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The dust continues to settle from the N-1 Victory fallout! We also get an announcement about an All Japan, New Japan and NOAH co-promoted show in 2021! Hisame tells us all the important details!



The dust continues to settle from the N-1 Victory fallout! We also get an announcement about an All Japan, New Japan and NOAH co-promoted show in 2021! Hisame tells us all the important details!


The N-1 Fallout

Pro Wrestling NOAH held their first full show (discounting “Disco Ball”) on the 24th October 2020 in Niigata. I am afraid that information from the show itself is a little sparse as there wasn’t much news coming out of it, but, the event will be available to view on WRESTLEUNIVERSE from the 27th October.

The majority of matches on the card were pre-matches for title challenges (save the opening match, and Naomichi Marufuji vs Haoh), in which none of the challengers directly pinned the champions; Kongoh’s Masa Kitamiya and Manabu Soya destroyed The Sugiura Army in 1 minute and 33 seconds when Manabu Soya took out NOSAWA Rongai with a lariat, Seiki Yoshioka (FULL THROTTLE) pinned Junta Miyawaki (Momo No Seishun) with the Crash Driver, and Go Shiozaki pinned Yoshiki Inamura (Kongoh) with the Gowan Lariat. After the main event, Shiozaki loudly told Nakajima, “I am the GHC Champion! I am NOAH!”. Nakajima left smirking, which Shiozaki has vowed to wipe from his face in the title match in November.

No one as of yet has challenged Kenoh for the GHC National.

All Japan: Giant Baba vs Stan Hansen anniversary, February 4th 2021, Korakuen Hall

Tokyo Sports are reporting that All Japan will be holding a special event to commemorate the 38th anniversary of Stan Hansen vs Giant Baba. NOAH are expected to participate on the card.

Interview with Yasutaka Yano, NOAH’s new debut

NOAH’s newest debut, Yasutaka Yano, gave a short interview to the official NOAH site ahead of his debut on the 28th at Korakuen Hall. He is NOAH’s first debut in two years (the last being Yoshiki Inamura and Kinya Okada in 2018), and at 20 years of age one of the youngest.

Yano entered the NOAH dojo in March 2019, and although he found the life tough, he never wanted to quit. He says he knows his body is small, and so he wants to do something that the heavyweights cannot. Due to the Coronavirus he wasn’t able to announce his debut in the ring due to time constrictions, he made his announcement via the official NOAH YouTube.


  •  Earlier in the year, NOAH’s “Green Bus” was replaced after nineteen years of service, now it is the turn of “The Blue Bus”. Fans bid farewell to it at NOAH’s event in Niigata by having their pictures taken outside of it.
  •  Masao Inoue says he is going to win all his remaining matches this year. Akitoshi Saito says he will be punished if he does not.
  •  YO-HEY has taken to training at night in the park (this is in Osaka. No one will notice), and in typical style has now created names for his FULL THROTTLE team members, Yoshioka is now “Yoshioka-chan” and “Master” for Hajime Ohara.
  •  Masa Kitamiya photographed a very cold and sleepy looking Yoshiki Inamura one cold and foggy Niigata morning outside the old bus.
  •  Hitoshi Kumano is really missing being in the ring. He especially wants to fight Seiki Yoshioka.


PREMIUM PRELUDE: 24th October 2020

Post match promos (24th October 2020)

Post match promos from Mohammed Yone’s “Disco Ball” (18th October 2020)



Tuesday 27th: Masa Kitamiya (32)

Tuesday 27th: Takashi Sugiura will be appearing in Quintet Fight Night 5 in a special Iron Man Match against fellow Sugiura Army member (and tag champion partner), Kazushi Sakuraba. The match will be held under Greco-Roman rules. I am afraid that I don’t know any of the broadcast details for this.

Wednesday 28th: NOAH at Korakuen Hall (Yasutaka Yano will make his debut), even starts at 18:30 JST

Thursday 29th: Naomichi Marufuji will attend a CyberFight board event, which will run from 8am until 10pm. Fans can attend via ticker purchase.


NOAH’s event on Wednesday 28th October will be shown live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE. You must be a subscriber to view this event. It will also be broadcast on Samurai TV on 8th November.


The Sugiura Army, “Disgusted by the bunch of playful old men”, interview with the GHC Tag Challengers, Masa Kitamiya & Manabu Soya

Picture credits: NOAH Official YouTube, Quintest, Masa Kitamiya


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