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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/22/20)

Who will be the last one into the next round?




Will the wildcard trump Trent Seven in the Heritage Cup?

Kenny Williams isn’t just the Lucky Yin, he’s the wildcard! But will that be enough for him to overcome the Man from Moustache Mountain’s determination?


  • Eddie Dennis VS Oliver Carter; Dennis wins.
  • Amale VS Nina Samuels; Samuels wins.
  • NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Opening Round: Trent Seven VS Kenny Williams; Seven wins and advances to the next round.


Eddie Dennis VS Oliver Carter!

The headmaster returns to in-ring action and is ready to teach NXT UK all about fear. But the Predator Killer has always wanted to fight a teacher! Will Carter slay the Welsh Dragon and climb up the NXT UK ranks?

The bell rings and Dennis circles with Carter. They tie up, Carter gets around to a waistlock and a slam, then floats to a facelock. Dennis is already frustrated with Carter as he fights his way up. Dennis pries his way out of the facelock to wrench the arm. Dennis clubs the arm, wrenches more, then hammerlocks to a headlock and takeover! Carter keeps his shoulders up but Dennis traps an arm. Dennis fights off the headscissor and pushes Carter down to a cover, ONE! Carter fights up to get that headscissor hold and he clamps on tight! Dennis endures, fights up and around, and pops out of the hold to then STOMP Carter in the gut! Carter gets up to throw body shots and haymakers! Dennis gets the arm again, wrenches and YANKS, then YANKS again!

Carter rolls, handsprings and kicks free to ROCK Dennis with a forearm! Carter fires off more body shots, whips but Dennis reverses. Carter stops himself and elbows back hard! Carter runs, Dennis back drops but Carter handsprings through to land on his feet! Dennis swings but Carter dodges and ducks to flipping headscissors! Dennis ends up on ropes, Carter runs to slide attack! Carter keeps going, getting on the apron. Carter shoulders into Dennis then slingshots over, only to turn into Dennis’ SLAP! Carter gets up and shakes the palm strike off, and that glare actually worries Dennis! Dennis dumps Carter out hard, and laughs! He was playing Carter there! The ref wants Dennis to stay back as Carter sits up in a daze. Dennis goes out, drags Carter up and ROCKS him with that right hand!

Dennis puts Carter in, takes his time following and covers, TWO! Dennis is annoyed again, but he has the arm and drags Carter up. Dennis toys with Carter, whips him corner to corner HARD, and Carter bounces off buckles! Dennis drags Carter up to a cravat but Carter endures. Carter fights up, throws body shots again and powers Dennis to a corner! Carter arm-drags free, counter punches Dennis, then CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Carter rocks Dennis with an uppercut, but Dennis blocks the kick! Dennis ducks the enziguri but Carter reels him in for a victory roll! Cover, TWO! Dennis is up, he throws Carter out but Carter skins the cat! Dennis catches Carter but Carter hits a TORNADO DDT! Dennis flounders out of the ring, Carter builds speed and he DIVES! Direct hit into Dennis and the barriers!

Carter puts Dennis in, springboards and 450’s, onto KNEES! Dennis grabs Carter for the scoop and POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Dennis is furious and he argues the count! Carter sits up, Dennis drags Carter up and Canadian racks, but Carter uses ropes to flip out! SUPERKICK! Carter pump handle URENAGES Dennis down, then LIONSAULTS!! Cover, TWO!! Dennis survives but Carter stays fired up. Dennis gets to a corner, Carter runs corner to corner but into a BOOT! Carter tries again, dropkick-flip and WINDMILL HEEL KICK! Carter hoists Dennis up but Dennis slips down to get the crucifix, SPLASH MOUNTAIN!! Cover, Dennis wins!

Winner: Eddie Dennis, by pinfall

Carter taught Dennis a thing about toughness, but the Welsh Dragon refused to be slain! Dennis gets the mic and tells Carter to get out of his ring. Go back to the tag division! “You’re dismissed.” Speaking of the tag division, isn’t it terrible what happened to Flash Morgan Webster? Of course, we all know who did it, don’t we? Who stood to gain the most from Flash being on the shelf? “Regardless, next week, in this very ring,” Dennis invites Flash and his “illustrious ‘best friend’,” Mark Andrews, for a “special mediation, led by yours truly, Eddie Dennis. Until next time, class adjourned.” What is Dennis implying about South Wales Subculture?


NXT UK hears from Joe Coffey.

“Where I come from, you have to be a wee bit insane. It’s about me, it’s about My opportunities.” The Iron King says he is born for greatness, and he leads Gallus in their takeover of NXT UK! He vows to bring more gold to the firm, and make this his kingdom! Joe Coffey is on his way back, who will he be aiming for when he returns?


NXT UK has a special start time next week!

Instead of 3 PM Eastern it will be 4PM Eastern! But it’ll be a big episode with Jordan Devlin returning to action as well as the NXT UK Championship on the line!


Amale VS Nina Samuels!

The French Hope and the Leading Lady couldn’t get along as teammates and that cost them. But now they can go head to head as opponents! Who will have the spotlight on them after this is said and done?

The bell rings and the two go right at each other! They tie up, Amale powers Samuels to the ropes but the ref calls for the break. Amale lets off but the two tie up again and Samuels powers Amale to ropes. The ref calls for another break but Samuels shoves Amale. Amale shoves and tackles Samuels to then rain down rights! The ref backs Amale off but she runs in and corner clotheslines! Amale whips Samuels out then in, but Samuels BOOTS back! Samuels kicks low, runs but Amale LARIATS her down! Cover, TWO! Amale kicks Samuels around and talks trash in French. Amale drags Samuels up an dinto a headscissor hold! It’s practically a triangle, and Amale turns over to ram Samuels into the apron over and over! Samuels gets to the apron, Amale runs in but gets caught for a hotshot!

Samuels stomps Amale down, rains down fists then covers, ONE! Samuels drags Amale back up, whips but Amale reverses! Samuels goes up and reels Amale in with DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Then swings KNEES into Amale’s back! Cover, TWO! Samuels bounces Amale off the apron, snapmares her to a body scissors squeeze! Amale endures, even as Samuels forearms Amale over and over in the back. Samuels turns Amale over to a cover, TWO! Samuels still has Amale in the body scissors but Amale bridges back to a cover of her own! TWO, and Samuels gets the arms for a leg hook half nelson! Omoplata, shift to a hammerlock and then the far arm! Jim Breaks Special, Samuels style! Amale endures as Samuels tortures her arm! Samuels pulls and pulls, Amale refuses to give up!

Amale powers out of the hold so Samuels just focuses on the hammerlock. Amale fights up, gets around, and back drops Samuels away! Amale runs corner to corner but into buckles! Samuels blocks one boot but not the other, and Amale shotgun dropkicks her down! Amale goes side to side to BOOT WASH! Cover, TWO!! Samuels survives, and drop toeholds Amale onto ropes! Samuels drags Amale up against ropes to then dropkick her in the back! Cover, TWO!?! Amale survives and Samuels is losing her cool! Samuels clubs away on Amale, drags her up to a waistlock but Amale switches. Samuels elbows but Amale lets her slip around, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Amale is furious as she drags Samuels up.

Amale ROCKS her with a forearm then whips her to ropes, but Samuels holds ropes. Amale blocks the boot to ROLLING ELBOW back! Amale whips, Samuels slides under and CLUBS Amale, then hits the FINAL ACT! Cover, Samuels wins!

Winner: Nina Samuels, by pinfall

That Final Act was a real page turner, and Samuels has the spotlight on her. But will she finally make her way towards the NXT UK Women’s Championship?



After Eddie Dennis called them out, South Wales Subculture will confront him in the ring, just as he wants! Are they playing right into his hands?


NXT UK Media catches up with Nina Samuels backstage.

After a disappointing loss two weeks ago, how did it feel to win tonight? Well, we can all see Samuels doesn’t work as a double act. “It deprives our audience of what we need, because we all know NXT UK needs more Nina.” This is the official relaunch of the Nina Samuels Show! And now for her next production, Ms. Piper Niven. Will the Leading Lady look to steal the show from Piper the Viper?


NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Opening Round: Trent Seven VS Kenny Williams!

The final opening round match is here! The Artful Dodger is more determined than ever to prove he still has it! But this is the biggest opportunity in the Lucky Yin’s career, too. Who moves on to take on Dave Mastiff in the next round?

The bell rings and we begin the British Rounds match! Williams and Seven circle and tie up. Williams powers Seven back but Seven turns it around to put Williams on the ropes. Seven lets off fast with a pat on the shoulder. Williams and Seven circle again, Williams rolls but Seven avoids that leg pick. They tie up again, Williams waistlocks and drags Seven down to the mat to then float to a facelock. Seven slips out and around to hammerlock an arm. Seven facelocks while also having the arm, but Williams gets up and gets to ropes for the break. Seven lets off, and the two circle again. We’re under two minutes in this round as Williams gets an arm. Williams wrenches, wristlocks and wrangle Seven to the mat. Williams has a cover, ONE as Seven gets a shoulder up.

Williams knuckle locks to get both shoulders, TWO as Seven gets the other shoulder up. Williams gets them down, TWO as Seven bridges! Williams sweeps the legs to get the cover, TWO as Seven kips up! The two are in a test of strength now and Seven trips Williams to a cover. TWO as Williams bridges! Seven uses his weight but can’t break the bridge! Seven tries again but Williams blocks and gets a wheelbarrow arm-drag! We’re under a minute as Seven reverses the whip but Williams hurdles the back drop. Seven hip tosses hard but Williams boots him away! Williams leaps but into Seven’s arms and a SLAM! And a leg drop, brother! Cover, TWO! Seven keeps on Williams with the facelock and grinds Williams down. Williams fights up, pries, 10 seconds left for the elbow breaker and headlock! Seven powers out, time’s up! Even Seven has to applaud that exchange.

Seven: 0; Williams: 0

Both men go to their corners and have their 20 second break. The clock resets and here’s round two of six! The two circle, Seven stays away from another testing roll from Williams. They tie up, Williams goes from waistlock to cravat to snapmare and cover, ONE! Seven and Williams tie up with knuckle locks again but Seven makes it a straitjacket stretch. Seven digs his head in to add pressure while he brings Williams to his knees. Williams endures, Seven toys with Williams a bit, but Williams fights up! Williams powers out of the straitjacket and arm-drags Seven away! Seven gets the arm back and wrenches to a wristlock. Williams rolls, goes up and around to back elbow hard! Williams runs, gets around to redirect Seven, and springboard back elbows! Down goes Seven!

Williams covers, TWO! Seven gets to a corner, Williams runs in but Seven dodges! Williams stops himself from hitting buckles but Seven snapmares. Williams gets moving and huricanranas! And dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Williams keeps Seven from getting away with a minute left! Headlock takeover and headscissors denied! Williams grinds Seven down, pushes him to a cover, TWO! Seven sits up, gets to his feet and pries free to headbutt low! Seven shoves and headbutts Williams low gain! He tries a third time but Williams sunset flips! TWO, and we have 10 seconds left! The two men circle, Seven tries to gut wrench but time is up before the lift! Williams is saved by the bell!

Seven: 0; Williams: 0

Another 20 second rest and round three begins already! Seven and Williams circle again, Williams gets that rolling leg pick and takedown! Williams wrenches the ankle but Seven keeps his shoulders up. Williams stands on the other leg as he twists the one in all directions. Seven shouts in pain but refuses to give up. Seven frees his trapped right foot, turns over and pries free with that leg. Seven gets a headlock and takeover but Williams headscissors! Seven grows frustrated as he’s stuck. Seven moves around, gets up to a headstand and then bridges over to a headlock! Williams bridges to avoid the cover and fights his way up. Williams throws Seven off and CHOPS! Seven CHOPS back!! Seven eggs Williams on, then dodges to CHOP! Seven fakes Williams out, and DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Williams survives with a minute left in this round!

Seven sees Williams go to a corner, runs in and CHOPS him! Seven whips Williams corner to corner, Williams goes up and over this time, and fakes Seven out to step over an droll to get the leg again! Takedown, turn, but Seven throws Williams off! Williams cartwheels through that, but Seven whips him at 20 seconds, only for Williams to headlock! Williams uses ropes to go up and over, he boots Seven’s punch away but Seven BACK HANDS him! Wristlock and ripcord, SEVEN STAR LARIAT!! Cover, Seven gets the first fall!! And with just four seconds to spare!

Seven: 1; Williams: 0

Williams has a hard climb now as he’ll need to win two of the last three rounds! The 20 seconds are up already and we’re in round 4! Seven wants another ripcord but Williams breaks free and rolls Seven up, TWO!! That was close! Seven whips, Williams slips around and underhooks for the backslide, TWO! Williams baits Seven in to KNEE him! Seven rebounds but Williams hurdles, then catches Seven into a sunset flip, and gets the fall!?! With 2:22 to spare, Williams ties this up!!

Seven: 1; Williams: 1

Seven is furious with himself for getting caught because with two rounds left, we’re back at square one! Williams rushes Seven to wheelbarrow victory roll, TWO! Seven swings but Williams blocks! Williams fires off haymakers and a slap, but Seven CHOPS! Williams BOOTS, Seven wobbles but he SUPERKICKS! Williams pendulum LARIARTS! #Lezkillit! Cover, TWO!! Seven barely survives but Williams aims from a corner. Williams wants Seven to stand and Seven rises slowly. Williams tilt-o-whirls and DDT’s! Cover, TWO!?! Seven survives that shot with two minutes left in this round! Williams drags Seven back up, throws forearms after forearms, and even more forearms! Seven guards to hit back! Williams wobbles, but comes back to wheelbarrow, but into a SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX!!

Seven gets Williams up, scoops him and hits EMERALD FLOWSION! Cover, TWO!! Williams survives but Seven gets up top?! Williams SHORYUKENS from the apron! Williams CHOPS with less than a minute in the round, and goes up, SUPER STEINER! But Seven rolls through for a high stack cover, SEVEN WINS!!

Winner: Trent Seven, with 2 falls; advances to the semifinals

With 38 seconds remaining in the fifth round, the Man from Moustache Mountain makes it through the opening round! Seven shows Williams respect as he helps him up and raises his hand. But as tough as it was against Williams, it’ll be that much harder against the Bomber! Will Seven survive the Proper British Heavyweight’s heavy hands?


Sid Scala presides over the NXT UK Championship contract signing.

“NXT UK Universe, welcome to the official contract signing for next week’s NXT UK Championship main event!” He welcomes first the challenger, Ilja Dragunov! The Moscow Madman goes to the ring, perhaps still sore from that epic tag match last week. And then, the champion, WALTER! The Ring General takes the belt into the ring and sets it down on the table. Both men take their seats and Scala hopes their time will be spent on the business at hand. Walter is first to sign the contract, and does so without a word. Dragunov has his turn to sign, which he does, and he stands up to shout, “UN! BE! SIEG!” Walter SLAPS Dragunov before he can finish his catchphrase! And SLAPS him again! Walter takes off his track suit jacket and rips Dragunov’s shirt off, literally! Walter CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Dragunov! Walter shoves the table aside so there’s more room as he kicks and CHOPS Dragunov!

Walter brings Dragunov off, talks trash in German and brings Dragunov up, but Dragunov slips out of the bomb to ENZIGURI! Walter wobbles, Dragunov fires off fists! Dragunov shoves the chairs and table aside and goes up top! Dragunov LEAPS, into a CHOP!! Walter smacks Dragunov out of the air!! And then gives him an APRON WALTER BOMB!! Walter CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Dragunov again, then makes him look at the belt! Walter says that belt is his forever, and he CHOPS Dragunov on the back! And reels Dragunov into a LARIAT! Referees rush out to keep Walter back but he powers through to BOOT Dragunov down! Dragunov bumps off steel steps, but he still comes back to TACKLE Walter THROUGH the barriers!!

Both men are down on the ground and the referees hurry over to check on them. Dragunov rises!? Dragunov still has to crawl back to the ring, but he grabs the belt! Walter is furious as he sees this, and as Dragunov throws the title back to him! Referees hold Walter back even as he and Dragunov shout at each other! Will Dragunov truly take that belt for his own when these two finally get to unleash all this fury in the ring?

My Thoughts:

A great, fiery episode right here! Dennis VS Carter was a really good return for Dennis in singles action, but you can tell he’s being careful with his repaired shoulder. The Next Stop Driver was more a powerslam, and instead of the full Severn Bridge, he stopped halfway for the “Splash Mountain” crucifix bomb. But in the end, all effective offense, and I like that he’s suddenly invested in the South Wales Subculture Whodunnit. He’s implying it was Mark Andrews but perhaps Dennis is forgetting the previous attack on Andrews himself. I honestly feel like it should be spun that it’s been Dennis the whole time. I’ve been waiting for Dennis to go after one of his former friends between Andrews or Pete Dunne so maybe that’s this.

Amale VS Samuels was great, in the same vein as Piper VS Isla last week. And it seems since Samuels and Piper both won, they’re going to face off just to bide their time waiting for the title since Kay Lee Ray VS Jinny is still the clear next match-up. It’s great to see a video package for Joe Coffey, meaning he is also at least found not guilty much like Jordan Devlin. Devlin is back in action next week, so that’s great. I think the special time for next week is NXT UK getting ahead of the Daylights Savings Time curve since that happens Halloween night going into November 1st. Seven VS Williams was perhaps the best, most dramatic British Rounds match yet, though Ohno VS Scala was great, too. I really thought this was going to go to the sixth, but again it ends in the fifth. I bet the sixth round is being saved for the semifinals, and that is going to be great with Dar VS A-Kid and Seven VS Mastiff.

The contract signing was actually a great segment. Sure it ended in a fight like many others, but it was the fact they skipped long promos to give us MORE brawling that made it work. Dragunov’s chest looked like ground beef again just from this much, he might look like cooked steak after the actual match. Dragunov stood tall in the tag match, he technically stands tall here, and he touched the belt. Usually the math says he’s losing, but honestly, who else could possibly do it? Walter’s ran through just about everyone in NXT UK, and unfortunately, Ridge Holland is hurt and was moved to NXT USA. If Holland was still in the UK, he could come back around and go behemoth to behemoth with Walter and get an incredible win. At this point, I’m hoping Dragunov defies math and wins to really change things to commemorate this restart for NXT UK’s rise.

My Score: 8.5/10

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