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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (11/10/20)

It’s Dark after Full Gear!



AEW Dark 2

AEW still has so much to give, even after Full Gear!

Even with a Dark before Full Gear, there is another round from after! Will it be even more explosive with TNT, Terrence and Terrell, the sons of D-Von Dudley?


  • Team TNT VS Chaos Project; Chaos Project wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Justin Blax & Louie Valle; The Acclaimed win.
  • Top Flight VS Frankie Thomas & Baron Black; Top Flight wins.
  • The Hybrid2 VS Shawn Dean & Adam Priest; The Hybrid2 win.
  • The Lucha Brothers VS David Ali & Ashton Starr; The Lucha Brothers win.
  • Leva Bates VS Dani Jordyn; Bates wins.
  • Alan Angels w/ The Dark Order VS Fuego del Sol; Angels wins.
  • Ivelisse & Diamante VS Jennacide & Dreamgirl Ellie; Ivelisse & Diamante win.
  • Jurassic Express VS Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela; Jurassic Express wins.


It’s already AEW Starks!

Absolute Ricky Starks is on commentary with Taz and Excalibur! Will this make this Full Gear Dark absolutely entertaining?


Team TNT VS Chaos Project!

Oh my brother, testify! The sons of D-Von, Terrell and Terrence Hughes, have come to AEW! But will their debut be explosive as they take on Luther and Serpentico?

The teams sort out and Chaos Project jumps TNT! They club and knee them down then throw out Terrell. Terrence fights back with big haymakers, then catches Serpentico for an OVERHEAD suplex! Terrence hits a corner splash on Luther then whips him corner to corner. Luther reverses, Terrence goes up and over and hits back! Terrence runs, ducks the kick but not the BOOT! Luther drags Terrence up, bumps him off buckles and throws big forearms. Luther whips corner to corner then hits a clothesline! And then forearms! Luther walks around Terrence to then belly2belly Terrence down! Tag to Serpentico and Luther scoop slams him onto Terrence! And again! Serpentico is again a SNAKEMAN weapon, third scoop slam senton! Cover, TWO!

Serpentico drags Terrence up, tags in Luther, and they mug Terrence. Luther fish hooks Terrence’s face against ropes but the ref pulls him off. Serpentico CLUBS Terrence down while the ref is distracted! Luther drags Terrence up and snap suplexes him down! Tag to Serpentico, he fires up and Luther runs for a human weapon, BULLDOG SPLASH! Serpentico drops ax handles, tags Luther, and Luther drops knees. Luther drags Terrence up, Terrence hits back, but Luther clubs him down! Luther scoop slams Terrence, tags Serpentico but Serpentico doesn’t want to be a human weapon this time. He has no choice. Luther makes him go up top for a ROCKET LAUNCHER SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Serpentico and Luther are frustrated but Serpentico kicks Terrence around. Fans rally up as Serpentico clubs Terrence but Terrence chops back! Serpentico clubs, Terrence fires up and hits back! Serpentico throws forearms and headbutts, then whips corner to corner! Serpentico run in but Terrence BOOTS him! Serpentico fixes his head but runs into a BIG shoulder tackle! Both men are down, the ref starts a standing count. Both men crawl, hot tag to Terrell! Terrell dodges and clobbers Serpentico with forearms and a dropkick! Terrell hits Luther but Serpentico hits Terrell. Terrell reverses the whip to back drop high and hard! Fans fire up with Terrell as he runs in but Serpentico dodges. Things speed up, but Serpentico runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Terrell keeps his cool and tags Terrence back in. TNT grab Serpentico for a double back suplex but Serpentico lands on his feet! Serpentico throws forearms and CHOPS, Luther tags in before TNT double FLAPJACK Serpentico! TNT fire up and call for the 3D! But Luther gets in as Serpentico blocks the whip. Serpentico dumps Terrell out and Luther CLOBBERS Terrell! Luther KNEES Terrell, hauls him up and Serpentico heads up top, CREEPING DEATH!! Cover, Chaos Project wins!

Winners: Chaos Project, by pinfall

Luther pets Terrence as if to comfort him in his painful defeat. But Chaos Project defuses TNT, are they headed for the AEW World Tag Team Championships?


The Acclaimed VS Justin Blax & Louie Valle!

Anthony Bowens and Max Caster have a tag team now, so clearly this is going to become a regular thing. Caster has the mic so “The Acclaimed just signed, put pen to paper. But this dude here needs an escalator, just to get in my face. I stomp the haters. I spank you like you on some bad behavior. This dude’s too crude to even diss. As a matter of fact, yo, you looking too ugly to even kiss.” This is Max and Anthony, they are the Acclaimed, everything they plan to be! But will the fire Mr. Platinum spitting get him and the 5 Tool Player burned?

The teams sort out, Valle rushes Bowens but gets an elbow, a JAB and a CHOP! Bowens brings Valle around to whip but Valle reverses. Bowens gets around, whips again and dropkicks him down! Caster is fired up seeing that and Bowens hurries away to tag in Blax. Caster tags in and he circles with Blax. They tie up, Blax blocks the boot to uppercut! Blax runs, Caster dodges to arm-drag and he stomps Blax down! Caster puts Blax in the corner, tag to Bowens but Blax fights back! Caster knees low, puts Blax on the apron, but Bowens Electric Chair SLAMS Blax into the apron! Bowens puts Blax in and rains down angry right hands! The ref counts, Bowens lets off and “apologizes” before he scoops and slams Blax down.

Tag to Caster, he goes up, and he hits a BIG elbow drop! Caster bows and thanks the audience but the fans boo. Blax hits back but Caster rocks him with a forearm! Tag to Bowens, Caster whips Blax into a 5 Tool GAMANGIRI! Back suplex, slingshot elbow drop! Bowens talks smack to Blax and dares him to go tag Valle. Blax crawls, Bowens stays near but Blax ROCKS him with a forearm! Bowens gets mad, he facelocks Blax but Blax powers towards Valle! Bowens KNEES Blax then chokes him on ropes. Tag to Caster, Caster holds Blax up for Bowens to leap frog attack! Caster covers, but Valle breaks it up! Valle is fired up but Caster CLOBBERS him! Caster kicks at Blax but gets rolled up, TWO! Blax knees but is blocked. Caster spins him but Blax KNEES back! Hot tags to Valle and Bowens!

Valle dodges and boots Caster down! Valle kicks and whips Bowens but Bowens reverses, only for Valle to kick back! Valle hits a facebuster to neckbreaker! Fans fire up with Valle and he runs at Caster, only for Caster to elbow him away. Caster headstands on the top rope to then mule kick Valle away! Bowens torture racks Valle, Caster runs in, dropkick RACK DROP! Then wheelbarrow and the CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED CUTTER! Cover, The Acclaimed win!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall

Another win on Dark, the first with this new name and AEW contracts! Will that name become the next big thing in tag team wrestling?


Top Flight VS Frankie Thomas & Baron Black!

The Coldest Team in the Game, Angel Dorado and Air Wolf, Darius and Dante Martin are back! Will they finally be flying high in AEW against FT Superkick and the EmpBRUH?

The teams sort out, Darrius and Baron step up. Darrius wants a handshake but Baron pie faces him instead. So Darrius gets around, waistlocks but Baron switches to wrench. Darrius switches, full nelsons and snapmares to a headlock but Baron slips out. Baron has the wristlock, Darrius spins and headlocks then hits the takeover. Baron headscissors but Darrius pops out. Roles reverse as Baron hits a headlock takeover but Darrius headscissors. Baron pops out, blocks Darrius’ arm-drag, but Darrius goes around the way to arm-drag after all! And again! Darrius has an armlock, Baron fights his way up but Dante tags in. The brothers weave around Baron and wring Baron out to a basement dropkick! Dante wrenches Baron to a wristlock but Baron knees low and hard!

Tag to Thomas but Dante arm-drags him around! Thomas comes back with a big forearm, then runs, but Dante goes up and wheelbarrows to arm-drag! A-List Lariat in the corner, tag to Darrius! Snap suplex and a kip up to tag his brother, slingshot senton from Dante! Thomas flounders, Dante headlocks, but Thomas pulls hair. Thomas rolls Dante off but Dante waistlocks. Thomas elbows out, wrenches and rams shoulders! Thomas bumps Dante off buckles, tags Baron in and Baron throws hands and CHOPS! Baron swaggers, scoops Dante for an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Baron argues the count but he goes after Dante with the cobra twist. Dante resists but Baron clamps a claw into the ribs.

Dante fights out, Baron throws hands and uppercuts! Baron whips Dante corner to corner but Dante dodges, only for Thomas to CLOBBER him! Baron talks smack but Darrius clobbers him back! Baron and Dante crawl, tag to Thomas and Thomas drags Dante from Darrius. Thomas swings but Darrius counter punches! Hot tag and Darrius shoulders then slingshots to rally with clotheslines and CHOPS! Thomas dodges but runs into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, Baron breaks it! But Dante springboards to hit a flying uppercut on Baron! Top Flight coordinate on Thomas, fight off the cutter counter to hoist him up top and tuck him in. Dante runs in to DROPKICK, then feed to Darrius’ BOMB! Cover, Top Flight wins!

Winners: Top Flight, by pinfall

A great first win for the Martin brothers in AEW! Will it be just the first of many?


Peter Avalon welcomes us(?) to a private dinner.

This is what he wanted to show his “delicious peach” last time. He has… Microwave dinners and cookies, as well as hard seltzer. But wait, this is an elevator. And someone else wants to get in. Avalon shouts at them to get out! SLAP. Avalon’s date storms out but “Pretty Peter Avalon” says it is still PPA All Day! But it seems like his dates haven’t lasted long at all. Will the third time be the charm?


Frankie Kazarian tags in for commentary!

The Heavy Metal Rebel doesn’t mind keeping an eye on this next match, given who are in it.


The Hybrid2 VS Shawn Dean & Adam Priest!

Jack Evans and Angelico have gotten on SoCal Uncensored’s bad side but haven’t stuck around long enough to settle the fight. Will they at least back up all the trash Evans talks against The Captain and… Adam?

The teams sort and Angelico starts against Dean. They circle, tie up and Angelico gets the wristlock. Dean rolls, wrenches back and wristlocks, too. Angelico pushes his arm up and around to step through and arm-drag Dean to the corner! Angelico lounges and dares Dean to come back. Dean avoids the kick then gets around to a waistlock. Angelico elbows free, runs, but Dean hip tosses him down! Dean dropkicks but misses and Angelico KICKS a leg out! Angelico KICKS Dean down again, but Dean ducks the next to dropkick back! Angelico tags Evans and Evans STOMPS Dean down to then dropkick Priest! SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE! Angelico hits a back suplex and Evans hits a standing corkscrew! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer Dean but Evans talks trash to Kaz on commentary. Evans brings Dean up, throws knees and throws him down by his hair! Fans boo, tag to Angelico. Evans BOOTS Priest, TH2 double whip Dean. Drop toehold and Chancery, to the PENALTY KICK! Then the assisted standing 450! Cover, TWO! TH2 is annoyed but Angelico keeps on Dean with a snapmare. Angelico stomps Dean then tags in Evans. Evans pushes Dean around, brings him up but Dean throws body shots and uppercuts back! Dean runs but Evans boots him, but Dean ducks the spinning roundhouse, only to run into the gamangiri! Cover, TWO! Evans talks trash then stomps Dean. Evans taunts Priest with a tag but brings Dean away to bump of Angelico’s boot.

Angelico tags in, TH2 puts Dean in a corner and whps him corner to corner. Angelico whips Evans in, Evans handsprings but Dean dodges the elbow! Dean baits Angelico to send him into Evans! GERMAN SUPLEX! Dean gets Evans, spin around to DDT! All three men are down but fans rally for Dean! Hot tag to Priest! Priest rallies on Evans, CHOPS ANgelico then clobbers Evans! Priest hits Angelico more, whips, but Angelico reverses. Priest holds ropes, side steps Angelico, GERMAN! Priest wrenches and hooks Angelico up for a special Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! Priest stomps Angelico, wrenches him and tags in Dean. Dean and Priest double whip Angelico but Angelico reverses to send Priest away.

Angelico kicks and whips Dean but Dean reverses and Priest boots him! Dean gets Angelico for a butterfly GUTBUSTER! Cover, but Evans breaks it! Priest stomps Evans and throws him out, but Evans lands on the apron. Evans baits Priest in, jumps over and mule kicks him down, for a 450 splash from the apron! Dean drags Angelico up but Angelico shoves him down! Angelico hooks up the leg in the inverted Figure Four, to the NAVARRO DEATH ROLL! Trailer hitch is on, Dean taps, TH2 wins!

Winners: The Hybrid2, by submission

Kaz admits he was impressed, but that doesn’t mean they’re better than The Addiction. Evans talks trash, “I see you!” Kaz says that’s obvious, he’s sitting at ringside. Will SCU shut TH2 up as they take them down?


The Lucha Brothers VS David Ali & Ashton Starr!

Before they go 1v1 once again, Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix want to prove to everyone that they can still be the incredible tag team they are. Will they be able to stay united before going head to head?

The teams sort out and the Heavyweight Killer starts against Penta. Fans rally up already as the two circle and approach. Ali talks smack but Penta shoves him. Penta makes him listen to “CERO! MIEDO!” Ali gives the smack talk back, basically telling Penta to kiss his ass. Penta instead back kicks hard then headlcoks tight. Ali powers out, things speed up and Penta leaps over. Ali kips up to knee low and then whip and knee again! Ali whips but Penta ducks the kick, only to run into a back elbow! Ali drags Penta up, Penta breaks free to shove him into Fenix’s cheap shot! Tag to Fenix, the brothers mug Ali with CHOPS! Fenix hits Starr because he can, then Lucha Bros double whip Ali.

Ali reverses but Fenix waistlocks. Ali standing switches, shoves Fenix at Penta but Penta leaps over. Penta drop toeholds Ali into Fenix’s GAMANGIRI! Penta SLAPS Ali, Fenix dropkicks, and Penta goes up as Ali goes down, DOUBLE STOMPS! Fenix springboard missile dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Ali survives but Fenix brings Ali up to bump him off buckles. Starr tags in but so does Penta. Fenix feeds Starr to Penta’s gamangiri! Fenix fireman’s carries and Death Valley Drivers, for Penta’s DOUBLE STOMP TO THE ASS! Cover, TWO!! Penta keeps Starr from Ali, laces up the legs, but Starr drags himself to the corner! Tag to Ali but Fenix intercepts with a BOOT! Fenix Canadian racks Ali to a Gory Especial, and he combines with Penta in a Deathlock Especial! Starks likes that!

The Lucha Bros let off and Penta puts Ali on ropes. Penta hushes the crowd to CHOP Ali down! Ali sputters while Penta swaggers. Penta reels Ali in, tucks him in, but Ali slips out of the package!? Springboard uppercut takes Penta down! Ali and Penta flounder, hot tags to Starr and Fenix! Starr rallies on Fenix, dropkick and tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! And then, “Bye bye!” He throws Fenix out to Penta! Ali DIVES and takes Penta down! Starr runs to TORNILLO onto Fenix! Ali puts Penta in, goes up top and leaps, missile dropkick! Ali kips up and Starr goes up, but Fenix hops up to kick him down! The brothers double mule kick the legs, “Uno! Dos! Tres!” DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Then they focus on Starr, L B DRIVER!! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

Ali and Starr did pretty good but only for a moment, Penta and Fenix are still that damn good! But will they still be on good terms when it’s hermano a hermano?


Leva Bates VS Dani Jordyn!

The Librarian dumped Peter Avalon and we see how he’s taking it. But will the Real Mean Girl pick on Leva now that she’s all alone?

The bell rings and Leva seems to mistake the Burn Book for legitimate reading material. She thinks she and Dani can bond over that, and fans chant, “Book Club! Book Club!” Dani shows Leva her page, which has “Where’s Peter?” on it. Leva gets mad, takes off the glasses and shoves Dani! Dani shoves back, but Leva gets around to roll Dani to a SUPERKICK! Dani flounders as Leva stalks up to her. This nerd isn’t a pushover and she throws big forearms on Dani! Leva whips, Dani reverses but Leva blocks the hip toss to throw body shots and then roll Dani to a crossface! Dani endures, pries at the hold and rolls around to a cover, ONE! Leva traps the arm, does the crossface again, but Dani rolls her again. TWO and the two separate.

Leva hits a headlock takeover and grinds Dani down. Dani endures, fights up and pushes back. Leva wrenches, Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Dani gets away, but grabs one of Leva’s books! Dani thrashes the books around and gives them backbreakers! Leva can’t believe Dani would do that, but then Dani grabs her own book to use as a weapon! Leva blocks, has the book herself, and Dani begs she show mercy. Leva throws the book aside, Dani pokes her in the eyes! And then LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Dani drags Leva up to club her down! Dani snap suplexes Leva down! Dani puts Leva in the corner and uppercut! Snapmare roll and dropkick! Dani toys with Leva now, drags her back up but Leva throws hands! Leva throws forearms, but Dani reels her in to DECK her!

Dani brings Leva up, for a swinging FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Leva still lives and Dani can’t believe it! Dani stalks Leva to a corner, and ROCKS her with a right! Leva blocks the whip and kicks back, then elbows her away! Leva dodges Dani, table tops her, then gets around to run and wheelbarrow, to a victory roll! Leva wins!

Winner: Leva Bates, by pinfall

The Librarian is so excited that she finally has a singles win in AEW! Will she keep going until she’s a contender?


Alan Angels w/ The Dark Order VS Fuego del Sol!

We saw Number 4, John Silver, lost to Orange Cassidy, but the rest of the Dark Order has been going fairly strong. Will Number 5 be greater than 4 in the shadow of Full Gear?

The bell rings and Angels rushes Fuego but gets rolled up, TWO! Angels sweeps legs and covers, ONE! Fuego sweeps legs and covers, ONE! Angels headlocks for the takeover, Fuego headscissors but Angels pops out. Roles reverses, headlock and headscissor but Fuego pops out and is fired up! Angels spins him around, trips him up and gets the leg, but Feugo turns over, rolls and rolls and gets an arm to wrench! Fuego wrings Angels out but Angels pushes him away. Things speed up, though they’ve been plenty fast, and Angels rolls to back kick! Angels is frustrated as he whips but Fuego gets around to arm-drag Angels to a corner! Fuego runs in but is put on the apron. Fuego slingshots up and around and then back in to monkey flip Angels!

Angels staggers up, Fuego gets around and shoves but Angels holds ropes. Fuego lands on his feet out of his own dropsault, then goes to the apron. Angels avoids the penalty kick but not the gamangiri! Fuego slingshots but into a dropkick! Angels grits his teeth and fires up as he goes out to fetch Fuego. Angels RAMS Fuego into the apron, then into railing! Angels scoops and slams Fuego down, then goes back to the apron as he watches Fuego stir. APRON FROG SPLASH! Starks likes that, too! Angels gets up and puts Fuego in the ring. Cover, TWO! Angels is annoyed again and argues with the ref. Fans rally up but Angels stomps Fuego. Angels drags Fuego up and scoop slams him again. Then a standing splash! Cover, TWO!

Angels grows frustrated, kicks at Fuego but fans rally up. Fuego gets to ropes, Angels goes after him but Fuego throws hands! Fuego rocks Angels, stands him up and runs, but has to duck and dodge. Angels double pump handles to flip Fuego over for the DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Angels laughs at Fuego thinking he can hang with him. Angels KICKS Fuego’s leg so hard, Fuego flips upside down! Fuego staggers and Angels KICKS him again! Angels drags Fuego up, bumps him off buckles and throws body shots! Angels rains down angry rights and a lot of stomps! The ref counts, Angels stops at 4. Angels drags Fuego but Fuego throws hands. Angels DECKS Fuego with an uppercut! Angels aims as Fuego is down, then goes up and MOONSAULTS, but FLOPS!

Fuego gets up, runs and wheelbarrows for a FACEBUSTER! Then a QUEBRADA! Handspring and SUPERKICK! Fuego drags Angels up, TORNADO- NO! Angels disrupts that, kicks and BUZZSAWS, then LARIATS! Angels is still not satisfied so he sits Fuego up and slashes the throat. WING SNAPPER! Cover, Angels wins!

Winner: Alan Angels, by pinfall

Number 5 gets the V for victory! Will Alan Angels be a pivotal part of The Dark Order taking over?


Ivelisse & Diamante VS Jennacide & Dreamgirl Ellie!

The Women’s Tag Cup winners have been winning again and again, but they need to keep winning to prove those medals are worth it! Will La Sicaria and the Cuban Diamond keep going until they’re golden?

The teams sort out and Ivelisse starts against the wrestling cyborg. Ivelisse obviously doesn’t take her seriously so she slaps Jenna’s glasses away! Jenna shoves Ivelisse down! Ivelisse runs at Jenna but gets run over by just Jenna’s body! Jenna wrenches the wrist, tags in Ellie, but Ivelisse arm-drags Jenna away. Ellie shotgun dropkicks, covers, ONE! Ivelisse kicks Ellie down, drags him over and tags Diamante. They double back suplex Ellie down! Then Ivelisse tackles Jenna! Diamante brings Ellie up for the elevated suplex! Cover, TWO! Diamante KICKS Ellie, brings her around and buzzsaws but Ellie ducks! Ellie waistlocks but Diamante hip attacks free and BOOTS her down! Cover, TWO!

Ellie is still in this but Diamante taunts Jenna with a tag. Diamante drags Ellie up and snapmares her to a motorcycle stretch. Fans rally as Ellie endures and fights the hold. Ellie gets up and turns around to throw body shots! Diamante throws a knee, then rams Ellie into the corner! Tag to Ivelisse, they mug Ellie then Ivelisse brings Ellie up, butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse gets annoyed but she rains down furious fists! The ref reprimands, Ivelisse lets off but she stomps Ellie down. Ivelisse gets the legs and drags Ellie into a Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Ellie endures, gets free and covers, ONE! Ivelisse brings Ellie up but Ellie throws forearms and uppercuts! Ellie gets around, Ivelisse blocks Sole Food to reel her in for an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!

Ivelisse drags Ellie up and bumps her off buckles. Ivelisse kicks then runs, but into a forearm! Ellie goes up top, boots Ivelisse then leaps, FLYING FACEBUSTER! Both women are down and the fans rally up, hot tags to Jenna and Diamante! Jenna rallies on Diamante, BOOTS her down, then DECKS Ivelisse! Diamante gets up, gets around but leaps into Jenna’s arms! FALL AWAY SLAM! Jenna drags Diamante up to a fireman’s carry but Ivelisse tags in! Ivelisse goes up, Jenna rams Diamante into her! Jenna double stacks the tag cup champs but Ivelisse escape before the SAMOAN DROP! Cover but Diamante isn’t legal! Ivelisse hammers away but Jenna scoops her! Ellie tags in before Ivelisse slips off.

Ivelisse KICKS Jenna, Diamante adds a KNEE! Jenna is thrown out, Ellie LEAPS in, double crossbody! Ellie fires up and hops up again, but leaps into an UPPERCUT! Diamante DIVES to take out Jenna! Ivelisse stomps Ellie down, gets the legs and drags Ellie into the HOUSE OF PAIN!! Ellie taps, Ivelisse and Diamante win!

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante, by submission

Diamante has to pull Ivelisse off Ellie because they’ve already finished it! But will they not be done until they’re wearing gold around their wastes to go with the medals around their necks?


Jurassic Express VS Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela!

Jersey’s Finest are back together in the ring but their road trip to the top might be off to a bumpy restart. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus have been barreling down the tracks, will Jurassic Express run the Concrete Rose and Bad Boy off the road?

The teams sort out and JB starts with Kiss. They circle, fans rally, and Kiss ties up with JB. Kiss kicks, sweeps and covers, ONE! JB sweeps, covers, ONE! Things speed up, Kiss huricanranas and JB ends up in ac orner. JB dodges, Kiss rolls off his back and wheelbarrow arm-drags but JB handsprings through! JB wrenches and wristlocks to a fireman’s carry and cover, ONE! JB keeps Kiss down then handsprings to bring him up and rebound off ropes to arm-drag! Kiss handsprings and twerks on ’em! Fans fire up for both Kiss and JB as they tag to Janela and Luchasaurus. Janela fires up and runs but bounces off the manly dinosaur! Janela tries again as fans rally up, but again he bounces off. Kiss cheers Janela on as he tries again, but Kiss also tags in.

Janela still doesn’t knock Luchasaurus off but he and Kiss keep hitting him over an dover! They go together but both get clobbered! Luchasaurus puts Kiss in the corner HARD! Luchasaurus fires off hands, tags JB and JB goes up top. Luchasaurus scoop slams Kiss, JB knee-board sentons! Cover, TWO! JB drags Kiss up and suplexes but Kiss slips out! Kiss goes around and whips him to the corner! Handspring back elbow and a tag to Janela! Jersey’s Finest double whip, knee and BOOT JB, to then table top backbreaker! Janela drops a fist then brings JB up. Tag to Kiss, Kiss clubs the arm then brings JB up. Kiss scoop slams JB down then splits to drop the leg! Cover, TWO! Tag to Janela, Jersey’s Kiss double whip JB in. Kiss runs in but JB sends him out, and Kiss takes a tumble off the apron!

JB dodges Janela but Janela ROCKS Luchasaurus first! JB shakes his head, Janela chases him but JB DIVES onto Kiss! So Janela DIVES onto Luchasaurus! Marko Stunt is upset but JB ROCKS Janela! JB runs, Janela ROCKS JB! Janela runs, JB ROCKS him! JB rolls, Janela blocks the kick to back suplex but JB lands on his feet! JB runs, Janela side steps but JB rebound LARIATS! Both men are down but the fans fire up. The ref starts a standing count, JB tags in Luchasaurus! Kiss gets in but Luchasaurus rallies! Luchasaurus ROCKS Janela, BOOTS Kiss, BOOTS Janela, then QUESTION MARKS Kiss! Luchasaurus whips Janela for the CRATER VALLEY! Cover, TWO!

Luchasaurus is surprised as Janela roars, but he choke grips Kiss. Kiss flips out of th eslam and splits to duck the kick to give a kick! Janela rolling elbows! Luchasaurus swings on Jersey’s Finset but they dodge and double shoulder tackle! Luchasaurus goes down! Kiss wrecks Luchasaurus with a dropkick, skins the cat and Janela leaps out! Janela is caught, JB hops up, DROPKICK, but Janela uses that to RANA Luchasaurus! Kiss is up top, SUPER MOONSAULT onto Luchasaurus! JB hits a DESTROYER on Janela!! Everyone is down and the fans are stunned! JB slowly rises but he drags Janela up. Stunt is a good sport and he fans everyone off with his hat. Luchasaurus and Janela get in but Kiss follows by going up top again. Kiss leaps but into the choke grip! JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM!

Janela SUPERKICKS Luchasaurus but JB tags in! JB slingshots in, ducks the superkick to SUPERKICK back! TAIL WHIP! Then, back suplex to BOMB! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

Janela was late to kicking out at the count of 4, Jurassic Express has already won! But there’s much respect between these teams as they all stand and celebrate together. Will a boy and his dinosaur be the ones to challenge the AEW Tag Team Champions in the aftermath of Full Gear?

My Thoughts:

Not a bad Dark here. I like that the last two, from both before and after Full Gear, are under ten matches. That’s the sweet spot for Dark, in my opinion. It was great to see D-Von’s sons in action, I am hoping Team TNT has a huge career ahead of them. I am also starting to like Max Caster for being a Heel, he’s doing great with these raps about his opponents, it’s very Thuganomics Cena. The team getting a name is also a bit of a sign that they could do some big stuff. Top Flight had a decent match but I feel it could’ve been better if not for Frankie Thomas. Was he okay after that first arm-drag? He might’ve gotten rattled but didn’t want to stop since this was his chance to be on air. But I’m sure Top Flight will be winning even more as AEW adds even more to its already illustrious tag division.

TH2 and the Lucha Brothers do great for themselves, and I like that Kaz was out for commentary for just that one match with TH2. Leva and Dani had a fun match with the book gags, and it’s great Leva gets a win. Peter Avalon’s new gimmick is actually going pretty well, I love the twist that they were actually in a fancy elevator. Still wondering if Avalon gets a new manager through this after all, it could be a way to give a new recruit some shine. For that matter, Jennacide and Dreamgirl Ellie got some great shine from Ivelisse and Diamante. While AEW let Kris Statlander go based on COVID related travel issues, if they ever get to sign her back, I want either Kris VS Jenna or them as a team. Galaxy’s Greatest Alien and the cyborg make for a great combination for us sci-fi fans.

Commentary with Starks was great again, especially during Angels VS Fuego. Angels and Fuego have a really good, really fast match, and Dark Order as a whole is being kept strong outside of big things like matches with Orange Cassidy. The main event was really good, too, but clearly Jurassic Express is on a roll. With the Young Bucks now champions, there are any number of great match-ups they can have. Though I was kind of wondering why FTR never gave Jungle Boy and “the dumbass dinosaur” as they called him their Brush of Greatness. We have a long way before AEW Revolution 2021, so maybe Jurassic Express fights their way up the ranks in a huge tournament or something.

My Score: 8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Double or Nothing Results & Report! (5/28/23)

What’re the odds?



Will the Devil of AEW pay for his sins in Sin City?

Double or Nothing raises the stakes on MJF by putting him in a Fatal 4 Way for the AEW World Championship! Will his reign of terror survive a weekend in Las Vegas?


  • Buy-In – High Stakes Six Man Tag: Hook & The Hardy Boyz VS Ethan Page & The Gunns; win and
  • AEW International Blackjack Battle Royal: ??? wins and
  • AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match: Wardlow VS Christian Cage w/ Luchasaurus; wins and
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill VS Taya Valkyrie; wins and
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida VS Toni Storm w/ The Outcasts; wins and
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships, Special Referee Mark Briscoe: FTR VS Team Triple J w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh; wins and
  • AEW World Trios Championships Open House Rules Open Challenge: The House of Black VS ???; win(s) and
  • Anarchy in the Arena II: The Elite VS Blackpool Combat Club; win(s).
  • Unsanctioned Match, Special Enforcer Sabu: Adam Cole VS Chris Jericho; wins.
  • AEW World Championship Fatal 4 Way: MJF VS Sammy Guevara VS “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Darby Allin; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of Double or Nothing will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (5/26/23)

The Acclaimed are on a Rampage!



Get ready to scissor in Sin City!

Just days before Double or Nothing, AEW Rampage sees The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn continue in trios action! Will they be aiming for The House of Black soon enough?


  • Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS La Faccion Ingobernable; The Acclaimed & Billy win.
  • Six Man Tag: Ethan Page & The Gunns VS ???; Ethan & The Gunns win.
  • Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida VS Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir; Britt & Shida win.
  • Best Friends VS Lee Moriarty & “Big Bill” Morrissey; Moriarty & Morrissey win.


Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS La Faccion Ingobernable!

Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass won the Tres de Mayo Trios Battle Royal over three weeks ago and are still building momentum in the Trios Division. But will they be able to bring down Rush, Dralistico & Preston Vance? Or will LFI make Sin City tranquilo?

But of course, Platinum Max has a diss track! “Acclaimed in the house, we the nicest ever. This is not a game, this is not Fight Forever. Rush, you’re losing your cred. How you gonna fight us with all your pubes on your head? Wait, is this guy from Tijuana, bro? He looks like the dominatrix at the donkey show! We’ll make your crew say adios. Acclaimed here to win this match mas rapido!” Bowens gets the mic to say, “LAAAAS VEGAAAAAS~! The Acclaimed have arrived! SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS~!” And he does~! But will this be muy bien for The Acclaimed? Or muy malo?

The trios sort out and fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” Bowens starts against Dralistico and the two circle. Dralistico copies the conducting of the choir, and even offers the scissor finger. Bowens goes to accept but Dralistico kicks low! Dralistoco CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! But Bowens turns things around to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Dralistico CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, but Bowens CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Bowens whips, Dralistico goes up and over and then ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! Bowens comes back with a mule kick, front kick, and KOTARO KRUSHER! Fans fire up because “EVERYONE Loves The Acclaimed!”

But Dralistico gets away and tags in Perro Peligroso. Bowens tags in Caster, and The Dangerous Dog circles with Platinum Max. They tie up, Vance headlocks, and Caster powers up and out. Vance runs Caster over, mocks the scissors, then runs. Caster drops, hurdles, then arm-drags! Caster has Vance’s arm and thrusts with it! Then Caster clamps the armlock, but Vance fights up to ROCK him with a forearm! Vance whips, Caster ducks ‘n’ dodges, and leaps, but into Vance’s arms! Vance FALL AWAY SLAMS Caster towards his corner! Billy tags in and fans fire up! Billy is a big man, just like Vance.

Billy takes off the brand new “I ♥ 2 Scissor” shirt, and shows off the DADDY ABS! Billy raises the hands, calling for a test of strength. Vance goes to oblige, but then Billy tells him “SUCK IT!” Fans fire up but Vance CHOPS Billy! Vance tells Billy to “SUCK IT!” then runs, but into a scoop! Billy carries Vance around, to FALL AWAY SLAM! What Vance can do, Billy can do better! Billy scoops and SLAMS Vance, tags Bowens in, but then Rush rushes in to ROCK Billy! Dralistico attacks Bowens and Caster, the LFI turn things around as they throw out Billy and Bowens. Billy is sent into the steps! Bowens and Caster are sent into railing!

Fans rally for The Acclaimed but the LFI all stomp away on Caster in the ring. The LFI mock the scissors, and then just flip off Caster before raising the LFI fists. Fans boo while Rampage goes picture in picture.

The LFI mug Caster more, then Rush CHOPS him in a corner. Dralistico CHOPS Caster, and then Vance stands Caster back up to CHOP him, too! LFI double whip Caster corner to corner, Dralistico runs in to SPLASH, and then Vance runs in to clothesline! Rush powers up, runs, and jumps just to BOOT Caster! Rush rolls back to tranquilo while the rest of LFI raise the fists. Fans rally for The Acclaimed while Vance bumps Caster off buckles. Vance then runs to BOOT Bowens! Rush drags Caster out, throws body shots, and then he and Dralistico put Caster back in for Vance. Vance then sends Caster back out to them, to send into railing!

Fans boo, the ref reprimands, but then LFI brawls with The Acclaimed on the outside! Rampage returns to single picture as fans chant “REF YOU SUCK!” Billy is sent into railing, and Dralistico dumps Bowens over into the front row! Vance keeps on Caster while Dralistico HEADBUTTS Bowens while he’s sitting on a fan’s lap! The fans help Bowens get up, Vance drags Caster up and tags in Dralistico. Dralistico CHOPS, then throws forearm after forearm. Dralistico goes side to side for a SUPERKICK! Dralistico lounges up top and the fans boo. Dralistico drags Caster up to whip but Caster blocks!

Dralistico CHOPS Caster, has him in an open corner, and he whips Caster corner to corner again. Caster dodges the splash! Dralistico rushes back after Caster, Caster dodges, and they DOUBLE LARIAT! Both men are down, they crawl for their teams, hot tags to Vance and Billy! Daddy Ass rallies on LFI! He SPLASHES Vance in a corner, brings him out, kicks low and, well, “SUCK IT!” FAMOUSER!! Cover, but Jose helps with the ropebreak! Fans boo, they know the truth! Jose mocks the scissor fingers while celebrating his antics. But Caster tosses Jose in! Billy drags Jose up while Caster RAMS Dralistico into railing!

Bowens RAMS Rush into railing on the other side, then goes to the corner. Billy scoop SLAMS Jose into position! Bowens is up top, SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! Jose flounders out of the ring, and the fans fire up as The Acclaimed- NO, Rush & Dralistico drag Caster & Bowens out of the ring! Billy swings on Vance but he dodges, to DISCUS LARIAT!! Cover, Caster breaks it! Caster says Billy but Rush CLOBBERS Caster! Billy is in the corner, Rush stomps him! Fans boo, but El Toro Blanco says “When you mess with the bull,” only to turn around into Bowens’ Five Tool Strike Fest! SUPERKICK!!

Rush bails out, but Dralistico springboards in, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Dralistico drags Bowens up, but Bowens wrenches and clinches, THE ARRIVAL! Caster hurries, he tags in off Billy and climbs up! MIC DROP!! Cover, The Acclaimed win!!

Winners: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn, by pinfall

A fast ‘n’ furious battle, and Daddy Ass and his boys make it through! Bowens gets the mic to say, “How we doin’ tonight, Vegas?” Fans cheer, they’re doing great! “The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass, we feel the exact same way, because we’ve been running through this Trios Division all month long! And seeing as though we are in Vegas, I think we should do some gambling. What do you say?” Bowens says that if Vegas is gonna gamble, maybe Sunday night, remember this: The House always wins, but never bet on Black! Because EVERYONE LOVES THE ACCLAIMED! Bowens, Caster & Billy call out Malakai, Brody & Buddy, will the scissors cut down the House of Black?


Six Man Tag: Ethan Page & The Gunns VS ???

From one trios match to another, All Ego & The Ass Boys are taking on The Hardy Party at Double or Nothing, with Ethan’s contract on the line! Will Ethan, Austin & Colten be rolling into Sunday to exact revenge on Matt & Jeff?

The trios sort out, Austin starts against ??? and the two circle. Ethan & Colten distract ???, and Austin CLOBBERS him! Austin swaggers, then tags in Colten. Colten drags ??? up, puts him in the corner and stomps away on him! The ref counts, Colten lets off to tell her to shut up! Tag to Austin, Austin stomps a mudhole now, but the ref counts again. Austin lets off and shouts, then tags Colten back in. The Gunns whip, body shot, knee lift, and then LARIAT! Fans boo but the Gunns soak it up. Colten says if Ethan wants some, here he goes. Tag to Ethan and he soaks up the heat while trotting around ???

Ethan stomps ??? then brings him up, only to get a JAWBREAKER! Hot tag to 222! The Gunns jump in but Austin misses, Colten gets a BOOT, and then Austin gets a haymaker! 222 throws more heavy hands, but then Ethan BOOTS him down! Fans boo as Ethan looms over 222 and shouts, “Are you kidding me?” The Gunns take care of ??? and 333 by throwing them into the railing! Ethan puts 222 up, crosses the arms, ICONOCLASM! And then he and the Gunns get 222 up, feed to the 3:10 TO YUMA!! Cover, Ethan & The Gunns win!

Winners: Ethan Page & The Gunns, by pinfall

Ethan isn’t done, either, he wants a mic! A mic is given, and Ethan says he wants to talk to the “bozos” in Vegas. “Shut up, you basic ass civilians.” Ethan doesn’t care if anyone here was watching, he wants The Hardy Boyz to have been watching. Because if so, they just saw what a REAL three man crew, a REAL trio, can do! A REAL team! And on Sunday, guess we won’t find out what the Hardy Party can do because these three took out Kassidy! FOR GOOD! So it is clearly going to be 3v2 now. But wait, here come the Hardy Boys! Fans fire up as Matt & Jeff are on stage, and Jeff has a mic of his own!

Jeff says, “The Ass Boys are looking good out here on Rampage with a boost of ego. This Sunday, the Egos will be DELETED, compliments of us.” Matt tells Ethan that his contract and his ass will belong to Matt now! If they have to fight 3v2, they’re not afraid to. Because to them, fear is only a four letter word. Wait, Kassidy is here with a neck brace? Ethan mocks them to come on down, and Austin mocks the moaning and squealing. Kassidy says unfortunately, the doctor did not clear him to compete. However… He found a replacement. It’s HOOK!! The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil did help Hardy Party in the Firm Deletion, so he has returned to help them again!

Fans fire up as Hook follows the Hardy Boys to the ring, and that sends Ethan & The Gunns running! Will the remnants of The Firm be torn down once and for all now that Kassidy has #SentHook?


Backstage interview with Naturally Limitless.

Lexi Nair is with Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes, and we all know things have been heating up between them and the now Mogul Embassy. It has just been announced that Swerve Strickland and Brian Cage are both in the Blackjack Battle Royal, as are they. What does that mean for them? Imagine that, huh? Swerve and Cage in a battle royal. So after Keith & Dustin eliminate them, because this is all for the International Championship, then Keith & Dustin can just eliminate everyone else and then make a decision on who wins it all. Dustin is confident he and Keith can come to an agreement.

But Swerve and Cage, you know it’s heated. You know it’s coming. Be ready. Keith adds that if the Embassy is in this, then he can’t wait! Keith heads out, and Dustin hopes Swerve saw that. Will nothing stop Keith & Dustin settling things with Swerve’s House this Sunday?


Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida VS Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir!

While The Doctor & The Full Metal Warrior couldn’t put away the Outcasts, they are sticking together in this ongoing battle of AEW Homegrowns and everyone else. Will these former AEW Women’s World Champions prove they are still a formidable team? Or will the Vicious Vixens be a major problem for them?

The teams sort out, Shida starts against Nyla as no strangers to each other. They circle, and then Nyla kicks low and CLUBS Shida on the back! Nyla bumps Shida off buckles, then tags in Marina. The Vixens double whip, but Shida ducks the double ax handles to shove Marina into Nyla, and then shove them both into a corner! Shida runs corner to corner to KNEE them both down! Shida then snap suplexes Marina onto Nyla! Fans fire up with Shida and she points to Britt. Fans fire up as Shida tags in Britt! Britt fires off on Marina, but Marina shoves her back. Britt dodges, comes back, SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO!

Britt keeps on Marina with hammering elbows, then she wraps on a chinlock. Britt brings Marina up but Marina blocks the suplex. Britt powers up and still suplexes Marina up and over! Cover, TWO! Britt brings Marin up, ROCKS her, and then whips her to ropes. Marina reverses to CHOP and BOOT Britt down! Marina scowls, storms up on Britt, and tags in Nyla. The Vixens mug Britt in the corner, and Nyla CHOKES Britt on the ropes! Nyla laughs right into the corner camera before she lets go at 4. Fans boo as Nyla stands on Britt and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Nyla lets off as the ref counts, and then Nyla drags Britt up. Nyla scoops Britt to SLAM her down, then she soaks up the heat. Nyla stomps Britt, drags her up, and scoops to SLAM her again! Nyla mocks the “D! M! D!” and then stalks Britt to scoop her again. Britt slips off, but Nyla choke grips her for a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Marina and Shida shout at each other, and Nyla brings Britt up to CLUB her on the back. Nyla bumps Britt off buckles, tags Marina, and Marina fires off body shots! Marina kicks Britt’s legs out, then tags Nyla back in. The Vixens drag Britt up to whip her hard into the corner!

Marina whips Nyla in to SPLASH! And then Nyla feeds Britt to Marina’s BOOT! Marina taunts Shida, clamps onto Britt with an armlock, and she grinds Britt down. Britt endures, reaches out, throws slapping hands on Marina, but then Marina whips Britt back into the corner! Nyla tags back in, the Vixens mug Britt more, and Nyla RAMS Britt in the corner! And again! And again! Nyla sits Britt down, digs her boot in, and mockingly counts along with the ref before letting off at 4. Nyla snapmares, clamps claws onto Britt’s shoulders, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and the Vixens double whip Britt into their corner again! Marina sends Nyla in but Britt avoids the splash! Marina hurries after Britt, misses, and she stubs a toe on the ropes! Gotta be careful going barefoot! Hot tag to Shida! Shida dodges Marina, ENZIGURIS her down, then rolls to SHOTEI Nyla! Marina throws a forearm, but Shida throws a flurry in return! Fans fire up with Shida as she just hammers away on Marina! Marina staggers around, swings, but Shida DECKS her! Shida puts Marina in a corner, climbs up, and Shida rains down more fists! The fans count along and Shida gets all the way to TEN!

Shida roars, brings Marina out with a kick, and then adjusts up top to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Shida tags Britt then runs to ROCK Nyla! Britt brings Marina up, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, but Nyla scoop SLAMS Shida onto it! Nyla is mad and she hoists Britt up. Nyla hangs Britt out to dry, then goes to the corner! Nyla climbs, aims, but Shida saves her from the knee! Nyla runs back in, but Shida & Britt dump her out hard! And then a METEORA to the floor wipes the Native Beast out! Britt has a glove, she spells it out, “D! M! D!” But Marina CHOPS, KICKS and KICKS! But Britt dodges to SUPERKICK!

Britt hurries to ripcord and- NO, Marina gets around to ripcord and SAYANAGI! Cover, TWO into a ghost pin! TWO into the RINGS OF SATURN! Shida is in, KATANA puts Marina into the LOCK JAW!! Marina is OUT, the ref calls it! Britt & Shida win!

Winners: Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida, by submission

A hard fought victory for the Doctor and the Warrior! But wait, The Outcasts are on the tron! And they’re all shaking their heads but smirking as they stand over JAMIE HAYTER! They went after her backstage! Shida & Britt hurry to the back but the damage has been done! Will Hayter be able to defend the AEW Women’s World Championship after this?


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

“Tonight, ahead of the Blackjack Battle Royal, Lee Moriarty & Big Bill take on Best Friends. Let’s see which team comes out on top. Well, it looks like there’s been enough talk. It’s TIME for the main event!” Will Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor have the hot hand going into the International Championship match? Or will #TAIGASTYLE and the human skyscraper make bust them already?

Best Friends VS Lee Moriarty & “Big Bill” Morrissey!

As Best Friends make their entrance, we see their best amigos, Bandido, Komander and even The Lucha Brothers all watching from the front row. They’re all going to be in the battle royal, too, and well, look at that. It would seem The Superbad Squad and the Varsity Athletes had the same idea. They’re all together in one section watching this in person, too.

Anyway, the teams sort out and Moriarty starts against Chuck. They circle, Chuck does some drop steps, and then the two tie up. Chuck waistlocks, wrenches an arm, then wristlocks. Moriarty works on the escape, but Chuck cranks the wrist. Moriarty stomps a leg, rolls and kips up to then arm-drag free. Chuck backs off and Moriarty does his dance. Fans boo but Bill cheers. Trent tags in and he circles with Moriarty. They tie up, Moriarty gets around to a waistlock but Trent switches. Moriarty switches back, Trent switches again, but Moriarty elbows free and hits a headlock takeover.

Trent headscissors, Moriarty kips free and hits another headlock takeover. Trent headscissors again, Moriarty kips free again, and fans cheer the standoff. Moriarty does his dance and fans boo again. Moriarty claps at Trent, but Trent offers a handshake. Moriarty accepts, but he sees the cheap shot coming! Trent laughs it off, but Moriarty rakes the eyes! Moriarty CHOPS Trent to ropes, whips him, but Trent reverses. Chuck hits Moriarty, but Moriarty DECKS him! But then Trent CLOBBERS Moriarty! Fans fire up with Trent and he brings Moriarty up. Trent CHOPS Moriarty down, then tags Chuck.

Best Friends double whip Moriarty to a corner, then Trent sends Chuck in to clothesline! Trent runs in to ELBOW! Trent brings Moriarty out, Best Friends double suplex! They both flex on Morrissey, then SLAM Moriarty down! Fans cheer but Big Bill runs in! He breaks the double clothesline to DOUBLE LARIAT the Best Friends! Bill clotheslines Chuck out, then he whips Trent corner to corner hard! Trent tumbles up and out and Bill paces. Best Friends are down while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Bill goes out to stomp Trent around, then stalks Trent. Bill rains down fists on Trent, but Chuck is after Moriarty! Chuck whips but Moriarty reverses to send Chuck into railing! Bill drags Trent up, ROCKS him, and Moriarty puts Chuck in the ring. Moriarty drags Chuck up, UPPERCUTS him, and then CHOKES him on the ropes! The ref counts, Moriarty lets off, and he distracts the ref so Bill can BOOT Chuck down! Moriarty covers, TWO! Moriarty drags Chuck up, the Varsity Athletes and Superbad Squad aren’t impressed with any of this, but Bill tags in. Bill throws body shots, the Lucha Brothers cheer Chuck on.

Bill digs his boot in, but steps off as the ref counts, and Moriarty CHOKES Chuck now! Trent protests but Moriarty scurries away. Bill soaks up the heat from Vegas, then he DECKS Chuck! Bill drags Chuck up, ROCKS him again, then tags in Moriarty. They mug Chuck, stomp away on him, and the ref counts. Moriarty lets off and roars, then goes back to Chuck. Moriarty drags Chuck up to wrench an arm into an ELBOW BREAKER! Moriarty snapmares Chuck, wraps him up, but Chuck fights the straitjacket. Moriarty turns Chuck over and hammerlocks an arm, to then SNAP LOCK it!

Chuck endures, even as Moriarty bridges over! Moriarty then goes back around to SNAP LOCK the arm again! Chuck endures, Moriarty bridges again, and then SNAP LOCKS a third time! Chuck manages to sit up, he throws some elbows, and he gets free! Only for Moriarty to DECK Trent with a cheap shot! Moriarty CLUBS Chuck, brings him around and tosses him out! The ref is distracted with Moriarty and Bill goes over to run at Chuck. But Chuck dodges, and the big boot from Big Bill gets stuck on the railing! That’s not good for Little Willie! Rampage returns to single picture and Moriarty rushes out! Chuck dodges and slides in, to hot tag Trent!

Fans fire up as Trent gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX Moriarty! And then GERMAN SUPLEX again! And HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEX! Fans fire up while Moriarty flops out of the ring. Trent builds speed to DIVE, but into Big Bill’s  big hands! APRON CHOKE SLAM!! The Lucha Amigos all wince from that and Trent flops to the floor. Bill drags Trent up, puts him in the ring, and then he tags in. Bill runs in at Trent, but Trent dodges the splash! Bill hits buckles and maybe even post! Trent half nelsons but Bill elbows free, only to get a SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE! Trent then reels Bill back in, SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF!!

Fans fire up with Best Friends, and Best Friends HUG! You GOT to give the people what they want! Trent then drags Bill up while Chuck climbs the corner. But Moriarty CLUBS Chuck down off the corner! Bill turns Alabama Lift into Canadian Rack, but Trent slips free! Trent runs, but into the BIG BOSS MAN SLAM!! Fans fire up from that feat of strength, and Bill tags Moriarty. They haul Trent up, Bill full nelsons and Moriarty gets the legs, NARAKU!! Cover off the full nelson swinging bomb, but Chuck breaks it!! Fans fire up as Best Friends survive! Moriarty drags Chuck up to TOSS him! Tag to Bill and they go back to Trent.

Moriarty wants Bill to go to the corner and Bill climbs up. Moriarty brings Trent up, but Chuck anchors Bill! Trent sends Moriarty into Little Willie! Moriarty flops out of the ring, and Best Friends fire off hands on Bill! They adjust Bill’s position up there, then climb up after him! DOUBLE SUPERPLEX!! Trent crawls to the cover, TWO!!! Bill survives and the Varsity Athletes are amused. The Lucha Amigos rally for Trent & Chuck as Chuck reels Bill in. But Moriarty slides in to claw Chuck’s eyes! The ref reprimands but Trent whips Moriarty. Moriarty reverses to send Trent out and then BOOT him down!

But Chuck kicks Moriarty and reels him in! AWFUL WAFFLE!! But Bill BOOTS Chuck!! Bill choke grips, and SKYSCRAPER CHOKE SLAMS him!! Cover, Bill & Moriarty win!

Winners: Lee Moriarty & “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

Moriarty & Morrissey stand tall, but this was in tag team action. The battle royal is every man for himself, will it come down to these two at the end? Wait, they go up to the Lucha Amigos to talk some trash, and Bandido gives thumbs down right to their faces. Bill shoves Bandido, so Bandido throws a forearm! Moriarty goes after Bandido, the Lucha Brothers go after Moriarty and Bill! And then Butcher, Blade, Kip, and the Varsity Athletes join in! People are sent into railing, and the Varsity Athletes mug Trent in the ring! Sterling tells them to keep going, but here comes ORANGE CASSIDY himself!

The Freshly Squeezed International Champion is here, he runs the Varsity Athletes off swinging his backpack, but the other entrants are still brawling it out on the outside! Cassidy shows off the prize, but here comes THE MACHINE! Brian Cage storms his way down to the ring, but here comes KEITH LEE! He and Dustin Rhodes storm their way down to the ring, and they add a lot of beef to the brawl! Naturally Limitless mugs Cage, the Varsity Athletes still mug Trent, and Cassidy just looks around at the chaos. But then “Whose House? SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Swerve is here in person, but he doesn’t seem in any rush to save Cage.

Keith eyes Swerve from the ramp, but Dustin still throws hands on Cage. Keith storms up after Swerve, but Swerve laughs and dares him to follow backstage. Cage turns things around on Dustin, all the other teams keep beating on each other! If this is how it is to close Rampage, how much wilder will it get when the title is on the line?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage for the go-home of Double or Nothing, and obviously since we didn’t see the traditional pre-battle-royal brawl on Dynamite, of course we saw it here to close the show. The main event tag match was great stuff, and what a great surprise that Best Friends didn’t win! The go-home math now says Moriarty & Morrissey aren’t winning, though I would love if one of them did have a belt. Honestly, they’re trying to make it seem like Cassidy is going to retain the title, since almost everyone else in the battle royal either A) has a feud going already or B) just isn’t at midcard champion level yet.

For example, Swerve & Cage VS Keith & Dustin. We should’ve had some kind of blowoff way sooner than this, maybe on a themed Dynamite and in a No Disqualification style match. Same thing for Ricky Starks, Jay White and Juice Robinson being in this match. But that problem goes all the way back to how AEW handled Starks VS Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society. In the end, if anyone new is winning this belt, I would actually want it to be Komander. Komander is still with AAA, so I would love to see him do a tour of Mexico with the title the same way Pac toured the UK with it to establish that first reign.

Decent squash match from Ethan & Gunns beating those jobbers we never even got the names of, and great promo with Hardy Party to establish a new take on the Six Man Tag. Hook joining is a natural choice given he helped the Hardys against The Firm before, but something about this feels like the same backwards pacing as we’ve seen with Starks. The Hardys should’ve turned the contract control tables on Ethan way before The Firm Deletion, with The Firm Deletion being the blowoff that sends the Hardys and Ethan in different directions. Hook & Hardys will definitely win, and we will get who knows how many months of shenanigans where Matt orders Ethan around.

Really good women’s tag match with Britt & Shida winning, even though there’s nothing to win for women’s tag teams in AEW anymore/right now. But of course The Outcasts attack Hayter 3v1 to put her on the defensive. This go-home math would mean Hayter overcomes the odds because she has Britt & Shida helping against Saraya & Ruby. Personally, I’m hoping Taya Valkyrie beats Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship, so that Jade can then jump up to the world title scene and really just tear into all six ladies. What bigger way to lead into AEW Collision, AEW All In and AEW All Out this Summer than with Jade finally being more than the midcard champion?

And great stuff at the beginning with The Acclaimed VS LFI. I just knew Acclaimed would find a way to win and then call out The House of Black. Apparently House of Black issued an open challenge for Double or Nothing, so The Acclaimed has answered it already. I am curious to know what stipulation The Acclaimed will bring to the Open House, but I really can’t be sure who wins. The House of Black have made the Trios Championships unique from the other titles, and have a growing popularity with the fans, but The Acclaimed are also really popular. This is like how AEW booked themselves into a corner with Hobbs VS Wardlow, and look where that’s gotten Hobbs.

My Score: 8.7/10

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