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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/30/20)

Will the 205 Live OG hold their own?



NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live have the OG back in action!

After Tony Nese saved Ariya Daivari $10,000, Daivari repaid Nese by distracting Curt Stallion! Will the Lonestar finally get payback this week?


  • Curt Stallion VS Ariya Daivari; Stallion wins.
  • THE Brian Kendrick & Mansoor VS Ever-Rise; Kendrick & Mansoor win.


Curt Stallion VS Ariya Daivari w/ Tony Nese!

The Lonestar was denied a fair shot at the $10,000, and then fumbled his payback on the Premier Athlete. But now, he looks to get even with the Persian Lion once and for all! Will Stallion have a priceless victory over Daivari Dinero?

Nese joins commentary to watch closely, and make fun of Vic Joseph for being skinnier than the skeleton props left over from NXT’s Halloween Havoc. The bell rings, fans rally for Stallion as he circles with Daivari. They tie up, Stallion headlocks and grinds but holds on as Daivari tries to power out. Daivari tries again, Stallion still holds tight, but Daivari gets up to pull hair. Daivari puts Stallion in a corner, lets off but Stallion punches and headlocks back! Stallion still holds tight as Daivari uses a side bearhug! Nese continues to insist 205 Live needs him as Daivari finally powers free. Stallion dodges, CHOPS and whips! Daivari reverses and pulls Stallion’s hair to throw him down! Stallion gets to a corner, fans rally and Stallion blocks the buckle bump!

Stallion bumps Daivari, Daivari kicks, bumps and CHOPS Stallion! And CHOPS! And forearms! Daivari hits a back suplex, covers, ONE! Fans still rally for Stallion as Daivari drags him up and Nese talks trash. Stallion blocks another buckle bump to CHOP back! And CHOP again! Stallion stalks Daivari around the way, climbs up and rains down rights! Daivari shoves him away but runs into a mule kick, front kick and rolling elbow! Cover, TWO! Stallion keeps his cool and he drags Daivari up to whip. Daivari holds ropes, bails out and Nese applauds. Stallion comes out to CHOP Daivari! Nese talks trash to distract and Daivari clobbers Stallion! Nese says this is how dumb Stallion is, falling for the same trick.

Daivari puts Stallion in, stomps away on him, and covers. ONE, but Daivari sits Stallion up for a chinlock. Stallion endures as Daivari digs his knee in, then puts him down to rain down fists. Daivari puts Stallion back in the chinlock, fans rally and Stallion fights his way up. Stallion throws body shots, gets free, but Daivari ROCKS him with a right! Daivari eggs Stallion on so Stallion throws body shots! Daivari rains down more fists, Stallion gets up to CHOP and CHOP and whip! Daivari reverses, gets around and jumping neckbreakers! Cover, TWO! Daivari grows annoyed with Stallion as he drags Stallion up. Daivari throws Stallion out, Nese taunts him, and Daivari bumps Stallion off the desk. And again! And again! Nese says to be careful, the desk is nice.

Daivari puts Stallion in, fist bumps Nese, and goes back to the ring. Daivari knocks Stallion down with the straddle attack, and again, and again! Daivari gets the arms for the camel clutch! Fans rally as Stallion endures so Daivari lets him go. Stallion counters the straddle attack with knees! Nese says that’s cheap! Daivari staggers away, Stallion gets up and runs around the world to BOOT! Stallion sweeps the legs, knees Daivari then goes corner to corner to HESITATION DROPKICK! Stallion stomps the feet and reels Daivari in for the DDT! Cover, TWO! Daivari survives that point blank driver but Stallion heads up top! Daivari hits the ropes and trips Stallion up! Nese says Stallion did another dumb move, and Daivari hits his LION SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Stallion survives and frustrates Daivari!

Daivari looms over Stallion, drags him up and reels him in, taking a moment to pose. But Stallion Alabama lifts for the REVERSE NECKBREAKER, and a DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO!! Daivari survives and Nese says Daivari ain’t going down that easy. Stallion drags Daivari up but Daivari hotshots him away! Nese cheers, but Stallion DIVES! Direct hit and into the desk! Stallion puts Daivari in but Nese talks trash! Nese dares Stallion to hit him but he refuses. But then Nese gets on the apron so Stallion HEADBUTTS him! Oh no, not again! Daivari catches Stallion with a hammerlock, but Stallion ducks the lariat! Stallion rolls Daivari up, high stacks, STALLION WINS!!

Winner: Curt Stallion, by pinfall

Daivari and Nese are furious and even Stallion’s a bit surprised he pulled it off! The Lonestar may not have Daivari’s $10,000 but will this be the beginning of a grand legacy in 205 Live?


205 Live Media shares a Twitter video with Mansoor.

After defeating THE Brian Kendrick 1v1 to stay undefeated on 205 Live, where does he go from here? “I’m super excited. I have all the respect for Brian Kendrick, a former WWE Champion. Remember Championship Scramble?” But spekaing of, Kendrick walks in and says hey to the birthday boy! But pro-wrestling is a lot like-

Wait, Ever-Rise storms in to make a mess. They see these two talking, and has to bring up how Mansoor beat Kendrick. Hasn’t everyone beaten Kendrick? The worst part is, Kendrick has no self respect shaking everyone’s hand. Kendrick used to be a Cruiserweight Champion and WWE Champion, “a bad man,” but look at him now. He’s soft, no self-respect, makes them sick. Well, “hotshots,” how about Kendrick and Mansoor take them on to see who is soft! Maybe they’ll beat some self-respect back into him. Ever-Rise is all for it, we’re going to see who is in charge. Matt Marthel then takes Kendrick’s toy basketball and dunks on the Prince Pretty hoop! Will that be Mansoor and Kendrick in tonight’s main event?


THE Brian Kendrick & Mansoor VS Ever-Rise!

We just saw why this match is happening, but we’re now going to see what happens when the cocky Canadians, Matt Marthel and Chase Parker, rile up the Man with a Plan! How will they feel after taking on a former WWE Cruiserweight, WWE Tag Team and technically yes, WWE Champion, as well as the undefeated Star of Saudi Arabia?

The teams sort out and Mansoor starts against Marthel. Fans rally for Mansoor, Marthel talks smack to Kendrick but avoids Mansoor rushing in. They tie up, go around, and Marthel puts Mansoor in a corner. The ref counts, Marthel lets off and both Ever-Rise members talk trash. Mansoor and Marthel tie up again, Marthel wrenches to a wristlock and talks smack to Kendrick again. Mansoor rolls but Marthel wrangles him down for a keylock. Mansoor gets up, fans rally but Marthel cranks the arm. Mansoor bridges back, handsprings and gets the arm! Marthel whips, Mansoor avoids Parker’s cheap shot but not Marthel’s drop toehold! Marthel clamps onto the arm but Mansoor fights up.

Parker tags in, Ever-Rise mugs Mansoor then Parker snapmares. Cover, ONE, but Parker stays on with a facelock. Mansoor counters right to a standing armbar, but Parker whips. Mansoor hurdles, gets Parker with an arm-drag and has the arm again! Fans cheer Mansoor as he drags Parker over. Kendrick tags, Mansoor wrenches and Kendrick drops ax handles. Kendrick hits elbow breaker after elbow breaker then wrings the arm out to drop knees! Kendrick keeps Parker down while he taunts Marthel. Kendrick gets the other arm and has a double armlock but Parker fights up. Parker powers Kendrick back but into the wrong corner! Mansoor tags in and throws body shots. Mansoor wrenches the arm, wrings Parker out and drops knees on the arm. Cover, ONE, but Mansoor keeps on the arm.

Parker powers up, tags Marthel and powers out. Mansoor jumps over Parker but Marthel CLOBBERS him! Marthel drops an elbow, bumps Mansoor off buckles and CHOPS him! The ref counts, Marthel whips Mansoor corner to corner HARD, and watches Mansoor writhe on the mat. Marthel stomps Mansoor, drags him up and wrenches the arm. Tag to Parker, Ever-Rise mugs Mansoor again, and Parker puts Mansoor in a corner to ram his shoulder in! The ref counts, Parker lets off and brings Mansoor up for a scoop. Mansoor slips out, tag to Kendrick! Kendrick fires off elbows and back hands, then puts Parker in a corner to stomp and hip toss! Kendrick drops a knee, runs to drop another knee, and covers, TWO!

Kendrick drags Parker up with underhooks, he tags Mansoor in, and they mug Parker to then double suplex! Cover, TWO! Mansoor keeps on Parker’s arm, tags Kendrick back in, and they double whip Parker to an open corner. Mansoor whips Kendrick in but Marthel saves Parker! Kendrick hits buckles hard, the ref tells Mansoor to go to the corner, and Parker is all over Kendrick. Parker back suplexes and drags Kendrick to the corner. Tag to Marthel, Parker holds Kendrick down for Marthel to stomp! The ref reprimands but Marthel talks trash to Kendrick, “You used to be somebody!” Kendrick hits back with body shots, then bumps him off buckles. Marthel throws uppercuts, brings Kendrick up and hits a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Marthel drags Kendrick up again, whips him hard into the corner and tags Parker. Marthel feeds Kendrick to Parker’s boot, then Parker brings Kendrick up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Parker stomps and Marthel taunts Kendrick but Mansoor and the fans rally for him. Parker tags Marthel then holds Kendrick. Marthel runs but Kendrick moves, the clothesline clobbers Parker! Marthel hurries after Kendrick and drops an elbow! The fans rally, Marthel drags Kendrick up for more elbows, then he slaps Kendrick around. Marthel drags Kendrick up again, back suplexes but Kendrick lands on his feet! Kendrick dodges but Parker trips Mansoor! Marthel clobbers Kendrick and bumps him off boots. Marthel stomps Kendrick, digs his knee in, but lets off as the ref counts.

Marthel drags Kendrick up again, brings him over and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Parker, Parker stands on Kendrick’s leg to keep him there, and drops an elbow of his own. Parker drags Kendrick and has an ANKLE LOCK! Kendrick endures, fights up and enziguris, only for Parker to duck! Parker drops an elbow but misses! Hot tags to Marthel and Mansoor! Mansoor rallies on Ever-Rise with big haymakers! Atomic drop and dropkick for Marthel! Parker tags in but runs into a back drop! Fans fire up as Mansoor goes corner to corner with clotheslines, over and over, then he whips Parker into Marthel! Atomic drop to SPINE BUSTER for Parker! Mansoor cravats but Marthel saves Parker from the Sliced Bread! Tag and Marthel clobbers Kendrick!

Marthel goes back to Mansoor, Parker tags in and Ever-Rise double flapjacks Mansoor off buckles! Cover, Kendrick breaks it! Marthel is after Kendrick but Kendrick throws him out! Parker pushes Kendrick out but Mansoor hits SLICED BREAD!! Cover, Mansoor and Kendrick win!!

Winners: THE Brian Kendrick & Mansoor, by pinfall

The Saudi superstar gave Kendrick the shout out and they win together! They hug in celebration, will this be the beginning of something special in the tag division?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode of 205 Live here, filling a full half hour. Stallion looks great again against Daivari, and though Nese was getting involved, it’s great that Stallion gets that quick pin win. I am still expecting him to get a tag partner or something to take on both Nese and Daivari at the same time, maybe Jake Atlas to reference Nese ruining his match with Daivari a month ago. I am also glad this all means Stallion is an established part of the 205 Live roster, this brand has needed some new people to come in and be regulars.

The Twitter video promo was a great segment, and I love that Mansoor and Ever-Rise want to acknowledge Kendrick as a former WWE Champion because of that Championship Scramble match back in 2008. The tag match was a lot of fun, and it was an interesting choice for not only Mansoor to win but to use Kendrick’s move to do it. Kendrick doesn’t seem upset by it now, but I wonder if it keeps happening and Kendrick gets annoyed. There’s still some uncertainty in Kendrick’s direction, but that’s not so bad.

My Score: 8.1/10

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