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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Results & Report! (10/16/20)

The A Block winner is…!



NJPW G1 Climax 30

It’s Round 9, who is left standing atop A Block?

The G1 Climax reaches its ninth round, and FOUR men still have a chance! Will the A Block belong to Okada, Ospreay, Ibushi or White?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • A Block – Jeff Cobb VS Yujiro Takahashi; Yujiro wins.
  • A Block – Shingo Takagi VS Minoru Suzuki; Takagi wins.
  • A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Will Ospreay; Ospreay wins.
  • A Block – Kota Ibushi VS Taichi; Ibushi wins.
  • A Block – Jay White VS Tomohiro Ishii; Ishii wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Jay White: 6-2, 12 points
Kota Ibushi: 6-2, 12 points
Kazuchika Okada: 6-2, 12 points
Will Ospreay: 5-3, 10 points
Jeff Cobb: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Taichi: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Minoru Suzuki: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Tomohiro Ishii: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Shingo Takagi: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Yujiro Takahashi: 0-8, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


A Block – Jeff Cobb VS Yujiro Takahashi!

The G1 has been done for Tokyo Pimp, but will he avoid going completely winless? Or will he take a Tour of the Islands and end 0-9?

The bell rings and fans cheer as the two circle. They tie up, Cobb shoves Yujiro down but waits for Yujiro to get up. Fans rally as the two circle again. Yujiro kicks low, throws forearms over and over, but Cobb ROCKS Yujiro with one! Yujiro tries to bail out but Cobb catches him first! Cobb brings Yujiro around but Yujiro BITES his hand! Even now, no one has learned! Yujiro headlocks but Cobb powers out. Yujiro rams shoulders but Cobb doesn’t budge! Cobb blocks the kick, scoops Yujiro and pops him up, but Yujiro slips out to kick low. Yujiro runs, Cobb ducks down, but Yujiro fakes out the hurdle to pie face Cobb! Yujiro slaps Cobb then ROCKS him with a right. Yujiro runs but into Cobb’s dropkick! Fans cheer Cobb’s agility and rally up as he sees Yujiro bail out.

Cobb pursues as Yujiro runs around the way. Yujiro keeps running and gets back inside. Cobb follows but sees the elbow drop coming and moves, Yujiro hits nothing but mat. Cobb drags Yujiro out, suplexes, but Yujiro slips out to get the reverse DDT! Fans cheer the savvy as Yujiro talks to the ref. The ring count begins but Yujiro stomps Cobb. Yujiro grinds his forearms into Cobb’s face and leaves him behind at 12 of 20. Fans cheer as Cobb gets up and in at 16! Yujiro stomps Cobb more, snapmares him then drops a leg, then an elbow, and then a headbutt! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Cobb but Yujiro brings Cobb up by his hair. The ref reprimands but Yujiro uses that hair hold for a facebuster! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up again as Yujiro rains down rights.

The ref reprimands the use of closed fists but Yujiro kicks at Cobb. Cobb throws body shots and a CHOP back! And another CHOP! Yujiro knees low, runs, but into Cobb’s elbow! GACHIMUCHI FLOPS! Yujiro runs to basement boot! Fans cheer and rally as both men are down. Yujiro gets up first but Cobb gets to a corner. Yujiro runs in and BOOTS! Yujiro brings Cobb out, snapmares again and runs, but Cobb avoids the boot! Cobb runs Yujiro over with shoulders! Fans rally up as Cobb lifts and tackles Yujiro to a corner! Cobb rams and whips him out to then throw back in, and then OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Yujiro flounders to the corner, fans rally and Cobb leaps for the back elbow! Cobb gets Yujiro with the RUNNING BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!

Yujiro is still in this but Cobb keeps his focus. Cobb waistlocks, dead lifts, but Yujiro fights out. Cobb ROCKS Yujiro with a right, but Yujiro flapjack hotshots him back! Yujiro flounders away as the fans rally up. Yujiro comes back to BOOT Cobb at the ropes! Yujiro keeps going, clothesline but Cobb stays up! Yujiro mule kicks and FISHERMAN BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Cobb survives and Yujiro grows frustrated. Yujiro drags Cobb up, fireman’s carries but Cobb blocks. Cobb throws elbows, gut wrenches and throws Yujiro around, but Yujiro BITES again! The ref reprimands, Yujiro stops biting and runs to BOOT Cobb again! Cobb is in the corner, but he dodges Yujiro to come back with a clothesline!

Fans rally up as Cobb brings Yujiro up and yanks him into the ATHLETIC PLEX! Cover, TWO, GACHIMUCHI! Cover, TWO!! Yujiro survives and fans fire up! Cobb looms over Yujiro and drags him up. Cobb whips, scoops, but Yujiro slips out of the Tour! Yujiro wants the reverse DDT but Cobb slips around to suplex, only for Yujiro to cradle counter! TWO!! Fans fire up as Yujiro shoves the ref at Cobb! Cobb pushes the ref aside but Yujiro hits him with the PIMP CANE! Yujiro reels Cobb in for INCOLLE SLAM! Fans fire up as Yujiro drags Cobb back up. Yujiro fireman’s carries, MIAMI SHINE! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives but Yujiro fires up more! Yujiro drags Cobb up, and hits PIMP JUICE DDT!! Cover, Yujiro wins?!?

Winner: Yujiro Takahashi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Cobb earns 0

Tokyo Pimp finally did it! He finally scored! He ends 1-8, so still last place, but not completely without redemption! Can Yujiro redeem himself little by little?


A Block – Shingo Takagi VS Minoru Suzuki!

The Dragon and the King of Pancrase aren’t in the running anymore, but these two are going to be fighting for pride! Who wins in this rematch from the NEVER Openweight Championship match at Summer Struggle?

The bell rings and right away, Suzuki shoves Takagi and Takagi shoves back. Then the forearms start flying! Fans rally as they go back and forth! Takagi eggs Suzuki on so Suzuki throws one, two, three! Takagi throws three forearms in return! They go back and forth again, faster and faster! Fans still rally as there’s almost no stop! Takagi gets the edge and DOUBLE CHOPS! Suzuki ends up on ropes but Takagi runs into the DRAPING ARMBAR! The ref counts, Suzuki lets off at 3 and fans cheer as he brings Takagi out. Suzuki whips Takagi into railing then rocks him with forearms! Takagi gives forearms back, Suzuki ROCKS Takagi again! Fans cheer as Suzuki brings Takagi up to throw more forearms. Suzuki slaps Takagi so Takagi slaps back. It’s a slap fight until Suzuki ROCKS Takagi with another forearm!

Takagi grits his teeth as Suzuki talks trash. Takagi gives headbutts back, but Suzuki HEADBUTTS! Fans fire up as Suzuki snarls. Suzuki tells the ref to shut up with the count but he puts Takagi in at 5 of 20. Fans cheer as Suzuki stomps and kicks Takagi. Takagi eggs Suzuki on so Suzuki KICKS! Takagi CHOPS and Suzuki laughs! Suzuki wrenches Takagi’s arm to kick it! Takagi goes to ropes as fans rally up. Suzuki wraps the arm around ropes to pull! The ref reprimands and counts but Suzuki just climbs the ropes! The ref counts again, Suzuki lets off. Takagi gets to a corner, fans rally with “TA-KA-GI!” claps. Or it could be “SU-ZU-KI!” Either way, Suzuki runs corner to corner to BOOT Takagi in the corner! Takagi stays up so Suzuki snapmares him. Suzuki runs but the Penalty Kick is blocked!

Suzuki throws forearms and gets Takagi in a facelock, but Takagi suplexes Suzuki up and over! Fans fire up as Takagi and Suzuki slowly rise. Suzuki gets to a corner, Takagi runs in and blocks his boot to clothesline! But that was the bad arm so it’s double-edged! Suzuki kicks at Takagi but Takagi throws an elbow! Again, that’s the bad arm so Takagi backs off. But he comes back to whip corner to corner and run in for a clothesline with the good arm! And then a LARIAT! Fans cheer as Suzuki is down. Takagi dares Suzuki to get up as the fans rally. Takagi KICKS Suzuki while he’s down, then stands on Suzuki’s face! Suzuki sits up with a snarl but Takagi gives toying kicks! Takagi talks smack but Suzuki throws a forearm! Takagi gives it back! Suzuki ROCKS Takagi then roars! Fans fire up as Takagi ROCKS Suzuki!

Suzuki grins as he comes back to ROCK Takagi. Takagi hits back, Suzuki hits again and we’re back to a brawl! Suzuki kicks the bad arm then throws more forearms. Takagi throws forearms from all sides! The bad arm slows him down but he still ROCKS Suzuki again! Suzuki wobbles and fans rally up! Suzuki rises with a smirk and he kicks the bad arm again. Suzuki throws more forearms on Takagi, and ROCKS him! Fans fire up, Suzuki runs but Takagi follows to clothesline at the ropes! Takagi runs but Suzuki follows and BOOTS! Takagi elbows, JABS, but Suzuki catches the clothesline to a sleeper hold! And then he spins Takagi around, only for Takagi to back drop him away! Takagi runs, Suzuki ducks the sliding lariat to boot!

Suzuki ducks another lariat to spin Takagi around for another sleeper! Takagi stays up, Suzuki spins him and reels him in, but Takagi resists the lift! Takagi fireman’s carries, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Fans fire up as both men are down! Fans rally up as the two stir, and Takagi gets up first. Takagi fires himself up as he sits Suzuki up. Takagi rams in elbow after elbow, then runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Suzuki gets up again. Suzuki wobbles but Takagi fires up with “OI! OI! OI!” Fans clap along as Takagi watches Suzuki rise. Takagi runs but Suzuki catches Pumping Bomber to an armbar takedown! Takagi endures but Suzuki grapevines the arm! Takagi pries that apart but ends up in a triangle hold! Suzuki squeezes tight but Takagi powers up! Suzuki just cranks harder on the hold!

Takagi still fights to get up but Suzuki lets go of the arm. Suzuki kicks the arm, laughs and then stomps. Suzuki gives Takagi kicks to the head as Takagi reaches for ropes. Suzuki reels Takagi in but Takagi fireman’s carries! Suzuki slips out to get the arm again! Takagi keeps from being brought down, but his roll through only turns into a FUJIWARA! Suzuki cranks back on the arm, Takagi endures and fans rally up! Suzuki keeps on the Fujiwara as hard as he can, and even tortures the fingers! Takagi keeps moving, and gets a ropebreak with a foot! Suzuki lets go and fans rally up again. Suzuki gets Takagi in another sleeper hold and drags him up! Takagi fades, Suzuki spins him but Takagi LARIATS! Suzuki stays up! Takagi DOUBLE CHOPS but Suzuki stays up!

Fans fire up as Takagi LARIATS but Suzuki stays up! Suzuki fires off slapping palm strikes from all sides! Takagi wobbles, comes back but into the COUNTER SLAP! Suzuki drags Takagi back up to HEADBUTT! Takagi stays up so Suzuki goes for another, but Takagi HEADBUTTS first! Takagi gives mean headbutts, then runs, but Suzuki follows, gets around, sleepers, but Takagi torture racks. Suzuki gets a headlock and cranks in this side sleeper! Fans rally up as Takagi endures! The ref checks, Takagi is fading! Suzuki spins Takagi, but Takagi revives to JAB! Down goes Suzuki! Fans fire up with Takagi as he drags Suzuki back up! Pump handle and fireman’s carry, LAST OF THE DRAGONS!! Cover, Takagi wins!!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Suzuki earns 0

The Dragon has avenged Summer Struggle! Has he secured his own prize within the G1? Will Takagi be first in line to challenge Suzuki for the NEVER Openweight Championship? Suzuki is smiling even though he lost, so maybe he’s all for that idea!


A Block – Kazuchika Okada VS Will Ospreay!

Both Rainmaker and Assassin are fighting to stay alive in the G1, but there’s also the pressure of pride and the desire to be the best! Chaos collides with Chaos, who proves themselves the best within the faction before worrying about the block?

The bell rings and Ospreay shotgun dropkicks Okada! Okada bails out, SASUKE SPECIAL! Ospreay puts Okada in fast, springboards, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay keeps going with this high speed offense, but Okada powers out of Stormbreaker! Okada throws forearms, Ospreay ROUNDHOUSES! Ospreay springboards, but Okada blocks OsCutter! Okada has the MONEY CLIP! Ospreay reaches and gets a ropebreak! The ref counts, Okada lets go at 3 and scrapes Ospreay out of the ring. Okada RAMS Ospreay into railing, puts him on the apron, and hits a DRAPING DDT! Fans cheer as both men are down! The ref checks, Ospreay is okay to continue, and the clapping for “O-KA-DA!” “OS-PU-RE!” start. The ring count climbs and fans rally up. Okada gets in at 13, Ospreay is in at 15!

Okada drags Ospreay back up, turns him and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE! Fans cheer and rally up as Okada brings Ospreay up. Okada throws elbows to Ospreay’s neck, and then has Ospreay in a corner for more back elbows. Okada takes his time giving each elbow as fans rally up. Okada snapmares and runs to basement dropkick Ospreay down! Fans rally again as Okada looms over Ospreay. Okada covers, ONE, but Okada is on Ospreay with a chinlock. Fans rally up, Ospreay endures and fights to his feet. Ospreay throws body shots, then forearms. Okada throws forearms, whips but Ospreay reverses and back drops! Fans cheer and rally up again. Ospreay gets to a corner, Okada runs in but blocks a boot only to get an enziguri!

Ospreya atomic drops, CHOPS and STANDING SHOOTING STARS! Cover, TWO! Ospreay keeps his cool and fans rally up again. Ospreay brings Okada up and reels him in, but Okada blocks the suplex. Ospreay keeps trying but Okada still fights back. Ospreay CHOPS, whips but Okada ducks and dodges to back elbow Ospreay down! Fans cheer as Okada runs corner to corner at Ospreay to hit a back elbow! Okada kicks and DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his cool as the fans continue to rally. Okada watches Ospreay rise, and he Alabama lifts. Ospreay fights free, blocks a boot but Okada ROCKS him with a forearm! Okada whips, Ospreay handsprings and NEURALIZERS! Fans fire up as both men are down!

Okada rolls to a corner, Ospreay runs in but Okada boots. Okada shotgun dropkicks but misses! Okada ducks the superkick, throws an uppercut, but Ospreay dodges in the corner. Ospreay comes back, Okada puts him on the top rope, but Ospreay boots Okada away before he can dropkick! Ospreay knows Okada’s formula! Okada runs in but Ospreay puts him up top, and dropkicks him down! Ospreay steals the formula! Fans fire up as both men are down! Ospreay sees Okada rising, so he runs corner to corner to FLY! Ospreay goes up and over the corner to take Okada down by the gate! The fans fire up as Ospreay shines in the spotlight! Ospreay drags Okada up, puts him in the ring and climbs to the top. Fans rally as Okada rises, and Ospreay hits a BLINDSIDE PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO!!

Okada survives but Ospreay keeps his focus. Fans rally up and Ospreay rises. Ospreay fires up and slashes the throat, he vows to end it! Ospreay underhooks but Okada resists the lift! So Ospreay unleashes Kowata kicks! Okada gets up to throw a forearm! Ospreay stares Okada down before he throws a forearm! Okada throws a forearm, Ospreay gives it back, and fans rally as the two go back and forth! They go faster and faster! Okada EuroUppers, runs, but into the dropkick flip and enziguri! Ospreay whips, Okada reverses but Ospreay denies the clothesline! Ospreay standing shooting stars, onto knees! Okada whips Ospreay but Ospreay turns the dropkick into a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives and fans are fired up again! Fans rally as both men slowly rise.

Ospreay watches Okada, and SUPERKICKS! Then SUPERKICKS again! And HOOK KICKS! Okada drops to his knees, Ospreay prepares the arm. Okada ducks the Hidden Blade, Ospreay kicks the lariat away and SUPERKICKS again! Okada still tries but Ospreay ducks the lariat to chicken wing. Ospreay flips Okada up and over into underhooks! But Okada flips out of the lift to LARIAT! Both men are down again and fans are thunderous! Okada has Ospreay’s wrist, drags him up, and reels him in, only for Ospreay to dodge! But Okada dropkicks Ospreay back! Okada gut wrenches, and TOMBSTONES! Then the MONEY CLIP!! Ospreay endures and fans rally up as Okada cranks hard on the hold!

Ospreay pries at the cobra clutch but Okada just leans and cranks harder! Ospreay scrambles to the ropebreak! Okada lets go but fans continue to rally. Okada drags Ospreay back up but Ospreay pushes him away. Ospreay crawls but Okada brings him up. Ospreay SLAPS Okada! Okada SHOTGUN dropkicks Ospreay back! Okada drags Ospreay back up, gut wrenches again, but Ospreay fights it off! Ospreay rams Okada into a corner but Okada clubs him away. Okada boots but Ospreay fires up! Okada EuroUppers, DISCUS- SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Okada survives! Ospreay fires himself up, drags Okada up and in, underhooks but Okada back drops and sits down! TWO!! Ospreay gets up, Okada gut wrenches but Ospreay slips out, POISON-RANA!! Okada is dazed, Ospreay springboards, OSCUTTER!! But Ospreay holds on rather than covers!

Ospreay brings Okada up, underhooks and lifts, STORM- NO! Okada gets the MONEY CLIP! Ospreay endures again, moves around and fans rally. Okada leans on the hold and Ospreay starts to fade! Ospreay powers back up, reaches, but Okada backslides him. Ospreay slips through, dodges the lariat but comes back with a spin, only for Okada to dodge that. Okada spins, Ospreay slips around the lariat to get the underhooks! Ospreay lifts, Okada pops off, DISCUS LARIAT!! Okada gets the arm again, MONEY CLIP! Ospreay endures, fans rally up, but who is that coming? Stardom’s Bea Priestley!? Well, also Ospreay’s girlfriend. But what is she doing here? Ospreay endures the Money Clip as she coaches him up! Ospreay fights towards Bea but Okada gut wrenches, SPINNING TOMBSTONE! And back to MONEY CLIP!!

Bea gets on the apron and in the ring?! The ref is busy with her, and wait! Who is this getting in the ring?! Great O-Kharn, Tomoyuki Oka?! He drags Okada up, and CLAW SLAMS him!! Both Okada and Ospreay are down and fans are stunned! Is Ospreay even aware of what happened? He just underhooks and STORMBREAKERS!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Okada earns 0

The Assassin’s mysterious allies just helped him destroy the Rainmaker’s G1! Ospreay still has life, but must now rely on others for his fate. Well, that might not be so different than what just happened. Wait, Bea tells Ospreay to finish Okada off?! Ospreay gets in and hits HIDDEN BLADE!!! Ospreay even tells Okada, “F YOU! You held me back!” Is the Assassin hijacking Chaos?! Or is he forming something far more dangerous?


A Block – Kota Ibushi VS Taichi!

Even without this being the G1, the Golden Star and the Sliest Wrestler in the World have history over the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships Taichi and teammate, Zack Sabre Jr, kept from Ibushi and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Will Ibushi avenge those losses while fighting for the finals?

Taichi throws his mic stand and fanny pack aside to show he’s doing this fair and square with Ibushi. The bell rings and there are no excuses! Fans rally as the rivals stare down. Ibushi slowly approaches, and Taichi returns the favor. Taichi does stretches before he circles with Ibushi. Fans rally again as Taichi is serious. The two approach and talk some trash. Taichi kicks but Ibushi doesn’t flinch. Ibushi kicks, Taichi doesn’t flinch. Taichi kicks, Ibushi kicks, and repeat. They circle a bit as Taichi considers how to make it hurt. The kicking speeds up and fans rally as they go faster and faster! The two let off a moment and fans cheer. The clapping for “I-BU-SHI!” begins but Taichi backs off to do more stretches.

The two circle again, Taichi kicks but Ibushi kicks. They kick and kick back and forth again and again. Taichi hops away and fans cheer. Ibushi eggs Taichi on so Taichi boots him. Ibushi boots back, and now they trade boots to the chest! Taichi boots, Ibushi boots a little higher. Taichi shakes it off to rebound and boot Ibushi in the head. Ibushi boots, Taichi boots, repeat! Taichi keeps going so Ibushi keeps going! Ibushi keeps going so Taichi keeps going! Boot for boot, back and forth, and Taichi staggers! Ibushi runs, into a boot! Taichi boots again, but Ibushi gets right up and BOOTS! Both men are down and fans cheer! Ibushi and Taichi slowly rise and talk trash to the other. Fans rally as Ibushi is up and KICKS Taichi in the back! Then Ibushi sits down to give Taichi a shot?!

Fans cheer as Taichi gets up and KICKS Ibushi. Taichi sits back down and dares Ibushi to go again. Ibushi KICKS, Taichi grits his teeth, but now Ibushi sits down and challenges Taichi. Taichi KICKS, Ibushi grits his teeth, and the two stay standing this time. Taichi dares Ibushi to kick his chest, so Ibushi KICKS his chest! Taichi stays up and Ibushi dares him to do the same. Taichi KICKS Ibushi in the chest but fans cheer as Ibushi stays up. Ibushi KICKS, Taichi takes a moment, but Taichi KICKS back! Fans cheer as Ibushi stays up but has to catch his breath. Ibushi KICKS, Taichi crouches but comes back. Taichi KICKS, Ibushi KICKS, repeat! Fans rally with every KICK, and Taichi wobbles! Ibushi sits down, too, and fans cheer!

Ibushi and Taichi head for each other, stand back up again, and Taichi KICKS first! Ibushi wobbles so Taichi KICKS again! Ibushi drops to his knees so Taichi KICKS him down! Fans cheer as Taichi catches his breath. Taichi goes back to Ibushi, brings him up, DANGEROUS SAIDO! But Ibushi somehow managed to land safe?! Ibushi tells Taichi to get the hell up! Taichi stands, Taichi kicks Ibushi’s leg but Ibushi kicks back. It’s back to leg kicks over and over, back and forth! Taichi hobbles so he sobats! Ibushi sobats back! Taichi is in a corner, Ibushi runs in but Taichi boots him away! Ibushi goes to a corner, Taichi runs in but Ibushi boots him back! Taichi is in the corner, Ibushi runs in but into a ROUNDHOUSE! Taichi runs at Ibushi but into a ROUNDHOUSE!

Taichi roars to ROUNDHOUSE again, but Ibushi ROUNDHOUSES back! Both men are down and fans fire up! Fans rally as both men slowly stir. Ibushi and Taichi slowly stand up, Taichi gives a kick! Fans rally up as Ibushi kicks back! Both men hobble and steady themselves. Ibushi eggs Taichi on so Taichi kicks his leg. Ibushi KICKS Taichi’s leg! Off come the pants!! Taichi kicks, Ibushi kicks, repeat! Taichi kicks, Ibushi kicks, repeat! Ibushi eggs Taichi on and mockingly asks, “What’s wrong?!” Taichi comes back to kick but Ibushi just kicks back. Taichi hobbles, KICKS Ibushi, but Ibushi KICKS back! Taichi kicks, Ibushi kicks, then Taichi kicks and kicks and kicks! Ibushi KICKS back! Both men fall but Ibushi fires up! Ibushi grabs the wrists, sits Taichi up, but Taichi SWEEPS the legs!

Fans are fired up as both men are down again, clutching their battered legs! Red Shoes starts a standing count as the two writhe. The count is at 7 of 20, Ibushi and Taichi flounder up. Taichi and Ibushi talk smack, head for the same corner, and it’s Ibushi who kicks first. Taichi kicks again, but Ibushi eggs him on! Taichi kicks more and more, but Ibushi kicks back. They clinch while trading kicks! Ibushi kicks harder but Taichi kicks back! The kicking continues, and fans rally up as both men stay up. Taichi KICKS and KICKS, and KICKS! Ibushi drops to his knees and fans fire up with Taichi! Taichi aims, but Ibushi blocks the buzzsaw! Ibushi KICKS the leg again!

Ibushi fires up as Taichi writhes! Fans rally with “I-BU-SHI!” claps as Ibushi aims, to BUZZSAW! But that’s not all! Ibushi sits Taichi up with the wristlocks, KAMIGOYE!! Cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Taichi earns 0

These two quite literally kicked things up a notch, but it is the Golden Star who still has a leg to stand on! Will Ibushi’s ascension still be possible in the G1?


A Block – Jay White w/ Gedo VS Tomohiro Ishii!

King Switch claims conspiracy that the “Jay1” had the King of Pancrase last round and now has the Stone Pitbull in the final round! But because he beat Ibushi earlier on, it’s all on White to get himself into the finals! Will Ishii #BreathewiththeSwitchblade?

White and Gedo have Ishii wait for the Low Sweet. Fans rally up with the bell, and White doesn’t bail out right away! Oh wait, now he bails out. White mocks the applause, gets back in the ring, but then bails right back out. Ishii is stoic as White goes around the ring, then slowly slides back in. Ishii steps closer and White slides back out. White gets in, circles Ishii but Ishii is still stone faced. White slaps Ishii, Ishii DECKS White! Fans fire up as Ishii chases behind White and gets him back into the ring! Ishii glares at Gedo but White boots Ishii into railing! And then RAMS him in! And then RAMS him again! White CHOPS Ishii against railing but Ishii eggs him on! White stomps, rakes the eyes and whips Ishii into more railing! White leaves Ishii behind and mocks the applause again.

Red Shoes starts a count but Ishii is already standing. Ishii gets in the ring at 7 but White is all over him with stomps! White digs his heel in but lets off at Red Shoes’ reprimand. White scoops Ishii and slams him down, to then drop the leg! Cover, ONE! White is a bit surprised but he drags Ishii back up. White stomps Ishii into a corner, but Ishii eggs him on! White rakes Ishii’s eyes but lets off as Red Shoes reprimands. White drags Ishii up, knees low and turns Ishii for a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE, and again White is surprised. Fans cheer but White slaps Ishii to the rhythm. Ishii kicks White back, White keeps slapping and toying with him. White clamps onto a facelock, Ishii throws body shots and rams in his shoulder. Ishii whips, White follows and forearms him at the ropes!

White drags Ishii up, headlocks, but fights off Ishii’s back suplex! Ishii powers out of the headlock, White ends up in a corner but he boots Ishii back. White runs at Ishii but Ishii POWERSLAMS! Fans cheer and rally again, “I-SHI-I!” White is in the corner and Ishii CHOPS and forearms on repeat! White turns around but the CHOPS and forearms keep going! Gedo protests but Ishii lets off to bring White up. Ishii whips White but White reverses, only for Ishii to run White over! Gedo tries to help White but Ishii gets White’s legs. White kicks Ishii away and gets to the apron. Ishii comes back but White hotshots! White gets in to DDT Ishii down! Fans cheer as both men are down again. Fans rally up as White and Ishii sit up. Ishii is in a corner, White runs in and back elbows!

White brings Ishii out to BLADE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Ishii stays in this! White drags Ishii around by the bad leg but Ishii kicks him away with the good leg. Ishii avoid the kick and waitslocks but White trips Ishii up! White has the bad leg for a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Ishii writhes while White mocks the applause again. Fans rally up as White pushes Red Shoes away so he can stomp Ishii! Gedo likes what he sees as White picks Ishii apart! White stands on the bad leg and stomps away on the knee! Fans rally up as Ishii grows angry. White stands on the bad leg more, stomps it some more, and gives toying kicks. Ishii gets angrier and eggs White on! White throws a forearm but Ishii doesn’t flinch. White tries again but Ishii is still standing.

Ishii steps into the forearms and he backs White down! White gets the leg to elbow it but Ishii ROCKS him back! Ishii runs in, White dodges but he gets the leg, KNEE JAMMER! Ishii falls, clutching the leg, but White and Gedo give thumbs up. Fans rally up and White mocks their clapping. White stalks Ishii, runs and LARIATS! But Ishii stays up! Ishii throws forearms from all sides, White sits down and covers up, but Ishii runs. White ducks the sliding lariat to get Ishii with a COMPLETE SHOT! And DEAD LIFT GERMANS! White flexes and fans do have to cheer that strength. Fans rally up as White double guns over Ishii. White toys with Ishii, telling him to “wake up!” White slaps him around and then claps with the fans. White continues to toy and mock Ishii with slaps, and even spanks. Ishii gets up and choke grips White. White slaps and throws fast hands but Ishii DECKS him!

Fans fire up as Ishii runs, but White ducks the lariat for a BIG URENAGE! Both men are down but fans rally up again. Gedo coaches White as he sits Ishii up. White has a sleeper and he drags Ishii up, but Ishii backs White into a corner! White kicks the bad leg! HALF HATCH into buckles! White throws Too Sweets at the camera then drags Ishii back up! Ishii slips out of the sleeper to GERMAN SUPLEX White into the corner! Fans rally up again as both men stir. Ishii stands first, drags White up and hoists him to the top rope. Ishii climbs up but White quickly hops down. Ishii hops down and drags White up on the apron. Gedo tries to help but Red Shoes reprimands him! White CLUBS Ishii’s legs! But Ishii drags White back up, only for White to rake the eyes!

White has the leg, DRAGON SCREW through the ropes! Gedo is the only one who likes that. Fans rally up and Ishii HEADBUTTS White off the apron! Ishii rests for just a moment and he slips out to fetch White. Red Shoes tells Gedo to stay back and Ishii puts White in. Ishii brings White up and to the top rope. Red Shoes again keeps Gedo back as Ishii climbs up. Ishii brings White all the way up, for the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! White survives but Ishii keeps focus. Ishii waits for White to rise, then runs, but White drops down. So Ishii drops a headbutt! Ishii runs, White dodges the lariat to CHOP! Ishii roars, headbutts, and ENZIGURIS, into a DRAGON SCREW! White undoes the tape on Ishii’s leg! White hits another GROUND DRAGON SCREW!

White steps through, has the legs, INVERTED FIGURE FOUR! Will White rename this the ITO, Ishii Tapped Out? Ishii endures, fans rally up and Ishii grabs at Red Shoes! White keeps cranking on the hold, but Ishii powers up! Ishii drags himself towards ropes but White keeps cranking on the hold! Ishii punches White’s legs but that’s not enough! Ishii keeps crawling, dragging himself and White forward, and fans are thunderous for him as he gets the ROPEBREAK! White holds on until Red Shoes counts 3! Fans rally up more but White brings Ishii up. White drags Ishii up but Ishii resists the sleeper, so White chop blocks the leg! White tries again but Ishii elbows and CHOPS! But he swings into the SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX! White keeps on Ishii with the fisherman, to KIWI KRUSHER!! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and fans are thunderous again!

White slashes the throat, vowing to end this! BLADE- NO! Ishii gets a leg to DRAGON SCREW! Ishii gets some revenge but he drags White up to fisherman, KNEE CRUSHER! But that’s double-edged off the bad knee! Fans fire up as both men are down! White gets up and gets to ropes, comes back to Ishii and kicks the bad leg. Ishii blocks the kick to KNEE JAMMER! More revenge as Ishii chop blocks White’s leg! Fans fire up with Ishii as he gets back up! Ishii gets White’s leg for a HALF CRAB with ANKLE LOCK! White endures, crawls, but Ishii drags him away to GRAPEVINE! Ishii twists the ankle but White grabs Red Shoes! Gedo gets in but Ishii goes after him first! Red Shoes notices, gets Gedo to back off, but White knocks Ishii into Red Shoes!

Gedo kicks the bad leg, but Ishii blocks the kick! Ishii DECKS Gedo, goes to suplex him, but White kicks the bad leg out! Gedo feeds Ishii to BLADE- NO! Ishii rams White into Gedo, and GERMANS White! Red Shoes revives and Ishii sits White up for the SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!?! White survives but Ishii fires up! Ishii drags White up, suplexes, but White slips out to LOW BLOW!! Gedo kept Red Shoes from seeing it!! White drags Ishii back up as fans rally. White has the leg hooked, FISHERMAN BACK SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Ishii escapes and White is furious! White gets up as fans rally again. White drags Ishii up, crosses the arms, but Ishii fights out to HEADBUTT! Both men fall but fans fire up again!

Fans rally up as Ishii rises. Ishii fires himself up, slaps himself, and runs, but into SNAP SLEEPER SUPELX! But Ishii’s up again?! ANOTHER SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX! White drags Ishii back up, but Ishii spins through to suplex! White slips out, lifts, but Ishii keeps fighting him off! They spin, go around, Ishii suplexes, to a STUNNER!! White wobbles, fans are thunderous and Gedo gets on the apron! Gedo shoves Red Shoes but Ishii LARIATS Gedo! Ishii runs to LARIAT White! Cover, TWO!?!? Ishii drags White up, suplexes once more, for the BRAIN BUSTER!!! Cover, Ishii wins!!!

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall; gains 2 points, White earns 0

The Stone Pitbull stops the Jay1 at the finish line!! White ISN’T going to the finals!! It’ll be KOTA IBUSHI!! Gedo and White are furious, but that’s how it goes! Will Ibushi win the finals for A Block?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

Kota Ibushi: 7-2, 14 points
Jay White: 6-3, 12 points [ELIMINATED]
Will Ospreay: 6-3, 12 points [ELIMINATED]
Kazuchika Okada: 6-3, 12 points [ELIMINATED]
Tomohiro Ishii: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Shingo Takagi: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Jeff Cobb: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Taichi: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Minoru Suzuki: 3-6, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Yujiro Takahashi: 1-8, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

A great ending to A Block’s round robin! Even the matches that wouldn’t affect the finals on Sunday were great for different reasons. Yujiro keeping himself from going winless was great for him, because it’d be pretty sad if he was 0-9. That’d probably be a first, though. Takagi VS Suzuki was great and I figured Takagi would win. These two can have a great NEVER Openweight Championship for Power Struggle, but that could go any which way. And obviously, the shocking part of Ospreay VS Okada wasn’t even that Ospreay won, it was Bea Priestly and Tomoyuki Oka aka Great-O-Kharn showing up to help in his Heel turn! That is some wild stuff, and I can’t wait to see how this faction grows.

Ibushi VS Taichi and White VS Ishii were both great matches, but as I expected, Ibushi comes out the winner! He’ll be going back for a THIRD TIME in a row! That’s wild! With B Block being settled tomorrow, any of the possible winners is a great choice to face Ibushi.

My Score: 9.4/10

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