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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (10/2/20)

Roman Reigns IS your Tribal Chief!



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

Friday Night SmackDown belongs to The Big Dog!

After brutalizing one cousin and intimidating the other, Roman Reigns is STILL razing, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion of the World, and will be crowned Tribal Chief!


  • AJ Styles VS Jey Uso; Uso wins.
  • John Morrison VS Otis Dozovic; Otis wins.
  • Sheamus VS Chad Gable; Sheamus wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Baron Corbin, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Matt Riddle & Lucha House Party; Riddle & Lucha House Party win.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn VS Jeff Hardy; Zayn wins and retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship.


Roman Reigns opens SmackDown!

The Big Dog didn’t just #ShowUp&Win at Clash of Champions, he manhandled, mugged and all around bullied his own blood relative, Jey Uso, just to hold onto the WWE Universal Championship. He and “executive counsel,” Paul Heyman, head to the ring as the fans boo and give thumbs down on their ThunderDome screens. Heyman grabs the mic to say, “You’re gonna have to forgive me this evening. I’m a little bit nervous. I have known this man and his entire family since the day that he was born. And I always looked forward to this actual moment, because we all knew this was destined to happen.” Tonight, we are all here to “officially declare Roman Reigns as the Tribal Chief.” And not just of his own family, the Anoa’i, or of just Friday Night SmackDown or even the WWE. He is the Tribal Chief of the entire WWE Universe. That is why it is necessary Roman is your Universal Champion.

Let’s set the stage appropriately and with respect. “From the high paramount Samoan chief, Peter Maivia, to Roman’s uncle Afa, to Roman’s father, Sika…” Roman asks for the mic and Heyman gives it. Roman doesn’t want Heyman to call him that. Heyman doesn’t need to acknowledge him, because he didn’t. His brother did, but he did not. In fact, he needs to come out here. Roman asks Jey Uso to come out to the ring. Jey Uso does head to the ring, a bandage on his head showing what Roman was willing to do to him. Jey has a mic as he stares Roman down. “I don’t know you.” Is this his cousin? His blood? His family?

At Clash, Roman showed his true colors. Jey did, too. Roman beat Jey’s ass, but he didn’t break his spirit. Jey was ready to go to war, and if Jimmy didn’t throw in the towel, the title would be Jey’s. Roman seems almost confused by this. “You think I’m proud of what I did? Clash of Champions, that was the worst night of my career.” Professionally and personally, it was the worst night of Roman’s life. Did Jey think Roman intended to do that? Roman was doing Jey a favor. Roman just wanted to put Jey in the main event, put his name on the marquee! Roman was giving Jey the big payday and helping him do stuff for his wife and kids. Roman loves Jey even more than Jimmy does. The Usos say Day One, that applies to Roman, too. Roman was just trying to raise Jey up.

All Jey had to do was acknowledge him. All he had to do was say the words and accept Roman as the chief. This has been Roman’s birthright, but he still earned it and Jey saw it the whole way! All Roman wanted was to represent the family to the fullest, and share the main event with Jey. And what did Jey do? Disrespected Roman. Embarrassed Roman. Embarrassed the family! And he broke Roman’s heart. Even now as Roman is speaking, Jey is looking at the title! Is it that important to Jey? Is it all he wants? Does he want another shot? Is that it? Then fine, Jey has another shot. At Hell in a Cell, if Jey wants it. But Roman is telling Jey now, “this match will have the highest stakes that any match has ever had in WWE history.”

Roman hugs Jey and tells him he still loves Jey. If it was anyone else. Roman would do it. But this time, there will be consequences. Roman drops the mic and leaves, but what does he mean by all that? Jey speaks up to say, “Uce! Yo! Whatever the stakes are, you’re on, Uce!” Roman smirks and chuckles but he continues to walk away. Has Jey just stepped into a trap at Hell in a Cell?

But wait, AJ Styles heads to the ring! He mockingly asks, “Is the luau over?” Styles missed it, huh? C’mon, does it matter who sits at the head of the table and who has the most chicken bones? No. But what does matter, Jey, believe it or not, is Jey! Jey matters to Styles, yeah! Styles doesn’t want Jey to take another beating like he did last Sunday, so how about letting someone more qualified go after the Universal Championship? Styles says Roman can be the chief. Sacrifice a goat or something if you have to! Just go on living, because “we all know your older brother is the better athlete.” Jey can stay the “runt” like he’s always been. Jey tackles Styles!

Jey is firing off all his frustrations on Styles, goes out to LEAP off the announce desk to hit Styles down!! Jey is fired up, will he get to fire off more after the break?


AJ Styles VS Jey Uso!

SmackDown returns and this match is happening! Will the Phenomenal One back up all his talk and prove Jey isn’t ready? Or will Styles be put in the Uso Penitentiary?

The bell rings, Styles says the truth hurts, “ya runt!” Jey runs at him again but Styles fires off first! Styles talks more trash, Jey keeps running at him but Styles kicks him hard and clubs him down! Styles CHOPS Jey in the corner, whips him corner to corner, but Jey slides and stops to uppercut! Jey scoops and slams Styles down, then runs to leaping headbutt! Styles gets to a corner, Jey runs in but only gets buckles! Styles snapmares Jey and KICKS him! And then boots him down And drops a knee! Styles covers, TWO! Styles keeps his cool as he stalks Jey to ropes. Styles chokes Jey on the ropes, the ref counts, Styles lets off. Styles drags Jey around and gets the legs, ROPE GUILLOTINE!

Jey gasps and sputters, Styles drags him up but Jey jawbreakers back! Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz, drags Jey back up and in, but Jey flapjacks out of the Styles Clash! Styles hobbles up, Jey clotheslines him over and out! Jey fires up, builds up speed, but Styles KICKS him back! Styles drags Jey off the ropes for a suplex to the DESK! Jey tumbles to the floor as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Jey throws body shots on Styles. Jey runs but into a kitchen sink knee, that he makes into a roll up! TWO, styles scoops and hits Jey with a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Jey survives but Styles looms over him. Styles stomps Jey around, drags Jey up and snapmares him to put on a chinlock. Styles digs a knee into Jey but Jey endures. Fans clap and rallay up as Jey fights to his feet. Jey throws body shots but Styles clubs him and puts him in a corner. Styles runs in but Jey dodges! Mule kick and uppercut! Styles boots back but runs into a pop-up SAMOAN DROP! Jey fires up as he back suplex NECKBREAKERS! Cover, TWO!! Styles survives but Jey keeps his cool. Jey goes to a corner and waits for Styles to rise. Jey runs out, Styles dodges the superkick to PELE!

Styles brings Jey up fast, fireman’s carries, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives again and Styles is shocked! Styles stands, drags Jey back up and reels him in. Jey resists the Styles Clash, tries to Alabama lift, and he puts Styles on the apron! Jey kicks, Styles blocks but Jey DRAGON WHIPS! Styles staggers around, Jey builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans clap more as Jey brings Styles up and puts him in the ring. Jey climbs, leaps, USOS SPLASH onto knees! Styles has evened things and both men are down. Styles crawls to the apron, prepares the elbow pad and springboards, into a SUPERKICK! Styles is stuck on ropes, Jey hits another SUPERKICK! Jey fires up, and SUPERKICKS again!

Styles is in the drop zone and Jey goes up top! USO SPLASH!! Cover, Jey wins!!

Winner: Jey Uso, by pinfall

Jey Uso just pinned a former WWE World, United States and Intercontinental Champion in AJ Styles! If this doesn’t prove Jey is ready, nothing will! Will Jey prove he’s right about Clash of Champions when he steps into Hell in a Cell?


Sami Zayn speaks.

“I know you’re expecting me to gloat. Gloat about winning one of the greatest Ladder matches in WWE history. Gloat about being the undisputed Intercontinental Champion. Gloating about the world seeing my genius on full display.” But to be honest, tonight isn’t about Sami. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions tonight, and one of the emotions is resentment. Because thinking about the risks Sami had to take just to defend what was always his, he wanted to take his anger to management. But the real ones to blame are the fans! No one said a word when he was wrongly stripped! And instead, there was a tournament to crown a FRAUD champion, and the fans all went with it!

When Styles won the FRAUD championship, you swallowed what you were given! When Hardy beat Styles for it, you again accepted it at face values. And surprise, surprise, it is on The Great Liberator, the only one with principles here, to do what the others should’ve done all along. Sami throws away the other title into the trash, just like Hardy’s championship dreams will be after tonight. Clunk, the belt is in the can. But will Hardy just take Sami’s belt in the end?


John Morrison VS Otis Dozovic!

SmackDown returns to the Guru of Greatness heading to the ring to settle things with The Dozer! Miz is taking Otis to court, but will Otis take Morrison to school first?

The bell rings and Otis rushes Morrison. Morrison waistlocks, Otis powers him to a corner but Morrison kicks him away and lounges on the ropes. Otis runs in into a kick, Morrison then slides away. Otis keeps after Morrison but gets another kick! Morrison grins but Otis CLOBBERS him! Otis stands on Morrison with all 333 pounds! Otis drags Morrison up, whips him to ropes and back drops, but Morrison lands on his feet! Morrison runs but gets run over! And again! Otis pops Morrison up for the flapjack! Fans cheer as Otis blocks a kick for an EXPLODER! Otis fires up, runs and corner splashes! Morrison is down and Otis pumps up! Otis caterpillars for the ELBOW! Otis goes up, and VADER BOMBS! Cover, Otis wins!!

Winner: Otis Dozovic, by pinfall

To think a match involving the human wrecking ball would go so fast! But now Otis will focus on his court battle with Miz! Will Otis win just as fast against such a frivolous lawsuit?


Sheamus VS Chad Gable!

This is far from the first time the Celtic Warrior and Shorty G have done battle. But things might be even more vicious than the first time, because Sheamus wants to show Big E he is ready for the Falls Count Anywhere challenge! With the 2020 WWE Draft on top of it all, will he be ready for what could be the Fella’s farewell to Friday Nights?

The bell rings, Sheamus rushes Gable but Gable dodges the Brogue to roll him up! TWO, Sheamus runs ag Gable but gets the POST! Gable GERMAN SUPLEXES Sheamus, bridging cover, TWO! Gable goes up, moonsaults but Sheamus dodges! BROGUE!! Sheamus doesn’t cover, he wants to make Gable pay! ANOTHER BROGUE!! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

Sheamus may have beaten down Shorty G, but it’ll be very different against Big E! When they can go anyway in the ThunderDome, where will the feud end?


Kevin Owens gets his index cards back.

The Prizefighter goes over them to make sure what he wants to ask Alexa Bliss is all there. But he doesn’t see the Firefly Fun House and Fiend taking over the television behind him! Will Kevin regret touching on that… “sensitive” subject?


SmackDown presents the Kevin Owens Show!

The Brand to Brand Invitation allows The KO Show to return, and Kevin welcomes us back! Kevin is pumped to be here, because after the Draft, Kevin might be calling SmackDown home. He jumped at the chance to host this special edition, because there’s someone on SmackDown who Kevin has a LOT of questions for. Kevin might be on Raw but he watches Fridays. The person he’s talking about is his guest, Alexa Bliss! The Five Foot Fury has pyro as she makes her way out to the ring. Alexa takes a seat, Kevin thanks her for accepting his invitation, and says he’s been paying attention. He has so many questions as to what is happening to her. Kevin’s seen this change in her. A shift in attitude and this anger. Kevin is reminded of what he sees in Aleister Black.

Alexa isn’t sure what Kevin means. Kevin wants her to admit she isn’t the same as she was five years ago at the PC. She was happy and cheerful, but that’s not her anymore. “People change, Kevin. You should try it some time.” Doesn’t Kevin want to change and be better? Yes, he does! He’s been trying to! He’s down terrible things, yes, but he’s trying to better himself. But this isn’t about him, this is about her. Kevin needs to understand this… Darkness that has taken over her. If he can understand Alexa’s change, he can understand Aleister’s. Well, people fear what they don’t understand.

But has Kevin ever been around “him?” It’s terrifying yet captivating all at the same time. “Your spine gets so cold when you’re in his presence. When he touches you, your whole body goes numb.” And when he looks you in the eyes, it’s like he sees through you, and you can’t look away. Not that Kevin knows that feeling. This isn’t about Aleister, is it? And Kevin won’t get the answers he needs. It’s like she’s brainwashed. Yes, her brain has been washed. The lies are washed away and she sees the truth. Alexa has been changed, Kevin. Cleansed, even. That smile creeps Kevin out, but he’s here, isn’t he? He’s everywhere. Alexa can hear him now. #LetHimIn! And the lights go out!! The Fiend is here and he has Kevin in the MANDIBLE CLAW!! The Fiend smothers Kevin to the mat!!

The Fiend leaves Kevin sputtering and coughing as he stares into the camera. He looks at Alexa, who hasn’t taken her eyes off him. The two stare at each other, and he offers her his hand. Alexa stands up and takes it! She smiles to the camera, and SmackDown goes to break! Is Alexa going to be part of the Firefly Fun House?!


Six Man Tag: Baron Corbin, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Matt Riddle & Lucha House Party!

The Wolf King teams with the SmackDown Tag Team Champions as the war between him and the Original Bro rages on! Will Corbin be given a pass to the Champions’ Lounge after this? Or will Riddle gladly get #LuchaLit with the Golden Lynx and the King of the Ropes?

Speaking of, before the match, Kayla Braxton interviews this “unusual team” about how this match came together. Well, after Riddle’s loss to Corbin, he was like “(Disappointed) Bro…” But LHP came over and said competing in WWE is a marathon, not a sprint. After that, Riddle was like, “(Inspired) Bro!” So he figured, with the Draft coming up, this would be his only time to team with his new bros. Lince Dorado says negativity drags you down. They encouraged him to keep fighting the good fight. And after they take it to those three in the ring, they can stay #LuchaLit. But wait, where is Kalisto? Kalisto stayed in the locker room. He might have troubles with his mask given how big his head has gotten. But the Lucha Dragon aside, will Lince, Metalik and Riddle be able to mesh and win?

The trios sort out and the King of Strong Styles starts against #TheLuchazord. Nakamura kicks Lince and knees him against the ropes already! The ref counts, Nakamura whips but Lince hits a huricanrana! And dropkick! Lince stomps away on Nakamura but here’s Kalisto! Kalisto is upset they left him behind but Lince keeps on Nakamura. SmackDown goes to break, will Kalisto joining the party throw things off?

SmackDown returns and Corbin stomps away on Gran Metalik! Corbin sucker punches Riddle, the ref has to keep Riddle and Lince back, and that allows Corbin and the tag champs to mug Lince! Kalisto protests but Corbin tags Cesaro. The Swiss Cyborg suplexes Metlaik up and holds him there while doing squats, before dropping him down! Cover, TWO! Tag to Nakamura, the tag champs mug Metlaik and Nakamura clamps on a facelock. Nakamura grinds Metalik down, squeezes tighter but he sucker punches Lince! Nakamura grins as he brings Metalik back up, INVERTED EXPLDOER but Metalik lands on his feet! Metalik dodges and rolls back to go up and tornado DDT Nakamura! Both men are down and the fans fire up!

Metalik and Nakamura crawl, hot tags to Corbin and Riddle! The Bro spins Corbin for a PELE! Corbin is in a corner, Riddle rallies with forearms and the BROSPLODER! Corbin dodges the kick and the moonsault but not the BROTON! PENALTY KICK!! Cover, Nakamura breaks it! Lince runs in, dodges Nakamura, GOLD REWIND! Cesaro tags in and BLASTS Riddle with a European Uppercut! Cover, Lince breaks it! Lince sees Corbin coming and dumps him out! Metalik FLIES out onto Corbin! Cesaro whips, Lince handsprings again but Cesaro catches the Rewind for a back suplex. Lince lands on his feet, waistlocks and shoves Cesaro but Cesaro reverses, Kalisto’s enziguri hits Lince!

Cesaro kicks Lince out but he turns around into a FINAL FLASH! And then the got wrench, BRO DEREK! Cover, Riddle and LHP win!

Winners: Matt Riddle & Lucha House Party, by pinfall

There was a misstep between Kalisto and Lince, but in the end, they and Riddle pull off a win! Lince is still pissed at Kalisto, though, and Riddle tries to keep them from fighting. Is the party inevitably coming to an end?


SmackDown hears from the mysterious woman!

“Sometimes, you need to take a good, hard look in the mirror to remember who you are. And I admit it, I forgot.” She got a little lost along the way. But she knows exactly who to blame: all of the fans! They wanted her to play by our rules. Dance around, have fun, and look where that got her? Nowhere! Then she remembered, she’s CARMELLA! She’s better than each and every one of us. But what she isn’t is our Princess. So whether it’s Raw or SmackDown, it won’t matter. This time, she’s UNTOUCHABLE. “Unless I don’t wanna be.” Who will draft the formerly Fabulous Princess of Staten Island to make their roster untouchable?


Sasha Banks is back!

She still has a neck brace but she also still has her swagger! But what will The Boss have to say about her injury as well as Bayley? We find out after the break.

SmackDown returns, Sasha is in the ring and says, “Really, Bayley? Did you think me not being medically cleared would stop me from beating you down at Clash of Champions?” After all these years of “using” Sasha, Bayley would learn something from Sasha! Like how to have a backbone! But Bayley is nothing but a coward! “A coward that needed me time and time again to keep your title!” Bayley was using Sasha for her accomplishments, and to become the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion ever.

Bayley isn’t here because she’s afraid, but Sasha promises that on draft night, it will be their time to fight FOR the SmackDown Women’s Championship! “Because you and I both know, when it comes down to you and me, and there’s nobody there to save you… You don’t stand a chance, B*TCH!!” THE NECK BRACE COMES OFF!! And so will the gloves! Will Sasha take the title off Bayley before the WWE shakes things up again?


SmackDown makes a match for Draft Night!

After The Fiend attacked Kevin Owens on behalf of Alexa Bliss, he and the Prizefighter will fight for the first time ever! Will Bray Wyatt’s monstrous side win his first match on television?


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn VS Jeff Hardy!

The Great Liberator threw away “the fraudulent” belt that still had the Charismatic Enigma’s side plates, because he only wants the belt he’s always had! But will Hardy render the undisputed Intercontinental Champion OBSOLETE when these two fight again?

SmackDown returns as Hardy makes his entrance. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and another battle for its future begins!

Sami rushes Hardy and they tie up and Sami powers Hardy to a corner. Sami fires off haymakers, the ref pulls him off but Sami just digs his boots in! The ref counts, Sami lets off, but then stands on Hardy’s head! Sami lets off at 4, Hardy coughs and sputters, but Sami brings him up to punch. Hardy counter punches and fires off! Hardy headlocks, Sami powers out but Hardy runs him over! Things speed up, Sami jumps but into Hardy’s dropkick! Hardy knew to go after the ribs, and he keeps on them with shoulders in the corner. Hardy clubs Sami, rams him again, but lets up at the ref’s count. Hardy stomps Sami, Sami bails out but Hardy pursues to put him back in the ring. Sami kicks low and throws haymakers right back.

Sami keeps on Hardy with the fists, and some trash talk. Sami has exposed a buckle and goes to bump Hardy but Hardy stops himself! Hardy whips Sami away, and back drops Sami! Sami flounders out of the ring and Hardy asks what happened to the buckle pad! The ref looks around but Hardy wrecks Sami with a dropkick in the meantime! Hardy goes out, looks for the buckle pad, too, but it’s nowhere to be found. Hardy runs at Sami, leaping off the steps, POETRY IN MOTION into the barriers! Sami saves himself and Hardy crashes down, and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns once again, and Hardy fights up out of Sami’s chinlock. Hardy throws body shots as the fans rally, and Hardy jawbreakers back! Sami staggers, Hardy runs, but Sami LARIATS! Cover, TWO! He tries again, TWO! Hardy hits Sami back but Sami clubs him down. Also, the mystery of the missing pad is solved: Sami took it off while we were all distracted by Hardy’s entrance! Though, of course it was Sami. In the present, Sami hobbles over and drops an elbow on Hardy before wrapping on another chinlock. Hardy endures and fans continue to clap and give thumbs up. Hardy elbows Sami, fights up and throws more shots, but Sami throws Hardy down by his hair!

Sami catches his breath, drags Hardy back up and throws him out of the ring. Hardy flops to the floor, Sami goes out to bring him back up, to RAM into barriers! The ring count climbs to 5 but Sami puts Hardy in at 7. Cover, TWO! Sami tries again, TWO! Sami keeps his cool while Hardy flounders to a corner. Sami hops up a corner and leaps at Hardy, flying elbow! Cover, TWO!! Hardy survives by mere milliseconds! Sami drags Hardy up, scoops and slams him, then goes back to the corner. Sami climbs up as fans give thumbs down, and Hardy trips Sami! Sami lands on his great liberator! Hardy climbs up, brings Sami up, and hits a SUPERPLEX!! Both men are down but fans fire up on their screens!

Sami and Hardy stir as a standing count begins. Hardy sits up first but Sami follows. They’re up at 7, Sami throws a haymaker but Hardy gives it back! They brawl back and forth, Hardy gets the edge and whips, but Sami reverses, only for Hardy to clobber him! Atomic drop! Leg splitting leg drop! Basement dropkick! SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Sami survives but Hardy is too tired to be frustrated! Hardy waits for Sami to stand, kicks but Sami backslides out of the Twist! TWO, Hardy swings into a lift, but sunset flips! Cover, TWO!! Sami scrambles, Hardy swings into an EXPLODER into buckles! Sami holds Hardy off and grins as Hardy drags himself away. Sami sees the bare buckle and goes after Hardy. Sami brings Hardy up, whips but Hardy holds ropes!

Sami keeps trying, Hardy throws haymakers! Hardy kicks, Sami blocks but Hardy spinning back kicks! Sami is in a corner, Hardy runs in but only gets buckles! Sami hits BLUE THUNDER! Cover, TWO!! Hardy survives again and now Sami is the one too sore to be frustrated. Sami and Hardy slowly rise, Sami brings Hardy up and to the top rope. Sami climbs up, Hardy throws haymakers and headbutts, then shoves Sami down! Hardy stands up, aims, SWANTON BOMBS onto knees! Hardy clutches his head, Sami watches him writhe. Sami wants Hardy to stand, and Hardy is in the other corner. Sami runs in, Hardy moves, Sami has to avoid the bare buckle! Hardy kicks, Twist denied but Hardy elbows Sami away! Hardy goes up, Sami trips Hardy up and Hardy hits the bare steel!! Cover, Sami WINS!

Winner: Sami Zayn, by pinfall (still WWE Intercontinental Champion)

The Great Liberator planned ahead like he did at Clash of Champions, and wins, just like he did at Clash of Champions! Will Sami hold onto this gold with all the tricks in the book?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for SmackDown, but as a go-home to the 2020 Draft, well, it felt like another weak go-home of old. Sheamus VS Gable was filler just to give Big E’s promo a place to air. But the Falls Count Anywhere match next week is going to be great. I’m pretty sure Big E wins and Sheamus is drafted to Raw, making this a good-bye (to SmackDown) match for Sheamus. Otis VS Morrison was sadly treated as filler, even though it should’ve been bigger given this is the MITB briefcase story. Otis says he’s going to represent himself in the “civil case trial,” and that’s a bit disappointing because I was hoping for David Otunga to make a comeback. But I suppose Otis Dozovic putting on a lawyer act will be hilarious.

The Six Man Tag was pretty good, and it worked out for Riddle to get the pin on someone other than Corbin so that the math between those two stays even. The dysfunction in LHP is growing, I really hope we see it play out because there’s a good chance some dumb decisions are made during the Draft, like splitting LHP up that way. I’m a bit surprised Sasha Banks is going to wrestle again so soon, but I suppose the Draft episode will feel bigger with a title match. Bayley VS Sasha is definitely going to be PPV worthy even for just television, and I have a feeling that, similar to Big E VS Sheamus, winner stays and loser goes to Raw. And in no big surprise, Carmella is the glamorously mysterious woman. She could easily go to Raw to feud with Asuka, but if Sasha wins, maybe Carmella stays.

The Kevin Owens show was a great segment, but I’m not 100% sure on how Alexa was acting here. Alexa having a switch to flip was better, but I suppose this is just how that Alexa is when she isn’t attacking someone. Fiend VS Kevin next week will be great, and I wonder if Alexa or even Aleister gets involved. The Draft might actually be able to bring some depth to Kevin’s current story of trying to redeem himself and Aleister’s shift to an even more menacing persona. The WWE Intercontinental Championship match was great, Sami pulls off quite the magic trick with that buckle pad, and it of course comes into play. Sami keeps the title, and I feel like the Draft will keep him on SmackDown. The US Championship is part of the Hurt Business story, and that story is more than certainly staying on Raw.

My Score: 8.2/10

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