada stands first. Sanada hobbles over, throws forearms on Tanahashi then whips, but Tanahashi reverses to forearm back. Tanahashi whips, Sanada reverses and hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks Tanahashi down! Fans cheer as Tanahashi bails out.

Sanada aims, slingshots, PLANCHA! Direct hit and the fans cheer agian! Sanada encourages them to get louder and they get louder! Sanada drags Tanahashi back up and puts him in the ring. Fans cheer as Sanada covers, TWO! Fans rally with more clapping, Sanada brings Tanahashi up to knee low. Sanada whips Tanahashi corner to corner then runs in, but blocks a boot. Tanahashi boots with the other leg, then runs to sunset flip! Sanada rolls through, gets the arms and legs, and puts the Ace in Paradise! Sanada stands on Tanahashi for a quick photo op, then goes to a corner. Sanada aims and runs, to dropkick Tanahashi out of Paradise! Sanada then brings Tanahashi to the ropes and adds that into Paradise! Tanahashi is caught and Sanada has the fans get louder. And louder! And louder!

Sanada is satisfied with the volume as he runs and dropkicks Tanahashi back out of Paradise! Cover, TWO! Sanada brings Tanahashi up, fireman’s carries, but Tanahashi fights out. Tanahashi shoves Sanada to a corner, Sanada boots Tanahashi away and goes up to Quebrada! Tanahashi gets under, runs back in and gets the leg, but Sanada fights free! Sanada runs, but again Tanahashi dropkicks a leg! Sanada stays up, kicks, but into a DRAGON SCREW! The clapping returns as Sanada bails out. Tanahashi fires up and goes to the apron then the top rope! Tanahashi aims for ACES HIGH FLY CROSSBODY! Direct hit and both men go down! Red Shoes checks on both men while fans rally back up. Tanahashi drags himself up first and gets in the ring.

The ring count begins as Sanada stirs. Sanada sits up after 10 of 20, stands after 15 of 20, and is in at 19.5! Tanahashi is after the leg, DRAGON SCREW in the ropes! And a dropkick! And another DRAGON SCREW! Sanada falls over and Tanahashi fires up! Fans rally as he gets the legs. Tanahashi laces the legs up for the CLOVERLEAF! Sanada endures but Tanahashi sits DEEP! Sanada powers up and fans rally as he heads for ropes. Tanahashi adds more pressure to the stretch! Sanada drops but he refuses to give up! Sanada gets the ropebreak! Fans cheer as Tanahashi reluctantly lets Sanada go. Tanahashi stomps Sanada as fans rally again. Sanada stands, Tanahashi runs, but Sanada fireman’s carries! But no TKO, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Tanahashi holds on, ANOTHER TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT!

Tanahashi wants another but Sanada suplexes Tanahashi to ropes, MAGIC SCREW! Both men are down again and fans rally up. Sanada drags Tanahashi up, fireman’s carries, TKO! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives but Sanada encourages fans to get loud again. Fans get louder and louder, and Sanada says he’ll end this! Sanada drags Tanahashi up into the dragon sleeper, but Tanahashi breaks free! Sanada dropkicks Tanahashi, whips Tanahashi but Tanahashi reverses. Sanada tumbles up and out to springboard missile dropkick! Sanada goes up top and MOONSAULTS, but has to land on his feet as Tanahashi moves! The leg gives him troubles, Tanahashi runs to SLING BLADE! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi fires up with the fans!

Tanahashi drags Sanada up and reels him in, but Sanada fights off the full nelson, only to get caught in a straitjacket GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Sanada escapes and fans fire up with Tanahashi! Tanahashi goes to a corner, goes up top, HIGH FLY FLOW onto knees!! Sanada saves himself at the last second, but it was perhaps double-edged given how Tanahashi has gone after that leg! Fans rally up again, “SA-NA-SHI!” (Sana City? Where is that?) Sanada gets up first, hobbles over, drags Tanahashi up, but Tanahashi SHOTEIS! Sanada staggers to a corner, Tanahashi runs in but Sanada uppercuts back! QUEBRADA to dragon sleeper! SKULL END!! Tanahashi is caught in the body scissors as Sanada cranks back on the hold! Fans rally again as Tanahashi endures!

Red Shoes checks on Tanahashi but he pops out of the sleeper! Sanada just gets it back! Sanada drags Tanahashi back down and the rallying continues! Tanahashi still endures the squeeze, uses a leg to unhook the body scissors, and fights out of the dragon sleeper! Tanahashi cranks on Sanada’s leg but Sanada gets the dragon sleeper back! Sanada squeezes tight on Skull End and Tanahashi fades! Red Shoes checks, the arm falls, but Sanada lets him go! Sanada goes up top, MOONSAULT onto knees!! Tanahashi gets even with Sanada! Fans are thunderous as they rally again! Tanahashi and Sanada slowly stir, and Tanahashi is first to stand. Tanahashi gets the leg and hits a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! And then ANOTHER! And then laces the legs, but Sanada powers out!

Sanada gets up, Tanahashi runs over, Sanada jumps but the huricanrana is blocked! Tanahashi gets the legs to a CLOVERLEAF!! Tanahashi sits DEEP on Sanada again! Sanada endures, fans rally, but Tanahashi goes as deep as he can! Sanada fights, powers up, drags himself over, but Tanahashi gives it one last push! Sanada is so close, but he doesn’t give up! He gets the ROPEBREAK! Tanahashi lets go but fans are fired up again! Tanahashi wants Sanada to rise, and as Sanada does, Tanahashi runs! SLING- NO! Sanada tries the O’Conner, Tanahashi bucks him off! Sanada tries again but Tanahashi switches and rolls Sanada! O’Conner Bridge, TWO!! SKULL END!!!

Tanahashi rolls back, drags Sanada up, but Sanada turns it around! Inverted suplex but Tanahashi turns it to a dragon sleeper of his own! Tanahashi hits an inverted suplex SLAM! Sanada rises, Tanahashi runs, SLING BLADE! Fans fire up as Tanahashi goes back up top! Tanahashi aims, HIGH FLY- CUTTER!!! Sanada counters, covers, TWO!!! Tanahashi survives and the fans are thunderous again! Sanada gets to ropes, goes up top, MOONSAULT onto Tanahashi’s back! Sanada turns Tanahashi over and goes up again, to MOONSAULT to Tanahashi’s chest!! Cover, Sanada wins!!

Winner: SANADA, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Tanahashi earns 0

The Cold Skull trumps The Ace! There is still hope for Sanada in the G1! Sanada gets the mic though he’s still seated on the mat because obviously his leg still needs to rest. Fans cheer as he says, “This is the first time NJPW has come to Yokohama Budokan. Why don’t we mark the occasion?” The fans are way ahead of him as they bring out phones to be the stars. The spotlight drops, and Sanada continues to say, “I lost my first three, and now I’ve won five in a row, including tonight. Next is Ryogoku and Evil.” Sanada vows to have to have the better showing and win. With everything gone on, he’s grateful the fans came here tonight. This is his gift in return. “Oi, Yokohama! See you next time!” The Cold Skull is ready to settle things with the traitor, but will he bring Evil’s run to a Skull End?


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

EVIL: 6-2, 12 points
Tetsuya Naito: 6-2, 12 points
SANADA: 5-3, 10 points
Zack Sabre Jr: 5-3, 10 points [ELIMINATED]
KENTA: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Hirooki Goto: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Toru Yano: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Juice Robinson: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

Another great round but what else is new with NJPW? They always give us great stuff. I was surprised at how much we got out of Yoshi-Hashi VS Kenta, because the hour mark of the show is usually where they take a break, and that match pushed things pretty deep. Kenta is Naito’s last opponent, so either he’s a spoiler, or he owes Naito a shot at his US Championship contract. Juice VS ZSJ was great, and ZSJ gets a great win even though he’s now out of the running since Naito and Sanada are still in. Naito VS Yano may not have been a great match in traditional terms, but it was an incredibly high quality comedy match. It may not be 5 stars, but that was 4.5 out of 5 clowns (or whatever the comedy equivalent of a star rating would be). Evil VS Goto and Sanada VS Tanahashi were also great matches, especially for Sanada.

For those unsure, Sanada’s 5-3 keeps him alive versus ZSJ’s 5-3 because one of Sanada’s 5 wins was over ZSJ. Sanada VS Evil in the final round is going to be HUGE. It’d be crazy if Sanada won the block after going 0-3 like he did, but at the very least, he can stick it to Evil for his betrayal of LIJ by spoiling Evil’s G1.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Victory Road Results & Match Ratings: 9.23.2022

Victory Road is the last speed bump before Bound for Glory! Main Event promises to be a bloody mess with Barbed Wire Massacre!



Victory Road is here and we’ve got an interesting card on the docket. Delirious challenges Mike Bailey for the X Division Championship, Triple Threat Revolver number one contender match for the X Division, Barbed Wire Massacre and a few higher profile bouts without a huge gimmick.

Mickie James takes on her first real opponent, Gisele Shaw, during this “Last Rodeo” tour she’s doing. Killer Kelly also gets a somewhat legit opponent in Tasha Steelz. We also get Masha’s choice in the Pick Your Poison angle. Max the Impaler will take on Jordynne Grace, as a way to soften up the champion for Masha before Bound for Glory.

So let’s see how this show shakes out!


  • Tasha Steelz w/Savannah Evans vs Killer Kelly: No Contest? – **
  • X Division Championship: Speedball Mike Bailey (c) vs Delirious: Bailey retains via Flamingo Driver – ***
  • Honor No More (PCO & Vincent) vs Motor City Machine Guns: MCMG wins via Dirt Bomb – *** 1/4
  • Mickie James vs Gisele Shaw: Mickie wins via Mick-DT – ***
  • X Division Triple Threat Revolver Match: Mia Yim vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Alex Zayne vs Kenny King vs Yuya Uemura vs Frankie Kazarian vs Black Taurus : Kaz wins via Slingshot Cutter – *** 1/4
  • Honor No More (Eddie Edwards & OGK w/Maria Kanellis) vs Heath, Josh Alexander & Rich Swann: Eddie wins via Die Hard Flowsion – *** 1/4
  • Max the Impaler w/James Mitchell vs Jordynne Grace:  Jordynne wins via Grace Driver – *** 1/2
  • Barbed Wire Massacre Match: Moose vs Sami Callihan vs Steve Maclin: Maclin wins via KIA – **** 1/4


Tasha Steelz w/Savannah Evans vs Killer Kelly

Tasha has had this gimmick of coming down with Disney influenced attire. Mad Hatter, Scar from the Lion King…and today, Ursula. 

Kelly tries to bait in Tasha to come in and choke her, Tasha takes the bait and then they start swinging. Kelly gets the best of the slugfest when she starts incorporating her legs, which she swings them in an interesting way. She even throws a Pump Kick that looks more like a Split that just connected with Tasha’s chin.

Tasha does manage to trip up Kelly on the apron, so she gets a small burst of offense; all while Kelly smiles. Kelly crawling around on the ground and maintaining eye contact even when she’s technically underneath in the match. This definitely screams of a style that probably unlocked a few people’s kinks while watching.

Tasha lands a Shiranui, forward roll Dropkick, into a Rings of Saturn. Kelly powers through (with a little bit of a stumble), sets Tasha in the corner, Fisherman’s Buster into Knees to Face and a German Suplex that Tasha tries to fend off.  Kelly trips up Tasha as she tries to charge the corner, Hesitation Dropkick from Kelly and Savannah interrupts the match a little. Tasha with a desperate Stratusfaction, but only 2, Savannah attacks again this time with a chain, Kelly Stun Guns Savannah and locks in her Killer Klutch with the chain. The referee is going to disqualify her, so she puts the Referee to sleep and Impact officials come out to pull her off.

Sooo…no contest?

X Division Championship: Speedball Mike Bailey (c) vs Delirious

Delirious pushes the pace early in his…unique way, but Speedball eventually takes over with more controlled striking and precision attacks. However, Delirious catches him with his awkward offense and strings together quit a bit, even tying up his wrists and then just throwing him down into the mat. Indelicate offense…but effective.

A Triangle Head and Arm choke has Bailey fading a little, but he manages to get to the ropes and fire back, punctuating his short comeback with the Twisting Shooting Star Press that he does. Delirious counters Bailey, they powder out, Delirious focuses on some big strikes to the back and body. Bailey tries the Flamingo Driver, but the back gives out, Delirious with a Cobra Stretch Backbreaker. Tornado Kicks get countered, Delirious hits a Running Knee of his own, Shadows Over Hell for 2! Strike exchange, Backfists from Delirious, Kicks from Bailey. Standing Moonsault Knees from Bailey, Buzzsaw, no! Cobra Stretch attempt into a Suplex from Delirious. Superkick from Bailey, Flamingo Driver is good and Bailey retains!

That is now 9 defenses for Bailey. You have to think his reign is coming to an end soon, either from his Bound for Glory opponent or Option C. 

Honor No More (PCO & Vincent) vs Motor City Machine Guns

Vinnie and PCO are told to go soften up the number 1 contenders for OGK’s tag gold. You all should know that unless the Steiner Brothers reunite, I won’t ever cheer against The Guns. So…I’m biased here. 

Early on nothing crazy, PCO and Sabin start, they tussle a little, Vinnie and Shelley go back and forth but then MCMG tandem attacks begin. Vinnie starts fighting back once PCO hits the apron to distract Shelley. Satellite Russian Leg Sweep and some tandem work for the Honor No More duo. Vinnie and PCO have a lot of dysfunction, Vinnie clocks PCO a few times accidentally and it looks like we’re heading towards PCO exiting Honor No More.

Sabin starts working over Vinnie, Cradle Shock attempt but Vinnie slips it, fluid Guns action. Stormbreaker style maneuver from Sabin for 2. Double Yakuza on Vinnie, looking for Skull and Bones but Vinnie breaks up the teamwork. Backdrop and both men are down. Vinnie slowly gets to PCO, PCO comes in and murders Sabin in the corner with a hung Codebreaker and a Draping DDT into a nasty Guillotine Leg Drop. Reverse DDT from PCO, tag to Vinnie, Redrum – and Shelley makes the save!

PCO works over Shelley, but Shelley hits the side step and PCO flies to the outside. High Speed Dirt on Vinnie, Double Sole Butts…Dirt Bomb? I think they called their Double Driver Dirt Bomb, its been a little bit since I’ve seen them do it.

Mickie James vs Gisele Shaw

Top wristlock, chain wrestling start. So it’s slow, but showing that Mickie is trying to prove a point and be very methodical. Gisele Shaw eventually breaks out of the Wristlock with an Escalera, into a Rope Walk, Corkscrew, Arm Drag. It’s a little sloppy looking, but never dangerous, just took a beat or two longer than it should have. Mickie however responds by wrestling Gisele down, licking her hand and spanking her.

As I’ve noticed (and many of us as well), Mickie really steers into more of the sexual pop spots. Gisele hits a few strikes and then a Final Cut for 2. Cravat keeps Mickie mostly grounded until she rallies out. Mickie fights out, tries to catch Gisele with a Frakensteiner, Gisele fights her off and dumps her outside. Gisele acts like she’s okay with the count out…charges for a Baseball Slide but Mickie captures her in the ring skirt.

Mickie hits her own sliding attack and starts laying it to Gisele. As soon as they start heading back in, Gisele grabs Mickie during the entrances and flings her into the post. Mickie is still on the outside and Gisele hits a Tornillo. Raining Elbows, into the Cravat again. Gisele really shines when she focuses on her striking ability with a small flair of Lucha. Gisele goes for the Knee, Mickie blocks and forces her into a Split, kicks her while she’s still mid split and hits Knees of her own for 2. A quick few strikes and a neckbreaker give Mickie another near fall.

Full Nelson Backbreaker from Gisele, into a high intensity Flatliner from being bent over her knee. Only 2, Shaw misses with the Spin kick, single like Flapjack from Mickie, Avalanche Thesz Press, kick out by Gisele. Mick-D – NOPE! Enzuigiri from Gisele for 2, so she Exposes her knee to add impact on that V-Trigger style of attack she does. Mickie dodges, counters, Mick-DT and she wins!

The finish definitely looked goofy, but the match in general was solid. 

X Division Triple Threat Revolver Match: Mia Yim vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Alex Zayne vs Kenny King vs Yuya Uemura vs Frankie Kazarian vs Black Taurus

Things start quick, Laredo Kid hits a lot of early high flying offense to take early momentum. Stacks both Mia and Trey together, hits a 450 Splash, tries to pin both of them individually and only gets 2.  Trey eventually counters some of Laredo’s offense, Cheeky Nandos, into the Tiger Feint in the corner. Mia counters him and hits a few big spots, Eat DeFeat on Laredo Kid, and Kid is the first out. Big oof for Laredo Kid.

Alex Zayne is next up. Mia tries to attack him before he comes down to the ramp, he catches her and slams her on the ramp. Trey tries to do something, Zayne stops him, flips back in, and pulls of a combo move of Uranage’ing Mia into Trey only for near falls though. Again Mia takes advantage of being on the top rope, hits both men, tries to follow it up after they powder, but they hit her with the Double Gamengiri. Trey hits the reverse Rana on Zayne, Mia kicks Trey in the back of the head, Crucifix Bomb from Mia to Zayne, and Zayne is eliminated!

Kenny King is next up. This works towards a few weeks ago when Yuya debuted, Mia interrupted the match which cost Kenny the match. So Mia and Kenny have heat, and Kenny tries to leverage the triple threat aspect to his favor. Mia and Trey do start arguing like idiots on who’s gonna fight Kenny. Reverse Powerbomb across the top rope from Kenny, then he hits the Spinebuster on Mia; and Kenny is rolling. Trey and Mia do finally start working together, Mia hits Pay Dirt on Kenny, but he kicks at two and then powders. Mia is too focused on Kenny, Trey and her start to go back and forth, so Kenny Rolls her Up with tights for the elimination.

Yuya Uemura is who we have now. Missile Dropkick entry on Trey, a few quick Crossbodies help him roll pretty fast. Dragon Suplex from Kenny takes the barely upgraded Young Lion down, but only a near fall. Double Overhook Belly to Belly from Yuya gives the young wrestler a chance to fire off one on one with Trey. Trey lights him up with a few kicks, misses the Stomp, Jacky Bryant Snap Kick, Tilt-a-Whirl Argentine Driver gives Trey the pinfall.

KAZ is next! Kenny looks like he’s gonna have Trey and Kaz fight themselves, but tries to shanghai some offense. Kaz doesn’t fall for it, and controls both men for a couple minutes hitting classic Kaz offense, Springboard Guillotine, Running Russian Leg Sweep, just good Kaz stuff.  Pile up in the corner, Trey hits a desperation Meteora, but overshoots the landing so all 3 men are down for a breather. Trey tries to get some fluid action against Kenny, but Kaz plucks him out of the air and chokes him out.

Black Taurus is the final entrant. So next pinfall or submission wins. Taurus dominates early since he’s the fresh man, but then we see Kenny and Kaz pick a few spots to try and keep their chances alive. Taurus has a couple close calls with a few of his bigger spots, Kaz gets a Victory Roll on Taurus, then a Bridging Suplex on Kenny for a double pin, but they kick out. Taurus powders, slingshot Cutter to King and Kaz wins!

Little vignette with Rosemary, Taya, JesSICKa and VXT. Then Bobby Fish shows up. Fish is poking fun at how much heat he’s had lately. So I’d take this, and the rumours about CM Punk not coming back to AEW, as having some weight. Fish’s promo does drag a little, but it stops exactly when it starts to feel too long. He says he’s here to pick a fight and then Raj Singh and Shera show up. 

The crowd trips up Raj during his promo and Bobby pulls the “who are you” angle, and that saves the promo. Shera being turned into a Gatekeeping midcarder is sad, but not unexpected. Raj however is worthless. Rohit Raju was the only talented on from the Desi Hit Squad. 

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards & OGK w/Maria Kanellis) vs Heath, Josh Alexander & Rich Swann

Team IMPACT is flowing early. The only tag that HNM makes early with when Eddie decides to duck Josh in the beginning. Aside from that, Mike Bennet is getting worn out like barn shoes for a good five minutes.

Of course, eventually Honor No More grab a foot, cause some trips, take shortcuts and get back to a level of parity. Nothing about this match as really stuck out beyond usual 6 man stuff. OGK manages to rip Heath and Josh off the apron to keep Rich isolated, but again, nothing really mind shattering. As things start to break down and Josh gets in with Eddie, there’s heavy moves that connect. Blue Thunder Bomb, Back Breakers, its just more of the Kings Road style of match. In which the slow build through the match is part of the story telling and we’re getting to wrinkles. Eddie hits a Tiger Driver after OGK hit a few running spots, only 2. Another Tiger Driver + Just the Tip, and Rich breaks up the pin.

Rich was on the apron, had the chance to tag Josh, but decides to Senton into the pile of Honor No More. Maria and Taven get involved while Rich and Heath are down on the outside, Die Hard Flowsion, and Honor No More wins!

The take away of course is the fact that Rich chose to attack the pile instead of backing up Josh. So the whole conspiracy theory concept will probably continue for Josh. He’s gonna go full DTA at this point, unless Ethan Page returns. 

Max the Impaler w/James Mitchell vs Jordynne Grace

One of the few times I can type the sentence, Jordynne is losing the power game here. Max just ragdolls Jordynne, forcing Jordynne to try and be the agile one. Jordynne chops, and Max doesn’t move. Jordynne tries to lift, and there’s no give. Forearms and rope assisted offense finally starts to rock Max a little, but they get up quickly. Jordynne dives, and Max just whips her down into the apron.

Max literally has Jordynne pinned against the ringpost as they lift her up off her feet by the neck. Max slides in occasionally to break the counts, but just continues to impose their will on Jordynne. Jordynne barely maanges to counter a Powerbomb into a Back Body Dorp, and Jordynne finally isn’t getting beat on. She tries to do something to Max, but Max drives her into the post and then misses a Spear.

Jordynne goes for a bunch of slaps and the Aja Kong style backfist, before a Hip Attack into a Vader Bomb, for 2. A quick burst of offense has really been the first time in a while that Jordynne had any forward momentum here. Max tries to lift Jordynne for a Death Valley, Jodynne fights off, hits the ropes and then eats a Spear from Max for a 2 count.

Sunset Bomb from Jordynne gives her some determination, snap Grace Driver and Jordynne wins!

Jordynne names her Pick Your Poison choice. Allie Katch in a Monster’s Ball Match. I mean…I like Allie Katch, but she’s not nearly the obstacle that Max was. So it really fell flat. 

Barbed Wire Massacre Match: Moose vs Sami Callihan vs Steve Maclin

Maclin coming out in the Punisher paint is pretty cool, while Sami comes out with some flannel looking like Cactus Jack.

After a small stall, Sami incites both men. Sami ducks Moose and Moose ends up Pouncing Maclin through a door. Then Sami hits the Piledriver on Moose, but just starts looking around since he doesn’t want this to end early. Moose goes for a rope run, but stops since he forgot about the barbed wire, Sami tries to take advantage but Moose shoves him into it, and Sami just laughs and screams “I like it!”. Sami tosses Moose and Moose turns it into a Tope con Hilo onto Maclin. Now they brawl on the outside.

Sami slams Moose into the guardrail and clocks Maclin for good measure. Maclin has literally not been able to get out of the gates. Sami goes after Maclin a little and that just ends up pissing him off. So when Sami gets distracted with his theater of pain, Maclin starts to lay into Sami, using the barbed wire, stairs, Sami counters and we start getting to some big haymakers. Lariats, Suplexes, just going for a few different home run shots until they all slowly rise for the Fighting Spirit spot.

Maclin and Moose team up a little on Sami, Moose throws Sami into one side of the ring, then he drapes Maclin over the top of another barbed wire covered rope, Sami pops up and Suplexes Moose into the barbed wire. Sami grabs a barbed wire chair, Maclin and Sami jockey for positioning, but Sami Suplexes Maclin onto the chair. Sami also pulls out a Barbed Wire N64 Controller. See unlike the pen from yesterday, this one is actually a little clever.

Sami puts Maclin in a Crossface with the N64 wire, Maclin fights out, Skuds Moose, Busaiku Knee to Sami, Moose pulls out Maclin and Powerbombs him onto the apron. Chokeslam directly onto the barebed wire, but Sami kicks out. Lights Out attempt, but Maclin hits him with the chair and hits KIA. Sami breaks it up with the barbed wire ball. Sami looks to be setting up a barbed wire table with designs on sending Moose through it. Sami plays to the crowd, Maclin comes up from behind him and locks in a Sleeper. Sami slumps down, then climbs up to the top rope with the barbed wire chair and jumps at Moose. The table doesn’t break, but that’s almost worse since Maclin just buries Moose against the guardrail.

Barbed Wire Bat versus Barbed Wire Trash Can Lid when Maclin gets back in. Sami and the bat win, as he even does the sit out bat drop with the “Bang Bang” flourish for the obvious Foley reference. Slap fight, and then Sami Powerbombs Steve through another door. Cactus Driver ’97 and…Maclin kicks out! Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Maclin Uppercuts the balls and hits KIA on the piece of Door left in the middle of the ring! MACLIN WINS!

Overall Score: 7.25/10

So fun takeaways here is that Maclin got the big win, so he should be in line for a well deserved push. Josh Alexander should start a becoming an island, which plays into Honor No More’s hands. Bobby Fish showing up could lead to some fun matches and you can’t be mad at Frankie Kazarian being in an X Division Championship match for the first time in like 8 years.

Also I do appreciate that Raven is the Hall of Fame nominee this year. He’s a blast from the past, who wasn’t really active on the roster when they got inducted. So it’s just a little refreshing.

I’m not gonna sit here like the event was super important since none of the matches were really worth going out to find, except for the main event. Nothing was bad, we moved along a lot of storylines and even got a debut I wasn’t expecting. So it’s a decent show. Must see? Nope. But if you’ve got the time and like the product; you won’t be mad.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (9/23/22)




AEW Rampage coverage

Truly the biggest episode of Rampage ever!

As AEW Grand Slam continues, Rampage holds a Golden Ticket Battle Royal, the winner earning an AEW World Championship match for Dynamite: Cincinnati!


  • No Disqualifications Tag: The House of Black VS Darby Allin & Sting; Darby & Sting win.
  • Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker VS Hook & Action Bronson; Hook & Bronson win.
  • Wardlow & Samoa Joe VS Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling; Wardlow & Joe win.
  • Rey Fenix VS “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry; Jungle Boy wins.
  • Eddie Kingston VS Sammy Guevara; Guevara wins, by disqualification.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ The Baddies VS Diamante w/ Trina; Cargill wins and retains the title.
  • Grand Slam Golden Ticket Battle Royal: Hangman Page wins and will challenge for the AEW World Championship on Tuesday Night Dynamite 10/18.
  • Lights Out: Ricky Starks VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs; Starks wins.


No Disqualifications Tag: The House of Black VS Darby Allin & Sting!

The Dark Father may be gone, but the House still stands. Brody King & Buddy Matthews still want to settle things with the #RelentlessIcons, will they make Darby & Sting #FadeToBlack? Or will this be the end of their dark crusade?

Wait! Sneaking up behind them from the shadows, it’s Darby and STIIIING! Darby jumps onto Brody for a SLEEPER, and only now do Buddy and Julia notice! Buddy turns around and Sting JAMS him with his baseball bat! The bell rings, Brody THROWS Darby off him and onto the LED ramp! Julia jumps on Sting to have a SLEEPER, but Sting doesn’t care, he just DECKS Buddy! Brody scoops Darby to TOSS him into the ring! Darby flops out of the ring, Sting is in pursuit of Buddy, carrying Julia around like a backpack! Buddy kicks Sting, Brody CLUBS Darby, and Julia lets off Sting so Buddy can drag him to the ramp.

Buddy ROCKS Sting and Sting staggers down the ramp to the ring. Buddy stalks Sting into the ring, and he drags Sting up to whip. Sting reverses to send Buddy out! Sting pursues but Buddy knees low and RAMS Sting into steel steps! Meanwhile, Brody’s set up two tables together at ringside, having confiscated the timekeeper’s table. Buddy goes to bump Sting but Sting bumps Buddy off the apron. Darby fires off on Brody but Brody ROCKS Darby! And CHOPS him! Buddy keeps after Sting while Brody sits Darby up top. Brody CHOPS Darby to the floor! Then he AX HANDLES Sting down! Brody drags Sting up and puts him in the ring.

Buddy sets up another table at ringside while Brody stomps Sting. Brody scoops Sting, SLAMS him, and Buddy joins him in the ring. Fans boo but Sting stands up! Sting sees Brody & Buddy circling him, and he fires off hands on them first! Sting UPPERCUTS Brody but Buddy SOBATS! And KICKS! But Sting just roars! Sting fires off hands, ROCKS Buddy, then he back elbows Brody. Sting SPLASHES Buddy! Brody runs in but Sting moves, Brody SPLASHES Buddy, too! Sting then ducks Brody’s haymaker, and even the comeback, so that the LARIAT hits Buddy!! Brody can’t believe he got duped again!

Sting kicks Brody’s bad leg, reels him in, but Brody powers out of the deathdrop to RAM Sting into the corner! Brody hoists Sting up top, CHOPS him, and then climbs up to join him. But Darby CHOP BLOCKS Brody’s leg! Darby hops up for a SUPER CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Brody survives but Darby growls and builds speed to DIVE into a KNEE from Buddy!! Buddy wipes Darby out, then he goes after Sting on the apron. Sting kicks Buddy first, CHOPS him, but Buddy throws a haymaker! Sting goes up but Buddy is after him. Sting throws hands on Buddy, Buddy flounders and holds onto the ropes, but Sting CLUBS him down!

Buddy ends up on those tables Brody set up, and Sting goes to the very top! Fans are thunderous, but then Brody SHOVES Sting down!! Sting crashes through tables alone!! Fans lose their minds while Sting is down in the wreckage! The House hauls Sting into the ring, and even Julia joins in! They handcuff Sting! Buddy WRECKS Darby with a dropkick while AEW goes picture in picture.

Sting’s arms are locked in, but Darby CLOBBERS Buddy! Darby hops on for a SLEEPER! Buddy throws Darby off and Brody LARIATS Darby down! Buddy pop-up KNEES Darby into a corner, then digs his boots in. The House of Black barks as Brody aims from the other corner, and he runs in to CANNONBALL! The House soaks up the heat while Darby crawls away up the ramp. Buddy, Brody and even Julia stalk up behind Darby. They drag him from ramp to stage as Rampage Grand Slam returns to single picture. Buddy KICKS Darby in the back, then KICKS him again! Brody DOUBLE CHOPS Darby, then Buddy hauls Darby up!

Julia licks her lips as Buddy suplexes Darby, and hands him off to Brody! But Darby slips off and shoves Brody into Buddy! They both crash into the side of the entrance tunnel! Darby then climbs the tunnel! Fans fire up and Buddy pursues! Darby just dribbles Buddy off the steel and shoves him down! Darby then stands up, takes aim, and SUPER COFFIN DROPS Buddy down!! Fans are thunderous as Darby then crawls away from Buddy, only for Brody to DECK him! Brody drags Darby over, trophy lifts him, but Darby slips off again! Darby uses the tunnel to COFFIN- NO, Brody catches Darby for a HANGMAN’S SLEEPER!!

But Darby throws hands from below! They back off, and FALL OFF THE STAGE through spare tables!!! Fans are losing their minds and Julia is furious! But Buddy gets up, and he has Sting’s baseball bat! Buddy and Julia storm their way to the ring, where Sting is leaning against ropes. The medics check Darby, who is busted open on the side of his head. Sting manages to stand and he sees Buddy has the bat! But he just grins?! Julia puts a chair in the ring, Buddy makes Sting take a seat! Sting laughs!? Is he Joker Sting again? Buddy gets the bat, takes aim, but then the lights go out!! And it’s THE GREAT MUTA?!?!

Buddy cannot believe this! New York can’t believe this! But as Muta walks out, even Jericho knows that is him! Muta has a Sting style black ‘n’ white mask even! Muta swaggers up to the ring, stares Buddy down, and Buddy backs away from Muta. Muta stares Sting down, is the rivalry still going after all this time? No, Muta looks at Buddy again! Buddy kicks but Muta blocks, DRAGON SCREW! GREEN MIST!! Buddy flails and bumps Julia off the apron and she falls- OH, she only clips the table and hits the floor!! Sting gets up, breaks the cuffs using the chair, and he has Buddy for a SCORPION DEATH DROP!!! Cover, Sting & Darby win!!

Winners: Darby Allin & Sting, by pinfall

A truly destructive and brutal match, and in the end, a living legend helped another living legend win! The rivals nod and shake hands to show respect, and they even hug it out! Will this truly be the end of things between the #RelentlessIcons and the House of Black?


Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker VS Hook & Action Bronson!

The Jericho Appreciation Society decided to poke at the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil, but they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ange might’ve been able to stop Hook, but will they be able to survive New York’s dynamic duo?

And because Hook is bringing Bronson, Bronson’s bringing the bars! The teams sort out and Hook starts against Parker. They circle, Menard distracts Hook and Parker BOOTS him! Hook stays up, he hits a SAYANAGI, then whips Parker. Parker reverses, Hook ducks ‘n’ dodges, then flips through the hip toss! Hook waistlocks, shifts to a gut wrench for the EL CAMINO! Fans fire up as Hook glares at JAS. Parker scrambles to his corner, he tags in Menard, and Menard wants some Action! Hook obliges and tags in Bronson! Fans fire up for their hometown hero, and Menard says Bronson’s gonna get a taste!

Menard shoves Bronson, but Bron shoves him back. Menard runs, he RAMS Bronson but Bronson’s too sturdy for that! Bronson runs now, and he runs Menard over! Parker gets in, he gets run over! The JAS regroup in a corner, but Bronson runs in to SPLASH them! Bronson then brings Menard over, bumps him off buckles and he tags in Hook. Hook reels Menard in for a double wristlock NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, ONE, but Hook has the arms to drag Menard into a DEEP BOW ‘N’ ARROW! But Parker STOMPS it apart! Bronson glares, Parker kicks away on Hook and Menard stomps him to the JAS corner.

Menard throws his knees in, tags Parker in, and Parker runs, BACKBREAKER RUNNING KNEE COMBO! Cover, TWO! Hook is still in this but Parker brings Hook up. Parker whips to CALF KICK! Fans rally for Hook and chant for “ACTION BRONSON!” but Parker tags Menard. The JAS mugs Hook, Menard facelocks and CLUBS Hook, and he tags Parker. Parker CLUBS Hook, snap suplexes, and covers, TWO! Parker drags Hook up, wrenches, and he tags Menard. The JAS mugs Hook again, they double whip him to a corner, and Menard whips Parker in for a forearm smash. Parker then feeds Hook to Menard’s drop toehold, and Parker hits the BOOYAH ELBOW! Cover, TWO!

Bronson and the fans rally for Hook but Menard sucker punches Bronson! Menard whips Hook, but DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES take them both down! Parker tags in and intercepts Hook. Parker suplexes but Hook fights that to OVERHEAD suplex back! Both men crawl, hot tags to Menard and Bronson! Bronson rallies on Daddy Magic, then CLOBBERS Cool Hand Ange! Bronson scoops Parker, brings him around, and hits a POWERSLAM! But Menard stomps Bronson down! Menard CLUBS Bronson, the JAS double whip, but Bronson breaks through the double clotheslines! Then he CLOBBERS Parker!

Bronson tags Hook, Hook CLOBBERS Menard, then he FISHERMAN BUSTERS Parker! The JAS flounder, Hook gets around for the REDRUM!! Parker reaches out, Bronson intercepts Menard, REDRUM REMIX!! Fans are thunderous as both men sink it in with body scissors! DOUBLE TAPS, #HookAction wins!

Winners: Hook & Action Bronson, by submission

Taz is pumped up on commentary while Jericho is furious! Will the JAS never ever want them to #SendHook again?


Wardlow & Samoa Joe VS Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling!

The AEW TNT Champion and the ROH World Television Champion have a common enemy in Smart Mark’s stable, and are going to settle this all at once. Are the Premier Athlete & Technical Beast ready for #WARDJOE?

Sterling and his team are already in the ring as AEW returns from commercial. Sterling has a mic to say, “Folks, the last few weeks, a crazed maniac has been trying to powerbomb me! Well I’m gonna tell you this right now: it’s not happening tonight, thanks to my athletes. And we’re gonna make quick work of WaRdJoE~!” But speaking of, here come the championship duo! They storm right to the ring, and the brawl is on! Joe is after Nese, Wardlow is after Woods, the ref rings the bell as Joe dribbles Nese off buckles. Wardlow fires off knees, ROCKS Woods, but Woods ROCKS Wardlow. Wardlow ROCKS Woods back, but Woods ROCKS Wardlow!

Joe keeps on Nese all along the outside as the haymakers continue to fly in the ring. Wardlow gets the edge, but Woods ducks one to waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX! Woods roars and mocks the conducting of the orchestra. Only to turn around into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! And then another! Sterling is freaking out as Joe keeps Nese down. Woods kicks Wardlow’s leg out, but Wardlow blocks the knee! Wardlow shoves Woods down, he comes back but into the SPINEBUSTER! Wardlow rolls Woods onto his feet to clothesline him and himself up and out of the ring! Joe puts Nese in the ring and JABS away in the corner!

Fans fire up as Joe whips Nese corner to corner, but Nese elbows him away. Nese goes up to CROSSBODY, but Joe just walks out of the way. Fans love Joe just not caring. Joe drags Nese up, CHOPS him, but Nese throat chops! The ref reprimands but Nese has Joe by an ear, for the HOTSHOT BULLDOG! Nese hurries to slingshot, but Joe dodges the splash! Joe gets to a corner, Nese runs in at him, but into the “SIT YO ASS DOWN!” URENAGE! Joe drags Nese up and to the top rope! Joe CHOPS Nese, tucks him in, and hits a MUSCLEBUSTER!! Cover, WardJoe wins!

Winners: Wardlow & Samoa Joe, by pinfall

But Woods goes after Joe! He doesn’t care if this match is over or not, he wants to beat up Joe! Nese joins in, they mug Joe, but Wardlow gets in, even with his bad leg. Wardlow DOUBLE LARIATS Nese & Woods down! Fans fire up as the straps come down, and Wardlow has Woods in position! But Sterling gets in, and he SMACKS Wardlow with his own TNT title! But Wardlow doesn’t even budge! He just gets pissed! Sterling is pissed that Wardlow didn’t even stagger! Wardlow steps and Sterling runs away, but into Joe! Sterling knows he’s dead now. Joe feeds Sterling to Wardlow, for the POWERBOMB!!

Fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” and Wardlow conducts his orchestra. Joe helps get Sterling up and back in position. for Wardlow to POWERBOMB him again! The bad leg doesn’t feel so bad with the adrenaline pumping, and fans want it “ONE MORE TIME!” Wardlow smirks, Joe drags Sterling up and feeds him in again, for the THIRD POWERBOMB! #WardJoe stands tall, who will dare take on either of these titans next?


Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes VS “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry!

These two have met plenty of times before in tag team matches, and so they both know the other is an extremely talented individual. Will the Immortal Firebird show Jungle Boy that he’s not ready for that next level? Or can Jack Perry prove to everyone that his Jungle Life is only just beginning?

The bell rings and Fenix somersaults at JB! But JB catches the spring-up into a fireman’s carry! Fenix slips off but JB BOOTS him! JB goes up but Fenix SHORYUKENS! Fenix tucks JB but JB CLUBS away! JB BOOTS Fenix, then hits a LEAP FROG HEADSCISSORS! Fenix staggers up into JB’s DROPKICK! JB kips up and fans fire up! JB drags Fenix up, but Fenix CHOPS him! Fenix double knuckle locks, HEADBUTTS, then goes up and up and rebounds to arm-drag JB away! Fans fire up with Fenix but JB ROCKS him! Fenix ROCKS JB, JB bobs ‘n’ weaves and ROCKS Fenix. JB CHOPS, whips, but Fenix Tiger Feint Rewinds to HEEL KICK!

JB flops to the ropes, and Fenix baseball slide dropkicks JB out of the ring! Fans fire up while AEW goes picture in picture. Fenix takes a moment while JB checks his head. Fenix goes out after JB, drags him up, and puts him against the corner. Fenix CHOPS JB and JB sputters as he falls over. Fenix then bumps JB off the apron, and again, and then RAMS him into it! Fenix is obviously after JB’s bad back, but JB CHOPS Fenix in return. And again! Fenix KICKS JB down! Fenix refreshes the ring count to then drag JB up and put him in the ring. Fenix clamps onto JB for a seated abdominal stretch. JB endures, even as Fenix hammerlocks an arm and digs his elbow in.

Fenix throws down elbows and then shifts to have an inverted motorcycle stretch! JB endures, even as Fenix sits all his weight on him. Fenix drags JB up with the arm hooks, has the Gory Especial, but JB flips through to arm-drag! Fenix flops out of the ring now, JB builds speed, but Fenix trips him up! Fenix drags JB out to DECK him! Fenix high-fives fans and drags JB up. Fenix puts JB against the corner again to CHOP! JB sputters again as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage Grand Slam returns and Fenix has JB down in the ring. JB sits up to CHOP! Fenix staggers and stings from that, but he CHOPS back! JB staggers, but he CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, switching hands each time! But Fenix blocks one, only for JB to spin around and CHOP Fenix off his feet! JB whips Fenix, Fenix reverses but JB CLOBBERS him! And again! JB drags Fenix up and reels him in to suplex, but Fenix slips out and shoves JB. JB hits the COMEBACKER! Fans fire up with JB and he drags Fenix back up. Suplex, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Fenix rolls away to the apron but JB builds speed! JB DIVES and sends Fenix into railing!

JB puts Fenix in fast, reels him in, but Fenix whips JB away. Fenix dodges the Comebacker this time, Tiger Feint Rewinds, but JB ducks! SUPERKICK from JB, into a PISON-RANA!! JB runs, but into a SOMERSAULT CUTTER!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Fenix and JB stir, “This is Awesome!” and far from over. Alex coaches Fenix up and both men get to corners. Fenix and JB stand up, approach each other, and the CHOPS fly again! Then the forearms! Fenix has the edge with forearms and CHOPS on repeat! Double underhooks, TIGER- RANA!! JB covers, TWO!!! Fenix gets up, into another SUPERKICK!

JB sits Fenix up, runs, but Fenix ducks the blindside! Fenix Tiger Feints again, into a SHOTGUN! JB goes out to the apron and he drags Fenix up. But Fenix WRINGS his arm into the apron! Fenix hurries to bring JB back up, vows to end this, but JB shoves Fenix away to DECK him with an elbow! Fenix is dazed and JB grits his teeth. Fans rally up, JB drags Fenix up to CLUB him on the back. JB then lines up a shot, for a SUNSET FLIP- NO, Fenix holds off the bomb! Fenix jumps but JB avoids the stomps! But the PENALTY KICK hits! Fenix aims, somersaults and leaps, into a SUPERKICK! Both men are down on the outside and the ref checks Fenix.

Fenix gets up and he staggers away while JB slowly sits up, and AEW goes picture in picture again. Fenix drags himself into the ring, JB drags himself towards the ring. JB reaches the bottom rope at 7 of 10 and drags himself in at 8. Fenix crawls his way over as the fans rally up. Fenix and JB stare down from the mat and egg each other on. JB hushes the crowd, to CHOP Fenix! Fenix falls over, but he sits back up. Fenix CHOPS JB back! JB falls backwards, and Fenix sits him up! Fenix eggs JB on, so JB grits his teeth and CHOPS back! Even Alex is stinging from these! Fenix sputters, but he manages to CHOP JB back! JB CHOPS, Fenix CHOPS, repeat!

It’s just CHOP after CHOP and the fans are loving this! Then JB and Fenix start throwing haymakers! They run out of steam and flop over! JB drags himself to ropes, Fenix crawls back to a corner. JB’s got a real nasty bruise on his chest but he doesn’t care. JB and Fenix shake hands to show there is respect, and then the forearms start flying again! Fenix ROCKS JB, JB ROCKS Fenix, and Rampage Grand Slam returns to single picture as Fenix sits down! JB drags Fenix up, but Fenix CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! SOBAT! JB CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Fenix drops back down, but then he shoves JB!

The forearms start flying again, and Fenix SOBATS, KICKS, and ELBOWS! Fenix reels JB in, Canadian Racks, CLIFFHANGER GUTBUSTER, into the Gory Especial! GORY CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! JB survives and Fenix is shocked! Fans fire up, Fenix SPINNING BUZZSAWS! JB manages to stay up but Fenix goes to the ramp. Fenix uses it to build speed, he goes up and up and ESCALARA CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO!! JB survives again and Arthur Ashe is thunderous! Fenix puts JB in a corner, hoists him up top, and climbs up after JB. But JB slips out to CLUB Fenix down! And CLUBS him again! JB springs up to SUNSET POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!!!

JB hurries to BLINDSIDE LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!!! Fenix survives and JB can’t believe it! JB drags Fenix around by a leg, but Fenix kicks him away. Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK! Fenix reels JB in, gives us some Latino Heat, and snap suplexes! Uno Amigo! Another snap suplex, Dos Amigos! Fenix drags JB up again, but JB slips through! Inverted suplex into a fireman’s carry, LANDSLIDE!! Cover, TWO!!! Fenix survives and JB can’t believe it! JB goes to a corner, he hops up top, but Fenix trips him! JB falls to the mat and Fenix goes up! FROG SPLASH!! But Fenix hits so hard, he bounces off! Fenix crawls to the cover, TWO!?!

Both men are running on fumes but the fans are thunderous. Fenix lines up a shot, runs in and JUMP SOBATS! And then Fenix puts JB up top, tucks him in, but JB turns the buster into a cradle! JB WINS!!!

Winner: Jungle Boy, by pinfall

A HUGE win for Jack Perry here as he pins a highly decorated luchador! But JB shows Fenix his respect with a bow. Fenix sits with JB to shake hands and shows that respect back. Fans cheer the sportsmanship, will we see JB continue to grow his legacy? Wait, is that CHRISTIAN CAGE!? Is Captain Charisma back from his injury already? HE IS! His arm is in a sling, but he also has a mic, going into the SECOND HOUR of Rampage!


Rampage Grand Slam Hour Two opens with Christian Cage!

JB is furious that Captain Charisma is even here! But he’s not alone! Here comes LUCHASAURUS! FROM THE CROWD SIDE! JB turns around and attacks, but Luchasaurus shoves him away and HEADBUTTS him down! Christian takes his time walking down the ramp as Luchasaurus picks on what’s left of JB. Luchasaurus torture racks for the EXTINCTION! Christian tells New York, “You always make me smile. You’re loud, you’re obnoxious, but let’s face it, that’s all that you are. So do me a favor, sit down and do nothing like the b*tches that you are, while I conduct my business.”

Christian steps into the ring and looms over JB. “Speaking of b*tches… You jump me like a coward and injure my arm before our match at All Out, and I still beat you and made it look easy. I squashed your ass! Get it through your head: You’re never gonna one-up me, you’re never gonna outsmart me, and you sure as hell will never beat me! This is your final warning, Jungle Boy. You take away my right arm, I introduce you to my Right Hand of Destruction, Luchasaurus!” Fans boo but Christian tells JB to not come back to AEW. Christian only wishes JB’s mom and sister were ringside again, witnessing this for the last time. “END HIS ASS RIGHT NOW, FOR GOOD!”

Luchasaurus drags JB up and hits the CHOKE SLAM!! Christian “kicks dirt” on Jack Perry, is the legend of Jungle Boy over already?


AEW shares footage from after last Wednesday’s Dynamite.

The Jericho Appreciation Society was celebrating Chris Jericho winning the ROH World Championship, and Alex Marvez says this is Jericho’s eighth world title. Jericho says it’s not the eighth, it’s the OCHO! “There is no bigger, more honorable man than Chris Jericho here in AEW, and now I am officially the ROH World Champion. And next week in Philadelphia, we’re gonna have the Jericho Appreciation Championship Celebration!” The JAS is fired up for that! Except for Daniel Garcia. Jericho says this will be the biggest part in Philly ever, and Marvez is NOT invited.

Garcia speaks up, wanting to tell Jericho something first. No, don’t worry, Garcia’s a champion, too, it’ll be his celebration, too! That’s not what Garcia wants to talk about. He has something serious to talk with Jericho about. Well, if he wants to get serious, save it for next week. Because for now, the JAS is going out on the town! OCHO! OCHO! OCHO! But just what is it Garcia wants to bring up to The Wizard of Sports Entertainment?


Eddie Kingston VS Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Melo!

This one has been sizzling on the back burner and now it’s going to catch fire! The Mad King, in his city, is going to get his grudge match with the Spanish God, will he make good on how long he’s had to wait? Or will having his Brazilian Goddess by his side help Sammy put this one to bed?

Sammy gets the mic first, though, and he says, “Look, Eddie, man to man, from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t man enough to tell you this before. I’m sorry I didn’t say this sooner, you’re a FAT PIECE OF SH*T!” Eddie grabs Sammy by the face! The bell rings as Eddie digs at Sammy’s eyes! Eddie then puts Sammy in a corner to CHOP! And CHOP! And CLUB Sammy! Sammy runs away, Eddie RAMS him into steel steps! Then he moves the steps aside! The ref reprimands, but Sammy claws at Eddie now. Sammy goes to bump Eddie off the apron but Eddie blocks that to bump Sammy instead!

Eddie then makes Sammy smile with fishhooks! Eddie dares Tay to kiss Sammy now! Sammy breaks free to ROCK Eddie, but Eddie CHOPS back! Eddie HEADBUTTS away on Sammy, Tay doesn’t want Eddie to ruin Sammy’s face! Eddie claws at Sammy, fans cheer him on, but the ref reprimands. Sammy CHOPS and ROCKS Eddie but Eddie eggs him on. Sammy throws more forearms, but Eddie pokes Sammy in the eye! Tay is upset, but Eddie CHOPS Sammy again! Eddie brings Sammy to the apron, reels him in, but Sammy back drops Eddie to the floor! Tay’s happy now. Sammy aims and PENALTY KICKS Eddie down!

Fans boo but Sammy and Tay smile, and then SamTay kiss as Rampage goes picture in picture. Sammy gets in the ring as the ring count climbs, and he distracts the ref. Tay KICKS Eddie as she goes back to Sammy’s corner. The ring count continues, Eddie is down at 5 while Sammy does “mat angels.” Sammy kips up, takes a bow, and wants the count to speed up. Eddie stands at 7, drags himself up at 8 and in at 9. Sammy fires off on Eddie, the ref reprimands about closed fists but Sammy stomps away on Eddie at the ropes. The ref counts, Sammy lets off, and then he storms back up. Eddie CHOPS Sammy but Sammy CLAWS Eddie’s face!

Sammy RAMS Eddie into a corner, and again, and then fires off CHOPS and forearms! Sammy rams Eddie again and again, but Eddie pushes him away. Sammy BOOTS, but Eddie stays up! Sammy fires more forearms and another BOOT! Eddie SLAPS Sammy, Sammy SLAPS back, it’s a SLAP fight! Until Sammy grabs Eddie’s head to BITE his forehead! Rampage returns to single picture, Sammy stops biting to snap suplex! Eddie is down, Sammy goes up the corner, and Sammy SHOOTING STARS! Sammy has to bail out as Eddie moves, and Eddie rallies with back elbows! Fans fire up as Eddie powers up the arm!

Eddie runs, Sammy distracts the ref and Tay trips Eddie up! Eddie warns Tay, but Sammy JUMP KNEES Eddie down! Tay blows kisses to Sammy and he runs in at Eddie to RAM him with a shoulder. And ENZIGURI! Eddie staggers, Sammy triangle jumps, for the FLYING CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Eddie survives and SamTay are both frustrated. Sammy slashes his throat and drags Eddie up to the torture rack. Eddie fights it with elbows, and a POINT-BLANK LARIAT! Fans are thunderous as Eddie fires off the MACHINE GUN CHOPS on Sammy! Eddie tops it off with one more CHOP!

Eddie whips corner to corner, runs in but blocks a boot. Sammy ENZIGURIS, springboards again, but Eddie avoids cutter to hit a SAIDO! Fans are thunderous again as Eddie glares at Sammy. Tay is panicking, Eddie powers up the hand, and Sammy stands, but he ducks the Uraken to JUMP KNEE! Eddie stays up, Sammy JUMP KNEES again! Eddie staggers so Sammy SUPERKICKS! Sammy torture racks, but Eddie fights free! Sammy avoids the lariat but runs into the HALF ‘N’ HALF! Eddie hauls Sammy up, URAKEN!! That’s not enough!? Eddie stands Sammy up again, for another URAKEN!! Wait, that’s still not enough!?

Eddie drags Sammy up again, for a THIRD URAKEN!! Sammy falls, Eddie SLAPS him! And sits him up, for the STRETCH PLUM!!! Sammy is OUT, Eddie wins!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by submission

But Eddie holds on! He wants Sammy to suffer! Tay is furious, the ref reprimands, and officials rush out! Jerry Lynn tells Eddie to stop, he’s already won! Eddie doesn’t care, and now security rushes out! They shout at Eddie but the ref talks with Justin Roberts. The ref decides to reverse the decision! Sammy wins by disqualification!!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by disqualification

Eddie is stunned! He lets Sammy go but it’s too late! Eddie’s pissed and he fires off on security! URAKEN!! Sammy wakes up and Tay tells him he won! It’s hard to say if Sammy even understands, but he got lucky Eddie hates him that much. How will Eddie handle this loss that wasn’t a loss?


AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ The Baddies VS Diamante w/ Trina!

#ThatBitch is still undefeated at 37-0, with big assists to her sidekicks. But with The Baddest Bitch backing her up, will the Cuban Diamond be the one to finally break through the storm?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see who’s truly the baddest of them all!

Diamante rushes in, dodges Jade and KICKS away on her leg! Jade clinches, shakes out her bad leg and KNEES Diamante down! Jade drags Diamante up, bumps her off buckles, then tells the ref to back off. Jade EuroUppers HARD, but Diamante CHOPS back! And forearms! And CHOPS! Jade shoves Diamante, but Diamante SHOTGUNS! Diamante fires off hands, climbs up and rains them down! The ref counts but Jade carries Diamante off the corner, only for Diamante to sunset flip! TWO!! Jade gets up but Diamante avoids the boot to roll her up! TWO, and Jade BOOTS Diamante down this time!

Fans fire up as Jade whips Diamante to ropes. Diamante gets around, CHOP BLOCKS and SHOTGUNS Jade to the apron! Diamante runs side to side to WRECK Jade with the dropkick! Fans fire up with Diamante and she goes to the apron. Diamante goes up top for a SUPOER CROSSBODY! Jade manages to catch her! And carry her around on one leg, fireman’s carries and APRON F5s!! Jade is fired up and she gets in the ring. Jade stomps Diamante, reels her into the chicken wings, JADED!!! Cover, Jade wins!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

And that’s Number 38! #ThatBitch is showing she’s a beast, winning with no help and a beat up leg. But then Trina gets in the ring? Trina helps Diamante up, to SLAP her down! Diamante disappointed The Baddest Bitch, and now she sides with The Baddies! Will anyone ever be able to stop Jade’s juggernaut level momentum?


Grand Slam Golden Ticket Battle Royal!

Jon Moxley won the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions and is now a THREE-TIME AEW World Champion. However, MJF is biding his time, waiting for the right time to cash in his Casino Ladder Match poker chip. So for October 18th, a special Tuesday Night Dynamite in Cincinnati, the winner of this match will challenge The Maniac for the title! Who out of Hangman Page, Lance Archer, Jay Lethal, Rush, the Andrade Family Office, and the entire Dark Order will overcome the odds?

But wait! As the Cowboy makes his entrance, he’s jumped by the AFO! The Butcher, the Blade, Rush and Private Party all gang up on Hangman before the bell! They drag Hangman out of the ring, but here comes The Dark Order! Evil Uno, Preston Vance, John Silver & Alex Reynolds fight off the AFO while Rampage goes picture in picture!

The brawling goes on around ringside, and the rest of the entrants hurry out! Lance Archer, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Ari Daivari and his Trustbusters, QT Marshall and The Factory, even Brian Cage get involved in the brawling! Bringing up the rear is Dante Martin, Penta El Zero M, and even the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions, Dalton Castle & The Boys! Well, the Tate Twins, so as not to be confused with the superhero series. Oh, even Matt Hardy, Danhausen and Best Friends, Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta, are involved! Castle goes after old ROH rival, Jay Lethal, inside the ring, and almost throws him over the ropes! Best Friends watch where they’re going while the others brawl.

Hardy and Hager trade shots, but Daniel Garcia helps Hager out. The Firm’s Lee Moriarty and W. Morrissey show up, but they and Stokely Hathaway are smart enough to know to hang back a bit. Brian Cage smacks Chuckie T off steel steps, Hangman gets back into the mix of things, going after Daivari, and then Cage smacks Danhausen off steel steps. Moriarty brawls with Vance, Penta’s got Rush in the ring and they’re trading CHOPS, and Hardy is bumping Lethal off buckles with “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” Morrissey shields Moriarty from Vance, Uno brawls with Blade, and referees are still desperate to get this to become a real battle royal as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage Grand Slam returns, the brawling has stopped, and the bell rings! Everyone floods the ring to finally get this battle royal going properly! Which is of course just a brawl inside the ropes. Hager chokes Marq Quen, he and Garcia go to dump him out! Lethal and Hardy again slip out under the ropes to brawl on their own. Daivari whips Penta but Penta reverses and tosses Daivari to the apron! SUPERKICK and Penta ELIMINATES Daivari! Best Friends double suplex QT but QT is a bit hefty. They try again, but Cole Karter helps him out. Karter talks some trash, but Danhausen turns him around for a CURSE!

Karter says shut up with that, but then Best Friends get Karter to TOSS and ELIMINATE him! Best Friends hug it out! But QT CLOBBERS them both! So Danhausen CURSES QT! QT says shut up, so Danhausen tackles QT and fires off hands! QT kicks Danhausen, mocks the Curse, but Hangman TOSSES QT! QT skins the cat, but then Hangman and Danhausen DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE QT up and out to ELIMINATE him! But then Blade and Butcher go after #CowboyHausen! Blade tosses and ELIMINATES Danhausen! Dante elbows Cage, but Cage disrupts his backflip to POUNCE him out to the ramp! Cage ELIMINATES Dante!

Hager tosses Trent but Trent holds on! Hager rushes over but Trent and Chuck get Hager together! They drag him out and ELIMINATE him! But then Cage runs in and BLASTS Chuck down, and ELIMINATES him! Castle runs over but into Cage’s fireman’s carry! Castle fights that but Cage puts him on the apron! Cage ROUNDHOUSES Castle, but The Tate Twins use their fans to blow Castle back up! Cage ROCKS Castle again, but now the twins catch Castle! Fans cheer as they save Castle! Castle high fives fans before he returns into the ring. Lethal and Hardy fight, The Tate Twins taunt Cage, but Cage grabs one of them!

The other brother saves this brother, and then Castle DUMPS Cage to ELIMINATE him!! And Prince Nana ain’t happy about it! Garcia ROCKS Castle, Archer bumps Castle and Trent off buckles! Archer scoops Trent, but Trent slips off! Archer choke grips to throw Trent over! Trent holds on, ROCKS Archer, but Archer CLOBBERS and ELIMINATES Trent! Jericho says this intensity makes Archer the Sports Entertainer of the Week! Meanwhile, Garcia drags Castle up and out and throws him down to ELIMINATE him! But Moriarty BOOTS Garcia and ELIMINATES him! He talks trash, only for Hardy to DUMP and ELIMINATE Moriarty!

Moriarty and Garcia are now side by side, they’re going to feud over that ROH Pure Championship soon enough. Hardy gloats with “DELETE! DELETE!” but Lethal attacks him from behind as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Rush helps Lethal with Hardy, then Rush helps Blade with Penta. Butcher and Marq Quen mug John Silver, but Archer helps Hardy fire off on Lethal! Uno CHOPS Blade, Rush goes after Penta’s mask! Penta fights against Rush’s disrespect while Uno & Vance go after Isiah Kassidy and Blade. Archer turns on Hardy and chokes him against ropes! Hangman fights off Butcher, Rush makes one more business offer to Vance. Quen goes after Hangman while Blade goes after Hardy. Archer CLUBS Vance, Penta GAMANGIRIS Blade! Silver sputters, Vance CHOPS Archer but Archer doesn’t flinch. Archer ROCKS Vance, Vance ROCKS Archer!

The big men keep trading shots while Lethal goes to throw Kassidy out! Silver tries to lift Archer?! Archer holds on, powers back and CLUBS Silver down. Archer now helps Lethal against Kassidy while AEW goes to break.

Rampage Grand Slam returns and Uno whips Kassidy. Quen is there, he helps Kassidy return for the SILLY STRING! The AFO gloat together, and it turns out during the break, they all ELIMINATED Vance! Wait, now Rush and the mercenaries turn on Private Party! This battle royal is meant to be every man for himself, but to think the AFO would implode so soon! Hardy sees his former proteges in trouble, and he goes to help Quen! And he helps Kassidy! Fans cheer Hardy on as he fires off on Butcher! Quen atomic drops Blade and Kassidy ENZIGURIS! Hardy hits a TWIST OF FATE on Blade! Then he throws and ELIMINATES the Blade!

Hardy looks to Quen & Kassidy, the fans fire up, and #HardyParty is reunited! But they get mugged by Rush, Butcher and Lethal! Lethal, Rush and Butcher throw them out and ELIMINATE #HardyParty! Uno ROCKS Lethal, he ROCKS Butcher, and he ROCKS Rush to avenge Vance! Uno BOOTS Butcher but Rush ROCKS Uno! Butcher ROCKS Uno and short arm LARIATS him! Butcher tosses and ELIMINATES Uno! But Hangman DUMPS Butcher out! Butcher lands on the apron, Hangman triangle jump LARIA- NO, Butcher ducks! Hangman reloads quick to triangle jump LARIAT! This one hits, and Hangman ELIMINATES Butcher!

We have just six men left, and they’re Hangman Page, Johnny Hungy, Pentagon, the Murderhawk Monster, and then Rush is fighting off Jay Lethal! Silver flexes but Rush steps up to him. Rush ROCKS Silver, Silver ROCKS Rush and fans fire up! Silver gets the edge, he KICKS away on Rush, but Rush blocks to HEADBUTT and SUPLEX! Silver tumbles up and out, Rush ELIMINATES him! Archer mocks Penta but Penta says “CERO! MIEDO!” and pie faces him. Archer whips Penta, Penta holds ropes and dumps Archer out! Archer lands on the apron, he choke grips Penta, but Penta GAMANGIRIS Archer down and ELIMINATES him!

Now it’s a final four! Lethal superkicks but Penta blocks it to spin and CHOP Lethal! Penta reels Lethal in, “CERO!” NO! Lethal slips out, handsprings, but Penta catches Lethal and TOSSES him! But Satnam Singh is there to catch Lethal! Satnam easily puts Lethal back in the ring! Lethal fireman’s carries Penta, for a SLAM and LETHAL INJECTION! Penta flounders up, Lethal clotheslines Penta up and out to ELIMINATE him! New York boos the Jersey boy, but Hangman hits Lethal with a BUCK SHOT!! Hangman fakes Satnam out to TOSS Lethal the other way, and ELIMINATE him!! Now it’s just the Cowboy and El Toro Blanco!

Fans are thunderous as Hangman and Rush circle. Rush and Hangman get in each other’s face, and the forearms start flying! Rush CHOPS, Hangman CHOPS, repeat! Rush SUPERKICKS but Hangman stays up to follow. Rush gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX but Hangman lands on his feet! ROLLING ELBOW! Alabama Lift, but Rush fights that to lift Hangman up! Hangman RANAS out of the bomb, but both men dangle on the ropes!! Rush flops down onto the apron and Hangman drags himself up! They both stand, and the CHOPS fly again! They CHOP on the edge, then Rush HEADBUTTS!

Rush reels Hangman in, tucks the arms, but Hangman Alabama Lifts! APRON DEADEYE!! Rush flops down, Hangman wins!!

Winner: Hangman Page (advances to Tuesday Night Dynamite)

The Cowboy survives being mugged and comes out the winner of the golden ticket! But will it be Moxley defending the title in his hometown? Or will Maxwell Jacob Friedman screw up that plan with that poker chip?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Dynamite!

First, we will hear from Saraya Knight after her shocking AEW debut last Wednesday! Plus, tracing back to the IWGP US Championship Fatal 4 Way where Juice Robinson beat Hiroshi Tanahashi, Will Ospreay and Jon Moxley, AEW is giving “The Booster” a shot! It will be Moxley VS Juice in an AEW World Title Eliminator! If Juice wins here, he’ll get himself a future world title shot! Will Robinson look to bring AEW gold into the Bullet Club? Or will Moxley deny Juice so that he only has to worry about MJF and Hangman Page?


Mark Henry interviews tonight’s main eventers!

The World’s Strongest Man notes they’re having an unsanctioned Lights Out Match tonight, but then “Powerhouse” Hobbs says it’s about time Ricky showed up! That’s the Starks that fought Darby Allin & Sting. And yet, that’s the Starks that Hobbs beat in four minutes and 35 seconds. Tonight, there won’t be any change. Starks says that’s funny. Starks has been here, he never left. Hobbs beat Starks in just over four minutes, Starks admits to that. But he can also admit that he is better than a four minute match! That was a one time thing, it won’t ever happen again.

Hobbs needs to understand, that was a career highlight for you! The highlight tonight is Starks doing what he has set out to do from the get-go. Starks will close to Book of Hobbs, and he will make sure to put Hobbs down once and for all. Then there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event!

Lights Out: Ricky Starks VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs!

As Justin Roberts explains, the lights will turn off and then turn back on, signifying that AEW will NOT be responsible for what happens next. No time limit, no count outs, no disqualifications, no official record of this match on the win-loss records, and NOTHING holding these two back! When they can do absolutely anything they want to each other, just who will be left standing at the end of Grand Slam?

Starks gets a very cinematic entrance. “There is no fire like passion, and no crime like hatred. There’s uncertainty in your lust. You seek revenge, but your passion fuels you to burn brightly, like an inferno.” Starks, bathed in red light, throws things around the room in that anger. “You’ve done that,” the narrator continues, “just to be able to call yourself, ‘Absolute.’ You are absolute, Ricky Starks.” The bell rings and the haymakers start flying! Fans fire up but Hobbs knees low. Hobbs whips, Starks ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Hobbs! Starks rains down hands, Hobbs pushes him away and bails out, only for Starks to pursue!

Hobbs kicks Starks, whips him at a corner, but Starks slides under the bottom rope! Starks swings around the post to CLOBBER Hobbs! Fans fire up with Starks and Hobbs staggers up. Starks RAMS Hobbs into steel steps! Starks kisses the hand of the nice old lady up front, and then he drags Hobbs up. Starks puts Hobbs in, fans rally up, and Starks grins. Starks brings Hobbs up, but Hobbs Alabama Lifts for a REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Hobbs knows Starks’ neck is his weak spot! Hobbs then gets a table and puts it in the ring! Starks staggers to ropes while Hobbs picks the table up, to SLAM it on Ricky’s back! That’s different!

Jericho says Hobbs is also his Sports Entertainer of the Week, and Hobbs fetches chairs from under the ring. Fans rally for Starks while he stirs and Rampage goes picture in picture. Hobbs gets a chair and he JAMS Starks in the head with it! Hobbs grins as he goes looking for more things under the ring, and he brings out… Is that a silver chain? Hobbs storms up to Starks, kicks him down, and he punches Starks with the chain around his hand! Starks sputters and crawls away but Hobbs says he’s gonna hurt Starks! Hobbs sets up the table in a corner now, then fetches Starks. Hobbs brings the straps down before he stands on Starks’ head.

The ref can only check on Starks but Starks refuses to give up. Hobbs goes out to take Justin Roberts’s belt?! Hobbs brings that belt over to LASH Starks! Hobbs says he’s literally gonna whip Starks’ ass, and he LASHES Starks again! Starks hits Hobbs back and takes the belt to LASH Hobbs! And again! And again! Starks keeps after Hobbs as they get back in the ring, but Hobbs pops Starks up for a SPINEBUSTER! But Hobbs doesn’t cover? Well, Hobbs did say he wants to hurt Starks, so he doesn’t want this to end here. Hobbs wedges a chair into a corner, then he goes back for Starks. Hobbs JAMS Starks with another chair! And then SMACKS him with it!

Rampage Grand Slam returns to picture in picture one last time, and Hobbs wedges that other chair into another corner. Starks crawls but Hobbs drags him up. Hobbs scoops Starks, aims for a corner, and he RAMS Starks into the chair!! Hobbs grins as he goes corner to corner, but Starks slips off and RAMS Hobbs into the chair! Starks reels Hobbs in, uses the ropes, TORNADO DDT!! Starks hurries to cover, TWO!! Hobbs survives and Starks is frustrated. Hobbs flounders, Starks gets a chair, but Hobbs LOW BLOWS Starks first! Fans boo as Starks falls over, but Hobbs takes that chair for his own.

Hobbs sits the chair up, and then sits another chair up so that they face each other. Hobbs drags Starks up and brings him over, SKY- NO! Starks slips off and LOW BLOWS Hobbs in return! Starks pushes Hobbs down, and he flips the chairs around to be back to back! Starks drags Hobbs up, poses, but Hobbs resists the lift! Hobbs back drops Starks onto the chairs!! Fans lose their minds as Starks writhes! Hobbs grabs one of the chairs, sets it down, then does the same with all the other chairs. Hobbs scoops Starks for an OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE onto the chairs!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Starks survives and shocks Hobbs!

Starks crawls to the ramp but Hobbs pursues. Starks kicks him low, throws body shots, but Hobbs DECKS Starks! Hobbs stalks Starks some more, but Starks ROCKS Hobbs with a haymaker! Hobbs shrugs it off to DECK Starks again. Hobbs tells the ref to shut up about the ring. Hobbs drags Starks up, but Starks dodges to ROCK Hobbs! And again! Starks staggers but he runs in, only for Hobbs to send the Spear into the tunnel’s frame! Wait, speaking of that frame, Hobbs RIPS an LED light bar off it! Hobbs has it like a steel pipe as he stalks Starks as Starks crawls back down the ramp. Hobbs tells Starks to get his ass up!

They both return to the ring, Hobbs takes aim, but Starks avoids the swing! Starks SPEARS Hobbs through the table!! Fans are thunderous and Starks has a wild look in his eyes! Starks stands up, he keeps Hobbs from picking up the light bar and snatches it away. He CRACKS Hobbs with it! Starks reels Hobbs in, underhooks the arms, lifts Hobbs up, ROSHAMBEAU!!! Cover, Starks wins!!!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

That was an ABSOLUTE battle! An absolute clinic in violence, too! Will Starks be able to finally leave his past behind him and head for a brighter future?

My Thoughts:

What an awesome Rampage! It does help that this was Grand Slam week and they had to make everything on here matter. Well, they almost made everything matter. Jade VS Diamante, for actually building it up in a consistent manner, was really short. And as if Jade wasn’t already Brock Lesnar-ing the women’s division, she uses an F5 to throw Diamante onto the apron. Trina turning on Diamante in the end was also messed up, but whatever. Hook & Bronson VS Menard & Parker was really fun stuff, and Bronson definitely has that pro-wrestler potential. He’s great on the mic, obviously, and he’s one sturdy, stocky guy. Naturally Hook & Bronson win here, who knows what’s next.

Great opener of the entire night from the House of Black VS Darby & Sting. Loved the surprise attack from Darby & Sting, loved the use of the whole ringside area, and what a great surprise that Muta showed up. Didn’t like Julia Hart not going through a table, she overdid the jump. Maybe they should’ve had two tables there, too, like when Sting took his insane bump. But in the end, the Faces winning made sense if it means this feud is ending. As for Buddy & Brody, while they’re both bigger names than Dark and Elevation, I feel like they need to spend time there to buff up their tag team record and get into contention so we can see them feud with the likes of FTR and The Acclaimed.

Very fun but obviously one-sided match from #WardJoe VS Sterling’s stable. Of course Wardlow & Joe won, but I was a little worried that Wardlow taking that tumble and tweaking his knee was part of why this was less a tag match and more just two singles matches happening at the same time. I also think that with Joe having beat Woods and Wardlow having beat Nese, they’ll trade and we’ll get Wardlow beating Woods in a title match while Joe beats Nese in another. We got amazing stuff out of Fenix VS JB, and what a great win for JB. But of course Christian Cage & Luchasaurus ruin the moment and beat JB up. JB is going to continue showing his toughness, and he’ll definitely get his match with Luchasaurus now.

Good promo from the JAS celebrating Jericho’s win and setting up an even bigger celebration for Wednesday. I have a feeling Garcia does want to bring up Jericho cheating again, as it relates to Garcia’s own identity crisis of pro-wrestler VS sports entertainer. And I also think the celebration segment will give Bryan Danielson an opening to challenge Jericho to their tiebreaker, with the ROH World Championship on the line. Hell, Kingston might even show up after how things went against Sammy. Great match, and Kingston wins, only to cost himself because he didn’t show mercy, and it’d be natural to set a rematch for like the Dynamite Anniversary or something.

AEW does a great job with Battle Royals, and they really upped things here. The massive brawl, the seemingly endless number of entries, and all the stories that can now stem from what we saw. #HardyParty reuniting was a great one, and they can now take on LFI/AFO and get into the trios division. For a moment, I thought Rush or some other Heel was going to win, but in the end, Hangman wins to keep him in the world title scene. I suppose that’s fine, but I don’t see Moxley losing the title in Cincinnati only a month after getting the belt back. So then why waste Hangman on that? Unless that’s exactly when MJF will strike, to best stick it to Moxley!

My Score: 8.8/10

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