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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (10/9/20)

It’s time to shake things up again!



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

The WWE Draft begins with Friday Night SmackDown!

The rosters of Raw and SmackDown are up for grabs! Who from the Friday pool will be staying on Fox? Who will be leaving for Mondays on the USA Network? And who from Mondays will be coming to Fridays?


  • Falls Count Anywhere: Big E VS Sheamus; Big E wins.
  • The Miz & John Morrison VS Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle; Hardy & Riddle win.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Sasha Banks; Sasha wins by disqualification, Bayley retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro VS The New Day; The New Day wins and become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.
  • Kevin Owens VS The Fiend; The Fiend wins.


Stephanie McMahon is here!

She welcomes us to the show and the 2020 WWE Draft, and it is her honor and privilege to preside over this event that will shake up the landscape of Raw and SmackDown. To start, the first pick for Monday Night Raw is the WWE World Champion, DREW MCINTYRE! A natural choice, of course! As for SmackDown, they naturally take the WWE Universal Champion, ROMAN REIGNS! And championship picks continues as Raw chooses their Raw Women’s Champion, ASUKA! But in a bold move, SmackDown takes the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins!! Well, he won’t be a Monday night messiah anymore, but perhaps he’ll still bring about “the greater good” on Fridays.

Stephanie notes that as someone who knows what’s best for business, she’s been keeping an eye on this last pick of the opening round. Raw selects THE HURT BUSINESS! All four men, from MVP to Shelton Benjamin to Cedric Alexander to the WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley, are staying on Mondays! Definitely a bargain, but SmackDown might’ve stolen the best pick already.


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

The Architect is now on Friday Night SmackDown, what is his initial reaction? “It was never about the name. It was always the message that mattered the most.” Rollins has spent his entire career as a Raw superstar, so he is thrilled to make the jump to SmackDown. A new path to carve, new trails to blaze, all very exciting. But he is heartbroken and upset that he won’t be there to watch the Mysterio Family implode. Luckily for him, he’ll never have to look at any of them again. Alas, onward we go, and the Greater Good comes to Friday nights.


Falls Count Anywhere: Big E VS Sheamus!

AWWWW~ THUNDERDOOOME~! There are no disqualifications, no count outs, and nothing holding these two back from finally settling the score! Who gets the win on what could be the last Friday Night SmackDown either of these two ever have?

The bell rings and the two start throwing hands! Big E knees low and whips but Sheamus runs him over! Cover, ONE, but Sheamus brings Big E up to fireman’s carry. Rolling senton! Cover, ONE! Sheamus gets up and runs at Big E, but into the URENAG-E! Big E seethes as he watches Sheamus get to the apron. Big E runs and SPEARS Sheamus to the floor! Big E covers, TWO!! Sheamus survives that fall but Big E smiles as he gets back up. Big E decides to use the No DQ rule, and looks under the ring. Wait, are those giant Booty O’s? Where did those come from? But Big E brings out a kendo stick! Only to turn into a KNEE from Sheamus! Cover, TWO! Sheamus grimaces as he drags Big E up for European Uppercuts. Sheamus goes after Big E at the desk and bounces him off it! Then throws more EuroUppers!

Big E hits back with big haymakers but Sheamus kicks low. Sheamus RAMS Big E into the apron, hoists him up onto it, then throws haymakers back. Sheamus wraps Big E up in the ropes and traps him! Sheamus dares Big E to do something, but watches out for those kicks. Sheamus has the kendo stick! He pokes Big E then lines up the shot for a SMACK! Sheamus SMACKS Big E again! Big E can only endure as Sheamus tries to go yard on Big E’s ribs! Big E pops free of the ropes and Sheamus covers, TWO! Sheamus looks under the ring, throws some rolls of duct tape aside, then he crawls in deeper. What could he be looking for? But Big E grabs some tape and goes after Sheamus’ ankles! Big E tapes Sheamus’ feet together! Sheamus tries to get his feet free but Big E SMACKS him with the stick! And again!

Big E stalks behind a hopping Sheamus and he SMACKS him again! Speaking of home runs, Big E sends Sheamus up and over the barriers! The Celtic Warrior is down and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Big E follows Sheamus around the back of ThunderDome screens near the stage. Big E SMACKS Sheamus and Sheamus hobbles away backstage! The mark on his back is bright red! Big E SMACKS Sheamus again! Big E drags Sheamus over to some sort of table, but Sheamus fights back! Sheamus suplexes and SLAMS Big E onto the trunks! Sheamus takes a moment to catch his breath before he grabs the kendo stick to SMACK Big E back! Sheamus then brings Big E around to catering. Apparently it’s a make-your-own-pancakes station as Sheamus dumps flour on Big E’s head and shoves eggs in his mouth! Then he just dunks an entire carton on Big E’s head!

Sheamus drags Big E up to throw him into more trunks! Big E goes down in a heap but Sheamus says there’s no time for sitting around. Sheamus brings Big E down the halls and shoves him into a hallway. Sheamus stomps Big E and taunts him, “No more unicorns or pancakes!” Sheamus grabs a flat screen computer monitor and tells Big E this is his moment. But Big E SMACKS Sheamus with a broom! He smacks Sheamus until the broomstick breaks! So he grabs the other one, and breaks it off Sheamus’ back, too! Big E grabs the trash can and SMACKS Sheamus with it! And again! And again! Sheamus rolls down the hall and stands, but Big E RAMS him with the can! Sheamus ends up going through a doorway into the garage area!

Sheamus drags himself away, asking for mercy, but Big E washes off before stalking Sheamus. Big E BOOTS Sheamus and then follows him between some cars. Big E says Sheamus wanted this, so he’s going to get it. But Sheamus hits back with a TIRE IRON!! He SMACKS Big E in the side and in the arm! And then throws him onto a car hood! Sheamus climbs up and drags Big E up, for WHITE NOISE onto a windshield! Sheamus used that to sideline Big E weeks ago! Cover, TWO!?! Sheamus is shocked! Big E flops off the car hood, but Sheamus opens a car door! Sheamus puts Big E through to SLAM the door closed!! And again! And again! Sheamus drags Big E up, stalks him to the trunk, and puts Big E in! He keeps an arm hanging out, and says this will be career defining, if not ending!

Sheamus grabs the trunk, but Big E BLOCKS the trunk from being closed! Big E BOOTS Sheamus away, drags himself out of the trunk, and dodges the BROGUE! The Brogue breaks the trunk lid off the car!! Sheamus tries again, Big E catches him to POWERBOMB him off the other car’s hood! Sheamus slides off and hits the floor, so Big E brings him up. Big E THROWS Sheamus onto a windshield! Big E gets up onto the car with Sheamus, drags him up, and scoops him, for a BIG ENDING through a table!! Cover, Big E wins!!

Winner: Big E, by pinfall

Fitting that cars were involved, because this was a demolition derby! Big E is victorious, but will he stay on SmackDown? Or will Raw want him for their own after seeing this?


Backstage interview with Big E!

Congratulations on the win, but it took a lot out of him. But wait, Kofi Kingston is back! And so is Xavier Woods! Yo bois, the New~ Day~, is reunited! But something is missing, right? What is it? They’ve got Kofi, Big E, Woods, Francesca is on the table even. What are they missing? Oh! The W, W, E, World, Tag, Team CHAMPIONSHIPS~! But not to overlook E, the bois are back to get those belts back! And why? It’s been so long since they’ve said this. BECAUSE~! NEW! DAY ROCKS!


Jey Uso heads to the ring!

The rematch is coming at Hell in a Cell in Hell in a Cell, but Roman Reigns has already vowed this time will have the biggest consequences in WWE history! We’ll all hear what he means by that, after the break!

SmackDown returns and Jey has a mic to say, “Big Dog! What’s it gonna be, Uce? What’s the stipulation to our Hell in a Cell match, Uce?” Jey waits, but Roman doesn’t show. He gets it. This is on Roman’s terms. But he said there will be consequences. Jey won’t run from ’em! It’s Lockdown with the Uce that’s got the Juice! WELCOME, to the USO- “Stop, stop, stop. Please, Jey.” Paul Heyman tells Jey, from the titantron, to “stop embarrassing yourself, and more importantly, your entire family, with this foolish attempt to dictate the time and location” of Roman Reigns. That is all at the leisure and convenience of the champion. As for Jey, everyone else on SmackDown, both tenured and draft picks, the champion applauds Jey’s ambition. It is necessary for survival “on the island of relevancy.”

But to anyone who gets too ambitious, and want after the champion, “here’s what happens when you step in the ring with the razing, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion, Roman. Reigns.” Footage replays of Clash of Champions and what Roman did to Jey. Cut to present, and Roman sits in a very luxurious suite of the ThunderDome. “When I was a kid, my dad, your uncle, he used to say that in this business, believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see.” But what we all just saw, “you can believe that.” Roman says he was trying to help Jey. He was trying to make Jey’s life better. All Jey had to do was say the words, and acknowledge Roman as the Tribal Chief. “So now, for the first time inside Hell in a Cell, there will be an I Quit Match.”

Roman says it didn’t have to be like this. He just wants to help Jey. Roman still loves Jey. But after Jey says, “I Quit,” there will be even more consequences. How far will Roman go to break Jey’s spirit and make him verbally submit to the Tribal Chief?


Stephanie talks with Adam Pearce backstage.

They’re clearly going over the next five picks of the 2020 Draft. It seems like some really good ones are coming. We’ll learn who takes who, after the break.


SmackDown returns as Stephanie is at the podium.

The 2020 Most Influential Female CMO now presents the second round of the Draft! She also announces another title match for tonight! With the New Day’s Kofi and Woods back, they are challenging the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro! Now back to your regularly scheduled draft picks. Raw takes the PHENOMENAL AJ STYLES! Mondays just got, well, phenomenal again! SmackDown takes THE BOSS, SASHA BANKS! Win or lose, Fridays are still legit! Raw takes NAOMI, and Mondays will #FeelTheGlow! SmackDown takes the EST, BIANCA BELAIR! And Raw closes the round with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, NIA JAX & SHAYNA BASZLER! Of course, with the tag titles, they can still go to any brand, but Mondays will still be home for the Irresistible Force and Queen of Spades!


SmackDown hears from AJ Styles.

“I should be offended right now. I should’ve been the first pick for SmackDown! After everything that I Have done for a brand, I should be offended. But I’m relieved.” As skilled and respected as Styles is, he should not have to be surrounded by cheaters like Jeff Hardy “and that neck-bearded loudmouth, Sami Zayn!” Styles is going to Raw and his future looks phenomenal.


The Miz & John Morrison VS Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle!

The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century *stare off into distance* are getting ready to take Otis to court over the Money in the Bank briefcase, but they’ll first get in the ring against an Enigma and a Riddle! Will the Hollywood A-Lister and Guru of Greatness be able to solve the mystery that is #BROetryInMotion?

The teams sort out and Morrison starts with Riddle. Morrison rolls under the roundhouse to come back, but Riddle blocks the Eddy Gordo to a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Tag to Hardy, they go after Morrison with a double whip. Riddle sets up, it IS Broetry In Motion! Miz runs in, he gets sent out! Hardy sets up, FLYING BRO! Broetry in Mayhem, if you will! The Bro and the icon are standing tall as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns as Miz brings Hardy up to tag Morrison in. Miz snapmares Hardy, Morrison runs to SHINING WIZARD! Miz runs to BASEMENT BOOT! Standing shooting star from Morrison! Cover, TWO! Morrison keeps on Hardy with a cravat and he bends Hardy over his shoulder. Hardy fights up and throws elbows and body shots. Hardy kicks but no Twist! Both men spin and clothesline! Fans fire up as Morrison and Hardy crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Miz and Riddle! Riddle ROUNDHOUSES Miz, blocks a kick to PELE Morrison, then he kips up to hit a forearm and BROSPLODER on Morrison! Then forearm, BOSSPLODER and BROTON on Miz! Riddle fires up, deadlift GERMAN SUPELXES! Cover, but Morrison breaks it!

Hardy gets Morrison for TWIST OF FATE! Miz throws Hardy out, but turns into the FINAL FLASH! Riddle gut wrenches Miz for BRO DEREK! Cover, Broetry in Motion wins!!

Winners: Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle, by pinfall

Bro! But wait, is that…?! LARS SULLIVAN!? The Freak is back from months of hiatus! But that hasn’t made him any less frightening! And he shoves Riddle down to CLOBBER Hardy! Riddle fires off on Lars but he doesn’t flinch! He gives Riddle the POWERSLAM! And then he choke grips Hardy to RAM him into a corner, and reel him out for a LARIAT! Lars won’t let up, he drags Hardy back into the corner and corner clotheslines! Riddle gets up but Lars CLOBBERS him! Lars hauls Riddle back up, for the FREAK ACCIDENT!!

Miz is still in the ring, and Morrison can’t get him away! Lars drags Miz up to clobber with crossface forearms over and over! And then he deadlifts Miz to RAM into buckles! Miz flounders but Lars is right back on him! Miz suffers a FREAK ACCIDENT!! The Freak is in the ThunderDome, will anyone survive!?


SmackDown returns with round three of the Draft.

Stephanie McMahon is back at the podium to give us the next five picks. A quick note, Lars Sullivan is back, but will be part of the Monday draft pool. As for this round, Raw opens with the One and Only, RICOCHET! SmackDown follows up with JEY USO! Uso gets to stay on SmackDown to finish what he and Roman started! Raw takes MANDY ROSE! A natural choice as she only just arrived on #MandyNightRaw. SmackDown takes THE MYSTERIO FAMILY! Rey and Dominik, as well as Mrs. Angie Mysterio and young Aalyah, will be coming to Fridays! Rollins didn’t get his wish at all! But Raw closes the third round with THE MIZ & JOHN MORRISON! The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century are now on USA! I wonder why…


Dominik and Rey celebrate the pick backstage.

Dom is so excited to stick with Rey. And after what Rollins said, they laugh that he won’t get to leave his past behind. The past isn’t through with Rollins, they’re gonna whoop his ass!


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Sasha Banks!

A main event caliber match is happening now! The Boss may not be 100% but she doesn’t care, because she wants nothing more than to give back every bit of venom Bayley has used in trying to end Sasha’s career! Will Sasha at least end Bayley’s historic 361-day title reign? Or will Bayley be able to make it to the one year anniversary?

Bayley again has the chair, and she vows Sasha will never get the Grand Slam like Bayley has! The introductions are made and the tensions are high. The ref does his best to keep the peace but then Sasha SLAPS Bayley down! Bayley protests, they both want this match to start, so the belt raising is skipped. The bell rings and this grudge match finally begins!

Sasha rushes Bayley and she fires off on Bayley! Bayley scrambles away but Sasha blocks the kick to KNEE Bayley back! Sasha stomps a mudhole into Bayley but Bayley gets out of the ring! The ref tells Sasha to cool off but Bayley protests. The ring count starts and Bayley wants to leave, but Sasha runs out to grab Bayley’s hair! Sasha puts Bayley back in, gets around her and rolls her up, TWO! BANK STATEMENT! Bayley rolls to a cover, TOW! Sasha ghost pins, TWO! Sasha dodges Bayley and comes back, tilt-o-whirl roll up, TWO! Bayley CLOBBERS Sasha! Bayley seethes as things finally slow down a moment. Bayley stands over Sasha, drags her back up and whips her to a corner. Sasha goes up but Bayley catches her as she goes over to an Electric Chair.

Bayley spins Sasha, Sasha uses that to arm-drag! Ghost pin, TWO, BANK STATEMENT! Bayley gets caught in the same trick but she scrambles around! ROPEBREAK! Sasha holds until 3 and Bayley gets out again. Sasha grabs at Bayley but Bayley CLUBS her! Sasha backs away but comes back for more. Bayley USES THE CHAIR!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by disqualification; Bayley is still SmackDown Women’s Champion

Bayley take advantage of Champion’s Advantage again! And now she wants to finish Sasha! Sasha dodges the chair shot to kick Bayley down! Sasha sits the chair up, goes up and over and brings Bayley into the chair! The Boss grabs the chair and aims for Bayley. She SMACKS Bayley on the back! And again! “SCREW YOU, BAYLEY!!” Sasha SMACKS Bayley again! Sasha puts the chair around Bayley’s head and climbs up top! Sasha leaps but Bayley gets the chair off! Bayley retreats and referees rush in to stop this from getting any worse! Bayley doesn’t care, so long as she is still champion! But will Sasha find a way back to the title and force Bayley to face the consequences of her actions?


Alexa Bliss confronts Kevin Owens backstage.

“Let. Him. In.” A warning of sorts from The Fiend’s new friend. Will Kevin heed it?


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro VS The New Day!

The King of Strong Style and Swiss Cyborg seem more than eager to defend against the returning Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods! Will the New Day’s triumphant return bring them an incredible ninth tag team title reign? Or will the Champions’ Lounge stay the property of Cesaro and Nakamura?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and this golden return match begins!

Teams sort out and we begin with Cesaro and Woods. They circle, tie up, and go around. Cesaro puts Woods in a corner, messes with Woods’ hair then shove shim. Woods throws haymakers! Cesaro knees low and EuroUppers Woods off his feet! Cesaro whips, Woods ducks and dodges to tilt-o-whirl headscissor! Cesaro gets up and CLOBBERS Woods! Cesaro kicks at Woods toyingly and then pushes him around. Woods throws haymakers and CHOPS in return to back Cesaro to ropes! Woods whips, Cesaro reverses, again Woods ducks and dodges then slides, to ROLLING ELBOW! Woods SUPERKICKS Nakamura down to then tag in Kofi. Kofi climbs up and Woods scoops Cesaro, DOUBLE STOMP BACKBREAKER! Cover, Nakamura BOOTS Kofi down!

Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES and BOOTS Woods off the apron and then storms off to his corner. The champions get even immediately as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Cesaro brings Kofi up. Fans rally and Kofi fights back, but Cesaro pushes him to a corner to throw EuroUpper after EuroUpper, and even forearms and stomps! The ref counts, Cesaro lest off at 4 to whip Kofi corner to corner. Kofi slips out and swing kicks Cesaro back! Both men crawl to their corners, hot tags to Nakamura and Woods! Woods dodges Nakamura, DECKS Cesaro and then dodges Nakamura again to shove and LEG LARIAT! Cesaro gets in, puts Woods in a corner but Woods boots! HONOR ROLL! Nakamura whips but Woods reverses to send Nakamura out. Woods builds speed to WRECK Cesaro with a dropkick! Nakamura gets in but gets an enziguri! And the step-in DDT! Cover, TWO!! Woods grins because he’s got Nakamura down.

Woods grabs at legs but Nakamura boot shim away. Woods runs corner to corner but Nakamura dodges! Woods gets stuck on the top rope, to get a TOP SHELF KNEE! Tag to Cesaro, he gut wrenches Woods off the ropes and Nakamura KNEES Woods into the GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro tells Woods he should’ve stayed home. Woods jawbreakers back! Tag to Kofi and he elbows Cesaro to then HIP TOSS him out! Kofi bounces on the ropes for a slingshot(?) TORNADO DDT to the floor! Fans are cheering on their screens as Kofi drags Cesaro up and into the ring. Kofi goes up top, leaps, into a EuroUpper! Cover, TWO!! Kofi survives but Cesaro says it’s time to go for a spin! Tag to Nakamura, SWISS SWING! But Woods anchors Nakamura!

Cesaro BOOTS Woods down, goes back to Kofi, but gets TROUBLE IN PARAIDSE! Nakamura swings a kick, Kofi ducks it but not the WINDMILL! Cover, TWO!! Kofi survives, Nakamura is furious! Nakamura drags Kofi up and brings him around, INVERTED EXPLODER but Kofi lands on his feet! Woods tags in, TROUBLE IN PARADISE! LIMIT BREAKER!! Cover, New Day wins!!

Winners: The New Day, by pinfall (NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions)

Two Raw reigns, SEVEN SmackDown reigns, number nine is looking fine! Big E appears to celebrate with his boys, because they’re back on top! Will they still be on top as the year continues?


Stephanie returns with round four of the Draft.

A quick congratulations to The New Day before the final round of tonight’s draft. But Raw chooses the NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the New Day?! Wait, not all three of them, just Kofi and Woods!! What about Big E?! Because SmackDown is KEEPING BIG E!! The New Day has been split up!?! How could this be?! Big E was on a great singles run, but he never thought he’d have to be alone! And what happens if the SmackDown Tag Team Champions are on Raw?!

Raw continues by choosing the Flex Appeal, DANA BROOKE! Dana and Mandy are sticking together, will the #SexyMuscleFriends take over the Women’s Tag Division? SmackDown’s final pick of the night is Mr. Money in the Bank, OTIS! Of course, Miz’s lawsuit might change that. And Raw’s final pick of the night is the Lethal Lothario, ANGEL GARZA! Hurt as he is, Garza will be back to thrill the ladies in and out of the ring!


The WWE Draft continues on Talking Smack!

Just because Raw is the conclusion doesn’t mean it’s the only other time Raw and SmackDown can decide their rosters! Tune in to see who else is staying and going, as well as hear from Bianca Belair, Heavy Machinery and the New Day on how they feel about the draft choices of the brands and networks.


Heavy Machinery do final trial preparations.

Otis is still on SmackDown thanks to the Draft, but Tucker hasn’t yet. Is the team done. Let’s not worry about that now, especially with Miz and Morrison going to Raw. That means the lawsuit should be dropped. But you can’t count on anything, so let’s do some last minute cramming. Actus reus, quid pro quo, and… Infedante Lictu? A paralegal finds Otis and hands him an envelope. Otis opens it up and brings out new papers. Tucker can’t believe this. Miz’s lawyer is filing a continuance. A what? They’re delaying the trial! But they were all ready tonight! They bought the legal pads, these great pens! Miz is out of order! Just a sleazy tactic to draw this out to drain them dry. Otis declares particular memora! NO ONE drains Otis dry! Will this delay only delay the inevitable? And for who?


Sasha Banks speaks.

“Bayley, you coward! I should’ve known.” Bayley got herself disqualified, but Sasha is done playing games. If Bayley wants hell, then she’s got it! In a HELL IN A CELL MATCH! And Sasha vows to finally break Bayley and end everything there is about Bayley. They used to be best friends. Sasha used to love Bayley so very much. But at Hell in a Cell, Sasha finally takes away what Bayley loves the most: the SmackDown women’s Championship!


SmackDown hypes up their season premiere!

To celebrate ONE YEAR on Fox, SmackDown will give us a truly gigantic Universal Championship match! Roman Reigns defends the title against BRAUN STROWMAN, who as of right now has not been drafted away. Will the Monster finally #GetTheseHands back on that title? Or will the Tribal Chief keep things on track towards his I Quit Match with Jey Uso? And speaking of the draft and titles, the New Day will be together one last time as they take on Cesaro, Nakamura and Sheamus in a “Farwell to SmackDown” Six Man Tag! Will Big E, Kofi and Woods be victorious again for the last time?


Kevin Owens VS The Fiend!

Speaking of no more games, it’s time for SmackDown to #LetHimIn! Kevin was just trying to get an idea of what’s going on with Alexa Bliss after her encounter with Bray Wyatt’s living nightmare, only to have his own encounter! Kevin has felt disturbed ever since, and the only way he can feel right again is to take the fight to The Fiend! Will Kevin be able to shake off that chill going down his spine to #JustKeepFighting? Or will he just regret ever trying to help Alexa in the first place?

SmackDown returns as Kevin makes his entrance. The bell rings and Kevin rushes Fiend with a clothesline! And then a CANNONBALL! Kevin fires up but Fiend gets right up! Kevin goes to punch but Fiend counter punches! Fiend ROCKS Kevin with haymakers but Kevin kicks back. Fiend uppercuts and pushes Kevin around, then whips him to ropes. Kevin dodges but Fiend BODY CHECKS him! Fiend pursues as Kevin gets out of the ring. Fiend comes around to CLOBBER Kevin inside-out! A ring count climbs but Fiend puts Kevin in at 6. Fiend slides in and drags Kevin up. Fiend throws uppercuts, Kevin gets to a corner and fights back but Fiend uppercuts again. Fiend whips corner to corner but Kevin dodges. The spider walk freaks Kevin out!

Fiend runs into a superkick and blocks it to ROCK Kevin again! Fiend picks Kevin up to swing and SLAM him down! Fiend sits Kevin up to club him down, then brings him back up. Fiend uppercuts again, but Kevin boots back from the corner! Kevin runs but into a headbutt! Kevin comes back to LARIAT! Kevin gets up but so does the Fiend! Kevin swings, into the clinch! Kevin elbows free and side steps Fiend to send him out. Kevin pursues, but runs into an URENAGE onto the desk! SISTER ABIGAIL into the desk! Kevin goes down but Fiend is right over him, laughing in his face! The Fiend is toying with Kevin as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns once more and Fiend chokes Kevin on ropes! The ref counts, Fiend lets up and stalks Kevin. Fiend stomps Kevin, Kevin punches back with fury! Fiend knees low, reels Kevin in, for another URENAGE! Fiend then sits Kevin up for the NECK TWIST! Kevin writhes as Fiend stalks Kevin. Fiend laughs as he drags Kevin back up. Fiend reels Kevin in, but Kevin fights off Sister Abigail to SUPERKICK! Fiend stays up!? But Kevin hits another SUPERKICK! And another! Fiend ends up in a corner, Kevin CANNONBALLS again! And then ANOTHER CANNONBALL! Fiend bails out but Kevin pursues and DDT’s him down! The ring count begins again and Fiend is finally down! Kevin gets in at 5 but Fiend gets up!

Fiend gets in the ring at 7, but a SUPERKICK sends him back out! Kevin FROG SPLASHES off the apron!! Kevin goes back into the ring to leave Fiend at the mercy of the count. It reaches 5 but Fiend stands again! Kevin goes out but Fiend drags him down! Fiend runs but into a POP-UP BOMB through the desk!! Kevin leaves Fiend behind again as the ring count climbs to 7! Fiend rises again?! Fiend is in at 9.9!! Kevin is shocked, and he walks into the MANDIBLE CLAW!! Kevin fights back, kicks low, STUNNER!! But Fiend holds on!? Fiend drags Kevin up, for a CLAW CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, Fiend wins!!

Winner: The Fiend, by pinfall

The Fiend was probably even going to win by submission with that claw clamped onto Kevin’s face! The nightmare continues, and then the lights go out. When the lights come back, he and Alexa are face to face on the stage! What power does Fiend hold over her? What power will these two hold over SmackDown? Or Raw, if that’s where the Draft puts them?!

My Thoughts:

Well this was a rather wild episode, with a roller coaster in quality as things went. To first focus on the draft picks from tonight, the first two choices were obvious: McIntyre and the world title stays on Raw, Roman and the Universal title stays on SmackDown. Roman adding the I Quit stipulation to the Hell in a Cell match is awesome! I never thought stipulations could be added to HIAC like that. That match was already going to be great, just like Clash of Champions, but THIS is going to be amazing. Though, I feel like the season premiere having a Universal Championship match is just for show. Braun is great, but between what happened with him and Keith on Raw, how he has yet to be drafted, and how we just got Roman upping the ante on Jey, Roman is obviously retaining. It’s annoying that WWE still does stuff like this with an almost patronizing attitude of “But what if, though?”

Raw grabbing up Asuka and the Hurt Business was great, and I had hoped as much for the latter. Hurt Business VS Retribution needs to continue on, so securing part of that tonight was the proper course of action. Seth Rollins to SmackDown was a great surprise, and to me, that naturally meant Mysterios would be following, so it was good they followed through. The question is whether Murphy gets to come along, but maybe that’s decided even tomorrow on Talking Smack’s draft edition. It only makes sense, because then nothing is being undercut by the Draft, just moved over. Plus, however this story goes, it’ll be great for Rey Mysterio to more than likely end his WWE career, and maybe career period, on the show that he basically helped define. I, for one, have always related SmackDown to Mysterio given I grew up watching Rey and Eddie Guerrero and that generation.

I really thought when SmackDown chose Sasha, that meant she’d be champion tonight, but if anything it was actually better they didn’t just follow that. I am disappointed the match ended in disqualification, but I suppose them moving things along to Hell in a Cell is just fine, too. I feel like this is giving away that Bayley is staying on SmackDown and Raw will be open to Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch on their respective returns. And once again, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships are traveling belts in names only. Those titles haven’t been on SmackDown in some time, and on NXT even less. It seems Bayley and Sasha together was the only reason Vince was pushing those belts and getting the networks to share. Hopefully that changes with SmackDown wanting to hype up their season premiere.

Angel Garza, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose are all natural choices to stay on Raw. Garza is hurt and he still has a lot to do with Andrade Almas. Garza can heal up, come back to Mondays, and have a great feud with Almas to perhaps even name a title contender of some kind. SmackDown keeping Jey is a given, but I’m surprised Naomi is going to Raw. Is Jimmy really going to be out that long that the family can be separated for a time? Are the Usos as a tag team over? Similarly, Bianca Belair moving to SmackDown, is that a sign the Profits are heading to Fridays, too? Are they losing the belts? Of course, that could happen since New Day is bringing the SmackDown tag titles to Raw. I don’t know what that means, other than a team either reigning as double champions or unifying the belts (again, because we’ve seen unified tag belts before). Either option is cool, and I wonder if Hell in a Cell gives us a HUGE tag match to do that.

Of course, there was still great action amid all this. Already mentioned the bummer Bayley VS Sasha was in the moment, but it’s fine. The Falls Count Anywhere Match was probably the best match, and it was so brutal! Big E wins, and I almost thought he was upset Kofi and Woods were back overshadowing his win, but no he was just hurting. The SmackDown Tag Team Championship match was great, and it was great for New Day to become 9-time champions in total. I can totally see them being WWE’s newest dual or unified tag champions, because they’re already such a historic team for the last however many years. Riddle & Hardy VS Miz & Morrison was great, and I like the nickname of “Broetry in Motion.” Miz and Morrison going to Raw is obviously because of Miz and Mrs. on USA coming back this Fall.

Lars Sullivan returning was quite the surprise, and he decimated everyone but Morrison out there. I wonder if Morrison is behind that. Maybe not. The court case being delayed was an interesting touch, but it actually makes sense. It isn’t a sleazy tactic as Tucker accuses, it’s because Miz got mauled, and we all saw it on TV! Hopefully this is resolved on Raw, though, because this just needs to be done. If Otis is being stripped of his MITB briefcase, that’ll suck. If he loses it in a match, fine, because it’s at least a match. But it just sucks that WWE is backing out of giving the briefcase to him in the first place. It just proves those against Otis winning right in saying that he shouldn’t have been chosen.

Kevin VS Fiend was some really good stuff, because it’s Kevin and Fiend. Closing on Alexa and Fiend staring at each other than the ring was good imagery, but honestly, this should’ve closed with the tag match and the announcement of the final picks being Big E staying on SmackDown and the others going to Raw. I feel like that’s the bigger moment for fans, certainly the long time ones like myself. But I guess they also needed time to plug the “Farewell” match next week. And I assume Kevin gets drafted to SmackDown, as announced on Raw after he faces Aleister. Kevin probably wins while showing the personality changes typical of a post Fiend encounter. Then he goes to SmackDown with some momentum so that he and Fiend can have an even wilder rematch.

My Score: 8.1/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (1/22/21)

Will Apollo be able to #ThinkBig and be a champion?



Coverage SmackDown 2021

Big time challenges go down on SmackDown!

SmackDown goes big as Big E takes on Apollo Crews’ rematch challenge, and Bayley takes on Bianca Belair in the ULTIMATE obstacle course challenge!


  • Ultimate Athletic Obstacle Course Challenge: Bayley VS Bianca Belair; wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E VS Apollo Crews; wins and


[Due to the scheduling choices of KFOX14 (El Paso & Las Cruces), coverage of SmackDown will not begin until 9PM Eastern]

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Mtichell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/21/21)

Who is NXT UK’s one true queen?



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Will Kay Lee Ray still reign in NXT UK?

The Scary Queen of Scots has held the NXT UK Women’s Championship for over 500 days! But that could all change against the Spoiled Princess, Jinny!


  • Dave Mastiff VS Rampage Brown; Brown wins.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS Jack Starz; Dragunov wins.
  • Amir Jordan w/ Kenny Williams VS Tyson T-Bone; Jordan wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray VS Jinny w/ Joseph Conners; KLR wins and retains the title.


Dave Mastiff VS Rampage Brown!

The Proper British Heavyweight is up for any challenge, and so is the newest star in NXT UK! But will the Bomber be able to stop the Rampage when they finally collide?

The bell rings and the two big men tie right up! They go around, break, and then tie up again. Rampage headlocks, Mastiff powers out and they collide! Neither man falls, and Rampage is liking this already! They tie up again, go around, and Mastiff headlocks now. Rampage throws heavy body shots then powers out, they collide again, and still neither man falls! They tie up once more, Rampage headlocks, but Mastiff powers out. They ram shoulders again and again and again! Rampage throws a forearm, Mastiff gives it back and we have a heavyweight brawl! Mastiff rocks Rampage, headlocks, but Rampage powers out to dropkick Mastiff down!

Rampage drags Mastiff up to throw more forearms, fireman’s carries, but Mastiff slips out, shoves and DROPKICKS?! Mastiff defies gravity with that one! Mastiff drags Rampage up to CLUB him, and ROCK him, and put him in a corner. Mastiff CLUBS Rampage in the chest, hoists him up top, but Rampage hits back with forearms and a boot! Rampage leaps and hits a FLYING TACKLE! Rampage crossface forearms Mastiff from all sides! Rampage stomps Mastiff down, drops elbows, then covers, TWO! Rampage keeps his cool and he clamps onto Mastiff with a chinlock!

Mastiff endures as Rampage thrashes him around! Mastiff fights up and throws body shots but Rampage CLUBS him! BT Sports Studios fires up as Rampage tries to gut wrench Mastiff, but Mastiff back drops and SITS on Rampage! Rampage staggers up but Mastiff fires off forearms! Mastiff backs Rampage to ropes, whips him and CLOBBERS him! And drops a BACK SENTON! Rampage gasps and sputters as Mastiff stalks him to a corner. Mastiff runs in but into boots! Rampage goes up, and leaps into a CLOTHESLINE! Mastiff drags Rampage up, for an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Rampage survives but Mastiff powers up.

Mastiff waits for Rampage to stand, runs, but into a BOOT and a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Mastiff survives and Rampage can’t believe it! Rampage drags Mastiff up, reels him in and LARIATS, but Mastiff stays up! Mastiff gets around, Rampage elbows out of the waistlock but Mastiff CLUBS him! GERMAN SUPLEX! Mastiff runs corner to corner but Rampage bails out! Rampage is on the apron, Mastiff climbs up the corner, but Rampage CHOP BLOCKS a leg out! Mastiff falls, Rampage gets in and manages a BACK SUPLEX! Rampage drags Mastiff back up, and DOCTOR BOMBS?!? Cover, Rampage wins!!

Winner: Rampage Brown, by pinfall

Incredible! Rampage Brown takes down massive Dave Mastiff! If he can win against this big of an opponent, is no one safe from the Rampage?


A-Kid reflects on his match with Walter.

Heritage Cup Champion took on NXT UK Champion in an instant classic, and he put so much heart into taking on the Ring General. But in the end, the body was not strong enough and Walter still reigns. “I am proud of how I represented the Heritage Cup Championship against Walter. I came up short this time, but next time, it will be different.” Will the Spanish Ace rise back up the ranks while growing the prestige of the trophy he holds?


NXT UK Media finds Kenny Williams backstage.

Williams is on the phone, and here is Amir Jordan! Williams says not to worry about his leg when Jordan has bigger fish to fry. Jordan has a big singles match that Williams helped arrange, and it’s against… Tyson T-Bone! Really? T-Bone? Williams knows Jordan is thinking that T-Bone will level him, but that doesn’t matter! Williams has faith in Jordan that he’ll be the lucky one tonight! Okay, but, he couldn’t find anyone smaller? Nope, sorry. But hey, go get ready, Williams will be right there with him. Did Williams write a check Jordan’s body can’t cash?


Ilja Dragunov VS Jack Starz!

After the epic battle with Walter that disappointingly ended in a loss, the Moscow Madman reflected for a long time, and decided that he needed to start from scratch. He chose to bring things full circle against his first opponent in NXT UK, but will it go the same way now that #UNBESIEGBAR isn’t so sure of himself?

The bell rings and the two circle. They low five to show respect, then tie up. Starz powers Dragunov to ropes but lets off clean. BT Sports Studio cheers the sportsmanship as the two circle. They tie up, Dragunov arm-drags but Starz moves around. Dragunov wristlocks, Starz pushes back and uses ropes to flip through. Starz rolls, handsprings and throws Dragunov up and over! Starz has the wrist and bends the fingers but Dragunov fights up. Dragunov wrenches back, Starz spins and breaks free to dropkick! Dragunov flounders to a corner but comes back after Starz. Starz stays back and circles with Dragunov again. Dragunov blocks the arm-drag to hit a hip toss to a headlock takeover.

Starz fights up, Dragunov hits another takeover but Starz rolls it to his own headlock! Starz grinds on the hold, Dragunov fights up, and Dragunov slips through to hip toss Starz down! Dragunov has the headlock, Starz rolls it to a cover, ONE! Starz gets around Dragunov to O’Conner roll, TWO! Dragunov hurries up, Starz sunset flips over, TWO! Starz LARIATS but Dragunov stays up! Dragunov gets Starz by his legs and SPINEBUSTERS to a headlock! Dragunov grinds Starz down, Starz fights up, and Starz tries to power out but Dragunov holds on. Starz keeps trying, gets out on the third try but Dragunov runs him over!

Things speed up, Starz hurdles then ducks but leaps into Dragunov’s arms! Dragunov swings and tosses Starz but Starz lands on his feet, only to run into a BACK HAND CHOP! Dragunov goes to a corner and runs out, into a LARIAT! Starz hops up but Dragunov holds off the huricanrana, to bring Starz back up! Starz fights out, gets around and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! Starz keeps on Dragunov with HARD EuroUppers! Dragunov throws forearms, Starz EuroUppers! Starz CHOPS Dragunov on the back, much like Walter would! Dragunov grits his teeth and SLAPS Starz, BOOTS him, and then fires off forearms and CHOPS in the corner!

The ref counts, backs Dragunov off, but Draguno half hatch suplexes Starz hard! Then a DEAD LIFT GERMAN! Dragunov holds on, CHOPS Starz on the back, and GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Dragunov floats to a facelock, throws heavy knees, then pump handles for an EXPLODER! Starz flounders as Dragunov shouts in Russian. Dragunov goes to a corner, and runs for a BLINDSIDE TORPEDO MOSCOW! But he’s not done, Dragunov puts Starz into a double armlock and just rains down furious elbows! Starz is OUT, the ref calls it!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by knockout

But Dragunov keeps going! The ref counts and Dragunov stops at 4! Though passionate and aggressive before, Dragunov has unlocked a new level to it! When he calms down, he realizes what he did to Starz. Dragunov apologizes to Starz, but can Starz even hear him? What will this new intensity in Dragunov mean for his road back to redemption?


NXT UK looks back on Ben Carter’s in-ring debut.

From Supernova Sessions right into a Cruiserweight Championship match with Jordan Devlin, the pro-wrestling prodigy impressed many on the roster. Carter may not have won his title match debut, but he shows a lot of promise, and will be back in action next week!

Sam Gradwell shares his own opinion of Ben Carter.

“Ben Carter? This supposed to be exciting? Fizzing around like a bloody Catherine wheel?” As much as Gradwell likes spelling out naughty words with a sparkler, he’s not here to be “a pretty little bonfire treat.” Gradwell will admit Carter push Devlin to his limit in just his debut, “but we’ll see how exciting the lad is when this Thunderstorm sends him packing back to Jersey. Ben Carter is a yogurt!” Will Gradwell rain on Carter’s parade before it even gets going?


Amir Jordan w/ Kenny Williams VS Tyson T-Bone!

The Bhangra Badboy is back in action on his own, and the Lucky-Yin set him up against a rather tough opponent. Will the returning King of Travelers trample all over Jordan’s singles run?

The bell rings and Jordan circles with T-Bone. They tie up, T-Bone shoves him but Jordan comes back with a shoulder! Jordan ducks the punch to get a headlock, but T-Bone powers up. Jordan holds on, T-Bone keeps fighting but Jordan grinds on the hold. T-Bone back suplexes, Jordan lands on his feet and gets another headlock! T-Bone powers out, Jordan goes up and around the corner, but T-Bone is there to snapmare and RAM Jordan! Things speed up, Jordan hurdles but T-Bone blocks the hip toss. Jordan body shots and flips up an dover, then dodges the clothesline, only to get hit with a forearm!

T-Bone drags Jordan up, scoops him, and gives him a BACKBREAKER, to a FALL AWAY SLAM! Jordan flounders but T-Bone is on him with elbows and forearms and even knees! Jordan gets to a corner, kicks back but T-Bone throws heavy hands! Williams coaches Jordan up but T-Bone kicks Jordan down! T-Bone throws more forearms, Jordan gives some but T-Bone jabs and forearms back! Jordan shoves but T-Bone kicks him down. T-Bone shoves Jordan to ropes to CLUB him on the rebound! And again the other way! T-Bone covers and glares at Williams, TWO! Williams rallies for Jordan as T-Bone whips him, but Jordan elbows back!

Jordan throws forearms, CHOPS, but T-Bone shoves. Jordan goes up, the monkey flip is blocked to a SLAM! T-Bone has the legs, and he swings Jordan under the ropes, for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! The ref reprimands then checks on Jordan, T-Bone covers, TWO! T-Bone clamps onto Jordan and drives knees into Jordan over an dover! T-Bone clamps on with a chinlock, fish hooks Jordan’s face, then CLUBS him in the chest! T-Bone wraps on the chinlock again nice and tight, and he thrashes Jordan around. Jordan fights his way up, and jawbreakers free! Jordan kicks at T-Bone’s leg, throws body shots and forearms, but T-Bone shoves.

Jordan comes back with more forearms and a dropkick! T-Bone rebounds, Jordan dodges the boot and sunset flips! T-Bone stays up, but Jordan avoids the elbow drop! Jordan throws hands, facelocks and grabs at arms, but T-Bone back drops free! T-Bone stalks Jordan to a corner, and is Williams smirking? Jordan dodges T-Bone’s corner splash, then runs in, only into T-Bone’s arms! T-Bone brings Jordan up, but Jordan sunset flips again. T-Bone stays up again, then sits on Jordan! TWO and Jordan slips out the back?! Roll up, Jordan wins!!

Winner: Amir Jordan, by pinfall

What a shocker! Certainly for Williams, he seems almost confused as to how that happened. But Williams did say Jordan would have luck on his side. Will that luck run out? Or will it take Jordan all the way back to a Cruiserweight Championship opportunity?


NXT UK Media catches up with Xia Brookside.

“Nina Samuels. I beat you fair and square. And then you jump me after the match. You then cost me the match with Isla Dawn. What is it? This is not the Nina Samuels Show. And now, you want to drag my family’s name through the dirt? Soon enough, Nina, you will see exactly what a Brookside is truly capable of.” Will Nina consider bowing out of the leading role in a sequel with this fired up second generation superstar?



While Primate & Wild Boar are part of next week’s massive Fatal 4 Way ELIMINATION Tag Match to name new #1 contenders to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, their mastermind will be BANNED from ringside! That’s right, Eddie Dennis will not be allowed to interfere in the battle between The Hunt, Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, Pretty Deadly, and South Wales Subculture! Will The Hunt end up the hunted without the Welsh Dragon there to guide them?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray VS Jinny w/ Joseph Conners!

The reign that is 509 days and counting could be stopped right here! The Scary Queen of Scots has overcome everyone put in front of her, even the likes of Toni Storm and Piper Niven! But she and the Spoiled Princess haven’t had a real opportunity to go 1v1 until today! Will KLR make it to day 510? Or will Jinny having a knight in not so shining armor be a major factor?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this battle to determine the brand’s one true queen begins!

KLR and Jinny tie up, go around, and KLR powers Jinny back. Jinny pulls hair to back KLR down but KLR pulls at hair, too! They go around, into a corner, and the ref calls for a break. The ref steps in between them to break this up, and BT Sports Studio likes the aggression. KLR and Jinny circle, tie up and KLR wrenches to a wristlock. KLR grinds on the shoulder then chinbars Jinny down. Jinny pulls at her and grabs at KLR’s chin, but KLR pushes her down to scrape her boot off Jinny’s head! Jinny gets up to shove KLR, KLR SLAPS Jinny back! KLR wrenches, Jinny wrenches back and wrangles KLR with an armlock.

Piper Niven is spotted on the screens watching this match as Jinny talks trash and pushes KLR around. KLR CHOPS Jinny back! KLR bumps Jinny off buckles, throws more CHOPS and fast hands, but the ref counts and she stops at 4. Jinny puts KLR in the corner to stomp a mudhole into her! The ref counts, Jinny stops at 4, and now Dani Luna is spotted among those watching on the screens. KLR CHOPS Jinny then kicks her back. KLR whips and dropkicks Jinny down! Cover, TWO! KLR argues the count, and now Amale is spotted among the screens. KLR keeps on Jinny but Jinny shoves back, only for KLR to spin her to a GOURD BUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Conners is relieved but KLR is annoyed. KLR drags Jinny to a drop zone and climbs up top, and Conners waves hi. Jinny gets up, KLR has to jump over her and her leg jams! KLR runs back but into Jinny’s OVERHEAD ARM-DRAG into buckles! Cover, TWO!! KLR flops out of the ring and Conners is there to taunt her, but the ref tells him to stay back. Jinny fetches KLR and bumps her off the apron! And off the steel steps! Jinny fires off forearms but the ring count is climbing! Jinny refreshes things at 7, then brings KLR up. KLR throws body shots, Jinny clubs her down, and the count begins again. Jinny brings KLR up but KLR RAMS her into the barriers!

KLR brings Jinny up but Jinny bumps her off the apron! Jinny refreshes the count at 8 but KLR gets in. Jinny hurries after KLR and rains down rights. Cover, TWO! Something’s going on with the screens, and is that Aoife Valkyrie? The screens go back to normal and Jinny puts KLR in a corner. Jinny wrenches and whips KLR corner to corner hard! KLR bounces off buckles and Jinny covers, TWO! Jinny grows frustrated and she tells KLR, “You are NOT championship material!” KLR SLAPS Jinny away! Jinny comes back to ROCK KLR with a right, whips her, but KLR reverses. Jinny rolls to trip KLR up into the grounded surfboard!

KLR endures as Jinny rocks back and forth! KLR tells the ref to shut up and stop asking her, and she gets an arm free! KLR crawls and reaches but Jinny stomps her over and over! KLR still gets the ropebreaks! The ref counts, Jinny lets go to stomp KLR over and over! Jinny rains down rights again, then drags KLR back up. Jinny pulls hair and snapmares KLR to a cover, TWO! Jinny clamps on with a chinlock and now both Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels are watching. KLR endures, fights up, but Jinny pulls hair again. Jinny brings KLR up to throw a heavy forearm!

Jinny ripcords but KLR dodges, only for Jinny to ROLLING HEEL KICK! And another ROLLING HEEL KICK! But KLR SUPERKICKS back! Both women are down and BT Sports Studio fires up! Conners is worried as the standing count climbs past 5. Jinny and KLR are up at 8, and KLR ROCKS Jinny! Jinny comes back to forearm KLR and now they go back and forth! KLR gets the edge, Jinny knees low and hard! Jinny whips, KLR reverses to SUPERKICK again! DDT! Cover, TWO! Jinny survives, but KLR puts on a KOJI KLUTCH! Jinny flails, KLR thrashes, but Jinny endures! Conners grows worried again, but Jinny fights up and rolls KLR to a cover, TWO!!

KLR lets Jinny go and kicks, but Jinny blocks! Jinny throws KLR into the KNEE! Jinny drags KLR up and reels her in, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! KLR survives but Conners argues the count. Jinny drags KLR up to club her over and over on the back! Jinny drags KLR up, KLR CHOPS her! KLR gets the leg, uses that to reel Jinny into the Gory Especial, but Conners gets on the apron! KLR lets Jinny go to back Conners off, but she turns around into Jinny’s KNEE! Jinny drags KLR up, puts her in the ropes, THE MAKEOVER!! Cover, Conners even holds KLR’s legs down, but the ref sees that!! The ref EJECTS Conners!!

Conners is furious but he grabs the belt, saying it’s Jinny’s! KLR rolls Jinny up, TWO!! SUPERKICK!! Conners is taking the title but KLR goes out to snatch it from him! KLR DECKS Conners, gets in, but Jinny has the belt! KLR ducks the belt shot, and the ref sees it, too! The ref grabs at the belt but Jinny won’t let it go! KLR gets Jinny for the Gory Especial! GORY BOMB!! Cover, KLR wins!!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall (still NXT UK Women’s Champion)

Jinny’s insurance policy failed her, and the historic reign continues! What will it take for someone, anyone, to dethrone KLR?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT UK from top to bottom! Mastiff and Rampage was a great match, especially for an opener, and naturally Rampage wins as he’s the new big star moving up the ranks. Who knows, we might get a rematch or a series of rematches because if this was the first one, I’d love to see what they could do to build upon it. At the very least, this helps get Rampage on track towards the NXT UK Championship and Walter, and he could be in a position to challenge in the Spring to match with WrestleMania season. As a fall back, have these two guys be a tag team and just steamroll some people.

A-Kid had a decent “self-reflection” promo, but I still expect him to focus on the Heritage Cup Championship, and to build up that reign with a lot of great defenses, maybe even giving rematches to some of his opponents from the tournament. I again enjoyed Sam Gradwell’s promo running down one of the bright stars of NXT UK, he has great obscure references because I forgot what a “Catherine wheel” was until I googled it. This surely means Ben Carter’s match week is against Gradwell, and that will be Carter’s first win in NXT UK. Xia Brookside had a good video promo warning Nina Samuels, I look forward to a more intense Brookside in the coming weeks.

I was completely and gladly shocked by how Dragunov changed in that match with Jack Starz. I thought there was going to be a long run of Dragunov being mellow, more technical, and struggling to win, and then at a certain point, he’d snap and get back to Unbesiegbar. Instead, they did a lot of that in just this one match and then he went above and beyond into this extra scary Dragunov. This fugue state Dragunov is a very interesting take, but I look forward to seeing the follow-up with Starz confronting Dragunov about it.

I think Williams is turning Heel on Jordan. He tried to set Jordan up to fail against T-Bone, but then Jordan wins, so maybe Williams tries to take it up a notch and set Jordan up against someone like Mastiff or Saxon Huxley. It’ll come out that Williams is doing this out of a sense of jealousy and bitterness, the team splits up, and we’ll get a great match of Jordan VS Williams.

KLR VS Jinny was a great main event, but the only thing that brought it down was NXT UK trying to make it seem like all the women on the roster were watching via ThunderDome technology. They did a good job with Piper Niven but I swear Amale was edited in, she was in far better focus than all the other screens. The one effective one was Aoife taking over the screens with supernatural powers similar to The Fiend or Taker. I like the creativity with how Conners tries to screw KLR over but ends up screwing Jinny over. There were some good false dirty finishes, and in the end KLR wins to keep history going. I have a feeling, given those ThunderDome screen edits, Aoife will be built up so that she will be the one to dethrone KLR and immediately be a star. Not sure how effective that is but it’s clearly NXT UK’s goal.

My Score: 8.4/10

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