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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (10/5/20)

Champions UNITE!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

One more Raw to say good-bye, but to who?

The 2020 WWE Draft is coming, which means superstars will be coming and going! But tonight, Raw’s champions team together to take a stand!


  • Six Woman Tag: Zelina Vega, Lana & Natalya VS Asuka, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose; Asuka, Dana & Mandy win.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Mess Making: R-Truth w/ Lil’ Jimmy VS Drew Gulak; Gulak wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy VS Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo; Rollins & Murphy win.
  • Exhibition: Keith Lee VS Braun Strowman; Double Count-Out.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Garbage Day: Drew Gulak VS R-Truth VS Akira Tozawa; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • The Hurt Business VS Apollo Crews & Ricochet w/ Mustafa Ali; The Hurt Business wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS The Riott Squad; Jax & Baszler win and retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • MVP w/ The Hurt Business VS Mustafa Ali; No Contest.
  • Six Man Tag: Drew McIntyre & The Street Profits VS Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode; Orton, Ziggler & Roode win.


Raw hears from Randy Orton.

“I didn’t leave Clash of Champions with the WWE Championship. Instead, I left… in an ambulance.” Orton doesn’t remember much from that ride, but he remembers the match. He remembers Big Show wrapping a hand around his throat for a choke slam through the announce desk. He remembers being ambushed by Christian at catering. He remembers Shawn Michaels kicking him right between the eyes. And he remembers McIntyre kicking Orton where he got McIntyre, putting him into the ambulance before he lost consciousness. “In those moments, I saw nothing but complete darkness.” Orton felt nothing but pain. Fast-forward the next day, McIntyre stood in the ring with his mentors on Raw, celebrating.

“Just recalling the sight of Drew standing with each of them, raising a title he didn’t deserve, makes me sick.” They laughed, they smiled, and even played some poker. They toasted with the Street Profits and enjoyed a victory lap. As the saying goes, “With every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” After the actions Show, HBK, Christian and Ric Flair took at Clash of Champions, Orton felt obligated to treat them to that equal and opposite reaction in the form of a reintroduction to the Legend Killer! Orton needed to guarantee those four men saw and felt everything Orton felt when the ambulance doors closed. The lights went out, that was the darkness he saw. And he made sure they felt the exact same pain he felt!

Wearing the night vision goggles, Orton had a front-row seat to every second of their agony. They looked here, there, but could not stop the inevitable. Show tried, started swinging, so Orton got both hands and put him through the table to end up right over there in the corner. Christian tried looking for help but there was none, and Orton whispered in his ears, “Say hi to Edge for me.” Then came HBK. HBK used the chair he was sitting in but Orton took it away and kicked HBK’s skull! Flair was grabbing for the door but Orton put his arm on Flair’s shoulder. Flair let go of the door, turned around and “met his fate.” If only Orton could’ve seen McIntyre’s face when learning the price that is paid. But the bill hasn’t been paid! Not until Orton is again WWE World Champion! This isn’t over until Orton says it’s over. Orton says McIntyre still has hell to pay!

Orton speaks to McIntyre directly here. “You tell anyone that’ll listen that you want to cement your legacy as WWE Champion. You want that legacy so badly? It’ll be waiting for you, if you survive one more WWE Championship match against me, inside… Hell in a Cell!” But then McIntyre busts into the room! And he rams Orton into the wall! McIntyre fires off fists and says he doesn’t need to turn the lights off to beat Orton’s ass! McIntyre rains down and shouts, “What do you know about Hell!?” Referees and security rush in as McIntyre keeps trying to hit Orton! The Viper slithers away but McIntyre says this is just getting started! Will the Scottish Psychopath slaughter the snake in the grass in the Six Man main event?


Six Woman Tag: Zelina Vega, Lana & Natalya VS Asuka, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose!

La Muneca joins forces with the Ravishing Russian and the #BOAT to take on the Empress of Tomorrow and Raw’s newest additions! Will no one be ready for Flex Appeal, the Golden Goddess and ASUKA?

The teams sort out and the Queen of Harts starts with Dana. They tie up, Natty headlocks to a takedown but Dana gets up to power out. Natty runs Dana over then speeds things up. Dana hurdles, Natty blocks the hip toss to take down to a cover, TWO! Dana headlocks now but Natty powers out. Dana handsprings over Natty to come back for a swinging headscissors! Cover, TWO! Dana drags Natty up, brings her over and tags in Mandy. They mug Natty and Mandy facelocks. Mandy and Dana double suplex Natty up, hold her up and bring her down after 5! Cover, TWO! Mandy keeps on Natty with a waistlock but Natty switches. Mandy trips Natty, Natty blocks the cover and shoves, but Mandy cartwheels and dropkicks back! Cover, TWO!

Mandy keeps her cool and brings Natty up, but Vega trips Asuka! Mandy knees Natty and Dana goes after Vega. Vega gets in the ring, Mandy drags Vega up but Natty throws Mandy down! Cover, TWO! Natty pushes Mandy to a corner, throws haymakers, and Vega tags herself in. Natty didn’t like that but she lets Vega stomp a mudhole and BOOT Mandy down! Cover, TWO! Vega drags Mandy up, wrenches and hooks Mandy for a Mouse Trap to Ground Octopus! Mandy endures, pries the leg off and rolls back to a cover, TWO! Vega drags Mandy up by her hair to throw her down, then she sucker punches Asuka! Vega tags Natty in and Natty tags Lana. Natty snapmares Mandy for Lana’s sliding kick! Cover, TWO!

Lana stomps Mandy down to then bring her back. Tag to Natty, they mug Mandy and Natty scoops to slam her! Natty sucker punches Dana, drags Mandy around and gets the legs! Mandy denies the Sharpshooter, Lana tags in but so does Asuka! Asuka hip attacks Vega, side steps and runs Lana over! Fans fire up with Asuka as she hip attacks Lana! Asuka sees Vega running in and sends her into Lana! Asuka back kicks Vega, ROUNDHOUSES Natty, and pop-up KNEES Lana! Lana wobbles, Asuka shows her her sliding kick! Cover, Natty breaks it! Dana goes after Natty, handspring back elbow! Natty flops out, Asuka has Lana but Lana elbows free! Mandy tags in. Asuka runs at Lana but Lana avoids the hip attack. Lana runs into Asuka’s back elbow, and staggers into a KNEE FROM A ROSE! Cover, Mandy and team win!

Winners: Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke & Asuka, by pinfall

A big win for the champ and the new kids on the block! They all dance off together and do some flexing, will Raw make sure to secure these three in the Draft?

But wait! Here comes Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler! Vega bails out but it’s a little harder for Natty to get Lana up and running. They’re surrounded already by the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! Natty hits first but Nia HEADBUTTS her down! Shayna clears the table for her, and Nia brings Natty over for a fireman’s carry. Lana saves Natty, tries to hit Nia first, but again, SAMOAN DROP THROUGH THE TABLE!! The Ravishing Russian just keeps getting wrecked! Will Natty and Lana beg SmackDown to draft them?


Raw returns to R-Truth’s Mock WWE Draft!

Truth explains to Lil’ Jimmy he isn’t done yet, but he’s got Jimmy as third overall to SmackDown. Not Truth’s decision, it’s just how he sees the Draft going. Truth doesn’t want Lil’ Jimmy to go away, either. They’re buddies. And yes, he notices the janitor. But the ref shows up! Is that Randy?! The janitor takes a swing with the mop but Truth ducks and the ref gets hit! You ain’t getting Truth, Randy! But Truth trips over the water bucket! Cover, the janitor wins!! And it’s DREW GULAK!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

Did you have a nice trip? See you next fall! Gulak runs away, Truth says he got got! But will Truth be able to fix this before the night is over?


Apollo Crews, Mustafa Ali and Ricochet are talking backstage.

They’re worried about how the Draft will shake out, in that they might get separated. But MVP comes over and Mustafa already knows what he’s going to say. It’ll be some excuse as to why he lost last week. Wrong. They can win a match but they never win the fight. But MVP is here about the Draft, too. These guys are young and green, he’s experienced, he’s been through a number of them. It can change your career like that. Apollo was on SmackDown, “a nobody doing nothing,” and then he gets traded to Raw. Boom, he’s a champion! What is he getting at?

MVP says that this Friday, they’re all on the clock. But tonight, they’re on the clock for an opening in the Hurt Business. Alexander said no, but he came around and look at him now. It doesn’t matter if you’re on red or blue, but if you’re with the black ‘n’ gold, business is booming. Apollo says that’s just classic MVP. Let’s just get ready for the match. But is someone considering…?


Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy VS Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo!

The Monday Night Messiah, with his disciple, Buddy Murphy, behind him, is back for a rematch with El Hijo del Rey and the Ultimo Ninja! Will this battle lead to ending the war?

Before the match, Rollins has Murphy fetch the mic. But Murphy is distracted given all that’s happened with him, Dominik and Aalyah. Rollins snaps him out of it. “Now is not the time or the place, we’ve got a very important match. Give me the microphone.” Murphy keeps the mic to get something off his chest. “For months now, I have been your ideal disciple. I have done everything you’ve wanted of me, plus more.” But these last few weeks… If Rollins still wants Murphy to be his disciple, Rollins needs to apologize. Rollins? Apologize to him? What?! No, not to him! To Aalyah! Yes, Rollins despises Rey but-

Rollins snatches the mic out of Murphy’s hand! “Do you understand who you’re talking to?! I saved you!” Rollins is the messiah, Murphy’s the disciple! That is how this works! Apologize to Aalyah? For what?! That was going easy on her! He could’ve very easily exposed all the other DM’s. You know, where she tells Murphy her true feelings! How she feels Dominik’s the favorite! He could’ve put that out there but he didn’t it! And Murphy wants Rollins to apologize?! “Get this through your head, Murphy.” You are the disciple. Rollins is the messiah. He pokes Murphy in the head, but here comes Dom and Carrillo! The tensions are running high as it is, will things only get more intense from here?

Things turn into a brawl right away! Dom is after Rollins but Murphy throws Carrillo out. Murphy goes after Dom, Dom dodges and ducks to tilt-o-whirl into a Russian leg sweep! Basement enziguri from Carrillo! Rollins runs back in but is put on the apron, Carrillo helps Dom get up to BOOT Rollins down! Dom goes up, Carrillo builds speed, CRISSCROSS DIVES!! Rollins and Murphy are down, Carrillo and Dom are fired up, and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Rollins has Dom in a armlock. Dom throws forearms but Rollins whips him away to clobber him! Cover, ONE, but Rollins drags Dom back up. Rollins DECKS Dom, clubs him down, stomps him around, then drags him up again to ram into the corner. Rollins rams Dom over and over and over, the ref counts but Rollins lets up at 4. Murphy tags in without permission and stomps Dom for himself. The ref counts, Murphy lets off at 4, but he comes back to stomp Dom more. Rollins tags in because he doesn’t need permission, and tells Murphy to not tag in unless told to. Understood? Disciple: Murphy. Messiah: Rollins. But Dom punches them both back! Dom decks Murphy but leaps into Rollins’ GUT BUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Rollins is frustrated but he wraps Dom up in a bearhug. Dom endures, fans rally up, but Rollins stands Dom up for a cobra twist. Dom endures the stretch but Rollins cranks harder. Dom unhooks a leg, and hits a jawbreaker! Murphy tags in as Rollins hits the SLING BLADE! But Rollins gets in Murphy’s face again! Rollins says he had it under control and that he doesn’t need Murphy! Tag to Carrillo! Carrillo crossbodies them both down! Springboard back elbow for Murphy! And then a corner clothesline! Carrillo BOOTS Rollins, runs at Murphy but is put on the apron. Carrillo shoulders in, ROCKS Murphy and climbs up again to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Carrillo runs Rollins off, Murphy rolls him, TWO! BASEMNET DDT! Cover, Dom breaks it!

Rollins whips Dom but Dom throws Rollins out. Rollins drags Dom out but Dom bumps Rollins off barriers! Murphy throws Dom over barriers! Rollins is angry with Murphy again, Carrillo FLIES and takes them both out with the Fosbury Flop! Carrillo enziguris Murphy, BOOTS Rollins and climbs up top! And leaps into the KNEE TRIGGER! Cover, Murphy and Rollins win!

Winners: Buddy Murphy & Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The disciple wins for his messiah! But he leaves Rollins behind, so is he even the disciple anymore? Rollins did say he doesn’t need Murphy, despite what we just saw. Will Rollins continue this war with the Mysterios all alone?


Adam Pearce is on the phone.

“It all depends. … I see that.” But Braun Strowman storms over and Pearce says he’ll talk to this person later. The Monster knows Raw Underground was cancelled again tonight, but he didn’t drive all this way to do nothing! He won’t leave until he’s whooped someone’s ass! Find him one or he’ll go get one! Well, Strowman is a SmackDown superstar, so he isn’t even really supposed to be here. After the Draft, maybe Strowman will be on Raw, but there’s nothing Pearce can do. Why? Let him finish. It’ll be an exhibition match. The hell is that? It’ll be an unsanctioned competition. As long as someone will #GetTheseHands, fine. Then it’s a deal. Who will Pearce find? Keith Lee walks right up and says, “Sign me up.” Limitless One VS Monster Among Men?! Is Raw going to still be standing after that battle of titans?!


Raw returns as Rollins finds Murphy backstage.

Rollins shoves Murphy and demands to know what’s going on with him! Murphy wants Rollins to apologize?! Rollins apologizes for nothing because everything he does is for the greater good! But Rollins thinks… No, he knows that given the last two weeks, Murphy should apologize to him! In fact, if Murphy wants to stay Rollins’ disciple, then he has until 10 PM EST to do it. Or else, there will be hell to pay! Will Rollins get the apology he thinks he’s owed? Or will he instead get what he deserves?


Raw presents the Kevin Owens Show!

The special SmackDown edition didn’t quite go how he wanted, but the Prizefighter is back to try things from a different angle. Will he regret inviting the host of the Firefly Fun House to be his guest? We find out after the break.

Raw returns and Kevin has the ring announcer stop. Kevin is usually very excited to host his KO Show, sit down with a guest and talk, but not tonight. There’s a different feel, because Kevin feels different. He felt it over the weekend and wasn’t sure why. Then he figured it out: People are right about when The Fiend touches you, it changes you. Kevin feels changed. On Friday, that was his first time being in the presence of The Fiend, and it’s still with him. He still feels the anger, agony and dread. That’s why tonight’s different. Because it’s not about sitting down for a nice chat, so there’s no need for the arm chairs! Kevin tosses them out of the ring, as well as the signs! Tonight, the KO Show is about this!

Footage replays from SmackDown, as Alexa Bliss described the sensation she felt and the “cleansing” she was given by The Fiend. And it shows The Fiend appearing, attacking and smothering Kevin with the Mandible Claw! Kevin says that claw is really hard to describe the feeling. The feeling of The Fiend pulling the breath from his body! Kevin was paralyzed. He isn’t sure what’s going on with the dark, tortured souls coming after him! Aleister Black, The Fiend, what about The Brood? The Ministry of Darkness, maybe? But all Kevin cares about right now is that Bray Wyatt comes out so they can “chat!” Pack up the puppets, put on a nice sweater vest and come out here, Bray! But the Firefly Fun House interrupts!

Bray waves hi to Raw and Kevin! Or should he say, bonjour! It’s nice to be part of the KO Show. That’s what friends do! And Kevin is Bray’s new friend, right? It’s always nice to make a new friend. To have someone to play ball with, or have a sleepover with, maybe make a mess finger-painting with, or even bury a dead body in the woods together with! Friends are so great! Huskis worries about The Draft. Ramblin’ Rabbit, too! Don’t worry, guys! Friends stick together no matter what! Bray even wrote a song about it! “Friends! Are very special~! Friends! The warm your heart~! Friends! What would we do without them~? Friends! ’til death do us part~!” And Mercy eats Ramblin’, again. But c’mon, Kevin! Sing along!

NO! Kevin is not going to sing. That is the only thing worse than having to watch this demented Mr. Rogers reboot. And they’re not friends! Though, they could have, until Bray attacked Kevin on Friday! Bray can’t brainwash Kevin like he did Alexa. The only thing that matters is that Bray gets in this ring so we don’t have to wait until Friday for Kevin to beat the hell out of Bray! Well that’s not very nice. And Bray doesn’t like bullies. Neither does he. As for Alexa, that’s none of your business. That’s between her and him. “IT’s quite clear that you’ve got no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.” But on SmackDown this Friday, Kevin will. So, consider this a warning! After all, that’s what friends are for! Bye~!

Well, Kevin knows what that all translates to. Kevin won’t wait until Friday, so if Bray isn’t coming to the ring, Kevin’s going to Bray. Kevin heads out but Aleister attacks!! Blindside forearm and a BLACK MASS!! The Embodiment of the End just made sure Kevin doesn’t even get to start anything with Bray! But does that mean things aren’t over between these two?


Raw returns with a backstage interview with Drew McIntyre.

Charly welcomes us back and welcomes the WWE World Champion. She knows for months that Orton has gotten under McIntyre’s skin. McIntyre stops her there because he knows this is about Orton. Why did he attack? How does he feel about Orton’s attack on the legends? What does he say to Orton’s Hell in a Cell challenge? McIntyre answers all of that by saying this: ” Every time I see Randy Orton, or I’m even in the same building as Randy Orton from now on, I kick the crap out of ’em.” That’s how it was at the start of the night, it will be that way to end the night, and actually, McIntyre will address Orton directly now.

“Thank you? The hell is wrong with you, Randy? The answer’s yes. We both know what that match does to people.” Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. But McIntyre isn’t going to be locked in there with Orton, Orton’s gonna be locked in there with McIntyre! If the title and legacy is on the line, Orton isn’t going to purgatory. He’s going straight to hell! Who even survives this Hell in a Cell?


Exhibition: Keith Lee VS Braun Strowman!

The Limitless One accepted the opening challenge for this exhibition against the Monster, but that might be a taller task than he thinks. What happens when these behemoths collide without having to worry about the consequences?

The bell rings and Keith stares down with Strowman as they circle. They tie up, go around, then let off when it’s a deadlock. They go again, Lee headlocks but Strowman powers out. They collide, neither even budges! Strowman brushes off his shoulder, swings on Lee but they run into each other again! Strowman rebounds to DROPKICK Lee out! Strowman goes out and builds up steam, but Keith kicks him first! Keith clubs and knees Strowman and then whips him, but Strowman reverses to send Keith into the steps! The ref’s ring count hits 10!

Double Count-out

Strowman is FURIOUS, but he won’t let things end here! Strowman BLASTS Keith through the barriers!! The Monster doesn’t care about the consequences, and that includes the damages down to the ThunderDome! Keith gets up!? Strowman doesn’t like that and he heads back after him! The refs and security can’t stop this as Keith LEAPS to tackle Strowman! They brawl up the ramp, Strowman ROCKS Keith and Strowman brings him to the stage. But Keith sends Strowman into the LED wall!! The wall short circuits, but Keith goes back to TACKLE Strowman off the stage! They crash down into spare tables and equipment!! Strowman manages to rise and pushes Keith away!

Security and referees help the two out of the rubble, will Raw and SmackDown use the Draft to keep these two apart? Or make sure one of them gets both to do this all over again?


Bianca Belair is the SmartEST.

She and some friends get together for game night, and it’s clearly trivia. Why is the sky blue? Bianca is fast on the buzzer, and says the phrasing is misleading. The sky is made up of many colors, but blue has the shortest wavelength in the visible spectrum, so that is why it appears blue. Montage mode: Genghis Khan’s empire spanned over 9 million square miles; chess originated in India; an octopus has three hearts. Oh, sorry she’s answering them all. They can, too, if they hit the buzzer faster. And also, the answer is Plato. Bianca is on fire! Michael Jordan was the GOAT, until Bianca came around! She dominated the trivia game! Just let her know who finishes second.


Raw catches up with Drew Gulak.

The current WWE 24/7 Champion hides behind a dumpster, and he talks to the belt. Gulak will write about the title in his book, Drew Gulak’s Guide to Preparedness. Chapter 1: always be alert! But then Truth pops up out of the trash! Orton, that is the worst Drew Gulak mask he’s ever seen. Gulak bumps into the recycling! Where Akira Tozawa emerges!? “YOU!!” They go after each other, Gulak boots Tozawa down but Truth dumps him in the trash! “Mah baby!” Truth AND Tozawa jump into the dumpster, fight in the bags, and Gulak gets dragged back down! Someone is covering someone, the ref counts, and the winner is… TRUTH!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

FORTY-TWO TIMES!! Truth hurries off with the 24/7, 48/7, 7/11, 747, 1-95 South, European ThunderDome Television Championship! Will he get it washed before someone comes after him again?


The Hurt Business w/ MVP VS Apollo Crews & Ricochet w/ Mustafa Ali!

Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley are going 2v2 without MVP, but they’re confident they can handle business. Will the Gold Standard and All Mighty United States Champion show what the Hurt Business can do for one’s career?

Raw returns and MVP has joined his business partners as he gives “an official announcement.” It seems MVP needs to clear up the confusion from last week. Apollo, Ricochet and Ali did NOT beat the Hurt Business. They won the match, but they never, EVER win the fight. They’re very talented young men, yes. So much so that MVP is offering them a position in the Hurt Business. Last week’s whatever it was would NOT have happened without interference from Retribution. MVP puts them all on notice, and will make it very clear so that they can understand. “T-Bag” and his buddies wanna run around and play tough, but they’ll learn! When you see the black ‘n’ gold, prepare to fold. Retribution can wear masks, dress up for Halloween and try to scare people, but Hurt Business fit the description of “what nightmares are made of!”

Ali comes out to say there’s just more excuses. Retribution’s logo on screen scared them? But what happened was MVP pushed Ali, and Ali pushed back. But MVP is always about excuses man! Ricochet speaks up, though. MVP gave them until the end of the night to give him an answer, but Ricochet just didn’t want to keep him waiting. Ricochet’s answer is… PASS! He got them there, huh? How cute. You think you’re funny? Well Ricochet’s gonna LeBron on him with the PASS! Hah! MVP mad? No, just disappointed that Ricochet forgot he’s about to be on the business end of some hurt. Oh but he already has. He didn’t run then, and he isn’t running now. MVP keeps things from breaking down. He wants this match to happen, and to put special emphasis on Ricochet. The teams sort out, the One and Only starts with Benjamin, and we see if The Hurt Business finally gets beat!

Benjamin and Ricochet tie up, Benjamin waistlocks but Ricochet scrambles around. Benjamin CLUBS Ricochet down, brings him up and scoops him, but Ricochet slips out the back and rolls off his back to then leap! Benjamin catches Ricochet, Ricochet sunset flips but Benjamin stays up! Benjamin drags Ricochet around into a FUJIWARA! Ricochet gets a ropebreak with a foot, Benjamin lets up. MVP coaches Benjamin as he drags Ricochet up. Tag to Lashley, Lashley throws forearms on Ricochet then brings him up for a scoop slam! Cover, TWO! Lashley puts Ricochet in a corner for big forearms, then whips him corner to corner. Lashley runs in but into a boot!

Ricochet goes out and springboards to missile dropkick! Hot tag to Apollo, and they both clothesline Lashley out! The Hurt Business regroups as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns, Lashley mugs Ricochet in the corner then RAMS into him! MVP tells Ricochet this is what he gets, and Lashley drags Ricochet back up to suplex. Lashley holds Ricochet up for a count of 10 and with one arm! He SLAMS Ricochet down, covers, TWO! Ricochet survives and Lashley grows frustrated, but he drags Ricochet around by his arm. Ricochet gets away for a moment but Lashley puts him on the rope to choke him! MVP talks trash in Ricochet’s face, but Lashley lets up at the ref’s count of 4. Lashley chokes Ricochet again, MVP gets too close and Ricochet JABS him! Lashley gives Ricochet a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!

Tag to Benjamin, they mug Ricochet and Benjamin paces around him. Benjamin kicks Ricochet around, drags him back up but Ricochet kicks back. Benjamin catches it, ducks the enziguri but not the mule kick! Benjamin and Ricochet are down, fans rally up and hot tag to Apollo! Apollo rallies on Benjamin, hits Lashley for good measure, and boots Benjamin to hit the FROGGYBODY! Apollo RAMS Benjamin into a corner over and over, throws haymakers then fires up. Benjamin runs into a SPINE BUSTER! Standing moonsault! Cover, Lashley breaks it! Ricochet gets in, dodges Lashley to SUPERKICK! Lashley keeps going, SUPERKICK! Ricochet runs, into a tilt-o-whirl, flip and DOMINATOR! Apollo enziguris Lashley down!

Apollo lifts Benjamin but Benjamin slips out. Apollo breaks free, runs but Benjamin gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Tag to Lashley and MVP says they’re done. Lashley watches Apollo rise, runs in, but Apollo leaps over the Spear to ENZIGURI! Lashley staggers but gets Apollo for the MILE HIGH CHOKE SLAM! Lashley stalks Apollo, HURT LOCK!! Apollo endures but taps! The Hurt Business wins!

Winners: The Hurt Business, by submission

The Rocky Mountain Machine is the CEO of the Hurt Business for a reason! Will he, MVP and Benjamin continue to put the hurt on Apollo and his crew?


Murphy and Aalyah cross paths.

She wanted to talk to him all night. Murphy wants to apologize to her. This whole thing with Rollins has gotten way out of hand. It’s not her he needs to worry about, it’s Rollins. Is he actually going to apologize to him? He doesn’t know yet. There’s only a few minutes left before the deadline Rollins imposed. What will Murphy do?


Raw returns to the Hurt Business backstage.

MVP feels great after that win. They keep trying to tell those kids, but Lashley’s a good teacher. Ali finds them and is alone. Ali says he’ll be alone in the ring, but is fine if MVP brings his goons. After Ali takes care of MVP, he’ll go after Benjamin and then Lashley. MVP laughs and he keeps Lashley from putting the hurt on Ali now. Has the Beacon of Light made a very bad decision?


Seth Rollins heads to the ring.

The 10 PM Eastern deadline is almost upon us. The Monday Night Messiah wants an apology, Murphy told Aalyah he has no idea what he’s going to do. Rollins grabs a mic to say, “Alright, Murphy. The time has come. Your Messiah awaits your apology.” Murphy makes his entrance now, goes to the ring and stands before Rollins. Rollins doesn’t want to mince words or waste time. Murphy had an hour to think, so this should be very easy. All Murphy has to do is apologize and we can all move forward. But Murphy hesitates and Rollins doesn’t understand. Murphy is fine, so just spit it out, apologize, and they can continue to serve the greater good. Still, Murphy doesn’t speak.

What is eating at Murphy? Just get this over with! He doesn’t want to go down this road. We have seen firsthand what happens to those who stand in the way of the greater good. They’ve been through so much together. Rollins plucked Murphy from obscurity and saved his career by making him into the man he is right now before him. Just apologize. That’s all he has to do. That’s all… he has to do…! This shouldn’t be so hard! But it clearly is. Rollins keeps telling Murphy to apologize, and grabs him by the beard. Rollins made Murphy, so apologize! Rollins made him so he can break him! Rollins pushes Murphy, Murphy TACKLES Rollins!! They brawl, get up and Murphy BOOTS Rollins! They fall out of the ring, and Murphy tackles Rollins over the announce desk!

Murphy hammers away but Rollins rams him into barriers! Rollins hits back but Murphy keeps hitting Rollins! Rollins sends Murphy into the barriers, Murphy hits back, they brawl around ringside and Murphy bounces Rollins off the apron! Rollins flounders, Murphy drags him up but Rollins has a kendo stick! Murphy ducks the stick swing to tackle Rollins! Murphy has the kendo stick and SMACKS away on Rollins! Rollins scrambles away but Murphy follows to SMACK him more! Murphy chases Rollins back into the ring, Rollins begs for mercy! NOPE! Murphy SMACKS Rollins and demands Rollins apologizes! Rollins says he’s sorry, but again it’s not about Murphy. Apologize to Aalyah! Rollins begs Murphy stop. “Aalyah! Aalyah! Wherever you are-” SMACK! “I’m sorry, Aalyah! I’m sorry!!”

Murphy stops hitting Rollins and Rollins says he didn’t mean to bring her into this. Rollins takes his jacket off and asks for mercy. Murphy hesitates as Rollins asks Murphy stop. He’s done enough, Rollins is sorry. Murphy puts the kendo stick down, but Rollins goes after Murphy’s EYES!! Rollins rakes Murphy’s eyes and gets the kendo stick! Rollins SMACKS Murphy over and over! Rollins doesn’t show mercy back to Murphy! He breaks the stick on Murphy’s body, but he wants more! Rollins gets a CHAIR! Aalyah runs out to ask Rollins to stop. Dominik hurries out, too, and Rollins retreats.

Dom gets Aalyah away from Murphy, and now Rey and Angie are here. Rollins manages to get away on the outside, but Dom is still upset about Aalyah and Murphy. The Mysterio Family whisk Aalyah away, leaving Murphy all alone. Rollins still grins as Dom tries to get Aalyah to understand what Murphy has done to them. Has Rollins’ plan still worked out, even if he is without followers?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS The Riott Squad!

What was meant for Clash of Champions happens tonight! Will the Irresistible Force and Queen of Spades make up for the delay by making quick work of Ruby and Liv? Or will the extra time to prepare mean Ruby and Liv are even more likely to take the titles?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised and we finally see what makes a stronger tag team: friendship or business!

The teams sort out, Nia starts with Liv and Liv fires off! Nia shoves Liv down, runs in but Ruby tags in. The Squad go after Nia from all angles, chop block and blindside lariat! Tag to Liv, she jumps off Nia to piggyback onto Ruby, the Squad hits a DOUBLE SENTON! Cover, TWO! Liv keeps on Nia with haymakers, she runs and Ruby tags in., Nia CLOBBERS Liv, then fireman’s carries Ruby to put her in a Tree of Woe! Nia HEADBUTTS Ruby’s stomach, then runs into HIP ATTACK Ruby down! Nia kicks Ruby out of the ring to let the ring count handle this. Shayna wants in so Nia tags her. Shayna drags Ruby up to throw her into the apron! The ring count restarts, Shayna puts Ruby in, covers, TWO!

Shayna keeps her focus as she drags Ruby away from the corner. Shayna twists a wrist and bends the elbow. Shayna STOMPS the arm!! Ruby clutches the elbow, Liv shouts at Shayna but Shayna shows no remorse. Shayna looms over Ruby, grabs the bad arm again and has the keylock. Shayna moves around to twist the shoulder, then she goes after the wrist and fingers again, to SNAP it! Liv shouts at Shayna again but Shayna mocks the pain. Shayna drags Ruby up by the arm again for a keylock and just drags Ruby around! Ruby endures but Shayna throws her out hard! Nia tags in and drags Ruby up to RAM her into the apron! The champions are just doing what they want to Ruby as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Shayna KICKS Ruby in the chest! But Ruby eggs her on?! So Shayna KICKS Ruby again! Liv shouts at Shayna, Ruby eggs Shayna on again, so Shayna KICKS Ruby again! Ruby ducks the next kick, rolls Shayna up, TWO! Shayna grabs the arm, Ruby ROCKS Shayna with the good one! Hot tag to Liv and Liv fires off on Shayna! Nia tags in as Liv ENZIGURIS! Nia throws Liv to a corner, runs in but Liv boots! Liv hops up, huricanranas Nia into buckles! Liv runs at Shayna for a back body block! Liv gives Nia one! And then back to Shayna! Liv runs at Nia, Nia CLOBBERS her! Nia shouts and runs in but Liv boots her again! Liv goes up, Nia yanks her off and swings her up., Liv sunset flips, Nia stays up and drags Liv up to HEADBUTT!

Nia asks if Shayna’s good and Shayna says she is. She wants in so Nia tags her. The champs mug Liv with body shots, and Liv crawls to a corner. Shayna runs in, Liv dodges and the knee hits the buckle! Liv avoids the kick, Shayna gets a leg but Liv still tags Ruby in! Ruby runs past Shayna to knock Nia off the apron! Liv sweeps the legs on Shayna, Ruby runs into KICK Shayna down! Ruby runs again, hops up, Liv tags in as Ruby rebounds for the TORANDO DDT! Liv runs in, DOUBLJE STMOPS! Cover, TWO!! Ruby tags back in, she wrenches Shayna but Nia runs Liv over! Ruby SUPERKICKS Nia, but Shayna sweeps the legs! KNEE to Ruby’s head! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Ruby endures, Liv runs in but Nia catches her!! Liv can’t get free, Ruby taps!! Nia and Shayna win!!

Winners: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, by submission (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Shayna won’t let go! Liv tries to get Shayna off Ruby but Ruby is OUT! Nia smiles as she and Shayna get their belts back and hold them high. Liv is distraught by Ruby’s side. Will the Squad ever be the same after this? And while the Women’s Tag titles can go anywhere, will the champions still be on the same brand after the Draft?


The Street Profits speak!

We are ready! They are in the main event of Monday Night Raw! Dolph and Roode ain’t ready, because it’s time to get our Braveheart on with the world champion, Drew McIntyre! Does that mean they’re gonna moon Orton, Ziggler and Roode? Is that the only part of that movie Dawkins knows? Real talk, though. The Profits don’t need night vision to see Orton. Last Monday, what he did was cold. Ain’t no flair without Ric, and Edge & Christian taught us all we could have fun while being champs. The Big Show is an honorary Viking Profit, and the Profits are showstoppers just like HBK! Tonight, they’re coming for Orton, and not outta nowhere. The Profits are up, and #WeWantTheSmoke! McIntyre walks over, and says Roode and Ziggler are all theirs. HE gets to kick the crap out of Orton. Will the champions of Raw stand tall at the end of the night?


MVP w/ The Hurt Business VS Mustafa Ali!

Montel Vontavius Porter has Lashley and Benjamin with him because Ali dared him to! Will MVP dim the lights on the Beacon to teach him another lesson?

The bell rings and Ali circles with MVP. They approach, tie up, and MVP knees hard and low! MVP scoops and slams Ali to then drop the knee! Cover, TWO! Ali gets to ropes but MVP is after him with forearms. Ali hits back, MVP ROCKS Ali. MVP brings Ali up, throws more forearms in the corner, then whips Ali corner to corner. Ali bounces off buckles into a LARIAT! MVP asks Ali how he’s feeling. Is he still feeling tough? Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! MVP rocks Ali again, has him on ropes to choke him, but lets off at 4. MVP brings Ali up, whips him to ropes but Ali ducks to dropkick MVP out of the ring! MVP regroups with the Hurt Business and a ring count starts. MVP says it’s time to teach Ali that lesson, and all three men get in!

Ali doesn’t back down but he is cornered. The ref tells them to back off, but the lights start flickering! Retribution makes its presence known again! And they’re actually here this time! T-Bar, Mace, Slapjack and the minions are all around here! Ali joins Hurt Business in this fight against them, but then Ali bails out! Ali joins Retribution instead?! MVP sees how it is as Ali sicks Retribution on them!! Mace RAMS MVP into barriers, T-Bar is after Lashley and Slapjack has Benjamin! They send Benjamin into steel steps, and then Lashley is all alone! That’s a 8v1 at least! Lashley till hits Mace but T-Bar clobbers him! T-Bar clubs away on Lashley then POSTS him! The steel steps are brought into this as they RAM Lashley into them!! “THIS is Retribution!” They are judge, jury and executioner, but have they always been with Ali?!


Six Man Tag: Drew McIntyre & The Street Profits VS Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode!

After Clash of Champions, the Scottish Stud is still the WWE World Champion, and the Raw Tag Team Championships still belong to Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins. But while the Viper wants to take McIntyre to Hell in a Cell, surely the Show-Off and the Glorious One will want after gold, too. Will this become a sampler of those title matches and more?

The teams sort out, McIntyre starts against Roode but then Orton swipes at him. Roode uses that opening to attack and he punches McIntyre to a corner. Tag to Ziggler, they mug McIntyre in the other corner and then whip him corner to corner. McIntyre dodges Ziggler’s splash and clotheslines Roode, then he CHOPS Ziggler! Orton gets in but the RKO is denied! McIntyre hits Roode, throws him out, and he glare at McIntyre. Ford runs in and FLIES to take out the Glorious Show-Offs! The champions stand tall as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Ziggler talks trash on Dawkins. Ziggler pushes Dawkins around but Dawkins DECKS him! Hot tag to Ford! Ford rallies on Ziggler with clotheslines and aw hip. Ziggler reverses, Ford leaps over him and leaps to lariat! Roode runs in but into a dropkick! Ziggler back suplexes, Ford lands on his feet to back suplex Ziggler! Ford handsprings and standing moonsautls! Cover, TWO! Ford keeps his cool as he runs. Roode distracts the ref, Orton trips Ford up and Ziggler attacks! Roode tags in, Ford fights him and Ziggler off, but Roode reverses the whip for a GLORIOUS SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Roode stomps Ford, drags him up and tags Orton in. Roode throws Ford out and Orton pursues to give Ford a back suplex to the announce desk!

McIntyre glares at Orton as Orton puts Ford back in the ring. Orton gets in and drags Ford up to look at his partners. Orton stomps Ford’s hand while glaring at McIntyre. Orton brings Ford up to knock him down with an uppercut. Orton stands Ford up again, taunts McIntyre and Dawkins with a possible tag, but Ford throws body shtos! Orton kicks low and throws Ford down by his hair. Orton sucker punches Dawkins and taunts McIntyre. The ref keeps McIntyre in the corner, Ford kicks back and DDT’s! Ford and Orton crawl for their corners as fans rally up. Hot tags to McIntyre and Ziggler! McIntyre rallies on Ziggler, whips him to ropes and OVERHEAD suplexes him! McIntyre DECKS Roode for good measure!

McIntyre THROWS Ziggler again! McIntyre sees Orton getting in and bumps him off buckles first! McIntyre drags Orton into the ring, rains down rights, but Roode and Ziggler go after him! The ref tells them to stop, the Glorious Show-Offs mug McIntyre to a corner. Dawkins tags in, McIntyre pushes Ziggler and HEADBUTTS Roode! Ziggler SUPERKICKS McIntyre, Dawkins rolls Ziggler up, TWO! Ziggler runs in and counters the Anointment with the SATELLITE DDT! Dawkins tumbles down in a heap, Orton reaches out and Ziggler tags him in. Orton takes his time toying with Dawkins as he stomps him to the apron. Orton drags Dawkins through the ropes, DRAPING DDT! Orton hears the voices in his head as he watches Dawkins rise! R- NO! No RKO, ANOINTMENT!!

Tag to Ford, Ford goes up top, FROM THE HEAVENS!! Cover, but Roode AND Ziggler break it! Dawkins gets in, Roode throws him out but Ford enziguris Roode! Ziggler stalks Ford for the ZIG- NO! McIntyre tags in, Ford bucks Ziggler off but misses the enziguri to get a FAMOUSER! CLAYMORE sends Ziggler OUT! McIntyre has Orton all to himself now but Roode runs in. CLAYMORE for Roode! Orton waits for McIntyre to kip up, to RKO!! Cover, Orton, Ziggler and Roode win!!

Winners: Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, by pinfall

The Viper strikes the champion down!! Orton took advantage of the chaos, but it won’t be the same inside the cell! Will McIntyre make Orton pay when there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide?

My Thoughts:

An incredible episode to be the “go-home” to the WWE Draft! Obviously this is meant to at least feel like the last night some superstars will be on Raw, so the matches were all on a higher level for that reason. Orton had a long promo that wasn’t really necessary. Orton describing what he did to the legends was really just for his character’s ego, but it was great for McIntyre to attack him. McIntyre VS Orton, Hell in a Cell match for the title, is going to be great and has to be the blow-off somehow, that’ll be three matches in a row. The Six Man Tag main event was great stuff, and it works that Orton gets the win off McIntyre to make the math work in McIntyre’s favor. I’m not sure if the Draft moves Orton to SmackDown or not, he seems just fine on Raw still. But I would hope McIntyre stays because there are still plenty of people on Raw that could challenge him, they’re just in other stories.

For example, Keith Lee and Braun Strowman, who surely started a feud here tonight. The Draft will move Strowman over and they can both wreck the ring all over again! Another possibility is Seth Rollins, given his overall Monday Night Messiah story. The match he and Murphy had against Dominik and Carrillo was really good, the dysfunction with Murphy resulting in that fight was great, and while bringing in Aalyah is still an odd point, I’m still going with this somehow being Murphy’s redemption. Dom and Rey still aren’t ready to trust Murphy, but depending on Rollins’ next move, Murphy might “sacrifice” himself in saving the Mysterios.

And then there’s how things might shake out with Kevin, Aleister and Bray. The KO Show was a good segment, and Aleister attacking outta nowhere was both surprising but not surprising since that’s what he’s been doing. I feel like the easiest move is to move Kevin to SmackDown, with Kevin and Aleister have their blow-off match next Raw. Moving Aleister with Kevin means moving Vega, too. Vega may have lost to Asuka twice already, but if Bayley retains, then Vega isn’t getting a title shot because that’s Heel VS Heel, something WWE rarely does. Speaking of the Women’s Division, the Six Woman was really good but the Women’s Tag title match was incredible! Ruby basically gets Dakota’d by Shayna, she endures so much at the hands of Shayna and Nia, and in the end she is the one that takes the loss.

While they have the belts, it doesn’t matter where Shayna and Nia go, but it feels like Bayley and Sasha were the only reasons the tag belts were going to all brands. USA has been hoarding the tag titles and the 24/7 Championship, so I don’t think those champions are going anywhere. Truth, Gulak and Tozawa had some great stuff again, I wonder if Gulak is getting drafted to Raw to keep these three going. It’s a bit of a shame, WWE really should have tried to reunite Catch Point (Gulak and Riddle) in SmackDown’s tag division. And I would hope Raw makes sure they keep both the Hurt Business and Retribution, because HOLY CRAP! Mustafa Ali not just joining but LEADING Retribution!? That’s an amazing way to salvage Retribution! And I feel like it’s salvaging, there’s no way they had something this wild just waiting to be sprung on us. But now, there are four men in Retribution that can take on the four men of Hurt Business, THIS would make a great match for the traditional Survivor Series elimination tag.

My Score: 9/10

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