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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/16/20)

Will anyone hit the jackpot against Daivari Dinero?



NEW 205 Live Coverage

The Daivari Dinero Division is open for business!

205 Live once again has Ariya Daivari putting his money where his mouth is! Will anyone win $10 THOUSAND off the Persian Lion tonight?


  • $10,000 Challenge: Ariya Daivari VS Anthony Greene; Daivari wins and keeps his $10,000.
  • $10,000 Challenge: Ariya Daivari VS Curt Stallion; Stallion wins by disqualification, Daivari keeps his $10,000.
  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott; Swerve wins.


Ariya Daivari makes his way to the ring!

The Persian Lion makes his entrance with both a mic and a briefcase, which he confirms is full of the $10,000 he is putting up. Just as he did a month ago, Daivari handpicked his opponents from among the WWE prospects, in Greene and Stallion. If either man beats him by pinfall or submission, the money is theirs! Let’s start with the first man!

$10,000 Challenge: Ariya Daivari VS Anthony Greene!

The bell rings and Greene circles with Daivari. They tie up, Daivari pulls hair to put Greene in a corner but the ref calls for the break. Daivari pats Greene on the cheek but Greene pushes him back. Greene and Daivari circle, tie up, and Daivari again pulls hair to put Greene in a corner. Greene counter punches and ROCKS Daivari! Daivari reverses the whip and runs Greene over! Daivari rains down right hands then stomps away! Daivari slaps the “piece of crap” around then drags him up to CHOP him down! Daivari whips Greene corner to corner and hard! Daivari grinds his forearms into Greene’s face but lets off to talk trash.

Fans rally up but Daivari bumps Greene off buckles. Daivari stomps a mudhole in but lets off as the ref counts. Daivari digs his knees into Greene, lets off at the count again, but comes back to CHOP Greene again! Greene staggers away, Daivari walks into a BIG right hand! Greene CHOPS, but Daivari kicks low! Daivari whips Greene corner to corner and runs in, but Greene dodges! Greene rolls Daivari up, TWO! Greene dodges, crossbodies, covers, TWO! Daivari kicks Greene low, then drags him back up. Daivari whips, Greene ducks and huricanranas! Greene gets Daivari for a cover, TWO! Daivari gets to a corner, Greene runs in but Daivari puts him on the apron. Greene goes up top fast to springboard but FLOP! Daivari brings Greene in, LION’S LARIAT! Cover, Daivari wins!

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

Greene gets no green, and Daivari goes 4-0 in his own division. But now, on to the second challenger!

$10,000 Challenge: Ariya Daivari VS Curt Stallion!

Stallion simply gets in the ring and Daivari already stomps him! The ref reprimands Daivari and Daivari lets off to CHOP Stallion! Daivari whips, Stallion ducks and dodges and LARIATS! Stallion rains down rights, whips Daivari to ropes, but Daivari reverses. Stallion kicks back then runs in, but Daivari throws him out hard! Stallion tumbles off the apron and into the fencing! Daivari goes out after Stallion, shouts, “You want to take my money?!” Stallion SLAPS Daivari, but Daivari ROCKS Stallion and bounces him off the desk! And again! And again! The ring count climbs to 5, Daivari puts Stallion in at 6.

Daivari goes up top, Stallion sits up, but he still gets the LION SPLASH! Cover, TWO?!? Stallion survives but Daivari covers again, TWO! Daivari tries again, TWO!! Stallion refuses to stop because it’s $10 THOUSAND! Fans rally for Stallion as he gets up but Daivari reels him in for a suplex, only for Stallion to cradle counter! TWO, Stallion backslides! TWO!! Daivari throat chops Stallion, kicks him low, and reels him in. Daivari underhooks, Stallion drops down and gets around to HEADBUTT! Daivari bails out, Stallion DIVES into him! Direct hit and they crash into the fence! Stallion puts Daivari in, but Tony Nese ATTACKS!

Winner: Curt Stallion, by disqualification; does NOT earn the $10,000

Is the Premier Athlete being a premier bodyguard for Daivari? Daivari goes out, grabs his briefcase full of money, and takes it away! After all, Daivari said it had to be by pinfall and submission, much like a title. But will anyone ever get a fair fight with Daivari Dinero if Nese is watching his back?


THE Brian Kendrick VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott!

The Man with a Plan is a former Cruiserweight Champion with even more tricks in his repertoire than the current champion, Santos Escobar. That’s probably why Swerve wants this match! Will Swerve at least learn something from the 205 Live original?

The bell rings and Swerve circles with Kendrick. They approach, tie up and Kendrick chinbars Swerve down to a standing armbar. Kendrick shifts to wrench the arm but Swerve rolls. Kendrick wrangles Swerve with the keylock but Swerve fights up. Fans rally as Swerve has the wristlock and then a knuckle lock for a takedown of his own. Kendrick headscissor holds but Swerve moves around. Swerve reaches, fans rally and Swerve turns Kendrick over to roll back and float to a headlock. Kendrick fights up as Swerve makes it a facelock and he puts Swerve in a corner. The ref calls for the break but Kendrick throws body shots and forearms! Kendrick runs back in but Swerve dodges! Swerve somersaults, ROLLING THUNDER COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!

Swerve keeps his cool as he and Kendrick reset. Kendrick shields the left arm but Swerve is after it! Swerve whips Kendrick in hard, gets the bad arm again for a hammerlock, to then back suplex Kendrick onto it! Cover, TWO! Swerve keeps on the bad arm and knuckle locks. Swerve stands on the arm, twists the wrist and walks around Kendrick to wrench the elbow. Kendrick kicks free, runs in and BOOTS through Swerve’s elbow attack! Swerve cording holds and CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! Swerve runs in but Kendrick puts him on the apron. Kendrick throws a forearm and gets away, but then runs into the springboard body scissor takedown! Swerve wants the arm, Kendrick gets under the ropes and then YANKS Swerve out of the ring and to the floor!

The ref reprimands and counts but Kendrick drags Swerve up. Kendrick tries to underhook but the bad arm limits him, so he RAMS Swerve into steel steps instead! Kendrick gets back in the ring while the ref checks on Swerve. Swerve is okay to continue but slowly stands up as the ring count begins. Swerve gets in the ring at 6 but Kendrick storms over. Swerve uppercuts Kendrick away but Kendrick comes back to CLUB him down! Kendrick reels Swerve up by his tights, Swerve breaks free and DECKS Kendrick with a right! Kendrick flounders to a corner, Swerve runs in, but Kendrick dodges! Swerve hits only buckles, Kendrick BOOTS him! Kendrick reels Swerve in for a stiff neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Kendrick keeps on Swerve but the bad arm ruins the Captain’s Hook!

Kendrick stands on Swerve’s hand then kicks him down. Fans rally up as Kendrick puts Swerve through ropes. Kendrick turns Swerve for a hotshot neckbreaker! Swerve sits on the apron in a daze and Kendrick drags him back in. The ref reprimands as Kendrick has hair, but Kendrick holds on. Swerve denies Sliced Bread, pries the arms off and CLUBS Kendrick. Swerve throws Kendrick down, has the arm and rolls into a facelock for a dead lift suplex! Fans fire up as Kendrick goes to a corner. Swerve runs in to uppercut, snapmare and hop up top, FLYING UPPERCUT! Kendrick clutches the bad arm again but Swerve drags him around again. Kendrick uses the good arm to throw Swerve to the apron, then he has Swerve in the ropes again.

Swerve resists, back drops Kendrick up and out, then BOOTS from the apron! Kendrick is down, Swerve drags him up and in. Swerve goes to a corner, slingshots in to somersault, but Kendrick somersaults away! Kendrick comes back with the headlock takedown to the CAPTAIN’S HOOK! Swerve endures as Kendrick pulls back, holding onto his bad arm with the good arm! Fans rally as Swerve moves around, fights up to his feet, and heads for a corner, only for Kendrick to bump him off buckles! Kendrick shifts back to a cravat hold, for SLICED BREAD! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and Kendrick is too tired to be shocked! Fans cheer, though, as both men slowly stir.

Kendrick sits up, drags Swerve up and hoists Swerve up to the top rope backwards. Kendrick climbs up, drives in elbows to Swerve’s back, then drags him into position. Swerve resists, and flips out of the super takedown! Swerve runs in, Kendrick sunset flips but Swerve rolls through to hook a leg, turn Kendrick over and waistlock. Kendrick grabs the ropes to resist the half nelson, but Swerve CLUBS the bad arm! Half nelson, J M L!! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

Whose house? Swerve’s House! And in the end, Swerve shows Kendrick respect by offering a handshake. Kendrick wants to leave, but Swerve says he’s better than that. Kendrick shakes his hand, then leaves. Will beating a former champion prove Swerve still deserves to be a champion?

My Thoughts:

Not a bad episode for being under 30 minutes again. Just as I was expected the Daivari Dinero Division to be a way to get story for Daivari, apparently it’s the fact Nese keeps him from losing fair and square. They did this to Jake Atlas last week and I suppose since 205 Live stories are being kept separate from NXT, Atlas can help Swerve and Adonis fight El Legado while also teaming up with someone else to face Daivari and Nese. I still think the next time they do a round of Daivari Dinero Division, there will be someone WWE/NXT is hoping to push, Nese gets ready to strike but Atlas intercepts, and Daivari loses the $10,000. Again it’s all kayfabe money so Daivari isn’t really out $10,000, it just helps give some new star some quick shine.

Kendrick VS Swerve was a really good match, and this is actually where I’m surprised there was no integration with NXT. El Legado could’ve pounced when Swerve was on the outside and then Kendrick becomes an ally in at least a mentorship role. But maybe there’s something brewing for Kendrick on 205 Live. I can’t be sure what it is, as he’s already been Face and Heel in his current run with WWE. Going back to Heel is probably going to happen, but I’d be a bit upset if he joined up with the other 205 Live OG again, just on the fact that they’re all the last remaining mainstays of this brand. Vince mishandled 205 Live a lot and it survived in spite of it, but NXT needs to actually make it seem like they’re trying to keep it going, and that’s by integrating it in more than just the championship.

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (10/25/21)

It’s the Raw Season Premiere!



Coverage Raw 2021

Raw has its new roster!

Big E is still WWE World Champion after Crown Jewel, but there are new stars coming to Raw! Who will be the first to go for his gold?


  • ???


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It’s Elevation in Addition!

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  • Ryo Mizunami & Leyla Hirsch VS Diamante & Xtina Kay; win.
  • FTR VS Mike Reed & Toa Liona; win(s).
  • Emi Sakura w/ Lulu Pencil VS Reka Tehaka; wins.
  • Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS QT Marshall w/ The Factory; wins.
  • 3v1 Handicap: Paul Wight VS Arjun Singh, Cole Karter & Carlie Bravo; win(s).


Mizunami & Hirsch teaming up again is cool, and QT is totally tune-up fodder for Vance going into his match with Moxley this Wednesday. And I’m sure the fans appreciated seeing Paul Wight in action for a bit of nostalgia.

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