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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/9/20)




NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live has been on the air for 200 episodes and counting!

The Cruiserweight Division’s purple and orange brand reaches a milestone! Will the 205 Live OG be celebrating this achievement with victories?


  • Ariya Daivari VS Jake Atlas; Atlas wins, by disqualification.
  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Ashante “Thee” Adonis; Adonis wins.


205 Live comes to you from the Capitol Wrestling Center!!

That’s right! The brand that started with the Cruiserweight Classic CWC is now in this CWC! Nigel McGuiness and Vic Joseph are excited to start this new phase in the Cruiserweight Division with an homage to the foundation of WWE!


Ariya Daivari VS Jake Atlas!

Speaking of foundation, the Persian Lion, the 205 Live OG, wants to make sure we don’t forget he is a cornerstone of the purple and orange! But will Atlas look to begin the foundation of his own legacy at Daivari Dinero’s expense?

The bell rings and CWC crowd is fired up as these two circle. Daivari calls for a test of strength, but then he JABS Atlas! Atlas goes after him but is put in the corner for more JABS! Atlas fires up and dares Daivari to hit him again. Daivari swings, misses and Atlas DECKS Daivari! Atlas puts Daivari in a corner and fires off CHOP after CHOP! Atlas CLUBS Daivari, whips but Daivari reverses and sends Atlas out. But Atlas trips Daivari and drags him out for body shots! Atlas throws Daivari into barriers! And them more barriers! The crowd fires up as Atlas says, “Not anymore!” Atlas won’t be pushed around, he puts Daivari in the ring and gets a leg. He drags Daivari up, but Daivari throat chops! Daivari puts Atlas through ropes, turns him around, neckbreaker hotshot!

Atlas flounders and the ref reprimands but Daivari tells him he knows the rules. Daivari puts Atlas in a corner to return the CHOPS and clubbing forearms! Daivari tells the ref to back off as he whips Atlas corner to corner. Atlas goes up but Daivari catches him and kicks him out of the air! Cover, ONE, but Daivari clamps on with a chinlock. The crowd rallies as Atlas endures. Atlas fights up, fights back but Daivari throws him down by his hair! Daivari tells the crowd to shut up, then he drives elbows into a shoulder. Daivari clamps the chinlock back on and grinds Atlas down, but fans rally up again. Atlas fights up, fights back but Daivari throws haymakers. Atlas gives haymakers back and the two brawl!

Daivari hits, Atlas hits, but Atlas blocks the kick and ducks the enziguri. Daivari slides under and dropkicks through the legs! REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO! Daivari grows frustrated but he glares at Atlas. Fans rally up, Daivari digs his knee into Atlas at the ropes! The ref counts, Daivari lets up at 4, but he comes back, only for Atlas to chop! But Daivari CHOPS Atlas down! Fans continue to rally as Daivari brings Atlas up, to CHOP him off his feet again! Atlas sits up, Daivari brings him around but Atlas throws body shots and clubbing forearms! Daivari knees low, bumps Atlas off buckles, then throws haymakers. Daivari whips corner to corner, runs in, but Atlas boots back! Atlas runs but Daivari ducks and reels Atlas in for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Atlas lives and Daivari grows frustrated again.

Atlas gets Daivari with a ghost pin! TWO, and Daivari CLOBBERS Atlas! Atlas writhes in a corner but Daivari is after him as fans rally up again. Daivari slaps Atlas but Atlas throws body shots. Daivari clubs, Atlas body shots, repeat! Atlas rises but Daivari kicks him down! Daivari whips Atlas to a corner, Atlas comes back to DECK Daivari! Both men are down but the crowd fires up again! Atlas rises but Daivari follows. Atlas throws haymaker after haymaker then whips, but Daivari reverses. Atlas cartwheels away from the back drop to whip Daivari for a back drop! Dropkick and uppercuts! GERMAN SUPLEX! Daivari flounders to a corner, Atlas runs in to BOOT! Atlas pushes Daivari down, covers, TWO! Daivari still lives and manages to get to an apron.

Atlas grits his teeth as he drags Daivari up. Daivari shoulders in but into a knee from Atlas! Atlas rolls Daivari up, TWO! Daivari survives and Atlas is growing frustrated, but the fans rally more. Atlas throws uppercuts then whips but Daivari reverses and ducks to JUMPING NECKBREAKER! Daivari heads to a corner while Atlas is down. Daivari climbs, LION SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! Atlas survives and Daivari is beside himself! Daivari fires himself up and slashes the throat. Daivari drags Atlas up, hammerlocks but Atlas elbows free! Daivari SUPERKICKS! Daivari runs, Atlas dodges and BOOTS him back!

Daivari flops out of the ring, Atlas runs but sees Daivari move. Atlas somersaults and redirects to DIVE! Direct hit and Daivari hits barriers! Atlas puts Daivari in, but TONY NESE comes in, PREMIER KNEE outta nowhere!!

Winner: Jake Atlas, by disqualification

The Premier Athlete just screwed Atlas over to keep Atlas from actually beating Daivari. And Daivari is a vulture as he hammerlocks Atlas for the LION LARIAT! The 205 Live OG watch out for each other, but will they both have to watch out for payback?


The Singh Brothers are on their way back!

“Your favorite boys from BOLLY BOLLY BOLLY Bollywood” are the best actors and the best tag team in the Cruiserweight Division! And they’re going to bring back the lights, camera and Bollywood action soon enough!


THE Brian Kendrick VS Ashante “Thee” Adonis!

The Man with a Plan has been willing to teach the superstar formerly known as Tehuti Miles, and has already “taught” him twice. But will the third time be the charm for Adonis? Or does he still have much to learn?

The bell rings and Adonis circles with Kendrick. They tie up, go around, and Kendrick puts Adonis in the corner. The ref counts, Kendrick lets off but steps to keep Adonis on his guard. The two go again, tie up again, and fans rally as they go around. Adonis puts Kendrick in a corner now, lets up at the ref’s count, but keeps his dukes up. Adonis blocks the punch to give an uppercut! And then a forearm, and another uppercut! Adonis brings Kendrick out, headlocks and grinds, but Kendrick tries to get a leg. Adonis shakes that off, Kendrick lifts but Adonis cranks on the headlock. Kendrick tries again but Adonis uses elbows to keep him down. Adonis runs and deflects a boot to dropkick! Kendrick gets up and Adonis smooths his hair to style on him. Kendrick rushes in but into a back drop!

Adonis fires up as he clotheslines Kendrick and himself out of the ring! Fans fire up with Adonis as he stays on his feet and gets back in the ring. Adonis brags and poses a bit, but Kendrick gets his foot! Adonis kicks at Kendrick, goes out after but gets stuck in the apron skirt! Kendrick uses that to get Adonis and throw him into barriers! And then Russian leg sweep him into barriers! Kendrick leaves Adonis behind as the ring count climbs. Kendrick wants Adonis to show him he’s got fight, and Adonis gets in at 8! Kendrick goes after Adonis but Adonis blocks the kick! Adonis shoves Kendrick down then CLOBBERS him with a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Kendrick wants the Captain’s Hook but Adonis slips away, only for Kendrick to calf kick him down! Cover, TWO!

Kendrick keeps his cool as he goes after Adonis again. Kendrick underhooks Adonis for a butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Kendrick keeps on Adonis with an armlock and chinbar. Kendrick eggs Adonis on as fans rally up. Adonis endures, fights up, pries at the hold and gets to his feet. Adonis throws body shots but so does Kendrick. They brawl, Adonis gets the edge with big forearms! The ref counts, Adonis lets off to whip Kendrick corner to corner, but Kendrick reverses! Kendrick runs in, Adonis goes up and out and Kendrick hits buckles! Adonis goes up top, leaps, CROSSBODY! But he bounces off the cover! Adonis drags Kendrick up, wrenches and kicks to DDT! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick survives but Adonis keeps his focus.

Adonis brings Kendrick up again, Kendrick breaks free and swings on Adonis but Adonis gets a leg. Kendrick clubs away on Adonis, runs, but into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick survives again and Adonis is beside himself! Adonis gets up and the fans rally. Adonis drags Kendrick up, says “This is my time!” and gut wrenches to a Canadian rack! Kendrick slips out and BOOTS! And BOOTS! And again BOOTS! Adonis drops to a knee, Kendrick gets the head and the throw but Adonis slips out of the Captain’s Hook! Kendrick BOOTS him again! Cover, TWO!! Adonis still lives, but Kendrick gets on him with the CAPTAIN’S HOOK!

Adonis flails, pushes up, shifts around to relieve pressure, but Kendrick keeps him from ropes! Kendrick rolls Adonis, loses his grip but gets it back! Adonis is gasping as he crawls and reaches! Kendrick cranks back as hard as he can but Adonis moves around! Fans rally up and Adonis makes the hold a cover, TWO!! Kendrick leaps but Adonis moves, and then SUPERKICKS Kendrick down! Adoins gasps and breathes, but he’s got some blood in his mouth. We saw that a lot at TakeOver… Adonis fires up, dares Kendrick to stand, and he SUPERKICKS again!! Cover, Adonis wins!!

Winner: Ashante “Thee” Adonis, by pinfall

In a shoutout to the Heartbreak Kid, Adonis likes to call that the Long Kiss Goodnight! And it was definitely a good night for Adonis as he finally wins! He finally gets a win over a former Cruiserweight Champion, and perhaps he has learned from Kendrick. Kendrick offers a handshake, and Adonis takes it. The fans cheer the respect between the two, will Adonis continue to win respect and matches as 205 Live rolls on towards the next 200 episodes?

My Thoughts:

This was a really good episode, but for being episode 200, that’s not good enough. There should have been video packages looking back on the past, with promos from 205 Live alumni like Akira Tozawa, Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy. Maybe not Mustafa Ali and Lucha House Party, given current story developments, but also why not? Of course, I feel like that would only then make us all realize how great 205 Live was, and feel bad for what it’s become. I will say, putting 205 Live in the Capitol Wrestling Center is a great idea. It will be even more integrated with NXT because of that, though very little of that has happened yet.

Atlas VS Daivari was a good match but it seems Nese and Daivari are sticking together as a duo. Maybe someone helps Atlas out and we get a real fun tag team match, as is 205 Live tradition. And it’s great to hear the Singh Brothers are going back to calling themselves the Bollywood Boys, per that little video plug. And back to the idea of integration with NXT, there should have been response from El Legado del Fantasma tonight against Adonis. I suppose that would’ve ruined his first big win, but why would they want to wait? Maybe it’ll happen next NXT, since that was something we didn’t get last Wednesday. I would love if Kendrick helps Adonis and Swerve against El Legado, that would make for a great Six Man Tag. And not that Kendrick would get a title shot, but him both understanding Santos Escobar using all those tricks and countering with his own tricks would be great stuff.

My Score: 8.1/10

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