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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/15/20)

Is Joseph Conners worthy?




NXT UK’s champion and challenger are in action!

Before their epic battle for the title, Walter and Ilja Dragunov do battle in a tag team match, with Wolfe and Pete Dunne by their sides! Plus, the Proper British Heavyweight and the Righteous Killer battle it out in the British Rounds Heritage Cup!


  • NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Opening Round: Dave Mastiff VS Joseph Conners; Mastiff wins and advances to the next round.
  • Isla Dawn VS Piper Niven; Niven wins.
  • Imperium VS Ilja Dragunov & Pete Dunne; Dragunov & Dunne win.


NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Opening Round: Dave Mastiff VS Joseph Conners!

That’s right, the Bomber and the Righteous open things with this British Rounds battle! Who proves they are worthy of the semifinals?

The bell rings and the first of six three-minute rounds begins! Conners and Mastiff circle and Mastiff wants a handshake. Conners is not a good sport so he refuses. They tie up, Mastiff puts Conners in a corner but gives a break at the count of 3. They go again, go around and Conners puts Mastiff on the ropes. The ref calls for another break, Conners pushes Mastiff as he backs off. Mastiff and Conners go again, tie up and Conners waistlocks. Mastiff pries free, wrenches the arm to a wristlock, but Conners rolls and rolls and rolls, only for Mastiff to wrench him again. Conners grabs at hair but Mastiff twists the wrist. Conners wrenches, elbow breakers and wristlocks. Conners shifts to get a different angle but Mastiff arm-drags free hard! Conners backs away to a corner as the studio audience cheers.

Conners and Mastiff tie up again, go around, and Conners gets the wrench to a hammerlock. Mastiff slaps at Conners but Conners twists harder. Mastiff turns around, back drops Conners up and over but Conners holds onto the arm! Conners wants a sunset flip, Mastiff stays up to drop down! Conners avoids being squashed and manages to ghost pin Mastiff, TWO! Less than a minute and Conners wrenches to a lariat! Mastiff stays up so Conners lariats again! Conners wrenches, Mastiff reels him in for a proper back drop! And then a toss, to a DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Thirty seconds left and Mastiff has Conners in a corner. Mastiff whips Conners corner to corner hard and Conners drops!

Mastiff brings him up but Conners throws body shots. Mastiff ROCKS Conners with a European Uppercut but 10 seconds left! Conners stays away and is saved by the bell!

Mastiff: 0; Conners: 0

The ref keeps the peace during the 20 second break. Conners is seething but the second round begins! The two circle with the new three minutes, then tie up. Mastiff headlocks, Conners throws body shots and powers out but Mastiff runs him over! Conners backs away to a corner as Mastiff eggs him on. Conners gets up, circles with Mastiff and gets the arm. Mastiff waistlocks against it but Conners pries free. Mastiff shifts to a headlock but Conners tries to power out. Mastiff holds on to snapmare Conners down, then speeds things up. Conners drops, comes up and RAMS into Mastiff! Conners runs but Mastiff runs him over! Cover, TWO! Mastiff keeps on Conners with a cording hold and some body shots. Conners tries to facelock in return but Mastiff cranks on the arm.

They fight for control, Mastiff arm-drags Conners down and still has the cording. Conners endures, kicks at Mastiff, but Mastiff cranks the arm and slaps Conners down. Conners is up with a minute left and he gets around to spin and whip Mastiff. Mastiff reverses, Conners goes up and over and then slides under, shove and Thesz Press, that Mastiff makes a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Conners survives but Mastiff keeps on him! Mastiff CLUBS Conners on the back, brings him around for EuroUppers, but we’re under 20 seconds now! They’re on the ropes, the ref calls for the break but Conners SLAPS Mastiff! And SLAPS him again! Mastiff SLAPS Conners out of the ring! Less than 10 seconds, and Conners stays out until the end. Again, he is saved by the bell.

Mastiff: 0; Conners: 0

Another 20 second rest, and we begin again! Conners rushes Mastiff with haymakers so Mastiff gives back forearms! Mastiff ROCKS Conners, Conners is in the ropes but the ref wants Mastiff to stay back. Mastiff grabs at Conners but he finally lets off. The ref calls for a KNOCKOUT!?

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by Knockout; advances to the semifinals

Mastiff still wants to show respect but the ref has the medic check on Conners first. Conners tried to throw hands with the Bomber and he couldn’t keep up. Will the Proper British Heavyweight steamroll his way to the Heritage Cup?


NXT UK hears from Jordan Devlin.

“So I’ve been a pro-wrestler now for 18 years. That’s two-thirds of my life I dedicated to this sport. That’s 18 years of grafting, struggling and sacrificing to prove that I’m the best in the world at what I do. That’s exactly what I did this year at Worlds Collide in Houston.” The Irish Ace won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, and still holds his copy of the belt. Every sacrifice he had made was all worth it. Just put it down to bad luck for things to turn out how they have, with the world freezing.

But it was on WWE’s The Bump that Devlin saw William Regal’s announcement to “have a glorified #1 contender’s tournament for MY championship. But it gets worse. Because I started to notice there was a change in the branding.” It became “Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion,” then just, “THE NXT Cruiserweight Champion.” Devlin started to wonder if they thought he wouldn’t notice. Devlin makes it clear he is “not one of these little stooges you see running in ‘Property of Performance Center’ T-shirts. Jordan Devlin is the property of absolutely no one!” He is the self-made, pound-for-pound, absolutely best pro-wrestler on this PLANET!

“This goes out to every man under 205 on the roster! See this here? This belongs to me! Until you tap me out, until you pin my shoulders to the mat, that little replica title over there doesn’t mean a thing!” He has the REAL Cruiserweight Championship of the world, and if you want it back, send someone to come take it from him! The Irish Ace is ready to fight and prove who is the real champion of Cruiserweight wrestling! Will Santos Escobar have something to say about that?


NXT UK Media catches up with Oliver Carter.

How is he doing being back? But Ashton Smith is there, too! Why is he wearing the NXT UK shirt? Looking a little too tasty. Says the guy who’s dressed more like Pretty Deadly. Hey, now! Don’t insult him. You know how he feels about them. Speaking of, they were talking to Eddie Dennis. The best part, Carter is facing Dennis next week! And he’s always wanted to hit a headmaster in the head. #ReadyAndForward! #AlwaysForward! But will Carter really be ready for the Welsh Dragon’s own return to the ring?


Isla Dawn VS Piper Niven!

It was pretty clear last week, that while Kay Lee Ray is NXT UK Women’s Division Enemy #1, there’s not a lot of love in the locker room. The Witch Witch of Scotland and Piper the Viper brawled within the giant brawl that closed the show, who finishes the fight here tonight?

The bell rings and Isla circles with Piper. They tie up, go around, and Piper gets the arm to pull on the wrist and elbow. Isla stays up, Piper wrenches to the wristlock but Isla rolls and spins to get the wrench. Piper powers through to get the knuckle lock and she twists the wrist. Piper and Isla lock up, Isla rolls back to wrench the wrists. Isla brings Piper to her knees and stomps the hands! Isla goes for a top wristlock but Piper powers it around and whips Isla to a corner. Isla goes up, under, and comes back to headlock. Isla throws EuroUppers over and over then headlocks again. Piper powers up and pries free to get the top wristlock. Piper wrangles Isla to the mat and then shifts to an armlock. Isla moves around, sits up but Piper shifts to a cobra clutch!

Isla kicks and flails, fights up and pulls hair but the ref reprimands. Piper thrashes Isla around, spins her out and reels her in for a shoulder ram! Then the cobra clutch is back on! Isla endures, tries to push back but Piper cranks on the hold. Isla grabs at hair, Piper ripcords her out but Isla rolls to roll Piper up! TWO, Isla runs but Piper runs her over! Piper TOSSES Isla across the way and Isla scrambles to ropes! Piper is after her again with another TOSS! And a back senton, but she misses as Isla moves! Isla walks into Piper’s headbutt, then Piper whips Isla to run her over again! Piper whips Isla again, and this time headbutts her down! Piper whips again, Isla hurdles and EuroUppers to the back! Isla clubs away on Piper, brings her to her knees and then clubs her to the mat!

Isla drags Piper up for more, but Piper throws body shots back. Piper backs Isla down, whips and throws Isla, but Isla dropkicks! Piper comes back with the SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Isla survives but Piper clubs her and throws forearms. Isla hits back but Piper clubs her again! And again and again! Piper brings Isla around, scoop, but Isla slips out to kick legs out! Isla mule kicks, KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Piper stays up but Isla BUZZSAWS, only for Piper to block! Isla powers through to RAM Piper into the mat! Cover, TWO!! Piper survives but Isla clubs away on her more! Isla stomps Piper then drags her back up. Piper blocks the whip, Isla throws forearms, but Piper whips Isla to a corner! Piper runs in, Isla dodges and Piper hits buckles!

Isla goes to the far side, Piper hurries over but Isla leaps for a METEORA! But she tumbles away! She has to hurry back to the cover, TWO!! Piper survives but Isla is on her again! Isla drags Piper up, dragon sleepers with the behind the back hold! Isla definitely learned that from mentor, Aleister Black! Piper flails, slaps at Isla, fights up to her feet, and throws elbows to get Isla off her! Piper reels Isla in, DANGEROUS SAIDO! Isla ends up in the corner, Piper CANNONBALLS! Piper drags Isla back up, scoops, MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall

The Viper Piper Driver finishes Isla off, yet Isla seems to smile. Is this just the beginning of a rivalry between these two Scottish lass kickers?


NXT UK Media catches up with Kenny Williams.

The Lucky Yin is the wild card in the Heritage Cup, but how is he preparing for Trent Seven? “This is the best facility in the UK.” Kenny is training as hard as he can and has Amir Jordan helping him. He has never been more prepared in his life! Amir has Kenny push the weight sled and motivates him as the future Heritage Cup champion! He’s got this! Woo!


NXT UK gives an update on Flash Morgan Webster.

After being attacked backstage, The Modfather is under medical care and is not cleared to compete. Will we find out who attacked him? Is it the same culprit that attacked Mark Andrews earlier this year?


NXT UK hears from Trent Seven.

“Of course I’m confident in my abilities. However, there’s no denying the fact that I have never in my entire life, done a Rounds match.” Is that going to be a negative? A positive? Is he going to be so enthusiastic and tear the house down? Hopefully. But he will give it his all. “The crows feet might be getting a little bit bigger. The wrinkles might be getting a little bit deeper. And maybe there’s a few more miles on the ol’ clunker. Maybe the depth of those lines and those extra miles, maybe that’s the little thing that I’ve got that will make the difference.” This old dog can learn new tricks. Seven has a chance to be the first ever person to raise the cup. This isn’t the one he will chase. He has to write his own name on that trophy. He needs that trophy. Seven and Williams are the final opening round match, who makes it to the semifinals?


Imperium VS Ilja Dragunov & Pete Dunne!

The Ring General still has his Dresden Hatchet Man with him, and they are trying to cut down the Moscow Madman before he can challenge for the championship! But will the Bruiserweight make all the difference in this battle?

There’s a lot of tension but the ref gets the teams to sort out. Wolfe and Dunne start and circle. They tie up, Wolfe gets inside to fireman’s carry but Dunne drags Wolfe down to an armlock! Dunne bends the arm around to a hammerlock and keeps it down with a leg as he gets the other arm! Dunne tortures the fingers, Wolfe gets up and around to headlock. Dunne powers out, drops down and hurdles, then drops down again to CLOBBER Wolfe! Wolfe scrambles away and tags in Walter! Walter and Dunne meet again after a long time from their UK Championship match. They tie up, Walter powers Dunne to a corner but Dunne pushes back! The ref has them break clean and the two circle again.

Walter and Dunne tie up, Walter headlocks and throws Dunne! Dunne pops right up and circles with Walter again. They tie up, Walter hip tosses Dunne down to an armlock. Dunne throws body shots but Walter shifts to a cording hold. Dunne kicks and scrapes at Walter but Walter wrenches and brings Dunne around for a standing armbar. Dunne endures, rolls, kips up and handsprings to break free and headscissor! Walter runs back at Dunne, into a takedown! Dunne wants the armbar, but goes for a short arm scissor instead! Walter endures, fights, moves around but Dunne cranks harder! Walter is frustrated but he clubs the legs. Dunne stomps Walter from that position, holds on as Walter moves around, but Walter dead lifts Dunne up! Dunne sunset flips through, TWO!

Dunne ducks a chop but Walter avoids the enziguri! Dunne handsprings back up and the two stare down. Ilja says he doesn’t want to wait any longer! Dunne shrugs and tags Ilja in! Champion and challenger circle, tie up and Walter headlock takeovers! Ilja fights back, cranks Walter back with the chinbar, but Walter sits up to trap an arm. Ilja fights, kicks around, gets up, and he powers out of the headlock, only for Walter to run him over! Ilja is back up, Walter headlocks again for another takeover! Ilja keeps his shoulders up, pushes Walter’s face, but Walter powers Ilja down. Walter smothers Ilja but Ilja fights his way back up. Ilja powers Walter to a corner, Walter turns it around and the ref calls for a break. Walter CHOPS Ilja as he lets off! Ilja SLAPS, Walter SLAPS, it’s a SLAP fight!

Walter headlocks to another takeover but Ilja keeps his shoulders up again. Ilja and Walter struggle against the other, Ilja throws forearms as he can. Ilja fights up, Walter grinds the headlock but Ilja powers out and ROCKS Walter at the ropes! Ilja runs, but leaps into Walter’s arms for a SLAM! Walter KICKS Ilja, CHOPS Dunne off the apron for good measure, then LEAPS for the seated senton! Ilja gasps from being squashed but Walter tags in Wolfe. Wolfe covers, TWO! Wolfe stomps Ilja, drags him up and bumps him off buckles. Wolfe throws EuroUpper after EuroUpper, then reels Ilja into a cobra clutch, for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Wolfe drags Ilja back up for a chinbar and half nelson but Ilja endures. Ilja fights up, elbows out but Wolfe throws body shots.

Wolfe bumps Ilja off buckles, whips corner to corner just to YANK on the arm! Ilja clutches the shoulder while Wolfe talks trash. Wolfe brings Ilja up, whips and YANKS the arm again! Ilja flips inside-out from that one and Wolfe covers, TWO! Tag to Walter, Imperium drags Ilja up for a CHOP! Walter drags Ilja back up, scoop and slams him again, then tags Wolfe back in. Wolfe scrapes soles on Ilja’s face, brings Ilja up and yanks the arm. Ilja kicks back, spins through and spinning CHOPS! Back senton, but onto knees! ANARCHY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Ilja lives and Wolfe is shocked! Wolfe waistlocks, drags Ilja up but Ilja fights off the German Suplex! Ilja arm-drags Wolfe off, Wolfe BOOTS but Ilja CHOPS! Ilja steps through, misses the kick and clotheslines collide!

Wolfe forearms, Ilja ENZIGURIS! Both men are down and the audience fires up! Hot tags to Walter and Dunne! The Bruiserweight ROCKS Walter, hits a big corner enziguri, then goes up to missile dropkick the leg! Walter stays up but hobbles, and he elbows Dunne’s waistlock away. Dunne side steps, REBOUND GERMANS! And he STOMPS the hands! BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Dunne stays on Walter with a BOOT! And DANIELSON STOMPS! To an ARMBAR! Walter clasps hands but Dunne is after the fingers! Walter turns over, Dunne resists the cover so Walter just STOMPS him down! Walter drags Dunne up, runs, but Dunne swats his clothesline away! Dunne CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Walter is in the corner, Dunne whips but Walter reverses.

Dunne goes up and over but Walter gets under, to come back with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Dunne gets blasted to the other corner! Both Dunne and Walter are down but crawling. Hot tags to Wolfe and Ilja! Ilja swings, misses but comes back with a LARIAT! Wolfe ends up in a corner, Ilja runs in to KNEE him down! Ilja goes up top fast to FLYING KNEE DROP! Wolfe flounders, Ilja fires up, but Wolfe fights off the suplex. Wolfe uppercuts, runs but Ilja goes Matrix to avoid the boot! Ilja steps through, KNEES and then Gotch lifts for the SLAM! Cover with a bridge, TWO!! Wolfe survives but Ilja keeps that fire burning! Ilja goes back up top, leaps, but has to roll through sa Wolfe moves. Wolfe comes back, CALF KICK! Wolfe suplexes but Ilja slips out and shoves.

Wolfe EuroUppers, Ilja 6-1-LINES!! The Constantine Special hits! Cover, TWO!! The audience fires up as both men are down again. Walter and Dunne return, Ilja rises and stalks Wolfe. Ilja reels Wolfe in, Wolfe fights off the Gotch suplex but Dunne tags in. Ilja dodges Wolfe, Ilja and Dunne combine KNEE and ENZIGURI! Dunne drags Wolfe out, X-PLEX! Dunne DECKS Walter while Ilja hits the SUPER SENTON! Cover, TWO!?! Wolfe survives but Dunne keeps his focus. Dunne STOMPS the hands, Wolfe ducks the buzzsaw to shove and BOOT Dunne back! Wolfe drags Dunne up, Dunne grabs ropes, but Walter uses his lengthy limbs to get a tag! Walter CHOPS Dunne, Wolfe GERMAN SUPLEXES! Walter is up top, and LEAPS, into a TRIANGLE HOLD!!

Ilja intercepts Wolfe and clubs him over and over! Dunne elbows Walter, Walter dead lifts Dunne as Wolfe drags Ilja down! Wolfe has a rear naked choke, Walter POWERBOMBS Dunne onto Ilja and Wolfe!! The Ring General’s soldier becomes a part of the casualties! Everyone is down, Wolfe flops out of the ring. Dunne and Walter rise, the old rivals still wanting to fight! Walter eggs Dunne on as he kicks at him. Dunne gets up, Walter swings but into an enziguri! Dunne goes out, Ilja tags in, Dunne MOONSAULTS Wolfe down! Ilja rises up, aims at Walter, COAST2COAST into a CHOP!!! Walter gives Ilja the WALTER BOMB!! High stack, but Dunne drags Walter off! Wolfe returns but Dunne dumps him out! Dunne goes out with Wolfe, Walter drags Ilja back up. GERMAN SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!?! Ilja survives and Walter is furious!

Walter rises back up and eggs Ilja on. Walter KICKS Ilja down and talks more trash. Walter sits Ilja up just to SLAP him! Ilja gets up, Walter CHOPS him again! The only reason Ilja stays up as long as he does is because Walter has his arm! Walter stands Ilja back up to CHOP! Ilja SLAPS and SLAPS and SLAPS back! Walter SLAPS Ilja, Ilja rebounds to LARIAT!! Cover, Wolfe breaks it!! Dunne has Wolfe’s hands! Dunne has the fingers but WOlfe kicks free! WOlfe lifts, Dunne slips out to pump handle, BITTER END! Walter BOOTS Dunne down! Ilja BOOTS Walter! Ilja has the Gotch hold, Walter pries free and CHOPS again! Ilja wobbles, Walter goes for the sleeper hold but Ilja blocks it off! Ilja turns it around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP and CHOP and CHOP Walter!

Ilja spins through, hammerlocks and KNEES, KNEES, KNEES! DOUBLE AX HANDLE! Ilja fires up, drags Walter in, GOTCH LIFT SUPLEX!! Ilja is ready, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” But Wolfe anchors his foot! Dunne grabs Wolfe’s fingers to SNAP them!! And then he whips Wolfe HARD into barriers! Ilja fights Walter off, leaps, but Walter grabs him for the sleeper! Ilja fights the hold off, Walter CHOPS him on the back, and hits a SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX! But Ilja rises?! Ilja runs, TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Cover, Ilja and Dunne WIN!!

Winners: Ilja Dragunov & Pete Dunne, by pinfall

For the first time in the WWE, Walter has been pinned!! Does this signify the end of the Ring General’s reign?! Will NXT UK be UNBESIEGBAR?!

My Thoughts:

What a great episode, for the go-home to the title match! Opening with the British Rounds Heritage Cup match was definitely a sign this was going to be great. I all but called Mastiff VS Conners being a knockout decision, and Mastiff winning is big for him. Conners seems to always be on the receiving end of things, I wonder what he does in retaliation. Seven and Williams have great promos, though Seven’s is done better. As good as Williams is, I like the story being that Seven needs this. Tyler Bate was the inaugural champion, Pete Dunne was the second and longest reigning, the most Seven has had is a tag title reign with Bate that only lasted so long. Now, Seven VS Conners would’ve been great for desperation VS desperation, but maybe Seven having to find a way to overcome a mountain in Mastiff is an even more compelling match, given this has a time limit.

Niven VS Dawn was a great match, especially with the new aggression from both women, namely Isla. Piper gets a good win to rebound from losing to KLR, but we all know KLR VS Jinny is next. Maybe with Toni Storm sticking around in NXT America, Piper gets winner after KLR VS Jinny, and that still makes for good story and matches. I was surprised to see Jordan Devlin have a vignette. He had great fire as he finally pointed out he never lost his Cruiserweight title, that he wants after whoever is called champion in NXT America, and that he’s on his way back. For those keeping track, Devlin was named in the big #SpeakingOut chunk of UK wrestlers, but this story finally happening is a good sign that he was not found guilty. Devlin VS Escobar, Devlin VS Swerve, Devlin VS anyone right now is going to be great stuff.

And the main event was incredible! It was a tag match but it felt like it was for the UK Championship already! Everyone looked great given all the history between all four, and I was really surprised Dunne and Dragunov. I’m even more surprised it was Dragunov pinning Walter, not Wolfe. Or even Dunne pinning Wolfe just to keep things neutral between champion and challenger. But in the end, challenger pins champion ahead of the match, I have a bad feeling the math says Walter retains. I would love if NXT UK would do the opposite, because if not now with Ilja, then who could it be that dethrones Walter?

My Score: 8.4/10

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Andrew’s Impact Hardcore Justice Results & Match Ratings: 4.10.2021

Tommy Dreamer is the Executive in Charge of Wrestling! E-C-Dub! Hardcore Justice kicks off! Does Deonna Purrazzo end Jazz’s career?



Tommy Dreamer is the Executive in Charge of Wrestling! E-C-Dub! Hardcore Justice kicks off! Does Deonna Purrazzo end Jazz’s career?

We have the major story of Jazz putting her career up, but the rest of the card is a bunch of ECW style throwbacks. Charily Legal is one of my favorite dumb names for a Chairs match. Blind Games had an amusing set up, and the whole X Division mystery tag could be fun.

I’m curious if we’ll get any old school ECW performers on this PPV aside from Dreamer and Jazz. So let’s see where Impact’s WrestleMania week show goes!


  • Mystery Partner Triple Threat Tag Match: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs Josh Alexander & Petey Williams: Alexander wins via Ankle Lock w/Grapevine – *** ¾
  • Chairly Legal: Shera vs Hernandez: Shera wins via Rohit Chairshot – **
  • Doc Gallows w/Karl Anderson vs Black Taurus w/Rosemary & Crazzy Steve: Gallows wins via Double Hand Sitout Chokeslam – ***
  • Crate American Bash: Johnny Swinger vs Matt Cardona: Cardona wins via Radio Silence – ***
  • Open Challenge: Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale: Callihan via Package Piledriver – N/A
  • Blind Games Match: Brian Myers vs Jake Something: Jakes wins via Blackhole Slam – ** ½
  • Number 1 Contender: Knockouts Hardcore Gauntlet: Rosemary vs Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace vs Alisha Edwards vs Havok vs Su-Yung: Tenille wins – ***
  • Title vs Career: Knockouts Championship: Jazz vs Deonna Purrazzo (c): Purrazzo retains via Cosa Nostra – *** ¼
  • Hardcore Wars: Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann & Willie Mack) vs Team VBD (Eric Young, Rhino, Joe Doering & Deaner): EY wins via Piledriver – *** ½



Mystery Partner Triple Threat Tag Match: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs Josh Alexander & Petey Williams

This was a crazy fun match where TJP and Fallah faced the Canadians for a good bit of the match, which is perfect strategy from the heel team to let the others try to gas themselves out. Fulton gets to put on a little bit of a show, as he does more athletic set ups for charges and corner attacks than we’ve really seen from the big man.

TJP and Petey had some fun interactions, as did most of the X Division sized wrestlers. Fallah and Fulton took turns taking each other out, and allowing the X Division guys to shine against one another. Fulton had some fun displays of power where TJP was on his back and he still Chokeslammed TJP and Alexander at the same time. Just a lot of fun crazy action that rarely stopped moving.

TJP went for the Mamba Splash on Josh Alexander, but Alexander got the knees up. Petey hits a Canadian Destroyer on TJP. Attempts one on Fallah, but that’s not really smart. Petey moves before the big man drops down on him, which allows to Alexander to take advantage and lock in the Ankle Lock for the win over Fallah.

Chairly Legal: Shera vs Hernandez

This was the usual power guys with weapons kind of match. Chairshots, chairs in the corners, suplexes on piles of chairs. Just the usual fun things in a hardcore match, but it wasn’t exactly captivating. The rub came in when Rohit slides into the ring, lays out Hernandez with a chairshot and then tells Shera to pin him.

Shera and Rohit seems to have an understanding now.

Doc Gallows w/Karl Anderson vs Black Taurus w/Rosemary & Crazzy Steve

Taurus is reeling for a lot of this match. Gallows tosses him around, hits a few Big Boots and Anderson makes his presence felt a bit through the match. Black Taurus manages to comeback a little bit using his agility mixed with the fact he’s not a small guy.

A 619 and Crossbody give Taurus an opening, but due to Karl’s general interference, Crazzy Steve not being overly effective; Gallows catches Taurus after a distraction, Double Handed Choke Bomb and Taurus is done!

The Good Brothers try to gain some traction before the FinJuice rematch.

Crate American Bash: Johnny Swinger vs Matt Cardona

A mystery crate match with a fun reference of name! Given that Swinger is involved there’s a solid bit of gimmick. Swinger goes to some of the crates to find toys. A Scott Hall picture gets pulled out, a Rat Trap is in the second crate (which yeah, that’s funny as hell given that he uses older lingo and has talked about rats before), the third one Cardona opens and doesn’t reveal, while Swinger finds knuckles in the last crate. When Swinger tries to use them, Cardona hits Radio Silence and we’re done!

The match was entertaining just a lot of gimmicks and references. After winning the Swinger-ellas look shocked and Cardona walks away with the third crate, just smiling and never revealing what’s in it. IF it’s the damn wad of money again…sheesh they need to end that.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Hardcore Justice 2010: Sabu vs RVD w/Bill Alfonzo

Good use of acknowledgment since nWo and RVD got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this week. Impact tends to use their old footage fairly well.

Open Challenge: Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale

Let’s be aware, this whole match was to enhance the story between Sami and Trey. Beale was abused, bitten and had joints stretched. He nearly pulled off the upset with a flash Small Package, but we knew where this was all going.

He fought hard, but this match wasn’t about him. Sami eats his lunch and the match is over. Nice to see Sami got a workout in.

Blind Games Match: Brian Myers vs Jake Something

The match was amusing watching them stumble about trying to find each other. Some random stuff and few weapon strikes make things odd. Myers bumps the referee, lifts the blindfold, beats on Jake a bit and then drops the blindfold to make it seem like he didn’t cheat.

Before Myers can finish things, Cardona’s music hits, and he walks out with the crate. Cardona distracts Myers a little, slides the crate to Something, Something cracks the crate over Myers’ head and action figures spill out. Blackhole Slam, and then Jake wins.

While the match was awkward, the finish was great. This should kick off Myers finally accepting Cardona’s challenge.

Number 1 Contender: Knockouts Hardcore: Rosemary vs Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace vs Alisha Edwards vs Havok vs Su-Yung

Okay so let’s work with the abridged version since this was a cluster. Susan comes out first, and then gets demon attacked and become Su Yung. Tenille NOPES out of the entire ring early as Havok and Rosemary look elated to get Su back.

Alisha tried at multiple different times in this match and wasn’t terrible, she even pulled out her own Kendo Stick, Kendra, Kenny’s wife. As she goes off with stick, Su Yung grabs her and takes her to the back. So maybe Alisha will succumb to darkness or something.

Havok and Jordynne go back and forth in a solid exchange, then as Havok goes to the top rope, Nevaeh appears, throws some pocket sand at Havok and Havok crashes to the mat. Kaleb pulls out Jordynne Grace, hits a Superkick and Tenille pins Havok for the win! Pocket Sand and Superkicks!

Title vs Career: Knockouts Championship: Jazz vs Deonna Purrazzo (c)

Jazz opens up quickly with a Spinning Back Kick, drops Deonna but only for an early 2 count. Deonna retreats to the ropes, manages to grab Jazz’s arm and starts working in the technical heel shortcuts. Arm Wringers, Stun Guns, Launchers into the ropes, and just staying on top of working Jazz over on the mat.

Jazz eventually fights out of the corner, and puts a few moves together. An X Factor gets Jazz a near fall, and Deonna finally starts getting frustrated. Some timely strikes open up Deonna’s defenses, but Deonna stems the tide. Paradise Lock in the ropes gave Deonna an edge guarding advantage. She caught Jazz with a few shots, forcing Jazz to come back in through a flurry of kicks and stomps.

Jazz fights through one last time, hits a few strikes, a Samoan Drop and looks to finish things, but Deonna catches her, floats through and attempts the Fujiwara. Jazz fights out to the ropes and Deonna gets mad and says she’s ending this, Deonna sets up her Gotch Style Piledriver known as Cosa Nostra, lands the move and ends Jazz’s career!

Hardcore Wars: Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann & Willie Mack) vs Team VBD (Eric Young, Rhino, Joe Doering & Deaner)

So with Dreamer getting jumped in the back and the doctor says he’s not cleared, we all get to go into the tank and think of fun replacements. Deaner and Eddie start off, and we continue where the IMPACT! match left off, since Deaner has done a great job reinventing himself.

Rhino is next in typical team fashion where the heels keep the early advantage. Willie Mack evens things up, Doering dominates a few people, Rich makes a big push actually equalizing Doering even though he’s smaller to help get across his ability leading towards the Omega match. Then we get to the end, where EY gets the troops together to take over, and the final for Dream Team is…Trey Miguel…vomits in my mouth, of all the things, it could’ve been Sabu or anything else…ugh.

Trey does some things that looks stupid, then we get to a Tower of Doom variation. I don’t like Tower of Dooms, but the fact we have Willie, Rich and Eddie trying to suplex EY, then Doering Triple Powerbombs them, taking EY over as well. So it makes Doering look great. Doering puts Eddie on a table, looks to drop an Elbow from the apron, but Trey hits a Meteora into Doering, as they crash through Eddie and the table.

VBD triple team Willie, Willie fights the good fight for a moment, but then the numbers catch up EY Piledrivers Willie and VBD win.

So Trey continues to underwhelm, which is nice for the Sami story. Maybe Sami can make him stop sucking. It’s a tall task…but who knows.


Overall Score: 6.75/10

Well we knew the only really big aspect to this was if it was going to be Jazz’s career or the crowning of a new Knockouts Champion, but the rest of the show was definitely entertaining. Though some of the in-ring action was lacking at times, finishes were fun, the way the stories fed into each other worked well and I was generally amused by how the show went off.

Jazz’s career coming to an end is a little bittersweet, but the fact she was going to retire a little unceremoniously a few months ago, lends a little importance to this run since she got a tad bit more exposure than just peacing out in obscurity after dropping the NWA World Women’s title.

So there we go, fun show, people that needed to be protected were, a new number 1 contender for the Knockouts title and VBD got a much needed win.

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (4/9/21)

205 Live nostalgia, anyone?



Coverage 205 2021

The Cruiserweight Division looks back before moving forward!

Now that there is ONE TRUE Cruiserweight Champion, the division moves forward. But with that, we also take a look back at some classic title matches!


  • WrestleMania 34, WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals: Cedric Alexander VS Mustafa Ali; Alexander wins and becomes the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.
  • WrestleMania 35, WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy VS Tony Nese; Nese wins and becomes the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.
  • TakeOver 31, NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Santos Escobar VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott; Escobar wins and retains the title.


Nigel McGuiness opens the show!

“On the heels of the instant classic ladder match between Santos Escobar and Jordan Devlin, welcome to 205 Live!” Tonight, we revisit some of the very best Cruiserweight title matches of all time! And not many come better than the WrestleMania 34 showdown!


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals: Cedric Alexander VS Mustafa Ali!

Months before April 8th, 2018, this title had been vacated and a tournament had been put in place! Before they were #PRIMED and the (former) leader of Retribution, they were the Heart and Soul of 205 Live! The then 205 Live General Manager, Drake Maverick, stands with the title belt to watch as theses two finalists battle it out for that very prize!

The bell rings and we begin. The fans are thunderous for them as they high-five and circle. Ali gets the waistlock but Alexander the standing switch and slam. The fans cheer for “Both These Guys!” while Ali gets up and puts on a headlock. Alexander lifts but Ali holds on. Alexander powers out, they collide, Alexander shoulders Ali down on the rebound. He wants Ali to show that heart, and they speed up. Ali headscissors Alexander and then dares Alexander to show the soul. They tie up and go against the ropes and into a corner. Neither man backs down until the referee separates them, then Ali shoves Alexander.

Alexander shoves back and dares Ali to hit him. Ali does with a chop, so Alexander responds with a kick. Alexander whips but Ali kicks him back, so Alexander rolls under and headscissors and dropkicks Ali down. Cover, TWO! Alexander puts Ali right in an armlock, but Ali works his way up and out. Ali whips but Alexander reverses, flapjack dropkick! Alexander staggers, Ali runs in but Alexander puts him on the apron to block a kick and hit a kick. Ali goes down, Alexander builds speed and FLIES! Down they both go, but Alexander is up first. He puts Ali in the ring, covers, TWO! Alexander keeps on Ali with a rear bearhug. Fans rally while Ali endures the squeeze.

Ali gets up and fights out of the hold, rocking Alexander with a forearm. Alexander responds with a running European Uppercut! He whips Ali corner to corner then throws him with a big back body drop. Cover, TWO, but Alexander keeps his cool as he puts Ali back in the bearhug. Ali endures the squeeze while fans rally again. Ali gets up and fights back but Alexander knees low. Alexander chops Ali, then brings him up for a suplex, but Ali slips out. Alexander knees low again, then runs, but into Ali’s lariat. Ali starts to rally and chop, but Alexander reverses the whip. Ali slides to a stop, and intercepts Alexander with a ROUNDHOUSE!

Alexander staggers, Ali rolls in for the facebuster! Cover, TWO!  Ali brings Alexander up, but Alexander blocks and counters with a EuroUpper. Ali yanks his waistband and counters a kick with a kick! He runs, but into Alexander’s Spanish Fly! Both men are down and fans build to a rally. Alexander gets up while Ali gets to a corner. Alexander runs in, but into Ali’s boot. Ali hops up, tornado DDT blocked! Alexander hangs Ali up on the ropes, then catches his breath before climbing up to join him. Fans anticipate something, and Ali resists. They brawl on the top rope, but Alexander gets the better of Ali, only for Ali to almost send Alexander tumbling down with his counter.

Ali and Alexander brawl more while trying to stand up, Ali hits Alexander with a SUPER SPANISH FLY! Even John Cena watching from the audience is stunned seeing that! Cover, TWO, and Ali can’t believe it! He shakes his head as he watches Alexander flounder about. Ali brings Alexander over to a corner but Alexander knows what that means and resists. Ali kicks Alexander, then climbs, but Alexander gets up to throw him off! Maverick and the referee check on Ali after his crash landing, but Ali is still good to go. Alexander waits as the count begins, but Ali dares Alexander to finish him. Alexander takes the bait, he puts Ali in the ring and covers, TWO!

Alexander gets frustrated, but tells Ali it’s already over. Ali shakes his head, it’s not over. Alexander kicks Ali and then stomps away in a rage! He yanks Ali up, back suplex lift but Ali slips out! Ali hits the Reverse-Rana! Alexander is dazed, and Ali gets going. Ali hops up, flying tornado DDT! Alexander lands in a drop zone! Ali goes up, and hits the 0-5-4! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Alexander survives with a foot on the ropes! Ali shouts for Alexander to stay down before he stomps him back. Ali climbs up again, 0-5-4 FLOPS as Alexander moves! Alexander scrambles to his feet while Ali drags himself back up. They run at each other, Alexander’s big back elbow rocks Ali, but he still gives another.

Alexander tells Ali “This is enough!” But clearly, it isn’t, and the third back elbow flips Ali over! Alexander lifts Ali up, for the LUMBAR CHECK! Cover, Alexander wins!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall (NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion)

The Carolina Kid didn’t want to go that far, but he had no choice but to break the Heart of 205 Live. More importantly, Alexander finally proves he can win the big one! Drake Maverick personally presents the belt to Alexander, and the true celebration begins! The Age of Alexander would go on for quite a run, before running into an Aussie Juggernaut, who is featured in our next match!


Nigel McGuiness introduces the next match.

We fast forward an entire year to WM35, and Nigel was again there to see Tony Nese in his home state taking on the Australian Sensation, Buddy Murphy, in another incredible Cruiserweight kickoff to the Showcase of the Immortals!


WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy VS Tony Nese!

The Aussie Juggernaut proved himself against some of the best in the Cruiserweight Division, from Cedric Alexander to Mustafa Ali to three opponents at the same time. And on the Grandest Stage of Them All, he went toe-to-toe with the Premier Athlete, a man who is a parallel to him in physique, a man who used to be his friend, and a man he betrayed over the greed for this title! But Nese had homefield advantage, and it came in handy!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this battle of Body Guys!

Murphy runs right at Nese but Nese dodges the knee trigger! Nese fires off furious hands then counter punches. Murphy boots then goes up and over, but Nese keeps up to trip him up! New York fires up with their hometown kid, but Murphy dodges the triangle moonsault. Nese lands on his feet to slingshot and somersault to rock Murphy with a left! Nese puts Murphy in but has to push Murphy away on the top rope. Murphy comes right back but Nese resists the fireman’s carry. Nese fights back but still gets a gut buster drop on the buckles! Murphy checks his teeth while we go picture in picture.

Murphy stomps a mudhole into Nese but backs off at 4. Nese staggers up but Murphy is on him with a snapmare. Murphy swiftly kicks then covers, TWO! Murphy wraps Nese up in a chinlock but Nese endures. New York rallies behind Nese as Murphy shifts to a stretch. Murphy drives his elbow in again and again then wraps the chinlock back on. Nese fights his way up, we return to single picture as Murphy wrangles him back down. Murphy cranks Nese’s neck and leans his weight on him. Murphy’s eye is bloody but he ignores it while holding Nese down. Nese powers up and bumps Murphy off buckles. Murphy holds on but Nese bumps him again.

Murphy is still caught so Nese tries again, but Murphy uses that to throw Nese into buckles. Nese staggers into Murphy’s grip, tornado DDT denied with a snap suplex into the buckles! Murphy is down and Nese crawls to the opposite corner. Both men stand slowly, but Murphy walks into Nese’s elbow. Murphy comes back again but gets a haymaker! Nese rocks Murphy again, then again! Nese counter punches and snapmares to a facebuster. He runs, hits a knee lift and a heel kick! Murphy flounders to a corner while Nese nips up and fires up! New York fires up with him as he runs in for a big back elbow. Nese keeps moving but Murphy throws him to the apron.

Murphy turns around to counter and rock Nese, then climbs up for a suplex chance. Nese sweeps the legs and rocks him with a roundhouse, DRAPING triangle moonsault! Cover, TWO! Murphy survives, but Nese keeps his cool. Nese drags Murphy up for a whip but Murphy holds the ropes. Nese tries again but Murphy holds on. So Nese mule kicks Murphy into a whip. Murphy reverses but Nese slips under, pump handle but Murphy slips out. Murphy boots Nese away! He hops up but Nese SHORYUKEN! Nese climbs up to join a dazed Murphy, but Murphy resists a superplex. Murphy bumps Nese on a buckle, then sunset flips over. Nese denies the powerbomb but gets the SUPERKICK!

Murphy brings Nese out, AK-DDT! Cover, TWO! Nese survives but Murphy keeps his focus. Murphy drags Nese up by his hair and prepares the pumphandle. Nese victory rolls through, TWO! Murphy fireman’s carry to the TKO knee to knee trigger! Murphy suplexes but Nese slips out and shoves. Nese hits a REVERSE-RANA! Both men are down and New York cheers for this kickoff to the kickoff! Nese and Murphy get to opposite corners. Both men slowly stand as fans rally up. Nese and Murphy bob ‘n’ weave but Murphy gets his strike fest. Nese dodges the knee and goes Matrix to mule kick! Knee lift and roundhouse but Murphy jumps the sweep for buzzsaw, mule kick, but runs into Nese’s left forearm!

Nese runs but fakes Murphy out for an elbow. Murphy rebounds to LARIAT Nese off his feet! Murphy keeps going, but Nese back drops, to a VERTABREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Nese cannot believe Murphy survives! Murphy crawls to a corner but Nese pursues. Nese runs side to side but Murphy bails out, so Nese FLIES! The flop takes Murphy out and New York fires up as Nese puts Murphy in. Nese climbs up high, 450 splash! Cover, TWO!! Murphy survives again and Nese is beside himself. Murphy gets back to a corner and Nese brings down the knee pad. But Murphy grabs Nese’s leg, so Nese stomps a mudhole into him. Nese runs but into a KNEE TRIGGER!

Murphy pump handles, Murphy’s Law!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Nese still lives! Murphy is shocked but then he gets an idea. Nese is in the corner, and Murphy brings down his knee pad. Murphy runs side to side, but Nese SUPERKICKS him! German Suplex into buckles! PREMIER KNEE!! Cover, NESE WINS!!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall (NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion)

The unstoppable HAS been stopped! The Premier Athlete was the Juggernaut’s kryptonite, and now he is the new champion! We know the Premier Era ended with a Triple Threat involving Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak, and the title itself would be integrated into the NXT system, eventually leading it to where it is today! As such, we relive a highlight of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship era!


Nigel McGuiness returns again for another match introduction.

The Cruiserweight title didn’t just make it to WrestleManias, it finally made it to NXT TakeOver thanks to Santos Escobar and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott!


NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Santos Escobar VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott!

The year 2020 was certainly a mess, and the Irish Ace being isolated in the UK further complicated how this division worked. El Hijo del Fantasma won the “interim” title at the end of the Cruiserweight Championship Round Robin finals, with some controversy to it, but there was one man who did defeat him along the way! Swerve got his shot but was screwed over by El Legado and a loaded lucha mask! Swerve wanted revenge, but that is always hard to come by!

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and the Cruiserweight Division finally gets to TakeOver!

Escobar and Swerve circle as the crowd rallies up already. They approach, tie up, and Escobar gets the arm. Swerve hooks a leg to trip Escobar, cartwheels over but Escobar arm-drags Swerve away. Escobar runs but Swerve dodges, Escobar huricanranas but Swerve handsprings through! Swerve says HE is Cruiserweight wrestling, and that upsets Escobar. Escobar rushes Swerve, Swerve dodges and Eddy Gordo headscissors Escobar away! Escobar gets up and Swerve smirks. Swerve then trips Escobar, turns him over with leg hooks and goes to dead lift, but Escobar victory rolls through, TWO! Escobar sweeps the legs to cover, ONE! Swerve sweeps the legs to cover, ONE! The two stand off in fighting stances and the crowd loves it!

Swerve blocks Escobar’s punch, fakes him out to mule kick, and then runs, into a forearm! Escobar runs into a monkey flip! Escobar just barely gets his feet under him but Swerve handsprings and MOONSAULTS him down! The crowd is fired up as Swerve watches Escobar flounder. Escobar leans against the post, and pulls down the crossbar cover. Swerve gets in the ring to refresh the ring count, and he goes to the corner to CORKSCREW SENTON! Down goes Escobar and the crowd fires up again! Swerve puts Escobar in the ring but Escobar bails out the side. Swerve runs and FOSBURY FLOPS Escobar down! The fans are thunderous as Swerve is showing he can do it all!

Swerve puts Escobar in, covers, TWO! Escobar bails out again but Swerve pursues. Swerve drags Escobar up to go after the arm. Swerve wraps the arm around the very crossbar Escobar exposed! He’s showing Escobar what bending the rules gets you as he bends the arm! The ring count is at 7 but Swerve puts Escobar in at 8. Cover, TWO! Swerve grows annoyed with Escobar and he pulls Escobar around to go after the bad arm! Escobar endures as Swerve pulls it way back to drop down on it! Escobar puts a leg on the rope, Swerve stomps him anyway! Swerve brings Escobar up to Northern Light takedown into an ARMBAR! Short Arm Scissor, even, as Escobar resists.

Escobar gets legs under the ropes, Swerve lets off but goes to the apron. Swerve drags Escobar up to hotshot the arm! Fans rally as Swerve brings Escobar up again, but now Escobar hotshots Swerve! And KICKS him off the apron! Escobar runs and builds speed to DIVE! ARROW FROM HELL!! Swerve gets sent into the fencing, Escobar puts Swerve back in, covers, ONE?! Escobar is furious that Swerve kicks out so he KICKS Swerve in the face! Escobar waits for Swerve to stand and he LARIATS Swerve back down! Swerve gets to a corner, Escobar runs and DOUBLE KNEES! Escobar puts Swerve up top and SLAPS him!

Escobar climbs up and SUPER STEINERS! Then somersault and elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Swerve still lives and the fans stay fired up! Escobar stomps away on Swerve at the ropes but the ref counts. Escobar stops at 4 because he still doesn’t want to be disqualified. Escobar stands Swerve up and tells him, “Yo soy Lucha Libre!” Escobar SLAPS Swerve, kicks him, and says maybe if he spits in Swerve’s face will make him understand. Escobar reels back but Swerve puts a hand on Escobar’s mouth! No spit flies, but the fists do! Escobar clubs Swerve, reels him in, but Swerve frees himself to ROCK Escobar! And again! Swerve fires off heavy haymakers in the corner!

The ref counts, Swerve stops at 4 to throw Escobar down, for a DISCUS! The crowd is thunderous as Escobar flounders up. Swerve runs in to uppercut! Swerve snapmares Escobar for the falling EuroUpper! Escobar bails out but Swerve BOOTS him from the apron! And then again! Escobar goes down in a heap, Swerve puts him in, slingshot to somersault, ROLLING THUNDER SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Escobar survives but Swerve doesn’t lose focus. Swerve aims from the corner, hops up again and waits for Escobar to stand. Escobar is up but he climbs up to join Swerve! So Swerve slips under, only for Escobar to kick him away. Escobar turns around, Swerve dropkicks the legs out! DRAPING DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Escobar survives again but Swerve grits his teeth. Swerve drags Escobar up with a half nelson but Escobar gets the ropes! The ref counts, El Legado returns! The ref stops Wilde from getting in, Escobar shoves Swerve and Mendoza trips him up! Gut wrench, SHOULDER BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives the screw job attempt! Escobar goes to the apron to follow Swerve, runs side to side, but into a pop-up that puts Escobar on the ropes! Escobar is stuck on his fantasma, Swerve throws haymakers! Swerve then hops up, and STEINERS Escobar onto Legado!! They catch him, help him up, but here comes ASHANTE “THEE” ADONIS!!

From what’s been happening on 205 Live, Adonis isn’t a fan of Legado del Fantasma, either, and he goes up to TORNILLO! Adonis wipes out Mendoza and Wilde! The crowd is thunderous as Escobar is in shock! Adonis and Swerve run off the henchmen before Swerve hurries into the ring. Escobar runs over, gets a back elbow, and Swerve goes up and in to somersault, into a CALF KICK! Fireman’s carry, PHANTOM DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!??! How?!!? Escobar doesn’t know how, but the crowd is electric! Escobar is fuming as he stomps away on Swerve over and over! Escobar drags Swerve back up, suplexes, uno amigo! Then a roll over, dos amigos!

Fans boo, they don’t think Escobar is worthy of Eddie Guerrero but he still hits all three amigos! Escobar goes up top, FROG SPLASH FLOPS!! Swerve evades and denies Escobar his Latino Heat! Swerve gets the arm, POP CULTURE!! Escobar clutches his arm but Swerve gives him a HOUSE CALL!! But that’s not it, Swerve goes up for the 450 SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Escobar survives all of that and Swerve is losing his mind! The crowd hopes they “Fight Forever!” because “This is Awesome!” But this will end somehow, and Swerve drags Escobar up. Escobar flounders, throws Swerve out and hurries back up.

Swerve hurries after him, half nelsons him, but Escobar holds ropes for dear life! Escobar pushes Swerve back, Swerve falls and hits the bare crossbar!! It comes into play after all!! Escobar drags Swerve in, brings him up, underhooks and lifts, BUTTERFLY FACEBUSTER ACROSS THE KNEE! Cover, Escobar wins!!

Winner: Santos Escobar, by pinfall (still NXT Cruiserweight Champion)

So much fight from Swerve, and he even had a new ally fight against the minions, but Escobar always has a back-up plan! And he would continue to rule over the division in this way, even to the point of having Wilde & Mendoza help at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver! Will the tyrannical Emperor of Lucha always have this crown?


Nigel McGuiness returns once more to wrap up the show.

It has been a great experience on 205 Live to see some of the greatest title matches of all time. But speaking of great title matches, that makes you think of great champions. Just last night at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Escobar proved he is a great champion by winning the Cruiserweight Championship Unification Ladder match! Relive that and both nights of TakeOver on Peacock in the US and the WWE Network everywhere else! But what will see now in the future was we continue in the Era del Fantasma?

My Thoughts:

Recap episodes are always fun for looking back, but also because it’s super easy for me to cover them since it’s just copying, pasting and editing. I like the three they selected, basically giving us a look back at the last three years of the Cruiserweight Division, but it also makes us see how far 205 Live has dropped off in the WWE because Alexander, Ali and Murphy were so awesome in 205 Live. Nese is still here but more for lack of WWE/NXT not giving him more to do. Admittedly, Murphy has dropped off on RawDown, too, but at least WWE has tried with him. I almost feel like worst case scenario for Murphy is to come back and be the Aussie Juggernaut again. Escobar’s a beefy Cruiserweight, so is Murphy, let’s get something like that going again.

I am also disappointed, because it was advertised that we’d get a special look at Escobar VS Devlin, but that wasn’t there. I couldn’t have gone through the content too fast, a segment like that wouldn’t be just a few seconds long. Maybe there was another “right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing” moment and that information was put out without knowing what the final episode would look like. I wouldn’t mind if they gave us that segment for the aftermath NXT on Tuesday, and encored it on next week’s 205 Live, but WWE/NXT needs to get 205 Live going like how it was when Ali, Murphy and Alexander were here.

My Score: 8.1/10

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