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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/23/20)

The Bollywood Boyz are back!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

Will the Premier Athlete face the consequences for his actions?

After saving Daivari Dinero from losing a match and money, Tony Nese has a new enemy! Will Curt Stallion get revenge that’s worth every penny?


  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Mansoor; Mansoor wins.
  • Tony Nese VS Curt Stallion; Nese wins.


THE Brian Kendrick VS Mansoor!

The Man with a Plan has been on a losing streak ever since Ashante “Thee” Adonis got the better of him. Will he have a plan to not only get back on track but break the winning streak of the Star of Saudi Arabia?

The bell rings and as Nigel McGuiness points out on commentary, this is a rematch from roughly a year ago. Kendrick and Mansoor tie up, Kendrick headlocks and grinds but Mansoor stays up. Mansoor rolls Kendrick but Kendrick keeps rolling to keep the headlock. Mansoor gets up, powers out, but Kendrick stops himself to drop down and get the headlock back! Kendrick grinds Mansoor down again, fans rally up and Mansoor fights up. Mansoor powers out, hurdles but turns around into an arm-drag, only to get Kendrick in a headlock! Kendrick scrambles around, fights up, puts Mansoor in a corner but lets off clean, until he pushes Mansoor. Kendrick grins as he keeps pushing Mansoor but Mansoor pushes back! Mansoor dares Kendrick to get up and Kendrick circles with him.

Kendrick kicks low, throws elbows, and fans rally as Kendrick back suplexes. Mansoor lands on his feet! Mansoor dodges Kendrick to come in with an arm-drag! Mansoor has Kendrick on the ropes, Tiger Feint arm-drag and then a dropkick! Kendrick gets to a corner, Mansoor run sin to clothesline! Mansoor goes up top, leaps, FLYING BULLDOG! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick lives but Mansoor keeps close and wrenches. Mansoor whips, Kendrick reverses to throw Mansoor out, but Mansoor lands on the apron. Kendrick runs in but into a haymaker! Mansoor slingshots but Kendrick KICKS him down! Kendrick hobbles over and scuffs Mansoor with his boot. Kendrick brings Mansoor up, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!

Mansoor grits his teeth and fans rally up but Kendrick is on him at the ropes. Kendrick chokes Mansoor, the ref counts and Kendrick lets off. Kendrick soaks up the heat as he throws forearms but Mansoor forearms back! They brawl, Mansoor gets the edge but Kendrick drop toeholds and gets an arm! Kendrick digs elbows into the arm and hammerlocks while also holding onto the leg. Fans rally as Mansoor endures and fights up. Mansoor arm-drags Kendrick away, runs in but into a back elbow! Kendrick catches his breath and goes back to toying with Mansoor. “C’mon, kid!” Mansoor gets fired up and he BOOTS Kendrick down! And then counter punches, ROCKS Kendrick over and over, then whips! Kendrick reverses but Mansoor clobbers him!

Mansoor scoops Kendrick, drops him, then atomic drops to a SPINE BUSTER! Fans fire up with Mansoor as he brings Kendrick up again! Snap suplex and roll through to another snap suplex! Mansoor wants a hat trick, and he makes it a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick survives Mansoor’s trifecta but Mansoor decides to go to a corner. Mansoor goes up top, MOONSAULTS, but has to bail out as Kendrick moves! Kendrick runs in but is caught, for a SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick survives again and Mansoor can’t believe it! Fans still rally up as Mansoor drags Kendrick back up. Mansoor reels Kendrick in for the Electric Chair, but Kendrick slips off! Kendrick sees Mansoor coming, turns him, twisting SMASH! Cover, TWO!

Mansoor survives whatever that might’ve been, but Kendrick stalks up behind him! Kendrick drops down for the Captain’s Hook! Mansoor resists the grip, gets up and throws body shots. Mansoor is free, but he reels Kendrick in for a lift, only for Kendrick to huricanrana Mansoor into buckles!! Kendrick RAMS into Mansoor from behind! Kendrick hoists Mansoor up top, throws haymakers then climbs up. Kendrick underhooks for a SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! High stack cover, TWO!?! Mansoor has a cover now, Mansoor wins!!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

Mansoor stays undefeated on 205 Live! And to his chagrin, Kendrick continues to lose. Kendrick lingers as Mansoor celebrates. Kendrick offers a handshake, Mansoor takes it. Will each of these win/loss streaks continue to grow? Or will Kendrick snap before he breaks the cold spell?


205 Live replays Jordan Devlin’s message to the world.

“So I’ve been a pro-wrestler now for 18 years. That’s two-thirds of my life I dedicated to this sport. That’s 18 years of grafting, struggling and sacrificing to prove that I’m the best in the world at what I do. That’s exactly what I did this year at Worlds Collide in Houston.” The Irish Ace won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, and still holds his copy of the belt. Every sacrifice he had made was all worth it. Just put it down to bad luck for things to turn out how they have, with the world freezing.

But it was on WWE’s The Bump that Devlin saw William Regal’s announcement to “have a glorified #1 contender’s tournament for MY championship. But it gets worse. Because I started to notice there was a change in the branding.” It became “Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion,” then just, “THE NXT Cruiserweight Champion.” Devlin started to wonder if they thought he wouldn’t notice. Devlin makes it clear he is “not one of these little stooges you see running in ‘Property of Performance Center’ T-shirts. Jordan Devlin is the property of absolutely no one!” He is the self-made, pound-for-pound, absolutely best pro-wrestler on this PLANET!

“This goes out to every man under 205 on the roster! See this here? This belongs to me! Until you tap me out, until you pin my shoulders to the mat, that little replica title over there doesn’t mean a thing!” He has the REAL Cruiserweight Championship of the world, and if you want it back, send someone to come take it from him! The Irish Ace is ready to fight and prove who is the real champion of Cruiserweight wrestling! Will Santos Escobar have something to say about that?


In fact, Santos Escobar tweets his response!

“Ok… since we’re quoting… lemme quote a more credited source: ‘Every bit of that WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship was about seizing opportunity. Congratulations to Escobar, a division changing talent and it’s STILL ALL his. #NXTTakeOver – Triple H!” However, Escobar’s days as champion may be numbered either way with Jake Atlas hot on his heels in NXT USA. Will the Leader of Leaders even be leading the division when the Irish Ace finally comes around?


The Bollywood Boyz are back!

Samir and Sunil Singh are back from their hiatus and are in the Capitol Wrestling Center for the first time in their careers! The fans are excited to see these two, and to be extras for whatever they’re filming on the Singh Cam. They get mics and say, “Ladies and gentlemen, your favorite boys from BOLLY BOLLY BOLLY… BOLLY BOLLY BOLLY WOOD, are back in town!” And while they know we missed them, they missed themselves, too. They’ve decided to come back to 205 Live to bring the personality, the charisma, and the greatest tag team in 205 Live history home. They’ve got the lights, the camera, and the Bollywood action! And the dancing, too! This is just the opening credits, when will things really get rolling?


205 Live hears from Curt Stallion!

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is my second chance at a first impression here in the WWE. And you might be asking, ‘Who is this talking?’ It’s Curt ‘The Lonestar’ Stallion, baby!” Last week, Stallion as in there with Ariya Daivari and was about to win those $10,000. But then out of all people, Tony Nese knees Stallion in the head to stop him getting that much needed money! But Stallion will see “Scooter” out there tonight! “It don’t matter how many bright lights are gonna be shining, it doesn’t matter how many cameras are gonna be flashing, because the brightest light out there is gonna be Curt Stallion! Sorry you’ve gotta live in that shadow, brother.”


Tony Nese VS Curt Stallion!

The Premier Athlete says 205 Live is HIS show, but he also made sure his old friend in Ariya Daivari wasn’t out 10 grand through his own #DaivariDineroDivision challenge. Will Stallion make Nese wish he’d just let him have his $10,000 moment? Or will getting revenge be a priceless moment for the Lonestar?

The bell rings and now Daivari shows up? Nese says he has nothing to do with this. Daivari walks down to the ring, Stallion is distracted, and Nese CLOBBERS Stallion! Daivari backs away while Nese toys with Stallion and has him in a corner. Stallion hits back, Nese back kicks, knee lifts, kicks and sweeps the legs! Daivari joins commentary while Nese smirks. Fans rally up and Stallion fires off forearms on Nese! Nese headlocks but Stallion SAIDOS back! Nese flounders into Stallion’s forearms and CHOPS! Nese shoves but Stallion comes back with a ROLLING ELBOW! Stallion Alabama lifts to the REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Nese survives but Stallion heads up top.

Nese trips Stallion up and Stallion’s stuck on the top rope! Nese runs to Top Shelf Knee and then fireman’s carry to a GUT BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Stallion survives but Nese rains down furious lefts! Nese soaks up the heat while Daivari says he’s here just to scout new talent. Nese stomps Stallion, drags him back into a chinlock then CLUB him on the back. Nese wraps on a headlock, Stallion endures, and fans rally up. Stallion fights up, fights back and hits a jawbreaker! Nese throat chops! Stallion gasps, Nese brings him around to hotshot bulldog! And then PREMIER TRIANGLE! Cover, TWO! Stallion is still in this but Nese stomps him at the ropes!

Daivari says Nese is a 205 Live OG who helped build this brand, and all his moves prove it. Stallion hits back with forearms and CHOPS, but Nese dropkicks him down! Cover, ONE!! Nese wraps Stallion up with the body scissors squeeze but Stallion endures. Fans rally, Stallion pries at the hold but Nese pulls hair. The ref counts but Nese eggs Stallion on. Stallion CHOPS Nese, and CHOPS and CHOPS and is free! Nese brings Stallion around but Stallion throws more forearms. Nese headbutts low, brings Stallion back up and torture racks. Stallion endures being bent, throws elbows and Nese squats, but powers back up! Stallion fights out harder, reels Nese in but Nese slides under to pump handle and lift! Stallion fights out of that to GERMAN SUPLEX!

Nese ends up in one corner, Stallion is in the other and Daivari has to admit that was alright. Fans rally up, Stallion and Nese slowly rise. Stallion runs around the world to BOOT Nese! Stallion sweeps Nese’s legs and then KNEES him in! Stallion runs corner to corner to HESITATION DROPKICK! Fans fire up with Stallion but Daivari coaches Tony up. Stallion stomps the feet, drags Nese up and into a DDT! Cover, TWO!! Nese survives that unique combination, and fans rally for Stallion. Stallion has Nese in the drop zone, glares at Daivari on commentary, then climbs up top. Nese gets out of the ring, but Stallion isn’t deterred, he just SUPER MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and fans fire up again!

Stallion gets Nese up, glares at Daivari again then puts Nese in. Daivari talks trash but Stallion stares him down. Stallion HEADBUTTS Daivari, even though Daivari was wearing the headset! Stallion gets in, PREMIER KNEE!! Cover, Nese wins!!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

Stallion took his eyes of the prize, but now Daivari wants payback! Nese keeps Daivari back, they don’t need to waste time with the nobody who doesn’t belong here. The 205 Live OG continue to mark their territory, but will this defeat break Stallion or only motivate him more?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode, though it only got over the 30 minute mark because they replayed Jordan Devlin’s promo from NXT UK. But it was great to see again, and great to have Escobar tweet his response. Whenever Escobar defends his title against Atlas, and whether he retains or Atlas is the new champion, I would love for Devlin to have another message to call that champion out and challenge them to an Undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Championship match for Worlds Collide 2021. For that matter, I want to say now that Worlds Collide: NXT VS NXT UK needs to become a tradition, and for the Cruiserweight division to basically headline it.

As for new action tonight, Kendrick VS Mansoor was a really good opener, lots of great technical exchange, and while I totally expected Kendrick to win, it’s great for Mansoor to win. And while I totally expected Kendrick to snap, it’s also great he didn’t. I can’t wait to see who it is Kendrick attacks, and who it is that tries to reason with him only to get attacked, too. The Bollywood Boyz are back but that was about it tonight. Maybe they get back in the ring for a match with a mishmash of jobbers we’ve seen from the Daivari Dinero Division. But unless there’s going to be more integration with NXT, I have no idea what they’re going to do in a division where there are no tag titles. But it is great to see Curt Stallion back. I sensed that Tony Nese was attacking the next guy to get to do stuff in 205 Live and that could be Stallion. Nese & Daivari VS Stallion and another newer Cruiserweight superstar would make for a pretty good match.

My Score: 8/10

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