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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (10/30/20)

Will the Usos fall in line?



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

SmackDown, acknowledge your Tribal Chief or suffer the consequences!

After brutalizing Jey and manipulating Jimmy, Roman Reigns defeated both Usos and is still WWE Universal Champion. Will they follow their Tribal Chief and stay in the family?


  • Survivor Series Team SmackDown Qualifier: Kevin Owens VS Dolph Ziggler; Kevin wins and joins Team SmackDown.
  • Survivor Series Women’s Team SmackDown Triple Threat: Bianca Belair VS Billie Kay VS Natalya; Bianca wins and joins SmackDown’s Women’s Team.
  • The Street Profits VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura; The Street Profits win.
  • Survivor Series Team SmackDown Qualifier: Jey Uso VS Daniel Bryan; Jey wins and joins Team SmackDown.


Roman Reigns heads to the ring!

The WWE Universal Champion and his special counsel, Paul Heyman, are here, with Jey Uso already waiting in the ring. Jey didn’t lose because he was being beaten to hell inside Hell in a Cell, but because Roman, revealing how cruel and manipulative he could really be, used Jimmy’s suffering to force Jey’s hand. Now standing together, Jey snatches the mic from Heyman to say, “You did not beat me!” Roman knows Jey. Roman knows Jey will never say he quits. Roman “ain’t that type of person.” Roman tells Jey he can make up excuses or feel however he wants, but what did Roman say? He said he’d make Jey quit, and what happened? Jey quit. “Take the oath. Accept the membership. And fall in line.”

“That’s a snake move!” Just like when they were kids, huh? Always one-upping! Roman thinks he’s tougher than Jey? No! Jey cannot do this because he does not respect Roman! The title has Roman “tripping!” Jey says he used the only person Jey would quit for. Roman knew what he was doing. “Of course I did.” How could he?! How could he not? Jey still doesn’t understand. These are the things you must do to have this. “These are the responsibilities, the accountability, the obligations, the burden!” Jey doesn’t even understand the burden of being the face of WWE. Roman wants Jey to look at him. Roman tells Jey that the consequences are real. They all saw on stage, the elders, their highest of the chiefs, Afa and Sika, and everyone all support Roman. If Jey doesn’t follow that, he’s out of the family.

Roman would be angry, too, he understands that. “But let’s be honest. What can you do?” What is Jey going to do? Jey must want to bash Roman’s head in if he could. But what can he do about it? Jey shouts “I HATE YOU!” Why does Roman have to do this?! Jey drops his mic and Roman says Jey surely does, right now. But Roman still loves Jey. And he always has. But Roman will say this one last time. “By the end of the night, you will fall in line.” Now Roman drops his mic, pats Jey on the shoulder, and leaves. Will Roman’s prediction- no, will his spoiler become reality?


Survivor Series Team SmackDown Qualifier: Kevin Owens VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode!

The Prizefighter and the Show-Off have been back and forth between the red and blue teams, but they’re pledging allegiance to Friday Night SmackDown! Who will represent the brand when Survivor Series 2020 is for the #BestoftheBest?

The bell rings and Ziggler goes right at a leg! Kevin facelocks to counter then shifts to a headlock. Ziggler endures, fishhooks Kevin’s face and powers out, but Kevin runs him over! Kevin talks smack to Roode but Ziggler bails out. Kevin goes after them, Ziggler gets in and then stomps Kevin as he returns! Ziggler digs a boot into Kevin’s face, lets off at the ref’s count, then brings Kevin up for a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE! Ziggler taunts Kevin, drags him up and rakes the eyes! The ref counts, Ziggler stops and has Kevin in a corner. Ziggler stomps and punches and grinds Kevin’s face on ropes! Ziggler stops, taunts Kevin, but Kevin ROCKS him with right hands! Ziggler kicks a leg, runs, but Kevin drops then runs Ziggler over again!

Kevin taunts the Show-Off showing off being a “b*tch!” Kevin stomps Ziggler more, drags him up but Ziggler kicks the leg again! Ziggler throws hands, but Kevin denies the Zigzag! Ziggler sends Kevin out, fakes a knee problem so Roode can CLOBBER Kevin! Roode puts Kevin in, the ref spots that much, and the ref EJECTS Roode! Roode is furious, and so is Ziggler! But now things are fair as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Ziggler gloats as he grinds Kevin down with a chinbar and armlock. Kevin endures, fans clap and rally and Kevin fights his way up. Kevin throws body shots but Ziggler haymakers and neckbreakers! Cover, TWO! Ziggler grows frustrated and he grabs a leg. Ziggler throws the leg into the mat then rakes the eyes! Kevin gets to ropes, Ziggler grabs him and turns him but Kevin slips through to CHOP! And throw forearms, and then CHOPS! Ziggler kicks low again, throws haymakers, then whips. Kevin reverses but Ziggler kicks him! Ziggler runs, into an atomic drop! Kevin rebounds to CLOBBER him! BACK SENTON! Kevin catches his breath and clutches the leg, then clotheslines Ziggler out of the ring!

Ziggler gets up, Kevin runs but Ziggler gets in! Kevin dodges, catches the crossbody and swings, to an AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, TWO! Kevin keeps his cool as he goes to a corner. Kevin climbs but the leg slows him down. He gets up, leaps, SWANTON onto knees! Ziggler covers, TWO!! Both men are down and slowly stir. Ziggler vows to finish this! Ziggler tunes up the band, Kevin rises, but Kevin SUPERKICKS first! Kevin whips Ziggler, pop-up FAMOUSER!! Cover, TWO!! Kevin survives and Ziggler is shocked! Kevin goes to ropes but Ziggler aims again. Ziggler waits, runs, but no superkick! Kevin kicks but stunner denied! The satellite DDT is denied, Ziggler’s leg jams, Kevin sunset flips but Ziggler sits on it! TWO and Kevin has the sunset, TWO! Ziggler high stacks, TWO! Kevin blocks the superkick to STUNNER!! Cover, Kevin wins!!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall (joins Team SmackDown)

A big win for Kevin, especially as the first qualifier! Kevin promises everyone that SmackDown and Survivor Series will become the KO Show, but who else is joining him against Raw?


Natalya talks with Adam Pearce backstage.

Before he says anything, she wants to know first how the SmackDown Women’s Team for Survivor Series is being chosen. Natty says it’ll be easier if she’s captain and chooses members. But Billie Kay walks over and gives Pearce a headshot and resume. She excels in team environments, after all. Natty snatches the resume and says her own body of work speaks for itself. And if anyone in this entire company needs to be at Survivor Series, it’s Natty. She deserves it. Oh really? Bianca Belair comes by and says that this year’s Survivor Series is “The Best of the Best,” look no further than the strongest, fastest and smartest, the EST is ready to lead! No one cares, Bianca, nor do they understand what EST means. Natty is the #BOAT.

Girl, uh-uh. That name isn’t as cute as you think it is. Uh, it’s for Best of All Time. Natty clapping back! Billie says they’ve gotta be joking her. Pearce says none of this will get them on the team. But since they’re all ready to go, they can have a match up next to earn a spot on the team. Fair enough? They all agree, and we have a big Triple Threat coming up!


Corey Graves interviews Lars Sullivan.

Since his return several weeks ago, Lars’ raw power has been on full display, wrecking Matt Riddle, Jeff Hardy, The Miz and John Morrison. So Lars, if you don’t mind Corey calling him that. Oh, that’s very considerate of Corey to ask. But doesn’t he want to call Lars, “The Freak?” Does he prefer that…? Would Corey prefer that? No… But- But what? But Corey isn’t a freak? People don’t cross the street when they see him? He’s not ostracized from society? No, Corey just meant he can’t do the “physically freakish things” Lars can. Lars accepts that, and will “play along.” If Corey wants answers, okay.

Lars still remembers the first time he was called, “a freak.” He was about 10 years old, new at a school and in the playground. These two brothers, the Tracy boys, were dancing and singing, “Freak Show, Freak Show! Everyone look at the Freak Show!” Lars says no one helped him and he didn’t know what to do. So what did he do? He cried. He’ll admit that. Lars was just hoping those kids would show some kindness or stop. But they didn’t. You know what happened next? They laughed. All of them. Everyone from the other kids to even the teachers! But Lars laughs to himself now. Corey feels uncomfortable. Lars says about 20 minutes later, the laughing stopped, but the screaming continued for hours. He wasn’t allowed back to school after that.

Then what does Lars hope to accomplish in the WWE? What does he hope to accomplish? “Unleash a lifetime of pain and humiliation onto anybody that gets in my way! To make this entire world my personal playground. To make this world… my personal hell on earth.” Who will suffer the wrath of this mile high monster?


Buddy Murphy talks with Aalyah Mysterio backstage.

She spoke to her mom about things. She’s very open-minded, and just wants Aalyah to be happy. But of course, Rey and Dominik won’t even talk to her about him. Murphy gets that. But he isn’t the man he was. That’s why tonight, Murphy will go out and publicly apologize. Is he sure? Yes, he needs to. They hold hands, but will things go well for this starcrossed couple?


Survivor Series Women’s Team SmackDown Triple Threat: Bianca Belair VS Billie Kay VS Natalya!

The EST, the BOAT, and… Billie Kay are battling to prove they’re worthy of representing SmackDown against Raw! Who is the first of five to head to Survivor Series?

SmackDown returns as Billie and Natalya make their entrances. The bell rings, Billie pushes Bianca and Natty, but realizes she’s all alone. She ducks Natty’s SLAP and it hits Bianca! Billie bails out to let them fight! Bianca whips, Natty reverses but Bianca goes up and over and handsprings to then run Natty over! Billie rolls Bianca up, TWO! Billie runs away but is caught at the ropes! Natty clubs Bianca and fires haymakers while Billie gets away. Natty whips, Bianca reverses but Natty kicks! And DISCUS! Billie throws Natty out to cover Bianca, TWO! Billie keeps on Bianca with stomps, but sees Natty coming. Natty gets her for a lift but Billie fights out. Billie boots Bianca, Natty lifts her, but Billie huricanranas Bianca!

Natty kicks Billie and snap suplexes! Bianca dropkicks Natty! Bianca kips up to then handspring and SPALSH down onto Billie! Cover, Natty breaks it up! Natty runs at Bianca in a corner but Bianca elbows her away! Natty rebound atomic drops Bianca, walks all over her and basement dropkicks! Natty grabs the legs, steps through, and gets the SHARPSHOOTER! Bianca endures, Billie adds on with a CROSSFACE! Bianca endures both moves, fights, and Natty realizes Billie is trying to steal her win! Natty grabs Billie but Billie knees low! And again! And again! Billie throws Natty into Bianca then runs, SHADES OF KAY! Bianca ends up giving Natty a DDT! Cover, TWO! Bianca survives, Billie covers Natty, TWO! Billie goes back to Bianca, TWO! Back to Natty, TWO!

Billie is furious and she argues the count. Bianca bails out so Billie goes after Natty. Natty trips Billie up and steps through! SHARPSHOOTER! Billie endures, Natty sits deep, Bianca drags Natty off to POST her! Billie rolls Bianca up, with ropes! TWO!! Bianca is up, Billie runs in but misses her boot! Torture rack, KISS OF DEATH!! Cover, Bianca wins!!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall (joins Team SmackDown)

And now the team is the strongEST, the toughEST and the fastEST it can be! Will SmackDown get the biggEST win at Survivor Series in a long time?


Carmella speaks.

“There’s a difference between who the world wants you to be, and who you really are.” She snaps her fingers, and champagne is served. So who is Carmella? She is “that woman.” She is the one who calls the shots and gives the orders. She is the one who makes her own rules. And she is the one who is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. “Because no matter what, I will always win.” So next week, the entire world will know why Carmella is #Untouchable.


Buddy Murphy heads to the ring.

And Aalyah goes with him, arm in arm! The apology will be televised, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Murphy has the mic. “I’ve got something I need to get off my chest. I understand why Rey and Dominik Mysterio despite me. But I’m not the same person I was. But I get it. I’ve done terrible things.” Murphy says that as a man, he needs to apologize to Rey and Dom face to face. He asks they come out to hear this. After waiting a moment and nothing happening, Murphy begs them that he hears them out. He knows what he’s done, that is why he needs to apologize. So please… Aalyah talks with Murphy that it’s okay. But instead of the Mysterios, it’s SETH ROLLINS that comes out!

“Murphy, Murphy, Murphy.” Rollins hates to say this, but he’s pretty sure we all know what he’s going to say. Rey and Dominik are never going to forgive Murphy. They are never going to accept him as he is. And most importantly, they are never going to accept whatever this is between him and Aalyah. But Rollins wants to say that while Rey and Dom won’t accept, Rollins will. Rollins will always accept them as they are, and forgive Murphy for what he’s done, and most importantly, he’ll accept and embrace their relationship. He would even marry them right now. Because there is a place for all of them in the Greater Good. He accepts Murphy, and he accepts Aalyah. It doesn’t matter what her last name is, he can see it in her eyes that she is understanding the truth.

Rollins isn’t the bad guy, but Rey has forced his hand. And the way he’s been treating his own daughter, Rey might be overprotective, but Rollins says it’s controlling. He’s telling her who to talk to. And Dom is just a coward. Dom sees her getting attention, and- DOM IS HERE! Dom attacks Rollins, they brawl, and Murphy gets Dom off Rollins to go after Rollins himself! Rollins gets out, Dom and Murphy start brawling! Aalyah tries to talk reason into them but they won’t stop, and here comes Rey! Rey shoves Murphy off, Murphy shoves back and THEY start brawling! Rey elbows Murphy into Dom’s drop toehold! Rey runs but Aalyah blocks the 619! She wants them to stop! They don’t understand but she defends him. But she isn’t going with them, either. “I love him!” Oh no…

Rey and Dom keep trying to get Aalyah to leave, but she refuses. So Dom and Rey leave without her. Aalyah hugs Murphy, and KISSES him! Rollins is shocked, but smiling, too. Rey and Dom don’t like where this is going, but are they wrong to judge Murphy by his past?


Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan.

Kayla Braxton brings up his match with Jey Uso to qualify for the Survivor Series team. Now considering what we saw Jey go through with Roman, does this change anything for Bryan? No, it doesn’t. But what changed is Jey’s performance the last few months. Jey has taken Roman to the limit, and Roman hasn’t been able to beat Jey! So what Bryan is preparing for is “the best Jey Uso.” That way, it’ll be the best for SmackDown either way. Will the Yes Movement join Kevin on the blue team? Or will Jey take out all his frustrations towards Roman on Bryan?


The Street Profits VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura!

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins go tag champions VS tag champions with The New Day at Survivor Series, if they still have the titles by then. Could the Profits actually be down if they’re not careful?

SmackDown returns as the Profits have the mics. “The NEW~ DAY~!” Now they saw Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods do their imitations, and the Profits thank them and appreciate them. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. That’s why Dawkins does LeBron and Guy Fieri. Gotta try tha donkey sauce! But the New Day has given them something they will remember for the rest of their lives: Power of Positivity! The New Day will go down as one of the greatest tag teams of all time, but the Profits aren’t showing up to Survivor Series to sign boxes of Booty O’s. They aren’t serving pancakes, either. They’re serving L’s. Because they are taking the torch! If you don’t know by now, they ARE the Best of the Best! The Profits are up, and #WeWantTheSmock! But the Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style might change that as they make their entrances!

The teams sort out and Cesaro starts with Dawkins. They tie up, Cesaro kicks low and EuroUppers then whips. Dawkins blocks the hip toss but Cesaro ducks the clotheslines. Things speed up, Cesaro hurdles but so does Dawkins, to run Cesaro over! Dawkins tags Ford, the Profits whip and dropkick Cesaro down! Then back suplex splash! Cover, Nakamura easily breaks it. Dawkins whips but Nakamura reverses to ROUNDHOUSE! Ford dropkicks Nakamura out but Cesaro clubs Ford and suplexes. Ford slips out, runs and BLOCKBUSTERS! Ford fires up and shakes the ropes and then sees he has a target. Ford FLIES and takes out Nakamura! Cesaro pops him up to TOSS him into the gap!! “How about that, huh?!” Cesaro is fired up as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Cesaro grinds Ford down with an armlock. Ford endures, Cesaro wrenches, and fans clap and rally. Ford fights up, but Cesaro cranks on the arm again. Ford still fights up, throws body shots, but Cesaro knees low! Tag to Nakamura, Cesaro suplexes Ford onto ropes and Nakamura adds a kick before the suplex hits! Cover, TWO! Nakamura keeps on Ford with a sleeper but Ford moves around, so Nakamura inverted exploders! Ford lands on his feet, ducks all the kicks to enziguri back! Both men are down and crawling, hot tag to Dawkins and Cesaro! Dawkins rallies, ducks and dodges to back elbow! And he dropkicks Nakamura, too! And FLAPJACKS Cesaro! Fans fire up with Dawkins as he runs corner to corner, CYCLONE SPLASH! And then one for Cesaro!

Dawkins keeps moving to BULLDOG Cesaro! Cover, TWO! Dawkins brings Cesaro up but Cesaro throws elbows. Cesaro ROCKS Dawkins with the EuroUpper then tags Nakamura. They double whip, Dawkins ducks and ROCKS Nakamura, then EXPLODER for Cesaro! Cesaro bails out, Dawkins crawls, but Ford isn’t on the corner. Nakamura swings a kick, Dawkins ducks but the HEEL KICK hits! Nakamura has Dawkins but Dawkins resists and elbows. Cyclone misses this time! Nakamura kicks, hoists Dawkins up top, and runs for the TOP SHELF KNEE! Dawkins is down, Nakamura covers, TWO! Tag to Cesaro, Cesaro hauls Dawkins up as Nakamura hops to the top. FLYING KNEE GUT WRENCH BOMB! Cover, Ford breaks it!

Nakamura stomps Ford, throws him out hard then follows. Nakamura brings Ford up, and feeds him to Cesaro’s boot! Cesaro goes back to Dawkins, Dawkins inside cradles! TWO, and Cesaro DISCUS LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! Dawkins survives but Nakamura tags back in. Cesaro Electric Chairs and Nakamura kicks Ford, but Dawkins slips out to shove Cesaro into Nakamura! ANOINTMENT SPINE BUSTER! Tag to Ford, and Dawkins gets Nakamura for a SUPERPLEX! Ford comes in FROM THE HEAVENS! Cover, The Profits win!!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall

Well, it won’t be Nakamura and Cesaro coming for the titles just yet! But that took a lot out of them. Will the Profits be able to stay up on the road to Survivor Series?


Sami Zayn speaks.

“So we’ve got Bobby Lashley VS Sami Zayn at Survivor Series. This is a gigantic match between the United States Champion and the Intercontinental Champion.” Sami will say, this is perfect that he is representing at Survivor Series, because there is no one more fitting and more worldly than The Great Liberator to represent the title of the continents! The people of those continents love Sami. The WWE has never marketed Sami as The People’s Champion, but he is! He is loved and adored by everyone on every continent and in every nation! Ireland, Bolivia, Lebanon, New Zealand, Japan, Botswana! He is a hero to the people because the people know Sami fights for what’s right! He represents everyone everywhere!

And Lashley… Well he just represents just one country. And let’s not even get into that country. Sami promises to show us something that can be understood in any country by anyone, and that is that the Intercontinental Champion is greater than the United States Champion.


Sasha Banks is here!

And now she has the SmackDown Women’s Championship and Bayley’s favorite chair! Both are trophies of the Hell in a Cell match she and Bayley had at Hell in a Cell. Bayley’s 380 day reign is over, “Long live the Boss!” after the break.

SmackDown returns and the chair is already placed. Sasha says, “You know what they say. Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk.” At HIAC, Sasha did just that. She told Bayley she’d finish what Bayley started and take the title she loved so much. Sasha takes a seat and says she has to thank Bayley for stabbing her in the back. Bayley finally ended an era. They were best friends. They were supposed to take over the whole damn company together! Sasha thought of her like a sister! But when Bayley used this chair in trying to end Sasha’s career, “I realized it wasn’t our friendship that was unstoppable. It was me.” Sasha IS the leader, the standard, the blueprint and the Boss of Fridays, as well as the brand new SmackDown Women’s Champion!

And now that Bayley is the past, Sasha goes 1v1 with Asuka at Survivor Series! There is no doubt in Sasha’s mind that SHE is the Best of the Best. But Bayley is here? “Hey! HEY!” Bayley wants Sasha to think hard on that last statement. We’ve all seen Sasha win a championship, but we all know she can’t hang onto them. Unlike Bayley, the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion of 380 consecutive days! Sasha is lucky that Bayley isn’t getting in there for one, going into her locker room and taking her chair! And more importantly, parading around in the ring with Bayley’s title. Sasha didn’t even legally win, she forced Bayley to sign the contract under duress!

But Bayley isn’t a sore loser, she’ll do Sasha a favor. Bayley knows that Sasha knows that we all know that Sasha can’t beat Asuka without Bayley in her corner. So next week, Bayley wants a rematch for the title! And Sasha can enjoy her very short yet predictable 13 day title reign. Because next week, DING DONG, TRICK OR TREAT, it ends! Bayley is so funny. Sasha wants Bayley to bring everything she has, because “backstabbing b*tches” never win. Will Bayley be shut up once and for all? Or will history repeat itself in another ill-fated Sasha Banks reign?


Survivor Series Team SmackDown Qualifier: Jey Uso VS Daniel Bryan!

Roman Reigns told Jey he will have no choice but to bow and acknowledge The Tribal Chief. But will those words weigh so heavy that Jey fails to qualify for Survivor Series? Will Kevin Owens have his dream tag team partner join him in another tag match?

SmackDown returns as Jey makes his entrance. It’s clear from the lack of energy that everything is still getting to him. The bell rings and Jey circles with Bryan. They tie up, Jey puts Bryan on ropes but the ref counts. Jey punches low then headbutts Bryan at ropes, then throws more hands. Jey whips and runs Bryan over with a strong elbow! Jey scoops and SLAMS Bryan even harder! Jey brings Bryan up again to throw haymakers! Bryan hits back with EuroUppers, then whips him to ropes to hit the kitchen sink knee! Jey gets to ropes but Bryan brings him up to wrench the arm for an elbow breaker! And then wrenches again to whip. Jey reverses and SAMOAN DROPS! Jey seethes but not at Bryan. He gets up, goes over to Bryan and stomps a mudhole into him! The ref counts, Jey stops and takes a breath to calm down.

Jey comes back to throw haymakers, then whips Bryan corner to corner. Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving to dodge and flying clothesline! Fans rally with “YES!” fingers, and Jey sits up to get YES KICKS! From all sides, too! Bryan kicks Jey all around, on the ground, and Jey bails out before the buzzsaw! But now Roman Reigns appears? Roman and Heyman march right to ringside and look at Jey. Will Roman’s presence motivate or distract Jey? For now, SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns once more, and Jey is throwing hands on the top rope with Bryan. Jey gets up, Bryan slips under and trips Jey up! Bryan drags Jey into the Tree of Woe for more YES KICKS! Bryan runs corner to corner to dropkick! Bryan sits Jey back up, climbs up behind him, and brings him up for a SUPER BACK SUPLEX that Jey makes a crossbody! Cover, TWO and Bryan has a cover, TWO!! Jey gets to a corner, Roman is stoic as Jey aims at Bryan. Mule kick, uppercut, but Bryan throws forearms and kicks in return! Jey kicks, Bryan blocks and spins him but Jey dragon whips! Jey runs but Bryan dumps him out! Jey sees Bryan running in and SUPERKICKS him down! Jey goes up, leaps, USO SPLASH onto knees! LeBelle Lock!! Jey endures, moves around, reaches, and gets the ropebreak!

Bryan lets go fast and now Roman starts looking disappointed. Jey gets up, Bryan goes after him with more kicks! Bryan runs corner to corner to dropkick! And then again, into a SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK!! Jey goes to the corner and climbs again, for another try, USO SPLASH!! Direct hit, cover, Jey wins!!

Winner: Jey Uso, by pinfall (joins Team SmackDown)

A win over a former world champion and Jey is now part of the traditional 5v5! Roman joins Jey in the ring, Jey says, “I’m with you. You’re the head of the table.” What?! Jey suddenly concedes to Roman’s authority? But Roman wants Jey to make it clear, so Jey SUPERKICKS Bryan back down! And drags him to a drop zone, to climb up top and hit another USO SPLASH!! “I understand now! I understand now! I love you, too, aight? I understand.” What is it that made Jey change his mind? Then make Bryan understand. Jey goes outside, drags Bryan out and throws haymaker after haymaker! “I understand, Uce!! I understand now!!” And he whips Bryan into steel steps! And clears off the announce desk!?

Jey drags Bryan up and asks if he understands. Bryan doesn’t answer so Jey throws more haymakers to put Bryan on the desk! Jey goes back to the ring, climbs back up top, and as Roman watches on, hits a SUPER USO SPLASH through the table!! He’s still not done, as he rains down forearms, and dribbles Bryan off the wreckage!! Roman smiles as Jey finishes up. What happened from beginning of the night to this moment that made Jey change his mind?!

My Thoughts:

This was a really good SmackDown to give its own transition from Hell in a Cell to Survivor Series. Not really into giving Survivor Series a subtitle like some of the other PPV’s have had, but whatever. I am for doing the flipside to Raw in the Women’s Division, having a multi-person match to determine a member. Billie, Natty and Bianca had a great promo segment with Pearce, and then a really good Triple Threat. Bianca winning is great, she was a given for the team between the hype they’ve built for her and her incredible athletic abilities. Sasha VS Bayley rematch is happening quite a bit sooner than expected, but Bayley’s promo does bring up a good point that for whatever reason, Sasha loses titles very quickly. But I have a feeling this match on TV will be equally definitive, maybe even more so than the HIAC match. Sasha will win to force Bayley to take the long route back, then we get a great Asuka VS Sasha at Survivor Series. I bet Bayley ends up on the Women’s Team, too, since she does have all those accolades.

Sami Zayn had a pretty good promo to hype his match with Lashley, and I hope they don’t pull the same move they’ve done before where a champion changes and so does the Survivor Series match. Sami and Lashley have plenty of history, even if the “Lashley Sisters” segment was awful. The Street Profits have a good response to the New Day, even if it wasn’t with their own imitations. Their match with Cesaro and Nakamura was really good, especially Cesaro tossing Ford to the outside before the break. Ford was sitting down and maybe even about to lie down after hitting his splash to get the win, I hope that isn’t something serious. Though it is pretty clear, he gets so  much air in his frog splash that I’m not surprised it isn’t double-edged on him. Maybe the Profits need to shift from combining moves for a finish to actually having a tag team finisher.

Corey Graves’ “interview” with Lars was a very well done segment. Lars finally gets to talk again and show a bit of what he was showing in NXT. I like the backstory he gave himself, getting expelled for brutalizing bullies. I don’t think this will be used to humanize Lars or make him a sympathetic Heel, but it does give you an idea of what is going on inside his head. Lars is probably a shoe-in for the Survivor Series team, in order to counter the size and strength of Keith Lee and Sheamus. Kevin VS Ziggler was really good, and no offense to Ziggler, but Kevin was definitely going to win. And given that powerful opening segment with Roman and Jey, Jey VS Bryan turned into a really good match, and a somewhat shocking ending segment. It felt rather obvious that Jey would eventually turn Heel and follow Roman, I just didn’t think it’d happen in one night! I really am curious as to why, and that is going to make for some awesome material next week.

My Score: 8.5/10

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