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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 11.17.2020

The Rascalz say goodbye to Impact the only way they know how. A little fun, a little smoke, and ending the show big! Enjoy one last session in the treehouse!



Tonight we get the first match of the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament. We most likely get to Tenille and Alisha get destroyed. Maybe we get a little further in figuring out who shot Bravo?

Also let’s not forget, tonight is the Good bye to the Rascalz. The Treehouse will be empty, and we get left with what could really be a fun tag match.


  • NO DQ TNA Championship Match: Moose (c) vs Willie Mack: Moose wins via Knockout – *** ¼
  • Suicide vs Gio: NO CONTEST
  • Brian Myers vs Crazzy Steve: Myers wins via Charging Lariat – ** ½
  • Alisha Edwards & Tenille Dashwood vs Havok & Nevaeh: Havok wins via Tandem Wheelbarrow/Cutter – ***
  • Fallah Bahh vs Hernandez: Hernandez wins via Splash – **
  • Rich Swann & Trey Miguel vs Dez & Wentz: Rich wins via Thrust Kick – ****


NO DQ TNA Championship Match: Moose (c) vs Willie Mack

Mack starts off fast, tackle, bell clap, pump kick and just taking it to Moose directly. Willie slams Moose into the post, the apron and looks to throw him into the guardrail, but Moose counters and Willie flies over the rail with a thud.

Going back in, Willie manages to use an Irish Whip to his advantage, connecting with a Discus Elbow, then he holds the rope tricking Moose into whiffing the Dropkick. But Moose kips up and yells, then ducks Willie’s line and hits a beautiful Okada-esque Dropkick to get back in the driver’s seat. Willie is on the receiving end of being manhandled and degraded, as Moose stalks him telling him to tell the camera that “He’s a Wrestling God”.

Willie finally manages to avoid a few corner rushes, as they both go to the middle and exchange strikes with Moose favoring the left shoulder that hit the corner. Moose hits a Pump Kick, goes for a Spear, Willie catches it into a Samoan Drop, standing Moonsault for a near fall! Next attempt is an Exploder Suplex from Willie, but it’s blocked, Exploder from Moose is blocked, Stunner is blocked by Moose, and Moose goes for a Discus Lariat, but Willie catches him with a Swinging Slam. 6 Star Frog- nope, miss.

Moose gets hit with the Stunner, falls into the ropes, and hits the Lights Out Spear. Then goes to full mount and rains down elbows. Moose wins via Knockout.

This new extra violent Moose is a good wrinkle into his character.

Suicide vs Gio

Oh – it’s been a hot minute since Impact has done a local talent job match. The match barely starts and Eric Young and Joe Doering show up, and Eric sends Doering to murder people. Killer Joe bringing the size, agility and power. There’s a reason Joe was a popular and successful gaijin in All Japan Professional Wrestling.

If you don’t know him, find some of his AJPW stuff. He’s not a Bradshaw clone, if anything he’s a modern day Stan Hansen. Joe is stud.

Joe Doering and Eric Young go to the back to lay out Rhino and then shut the door on Heath who isn’t 100%.

Brian Myers vs Crazzy Steve

Myers talks a lot of trash during this match and generally has the advantage. Crazzy Steve does hit a nice Satellite Takedown and some decent junior style attacks before Myers powders and then leans on the smaller guy.

We come out of the commercial seeing basically the same thing. A few suplexes, a sleeper hold, just generally trying to use his size advantage to wear out Steve. Steve finally hits a Jawbreaker and has a small burst of hope. A few corner attacks, Cannonball for a 2, a Russian Leg Sweep into a Koji Clutch forces Myers to barely get to the ropes.

Gamengiri by Myers gives him a second, but Steve keeps the offense after a Busaiku Knee. Myers pokes the eye to make Steve…blinder…and then hits the Charging Lariat for the win.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs Tara & Brooke Tessmacher (c), IMPACT!, November 3,2011

Swinger shows the gun from his fanny pack, Dreamer says it proves he’s guilty, so next week it the return of Wrestler’s Court!

Alisha Edwards & Tenille Dashwood vs Havok & Nevaeh

Alisha actually tries to play mind games starting off by asking Nevaeh why she’s so serious. Nevaeh claps back with “it’s for the titles, you SHOULD be serious” and Alisha says “I got the memo” and stomps her foot and takes an early edge. Wait, and Tenille tags in early for a tandem move and Tenille to continue the assault, including a photo-op and a Dash Woogie.

Drop Toe Hold into the corner, a little bit of adorable flair from Tenille, and the Taste of Tenille low Crossbody. Nevaeh hasn’t gotten much offense in at all. But Tenille’s posing gives Nevaeh the chance to tag to Havok…and Tenille nopes that.

Alisha goes at Havok like a Chihuahua against a Mastiff, and actually rocks her hitting a great Wheelbarrow Flatliner. When did Alisha learn how to wrestle…OH wait there we go, caught on a Crossbody, Side Slam and now Alisha gonna die. Alisha almost gets out but Tenille shoves her back into the wolves, almost makes a something, but Tenille gets wiped out and Alisha goes for the Wheelbarrow Flatliner again, but gets caught, Nevaeh hits a Cutter and Alisha is done. Tenille/Alisha are eliminated.

Fallah Bahh vs Hernandez

Hernandez still wants his money and I think Fallah doesn’t realize he really doesn’t have it anymore. Should be interesting to see how they all react when they find out Tasha and Kiera have it.

Fallah hits a few early moves, but the Slingshot Shoulder Tackle and Air Super Mex give Hernandez the momentum. Fallah tries to fight back, but Hernandez backs him down in the corner with chops and shoulders. Fallah reels for a while, before he shoves Hernandez into the corner, hits a big boy hip attack and Samoan Drop for a near fall.

Hernandez with the bell clap, slingshots Fallah from the ropes and hits the Splash from the top rope for the win!

Scott with a great Midnight Rider reference and just overselling the “GO BACK TO SUICIDE OR MANIK MORON” without saying it. I am definitely enjoying Scott’s involvement in segments.

Rich Swann & Trey Miguel vs Dez & Wentz

The Rascalz make their entrance together, which is cute. They all dance with Rich, which I don’t mind since it fits their characters. They’re all friends and they enjoy a good time, it doesn’t come off TOO Indy…but it is close.

Wentz and Trey start, and there’s a lot of smiles and counter holds. This is pretty solid given the mood we’re expected to be in leading to this match, but they do that damn simultaneous Dropkick spot that I hate. Dez looks somber as Rich is trying to bring more out in him since Dez is starting slow.

But it doesn’t take too long for some Japanese Arm Drags and counter flips and just amusing Cruiserweight playing. You can tell the match really hasn’t started and it’s more of just the fun time, but once Trey tags in, we finally see the intensity perk up and a tandem trip into a Bronco Buster spot when Wentz tags himself in.

Trey manages to cause a little misdirection and malfunction as he hits his Colorful Combination and brings in Rich Swann. Swanny comes out with Rolling Sole Butts, a few nice Thrust Kicks, a Frankensteiner sending Dez into Wentz and then the Rolling Thunder Splash. After the near fall, we get some tandem work from Rich and Trey, a Running Shooting Star, for another 2.

All four in the middle of the ring, and you hear Trey say “Screw it, punch em”, and they play around the World Punching, a few fun foot catch spots and then a Four Way Superkick for them all to fall down. Dez and Wentz hit Hot Fire Flame on Swann, but Trey Superkicks Dez and Dez falls into Wentz to break up the pinfall tree falling the woods style.

Wentz counters the Cheeky Nandos/Top Rope Tiger Feint, tries a Powerbomb, Trey blocks so Dez runs up Wentz and German Suplexes Trey, Swann hits the Frog Splash, but Wentz breaks up the pin with a sliding kick. Wentz and Dez fire, Wentz starts talking a little trash to Rich “I thought you were the champ”. Hot Fire Flame misses, Dez eats the Meteora from the top, Rich hits the delayed Thrust Kick, for the pinfall win over Dez.

They’re all emotional after the match, and it’s a really great moment. They busted their asses while in Impact and this match was fun, it was a bit of a spotfest, but that’s how they have fun. They wanted to go out having fun and this was a Rascalz match. Definitely hit the note it was supposed to.

Overall Score: 8/10

Ahh the Phenomenal Uncle is coming with Wendy riding shotgun?! Have the Good Brothers ever lead us astray? I mean they are GOOD brothers, so I believe them fully. I’m completely here for Mark Jindrak or something like that showing up…better not be James Ellsworth though.

The way The Rascalz closed the show really shifted the tone and made the show feel special, made it feel like this was an episode you need to see. Be it AEW or NXT, wherever they go next, we know where they ended in Impact. They hang up their jackets on the ring ropes, Rascalz salute and head up the ramp still emotional. Rich did a good job dipping out to help things focus on them and not take away from the moment. The show ends with a backstage segment with Callihan and Shamrock beating up all four men, and it’s great honestly. It doesn’t take away from their moment, but it also is perfectly in character for Shamrock and Sami.

There’s other stuff that went on, and generally speaking it was a really entertaining show, but it just ended great. Like I said earlier, the ending made it feel like a special episode, and the heat that Shamrock and Sami get afterwards is old school wrestling to rile people up.

Just a damn great show tonight.

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