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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/29/20)

FINALLY, Walter VS Dragunov!!




The NXT UK Champion finally defends his title!

Walter and Ilja Dragunov will finally settle things one on one and for THE NXT UK Championship! Will UNBESIEGBAR be the one to finally dethrone the Ring General?


  • Aoife Valkyrie VS Dani Luna; Aoife wins.
  • Jordan Devlin VS Levi Muir; Devlin wins.
  • NXT UK Championship: Walter VS Ilja Dragunov; Walter wins and retains the title.


Aoife Valkyrie VS Dani Luna!

The NXT UK Women’s Division continues to grow stronger and stronger as the chase is on! Will the “Irish Angel” or the punk rock powerlifter take a big step up in the rankings towards Kay Lee Ray’s title?

The bell rings and Dani stares down with Aoife before tying up. Dani headlocks, Aoife endures, but Dani shifts to a cravat. Dani cranks on the neck, snapmares but Aoife cartwheels through! Aoife drop toeholds Dani then hammerlocks an arm. Dani fights up, reaches back to get the arm and then a fireman’s carry takeover! Dani holds Aoife down, but Aoife reaches up to headscissor. Dani kips out and the two stand off. Aoife and Dani go again, Dani wrenches the arm to a wristlock. Aoife spins and bridges then turns and handsprings to facelock. Dani spins out, wrings the arm but Aoife handsprings through. Dani knees low and hard, then drags Aoife back up. Dani whips, Aoife goes up but is caught! Aoife arm-drags free, then goes at Dani but Dani reverses the whip.

Things speed up, Dani hurdles but Aoife headbutts low! Aoife whips, Dani reverses again but Aoife hurdles and dropkicks! Dani bails out, Aoife runs and slides, but into a wheelbarrow and apron facebuster! Both women catch their breath but Dani puts Aoife in to cover, TWO! Dani is after an arm and also chinbars Aoife. Dani cranks on arm and neck but Aoife endures. Aoife fights her way up, Dani knees low and scoops to slam her! Cover, TWO! Dani is back to the armlock and chinbar but Aoife fights up. Aoife throws body shots and clubbing forearms, then kicks away on a leg! Dani knees low again, whips Aoife to ropes but Aoife leaps, into Dani’s arms! Dani pops Aoife up to a fireman’s carry, but Aoife pops up and spins to headscissor Dani down!

Aoife keeps moving, springboard for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Dani gets up, Aoife runs and spins her to PELE! Cover, TWO! Dani stays in this and Aoife takes a moment to think. Aoife drags Dani up, scoops but Dani resists! Dani shoves, ducks the enziguri and DEAD LIFT GERMAN SUPLEXES! And then DEAD LIFT STANDARD SUPLEXES! Cover, TWO! Aoife survives those strong throws but Dani drags her up. Dani has the arm, but Aoife spins out to ROCK Dani with slapping haymakers! Dani goes to a corner, boots back but into a takedown! Gedo Clutch, TWO, but Aoife rebounds, into a waistlock! GERMAN, but Aoife lands out of it! Dani turns around, into the HEEL KICK! Aoife goes up top and watches Dani, for the PERPETEIA! Cover, Aoife wins!

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie, by pinfall

The Turn of Fortune is always good fortune for Aoife, but will this win be the first step towards title opportunities? Aoife also shows Dani respect by helping her up and shaking her hand. Will Dani keep on fighting and grinding to make her own impact in the division?


The Heritage Cup semifinals are coming!

In the opening round, Noam Dar had a gritty but perhaps controversial victory over the Dresden Hatchet Man. The Modfather was trumped by the Spanish Ace, and now we’ll have a showdown of the two youngest men in NXT UK! Will Supernova 11 hit the jackpot or bust against A-Kid? On the other side, Joseph Conners could not prove he was worthy as he could not withstand the heavy hands of The Bomber, Dave Mastiff! Mastiff is the only man so far to have a win by knockout, he could end up doing that again to Trent Seven, who managed to outlast and out maneuver the Lucky Yin. The second round begins next week, how is your bracket looking?


NXT UK, get ready for a rampage!

Rampage Brown, famously known for his time in PROGRESS Wrestling, ICW and Rev-Pro, is coming to the WWE! Johnny Moss knows it’s a long time coming and is very excited to see Rampage again. The experience, the power, the aggression and the ruthless attitude is going to put the locker room on notice. Ashton Smith teamed with Rampage, and he says the fans are going to see something special. Pete Dunne knows Rampage has been a big deal in the business for a long time, and it’s finally time for us all to see what he can do.


South Wales Subculture is in the ring!

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster have both been attacked backstage by a mysterious culprit, several months apart. “And Eddie Dennis wants to walk around-” Well wait, here he comes! Dennis says Mark sounds like he doesn’t trust him. They’ve known each other 15 years, so yeah, Mark doesn’t trust Dennis! Dennis agrees, and in those 15 years, he’s never met a man who as narcissistic as Mark! Mark used Dennis on the indies, and now he’s using Flash in the WWE. FMW says that for a man who is so smart, Dennis talks out of his arse a lot! Well ask yourself this then, Flash. What were you doing right before you were jumped backstage? Proving yourself as a singles competitor! Who has the most to lose if they break up as a team? Like Pacino says, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

FMW keeps Andrews from doing something to Dennis but Dennis has Pretty Deadly as back-up anyway. Well FMW knew they’d play things this way, so they remind them that they have friends, too! The Hunt shows up! Dennis tells them they’re like the children who never listen! Dennis says it’s about keeping your friends, and your enemies closer. The Hunt attacks SWSC!! It was Wild Boar and Primate all along!! Primate POSTS FMW, then helps Boar mug Mark! Pretty Deadly leave to let the wild animals take care of this. Boar runs and hits the CANNON-BOAR! Dennis tells them to go after FMW, and then he makes Andrews watch as they hit a DEATH VALLEY SIT-OUT BOMB! The Welsh Dragon is the mastermind but The Hunt are the muscle! Will these three beasts run roughshod over all of NXT UK?


NXT UK Media catches up with Piper Niven.

What’s her plan in NXT UK now? Well, the same as it’s always been: get after Kay Lee Ray. “Title reigns fade. But injuries? They can last forever.” The Scottish Viper has something planned for the Scary Queen of Scots. Will she get the title off KLR, just not through a title match?


NXT UK Media talks with Sid Scala.

Can he shed any light on this situation with Eddie Dennis? Pretty Deadly walk out and Sid asks them what is going on. They honestly don’t know. But they don’t care about that. They feel they’ve earned a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, and want an answer on when it’s happening. But Sam Gradwell comes over to tell them not to worry about Gallus. The real headline now is that the Thunder Storm is back. See ya around! Pretty Deadly shrug that off and asks Scala for a time on that title match. They leave, but Gallus comes by now to say they just heard Pretty Deadly. Is Scala gonna do something about that? Or will they have to handle it? Scala says they can arrange something. Just remember this, Scala. Gallus will be back to full strength soon enough. But go ahead, take time to think about it. Scala breathes a sigh of relief after they leave. What will Scala decide for the tag titles?


Jordan Devlin VS Levi Muir!

He’s baaack~! The “rightful” NXT Cruiserweight Champion returns to the ring, wanting to establish that there should be no other Cruiserweight Champion anywhere! Will “The Best Athlete in the Game” be just a stepping stone towards that end?

The bell rings, Devlin circles with Muir and ties up. Devlin wrenches, yanks the arm, wrenches more, then gets under to suplex Muir up and over! Muir gets up and circles with Devlin again. They tie up, Devlin headlocks but Muir endures the grind to power Devlin off! Muir says he’s too strong for that, and he circles with Devlin again. Devlin shoots in to CLUB Muir with a forearm then DECKS him with a haymaker! Devlin stomps away on Muir then CLUBS him again! Devin wrenches to a wristlock, brings Muir around by a chinbar, but Muir wrenches out. Devlin rolls, handsprings and elbows hard! Muir goes down and Devlin says he doesn’t belong in the ring with him! Devlin stomps Muir, whips him then runs him over with a big elbow!

Muir sits up in a daze but Devlin drives elbows into his head! Devlin slaps Muir around but Muir shoves back. Devlin scoops and slams Muir fast! Devlin toys with Muir, talks trash, then brings him up to throw a hard body shot! Muir uppercuts back! Muir runs but into the URENAGE! Standing moonsault! Devlin says there’s only one Ace and that’s him! Devlin brings Muir up, Muir cradle counters, TWO! Devlin rushes Muir, Muir tries a school boy but Devlin blocks to STOMP Muir down! Devlin seethes as he paces about. Muir sits up, Devlin CLUBS him back down, then looms over Muir as he writhes. Devlin drags Muir up to elbow him back, but Muir gets angry. Devlin shoves, kicks and whips to then ALABAMA SLAM!

Devlin rains down fists, then drags Muir up to whip. Muir reverses, Devlin sunset flips but Muir stays up! Muir drags Devlin up, pops him up to a gorilla press, but Devlin slips out to crucifix pin! TWO!! Devlin HEADBUTTS Muir down!! Muir is in a daze, Devlin yanks him up, DEVLINSIDE!! But Devlin isn’t done, he laces up the legs for a CLOVERLEAF!! Muir taps, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by submission

Devlin could’ve put it away at the dead lift suplex, but he wanted to make sure everyone understood: he isn’t playing around. “This is a message to the Cruiserweight Division! Your champ, the one REAL Cruiserweight Champion, is back! If you want a shot at this title, you come here to the Jordan Devlin Show! But before you take a shot at me, remember this. You never bet against the Ace.” Will Santos Escobar respond with more than just words this time?



Sid Scala has made a decision in regards to Gallus! With Joe Coffey coming back next week, he, brother Mark Coffey and Wolfgang will reunite in a Six Man Tag against Pretty Deadly and Sam Gradwell! Will Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley reaffirm their claim to a title match with help from The Thunder Storm?


NXT UK Championship: Walter VS Ilja Dragunov!

There is so much history here, even before both men entered the WWE. The Ring General has dominated ever since joining, from sweeping British Strong Style to defeating some of the biggest and the baddest. The Moscow Madman struggled, scratched, clawed, and managed to outlast 19 of the greatest NXT UK had to offer as he won a battle royal to earn this match. However, the world going through crisis kept this match from happening before the Summer. But now, in the Fall, we shall finally have this instant classic play out! After 573 days as champion, will Walter fall to UNBESIEGBAR?

Tensions are at their peak as the introductions are made and the belt is raised, and the battle promised to “redefine violence” finally begins!

Dragunov BOOTS right away! He fires off hands, Walter turns things around and CHOPS and CHOPS and BOOTS and KICKS! Dragunov eggs Walter on as he CHOPS and forearms! Walter BOOTS Dragunov, drags him up, but Dragunov slips out of the bomb to throw KNEES! Walter is in a corner, he boots back, but Dragunov comes back to KNEE Walter down! Dragunov hurries up top but Walter CHOPS him first! Walter climbs, Dragunov fires forearms and CHOPS again! SUPER SENTON! But Dargunov doesn’t bother covering! “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” Torpedo Moscow launches into the sleeper hold! SLEEPER HOLD SUPLEX! Dragunov writhes while Walter catches his breath! The ref checks, Dragunov is okay to continue, and both he and Walter rise.

Walter throws a European Uppercut, Dragunov CHOPS, so Walter CHOPS! Dargunov wobbles, Walter scoop SLAMS him, then KICKS him! Dargunov is up to SLAP and SLAP and CHOP! Dragunov forearms then back hands, but Walter blocks! Walter pulls hair, and whips Dargunov INTO the ropes! Dragunov snaps back and tumbles out of the ring, and Walter dares Dragunov to get up! The ref keeps Walter back, Dragunov staggers up and in but Walter stomps him down! Walter drags Dragunov up to ROCK him with a forearm! Dragunov CHOPS and CHOPS but Walter DECKS him! And STOMPS him! Walter drops down for a chinlock but Dragunov tries to chinbar back. Walter chinbars Dargunov for a cover, TWO! Walter drops a Regal knee!

Walter stalks Dragunov to ropes, drags him up, but Dragunov wrenches to throw in a KNEE! Dragunov’s neck bothers him and Walter CLUBS him down! Walter kicks at Dragunov, but Dragunov SLAPS and UPPERCUTS! Walter and Dragunov clinch in the corner, Walter CHOPS Dragunov down! Dragunov goes to the apron but Walter grinds his boot into Dargunov’s head! The ref counts, Walter lets up and Dargunov gets up. Walter throws a forearm, Dragunov throws one back, but Walter DECKS him again! Walter sits Dragunov up for a neck wrench! Walter leans on the head, drags Dragunov up to a sleeper, but Dragunov goes after the arm! Dragunov hits an elbow breaker! And CHOPS and SLAPS! Walter ROCKS Dragunov, uses double knuckle locks to bend Dragunov back, and STOMPS the thraot! Walter uses his legs to CRANK the neck! Cover, TWO!!

Dragunov refuses to give up, even if his head is about to come off! Walter SLAPS Dragunov then STOMPS him more! The ref backs Walter off as Dragunov is in the ropes. Dragunov gets up to CHOP and CHOP, but he swings into a waistlock, GERMAN SUPLEX! Walter seethes as Dargunov writhes. Walter gets up, drags Dragunov into a seated stretch with a chinbar then neck wrench. Walter CHOPS the shoulder! Dragunov endures and resists as Walter goes after his arm. Walter stands on Dragunov’s head and pulls the arm to then drop a knee! Dragunov goes to a corner, Walter digs his boot in and even slaps Dragunov. The ref backs Walter off, Dragunov gets up to CHOP and CHOP! Walter CHOPS Dragunov off his feet! Cover, TWO!! How is Dragunov still doing this?!

Dragunov goes to ropes, Walter drags him up, places him on the top rope, and he CHOPS Dragunov in the throat! Walter climbs up to STAND on Dragunov and bend him against the crossbar! Walter CHOPS Dragunov and dumps him out! The ref reprimands but Walter just waits for Dragunov. Dragunov flounders up as the ring count climbs, but Walter stands on Dragunov’s arm! And then on his throat! Walter STOMPS Dragunov more! The ref reprimands, Walter gets in and the ring count continues. Walter kicks Dragunov at the apron and knocks him off to the floor! Dragunov shakes his head, he refuses to lose this way. Dragunov gets back on the apron, but Walter is on him again to CLUB him chest! Walter CLUBS Dragunov more, then CHOPS his back!

Walter swings but Dragunov catches the arm! Walter tries a claw in the shoulder but Dragunov SLAPS and SLAPS and then drags Walter around to CLUB away on Walter!! Dragunov stops at the ref’s count of 4, but steps into a BOOT! Walter waistlocks, but Dragunov standing switches to GERMAN SUPLEX Walter! Dragunov and Walter stand, Walter CLUBS the neck! Another waistlock but another switch and GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov smiles?! Walter and Dragunov rise, Walter SLAPS, but Dragunov SLAPS and GERMAN SUPLEXES AGAIN!! Dragunov fires himself up and aims from a corner! Walter slowly rises, Dragunov takes aim and runs, to BOOT! Walter CHOPS, but Dragunov comes back to ENZIGURI! And again! Dragunov crotch holds, GOTCH BACK SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!! Walter survives and both men are down!

The studio audience is fired up as Dragunov rises! Dragunov SLAPS and CHOPS Walter then rains down furious fists from all sides! And he gives back all those stomps! Walter is at the ropes, the ref counts, Dragunov lets off but comes back. Walter kicks a leg, SLAPS Dragunov down, then CLUBS him on the back! Walter goes for another sleeper but Dragunov resists. Walter CLUBS Dragunov again, drags him up and wants the sleeper, but Dragunov again breaks free. Dragunov elbows, wrenches, steps through and SPINNING BACK HANDS! And then LARIATS! Walter is still up, he ducks a lariat to get the sleeper hold! Dragunov gets ropes, Walter breaks his grip, but Dragunov switches again to O’Conner roll! Dragunov tries to bridge but Walter gets a SLEEPER! Dragunov fips over to cover, TWO!!

Walter BOOTS, Dragunov fires off lariat after lariat! Dragunov runs, tiger feint, ODE TO CONSTANTINE!! Cover off the lariat, TWO!?! Walter survives but Dragunov is too tired to be frustrated. Dragunov also has no use for frustration, he just says, “Niet. Niet!” Dragunov goes to a corner, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” Torpedo- CHOP!! Walter swats Dragunov out of the air but can’t make the cover! The ref starts a standing count, Walter sits up and Dragunov follows. The count is at 8 but both men get up at 9! Walter CHOPS, Dragunov wobbles and falls! Walter drags Dragunov up, wrenches the arm, and CHOPS again! Dragunov stays on his feet but Walter slaps him over! Walter stands on Dragunov, stomps him, then drags him back up.

Walter tells Dragunov to get up as he chops him! And CHOPS him! And pushes him around! Walter toys with Dragunov, wanting to see that fight. Dragunov sits up, eggs Walter on, and then gets up. Walter slaps him around but Dragunov gives those strikes back! Dragunov fires off forearms and a boot! Walter LARIATS!! Walter reels Dragunov in, WALTER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?!? Dragunov is proving he is superhuman! Walter runs, to LARIAT again!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Dragunov survives what put Tyler Bate away in Cardiff?!? Walter is furious, he wraps Dragunov up then CHOPS the neck! SLEEPER HOLD! And with body scissors! Dragunov powers out of the hold, but Walter makes it a DRAGON SLEEPER!

Walter smothers Dragunov with his body weight and even headbutts the chest and abdomen! Dragunov rolls and they end up in the ropes! The hold is broken and Walter drags Dragunov back up. Walter slaps Dragunov’s hands from the ropes, drags him up in a sleeper, then KICKS him! Back to the sleeper! But Dragunov still resists?! Dragunov pries free to CHOP and SLAP and CHOP and SLAP! Walter chops, into a cording hold! Walter uses point blank shoulder ramming! Dragunov and Walter knuckle lock, Dragunov HEADBUTTS over and over! Dragunov CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, wrenches and KNEES! And KNEES! And KNEES!! DOUBLE CHOP! Both men wobble but Dragunov goes to a corner! Dragunov goes up top, for a COAST2COAST MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!!!!

Dragunov clutches his neck, somehow still holding together after everything Walter has done! Both men are down, but the fighting spirit is still there! Walter and Dragunov talk trash to each other in German. Walter CHOPS, Dragunov CHOPS, then Dragunov goes for a leg. Walter elbows him, but Dragunov hooks the leg. Walter resists the leg sweep, throws CHOPS, but Dragunov throws point blank lariats! Dragunov tries again, EXPLODER?!? Cover, TWO!?!?! Dragunov is beside himself but he has not given up! Dragunov goes back to his corner, blood in his mouth, and blocks a boot to CHOP Walter on the back! And CHOPS him again! TORPEDO MOSCOW BLINDSIDE!!! But Dragunov can’t make the cover because of damage to his own head!

Dargunov goes to another corner, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” But Dragunov’s body buckles! Walter CHOPS, Dragunov TACKLES him! It wasn’t quite the torpedo but it was good enough! Cover, TWO!!!! No, it wasn’t good enough! Walter himself is inhuman as he and Dragunov still stir. Walter wants mercy?! Dragunov does not show it as he stomps! And drives elbow after elbow into Walter! Walter runs away to the outside but Dragunov pursues! They brawl, Walter sleeper holds for a SLEEPER SUPLEX TO THE FLOOR!! The ref tells Walter to get in the ring, then he checks on Dragunov. Dragunov refuses to stop, so Walter BOOTS him into the steel steps!! Walter drags Dragunov up for an APRON WALTER BOMB!!

The ref asks but Dragunov refuses to give up. So Walter hits ANOTHER WALTER BOMB!! Walter flounders to a corner, climbs up top, WALTER SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!?!?!?! BUT HOW?!?! Dragunov survived the very splash that dethroned Pete Dunne!! Walter mounts to ground ‘n’ pound with BIG slapping hands! Dragunov slaps back so Walter goes to forearms! Walter turns Dragunov over, brings him up in a sleeper hold and body scissors! Dragunov is OUT, Walter wins!!

Winner: Walter, by submission (still NXT UK Champion)

Just what are these two men in the ring, that it took this much to finish the fight? Is there even anything left in the body of Dragunov? If not even the invincible could dethrone Walter, what can?!

My Thoughts:

HOLY HELL that episode, but especially the main event. That had to be the level they were hoping for with TakeOver: Dublin that we never got to have this year. And it was definitely worth the wait. And as much as I was hoping Dragunov wins, the math obviously doomed him with how he won the tag match and then stood tall in the contract signing just last week. But this isn’t just kayfabe sensationalism, I am really unsure who dethrones Walter. Dunne didn’t in the rematch, but that was fine, Walter’s reign was new and needed to get going. Bate couldn’t but the Cardiff match basically raised the bar for the entire NXT UK Championship scene. As such, that’s why Dave Mastiff and Joe Coffey didn’t win, because they’re not on that Dunne-Bate level. Ridge Holland showed promise but the pandemic shutdowns compelled NXT to move him to USA, and now he’s hurt! I really thought it was going to be Dragunov, but maybe with how he lost by passing out more than tapping out, he will come back around one day.

Everything else was pretty good, such as Aoife VS Dani as our opener to keep Aoife on our minds in the NXT UK Women’s Division. I do like Piper’s veiled threat to KLR about injuries over victories. That’s an interesting edge they could give Piper, especially with Jinny as a Heel. A Heel KLR VS Heel Jinny, Tweener Piper getting involved, the division could use something like that. We had great hype for the Heritage Cup semifinals, and Dar VS A-Kid opening the second round next week is great. I saw the swerve from Hunt coming miles away, but I didn’t think they were working with Eddie Dennis, that was a good addition. I wonder if Mastiff joins forces with SWSC again to have a Six Man Tag. Mastiff and Dennis have history in NXT UK so it’d work. And Rampage Brown as a new signee to NXT UK, that’s exciting.

Devlin’s return was pretty definitive, but Levi Muir does look like a strong talent with potential. I’m not sure who his first feud on NXT UK will be, but I’m really hoping we get Worlds Collide: NXT VS NXT UK 2 to settle things in the end. And speaking of returns, Sam Gradwell and Joe Coffey will both return to the ring, and those two are going to be heavy hitter. With Pretty Deadly wanting after the tag titles, I feel like that’s just a feud to ease Gallus back into things and to build their reign. I wonder when Grizzled Young Veterans and Imperium’s Aichner and Barthel are coming back, I haven’t seen them in awhile. Of course, we’ve seen both those teams fight for the tag titles before, so I’m not sure if they’d be given the greenlight to dethrone Gallus.

My Score: 8.6/10

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