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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (10/28/20)

Spin the wheel, make the deal!



NXT Halloween Havoc Coverage

NXT brings Halloween Havoc back from the dead!

Shotzi Blackheart hosts NXT’s first ever Halloween Havoc! Just how scary will it get for Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae in their TakeOver rematches?


  • Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal – NXT North American Championship Devil’s Playground Match: Damian Priest VS Johnny Gargano; Gargano wins and becomes the new NXT North American Champion.
  • Santos Escobar VS Jake Atlas; Escobar wins.
  • Haunted House of Terror match: Dexter Lumis VS Cameron Grimes; To Be Continued…
  • Rhea Ripley VS Raquel Gonzalez; Ripley wins.
  • Haunted House of Terror match, Part 2: Lumis wins.
  • Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal – NXT Women’s Championship TLS Match: Io Shirai VS Candice LeRae; Shirai wins and retains the title.


An evil has been reawakened.

Haunted houses, scary monsters of the ring, and a game of chance that will determine the fates of both champions and challengers! The scariest night in sports entertainment rises from the grave, and it’s hosted by the wild child herself, Shotzi Blackheart! Or in this case, SHOTZISTEIN! And we start off with some heavy metal as Damian Priest’s theme is performed LIVE! Priest is in the ring, shoots his arrow and bangs his head along! But next is Johnny Gargano, his own theme remixed as he SLASHES THE PUMPKIN BUDDY! Johnny Skellington joins the Archer of Infamy in the ring but Shotzi gets their attention. “It’s time! Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal!” And we land on… DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND! What does that even mean?!

NXT North American Championship Devil’s Playground Match: Damian Priest VS Johnny Gargano!

The bell rings, Gargano turns around and Priest DECKS him! Priest is on Gargano with big haymakers as Vic “Waldo” Joseph explains this is an extra scary FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match! No disqualifications, no count outs and no limits to what these two can do to each other. Therefore, Priest fires off over and over, ROCKS Gargano with an uppercut then DECKS him again! Priest whips Gargano corner to corner, runs in but Gargano boots back. Gargano leaps up but is thrown aside. Priest bell claps then LIFTING COMPLETE SHOTS! Gargano gets to a corner, Priest runs corner to corner for the LEAPING back elbow! He keeps moving for another! Gargano staggers, Priest runs corner to corner again, for a splash! Then he whips Gargano but Gargano grabs ropes. Gargano elbows back, but runs into a heel kick! Cover, TWO!

Priest keeps close and drags Gargano up to knuckle lock. Priest goes up top and goes Old School, only for Gargano to push him off balance. Priest forearms Gargano back, springboard forearms and sends Gargano out of the ring! Priest pursues, stalks Gargano to the ramp but Gargano gets in the ring. Gargano dropkicks Priest down then slingshots, but Priest gets in. Priest turns around, catches the slingshot spear and flips Gargano over! Gargano slips out, trips Priest up and slams the leg on the apron! Gargano throws forearms through the ropes, gets up to rain down fists, then lets off to bring Priest out. Gargano shoves Priest into steel steps! Fans boo Gargano, and chant, “Johnny Sucks!” as Gargano catches his breath.

Gargano backs off to start using the no disqualification stipulation. He brings out a kendo stick! Gargano wields it with a grin as he stalks Priest, but Priest has HIS BATON! Priest dodges Gargano’s swings as NXT goes picture in picture!

Priest blocks the kendo stick smack, disarms Gargano, but Gargano dodges the baton to fire off clubbing forearms! Priest lifts Gargano to RAM him into the boards! Gargano writhes on the ground, Priest drags him up and RAMS him into more boards! Priest looms over Gargano and stalks him. Gargano goes up and over steps to get away but Priest just goes around. Priest ROCKS Gargano again, then pulls off the top half of steps. Priest aims, runs and RAMS Gargano with the steel! Priest tosses the steps aside to stalk after Gargano again. He brings Gargano up to ROCK him with a right hand! They go up the ramp as Priest keeps punching Gargano. They end up on stage, Priest throws Gargano into the pumpkin balloon! And then stomps away!

Gargano frees himself from the pumpkin but Priest ROUNDHOUSES him back down! Cover on the pumpkin, TWO! Priest drags Gargano up to HEADBUTT! Gargano staggers around the stage, Priest throws fast hands! Priest CLUBS Gargano down, looms over him, but Gargano grabs at the lights. Priest drags Gargano up, scoops him, and brings him to the ramp. Gargano sips out, shoves Priest then KICKS him! Gargano gets up, KICKS Priest again, then digs Priest’s face into steel! There’s no disqualifications so Gargano goes until he’s satisfied. Gargano watches Priest flounder, and he throws forearms into Priest’s back!

NXT returns to single picture as Gargano goes to the stage. Gargano LEAPS and CANNONBALLS Priest down! Fans fire up as Gargano gloats, “I’m the best in the world!” Gargano gets the kendo stick and SMACKS Priest! And again! And again! Priest ends up in his ring, and has his baton again! Gargano shoulders low, but Priest uses the baton to SMACK the enziguri away! Gargano hobbles, Priest brings him in with the SOUTH OF HEAVEN CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Gargano survives but Priest grits his teeth. Gargano grabs the baton and brings it with him to the apron. Priest ROCKS Gargano first and the baton goes flying! Priest drags Gargano up on the apron, fireman’s carries, but Gargano slips in. Priest shoves, dodges, but his kick is caught up and Gargano enziguris Priest down!

Gargano DIVES, but into Priest’s hand! Gargano sips out to RAM Priest into boards! And then SLICED BREAD onto the steel steps! Cover, TWO!! Priest survives but Gargano keeps his focus as fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Gargano drags Priest up, brings him over and tornados but no DDT! BROKEN ARROW onto the announce desk! Gargano might be the broken one! Gargano is hurrying away to around the back, but Priest pursues. Priest taunts Gargano, “You feel that pain, Johnny?” Gargano and Priest brawl by the spooky set, Gargano CLUBS Priest’s back! Gargano brings Priest around the way, and he opens a casket. A prop falls out and scares Gargano! So Gargano SUPERKICK the “stupid thing!” Priest is there to kick low and kick more, then ROCK Gargano with that discus forearm!

Priest stalks Gargano further back stage, Gargano feebly throws candy at Priest. But then he uses a FIRE EXTINGUISHER! And he SLAMS Priest against the garage door over and over! Priest flops down, flails, but Gargano gets up. Gargano looks around at what he can use, and chooses a trash can. Gargano dumps the trash on Priest, sticks the can around him and dribbles him against the garage door! Gargano then grabs a cart and wheels it at Priest to RAM him! Fans boo as NXT is again picture in picture! Gargano covers, TWO!

Gargano seethes as he SMACKS Priest with a trash can lid! And then he has another trash can to SMACK Priest with! Priest staggers his way back into the arena and by the spooky set. Gargano grabs a crowbar and CRACKS Priest in the ribs! Then he drags Priest down, FULL METAL GargaNO Escape!! Priest endures the crowbar in his face! And in his MOUTH!! Priest fights up, scoops Gargano, and LAWN DARTS him into the boards!! The fans, in costume, are freaking out behind their masks! Priest clubs Gargano, drags him up and ROCKS him with a forearm! They go to the other side of the set, Gargano tries to use the second casket but Priest stops himself. Priest SMACKS Gargano with the lid! Then BOOTS Gargano through a wall!! The Archer of Infamy is roaring and rolling as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Priest throws more hands and ROCKS Gargano onto a haybale! Gargano boots back, gets up onto the upper level, but Priest TOSSES the trash can at Gargano! Gargano ends up by the wheel of (ill) fortune. Priest follows Gargano up there, looms over him, and drags him up. Fans rally for Priest as he drags Gargano up. Priest reels Gargano in, Gargano slips under and SUPERKICKS Priest down! Gargano grabs the trash can, and he SMACKS Priest with it! And again! And again! And again, and again, and again!! The can is dented into a flat shape now! Gargano sits the can up, drags Priest up, and tells the wheel this is its fault! Gargano mocks the Archer of Infamy, and he thrusts, into Priest’s ROUNDHOUSE! Gargano balances with the can, but Priest KICKS it into him!

Priest stands up, fans fire up and Priest roars again! Priest drags Gargano up, dragon sleeper and RECK- NO! Ghost Face attacks Priest from behind with a PIPE! Gargano gets up, drags Priest, and uses the wheel to hit the TORNADO DDT! Ghost Face still looms, but then leaves to fetch Gargano one of those prop tombstones! Gargano uses it to SMASH Priest into the crypt!! Priest has crashed down and fans lose their minds! Gargano hurries down, covers him, and WINS!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by pinfall (NEW NXT North American Champion)

All Heart, No Soul, and one mysterious friend that was all the difference! Gargano makes history as he becomes the first-ever TWO-TIME North American Champion! But will #TheJohnnyGarganoWay complete its mission with the Poison Pixie taking on the Evil Genius later on tonight?


Cameron Grimes mutters to himself.

William Regal checks on him, and almost scares him out of his hat. Grimes has been meaning to ask Regal a question but Regal says Grimes needs to be ready in the parking lot. There’s a van waiting to take him to the Haunted House. But that’s not where the ring is, the ring is in the arena. Surely that’s where Regal meant for Grimes to have his match with Dexter Lumis tonight, right? No. Come with Regal to the parking lot. No, the parking lot is a scary place! Even scarier than the Bar Mitzvah Triangle (Bermuda?). Regal says, “After you,” and Grimes is very reluctant. Will Grimes survive the night with Lumis inside the Haunted House of Horr- er, Terror?


Pat McAfee, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are in the ring!

“Well, well, well…” Happy Halloween Havoc, everybody! Everyone’s saying that Halloween Havoc is the second best night the brand has had in the last couple months. The number one? Obviously TakeOver: XXX. That was the night when the entire world agreed that the greatest debut in the history of this business was Pat McAfee’s, bar none! People don’t agree on anything, but even the idiotic Internet Wrestling Community, which includes “these stooges” here at ringside, could agree on that. There are some clowns in the crowd, which is how they are normally anyway.

But after TakeOver: XXX when McAfee put on a show that stole the show his first time in the ring, Adam Cole didn’t come over and say congrats or that he appreciates what McAfee did giving him all he could handle. NO, “that scumbag” flexed on McAfee! McAfee walked out sore, tired, probably could’ve cost a couple more pounds and realized he made some rookie mistakes. But on his private plane headed home to Indianapolis, all McAfee could think about was how big of a BUM Adam Cole is! McAfee couldn’t come here and handle Cole himself. He had a new Sirius XM show debuting, he had a YouTube page hitting a million subscribers, he had College Gameday, and he has the biggest internet show daily! He cannot be down here to handle Adam Cole.

So what did he do? He called a man who is “a more handsome, stronger, younger version of myself” in Ridge Holland. McAfee told Holland that NXT isn’t using him right, and offered him a chance at some money. Holland doesn’t want money, he wants a car. McAfee thought Holland wanted some big car cuz Holland is a big sumbish. Holland wanted a Mercedes, McAfee said okay, and told Holland what he had to do. Holland did it, dumped Cole’s “lifeless, stupid body” over the barriers and left. It was a whodunnit, blah blah blah while Pat “Big Brain” McAfee was sitting at home watching it unfold. Then Wednesday, McAfee saw Holland, the guy he hired to raise hell on the Undisputed Era, FRACTURE HIS LEGS into 700 pieces! An expensive mistake, but McAfee had a deep thought. Is it over? Did Ridge Holland deserve to be put in this position?

McAfee didn’t give up. He reached out to the guy that took out his guy and asked them if he and his guy wanted to be McAfee’s guys. They turned him down at first, because they could not be bought. Respectable, noble. But then Lorcan and Burch lose to the UE, and go back to McAfee to talk about that deal. But McAfee said the timing is right! What did they say? Wait, where are the mics for Lorcan and Burch? The DISRESPECT NXT has shown these two continues to grow! But before Lorcan and Burch can talk, the Undisputed Era is here! Well, just Kyle O’Reilly, actually, as the others are all healing up. But Kyle doesn’t back down. McAfee mockingly asks if Kyle is here to apologize. No, because he has THE BRUISERWEIGHT with him! Pete Dunne brought CHAIRS, too! And one is handed to Kyle!

McAfee, Lorcan and Burch get out before Kyle and Dunne get in! Both sides dare the other to do something, Kyle even throws his chair down so it’ll be fair. But then Dunne CHAIR SHOTS Kyle!! WHAT?! And then a BUZZSAW! McAfee says Kyle is STUPID! Dunne, Lorcan and Burch stomp away on McAfee and McAfee just watches and applauds. Fans boo as Dunne gives Kyle DANIELSON STOMPS! McAfee says Kyle fell for the trap! Dunne wrenches Kyle’s arm, tortures the fingers and puts them on the chair to STOMP!! Oney and Burch drag Kyle up and prop him up, but McAfee has them wait so he can place a chair under the landing zone. LONDON TOWER to the chair!! McAfee says he’s smarter than Kyle and his friends. These four are the new kings of NXT, and that, “Cauliflower Kyle,” is UNDISPUTED. How did McAfee get The Bruiserweight on his side?! What will these four do next?!


Grimes still reluctantly goes with Regal to the parking lot.

Grimes keeps trying to reason with Regal. He can just lose by forfeit and go back to the locker room. No. How about Regal go with him? Grimes would feel much safer! No. Grimes goes outside, thinking Regal is following, but the door shuts behind him! Oh no! Grimes looks and says it can’t be… This piece of junk is the van taking him there? Well he should at least be shotgun then. OH NO who is that? A zombie?! And out of the back, it’s MICHAEL HAYES?! “Thanks for the lift.” Hayes tells Grimes he was born in a place called Party Town, on a road called Bad Street. And it’s called Bad Street because further down the block you went, the badder it got. And he’s from the last house on the block. Hayes walks away and Grimes reluctantly gets in as he complains, “I hate rednecks…” The van takes off into the night, but where will Grimes end up?


Santos Escobar w/ El Legado del Fantasma VS Jake Atlas!

El Legado del Fantasma won the Six Man Tag match, but the Leader of Leaders took a header thanks to Atlas’ cartwheel DDT! This isn’t for the title, but it could be an appetizer! Will it be trick or treat, victory or defeat when Atlas gets a 1v1 shot at the NXT Cruiserweight Champion?

The bell rings and Escobar ROCKS Atlas with a calf kick! Escobar stomps and kicks Atlas to the corner, Atlas hits back but Escobar stomps Atlas down. Escobar stands Atlas up to CHOP him! Escobar tells Atlas he doesn’t belong, then he whips him corner to corner. Atlas hits hard, then Escobar adds knees! Escobar throws forearms, taunts Atlas more, but Atlas grits his teeth. Escobar brings Atlas out to shove him back, then runs corner to corner for DOUBLE KNEES! Atlas flops down, Escobar drags him up to wrench and kick. Escobar drags Atlas up, SLAPS Atlas, then tells him again, “You don’t belong here! Quit!” Atlas seethes, and he blocks the punch to SLAP Escobar back! Escobar turns into Atlas’ haymakers! Atlas fires off body shots and clubbing forearms!

Atlas whips, Escobar reverses but Atlas dodges to elbow back hard! Atlas whips Escobar corner to corner, then back drops Escobar! Escobar gets up, Atlas scoops and dumps him! Atlas reels Escobar in, Escobar fights back so Atlas throws uppercuts! Atlas SNAP GERMANS! And ROLLING ELBOWS! Cover, TWO! Escobar survives but he is in a daze! Atlas is up top, CARTWHEEL DDT!! Cover, but Legado get the ropebreak for Escobar! The ref suspects them, but Atlas FLIES out to take them down! Escobar grabs Atlas but Atlas DECKS him! Atlas has to fight off the others, but Raul Mendoza uses the LOADED MASK HEADBUTT! Mendoza puts Atlas in, Escobar hits the butterfly FACEBUSTER! Cover, Escobar wins!

Winner: Santos Escobar, by pinfall

It was definitely the tricks that brought Atlas defeat! Will Atlas have to wait a long time before he gets sweet revenge?


Ember Moon speaks.

“Swimming with the sharks of this division, it motivates that last lift, that last jump, that last push.” She wants confrontation and competition! She wants it ALL! Dakota Kai stepped up, exactly what Ember wanted. When Ember left, Dakota was afraid of her own shadow. Now Dakota’s one of the best. Dakota has a sick kick, but too bad she won’t like the receipt. Ember puts #CobraKai on notice, will there be a response?


Our host has gone from Shotzistein to Shotzipira!

“The scares have just begun! Coming up next is the Haunted House of Terror!” Grimes’ Uber from Hell is almost to its destination, will it be his final destination?


Haunted House of Terror match: Dexter Lumis VS Cameron Grimes!

The van pulls up, Grimes springs out of it in a cold sweat, and tells himself to be ready. “Lumis?! I hope this is the right place, Lumis, because I’m coming for ya!” Wait, what’s that? Oh, just a swing. Lumis will need more than that to s-scare Cameron Grimes! But Grimes warns Lumis now, when he finds Lumis, he’ll get him! Lumis is UP IN THE TREE! Grimes tries to stay brave as he walks inside the house. Is this the right house? Deer head! H-Ha! Almost got him. But Grimes has seen bigger bucks. But then a tricycle goes by all by itself!? Grimes is freaking out. He didn’t know Lumis had kids! Lumis is now in the pantry closet!?

Grimes keeps looking through the house, trying to bolster his own courage. Is Lumis even in here? That referee is doing a Blair Witch! HE HAS WARTS ON HIS FACE! Lumis busts in through a door and two-hand chokes Grimes against the wall! Grimes claws Lumis’ eyes, throws him into a vanity and KICKS him into the mirror! Grimes hurries away, closing the door behind him. Lumis hammers the door but Grimes holds it shut! Lumis kicks the door off the frame! Grimes goes to a bathroom and shuts himself in, but… Is someone in the shower? Oh, hello, miss. Well, Grimes didn’t realize Lumis had a sister. Maybe Grimes will wash up. Make room for- OH NOOO WHAT?! Is that the girl from The Ring!?

Grimes runs away and wants OUT! He can’t find the door he came in through! Lumis grabs him through a window!! Lumis climbs in, rams Grimes into a wall, then carries him. Grimes rakes eyes again then shoulders Lumis away. Grimes runs away but dares Lumis to try something. More people with warts on their faces!! Grimes runs down a hallway and bumps into Lumis! UPPERCUT! Grimes BOOTS and ROUNDHOUSES, and says this is over! Grimes grabs a broom but Lumis has left. Who is this now? Oh it’s Lumis’ Ring Sister!! And there’s TWO OF THEM!? One jumps off the fridge to tackle Grimes! Grimes flails about as she’s on his back! They smash through the screen door into the backyard! Grimes flails and throws the spooky ghoul off! But turns around to see the warty zombies!

Grimes finds his way back to the van and gets in shotgun. LUMIS IS DRIVING! Grimes bails out again and runs off down the street into the night! To be continued…


Rhea Ripley VS Raquel Gonzalez!

The Nightmare and #RickyDesperado are going to bring the brutality, you can bet on that! But who will establish themselves as THE monstrous alpha female of NXT?

NXT returns as Raquel makes her entrance. The ref has to keep the peace for just long enough, the bell rings and these two tie up and go around! Fans rally, Raquel knees low and hard, then whips Rhea to a corner. Rhea dodges, Raquel rams into buckles and Rhea fires off hands! Rhea throws more haymakers, but Raquel blocks the whip! Raquel whips Rhea to a corner, Rhea goes up but gets caught! Rhea slips out, kicks low and reels Raquel in for a facelock! Raquel thrashes and powers Rhea to a corner! Raquel RAMS in, then lets off to bring Rhea around. Raquel CLUBS Rhea, Rhea throws body shots but Raquel shoves her away. Rhea boots but Raquel blocks so Rhea boots her away. Raquel blocks the punch and that shocks Rhea!

Rhea stomps a foot, HEADBUTTS, but Raquel ducks the roundhouse to CLOBBER Rhea from behind! Rhea gets up but still seems surprised by Raquel’s power. They get forehead to forehead, talking trash about who’s stronger. Raquel shoves, Rhea shoves back, repeat! Raquel SLAPS, Rhea SLAPS, and they both glare before firing off fast and furious! Rhea ducks, throws body shots, ducks again then kicks the leg. Rhea runs but Raquel throws her down! And drops an elbow! And then stomps Rhea down! Raquel drags Rhea up, suplexes but Rhea blocks! Rhea suplexes but Raquel blocks. They keep fighting for control, Raquel gets Rhea up but Rhea slips out to LARIAT! Raquel stays up!! So Rhea LARIATS again, but it’s still not enough!

Raquel blocks the third try, fireman’s carries, but Rhea slips out to fireman’s carry back! Raquel slips out, blocks the kick then throws Rhea to ropes. Raquel follows, Rhea dodges, goes the other way, DROPKICK! Raquel bails out as fans fire up! Rhea runs and wrecks Raquel with a dropkick! Raquel ends up at the desk and Rhea aims from the apron. Rhea CANNONBALLS but is caught?! Raquel brings Rhea up to POWREBOMB into the boards!! Raquel lets Rhea hit the floor as NXT goes picture in picture. Raquel puts Rhea in the ring and covers, TWO!

Raquel seethes, drags Rhea up, and whips her to a corner. Raquel stomps a mudhole into Rhea, digs her foot in, but the ref counts. Raquel lets off to argue with the ref, then drags Rhea up to CLUB her over and over! Raquel drags Rhea up, Rhea hits back, but Raquel shoves and BOOTS Rhea down! Cover, TWO! Raquel stays on Rhea with the grounded double chicken wing! Rhea endures as Raquel RAMS her knee in! And again! Raquel thrashes Rhea around but Rhea refuses to give up! Rhea fights up and out, they start throwing haymakers on the mat! Raquel ROCKS Rhea, CLUBS Rhea, then brings her up to scoop and POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Raquel grows frustrated and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Raquel tortures Rhea in the Gory Especial Stretch! Fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” as Rhea endures. Raquel pulls back on the arms but Rhea powers up! Rhea pops out to sunset flip, TWO! Rhea ducks a clothesline but not the BLINDSIDE! Cover, TWO! Raquel grows frustrated again as she drags Rhea back up. Raquel whips and corner splashes Rhea, then runs in again. Rhea elbows Raquel back, and then again. Raquel swings but into Raquel’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Rhea survives and Raquel is losing her cool. Raquel drags Rhea up, reels her in, but Rhea back drops! Rhea and Raquel slowly stand, Rhea CHOPS and CHOPS and then spins Raquel for cravat knee strikes! Rhea runs, gets around Raquel and sweeps the legs! Raquel gets up but Rhea runs to DROPKICK her down! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous as Rhea and Raquel slowly rise. Rhea has Raquel first for the straddle knockdown! And another! Rhea stomps and stomps and stomps, then gets the legs! PRISM TRAP!! Raquel endures, rolls, but Rhea sits for a cover, ONE! Rhea ends up in the ropes, Raquel BOOTS her down! Raquel drags Rhea up, scoops her and swings for another POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Rhea survives, reminding us why she was an NXT and NXT UK Women’s Champion! Raquel puts Rhea in the corner, throws forearms then hoists her up top. Raquel climbs up to join Rhea, clubs her, then stands her up. Rhea resists, fights back and slips inside to then haymaker and headbutt! Rhea manages a pump handle, but Raquel fights free! Raquel staggers, comes back, throws forearms, but Rhea hits back!

Rhea and Raquel brawl as Raquel climbs. Rhea boots her away, stands up, but Raquel is right back up to SUPER OVERHEAD SUPLEX Rhea!! Rhea is in a daze, Raquel covers, TWO!?!? Raquel is in angry disbelief! Raquel drags Rhea up as fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” Raquel fisherman’s and lifts, but Rhea slips around the headscissor Raquel into buckles! Rhea stalks Raquel, ROUNDHOUSES her, then pump handles! RIPTIDE!! Cover, Rhea wins!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

The Mosh Pit Kid is STILL the dominant force of the NXT Women’s Division! Will anyone ever be able to survive her brutality?


Grimes is still running down the street!

But where is he in relation to the Capitol Wrestling Center? Grimes is trying to make the long, long journey, but will he make it before the show is over?


Backstage interview with “Hollywood” Drake Maverick.

What does he and his tag partner, Killian Dain, have planned for tonight? “Well y’know something, Mean Gene,” Dain and Maverick, “with the 2 point 4 inch pythons,” have tag team domination on their minds, brother! Well, this isn’t Mean Gene, this is- Yes you are, Mackenzie! But it is Halloween, so please play along? But then someone is being Andre the Giant! And another is the MUMMY! And Maverick is sandwiched between them! But here comes THE SHOCKMASTER! And he doesn’t trip over himself this time! Mummy and Andre back off, and Maverick wants Dain to take the helmet off. He was supposed to trip. Why? Because the Shockmaster does that. Oh, it was hard to tell when Maverick kept adding “brother” to everything. But no, Dain didn’t want to do that. Why doesn’t he like fun?

First, Dain didn’t like the gear. God no. Second, the logo. Definitely no! Then Dain didn’t like the music! Definitely did. And now he won’t even do Shockmaster right! Do you know how long it took for Maverick to recreate the helmet?! But fine, Maverick will be tiny Shockmaster. He puts the helmet on, and trips. Dain laughs at Maverick falling on his arse.


Grimes returns to the CWC!

Grimes is relieved to be back! He’s running out of gas as he gets back to the door. Is Grimes going to find a safe place to hide from Lumis?

Actually, Grimes ends up by ringside! And on the spooky set. He realizes that, and how there’s a lot more fog. Wait, how did creepy Ring girl get here?! Grimes begs she and her twin not do something to him! They creep and crawl their way to him and Grimes warns them! Grimes gets in the ring, warns them to stay out or he’ll get ’em! But Lumis slides in behind him!! OH NO! Lumis puts Grimes in a corner, DECKS him with uppercuts and ROKCS Him with haymakers! Clothesline and BULLDOG! Grimes flounders, Lumis runs in but Grimes boots him! Grimes runs, into a SPINE BUSTER! Lumis paces around Grimes, watches him writhe in the smoke, and then Grimes sits up. Grimes begs Lumis for mercy, but the zombies are lurking! Grimes freaks out, begs them to stop this, but then he gives one a CAVE-IN!

Lumis just stares as “his sister” crawls up. Lumis lets her climb and crawl all over him, then get up on his shoulders. Grimes begs for mercy and apologizes for everything he’s done. No go as Lumis TOSSES the zombie girl at him! Then URENAGE! Into THE SILENCE!! Grimes flails, fades, and is OUT!! Lumis… wins?

Winner: Dexter Lumis, by submission

Well the smoke still fills the ringside, and the zombies creep and crawl in around Lumis. Lumis leaves Grimes for dead as the lights fade out. THE END. Will Lumis make sure things only get scarier for his next victim?


NXT hears from Io Shirai and Candice LeRae before their match.

The Evil Genius says #TheJohnnyGarganoWay won’t be enough to beat her. The Poison Pixie says, “Trick or treat, here’s defeat.” She got rid of the dead weight and is now where she should be: #1 contender. Shirai says biker chain match, she beats Candice. Candice says Cole Miner’s Glove on a Pole, she beats Shirai. Blindfold match? Buried Alive? Casket Match? Boiler Room Brawl? Weapon’s Wild? It doesn’t matter if it’s Shotzi’s Choice! Shirai and Candice are confident in their chances. Candice almost had Shirai at TakeOver. Tonight, she leaves NXT Women’s Champion. Shirai says it doesn’t matter, she beats Candice.


Shotzistein, Shotzipira, now she’s BeelzeShotzi!

Last but not least, Shotzi spins the wheel one last time for the NXT Women’s Championship! We find out what kind of match Shirai and Candice have after the break.


Tommaso Ciampa speaks.

“Week after week, I look around this place, and one thing has become abundantly clear. I don’t recognize NXT anymore.” The letters, the colors, those are the same, and the talent is still among the most talented in the world today. But the attitude and the culture, everyone walking around like they’re owed something, asking for opportunity. “Out with the old, in with the new. It’s my turn.” This isn’t a game, no one takes turns! If you’re hungry, you eat. Ciampa’s hungrier, he eats first. Ciampa says everyone wants to blame someone else for what they don’t have. “Different locations, different voices, same message. Brass ring, glass ceiling, ‘they’re holding down my talent, I’m great!'” Maybe this tweet or this post will get them buzz.

Ciampa’s heard it all before. And he knows this much: Ciampa was never handed anything! He never asked for an opportunity. He was simply undeniable. “The greatest sports entertainer of all time, and for a very, very long time, Tommaso Ciampa was NXT.” Fate took that away from him, but he’s going to take it back. “Velveteen Dream, this all begins with you. A 25-year-old prodigy, oozing It Factor, who can’t seem to get out of his own damn way. How does that old saying go? Hit me with a cast once, shame on you. Hit me with a cast twice, you’re a dead man.” Will the Dream die when #NoOneWillSurvive?


Candice LeRae heads to the ring.

The Poison Pixie is out first, being the Sally to Johnny’s Jack Skellington. But will Shirai make sure she’s in literal stitches after tonight? Speaking of, POPPY is back for a special performance as part of Shirai’s entrance! Poppy’s dressed up, too, cosplaying as Sayaka Igarashi of Kakeguri, it seems. But of course, it’s time to spin the wheel! And we land on… TLS, Tables, Ladders and SCARES, oh my!

NXT Women’s Championship TLS Match: Io Shirai VS Candice LeRae!

The bell rings, Candice swings on Shirai but Shirai ducks to FLAPJACK Candice down! Candice bails out fast, Shirai builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit into the “graveyard!” Shirai catches her breath and looks under the ring. Just as the ref finally straps the belt to the hook, Shirai brings out a ladder! Candice pushes Shirai into the apron, brings her up and throws her into barriers! Candice goes looking under the ring and brings out a TABLE! But what is that in the pillowcase stuck to it? Candice grabs the back, pours it out, and it’s BODY PARTS?! Oh, prop parts, but still! That scared Candice for a second. Shirai grabs the fake arms and SLAPS Candice with them! And SPANKS her, too! Shirai then runs, but Candice drop toeholds Shirai onto the ladder!

Candice grabs another ladder, brings that out and SLAMS it down on Shirai! Then she stands that ladder up, CLUBS Shirai on the back and follows her around the way. Candice whips, Shirai reverses and POSTS Candice! Shirai makes sure her arms are okay before bringing Candice up. Candice hits back, whips but Shirai sends Candice over the desk! Shirai clears the desk off, stands on top of it, and drags Candice up to join her. Shirai suplexes but Candice fights back! Candice uses a monitor to SMACK Shirai! Shirai tumbles down, Candice brings out another ladder! Candice makes herself a ladder bridge between ring and desk, but Shirai has a chair. Shirai TOSSES it at Candice’s head! Shirai goes under the ladder and stomps Candice. That better not be bad luck.

Shirai runs and METEORAS Candice into the side of the steps! Shirai isn’t done, she goes around and brings out more chairs! Shirai puts the chairs in the ring, Candice crawls up behind her but gets a chair to the ribs! Shirai puts the chair in the ring, then keeps adding more! There are about half a dozen chairs in the ring, then Shirai suplexes Candice to the floor! Fans are thunderous as NXT goes picture in picture.

Shirai just keeps looking under the ring, but there’s nothing left for her on this side. She goes around the way, moves the fake body parts aside and sets up that table from before. Candice crawls up behind her again, and CLUBS Shirai on the back. There’s a chalk outline on the table! Candice RAMS Shirai into steel steps, but Shirai comes back to stomp Candice! And bump her off the steps! Shirai brings out a SECOND TABLE! Candice ROCKS Shirai with a haymaker, then another! Candice clubs Shirai, but Shirai FLAPJACKS Candice off the steps! Shirai throws Candice around, climbs up top, but Candice gets in the ring. Candice staggers up but Shirai missile dropkicks her down! Shirai Alabama lifts Candice for the AIR RAID CRASH!

Shirai goes back out, sets up the other table, and places it side by side with the other. Candice dropkicks Shirai down as NXT returns to single picture! Candice brings Shirai up, Shirai forearms but Candice returns it! They ROCK each other and the two fall over! Shirai crawls away and back to a ladder. Shirai picks it up, puts it in the ring, but Candice puts one in on her own. Shirai stands hers up first, but Candice climbs it! Shirai drags her down, Candice rocks Shirai back. They brawl, Shirai wheelbarrows, but into a FACEBUSTER! Candice stands her own ladder up in a corner. She brings Shirai away from her ladder, climbs it, but Shirai drags Candice back down. Shirai throws a SHOTEI! Candice goes down, Shirai arranges her chairs in a nice pile.

Shirai stomps Candice, drags her up and reels her in, underhooks but Candice resists! Shira still gets her up, TIGER BACKBREAKER! Shirai puts Candice on the chair pile, goes up top, and OVER THE MOONSAULTS onto chairs!! Candice moved and Shirai crashes onto chairs hard! Candice SMACKS Shirai on the back! And again! And again! Shirai flounders and writhes her way under the ladder. Candice stands the chair up, drags Shirai up and asks, “Remember this?! You did this to me!” Shirai does and she blocks the suplex! Shirai hits Candice, Candice waistlocks but Shirai spins around! Shirai suplexes Candice onto the chair!! History repeats itself! Candice is down in a heap and fans are fired up for “NXT! NXT!”

Shirai crawls to her ladder, climbs back up, but Candice anchors Shirai’s foot. Shirai kicks but Candice drags her down. Candice SLAPS Shirai, but Shirai just gets mad. Candice is against a ladder, Shirai runs in, the SHINKANSEN crashes into the ladder as Candice moves!! And then Shirai barely guards herself as the ladder falls on her! Candice is on the apron, she shoulders Shirai away. Shirai clutches the leg, Candice shakes out the arm. Candice climbs up a corner, Shirai SHOTEIS again! Shirai shoves her chairs away and brings her ladder around. Shirai sets some ladders up, climbs up to go after Candice, and then brings her up. Candice fights, the two hop down, so Shirai grabs a chair and catches a leg! FULL METAL DRAGON SCREW!!

Candice drops to the apron, her foot having been wrenched in that vice, but Shirai shows no mercy! Shirai runs to Tiger Feint! Candice ducks to SMACK Shirai with the chair! Both women are on the apron, MS. LERAE’S WILD RIDE through both tables!! Now the chalk outlines are for them! Fans are losing their minds as both women are down, “This is Awesome!” But GHOST FACE is back!? They put Candice in and help her to the ladder?! And UP the ladder! Ghost Face is following #TJGW! But SHOTZI gets in to counter this! Shotzi has Ghost Face in an Electric Chair, and DROPS them on the chair pile!! But Candice is still on top of the ladder! Candice rises slowly, but Shirai has her own ladder! Shirai sets up right next to Candice and intercepts her!

Shirai stops Candice from getting the belt, but Candice RAKES eyes! Shirai drops down, Candice reaches, but Shirai SHOVES the ladders over! Candice falls through the ladder bridge!! Even Shirai realizes that was scary! Shirai climbs back up and grabs the belt, Shirai wins!!

Winner: Io Shirai (still NXT Women’s Champion)

The Evil Genius survives  that truly terrifying title match! Shirai sits atop the ladder, will anyone ever dethrone her from the top of the NXT Women’s Division? As for Candice LeRae, is she still in one piece?

My Thoughts:

This was an AWESOME episode! Opening not only with the North American Championship but having the live theme for Priest was great stuff. I was glad we got “Devil’s Playground,” because that name alone was reason to make it the stipulation. Of course it just turns out to be Falls Count Anywhere, but it turned into an awesome Falls Count Anywhere. I will say, I didn’t expect there to be someone to interfere, but I should have. Same goes for the INSANE (and honestly a bit scary) TLC match in the main event. And while it was Ghost Face each time, I bet it was two different people. Given how things have been going for the #TJGW story, Austin Theory had to be the one interfering in the North American Championship match, and then Indi Hartwell puts on her own Ghost Face costume to help Candice. I figured Gargano and Candice would split the results, so it works out that Gargano won his for some fresher match-ups for that title. And seriously, Candice fell through the ladder rather awkwardly so hopefully she’s okay.

For being a host, Shotzi didn’t do as much as I expected, but it seems costume changes take a lot of doing. She still got a great part in helping keep Candice from winning thanks to Ghost Face Indi. I feel like if Candice isn’t getting another shot at the title, she (and Indi) are going to spin off to go after Shotzi. If only Tegan Nox wasn’t actually hurt, she could come back and help Shotzi take on Candice and Indi. But after that awesome 1v1 of Rhea VS Raquel, I bet Rhea teams up with Shotzi again now that she’s gotten past another feud. Shotzi and Rhea are honestly a great combination given they’re both rockers. Escobar VS Atlas was good, but Escobar still needed El Legado to help him win, so that’s a little disappointing. I wonder if NXT is going to keep Escobar as champion long enough for him and Jordan Devlin to face off and crown our Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion.

We got a great little bit from Maverick and Dain with the costume references to the days of WCW, and it feels like Dain is starting to lighten up a little on Maverick. McAfee and his group had a great segment, because he is great on the mic talking trash, and because I did NOT see Dunne being the fourth man. But it makes sense that you get another hard hitter to fit in with Oney and Burch since Holland can’t be because of injury. And it also seems to add to my thinking that WarGames is the end result, since we’re talking 4v4, the Undisputed Era is involved, and Dunne has been a rival of theirs and even entered WarGames last year. That’s going to be a great moment when the UE regroups at 100% health and they get to give that dreaded announcement.

Ciampa issuing a warning to Dream was a great promo, and though it mainly sticks to kayfabe, I couldn’t help but feel that thin layer of meta given the real life issues Dream has been dealing with, and perhaps been creating for himself out of immaturity. But Ciampa VS Dream is going to be a great match. As will Ember VS Dakota, after Ember gave a good promo herself. Lumis VS Grimes was a great match, even with the cinematic portions. Regal was great, seeing Michael Hayes was great, and Grimes was perfect! But naturally, Lumis wins as he is the naturally scary character, and I wonder if Lumis will be the one moving up the ranks towards the NXT Championship. Finn Balor still has to recover, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. Balor VS Lumis will be an interesting route to take, too, as Lumis doesn’t really talk that much, but the match should be a bit more methodical and not so overly strong style like Balor VS O’Reilly ended up being.

My Score: 9.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Night of Champions Results & Report! (5/27/23)

So much GOLD!



Will the landscape of the WWE completely change in one day?

WWE returns to Saudi Arabia for a Night of Champions! And a NEW World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned after Seth Rollins takes on AJ Styles!


  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals: Seth Rollins VS AJ Styles; Rollins wins and is the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Becky Lynch VS Trish Stratus; Trish wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER w/ Imperium VS Mustafa Ali; Gunther wins and retains the title.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair VS Asuka; Asuka wins and becomes the new Raw Women’s Championship.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Natalya; Rhea wins and retains the title.
  • Cody Rhodes VS Brock Lesnar; Lesnar wins.
  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa; Kevin & Sami win and retain the titles.


It’s the Night of Champions Kickoff Show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action here tonight/today!


Backstage interview with Cody Rhodes.

Byron Saxton catches The American Nightmare as he arrives, and he asks about the condition of his arm, and about any last thoughts before the match with Brock Lesnar. Cody says cat’s out of the bag via the press conference the other day. There is a stress fracture, but that doesn’t change his spirits. Cody beat Brock Lesnar in under ten minutes last time. So this doesn’t change his spirits, this only changes the game plan. Cody is still going to have a broken arm tomorrow, but Lesnar is gonna wake up tomorrow being 0-2. Cody can live with this broken arm. Can Lesnar live with another loss? Cody puts it concisely himself, but will his spirit be what suffers next?


On this global stage…

“In a triple main event… Who will be victorious? Who will leave as a champion?” HHH says, “A champion is always on. It is a 24/7, 365 state of mind. Being a champion is more than a way of life. It is your life. And man, can it change your life. With the eyes of the world watching, history calls. And the answer will be deafening. In this kingdom, this is what it’s all about. Are you ready? I said, ARE, YOU, READY!? This… is a Night of Champions!”


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals: Seth Rollins VS AJ Styles!

The 60 diamonds represent the 60 years of this company. The eagle harkens back to the days of eagles on the top title. The crown harkens back to the days of THE Bruno Sammartino. Only one man can be the first to hold a title that means so much about the then, now and forever of the WWE. Will that man be a Visionary? Or will he be Phenomenal?

The introductions are made, the belt is on display, and one way or another, a new champion will be crowned!

The bell rings and the fans are thunderous already! They rally and duel, “AJ STYLES!” “SETH ROLLINS!” The two circle, Rollins avoids Styles, and fans sing for him. “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” The two reset and feel things out. They knuckle lock, then Rollins shoots past Styles and the fans sing again. But Styles DROPKICKS Rollins! And clotheslines him up and out of the ring! Then he slingshots, but Rollins avoids Styles! Styles lands on the apron and Rollins grins. Styles steps back in and fans rally up again. They tie up, Rollins headlocks, but Styles powers up and out. Styles hurdles, Rollins rolls, and the two stand off again.

Fans fire up, Styles swings but misses. Rollins comes back to SLINGBLADE! Styles bails out, Rollins goes to the apron and FLYING KNEES Styles down! Rollins puts Styles in, takes aim from the corner, but Styles ducks the Shining Wizard, only for Rollins to BOOMERANG! Cover, TWO! Rollins keeps cool and he brings Styles up. Rollins goes to suplex but Styles blocks. Rollins CLUBS away but Styles RAMS him into the corner! And again, and again! The ref counts, Styles lets off, and Styles snapmares Rollins to then run and KNEE DROP! Rollins clutches his face but Styles brings him around to KICK in the back!

Rollins grits his teeth, but Styles snapmares him into a chinlock. Fans rally, Rollins endures, and Rollins fights up to throw body shots. Rollins whips, Styles goes up and over and Rollins hits buckles! Styles CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Rollins goes to another corner, Styles whips him corner to corner but Rollins reverses. Styles goes up and over but gets caught, BUCKLE SHOT! Rollins keeps going, he RAMS Styles into the opposite corner! Fans sing for Rollins again while he catches his breath. Styles sits up in the corner, Rollins puts him on the top rope. Rollins CHOPS Styles and Styles flops to the apron.

Rollins climbs the corner, drags Styles up to join him, and fans rally as the two fight for control. Styles slips under, trips Rollins up and Rollins hits buckles! Styles ROCKS Rollins with a right, but Rollins hits back! They go back and forth, fans fire up with each haymaker, and then Styles snap suplexes Rollins into the corner! Rollins is folded up and fans chant “This is Awesome!” Styles drags Rollins up to CHOP! Rollins ROCKS and CHOPS in return, and on repeat! Rollins then fires hands from all sides, but Styles comes back with the Phenomenal Blitz! SLIDING FOREARM! Fans fire up as Rollins goes to a corner.

Styles runs in to clothesline! Styles fireman’s carries, Rollins slips off but Styles ducks the rolling elbow to wheelbarrow FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! That was so close and Styles can’t believe it! Styles brings Rollins up, but Rollins RAMS him into a corner! Rollins gets space, but runs into an ELBOW! Styles goes up, QUEBRADA DDT! Cover, TWO! Rollins survives again and Styles is again surprised! Styles puts Rollins in a corner then up on the top rope. But Rollins throws hands! Styles comes back, but into a BOOT! FLYING SUNSET, TWO, but Rollins deadlifts Styles, for a BUCKLE BOMB!

Styles staggers, Rollins hurries to another corner and climbs up! FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Now Styles survives and surprises Rollins! Both men rise, Rollins ROLLING ELBOWS! Then he turns styles, but Styles ducks the Dream Smasher to fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives and fans fire up while both men are down. Both men rise and the fans duel. Styles reels Rollins in, brings him up, but Rollins slips free to reel Styles in! Styles fights out to CHOP and PELE! Rollins falls and flounders to a corner while Styles stands up again. Fans rally, Styles storms over and then goes to the apron.

Styles climbs the corner and he brings Rollins up! Fans fire up as Styles has Rollins hooked, but Rollins RANAS free! Rollins then gets Styles up onto the top rope, climbs up behind him, and CLUBS away on Styles’ neck! Fans count and Rollins goes all the way to eight. Rollins dragon sleepers but Styles fights free! Rollins falls back, Styles works to adjust his position, but Rollins is right back up there! INVERTED SUPERPLEX!! Roll through, into SAVING GRACE! Cover, TWO!! Rollins is beside himself as Styles survives! Fans are thunderous as Rollins stands. Rollins stomps Styles, then goes back to the corner.

Rollins climbs up top, fans fire up, and Rollins PHOENIX- NO, he rolls through as Styles moves! Styles BOOTS Rollins, reels him back in at the corner, TORNADO HOT- NO, Rollins blocks that to HEADBUTT! Both men wobble, but Rollins brings Styles up again. But Styles fights the suplex! Styles tries to suplex but Rollins blocks now. They fight for control, Styles drags Rollins out to join him, and then APRON BRAINBUSTERS!! Fans go nuts as Rollins flops to the floor! Styles drags Rollins into the ring, then goes to the apron. Styles springboards, but Rollins trips him up! Styles now hits the floor!

Rollins builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Rollins clutches his leg, he may have done more harm than good. Fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~” for him and Rollins rises. Rollins goes to the steel steps, he and Styles get in the ring at 9 of 10! Rollins goes after Styles but Styles goes after the leg! CALF CRUSHER!! Rollins endures, reaches out, crawls around, but Styles rolls him from the ropes! CALF CRUSHER!! Styles pulls back on the leg while Rollins endures! Rollins reaches, and grabs Styles in a SLEEPER! Styles lets Rollins go and Rollins lets Styles go. Styles KICKS the leg, but Rollins LARIATS Styles!

Both men are down and fans fire up again! “This is Awesome!” as both men crawl to each other. Rollins and Styles stand, and they start throwing hands! Fans fire up with each haymaker, but Rollins gets the edge with forearms! But then Styles fires off palm strikes from all sides! And he KICKS the bad leg! But Rollins mule kicks! And Kawada Kicks! Fans fire up and Rollins swings big, but misses! Styles CHOPS, ROCKS and HEADBUTTS Rollins! Styles runs, Rollins ducks and PELES! Styles wobbles, but Rollins avoids his Pele! SUPERKICK! Styles falls over, Rollins runs in, and Rollins stomps the hand!

Rollins underhooks the arms, but Styles trips him! Styles hooks Rollins up but Rollins kicks free! Styles dodges a haymaker now and PELES! Styles steals the PEDIGREE!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Styles and Saudi Arabia are all shocked that Rollins survives! Styles crawls back to a corner as he thinks of what he has to do to finish this. Fans fire up again and Styles goes back to the apron. Styles aims but Rollins crawls over to that side. Rollins stands and glares at Styles. But Styles ROCKS Rollins first! Springboard, PHENOMENAL- SUPERKICK!! Rollins gets his bad leg working as he aims from the corner, Rollins runs in, but the leg gives up!

Rollins drags Styles up, Styles rolls him! Rollins rolls through, to get the PEDIGREE!! But the bad leg hurts from hitting it! Rollins grits his teeth, aims again, runs in, CURB STOMP!!! Cover, ROLLINS WINS!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall (INAUGURAL WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

The Visionary has done it! He has made history once again! And Triple H is here in person to present the title directly to him! Will Rollins follow through on his promises to push the industry forward and to do it “the right way?”


Becky Lynch VS Trish Stratus!

The Man wanted The Chick to help her against Damage CTRL, and that she did do. But Trish could not handle being second, could not handle sharing the spotlight, and could not handle being the past and not the present. But will Trish tear down the current generation all in the pursuit of praise and gratitude? Or will she regret ever entering The Big Time?

The bell rings and fans sing Becky’s song now. Trish says okay, Becky, let’s go. And Becky DECKS Trish! Becky fires hands on Trish, Trish gest to ropes but Becky bumps her off buckles! Becky stomps a mudhole in, lets off as the ref counts, and then she brings Trish around to bump her off buckles again! And again! And then Becky gives her more stomps! The fans fire up but the ref counts, and Becky lets off again. Trish bails out but Becky slides! Trish dodges the dropkick to RAM Becky into steel steps! And then brings her around to RAM her face first into the steps! Fans cheer and jeer but Trish soaks it all up.

Trish SMACKS Becky off the Arabian announce table, then the American announce table! Trish puts Becky back in the ring, lines up the shot and PUNTS Becky in the side! Trish looks for the kick, it’s good! Then Trish CHOKES Becky on ropes! The ref counts, Trish lets off and she goes up top. But Becky ROCKS her first! Trish ROCKS Becky back, and Becky staggers away. Trish goes after Becky and gives her a mudhole stomp. Trish then goes up the corner and brings Becky up, HANGING SLEEPER! The ref counts, Trish lets Becky go and “apologizes.” Trish then brings Becky back in, for another HANGING SLEEPER!

Trish lets go, soaks up the cheers and jeers and then takes a bow. But Becky ROCKS her for it! Trish kicks back, reels Becky in, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Trish is frustrated and she storms up on Becky. Trish stomps Becky in the corner, digs her boot in, but lets off as the ref counts. Becky sputters and crawls but Trish is on her. Trish SMACKS Becky off the apron! There are fans who chant “Thank You, Trish!” and she enjoys that. Becky hits back but Trish CLUBS her down! And again! And again! Trish digs Becky’s face into the mat! The ref reprimands, Trish lets off and soaks up more cheers and jeers.

Trish shows off “Thank You Trish” on the back of her suit, and then she brings Becky into a CAMEL CLUTCH! Becky endures as fans rally up. Trish makes Becky smile with fishhooks in her mouth! The ref reprimands, Trish throws Becky down and wipes her hands off. Trish then YANKS Becky around by her hair! Trish picks the strands out of her hair, then grabs at Becky again. Becky KICKS from below! Becky fires off on Trish and fans fire up. Becky whips, Trish reverses and hits a THESZ PRESS! Fast hands but Becky gets free! Trish gets around Becky to hit a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up but Trish swaggers around. Trish stalks Becky to ropes, then CHOPS her! Becky goes to a corner, Trish riles up the fans, and Trish CHOPS Becky again. Becky goes to another corner, Trish CHOPS her again! Becky goes to the fourth corner, then past that to the ropes. Trish CHOPS but Becky blocks! Becky ROCKS Trish with forearm after forearm! Trish hits back, the fans fire up with every haymaker! Becky gets the edge, whips to ropes, but Trish reverses. Becky comes back with FLYING FOREARMS! Fans fire up and Becky runs at the corner to FIRE-ARM! And ROCKET KICK! And then BECKSPLODER!

Trish scrambles away but Becky is after her! Becky has Trish in the ropes to fire off forearms and UPPERCUTS! Becky windmills hands on Trish and fans are thunderous! Becky goes up, GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Trish scrambles away again while Becky cools off. Becky runs and WRECKS Trish with a dropkick! Becky goes to the apron, and she FLYING FOREARMS Trish down! The fans are all fired up and Becky drags Trish up. Becky puts Trish in, but Trish skins the cat to RANA Becky into the POST! Trish soaks up the cheers and jeers, showing she can still do her old tricks.

Trish puts Becky in the, and hits a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and duel, but Becky hits back! Trish rains down fists in frustration, then runs corner to corner. Trish SPLASHES Becky, puts her up top, then climbs up after her. Trish throws hands but Becky throws them back! Trish CLUBS Becky, but Becky throws body shots! Becky sends Trish back, but Trish returns! STRATUSPHERE! Cover, TWO! Trish throws a fit but fans rally up again. Trish drags Becky up, reels her in, and she points to the sky! STRATUS- NO, Becky powers out! Becky ELBOWS Trish, reels her in at the corner, and hits DIAMOND DUST!

Trish flops and Becky hurries back up! Becky drops the MAN’S LEG! Cover, TWO! Trish survives, both women are down, and the fans rally up again. Becky nods, she’s feeling the energy. Trish rises, Becky brings her in, but Trish wheelbarrows and victory rolls to get the legs! But Becky kicks her away! Trish goes to a corner, Becky runs in, but is put on the apron. Becky ROCKS Trish first, climbs up the corner, but Trish trips her up! Trish then goes back, STRATUS- NO, Becky catches those legs, and steps over into the BOSTON CRAB! Trish endures as Becky bends her back! Trish crawls, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK!

Becky lets Trish go and then goes out the side. Fans rally as Becky runs in and leaps off the steps, into a KICK! Fans boo but Trish grits her teeth and gets in the ring. Trish lets the ring count climb, because a win is a win, after all! Becky stirs at 7, and springs in at 9! CHICK KICK!! Cover, TWO!?! Becky survives and Trish can’t believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Trish drags Becky around. Trish sits Becky up to tell her she should be thanking her! Trish throws Becky down, sits her up, and throws her down again! Trish says Becky is not better than her! Trish SLAPS Becky, Becky drags Trish into the DISARM-HER!!

Trish endures, flails, reaches, and pulls Becky’s hair! Becky lets the hold go to pull Trish’s hair! The ref reprimands, the two throw hands! The ref counts, tries to separate them, Becky ducks a Chick Kick! Roll up, TWO!! MANHANDLE SLAM!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!!! Trish survives by a literal foot and Becky can’t believe it! Trish flops out of the ring, Becky storms out after her. Trish goes under the ring, Becky drags her back out. Becky puts Trish in, but ZOEY STARK is here?!? Zoey Stark appears from under the ring to hit a Z 360!!! Zoey puts Becky in for Trish to hit STRATUSFACTION!!! Cover, TRISH WINS!!!

Winner: Trish Stratus, by pinfall

What in the world!? Zoey Stark is on Team Trish!? Trish says Becky lost because Trish is smarter than her. Becky has a bloody nose and anger in her eyes, will The Man have to turn Trish & The Hunter into the hunted?


WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER w/ Imperium VS Mustafa Ali!

Der Ring General has been absolutely dominant as champion, setting the longest reign of the last 23 YEARS! And while The Beacon has shed his “Positive Ali” façade, he still has the confidence to stand up to this challenge. Will Ali win his first title ever in WWE? Or will nothing stop Gunther from becoming the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time?

Ludwig Kaiser has the mic to demand all our gratitude for our “WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Derrrrrr RIIING GENERAL…! GUUUUNTHERRR!” The formal introductions are made, the belt is raised, and on an already historic night, we see which path history takes!

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally up for Ali but Gunther doesn’t react. The two tie up, Gunther headlocks, and he TOSSES Ali away! Fans boo but Gunther eggs Ali on. Ali gets up, the two circle again, and they tie up again. Gunther powers Ali to a corner, smothers him, but lets off, only for Ali to dodge the chop! Ali CHOPS, but Gunther just storms up on him. They circle, Ali gets around to KICK the leg! And again! And again! Gunther blocks a kick, and reels Ali into a SLEEPER! Ali arm-drags free, then goes up and over in the corner! Ali keeps moving to DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Gunther wobbles!

Ali runs to DORPKICK again! Ali runs, but into a scoop and SLAM! Ali writhes and fans boo but Gunther stomps him down! Gunther paces while fans rally for Ali. Gunther drags Ali up but Ali throws body shots. Gunther CHOPS Ali down! Ali sputters, but Gunther brings him up, to CHOP him down again! Gunther talks trash and fans boo, but Gunther goes back to Ali. Gunther drags Ali up, but Ali throws haymakers! Fans fire up but Gunther shoves Ali to a corner. Ali BOOTS back! Ali swings, but into a scoop and SLAM! Gunther gets the legs, BOSTON CRAB! Fans rally, Ali crawls and reaches out, but Gunther drags him away!

Gunther shifts into an STF! Fans rally as Ali endures, and Ali fights up to throw body shots. Gunther knees low! Gunther TOSSES Ali out but Ali holds onto ropes. Ali gets up to shoulder into Gunther! Ali slingshots, into a BOOT! Ali falls to the floor, and Gunther drags him up to POST him! Ali goes flying then lands hard, and Gunther goes into the ring to simply let the count handle this. Ali drags himself up at 7 of 10 but falls over! The count is 9, Ali springs in at 9.99!! Gunther is annoyed but fans fire up! Gunther drags Ali up, wrenches the arm, and CHOPS Ali down! Gunther drags Ali up again, just to CHOP him back down!

Fans boo but Gunther soaks it all up. Gunther stands Ali up again but Ali breaks free, CHOPS and ROCKS and then dodges to ROCK Gunther again! Ali CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, then fires off windmill haymakers! Fans fire up, but Gunther shoves Ali away. Gunther runs in at the corner, Ali slips out to ROUNDHOUSE! Ali slingshots, somersaults, and NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up and Ali hurries back to the corner! Ali climbs, but Gunther CHOPS! Gunther ROCKS Ali, climbs up after him, and double underhooks. Ali fights those off and he HEADBUTTS Gunther! And again! And then SMACKS Gunther off the buckles!

Ali gets up, SUPER SUNSET- Wait, Gunther holds onto the ropes! Ali gets him loose and POWERBOMBS Gunther down! Ali skins the cat to the top rope, so that he can 450 SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! “This is Awesome!” as Ali is getting closer and closer! Ali goes up another corner, leaps, but Gunther blocks the tornado! Gunther throws Ali away to then LARIAT!! Gunther shouts at the fans, he drags Ali up, and LARIATS again!! Cover, TWO!?!? Ali survives and Gunther is furious! Fans are thunderous for Ali but Gunther eggs him on. Ali crawls over to Gunther, Gunther kicks him around and taunts him.

Ali rises up and the fans are with him. Gunther tells Ali to listen. “You don’t belong-” Ali SLAPS! Gunther SLAPS! Gunther POWER- NO, Ali slips out of the bomb to SUPERKICK!! And Ali goes up, FLYING TORNADO DDT!! Ali hurries up top again! 450- NO, Gunther moves and Ali rolls through! Gunther SHOTGUNS Ali! More like a cannon! Gunther GENERAL BOMBS Ali, high stacks, and Gunther wins!

Winner: Gunther, by pinfall (still WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Fans boo but Ali still put up one hell of a fight. But will Gunther continue to dominate the world, no matter who is put in front of him?


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn talk backstage.

They’re feeling good. Being here is crazy. Everything since WrestleMania! Even WrestleMania was so much more than they ever expected. Winning these tag titles together, what a run. Even if it ended tonight- Wait, whoa, why would it end? It won’t, but Sami wants to “acknowledge” the fact Roman Reigns is celebrating 1000 days as Universal Champion and he wants these titles. Somehow, he finds a way. Roman’s screwed them both over before. Kevin sees that. But that’s the only thing he “acknowledges.” Here is something for Roman to “acknowledge”: Kevin & Sami won these off The Usos, a greater tag team than Roman & Solo will ever be.

But here’s another thing: Kevin is sick of hearing about Roman’s 1000 days! Roman’s had his day, he has had 1000 of them! Today is THEIR day! Kevin didn’t come all this wat just to lose! No, today is THEIR day! Today, Solo loses! Today, Roman loses! Yeah? Yeah?! YEAH! Sami & Kevin are ready, will they make sure Roman’s 1000 days with his two titles is all he gets?


Raw Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair VS Asuka!

The EST has beat the Empress of Tomorrow before, but this isn’t that Asuka. This Asuka is something more sinister, more ruthless, and more chaotic. Will Bianca not be ready for this Asuka? Or will Bianca continue the longEST women’s title reign of the last 23 years?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly the B E S T!

The bell rings and the two rush in! Asuka waistlocks, headlocks, hits the takeover, but Bianca headscissors. Asuka kips free, gets around and throws Bianca down by her hair! The ref reprimands and fans boo but Asuka is having fun,. Bianca ducks the Penalty Kick, kips up, and trips Asuka to rain down fists! Asuka turns it around, but then Bianca turns it back. They go back and forth, Bianca kicks Asuka way, and then she RAMS Asuka, rebounds, and runs her over! Bianca says if Asuka wants to mess around, then come on. Things speed up, Bianca handsprings over Asuka, then hurdles, but Asuka dropkicks the roll!

Asuka swaggers around, gets Bianca’s arms, and stands on her to give her DRAGON STOMPS! Fans fire up and Asuka lets off to swagger some more. Asuka gets an arm, she wrenches it, but Bianca ROCKS her with the other arm! Bianca RAMS Asuka into the corner, then tells her this is what she gets. Bianca TOSSES Asuka across the way, runs in and RAMS her into the other corner! Bianca brings Asuka out to whip her corner to corner, but Asuka reverses. Bianca goes up and over, and DROPKICKS Asuka down! Bianca kips up again and fans fire up. Bianca drags Asuka up, scoops her, and SLAMS her!

Fans rally, Bianca runs to handspring, but Asuka avoids the moonsault! Asuka goes to the apron, Bianca runs in to handspring kick her down! Fans rally as Bianca eggs Asuka on. Bianca then goes out after Asuka, but Asuka drags her down by the hair! Asuka whips Bianca into steel steps! Asuka grins while fans boo and the ref reprimands. Asuka puts Bianca in the ring at 5 of 10, then swaggers around more. Asuka runs in to HIP ATTACK Bianca in a corner, then GERMAN SUPLEX her away! SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Bianca is still in this but Asuka gets an ARMBAR! Bianca flails, stacks, TWO!

Asuka lets Bianca go to BUZZSAW the arm! Asuka stands on Bianca at the ropes, the ref counts, and Asuka steps off. Bianca shoves Asuka away but Asuka comes back, into a JAWBREAKER! Roll up, TWO! Both women hurry up, Bianca spins Asuka around and suplexes, but Asuka cradle counters! TWO, and Bianca runs in, into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Asuka is still having fun as fans start to rally for her now. Asuka wants an arm but Bianca fights her off. Asuka stomps away on that arm! Asuka grinds the shoulder, drags Bianca around, but Bianca fights up. Fans rally again but Asuka keeps Bianca down.

Bianca powers up again and she throws body shots. Bianca scoops but Asuka slips free to YANK Bianca down by her hair! The ref reprimands but Asuka just grins. Asuka kicks Bianca around, toys with her, and then smiles. Bianca blocks the boot, ROCKS Asuka, and then ROCKS her again! Fans rally up as Bianca fires off forearm after forearm! Asuka shoves Bianca away but Bianca BLOCKBUSTERS on the return! Fans fire up while both women are down! Bianca goes to ropes, drags herself up, and Asuka runs in, but into an ELBOW! Bianca BOOTS Asuka, goes up the corner, then goes up and over!

Bianca then runs in to rally with big shoulder tackles! And a DROPKICK! Fans fire up, Asuka swings but into a spin and suplex! A bit of a stall before a BIG SLAM, and Bianca kips up! Bianca runs to RAM into Asuka at the corner! Bianca climbs up and fans fire up as she rains down fists! Bianca goes all the way to TEN, but then Asuka slips under to grab the hair! The ref reprimands, Bianca yanks Asuka in to scoop and BACKBREAKER! Bianca handsprings to MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Asuka is still in this but Bianca says okay. Fans rally and duel, Bianca has Asuka in a corner, but Asuka drop toeholds her into a buckle!

Asuka BUZZSAWS Bianca, YANKS her down with the hair, and grins while the ref reprimands her. Asuka aims, KICKS Bianca in the chest again and again and again, but Bianca ducks the buzzsaw! Bianca shoves Asuka, Asuka mule kicks back! Asuka goes up but Bianca ROCKS her first! Bianca climbs, she brings Asuka up and fans rally. Asuka resists the suplex, throws body shots then shoves Bianca away. Asuka leaps, MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Bianca is still in this, as she is the tougheEST, y’know. Asuka is still amused, though, and she brings Bianca up. But Bianca resists the scoop!

Bianca suplexes, but Asuka fights that to get the arm! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! Bianca flails, kicks around, shifts to the other side, and she gut wrenches Asuka! But Asuka fights the bomb! Asuka runs back in, but into a SPINEBUSTER! High stack cover, TWO!! Asuka is still in this and Bianca is beside herself. Bianca runs, handsprings, but into a takedown! ASUKA LOCK!!! Bianca pushes back to a cover, TWO! Asuka runs in, into chicken wings! GlamEST- NO, Victory Roll! TWO and Bianca has the cover, TWO! Asuka catches Bianca to a backslide, TWO! BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!!!

Bianca survives again, but nothing is ruining Asuka’s mood! She still grins and fans say “This is Awesome!” as she drags Bianca by her hair. The ref reprimands, Asuka lets go, then whips Bianca, only for Bianca to reverse! Asuka tumbles out, but then drags Bianca out by her hair! Asuka whips but Bianca stops from hitting steps, and she elbows Asuka back! Bianca sends Asuka into the steps! The ref reprimands them both, the ring count starts, and Bianca slides in at 2, only for Asuka to drag her out. Bianca returns the favor, the count rises, and they start shoving. Then they start throwing forearms!

Bianca CLUBS Asuka, puts Asuka in at 7, and hurries in after her. Asuka has the hair again! Asuka CLUBS away on Bianca, but Bianca RAMS her into ropes! Bianca CLUBS away on Asuka now, fans fire up and Asuka shoves Bianca away. The ref wants them to listen to her, and Bianca nods. Bianca goes to Asuka, RAMS her in a corner, fires off again, but the ref counts. The ref gets between them, Asuka MISTS! But Bianca narrowly avoids it! That was Asuka’s one shot, and now she’s mad! They run, Bianca gets around, torture rack! But Asuka arm-drags free! And catches Bianca to an ARMBAR!!

Bianca kicks, flails, fights around, stacks Asuka and covers, TWO! But Bianca deadlifts Asuka, for a POWERBOMB! That took all Bianca had there and she falls over! Fans fire up as Bianca shakes her arm out. Asuka goes tot he apron, Bianca storms over and grabs at her. The ref has Bianca back off, and then Asuka spits more mist, but on her own hand!? Bianca storms back over, torture racks again, but gets MIST FINGERS in the eyes!! ROUNDHOUSE!! BUZZSAW!! Cover, ASUKA WINS!!!

Winner: Asuka, by pinfall (NEW Raw Women’s Champion)

Asuka found a way around the rules, and now SHE rules over all! The EST’s great reign comes to an end, will no one be ready for this wicked Empress?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley w/ Dominik Mysterio VS Natalya!

The Eradicator may have the blue brand’s belt, but she and The Judgment Day still run Monday Night Raw. However, the Queen of Harts says Rhea doesn’t show respect to anyone. Rhea disagrees, she does respect Natalya, which is why she’s going to do Natty the honor of ending her career! Will the world see Rhea’s brutality? Or will Natty win herself the greatest birthday present ever?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if we get another new champion tonight!

The bell rings and Dom talks trash on Natty. The ref reprimands, but Rhea CLOBBERS Natty from behind! Rhea stomps Natty out of the ring, goes out after her and BOOTS her at the desk! Then Rhea drags Natty up to SMACK her off the desk! “You ain’t nothing, Natty!” Rhea SMACKS Natty off the desk again, and again! Rhea RAMS Natty into the steel steps! Fans are torn but Dom is loving this. Rhea brings Natty around, and RAMS her into the other steel steps! Rhea drags Natty up, puts her in the ring, and then storms up to HEADBUTT Natty down! Rhea drags Natty up, pump handles and lifts, RIPTIDE!! Cover, Rhea wins!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Brutality and agility, because that was fast and furious! Dom celebrates with Mami, and Rhea mockingly tells Natty happy birthday. Will nothing stop Rhea from eradicating every woman put in her way?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

Byron Saxton is with the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and Rollins wants Byron to do better than that. Say it with some oomph, some stank. The NEW~ World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Yes, sounds so good! It has been a long, long time, nearly four YEARS, since Rollins held world championship gold. And tonight, on the night of nights, the starts are bright, and Rollins walks out our new WHC. That feels good! Feels right! Doesn’t it? Yes, right now. But what about going forward? What does the future of Raw look like with Rollins on top?

Oh, Sax Man, the more things change, the more they stay the same! Rollins will be live on Raw, and every Monday night moving forward, but the only difference will be that Rollins has world championship things on his mind! He is the Visionary, he is a revolutionary, and finally, he is world champion, Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins! HAHAHA!


Cody Rhodes VS Brock Lesnar!

The American Nightmare thought he finished this story at Backlash, but The Beast said nothing is over until he says it’s over! Lesnar has already broken Cody’s arm, but will he break Cody’s body, mind and spirit? Or can Cody pull off another miraculous victory to keep his own story going?

Fans sing Cody’s song, and we can see Cody has a titanium “Exos cast” to keep his arm together. Cody fires the fans up and has his pyro, but Lesnar grins because he sees that cast as a target. The bell rings and the two circle. Cody keeps the bad arm back but Lesnar approaches. Cody avoids being cornered and Lesnar nods. They circle again, Lesnar approaches again, but Cody again avoids being cornered. Cody bails out of the ring but Lesnar grins again. Cody says Lesnar wanted to fight, so let’s fight! Lesnar goes out after Cody, chases him around, they get back in the ring and Cody fires off hands!

But Lesnar RAMS Cody int a corner! And RAMS him again, and again! Lesnar clinches to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Cody flounders and goes to the ropes while Lesnar grins. Fans chant “SUPLEX CITY!” and Lesnar hits another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Cody flounders to ropes again, clutching the bad arm. Lesnar puts Cody in a corner to RAM him in again! And then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly again! Fans fire up as this makes three suplexes already. Lesnar stalks Cody, brings him up, but Cody ROCKS Lesnar with the cast hand! And again! And again! And again! Cody is going Cowboy Bob Orton on Lesnar!

Lesnar clinches Cody but Cody ROCKS him with the cast! Cody runs to RAM Lesnar out of the ring! Cody then builds speed, to DIVE! Cast first, too! Lesnar leans on the desk, Cody goes up to leap, AX HANDLE! Lesnar flounders into the ring, Cody climbs up, and he AX HANDLES again! Cover, TWO!! Lesnar survives taking titanium to the head again and again but fans fire up for Cody. Cody runs, springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK! Cody springboards again, CODY CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Lesnar is still hanging tough, but Cody is stalking him now. Cody roars and waits on Lesnar to rise!

Lesnar stands, Cody dragon sleepers, CROSS RHODES!! But Cody’s arm bothers him, he can’t make the cover! Lesnar rises again, those stitches popping open. Cody dragon sleepers, for another CROSS RHODES!! Fans are thunderous and Cody grits his teeth. Lesnar sits up in a daze, Cody shouts for him to get up again! Lesnar staggers up, Cody dragon sleepers again, but Lesnar spins around! KIMURA!!! Lesnar has the already busted arm, can Cody turn this around like he did at Backlash?! Cody moves around, reaches out, but Lesnar has the body scissors, too! Cody reaches out, fights up, but Lesnar drags him back down!

Fans are thunderously rallying for Cody as he keeps fighting, and he pushes forward again! TWO and Lesnar still has the arm! Lesnar shouts at Cody to give up but the fans rally! Cody pushes, Lesnar rolls it through and he is sitting up with the KIMURA!! Cody reaches out, he’s so close to the ropes! Cody claws at Lesnar’s back, fans rally behind him, but Cody is fading out! The pain is overwhelming him! The ref checks, but Cody comes back to life!! Lesnar is shocked but he keeps pulling on the bad arm! Cody scoots and crawls, he claws at Lesnar’s back more, and fans are thunderous! Cody starts to fade again, but he gets the ROPEBREAK!!

Lesnar lets go in frustration and the ref checks Cody. The cast is made of titanium but what is Cody made of!? Lesnar snarls, he storms back over to Cody and brings him up. Fireman’s carry, but Cody slips free! CROSS RHODES!!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Lesnar survives again, what is HE made of?! Both men sit up, Cody grabs Lesnar’s arm and ROCKS him with the cast! And again! And again! And again! But Lesnar fireman’s carries again!! F5!!! But Lesnar can’t make the cover, he’s too tired! Lesnar crawls over, pushes Cody to a cover, TWO!!?? Fans say “This is Awesome!”, but just what is it gonna take to end this?

Lesnar drags Cody into the KIMURA!! Lesnar makes Cody suffer again, and he sits back up with the hold! Cody is fading, the ref checks, and Cody is OUT!! Lesnar wins!!

Winner: Brock Lesnar, by referee stoppage

But Lesnar isn’t letting go! The ref shouts, the bell rings more, and Lesnar finally lets go! Cody sputters back awake, will he learn later that he could not win a fight with The Beast? As for Lesnar, is he finally going to let this chapter of the story end?


Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa w/ Paul Heyman!

Speaking of stories, it seems one story that has yet to end is the drama of the Prizefighter, the Great Liberator and The Bloodline. Kevin & Sami have all but broken up the Tribal Chief’s table, will this be the last straw? Or will Roman celebrate 1000 years as Universal Champion by becoming THE Undisputed Champion of WWE?

As always, Roman raises the belts for the pyro. The Bloodline continues down the ramp and into the ring, for Roman to raise the belts again for more pyro. Then Kevin and Sami make their entrances, Sami in a formal white robe. The fans sing Sami’s song as he and Kevin go down to the ring, and the champs are fired up! The introductions are made, Heyman interrupting to make his introduction for himself and the “soon to be NEW tag team champions. First, from the Island of Relevancy, the Sultan of the Spike, ladies and gentlemen, this is… SOLO! Ladies and gentlemen, on his 1000th day of a historic championship reign, the reigning! Defending! Undisputed! WWE! Universal! Heavyweight! Champion! ROMAN! REIGNS!!”

Heyman gives the mic back and says that’s how it is done. But Sami takes the mic now, and he says in Arabian that we should all hold on a second. Sami says that tonight, in this ring, it is the WWE Tag Team Champions, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn! The fans are thunderous, the tag belts are raised, and we see what it truly takes to be tag team champions!

The teams sort out and as fans sing “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~” for Sami, Kevin starts against Roman. Fans fire up as the bell rings and the fans sing “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~” again. Roman gets annoyed, and Kevin realizes who should really start this match. Sami offers the hand, and Kevin tags him in! Roman smirks and nods as fans are thunderous for “SAMI! SAMI!” Roman gets annoyed as it keeps going, and he circles with Sami. Roman says no one would know who Sami is without him! Sami begs to differ, given the “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” returns. Roman gets annoyed and tags out to Solo, which fans boo.

Solo and Roman circle now while Roman cools off outside. Roman says he should’ve never let Sami into the Bloodline! The fans keep chanting for Sami, Roman yells at them, and the fans boo. Roman then tells Solo to take Sami out. Solo and Sami tie up, are in a deadlock, but Solo throws Sami away! Solo eggs Sami on, fans boo, and Sami comes back. They circle again, the fans are still thunderous, and the tension builds. The two tie up, Solo powers Sami to a corner, and the ref counts. Solo lets off, swings, but Sami dodges to CHOP! Sami backs away and eggs Solo on. Solo wipes it off, but Kevin fires the fans up more.

Solo and Sami tie up and Solo puts Sami in another corner. Solo CHOPS and ROCKS and rains down fists! The ref counts, Solo lets off and roars, but the fans boo. Roman soaks up the heat, Solo brings Sami up and whips him corner to corner. Solo runs in but into an elbow! Sami goes up, leaps, AX HANDLE! Fans fire up and Sami brings Solo up for more haymakers. Sami whips, Solo reverses and CLOBBERS Sami! Roman nods and tells Solo to keep going. Sami sits up, he looks to Kevin, and Kevin says sure, why not. Kevin tags in and fans fire up as Kevin fires haymakers on Solo! Kevin knees, ROCKS Solo and runs, but into an UPPERCUT!

Solo stalks Kevin to a corner, HEADBUTTS him, but Kevin COHPS! Solo SLAPS Kevin, Kevin kicks low, and the forearms go back and forth. Solo HEADBUTTS Kevin, but Kevin BOOTS back! Roman avoids the back elbow, but Kevin avoids Solo to CHOP and fire forearms. Kevin whips, Solo reverses but Sami tags in! Kevin KNEES Solo, Sami drop toeholds, and Kevin SENTONS! Fans are thunderous but Roman runs in to CLOBBER Kevin! Sami chases Roman off but Roman taunts him and the fans. And then Solo CLOBBERS Sami! Fans rally for Sami and that upsets Roman. Solo CHOKES Sami on the ropes!

The ref counts, Solo lets off, and then Roman CHOKES Sami behind the ref’s back! Fans boo but Roman gets away with it. Solo drags Sami from the ropes, scoops him and SLAMS him, then runs to FALLING HEADBUTT! Solo yells at Sami, then he drags Sami around. Solo stomps Sami in the stomach but the fans rally up. Roman is almost confused by this, but Solo keeps Sami from Kevin. Solo HEADBUTTS Sami down, and he tags Roman in. Fans boo as The Tribal Chief steps in, but he talks trash on them. Roman goes to Sami, stomps him and throws hands. Sami flounders against ropes and Roman stomps him down.

The ref reprimands, fans chant “ROMAN SUCKS!” but Roman CHOKES Sami on the ropes! The ref counts and Roman lets off at 4. Roman taunts the ref but the ref says respect his authority. Roman snap suplexes Sami and covers, TWO! Roman is upset but the ref says that count was fair. Fans boo Roman being a brat but he goes back to Sami. Sami stands to CHOP! Roman smirks, but Sami CHOPS again! Roman UPPERCUTS Sami off his feet. Roman brushes himself off, and says, “What? You think you’re the Nature Boy now?” Roman throws Sami out of the ring, distracts the ref, and Solo goes after Sami!

Solo throws hands, then he SMACKS Sami off the desk! But Kevin attacks back! The ref sees all this, Kevin points out what Solo was doing, and Sami gets to the apron. Roman goes out to put Sami in the ring, then he goes to a corner. Fans boo but Roman tells them to hush. Roman taunts Kevin, the ref keeps Kevin back, and Roman throws hands on Sami. Roman stomps Sami, but fans chant “ROMAN SUCKS!” Roman is annoyed by that, but then Sami throws body shots! And haymakers! Roman UPPERCUTS Sami back down! Roman winces, fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” but Roman frowns. Roman tags Solo and they drag Sami up.

The Bloodline mugs Sami, CLUBS him down, and the ref reprimands. Roman says okay, okay, and he exits. Sami crawls but Solo stomps him down. Solo drags Sami up, whips him, and SAMOAN DROPS him! Solo talks trash in Samoan and Roman says they’re the future tag team champions. Fans rally with “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~” but Solo drags Sami up. Solo clamps a claw into the shoulder but Sami endures. Sami fights up, fans fire up, and Sami throws body shots. Solo ROCKS Sami, TOSSES him out, and now Roman gets to go after Sami, but Sami ROCKS Roman first! Sami fires off hands and fans fire up!

Solo sees this, hurries out, but Sami sends Solo into the desk! Sami hurries into the ring and crawls, but Solo runs in to stomp him down! Solo brings Sami up, bumps him off buckles, then SUPERKICKS Kevin! Fans boo but Solo goes to Sami. Solo puts Sami up, SLAPS him, and talks trash. Fans rally, Sami gets mad, and he ROCKS Solo in return! And again, and then fires off rapid kicks! And then TORNADO DDTS! Both men are down, but fans rally as Kevin rises! Sami and Solo crawl, hot tags to Roman and Kevin! The Prizefighter dodges Roman to CHOP, and fire off haymakers! Fans fire up as Kevin stomps away!

The ref counts, Roman bails out, but Kevin goes out after him! Kevin LARIATS Roman down, then SENTONS on the floor! Fans fire up and Kevin puts Roman in the ring. Roman staggers up, swings, but misses! Kevin SUPERKICKS Roman down! Kevin goes to a corner, “SUCK IT!” but Solo is back! Kevin DECKS Solo, but Roman CLOBBERS Kevin! Fans boo and that annoys Roman again. Roman raises the finger, #HeTheOne. Roman locks ‘n’ loads, runs in, but Kevin avoids the Superman Punch! Roman avoids the lariat, returns, but into a POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! But Kevin just goes right up the corner!

Kevin aims to FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives but Heyman looks very worried! “This is Awesome!” while both men are down. Kevin rises first, he goes to another corner, and he waits on Roman to rise. Roman sits up, Kevin runs in and kicks! But Roman shoves Kevin away, Solo HOTSHOTS! Kevin staggers into the SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO! Kevin survives and Roman is in disbelief. Roman says, “I’M the champion! I’m gonna be the tag team champions now, you understand? I’m gonna have all the championships!” Fans boo Roman, which again upsets him. But Roman just goes to a corner and reloads.

Roman lets out the battle cry, he runs in, but into a KNEE! And a kick! And a STUNNER!! Roman rebounds to SPEAR!!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Heyman holds up the lei and tells the Tribal Chief to rise up. Roman raises his finger, crawls to the corner, but Sami is back! Kevin also crawls, hot tags to Solo and Sami! Sami rallies on the Enforcer of the island with haymakers from all sides! Sami whips, Solo reverses, but Sami goes up and over to then clothesline Solo out of the ring! Sami then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans fire up as Sami powers back up!

Sami pushes Solo into the ring, fans sing again, and Sami gets around to a BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Solo is still in this and Heyman is still a bit worried. Fans rally up for Sami as he sits back up. Sami goes to a corner, he waits on Solo in the other. Fans are thunderous again, Solo stands up, and Sami runs in! HELLUVA- SUPERKICK!! Solo hits first, then roars and grabs Sami by the hair! SAMOAN- BOOT from Sami! And then a CORNER EXPLODER! Fans fire up as Sami reloads fast! HELLUVA KICK!!! Cover, Roman breaks it in time!! Fans can’t believe it but this isn’t over yet!

Roman scowls and talks trash on Sami. Roman tells the ref to get back and he rains down fists! The ref reprimands, fans boo, and Roman lets off to glare at the ref. Roman drags Sami up, fireman’s carries, but Sami fights free! Sami fires hands on Roman now! Roman shoves Sami back, Sami dodges but almost runs into the ref! Roan runs in, but Sami sends the SPEAR into the ref!!! Roman is furious, but then he realizes this is an opening. But Sami is locked ‘n’ loaded! He mocks Roman, and SUPERMAN PUNCHES him!! Fans fire up as Sami gets Roman with his own move! Sami then goes to the corner and mocks the “OOAH~!”

Sami runs in, but into a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman brings that outta nowhere, and he says Sami can’t be him. But then Kevin SPEARS Roman!! Kevin rains down fists on Roman, he and Roman bail out, and Kevin SMACKS Roman off the desk! Again and again, dribbling him like a basketball! Then Kevin RAMS Roman into steel steps! Fans fire up as Kevin clears off the Arabian announce desk! And then he clears off the American desk, too! Kevin drags Roman up and over, puts him on the American desk, but the USOS are here!?! They attack Kevin! And DOUBLE SUPERKICK him down!

The Usos get Roman out of the way, they beat down Kevin and then tip the desk onto him! The Usos then aim at Sami, SUPERKICK from Jey! SUPERKICK from Jimmy! Solo stands, but Sami ducks, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS hit Solo!!! Roman sees that and is furious! The Usos realize they messed up hitting their own brother, but Roman misunderstands! Roman asks them what the hell they’re even doing here anyway! They were told to stay home! The Usos try to explain, but Roman pie faces Jimmy! Jey says they’re just trying to help! Roman says they’re not helping! They’re disobeying him! He pie faces Jey now!

Roman tells Jey there ain’t no more Day One, but then JIMMY SUPERKICKS ROMAN!!! Even JIMMY is in disbelief!! Jey asks what the heck, Jimmy?! This is ROMAN! Why’d he do that?! Fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” and then Jimmy tells Jey to listen for once! This is what they shoulda done years ago! SUPERKICK for Roman again!!! Jimmy is all fired up, Heyman is in disbelief! Jimmy says this is THEIR time now! Jimmy would never treat Jey like Roman’s treated them! They are BROTHERS! Jey goes to Roman’s side but Jimmy says no, the Usos are for the Usos, not for Roman!

The Usos leave, and fans fire up! Jey is still reluctant, but he still goes. Solo stands, he’s furious, but Kevin gives him a STUNNER!! Sami is back, he gives Solo a HELLUVA KICK!!!! Cover, but there’s no ref! Wait, a new one slides in! Cover, SAMI & KEVIN WINS!!

Winners: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, by pinfall (still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions)

Jey can’t believe what Jimmy’s done, but Jimmy says that’s what Roman gets! Roman himself is in disbelief over what just happened. Is this the last day The Bloodline is a faction? As for Kevin & Sami, could this be just the beginning of their own historic reign?

My Thoughts:

What an awesome Night of Champions! I can only nitpick using the phrasing of “triple main event” when, for one, only a match that closes the show is the main event. And even then, they didn’t have all three matches at the end to try and say they all closed the show. But WWE is gonna use phrasing however they want because they can. But given that, the World Heavyweight Championship opening was a surprise. I already said in the build to this that it was a given Rollins was going to win since it was Styles going against him and Styles is anchored to SmackDown with the OC. But I also said it was going to be an awesome match, which it was. Rollins has any number of possibilities for a first challenger, even with MITB coming and grabbing up a few people into the ladder match.

And great move to have Becky VS Trish follow, too, that was great stuff. Zoey Stark getting involved was a surprise I could not have called, but what a great spot for her to get in on. The feud with Candice LeRae and Nikki Cross just wasn’t working right, so Stark moving up into a big time story like this is great. I already sense a tag match of Trish & Zoey VS Becky and a returning Lita for an even bigger battle of generations. It also is a way to keep Becky out of the MITB picture, she’s above titles now.

And speaking of, great women’s title matches. I did not see either finish coming, and they were both rather creative. Rhea getting the jump on Natty thanks to Dom should’ve been a given, and Rhea beating Natty was itself a given, but I didn’t think it’d end up a squash. And then Bianca VS Asuka was great stuff, and it was also clear that the mist was gonna come into play. But great creativity for Asuka to miss with the spit attack to then go with mist soaked hands. Asuka winning was a surprise in itself, so this was a great way to do it that keeps Bianca strong and adds to Asuka’s Heel power. As I theorized on last night’s SmackDown, I’m thinking the Women’s MITB will factor into putting the right titles on the right shows, and I’d love for interactions between Rhea and this new sinister Asuka.

Gunther VS Ali was great stuff, and naturally the fans were on Ali’s side. But given the teasing of Riddle VS Gunther even with Ali being the winner of the battle royal, Ali was not going to get this title off Gunther. But it was a great match from Ali, so I hope this leads to something good for him, perhaps the MITB ladder match. Great stuff out of Cody VS Lesnar, and very clever that Cody would use his cast as a legal weapon in the match. But at the same time, Cody can’t be so overpowered, so passing out to the Kimura was the logical finish. Cody VS Lesnar Round 3 could easily be at MITB, but given Cody’s “broken” arm and Lesnar preferring the biggest paychecks possible, perhaps they save this for SummerSlam in Detroit, not MITB in London.

And of course, the one true main event was the tag title match because it also has the Bloodline story involved. I loved everything about that segment, but especially The Usos’ part to play. They took things into their own hands again even though Roman didn’t want them to, and then Jimmy finally snapped, Superkick’d Roman and we all cheered! Jimmy saying this is what they should’ve done all along was also a great detail, because it calls back to almost three years ago when Roman used Jimmy against Jey to make them both fall in line. This Bloodline Civil War stuff is going to be great, SmackDown next Friday is going to be huge.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (5/26/23)

The Acclaimed are on a Rampage!



Get ready to scissor in Sin City!

Just days before Double or Nothing, AEW Rampage sees The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn continue in trios action! Will they be aiming for The House of Black soon enough?


  • Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS La Faccion Ingobernable; The Acclaimed & Billy win.
  • Six Man Tag: Ethan Page & The Gunns VS ???; Ethan & The Gunns win.
  • Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida VS Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir; Britt & Shida win.
  • Best Friends VS Lee Moriarty & “Big Bill” Morrissey; Moriarty & Morrissey win.


Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS La Faccion Ingobernable!

Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass won the Tres de Mayo Trios Battle Royal over three weeks ago and are still building momentum in the Trios Division. But will they be able to bring down Rush, Dralistico & Preston Vance? Or will LFI make Sin City tranquilo?

But of course, Platinum Max has a diss track! “Acclaimed in the house, we the nicest ever. This is not a game, this is not Fight Forever. Rush, you’re losing your cred. How you gonna fight us with all your pubes on your head? Wait, is this guy from Tijuana, bro? He looks like the dominatrix at the donkey show! We’ll make your crew say adios. Acclaimed here to win this match mas rapido!” Bowens gets the mic to say, “LAAAAS VEGAAAAAS~! The Acclaimed have arrived! SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS~!” And he does~! But will this be muy bien for The Acclaimed? Or muy malo?

The trios sort out and fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” Bowens starts against Dralistico and the two circle. Dralistico copies the conducting of the choir, and even offers the scissor finger. Bowens goes to accept but Dralistico kicks low! Dralistoco CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! But Bowens turns things around to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Dralistico CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, but Bowens CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Bowens whips, Dralistico goes up and over and then ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! Bowens comes back with a mule kick, front kick, and KOTARO KRUSHER! Fans fire up because “EVERYONE Loves The Acclaimed!”

But Dralistico gets away and tags in Perro Peligroso. Bowens tags in Caster, and The Dangerous Dog circles with Platinum Max. They tie up, Vance headlocks, and Caster powers up and out. Vance runs Caster over, mocks the scissors, then runs. Caster drops, hurdles, then arm-drags! Caster has Vance’s arm and thrusts with it! Then Caster clamps the armlock, but Vance fights up to ROCK him with a forearm! Vance whips, Caster ducks ‘n’ dodges, and leaps, but into Vance’s arms! Vance FALL AWAY SLAMS Caster towards his corner! Billy tags in and fans fire up! Billy is a big man, just like Vance.

Billy takes off the brand new “I ♥ 2 Scissor” shirt, and shows off the DADDY ABS! Billy raises the hands, calling for a test of strength. Vance goes to oblige, but then Billy tells him “SUCK IT!” Fans fire up but Vance CHOPS Billy! Vance tells Billy to “SUCK IT!” then runs, but into a scoop! Billy carries Vance around, to FALL AWAY SLAM! What Vance can do, Billy can do better! Billy scoops and SLAMS Vance, tags Bowens in, but then Rush rushes in to ROCK Billy! Dralistico attacks Bowens and Caster, the LFI turn things around as they throw out Billy and Bowens. Billy is sent into the steps! Bowens and Caster are sent into railing!

Fans rally for The Acclaimed but the LFI all stomp away on Caster in the ring. The LFI mock the scissors, and then just flip off Caster before raising the LFI fists. Fans boo while Rampage goes picture in picture.

The LFI mug Caster more, then Rush CHOPS him in a corner. Dralistico CHOPS Caster, and then Vance stands Caster back up to CHOP him, too! LFI double whip Caster corner to corner, Dralistico runs in to SPLASH, and then Vance runs in to clothesline! Rush powers up, runs, and jumps just to BOOT Caster! Rush rolls back to tranquilo while the rest of LFI raise the fists. Fans rally for The Acclaimed while Vance bumps Caster off buckles. Vance then runs to BOOT Bowens! Rush drags Caster out, throws body shots, and then he and Dralistico put Caster back in for Vance. Vance then sends Caster back out to them, to send into railing!

Fans boo, the ref reprimands, but then LFI brawls with The Acclaimed on the outside! Rampage returns to single picture as fans chant “REF YOU SUCK!” Billy is sent into railing, and Dralistico dumps Bowens over into the front row! Vance keeps on Caster while Dralistico HEADBUTTS Bowens while he’s sitting on a fan’s lap! The fans help Bowens get up, Vance drags Caster up and tags in Dralistico. Dralistico CHOPS, then throws forearm after forearm. Dralistico goes side to side for a SUPERKICK! Dralistico lounges up top and the fans boo. Dralistico drags Caster up to whip but Caster blocks!

Dralistico CHOPS Caster, has him in an open corner, and he whips Caster corner to corner again. Caster dodges the splash! Dralistico rushes back after Caster, Caster dodges, and they DOUBLE LARIAT! Both men are down, they crawl for their teams, hot tags to Vance and Billy! Daddy Ass rallies on LFI! He SPLASHES Vance in a corner, brings him out, kicks low and, well, “SUCK IT!” FAMOUSER!! Cover, but Jose helps with the ropebreak! Fans boo, they know the truth! Jose mocks the scissor fingers while celebrating his antics. But Caster tosses Jose in! Billy drags Jose up while Caster RAMS Dralistico into railing!

Bowens RAMS Rush into railing on the other side, then goes to the corner. Billy scoop SLAMS Jose into position! Bowens is up top, SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! Jose flounders out of the ring, and the fans fire up as The Acclaimed- NO, Rush & Dralistico drag Caster & Bowens out of the ring! Billy swings on Vance but he dodges, to DISCUS LARIAT!! Cover, Caster breaks it! Caster says Billy but Rush CLOBBERS Caster! Billy is in the corner, Rush stomps him! Fans boo, but El Toro Blanco says “When you mess with the bull,” only to turn around into Bowens’ Five Tool Strike Fest! SUPERKICK!!

Rush bails out, but Dralistico springboards in, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Dralistico drags Bowens up, but Bowens wrenches and clinches, THE ARRIVAL! Caster hurries, he tags in off Billy and climbs up! MIC DROP!! Cover, The Acclaimed win!!

Winners: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn, by pinfall

A fast ‘n’ furious battle, and Daddy Ass and his boys make it through! Bowens gets the mic to say, “How we doin’ tonight, Vegas?” Fans cheer, they’re doing great! “The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass, we feel the exact same way, because we’ve been running through this Trios Division all month long! And seeing as though we are in Vegas, I think we should do some gambling. What do you say?” Bowens says that if Vegas is gonna gamble, maybe Sunday night, remember this: The House always wins, but never bet on Black! Because EVERYONE LOVES THE ACCLAIMED! Bowens, Caster & Billy call out Malakai, Brody & Buddy, will the scissors cut down the House of Black?


Six Man Tag: Ethan Page & The Gunns VS ???

From one trios match to another, All Ego & The Ass Boys are taking on The Hardy Party at Double or Nothing, with Ethan’s contract on the line! Will Ethan, Austin & Colten be rolling into Sunday to exact revenge on Matt & Jeff?

The trios sort out, Austin starts against ??? and the two circle. Ethan & Colten distract ???, and Austin CLOBBERS him! Austin swaggers, then tags in Colten. Colten drags ??? up, puts him in the corner and stomps away on him! The ref counts, Colten lets off to tell her to shut up! Tag to Austin, Austin stomps a mudhole now, but the ref counts again. Austin lets off and shouts, then tags Colten back in. The Gunns whip, body shot, knee lift, and then LARIAT! Fans boo but the Gunns soak it up. Colten says if Ethan wants some, here he goes. Tag to Ethan and he soaks up the heat while trotting around ???

Ethan stomps ??? then brings him up, only to get a JAWBREAKER! Hot tag to 222! The Gunns jump in but Austin misses, Colten gets a BOOT, and then Austin gets a haymaker! 222 throws more heavy hands, but then Ethan BOOTS him down! Fans boo as Ethan looms over 222 and shouts, “Are you kidding me?” The Gunns take care of ??? and 333 by throwing them into the railing! Ethan puts 222 up, crosses the arms, ICONOCLASM! And then he and the Gunns get 222 up, feed to the 3:10 TO YUMA!! Cover, Ethan & The Gunns win!

Winners: Ethan Page & The Gunns, by pinfall

Ethan isn’t done, either, he wants a mic! A mic is given, and Ethan says he wants to talk to the “bozos” in Vegas. “Shut up, you basic ass civilians.” Ethan doesn’t care if anyone here was watching, he wants The Hardy Boyz to have been watching. Because if so, they just saw what a REAL three man crew, a REAL trio, can do! A REAL team! And on Sunday, guess we won’t find out what the Hardy Party can do because these three took out Kassidy! FOR GOOD! So it is clearly going to be 3v2 now. But wait, here come the Hardy Boys! Fans fire up as Matt & Jeff are on stage, and Jeff has a mic of his own!

Jeff says, “The Ass Boys are looking good out here on Rampage with a boost of ego. This Sunday, the Egos will be DELETED, compliments of us.” Matt tells Ethan that his contract and his ass will belong to Matt now! If they have to fight 3v2, they’re not afraid to. Because to them, fear is only a four letter word. Wait, Kassidy is here with a neck brace? Ethan mocks them to come on down, and Austin mocks the moaning and squealing. Kassidy says unfortunately, the doctor did not clear him to compete. However… He found a replacement. It’s HOOK!! The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil did help Hardy Party in the Firm Deletion, so he has returned to help them again!

Fans fire up as Hook follows the Hardy Boys to the ring, and that sends Ethan & The Gunns running! Will the remnants of The Firm be torn down once and for all now that Kassidy has #SentHook?


Backstage interview with Naturally Limitless.

Lexi Nair is with Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes, and we all know things have been heating up between them and the now Mogul Embassy. It has just been announced that Swerve Strickland and Brian Cage are both in the Blackjack Battle Royal, as are they. What does that mean for them? Imagine that, huh? Swerve and Cage in a battle royal. So after Keith & Dustin eliminate them, because this is all for the International Championship, then Keith & Dustin can just eliminate everyone else and then make a decision on who wins it all. Dustin is confident he and Keith can come to an agreement.

But Swerve and Cage, you know it’s heated. You know it’s coming. Be ready. Keith adds that if the Embassy is in this, then he can’t wait! Keith heads out, and Dustin hopes Swerve saw that. Will nothing stop Keith & Dustin settling things with Swerve’s House this Sunday?


Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida VS Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir!

While The Doctor & The Full Metal Warrior couldn’t put away the Outcasts, they are sticking together in this ongoing battle of AEW Homegrowns and everyone else. Will these former AEW Women’s World Champions prove they are still a formidable team? Or will the Vicious Vixens be a major problem for them?

The teams sort out, Shida starts against Nyla as no strangers to each other. They circle, and then Nyla kicks low and CLUBS Shida on the back! Nyla bumps Shida off buckles, then tags in Marina. The Vixens double whip, but Shida ducks the double ax handles to shove Marina into Nyla, and then shove them both into a corner! Shida runs corner to corner to KNEE them both down! Shida then snap suplexes Marina onto Nyla! Fans fire up with Shida and she points to Britt. Fans fire up as Shida tags in Britt! Britt fires off on Marina, but Marina shoves her back. Britt dodges, comes back, SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO!

Britt keeps on Marina with hammering elbows, then she wraps on a chinlock. Britt brings Marina up but Marina blocks the suplex. Britt powers up and still suplexes Marina up and over! Cover, TWO! Britt brings Marin up, ROCKS her, and then whips her to ropes. Marina reverses to CHOP and BOOT Britt down! Marina scowls, storms up on Britt, and tags in Nyla. The Vixens mug Britt in the corner, and Nyla CHOKES Britt on the ropes! Nyla laughs right into the corner camera before she lets go at 4. Fans boo as Nyla stands on Britt and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Nyla lets off as the ref counts, and then Nyla drags Britt up. Nyla scoops Britt to SLAM her down, then she soaks up the heat. Nyla stomps Britt, drags her up, and scoops to SLAM her again! Nyla mocks the “D! M! D!” and then stalks Britt to scoop her again. Britt slips off, but Nyla choke grips her for a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Marina and Shida shout at each other, and Nyla brings Britt up to CLUB her on the back. Nyla bumps Britt off buckles, tags Marina, and Marina fires off body shots! Marina kicks Britt’s legs out, then tags Nyla back in. The Vixens drag Britt up to whip her hard into the corner!

Marina whips Nyla in to SPLASH! And then Nyla feeds Britt to Marina’s BOOT! Marina taunts Shida, clamps onto Britt with an armlock, and she grinds Britt down. Britt endures, reaches out, throws slapping hands on Marina, but then Marina whips Britt back into the corner! Nyla tags back in, the Vixens mug Britt more, and Nyla RAMS Britt in the corner! And again! And again! Nyla sits Britt down, digs her boot in, and mockingly counts along with the ref before letting off at 4. Nyla snapmares, clamps claws onto Britt’s shoulders, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and the Vixens double whip Britt into their corner again! Marina sends Nyla in but Britt avoids the splash! Marina hurries after Britt, misses, and she stubs a toe on the ropes! Gotta be careful going barefoot! Hot tag to Shida! Shida dodges Marina, ENZIGURIS her down, then rolls to SHOTEI Nyla! Marina throws a forearm, but Shida throws a flurry in return! Fans fire up with Shida as she just hammers away on Marina! Marina staggers around, swings, but Shida DECKS her! Shida puts Marina in a corner, climbs up, and Shida rains down more fists! The fans count along and Shida gets all the way to TEN!

Shida roars, brings Marina out with a kick, and then adjusts up top to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Shida tags Britt then runs to ROCK Nyla! Britt brings Marina up, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, but Nyla scoop SLAMS Shida onto it! Nyla is mad and she hoists Britt up. Nyla hangs Britt out to dry, then goes to the corner! Nyla climbs, aims, but Shida saves her from the knee! Nyla runs back in, but Shida & Britt dump her out hard! And then a METEORA to the floor wipes the Native Beast out! Britt has a glove, she spells it out, “D! M! D!” But Marina CHOPS, KICKS and KICKS! But Britt dodges to SUPERKICK!

Britt hurries to ripcord and- NO, Marina gets around to ripcord and SAYANAGI! Cover, TWO into a ghost pin! TWO into the RINGS OF SATURN! Shida is in, KATANA puts Marina into the LOCK JAW!! Marina is OUT, the ref calls it! Britt & Shida win!

Winners: Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida, by submission

A hard fought victory for the Doctor and the Warrior! But wait, The Outcasts are on the tron! And they’re all shaking their heads but smirking as they stand over JAMIE HAYTER! They went after her backstage! Shida & Britt hurry to the back but the damage has been done! Will Hayter be able to defend the AEW Women’s World Championship after this?


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

“Tonight, ahead of the Blackjack Battle Royal, Lee Moriarty & Big Bill take on Best Friends. Let’s see which team comes out on top. Well, it looks like there’s been enough talk. It’s TIME for the main event!” Will Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor have the hot hand going into the International Championship match? Or will #TAIGASTYLE and the human skyscraper make bust them already?

Best Friends VS Lee Moriarty & “Big Bill” Morrissey!

As Best Friends make their entrance, we see their best amigos, Bandido, Komander and even The Lucha Brothers all watching from the front row. They’re all going to be in the battle royal, too, and well, look at that. It would seem The Superbad Squad and the Varsity Athletes had the same idea. They’re all together in one section watching this in person, too.

Anyway, the teams sort out and Moriarty starts against Chuck. They circle, Chuck does some drop steps, and then the two tie up. Chuck waistlocks, wrenches an arm, then wristlocks. Moriarty works on the escape, but Chuck cranks the wrist. Moriarty stomps a leg, rolls and kips up to then arm-drag free. Chuck backs off and Moriarty does his dance. Fans boo but Bill cheers. Trent tags in and he circles with Moriarty. They tie up, Moriarty gets around to a waistlock but Trent switches. Moriarty switches back, Trent switches again, but Moriarty elbows free and hits a headlock takeover.

Trent headscissors, Moriarty kips free and hits another headlock takeover. Trent headscissors again, Moriarty kips free again, and fans cheer the standoff. Moriarty does his dance and fans boo again. Moriarty claps at Trent, but Trent offers a handshake. Moriarty accepts, but he sees the cheap shot coming! Trent laughs it off, but Moriarty rakes the eyes! Moriarty CHOPS Trent to ropes, whips him, but Trent reverses. Chuck hits Moriarty, but Moriarty DECKS him! But then Trent CLOBBERS Moriarty! Fans fire up with Trent and he brings Moriarty up. Trent CHOPS Moriarty down, then tags Chuck.

Best Friends double whip Moriarty to a corner, then Trent sends Chuck in to clothesline! Trent runs in to ELBOW! Trent brings Moriarty out, Best Friends double suplex! They both flex on Morrissey, then SLAM Moriarty down! Fans cheer but Big Bill runs in! He breaks the double clothesline to DOUBLE LARIAT the Best Friends! Bill clotheslines Chuck out, then he whips Trent corner to corner hard! Trent tumbles up and out and Bill paces. Best Friends are down while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Bill goes out to stomp Trent around, then stalks Trent. Bill rains down fists on Trent, but Chuck is after Moriarty! Chuck whips but Moriarty reverses to send Chuck into railing! Bill drags Trent up, ROCKS him, and Moriarty puts Chuck in the ring. Moriarty drags Chuck up, UPPERCUTS him, and then CHOKES him on the ropes! The ref counts, Moriarty lets off, and he distracts the ref so Bill can BOOT Chuck down! Moriarty covers, TWO! Moriarty drags Chuck up, the Varsity Athletes and Superbad Squad aren’t impressed with any of this, but Bill tags in. Bill throws body shots, the Lucha Brothers cheer Chuck on.

Bill digs his boot in, but steps off as the ref counts, and Moriarty CHOKES Chuck now! Trent protests but Moriarty scurries away. Bill soaks up the heat from Vegas, then he DECKS Chuck! Bill drags Chuck up, ROCKS him again, then tags in Moriarty. They mug Chuck, stomp away on him, and the ref counts. Moriarty lets off and roars, then goes back to Chuck. Moriarty drags Chuck up to wrench an arm into an ELBOW BREAKER! Moriarty snapmares Chuck, wraps him up, but Chuck fights the straitjacket. Moriarty turns Chuck over and hammerlocks an arm, to then SNAP LOCK it!

Chuck endures, even as Moriarty bridges over! Moriarty then goes back around to SNAP LOCK the arm again! Chuck endures, Moriarty bridges again, and then SNAP LOCKS a third time! Chuck manages to sit up, he throws some elbows, and he gets free! Only for Moriarty to DECK Trent with a cheap shot! Moriarty CLUBS Chuck, brings him around and tosses him out! The ref is distracted with Moriarty and Bill goes over to run at Chuck. But Chuck dodges, and the big boot from Big Bill gets stuck on the railing! That’s not good for Little Willie! Rampage returns to single picture and Moriarty rushes out! Chuck dodges and slides in, to hot tag Trent!

Fans fire up as Trent gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX Moriarty! And then GERMAN SUPLEX again! And HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEX! Fans fire up while Moriarty flops out of the ring. Trent builds speed to DIVE, but into Big Bill’s  big hands! APRON CHOKE SLAM!! The Lucha Amigos all wince from that and Trent flops to the floor. Bill drags Trent up, puts him in the ring, and then he tags in. Bill runs in at Trent, but Trent dodges the splash! Bill hits buckles and maybe even post! Trent half nelsons but Bill elbows free, only to get a SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE! Trent then reels Bill back in, SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF!!

Fans fire up with Best Friends, and Best Friends HUG! You GOT to give the people what they want! Trent then drags Bill up while Chuck climbs the corner. But Moriarty CLUBS Chuck down off the corner! Bill turns Alabama Lift into Canadian Rack, but Trent slips free! Trent runs, but into the BIG BOSS MAN SLAM!! Fans fire up from that feat of strength, and Bill tags Moriarty. They haul Trent up, Bill full nelsons and Moriarty gets the legs, NARAKU!! Cover off the full nelson swinging bomb, but Chuck breaks it!! Fans fire up as Best Friends survive! Moriarty drags Chuck up to TOSS him! Tag to Bill and they go back to Trent.

Moriarty wants Bill to go to the corner and Bill climbs up. Moriarty brings Trent up, but Chuck anchors Bill! Trent sends Moriarty into Little Willie! Moriarty flops out of the ring, and Best Friends fire off hands on Bill! They adjust Bill’s position up there, then climb up after him! DOUBLE SUPERPLEX!! Trent crawls to the cover, TWO!!! Bill survives and the Varsity Athletes are amused. The Lucha Amigos rally for Trent & Chuck as Chuck reels Bill in. But Moriarty slides in to claw Chuck’s eyes! The ref reprimands but Trent whips Moriarty. Moriarty reverses to send Trent out and then BOOT him down!

But Chuck kicks Moriarty and reels him in! AWFUL WAFFLE!! But Bill BOOTS Chuck!! Bill choke grips, and SKYSCRAPER CHOKE SLAMS him!! Cover, Bill & Moriarty win!

Winners: Lee Moriarty & “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

Moriarty & Morrissey stand tall, but this was in tag team action. The battle royal is every man for himself, will it come down to these two at the end? Wait, they go up to the Lucha Amigos to talk some trash, and Bandido gives thumbs down right to their faces. Bill shoves Bandido, so Bandido throws a forearm! Moriarty goes after Bandido, the Lucha Brothers go after Moriarty and Bill! And then Butcher, Blade, Kip, and the Varsity Athletes join in! People are sent into railing, and the Varsity Athletes mug Trent in the ring! Sterling tells them to keep going, but here comes ORANGE CASSIDY himself!

The Freshly Squeezed International Champion is here, he runs the Varsity Athletes off swinging his backpack, but the other entrants are still brawling it out on the outside! Cassidy shows off the prize, but here comes THE MACHINE! Brian Cage storms his way down to the ring, but here comes KEITH LEE! He and Dustin Rhodes storm their way down to the ring, and they add a lot of beef to the brawl! Naturally Limitless mugs Cage, the Varsity Athletes still mug Trent, and Cassidy just looks around at the chaos. But then “Whose House? SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Swerve is here in person, but he doesn’t seem in any rush to save Cage.

Keith eyes Swerve from the ramp, but Dustin still throws hands on Cage. Keith storms up after Swerve, but Swerve laughs and dares him to follow backstage. Cage turns things around on Dustin, all the other teams keep beating on each other! If this is how it is to close Rampage, how much wilder will it get when the title is on the line?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage for the go-home of Double or Nothing, and obviously since we didn’t see the traditional pre-battle-royal brawl on Dynamite, of course we saw it here to close the show. The main event tag match was great stuff, and what a great surprise that Best Friends didn’t win! The go-home math now says Moriarty & Morrissey aren’t winning, though I would love if one of them did have a belt. Honestly, they’re trying to make it seem like Cassidy is going to retain the title, since almost everyone else in the battle royal either A) has a feud going already or B) just isn’t at midcard champion level yet.

For example, Swerve & Cage VS Keith & Dustin. We should’ve had some kind of blowoff way sooner than this, maybe on a themed Dynamite and in a No Disqualification style match. Same thing for Ricky Starks, Jay White and Juice Robinson being in this match. But that problem goes all the way back to how AEW handled Starks VS Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society. In the end, if anyone new is winning this belt, I would actually want it to be Komander. Komander is still with AAA, so I would love to see him do a tour of Mexico with the title the same way Pac toured the UK with it to establish that first reign.

Decent squash match from Ethan & Gunns beating those jobbers we never even got the names of, and great promo with Hardy Party to establish a new take on the Six Man Tag. Hook joining is a natural choice given he helped the Hardys against The Firm before, but something about this feels like the same backwards pacing as we’ve seen with Starks. The Hardys should’ve turned the contract control tables on Ethan way before The Firm Deletion, with The Firm Deletion being the blowoff that sends the Hardys and Ethan in different directions. Hook & Hardys will definitely win, and we will get who knows how many months of shenanigans where Matt orders Ethan around.

Really good women’s tag match with Britt & Shida winning, even though there’s nothing to win for women’s tag teams in AEW anymore/right now. But of course The Outcasts attack Hayter 3v1 to put her on the defensive. This go-home math would mean Hayter overcomes the odds because she has Britt & Shida helping against Saraya & Ruby. Personally, I’m hoping Taya Valkyrie beats Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship, so that Jade can then jump up to the world title scene and really just tear into all six ladies. What bigger way to lead into AEW Collision, AEW All In and AEW All Out this Summer than with Jade finally being more than the midcard champion?

And great stuff at the beginning with The Acclaimed VS LFI. I just knew Acclaimed would find a way to win and then call out The House of Black. Apparently House of Black issued an open challenge for Double or Nothing, so The Acclaimed has answered it already. I am curious to know what stipulation The Acclaimed will bring to the Open House, but I really can’t be sure who wins. The House of Black have made the Trios Championships unique from the other titles, and have a growing popularity with the fans, but The Acclaimed are also really popular. This is like how AEW booked themselves into a corner with Hobbs VS Wardlow, and look where that’s gotten Hobbs.

My Score: 8.7/10

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