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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 30 Results & Report! (10/17/20)

The B Block winner is…!



NJPW G1 Climax 30

Who will win the block and reach the Climax?

Naito and EVIL are 6-2, SANADA is 5-3, and the finals are tomorrow! How does B Block turn out as the saga of Evil’s betrayal continues?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • B Block – Toru Yano VS YOSHI-HASHI; Hashi wins.
  • B Block – Juice Robinson VS Hirooki Goto; Juice wins.
  • B Block – Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Zack Sabre Jr; Tanahashi wins.
  • B Block – Tetsuya Naito VS KENTA; KENTA wins.
  • B Block – EVIL VS SANADA; SANADA wins.


Here are the current B Block standings!

EVIL: 6-2, 12 points
Tetsuya Naito: 6-2, 12 points
SANADA: 5-3, 10 points
Zack Sabre Jr: 5-3, 10 points [ELIMINATED]
KENTA: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Hirooki Goto: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Toru Yano: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Juice Robinson: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]


B Block – Toru Yano VS YOSHI-HASHI!

The Producer had a strong start and a harsh fall in the block, but can only defend his status as Mr. KOPW 2020 at this point. Will the Head Hunter #GetBackUp and get in line for Yano’s prize?

The ref checks Yano for all his tricks, and Hashi wants it to be thorough. Yano barely holds still but there’s at least one roll that’s obvious. Hashi takes them out of the knees on Yano’s tights. But what about the waistband? Yano takes out one roll, then another! Now it’s clean! Hashi and Yano are in agreement, but surprise! A fifth! Yano says it’s okay now, and the bell rings! Fans rally as the two tie up. Yano pushes Hashi back to ropes, the ref calls for the break and Yano gives it. Fans cheer as the two circle again. They tie up, Yano headlocks but Hashi powers out. Yano runs Hashi over and fans cheer again. Yano eggs Hashi on and then tells the ref to back off. Hashi CHOPS Yano! Yano throws forearms, Hashi CHOPS! Yano says that one hurt! And to the corner he goes!

Hashi stops Yano from untying the pad, whips but Yano reverses. Yano goes after the pad and gets it off the corner! Hashi ducks the pad attack, kicks low and grabs the pad for himself! The ref grabs the pad, Yano CLUBS Hashi into the ref! Yano runs but Hashi PAD SMACKS him! Yano gets to a corner, Hashi runs in and CHOPS! Hashi whips, Yano stops so Hashi CHOPS and mule kicks! Hashi turns Yano, for the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer and Hashi rises. Hashi drags Yano up, Yano rakes Hashi’s eyes! Yano apologizes and runs, but Hashi trips him up! Hashi drags Yano out, whips but Yano reverses! Hashi hits railing and Yano gets the disinfectant! The ref reprimands but Yano threatens him with the spray! The ref falls, Yano goes after Hashi but Hashi blocks!

The spray flies into the air, Hashi kicks Yano and Yano drops the bottle! Hashi grabs the bottle and sprays Yano! Fans cheer as Hashi brings Yano around to whip into railing! Yano goes down in a heap and Hashi has his bo staff! Hashi puts his staff on the other side of the railing, and then digs deep into his own tights…? HASHI HAD TAPE! Hashi was being just as tricky as Yano, but he was able to keep it secret! Hashi tapes Yano to the staff through the railing! Hashi is using Yano’s tricks against him masterfully! Fans rally as Hashi leaves Yano behind and Yano struggles with the staff! The staff is also hooked into the timekeeper’s table! The count is up to 10 of 20, so Yano wiggles HIMSELF through the railing! He gets through! But we’re at 16! And now 18! Yano and staff are in at 19!

Fans cheer but the ref tells Yano to stop, he has a weapon attached to his arm! The ref helps Yano undo the tape and he puts the staff aside. Hashi kicks and whips! Yano holds ropes and taunts Hashi, then dodges his clothesline to rake eyes! Yano whips Hashi but Hashi reverses, Yano stops himself from hitting bare buckles! Yano dodges, Hashi stops himself, but Yano rolls Hashi up, TWO! Yano dodges Hashi, drags him down to a cover, TWO! Hashi avoids the clothesline to waistlock, Yano grabs at the ref but Hashi avoids the low blow! Hashi stalks behind Yano, brings him in but the ref stops Hashi from giving a low blow! Yano grabs hair, the ref reprimands but Yano shoves the ref down! Yano shoves Hashi into bare buckles, AND low blows, but Hashi blocks it! Hashi rolls Yano to a school boy! Is he holding tights?! Hashi wins!!

Winner: Yoshi-Hashi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Yano earns 0

The trickster got tricked and the Head Hunter #GotBackUp! Will Hashi want his shot at the KOPW 2020 trophy before the end of the year? Or will he have to get in line behind the other five that beat Yano?


B Block – Juice Robinson VS Hirooki Goto!

The Flamboyant One and the Fierce Warrior couldn’t derail the G1 runs of the IWGP Double Champion of the King of Darkness. But who between these two will at least end their run on an upside?

The bell rings and the two start ramming shoulders! And throwing forearms! Fans rally as they go back and forth, Juice rocks Goto and kicks low! Juice headlocks, Goto pries against the hold but Juice grinds harder. Goto powers out to get a headlock back and he grinds Juice down. Juice endures, fights up, pries at the hold but Goto cranks harder. Juice throws body shots and powers out, Goto rams him but Juice comes back to run Goto over! Fans fire up as things speed up, and Juice counters the hip toss but so does Goto, and Goto gets the hip toss! Goto runs to run Juice over and shows his bad arm isn’t bothering him! Goto kicks Juice in the corner, throws forearms, then whips Juice corner to corner. Goto runs in but Juice boots him away.

Juice puts Goto on the apron but Goto blocks a punch. Juice blocks Goto’s counter punch and wrenches the arm for a hotshot! Goto tumbles down, now the arm might be bothering him. Fans cheer as Juice aims and slingshots, PLANCHA! Direct hit but Juice crashes into railing, too. Juice stands up and fans rally up, he gets them to stomp-stomp-clap. Juice drags Goto up, We Will, We Will POST you! Goto hits steel and falls to the ground! Juice gets back in the ring and the ring count begins. Goto slowly gets up, stands at 12 of 20, and he gets inside. Juice is on Goto and that bad arm to wrench and hammerlock. Juice RAMS Goto into a corner arm first! Juice drags Goto up, wrenches and hammerlocks again, to ram into another corner!

Fans cheer and rally as Juice wrenches Goto to a cording hold. Goto endures as Juice cranks on the arm. Fans rally up as Goto fights up and throws body shots! Juice wrenches and RAMS shoulders with Goto! Juice brings Goto back up to RAM him again! And again! Juice gets fans to stomp-stomp-clap again and Juice fireman’s carries. Goto fights out, gets to a corner and dodges Juice, to SAIDO! Both men are down and fans fire up! Juice and Goto go to opposite corners, Goto runs in, MURAMASA! And then BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Juice survives but Goto keeps close. Goto drags Juice up, fireman’s carries, but Juice fights out! Juice wrenches the bad arm, Goto flips but Juice blocks the boots to drop a back senton! Fans cheer as Juice aims from a corner.

Goto goes to the other corner, Juice runs in to corner clothesline! Juice fires up and goes corner to corner again, to CANNONBALL! Fans fire up with Juice and stomp-stomp-clap again. Juice drags Goto up, puts him on the top rope, and CHOPS! Juice keeps the fans going as he climbs up top. Goto fights back with body shots then forearms! Juice wobbles, Goto keeps hitting him but Juice headbutts back, and again, and again! Fans cheer as Juice brings Goto up, to SUPERPLEX! But Juice holds and gets back up, but Goto blocks the suplex! Juice breaks free, but Goto brings him around for the HEAD SHOT! Both men are down but fans rally up. Juice crawls away and Goto drags himself to the corner. Juice runs at Goto but Goto meets him halfway for clotheslines! They stay up, try again but again just collide!

Both men fire up, run, and DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES hit again! Juice brings down the straps, runs again but Goto follows! Juice dodges, but runs into a fireman’s carry and USHIGOROSHI! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Goto sits up first, fires himself up and drags Juice back up. Goto dragon sleepers, Juice spins out to suplex! Goto slips out, tries again, but Juice snapmares to the chicken wings! Juice turns Goto, but NO Pulp! Fans rally with Goto as he aims, but Juice blocks the kick! Juice swings the left but misses, RIGHT HAND O’ GOD! Juice drags Goto back up, chicken wings, but Goto sleeper holds in return! Juice flails but fades fast! Juice sits down, Goto Oklahoma Rolls him, TWO!

Juice survives but Goto stomps him and whips him. Juice reverses, swings, but into the dragon sleeper! Juice drops down,. Goto drops on him to cover, TWO!! Juice gets up, dodges but so does Goto! Goto gets the arm, Juice breaks free, LEFT HAND O’ GOD! Fans fire up with Juice as he pumps up! Goto stands, Juice gives him ANOTHER LEFT HAND! But Juice isn’t done there, chicken wings and PULP FRICTION! Cover, Juice wins!

Winner: Juice Robinson, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Goto earns 0

And it’s the Flamboyant One’s G1 that ends with a positive! Will Juice’s momentum and determination help him blaze a trail to something big in the near future?


B Block – Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Zack Sabre Jr!

Much like yesterday’s match of Ibushi VS Taichi, there is a lot of history between The Ace and the Submission Master over the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. The Dangerous Tekkers denied the Golden Aces the gold in the Summer Struggle, but can Tanahashi use this final round to turn things around?

Speaking of that history, ZSJ taunts Tanahashi with the tag title belt. The two back down and Tanahashi takes off the jacket to show off the muscles. Fans cheer and the checks are finished, and fans rally with the bell! Tanahashi drops down as he circles with ZSJ but ZSJ matches. They both stand, feel out the grapple, and tie up. ZSJ gets around, rolls Tanahashi, TWO! Tanahashi is on guard again and the two circle. They feel out a new grapple, ZSJ gets around to waistlock and roll Tanahashi to a ghost pin, TWO! Fans cheer as the two stand off again. ZSJ and Tanahashi circle, Tanahashi goes for a leg but ZSJ counters to a backslide and even jackknifes! TWO and Tanahashi backs off. Fans rally as the two circle again.

Tanahashi and ZSJ feel out this third grapple with knuckle locks, they’re in a deadlock but Tanahashi wrenches, hammerlocks and headlocks! ZSJ fights up but Tanahashi throws ZSJ down! ZSJ keeps his shoulders up, gets up to his feet and wrenches out to go for a high wristlock. Tanahashi keeps that at a deadlock to then arm-drag back to a headlock on the mat! Fans cheer the technical exchange, and ZSJ goes for headscissors. Tanahashi fights those off once, twice, but ZSJ tries a third time! Tanahashi shakes those off, grinds on the headlock, but ZSJ gets up to his feet. Tanahashi hits another headlock takeover, ZSJ headscissors fast and gets free to CRANK Tanahashi’s neck! ZSJ goes back to headscissor Tanahashi’s head and squeeze tight! Tanahashi endures as ZSJ pushes up to add leverage, and as ZSJ digs in knuckles into Tanahashi’s ribs!

Fans rally as Tanahashi moves around. ZSJ digs his elbows in but Tanahashi digs his knee into ZSJ’s ankle. Tanahashi pops out of the headscissors and gets the headlock back, but ZSJ gets the headscissors back right away! ZSJ pushes up to wrench the neck but Tanahashi again moves around. Fans rally as Tanahashi works on another escape. Tanahash headstands, ZSJ pushes him over and CRANKS the neck again! ZSJ sits Tanahashi up just to put the headscissor back on! Fans rally as Tanahashi continues to endure. Tanahashi pries at the headscissors, turns ZSJ over and pops out to have the legs! Tanahashi floats to a headlock, throws ZSJ down, but ZSJ again gets the headscissors! ZSJ squeezes tight, Tanahashi moves around again, but ZSJ digs his elbows into Tanahashi’s shoulders.

Tanahashi powers out, keeps the legs together for a butterfly of sorts, but ZSJ cravats! They stand up, Tanahashi tries to throw ZSJ off but ZSJ holds onto the cravat! ZSJ drags Tanahashi down, fans rally up as Tanahashi endures, and Tanahashi stands. ZSJ shifts to go for the cobra twist! Tanahashi spins around to put the cobra twist on ZSJ! Fans cheer, but ZSJ pops free to go after Tanahashi. They go around and around, Tanahashi drags ZSJ down to a cover, TWO! ZSJ has Tanahashi in a triangle hold but the fans rally up! Tanahashi powers up, stomps ZSJ and gets the legs for a CLOVERLEAF! ZSJ endures and moves around, he drags Tanahashi back down into the triangle! Tanahashi stays on his feet as ZSJ squeezes, and Tanahashi forces ZSJ through for a stretch! It’s a partial Boston Crab but ZSJ gets to ropes!

Tanahashi and ZSJ let each other go and fans rally up! Tanahashi stands, drags ZSJ up, but ZSJ throws European Uppercuts! Tanahashi ROCKS ZSJ with the palm strike, but ZSJ clamps right on him for an OCTOPUS! Fans rally as Tanahashi endures! ZSJ twists the wrist, bends fingers, but Tanahashi powers up and turns things around! Tanahashi gets the OCTOPUS! ZSJ manages to stay on his feet, get around, and again hook Tanahashi up! Tanahashi resists the Octopus to get a leg, DRAGON SCREW, but ZSJ counters to a body scissors! ZSJ turns Tanahashi over, EUROCLUTCH, ONE!! Tanahashi has ZSJ, body scissors, JAPAN CLUTCH! TWO, ZSJ has Tanahashi in a sleeper! Tanahashi rolls up and over to dropkick the legs out! Fans fire up as both men are down!

Tanahashi gets up, drags ZSJ up but ZSJ fights out of the Dragon Screw to get the arm! Tanahashi counters the wrench and Pele to get the leg, REAR DRAGON SCREW! The bad leg suffers damage! Tanahashi has both legs, ZSJ cradle counters, TWO!! Tanahashi escapes, both men stand again, and Tanahashi counters to a backslide. ZSJ spins out and leaps on for a GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! ZSJ also has body scissors, but Tanahashi gets free to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Fans cheer and rally as both men rise. Tanahashi runs, ZSJ gets around Sling Blade to double pump handle! ZSJ flips Tanahashi over for EUROCLUTCH! TWO!! ZSJ dodges the dropkick but Tanahashi blocks the Penalty Kick! SLING BLADE! Fans fire up as Tanahashi goes to a corner!

Tanahashi climbs up top, ZSJ stands, HIGH FLY CROSSBODY! But ZSJ rolls through to get the arm! Tanahashi rolls ZSJ up, Tanahashi wins!!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall; gains 2 points, ZSJ earns 0

Tanahashi holds on longer and that angers ZSJ! They keep scrapping and Young Lions have to get in there to stop it! The Golden Aces each pinned the tag team champions, will Tanahashi and Ibushi be able to reclaim those titles?


B Block – Tetsuya Naito VS KENTA!

The IWGP Double Champion already lost to the Cold Skull and the King of Darkness. The only chance he has of staying in this is to win! But can he when Fang Revived is desperate to defend his IWGP United States Championship contract?

Kenta grows impatient watching Naito take off the elaborate entrance attire but the fans rally and cheer as Naito takes his time. Naito finally finishes but does some last stretches. The check is finished, the bell rings and fans rally and clap for “NA-I-TO!” Kenta shrugs that off as he and Naito slowly circle. Kenta backs off to a corner to keep Naito back. Naito waits, Kenta comes out of the ropes, but then Kenta goes out to the apron. Red Shoes has Naito stay back and Kenta teases going in and getting out. He and Naito keep going back and forth like that, but the fans cheer as both men are finally in. They tie up, Kenta drags Naito down to a cradle, TWO!! Naito gets away and fans rally up again. Naito takes his time returning now and now Red Shoes has Kenta stay back.

Naito slowly gets in, and fans cheer as he and Kenta circle again. They tie up, Kenta gets the arm, wrenches to a wristlock, but Naito steps through to get a hammerlock, a wrench and a wristlock. Kenta spins and gets around to hammerlock back. Naito reaches back to wrench and get a leg to a takedown. Naito has the toehold but Kenta uses a chinlock to fight back. Kenta gets around to go after an arm but Naito rolls to a cover, ONE! Naito gets the leg but Kenta sits up to keep the pressure off. Kenta gets an arm again but Naito gets the ropebreak. Fans cheer the technical exchange as Kenta lets off. Kenta eggs Naito on but Naito keeps his cool. Fans rally up again as the two circle. Naito and Kenta approach, tie up with knuckle locks, and Naito gets in to wrench to a hammerlock then headlock!

Naito grinds Kenta down but Kenta rolls to a cover, ONE! Kenta fights up, Naito grinds harder on the headlock but Kenta pulls hair. Red Shoes reprimands but Kenta powers out. Naito holds ropes, boots back and throws elbows! Naito runs to huricanrana Kenta out of the ring! Fans cheer as Naito watches Kenta rise. Naito tells Kenta to hurry, time’s running out. Kenta doesn’t accept Naito’s invite, he gets in at his own pace. Naito stomps Kenta at the apron! Naito drags Kenta up to choke him on the ropes with a cravat! Red Shoes counts, Naito stops and drags Kenta back up. Naito cravats, Kenta endures but Naito throws elbows. Naito whips, Kenta holds ropes and bails out again. Fans cheer the savvy as Kenta goes around the way.

Naito hurries out but Kenta gets in. Naito gets in but Kenta bails out. Kenta grabs his briefcase and hides it. Red Shoes keeps Naito back but Naito goes after Kenta at the apron! Red Shoes tries to bring Naito away but Naito shoves him aside, Kenta CASE SHOTS! Naito falls down and Kenta puts the briefcase back on the timekeeper’s table. Kenta gets in and rains down right hands! Fans rally, Kenta mocks their clapping and Naito bails out. Kenta heads out after Naito and POSTS him! Kenta drags Naito up and whips him into railing HARD! Kenta mocks the fans more as he drags Naito up. Kenta puts Naito in, coves, ONE! Kenta sits Naito up with a chinlock but fans rally as Naito endures. Naito moves around, reaches for ropes, but Kenta lets go to KICK him down!

Kenta drags Naito back up, snapmares and KICKS him again! Kenta mocks the applause again as he paces around Naito. Naito sits up as fans rally up. Kenta does his weird clapping before he stomps Naito. Kenta whips and elbows Naito down! Cover, TWO! Kenta keeps on Naito with a headscissor hold. Fans rally and Naito endures and rolls around. Kenta keeps Naito from ropes and pushes up to add leverage. Naito kicks his legs as Kenta squeezes his head, but Naito turns and gets a ropebreak! Red Shoes counts and Kenta lets go at 3 to bring Naito back up. Kenta turns Naito for a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE! Kenta keeps on Naito with a chinlock and he grinds Naito down. Kenta cranks back but Naito still endures. Naito fights up, throws elbows to get free, but Kenta knees low!

Kenta runs and boots, but Naito blocks to atomic drop and neckbreaker! Both men are down and fans rally up. Naito is up first and he forearms, kicks, clubs and whips Kenta, to elbow him down and basement dropkick! Naito drags Kenta up, whips him to a corner and runs in for the rocket kick! Naito sweeps the legs, COMBINACION CABRON! Fans fire up as Naito strikes a pose! Cover, TWO, but Naito keeps his cool. Fans rally up again and Naito drags Kenta up. Naito turns Kenta for the backbreaker to the leg hook full nelson! Kenta endures, moves around, Naito pulls hair but Red Shoes reprimands. Naito drags Kenta from the ropes, Kenta endures and reaches, but Naito drags him away again! Kenta turns the other way to get the ropebreak! Naito needs help so Red Shoes undoes the hold.

Fans rally as Naito drags Kenta back up. Naito hammerlocks and half nelsons but Kenta fights off Gloria. Naito CLUBS Kenta, runs in but Kenta boots back! Kenta boots Naito again, hops up top, and reels Naito in for the tornado hotshot! Naito flounders, Kenta goes up top, FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer and rally for “NA-I-TO!” as Kenta gets up. Kenta drags Naito up, KICKS and fires off a strike fest, to then fisherman suplex! Cover, TWO! Kenta grows annoyed but he starts toying with Naito. Kenta kicks Naito, Naito gets up but swings into a DDT! Cover, TWO! Naito survives but Kenta goes corner to corner as fans rally. Kenta runs in to BOOT Naito down, then keeps going to HESITATION DROPKICK! Naito is down, Kenta heads up top! Kenta leaps, DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives the coup de grace but Kenta keeps his focus.

Kenta hears the fans rally up but he slashes the throat. Kenta drags Naito up, fireman’s carries, but Naito fights out! Naitoi spins Kenta, uses the ropes for the tornado but Kenta stops that, to FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Naito survives but Kenta just drags him back up. Fans rally, Kenta gets Naito up for toying slaps but a stiff back kick! Kenta KNEES Naito point blank! Fans rally as Kenta drags Naito up and fireman’s carries again, but Naito pops up to POISON RANA! Kenta gets up, runs in but Naito counters with back elbows! Kenta drops to a knee but fans rally as Naito throws more back elbows. Naito brings Kenta up again for another round of elbows! Kenta wobbles, Naito gives one last BIG back elbow! Naito drags Kenta up to the top rope. Naito climbs to join Kenta, SUPER STEINER!

Fans fire up as Naito drags Kenta back up, hammerlocks and half nelsons, GLORIA! Cover, TWO! Kenta survives but Naito keeps his focus. Fans rally as Kenta sits up in a daze. Naito drags Kenta back up, wrenches but Kenta elbows back! Naito runs in but Kenta puts him through ropes! DRAPING DDT! Kenta SPIKES Naito with that Brain Killer! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives and fans fire up again! Kenta aims from a corner as Naito slowly sits up. Kenta runs out, PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives again and Kenta is furious! Kenta drags Naito back up, fireman’s carries, but Naito fights out! Naito throws elbows but misses! Kenta fires off painting palm strikes, and he DECKS Naito!

Kenta drags Naito up, fireman’s carries, GO TO- REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO!! Kenta survives that sudden counter and time is ticking! Fans are fired up as Naito slowly gets up. Naito brings Kenta up and wrenches, but Kenta again elbows Naito away. URAKEN! URAKEN! Right hand! Naito elbows and ENZIGURIS! Scoop for VALENTIA! Naito fires up as he drags Kenta back up! Wrench and- CRADLE COUNTER! Kenta wins?!?!

Winner: KENTA, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Naito earns 0

The IWGP Double Champion loses at the last second!! Naito can’t believe it! Will Kenta get his shot at the heavyweight title to add to his IWGP United States Championship opportunity?


B Block – EVIL w/ Dick Togo VS SANADA!

It all comes down to this! Naito lost, he’s 6-3, and because he’s lost to both men, he is ELIMINATED either way! But then, will it be the King of Darkness or the Cold Skull that meets the Golden Star in the finals?

Evil and Dick Low Sweet and the bell rings, and fans rally for “SA-NA-DA!” Evil ignores that as he and Sanada circle. Evil bails out and Sanada waits for him. Evil wants Sanada to stay back, but he takes his time returning. Evil mocks Hiromu on commentary with the Too Sweet, and Hiromu just gives a thumbs up and fake smile. The ring count climbs, it reaches 10 then 13 before Evil rolls in, only to roll back out. Sanada tries to egg Evil on but Evil grabs at the timekeeper’s stuff. Red Shoes reprimands, Evil wants Sanada to stay back. Evil finally gets in, Sanada runs in but narrowly avoids the STO! Sanada gets a dragon sleeper, Evil spins out but Sanada whips Evil out! Sanada runs, fakes Evil out to tumble and slingshot into the ring! Fans cheer as Sanada tricks Evil and then waits in the corner.

Dick keeps Evil calm, Red Shoes tells Evil to get back in. Evil still takes his time, telling Sanada to stay back. Evil is in, Sanada blocks a kick and has the legs! Evil kicks Sanada away before the Paradise Lock can be put in! Sanada knees low, clubs Evil then runs, but Dick swipes at him! Red Shoes reprimands but Evil clotheslines Sanada out! Evil goes out after Sanada, bringing him up and whipping him into railing! Sanada grits his teeth and Evil brings out chairs! Evil piles the chairs up, drags Sanada over and Dick distracts Red Shoes. Evil snap suplexes Sanada onto the chairs! Evil thrwows up the Too Sweet and gets in Hiromu’s face again. Fans rally for Sanada as Evil leaves him behind. Red Shoes checks on Sanada but he’s okay to continue.

Evil undoes the blue corner buckle pad, the Bullet Club classic. Red Shoes has Evil stop and Sanada slowly rises. Fans rally again and Sanada gets in. Evil drags Sanada up to scoop and slam! Evil has a cocky pin but Red Shoes won’t count, he knows what Evil was doing earlier. Evil stomps Sanada then drags him up. Fans build to a rally as Sanada throws forearms back on Evil! Evil knees low, whips but Sanada reverses. Evil holds ropes to deny the dropkick, then he drags Sanada back up. Evil throws Sanada out, gets in Red Shoes’ face and Dick stomps away on Sanada! Dick RAMS Sanada into railing! Dick puts Sanada in the ring and Evil drags him around. Evil has a leg and turns Sanada for a Half Crab! Sanada endures as Evil sits deep!

Fans rally up, Sanada powers up and heads for ropes, but Evil leans back harder! Sanada still endures and gets the ropebreak! Evil lets go at Red Shoes’ count, and paces about, not even frustrated. Evil stands on Sanada’s head, fans rally for Sanada but Evil drags Sanada up. Evil reels Sanada in, Sanada fights off the suplex, and then Sanada suplexes Evil! Evil fights that off, knees low but runs into Sanada’s basement dropkick! Evil swings into Sanada’s BIG back suplex! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Sanada is up first and drags Evil up. Evil knees low, runs, but Sanada hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks Evil down! Evil bails out but Sanada slingshots to PLANCHA! Direct hit in front of commentary and the fans are fired up! Sanada encourages fans to get loud and Hiromu claps along.

Dick creeps up but Sanada spots him! Sanada puts Dick in the ring, Dick begs for mercy but Sanada trips him up! Sanada ties Dick up in Paradise! Fans cheer as Sanada stands on Dick and eggs Evil on. Evil stays back, daring Sanada to come out after him. Sanada goes to the apron but fakes Evil out! Evil is in, Sanada kicks him down and ties Evil up! DOUBLE PARADISE! Fans fire up and Sanada encourages them to get even louder. The fans do get louder, and Sanada is satisfied with the volume. Sanada runs corner to corner, DOUBLE PARADISE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Evil survives but Sanada keeps his cool. Fans rally again as Sanada drags Evil up to a fireman’s carry. Evil kicks and rakes eyes, pulls hair and blocks a kick! Evil gives it to Red Shoes to mule kick Sanada down!

Fans rally for Sanada but Evil drags Sanada back up. Evil fisherman BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Evil argues the count but two is two! Fans rally again as Sanada stirs. Evil drags Sanada up again, fireman’s carries, but Sanada fights and waistlocks. Evil elbows free, runs, but Sanada dodges and runs. Sanada knows Evil goes to the corner and he dodges, to go up and out and springboard in to missile dropkick! Fans fire up as Sanada drags Evil back up to a fireman’s carry. Evil fights, so Sanada tosses him into a dragon sleeper! Evil clubs free, but Sanada shifts sides to dragon sleeper again! Evil powers through, suplexes but Sanada suplexes him to ropes! MAGIC SCREW! Sanada drags Evil back up, chicken wings the arms, TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Evil survives that textbook form from Sanada but the fans rally up! Sanada says he’ll finish it now! Sanada drags Evil back up, back into the dragon sleeper, and he cranks back on Evil’s head! Evil endures, pulls hair, but Sanada gives him a SKULL SWING! Then he goes to the corner, goes up top, MOONSAULT but it FLOPS! Evil avoids disaster and both men are down! Fans rally and Red Shoes checks on both me. Sanada stirs while Dick coaches Evil up. Fans rally harder as Sanada and Evil slowly sit up. Sanada goes to the opposite side, runs in, but Evil dodges and sends him into bare buckles! Evil whips Sanada back into those bare buckles! And then scoops for the BACKBREAKER! Fans rally for Sanada as Evil has to catch his breath. Evil hobbles over, drags Sanada up, and hoists him up top!

Evil climbs, fans rally as Sanada resists, but Evil is on the very top! Evil brings Sanada up, and hits the SUPERPLEX!! Evil gets the legs, steps through, SHARPSHOOTER! Evil sits DEEP on the Scorpion Deathlock but fans rally as Sanada endures! Sanada powers up but Evil sits deeper! Sanada keeps fighting forward, Red Shoes tells Dick to back off, and Sanada gets the ropebreak! Evil lets go at 4 but fans keep rallying! Evil drags Sanada up, fireman’s carries, DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives but barely! Evil grows frustrated but he slashes the throat as he vows to end this. Evil drags Sanada up again, spins him around, but Sanada fights out of the STO! Sanada tries to steal Everything but Evil spins out! Sanada fireman’s carries, T K O! Fans fire up but both men are down!

Sanada and Evil stir as fans rally up again. Evil and Sanada roll to opposite corners but Sanada sits up first. The fans still rally as Sanada runs corner to corner, but Evil boots back! Sanada tries again, Evil boots him again. Evil dodges the third time, Sanada stops himself to elbow Evil! QUEBRADA to dragon sleeper! SKULL END! But Evil rolls back, drags Sanada up and reels him in! Sanada spins out, SHIRANUI to dragon sleeper! SKULL END!! Sanada has the body scissors, Evil kicks and reaches but endures. Evil pulls on Sanada’s EAR! Red Shoes reprimands, Evil gets free but not for long! Sanada drags Evil back down into the dragon sleeper and Evil endures again! Fans rally but Evil again pulls on an ear! Red Shoes reprimands, Evil stops and works on the body scissors instead now.

Sanada still holds onto Evil’s head but Evil moves around and is free! Sanada hurries to get up top, MOONSAULT to Evil’s back! Sanada turns Evil over and wants another, MOONSAULT to the chest!! Cover, Dick drags Red Shoes out!! The Spoiler gets a chair and he aims at Sanada! CHAIR SHOT to the chest! Dick takes off the jacket and uses that to blind Sanada while he punches away! Fans rally for Sanada as Dick drags him back up. Dick feeds Sanada to Evil, they work together, MAGIC KILLER!! But Hiromu gets in to go after Dick! SUPERKICK! Fans are thunderous as the Ticking Time Bomb drags Dick up, but Evil LOW BLOWS Hiromu! Hiromu writhes but fans rally up for LIJ! Evil drags Hiromu up, Dick recovers, they combine again, MAGIC KILLER for Hiromu!

Evil drags Hiromu up to throw him out and gets the chair out of the ring. Dick gets Red Shoes back in and Evil goes after Sanada. Sanada cradle counters, TWO!! Evil LARIATS Sanada down! Fans still rally for Sanada as Evil drags him back up. Evil runs, and LARIATS again! Evil vows to end it! Evil drags Sanada back up, reels him in, but NO STO! Dragon sleeper, waistlock, btu Evil grabs Red Shoes! DICK HAS THE SPOILER CHOKER!! Hiromu returns to SUPERKICK Dick! Sanada throws Evil into Dick, JAPAN CLUTCH! SANADA WINS!!!

Winner: SANADA, by pinfall; gains 2 points, Evil earns 0

Evil is OUT, Sanada is IN! And Evil is furious about it! But it’s what he gets for betraying his friends and then trying to cheat his way to the top! The G1 Climax 30 finals are set, it will be Ibushi VS Sanada! As such, the B Block winner gets the mic! Sanada says, “I’m in the G1 Climax finals, shall we do it again?” Fans have the phones out to be the stars as the lights go down. “Everyone, thanks for your support. This is my gift to you.” So then tomorrow, Ibushi VS Sanada, Sanada vows to etch his name in history! “Oi, Ryogoku! See you tomorrow!” The Cold Skull has beaten the IWGP Double Champion and the King of Darkness, but can he bring Ibushi’s ascension to a Skull End?


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

SANADA: 6-3, 12 points
EVIL: 6-3, 12 points [ELIMINATED]
Tetsuya Naito: 6-3, 12 points [ELIMINATED]
Zack Sabre Jr: 5-4, 10 points [ELIMINATED]
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
KENTA: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Juice Robinson: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Hirooki Goto: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Toru Yano: 3-6, 6 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

A great B Block finale because obviously it was going to be! Hashi and Yano had a great match with just enough comedy, and it was a great surprise for Hashi to win. I’m starting to think that, while many great choices have beaten Yano in the G1, Hashi might be the guy to take that KOPW 2020 trophy from him. Hashi has fought for so long, he finally has a title belt as part of the Six Man Tag Champions, and it’d be wild if he became the one to have that trophy at the end of the year. Juice VS Goto was solid stuff, Juice gets that last win and I’m sure he’ll be poised for a title at some point. Of course, he and David Finlay are surely going to get in the 2020 World Tag League to defend their honor from last year, so winning that and going for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag titles could be exactly what he’s after.

And speaking of those titles. between Ibushi VS Taichi yesterday and Tanahashi VS ZSJ today, the Golden Aces are up and could be fighting for those titles at Power Struggle. That’s not to get ahead of Ibushi VS Sanada at the G1 Climax Finals, but the G1 Climax winner doesn’t get his title shot until WrestleKingdom. Ibushi could easily go after the tag titles with Tanahashi by his side on the road to WK15 and try to become a different kind of double champion. But speaking of all that, Naito VS Kenta had a slow start on purpose, but it really picked up at the end, and Kenta getting that quick win was great stuff. Kenta might want his shot at Power Struggle, but so would Evil as he lost the G1 here.

Evil VS Sanada was really good, even with the overbooking, because that overbooking fit in. Dick interfering but Hiromu countering was great for the story, and in the end, Sanada wins! What a great turn around for Sanada, going 0-3 to start but then blazing his way to the finals! I can’t be sure who wins between Ibushi and Sanada, but it’d be great for Sanada since that’s who Naito wanted anyway. And as just stated, Ibushi can fall back to the tag titles. But on the flipside, being THREEPEAT finalist and BACK-TO-BACK winner, Ibushi making the most history in the historic 30th G1, that’s hard to resist. Either way, the G1 Climax 30 is going to finally give us all something to love 2020 for.

My Score: 9.4/10

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Lucha Libre

Chairshot Radio: Lucha Libre In The USA [072821]

Miranda, Dusty & Brendan take a look at Lucha Libre in America from all sides on this inspired edition of Chairshot Radio!



Chairshot Radio Large

Miranda, Dusty & Brendan take a look at Lucha Libre in America from all sides on this inspired edition of Chairshot Radio!

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Today’s host Miranda Morales is joined by Brendan Barr and Dusty Murphy from the Lucha Central Weekly podcast to discuss the world of Lucha Libre in the US of A!

  • What is great about the lucha libre content in the USA?
  • On the flip side, what is terrible about it?
  • How can it get better?

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (7/27/21)

Can Adam Cole survive the Colossal?



NXT Coverage 2021

NXT has breakouts, badasses, and Bronson Reed VS Adam Cole BAYBAY!

While Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher want to bruise the Bruiserweight & Oney, Adam Cole looks to show us all why NXT is still HIS brand! Who gets torn up and who gets washed away by a Tsunami?


  • Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher VS Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan; Dunne & Lorcan win.
  • NXT Breakout Tournament 2021 Opening Round: Carmelo Hayes VS Josh Briggs; Hayes wins and advances to the next round.
  • Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter VS Franky Monet & Jessi Kamea w/ Robert Stone; Catanzaro & Carter win.
  • Hit Row VS Imperium; Imperium wins.
  • Adam Cole VS Bronson Reed; Cole wins.


Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher VS Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan!

When it comes to being badass, when it comes to being technically sound, Old Man Ciampa and #ToothlessTimmy are each of those things. But the Bruiserweight says he’s the top in both categories, and the Boston Brawler is willing to back him up on it! Will Ciampa & Thatcher make Dunne & Oney put their money where their mouths are?

The teams sort out, Dunne is ready and starts with Thatcher. Fans fire up, the two tie up, and Dunne puts Thatcher on ropes. Thatcher brings Dunne away to get the wristlock. Thatcher shifts to a hammerlock, Dunne works on an escape with his leg to then get a leg. Thatcher stays up to slap Dunne but Dunne turns Thatcher over to tie up the legs! Thatcher turns back over, they knuckle lock and Thatcher gets up. The test of strength bends Dunne back but he bridges! Thatcher sweeps a leg to get a cover, TWO as Dunne bridges again. Thatcher stands on Dunne’s face then gets the ARMABAR! But Dunne slips right out to get the legs again!

Dunne twists, Thatcher tries to kick Dunne away but Dunne lets off. Fans rally and duel as the two stand off. Dunne and Thatcher knuckle lock again, Thatcher turns to wrench but Dunne drops to drag Thatcher into a triangle! Thatcher stays up, and gets a leg for a HALF CRAB! Dunne rolls, gets Thatcher’s leg for a heel hook, but Thatcher makes it a cover. TWO, Thatcher boots Dunne away and Ciampa tags in! Fans cheer but then Dunne tags out to Oney! Oney and Ciampa tie up, Ciampa headlocks and holds on as Oney tries to power out. Ciampa grinds, Oney powers up but Oney still can’t power out!

Oney pushes Ciampa to a corner with fingers in the face. The ref counts and Oney lets off at 4, and Oney CHOPS! Ciampa CHOPS and CHOPS, SLAPS Oney on the back, then throws him through the ropes to KNEE off the apron! Fans fire up as Ciampa stares at Dunne. Ciampa goes out to get Oney, mocks the shrug, then puts Oney in the ring to stomp him! Tag to Thatcher, Thatcher knees Oney at the ropes. Thatcher wrenches Oney’s arm to a double wristlock, throws Oney down with it and has the arm mounted for a short arm scissor. Oney endures, clasps hands, but Thatcher drags him away to tag in Ciampa. Ciampa stomps Oney, wrenches the arm and then isolates it.

Ciampa mocks Dunne’s fist-to-jaw pose, then stomps Oney’s arm! Oney scrambles away to tag in Dunne! Dunne and Ciampa tie up, go around, and Ciampa wrenches an arm. Dunne whips, things speed up, and Dunne CLOBBERS Ciampa! Dunne gets an arm and wrenches it to twist the wrist and bend the fingers. Ciampa snapmares Dunne down, clamps on a chinlock, and Thatcher intercepts Oney! They both CLUB away on Dunne’s and Oney’s chests! The ref reprimands, Oney turns things around on Thatcher and they fall out of the ring. Dunne gets Ciampa’s finger to bend it, but Ciampa throws Dunne out! Dunne and Oney both get tossed into boards!

Ciampa and Thatcher sit on the announce desk as Ciampa applauds himself and pats himself on the back! Fans fire up as NXT goes picture in picture.

Ciampa and Thatcher go back to get Dunne and Oney, and Ciampa CHOPS Dunne against barriers! Thatcher does the same to Oney, but Dunne CHOPS Ciampa back! Ciampa RAMS Dunne into the barriers then CHOPS him again! Ciampa gets Dunne in the ring, whips him to ropes and CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Thatcher leaves Oney behind to tag in, and Thatcher gets Dunne’s arm to stomp it down! Thatcher gets Dunne on ropes, the ref counts, but Thatcher lets off with a snarl. Dunne sucker punches Thatcher down! Then dropkicks him! Dunne gets Thatcher up to CHOP him to the corner! Tag to Oney and they double wrench and double CHOP Thatcher down!

Oney gets Thatcher back up for EuroUppers, but also keeps Thatcher from Ciampa. Oney RAMS Thatcher in the corner with shoulders, then tags Dunne in. Dunne gets a leg, brings Thatcher down with a toehold and then hooks up the legs into a TRAILER HITCH! Thatcher endures and Ciampa coaches him, but Dunne shifts to get an arm. Thatcher clasps hands to avoid a Fujiwara Armbar and then he rolls Dunne. Dunne rolls Thatcher back, drags him away, and tags Oney while keeping Thatcher down. Oney stomps Thatcher, drags him up and bumps him off buckles. Oney CHOPS, stomps, and brings Thatcher around to DECK him with a EuroUpper!

Oney paces, then gets Thatcher’s leg for a standing heel hook. Thatcher holds onto Oney’s leg to prevent the Crab, but Oney fights through that to still turn Thatcher! Thatcher crawls to a ROPEBREAK as NXT returns to single picture. Oney stands on Thatcher, tags Dunne and Dunne hooks up the legs. Tag back to Oney, Dunne gets Thatcher up in a surfboard and Oney CHOPS away! The ref counts Dunne but he lets go as Oney CHOPS Thatcher a fourth time! Oney dares Thatcher to tag Ciampa but Thatcher EuroUPpers! Oney EuroUppers and rocks Thatcher! Thatcher and Oney each grab each other by the ears! Thatcher blocks a chop to CHOP Oney!

Oney wobbles, Thatcher grabs at him but Oney grabs Thatcher by the chin! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Thatcher breaks the half nelson to ENZIGURI! Hot tags to Dunne and Ciampa! Ciampa rallies on both Dunne and Oney! Ciampa starts up the endless clotheslines in the corner! Dunne, Oney, and back again! Ciampa ducks the retaliation from Dunne and Oney to hit a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Thatcher gets in, he and Ciampa fire each other up, and they unleash endless clotheslines and EuroUppers! But Oney CLOBBERS Thatcher! Ciampa comes back to DISCUS Oney! Dunne ROCKS Ciampa but Ciampa comes back with forearms!

They go back and forth, Dunne wobbles but sidesteps Ciampa to SNAP GERMAN! Dunne STOMPS the hands, then BUZZSAWS! Pump handle, BITTER- NO! Ciampa drags Dunne down to the FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Oney grabs Dunne’s hand but Thatcher drags Oney out with an ANKLE LOCK! But then BLAM! RIDGE HOLLAND is back!? And he clobbered Thatcher?! Oney breaks Ciampa’s hold on Dunne but Ciampa KNEES Oney out! Dunne rolls Ciampa up, TWO!! Pump handle, BITTER END!! Cover, Dunne & Oney win!

Winners: Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

Northern Grit gets in the ring with Dunne & Oney! Ridge got hurt because of Oney all those months ago, but he’s on their side now?! They beat down Thatcher & Ciampa! Ciampa is made to watch as Ridge scoop SLAMS Thatcher into ropes! And then again! Then they feed Ciampa to Ridge’s uppercut! “You like that, Tommaso? You like that?!” Fans chant, “YOU SUCK!” as this new trio, will they be the new Kings of NXT?


NXT hears from Carmelo Hayes.

Just 26 years old out of Boston, Massachusetts, he doesn’t wait for opportunities. He took Kushida to the limit, stepped right up to Adam Cole, all opportunities he took. This tournament is THE opportunity, and there will be only one man that comes out on top. And you’re looking at him, the brightest star of them all!


Samoa Joe arrives.

And in his hands is a very formal folder. What business proposition is inside? We’ll find out after the break!


Hit Row speaks.

Swerve says last week, they produced a bop, courtesy of Joaquin Wilde’s back. Swerve’s been after Santos Escobar for so long now, but spooky season has arrived. It’s a Hit Row Summer. B-Fab talks trash on Legado in Espanol, and translation: if you didn’t know, now you know. Swerve plays the guitar, and if Wilde’s back had no back-up cuz his boys left him flat. Top Dolla knows Spanish, too, as he says Escobar may be El Jefe, but he ain’t in charge in NXT. Hit Row are the kings of the jungle, and Adonis says there are still jokers like Imperium talking real spicy. So pause, rewind, and watch your mouths. Talk that talk again, and y’all gonna get knocked out!

Maybe Hit Row needs to speak Imperium’s language so they can understand. Dolla talks with a European accent to tell Imperium that if they’re gonna pop off, they’ll get popped. If you didn’t know, now you know.


Samoa Joe heads to the ring!

Joe gets a table and a chair out the second he hits ringside, and sets it all up in the middle of the ring. Joe gets a mic to say, “Karrion Kross! I could come out here and bark about you until I’m blue in the face, but I’m well aware you’re too much of a gutless coward to be in the building right now.” So instead, Joe was proactive. Mr. Regal, please join Joe in the ring, sir. William Regal does walk out to the ring and Joe offers him the seat. Regal stays standing and Joe understands Regal’s anger. Joe sees the rage in his eyes and Joe understands. What Karrion did was reprehensible and wrong, and tonight, Regal wants to fire Kross. But Joe wants Regal to listen to his “much better solution.”

We can all be satisfied in three easy steps. Step one: Joe tenders his resignation as management effective immediately. Step two: Joe is reactivated as an NXT Superstar! Fans love the sound of all that! Regal takes the pen, and signs Joe to the roster! And that leads us to step three: making Kross VS Joe for the NXT Championship at TakeOver 36!! Fans really love the sound of that! Regal signs that and it is done!! Fans chant, “Thank You, Regal! Thank You, Regal!” and Joe secures the paperwork. The clock is ticking on Kross’ time, will Mr. Doomsday be the one to face the apocalypse?


NXT hears from Josh Briggs.

From Nothing, Arizona, he will go through Hayes to reach his destiny. There will be bodies and dreams left broken as his hand is held high as this tournament’s winner.


NXT sees that LA Knight went golfing.

Cameron Grimes asks how long Knight needs him to wash his balls. Grimes, don’t shout that! Just let him see. Okay, these are fine. They go on and Grimes asks Knight for his driver. Grimes IS his driver. No, the club! Grimes grabs the club, but this is the sand wedge. Grimes mishears it as “sandwich” and thinks Knight is hungry. Grimes, as the caddy, you need to know each and every one of the clubs in the bag. The driver is the big, long one! Right, Mr. Knight, sir. Knight lines up but Grimes makes a bet that Knight hits the ball into the trees. Knight tells Grimes to stand off to the side and Grimes moves over. But Grimes then interrupts the swing by saying this should be a $5000 bet.

Knight is trying to concentrate so shut up! Right, sorry, Mr. Knight. Knight hits the ball, and wouldn’t you know? It goes into the trees. Grimes says Knight owes him 5 grand! Knight doesn’t owe Grimes a thing, and tells him to go fetch the ball. Yes, Mr. Knight. Knight is heated and not just from the summer heat. Will he get through nine holes with Grimes opening his mouth every time?


NXT Breakout Tournament 2021 Opening Round: Carmelo Hayes VS Josh Briggs!

The opening round is in the second half and we see if Hayes has any hope of getting past big, bad Briggs! Who faces Duke Hudson in the semifinals?

The bell rings and fans are on Hayes’ side as he stares down with Briggs. They tie up, Briggs scoops and SLAMS Hayes, then tells him to just leave. Hayes gets up, gets away from Briggs, but Briggs scoops him again. Hayes slips off to fire forearms and chops! Briggs blocks the whip, whips Hayes, and then catches Hayes’ springboard into a BEARHUG! Briggs clubs Hayes, Hayes fights out and BOOTS Briggs to a corner! Hayes fires off hands, Briggs shoves him away. Briggs runs in but Hayes dropkicks a leg out! Briggs hits buckles, Hayes swings to throw in a knee! Fans fire up for Hayes as he runs but Briggs TOSSES him up and out!

Hayes is down on the outside and a ring count begins. Briggs goes out after Hayes at 5, puts Hayes back in, but Hayes gets Briggs in the ropes to kick him! And kick, and kick, and kick! Hayes then springboards for IMPLODING LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Hayes clamps on with a chinlock but Briggs fights up. Hayes clubs Briggs, Briggs fights up and lifts Hayes, but Hayes makes it a GUILLOTINE! Briggs endures, reaches out, clubs Hayes on the back, but drops to a knee. Hayes holds on, Briggs pries free so Hayes fires off forearms! Briggs shoves Hayes and CLOBBERS him with a back elbow! Fans boo but Briggs scowls as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Briggs grinds Hayes down with a chinlock and a knee in the back. Briggs CLUBS Hayes, and we see that Duke Hudson has joined commentary to watch this closely. Hayes fights up, throws body shots, but Briggs scoops Hayes for a SIDEWEALK SLAM, and a BIG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Hayes survives and Brigg scowls but fans fire up. Hudson says Briggs is a big boy, tall as a tree, but Hudson can cut trees down. Briggs gets Hayes up but Hayes fights the bomb! Hayes RANAS Briggs to a corner! Briggs comes back, blocks a boot but Hayes ENZIGURIS! And ENZIGURIS again! Hayes dodges Briggs to springboard, FLYING HEADBUTT!

Fans fire up as both men are down! Briggs and Hayes go to opposite corners. Hudson says whoever win this will have it tough against him next round. Briggs storms after Hayes but Hayes dodges to cravat KNEE SMASH and then again! Briggs staggers but he choke grips Hayes! Hayes slips out of the slam to CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Briggs survives but Hayes keeps his focus. Fans rally up, Hayes gets Briggs up and reels him in, but Briggs tosses Hayes away! Hayes comes back to BOOT Briggs in the corner! Hayes rolls, returns, but Briggs BOOTS Hayes in return! Choke grip, CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, TWO?!! Hayes lives and shocks Briggs!

Fans rally up even harder as Hayes stirs. Briggs gets up, runs, but Hayes dodges! Briggs finds him in the corner to BOOT him, and then scoops him, but Hayes tilt-o-whirls out of the slam to hit a take down! Hayes runs and hits another tilt-o-whirl takedown! Hayes then goes to a corner, climbs up and leaps, FLYING LEG DROP!! Cover, Hayes wins!!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

The brightest star outshines Briggs, and Hudson looks forward to this one. But will Hudson have as easy of a time as he thinks? Or will Hayes topple another tower on the way to the top?


Backstage interview with Franky Monet.

She has Jessi Kamea and Robert Stone by her side as McKenzie congratulates her on another victory. But what is the exact relationship with the Robert Stone Brand? Franky says there are so many possibilities. She could merge with them, making them more powerful than ever, or he could rebuild them from the ground up. Maybe she and Jessi could go after the tag titles! Stone loves that but Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro walk in. O M G, Franky thinks it’s that easy to just walk in here and be champions~? It’s not! Franky can’t just throw together chemistry. KC Squared is a unit, in and out of the ring. They even finish each other’s- sentences! Right! So Franky, get your ass to the back of the line!

Franky says she’s sHaKiNg in her boots. But seriously, their spunk is cute, but now it’s just super annoying. Jessi says it’s definitely annoying. They leave and Stone quickly agrees that KC Squared is annoying. But will La Wera Loca overlook them and be left behind in the title race?


NXT checks back in with Knight and Grimes.

Knight checks the grade of the green, Grimes does commentary. “Mr. Knight steps up to a miraculous par three here with a lot of confidence.” Knight gets annoyed and tells Grimes to shut it. Grimes does commentary a little quieter but it still throws Knight off, and he hits right into the water hazard. Grimes laughs and says that’s TEN thousand Knight owes him now! Knight asks if Grimes can swim. Yes, he can. Then go get the ball! What? Grimes throws off the cowboy boots and as a man of his word, a man has to do what a man has to do. Grimes was only a few feet in when he grabs the ball.

Ted DeBiase rides up!? What’s he doing here?! Grimes is asking him that? What’s GRIMES doing in the water? Getting a golf ball. DeBiase tells Grimes that “guys like Knight, all they’re ever gonna do is hang you out to dry. But why are you doing this? You’re better than this!” Grimes is a man of his word, though. He thought DeBiase would be m ore upset if he didn’t do this. What DeBiase knows is Grimes wasn’t born to be a butler. He was born to be a champion! Grimes, don’t lose your pride. Fight for what you believe in! And the Grimes that DeBiase knows is a fighter! Think on that. Grimes does think, but will he step up to the Million Dollar Megastar?


NXT Media catches up with Ridge, Dunne & Oney.

Why did Ridge Holland attack Thatcher & Ciampa tonight? It’s none of our business. Thatcher’s not the first person Ridge has smashed up, and he won’t be the last. Ridge rolls on with Dunne and Oney, who else will be mangled by Northern Grit?


Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai head to the ring!

The NXT Women’s Champion and her partner in crime are back after Ricky Desperado dominated and damaged Xia Li in last week’s title defense. Raquel gets a mic to say,  “I crushed one of the most feared superstars in the Women’s Division. I have dominated every single person who has stepped up to the plate.” Who is next? Raquel is THE greatest women’s champion in WWE today! And all she has to say is, “Keep ’em coming.” Dakota says 18 months ago, Raquel debuted. And she’s been unstoppable ever since. Dakota tells people that her best friend, Big Mami Cool, is the most dominant woman in NXT history! More dominant than Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Shayna Baszler.

Raquel defeated great champions such as Rhea Ripley, Io Shirai, Ember Moon, and that list will go on and on! “Do you know why the NXT Women’s Division is one of the greatest? It’s because of one woman.” NXT TakeOver is four weeks away, so Dakota will ask this: Who is woman enough to challenge Raquel? Any takers? Huh? Who knows in their soul they can walk down the ramp, stand in the ring and face Raquel? Anyone? Anyone at all? We’re waiting~! None! No one! Dakota and Raquel have been through so much together. As long as they have each other’s back, Raquel will always be champion! Raquel agrees and fires up as she gets up on the corner.

But as Raquel hops back down, Dakota BOOTS her down!! #CobraKai strikes again! She holds the belt up as she stands over Raquel and fans are fired up for Dakota! Dakota says SHE is woman enough! The first shot has been fired, but who shoots the last at TakeOver 36?


Adam Cole speaks.

“Lately, everybody has been trying to attach themselves to yours truly. Last week, you’ve got Kyle O’Reilly screaming my name like an absolute maniac. And then also last week, Bronson Reed. He’s talking to Wade Barrett, he’s talking about how Adam Cole is gonna be his rebound? Are you kidding me?” Adam Cole is not someone’s rebound, he is at the top of the mountain. And tonight, Cole makes Reed fall off the mountain. There is a reason Reed lost his North American Championship: he’s not good enough. Cole couldn’t give a DAMN about Reed’s 14 year journey, because tonight will be another very sad chapter, written by Adam Cole BAYBAY.


NXT Media watches Io Shirai finish training.

But as she exits, Zoey Stark walks over to say she no longer has to train alone. They’re the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions now! They should train together, create a bond, a relationship! Relationship? Like a friendship? Yes! No thanks. Oh, okay, hold on. Maybe not friends, but teammates. They should hang out, get on the same page. Shirai respects Stark but she doesn’t like her. Yes, okay, she doesn’t like her yet. This can be good for them. They can hang out, and if Shirai trusts Stark, it’ll work out. Fine… Okay! Stark promises Shirai won’t regret this! But will Stark be able to keep up her end of the bargain?


Mandy Rose is spotted talking with other female superstars.

Mandy is trying to get Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne to agree to something, but Jacy points out the camera. Mandy shoos the media, this is a private conversation. But then, what is it about?


Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter VS Franky Monet & Jessi Kamea w/ Robert Stone!

KC Squared told #BougieBad that a team isn’t just two people put together. But will Franky give them her brand of bad in her tag team “premiere?”

The teams sort out and Kayden starts with Jessi. They circle while Wade Barrett defends Robert Stone’s “men’s clutch bag,” aka murse. Kayden dodges Jessi, fans cheer her own, and Kayden does a little dance to taunt Jessi. But Jessi taunts Kayden back by calling for a test of strength, and pointing out the height difference. Kayden dodges the kick to give a kick, and then she waistlocks to O’Conner Roll! ONE, Kacy tags in and Kayden dropkicks Jessi! Kayden whips Kacy so she can trip Jessi, then Kayden adds another dropkick! Kacy gets up to slingshot senton Jessi back down! Cover, ONE!! Kacy keeps on Jessi, facelocks, and Kayden tags in. Kayden rolls Jessi up, TWO!

Jessi gets up and BOOTS Kayden down! Jessi drags Kayden but Kayden kicks her away. Franky tags in to cool things off. Kayden dodges, Eddy Gordo kicks, then runs in, but Franky dodges. Kayden back elbows but Franky blocks a kick to put the legs in ropes, for a DDT! Kayden flounders in a daze but Franky gets her up. Franky TOSSES Kayden to the corner, fires herself up and runs in, DOUBLE KNEES! Tag to Jessi, Franky gets Kayden up and whips her into the corner. Franky back elbows, Jessi SPLASHES! Jessi snapmares and covers, TWO! Stone says it’s all good as Jessi tags Franky back in. Jessi stomps Kayden, Franky KICKS Kayden in the back!

Franky CLUBS Kayden, but Kayden SLAPS back! Franky KICKS Kayden’s leg, then gets her at the ropes to whip her into the corner. Kayden DECKS Jessi! Then BOOTS Franky! Kayden hurries but Franky throws her down by her hair! Franky rains down furious fists, “I AM LA WERA LOCA!” Stone wants Franky to use his murse to finish this?! This is why Aliyah ditched him! He throws the shoe in, it gets Franky in the side! Franky is upset, Kayden tags Kacy and SUPERKICKS Franky! Kacy is up top, 450 SPLASH BREAKER!! Cover, KC Squared wins!!

Winners: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter, by pinfall

And Franky is FURIOUS! Her record has a blemish on it in the shape of Stone’s tacky man purse! Is this going to hurt the brand’s chances of working with Franky? Or is it just going to hurt Stone’s physical body?


Wade Barrett interviews Roderick Strong & Malcolm Bivens.

The minds behind the Diamond Mine sit with him, and he asks Strong how this came about. After the Undisputed Era exploded and fell apart, Strong quit NXT and disappeared, so how did he come into contact with Bivens? Strong says, “When you compete at the level that I do, this game is 90% mental and 10% physical.” Bivens agrees. Strong says his 10% is better than everyone else’s 100. But the fact is, all that drama was just something he couldn’t break through, until he got a call from Bivens. Bivens reminded Strong of exactly who he is, and so he knew the Diamond Mine was for him.

Bivens says that Strong is one of the greatest performers of this generation. That isn’t opinion, that’s fact. Not fourth, not third, or second. He is THE ONE, because he is a leader! And who would’ve thought, in the year 2021, it’d be Malcolm Bivens who brought Strong back to NXT? Even our esteemed GM, William Regal, couldn’t do that. That is true, and it seems on the meantime, they are trying to manufacture an opportunity against Kushida for the Cruiserweight Championship. But it also seems Bobby Fish is making noise. Would they agree then that the next big match up for Diamond Mine is Strong VS Fish?

Bivens says that’s a good idea. Does Wade like money? Of course. Bivens says that whoever said, “Money can’t buy happiness” is a liar and broke, Money gets you happiness, and there IS a big money match up in Strong VS Fish. Let’s get that money! Strong says next week, when he finishes “Bob,” it is over between them. Will it be that easy to sink Fish and move on to Kushida’s gold?


NXT shares the big news for TakeOver 36!

As first said on NXT UK, Walter VS Ilja Dragunov was delayed due to Walter injuring his hand. But management has decided that this rematch is so big, this should be seen by the entire world! It will happen at TakeOver 36!! Will the UK Championship’s return to the States be big for the Ring General or the Moscow Madman?


NXT Media catches up with Dakota Kai.

Can she explain her actions in attacking Raquel tonight? Dakota storms out into the parking lot without an answer. Maybe her actions spoke for her. Will Raquel have an equally brutal response by next week?


Hit Row VS Imperium!

It may not look it to Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner, but the NXT Tag Team Division is getting serious again with all these teams targeting MSK! Will Top Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis educate Imperium real quick? Or will the mat be sacred tonight?

The teams sort out, Adonis starts with Barthel but Barthel rushes Adonis. Adonis slips away, they tie up, and Barthel headlocks. Adonis powers out but Barthel comes back to knee low. Barthel whips, Adonis reverses, things speed up and Adonis AirDrops Barthel down! Adonis gets Barthel up but Barthel whips him away. Adonis ducks but Barthel pops him up to CHOP, kick and CLUB! Barthel whips again, scoops and SWINGING SLAMS Adonis down! Adonis slowly gets up at the ropes but Barthel is after him. Tag to Aichner, Imperium whips and arm-drags Adonis down. Aichner gets Adonis up right to a fireman’s carry! Adonis fights free and CLUBS Aichner down!

Aichner shoves Adonis away, Adonis turns it around for a Rude Awakening! Cover, TWO! Adonis facelocks, CLUBS Aichner, Aichner throws body shots and EuroUppers. Adonis knees low, Aichner blocks the whip to reverses it, but he also blocks a boot to CLOBBER Adonis! Fans duel as Aichner paces around Adonis. Aichner grabs Adonis’ ear, stands him up, but Adonis jawbreakers back! Tag to Dolla and Aichner clotheslines, but Dolla doesn’t budge! Dolla shoves, catches Aichner’s crossbody to a fireman’s carry! Aichner fights out, CLUBS Dolla, then runs into Dolla’s JUMPING KNEE! Dolla talks smack and fans chant “HIT~ ROW~!”

Dolla gets Aichner up, tags in Adonis, and then Dolla pops Aichner around, AIR DROP BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Aichner is still in this but Adonis gets him up. Aichner throws body shots, Adonis CLUBS him, but Aichner turns neckbreaker into a BIG back suplex! Tag to Barthel and he gets Adonis up to bump off buckles. Barthel puts Adonis in the ropes,. Imperium meets at the corner but Swerve is in Aichner’s way! B-Fab also swipes at Barthel, and the ref reprimands Swerve. Adonis gets around to block Barthel’s boot, fire off forearms, then roll Barthel to a whip and SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Barthel is still in this but Adonis soaks up the heat as we go to break.

NXT returns and now Imperium hits their double corner dropkick! Adonis flops out, Aichner covers, but Dolla breaks it! Adonis gets to ropes, Aichner goes after him but Adonis throws body shots! Aichner knees low, tags in Barthel, and then SPINEBUSTER to PENALTY KICK! Aichner gets Adonis up, Barthel climbs, but Adonis RANAS Aichner away! Barthel still leaps but into a body shot! Adonis hurries for the Hit Row corner, but Barthel grabs a leg! Adonis kicks Barthel away but Barthel still anchors him! ANKLE LOCK! Adonis endures, stands but Barthel ducks the enziguri! Barthel drags Adonis back, Aichner tags in and Aichner drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Aichner stomps Adonis, CLUBS him down, then drag him up to scoop and BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Aichner grows annoyed but he drags Adonis back up to tag Barthel. Adonis throws body shots but Aichner knees him down. Barthel gets Adonis up but Adonis throws hands. Barthel hits a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Adonis survives but Barthel clamps on a chinlock. Adonis fights up and moves around as fans rally, but Barthel drags him away from Dolla. Adonis throws Barthel out! Adonis hurries, Aichner runs in but Adonis dumps him out! Swerve and B-Fab coach Adonis on, but Barthel slides in to intercept, only to get a back drop! Hot tag to Dolla!

Aichner tags in but Dolla rallies on Imperium, CLOBBERS and ROCKS Barthel, then kicks and runs to KNEE LIFT! Aichner gets in, Dolla puts him in the corner to SPLASH! One arm SIDEWALK SLAM! And a kip up! “Who hotta than Top Dolla?” NOT NADA! Dolla does his own little dance for a BIG elbow drop! Cover, but Barthel breaks it! Dolla tosses Barthel, gets Aichner up and tosses him to the corner. Tag to Adonis, Dolla feeds Aichner to a FLAPJACK! Adonis kips up now and fires up, but EL LEGADO jumps Swerve! They POST him, then talk trash to B-Fab! But Dolla CLOBBERS them both! Escobar stays away but Imperium as Adonis!! EUROBOMB!!! Cover, Imperium wins!

Winner: Imperium, by pinfall

Dolla rushes back but Legado jumps him now! Dolla shoves Wilde & Mendoza away but they DOUBLE SUPERKICK him! They get Dolla back up, but Dolla BOOTS Mendoza down to avoid the double team! Dolla DECKS Wilde, but Escobar leaps in to missile dropkick Dolla down! Legado gloats then beats Dolla down with stomps in a corner! Swerve returns with a chair!! Swerve runs Legado off, but this fight is far from over! Will Legado pay for ruining Hit Row’s run?


The Way talks backstage.

Johnny Gargano doesn’t know where Austin Theory is, and Candice LeRae is quick to blame him for it. How is it his fault that Theory ran away from home? Indi Hartwell doesn’t want to talk to Candice so she tells Johnny to tell Candice this is Candice’s fault. Candice hears Indi, she doesn’t need Johnny to be a middle man. There’s a knock at the door and Johnny is optimistic that it’s Theory. It isn’t, it is someone delivering a gift for Indi Hartwell. Did Johnny & Candice get her something to apologize? No, it’s from DEXTER! Dexter Lumis drew himself as part of The Way! Indi loves it but Johnny & Candice don’t! Dexter doesn’t deserve Indi! Why doesn’t Indi get that?

Why don’t they give Dexter a chance? He doesn’t deserve a chance! He’s a bad boy with a stupid face! Everyone deserves a chance. No! No chance! Then how about a match? Johnny VS Dexter. Why!? Because if Dexter wins, The Way has to give him a chance. At what?! A chance with Indi! Uh, um… Fine! But if Johnny wins, #InDex is DONE! Yeah! No more Dexter! Deal. Indi goes to talk with Regal about it! Johnny says go ahead, and tell him Johnny says hi. But do NOT put that drawing on the fridge! The fridge is too nice for that art. But will Johnny take care of nipping #InDex in the bud?


NXT checks in with Knight & Grimes again.

Grimes and Knight work on their form but the Grizzled Young Veterans show up? They ask what’s the hold up, and Knight says, “I thought the standards were a little higher around here.” Zack Gibson tells Knight to watch his mouth. Just hit the ball into the pond again so these VIP’s can play through. Grimes says he’s the caddy, and he won’t let anyone rush Knight. Yes, Knight hit it into the water, and yes he did hit it into the trees, and yes he owes Grimes $10 thousand, but not even Grimes will let GYV disrespect the Million Dollar Champion. If GYV wants to play, start back at the first hole.

Well if we’re talking gambling, how about a side pot? Next person to sink the ball into the hole doubles that 10 grand. Grimes is in! He’ll take that bet any day of the week! Knight tells Grimes to never talk for him again, ever. But yeah, challenge accepted! They’ll take GYV’s money. Knight hits but ends up in the water again… The GYV say, “Absolutely rotten!” Knight blames Grimes and gives him the club. Grimes gets his golden golf ball on the tee, reels back and gets Knight in the nuts! But also hits the ball, and then BOPS Knight on the back swing! The golden ball flies, and it is IN THE HOLE!! That’s $20,000 for Grimes! Oh, Mr. Knight, what happened?! Look what GYV did to him!

GYV run away before Knight can get up and demand money or payback. Grimes says he loves golf. “Who knew it could be this fun?” But which will come first? GYV coming through on the money? Or some kind of in-ring revenge?


Adam Cole VS Bronson Reed!

The Panama City Playboy said his peace but Auszilla is looking to turn him into a golden springboard back into the title scene. Will the Grand Slam BAYBAY be too much for even the Colossal Bronson? Or can nothing withstand a Tsunami?

The bell rings, Cole and Reed circle and fans rally and duel. Cole waistlocks, Reed smirks and throws Cole right off! Reed eggs Cole on and Cole tells him to shut up. Cole and Reed circle again, feel out the grapple, and Cole headlocks. Reed stays up and powers up but Cole thrashes the hold. Reed throws body shots and powers out to run Cole over! Fans rally and duel as Cole clutches his head. Reed scoops but Cole slips out to chop block a leg! Cole fires off forearms and kicks, then gets the leg on the ropes. Cole kicks the leg, the ref reprimands but Reed shoves Cole down! Things speed up, Cole tries to hurdle but Reed SWATS him out of the air!

Reed gets Cole up to a military press! And he DROPS Cole, to then drop an elbow! Cole gets to ropes, Reed stalks up behind him and Reed gets Cole up. Reed whips Cole but Cole sunset flips, only for Reed to SIT on him! Cover, but Reed’s foot is under the rope. Reed shrugs and stands up, and Cole gets out to the apron. Reed gets Cole up and to a corner to bump him off buckles. Reed climbs, drags Cole up to join him, and fans duel as Reed throws hands. Cole resists and throws body shots, then bumps Reed off buckles. Cole sunset flips but he can’t bring Reed down! He avoids the punch to SUPERKICK the legs out! Reed falls and flops out of the ring as NXT goes picture in picture!

Reed clutches his leg but Cole goes out after him. Cole kicks the leg, brings Reed around to throw forearms, then whips him into barriers! Cole gloats and soaks up the heat as he refreshes the ring count. Cole goes after Reed again but Reed blocks the steel step bump! Reed elbows Cole, Cole knees Reed and shoves him in the ring. Cole dusts off his hands, gets in the ring, and has Reed in a corner. Cole stomps the bad leg, gets it back on ropes, and the ref reprimands but Reed CLUBS Cole away. Cole BOOTS Reed down! Cole throws clubbing crossface forearms then lets off to stalk Reed. Cole pushes Reed to drop an elbow on the knee! Cole drops a splash on the bad leg!

Cole flexes to mock Reed, then he has a standing kneebar. Reed endures, keeps his shoulders up, and NXT returns to single picture as Cole goes after the knee more. The fans rally and duel more as Reed throws hands! Cole shifts to DDT the foot! Cole watches Reed slowly stand up, and he gets the leg for a DRAGON SCREW! Cole taunts Reed, stomps him, and fans rally as Reed gets to ropes. Cole gets the bad leg, puts it through ropes again and kicks it! The ref counts, Cole stops at 4, and he drops down on it! Cole paces while fans cheer and jeer, but he comes back to set the leg back on the ropes. Cole jumps for another drop down!

The ref checks on Reed, Reed refuses to quit here. Reed crawls, Cole says he’s still king of NXT. Cole gives toying kicks but Reed throws body shots. Cole throws forearms, Reed throws them back! They brawl, fans fire up, and Reed ROCKS Cole! And JABS, and CHOPS, and repeat! Cole is in a corner, Reed whips him corner to corner, then SPLASHES! Reed whips and CLOBBERS Cole! Fans fire up as Reed drops a BACK SENTON! Cover, TWO! Reed keeps cool as he gets Cole back up. Reed suplexes but Cole knees free. Cole dodges and PELES! Reed stays up, Cole goes to suplex but Reed suplexes first, for a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!!

Cole survives, fans rally and duel, and Reed gets back up. Reed drags Cole up, reels him in and gets him up, but Cole throws hands to get free! Cole elbows Reed from a corner, but Reed ROCKS him with a right! Reed runs into the corner but Cole SHINING WIZARDS him down! Cover, TWO!! Cole is frustrated but he gets up and BOOTS Reed! Reed stays up but Cole BOOTS him again! Cole blows a kiss to Reed but Reed blocks the superkick! Reed CHOPS Cole back! And CHOPS again! And again! And again! The ref counts, Reed CHOPS until 4 then lets off. Cole mule kicks the bad leg! Cole hops up, leaps, PANAMA SUNRISE!! Cover, TWO!?!

Reed survives and fans are thunderous as Cole is shocked! Cole thinks what he has to do now and he brings down the knee pad. Cole finger guns, runs, but into a LARIAT! Reed drags Cole up to a POWERBOMB! But he isn’t done here, he goes to a corner! Reed climbs, aims, and TSUNAMI FLOPS!! Cole dodges the splash to SUPERKICK and LAST SHOT!! Cover, Cole wins!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall

Cole grins because he won just as he said he would, but that was a close one! Will Reed be able to rebound from this? Is Cole going to use this to reestablish himself as the top dog? But then KYLE O’REILLY attacks Cole with a chair!!! Kyle digs the chair into Cole’s neck!! No more Cool Kyle, this is KILLER KYLE, and he pulls steel steps apart! Kyle wants to finally give Cole payback from months ago, BRAINBUSTER TO THE STEPS!!! Kyle stands over Cole as Cole did over him! Has Kyle given up his soul yet again in order to finally crush Cole?

My Thoughts:

Another great NXT again, as always, even with stuff that felt inevitable and obvious, but done in a way that was still a lot of fun. For one, Samoa Joe resigning as enforcer and returning to action and getting his title match against Kross at TakeOver, all awesome stuff. If Kross is going to go to Raw full time, then Joe is definitely someone who he can lose to in an epic battle and it wouldn’t hurt him at all. Of course, the way Vince is booking Raw, that will hurt Kross, as it already kinda has in some people’s eyes, but that’s on Vince and Raw, not on Kross himself. Dakota turning on Raquel was another one of those obvious but awesome moments, that promo was the perfect set-up to it, and that title match is another awesome one that win or lose, neither woman looks bad.

There were some not so obvious things, too, and they were just as great. No offense to Hayes but I honestly thought Briggs was going to win tonight. It is great that Hayes breaks through to the next round and changes things up so it isn’t all big men. Next week’s closer to the opening round could still see another big man get through as Joe Gacy takes on Trey Baxter, but Baxter could get his own surprising win so that we get two parallel match-ups of Cruiserweight VS Big Man. Another surprise was Franky & Jessi losing, but at the same time, Robert Stone is shooting his own brand in the foot. Though, it probably won’t be his much longer.

But that win was great for KC Squared. They are again a team that could’ve been moved to RawDown because they’re a fairly complete package, but it is great for them to still be here because now they actually might get a title match. Shirai and Stark had a good segment together, I hope they give us whatever this “hanging out” will be, and we’ll have to see if it works out for them to become a closer team. And it works here for story, where one team has been a team longer than the championship team and are going to test them. It’s like what Raw has tried to do with their men’s teams but better because NXT is better.

Mandy Rose being seen talking with newer women in NXT is a good detail for her story. She’s been watching Robert Stone Brand, watching other women matches, she could be trying to make a stable to counter Robert Stone Brand and follow in the footsteps of Absolution with Paige. We got a decent interview promo from Diamond Mine to finally make it known that this was Bivens’ idea, improving upon his essentially failed “Bivens Enterprises” and using Strong as the face of that endeavor. Strong VS Fish is going to be a very good match, and I bet the winner is seen as contender to Kushida’s Cruiserweight Championship.

I loved a lot of what we got out of Knight and Grimes tonight. Grimes as the optimistic yet inept butler is still gold, there’s great slapstick comedy with that golf club hitting Knight, and GYV getting involved, they might be trying to turn this into a buddy comedy style tag team where Grimes and Knight unite over fighting common enemies. At the same time, I don’t want that to work out, we’re already getting enough “two singles guys become tag team” these days. It is more in Knight’s character to turn on Grimes the moment they lose, we get another rematch for the Million Dollar Championship and Grimes wins it this time, at TakeOver 36.

Ciampa & Thatcher VS Dunne & Oney was a great match, and Ridge Holland making his return was surprising. Ridge being on Dunne’s side is also rather surprising, because last we saw, he got hurt brawling with Oney. But maybe they’re making up for what was meant to be his story if he wasn’t hurt, where Pat McAfee was the one paying Ridge to do the brutalizing of Undisputed Era, meaning Ridge has always been on the side of Dunne and Oney or something like that. Ridge against either Ciampa or Thatcher is awesome stuff, can he tag with Dunne to be in the first-ever Tag Team Fight Pit against them?

Hit Row VS Imperium was good stuff, as was Legado interfering because of the story for the North American Championship. We’re only getting a 2v2 not a Six Man, feels like missed opportunity, but that doesn’t change that Swerve VS Escobar is going to be part of TakeOver. Cole VS Reed was a great match, Reed looked awesome even in losing, and Kyle attacking with that brutality was great. Don’t pay attention to how the crowd reacted there, though, they weren’t liking Face Kyle all that much compared to Cole, this is not a double turn. This is all within the story that Kyle has to go back to being a heartless monster in order to win against Cole. If anything, they’re both Tweeners and you decide what they are in your own head.

My Score: 9.1/10

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